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2023.06.01 23:32 ThrowRA555799 How do I find the line between confiding in a friend and making her a substitute therapist?

TLDR - I have made a friend who is simply amazing. I want to be open with her, but I need to determine what the line is between being open and honest and trauma dumping. She's my friend, not my therapist.
I am not what you would call socially aware. I have a very limited set of friends (4, counting her), no surviving family, and, up to this point, my happiness has been directly linked to how much time I get to spend alone.
A few months ago, I started a new job through an employment agency and just instantly connected with this girl. We bonded over common interests, as just about any set of friends do. After a particularly rough day at work for both of us, she and I got to talking, and what started as a friendship based on work proximity became an actual friendship. We've gone out after work multiple times to hang out, and I have honestly been having a blast, which is quite unusual for me. We've traded phone numbers and talk rather frequently when we can't hang out, we play games online, and we've got plans to go to America for a vacation together in the next month or so. Actually wanting to talk to someone and be around them is something I am very much not used to, but it feels right in this case.
I have mentioned to her that this is all very new and unusual for me, and she has confided some secrets in me as well. For some reason, I feel safe telling her anything. She very clearly trusts me, considering some of the things she has told me. At this point, even I recognize that this is a real friendship. However, this strange feeling of wanting to be open with her and not hold anything back is making me wonder where I need to draw the line.
You see, I would love to tell her that she is the only person that makes me feel comfortable just being in the moment and being myself. Sure, I have other friends, but our friendship is heavily based in nostalgia or theoretical discussions about how the world should be, nothing about what is and how we are in this moment. My other friendships, and my choices of entertainment, are all based on escapism and not being in the moment and being me. With her, though, I enjoy being there in the moment.
I'd like to tell her about how the constant self hate disappears when we chat, which has never happened with anyone else, ever, in my life. It feels like I've finally found someone worth living for, since I do not view myself as that person, and being open and honest would involve telling her that.
However, I am very aware that coming out with all that could very well cross the line into burdening her with the feeling that she is somehow now responsible for my mental health and my insecurities. Let me be clear about it, I know she is not responsible for any of that. All of that is for me to deal with.
Even though everything I've said about enjoying her company and feeling OK about myself when I'm around her is true, telling her that seems like it would be crossing a line into emotional blackmail, even though that is not my intent. But, at the same time, I've promised her that I would not hold anything back, and I will certainly answer any questions she has to the best of my ability.
So, how do I find the line between confiding in a friend and trauma dumping? How do I determine when I'm just leaning on a friend for support or if I'm using her as a substitute therapist? How can I be open and honest with her without making it seem like I'm trying to make my mental health her responsibility?
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2023.06.01 23:32 lvg87 Mystery/Chaos Cube

Hello fellow cubers,
I wanted to share my latest creation with the world and potentially get some feedback or inspire others.
I recently built a chaos/mystery cube. While I love cube, designing as well as drafting. I found that a carefully curated limited environment is not something that is easy for other people to pick up. It's hard to draft without being familiar with the card pool and interactions. As a result my cubes would not get drafted much or the matches were not fair.
I have however also always loved chaos draft. Going to GPs the chaos draft was always my favourite side event. Later they got replaced with mystery draft and that was equally fun. You have to evaluate cards on the fly and find synergies between cards that are not necessarily designed to synergize with each other. And because the environment is largely random, no one has an advantage of knowing exactly what to look out for.
In the end mystery draft is just a list of cards from magic's history curated by Wizards, 'I can do that too' I figured.
So for this cube I looked at the mana curve of the mystery draft card list and then scoured all of scryfall and started to make lists of cards I would find fun to play with again. Trying to get a mix of old and new cards, while not being overly fussed with archetypes, balance etc. Ofcourse there might be some synergies and I've tried to keep things from getting to degenerate but in general I've tried to just let it run wild.
The cube is 1260 cards as that was what I could fit into the largest box I could find. I then realized I also needed lands so now I carry an extra land/token/dice box around. Still easier then making another 200ish cuts. The size is to help make it feel random and not have people expecting or hoping for certain cards. You really have to take it as it comes.
I make packs of 15 and seed 2 rares in every pack. Rares are often an exciting part of a normal draft experience and I tried to find rares that are powerfull and just good, as well as rares that can be built around. There are even some 'stinkers' like there would be in most draft formats.
I've drafted the cube 3 times so far and the response from my playgroup has been pretty good. The people that normally don't love cube seem to enjoy this more. While they might still be disadvantaged when it comes to card evaluation, they no longer need to 'understand' the cube and the archetypes to stand a chance and have fun.

Here's the list:
Curious to hear what people think and if there are any other similar lists out there.
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2023.06.01 23:32 RizeXD5 Need some advice on eventually becoming a Financial Advisor.

I want to become a Financial Advisor in the future. I am passionate on wanting to help others and I get along with most people well. The good news is that I got my Bachelors in Finance completely debt free, so I have no debt obligations that needs immediate attention. I also know that I need to get licensed with a Series 7 and the SIE license.
The problem lies in my lack of experience. Aside from some volunteer work during my college career, I have not worked at a job before. I can't excluaively study to get licensed, as a Series 7 requires sponsorship from a company to be able to take it, the SIE exam does not have such requirements. So, I have been applying to general jobs such as Staff Member at Wal-Mart or being a Crew Member at McDonalds. This is in hopes to get experience in customer service so that it can somewhat transfer over into being a Financial Advisor. Heard back from Wal-Mart and Autozone, but was rejected from Wal-Mart and ghosted by Autozone after the interview. Location wise, my area is huge on manufacturing, so opportunities exclusively Finance or related fields are limited.
So, any advice on how should I tackle this? Am I overqualified to be applying to places like McDonalds? Should I get a manufacturing job for the time being to get some cash going, even if the skills may not translate well into the Financial field? And any interview tips will also be appreciated, if an opportunity arises!
If my age, gender, race, and location are of any importance, I'm a 23 year old white male in Tennessee.
Any and all advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.01 23:31 _fruithats Gigabyte M27Q can't display above 120hz over HDMI

so I've had this monitor for quite a few months and have had no issue getting it to run at its native 170hz over displayport, but upon delegating it as my secondary monitor and using an HDMI 2.0 connection as my new main monitor needs a displayport connection, all throughout windows the maximum refresh rate is 120hz. I understand that the limit for HDMI 2.0 should be [email protected], yet why are my only two options for this monitor 60 and 120hz? if I switch to 1080p I'm able to output 144hz just fine, so I'm left wondering what could possibly be responsible for depriving me of 24 extra Hz. so far I've seen color depth and graphics card issues as the sole culprits in other threads, though I'm running these displays through my laptop with Intel Xe onboard graphics so recency shouldn't be a factor I feel. any input is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.01 23:28 mRnjauu G-sync compatible question

I was looking to find most up to date information for this topic, please check below if I got it right.
So best gysnc setting for lowest input lag and smoothest would be:
For both no frame limits. It locks fps at 138 for 144hz.
What happens for the second bullet line If I just enable VSYNC NVCP. Tested in one game, it locks fps to 144. I have no screen tearing also. Should I leave it there if I dont want to use low latency?
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2023.06.01 23:26 kendallada backcountry camping at non operating parks

Can you camp at James N Allan provincial park? I know there is no sites but can we camp here? I know there is a 21 day limit & stuff but I have heard certain parks you cannot do this, is there a list of which non-operating parks you can & cannot camp at??
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2023.06.01 23:26 zeurosis LPT: if you need to raise your credit score, call up the companies you have credit cards with and ask about increasing your credit limit

Be sure to double check that they won’t run a hard inquiry (they shouldn’t). If they say no then no biggie, but if they say yes then you get an increase and your credit utilization rate automatically goes down, boosting your score. If you’ve had an increase in your income lately it is especially probable that they will say yes; the info they ask for is your salary and your payment for housing. I just increased my Discover credit limit by $1500 and my Wells Fargo limit by $700 with a yearly salary of $20,000 and housing payments of zero (I live at home).
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2023.06.01 23:25 Lv9ai Before Waluigi, there was Satan

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2023.06.01 23:25 FurryMirrorBot Reddit’s update on “sexually explicit content” and third party apps

Deal with one thing, and here comes another… sigh.
Reddit in their latest API post has said that they will begin limiting access to “sexually explicit content” (with no explanation as to what counts as that) to third party applications. In addition to some horrible pricing for anybody who needs more than the free tier, which is threatening popular apps such as Apollo.
While the limits do not affect us, the point about sexual content may. I, nor anyone else, currently fully understand what they plan to do here. As it sounds right now, at least some subreddits and maybe even certain posts won’t be accessible to the bot when this is implemented. This makes absolutely no sense, other than to try and severely limit the usefulness of their API to remove incentive for anyone to do anything useful or fun with Reddit. They want everyone to be funneled into their official app experience.
There may be further updates on this topic. This post will be updated as more information is learned. In the meantime, I would suggest voicing your opinion to Reddit.
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2023.06.01 23:24 Appropriate_Pear1992 Cumtribute eure schlampen, no limits

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2023.06.01 23:24 RamenBowl68 SC SEL w/ activity pack vs limited

just test drove both the sel with the activity package and a limited. i would love to turn one into a frequent offroad camper but overall daily driver. the premium trim was surprisingly fast and great for driving in south florida where i’m frequently needing to evade/speed past idiot drivers and the vented seats are invaluable in the summer but the DCT worries me for trail/dirt/mud driving. i know a bigger oil cooler would help but this with the multiple issues and recalls definitely hinders my confidence so i figured the N/A engine with the regular trans is probably better but I worry about not having enough power under load (especially with bed racks, camping gear etc going off road). does anyone have any real off-roading experience with these? if so please share stories, anything helps. thanks so much. and yes i’ve thought about turboing the N/A but the comp ratio is wayyyy too high to do anything with and would probably be cheaper to slap the 2.5T in it if money was no issue
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2023.06.01 23:24 Shanman150 The 'Minelanders [SMP] {1.19.4} {SimpleClans} {ProtectionStones} {PlayerShops}

⛏ The 'Minelanders ⛏

Server address:
Version: 1.19.4 [Java Edition]
The 'Minelanders is in its 5th Summer Server Edition now! Our new server opened on May 19th, and the community pitched in to create an incredible new spawn. We're a server with plenty to offer! We believe that Minecraft can be inherently political and strategic when other players get involved. So whether you are interested in building grand designs, griefing and PvP, growing an influential clan, running a commercial empire, or even just playing some Minecraft with a regular crowd, you are a part of something bigger than just yourself. Feel free to join the Discord, explore our community built spawn, and talk with the active community to see if you’re interested in playing on the server. And any time you're ready to start - survival is only 50 blocks away. Hope to see you playing on the 'Minelanders soon!

Vanilla Reimagined

General Information
We love the potential of vanilla Minecraft but feel some aspects of the game have not been properly balanced to allow for vanilla to flourish. Through the use plugins and extensive player feedback we have rebalanced villager trading, Elytras, autofarms, and more. No longer is there one "right" way to play, as we have allowed for all sorts of other forms of gameplay to be valid!


  1. Play in good faith
  2. Be respectful of other players
  3. No asking for stuff, advertising, or being annoying
  4. Griefing is allowed, Lavacasting is not
  5. No cheating
  6. Alt accounts must be known to staff
  7. No releasing personal information about another player
  8. Circumventing intended server behavior is prohibited
Pictures from the last edition of the server It's too early for big builds in this edition!
Our resident small business, The Tiny Tavern
TRS main base
Vix's Cottage
Bina's Parenting School
Ponlm00's Wild West
Whysobad's Hogwarts
Our server has opportunity for building great things with the protection of plots, but don't forget to be cautious! Some players have sticky fingers.
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2023.06.01 23:23 Psychological-Nail81 I had the worst host shift I've had in a long time.

I know most of my rage/sadness is directed at old people. Or just generally people who don't have reddit but why do people walk into restaurants expecting us to cater to their every whim? And why does it always fall back on hosts. This is more of a rant post than anything sorry that there's so much text.
Here's a list of some of the tables I had in my shift on a not even busy day, just a day that attracted all the jerkfaces in my county. -A lady came in and told me she had a reservation, we don't do reservations. Oh well my family is sat, then she gave me a name. Okay, we don't have that name currently down but we do have a Diana. Her tone got harsh, she told me her name wasn't Diana. I was so taken back I didn't even process for a moment and I paused and asked her if there was a person in her party named Diana. She replied that there was, and asked if they were here. Yeah lady, they're here and they put down their name sorry it wasn't yours.
On any other day I know my fellow hosts would just assume that she wasn't with that party and made her wait but we got a phone call the other day where a lady complained to a manager for 30 minutes that she waited in the lobby while her party was here. So I just double checked.
-A couple came in and the lady immediately stood by the doors into the dining room, whatever. The guy tells me that they would like a table for two and I bring them to one. No requests for a specific table or anything. I set down the menus and tell them to enjoy. And as I'm walking away the lady just picks up the menus and walks to a different part of the restaurant. I had to hunt them down, guys you can't just do that. Servers have sections. You could sit in the 60's for an hour before anyone would even notice. And then the blame falls on me for seating you there. Oh we're sorry they say we just wanna sit by a window. Okay, I'll tell u a window you can sit by. It's not a seat yourself restaurant for a reason.
-Another table complains that it's too dark when I'm trying to seat them and they want to sit in a different section. But more specifically the section they pointed out. There's no server in that section. Please sit in the ones I told you that you can. "oh it's fine, they'll just come to us." No they won't. But they wouldn't listen to me and I had to run feeling frantic in the back cause I was the only host on and I have to make sure someone knows they're serving them. My servers WILL walk past you if you're not in their section, get mad when I tell them that you sat yourself and you've been there for a while. Etc etc
-A one top comes in and I try to seat him in the bar area (we have tables in there) and he doesn't even walk in. He tells me that he doesn't want to sit in here. Okay sorry about that sir, let's find you somewhere else. I walk out of the bar and walk around to a different area telling him to follow me. Actually, the bar area is fine. You just said it wasn't it's okay I got you a different table. No this is fine. So I walk back in the bar and set down the menus and finally he comes in and sits down.
-An older couple comes in and asks for someplace quiet. I say okay we just got a server on in this section so there should be no loud noise. And they were like okay :)) The moment we past the very loud and packed booths they ask why they're not being sat in there. I was confused and said because you wanted someplace quiet? The lady starts loudly complaining about me. And how I'm making her run a marathon in the restaurant. I'm just confused and a little annoyed by this point but the quiet area isn't that far away it's not that big of a restaurant. They then immediately seat themselves at a random table. Saying things like I guess this table will do. And I don't even know what to do at this point. There is a server in this area but I just double sat him and I felt bad but I didn't know really what else to do so I just hand them their menus. And the lady loudly complains about how they're never able to sit where they want to sit to her husband and overall just complaining about me. I was so pissed I just walked to the front and clocked out cause I was bringing you to the table that you wanted what do you mean:(((
The other two hosts were on and my manager told me I could leave early but what a bad way to end a shift omfg
People were just generally aweful today and these are just the ones that stuck out to me. It was mainly slow but everyone was just so rude and weirdly entitled. And it just bugs me because everything falls on me. Their first impression, letting the servers know if they go somewhere else. Servers complaining to me they're not getting tables (I keep trying but they're seating themselves with others) or servers complaining that I'm giving them too many tables (there's a three table limit and I can't inforce it if customers take my job as recommendations).
Back again tommrow to do it all again. Just hopefully people are better tommrow smh
Thanks for reading and I hope y'all shift goes better
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2023.06.01 23:23 HeatherMason0 What do I owe to a company whose offer I declined?

Hi all! I’m in a unique situation I’ve never been in before and I need some advice.
I recently applied for a job I was genuinely very interested in. It would require me to relocate to another continent, but that wasn’t really an issue for me. My hesitancy came once I received the offer. It was a two-page document that only really detailed the pay scale. Apparently the rest of the information was in the employee handbook (which I was not provided and couldn’t locate on my own). I had several questions that I don’t /think/ were unreasonable (I wanted to know what one of the terms used in the contract meant, because when I tried Googling it all the potential definitions made no sense for my particular field of work. Glad I asked, because in fact it did mean something other than wha I’d been able to find. I also wanted to know about relocation assistance). I wait a day or so and hear back, but there was confusion about what I meant by ‘relocation assistance’(I could’ve anticipated that, I’m coming from a different culture from their HR so I could’ve been more direct) so I apologized for my vagueness and re-worded. Heard nothing over the weekend, which makes total sense. But then I waited two more days. Still nothing. I was given a deadline to sign the contract. It had passed, but I wasn’t interested in signing something with so little information.
I thought about it a lot. Honestly, communication had been pretty sporadic before now too, and I tried to write it off as a cultural gap. But when I looked the company up on Glassdoor (hey guys guess what, Glassdoor has reviews for companies all over the globe! I was today years old when I learned that) the biggest complaint from former employees was that administration was extremely disorganized and there were no clear pending improvements for this.
I emailed the company back yesterday to tell them that I appreciated their time, but I wasn’t comfortable signing the contract without more information (they were transparent about the pay, which I appreciate! The contract would have to be temporary because as a foreign worker, there’s a limit on how long I could work without new papers extending my visa. I’m /assuming/ the contract was meant to run until I needed my visa renewed, but the contract length was not specified anywhere in the contract anywhere in the paperwork. Information about workplace policies such as sick leave, expected hours per week (full time is different there from here, and I wasn’t sure how they would calculate it given that I couldn’t find government specifications), how long the orientation would be and whether it’s paid, how holidays work, etc. I also found out that despite both the job ad and the verbal confirmation I received in the interview, there is no flexibility in the start date. That would give me about six weeks to get on a plane. Doable? Yes. But from what I’d seen, this company waits till the last minute to do things, and since they would have to arrange both employment confirmation for my visa AND housing (which, I’d been informed, was difficult to find in my pay range), I didn’t feel good about things being ready. I really wanted this job, but I declined it yesterday.
This morning I received an email with the relevant part of the employee handbook (the part about travel expense) attached. I also got two text messages, a second email, and a phone call I missed. They REALLY didn’t want me to decline. But I feel like maybe it shouldn’t have taken a follow-up email declining the job for them to reply given that the information I asked for is important to my decision and I couldn’t just Google it.
The content of the second email I got today was basically asking if A) my only problem was the delay in communication and B) asking for feedback about the rest of the interview process. I do have some comments I could make (more than 24 hours notice between sending a meeting request for an interview after weeks with no contact and the interview itself, and if you send a contract that mentions another document, attach that document). I feel really bad because they clearly don’t want to restart the job search. And I understand that! But the communication gaps (both time delays and the vague contract) are big red flags for me. I really just want to be done with this. I wrote another polite refusal, but do I also owe them feedback and a detailed explanation because I wasted their time? My field is small, I don’t think that not engaging further would burn any bridges, but who knows? Plus, I don’t know if this is my cultural background making me see these things as problems. Maybe I’m being entitled.
So, does anyone have tips for how to handle this? Insight is much appreciated.
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2023.06.01 23:21 Artificial_Zen Balancing 1v1 Encounters

Sounds dangerous, I know, but let me give context:
I'm expecting the players to go up against a small organized force with a central commander. They are not terribly important to the story and the commander doesn't need to be particularly stronger than the other mobs.
Due to story reasons, the commander would want to offer a one on one duel between himself and a corresponding chosen champion from among the player group as a means of sparing his soldiers. Basically something like "There's no reason for us all to die here for this, let's duel and if you win, let my men leave in peace and if I win, please leave this place in peace."
The problem is that I'm still not an expert on encounter balance, so I don't know what level of challenge would feel good as a 1v1 duel. I would rather lean toward it being too easy than too hard, because I do want the players to succeed here and because the commander does not actually expect to win this and is just trying to die in place of his men (there are story reasons for this as well). Successful insight checks from the dueling player will reveal that the commander isn't giving it his all.
With all of that in mind, has anyone had success with 1v1 encounter balance or know of any formulas or tips that may help with this?
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2023.06.01 23:20 Shock4ndAwe Rockland RepairCafe being held at the Fire Training Center on June 11th, 10am - 2pm

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2023.06.01 23:19 b-samaan75 I’m screwed. What should I do?

So basically I fucked up my first year (2.6) and I’m looking for advice on how to study but I kind of feel hopeless because to get 4.0s for the next 3 years (plus retaking a C- in a prereq) is very challenging and I would only have a cGPA of 3.66. Granted one of my exams was lower than I expected and I suspect it to be a huge scantron error, costing 40% of my exam (happened to my midterm in the same class btw, got tons of marks back from it) so I’m in the process of sending a reread request for an extra 0.03 boost for my gpa, but at this point I’m gonna assume my gpa won’t change either way :/ Also my sGPA would be ~3.6 since I’ll be taking mostly science courses, idk if it’ll help me though. I’m not even at the point of the mcat and I’m stressing heavily on all this premed shit. Im wanting to achieve 520+ and i can’t even get above 3.0 first year??? I really want to be a doctor and I know how stressful it is to go to med school and residency, let alone actually working as a doctor. I know I have the potential to excel in all these things but when it comes to study or any other activity, I just lose focus very easily and binge watch YouTube for long periods of time, either that or i keep hyping myself over these posts on Reddit that got into md with a <3.5 gpa and commenting online about how a low gpa can still yield success in md, it’s useless. I try to stop these habits but it’s fruitless. I know stats aren’t everything and you don’t need a 4.0 but let’s be serious… they make up a majority of your application and high stats gives you a realistic chance of getting into us md. The only things I have going for me so far is having research experience this summer, volunteering in a pharmacy for 3 years now, did shadowing at a hospital during summer before gr 12 and I’m gonna be volunteering at my church later this summer, but of course I still need more than that, really need to start clinical hours soon. I keep on taking about MD when I could apply to DO. A part of me wants to go to DO but I want to stick to MD because 1. There aren’t as many countries I could practice in than MD 2. MD had more options for residency 3. family pressure for me to get into MD in case we have to move to another country (a good point ngl) You wanna know something funny? My parents and my sister (who’s a doctor in the US btw) are highly encouraging me to apply right after third year, my cGPA would be a 3.53 at best at that time, and they believe that I have a legitimate chance at getting into us md with THAT…. Even if I got 520+, it may be possible, but I’m most likely to not even get a single interview. The only thing I could think of is doing a masters and getting a 4.0 in that or taking an extra year to boost my gpa. I’m very open in spending more time to improve my application for med school but my family disapproves. At one point they seemed to agree but then disagreed because “this guy got in to us md with a <3.0” type shit, and if I don’t get in by the end of fourth year, they want me to go to the Caribbean, at that point, I’d rather go to DO if there was no other option for me even though it would limit my residency options. I did some research on the Caribbean and i don’t find it reliable to give me a stable future (yes, even the top Caribbean schools, I’m sure u guys know that).
Idk. I never realized there was a problem with me mentally and though I was just lazy until after first year. Maybe I’m overthinking this. Used to get 97 in gr 12 bio and in freshman I got 60 in bio. I heard this is generally a normal transition from hs to uni but I was inactive for most of the time in first year when I comes to studying. I gave up exercising before exams and didn’t return to it. I don’t even draw as much as I used to. I used to draw so much when I was in highschool, but I just stopped… Tbh I think I might have mental issues because every single time I try to stick to a plan to study (or do anything in general) it doesn’t work (as evident by my shitty first year gpa), even second semester I improved in the assignments, but I had family issues during exams (not being able to spend family time as well as missing church to study, still fucking up exams, guess I should never skip church again) I’m currently looking for advice on how to study better and planning to go see a therapist or something cause I really need to get 4.0s in the next three years to even have a reasonable chance at applying to US MD…. Oh and did I mention I was in Canada, making applying to the US that much harder (fuck Canada, fr wish I wasn’t born here)
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2023.06.01 23:19 Redpandaman23 Losing P-Status due system errors.

So not sure exactly what the issue is, but after my board, I spoke with my S1 about why I am not seeing my P-Status in the system and according to them, there is an army wide issue that's causing soldiers including myself to lose our P-Status. My S1 wasn't able to get our P-Status in the system by the end of last month, so there is a chance I could miss cut off.
As anyone else been experiencing this same issue and what was the work around?
I'll take a I'll take two large fries no drinks.
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2023.06.01 23:18 thr3e_kideuce Is it just me or does the speed limit on parts of 80, 85, 92, 101, 280, 580, 680, and 880 need to be increased or lowered to their design speed.

I would make the following speed limits for the following segments.
CA 17: No speed limit increase, though left lane hog violations should be enforced with harsh fines.
I-80: 65 MPH on Eastern Bay Bridge Span
Also I-80: 70 MPH between CA 37 and CA 113
CA 85: 70-75 MPH between 87 and 280.
CA 92: 70 MPH on flat segment of the San Mateo Bridge up to Clawiter Road
US 101: 70-75 MPH between Blossom Hill Road and CA 152
I-280: 70-80 MPH between CA 85 and CA 1
I-580: 70 MPH in the Altamont Pass (enough said!)
I-680: 70-75 MPH between CA 238 and CA 24 as well as between I-780 and I-80 (60-65 MPH for trucks)
I-880: 55 MPH between High Street and Market Street and 65 MPH between Market Street and I-80.
Another alternative is variable speed zones on these segments which are speed limits that fluctuate depending on congestion level, weather, surroundings, terrain (i.e. mountains, how winding a road is), road work, and road conditions.
Also, start imposing $700 fines for drivers that camp out in the left and centre lanes for too long. Easiest way to enforce this is to replace signs that say "Slow Traffic, Keep Right" with "Keep Right, Except to Pass" (a sign that does exist in California and is already enforced on some highways).
Are there other ideal solutions (not counting public/rail transit expansion, which is obvious)???
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2023.06.01 23:18 Psychological_Put553 Struggling

I'm new so bare with me. A little about me: I am 26 almost 27, female, I work full time in local government administration (so I sit A LOT). Up until about 6 months ago I had been about the same size since high school, maybe varied a little but not much. Within the last 6 months though I have gone from a size 6/7 jean size to a 10/12. I am horrified at what I see in the mirror, cellulite, rolls, none of my clothes fitting properly, lots of my clothes no longer fit at all.
I have been trying to make some changes in my life for the last 2-3 months by going for daily walks with my dog, and doing Pilates 2-4 times a week, time permitting due to having a demanding job. I eat a lot of veggies, try not to snack, when I do I opt for healthier snacks. However, I haven't noticed these alterations helping at all.
What else can I be doing? Unfortunately the town I live in does not have a gym so that isn't an option as the closest one is an hour away and I do not have the room in my home to have a home gym I have very limited space.
Thanks in advance for any advice. I appreciate it.
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2023.06.01 23:17 Appropriate_Pear1992 Cumtribute eure crushes, relatives etc. No Limits. Dm

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2023.06.01 23:17 AnalysisSignal258 Instances of telling people I’m schizophrenic

I’ve read so many stories on here about bad experiences the majority of the time but luckily I have never had any bad experiences about telling anyone I’m schizophrenic…so far. It might be because of the country I was born in. I’m in a large city, so it’s very diverse, religion is frowned upon so I don’t have that religious pressure, our culture is is not heavily invested in politics and is not apart of the general populace’s personality and we are very blunt and sarcastic.
I was walking my dogs yesterday and ended up having a conversation with an older man with his dog. I don’t remember how the conversation came to me having schizophrenia (I suspect it was because I kept forgetting things and the way I was acting) but I remember when I said I had schizophrenia to him and it goes:
Me: sorry, I have schizophrenia and I get confused a lot
Older man: yeh so fucked in the head?
Me: no, super fucked
Older man: we’re all fucked hey?
Me: nah not as fucked as me
Older man: you think so but trust me we’re all fucked and we’re all cunts
Just a true blue Aussie and his interaction brightened my day and then I started reminiscing about all my interactions when telling people I had schizophrenia and all has been positive. I think the only negative was that some don’t believe me because I look “normal” and their expectations of how a schizophrenic should act in their head and limited knowledge about us.
That’s the only negative I’ve experienced, what have you experienced that has been good?
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