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2023.06.03 12:16 Puzzleheaded-Rain230 We've done it! Malaysia has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering in Spider-Man Costume with 685 Spidey's reported today breaking the old record of 610 held by India!

We've done it! Malaysia has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering in Spider-Man Costume with 685 Spidey's reported today breaking the old record of 610 held by India! submitted by Puzzleheaded-Rain230 to Spiderman [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 12:15 bellaxhadid how do you solve this type of question

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2023.06.03 12:14 CautiousEye9819 Kelly, a four-time spaceflyer, one-time space shuttle pilot and three-time International Space Station commander, was a participant in the first public meeting of the NASA study group formed to examine data related to unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP)
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2023.06.03 12:14 Crazy-Memory-6569 Toyota Tacoma, the Phenomenon Continues

The latest version of Toyota Tacoma is a completely redesigned one. Its quirky and brawny aura is retained only that its dimensions are expanded to accommodate bigger loading capacity. At first glance, it can be ascertained that the Tacoma these days are bigger and also said to be better than its predecessors.
Toyota Tacoma come in two choices - the 2WD and 4WD. The two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models are available in all body styles. Both are sophisticated and powerful. However, between the two, Tacoma's 4x4 is getting more sales than the former. Toyota revealed that 40 percent of Tahoma's sold are 4x4 trucks. The latter feature a two-speed transfer case, optional locking rear differential and a heavy duty chassis. Toyota Tacoma is said to challenge the trucks made by GM, Ford and DCX.
Toyota Tacoma is ruggedly designed to give comfort and remarkable performance while conquering the road. Its double-wishbone type suspension and air shocks provide a smooth ride like that of passenger cars.
On the road, Tahoma can deliver a first rate all-round drive ability. It is also manufactured with powerful Toyota Tacoma performance parts to complement its sturdy built. The rear step bumper, front tow hook, and its 6-foot cargo bed are also made lighter. They are made from durable composite materials to support its purpose and goal as a real truck. V6 Tacoma can tow up to 5,000 pounds. Alternatively, its four-cylinder models can tow up to 3,500 pounds.
Tacoma has 2 standard airbags, ABS and brake assist and anchor points for child restraint seats. The four-cylinder Tacoma engine produces 164 horsepower and features 16 valves, DOHC, and variable valve timing with intelligence.
In essence,2024 tacoma accounts for nearly 10 percent of US Toyota sales. Moreover, the driving factor of Tacoma is the celebrated Toyota build quality and reliability. History reiterates that with Toyota you will lose a lot less bucks
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2023.06.03 12:13 Donut5 My Silent Hill Journey

In honor of the new Silent Hill content being released soon I'm going to replay all of the games as well as re-watch any relevant films (excluding The Exorcist 3 and Jacob's Ladder since I've seen them many times whereas Kindergarted Cop I've only seen about once or twice and St. John's Wort only once).
Below are my milestones. I had photos of them too, but I guess I'm not allowed to post more than one picture on reddit so I put them all on an Imgur post:
Milestone One: Otogirisou St. Jons Wort Silent Hill Origins Silent Hill Silent Hill: The Play Novel Kindergarten Cop Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Milestone Two: Silent Hill 2 Silent Hill: The Experience Silent Hill (Film) Silent Hill 3 Silent Hill: Revelation
Milestone Three: Silent Hill 4: The Room Silent Hill: Homecoming Silent Hill: Downpour
Milestone Four: Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Milestone 5: Silent Hill DX (MAYBE) Silent Hill Orphan Silent Hill Orphan 2 Silent Hill Orphan 3 Silent Hill: The Escape
MAYBE: Silent Hill: Cage in a Cradle Silent Hill: Past Life Silent Hill: Anne's Story Silent Hill: Sinners Reward
Another thing, since I love them franchise so much I decided I wanted to give back to the community in SOME way. Well I sort of found a way, but it's very minor and super irrelevant lol!
I essentially found a glitch in Shattered Memories. I looked all over youtube and couldn't find a recording of it, so I recorded it off of my phone, and uploaded it to youtube for all to see:
Essentially when you pick up one of the Flamingos, if it changes its rotation in anyway its supposed to stabilize itself so that it rotates back to its original stand up position. I broke it so that its original standup position is lying on its side. In the video I demonstrate first how it's SUPPOSED to work, then show the broken one on the left.
Here's another video of me further demonstrating the glitch:
I'm sure it's a known glitch, PLEASE TELL ME IF SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY UPLOADED THIS TO YOUTUBE so that I'm not mistaken when I call this the first ever Silent Hill Shattered Memories Art Puzzle Glitch uploaded to youtube lol.
Side Note: If ANYONE has a copy of Silent Hill DX, please let me have it. It's the only thing I'm assuming that I'm missing, speaking of which if there IS something I'm missing (canon or not besides the comics), please let me know!
Edit: I have more footage of the glitch if anyone is interested lmao
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2023.06.03 12:13 BlurredReality28 AMITA?

So tonight I was sitting my level 39 range LFG, and I get a message asking if I could take over for this in the hole. Given winners of experience there, it didn’t seem like a particularly great place for level 39 to be. Mom
But I decided that I would engage with someone said I could be over there in about 25 to 35 minutes depending on how the port situation as.
I also contemplated that it was a tough night to be deciding between that and Diablo four. He said you have a can Diablo get you an. RchmI told him maybe I’ve had too long a day that I was missing that abbreviation and I asked him what item think he was referring to. I had to find a druid to get me some sure fall Glade, all the way out to Southborough took a little bit, but when I told him I was looking for taxi and the last thing I have asked them for one’s what ours HCM was he said I’m gonna stop you right there and push you want ignore. For the life of me I can’t figure out what actually happened in the scenario. Like I’ve played teal, she’s on and off for most of the last nine or 10 years, but I’ll play for a year and then quit for to come back. But just telling someone to go fuck themselves when you ask them a question seems a little dramatic. Can anyone explain what this item was the remediation was this and did it warrant whatever the extreme hostility on his run seem to be?
In short, I love after house 23 or years of our request. We still have people who are content to make you spend 35 to 40 minutes of your time and money to get to there can only tell you that they don’t need to jail and you’ve now been added on ignore. All I really care about is what I did so I can avoid it next time but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what the fuck it was.
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2023.06.03 12:11 ZappaOMatic BanG Dream! EN [198] – With Hello, Happy World! and Friends! – DreamFes Megathread

Feel free to discuss anything regarding the event in this post. This includes the story, artwork, gacha pulls, and more.

Event Details

Added Song


Event Rewards

Gacha: Gather Around♪ Merry, Merry Animal Park Gacha (Permanent)

Gacha: 14M DL Celebration Dream Festival Gacha (LIMITED)

Note: Skill values are listed at Skill Level 5.

DreamFes Information

Card images and event details can be found here.
Past EN Event Megathreads
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2023.06.03 12:07 AnaWolfbay1412 The 4 Noble Truths what they are and what to do about them

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2023.06.03 12:04 ZappaOMatic BanG Dream! JP [224] – Galaxy Wedding! – DreamFes Megathread

Feel free to discuss anything regarding the event in this post. This includes the story, artwork, gacha pulls, and more.

Event Details

Added Song


Event Rewards

Gacha: Marry me! Blessings at the Starry Church Gacha (LIMITED)

Gacha: Dream Festival Gacha (LIMITED)

Note: Skill values are listed at Skill Level 5.

DreamFes Information:

Note: Skill values are listed at Skill Level 5.
Card images and event details can be found here.
Past JP Event Megathreads
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2023.06.03 12:04 KaleidoscopeNew5634 I F18 am feeling restricted by my boyfriend M22

First off, we’ve been together for four years so our relationship technically constitutes as gr00ming. However, we’ve had a very strong relationship and I’ve always seen him as being extremely respectful. A few months ago I got into an amazing university out of state and he told me he would not move out of state and that I should attend an in-state university.
After a lot of consideration I chose my education and accepted the out of state school. Yesterday I sent him a long break up text stating that I have to go and that I can’t pass a once in a lifetime opportunity. He shockingly said that he’d be willing to move with me.
I’m happy but I was also kind of excited to be single? I’ve never felt independence. I’ve been dating someone since 14. I hang out with him all of the time - I don’t really have hobbies because all of my time is spent with him. That’s not really his fault and could most likely change if I spoke with him about it.
I just feel slightly restricted I suppose. I don’t have parents so I feel like he took on that role. If I go out at night I have to ask him. He basically always says yes but it comes with the list of how to be safe each time. I lovee going to late night cafes with my friends and he hates it. He says it’s dangerous but i’m typically with around 5 girls when i’m there so to me it’s fine. He often asks for me to be home by 10.
Once I went to a cafe with my friends and after we walked around - it was busy and not dangerous. He watched me on life 360 and saw that and commented on how it’s unsafe. I went to watch the sunset with friends on the beach and it was unsafe to him. He told me to leave.
I know he’s caring for my well-being but at the same time I can care for myself? I’m not an idiot. I bring pepper spray and i’m always with a big group. I’ve never been to a real party, and in college I wanted to at least go to one. I feel like he won’t even let me. I feel like he won’t let me do anything if the sun is SLIGHTLY down.
My university recommends for freshman to not bring a car. I said I probably won’t. He said if I don’t bring my car then I can’t do anything after 6pm????? Maybe that comment is what sent me into this spiral. My university has excellent transportation that specifically caters to the students and provides safety precautions for those traveling late at night. Again, i’d have friends with me and i’d have pepper spray.
He has so many great qualities but I can’t help but feel restricted. I’m not doing crazy things. All i’m trying to do is walk around downtown at night or watch a sunset and I look down and see a bunch of unsafe unsafe unsafe come home texts. Men HAVE harassed me many times and i’ve been put in a lot of scary situations so I don’t fully blame him, I just wish he’d be a little less strict. I also kind of needed a parent. He basically saved my life because I was a poor no parent kid with no prospects and he helped me become a high achieving student that got a full ride to a great university.
ALSO, if he moves then we’re basically married. Cant really break up with someone if they move across the country and leave everything behind to be with you. Am I ready for that commitment? I don’t know! I don’t really know myself! Maybe I want to be single and I want to try new things but it feels like i’m already married with kids or something. I’m likely being dramatic. I know I have something great but wouldn’t it be nice to explore while I still can.
TL;DR: My boyfriend worries about me so much to the point where it’s making me second guess
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2023.06.03 12:01 Forgetmenowwww WIBTA for having a second wedding?

Okay, this is a throw away and all the names are changed because too many people use reddit lol
So, I'm getting married next year. My man and I have divided out families into two groups. The Capital C Christians(C3's) and everyone else. We're both from fairly conservative families that live really close, so we see uncles, aunts, cousins, etc on the reg and anytime there's a squabble in the family is blows up to stupid proportions. My man actually works for one of those uncles.
When we were first planning we were trying to come up with fun ideas. My Man of Honor works on a dude ranch and they have this really awesome outdoor space that they do weddings at, and there's three local food trucks that do amazing catering jobs. I don't really like traditional white wedding dresses, so we were looking at more colorful ones for me and suits for him. Really just having fun with our friends and family you know?
Then we realized that the C3's in our families would flip out about it not being godly enough or whatever. No white dresses, no churches, no priests telling me to obey my husband, have a Man of Honor instead of a Maid, etc.
We felt out some of those relatives too, to see if they'd be more open minded? Nope, at least four people went on tirades about not getting married in churches. We can't exactly exclude all of them or the drama would get us our own NBC show.
So we got the idea that we would have a second wedding. A stiff, traditional wedding at the church with just our family around us, and then a second wedding (more like a hyped up reception at this point, but we both think of it as our Real Wedding) at the ranch with all of our friends and the family members that we actually get along with.
My sister, one of the C3's, found out about it on accident from our brother and is furious with me. She thinks we're being horrible for excluding half our families from our real wedding and is threatening to tell everyone about it. She told me that my wedding is for our families to be bound, not for me to throw a party. She had her wedding in the same church last month and it was nice enough, I'm not trying to be special or detract from her wedding.
I'd rather just have a courthouse wedding if that's what it comes down to, but my sister was so hurt and it's becoming such an awful thing that I'm starting wonder if she's right and we should have just gone along with tradition in the first place.
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2023.06.03 12:01 DragonStaty Recommendations for layout of long table of contents wit subparts?

Recommendations for layout of long table of contents wit subparts?
I'm doing bookbinding and plan to bind a book with a collection from books from a game, and want to have a table of contents with page numbers since it contains quite a lot of different "books". Do you have any recommendations of how to make a long table of contents that has subparts? I have made an attempt, but it looks very bad at the moment (it is also missing page number at the moment, but plan on adding that later). I found that only having one column left a lot of empty space, but the two columns might make it diffucult to include the page numbering nicely. I have made the subparts of books a bit smaller to not have extremely long parts (for example one book has 36 "sermons") but that makes the lines of the columns not line up particullarly well. Do you have any suggestions of how to improve it?
The margins are from the gutenberg preset in scribus, if youre wondering about the wide spacing at the edges.
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2023.06.03 11:57 Far_Marsupial6303 Let's discuss, DM-SMR, HM-SMR, HA-SMR and Dropbox

I'm just a layman, but I just posted in this thread: to correct/clarify what the poster above me said: The largest size drives will be SMR. and that brought to mind another thread that I thought I posted on and rereading it, there's a lot of incorrect info, suppositions and critically no one seems to have brought up the the SMR drives used at Dropbox are HM-SMR, not consumer DM-SMR*, and I'd like to open a discussion about the differences between Enterprise HM-SMR, HA-SMR and consumer DM-SMR.
*HM-(Hardware Managed)SMR and HA(Hardware-Aware)-SMR require specialized hardware and software and are not compatible with typical consumer hardware and software and it not available to home consumers. DM(Drive Managed)-SMR is what all consumer SMR drives are and appear to our hardware and software the same as CMPMR drives.
This is a ultra-critical point that I don't believe anyone in the thread above pointed out. My BOLD:

5. Deeper collaboration

Dropbox has one of the largest host-managed SMR fleet in the industry, and the close relationships we have with our HDD partners have been key to our continued success. The biggest improvement to our evaluation process since deploying our first SMR drives has been to more deeply integrate our partners into our large scale testing phase. During this phase, our vendors now run a mix of vendor and Dropbox workloads at scale with our exact storage hardware at their site. In addition we have developed an in-house simulator of Magic Pocket, which allows our hardware engineering team to gain even more fidelity signal earlier in our hardware evaluation.
As I stated, I'm just a layman, but believe this subject should be discussed at length as SMR, in whatever from is very likely here to stay. And of course I'm open to corrections, additions and clarification of anything I post! FLAMESUIT ON!
The following is a lot of quoted text, but critical to our discussion and understanding about the differences between HM-SMR, HA-DMR and DM-SMR and why saying "(DM-)SMR is always bad!" isn't true as IMHO, it has its place as archival or non-speed/mission critical home use.*\*
**A while back, I posted that for me, write speed for my backups isn't critical for me. Some pointed out that it can be important because the longer it takes, the more likelihood that my primary source could fail during the process. I see the point, but want to clarify that 99% of my hoard backup is from torrents, so I count my active torrent drives as a live, checksummed primary source, from which I create sneakernet to my primary, backup 1 and backup 2 drives.

Making Host Managed SMR Work for You – Dropbox’s Successful Journey

Three Flavors of SMR

Essentially, SMR comes in three flavors. It is important to understand their differences as the host software requirements and drive performance characteristics differ.

Drive-Managed SMR

Drive-managed SMR, where the drive manages all write commands from the host, allows a plug-and-play implementation, compatible with any hardware and software. However, the background ‘housekeeping’ tasks that the drive must perform result in highly unpredictable performance, unfit for enterprise workloads.

Host-Managed SMR

In contrast to drive-managed SMR, host-managed SMR is an implementation where the host is responsible for everything ranging from managing data streams, to read/write operations and zone management. Host-managed SMR requires host-software modification so that the host system has knowledge of the underlying media and can micro control all elements by employing a new set of commands.
Depending on the system architecture, implementing these modifications may seem like an onerous task, yet once developers gain SMR familiarity and optimize their applications for sequential writing, they can take advantage of unsurpassed levels of reliability and quality. With the ability to deliver predictable, consistent performance comparable to what users expect from traditional PMR drives, host-managed SMR is emerging as the preferred option for implementing shingled magnetic recording.

Host-Aware SMR

Host-aware SMR is like a superset of the aforementioned options. On the surface this may seem like the best of both worlds. However, if predictability and reliability are what you are after, you cannot take any shortcuts in modifying your stack as you would for host-managed SMR. As such, host-managed SMR allows for a smooth, staged transition to Host-aware SMR in a future timeframe.
Source: June 12, 2018
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2023.06.03 11:57 Puzzleheaded-Rain230 We've done it! Malaysia has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering in Spider-Man Costume with 685 Spidey's reported today breaking the old record of 610 held by India!

We've done it! Malaysia has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering in Spider-Man Costume with 685 Spidey's reported today breaking the old record of 610 held by India! submitted by Puzzleheaded-Rain230 to malaysia [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 11:55 wappingite ‘It’s tough for parents’: should young children have their own phone?[a fifth of three- and four-year-olds now have a phone of their own]

‘It’s tough for parents’: should young children have their own phone?[a fifth of three- and four-year-olds now have a phone of their own]
Main points:
New research from Ofcom has found that a fifth of three- and four-year-olds now have a phone of their own, and are already using them to watch streaming services, use social media and play games online.
One in five UK children aged three and four have mobile phone, study finds
This is not parents handing over their own phone to a toddler to amuse them briefly – much higher numbers (69%) of those aged three and four are regularly using phone handsets to go online, including on borrowed devices, according to the media regulator. But the finding that one in five had their own handset led the Children’s Commissioner for England to say this week that they should not have them at all. “Very young children do not need internet-enabled phones,” Dame Rachel de Souza told the Telegraph.
Anxiety about children’s exposure to technology is nothing new, but while most parents will grapple at some point with setting limits on phones, many will admit to letting even very young children use them from time to time. So how should parents navigate this often fraught territory? And what are toddlers using mobile phones for anyway?
Ofcom did investigate the latter question. Three- and four-year-olds may still be developing the dexterity to hold a pen, dress themselves or cut their food, but 92% of them watch video streaming platforms such as YouTube (across all devices), almost half send voice and video messages, 23% use social media apps or sites, 18% are playing games online and 11% have posted their own video streaming content.
Children of this age were more likely (51%) to use YouTube’s dedicated kids’ channel than the main site (31%), although a striking 38% had their own YouTube profile. Once there, as any parent who has lost a young child to Baby Shark or Peppa Pig knows, they like cartoons, animations, mini movies or songs.
Separate research from The Insights Family has found that the favourite YouTube channels of this age group are Blippi, a blue- and orange-clad actor whose videos about tractors and popsicles have earned him 17 million subscribers, and Ryan’s World, the phenomenally successful unboxing and educational site of now 11-year-old Ryan Kaji (34 million subscribers).
Many teachers will not need data to tell them of the ubiquity of phones among younger children and their potential impact. Nova Cobban, a former primary school teacher who worked with children aged five and six, says two things stood out about their tech use. “One was that children who were very young were talking about the fact they had seen things on YouTube – you knew that they were using it, that they coveted it, that they made fun of children that didn’t have access to that. So there was already a divisive element to it.”
I’m pretty shocked tbh.
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2023.06.03 11:52 Specialist_Horse_693 Could my husband's issues, like mental symptoms like hallucinations and delusions, actually be caused by poisoning from amalgam fillings?

So I'm going to try to keep this kind of short but my husband has been with me for 16 years when we met we were love at first sight type deal we've been through a lot together and we were very very close and he was my best friend and everything was okay because we were together through all of it but recently for the past 5 years actually he's developed some very serious mental problems sometimes and like delusions auditory hallucinations extreme lethargy just a lot of weird stuff that didn't really ever quite make sense and he's never really gotten a complete diagnosis on it. So the thing is he was 33 when he started having these symptoms and before that he had really bad insomnia symptoms he's had really bad digestive problems like gallbladder problems and very bad Harper and then won't go away no matter what at times it flares up and goes away it's weird but his auditory hallucinations are constant and persistent from the day that he started having them I didn't believe him at first about that but over time I've come to believe him I mean I've seen him at his worst of times he will talk to coffee pots and stuff like that and things that they're people communicating with him his head and it's terrible so of course you naturally you know we thought he had schizophrenia. But the thing is none of the schizophrenia medicine has helped him at all the only thing it does is put him to sleep but he either can't sleep and like when I say he can't sleep I mean he will not be able to sleep even if he takes a ridiculous amount of sedatives and then there's also the times where he can't not sleep and he will literally be in bed for days and days and days and days and days and just and I mean just not wanting to get out and I can't do anything he started abusing amphetamines to I guess to to stop being this tired all the time but the thing is they don't make a schizophrenia any worse or better it's weird like you would think they would make it worse but actually I've noticed that smoking though even just cigarettes makes it a lot worse a lot worse like and also like I've noticed that if I started suspecting his teeth as a part of the problem when I saw his teeth I never really look in his mouth and the thing is though his mouth looks like somebody just melted a bunch of black gray crap in there like he has 11 among them feelings and they're all at least 20 years old and they were put in his mouth and he was eight and I mean they're horrible looking they they just they're just terrible looking and I don't know to get them removed is so expensive I called and was going to try to help him get him removed but they're so expensive and I don't know like we just recently got insurance but I started suspecting your mercury poisoning after that and the other thing is myself so before my husband got sick we used to be very sexually active together and I started having problems like I've had really bad. You know ever since the past 10 years maybe like really they're not progressively worse the point where they're like so bad that their debilitating me bad I also have lethargy you know and stuff like that like randomly kind of just coming out of nowhere we both often times just get like we can't get things done sometimes between the two of us because we just can't quite pull it together you know like we just never can pull stuff together like we just I don't know we're not 30 days and like you know we stop having sex since you know he's been so sick and it's been hard to have a connection together because of that but the thing is since we stop having sex I've sort of feeling a little bit better if not tremendously better but but better notably better and I don't know it's just it's just I really believe that this is what's wrong with him and I think it's getting worse and I think it's getting so bad he's way over 200 lb and now he weighs like less than me probably I mean he probably weighs like a hundred and forty pounds 150 lb and he's 6 ft tall and I just I went to the hospital with him one night when he was having a really bad particularly about time you just have a really bad kidney pain and you know and they they refuse to do a Mercury test for me they laughed at me when I told him I thought that it was those fillings in his mouth and then they just sent us home after they couldn't find anything else wrong I decided to try him speak with a dentist and see if maybe I should take him to the dentist so I look for one that did the safe removal thing because I thought maybe they might believe me I didn't want to get him laughed at again and then mail I didn't want someone who didn't know what they were doing messing with his teeth either because you know I don't want them riding in another and giving him fucking a cute mercury poisoning and kill him anyway so then I called them the closest one with over an hour away from me almost 2 hours away from me and they said that it was going to be like a ridiculous amount of money to and they're talking about 10,000 or more because he hasn't been all four quadrants and the teeth are ground down so bad that most of them are going to need crowns I don't know if implants will be cheaper but I imagine not and I feel like he's running out of time I've got him taking some things that I hope will help him to be able to get through this but shit but I don't know how much longer you can last like this and I'm scared so can somebody please help me I just don't know what to do I'm really broke right now I don't have a lot of money right now and and I don't know what to do
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2023.06.03 11:52 saumil-soni Top 9-Step Guide to Buying a Diamond

Why is this Precious stone Aide?

One of our perusers was working with us as of late and has gotten some information about this precious stone from Dream Diamond. Presently her most memorable response was that the jewel was shocking. however, at that point, she asked what setting it will go in. At the point when the peruser answered with this setting, we understood that purchasing this jewel would have been a horrible error.
This article is for anyone hoping to purchase big engagement rings (either without anyone else or with a wedding band as a "form your own" set) online at one of the numerous internet-based precious stone sellers.
At times I fail to remember exactly the way that troublesome it is for a buyer to shuffle all the data while sorting out whether or not something is a decent cost. My group and I have such a lot of involvement in choosing jewels (every one of us chooses hundreds consistently), exploring the minefield turns out to be natural as far as we're concerned.
For instance, if you somehow managed to ask me for a 1-carat round splendid slice jewel to place in a radiance wedding band, it would take me around 15 seconds to track down this lovely precious stone on Dream Diamond for you. An additional 20 seconds, and I'd include this extraordinary elective diamond. Yet, looking all alone can be horrendous and loaded up with uncertainty. On the off chance that you need a little genuine serenity, go ahead and get in touch with us for some private guidance.
Assuming you've been around our site previously, you'll see that we by and large suggest purchasing from Dream Diamond. For clarification of why that is, you can peruse our singular site audits for Dream Diamond.

The most effective method to Purchase Jewels

Picking a lovely jewel includes reducing your shape and choosing excellent choices for the 4Cs — without overpaying. We'll go into the four Cs in more detail beneath, yet until further notice, they are:
You'll then contrast individual precious stones to see which one offers you the most brightness and fire. Follow our bit-by-bit guide underneath to track down a dazzling precious stone while remaining affordable enough for you. Financial plans can change a ton starting with one individual and then onto the next, so make sure you're OK with the cash you need to spend (for instance, in the event that your financial plan is around 4k, jump in our $4000 jewel wedding band article after you read this 9 stage manual for get motivated).
We suggest trustworthy internet-based precious stone diamond setters. In view of our long stretches of involvement, Dream Diamond have demonstrated to offer the best determination at the best costs (see the full rundown of Best Web-based Adornments Retailers here).
Since their above costs are low and they don't keep a stock in-house, you'll track down the best arrangement with these two retailers. Dream diamonds give HD and 360° symbolism so you can analyze precious stones very close before buying.
With this vital data far removed and the Christmas season upon us, we should begin with the main strides during the time spent purchasing a jewel.

1. Pick Your Jewel Shape

The state of your jewel is the starting place of your ring's plan. No shape is better compared to the next — it ultimately depends on your own inclination (or your accomplice's). Round Brilliants are the most famous jewel shape for wedding bands and emit the most splendor.
Others lean toward a more novel shape like a Pad Cut or an Oval. Assuming that you're uncertain what your accomplice likes, you can ask her loved ones.
It's critical to pick your ideal shape first since this will decide the objective boundaries for cut quality, variety, and clearness. Select a shape to limit your hunt and look at jewels.

2. Select Your Carat Weight

Is your life partner to-be anticipating a 1 or 2-carat precious stone? Might it be said that you are searching for a stone that is observable yet not over the top? There's no "great" carat weight for a precious stone, meaning this piece of the interaction is totally down to your own inclinations.
Pick the carat weight territory you're available to consider, for example, a 0.95 to a 1.08ct precious stone. As carat weight increments, so does the cost.
Carat weight influences how huge a jewel will show up (as does its shape and cut quality). You can learn more commonplace carat loads and jewel measuring in our manual for normal precious stone sizes to assist you with settling on an educated purchasing choice.

3. Thin Down on Precious stone Cut Quality

The viewpoint that most significantly influences a jewel's marvel is its cut quality. Cut grades aren't normalized across all retailers, however, as a general rule, we suggest just Great (in the event that a precious stone accompanies a GIA declaration) and Optimal cut (whenever evaluated by the AGS) jewels.
You can restrict your quest for these cut-quality grades utilizing the devices given by our confided-in web-based jewel sellers.
For instance, on Dream Diamond's site for round jewels, you ought to restrict your choice to Ideal and Astor Ideal precious stones. On Dream Diamond, pick Ideal and Genuine Hearts cut.
Our Recommendation
Our guidance for cut grade is this: On the off chance that you are searching for a round splendid precious stone, just quest for "Ideal/Incredible" grade jewels. On the off chance that you are looking for an extravagant shape, notwithstanding, it could pay to either incorporate "Premium" or to dismiss the cut grade by and large.
It is not necessarily the case that cut grade isn't significant - going against the norm, it's of the most extreme significance. It's essentially saying that numerous gem dealers don't accurately report extravagant shape-cut grades, so why to channel out many outcomes from your inquiry which may be extraordinary decisions?

4. Determine the Right Precious stone Variety Grade Reach

The objective with a jewel tone is to pick a precious stone that seems white. In any case, in spite of prevalent thinking, you don't have to pay for a D or E jewel to get a boring stone. As a general rule, precious stones in the G to I variety range seem dismal to the unaided eye, yet all at once cost undeniably less.
It is vital to recollect that various shapes reflect a variety at various qualities, so your decision of ideal tone, offsetting the jewel's appearance with the precious stone's cost, will rely enormously upon what jewel shape you've picked.
  1. Select Lucidity Grade
For Lucidity, you ought to search for a jewel that is eye-perfect, meaning you can't see any flaws or considerations with the unaided eye. Contingent upon the shape, you can for the most part find an eye-clean jewel in the VS1-VS2 territory. There's a compelling reason to need to pay for an FL/On the off chance that jewel when you can get a lower-reviewed precious stone for considerably less.
With most gem dealers, you can see the jewel up near survey its lucidity. For instance, with Dream Diamond's "Virtual Loupe," you can assess a free jewel before you get it. It has likewise started to offer top-notch photography. Take a gander at the jewel near and check whether you notice any imperfections.
For a useful outline of the different clearness grades, investigate this jewel lucidity diagram.
Eye-Neatness is Vital
As we would see it, a buyer's objective ought to be to view as the least expensive (concerning lucidity; different variables matter too) "eye-clean" jewel you can find. We use "eye-clean" to portray precious stones that might have considerations assuming you take a gander at them with an amplifying glass (or magnifying lens or loupe), yet the run-of-the-mill individual can't see the incorporation with their unaided eye.
We have as of late evolved Ringo, a licensed man-made consciousness model, that can look at recordings of precious stones and decide whether they are eye-clean. Ringo will likewise channel for different boundaries like ensuring the jewel is very much cut, doesn't have fluorescence issues, and will match the style setting you pick.

6. Analyze Comparative Jewels

Whenever you've reduced your favored specs for a jewel, contrast comparable stones with figure out which one to purchase. You'll need to consider angles like how splendid the precious stone is, assuming it's eye-clean, and what the cost is in contrast with comparable jewels.
Different qualities like fluorescence, cleanness, and balance influence a precious stone's worth and appearance somewhat, albeit significantly less than the 4 C's. For an inside and out conversation of these three variables, look at these singular articles: Fluorescence, Clean, and Balance.

7. Check the Endorsement

Jewels are assessed and evaluated by proficient labs, alluded to as reviewing substances. These are the associations that give every jewel its particular cut quality, lucidity, and variety grades (as well as numerous others).
Some precious stone reviewing labs are incredibly severe and steady, while others have sketchy principles and are significantly less solid. You ought to consider just GIA Guaranteed Jewels and AGS Confirmed Precious stones as you continued looking for a free jewel.
Avoid IGI, EGL, and HRD reviewing reports since we've found we would say that their outcomes are not dependable because of their conflicting precious stone evaluation. Likewise, don't mistake GIA reports for an examination by a GIA gemologist. Those are not exactly the same thing.
Fortunately, Dream Diamond makes it simple to restrict your hunt to GIA or AGS-guaranteed jewels.
On Dream Diamond, click the "high-level choices" button under the other jewel boundaries, then select the "GIA" and "AGS" checkboxes:
With us, all free precious stones are confirmed by the GIA, significance there's a compelling reason need to sift through jewels with lower-quality endorsements from your inquiry.

8. Pick a Wedding band Setting

Wedding band settings range from rich and straightforward, similar to the solitaire setting, to luxurious and eye-getting, similar to the radiance set. Each setting offers its own remarkable personality, as well as particular benefits and inconveniences.
For instance, basic settings, for example, a solitaire ring are entirely reasonable and extraordinary for making a visual spotlight on the middle precious stone itself, while settings that contain radiance jewels can deliver the presence of a bigger precious stone.
There's no "best" wedding band setting, nor are there any "four Cs" for settings — all things considered, this piece of the interaction is absolutely emotional. Pick a setting that matches your preferences, inclinations, and spending plan and supplements the precious stone you've chosen.
Follow our insider tips for how to decide the sort of setting she'll adore.
Our full rundown of ring settings and styles covers all of the most widely recognized wedding band settings, as well as their significant upsides and downsides.

9. Make the Buy

At last, when you feel positive about your jewel, get it online alongside a wedding band setting of your decision.
Most web-based goldsmiths offer issue-free returns in 30 days or less. On the off chance that you or your accomplice aren't 100 percent happy with the ring, you can get your cashback. Pretty much every peruser that goes through our interaction for picking a precious stone is very happy with their buy.
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2023.06.03 11:49 king_koala_01 21 [M4M] looking for a friend, possibly more

looking for a decent human being whom I can connect with. some casual landian/ fun on the side maybe, but definitely open to something more if we click.
about me: generally discreet. around 5ft4in. a twink. a small spoon. a sucker for a good conversation (i.e., good convos > good sex) plays wildrift on mobile (if you also play, let’s grind maybe? lol). typically replies fast. from one of the big four unis, if it matters. cute daw? idk, you be the judge
about you: generally discreet also. preferably older, taller, and relatively more dominant (?) a good conversationalist (i.e., pls pls have some substance). preferably someone with a place around qc para malapit. can regularly reply fast to messages. would be a bonus if you're cute lol
hmu and let's see if we vibe 😉
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2023.06.03 11:49 throwaway_acc_hocd1 Can't trust my own judgement so seeking thoughts/opinions/advice of others (and a little bit of reassurance admittedly)

Hello everyone,
I am 23, male, and have been dealing with HOCD for about three months now. Although never formally diagnosed, I have had this theme thrice before and I have managed to overcome my thoughts with my own version of ERP, particularly with the guidance provided by 'Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A CBT-Based Guide to Getting Over Frightening, Obsessive, or Disturbing Thoughts' by Sally Winston and Martin Seif (truly a worthwhile read for anyone in the recovery cycle). Yet HOCD has reared its ugly head yet again and I find myself in need of some objective advice (and perhaps a modicum of reassurance :/) as some of my fears seem to be a bit more abstract than just my thought cycle and processes.
I am asking four (rather long) questions below that summarise my key challenges with this bout of HOCD. Despite their length, I have still done my best to keep them as short as possible, but should you wish for more context, then please do not hesitate to ask.
  1. The last three times I endured HOCD (twice when I was 19 and once when I was 20), I would see all men and check for arousal or level of interest. I find that whilst this is true to some extent with this bout of HOCD, I seem to be noticing more attractive men in the same way that prior to my intrusive thoughts, I would notice good-looking women comparatively more than those I would not find as attractive. Has anyone else been through the process of having 'hyper-awareness' of good-looking individuals of the same sex? Does this imply something about my sexuality or is it a symptom of HOCD that I hitherto have not encountered (I believe the latter to be the case)?
  2. I have quite a chronic addiction to pornography (incidentally, it was the random thought of having sex with another man while masturbating that started this bout of HOCD), and while I get relief by abstaining, I'm not sure whether avoiding porn alleviates or compounds the symptoms of HOCD over the long term. I've also noticed that over the past three months, in conjunction with my HOCD, my porn preferences have shifted. Notions such as cuckoldry, 'Male-Male-Female' threesomes and gangbangs no longer seem foreign and I find myself regularly indulging in those categories. Whilst I still watch the videos for the purposes of 'getting-off' to the female, I am acutely aware of people who have noted that their porn preference became a source of their HOCD. I have also used gay porn as a means of checking and reassurance and have no sense of arousal (in fact I usually feel quite nauseous, though it appears my level of nausea has decreased the last few times I have checked. I know I shouldn't seek reassurance but could this mean my sexuality has changed?), but nevertheless, I am curious as to whether porn preference may reflect your sexuality (or hidden desires), and is it advisable - given the above context - to withhold from pornographic content until, at the very least, my HOCD subsides?
  3. I find that I now feel guilty for finding women attractive. In essence, if I find a woman to be attractive, the instant rush of lust is replaced by a thought process that mimics something like 'you can't be with her as you are gay'. I also feel as if my level of attraction to females is substantially lower than three months ago (which is when I had my first intrusive thought as noted above). Is this a common symptom of HOCD and what tactics should I employ to overcome this thought process?
  4. Given the above three questions, has anyone who has recovered from HOCD have any advice for self-guided ERP? Last time when I had HOCD, simply accepting the thoughts and repeatedly telling myself I was in fact gay diminished the power of the thoughts. This time however, I find the same treatment exacerbates my thoughts and may in part be due to the context provided in the above three questions and also the fact I have been dating a wonderful girl for the past three years (so perhaps there is some ROCD there too). I am, truthfully, quite terrified my sexuality may be changing, but I am also aware that the need for reassurance does nothing so would be most grateful for any tips people in similar situations can recommend that I can try.
I do apologise most profusely for the wall of text above, though any response -particularly on combatting the dysfunctional thought processes above- would be very much appreciated. Ironically, despite posting on Reddit, I have beaten HOCD three times (albeit with different symptoms to the ones I am enduring now) and was a better person for it. If you are reading this, it takes time, patience and care, but it can be overcome and the life you yearn for can and will be sought.
All the very best to all of you, and thanks again most sincerely for any guidance/help any of you are willing to provide :)
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2023.06.03 11:46 KinderSmock Bumps and Magic: R12 vs. West Coast

Top vs. bottom does not normally draw a crowd. However, with Collingwood playing their current brand of footy, Optus Stadium attracted more than what some may have anticipated. Anticipations of a blowout started well when the margin tipped over 40 points in the second but this was reigned in as a competitive Eagles outfit piled on a few goals to draw it to within 14 points. However, Collingwood stormed home to win by 63 points.
Jordan De Goey has provided media outlets with the next four days' worth of content and debate. His hit early in the first quarter that saw Hewett exit . Per David Zita, the bump is likely to be assessed as careless conduct, severe impact and high contact. The likely sanction is 3+ matches with a referral to the tribunal.
The media and Facebook can criticise Nick Daicos all they like, but three goals and thirty disposals is freakishly good for a second year player who is still younger than most of the men
With injuries to Will Hoskin-Elliott, Beau McCreery and Ash Johnson, spaces in the team may open for players to emerge but debutant Harvey Harrison reminded fans of what is lying in our VFL team. Harrison is the only debutant this season; of the players on the list, only six are ublooded.
Overall, the win was solid and, in order to play finals, only two more games need to be won. 11-1 marks our best start to a year since 2011. Here's hoping we go one better in 2023.

  1. What are your thoughts on Harvey Harrison?
  2. The bump. Discuss. Alternatively, skip this question as by Wednesday, we'll be sick of discussing it.
  3. Should De Goey be suspended, who steps up?
  4. Jack Ginnivan did not have a good game today. How can he begin to re-find his 2022 form that saw him come second in the goal kicking tally?
  5. Changes for the Queen's King's Birthday?
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2023.06.03 11:46 EERMA If you’re wondering whether adverse childhood experiences are negatively impacting you as an adult, you probably already know the answer.

In my work as a hypnotherapist most of my clients are mature adults experiencing issues rooted in anger, anxiety, depression - or a mixture of these. Often, they are wondering if their present issues are linked to their childhood experiences. More often than not, the answer is yes.
Research carried out since the end of the last century has led to a greater understanding of how adverse childhood experiences impact on long term wellbeing – both physical and psychological. The key findings are:
• Childhood trauma is very common: even in so-called well-to-do areas.
• There is a direct link between childhood trauma and chronic disease in adulthood.
• The more types of trauma a child experiences, the greater the risk of them of experiencing social and emotional problems as adults.
• Those who experience childhood trauma often experience more than one type of trauma.
You can calculate your own ACEs score by responding to the following questions. Give yourself 1 point for each question where you experienced that category of trauma before your eighteenth birthday.
  1. Emotional abuse: Did a parent or other adult often or very often insult, demean, belittle, humiliate, verbally assault, or threaten to physically assault You?
  2. Physical abuse: Did a parent or other adult often or very often grab, slap, push, or hit You?
  3. Sexual abuse: Did a parent, adult, or someone at least five years older than you ever touch your body in a sexual way or attempt or have oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse with You?
  4. Emotional neglect: Did You often or very often feel that no one in your family loved you or thought you were important; or your family did not look out for each other, feel close to each other, and support each other?
  5. Physical neglect: Did You often not have enough to eat, had to wear dirty clothes, had no one to attend to your medical and dental needs, or had no one to protect you?
  6. Loss of parent: Were your parents separated or divorced, or did you lose a parent for any reason?
  7. Domestic violence: Did You often or very often witness or hear violence between your parents or other adults where someone was being grabbed, shoved, slapped, hit, kicked, had something thrown a them, sexually attacked, or threatened with a weapon?
  8. Family member with addiction: Did You live with anyone who was a problem drinker or alcoholic, who used illicit drugs, or who was addicted to any other substances?
  9. Family member with depression/mental illness: Did you live with anyone who was depressed or mentally ill, attempted or committed self-harm and/or suicide, or hospitalized for mental illness?
  10. Family member incarcerated: Did you live with anyone who went to prison?
ACES Score (0-10) =
As ACE scores increase, so does the risk of disease, social and emotional problems. With an ACE score of four or more, things start getting serious. While studies in different locations return slightly different results, the figures suggest around 11% of the population have experienced four or more adverse childhood experiences.
Fortunately, brains and lives are somewhat plastic. Resilience research shows that the appropriate integration of resilience factors — such as asking for help, developing trusting relationships, forming a positive attitude, listening to feelings — can help people improve their lives. Research in to post traumatic growth has identified five broad areas of growth:
• greater appreciation of life,
• closer relationships with others,
• increased personal strength,
• new possibilities in life, and
• spiritual “development
Which correlate very closely with the dimensions of wellbeing psychology:
• Positive emotions
• Positive engagement
• Positive relationships
• Positive meaning
• Positive accomplishments
• Positive health
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2023.06.03 11:46 Osenilo Non-working perpetual motion machine

Non-working perpetual motion machine
I wrote that energy is a relative thing. Therefore, the idea of a perpetual motion machine may arise.
Suppose we spin two discs in opposite directions, mounted on the same axis. The energy of each of them relative to the Earth is equal to E. The speed of rotation of the discs relative to each other is twice as high as relative to the Earth. And the energy, accordingly, is four times greater since the energy increases with the square of the speed. Then it turns out that we spent 2E energy on acceleration, but we have 4E energy relative to one of the discs.
The idea arises to hang a dynamo machine on one of the discs and spin it relative to the second one. Then the energy taken will be twice as much as was spent on spinning.
The question is: why won't this work?
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