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2023.06.07 23:52 optimusdevine 4x4 purchase advice

Had my day with fast cars. Decided to get a 4x4 in the next couple weeks.
My entry point is ~$15000.
Had a chat with some 4x4 mates and came to develop a shortlist. Can I have some I put and advice from this sub?
I’ve been told the d22 navaras are reliableish, but to avoid d40’s.
I’d like something semi capable (won’t be taking it across the roughest terrain but would love to take it out every couple weeks) and reliable.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 23:51 Wombletog Revenge

A week ago, my best friend Henry died in a gruesome accident. Admittedly, the accident was his fault, but it was a tragedy nonetheless. A few days ago, I found out that videos of Henry’s death had been posted on places like Eyeblech and other subreddits devoted to death and gore. The comments were mocking him, calling him stupid and saying that he deserved it. When I saw that, my blood boiled over. I knew I had to do something.
I checked people’s accounts until I found something usable. Someone who used the same username across all their social media. I learned so much about him from his own posts. That his real name is Gary. That he works as an accountant. That he lives in a small suburb outside Houston. That the names of his children are Jill and Benjamin. Then I set my plan into motion.
I drove a few states over to get to his house. His front door was locked, but his car wasn’t. It’s almost time for him to go to work now. I’ll be waiting in the backseat for him. I think I’ll force him to drive out to an abandoned office building I discovered on my way here. I don’t have to worry about noise that way. I have all of my tools ready, as well as a good camera. Gary’s walking out to the car now. I hope the internet will love him as much as they loved Henry.
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2023.06.07 23:51 Tp889449 Setting Angular Velocity of a Rigidbody does absolutely nothing..

So i have this rigidbody, it is locked on the Y axis for position and locked on the X and Z axis for rotation, leaving the Y axis free for rotation in theory, however when using rb.angularVelocity = new Vector3(0, 500, 0); to spin the rigidbody on the Y axis, it doesnt do anything, ive logged it when the line is executed and it does infact execute, ive made sure its raised off the ground so friction cant play into the issue, ive checked the rigidbody at runtime to see if the angular velocity changes and while it does have angular velocity whenever you bump the rigidbody around, it doesnt seem to change much when the line is executed, if at all, it usually averages 6 radians per second, which is VERY FAR from 500, im sure that the "rb" variable is the rigidbody i want because theres a line right after it that also sets velocity of that same rigidbody and it does correctly accelerate, im very confused why setting angularVelocity does absolutely nothing, ive even tried using AddTorque incase it was a "setting angular velocity directly" issue, but alas, it does nothing, please help!
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2023.06.07 23:51 Necrolord_Nocturnal DD2 Wishlist

Seen a few of those floating around and wanting to more a part of the community going into DD2 I'd like to share my thoughts too
  1. Camping - The exploration in Dragons dogma is one of it's biggest strengths and flaws there's lengthy journeys, always a possibility of running into unknown trouble you weren't expecting (if you haven't played 300 hours, thought that can sometimes still happen lol), and just getting bored in the walking sim. there needs to be more to do on these journeys to make them special and I think camping sections using rations and interacting with your pawns would really add to the experience, and could be useful to apply buffs for the next day like more HP, stamina or damage etc
  2. More Towns - Now this would also be in contention with camping or if we get a map large enough to facilitate both existing, more towns and more standard port crystals spread out. I think the game would benefit from having those as waypoints at certain dungeons and towns that activate if you spend a ferry stone or an item to attune with them. I would still say in the late mid-game getting our own mini port crystal so we can drop it port back to town to deposit or w/e then port back to continue our adventures would be nice.
  3. Re-playable Dungeons - in the post-game of DD some dungeons become populated with enemies again like the Shadow fort, Bluemoon tower and Water Gods, offering a new boss at the end. I think having the puzzles or requirements to progress deeper change becoming more difficult, having the new Post-game enemies litter the area and adding more sections and rooms to expand these dungeons having a new boss in the original location and then a much harder one deeper in. and of course chests in different locations with new end game loot. Having quests to go out and retake or defeat these bosses would also be nice letting us know it's changed (took me 4 playthroughs to realize some of the dungeons added dragons as bosses offering the tears to boost wakestone drop rates form mobs in the Everfall)
  4. Everfall 2.0 - speaking of the Everfall it was so close to being perfect for me. if we get something that's like a equivalent to this, it needs to be randomly generated endless dungeons. All those tile sets, doors and locked out sections. what if we had the freedom to go forward in any direction in a specific Hall and pursue those hard drop rate items from chests every 5 or so rooms we get a boss with 3 rare chests each with a chance to give us what we're hunting with better rates the further we go, better yet give each hall a leader board showing room depth and time, Solo or in a party with the top 100 players in that hall getting a single unique drop that you won't get anywhere else
  5. Two more main pawns - This is gonna be the big one I think people might disagree with in some way, I love getting to use other peoples pawns but sometimes I wish I could have my own full party that levels with me and that I could fully control and develop as the game progresses. Now I feel there might be a lot of people who would love this idea but there will also be a lot of you who think this ruins the experience and you are right in a sense. it will ruin a experience but bring about a new one. So the trade off is, if you wish to create more main pawns from the rift you must forfeit the ability to have your pawn be summonable in online play. Losing the gifting feature, experience area/monster knowledge and all the other benefits. Now is this a strong enough incentive to do one over the other, I'm not 100% sure but I think it would enhance a lot of other playstyles while still keeping the same experience intact.
I'm curious if anyone else thinks these would be great, but I'd also love to know if you think I've missed the mark in any way and that "Solution B" would be better or "Change X to Y" yady yada. there's tons more I would have included like more character slots and other things, but a lot of people have already mentioned these and I didn't want to rehash a post
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2023.06.07 23:50 jfoeoxnrj I’m falling in love with you

All I wanted was to have fun with you. You were supposed to be my slice of heaven, a beautiful escape, and perfect dream. No strings, no drama, no heaviness, most importantly, no falling in love.
Yet you told me the other night that you’ve told your family about me. And you came to me after you found out your aunt passed away and I hugged you tight, and I told you that I’m here for you. You looked so sad and I felt so much tenderness for you in that moment. We spent the night together and every time you woke up, you would reach out to kiss my forehead, or simply stroke my arm, connecting with me through out the night. What are we doing, E? I thought we were just having fun. I thought we were taking things slow. This doesn’t feel slow. It feels deep and fast. And it feels all too real.
And the truth is, and I can deny it all I want.. but I’m falling in love with you. I never stood a chance. I tried so hard not to fall in love, but you’ve made it impossible for me not to.
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2023.06.07 23:50 Sorry-Land-6295 AITA for correcting my gf ?

My gf is French and speaks 3 languages. We've met through work and connected very fast. She has a good understanding of english and can read it without difficulties. However, orally she makes some grammatical errors and misgenders objects. Last week, she told me she wanted to get better and be able to get her point across without stuttering . She asked me to correct her when she makes obvious mistakes. We were out at dinner with some friends and my gf use the wrong pronoun when talking about the friend's phone. She said: “He's ringing”. I told her that it was not a he. She said fine rolling her eyes a bit.
Later, we were all drinking and she said “You love this drink, isn't it? ”. I corrected her very nonchalantly, just joking with her. The friends told me to quit trying to correct her. That she has a cute accent. I was behaving like a snob because I'm trying to change her. My gf got peer-pressured and told me to stop doing it. AITA?
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2023.06.07 23:50 Extension_Switch_823 Atomic engineering

In the day and age of micro machines and supermassive mining ships how do small smelters rain relevant?
Part of it is the amorphous, undefineable "human touch" seems to embu all their workpieces with. Some comes from trusting someone who can make mistakes to understand the process rather than a computer that understands nothing but executes flawlessly.
Most of it comes from the realm of humans' collective hobby of making bombs.
Fusion reactors are large and heavy when made by the design of an AI, fission reactors are bigger, heavier and consume some volatile materials. Some species will brag that they have zero point reactors taking advantage of the background noise of space. A few among the stars brag of sterling motors, energy harvesting substrates, metamaterials or some such esoteric technique.
Humans have their Solar Hammers to keep suns burning forever and putting out valuable elements but they are limited. Iron is the heaviest thing a solar hammer can pull, and those stations have to get their energy from somewhere right?
Humans have reactors that can be accurately called Atomic Decomposition Engines.
Not so much reactors as the reaction is less sustained than any other method commonly used. Instead these engines rely on channeling pulses of supercritical metallic plasma into ingected streams of fissionable and fusionable materials. The largest of these resemble simple turbine engines, collecting ambiant plasma and condencing it down into a fusionable material as fissionable material is fed into the continuous stream where it goes supercritical and ignites everything else.
Those are what power solar hammers, the magnetism and heat able to be channeled into a near solid beam of primordial ooze, where the star turns it into hydrogen and helium before further fusing it.
Why? Because there are two states that induce zero point sparking, one is the absolute vaccum of conventional small chamber arrays, the other known one is with high densities of naked quarks. The first is easy if you know how, the background sub electron scale buzz of short life particles is easy to observe and eventually harness to some degree.
The second is bottling a bomb fueled by anything physical enough to block it off.
This is what plasma reactors are, magnetic confinement of high power archs through supercritical heavy gasses.
Humans used another method, by detonating pre primed mixtures of fissile and fusion materials appropriate densities and energies can be achieved. But you have to relive that pressure quickly or it consumes/overpowers its containment. Part of that is fixed by only maintaining those conditions for minuscule amounts of time, another part is fixed by carefully formulating materials to withstand those stresses.
What does this have to do with family forges?
Human power plants have never been standardized, not before interstellar colonization, never after. Each port has families serving it who have different materials available to use and different methods of achieving certain thresholds.
Design elements like occelating pistons pendulums or rotating blockages may only be present in certain systems and contoured blast channels may only appear in others. Each ship, wherever it is built, has a power plant commissioned to fit with the space and stresses allowed, some template ships simply having several exposed reactors.
The humans making these engines are dealing with unified fuels, or as close as exists for them, and local materials.
Balancing conductive elements along side fission and fusions suppressing isotopes is almost as important as including some form of kinetic output. Which is why each family makes their own models, the varying strength, conductivity, magnetism and corrosion resistance of all the locally available possibilities makes any unified design either unbearably restrictive or simply unachievable.
Thus human metallurgists have found roots around every star and aboard every colony ship, even in gate network systems. Thus ships are broadly built by whoever wants them wherever the capacity is appropriate, and each design optimized to use locally available stock.
Not everyone wants to build ships and so everything from chairs to guns are made with any scraps and spare parts to be sold to whoever wants a piece of home or likes the look.
Most species forget that modern smiths make their living finding ways to crystalize metal isotopes into stacking a consistent way, then bashing the malliable metal until the crystals grate on each other so much that specific region is brittle.
Modern smiths are engineers on the atomic level.
While the surety of machines is well and good, it falters with wavering supply stock. While AI are good at shaping things under specific constraints they cannot accurately account for all variables or remember obscure methods of accomidating unwanted stresses. Uniformity may result in predictable outcomes but humans defy the odds even in predictable battles.
Everything we throw away as unfit or impure humans find a way to use or sell or refine. The scraps of industrial waste become the blocks and slabs of civilian ingenuity. The theory's of old and antiquated models are studied for their flaws and insights to provide challenge to working, accepted theories.
This is why humans thrive, that and their insistence on treating disarmerment as a challenge to fight to the death.
Making a third motivation for their powerplants, they carry a primordial bomb in each and every independently powered ship. We do not lightly forget the lessons of the Javalin wars.
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2023.06.07 23:50 BatStarKiller Appreciation post!

It’s been a long while where I have read actual books (normally read comics) but after reading Thrawn in March (bought nearly a year before) I became hooked on reading Star Wars books! I’ve read 8 books including Thrawn and just started Outbound Flight and I’ve ordered a whole bunch more to add to my collection! I don’t know what it is but reading this universe is just amazing! I read EU & Canon with ease and have loved nearly every book I’ve read so far; Shadows of the Empire only one I was disappointed in as I used to love Xizor but in this he was portrayed as a slimy, arrogant F-Boy! Anyway, just wanted to say that I love reading this universe and it’s many tales and love seeing everyone’s collections, hauls and recommendations! Thank you to all the amazing writers and can’t wait to continue my collection!
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2023.06.07 23:50 LogieBear4thewin Orthodox Crosses

Hello I am wondering if any of y’all know a good place to get a cross to wear around the neck. I am new to this and I asked for advice for prayer ropes a while back and I had a good recommendation. Is there any trustworthy site or monetary that has good sturdy crosses? I’m male. Thank you for your help in advance.
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2023.06.07 23:49 Leonax_2001 A Little Trapper's Tale: A Simple But Deadly Move.

First of all I must warn you that I hated playing Trapper avoiding playing with him whenever possible (to be honest I only gave him Prestige 03 because I want to have all the perks of the game at hand) until yesterday and so I don't know if what I did it's already a common strategy for the character, at least I've never seen a Trapper do that, anyway I already apologize in advance.
Yesterday the Hunter's Daily Ritual appeared and I thought to myself "why not?", I went with a brown addon and ended up on the red map... sorry, The Decimated Borgo/Knight's Map.
I set a trap on the pallet of the Assassin's Hut and another one outside the window, while I'm in the saga of preparing the other traps I hear a Nea scream, I drop it, I pick it up, I put my fourth charm on the hook and I go back to the hut and it's this is where the silly trick begins.
I look at the window trap and think "uh, that trap outside is too obvious, I'll put it inside" and I do, shortly after Bill gets caught in the window trap and I get one more extra charm for the my hook while having a fit of laughter, never in my life did I think such a silly strategy would work so well..
Again I stare at the trap as I open it again and think "I don't think any survivors will be so dumb as to enter the cabin through the window again, nor will I bother to move the trap". Huge. Mistake.
Bill is released, I go after someone else, when all of a sudden my favorite smoker screams, I turn around and see he's fallen into a trap... the one in the cabin... which I thought it would be a no-brainer to change her back outside the window... and I start laughing like a sick man.
Since then I started playing with him more, but I still haven't had the chance to do it again, but I'm glad I did, otherwise I would never have gotten over my "prejudice" towards the character (I don't like having to use a purple addon to start with all my traps, for me that should be the usual basekit) and started buying addons, since I gave it Prestige 03 in the old system and so I didn't have any yellow, green, purple or pink addon in my inventory, just a few brown addons. 🤣
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2023.06.07 23:49 Creative-Switch-7635 S2 Watchers: The Elgin Theory

If you’re only on season 1 and don’t want spoilers of any sort I’d suggest clicking outta here riiiiiiiight abouuuuut now! 😉
Okay, hi all! Long time reader, first time poster. 👋🏽
Been mulling over this theory I keep seeing about Elgin being Fatima and Ellis’ son, and don’t get me wrong, this show could throw anything at me at this point and I’d say “sure” since I still have no real concept of the lore or “reality” of this series beyond the basic no no nos and the ever expanding and contracting talisman possibilities ; however in episode 2 of the season I distinctly remember Mari saying to Kristi that she couldn’t handle Kristi putting a painted rock on the bedside table, just like she had back at home, six months ago. (This stuck because I’d been wondering ever since Kristi mentioned her fiancée how realistic it was for her to still be holding on to the possibility of that relationship being viable if she were able to return home.) Soldiers go on tour for longer than six months and prisoners are incarcerated for longer than that as well, only to rejoin their S.O.s and resume the relationship, so even w/o any form of communication this whole time I could see why Kristi was conflicted. 6 months is not that long to be away from the person/people she loves. BUT! Elgin was on the same bus as Mari!!!!! So seemingly from the same timeline as Boyd, Ellis, and Fatima? Sooooo…how could he also be the latter two’s child? Was he teleported into his seat from another timeline or dimension right before/when they reached the tree? I’ve never clocked all the people I’ve been on a long distance bus with before, so it could stand to reason that if he did happen to manifest on the bus right before entry into Fromtopia that no one would notice (I know Fromville is the more popular name, but with this being the opposite of a utopia, the irony makes me giggle 🤷🏽‍♂️). He seemingly doesn’t have any ties or recognition to any of the passengers right? Unless ☝🏽!!! …maybe Mari and Kristi are from a future 15(ish?)yrs out from Ellis and Fatima/when everyone gets outta this place? 🤯
Personally, I’m not really bought into the “Ellis is a child of FROMland” theory but I love reading everyone else’s thoughts on this stuff, and poking around in the outer regions of imagination, so I’d enjoy getting to know how folks would explain the potentially short time frame of Kristi’s (and Ellis’ and Fatima’s) departure and Elgin’s entry into the town, with him being E&F’s kiddo.
Thanks to anyone who takes the time to ponder with me, can’t wait to read what you come up with. 👀
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2023.06.07 23:49 RoyalPromotion06 Head over heels for a racist, homophobic and very right wing conservative.

Help. Why. I’ve never really interacted with this person either especially since they’re in my friendgroup - but we all ignore this person lol.
I cant stop thinking about them, whenever they’re around I get this weird jittery butterfly feeling in my stomach - which I know what it is butterflies. 😭
Why am I so head over heels for this person? They’re literally racist, homophobic and very much a Tory. I have more of a chance of them calling me a racial slur than ever interacting with them truly.
Guys what’s happening 😭
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2023.06.07 23:49 Delicious-Manner-377 The gay atheist incel u/Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium is still living with his parents despite being nearly 40 years old. While his obsession, SciCosmic, owns a house and has a brand new car. The virgin gay atheist Unrealeck however, can barely afford to pay off his debts

The gay atheist incel u/Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium is still living with his parents despite being nearly 40 years old. While his obsession, SciCosmic, owns a house and has a brand new car. The virgin gay atheist Unrealeck however, can barely afford to pay off the debt incurred from crashing his shitty second hand BMW lol.
To cope with being a manbaby and adult virgin who plays video games all day long, Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium often relieves his stress by jacking off to thoughts of Christians dominating his gay ass. Deep down though, Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium knows he's a loser though and that SciCosmic is laughing at him daily.
Maybe Unrealeck should try growing up and trying to think of an actual adult future. His parents won't be around forever to support him sitting in the basement obsessing about Christians online while playing video games all day like a manbaby.
Maybe then, Unrealeck could get a brand new car, his own place to live and might actually get laid once in his life instead of only ever experiencing sexual pleasure from his big black dildo collection. Lol
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2023.06.07 23:49 Bishuout For gods sake who’s this dolt? She’s such a 🤥

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2023.06.07 23:49 vKronus 2020 Explorer malfunctions

Mom has a 2020 Explorer with around 40k miles on it. Past few weeks she's been periodically getting multiple driving aid fault messages, with the AC shutting off when she got the messages. Today she started it remotely and when inside she got all the same messages plus "see manual" and "parking brake fault service immediately" parking brake won't disengage and truck shut off when put in reverse. The truck is currently only starting with remote start. Looking to get it to a dealer, just wondering if anyone has had anything similar happen to them? Has had a lot of issues since she got it, but nothing this crazy.
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2023.06.07 23:49 Pepperpup19 Sleeping issue in married life

More than a year married. I came in the US with my dog last year to start our lives together. Before coming to the US, I live alone with my dog. I always sleep good, I love to sleep, I am an introvert and I work from home before. I get tired after work, after taking care of my dog and the house and sleep good at night, wake up the next morning, start all over again. Then, married life happen. Pls don't get me wrong, I love my husband, I love my married life, I love us being together, I love everything. Only issue is sleep. I am always a light sleeper, very light. My husband snores, loud and different tones, so there's the problem. I snore too and I won't deny that. But I've asked him many times if that bothers him and he said no always. So my solution is when he comes in the room and he starts snoring and I can't sleep anymore, I go sleep in the couch, and I'm ok with that. I get to sleep and not be cranky the next day. But he doesn't like it, explained it to him many times but still it bothers him. Seem to think either he's making me miserable or I don't wanna be in bed with him. I get upset when he starts to complain about it over and over. I've tried to stay in bed but really can't be comfortable. Now, he's telling me when we move next yr to a bigger house with 2 rooms, for sure I'm gonna be at the other room when it's time to sleep, which I'm honest to say it will happen if I want to sleep. Just some times it's frustrating and messing with my day if I feel so tired. I love him so much and our marriage is great. I just hope he can understand and not feel bad about that issue.
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2023.06.07 23:49 Moonboots44 Discovering My Dad's Affair and navigating this difficult situation

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. Not sure where to really post this but something in me just need to share this with someone. Today, I find myself grappling with a heavy burden and a mix of emotions and thoughts that I need to let out. Recently, I stumbled upon something that is somewhat bothering me — I discovered that my dad is having an affair through his Facebook account. I'm not going to go through the details of how I found it but somehow I got access to his messages. Reading the messages exchanged between him and the other woman revealed a shocking truth: she refers to him as "my husband," and he calls her "my love." I'm struggling to process how I feel about this. On one hand, there's a deep sense of resentment towards my dad for betraying our family's trust and hurting my mom. But on the other hand, he is still my dad, and it's hard to reconcile the image of the person I've known and loved with his actions. One burning question on my mind is whether I should tell my mom about what I discovered. It's a decision that weighs heavily on me. I know that keeping such a secret could cause further harm, prolong the deception, and prevent my mom from making informed choices about her own life. However, I also fear the potential consequences of revealing the truth. Will it irreparably damage their relationship? Will it shatter our family dynamics? These uncertainties make it an incredibly tough call to make. Adding to the complexity is the fact that my brother is already aware of our dad's affair. However, he's unable to confront our dad about it since he, too, has been unfaithful to his own wife. It's like a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I can't help but wonder if infidelity runs in the family, and if so, does that mean I'm destined to repeat their mistakes? While it's true that traits and behaviors can be influenced by our environment and upbringing, it doesn't mean we are predetermined to follow the same path as our parents. Recognizing their actions and learning from their mistakes can serve as powerful reminders of the importance of trust, loyalty, and communication in our own relationships.
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2023.06.07 23:48 Sleepis4suckrs How do I (f48) respond when he (m29) withdraws?

Hi. I (48f) am in an online relationship with a much younger man (29). I am recently seperated from a long term marriage. I left ex as I realised there was no kindness or love left in our marriage. We tried counseling etc but the role modeling to our son was horrific in terms of healthy relationships. So after a year I have found myself in an online relationship that I absolutely was not looking for or wanting. We met on a video game. 7 months later we are saying 'I love you', have travel booked together and have discussed him moving to me.
Over the last few weeks he is withdrawing. He has just had a friend die suddenly a few days ago. A week ago he was really unwell with flu like symptoms. His withdrawal looks like short terse replys or none at all. Last week I called it quits as he was so rude. But we lasted a day apart. We have a really strong attraction to each other and when we are good.... We are really really REALLY good. Like feels like blissful love. He is kind, sweet, funny, brave, strong, wise and chilled. And really fucking sexy.
This time around he withdrew. I was tentative but stayed positive and light. He shared death and i did get a reassuring 'I love you' message. Other flags/context. Was cheated on my his much younger previous gf. Can be very jealous of me. Has been unkind to me in front of other people a couple of times. I have found myself a bit of a mess with all of this and get anxious and jealous myself which is not like me. Sorry, this is all a longwinded jumble. I am new to this dating business. He is special and I fucking adore him. Just not sure if this is just normal for some peeps to need time and space and we are figuring each other out? Or is he a narcissist who enjoys the control.... 😬😭
Partner withdraws. How should I respond?
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2023.06.07 23:48 luvMaxWane_or_AlGawd ❤️‍🩹

Dear L, I woke up today and did a few chores and ran errands I'd been putting off for the last few days. Tiff called just a few minutes ago and asked if I would babysit her daughter savanna tomorrow night. I realized then that you hadn't crossed my mind before that very moment. Usually I wake up thinking about you and your memory haunts me constantly throuought the day. Thats how it's been for 16 months now.
 When the realization of ta hit me, I felt hopeful again. Like I might actually be okay. Maybe I'll be able to look forward a time that I won't spend longing to have you back in my life. That I won't feel like I will spend life alone looking toward a bleak and empty future, forever searching for a presence kept just out of my reach. I met a couple recently that have been taking up a lot of my time and energy. They are fun and interesting and more than a handful when it comes to navigating the kind of friendship we are attempting to pursue. They know about you, that I still have feelings for you and are understanding of the fact that I might hold on to hopes that I might feel your arms around me again someday. He is tall and good looking with a dark kind of raunchy sense of humor and she is super smart cutie that is a little klutzy and likes to play scrabble. We play together online and she hasn't beat me yet but she never loses by much. I don't miss you quite as much when I'm with them but still.... I'm going to wrap this up now. I just wanted you to know that I'm OK and that I'm going to be OK and that loving you isn't going to hurt forever. Always, K 
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2023.06.07 23:48 Noof42 The Mission to Rescue Blastoise

I think this is the appropriate place for this, and I apologize for the length, but I need to share this with people who might understand.
For Thanksgiving weekend in 1998 (or maybe 1999), my family took our yearly Thanksgiving road trip to visit Grandma. The trip took at least seven hours (each way), and so, this year, my parents bought me and my sister our first Game Boys, a Game Boy Color each, along with a copy of Pokémon Blue for me and Pokémon Red for my sister.
I was immediately hooked. My starter, a Squirtle, and I immediately embarked on the adventure of our lives. I named him "CLORINE," because I was young and I didn't have a dictionary. I played that game the entire trip to Grandma's, much of it in the dark by the intermittent streetlights that lined Interstate 64 (or whichever route my parents took). I completed that game. I caught everything I could. I traded for the rest. My Blastoise and I took on the Elite 4, captured the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo (and both Snorlaxes), and completed our Pokédex. We even had two Mews.
Granted, I did not play optimally. I taught my Mewtwo payday. But I was a child.
Eventually I put Pokémon away. I got Yellow, but wouldn't complete that for years. I'd come back to the franchise, sporadically, for one or two of the intervening games, but my love affair with Pokémon lay mostly dormant for years.
And then I had a son. He got old enough, and we got copies of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. And then Scarlet and Violet. We even got a second Switch.
I was hooked again right along with him. I played Brilliant Diamond while he played Shining Peal. I tore through Scarlet, while he played Violet. I made sure to get various Pokémon games before the 3DS eShop shut down.
And so I booted up my old copy of Pokémon Blue, not expecting anything to be on there. I'd already had to change some of my cartridges' batteries. But there was my Blastoise. My CLORINE. And my Mewtwo and my Mews. And all the rest.
I looked into ways to dump my cart, so that I could put my Pokémon back after I changed the battery. But my wife lost her job, and it's not exactly cheap, so I decided to wait. She found a job very quickly, but I forgot, for a time, to follow through with backing up my buddies.
Last week I realized they were still there. I looked into my options and I ordered a Joey Jr. It got here this week and I dumped my cartridge. But when I went to check and make sure everything was there, I couldn't find my save. I dumped it again. Still nothing. Other games worked.
In the four or five days between when I ordered the device and when I got it, the voltage on the backup battery had dropped below whatever level was required and my save had been wiped. My mission had failed.
I know that they were just ones and zeroes. But I was so close. And I need a place to put this all down so that I can get it all out. Thank you Game Freak and Nintendo. I know you're not perfect, but thank you all the same.
RIP CLORINE. And all of the rest of you.
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2023.06.07 23:48 Impressive_Relief_50 My ex and I work together and I have maintained NC for two years

My ex and I dated two years ago and I was the dumpee. It has taken me a while to detach my value and self worth that I latched onto him and redefine it to what I want. It was very much a “I love you more” and it shows type of relationship (one-sided)
I was that nerdy looking girl who was still mastering makeup and he was kinda the opposite in the sense where he would be complimented for his looks a lot. We were in the same friend group but slowly separated from them and started going to our college gym together. I fell for him really hard and then we started dating a few weeks afterwards.
I always felt a pressure to look my best and be as sexually appealing as possible. Unfortunately, he would check out other girls in front of me and follow girls on instagram and TikTok that had more of a sexy content vibe. I told him that made me feel uncomfortable and thought he respected that boundary but I later found his secret accounts that he used to follow IG/TikTok girls with similar sex appeal content.
Sometimes I noticed he would let go of my hand and pretend it was sweaty when a group of cute girls pass by or when we were at a public space. He wouldn’t post me on social media despite being active on it and whenever I questioned him he would state that:
“I don’t want my family and friends to know yet”
Aka he wanted to be seen as available and I see that know. In private, he would be really sweet and romantic but in public he was kinda secretive about our relationship.
So over the course of our relationship, I grew a little bit resentful and when he broke up with me I took that, respected it and started seeing other people. . We stayed close friends because honestly I didn’t want to lose him and settled for any connection.
The catch is that he got angry at me when he found out I was getting serious with a date of mine and gave me an ultimatum that if I wanted to date other people we wouldn’t be friends anymore or have any connection. And vice versa, if I wanted to have a connection with him I couldn’t see other people BUT those conditions didn’t pertain to him. (I know the audacity)
We matched each other in sense of curiosity, humor and love for new adventures and he has taught me some good life lessons that I carry today but looking back, I can’t help but mourn the lovesick girl that loved a guy so much that she couldn’t see he didn’t reciprocate the same intensity.
He was an international student, and I was so willing to learn his language to meet his parents because he talked about how he wanted me to meet them and visit where he grew up, I paid attention to what he likes so I can learn more about them and basically everything you can do to show someone you love them that much.
In the end, I blocked him on everything because I was tired of feeling like a safety net or like a backup plan for him. And when I finally realized the reality of how he treated me, something snapped inside me. I felt disappointment, angry, and most of all sad that I did so much for someone who didn’t value or appreciate that.
Now, we work together and go to the same college gym. We have both been in different long term relationships and I don’t feel anything towards him and would just prefer not to see him at all tbh.
I do notice however, that he tries to be close to me whenever we’re at work, brings his new gf when I’m working as well, and he tries to get my attention at the gym by passing in-front of me multiple times or going to a machine next to me. His new gf had also made a secret account in which I blocked too.
I’m not convinced he ever really loved me. I feel like I was just there as an ego boost and to this day , in person or social media. I have maintained NC for two years. I don’t even say hi or talk to him unless absolutely necessary for work and luckily, we both work in different departments so the occasion hasn’t called for it yet. But we do work in the same general area if that makes sense.
It was hard at first, I felt the ugliest I have ever felt, depressed, and even turned to therapy for help. Being alone for the first time was terrifying, but it slowly got easier and I started to prioritize myself both physically and mentally. Because of the breakup, I was able to do my own little adventures and discover new things. I was able to get closer to my family and friends too. (And I’m better at makeup too lol) But know, that it does get better. I think getting over him was easier after I reflected on our relationship and really gave myself a no bs reality check on how he treated me but rebuilding my confidence and hesitancy to start over with someone new was really tough.
So thank you for reading this long ass rant lol, the purpose of me sharing this was to give others hope, especially if you were the type of partner to give all and receive less. YOU are worth it and the right person will make you feel that way. Just know tho, self value and self love should always come from you.
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2023.06.07 23:47 gsoul93 I’m trying to like it…

Hello fellow dark souls nerds. I’d like to start out by saying I love FromSoftware, they are by far my favorite game developer. I’ve beaten all the soulsbornekiroring games except DS2 and Demons Souls (I haven’t done blood borne dlc either cause I don’t have PlayStation and my friend I played it with didn’t have it) I’ve even gotten all trophies for Sekiro and pretty close to getting all the trophies for the first dark souls. Suffice it to say I don’t mind difficulty and the thing I love most about all there games is how fair the difficulty is. With that being said I’ve started my play through of dark souls 2 (avoided it cause everyone always said it was the worst one, but I’ve been hearing more positive things recently so I thought I might as well), I’ve gotten to Iron Keep and I just have to rant a bit. This game by far feels like it’s trying to be hard the most. Why do I have to spend souls to level up a stat so I can roll properly, why does drinking estus take 3 fucking seconds, why do I not have access to my full health bar all the time, why are there so many fucking ganks. It just feels like every thing they could do to make it inconvenient to progress they did. Overall I’d say I’m enjoying myself the least I ever have with these games. I’m still having fun, sometimes the ganks are a nice challenge and overall I dig the atmosphere and exploration, I just wish there wasn’t 20 fucking enemies around every corner. Also I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the bosses so far although I have hope they’ll get better in the end game. Lost Sinner has been by far the standout so far and even he was kinda a pushover. Smelter demon is showing promise though (only been able to fight him once so far though cause there’s 15 enemies I have to kill if I want to make it safely). Sorry for the ramble I just want to know if I’m justified or just a scrub.
P.S. I’m playing Scholar of the First Sin edition ik it’s different than the original and am wondering if base dark souls 2 is better about enemy placement?
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