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Gentleman Boners Gifs is a true gentleman's club. This is an oasis like no other! Only the finest eye candy of the classiest nature can be found here. Elegant, graceful, timeless female celebrities are one click away. Be gone with you and your slutty, trashy, & whorish succubi! For they are not welcome here. Do not bother posting if you can not tell the difference between beauty and seduction. This club is for the best of the best.

2010.01.27 21:44 tlc Couch to 5K

Anything related to the Couch-to-5K running programs or the like; open to all, noobie to pro.

2008.10.04 20:04 Democrats: Building a Better Future

The Democratic Party is building a better future for everyone and you can help. Join us today and help elect more Democrats nationwide! This sub offers daily news updates, policy analysis, links, and opportunities to participate in the political process. We are here to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot.

2023.05.28 15:08 Brilliant_Eye_3979 I need Help with my itinerary

Hey, so im gonna visit japan from the 21.07 - 05.08 this summer and rallye need more opinions on the itinerary i came up with. Were gonna Artikel on the 21.07 at 6:30pm in tokyo narita.
21.07 - 26.07 (Tokyo) 26.07 - 28.07 (Kyoto) 28.07 - 30.07 (Osaka) 30.07 - 31.07 (Kawaguchiko/Mt. Fuji) 31.07 - 01.08 (Hiking Mt. Fuji over Night) 01.08 - 05.08 ( day trip to Nagasaki to see the Fireworks)
Leaving Japan at around 10pm
Do you guys think thats to many days in/around tokyo ? Maybe i should spend more time around osaka/Kyoto since im worried it might be to short to visit nara and kobe and maybe not enough to do in and around tokyo since i would spend almost 10 days in tokyo.
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2023.05.28 15:08 Drippedsauce For $74.99 from $99.99: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch for Men, Alexa Built-in, 14-Day Battery Life, Fitness Tracker with GPS & 70+Sports Modes

For $74.99 from $99.99: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch for Men, Alexa Built-in, 14-Day Battery Life, Fitness Tracker with GPS & 70+Sports Modes submitted by Drippedsauce to DripDeals [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:08 Elegant_Jellyfish851 Can someone explain this to me please

I had a strategy that failed recently and i was 100% sure that it will work but failed, i was trying to reduce PMO from daily to once each 2 days, was so motivated in the beginning and was able to keep going for a week and thought this will be easy, but i end up doing PMO twice/3x a day recently. I tried to keep going but failed again! Seriously what the hell is this!! I also have read that avoiding urges will make it worst. Please help me! How can i reduce it in a better way!
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2023.05.28 15:08 YogurtclosetLevel689 Some improvements I can suggest for Ranked mode.

  1. Allow Starter access users to play TMWT maps. This is a really annoying issue because once you achieve gold in ranked, you simply can't play anymore because you don't know the maps. You can train them in live rounds or practice them in hotseat/offline, which is not very comfortable. People end up learning the maps in live games, which ruins the experience for everybody else. I understand that $10 doesn't seem like a lot of money when you enjoy the game, but at this point, it feels like the game is forcing you to pay. Not to mention that there are countries where $10 is a significant amount of money, or buying standard access is impossible at all.
  2. Let players choose which maps they want to play. There are obviously maps in the campaign that have unpredictable parts or are just difficult to play for some people. It would be nice to have the option to choose the maps you want to play in ranked. The concept is simple: if you feel comfortable with a map, you should be able to choose it, and if you don't, you can do the opposite. I think this will improve the quality of the matches since everyone will know what they're playing.
  3. Make adjustments to the points system. Let's imagine a situation: some top 10 TM players decided to play ranked, but they have never played it before. Since they are "new", their opponents will likely be in bronze or silver and most likely not very skilled. These not so skilled players will lose points in a game where they had close to zero chances to win. One possible solution is to consider not only a player's rank in ranked when calculating points but also their position in the world rankings. Another example is something that recently happened to me: I was playing in silver, and on the opposite team, there was a player with the #2 time in the world on a map. I was trying my best, but I always came in second place and team was not very good, so I lost 40 points. That means, even if you are the second-best player on the server, you will still lose points, and in some cases, a significant number of them. One possible solution to this is to deduct fewer points from players who perform well on a map but still lose the match.
  4. Add additional modes to ranked (5v5, 2v2, 1v1). I can't say much about it, but it feels like this feature should have been available from the first day of ranked.
I would be glad to hear your opinion about my suggestions or even your own suggestions in the comments. Let's work together to make this game better! 😄
P.S. Sorry for a lot of text <3
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2023.05.28 15:07 tmuggz614 Honeymoon trip from USA to Rome using Amex points.

My wife and I were recently married and we are looking to use our points to book a honeymoon trip to Italy from September 1st through the 10th.
We have 550,000 amex points, but we want to use as few as possible. I have never used Amex points before. We would prefer business class tickets, but are open for economy as well.
I have looked at transfering the points to KLH because they have a transfer bonus, but the economy seats are still 225,000+ and then I tried looking through British airways and found simmilar results, 225k economy, 400k for business. When I read blogs or other sites they often say you should be able to find business seats for 125kish, but I can't find anything like that.
We are flexible on which airport we fly out of as long as its in a major city on the east coast because I can organize a work trip there for the days prior to leaving so we don't have to spend money to get to the depatrue city.
What is the best way to find a flight with using as few points as possible?
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2023.05.28 15:07 No-Tie4700 All Canadian Teachers How do you feel about this?

I fill in for a 19 year Grade 1/2 Teacher. I adore her class and always come in to help because they are high needs and I like everyone.
Then I see her FB. She has two pictures. One is of her in the tightest dress with her cleavage possibly implants on display. Another she is kissing s snowman with her backside on display.
We always email one another because she basically is not as enthusiastic about the role and I share some ideas with her. She always tells me she thinks I push her kids and I am great and would like me to come in when possible. Then, I meet her and she is wearing club pants skin tight with long glittery blue nails. I just don't get it. Another day, she wears more skin tight club pants with a see through blouse.
I feel like children need a role model and she is exposing herself here. I get it, we can not be reprimanded necessarily for our clothing choices. I was always trained to be the example. Therefore, I wear modest attire, paying attention to when it is appropriate to wear short sleeves tops even. Every time I see her, she is wearing the skimpiest pants I have ever seen on a Teacher. No one else I know says it is unusual. She has invited me out for coffee next time we are at school. I do not want to make an enemy but my sense of professionalism tells me to ask her why the full on body expose? If I am speaking like I am from another era, I feel that way also because all my family that taught did it over 50 years ago and they went by stricter rules.
TY in advance!
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2023.05.28 15:07 motorsportradio Tune in to live race coverage of today's #Indy500 listen to complete coverage of every lap, all live, all day. #Indianapolis500

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2023.05.28 15:07 bananasplitice Is it possible to “pause” the 369 cleanse and pick up a day later?

I basically made a “bad food choice”, have eaten cooked, and No-foods in restaurants (nothing crazy but still against the guidelines) and wonder if I can basically exclude this day from my cleanse and continue as per protocols tomorrow?
I’m doing the advanced 369 and today is day 3 for me.
Also i realized I forgot the asparagus in the leafy green nori rolls. It’s probably essential, right?
I am wondering if I could also replace it by zucchini? Or does it have to be asparagus? It’s pretty hard to find here where I am right now
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2023.05.28 15:07 alolep Official Nascar Chicago Street Race Weekend shirt

Official Nascar Chicago Street Race Weekend shirt
Smooth, low-nap 100% Supima cotton. T-SHIRT Popular collaboration with legendary designer John Green continues to define the Nascar Chicago Street Race Weekend shirt besides I will buy this global modern uniform, giving it meaning and purpose for today. We’ve moved the side seams forward and added slits for a sleeker look. #TEE EBAY FASHION LLC t-shirt made from soft 100% organic cotton. It has a straight cut with dropped shoulders, a ribbed crew neck, and a message in graffiti font silk-screened across the chest. #TEE EBAY FASHION LLC T-shirt is made from sturdy 100% organic cotton. It has an oversized fit, a ribbed round neck, and short sleeves. Even the most intentionally selected T-shirt has trouble holding its own on a teeny-tiny Zoom screen. Without the context of the rest of your outfit, a basic tee can end up giving people the impression that you didn’t put much thought into your appearance. I’ve been leaning on super-comfy knits to help level-up my Zoom square; they’re cozy enough to wear all day but let people know I didn’t just roll out of bed.
Buy this shirt: https://ipbrandtee.com/product/nascar-chicago-street-race-weekend-shirt/
Home: Ipbrandtee Fashion LLC – Ipbrandtee Fashion LLC
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2023.05.28 15:07 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches Pt.97

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---Lhamo’s perspective---
---2680 Terran Calenda33 years BF---
I streak through the skies of Gangsri Gsar at a multiple of the speed of sound, looking down on the snow capped mountains that give the planet it’s name.
The setting sun is to my right and the creeping darkness of night to my left.
It’s so utterly freeing to have the yoke of my craft in my hands and an endless sky to fly through!
I can’t imagine having to go everywhere by safe, AI driven capsules!
This tiny craft and the lessons to pilot it are the best investment I ever made!
Of course, had I not had more valuable skills, that training almost certainly would have had me conscripted to the Fighter Force.
Apologies to whatever poor sod took my place!
The nav is trying to send me on a detour around the Sisters, A Lcag and ’Og Ma, 15km and 12km tall, respectively.
I look at the gap between them and at the 90 second detour my screen is instructing.
Cute…” I smirk, as I plough straight forward at full speed.
The sheer rock face of A Lcag passes less than 200m on my right and ’Og Ma the same on my left.
10% of a yak racing track might sound like a lot but it really isn’t when you’re traveling this fast!
Passing out the other side of the Sisters, the ocean comes into view and, with it, so does one of the very few sea level cities on this planet.
Most places where the mountains meet the sea, they plunge straight into it with nowhere to build.
Here, the alluvial plain, deposited by the same river as runs through the heart of Lhasa Gsar, allows for the existence of the city of Chuchen Zhingkha.
I reduce my speed significantly.
I hail my destination “This is private craft Dzha10759Ka82, requesting permission to land, transmitting clearance code now.”
“Stand by… You are clear to land, private craft Dzha10759Ka82.”
I begin my descent, hovering down as I line myself up with the landingpad that my HUD is highlighting for me.
I set down and immediately see the irritated bodylanguage and expressions of the nearest pair of MPs.
I ready my holo as I swing open the door of my tiny personal craft.
Miss…!” says the closer one, angrily, as he approaches, his open faced helmet showing me his scowling face “…I don’t care who you are, you’ve got to clear that pad, right now! We’re expecting…!”
“Dr Lhamo ‘Crane’ Yeshe, special consultant to the UTC Intelligence Service Office of Lhasa Gsar…” I say, casually turning my screen around to show him my ID app.
He’s stunned into silence for a moment before he checks my screen.
“…Am I not who you were expecting?” I smile with an (I feel) not unjustified quantity of smugness.
“I… was expecting someone… older… looking…” he says, adding that last word after apparently checking my age and finding that I am, in fact, 35 and just so babyfaced I regularly still need to prove my age when purchasing alcohol!
“Yes, well, regardless of what you were expecting, would you care to show me inside?… It’s chilly out here, in spite of the low elevation!”
The pair turn, without apologising, and begin walking toward the nearest building.
I follow.
As we approach, a man who looks very out of place on a military barracks emerges from the door and, spotting me, makes a beeline.
“Dr Yeshe, I presume?… Formerly professor of theoretical xenopsychology at Lhasa Gsar University?” asks the weedy European man in accented English.
“I am. Though, I think we can dispense with the word ‘theoretical’, these days(!)” I smile, extending my hand and speaking in English.
He takes my hand and shakes it as he says “Dr Otto ‘Alpenstock’ Kleinfeld, a pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much for making the journey!”
“Thank you for the flattering assessment of me as the best person on world for the task…” I smile “…Please… lead on, Dr Kleinfeld.”
The little man leads me inside. The MPs (thankfully) do not follow.
“So… you have read the brief?” he asks.
“Enemy pilot, seems to have stolen a fighter craft and flown it hear to surrender to us. Has a device, inferred to be a personal holo, that can translate his language into English but can’t manage Tibetan. Says he has information on the current position of a GU fleet that he’s willing to trade to us on the condition that we neutralise it with minimal casualties. When asked his reasoning, he answered that the Admiral was knowingly on his way to engage with a dreadnought blockade… which he regards to be a suicide mission. He believes he can give us the information necessary to take the fleet by surprise and surrender it with minimal loss of life. You want me to assess whether he thinks he’s telling the truth, whether he might have been fooled into thinking he’s telling the truth and what it might be worth promising him for the information he claims to have. That about the size of it?”
“Yes… very good.” chuckles the man, nervously, as he pulls out his holo “I just have a checklist to run down with you before you can undergo decontamination… Have you had symptoms of illness any time in the last six weeks?”
I smile “I think I can save some time there, Doc… tell me the author of that checklist, would you? Should be down at the bottom… fine print…”
The man frowns but scrolls down and squints.
The penny drops as he says “Dr L ‘C’ Yeshe… et al…” and looks up at me, a little defeatedly.
“Shall we assume I wouldn’t have bothered making the journey if I were to answer negatively any of the things I should answer positively, or vice versa… on the list that I was the lead author of?” I ask, trying and failing not to sound patronising.
He slumps before answering “I suppose I’ll just fill this out for you myself then… We’re here…”
He directs me through a door, into a darkened room.
To my left is the backside of a one way mirror.
Tentatively, I walk toward it, bringing into view the xeno defector.
The first thing that strikes me… is just how enormous he is!
I’m 175cm but that guy’s as tall as me, sitting down!
Some quick mental maths tells me that he’s got to be more than 2.5 metres, standing!
The next thing I realise is the fact that he has no nose… where it should be is instead just a smooth, flat patch of pale, purple-blue skin.
The longer I look at him the more uncanninesses I find in his appearance; one too many fingers on each hand and thumbs on the wrong side, eyes too large and a vivid orange colour with no pupils that I can see, ears the wrong shape, limb proportions slightly off, body too slim…
And… yet… despite all that…
Kinda hooot…(!)
Certainly no pinnacle of masculinity (in any way besides his imposing stature) but handsome none the less!
The kind of handsome you could see being cast as the love interest in a 24th Century scifi romance film(!)
He’d be the prince of a space kingdom, son of an eeeeevil space king, who unwillingly goes along with his father’s dastardly plans until meeting the beautiful Human heroine, in the second act, who causes him to have a change of heart, in the third(!)
Maybe I should take up screenwriting, after the War(!)
Of course, I know better than almost anyone not to share even a fraction of my little daydream with the room at large, having helped write the book on xeno interrogation procedure!
“Alright then… shall we start…?”
---Ngngomg’s perspective---
One of the Terrans enters what I infer to be the decontamination chamber, adjoining this room.
She raises her arms above her head and is sprayed with a liquid substance, following which the chamber is illuminated by harsh, bright light.
She stands in the sterilising rays for what seems like a dangerous amount of time before the internal door finally opens.
“Heh lother. Itsnaiss tu miitchu, Wii Ngkoman Der Ngngomg, mai neimz Lhamo.” she says.
If I didn’t already know what she was, I could walk past the woman in the hallway of a space station and think nothing of her except, maybe, to notice that she’s rather pretty… in spite of that strange, prominent sense organ in the middle of her face(!)
The language she speaks is what I recognise as her kind’s lingua franca and not the other one that I’ve heard, since landing, with a completely different cadence and tonality.
Apparently, the Terran's have thousands of languages… though, I don’t believe that personally.
Probably, they have thousands of dialects of a few dozen unique languages! That seems more realistic to me.
My assessment of what she spoke to me is proven correct when my holo is able to translate it into ngGollogng for me.
“Greetings. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, [untranslatable rank: ‘Wing Commander’. Meaning: one who orders and is obeyed while flying] Ngngomg, my name is Lhamo.”
Irritatedly, I correct her “Ngngomg is my personal name, you will address me by my tribe name, Ong!”
She looks at my holo as it turns my words into her language.
When she seems to have understood, she closes her eyes and dips her head.
“Apologies, [Wing Commander] Ong… that is my mistake.”
I narrow my eyes at the woman as she sits on the far side of the wide table, the weighty *thud* of her body meeting the surface hinting at the powerful density of her body.
She’s… much more polite than I expected a deathworlder to be!
I truly expected to have to endure days of torture before they’d finally listen to me but… unless they consider being locked in an interrogation room for hours on end to be a form of torture (which isn’t out of the question, given how much they purportedly revile boredom), I’ve endured none!
The woman places her hands, palm down, on the table in front of her.
Her thumbs point inward, toward eachother!
She curls her mouth without baring her teeth and says “I would shake your hand, [Wing Commander], but it’s probably best if you and I don’t touch… Don’t worry about airborne microbes… this whole room acts like a fume hood… It’s extremely unlikely that anything I breathe out over here is going to make it over to where you are.”
I don’t answer.
“So… I understand you have some information you want to give us, [Wing Commander]?”
“I dont…” I scowl.
Seeming confused she looks to my face and says “You do not?”
Angrily, I stand, towering in comparison to the little deathworlder, and slam my palms down on the table “I don’t want to! I don’t want to be a defector!”
She raises her hands, defensively, but… not toward me
Her eyebrows are both raised, her eyes wide, her jaw set and her skin pale as she faces the mirror.
It takes me a few moments to realise that she must be worried that they’ll storm in here and subdue me, given my outburst.
I feel my attitude toward her soften… she wasn’t even slightly worried for herself!
True… she probably doesn’t actually need to worry for herself but… still!
Satisfied that she has conveyed her wordless message to the spectators, she returns her attention to me and says “Why not tell me, in your own words, what lead you to were you are right now?”
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Dramatis Personae
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2023.05.28 15:07 tsi1905 Muay Thai with autoimmune disease?

I am 26 years old and would like to start muay thai, but unfortunately I suffer from an autoimmune disease and when I have a flare up I have pain in my bones. This means there are days/weeks/months where I can train normally but may have to take weeks off when I have a flare up. Would it even make sense for me and would I still get good if I can only train irregularly?
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2023.05.28 15:07 viserion_Balarion 19004 error

I just got the msr and went to load into the live servers and got a 19004 error. I’ve tried pretty much everything from logging out, verifying files and whatnot. A day later and I’m still getting this error. This gonna have to wait for a patch?
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2023.05.28 15:06 Big_Camera4181 Kostyuk's presser answer from yesterday in light of today's handshake situation against Sabalenka:

Kostyuk's presser answer from yesterday in light of today's handshake situation against Sabalenka: submitted by Big_Camera4181 to tennis [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:06 Tiny-Succotash-5893 What are consultant salaries actually like?

Got the impression from this video that most will be on 150+ (given 20 years ago many were near that and absolute pay has gone up since then although not real terms).
3 NHS doctors alone made over 500k.
Given even finance only gets you to 300k safely/guaranteed are consultant salaries bad?
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2023.05.28 15:06 WeaveAndRoll Is Prop funding the only way ?

i lost.. i won and lost more until it hurt enough for me to learn a bit... So i stopped trading, watched YT's and basically educated myself a bit....Now, a year later, the CND gouvt changed laws affecting crypto so i opted to join the FOREX train
2 weeks ago, i started my first FOREX account dropped 40$ in it and its now at 53$. I still have issues with calculating my entry size and risk%... and i admit that 2 of my 12 trades were FOMO/luck to end in the green... Yes im learning.
In this learning process, there is THE dream. the dream of not blowing my account :) the dream of getting enough green days to buy myself a McDonalds happy meal ... and maybe a lambo (lol).
Considering i have no intention of putting a lot more money in, i'd rather feed my kids then the big banks...Is it possible to create a extra income stream with a small account ? What's a reasonable annual PNL% for people with day jobs and kids...
Basically, i know that the road is still long and currently no where near being a "decent" trader yet, but yes, the ultimate dream to trade enough for it to matter in a budget...
So the question... is it reasonable to aim for a couple hundreds a month from trading without a prop firm? I understand why prop firms are attractive and are part of selling the dream... but just don't understand why people with decent PNL just dont use a little discipline and fund their own account...you know, compounding and stuff :) ...
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2023.05.28 15:06 itchyfeet9876 5 months in Spain

I'm looking at taking a career break with my family next year. All US citizens. Plan is to spend a semester (5 months) in Spain with the kids in private school.
Question 1: From my research, we should be able to get a non lucrative visa and stay Jan - May (under 183 days) without triggering the wealth tax. Does this sound right?
Question 2: What's the right time to apply for our visa? We're not moving until January 2024. I'd like to know that our visa is secured so that I can start planning schools, housing, moving, etc. I like to plan, so the sooner the better. However, I've also read that we must go to Spain within 90 days of getting the visa. In which case we'd need to get the Visa around November. Is my read of the 90 days correct? I worry that if there's any delay in the visa process, we end up in a tough spot, particularly with two kids going to school.
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2023.05.28 15:06 Conscious_Hand_4147 Curly girl journey as requested- posting again

Curly girl journey as requested- posting again
From straightening my hair everyday because I hated how it looked (not curly, not straight) to letting it become (honestly it was accident, I just didn't have time to do it as a college athlete my freshman year) & discovering that l'm actually a legit curly girl (a) I'm mixed (hispanic, black & white) & growing up, on my moms side everyone had really curly hair & I Was always so sad because I wanted to look more like them, but accepted that I just had "white girl hair" & was destined to straighten it everyday to maintain a neat look. Until I no longer had time between classes & lacrosse practice, I notice curls forming slowly & decided to embrace what may be a natural curl. Now boom, here I am.
Routine: there was no curl routine for a very long time. Just lots of heat, damage & updos. Now, I have an extensive weekly routine including 1 subtle cleansing day, 1 more in-depth east day, 2 hair masks a week, 1 scalp scrub & 1 scalp oil day.
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2023.05.28 15:06 kungraco Taylors Falls, MN

Taylors Falls, MN
My work took me up to Taylors Fall yesterday. I've been to the park and ridden my motorcycle through this gorgeous area of ours before but I did some reading about the geology of the rock formations when I returned home. I learned that MN was once positioned near the Equator. I'm sure this news was relayed to me at some point in school but I was likely staring out the window thinking about playing baseball or climbing trees at the time. If you haven't been to the area, it is definitely worth a day trip.
Taylors Falls, Minnesota
About 1.1 billion years ago, a great rift valley formed across the North American continent from the Lake Superior region southwest to Kansas. As this rift valley opened, basaltic lavas erupted into it, accumulating to a thickness of up to 20 kilometers in the Lake Superior region. The dark-grey basalt rocks that form the St. Croix River gorge are made from these rift lava flows. Continental rifting with volcanism is common in the geological record and often leads to the breakup of continents and the formation of intervening ocean basins. For reasons not completely understood, the Midcontinent Rift here in North America failed to evolve to the stage of complete continental separation.
About 520 million years ago in the Late Cambrian period, the North American continent was positioned with Minnesota near the equator.
Shallow seas covered the region, into which great thicknesses of mainly quartz sand were deposited. These deposits are now the sandstone bluffs along this river valley and the rock faces exposed on the highway road cuts south of this marker. Although most of the region then lay flat, the basalts in the Taylors Falls area stood high as rocky, cliff-ringed islands in a tropical sea.
The most recent geological event recorded here occurred about 12,000 years ago during the end of the Ice Age of the last two million years. As the last of the glaciers melted and receded to the north, tremendous quantities of sediment-laden glacial meltwaters were channeled into the St. Croix River valley. Here at Taylors Falls, a colossal torrent of abrasive currents carved down through the Cambrian sandstones and deep into the rift basalts now seen on the valley floor. The spectacular potholes in the lava rock, found in Interstate Park about 0.4 kilometer north of this site, attest to the high velocity of the raging glacial waters that carved the St. Croix River gorge.
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2023.05.28 15:06 lockochain1 Lvl 100

Well went from level 63 to level 100 in the last day with double xp and a lot of snowglobes. Probably behind for my level now but I wanted solar flare so it's fine.
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2023.05.28 15:05 rehaabz My life was perfect... then i screwed it all up.

So i worked my ass off in school and got a dream job and made great money. I was really bad at saving till about mid 30's where i started thinking about retierment and investments.
I have been married twice and twice divorced. First wife was a young and fleeting marriage and they only good thing that came from it was my son who i love and appreciate every day.
Second marriage was probably the worst heart break i ever suffered. We fell out of love and were not getting what we wanted out of the relationship. We started fighting more untill a point where it felt like we were both numb to it. I was unsure of our relationship and started to cheat. My job afforded me the luxury of being in different cities where the only accountability i had was my own concious. I really loved my ex.
She was my best friend but i stopped being attracted to her. She was a workaholic and wanted us to be a power couple working on buissnesses together on our off time.
I personally was someone who was happy with the money i made. I was making enough that she didnt have to work. I was all about having fun and living life on our off time but she just wanted to work.
We started a buissness that failed in the first 6 months and i took that as my time to tell her i wasn't interested in that. She caught wind of me cheating off of facebook messanger one time and she decided to ignore it.
Looking back that was the sign she stopped carring. During this time i met my current partner. I was overcone with guilt but at the same time i was falling for her. Our relationship started out so rocky because i was in no mind to be committing to anyone while i was dealing with my marriage falling apart.
My ex moved out after we agreed to a trial separation. I litteraly moved her stuff to another room so i could start getting more serious with my current partner.
Long story short i was riddled with guilt and started smoking pot heavily to mask what ever emotions i was going through when i was left alone between me and myself.
From pot i started partying heavily with other substances and got into this cycle of escapism and only felt happy when i was inebriated.
I started taking short trips to places where i could party freely . I called my ex a few times while drunk crying and asking for forgiveness. I felt i betrayed us. Then we got divorced.
I kept up the escapism routine even while trying to build a solid relationship with my current partner. One time while on a work trip i brought back some shrooms and a grinder with me and my bag got flagged for search on arrival.
I live in a country where any drugs are out of the question so i got arrested tested and given a one year rehab sentence. I got terminated from work and my whole family found out.
I went from being star of the family to complete fuck up. I ruined my life out of the absolute guilt i felt for cheating on my ex.
Here is the kicker. I just finished that one year sentence and i had forgot about a 4 year old incident where i slept in my car after i felt too drunk to drive and was taken to get a blood and urine test by the cops even though i wasnt even driving and they found weed in my blood.
Tomorrow i have a court date for public intoxication and though the lawyer has said it will not be merited im still anxious af. Now my father knows that his son is a screw upand i have to find a new job far away from here and start fresh.
Im 16 months clean and have been looking forward to starting a new chapter yet i have another hurdle to go through and im just so exhausted.
One wrong turn has made my life an utter mess. Now im praying and working towards a better future.
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2023.05.28 15:05 Unique-Trifle-4944 It’s not going to get better and I’m just wasting my time. So now what?

I (30f) have been with this guy (42m) for 8 years. He is never gonna love me. Idk why. Maybe I just am not a loveable person. I try to be…..I try to do all the right things….but it’s always wrong.
I keep begging him….to show me he loves me. Not tell me. But he doesn’t.
I want to leave. I keep trying to leave. Last night I REALLY tried. But he has threatened me with becoming a “bad dad” meaning he is just going to do the bare minimum I guess. No playing, no extras. Just being a provider….and then telling the kids that I made him too sad to do anything other than that.
He also threatens me by saying he will let his mother babysit. His mother is an extreme alcoholic who actually hit my daughter and called her a “b*tch.” When she was 8 months old. On our WEDDING DAY. Because she (my daughter) was crying!!!!!! She also allowed our child to play in dirt barefoot while they were going through TREATMENT FOR CANCER. That little dirt play session got my kid a staph infection, and then a 15 day hospital stay. She wouldn’t apologize. He took his mothers side.
He is not physically abusive. And almost never yells/screams. And because of that. He thinks he’s a good guy. But he is mentally, emotionally, verbally, sexually and financially abusive to me.
He won’t let me get a job….I had a job set up at this hair place in my city and he literally sabotaged it. I lost the job before I even started it. But he also gets angry at me for buying myself extra stuff. Or if I buy the kids another toy. He lost his shit because I bought salon quality shampoo and not the $1 Walmart stuff. He verbally battered me down about my weight so bad…..I weigh less than the average 10 yr old. And now he calls me disgusting and boney. I wasn’t even that overweight to begin with…..
Every SINGLE time I am upset by something he said or did…I’m wrong. I’m overrating. I’m playing victim. Where do I go from here? What do I do? I GENUINELY fear him letting his mom around our children. I haven’t had a job, or my own income for 7 years….I literally have nothing…..I’ll stay. For 15 more years. Before I EVER let his mother alone with my children.
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