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2023.06.06 04:42 ScappooseDan Who are plug:s biggest buyers of hydrogen currently?

I've been long on plug for about 10 years. Despite current stock pricing in the mid-eights, I'm still up over 400% from my initial per share purchase of under $2.
I just read the story regarding plug that came out today from motley fool. I don't know if it's factual or just another hit job. I feel like this stock price has been and continues to be highly manipulated. That being said, they pointed out a couple of things that I did not know.
I didn't know the Australian deal soured. I didn't know that hydrogen was being sold at such a colossal loss. What really has me concerned, if the biggest buyers are companies like Walmart or Amazon, then in my mind this equates to corporate welfare at plug power shareholder expense.
If any of you have any insight you can share on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure others would as well.
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2023.06.06 04:42 DragJonFruit 24M Looking to make Friends [Chat]

Hi there! Its been a busy month and im just looking for some friends to chill with :)
Things about me:
My name is Jonathan
I am 5’11
I love to be sarcastic and funny
I live in Texas
I have 3 dogs
I love to game and play stardew zelda, mario, halo, and a lot of other games. I am a gamer after all. If anyone wants to game! Let me know!
I love to go walking, going exploring in the woods and in general and i love nature in general.
I love to sing on my free time.
I draw and read young adult fantasy such as ACOTAR and the mortal instruments
I like Lorde, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, Green Day, Linkin Park.
I enjoy synthwave, rock, edm, etc
Just some things about me :)
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2023.06.06 04:42 Adeptness_Busy Need advice for my first ever job interview

I am 18 and this will be my first ever job. I will only be working over the summer before I head off to college in the fall. It is with my local courthouse because I want experience as I am looking to eventually study law and become a lawyer. However, I am at a complete loss for how to prepare or what to say during was rather last minute as I only applied Friday and got the email today that my interview is tomorrow at 10 am. Any advice would be greatly appreciated I am so nervous and want it to go well.
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2023.06.06 04:41 ZealousidealMonk1728 Change my view: The CDM movement was a terrible idea

After the coup the first thing the NLD came up with was the idea of CDM. Making civil servants not come to work to bring down the military. Even back then I didn`t understand how this was going to work and now, more than 2 years later, I understand it even less.
How would doctors not going to work convince the military of stepping down for example? It`s not like Min Aung Hlaing and his friends go to general hospitals to get treatment.
From what I see the CDM has actually helped the military because now almost everyone working as a public servant is either neutral or pro-military which makes it easier to control the country. If the NLD-leaning public servants stayed in their positions they would have kept an influence on how the country is being run, although obviously only a small one.
The result of the CDM idea is only more suffering as government offices are run even worse than before. Total incompetence, long waiting times, chaos, more corruption etc. Making the lives of the people even worse.
So please change my view, convince me of how CDM is a good idea and how it helped the average Myanmar citizen. I really want to hear the pro-arguments because as I said, I don`t get it to this day.
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2023.06.06 04:41 slkamg32us My Disappointing first week at WGU

This really does not have to be turned out this way but i was very disappointed with quality of tech support group today. I had an issue with Microsoft365 during my PA so tried yo reach out to instructor and after few emails exchange told me that he does not know what the solution is and told me to contact the tech support. Sp i contacted tech support and first guy who answered phone had very lame and tired voice with no energy to find help anyone whatsoever. So i thought i tried to be little nice and ask him how is he doing?. Then silence for a few seconds and that voice came back again say just what he had to say without response to my caring question. So i told him that i think i catch you in the wrong time, i dont want to bother you and i will try to connect with other person and hung up. Then i called again, and it was a girl who answered but as soon as she picked up the phone i can hear her laughing before she was answering the phone and as soon as i said “how are you doing today?”, she paused again as if she was talking to someone next to her then giggle again and answered my greeting with sarcasm tone and said “i am doing fantastic”. Anyhow, i just want to move forward and fix this issue i have which it was Microsoft365. Now as i am trying to explain, she said she doesnt understand my issue and offer me if we can do mirror screen so she can see what i am talking about. When i tried to get to the page i had an issue i had to go back and forth a bit cause i obviously dont have much experience with this course. It was maybe a minute as i was trying, she start “sigh” and asked me if i need an instructors help not tech support. Then i felt that she doesnt want to help me either from the way she was asking me the question. I told her maybe you are right, i will look for my support from my instructor and hang up.
So, technically my first week ends on Thursday and its not even a end of my first week yet. This really discouraged me …. I was all fired up until last weekend and my first issue i got tossed between my instructor and tech support group. It did not help resolve any of my issue and im stuck here writing this post.. i just need to let this one out of me guys.
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2023.06.06 04:41 _Dont-Bother_ Might be a dumb idea, but I’m just seeing if it’s realistic….

Opening, not totally necessary:
So, it’s been weighing heavily on my fiancé and I that we are likely never going to own our own home… they (X24) and myself (M25) make a combined income of about $75k after taxes, they have a Associates in general science and I have a few trade certifications under my belt (Automation in Robotics, and Architectural and Engineering Design) and we feel like we’re still just scraping by. We have no credit card payments, no car payments, and the only absolutely unnecessary bills that we have are our cats (which are necessary but technically an extra expense) and maybe the Spotify subscription we have. We live in Denver very unfortunately, so our rent for a 1 bedroom (which was cheaper than the studio for some reason) is about $2565 a month, and we’re having a hard time finding somewhere cheaper that will let us keep our cats and isn’t in a shitty area far from our jobs. My friend recently finished declaring bankruptcy, and he’s keeping both of his houses and both of his 2022 cars without having to pay anything more on them. I’m aware that it ravages your credit score for like 10 years, but if I had a house and a newer car anyways… then my expenses would largely be limited to taxes of the property and insurance right? One of his houses he had only been paying on for 6 months, and he gets to keep it without having to pay anything but taxes for it now. So, my question is… would it be crazy to get approved to mortgage a nicer house somewhere where we actually want to live, maybe a car or two and then declare bankruptcy after like 8 months? From what it sounds like, they don’t take any essential assets, so could I do it and be fine? I don’t really lease anything or plan on leasing anything ever, especially if I own my home and my cars. It wouldn’t totally be fraud as I would pay it as long as I could, but like, when it inevitably falls through, could I just declare bankruptcy and keep it? Any advice is appreciated, not really looking to be called names or whatever because I’m aware it’s a radical idea, just a thought is all.
TLDR: could I mortgage a house, lease two cars and then declare bankruptcy and keep the assets after paying for about 8 months?
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2023.06.06 04:40 PhunkyPhazon Harvest Moon SNES now available on Switch Online! General tips for newcomers.

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2023.06.06 04:40 MagnetonPlayer_2 Smash Bros Ultimate Just Broke

Smash Bros Ultimate Just Broke
Inportant Info: Stock configuration other than controls (for my xbox controller), Error presented itself out of nowhere, this wasnt a thing until today (havent used Yuzu in about 2 months), Latest Smash Version, XCI File, All DLC Installed, Game is modded however everyone is affected and Robin and Ike aren't modded, I haven't found any other errors/glitches in the game aside from the T-Posing, every moment a 3D model is present it T-Poses (the victory screen, walking in the story mode and the credits of classic mode are affected) other heavy graphical issues manifested as well, Latest Yuzu version from 5/6/23 (DD/MM/YYYY), Intel Core i9-9900, Intel UHD 630 (im not rich and old GPU fried in an accident, however error didnt manifest before and after changing rigs), There are no errors whatsoever in Fire Emblem Three Houses (only game i tested)

Processing img w7w63pis8b4b1...
If there's anything i should do or provide tell me here or dont be afraid to DM
Processing img 0l0kdkuq8b4b1...
Processing video cktkbuiy5b4b1...
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2023.06.06 04:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Sean Dollwet – Royalty Hero (

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2023.06.06 04:40 DefinitelyNotABot01 Reddit API Changes, Subreddit Blackout, and How It Affects r/touhou

Hello touhou. There has been some stir about a recent Reddit API change that is set to have a large impact on a lot of Reddit users. As a result, many subs have decided to temporarily go private for a couple days starting June 12th. touhou has not decided whether we will be participating in this protest or not, but the mod team believes it is important to consider community input.

What's Happening

The mod team of touhou understands that a subreddit blackout is a big deal and will inconvenience people. Therefore, we are presenting a poll to ask the community whether we should participate in the blackout. Note that a majority in favor of a blackout does not necessarily guarantee we will be participating if there are reasonable and important concerns to doing so. This poll will be open for 3 days. Feel free to add any of your own thoughts below.
View Poll
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2023.06.06 04:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Khan – Income Hero Academy 2023 (

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2023.06.06 04:40 Sahyooni Any positive things that you find are unique to Jewish upbringing?

I assume this group would be objective in identifying positives (negatives are easy, though would be biased in this group).
For positives, I don't mean thigns that are often attributed to Jewish culture, but not really unique (charity and overall חסד can be found in many religious communities). "Life satisfaction" is also not so unique to Jewish people but to religious people in general. And if you mention "tikkun ha olam" I just assume you didn't actually grow up religious.
Anything that you would identy as both positive and unique to Jewish life? I was leaning to "appreciation for the written word", which may lead people awry (if reading the wrong texts) but overall is positive. Yes, various cultures encourage literacy, but I would say that Jewish thought puts an added emphasis on the skillset (again, not necessarily the right texts).
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2023.06.06 04:40 PhunkyPhazon Harvest Moon SNES now available on Switch Online! General tips for newcomers.

So the original SNES game has just stealth dropped on the NSO SNES app. I and many other people who have fond memories of this game are thrilled, but it occurs to me that this will be many people's first time playing the game. And as much as I adore HM SNES, I'll be the first to admit that, for someone who is used to newer games in the SoS/HM franchise the original can feel a bit...rough.
Which is to be expected, it was the first game of its kind after all. But many of the modern conveniences that we take for granted are straight-up missing in the original game, so I just thought this would be a good opportunity for us to share any and all tips that might benefit people playing this for the first time. So, that said...
- Days are technically endless in HM SNES. Time stops at 6pm, and the next day will not begin until you go to bed. So if you want, you can keep working endlessly by replenishing your stamina in the mountain hot springs.
- There is no real rucksack/inventory. You can only carry one item and have two tools on you at a time. In the early game, it's best to plant your crops close to the shipping bin.
- The English translation can be rough, but generally speaking it gets across what it needs to. But if you ever feel really confused by something, don't be afraid to resort to the internet.
- Nothing grows in Autumn, focus on your livestock and foraging in the mountains (and remember: you can only grab one thing at a time).
- You HAVE to plant grass in order to buy livestock, and it can only be planted in Spring/Summer.
- You can flatten tilled squares by placing a small rock or fence on top of it. You can't just use the hammer like in other games.
- Personally, I do not recommend letting your cows out to graze. They're a giant hassle to herd and having more than a few cows outside at a time can cause the framerate to TANK. You can easily achieve max affection with them just by keeping them indoors regardless.
- The game ends after Summer of Year 3, period. There's no endless mode and no way around this, once the credits roll you are DONE.
- It's possible to have two kids in this game, but due to the game ending in Summer Year 3, you HAVE to get married by the end of (I believe) Fall in Year 1 to have the second kid in time. Honestly, I wouldn't stress about this on your first playthrough. You're honestly not missing out on much.
That's everything I've got for now, I'll edit if more come to mind. Everyone else, feel free to add your own!
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2023.06.06 04:40 Sagtits I just need to point this out…

Im in the process of watching Kav Kav/Faze Rain ep and I saw in chat that Ethan was early today for the stream.. His lawyer texted 18 (or so) minutes into the episode... take away the 3 min he was early... if Ethan was his usual late self. he would have gotten that message from his lawyer right before he came on or within a few minutes of going live...I dont know what to do with this information, but there it is lol
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2023.06.06 04:40 BugDapper4436 21[m4f] looking for a long-term roleplay partner and possibly a friend:)

Hello everyone I hope everyone are doing fine ,I'm from India, today I'm looking for someone who is interested to do some romance plots or slice of life type scenarios because I'm a huge sucker for romance lol so if you are interested in love stories I'm your guy:) I'm open to any ideas honestly so feel free to bring ideas if you have any,also I won't ghost you so I expect the same from you if you are not interested just let me know and we will stop,I'm looking for a friend whom I can talk everyday and share some memes ,I can tell you a lot of stories related to Indian mythology and history,also some paranormal related stories which happened in real life,as I'm doing my engineering now I can get busy sometimes I hope you will understand,if you get busy of course I will understand too because everyone has their own life,well that's it I guess if you find this interesting message me and we can discuss a plot together,I roleplay in first person and I also have discord,have a amazing day ahead!
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2023.06.06 04:39 Environmental_Law_32 Help needed in Northern NJ. Sorry for the long read.

Help needed in Northern NJ. Sorry for the long read.
Help needed!! Thought this year was going to be my best year on record but quickly turning into the worst. Let me recap the season:
-Dethatched, aerated and reseeded last fall -No winter pre emergent, regretfully -Soil Test showed low in nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, and iron -Mid April, Pre Emergent with Lawn Food and Yard Master flag ship app at same time but separate passes. - A month later, Laid down a liquid K at rate + Laid down a liquid N 25-0-0 at rate a week after that. -New(ish) mower this year, Honda HRX with hopes to end my bagging. First few mows I bagged and then switched to mulching for the first time since owning the property. Mow at 4 inches every 3-4 days. -Milo right before MDW. -Disease X at a little over the preventive rate last week(scared to make things worse by going too heavy?)
Notes: had clover, white clover and speedwell all spring and still in some areas which I’ve been treating lightly via spot treatment of speed zone. Never had weeds prior seasons.
Stepping on the grass, it doesn’t recover quickly.
Thoughts on issues: -Laid down too much N which led to Disease/Fungus. Too much product overall. -Iron Chlorosus (not sure if I need to address directly or if all my other apps solved this?) -Mower blades were too dull. Don’t think they were though since they were brand new - Dry spring (got my above ground setup going 2 weeks ago). Did a few intermittent hose watering a prior as needed. -Seed was JG. May have had KBG or Poa which is dying out
I used to just throw down some milo and that was it -my lawn looked the best it did when I did that. Now I think I’ve over thought everything.
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2023.06.06 04:39 Sdeepurpedic How to Choose a Good Pillow: Create Your Dream Companion

How to Choose a Good Pillow: Create Your Dream Companion
A good night's sleep is vital to our health, day or night. And when we lie in bed, the choice of pillows plays a vital role. A suitable pillow can not only provide comfortable support, but also allow us to enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience. This article explains how to choose the best pillows for you, along with some interesting facts about pillows.

& Appropriate height and hardness
When choosing a sleep pillow, you need to take into account your sleeping position and the curve of your cervical spine. Generally speaking, if you are a side sleeper, you can choose a higher and harder pillow to maintain the normal curve of the cervical spine. For back sleepers and supine sleepers, lower and softer pillows are more suitable. Choosing a pillow of appropriate height and firmness can reduce the pressure on the cervical spine and shoulders and help you achieve a better sleeping position.
& Material selection
The material of the pillow is also one of the important factors in the choice. There are many types of pillow materials to choose from, including memory foam, down, latex, and more. Memory foam pillows have a good texture and adaptability, which can provide support according to the shape and weight of the head. Feather and feather pillows are light and comfortable, suitable for those who like a soft feeling. Latex pillows, on the other hand, provide excellent support and breathability. When choosing a material, you can make a choice according to your personal preferences and needs.
& Keep clean and hygienic
Pillows are items we use every day, so it's important to keep them clean and hygienic. Washing your pillowcase and pillow insert regularly will prevent the growth of dust, mites and bacteria. Also, if you notice that your pillow has lost its shape or lost its shape, it might be time to consider a new pillow. Depending on the frequency of use and the material, it is generally recommended to replace the pillow every one to two years to maintain comfort and hygiene.
& Cute pillows and pillows on sale
In addition to comfort and utility, pillows can also be a decorative addition to your bedroom. There is a wide variety of cute pillows available in the market these days, which can be chosen according to personal preference and room style. Plus, if you're into arts and crafts, you can even try making a one-of-a-kind pillow yourself. If you have extra pillows or want to buy new ones, you might consider selling them or donating them to someone in need to keep them useful.
A good pillow can not only provide a comfortable sleeping environment, but also protect our cervical spine and shoulders. By choosing the right height and firmness, the right material, and keeping it clean and hygienic, we can find the pillow that suits us best. At the same time, pillows can also be decorations in the bedroom, making our sleeping space more warm and beautiful. Whether it's choosing a cute pillow or selling it, we should pay attention to how it affects our health and comfort and create our own dream companion.
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2023.06.06 04:39 Otherwise-Meet-9123 I am your oxygen for today

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2023.06.06 04:39 abkslm Data-Driven Diagnosis (a long story :))

(excuse the alliteration :))
hi friends! i hope everyone’s feeling well (or if you’re in an episode, that it ends very soon) :).
this is a bit of a novel, so tl;dr:
work with your doctor, and be sure advocate for your self and care. check your test results on your own and compare them over time; keep in mind, what’s normal for everyone else may not be for you. the data you get from both those results and your own experiences are invaluable, especially when you take the time to visualize them!
— story time!
i’ve been lurking for a while, but i wanted to share my experience in trying to identify the cause of my symptoms, and starting to feel a little bit better.
for early context: i’ve had nausea and symptoms of ibs my entire life, but they started to get a lot worse somewhere around 2019/2020; it got to a point where i would spend weeks in my bed with a heating pad on my belly, only being able to eat soft-ish foods. i also have a few mental health issues, so my doctor assumed it was stress related for a while, especially because every test came back “normal”/negative.
i’m a computer scientist and nerd, so during an awful episode somewhere around spring 2021, when i was—quite literally—about to lose my mind, i put every molecule of energy i had into trying to find out why, using data I gathered from here (thank you all!!!), and my own biomarkers.
i’d had god-knows how many blood draws in the two years before then, and was able to load them into Apple Health on my phone (yay technology!) to get some nice visualizations. i noticed almost all of the draws were taken during the spring/summer (when my allergies were their worst), and that everything was within the generally acceptable range, but my eosinophil count was riding the top during my summer draws—when my symptoms were worse. it likely would never have been flagged by a doctor, but i noticed the pattern, did some research, and went to my doctor with all of that.
i was horrified of being scoped, so i hadn’t had a biopsy, or anything of the sort, but since treatment for eosinophilia is usually an antihistamine, my doctor agreed treating it was worth a try.
fast forward two years, i’ve been taking OTC cetirizine daily and am basically symptom-free, aside from the days i accidentally forget to take it, or accidentally eat a trigger food, which are absolutely brutal.
now, i’m working on building apps that use bioinformatics for treatment and diagnosis, where helping people with IBS and mental health disorders are at my highest priority. maybe one day—a far away day—a teensy bit of code i write will help y’all find some answers too :,).
ps: like i touched on earlier y’all’s posts and comments were and continue to be invaluable to me. i don’t even know how to express my gratitude in words, y’all are the reason i even tried to figure out what was going on inside me in the first place. also, excuse any goofs in this, my brain’s in fuzz mode after work right now.
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2023.06.06 04:39 Environmental-Line33 I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow

Well, first off, I have a question. Is an urologist someone who can give me answers for a possible PMDS diagnosis?
If so, how do I ask about the whole intersex suspicions kinda deal without being too overbearing?
I'm a bit worried that I will scare him off and I really would like an ultrasound or MRI from the hospital I'm going, but I'm clueless as to how to approach the topic since it can be really sensitive to touch and my country isn't exactly what you would call "accepting". I'm not in the US.
I appreciate and thank all answers in advance 🙏
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2023.06.06 04:39 stvr-seed I don’t think my partner is taking good care of our one year old, but he thinks I’m paranoid. Would you be upset too?

Our kid just turned one in May and I feel he’s not taking great care of her when I’m not home or not looking.
The first issue is food. We completely transitioned her to regular food on her birthday, but I’m starting to think he feels it’s optional. Five o’clock hit yesterday and she started to get fussy, so he tried to start getting her to sleep. I told him she needed to eat dinner, and he said she was fine. I thought he was joking until he started insisting that she just needed sleep and milk. Then today after work (nine hours after she woke up), I asked what he fed her during the day because she seemed fussy again. His answer: “chicken nuggets and bread.” When he saw me hesitate to do the math he added “like, a couple of times.” What the fuck? And then proceeded to try to lay her down AGAIN without dinner.
The second issue, and what really pisses me off, is a diaper rash she’s had for almost a week. It started after she had a stomach bug and just has not wanted to go away despite me going through almost an entire tube of ointment in that time. We finally had it down to a couple small patches last night, but when I changed my first diaper after work I realized it had gotten so bad during the day that some of her skin was starting to wear completely raw (I’m currently waiting on her doctor to call.) There was also no diaper rash residue anywhere on her, which I find pretty incriminating because it’s the white kind that is practically impossible to get off.
After asking about the food and whether or not he used diaper cream on her he got pretty defensive, and is now making snide jokes about how he does things despite me thinking he doesn’t. He has a history of half-assing things so this type of behavior isn’t necessarily out of character, but I never thought he’d let it effect how he takes care of the baby — she’s otherwise his total pride and joy.
If you were in this situation would you be coming to the same conclusions? Do I sound like I’m being paranoid?
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2023.06.06 04:39 Henry14_A Looking to finance 2023 Toyota Corolla LE in NJ....

Recent grad here.. looking to buy my 1st car for work and not sure about the process of financing a car. I saw on the Toyota's website they are offering 4% APR for new models.
I have relatively new credit history(< 2 years) and a score in 730s. I would be looking to put a 2-3k down payment and paying less than $500 monthly(4 yr).
My questions are:
1) Will the local Toyota dealership offer the same APR? or even an even better rate? Is better to get pre-approved from my bank?
2) Will the dealership charge markup above the MSRP? Is it even possible negotiate below MSRP?
3) How long would I have to wait for the delivery of the car?
Any general tips about buying/negotiating for a new car are welcome! Thanks
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