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French bulldog allergic to different meats - there seems to be a lot of dog food brands linked to canine heart disease. What do I feed him?

2023.05.28 11:45 luna_wolf8 French bulldog allergic to different meats - there seems to be a lot of dog food brands linked to canine heart disease. What do I feed him?

My one year old French bulldog seems to be allergic to chicken and pork. I say this because he gets hives after eating these meats almost immediately. It is very difficult to eliminate foods from his diet to figure out what he could be allergic to because I have 3 toddlers (multiples) who drop food on the floor constantly and 2 older kids who’s chore is cleaning up dinner but they rarely do it properly. We put our frenchie away during dinner time but he will lick the booster seats and sniff every inch of the rug under the table to find a piece of food.
Every brand of dog food I get (taste of the wild, zignature, purina pro plan, etc..) seems to be linked to heart disease and even if it says no chicken in the ingredients, I know they cross-contaminate.
I was hoping someone here could advise me on a dog food brand and flavor for him because researching this and finding hundreds of different answers is giving me a head ache. His vet recommended salmon purina pro plan but he still broke out in hives (that may have been from something my toddlers dropped though). Currently, he’s eating kangaroo flavor from Zignature and I drizzle salmon oil on top of it, and even though he doesn’t have hives, he still licks his paws constantly and has an odd smell coming from him somewhere. This smell just started a few days ago when we gave him this food so I’m unsure if it’s related or just a coincidence. It’s not him passing gas or needing a bath, it’s a different kind of smell but when I try to locate it, I can’t. He doesn’t act like he’s uncomfortable (meaning he is still very playful and his usual self) and he doesn’t scratch more than the usual dog but the paw licking and hives must be irritating him
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2023.05.28 04:35 kelseyde [No Spoilers] I just discovered Critical Role for the first time

I have no previous experience or interest in DND or roleplaying games in general. But I knew Ashley and Laura via TLOU, and so one day when I was sick in bed I switched on the first episode of Campaign 3.
I'm now 15 episodes in and I'm absolutely hooked. I'm so fascinated by the 'collaborative storytelling' element of the format. The cast are genuinely enthralled every time Matt hits them with a plot twist, but equally you can see the excitement in Matt's eyes when they take it in a direction he wasn't expecting. It's such a captivating combination of careful preparation/world-building, with on-the-spot imagination, which makes for just fantastic storytelling.
A question for folks who also play DND IRL: to what extent are you able to re-create that kind of in-the-moment 'magic' in your own sessions? I imagine that if I tried to start a campaign with a bunch of amateurs like myself, we would just get bogged down in the logistics (I'm still working out the rules as I watch!)
Anyway, I'm sure this isn't news for long-term fans, but I just wanted to say that I'm very happy to have stumbled across this community and I'm eagerly awaiting all the adventures to come!
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2023.05.28 03:54 damagedgoodz99824 Calvin hiding

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2023.05.27 22:02 Mission_Statement299 Studio layout help

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2023.05.27 16:11 crunchyfryfry Help me find this quilt/coverlet

Help me find this quilt/coverlet
I’ve searched and searched, google lens, every shade of green and nothing. Can’t find anything comparable either. It’s the perfect forest green and I must find it! Help!
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2023.05.27 08:50 lucidityxblossom 🌄 The Mountain.

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2023.05.27 08:46 InternationalSite439 Discipline of the Blood: A Bismarck Story (Ch. I) (OC/TW)

AN: This is about Bismarck if she had a sick sense of justice and she went on the warpath
Feedback is appreciated and none of this is canon obvi
Recommended Listening: Nos Sillons En Seront Abreuves

Chapter One
❖ ── ✦ ──『✙』── ✦ ── ❖
“I did do evil. I did commit violence. I did commit perfidy. I did harm. I made people weep. I have terrorized. I have transgressed the law. I damaged cultivated land. I have slain the property of God, and I despise Him with all my heart.”
The flames spiraled into the day above, the fresh corpses transfixed on jutting pikes, and the cries of the innocent echoing forlornly. The air was thick with a haze, and yet even so it didn’t matter. Blood, like ink, spilled down the parchment of her skin as she gazed around at the message that she had written. The Roman Forum had succumbed to shambles and cannon powder in less than ten minutes, the final testament of her onslaught this day. The once monumental pillars and ancient palaces that had proved to stand the test of time, now lie twisted and broken ruins against the crimson-stained grass. The sky had altered from the hazy blue of preternatural midday, now becoming sinister blood red, matching with the color of the innocent’s ichor that lie dead. Not much had survived this day, except the grim declaration of war that she had carved into this battlegrounds of the gods.
A lone, weathered, and bronze statue of Julius Caesar, which had somehow been spared the massacre’s initial fury, rose tall and proud before her, his features contorted with anger, almost enraged at the genocide that befell Rome. His hand and arm were outstretched, pointing to the chaos in front of his eyes.
“Apologies, Julius. My hands have been burdened by the blood of your people, yet I feel no empathy, not even a modicum. Children and women have cried out in agony, and men have begged me to spare their life’s blood, yet I am indifferent. They died in vain; they died in fear. I have taken their freedom and their dignity. I have murdered them in their homes. All that remains is my message of war. If your soul remains bound to Midgard today, I would understand your heart, for it is filled with disgust for the world today. No matter, for I shall take us to war. This is for you, this for me. You are my teacher, my sculptor, and my general. This is my ode to you.”
A blonde-haired war general turned her gaze towards the west, where the sun now rested, barely visible over a distant ridge of hills that stretched beyond Rome’s borders, casting a faint glow that contrasted starkly with the bloody sunset. The scene before her bore an uncanny resemblance to the “Destruction” painting by Thomas Cole, leaving a seemingly endless feeling of despair. The crimson waves, the fire-lit sky that seemed to swallow the sun, it was all nothing short of haunting.
“Do you see what I have wrought? What I have done? It has not been a simple conquest, nor an easy victory. After this, I shall take up my mantle as humanity’s sword and shield. The empire that I have forged will be rebuilt from these torrid ashes, and my puissant hegemony shall reign. As I take my leave, I make a wish to propose one more promise… that my foes shall fall into the cycle of nothing and that humanity shall bear the mantle of hope it once had. I say, unto you in this broken land… we are the Sun.” Her eyes narrowed in determination and conviction, her voice growing hoarse and raw with emotion as the last word reverberated through the silent dawn.
She turned on her heel, readjusting her peaked cap as the glimpses and shimmers of a beautiful day faded. Heinkel He 111 bombers screamed overhead, their silhouettes meshing into the blackened hell clouds. She watched, rapt, as they swooped low, their bombs exploding just seconds apart. A straight line of devastating hellfire and brimstone descended upon Rome, and the screams were none, for no one would be able to anymore.
“Ah, looks like Zeppelin has completed her part of this massacre. Perhaps the Sardegna Empire will learn some form of lesson from this, the brutal butchering of their innocent sheep.” the woman’s voice rang out, smooth and melodic like silk in the wind.
She looked out across the carnage, and then back towards the city. The bloodied streets lay lifeless underneath the black clouds, and there was something almost eerie about its serene calmness. The now lifeless buildings had become swallows with the destruction, becoming one with the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire. The people who had been trampled beneath the feet of Ironblood lay dead and dying amidst it, but there seemed little to worry her. The reason being, betrayers fall before their masters in the inevitable end.
“Bismarck…” a quiet voice murmured behind the Ironblood leader.
She whipped herself and her blonde hair around, to see the source.
There, standing next to a stone bench, was a girl of small stature with short platinum blonde hair, and wearing a blue beret. Small rigging adorned her back, with a singular cannon on her right, and minuscule torpedoes on the left.
“Z23. I presume you have completed your role in this?” Bismarck asked, stepping forward to greet her with an open and gloved palm.
The girl nodded solemnly and clasped the Ironblood leader’s hand firmly, letting her rigging gently fall to the street below with a solid clank. With great effort, she managed to lift her head enough to peer into her face, but only the bottom half of her head showed itself, revealing a blank yet angry scowl. Moving her hand from Z23’s, Bismarck began again.
“Z23, look at what the weak ones made us bring. They have tested our will have they not?” She gestured to the corpses impaled across the infernal stakes.
Z23 just glared onward, her gaze bathed in confusion and revulsion. A few long strands of hair stuck out from under her cap, her eyes locked onto those of her commander. Such malice, such abomination, such repugnance. Bismarck’s jaw tightened, teeth grinding together.
“Hmph, however… such pitiful and feeble-minded people of the Sardegna Empire do not deserve any semblance of mercy, wouldn’t yo-“
“Bismarck… I feel sick.” Z23 spoke softly, her voice breaking slightly as she swallowed hard. It appeared her voice box failed to work.
“Sick? Sick with rage I presume?” the Ironblood leader sneered, moving closer towards the girl who stood frozen, staring blankly ahead.
A confused frown stretched upon her lips.
“No. Bismarck, I… I… I don’t feel good…”
Z23’s entire body shook, causing her uniform to billow and ruffle around her frame, and her hands to flicker in a manner that could only mean she was attempting to hold in her panic.
Suddenly, a chill ran down Bismarck’s spine.
“Cowardice? Fear, perhaps? That is an uncommon reaction, Z23, but you must realize what these people have done to Azur Lane, no, to our people. If you are having second thoughts, ignore them, you have not yet fulfilled your part today.”
Z23’s hands trembled, her knees quivering uncontrollably, her eyes lingering on the climbing flames.
“Yes, yes I realize… but I’m not sure-“ she replied quietly, her eyes wide.
“You know? Then prove it, for I am starting to doubt your loyalty. Make an example of that child there. Prove your unwavering resolve.” Her voice dropped to a whisper, her brows furrowing even further.
“W-What? Bismarck I-“
“Give him death. Make the blood on this ground redder than it ever was before. For your sins and mine both, it is time for us to put an end to this genocide.”
With an outstretched finger, Bismarck pointed to a small boy with ruffled hair, lying sprawled on the rugged ground before her. With his limbs curled up in a tight ball and blood bubbling freely from his chest wounds, he resembled a newborn babe, only to be slaughtered in a cold sweat to appease Bismarck’s craving for cruel retaliation. His crimson-stained hand twitched, trying desperately to reach his beloved father, who lay skewered to a stake, thrust through his rear and breaking through his teeth.
“Bismarck… we don’t have-“
Bismarck raised her hand, silencing her in an instant. Her tone remained stern, her expression grim and severe.
“This will be my final warning, Z23. You may leave now, with your honor damaged and your reputation tarnished, or show your worth by writing your wrath into his skin like ink! This is my discipline.”
Z23 stared at her commander, dumbfounded, her body shaking with a concoction of fear and nausea.
“Bismarck… this is immoral! These actions, this… how can we just do all… that?!”
“The only immoral thing is what these scum have done to Eugen! Their atrocities are unforgivable, Z23! Your duty is clear, destroy them. Let every last one of them know how they wronged us. And if I should hear one single sob from either of them, let them suffer until I give an order. Do you understand?”
Z23’s body jolted violently as she clenched her fists tightly. Her teeth gritted painfully against each other as she fought back tears and anger. Finally, after several moments of silent agony, she took deep, shuddering breaths. Her fingers slowly loosened their grip and she lowered her arms, her shoulders relaxing.
“Utilitarianism is our duty. Duty is our happiness. Smite out their light.”
The Ironblood members stared each other down like it was a showdown between mortal enemies; swords poised for battle. Between these two, something like this was implausible for them. The devouring inferno around them began to crackle and glow, the heat reaching high into the sky. In the distance, there was a sudden eruption of flame that engulfed a group of women and children running away from their crumbled houses, their cries of anguish and fear piercing into the air like sharp arrows.
“‘However, in the city of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave anything alive that breathes. Completely destroy them, as the Lord your God has commanded them’. Deuteronomy. Twenty, sixteen through seventeen. Look at what these pitiful fools have wrought. The revolting hope they place into their Sardegna Empire. Have you forgotten how utterly they failed us so utterly, Z23? I say you cannot stand idly by when we could eliminate all of them, right here right now! Hesitation is a tool of the weak.” Bismarck coldly stated back, her gaze staring at those who had been swallowed by the hellfire, then her gaze trained back at the crying boy.
“Do this. I command it.” Bismarck commanded, taking one step forward and placing her gloved hand on the back of Z23’s neck.
Nausea was an understatement for what happened next. The feeling spread rapidly throughout her body like wildfire, making everything in front of her blurry and unclear. A terrible, burning sensation filled her stomach and head, forcing her body to buckle and fall to the blood-stained stone, whereupon she collapsed into a heap.
“Huff… I expected too much. I sha-“
“No need Bismarck. This scum will pay.” a new voice spoke up over the screams.
The collapsed destroyer and the mighty standing battleship glanced toward the imposing figure that emerged from within the infernal conflagration.
The stride from the new ship on the scene grew prouder as she strutted toward the bawling child, her heels drowned in the rubbery intestines and blood of the innocent. As she arrived beside the boy, she bent over, cupped his face, and lifted his gory body into the smoke-filled air, his shoes dangling uselessly below, the flesh beneath rotting in the sun and turning black. The two standing on the sidelines noticed her grip getting tighter, causing the bones and tissues to grind against each other. The child wailed in pain as she lifted him higher off the ground and held him there with little effort. Roon’s remorseless eyes bore into his pleading ones with a malicious grin spread across her complexion. They stood like this for just a mere second, the boy catching Roon’s stare with a pitiful,
“P… Please…”
A wave of fury overcame Roon’s features. She growled lowly, clenching her fist so tightly her gauntlet sliced through his skin. The vice grip grew nothing but tighter despite the boy’s display of despair, the veins on his forehead bulging and pulsating, his eyes bulging and dilated. Her expression became even more distorted as she continued glaring daggers at the boy.
“You dare…” she whispered,
“To ask ME for MERCY?!”
Crush. Splatter. The sound of shattering bone and the demolishing of stringy sinew filled the air, deafening. His head had been crushed, bits of skull littering the ground in pieces, his bloody stump of a head severed clean off.
“Oh, G-God…” Z23 commented, vomit spilling out of her mouth and on the ground, forming into a chunky and sickening pool of yellow and green.
Her vision swam and darkened, the world spinning erratically as she attempted to regain her balance. Slowly but surely, her legs gave out and her body fell flat onto her cheek.
“Roon, this was a lesson for Z23 to teach, not you.” Bismarck said coldly, her voice void of emotion as she continued walking towards the young woman, her heels clicking loudly against the rough stone surface, over the traumatized Z23.
Roon tossed the corpse aside like an old toy, a disgusted smirk appearing on her lips once again.
“As you wish, Bismarck. He paid in blood regardless.” She smirked back.
“That does not matter Roon, you miss my point. Z23 must know how she belongs in our ranks if she is to remain a shark. Feast your eyes on this girl who lay like a newborn child, her face smeared with her bile. It was the only way to teach her her place, without her knowing of the consequences of defiance.” Bismarck replied, gesturing to Z23.
Roon cocked her head, raising an eyebrow.
“Upupu… Z23 is a weakling. What did she prove to be, except for a failure, a disgrace to our kind, and a danger to herself and others!? This weakness is something that we don’t need in Ironblood! Why do you insist on keeping her around?! That girl i-“
A firm gloved hand wrapped itself around Roon’s neck, her feet scrambling to find purchase and hold on. A fierce snarl erupted from Bismarck’s throat, causing Roon to take a startled half-step back. Bismarck slammed Roon’s back against the wall behind her, causing the walls and floor to shake violently and creak, rocks, and dust falling from the ceiling with a heavy rumbling.
“Silence… you insolent creature. Do you speak of weakness to me? Z23 has shown herself to be a strong and brave warrior, she has earned a place here in my army, and she shall live. There will be no room for any more slights against my friends. If you speak ill will of anyone within Ironblood, your bloody head will be displayed on a pike. You understand I hope?” She threatened, pulling her hand closer and pressing it further into Roon’s throat, causing the smaller being to choke in response.
“N… Yes, Bismarck. I am sorry. F-Forgive me.” Roon apologized her tone almost a whisper as she whimpered and trembled slightly.
Bismarck released the pressure around her neck and stepped back. Roon fell to her knees and she clutched her hands to her chest, her entire body shaking uncontrollably. Roon used the decrepit building as leverage to lift herself back up to her shaking feet, her breathing still ragged. Bismarck spoke up again as she began to walk away from the girl, her black coat dancing with the forlorn wind as if they were in a waltz.
“Did Graf Zeppelin do her part yet, Roon? Answer quickly.”
The shaken Roon dusted herself off quickly, not wanting to attract the ire of her Ironblood leader.
“G-Graf has already done her part. Civitavecchia Port has already been razed to the ground, and so have the various headquarters surrounding it. We have already cut the head off the snake.” Roon answered.
“Excellent, I had anticipated. These pathetic existences today have been snuffed out.” Bismarck nodded before looking over at her shaken companions.
“Roon. You are to now assist in the east due to your malfeasance of taking the lesson away from Z23. Go now, my sight wants me to get rid of you.” Bismarck ordered.
“O… Of course Bismarck. May we continue to serve you, lord.” Roon bowed her head as low as she could without touching the ground, making a move forward as if she were trying to kiss the ground.
She then retreated into the crackling inferno that was Rome, her legs still quivering slightly against the concrete. However, the ruthless ruler had more words to say as her head turned down to the fear-ridden girl face down on the dirty street.
“Z23… I am disappointed with your performance today. It seems no matter what lesson I may introduce, you can simply not take my advice to heart. Those slain today are our enemies, and foes belong on our pikes. Why can I not make you understand such a simple message? Is it your sympathy perhaps?”
The girl lay down in the fetal position, almost wanting shelter from her tender and loving mother. Her face inches away from her squalid vomit, she remained shivering and silent, her mind broken from such trauma that unfolded this day.
“Answer me Z23. You are a soldier and a friend. Are you truly willing to fight to protect these worthless creatures that have done harm to us? Do you wish to become a stain upon our armor for all time?”
“I suppose so. Disappointment is the only word I need to utter. However, I shall give you one last chance as a symbol of my care for you. Return to the Floating Fortress and I shall something ready for you. Z23, you are dismi-“
“Y-you… q-quoted a bible verse… w-why?” Z23 whimpered out, her snotty nose muffling her speech slightly.
Bismarck’s attention turned back downward, surprised that the girl had now spoken after a while.
“It is a fitting reference for this situation is it not? I have commanded you to raze this city to nothing but ashes and cinders, and you have followed through with my request. Nothing more, nothing less.” Bismarck answered, her gaze turned back to the amber-hued heavens.
“In that verse… G-God commanded the city to be destroyed. A-A-Are you comparing yourself to… God?”
Bismarck sat in silent solitude, pondering the saying, but ultimately had an answer already in mind.
“Of course. God leads his people through misery and strife, and so shall I. God commanded those to kill those who would disobey his laws and rule, and so shall I. God shows mercy, and I… do not. I suppose we are different in that regard.” she mused, her face growing an almost non-visible smirk.
“Why do you ask this question, Z23? Do you question my authority and my will to protect our people?”
“No… I jus… just wondering. No, I don’t.” Z23 squeaked, shaking even more.
Bismarck slowly moved towards her prey, crouching over her and placing her hands on top of her head, pressing down until the poor girl was lying down. She removed the beret that donned her head and began to ruffle her hair slightly, almost like a loving mother, who would protect those she adored.
“No matter, Z23. You shall have a place in the Sun when the time comes. I care for you, I hope you understand. But now, hold your head up high, and make your way back to the Floating Fortress. Regardless of your disobedience today, I suppose I shall show some mercy upon you, consider yourself lucky.” Bismarck chuckled as she stood up straight and smoothed out her coat, her eyes staring down at the trembling girl.
“Y-Yes… lord…” Z23 whimpered out, looking up to meet the tyrant’s gaze.
With not another word uttered, Bismarck left the girl in the street, turning on her heel and deeper into the chaotic flames that cloaked them.
In Bismarck’s mind, this day had been won no doubt. Despite the blood-soaked stakes and charred bodies that litter every street corner, the destruction was worth it. The enemy was utterly obliterated. After what seemed like hours of slaughter, the sun had set fully, leaving darkness in its wake. With the sun no longer shining brightly on the world, the moon and stars took their places in its stead, replacing the hopeful beacon of the sun, with a darkened, melancholy moon. The ground crunched underneath her feet as she stopped in the soot-soaked street, and began to run the events through her brain one last time. And for the first time, in a long time, she cried.
“I did do evil.”
❖ ── ✦ ──『✙』── ✦ ── ❖
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2023.05.27 03:20 primatethief Hyde School Board of Governors 2021

Hyde School Board of Governors 2021
For accountability purposes.
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2023.05.27 00:39 primatethief Hyde School 2022 Board of Directors

Hyde School 2022 Board of Directors
Questions can be routed in the direction of these fine folks.
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2023.05.26 18:33 licRedditor new hoover onepwr sucking up loose carpet

i have a small carpet (like bath-mat size) that i always used to vacuum with my shark ion flex. i would just step on one end of the rug to hold it down and run the vacuum over the rug and off the edge of it.
i got a new hoover onepwr, and now as soon as it touches the mat, it sucks the rug up into it and the brushes stop turning :(
any advice how i can vacuum this small mat??
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2023.05.26 18:04 itsmyniche Bathroom decor helpp

I recently got this new shower curtain but I can’t figure out what bath mats to get to match it. I’m thinking a plain one for in front of the tub and a more decorative one in front of the mirror
Any thoughts on color or style would be super helpful! Idk if I should stick with the grey/beige color for the mats.. would that make the bathroom too dark and dull? Would something like the picture of the vintage-y rug I added work?
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2023.05.26 16:47 LisaHouseofTreasures Laura Ashley Acrive Womens Tee Top Long Sleeve Colorful Print Size XL

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2023.05.26 12:33 jcrcabtaxiservice Majestic Escape: Staying in a Desert Camp Beside Sam Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer

Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, the city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India, offers a unique and unforgettable experience of staying in a desert camp. Among the various camp options available, the camps beside the Sam Sand Dunes stand out for their captivating beauty and cultural immersion. This article will take you on a virtual journey through the enchanting world of staying in a desert camp near Jaisalmer, showcasing the allure of the Sam Sand Dunes and the mesmerising experiences that await you.
Location and Accessibility:
The Sam Sand Dunes, located approximately 40 kilometres from Jaisalmer, boast one of the largest sand dune formations in the region. Accessible by road, it takes around an hour to reach this picturesque desert landscape. The route to the sand dunes is an adventure in itself, as the road winds through rugged terrain, showcasing the rustic charm of rural Rajasthan.
The Desert Camp Experience:
Staying in a desert camp near the Sam Sand Dunes offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan while enjoying the tranquil beauty of the desert. These camps, typically set up in the midst of the dunes, provide a unique blend of comfort and authenticity. The accommodation options range from luxurious tented camps with modern amenities to more traditional and rustic setups.
Tented Camps and Facilities:
Many desert camps near Jaisalmer offer spacious and well-appointed luxury tents that combine modern comforts with a touch of traditional charm. These tents are often adorned with beautiful furnishings, comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, and private sit-out areas. Despite being in the heart of the desert, you will find a range of facilities such as electricity, hot water, and even Wi-Fi in some camps. This harmonious fusion of modern amenities and the rustic ambiance of the desert creates a memorable and comfortable stay.
Cultural Immersion:
Staying in a desert camp allows visitors to experience the vibrant Rajasthani culture firsthand. The camps organise cultural programs that showcase traditional music and dance performances by local artists, creating an enchanting atmosphere under the starlit sky. The rhythmic beats of folk music and the graceful movements of Kalbeliya dancers, clad in colourful traditional attire, transport you to a different era.
Camel Safari and Adventure:
One of the highlights of staying in a desert camp near Jaisalmer is the exhilarating camel safari. Mounted on the "Ship of the Desert," you can explore the vast expanses of the Sam Sand Dunes, traversing the undulating terrain and witnessing the golden sands stretching to the horizon. The camel ride provides a unique perspective of the desert, offering breathtaking views and a sense of serenity that can only be experienced in this tranquil landscape.
Sunset and Sunrise Delights:
The Sam Sand Dunes are famous for their captivating sunsets and sunrises. As the sun begins to set, the dunes cast long shadows and the sky transforms into a palette of vibrant hues. Witnessing the sunset from the top of a sand dune is a magical experience, as the warm golden light bathes the landscape in a surreal glow. Similarly, waking up early to witness the sunrise over the desert horizon is an awe-inspiring sight that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.
Traditional Cuisine and Dessert Delicacies:
The desert camps near Jaisalmer also offer a culinary journey through Rajasthani cuisine. Visitors can savour a delectable array of traditional dishes, including dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, and ker sangri, which showcase the rich flavours and spices of Rajasthan. Bonfires are often lit in the evenings, creating an inviting ambiance where guests can relish their meals while.
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2023.05.26 01:51 0_----__----_0 Hi Denver, here is my big list of things to do this weekend! [May 25th - May 28th]

Looking to make plans for the rest of summer? Check out the Summer Events post here: Summer Events in the Denver Area : Denver (
I send this out as a newsletter which you can sign up for by clicking this link. There are no ads and it's free, so send it to your friends.
Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful Memorial Day on Monday! Please add anything I missed down below.


Two Friends @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7PM *With Wuki, Justus Bennetts, Charlie Wonder
Nate Amor @ Meow Wolf @ 7:30PM
Donna the Buffalo @ Bluebird Theater @ 8PM


Chromeo & Hot Chip @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 6PM *With CoCo & Breezy, Cimafunk
Flintwick @ Meow Wolf @ 8PM
Mareux @ Marquis Theater @ 7PM
Gasoline Lollipops @ Bluebird Theater @ 8PM
Gimme Gimme Disco @ Summit @ 8PM
CoCo & Breeze @ Larimer Lounge @ 9PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 6:40PM


Rapids vs FC Cincinnati @ DICK's Sporting Goods Park @ 7:30PM
'Top Gun' Screening @ McGregor Square @ 1PM Movies at McGregor is the ultimate outdoor summer movie experience.
Upcycled Indigo Dyeing @ DAM @ 10AM You can transform your old garments with natural indigo dye at this workshop.
Art Crawl @ Clyfford Still Museum @ 10:30AM Experience art and find community with other families with infants.
Warbird Invasion Showcase @ Wings Museum @ 10AM Visit the museum to see various types of warbirds on static display at Wings Over the Rockies Exploration of Flight.
'Sleeping Beauty' Ballet @ Ellie Caulkins Opera House @ 1PM/ 6PM The Colorado Ballet Academy is thrilled to be able to share this full-length performance featuring its talented students.
Tommy James & the Shondells @ Paramount Theatre @ 8PM
Scary Kids Scaring Kids @ Marquis Theater @ 7PM
Whipped Cream @ Meow Wolf @ 9PM
VALLEY @ Summit @ 7PM
Taylor Fest @ Bluebird Theater @ 9PM
Son Rompe Pera @ Levitt Pavilion @ 6PM *With Brian Lopez
Top Flite Empire @ Gothic Theatre @ 8PM
Taste Around the World! Spring Wine Event @ Ironton Distillery @ 3-6PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 7:10PM


Wild Workouts @ Denver Zoo @ 7:30AM The zoo's Wild Workouts include Barre, Zumba, Yoga with the Elephants, Senior Yoga and Senior Movement.
Thrift-Pop Market @ Denver Central Market Parking Lot @ 12PM Featuring 30 premier vintage clothing and collectible vendors, this thrift market is one of the city’s best!
Orkestra Mendoza @ Levitt Pavilion @ 4PM
YOB @ Gothic Theatre @ 7:45PM
Rockies vs NY Mets @ Coors Field @ 1:10PM


SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Old Dominion @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ 7:30PM *With Frank Ray, Greylan James, Kassi Ashton
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Q BBQ Fest @ Empower Field The 5th annual festival features legendary pitmasters from the nation to serve award-winning BBQ, live music, cold beer and drinks, and BBQ tutorials/demonstrations.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Denver Arts Festival - @ Conservatory Green, Central Park
All weekend - Opey Olagbaju Stand Up @ Comedy Works South
All weekend - Jordan Jensen Stand Up @ Comedy Works Downtown
All weekend - Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring' @ Boettcher Concert Hall Enjoy an unforgettable sendoff of the Colorado Symphony concert season with an evening of triumph performances.
All weekend - 'Best Town' Play @ Buntport Theater A new play about stars, isolation, the magic of libraries, and Laura Ashley curtains.
All weekend - ‘The 39 Steps’ @ The Singleton Theatre The inventive and hilarious, this hit play combines a film masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock with a juicy spy novel and a large splash of Monty Python humor.
All weekend - ‘Miss Rhythm: The Legend of Ruth Brown’ Cabaret Show @ Garner Galleria Theatre This intimate cabaret experience explores the life and times of R&B legend Ruth Brown through story and song, accompanied by a five-piece jazz band.
LAST CHANCE - 'Near East to Far West' Exhibition @ DAM
LAST CHANCE - 'Breakthroughs: A Celebration of RedLine 15' Exhibition @ MCA Denver This exhibition celebrates the Redline Contemporary Art Center and its 15-year long legacy of supporting local artists and creatives. The exhibition reflects the current creative practice of artists living in Colorado.
Ongoing through September 10th - ‘Awful Bigness’ Exhibition @ Clyfford Still Museum ‘Awful Bigness’ fills the Museum’s largest, skylit galleries and celebrates Clyfford Still’s biggest, most ambitious works.
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2023.05.26 01:06 StuffymcstuffinsPG €3,000 down and I just want him to be not itchy

Hi all,
Hoping someone has an idea for us or just your thoughts and insights would be appreciated.
My dog, a Maltese yorkie, age 9 got his allergy tests done a year and a half ago. Before that we’d tried apoquel, various courses of antibiotics, steroids and all the shampoos. Natural treatments with essential oils, apple vinegar baths and diet and water overhauls. The medicine would work to fix the infections but eventually when finished the treatment, his itches and bumps came back.
The tests showed no food allergies, but strong reactions to bugs, dust mites, plants & molds. Did an entire overhaul of our home. Got rid of rugs, textiles, bought a uv vacuum, wash everything to sterilize regularly and spray with anti mite stuff. More special shampoo of course.
He started the immunotherapy train and cytopint about 18 months ago. He did the course where the dose gradually goes higher and got to the highest dose, but experienced a lot of infections where sometimes the cure was worse than the illness.
He gets welts every few months right after treatment and very flaky, irritated skin with hair loss. On the good side, his concentration got so much better -lots of new tricks learned- he seems happier overall and his hair where he used to lick constantly went from dark orange (from staining) to white.
I asked the vet 3 months ago to cut the dose in half after another infection (which required cortisone tablets and steroids). I felt like it was a lot for his little body.
I’m €3,000 down in the last 18 months which is a lot for me, but would be worth it if he was feeling better.
He’s still super flaky and his groomer felt he’d lost more hair. At this point I just don’t know what to do next. Continue treatment? Try something different?
Any thoughts appreciated.
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2023.05.25 23:25 madmagazines Full documentAtion conCErning the unexplained deathS of two individuals in early 2022 AND the sTEps wE're taking to prevent furTHer deaths.

Editor's note: These records have been revised from an earlier version to remove all identifying information. I sincerely apologise for the amount of identifying information in an earlier release.
On January 28, 2022, officers entered 21 JXXXXXX AXXXX after a woman related to the residents expressed concerns about their wellbeing.
They discovered the body of a 34 year old man lying in the upstairs bedroom. He’d been dead for about 37 hours. In the hallway just outside the doorway of the bedroom where we found the older victim, we found the body of a 10 year old boy. He was understood to be the older victim’s son. He died a few hours after his father.
The cause of death is seemingly natural. A trace amount of codeine and xanax was found in the older victim’s system, but it appeared his death was caused by a sort of infection of the lungs which led him to asphyxiate.
His son appears to have died in the same manner. This infection is not explained but may have been caused by the unidentified substances we found in the walls.
The older victim also has some blunt force injuries to his spine consistent with being hit in the back with some sort of blunt object, although this doesn’t seem to have contributed to his death. Human teeth were found within the victim's back, they were seemingly pushed into his flesh when he was hit and some were crushed in the impact. The teeth do not belong to either of the victims.
The deaths are a medical rarity. The substance we found in the walls is not a match to any existing medical phenomenon, and is in the process of being tested to examine the danger it could cause.
In an attempt to understand the symptoms, we have collected transcripts from the older victim’s phone (number used is 077XXX XXX) We could not locate other electronic devices from the home as they had mostly been damaged by the unidentified substance we found in the walls.

​1/12/22 10:59am Sent by: (private number) Sent to: 077XXX XXX
Hi, Michael. It’s Helena.
We’ve been trying to reach you on the phone but you haven’t picked up. This is about Brian. He’s in the office right now. He is deeply distressed and I think it's best that he goes home. I’m not sure exactly what has happened. I know you’re at work but please get back to me as soon as you can.

1/12/22 11:03am
Sent by: 07XXX XXX Sent to: 07XXXX XXX
Brian, tell me what’s going on. Your school is texting me. Just had to leave come get u.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXXX
i stepped in something stepped in mum i saw her teeth on the carpet i stepped onmummmmm

1/12/23 11:07am
Transcript of voicemail left by 077XX XXXXX to 077XX XXXX
Hey, Sasha. This is Michael, I mean, you know that. I just remembered how you said you don’t save all of the numbers on your phone. (Sighs)
I guess I haven’t been totally honest with you, Sasha. I’m not… well. I have a son and I never told you. He’s… er… he’s 10 years old. His name’s Brian. I didn’t tell you because… honestly, Brian’s been through a lot. I didn’t really want him to have to meet you because… I don’t mean it like that.
Brian’s mum, my, um, my wife. Not… we never got divorced. My wife is… um… (Pause)
Okay. I’ve got to go now and I’d, uh, I’d like you to delete my number.

1/15/22 14:41pm
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Hey mum I just don’t know what to do anymore. It’s starting to get too much with Brian. I just left work early to go pick him up from school because he had a meltdown. He said he was in class and he looked down under his desk and saw his mother’s face was on the floor. Apparently, it was in perfect condition, as when she was alive. He said that she spoke to him, that she said “Whatever you do, don’t touch me, no matter how much you want to” Obviously he got scared and stamped on it. He said he saw her face be destroyed when he did that, he told me he saw blood splatter, that he saw her teeth scatter all over the floor. I don’t know how a 10 year old boy could imagine such a thing. I asked him what he saw when he looked down afterwards, he said he saw a face completely caved in.
I guess I should take him back to the therapist like I did when Stacie first passed away. I’ve just never believed in that stuff, that a kid who’s going through terrible things should just talk to some strange adult and that should make them feel any better. I was scared of them giving him pills like they did with me. You remember how sluggish I was, I didn’t even feel like a person. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone but with Brian I’m scared. This isn’t normal, and if he continues to see things like this, I don’t even know what will happen.
(note: this text was forensically recovered as 077555 23454 deleted this text about 49 seconds after sending it)
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Did you send me a text just now? I got a notification but I can’t see any text from you.
Is this about Brian? Helena told me something happened with him at school. The first thing you should have done is texted me. You aren’t good at handling these things yourself.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
I’ve got it under control. I’m more capable than you think.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Yes I’m continuously blown away by your wonderful parenting skills (eye roll emoji) You know you need help and you’re too bullheaded to take it.
What actually happened at school that day?
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Brian thought he saw his mum, basically and he got scared.
You can’t act like he’s crazy for it, can you?

Editor’s note: We thought this seemed significant so we sent an investigator to the boy’s school to learn more about this incident. We conducted interviews with the headteacher and a few other staff members.
Our findings was that several staff members reported finding a small amount of blood under the boy’s desk after his outburst. They reported it ‘wasn’t nearly enough blood to think anything of’ and believed it was most likely from a papercut or similar.
One witness reported that they did find a tooth on the floor that day but didn’t question it too much as in a primary school sometimes children lost teeth. Asked if they believed it was the victim’s tooth, he said he wasn’t sure as it had been found a few feet from his desk and was under another desk. We asked if it looked adult, no conclusive response.

1/16/22 15:10pm
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Hi, I don’t know if you remember me. I’m Michael. We met on Hinge, months ago now. I’m aware you probably deleted my number but I’m the guy who has a son, I guess. I didn’t have it in my profile but I told you that night. You seemed cool with it, but looking back you were probably just being polite. I get it and everything but politeness is a plague really. I’d like to wring the neck of whoever came up with the concept of being polite. I think politeness is why we’re the only species that has problems.
I guess I’m messaging you again desperate for your empathy or somebody’s empathy. It’s not that simple as me just having a son or having an ex. My wife is dead and that’s one hell of a burden to bear not because of her but because of him. He’ll never be the same and he’ll never really be okay. My son was the one who found the body, and he saw her face. I didn’t see her face. I don’t know if seeing a thing like that is something you can ever get over. I do try my best but I guess it's getting worse for him.
I really hope you'll get back to me. I don’t expect anything from you romance-wise. I promise. I just want someone to talk to. Will you talk to me?

1/18/22 13:51pm
Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX
Michael, I’ve had just about enough of you. I’ve watched you neglect yourself long enough and I don’t want to see you neglect your son as well.
Your son came to my house in hysterics. He told me he didn’t want to be at home because he could see faces in the walls. He said that he heard them speaking to him. He said they told him not to touch them or something bad would happen.
I don’t know how, as a father, you can hear a 10 year old boy say this and continue to think this is okay and that he doesn’t need help.
Let me lay this out in front of you clearly. You either seek out mental help for Brian or I sue you for custody, which I’ve thought about doing even back when your wife was alive.

1/18/22 13:47pm Sent by: (private number) Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
This is the GXXXXX child and adolescent mental health service, we have recieved your request. You will be connected with a provider soon. Please provide the name and date of birth of the patient you would like to refer, and a short paragraph describing why you believe they need our help.
Sent to: (private number) Sent by: 077XXX XXXXXX
Hi, the patient I want to refer is my son Brian XXXXXXX born 5/6/2013.
So my son recently lost his mother in August 2021. His mum died of a lung infection nobody knew she had overnight. I was out that night, so my son was the one who found her in the morning. I’ll never be able to take back the guilt I feel over that. What I know is that he was with the body for about 8 hours before I got home, because for whatever reason he didn’t want to just call me.
So Brian is starting to say that he sees faces, maybe his mother’s face, sticking out of the floor and the walls. He first saw it in school. He saw his mother’s face sticking out from the floor under his desk, looking as if she was alive. She told him not to touch her, no matter how much he wanted to. But he got scared and stomped on her face. He said then he saw blood and teeth splatter on the floor, and he looked down to see her face caved in.
I’ll admit I brushed that under the rug, but now I think it’s impossible to ignore. My son wakes up in the night screaming, and he’ll tell me he saw a face sticking out of his wall and sticking out of the ceiling. He says the faces always say to him ‘don’t touch me no matter how much you want to’. They tell him that something bad will happen to us if he touches them, but he says he has touched them to try to get them to stop.
My mother says he needs mental help so here I am referring to you.
Sent by: (private number) Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
We have attempted to reach out to you regarding your request. Please confirm you are still interested in a referral?

1/19/22 10:01am Sent by: (private number) Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Hi, this is Helena. Just wondering why Brian isn’t in school today.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: (private number}
Hes siccccck cant breathe properly
Sent by: (private number) Sent to: 077XXX XXXXXX
Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope everything is okay. Do you have a doctors note.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXXXX Sent to: (private number}
He cant breathe like stacie couldnt breathe its an infection to the lungs i know it im sick too i cant breath either yes were going to the doctors right away yes

1/19/22 10:21am Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Michael, what the hell is going on? You messaged this to the school! image attachment
You’re okay with taking pills when you get them off the street, aren’t you? Irresponsible father!
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
It’s not even like that. We really did get sick, we got some kind of virus and we couldn’t breathe. But I got us out and took him to the emergency room. They found nothing wrong. All is well.
And he’s seeing a therapisttttttt
there might be something in our walls

1/22/22 16:10pm Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Let me know if you hear it again. The towel seems to have shut her up just about, but if it hasnt ill use something stronger.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Can’t we just go to grandmas.
I can hear it.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Hold on coming now
And no way are we going to stay with her. We can brave this out

This is an entry found in the notes app dated 1/23/22
In bathroom, ceiling above the bath. Speaks: yes. in kitchen, behind oven. Speaks: no. in my room, under bed, speaks: has spoken, not consistently. in Brian’s room, ceiling above bed. Speaks: constantly. Stacie.

Editor’s note: this is very significant. We found that in the kitchen, the oven had been pulled to the other side of the room. The wall behind the oven had been hit with a hammer or similar, causing a dent in the drywall. Further, pieces of drywall were discovered under both victim’s fingertips.
Under the older victim’s bed, the floor is wooden. He had hit the floorboards here with a hammer, and a small amount of his blood was found on the floorboards. Splinters of varying sizes from the floorboards were found in his hands.
The locations on the ceilings had not been damaged in the same manner. There has been no damage at all to the ceiling in the bathroom. In the younger victim’s room, a towel had been nailed onto the ceiling. There is a hole ripped in the centre of the towel, seemingly ripped with teeth.

1/27/22 21:00pm
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Is everything okay? I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’ve been worried about you and Brian lately. I do know you’re trying your best.
Please just let me know everything is okay. You won’t take my calls.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
everything is okay
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Please, you said there was something in your walls? I came by your house and I couldnt get in. Should I call the police.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Did you ever see a face in me
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
What is going on? Please answer your phone!
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
theres a face in me
On my back its so full
Brian says we should curhs it but it would it hurt me mum
Theres a face on my back its on my back itstalkinggg

1/28/22 01:05am
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Grandma it’s Brian I’ve got dad’s phone now.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
What’s going on? I’m outside the house now, just let me in.
Sent by: 077XX XXXXX Sent to: 077XX XXXXX
No please don’t come in.
Dad is dead.
He said he’d be okay if I hit him but he’s not moving.
Im sorry i just didnt know better i killed mum and dad
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
Everything’s going to be okay. Please just let me in.
I’m calling 999.
Sent by: 077XXX XXXXX Sent to: 077XXX XXXXX
If you come in you’ll die too.

This is the last text sent from this phone before we believe the victims died. From this texts, we can glean that the substance in the walls had caused a lung infection in both victims that gave them trouble breathing and caused them to exhibit psychotic symptoms through the period of infection, which is about 2 months.
The substance we pulled from the walls for testing was a substance with a chalk-like consistency. There was about 0.55mg of this substance in the walls/ceilings of each location noted by the victim. We also found trace amounts of the substance within the victim’s lungs. Results have found this substance contains human DNA, but it’s unsure exactly what in this substance was toxic to the victims, or how it originated in the house.
We attempted to test the substance on animals. We inserted traces of the substance into the walls of a wooden structure that we kept two lab mice in. We inserted a small camera to note the effects but after 10 hours, the substance had damaged the camera. We found that one mouse had been killed by its companion. The dead mouse’s back had been viciously mutilated with bite marks and the surviving mouse had the dead mouse's blood all over its fur and teeth. As like the original victims, the mice had seemingly attempted to tear the substance out of the walls.
Whatever this substance is, it is extremely dangerous to any living creature and may possibly appear in other homes near where the first victims died. We believe that more testing should be done on humans to get a better picture on the effects on different individuals. A clinical trial is to be undertaken and test subjects are being sought.
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2023.05.25 20:22 djsbaseball2014 Ideas for living room decor/accent colors?

Ideas for living room decoaccent colors?
I (27M) just moved into my first 1 bed/1 bath solo apartment! Went ahead and ordered the big stuff but was curious to see if anybody had any decor ideas for this space. (Good accent colors for wall art and a rug, etc)
Lighting needs some work but I have some industrial looking lamps on the way. Will be mounting a TV on the left wall (closest).
Ideas/tips are much appreciated!
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2023.05.25 20:08 Imaginary_Agent_3198 I found this vintage Laura Ashley dress! But I am curious to know what style this is called x

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2023.05.25 19:01 Main-Ad-8560 I found this vintage Laura Ashley dress! But I am curious to know what style this is called x

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2023.05.25 13:04 Heyhiimmegan I found this vintage Laura Ashley dress. Is it a tea dress? Does anyone know what kind of dress this is called? X

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Coy Jandreau: The best #Spiderman movie ever made comes out next week. #AcrossTheSpiderVerse transcends comics, movies, words. I am overwhelmed with emotion. I am enamored. I am the happiest I have EVER been as a Spider-Man fan.
Erik Davis: Hands down, #AcrossTheSpiderVerse is real deal. Visually unlike anything you will see in a theater this year - it very much feels like the BACK TO THE FUTURE II of the series. A middle chapter that's weird & funky & shocking, but also the ultimate #SpiderMan experience. It rocks!
Anthony - The Movie Podcast: #SpiderVerse is undoubtedly the greatest animated film to ever grace the big screen. A celebration of Spider-Man and a MAGNUM OPUS OF ART & STYLE, #SPIDERMAN HAS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! Fantastic story, incredible action, and boy does this Spider-Fly! ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!
Shahbaz • The Movie Podcast: #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse is THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR! GROUNDBREAKING animation takes you on a wild, darker journey, interweaving countless Spider-Man characters & JAW-DROPPING SURPRISES. I found myself repeatedly saying "Oh My God" in disbelief! #Spiderverse @SpiderVerse
Jake Hamilton: The moment SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE ended, I knew I'd experienced a cinematic moment I'd cherish forever. If INTO is A NEW HOPE, this is EMPIRE - darker, more powerful and better in every way. It's going to be a LONG wait until March '24. HOW DOES THIS MOVIE EXIST?!
Brandon Davis: Across the #SpiderVerse is simply an incredible accomplishment. It’s stunning but also very much an unfinished story by its end. Visually, it’s such a stunning achievement. It’s everything a #SpiderMan fan could ask for and much more. So good, it’s hard to believe it exists.
Tessa Smith - Mama's Geeky: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse raised the bar with its unique animation style & way of storytelling. Minds were blown when it was released & fans thought there was no way it could be topped. Think again. #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse raises its own bar which seemed impossible
Andrew J. Salazar: #AcrossTheSpiderVerse is yet another milestone for animation. Yes it's gorgeous & visually mind-blowing, but this sequel surpasses the first for always putting Miles AND his family front and center. Spider-Gwen also rightfully steps deeper into the spotlight, co-owning the film.
Joseph Deckelmeier: The hype is real! Every frame of #SpiderMan #AcrossTheSpiderVerse is gorgeous. I didn't want to blink because I didn't want to miss anything. You can watch this film over & over & finds something new to enjoy. There are some surprises in this film that I truly wasn't expecting.
Brian Davids: #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse is yet another resounding win for the Lord Miller-produced universe. Hailee Steinfeld really comes into her own as Gwen Stacy, and her scenes with Shea Whigham's Captain Stacy are truly special. It's darker and sadder than I expected, but necessary.
Sean O'Connell: OK. #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse lives one step above Masterpiece. It's an actual work of art. Every frame deserves to be hung in a museum. The jokes and nods to Spidey lore are perfect. It's OUTSTANDING. The best #SpiderMan movie. Might be my favorite movie ever. Cherish it.
Daniel Baptista • The Movie Podcast: #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse is AMAZING and a REVOLUTIONARY achievement in animation. It does the impossible of surpassing the original and delivers one of THE BEST Spider-Man stories EVER. It’s more mature and a WEB-SLINGING WONDER beginning to end.
Ju Ju!: YOU ARE LOOKING AT MY NEE FAVORITE SPIDER-MAN MOVIE! Play it again please #AcrossTheSpiderVerse
Ashley Saunders: #AcrossTheSpiderVerse is EVERYTHING. The animation is next level, every spidey is perfect, the surprises are insanely epic, & the music is fire. You'll be on the edge of your seat bc this ride is wild. It feels so good 2 back in the Spider-Verse!


Laura: OMG... #Spiderman #AcrossTheSpiderVerse is mind-blowing. The animation, the writing, the music, and everything is simply amazing. I'm not even overhyping it. It deserves the hype. OMG... they did it again #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse
Kevin Polowy: It’s honestly absurd how good the Spider-verse movies are. #AcrosstheSpiderVerse is just as great, if not better than Into the Spider-Verse. I really don’t know how. Every frame is like a work of art.
Eric Goldman: I am very happy to say that #SpiderMan #AcrosstheSpiderVerse is fantastic! Deftly juggles deeply heartfelt character beats with crazy multiverse content just packed with so many delightful Easter eggs. Loved how Gwen's story is expanded. Can't wait for the third one.
Aaron Perine: #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse lives up to the hype in every conceivable way! Miles Morales absolutely shines in his second Marvel movie adventure. Gwen Stacy takes her place at the head of this table too. Tons of heart on display in every corner of this one.
Drew Taylor: #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse is a stunning achievement. Yes, it’s visually dazzling, with expansive, expressive new realms (Gwen’s world is my favorite). But the movie’s real superpower is its emotional depth and its beautiful, melancholic tone. I love this movie so, so much
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2023.05.25 08:47 InfernoAA Death Before Impurity: One Year Anniversary Show Results

Fly high, Tina Turner.

Non-Title Champion vs Champion: FBE World Heavyweight Champion Inferno vs FBE Junior Heavyweight Champion Paddy Murphy
365 days of Blitz on the docket and many more to come, two of FBE’s top champions set the tone for the next 365 in the best way possible with a cataclysmic showdown in Buckingham Palace! On one end the befitting regal arrogance of the World Heavyweight Champion, Inferno, and on the other end the conversely spirited likability of the Junior Heavyweight Champion, Paddy Murphy, the two generals of their respective divisions let their stark opposites be their driving forces here, producing a sublime clash of styles. The Brummie Bastard did all he could to silence his Irish foe, making it very clear he wasn’t welcome in the residence of The Monarch, yet the World’s Most Wanted refused to say die, spurred on by the Dojo to stand his ground, putting on a classic starmaking underdog performance. Still, his body had to cave before his heart could, all the accumulating pressures ultimately weighing him down, Baba Blitz snatching the rug out from under another young gun!
Inferno (6) def. Paddy Murphy (3)

Mark Steel vs Jason Beggs
Before one can move on, they must close the chapter for good on their past, and that’s what tonight was about for Mark Steel and Jason Beggs as they put an end to their riveting trilogy, their roads to infamy running directly through each other. Taking into account all they’ve learned from their past bouts, they applied that here in sensible fashion, Peak Performance doing his best to remain the unsung upset master of Pure Rules by gatekeeping his Northern Irish foe’s rise, whilst the Irresistible One continued to stretch him beyond his breaking point, eager to prove it’s not just under standard competition he has the DTJ man’s number. Making up for lost time of missing out on the Shining Light League, Beggs had the last laugh here over his rival, putting the 6-pointer to bed in hopes of propelling himself to a shinier future!
Jason Beggs def. Mark Steel (NS)

Bengt Holm vs Sebastian King
Bionicle time, baby. Rocking a gold Kanohi Hau mask, Sebastian King was blinged out for the special occasion, potential gold of his own in his sight. KillKill was no slouch either, decked out in the finest Icarax drip, with Kojot joining him in some Mistika Gorast garb of their own. Komaun now, Hau cool is that? Looking to make Holm respect his Elda, the Duke of Destruction was Kraakhan his best strikes all over Holm, Bengt even inviting him to Takanuva shot or two, adamant to show his strength despite them Kiina hurting. Many may have thought Zatth’s not a good idea, but Bengt came roaring back at maximum Kopacity, unloading on King with Tumany blows to count. Going back-and-forth until one of them descended into a Web of Shadows, it was King that was Dumed, Bengt making him hit the Rode as he took home the win!
Bengt Holm (7) def. Sebastian King (3)

JOHN vs Vix
Back in Pure Rules action just in time to get warmed up for the upcoming PPV, JOHN last competing under the ruleset at New Beginning V, he was ready to make his mark again on this holy turf by picking up from where he left off and gun for the top again, something his opponent here has also been adamant on doing for some time. Paired against the former FBC Intercontinental Champion off the back of his own recent contention for FBE’s equivalent of the strap, he wasted no time in covering old grounds again in order to pave a path to lay down some new bricks, Vix doing his best to muster up a resistance to the Misfit’s RISE in response. Unfortunately for the OG, it just wasn’t in the cards for him here, JOHN smashing his way through all caps style to put everyone on notice again!
JOHN (11) def. Vix (0)

Jay Castle vs Capital STEEZ
After his assault on Capital STEEZ’s famed World Tag Team Championship partner at Resistance III, the world anticipated the arrival of a new Jay Castle, and they more than received it here when he took to dealing with matters against King Capital, brandishing an even more vicious side of himself in line with that of The Aether Aces’ recent regime. STEEZ having had his fair share of troubles with the group this year, he was more than happy to dish back what was sent his way, Jay not the only one cranking it up like he’s the Big Show, as the man qualified for Guerrilla Warfare looked to send a message ahead of time. Two fierce talents doing what they do best, a highly physical war saw STEEZ knock off his A Block duplicate to keep his name as close as possible to the Pure Title hunt!
Capital STEEZ (6) def. Jay Castle (5)

Non-Title: FBE Television Champion Cactus Mike vs Joshua Epps
A saga that never fails to produce magic, Cactus Mike and Joshua Epps took to the big dance one more time to see where the past 5 months have taken them since God’s Greatest Athlete last dethroned the Cardiac Cactus for the Television Championship, which has since made its way back around Mike’s waist after a couple reigns. Breaking the ice on the largely untapped potential of The Ark vs DTJ, these two shone like the diamonds they are, no longer freshly dug up from Sierra Leone, but rather hardened and processed by the intense competition surrounding them, only sharpening each other further with their abrasive moves. Notable standouts of the recent League, with glory in their future sights they ensured to keep the ball rolling here, with the prickly Cactus managing to make his family proud by getting one back over Joshua for Stand Up, hitting the jackpot on redemption!
Cactus Mike (6) def. Joshua Epps (4)

Shining Light League Third Place: C Block Winner Ripley vs D Block Winner Misery
Speaking of redemptive stories, the Shining Light League’s 3rd place match was another key example of that, as travelling from one Anniversary Show to another, the uber-talented Ripley and Misery found themselves in each other’s crosshairs again, high-stakes competition going down anytime these two share the ring. With Misery retaining her then Junior Title against the up-and-coming Black Hole 3 months prior, The Ripple in Time came roaring back in hopes of levelling the score and proving he's matured into the superior competitor since, putting the boots to the DTJ star’s door with The RISE’s honour in mind. Aware of the potential implications that victory here could bring them, neither competitor shied from cranking things to the next level, though when all was said and done, it was once more Misery that left with her hand raised, restoring some good fortunes to DTJ heading into their all-important main event slot!
Misery def. Ripley (F)

Shining Light League Finals: A Block Winner FBE Pure/World Tag Team Champion Dr. Logan Wright vs B Block Winner Hunter Maguire
This was it. The final frontier to one of the greatest tournaments FBE’s had the privilege of hosting. 42 matches down and yet the grandest one still to occur, either the rare opportunity to pick the next challenger for a superb reign or a gift-wrapped title shot hung in the balance. The Pride of The Ark, A Block’s 7-point Medicinal Magician, Dr. Logan Wright, was geared for combat, two titles slung over his shoulders and a tournament victory to his name from just last month. But so was The Undefeated of DTJ, B Block’s 8-point Irish Psycho, Hunter Maguire, on the cusp of avenging one of the last obstacles on his rise to superstardom, going a step further with the murderer’s row of foes he’s felled to get here.
And alas, as one could only expect, it was pure wrestling at its finest from two of Season 2’s marquee standouts, producing not only a match that was technically proficient, but jam-packed to the brim with peak drama and emotions, success here arguably even more meaningful to both men than another trophy in their cabinet. Maguire pushed and pushed with his exhausted body that’d stormed through legends and even Logan’s stablemate, committing every ounce of his fibre towards his goal of making the Pure Championship his, whilst Wright continued to cut him down like the Final Boss he’s evolved into in the past months, protecting his spot with more heart muscle than a hypertrophic patient. When all was said and done, the incredible voyage of Logan remained unsinkable as he was crowned the winner of the inaugural Shining Light League!
Dr. Logan Wright (9) def. Hunter Maguire (4) to win the Shining Light League

Cheers to everyone for one year of Blitz! It’s been an absolute blast watching it grow as both a competitor and a GM into what it is today, and it’s even more thrilling knowing the milestones which continue to lay ahead of us. Starting this Saturday will be the second-biggest FBE show of the year as Blitz has its own BTE equivalent in the form of P.U.R.E, so be sure to give it your all at the one week extravaganza. Pure rules.
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