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2023.05.30 22:08 SandraSandraSandra A Voyage - The Sage of Flower-Hill 3

Djamä Sonurupākä-Pēzjeceni stands, looking out over the labour before him. A series of four paddies are being built off of Dogwood-Point. Two of them dig earth from the point to make the paddy, the other two enclose rectangles of the lake with mounds of earth. To his rear, NāpäkoduThonu works on four paddies of their own.
The clans cooperated on the project, building the outer-walls together in the early-days of summer where the lake’s level gets low enough for it to be doable. Now they’re expanding their paddies in one of the biggest projects Konuthomu has ever known.
Sonurupākä’s main role is to direct. And he wears his resplendent cape of feathers to indicate such—even if he also wears the simple quarter-dome hat of a farmer. He sends the young men carrying baskets of earth to the eastern medial causeway. When needed, he steps in and offers aid. But in this moment, he puffs gently on his pipe. Enjoying the heady rush of fresh-air and warm smoke.
Someone calls him over, there’s a section of clay in one of the inner-paddies being excavated.
Screams fill the hall. Senisedjarha, his wife, is in labour. He was rushed away by the duNothudo as they take care of her. He was left mixing ashes for glaze and hearing his love’s cries from across the field.
This is their second child. Their first, a beautiful baby girl, is bouncing on her grandmother’s knee. It’s a good omen to have such a hardy first-born. But it doesn’t ease his anxiety at the second birth.
He mixes in the rotu ash—it should form a grassy green once fired—with the wet clay and stirs it vigorously.
The baby is coming later than expected. The duNothudo assured them that it wouldn’t be a problem, that the best fruit simply take longer to grow. He was supposed to be gone on a trading mission by this point. The canoes are already prepared. But it would be a variation from the kacä to abandon his wife now.
Next he mixes the birch ash—this one forms a creamy white, tinged with yellow. It’s almost a buttery colour.
Senisedjarha is strong though. And while the pregnancy has exhausted her, especially the past moon of it—her belly even more gravid than with the first pregnancy, the stores have been full and the weather kind. She’s been able to rest, drinking broth on their bed of furs.
Now, he mixes red slip with willow ash. This one is far more slip-forward. The ash gives it its sheen and flow, the bursts of colour and shine which makes the glaze all the more vibrant.
He’s to visit the land of the Rhadämā, those strange feather-less folk. Their cargo is wine (mostly maple), jade tools, and the glazed pots his current labour allows.
Finally, he mixes oak ash with bright-red slip. The smooth, green-blue glaze which results is perfect for lining urns. Some things you want to breathe through the unglazed clay, but others you want to keep sealed. It’s a delicate balance.
He pauses, unsure of the change and caught up in his work. The screaming has stopped. He rushes back to the house.
Two rambunctious baby boys. He holds Seni’s hand while holding the first-born of the two. An auspicious sign.
It had been a painful labour, and his wife’s exhausted. Drained. But two healthy baby boys. He can’t believe their luck. Two marriages of equal prestige to bring additional clans onto their path? It’s more than he could have ever hoped.
Knee deep in water, he guides the boat out. Full of pots, the canoes sit low in the lake. Eight men for eight canoes, a sizable contingent. He’s been tasked to bring gifts and trade in hopes of establishing a more permanent relationship with the Rhadämā of Kamābarha.
The Cakäma of DjamäThamä, where his two new sons will be given names, remains three turns away. He prays he’ll be back in time.
Clambering out of the lake, he readies himself to go. Even this early in the morning, he knows the day will be hot and a gentle mist rises with the sun over the lake.
He clasps the hands of the duNothudo in turn, pledging that he will travel honest and true. Laughing at Redotsuko’s quip. He finally reaches his wife, the youngest of the duNothudo, and the one most dear to him.
As they hug, she whispers in his ear: “Return swift and safe, your family waits for you.”
Speeches and recitations and other such fanfare follow, as Sonurupākä climbs into his canoe, and sets off towards the rising sun. His eyes may be wet, but his path is clear. Duties to clan come before all else, even these first few months of his sons’ lives. The paddling becomes rhythmic. There is only one way, and that is forward. He simply hopes, and prays, it leads him back home.
It’s their third day of travel. The weather has remained clear, and bright. Their first two nights they stayed in houses of DjamäThanä. Lovely, low provincial halls—not dissimilar to the one in which Sonurupākä was born and raised. A life a world away now, even if, in factuality, merely feather and name separates that him from the him in the canoe now.
He sips a skin of crabapplecider, and grabs a mouthful of the pickle mix: bison and pawpaw and sumac and blackberry and brire. It’s sour, a little salty. The sweetness and tartness of the berries cut through the rich fat of the bison. He’s dressed in a loincloth, a farmer’s hat (a round, quarter-dome offering shade protection) and has a plain-hemp cape hanging from his shoulders, protecting his back from the sun. It’s a lovely day.
Rowing once more, he thinks about his mission. Kamābarha is not alien to the people of Konuthomu. They may have forgotten their feathers, but they’re skilled craftsmen and produce a lovely nut. Travel is frequent between the villages. And even without feathers, the people govern themselves well. They know of the wisdom of crone’s, and put the vitality of young men to service. Sure, their way of speech may be harsher, atonal in a way. But it’s not that far off from Menidān, and easy to learn. Compare the language of Rhadämā to that of the Jeli—infrequent visitors here, but known further west. Rhadämā is a poem in the wrong meter, Jeli is more similar to the barking of dogs. But what can you expect from people with neither lake nor feathers?
Voyages such as this gives one plenty of time to think. He hopes his aids back home are preparing the pottery well. They’ve expanded the workshop below the Themilanan. Three kilns, a lengthy pottery space, plenty of storage for the clay. Small-folk of DjamäThanä do most of the actual pot construction, but the glazes are kept in the Themilanan. So too is the knowledge of organizing the fire for the kiln to burn properly hot. The duNothudo should assure his Good-Brother does the firing properly. He hopes so, at least.
They practice Rhadämā over dinner, forming the words again and again. Sonurupākä insists: passable is insufficient, his accent must be perfect.
They have easy access to food, with the plentiful waterfowl and fish, but he missed the plentiful wine and pickles of home. Rhadämā wine is tasty from what he remembers though.
After eight days of travel, they approach Kamābarha.
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2023.05.30 22:08 babyyelephant Financial aid required

Hi, I am a 20 years old female, from North West Delhi. I recently completed my final year graduation exams. I pursued B.Com (Hons.) from Delhi University Open Learning. My mother has a small stationary shop in our locality and our family's monthly income is merely around Rs. 25,000. I have a younger brother and my mom is a single parent.
I have always been very determined in my studies and scored a 94% in my 12th standard, after which I secured admission into b.com hons. in SOL Delhi University because of the fees constraint. The total fees for my graduation was around Rs. 10k which was covered by my economics teacher from school. I have helped my mom in the shop all the while, as I only have to go to college to appear for exams. I am expecting a 8+ gpa in my finals.
Being the eldest daughter in my family, and losing our father almost 8 years ago to an accident while he was drunk, I honestly have no option other than being the one improving our family condition. I started preparing for CAT exam since the end of my first year itself, and appeared for CAT 2022. I prepared on my own through youtube and second hand books, one of my classmates who was able to afford coaching institute, helped me with the mocks and I was able to secure a 98 percentile. I always knew that top MBA colleges was never an option due to the fees, hence my target since the beginning were low cost MBA colleges that have a huge ROI. I did not even fill a lot of forms as they themselves cost around 1k.
I have secured an admission in MBA HRD programme of DSE (Delhi School of Economics), it comes under Delhi University and hence the fees for the two year programme is Rs. 30,392, and the summer placements and final placements would help me pull my family out of the slums.
The last date of the fees submission is 31st May 5 pm. I have tried a lot of sources, I looked in education loans, but apparently it is not for such low cost programmes. My mother and I even approached the bank, but loans are only given to people who already have money to repay the loans. I even tried platforms like Milaap, for fundraising, but I only have the Paytm Payments Bank as a valid bank account, which it does not accept. I tried contacting their customer service as well, but I was informed that I need to complete the registration for being able to post a fundraiser, and the registration requires a bank account with details that matches my PAN.
My mom has got in touch with many middlemen, and one of them agreed to lend us the money, with a Rs. 300 interest per month, on 30k. And, I am trying my best to avoid lending this much amount from such lenders, as they can become abusive and threatening at any given point.
Hence, I am here to request anybody to help out if possible, and even if you can't help, I would request you to please spread the post. I am happy to share all the relevant documents and proofs to whomever helping out.
Thanks a lot for reading, and the support :)
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2023.05.30 22:08 mintsu_ Ideas for a Software Engineer

Hey! I'm an entry level Software Engineer and like others, would like some extra cashflow on the side. My work is hybrid with 1-2 days in office per week. I've already looked through the other posts regarding other Software Engineers for some recommendations.
My skills and knowledge is within software development, so ideally I want to lean towards that knowledge for a side hustle. I've thoroughly considered most of the ideas that were recommended. Here's my thoughts:
I prefer to rely on my background but I am open minded. I could learn something new, but I want to at least enjoy it. Some common side hustles I've seen are UbeLyft/DoorDash, Etsy, and Social Media Marketing, but that doesn't entice me that much. I currently do have a dividend portfolio bringing in some cash flow and I'll continue building on that over time.
I know I have somewhat of a list already, I just want to see if there's anything else I could have missed. I prefer something online. Both active and passive income are fine. I'm willing to put in about 15-20 hours per week. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 22:05 Temporary_Calendar95 Update to going NC with my brother who owes me money

Hi everyone. I posted last week about how I finally confronted my brother for the first time about how he sometimes treats me/talks to me. He gaslit and attacked me and then said he was cutting me out of his life and blocking me. 🙄 That was a little over a week ago. He owes me money. In March of last year he separated from his wife to continue to live in the house that they own. Being financially strapped, I gave him a loan without realizing how much he would be on his means, and is irresponsible. I also gave him some cash as a gift to help him. He still owes me $1,100 of the loan. I want it back and I’m unsure how to make him repay me if he decides not to. I just bought my first house. I need it. The loan was almost a year ago and it was $1900. Ugh. I feel so shitty that he did this to me soon after I had to go NC with my dad.
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2023.05.30 22:05 Oncefa2 The largest threat to traditional family values is not gay marriage. It's work culture taking time away from the family.

A big component of the so-called culture wars is this debate about family values.
The core of which is the nuclear family, especially as a vehicle to raise children in. Which if we're being honest, is probably a good thing for most people. It gives children a stable home environment to grow up in, and it encourages strong relationships with friends, family members, and local communities. Which we know is a good thing for mental health and quality of life.
In fact there is research supporting the conservative notion that traditional, dual-parent setups are important for children and communities to thrive:
Where this started to become a debate in the public sphere was probably the introduction of no-fault divorce, and then gay marriage. Conservatives saw it as attack on their "way of life", without first thinking about what the core of that way of life really was.
It is not necessary to have both a mother and a father to see the benefits of a stable, family oriented lifestyle.
Having two parents might be important. Especially if you have one that does not work for a living. But even that is debatable, and partially dependent on economics (could you raise a child by yourself while working 20 hours instead of 40 hours? Or does having a committed partner offer benefits beyond that?).
In order to make any of that work though, regardless of what you think a strong family looks like, what you really need is time. Time with your family. Time to cook meals. Time to eat those meals together, without being rushed to your next commitment. Time to keep your house clean and up-to-date. Time with your community. And time with your children's schools and teachers.
That's what everyone in this debate forgot about. And it really just comes back to modern work culture stealing almost all of our time to be able to afford to live.
Liberals focused on gay marriage, and then developed some kind of hatred for conservatives who wanted to buy a house, work hard, and spend time with their families. Maybe they grew up in broken homes, so they hate what they never had as children? I honestly don't know what the deal is with libs now that gay marriage is legal basically everywhere. They're just broken on this topic and should have given it up a long time ago.
But with conservatives I think it is obvious.
If you're a true conservative and you want a working father with a stay at home wife, how are you going to do that when you need a second income in order to afford that lifestyle? You can't have a stay at home wife when the husband is unable to earn enough money to support her and the rest of the family.
And that's not really his fault. Nor is it the fault of the gays, or violent video games, or Joe Biden, or whatever else you want to blame.
The fault lies with the increasingly austere work culture that expects us to dedicate all of our time and energy towards work.
The solution is not for people to work more to "save the economy". That's the lie that got us here to begin with. The more you work, the less time you have to be with your family. And that time is not a luxury. It is every bit as important as the money you earn from work. Time is what you need to hold your family together. Without it, your family is broken. Without it, society is broken.
How many divorces are created when one or both parents work too much to keep the romance alive? How much violence is caused by disillusioned children who's parents didn't have the time to raise them properly? And what effect does this have on your community and your schools?
Libs laugh at these problems. They call it a moral panic. They blame other factors, like gun laws, or "patriarchy", or whatever else they can think of. Then they try to make fun of conservatives who basically just want to live in a stable family that's part of a stable community. Like, why are we laughing at that?
Socialism is, I think, a natural solution to many of the problems that both conservatives and liberals have with this topic.
It would free up time for people to build strong relationships inside their families and communities. It would lead to fewer divorces. And it would allow many of the things that liberals want to see in society flourish as well. It would put less stress on single parents and alternative family arrangements, allowing people to be independent outside of their families if that's what they wanted. So it should be a win-win for everyone, right?
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2023.05.30 22:04 snowmanpl Rental Units or Home

Real Estate for rental or House
Hi fellows,
Just looking for an advice - 31M, with 1 kid (6 months), wife not working, living in Poland, working in tech remotely, running a small company and contracting myself.
Current financial situation: Income: - my contract 5.2k€ net - company 4.4k€ net / half for partner = 2.2k€ (right now not taking it out to try to grow the company) - starting an extra temp contract for around 8k€ net for at least 6 months in July, then possibly will need 2 months rest to avoid burnout.
Total expenses: Including mortgage and living around 2.5k€
Debt: - Mortgage for flat we live in 47k€ left at fixed 2.7% for 3 more years, current worth around 107k€
Savings: - Gold 8oz - around 15k€ (financial bag) - silver 100oz - 2.5k€ - brokerage account 25.5k€ - cash 39k€ - cash 6k€ (financial bag) - crypto 5k€
If we want to build a house it would be around 200-225k€ putting us way behind with everything. Want to go FIRE route and if everything goes well finish working at 40.
Currently I thought about buying some rental property (flats in older buildings) for around 77-80k€ which would cash flow around 350€ net monthly after all expenses and with pretty strict calculations.
But in my mind all the time I have that having a garden and house would be amazing for our family and we want that both for 100%. Just not sure when.
For me right now most intuitive is to get some more money and possibly focus more on the rental units as I find it the safest space. The current ROI is bit shit though. But it would be just to protect us a bit if something happens to me.
Just struggling on where to go next. All suggestions and different point of views would be a blessing as I’ve been thinking about it for 2 months and can’t decide.
Thank you!
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2023.05.30 22:03 JMM123 Moving in with girlfriend advice

Hi guys, I 30M am having discussions with my 29F girlfriend about moving in together down the road and want your input if I am being reasonable. We haven't proposed the options yet but want to talk about this to see if we are on the same page etc.
I make 90k plus bonus = ~110-120k per year (bonus not guaranteed at all). Girlfriend makes around 77k a year. I own a condo in the Greater Vancouver area and we're discussing whether the expectation is to move in there or to rent it out and find a place to rent together. She currently lives at home for free.
This is partly more of a "relationship" advice but I want to ask if what I want to propose sounds fair from an "economic perspective", and also if anyone has any other suggestions or advice.
Option 1:
We move in together at my condo.
The place is located 8-15 min commute for me (30 min transit). It's about 20-40 min commute (traffic dependent) for her by car (1 hour transit). Many of her hobbies are near her work as well which would mean a longer drive. Mine are closer to my place. She doesn't have a car but would consider buying one. I also have offered to let her drive my car if we went this way (covering her share of gas and any increase to the insurance) and I would commute by transit/bike.
I would require a cohabitation agreement and charge her a rent based on housing cost (mortgage, condo fees) at a 1/3 rate (ie at $2,800 per month she contributes $933) plus half the utilities and maybe a little bit towards the insurance insuring her personal property as well. I would bear the maintenance/repairs etc. This should be well below market rate rent and sounds fair to me since she doesn't own any equity in the place.
She can also potentially change job locations (she is a teacher and can change districts). This would allow her to commute somewhere closer to my place but requires her to give up the role she's currently holding and start over fresh.
This is a harder option for her because she is giving up a lot more than me and I want to try and even that up as best as possible.

Option 2:
I rent out my place and then, we rent something that's more equidistant to her work and mine. This new area is more expensive.
It's possible this may not be allowed when the time comes as only 10% of the units in my building can be rented out at any given time (strata bylaw).
I am not sure if I could get the full costs of my condo etc back by renting it (I might be short a bit) but it should be close. I likely wouldn't turn a profit.
The neighbourhood I think works best for both of us is 20 min train for her and 20-40 min car for me (but still easier than her driving from my place as I won't need to cross a bridge that can get bogged down with an accident).
If we went with this option, rents for a 1 br condo in that area is around $2,400-2,800 (a comparable one to my condo probably even higher). I would want to split the costs of renting evenly including half the utilities, tenant insurance etc as our base incomes aren't that different and there is no "equity" that I am unfairly building.
This is a harder option for me because it means adding the stress of being a landlord to shave some time off of her commute. Are there other implications to this I am not seeing- taxable income from rental property?
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2023.05.30 22:03 yolorehab Market Recap - 5/20/23 - everything is over bought

Market Recap - 5/20/23 - everything is over bought
The Fed
Fed's Barkin: There is more willingness among businesses to try to increase prices, and that will continue until demand falls. FED policy is in restrictive territory, but there is uncertainty around where rates need to go.
Core PCE is not moving fast enough. I feel a July hike is very much on the table now (still think June would be a pause).
Market implied June hike probability is now close to 70%.
Holiday travel spending remains strong. The U.S. screened nearly 9.8 million airline passengers over the four-day holiday weekend, surpassing pre-COVID 2019 levels by 300,000, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
On the international front, Eurozone M2 growth lowest in history. They are heading toward deflation.
Italian PPI is in the negative territory -3.5% YoY -6.5% MoM
As I mentioned a while back, the Federal Reserve has been tightening its balance sheet for a while, while the European Union has just started the quantitative tightening (QT) process. Euro area money supply (M1) dropped 5.2%, reaching a historic low. If the decline continues (which it probably will), the EU zone will enter a recession in the second half of 2023 (Germany is technically already in a recession).
The Economy
May's Dallas Fed Manufacturing index fell to -29.1, worse than the estimated -18 and the previous month's -23.4. Notably, new orders, shipments, delivery times, and outlook all declined further, indicating a deeper contraction. Both production and capital expenditures shifted from expansion to contraction. However, like the results shown in other regional surveys, employment experienced a slight increase.
Conference Board consumer confidence declined slightly in May. “Consumer confidence declined in May as consumers’ view of current conditions became somewhat less upbeat while their expectations remained gloomy,” said Ataman Ozyildirim, Senior Director, Economics at The Conference Board. “Their assessment of current employment conditions saw the most significant deterioration, with the proportion of consumers reporting jobs are ‘plentiful’ falling 4 ppts from 47.5 percent in April to 43.5 percent in May.
It's encouraging to see that most coincident economic indicators are holding up well and not signaling an impending recession. However, there are concerns regarding the retail and production sectors, as they have shown some weaknesses.
Housing market is holding better than expected. Case Shiller 20-City Composite: +0.45% M/M, Exp. +0.05%; -1.15% Y/Y, Exp. -1.6%; largest declines are all on the west side.
JPM estimates restarting student loan payments could "lower consumer spending by the equivalent of about 0.1% of GDP... likely wouldn't be a game-changer for the fate of the expansion..."
The Business
RBC is the latest to lift year-end target: “.. we are lifting our YE 2023 S&P 500 price target from 4,100 to 4,250 [and] lifting our 2023 S&P 500 EPS forecast to $213 from $200 .. the case against US equities relative to non-US equities has been overstated .. and think Small Caps are at an attractive entry point ..”
A great summary of the impact of US government spending on stock/bond performance. Stock tends to perform better when Uncle Sam is out shopping. Bonds tend to be under press as the spending was made on borrowed money.
The rally that followed the re-opening of China's economy has come to an abrupt halt, and certain indices are now nearing bear-market territory.
I have mentioned many times that large growth stocks have had a tremendous year so far, while small and mid-cap stocks have significantly underperformed due to economic uncertainty. However, if the uncertainty begins to settle in the second half of the year, small and mid-cap valuations will become very attractive compared to large growth names.
Many believe that semis are no longer cyclical because everything now requires chips, leading to a constant supply shortage. However, this chart suggests otherwise. If the PMI resumes its decline later this year (if indeed we are heading into a recession), semiconductor stocks will likely face demand shocks.
This is the first time I've seen someone quantify the correlation between forward equity returns and sentiment. Just not sure how strong the correlation is (probably not very strong). So may not be useful, but interesting none the less.
I am mostly cash at this point and some July IWM puts
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2023.05.30 21:58 IsabellaGalavant My sister-in-law has cancer. She is married to the worst person I know, and I do NOT want to raise his children. [Rant]

I'm childfree. Have been all my life (and now I'm fixed so no "changing my mind"), my husband knows this and agrees.
My husband's brother is the worst person I know. A narcissistic, Trump-loving, conspiracy theorist nutjob that takes every possible opportunity to be an asshole to anyone and everyone. He once said I was the worst thing to ever happen to my husband (baseless, especially at the time when I was supporting my husband through college). He has not and never will apologize for that, and I don't expect him to. This is the same fucking guy that pointed a gun at his own father and threatened to shoot him while drunk (to "send him to" their older brother that died when he was 19) and copped a charge for discharging a weapon inside a residence (he didn't shoot dad but he did fire the gun).
Anyway, he met and started dating a really nice girl a few years ago, and they've had 2 children together (I don't know how he trapped her into this, she even complains about what an asshole he is), Boy[under 2yr] and Girl[5 months]. Unfortunately, SIL was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Of course I'm here for her and she's not going to fight this alone. But her prognosis isn't good, and she has a low rate of survivability. I'm just being realistic (but would never ever say anything like that to her of course, only support coming from me over here).
My husband and I are the only family members that would be in any kind of position to take the kids, if the worst happens (my husband thinks BIL would "unalive" himself if SIL dies, which I don't agree with, because I know he'd rather use her death to milk as much sympathy as possible, which sounds fucked up but trust me, that's the kind of person he is).
I do not want to raise his children. I don't want to raise any children, but his especially. My mother-in-law is already trying to pressure us into taking the kids "to bond", but they're literally both under 2 years old, I'm not changing their fucking diapers and getting spit up on. She keeps trying to drop them off at our (completely un-baby-proofed, extremely messy and dangerous) house, keeps forcing my husband to go to their house and babysit, etc. I just know she's doing this because she wants us to be basically their primary caregivers if SIL dies. BIL is already pretty uninvolved according to SIL, so that is not a far-fetched assumption on my part.
MIL thinks that I only don't have kids because I can't, not because I don't want to (even though I've corrected her on that many times, and my husband and I were together for 10 years before I had my hysterectomy, if I had wanted a kid, I'd have had one). So she thinks that of course I want to be around the babies and potentially raise them. She will not accept the reality that BIL and I don't get along and never will (be doesn't get along with my husband either, for the record, they barely talk) and that I am not interested in being more than a cool aunt that drops by on holidays and birthdays. And I only do THAT because I like SIL. If it weren't for her, we (me and husband) wouldn't interact with them at all. Like, it's not their fault he's their father, but that's the reality. I already cut my narcissistic family out of my life, I have no problems cutting him and the kids out if I could and no I don't care if that makes me sound like a monster.
Sorry for the rambling, I'm just so annoyed at the whole situation. I feel for SIL of course and Idon't want to make her cancer about me, but holy shit I'm not trying to raise 2 kids that aren't even mine. (My husband also agrees that he doesn't want to raise them, but it could come down to us or foster care.)
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2023.05.30 21:57 Digital_Applause Exploring Financing Options for Santa Barbara Nose Jobs

Undergoing a nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, can be a life-changing decision. Whether you wish to improve the appearance of your nose, address functional concerns, or correct a birth defect, the financial aspect of the procedure is an important consideration. Fortunately, there are various Santa Barbara nose job financing (https://santa-barbara.rhinoplastyhq.com/) options available that can help you achieve your desired results without straining your budget. In this article, we will explore different financing avenues to make your nose job dreams a reality.
Health Insurance Coverage:
In some cases, health insurance may cover the cost of a nose job if it is deemed medically necessary. This typically applies to procedures aimed at correcting functional issues, such as breathing difficulties or trauma-related deformities. However, cosmetic nose jobs performed solely for aesthetic purposes are usually not covered. It is essential to consult with your insurance provider to understand their coverage policies and determine if you meet the necessary criteria.
Payment Plans:
Many reputable cosmetic surgeons offer flexible payment plans to accommodate their patients' financial needs. These plans allow you to divide the cost of the nose job into manageable monthly installments, making it easier to fit the procedure into your budget. Discussing payment plan options with your surgeon's office can help you get your affordable Rhinoplasty surgery (https://santabarbaranosejobs.com).
Medical Credit Cards:
Medical credit cards, such as CareCredit, are specifically designed to cover medical expenses, including cosmetic procedures. These cards offer special financing options, such as low or zero interest rates for a specified period. Before opting for a medical credit card, it is crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions, including interest rates, repayment periods, and any associated fees.
Personal Loans:
Taking out a personal loan from a bank or financial institution is another financing option to consider for your nose job. Personal loans provide you with a lump sum amount that can be used to cover the cost of the procedure. It is important to compare loan terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules from different lenders to ensure you secure the most favorable terms possible.
Savings and Budgeting:
If you have enough time to plan ahead, saving money specifically for your nose job can be a practical approach. By creating a budget and setting aside a portion of your income each month, you can accumulate the necessary funds over time. This method allows you to avoid debt and interest charges, providing a financially responsible way to achieve your goals.
Employer Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs):
If your employer offers flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts, you may be able to use these funds to cover your nose job expenses. FSAs and HSAs allow you to contribute pre-tax dollars into designated accounts, which can then be used to pay for eligible medical procedures, including rhinoplasty. Be sure to review the guidelines and restrictions of these accounts to ensure your nose job qualifies.
Non-Profit Organizations and Grants:
In certain cases, non-profit organizations and foundations may offer financial assistance or grants for individuals seeking specific medical procedures. Research and reach out to organizations that focus on supporting individuals with facial deformities or aesthetic concerns. While these opportunities may be limited, they can provide valuable financial aid for those in need.
Embarking on a nose job journey involves careful consideration, both emotionally and financially. By exploring the various financing options available, you can make informed decisions and find the right solution that suits your unique circumstances. Remember to consult with your surgeon, thoroughly research the terms and conditions of any financial agreements, and prioritize your financial well-being alongside your desired aesthetic outcomes.
Visit our website for more financing information: Santa-Barbara.RhinoplastyHQ.com (https://santa-barbara.rhinoplastyhq.com/)
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2023.05.30 21:57 making-a-luigi-board My partner is probably going to be homeless next week and I dont know what to do (UK)

Hi guys, posting kind of on behalf of my partner here. I'll keep it as brief as I can.
We've lived together for almost 2 years now. We moved into our current flat from a house share 8 months ago and at the same time my partner lost his job. The rent was already a bit too high for us and for the time we've lived here I've worked extra hours and he's paid his half of everything with savings (which have now run out). We gave in our months notice last month because we could no longer afford to live here without going into some serious debt, with no way to pay it back in the near future.
We have to be out next week, and while my parents said I could go back to living with them, for some reason despite claiming they like my partner they refuse to let him live there even temporarily. Obviously, I'm fuming and very hurt by this. But I also can't turn down a place to live especially when I'm the only one with a secure job. My partner won't go back to his parents home. For one thing, its kind of in the middle of nowhere and over an hour from the city we're based in, but mainly due to an emotionally abusive parent. And on the one hand I fully understand why he's so adamant that he won't go back. I know what that parent is like and the idea of my partner being stuck with them makes me sick. But on the other hand, he has literally nowhere else to go.
He has 2 siblings, one up country so is way too far away, and the other actually lives nearby, but has 2 babies and is low income, so can't really take in a full grown man with no income. He's applying for assisted/emergany housing and homeless shelters now and has contacted the council (for reference, we live in the UK, the councils here have their own homeless support systems. Also, as I'm writing this it's 9pm) but I've lived in the Y myself and damn do those guys take their sweet time finding you a room and doing all their admin. And that's if they have space- our local one only has 30 rooms in the 'first step' housing.
I'm at my wits end, I have nothing left to help him. I've applied for 3 houses and paid holding deposits I cant really afford on 2. We've been accepted but we still have to go through referencing (for American folks, basically background checks. I dont know what it's called in the US) and its always a drawn-out process so we might fail and be back at step one again. And if we do get accepted for a new home, it'll still be at least a 2 week period between leaving this place and moving in.
I dont know what to do, any advice is very much appreciated.
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2023.05.30 21:56 ditsyDuude I have surplus income and I want to make good choices, any advice?

About 8 years ago I (34) made the decision to go to Uni and get a degree in Animation and VFX, suffice to say it went well and I've been working in film since I graduated.
As a result my financial situation has changed dramatically, I used to earn around 20k but now I'm earning 65k. During lock-down my partner and I managed to save a deposit and we bought a house a year ago. I was recently promoted at work which will come with a 5-10k pay raise.
With the increased surplus income I want to make smart choices and use it wisely to secure a decent retirement. I have about £1300 per month to figure out a plan for (more after my raise), I currently pay about half into a Vanguard life strat 80 fund, and save the rest in a high interest savings account. My vanguard and savings equate to roughly 10k.
My out-goings are fairly straight forward, the only debt I have is the mortgage, I have nothing on finance and live a fairly frugal life.
With my job it tends to be on fixed term contracts, within the last 5 years I've been at 4 different studios - each one a different workplace pension. I've recently consolidated them all into one pension bee account. As well as my pension bee I have a separate workplace pension at my current studio.
Things get a bit unclear for me when I start thinking about how to divide the pie, the way I see it is I should have something as follows:
  1. Maxed out employer match pension contributions, for my current workplace pension.
  2. Monthly contributions into my pension bee.
  3. Monthly contributions into my vanguard life strat 80.
  4. Monthly contributions into a high interest savings account.
I'm concerned this isn't the smartest plan, should I be paying into two different pensions?! should I have the vanguard account if I'm paying into a pension?!
As you can probably tell from my post, I'm not super clear on what to do. I would appreciate any feedback that might suggest how to slice the pie, or places I can get educated on this stuff.
The goal is to save for retirement, use my money to make money (investments), and to save for house renovations and holidays.
Thanks in advance,
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2023.05.30 21:55 WESAKatie Program to help low- and moderate-income homeowners with repairs in Allegheny County is now open

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2023.05.30 21:54 Confident-Visual9963 Clothing advice needed

Hi ladies, I need some help finding brands to revamp/overhaul my closet. I’m a 30 year old black woman in NC who doesn’t have a strong sense of style . I’m 5’3”, 140 pounds, size 8 shoe, athletic build , pear shape.
I have plenty of jeans, shorts, workout clothes, and casual around the house t-shirts but I don’t feel like I have any non “house clothes” to wear just out and about to meet up with friends, grab drinks, go out to dinner. I’m looking for tops, casual dresses, rompers, cute shoes, etc.
I haven’t found anything flattering in target or old navy recently. I’m a women’s size 4 but anything I’ve tried on recently at Old Navy or Target either looks boxy and unflattering. I’ve tried sizing up and down but it doesn’t usually make a difference besides just being way too small or big (beyond hemming or tailoring)
Any suggestions for online stores or boutiques to check out that aren’t too expensive but still good quality? Off the shoulder tops, crew neck tops, and low rise bottoms aren’t flattering on my shape but I’m otherwise open minded! Structured but stretchy would be ideal and my price point would be < $100 for most pieces .
HELP lol. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 21:50 coolinwithcosta STBX moving out and relinquishing house to me, but I can't afford to keep it if I refinance. What to do?

My STBX wife and I both bought our house at the end of 2021 with 30-year fixed mortgage at 3.5%.
Fast forward to now and she's set to move out to an apartment in July. Because my parents contributed the bulk of the down payment (and I'm assuming also because of guilt over her affaibreaking up the family) she's verbally agreed to not pursue any of the home's value, and we've been very amicable.
She's been the main breadwinner however, so without her income I currently cannot afford the mortgage. By getting weekend work and/or renting out a room, I can make up the financial deficit until I am able secure higher-paying work.
Her primary concern, understandably, is that she doesn't want her credit affected if I fail to keep up payments. However if we refinance (assuming I'd qualify), the monthly payments and MUCH higher interest would be pushed beyond possibility.
I'm certain the mortgage is not assumable. I also worry that if I manage to pull off a miracle and secure financial safety with her name still on the mortgage, she may change her mind on relinquishing her share of the house.
It'd kill me to sell the house. I've put so much work into it since we moved. Our 3yo loves his home and his room, and I'm desperate to keep some consistency for both of us. We live on a beautiful street in a safe neighborhood. Not to mention, rents for even dingy 1-bedroom apartments are comparable to the current mortgage, and are miles away in rougher parts of town.
On top of everything else, this whole process has financially decimated our savings and I've dropped about 100 credit points since the start of the year. Even together we can't afford refinancing costs, and closing costs on the house would eat any gains.
Is there some option or avenue I haven't considered? Has anyone else had experience with bringing in roommates after a divorce?
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2023.05.30 21:47 2bebluntwithyou Professional opinion on getting my EUPD/BPD diagnosis removed wanted please!

I’m a 27(F) from the UK, white British, around 5’2 and weigh about 100lbs. I very rarely drink and if I do it’s not a lot, I don’t smoke cigarettes and probably smoke weed 3 times a week.
I am currently officially diagnosed through the NHS as having: ASD level 1 - mild severity without any intellectual delays, ADHD combined type, cyclothymia, PMDD and EUPD/BPD. I currently take 75mg of Effexor, 50mg Vyvanse, 10mg Amfexa booster to stop the Vyvanse crash and the Yasmine birth control pill.
Background: I was born in 96’ to young parents who split when I was 18 months old. I’d always been extremely anxious, I do not recall a time where I haven’t felt anxiety.
My parents had shared custody until I was 12. My mum was diagnosed with manic depression in 2008 after I moved out because she was being emotionally/verbally abusive and was neglectful. I saw my first therapist from the ages of 12-14. I was doing well and had NC with my mum until we started texting again at 18. At 18 I was diagnosed with depression & anxiety and started Effexor up to 300mg. I was on this for about 3 years and stable, I started therapy at 18 again because I know meds work best with therapy.
A month before I was meant to see my mum again, she got into a car accident and I had to spend a week in the ICU and then remove life support in 2016. However, I got through this and completed my BA when my professors told me drop out as I’d fail. I continued with therapy and came off of my Effexor early 2019.
I was doing well and completing a Psychology Conversion MSc, when my mental health started to dip in late 2019. I was prescribed 10mg of Prozac, when I went up to 20mg I started to feel really unwell. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I was experiencing anxiety I’d never felt before, working and studying full time on 2 hours sleep a night. They decided it sent me too high and took me off it again. I had an assessment with a psychologist who once discussed with the psychiatrist I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia. I finished my MSc and started working in mental health during the pandemic, with no meds and just therapy.
In September 2021 I started Effexor again and I started dating a 24 year old (F) with BPD. She had been hospitalised for it 5+ times but I didn’t care I loved her. I got her through trauma anniversaries, medication changes and she stopped self harming and using ketamine when with me. She would do both daily before we met and moved in together. She said I was her favourite person & I poured myself into helping her recover. By month 4 of this relationship I was broken. I was depressed, anxious and the most suicidal I’ve ever been. I stopped working because I just couldn’t hold it together out the house anymore. I just crumbled.
My gf was thriving and I was dying, I was assessed and given a mental health team. I was diagnosed with autism in April 2022 and bpd. My gf had been telling me I had “quiet” bpd every day, despite my SH only occurring in melt downs & no presentations to services with incidents. I told my psychiatrist I had bpd and he agreed. My SH was always just hitting myself & I could avoid SH if I ensured my sensory needs were okay.
In December 22 I was diagnosed with ADHD and started medication. Life changing! Emptiness and anxiety gone, impulsivity gone, all the bpd symptoms I did still display stopped with ADHD meds.
Early this year it was made quite obvious that I was being abused by my gf, my friends called an intervention as it was worrying them. My gf was lying to me and gaslighting me for about 6 weeks and when ovulation rolled round I got diagnosed with PMDD as I was so paranoid & almost delusional, experiencing EXTREME anxiety. BC further reduced any BPD like symptoms and gave me even more emotional stability, on top of the adhd meds.
Having lived with someone with severe BPD and worked with patients I don’t think I have this. Friends of 8+ years (some working in MH, one doing a clinical doctorate) and my dad (who has done a lot of therapy himself) think the abuse and living with a unwell person made me reflect those symptoms. On top of being told I’m bpd daily by partner who I shrunk my life down to nothing for, so I could care for her. I also know late diagnosed ND women with trauma can get diagnosed with bpd before the ND stuff. I know me giving my all was also an issue, I’m not blaming my ex for everything here. She is extremely unwell and has relapsed on the ketamine again.
Do you think I have a good case to get this diagnosis removed? Now this relationship is over I have no unstable relationships, I’ve not self harmed since it ended, the impulsivity and anger are gone, I don’t think I meet the 9 criteria anymore. Healthcare staff are horrible to me when they see the bpd diagnosis and it’s not nice. Any advice?
Edit: Spelling & clarity.
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2023.05.30 21:47 Roldylane Wiring question for a tattoo machine foot switch

My wife is starting a tattoo apprenticeship soon. I bought her some equipment, including an unwired footswitch. I assumed it just meant I needed to buy a plug-and-play cable or something, but I was wrong, it actually needs to be wired.
The footswitch needs to connect to a power supply with a 1/4" phono input. Inside the footswitch is a micro switch. Links to the items in question are at the end of this post.
I spent some time reading and think I know what to do, but I wanted to ask some strangers on the internet first.
The footswitch serves the same purpose as a sewing machine pedal, you step on the switch and the tattoo machine starts and runs as long as you maintain pressure on the switch, then shuts off when you lift your foot. It is not a toggle.
I will strip the cables to get rid of the clip connectors, then I want to attach the cables to the NO and C spot, leaving NC empty, right?
My two big questions are: 1. I put the red cable on the NO spot, right? Or does it matter? 2. The footswitch has a ground screw, do I need to ground it? The power supply is grounded, but I don’t need to do anything with the ground screw in the footswitch itself, right? I figure the grounding screw is there for if you were running machine power in/out of the footswitch itself. I don’t think there is much power going through the footswitch cable, actually, with that power supply you don’t even need a footswitch, but she wants to use one so she doesn’t accidentally tattoo herself or something.
I know it will need to be soldered, I think we can handle that part, she has a lot of non-electrical soldering experience from back when she had a job restoring old stained glass. I also found videos of kids soldering microswitches, so I think we can handle it.
Lastly, tell me if this is something you feel I shouldn’t do personally. The wired ones were out of stock, otherwise I’d have just bought one. It is a bigger project than I was expecting, but this isn’t exactly wiring up a house or anything. If there’s something I don’t know about you think might cause a giant problem let me know and I’ll either take it to a professional or just buy a new one with the wire already installed. This was just sort of a fun challenge/project to try out.
This is the foot switch: https://linemaster.com/product/161/Gem-V/GEM-V2/
Inside the foot switch is this microswitch: https://www.ebay.com/itm/262965726246?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&mkscid=101&itemid=262965726246&targetid=1493511194825&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=1014485&poi=&campaignid=19851828444&mkgroupid=145880009174&rlsatarget=pla-1493511194825&abcId=9307249&merchantid=114729749&gbraid=0AAAAAD_QDh-zhNKorGmj638bUgtNv1vK5&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmtGjBhDhARIsAEqfDEcpn1hoRTN3yB9st8mu7TdeAXndvNk6OEsthVkJnSsXFGojBKbXRfYaAq12EALw_wcB
The foot switch connects to this power supply: https://www.painfulpleasures.com/products/musotoku-tattoo-power-supply-black
I believe I can use this cable: https://www.painfulpleasures.com/products/hm-6-6-clip-cord?_pos=25&_fid=32655ae4a&_ss=c
Thank you all so much!
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2023.05.30 21:45 jula786 My (F18) boyfriend (M22) has changed dramatically after 6 months of our relationship

My boyfriend (M22) and I (F18) have been together for 6 months and spent practically all our time together since. 2 months ago he moved out from his parents into his own apartment and I’ve been living with him for the whole time. For context, I have a really bad relationship with my mother and was really glad to be able to move out especially because everything seemed so perfect in the beginning. He was understanding, caring and nice, we never really fought and if we had a disagreement it was very civil. Within a two months of knowing each other he told me he wanted to marry me, that he has never felt this way before and constantly made compliments and invited me on dates. It’s gotten less within the 3rd and 4th month but still he was a good boyfriend and cared for me. Then, in April we moved in together and things changed. We were fighting much more but again, it was civil mostly and not as dramatic as fighting has been in prior relationships. I also slowly felt like the feelings that were between us once started to fade somehow but I ignored it mostly because we still had good moments. Now we’re at the 6 month relationship mark and our relationship is nothing like it was in the beginning. When we fight he always blames me for everything, he’s never at fault and he also insults my personality in very hurtful ways (you’re sensitive, I have to walk on eggshells around you, I can’t fight with you because you always have to be right, you’re making me act this way…). He also doesn’t seem to care about me anymore and made it more than clear that I’m living in his apartment and not our. In the beginning he always talked about how it’s gonna be our apartment, how we are going to live together and things like that. Nowadays he complains about everything I do in HIS apartment and whenever I mention something I don’t like (like for example him taking phone calls while I’m still asleep) he always just argues that it’s his apartment and that I live with HIM and that he can do whatever in his apartment. For context because I think that’s important, I’m still in school and he’s working full time so I haven’t paid him rent in the past two months which I told him beforehand I wouldn’t be able to because I didn’t have any income, tho I will start paying him this months as I have a job now. He always mentions this which hurts me because he knew it beforehand, was fine with it and now uses it against me. What hurts me the most is that he is kicking me out for a few days when he has friends over so he can spend time with them. I understand that he wants to do something with them and the apartment is really small so I get that I can’t be there at the same time but it just feels so bad to be dropped of at my moms house again because in the beginning he said it would be our apartment and how important it was for him that I would have a safe space away from my mother. It also feels like he priorities his friends now and would much rather spend time with them, he never invites me on dates anymore (also doesn’t wanna do anything I suggest or never follows up with it), is much less caring and basically complains about anything I do (even if I for example clean the kitchen he will find something else I did wrong or tells me something along the lines of „yeah you cleaned the kitchen that time but you never clean the bathroom“). I asked him why he behaves this way and he says I’m overly sensitive, that he’s stressed or finds other excuses for his behaviour. I get that it’s such a big privilege that I can live with him but I feel like he is using the situation against me and our relationship suffers a lot as it feels like there is no love between us anymore, we fight everyday(mostly those are small arguments but still) and I’m completely lost. Obviously I don’t want to move back in with my parents but I hate how he’s behaving now and how he just does whatever he wants without ever considering me especially because of all these big promises he made in the beginning. I knew that it was going to be different but it doesn’t even feel like I’m living with the same person anymore. What can I do to fix this relationship? I already tried cleaning up more and stop doing everything he complains about but he always finds new things, it’s really exhausting. I wish things could return to how it was in the beginning and I don’t know what caused him switching up and being mean and bossy but I really wanted this to work out and need some advice. I sometimes think I might actually just be too sensitive and that he should be able to do what he wants in his apartment and that it’s only bothering me because it reduced my personal comfort which he shouldn’t have to care about all that much
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2023.05.30 21:44 chicken_khakenacho How bad is my self esteem ?

I always felt i had low self worth as compared to my peers. I grew up in a highly dysfunctional household with an abusive father. I thought getting feedback here from fellow redditors would make me more aware of how others percieve themselves and make necessary adjustments in myself. So,
  1. I come from a fairly rich family and live in a lavish house. When someone sees my house I have feelings of shame bcuz i feel i dont belong here as i did not earn it and got it just by luck. I feel this way especially in front of my cousins ( maybe its a way of self depriciating ? )
  2. I have people pleasing qualities, i feel that i have to match others expectations of me otherwise i am of no worth in their eyes. I need to prioritise them and their needs and slide mine under the carpet or else i will loose them.
  3. Sometimes i feel i have everything except self esteem. I am afluent, good in studies, look okay, have a good future ahead. I am just not able to keep myself in priority. I try to do it consciously but subconsciously i revert back to pleasing behaviours.
  4. I also have feelings of unwantedness. I feel quite like Gregor Samsa from "The Metamorphosis" by Kafka.
How is this different from how you percieve yourself ?
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2023.05.30 21:39 Thin-Warthog4492 Potential move to CO

My wife and I (30) are considering Colorado Springs as our next home. Currently in Charlotte, NC but living in the suburbs.
We’ll be looking to rent for at least a year before we buy again. Our rent now is $2,500 for a large 3B 2.5BA house, so we’d like to stay at a max $2,500/mo.
After a year, we’d like to buy again depending on the market with a max of $500k-$550k.
Any recommendations for good suburb neighborhoods for families in their early 30s with kids? I work from home and my wife is a stay at home mom.
Any major tips for potentially new Coloradans?
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2023.05.30 21:38 stuugie A personal revelation about meditation.

I've known about meditation for years and have tried a few different methods. I haven't really enjoyed it, though I have understood the benefits of using it in different ways. Forgive me for my lack of terminology, there were two types I tried. First was focusing on my breath, I'd sit in a quiet room and bring my attention to my breath whenever I noticed it wandered. The other I've tried was being the watcher of sensation, noticing its existence and dissociating between me the conscious watcher and my body that experiences.
I was watching some yt video (I can't remember which one, it wasn't explicitly a meditation video though) where some academic person talked about how there's a particular part of the brain that is used when you're thinking internally into one's mind as well as a different part that is used when you are thinkikg externally to oneself, and the conjecture was that depression is a symptom of imbalance between how your brain uses both those regions.
Whether it's true/legitimate or not isn't relevant, because it sparked a realization within me. Like 90% of my waking existence I'm in my own mental landscape, I don't mean I'm like comatose and in fantasy land in my head, but like watching videos, listening to music, playing video games, reading, etc, I'm rejecting the physical stimulae of my experience and reflecting inward upon those experiences. I think the first part of this realization was that I feel like I 100% identify my consciousness as my inner voice.
So now to my realization. To me, meditation is the perfect vehicle to focus on external stimulae as opposed to nesting in my thoughts. I decided instead of trying to focus just on my breath to instead focus on any sensory data I have. Focus on how different parts of my body feel, focus on how things look, on sounds I'm hearing, tastes I'm experiencing, or scents. I'm not putting pressure on myself to focus on any one thing, especially not all at once lol, but just to push myself to be in tune with my present sensory experiences.
It's hard, I really feel like I never do this, or moreso I know that I do the opposite, I ignore sensory data to focus on my thoughts. It definitely feels good for me so far. And I'm not just doing this in a dark silent room. It's a frame of mind I can enter anywhere. Like I just went on a walk in my neighborhood and every chance I got I focused on my sensory experience. The wind on my fingers, my shorts dragging on my legs, the sound of trees in the wind, looking at leaves and houses, the smell of plants, the feeling of my chest rising as I breathed, etc. I'd say with focus I only was able to maintain that mentality maybe 25% of the time. I know it's really low but I feel like it's something to expand with time. I know lots of people here have deeper reasons and methods of meditation but to me just beingore in tune with my senses is nice.
It's not that I want to stop being in my mind either but that I feel like I need more balance. Sorry for the long post lol but it's kinda hard to put the realization I had into few words.
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