Casino near midland tx

32 [M4F] UK/Anywhere looking for that connection

2023.05.30 22:00 Insidious407 32 [M4F] UK/Anywhere looking for that connection

So i'll begin with the basics I guess im 32 from the east midlands near nottingham, open to meeting people from wherever but in an ideal world it would be great if you were from the UK to make it easier to meet up if we do click.
With that out the way a heads up I can be somewhat of a rambler at times so just a prewarning lol.
I have some of the expected hobbies that redditors tend to have and between watching comedies and indie game development I am a casual gamer to keep up with friends and family.
Growing up as a forces kid I have moved about throughout my life so enjoy travelling and getting to see new places, I enjoy going camping from time to time and hiking about on the odd occasion.
Tend to be a bit of a free spirit and music wise listen to anything and everything though my faves do tend to come from rock and metal. Just recently got back from a tribute act festival that lasted a few days which was pretty fun.
I'll leave it at that for now if you feel we would hit it off feel free to ping off a dm or chat.
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2023.05.30 21:30 ColdBlackWater St. Pancras

Somebody told me of a time slip account that one of their friends told them and it was where they were staying in a hotel in London, but were planning on going to St Pancras train station so that they could travel to Paris.
After leaving the hotel, they found that they had a while yet before their train to Paris left. When they were walking down the street towards St Pancras train station, they found a casino situated nearby, across the road from the St Pancras train station.
They decided to go to the casino to help kill a bit of time, and when they went in, the place was full of cigarette smoke. The music being played sounded 1960s , and they got welcomed into the casino by a woman who had a similar style; and the general look of the place was very old fashioned.
The friend then won some money when playing at one of the slot machines, and they decided to get a quick drink at the bar before leaving. They then left the casino and went to the St Pancras train station and head off to Paris for the day.
Upon arriving back in London in the evening, they decide to go back to the casino again.
Except they couldn't. It was nowhere to be found. They went back to the hotel and tried looking for the casino again early in the morning, but couldn't find it anywhere. They asked various people if there had ever been a casino near the St Pancras train station and the answer they got was no.
What seemed strange was how the money they won at the slot machine was modern British currency and when they got a drink at the bar, their modern British money was accepted.
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2023.05.30 20:57 wwisd June 2023 cycling events

Figured with RideLondon just over, it might be time to give these a go again. I'll post the links to events in a comment - some of the previous versions of this seem to have got stuck in the spam filter (I thought people were just over them, but just realised they were never visible for anyone else).
Further away but something to put in your calendars:
As always, please add any events I might have missed - there's lots on and there's no one place all cycling stuff is listed so would be nice to get some stuff together here!
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2023.05.30 20:13 ThumpdaddyXXII 22 and don’t know what I want to do, could I guys help?

I’ll start off saying I’m 22 turning 23 at the end of the year so I know this is the best time to decide what I want to do in life. I grew up in a small town in Arkansas and straight out of high school I went to work at a local boat trailer company as a welder and over the 4 years I was there worked my way up to shop supervisor. Made good money for the area and it was an easy job, didn’t really have to do much just order materials, but there was no benefits. So I started looking for more welding jobs near me and landed a welding job in Texarkana, TX with good health, dental, vision insurance. I took a pay cut as I had to start from the bottom and work my way up again but am quickly realizing this career route is not for me. Straight out of high school I enjoyed welding, idk if it’s because I had a supervisor position for 1 1/2 years or what but I just can’t stand it anymore. I can’t stand getting burns, which comes with welding, as it leaves scabs and I get looks from people cause it looks like drugs. The days drag by and I only look forward to the gym after work and hanging out with friends on the weekend. I’m not a lazy person, even though what I just said may make people think otherwise, I want to work I just don’t want to work in rough conditions.
I’ve considered just quitting and working as a cook at a restaurant as I honestly think I’d enjoy it more than what I’m doing. I’m not sure what job would fit me, my mom tells me I should become a personal trainer as I’m really into the gym, I track all the food I eat, I take care of myself, even though that can be hard just considering the job environment I’m in now. Only problem I can see with being a trainer is I’m not much of a people person, though that may change if I actually enjoyed my work environment. Only other career I could maybe see is a mechanic, as I like working on trucks, cars, and bikes.
So with all that I hope someone could help guide me in a direction, whether it’s trainer, mechanic, or something completely different. If y’all have any questions that’s would help guide me feel free to ask.
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2023.05.30 17:31 Edg-R What tree is this? Spotted near Dallas, TX

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2023.05.30 16:43 Defiant-Stage-6589 Stuck to my limits

It's been hard but almost 3 weeks now I have stuck to my limits of 30 a week only on sports no casino. still have thoughts about near misses that happened about a month ago but some days it doesn't even cross my mind.My limits on all known betting sites and my girlfriend watching my bank has definitely helped.I feel like my mind is healing from all the suffering I caused myself gambling for 4 or 5 hours a day every day. Feel like I have so much more energy. It does get better !
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2023.05.30 16:41 Lea_0o0 [Help][Problem] My Minecraft doesn't work!

[Help][Problem] My Minecraft doesn't work!
Hi, so It's been a while since I tried playing Minecraft today I felt like building but my Minecraft doesn't work when I open the Minecraft launcher it works well, but when launching the Minecraft is where the problem starts the loading Mojang screen is okay. but then the menu and in the world the game is stuttering basically 1FPS.
- my Minecraft is entirely up to date - my Java is fully up to date - I already gave my Minecraft 4 gb ram - I already give priority to my Java- and yes it is using my graphics card - I Reinstalled java, Minecraft and my driver already
For extra information I have played Minecraft before on this PC, this PC is a high-end PC for minecraft. and right now playing other games like Cyberpunk it runs smoothly on the highest settings.
I already did everything what am I not seeing?
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2023.05.30 16:34 Maxx3141 Everything you need to know about Ethereum Gas Fees

Everything you need to know about Ethereum Gas Fees
I often see people confused about how Ethereum fees work or why transactions fail. So let's try to explain everything you need to know about Ethereum gas fees!
The concept is also true for sidechains and L2s like Polygon and Arbitrum (Nova)! Especially when I talk about failed transactions and how to fix it, this is more intended for cheap L2s and not the main-chain where each mistake costs you 10$!
Note only the first three paragraphs are required for the basics, the later part explains why the most common problems happen and how to resolve them.

What is gas?

Simply speaking: Gas is the amount of work a certain transaction causes for the network. This will only depend on the transaction, and be fully independent of the current load of the network. Some examples can be seen in this table:
Type Gas
ETH transfer 21,000
ERC20 token transfer ~50,000
Uniswap V2 Swap ~105,000
Uniswap V2 Add Liquidity ~130,000
Uniswap V3 Swap ~130,000
Uniswap V3 Add Liquidity ~450,000
As you see, the only thing that can be exactly estimated is an ETH transfer, this is the minimum fee. Different token contracts can require different fees and for DEXes the gas fee can even vary a lot more.
You have basically no control over the gas usage, your wallet will automatically set a gas limit. We will look into this later again.

The gas fee

The gas fee is the amount of Gwei you pay per unit of gas your transaction consumes. This will depend on the current load of the network and is basically "auctioned", meaning the validators will include the transactions with the highest gas fees. You can see an estimate for the current gas fees on gas trackers like the one from Etherscan.
One Gwei is 10-9 ETH = 0.000000001 ETH.
Simplified, you will pay one gas fee per unit of gas your transaction consumes:
Fee = Gas Units * Gas Fee.
The London upgrade changed this forumula a little bit by splitting the gas fee into base fee and priority fee:
Fee = Gas Units * (Base Fee + Priority Fee)
Your "max base fee" must be larger than the Base Fee set by the network, and your Priority fee is the tip you give the validator. The larger the tip, the more likely you will be included, especially in congested times.
Note if the Max Base Fee is higher than the actual Base Fee, the difference will be refunded to you. The priority fee will always be paid.


Let's say you make a Swap for 105,000 gas and the fee is 50 Gwei. The fee for the transaction is 105,000 * 50 Gwei = 5.25m Gwei = 0.00525 ETH = ~10$

Pending transaction

If your transaction is pending, you set either the Max Gas Fee or the Priority Fee too low. You can compare your transaction, which should already be visible on the block explorer, with a gas estimator to see where to problem is.
Especially if your Base Fee is too low, waiting will often not resolve the issue, you need to increase the fee. In Metamask you can do this pretty easy directly in the "Activity" tab by clicking on "Speed Up".
This will actually broadcast a new transaction with the same Nonce, effectively overwriting the old transaction. That's why even "Canceling" a transaction will still require a small fee, because this just replaces the transaction with a zero-transfer to self or similar.
If you want to make another transaction, you have to make sure you have no pending transaction left!

Failed transactions and why they still charge the fee

One important thing to understand: An ETH transaction fails because of the user and not because of the network. This can have different reasons, for example a critical error during a smart contract interaction, like a requirement missing or a bug.
Even if your transaction fails, you pay the fee. Some find this strange, but it actually makes perfect sense. The validator did the work, but the transaction failed because of an error (of the user!). The fee is the only thing that stops an attacker to spam the network with endless impossible transactions.
The reason this doesn't exist in Bitcoin: Bitcoin is not Turing Complete - if a transaction is valid or not can be determined by any node without needing a lot of computation power. In fact, a transaction can't fail on Bitcoin.

Gas limit

Any ETH transaction will include a gas limit - there is no way to know exactly how much gas a transaction will consume before it happens, so you set the maximum amount of gas a transaction is allowed to use up. No matter what happens, the tx will not consume more gas. Also a successful transaction will never consume more gas than it needs, no matter what the gas limit was set to.
This one is super important, because from my experience it's the #1 reason a user will encounter a failed transaction. Usually your wallet or the website you are connected to will estimate the gas limit correctly.
Sometimes however, especially after a contract got updated, a website will tell your wallet a wrong gas limit and the transaction will fail. Sadly, not all transactions will clearly say so on the block explorer. See this two trancactions which both failed because they ran out of gas:
Transaction 1: Failed because of gas limit, gives clear error message
Transaction 2: Failed because of gas limit, gives generic error message
If you are not sure, you can check the actual gas limit in the failed transaction on a block explorer: A failed transaction with nearly 100% gas usage will often indicate your transaction actually ran out of gas:
To fix this, you have to broadcast the transaction again with a higher gas limit. If this happens on Nova, I usually just double the fee and this usually fixes the issue.
If you set the gas limit to 2x or 10x of the first value, your next transaction will also be 2x or 10x more in fees if it fails again. Strictly speaking, there can be different reasons for a transaction reaching the gas limit - like a tx caught in an infinite loop. So try at your own risk!

Edit fees in Metamask

You can manually edit the gas fees (which consists of the base fee and priority fee) and gas limit in Metamask. The setting is a little hidden, but on each transaction you can reach it by first clickig at "Market" on the fee tab and then on "Advanced":


ETH foundation
Etherscan gas tracker
Gas Fee estimator showing gas costs


Gas fees on Ethereum are actually pretty simple:
Your transaction consumes a certain amount of gas - more complex transactions (like a swap) require more gas than a simple transfer. The load of the network will determine the gas price.
In the end you pay the gas fee for each unit of gas your transaction consumes.
If your gas price is too low, your transaction will remain pending.
If your gas limit is too low, your transaction will fail.
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2023.05.30 15:45 pea_sleeve Race Report Cap Tex Tri - Sprint

Race Information
Name: Capital of Texas Triathlon
Date: May 29, 2023
Distance: 750m/12.3mi/3mi
Location: Austin, TX
Time: 1:29

Goal Description Completed?
A 1:30 *Yes*
B 1:34 *Yes*

Mile Time
Swim 15:30
T1 2:30
Bike 38:30
T2 2:00
Run 30:50

I enjoy reading race reports so much, here is my contribution.

I used a training plan from the 80/20 Triathlon book. I had completed the Level 1 Olympic plan for a race in the beginning of April, and then switched over to do the final 8 weeks of a Level 2 sprint plan for this race. 3 runs, 3 rides, 2 swims (sometimes 3). I felt strong running, doing long runs of 1:30-1:45 most weeks, but not very fast (and very fast for me isn't even very fast normally). I also do a long ride of 2-3 hours most weeks. I'm a strong swimmer but not as fast as I used to be, I haven't given the swim much attention.

I'm a woman in my 40s and competed in swimming as a kid, then triathlon in my 20s after time off to recover from back surgery. I did this race in 2003, the olympic distance, among many others. Last year on the encouragement of my 7 year old daughter I signed up for the sprint about 5 weeks out. I had been biking and running alternating days after finally recovering from some chronic and severe back/pelvic/hip problems that left me unable to run for more than a decade.
I wanted to improve my time over last year and I felt that I should be able to run faster, since last year I completed a 5k training plan and ran a 27 minute 5k (in the old days I could do 23, but still proud) and also ran a half marathon. I also biked a lot but I don't have a power meter or smart trainer, I do all my rides outside on varied terrain and so I have no idea what race pace would be for me. Last year my bike split was 45 min, but I looked back at that 2003 race and saw that I did the olympic distance bike course in 1:14. I'm not in 22 year old shape anymore but seeing that made me realize I could go a lot harder on the bike.
I decided to go pretty hard on the swim and bike and let what happens happen on the run. I did my bricks at a 9:30 pace and felt strong, but I don't think I could go much faster than that.
My splits from 2022: 17:00 swim, 2:30 T1, 45:00 bike, 2:00 T2, 30:10 run

It's not a seeded start and there were many waves before me so the course was pretty crowded but I felt good overall. I've been practicing sighting and that went better, it's also a really straightforward rectangle. I had to stop and clear my goggles because they fogged so badly but that only took a few seconds. I think I could have gone maybe 30-60 sec faster and felt fine but I'm happy with my split here, it was around 25th percentile in my age group. The lake downtown has a lot of hype for being disgusting and dangerous to swim in but honestly any lake near any type of people is going to be kind of gross if you let yourself think about it.
The bike course is a 6 mile loop, you do it twice for the sprint and 4 times for the olympic. It has 2 U-turns per loop as well as a bunch of 90 degree corners. It was raining a little and they had people out yelling to slow down for the turns, I didn't see any crashes but heard that there were some. I pushed pretty hard on the bike, I was hoping to do 40-42 min compared to last year's 45, and finished in 38:30, also 25th percentile for my age group.
I got out on to the run and my energy was ok but I didn't have any power. I felt like I was doing those 9:30 miles from training but my watch told me they were 11:00 miles. I did bring a water bottle that I drank from a little but mostly poured on my head and back throughout the run. Without that I probably would have had to walk just from being too hot. We all agreed that the course was short, it was 3 miles if that, not 3.1. So I finished just under 31 minutes but it's a little misleading pace-wise. My run was like 70th percentile for my age group.
I feel great about the race and plan to take another year to get stronger on the run. 25th percentile run for my age group would have been around 26 minutes and I feel confident that I can get there with another year of running under my belt. I've only been able to run at all for about 2 years now, I just need to stay injury free. I'm glad I pushed myself on the bike and plan to go on some harder group rides which I know is how I got faster in my 20s. I'd also like to get a power meter, but they're very expensive.
I'm debating a fall 70.3 (it would be my first) and then plan to train for the Austin Marathon in February.

Made with a new [race report generator]( created by herumph.
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2023.05.30 15:11 Pretty-Broken93 How do I process this? First time being around people in nearly 5 years (festival/vacation meetup gone incredibly wrong)

Let me start off by saying I have always been extremely reclusive and the past nearly five years have been nothing short of me going to great lengths to avoid people at all costs outside of work (which had been mostly remotely since the pandemic) and going to the grocery store. I only recently managed to start to be able to go to the gym again to try to gain some strength back to help with my uneasiness after I was r**** around 4 years ago. It was so bad that I would pull up to the gym and see one guy there and then just leave, or try to wait in my car for them to leave first. When I lived in an apartment I even waited to take out my trash til the middle of the night so I didn’t have to see or interact with anyone. If I opened my door and someone was in the hallway, I’d go back inside until they were gone then leave. I generally will not exit my car if there are people around either. Finally at the gym, I slowly but surely got myself to start going in and have been fairly consistent. I used to never be scared of people I just never liked being around them. Adding that aspect really changed a lot of things for me. Recently I let some online friends all convince me to go to a massive music festival (500,000 attendees?) that I was in no way mentally (or otherwise) prepared for and I’m just at a loss on how to move forward from here. Leading up to the vacation I was in all sorts of bad shape medically going through various things with trying new medications for migraines and dealing with stomach ulcer issues, etc... high stress with my job and a particular friendship with one of the other people in the group who would be attending with us, things like that. I kept mentioning to everyone including that friend I was struggling with that I don’t think I should come. I tried to stress how hard this was going to be for me and I didn’t want to be a bother to anyone else but I don’t think they understood or tried to understand. To be honest, as bad as it feels, and I’m not sure, this could just be in my head, I feel like they didn’t care because we both had wanted to meet each other for a long time and had been past just being simply friends but weren’t dating so they may have just wanted to sleep with me. I don’t want to think that but I can’t be sure and although I brought it up later on in the trip they never clarified - more on that later. Anyway, any time I mentioned I shouldn’t come, I would either be treated like I was using this as a threat/to take something away from/be mean to my friend who I was having high tensions with OR met with reassurance that I’d be in a safe place with people who cared about me. Which made it very confusing and in the end I did go. A couple things to mention I have a lot of other trauma from my childhood and I do not function normally at all, I have C-PTSD, severe anxiety, and a lot of of other things that I think I will have to see a specialist for because really simple things tend to be hard for me. I ended up meeting with my long time friend I’d been having a rocky time with a day later than planned and after having missed a flight and being up 36+ hours the day before and working a 10-hour shift the day prior too. Everything was chaotic and I felt like the worlds biggest mess. I’ve never looked worse or felt more scatterbrained in my life. For the sake of the rest of this story I’ll call my friend: S. I’d known this person online since covid, so for about 3 years and we had been extremely close off and on. I have so much love for this person which is crazy because I usually do not care for people much or find it very hard. In the beginning of our friendship they were very caring and attentive but there were also drugs and alcohol involved and at the time I don’t think I realized a lot of the things they told me that meant a lot to me were probably when they were on drugs like molly. At the time I was pretty unfamiliar with that. I barely drank. Also probably worth mentioning S may have some issues of their own, behavioral or developmental and so they’re not “normal” like everyone else which is why I think we got along so well. We both could talk about the strangest things all day and have very particular interests and just really enjoyed spending time together prior to getting more heavily involved when arguments became more frequent. Back to the vacation: I was so nervous to be flying but finally got off my last plane and S was there to meet me near my baggage claim. I couldn’t believe I was finally meeting him. There were some definite differences I noticed in what I imagined or thought he would be like in person compared to what I’d seen from him online. He definitely had a cool, calm demeanor online but felt a bit more dorky in person which I actually loved. He was sweet and helped me with my bags and I nervously rambled about what I mess I was and how I’d already been having a difficult time. We talked about not doing anything sexual but sure enough at the hotel he was already making advances to get on my bed (we had two beds). I think my conversation and my obvious attentiveness to what he was doing kept him from actually moving to my bed without asking. Eventually he did ask to cuddle and we did have sex. Not really shocking considering I’ve always been extremely into him and vice versa. Between that day and the next we just got to enjoy each other’s company, sight-see, and got great food then eventually checked out of the hotel to meet up with everyone else in our group, get situated in our camping spot/the rv and get ready for the music festival. This is when it started going sour. I don’t think S was in any way prepared for how much comfort I needed around this amount of people. I come from a very rural area with towns that have around 1,200 occupants. The closest city has 70,000 and again I am not comfortable being around people regardless. Not sure if this trauma related or if I am on the spectrum with aspergers or autism but being around people gives me this extreme discomfort that I would liken to ripping my skin off. I don’t really know how to explain it. I’ve found that drugs and or alcohol can help or being around someone who makes me feel safe can help but it’s just so unsettling. So I try my best the first day, I’m quite stiff the whole time. We all had done some acid but I only did a half tab because I knew it could make things much worse, at best it might allow me to loosen up a bit. It didn’t. It made me nauseous. Uneasy. More needy. I convince S to go back with me to a place I know I can get some molly (not from strangers) so I am less tense and don’t have a meltdown. I know using drugs especially like molly is not a good answer for what I was going through but I felt like I was about to have some psychotic episode to be honest. I was so out of my element and S was having the time of his life - he absolutely LOVES music and I don’t think I could have a proper conversation with him to explain how I was feeling or get him to understand/care so I felt like it was my only option unfortunately. Anyway, it did help the night go a bit more smoothly. I let myself relax... a little. I had some fun. Not much which is sad because this was an extremely expensive festival to attend but I was having so much trouble getting out of my head. So many negative thoughts and weird emotions were rushing over me the entire time and I couldn’t get them to stop. The second night I was more prepared. Again, I did molly but nothing else. My friends had brought other things but I knew I had to be careful not to put myself in a position to have a bad trip or to make things worse. Molly is pretty straight forward and can more or less force a good time and me to relax to I kept with that instead. This was a common theme the duration of the 3-day festival. So the second day was the only day I could actually say I truly had fun. I enjoyed the music so much. Watching S have fun made my heart feel so full. He loves to dance and I took tons of videos of him enjoying himself. Other than me having to constantly get water and go to the restrooms it was pretty great. We were the last ones back to the rv and we messed around a bit since everyone was asleep and in a different part of the rv where they couldn’t heasee us. He fell asleep with me for a bit then went to get up and go to his bed but for some reason opened the rv door and left it wide open? It was so effing hot out and my bed was in the dining area where all the heat was coming in so I get upset... mostly because I can’t get the door to close. Idk why but we all had issues with this rv door the whole time we had it. Not sure if it was broken or what, half the stuff listed on the rv was broken so wouldn’t surprise me. So I just try to hold the door closed, super exhausted but perched near the stairs inside of the rv and after 5-9 minutes of S being gone he comes back and I kind of go off on him. I don’t know how bad, I don’t think I said anything hurtful just like, “Why would you leave it open? I’m tired but I had to sit here and hold the door closed because it’s so hot...” but my tone was rough and I could see a sad, disappointed look in his face. Like we just had so much fun and that’s the last thing he experienced before going to bed. The next day I was hoping would be the best day because I was hoping I’d get more relaxed around people but about 2 hours into the night we get stuck at these really great sets and S is up front literally fist bumping one of the DJs that he adores and completely euphoric. I stay back and take videos of him because I know people will be taking videos and I don’t want to be up there and have attention on me or be touching bodies with so many people. Just a really uncomfortable situation for me. Over an hour passes and I really have to pee, I don’t want to bother S and he hasn’t come over to check on me once so I test the waters by walking away to throw something in the trash. I think to myself that maybe I can find a bathroom. I go back to my original spot, see S and then think again that I really don’t want to bother him and it will make me uncomfortable to go up there and also to try to shout in his ear that I need to use the restroom. We had to wear earplugs this whole time and he really wasn’t listening to me or paying much attention to me at this point because he was so lost in the music. To be honest there’d been a few times he completely dismissed me trying to talk to him already during the festival so I weighed the options and felt like it wasn’t worth me being so uncomfortable just for him to most likely wave me off and not listen to me anyway. So I go to try to find the bathrooms on my own. 45 minutes later and I still haven’t found them. I don’t know how. There’s just so many people, I’m kind of short and my eyesight is shit and I just have no idea what I’m doing. I keep ending back by where S was so I go back to where I was standing originally and still see him. Finally I go up to him and just shout, “I’m leaving,” thinking he would follow far enough out of that tightly packed crown in front of the DJ that I could say more. He shouted back he wasn’t leaving. I think I went back and said it a second time then started walking away and waited 30-45 seconds to see if he followed. He didn’t. Probably didn’t help there was a mostly naked chick dancing right next to him up there either. At this point I can tell I’m the last thing on his mind. I think he actually scowled at me when I was trying to talk to him like I was definitely bothering him at this point. In the past he told me he likes to do things alone and he’s even told me I get in the way (you choose the context, you’re right either way) so I know he’d reached his limit with me. It sucks because he promised he’d be with me the whole time and convinced me to come when I didn’t want to based on telling me I’d be safe and yadda yadda but he literally wouldn’t even give me the time of day if I asked. Doesn’t hurt to mention throughout this whole festival ($700+ tickets btw) that I never got to see anyone I wanted to see. It was just him dragging me to every set he wanted except for ONE which was a set he wanted to see anyway. Regardless, I had to leave again and try to find the restroom. I eventually did then found my way back. He’s gone even after saying he wasn’t leaving. I can’t get in touch with him he has no reception or data at this place. He’d been asking me to hotspot so he could’ve asked somebody else but he didn’t. I tried to contact the rest of the group in our rv but no one gets back to me for several hours. I couldn’t enjoy the music at this point because I’m having a panic attack in a sea of people I don’t want to be around, completely sober at this point, lost the one person I care about in a way where I know he will blame me, and can’t get ahold of anybody. I basically power walked around by myself for 3-4ish hours just to keep myself occupied and then eventually was able to meet up with some other people from our group. S is with them. I was so hurt. I know none of them understood what I was going though but they convinced me to come and left me alone and didn’t even care. I felt used by S too. I felt like his whole goal was just to get me here to sleep with me and he didn’t care about the rest or treating me decent, especially because our friendship leading up to this point had been so rocky and he completely just started tuning me out. Lots of mixed signals and lies to be honest, while also accusing me of lying when I wouldn’t be and saying he doesn’t trust me. I have so many things running through my head. Unfortunately two of our group separate to go meet up with some other people they met earlier that night and leave S and I alone again. I don’t know where I’m going or what to do again. S asks me if I’m going back to the rv and I stupidly just don’t respond. I found that he stonewalls me so much, sometimes for hours or days that I started doing it back here and there and it never goes well. If I don’t respond to him he obviously just gets pissed and walks off. I realize I don’t want to be left alone again and try to follow after him but he’s super tall and I have a really hard time keeping up plus I think he’s intentionally trying to lose me because he starts weaving in between rvs and I think hid behind one for a moment. I saw him come back out and look around but must not have seen me. So I got lost once when he did that but then found him again but then got lost a second time because I just couldn’t keep up. Anyway I make it back to the rv and he’s not there, no one is and it’s locked but I have one of the two keys. I probably should have unlocked it? But being in high anxiety mode I think I was more worried about leaving all our valuables unattended especially when one of the previous nights somebody was trying to get into our rv multiple times even with it locked. So I left it locked and walked towards the camp bathrooms to see if S was there. Not sure why I was looking for S, I guess I just didn’t want to be alone. Didn’t find him there so walk back to the rv again and find 3 of our group had just walked up so I unlock it and we go in. 2 others go shower and S gathers his things to shower and walks out. While he’s gone I go to grab his dab vape from his bag because I knew exactly where it was and I thought it would calm me down because I don’t need much. I grab the whole vape because I wanted to sit on my own bed and hit it. Anyway apparently he wasn’t going to shower and he returned while I had it and was looking for it and asked me where it was. Again, stupidly I don’t answer or at least not how he wanted. I answer his question with another question, “why?” Just being difficult. Honestly I recognize how toxic this is on its own in hindsight but at the time I think in my head I was just thinking about all the times he would ignore me for hours or days and I wasn’t able to ask a simple question or get a simple answer so I thought this was somehow justified based on those previous interactions which is ridiculous. In any case this goes over VERY badly. When some of our other group comes back he goes to one of them and tells them I went through his bags, implying all of them, and stole (yes, called me a thief) his entire vape. Not just a hit. Which by the way I was never even able to get hit off the vape because for some reason either I was doing something wrong or it wasn’t working/was dead/empty. I saw S hitting it later so no idea what I was doing wrong but I’d used it earlier and it wasn’t like it was complicated. Anyway not only that S who also always had a way of making an argument out of nothing also started accusing me of lying about walking back to the rv and seeing him there the first time I got back and just not unlocking the rv for him. Maybe he was hiding around the side of it? But I truly didn’t see him. He just starts calling me a thief and a liar on these grounds in front of or to, since he’s not really talking to me, our mutual friends. Somewhere in all of this I think I had said some pretty terrible things to him like having wished I never met him, nobody would ever want to be with him (he is not affectionate or caring but it’s not my place to say something like that so while I may feel like there’s some valid reasoning for it it’s obviously not okay), and some other things I regret. We also had another part of vacation planned just the two of us after the festival where we were to split off from the rest of the group and at some point I told him I felt like he completely tricked me into coming without caring about me at all and that I no longer wanted to go the rest of the trip with him or would pay him for our room we stayed together in previously because I may need that money to book something else. Which that part was just stingy. My portion of the room was $110. I think I was just thinking of how I spent $2500 (minimum, closer to $3,500 at this point) to go on a vacation where I had a massive extended panic attack the whole time, got abandoned, and didn’t get to enjoy much of what I wanted while he got everything he wanted. We barely talked the next day. We were supposed to leave the following morning (2 days after the horrible last day of the festival) to continue our vacation. Our more financially blessed friend got a hotel for everyone that hadn’t left yet so we could relax before the rest of us head home or elsewhere. While everyone else goes to the pool and to check out the casino I tried to talk to S about what was going on. Said I would pay but I need to know he isn’t lying about plans. He’d gone back and forth on a couple things and I felt like I might not have a place to stay at one of our next locations since it was with one of his friends, not a hotel. He refused to answer any questions, per usual. Even just me asking, “will I have a place to stay?” At this point he wanted me to pay him for the hotel we stayed at previously and for all of our other accommodations upfront but would not tell me if I was actually going to have somewhere to stay the entire time or would need to get another hotel on my own. I’m in panic mode, with everything going on and even simple things being hard for me I needed to know this but he wouldn’t tell me. The only thing he would say about every five minutes was, “pay me or leave me alone,” and he’d slip in, “thief,” here and there. This goes on for two hours. At one point I notice he’s recording me as I’m telling him I can’t pay him for everything if I don’t know that I’m going to have somewhere to stay. He could cancel plans and completely screw me over. This is important because he does in fact, cancel plans. But at the time he won’t say anything but to pay him. Eventually one of our group members come back and reluctantly gets involved and obviously tells me that I should pay for the room we stayed in which I do agree (even though I should’ve mentioned I paid for all our expensive meals while we were there) and that S should apologize which is what I was asking of him so that I could take it as the smallest sign he could be trusted not to screw me over, I’d pay him, and we could get on with everything. I ask for S’ PayPal and even though he recorded himself telling me to pay him and what seemed like me saying I wouldn’t (without knowing I’d have somewhere to say) it was odd because he was trying to refuse to give it to me, asking, “why?” I said, “why do you think I’m asking for your PayPal? You wanted me to pay you.” And then then he’d say he didn’t trust me with it. We still weren’t sure if we were going to continue with the trip and he asked me to leave the room so he could talk to our other friend. I knew he was going to show him the video/recording. I went to the other hotel room and unfortunately fell asleep. Our plane was supposed to be leaving in <6 hours so this was all incredibly rushed timing. I wake up and he had sent me a text message asking what room I’m in so we can talk. I reply I’m tired and just go to their room instead. By then everyone is back so we talk in the hallway. He says meet him at 6:30 am in the hall and be ready to go. He finally sends me the email associated with his PayPal and I send a test amount to make sure it goes to the right place. It shows his full name and doesn’t say anything about the email being unconfirmed. Back in my room I fall asleep on accident again and wake up to a message from him saying he didn’t receive anything and not to send anything else, and another message saying he doesn’t trust me and he’s sorry but he’s cancelling his flights and the accommodations. I catch him leaving at 6:30 on his own. I was crying and tried to talk to him but he just looked at me with a blank face and told me it’s my fault. We haven’t spoken since and it’s been about a week. It’s worth mentioning in our friendship leading up to this that he would often start problems when there were none just to say he had a reason to not want to talk to me and would ignore me for days at a time which is part of why I didn’t want to go on the vacation to begin with on top of me severe issues with everything else. I know that my anxieties and the hurtful things I said were or should have been in my control and I feel terrible about that but I can’t help but think he had this planned. Especially with recording him telling me to pay him then refusing to give me his PayPal. In fact for days after I messaged him to get his PayPal with no response, tried contacting his friend he was with to ask for it as well or to see if I could send the money to them and they could send it to S but they just said they’d pass the message on and never got back to me. I know he showed that video to people and tried to say I wouldn’t pay him and then refused to allow me to pay him to make me look bad and I don’t understand that. In the end he had to pay our friend (who initially covered the rv) his portion for the rv, so I had that friend forward my money to S on PayPal since he had him in his contacts after that. I even overpaid S, almost double to help with the ubers and for a vape since he may or may not think I tried to steal his. I guess now I’m just left with trying to process everything. Are we at equal fault? Is it more one person than the other? Is it forgivable? I have a hard time with boundaries and I don’t make lots of friends so this person means a lot to me. I’m worried about potentially getting sucked back into something that’s bad for me but also not caring about myself enough to stop it, I guess. For added context S and I quit talking once before and he even told me that we, “were never even really friends,” even though we’d spend 13 hours together a day just talking or playing games. It makes it hard to rationalize what’s real or what’s not. I think I need therapy. Does anyone have anything to offer here?
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2023.05.30 15:04 r_rconstruction Expert Septic Tank Cleaning in Midland, TX

Maintain a healthy septic system in Midland, TX with our professional septic tank cleaning services. Trust us for reliable and efficient septic tank cleaning in Midland. Schedule your appointment today!
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2023.05.30 14:10 Cascouverite On a more positive note: why I moved to Germany, and like it here

I've been in Germany nearly 10 years now. I moved here from Canada. This sub and a lot of ex-pat groups can be quite negative so I thought I'd post why I actually like it here.
Germany can be obtuse and stubborn and ugly, but the city I'm from (Vancouver) has it's own long long list of problems that make it just as unattractive at times. Not just Vancouver, most Canadian cities TBH. I've seen things that would be unthinkable here, but are everyday life in Canada. I've seen corpses sit for days on the streets from ODs before someone noticed they weren't just a zombie they were dead and called the cops. Multiple friends and neighbours of mine have died because of fentanyl. I have a bunch of friends whose moms would sell party-drugs and do sex-work cause there was no other way to afford a place to live. All the drugs I did as a teen were sold to me by my friends moms. Vancouver is also completely infested with white-collar crime. Triads, Yakuza, Angels, Italian Mafia, Polish mafia, Indian gangs etc. and the police are completely powerless to do anything about it (and often in bed with them). Absolutely everything is a money-laundering scheme. It's not all as depressing and negative as it sounds, but when you grow up around it and you're working class you wind up working for them even if your work is 100% legit it's just completely inescapable. They're in bed with real-estate developers, they own all the clubs and casinos and dozens of restaurants... A friend of mine is a Japanese cook, there's a whole street full of restaurants that are just Yakuza money-laundering fronts where you can eat pufferfish and drink turtle's blood if you know how to ask. There's no real pharma-care, only like 10 days vacation a year, no paid sick-leave. The food is miles better and there's endless nature to enjoy but Canada is heavily romanticised.
Looking at my home country, a dream place to emigrate for many, I don't see a future for myself, or most of my friends who still live there. The rents are just as bad, education is too expensive for most of them to do full-time, death and addiction plague most cities and social services are just as fucked there as they are here.
That said, I've been incredibly lucky here. Turns out I'm good with languages, I speak C1 German with virtually no accent and have been able to pretty much since year 2 of being here. I met a German woman and we're getting married. The Ausländerbehörde are still assholes but they respect me for what I've achieved and if they ever give me lip I have a German with me which has gotten me places I wouldn't have otherwise. Her family wound up sponsoring me, so I've never had to deal with virtually any financial beaurocracy cause they said they'd cover me if things go south. We're inheriting a house in a very nice part of the country. I've met friends through my fiance and managed to make a few of my own, I even got invited to join one of those impossible-to-crack childhood friend groups. My experience in many ways has not been average. I was given a golden ticket and I know and appreciate that.
Even so, the lives of average people here are better than the lives of average people in Canada. Even if I hadn't gotten so much help I would have been able to learn a trade or study. I have 30 days of paid vacation every year and have the proximity to other countries so I can actually use them to travel. You can do even a week in Italy, or Ireland, the Netherlands etc. for the price of a weekend in a neighbouring town in Canada. I did a week in Tuscany for the price of a ski-trip on Whistler or Seymour, which I could see from my apartment. I know other immigrants to Germany who've been able to buy an apartment in smaller towns and go on vacation a couple times a year having started with nothing and done a normal Ausbildung.
I miss Canada sometimes for sure. The nature, my friends, the accessible and open, social culture even in a city like Vancouver which is famously anti-social and inaccessible. And I miss good international food. I hate some aspects of German culture, but lots of them are common throughout the western world. I dunno, I kind of like it here
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2023.05.30 09:53 TerribleSell2997 POP (Point of Purchase) Display Market to see Rapid Growth by 2029

POP (point of purchase) display market is anticipated to grow at a considerable CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period. A point-of-purchase display is a promotional tool placed near the merchandise in retail stores. These displays are typically created by manufacturers and distributed to wholesalers or retailers. They are strategically placed at the location where customers make their purchasing decisions. POP displays can take many forms, ranging from visually appealing labels to intricate configurations. By providing an interactive experience for customers, POP displays can help drive sales while reducing the need for sales staff, which can lower overhead costs. In today's competitive retail environment, companies are investing heavily in product marketing, and POP displays play a significant role in it. Hence, the demand for POP displays is growing.
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The global POP display market is segmented by product type, material, and end-user. Based on product type, the market is sub-segmented into countertop displays, floor displays, pallet displays, sidekick displays, end cap displays, and others such as spinner displays and retail signage. Based on material, the market is sub-segmented into corrugated board, plastic, metal, wood, glass, and others, such as foam boards. Based on end-user, the market is sub-segmented into food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care, electronics, automotive, home furnishings, and others such as sports and recreation, and wine and spirits. Among end-users, the food and beverage segment is expected to hold the largest market share. The rise of convenience stores and quick-service restaurants, which rely heavily on POP displays to showcase their products and encourage purchases, is increasing the segment’s growth. Additionally, as consumers increasingly prioritize convenience and time-saving options, point-of-purchase displays are becoming more important for promoting grab-and-go items such as pre-packaged snacks and beverages.
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· Competitive Landscape- Archer Daniels Midland Co., Ingredion Inc., Kerry Group Plc, Cargill
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Market Segmentation
Global POP (Point of Purchase) Display Market by Product Type
o Countertop Displays
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2023.05.30 08:03 Similar-Discount-575 Did my landlord shoot themselves in the foot or did I? (TX)

I (f21) have been renting an apartment for nearly 10 months. I’ve had a pretty good experience as far as apartment life goes. In May, my landlord sent me a text saying that they hadn’t received the rent for April. I knew I paid it and I had the receipt that came with the money order I bought. The receipt shows that I bought it on the first of April and someone cashed it on the 6th. I explained that I dropped my money order into the mail slot on their door and that someone had already cashed the money order. My landlord then sent me a number to a detective and said that I needed to report a theft. This all happened in a short span of a day or two. I believe on the second or third day, my landlord made a group chat with all the people who had their rent stolen ( 6 people I think) and sent out a pretty passive aggressive message saying, I’m gonna paraphrase this part but it essentially said, “because you chose to ignore… these payments were stolen.” I’ve been using the drop box to pay my rent for month without ever getting a correction. In the next day or so I found 2 different tenants that also had their rent stolen. One of the days, as my boyfriend and I were outside, a neighbor of ours came out and told us they had their rent stolen. We said we did as well and asked if they got the same nasty message from the land lord, they did as well. The only difference is that my neighbor looked at the lease and in it, it states that people may drop their rent off in the drop box located at the office (the one that people has been putting their rent into already. ) My neighbor highlighted it and sent it to the landlord. Ever since then I haven’t heard a word from my landlord. ***My biggest concern is the tenant that I just talked to today. He’s the 3rd and he’s Deaf. The best part about this is that I’m fluid in sign language. I thought there was a deaf resident here but I never went out of my way to talk with him. Well, I finally decided to, but before we got anywhere he said that he was moving. I carried on but I saw him today and I thought I might as well ask if it was because of the rent being stolen. He immediately said yes. I’m scared that my landlord is taking advantage of him and essentially spooked him to move out, he’s currently loading up a moving van. None of my other neighbors ( all hearing, myself included) are acting in the same manner as him. I know i don’t know his situation entirely but I believe he’s going through the exact same thing me and several other tenants are going through but he’s getting treated differently. Personally I think that my landlord knows they messed up but doesn’t have it in them to admit that THEY were robbed, not the tenants. Being that the lease said where rent could be dropped off,I feel like a breach of security is the landlords problem. It seems like the risk of having a business so I’m assuming they’re the ones who have to file a claim to their insurance. I told the deaf guy about me and the neighbors who had our rent stolen and I told him that if he’s being evicted that he should probably seek legal council about an illegal eviction.
I don’t know what routes I should go down or if there’s some TX agency that I can talk to.
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2023.05.30 07:46 lpinformation3125 Molding Starch Market Projected to Exhibit Growth at a CAGR of 2.5% by 2029

LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Molding Starch Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Molding Starch sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Molding Starch sales for 2023 through 2029. With Molding Starch sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Molding Starch industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Molding Starch landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Molding Starch portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms’ unique position in an accelerating global Molding Starch market.
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Global key Molding Starch players cover Archer Daniels Midland, Emsland Group, Tate and Lyle, Tereos Starch and Sweeteners, Evanesce, Smscor and Azelis Holding S.A., etc. In terms of revenue, the global two largest companies occupied for a share nearly % in 2022.
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Archer Daniels Midland
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Tereos Starch and Sweeteners
Azelis Holding S.A.
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Rapidly Digestible Starch
Slowly Digestible Starch
Resistant Starch
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2023.05.30 07:41 Gold_Introduction747 The Mom Mimic

This story takes place in 2007. My sister and future brother in law had just my nephew and moved into a rental home. The home was newer and located in a newer neighborhood. I was asked to babysit my nephew one evening. My sister and brother in law wanted to have their first evening out since baby arrived and I was happy to babysit.
I came over and my sister went over some details and mentioned that she had a load of baby clothes in dryer. She asked if I had the time to take out the clothes and fold them. They left to enjoy their evening and 30 minutes after I hear the dryer sound letting me know it was done drying. I scooped up my nephew and placed him in his crib. I went to the laundry room and took the clothes out and folded them. I placed all the clothes in a basket and placed the basket on the changing table. I took my sleeping nephew out of the crib and placed him inside his bassinet in the living room. I watched tv quietly for awhile until I heard a loud bang come from the nursery (the room we were in earlier). I peeked into the bassinet and my nephew was still sleeping soundly. I quietly made my way over to see what made the noise and opened the door to the nursery. The laundry basket I had placed on the changing table was now on the other side of the room on the floor upside down. The neatly folded baby clothes looked as though they had been tossed around. I quickly just picked up the basket and clothes and brought them back to the living room to re-fold. I was confused by the whole situation but didn’t want to ruin my sister and brother in laws evening and decided just to not mention the incident. Rest of the evening went smoothly.
A few months went by and my sister asked if I could babysit for an evening. I agreed and this time my mom joined my sister and brother in law as they were going to a casino. My nephew had been napping prior to their departure and my sister said he would need to be fed when he woke up. My nephew woke up thirty minutes after they left and I brought him to the kitchen and placed him in a chair as I prepared his bottle. (Before I go into what happen next, my name is Angelina yet everyone calls me Angie. My mother particularly only used my full name when I was in trouble or angry with me. All in all it’s rare to hear my full name being used.) Suddenly, I hear my mom yelling angrily from what seemed like the nursery “Angelina, come here now”. I yelled out “just a second, I’m in the middle of making the babies bottle”. Then again I hear my mom call out “Angelina COME HERE NOW” but now sounding like she was in the master bedroom. Frustrated and confused I yelled back “What is going on? One second…” I picked up my nephew and went into the master bedroom talking on the way to what I assumed was my mom asking “What was going on? Why are you so upset? What happened?” and walked into an empty room. I looked around and my mother was no where in the master bedroom. I looked in the nursery and empty as well. I looked throughout the rest of the home (guest bedroom, bathroom, and garage) and eventually checked the driveway for cars and only seen my car. I came back inside and called my mom. I said “Hey! Did you guys come back and forget something?” and my mom answered a confused “no…why?” to which I responded “I just heard you a bit ago…you sounded upset?” and she responded “I don’t know what you’re talking about…we’ve been on the road for over 30 minutes now.” My stomach immediately sank. Once again, I didn’t want to ruin their evening and just told her it must have been the television (even though it was off the entire time). After I hung up, the doorbell immediately rang. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest and I quickly walked to the door. I immediately almost opened the door without checking thinking that my mom was just pulling a prank and she was going to be at the door. I paused for a moment and decided to look out the peep hole. No one was outside. I opened the door to peek out to see if there was any cars in the driveway and still seeing my car. I instantly got this overwhelming sense of dread. No one was visibly outside and from where that house was located you could clearly see the street in both directions.
I never mentioned any of these incidents to my sister until she moved out of this rental home. As I was helping her move, I noticed that she had moved my nephews crib into the master bedroom. I asked her why she had moved the crib into her room (more to see if my nephew had any sleep issues). What she told me was completely unexpected. She said around Halloween, she had bought a black light and had plugged it in the nursery room. The room instantly lit up with what she described as a huge concentrated stain in the middle of the room with hand prints going up the walls. She immediately just felt very uncomfortable and moved the crib into her bedroom that night.
I told her what had happened the first time I watched my nephew and she opened up that strange things were happening in the house and was the main reason she was moving. She was experiencing lights flickering in the home, the doorbell ringing and no one was at the front door, and hearing voices. She said the landlord offered to lower the rent if they signed a year lease. She said the landlord told her that he was having issues keeping tenants in the rental and that she was the only tenant who stayed the longest. She refused the offer and moved.
I always wondered if anything happened in that home and wish I did investigate the home further. I absolutely hate that whatever was in that home mimicked my mother’s voice.
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2023.05.30 07:26 Bryan-tan The Anhalt (a funky review)

So some of you may know that I asked regarding the Anhalt a few days ago. Now I went against all my better judgment and proceeded to actually get the thing using my coupon since I'm clearly deranged (I play secondary IJN BBs in Asia of all servers so I'm pretty much a lost cause tbh).
I'm not that great of a player and my stats have largely been weighed down by my excessively poor internet standards from a couple years back (yes if you ever had that guy who disconnected halfway into the game in 2018-2020 I'm so sorry lmao - Brunei isn't exactly known for great internet).
The Review:
Anyways, I went in with the upmost lowest of standards - and Anhalt really isn't as bad as I thought it was. In around 30 games, I've gotten a decent amount of damage done with both the HE and AP (averaging around 100,000 damage) - and despite the very poor AP pen, the AP does have really decent damage potential - provided you use it sub 13-15km and aim for the deck armor. I expected the salvos to be a lot less accurate - which isn't actually the case with 1.7 sigma and decent dispersion overall. It's very easy to get numerous 6000-9000 damage salvos in this ship in close ranges.
Mid ranges is a different story - you really start to feel that shell speed tank... BUT you also notice that the shells start to arc and plunge a lot more. Impressively despite the low horizontal AP pen of the anhalt guns, her vertical pen (as in plunging fire) is not that bad (it converts into a pretty standard penetration) and get this - compared to the Amagi she actually boasts 20-25m less vertical dispersion at 16km - her horizontal dispersion is atrocious but she has decent sigma at 1.7 and ... well 15 guns. She's like a weird mix of a viribius unitis and the IJN Battleships: high shell count - very high average damage due to shell volume and decent accuracy - but her guns are small and don't have the same potential as say a 410mm cannon breaching the citadel.
The slow shells get some getting used to but if you've used any american BB you'll be right at home. I find myself using a bit of the IJN aiming style - largely aiming for the deck in mid ranges (and above) and waterline at closer ranges. I've actually done a few training room scenarios with the anhalt and I sincerely feel that aiming for the deck at any range above 15km is the way to go, shooting the waterline will be VERY dissapointing in this ship, even against cruisers.
Her HE shells are consistent as well - though very and I mean very lacking in the damage department - but 15 guns and 27% fire chance per shell is very reminescent of a mini Mecklenberg (which for people comparing against - one of them is TX and a steel ship). Her strength in HE is the 88mm pen and very high cumulative fire chance. Also she actually has really competitive firing angles, being able to fire all her guns at around 36* off the bow, there is very little need to go broadside if you decide to brawl in anhalt - just don't do a drive by.
I personally think the biggest overlook with the Anhalt is shared with the techtree british battleships which given the current CV/submarine plague is understandable... It's the concealment. Concealment on BBs is pretty underrated and given that my most played ship is Kii and Fuso, is often underappreciated by myself as well- the conceal lets you get to places that you wouldn't normally (hint: people who've played Roma in uptiered games will understand when you catch a yamato off guard and chunk 28k damage to it). And I will admit pulling successful flanks like this is very gratifying. But as we'll go through the cons later, anhalt may be more accurate than average for how many guns she has but her true lack of appreciable citadel reaching penetration holds her back a lot.
Her armor reminds me a lot of a mix with USSR and KMS structures with very good angled performance and very small superstructure, you want to sequence her frontal 6 guns and expose the back guns to win trades by feathering your rudder as little as possible to expose the least amount of side but also to not lose too much speed. And longer ranges Anhalt boasts a very impressive casemate for her tier at 50mm, you will bounce a lot of AP with your casemate, and at longer ranges you can absolutely shrug off even Yamato calibre shells like no business. You also shatter a lot of HE shells. You unfortunately cannot shatter fire chance - which is why my build below goes fully on the fire/flooding negation, the rudder mod is a personal choice. I've found myself surviving in situations where I clearly wouldn't in any other T8 ship (much like a Vladivostok). With proper angling and awareness, anhalt can drastically limit how much damage she can receive. Huge salvos can easily ricochet on her main belt (especially when kiting) and streaks of HE fizzling on her deck armor is somewhat satisfying - until you eventually get set on fire ofc.

Now the absolute negatives: Anhalt is not an easy ship to play - I would have much preffered a reduction in HP for a better turning radius and rudder shift speed (more akin to Viribius/Vanguard). She decelerates absolutely terribly (is slow to begin with), can't turn well and you basically need to be aware of your ship's orientation at all times because anhalt actually eats citadels very easily on broadside - contrary to every other german BB and the maps at T8 are just a bit too big for anhalt to be comfortable with it's slow speed imho and yes you'll likely be slugging HE at anything past 16km.
Anhalt is also very particular on who you are shooting at - she shares the habits that every 380mm equipped BB would have - but cranks that up to 11 because instead of factoring the main belt on ships - you'll be factoring the deck and upper belt - at least in terms of AP. While this sounds a lot like a skill issue.Tm - it's actually a pretty big negative because other Battleships don't need to do nearly as much work to get damage onto you (remember not only do you need to aim at particular places - you also need to factor that atrocious shell speed). I sincerely believe this is why Anhalt was given a 30 second reload instead of a nerfed reload thats to be expected with BBs that have more than 9 guns - her consistency comes from vomiting out shells as often as possible with decent accuracy - and yes that means your preffered engagement (at least with AP) is on someone's flank and your target having an equally atrocious turning radius. That is an absolute shit ton of conditionals to make her AP work. Thankfully her HE helps in areas where her AP would do nothing though you're very reliant on your fire starting ability rather than the HE alpha.
I addressed that anhalt's conceal is pretty good but this goes against anhalt main battery surprisingly. I kept saying that her main battery was consistent but that is in terms of average damage per game, remember when I said she vomits out shells? For anhalt to push as much damage as she possibly can (since you can't citadel other BBs) she wants to be firing as often as possible - and can't quite play the 'sneak around' and 'one shot' technique against other BBs (still works against cruisers). Anyone who's played the tech tree british BBs will understand this juxtaposition, since the British Short Fuse AP also means that they can't effectively citadel anything but the most exposed of light cruisers, anhalt thankfully doesn't have short fuse AP - but you're about as likely to suffer as many ricochets and shatters instead. And I have to be honest, it is incredibly frustrating fighting battleships in Anhalt - I simply just fire HE above 15km because it's often just not worth the effort personally speaking.
Her torpedo protection is ... sad. Beware of these, you can absolutely bitch slap a destroyer if you're prepared for them at close range (I've dev struck a paolo emilio even) but if you miss - you are gone.
Also learning how to land consistent long range shots while dealing with her poor mobility will take a very long time.
What does this remind you a lot of? Hmmm, perhaps a certain dockyard ship. Perhaps ... Marlborough. Yes I'm aware that the consensus with Marlborough is that she sucks too - but just like Anhalt, Marl has a lot of guns, good concealment, poor AP pen, and good HE salvos. It looks like a ship that's easy to play (and truth be told you can probably just spam HE and get good (not great) results) - but there's a lot more to these guns than meets the eye - in the view of a normal battleship's armament - they suck if only because they can't actually contest with other battleship armor (and that's not even mentioning being uptiered), but WG has actually given you ways to actually reach that conditional: concealment and exceptional HP Pool with decent armor. However compared to every other ship that plays with AP in this style (Vanguard, Monarch, Roma , Viribius) - she handles like a turd - and traded that almost mandatory mobility for armor and a good health pool. Her firing angles are thankfully decent enough that you can actually offset the amount of speed you would lose in order to reveal your aft guns, thus minimizing how much speed you would bleed in closer ranges.
She's a ship with a lot of quirks - her damage potential is actually quite notable purely by shell volume - but where other battleships can contest other battleship citadels within their matchmaking spread, Anhalt instead trades that alpha strike with her rate of fire and (literal) fire support. She's very rugged as well. Just be extremely mindful of torpedoes.
How to Play
Anhalt fits very definitively in the mid game to end game role, where she can aggressively push in and negate her long shell travel times. You will notice that her shell travel time spike at around 13 - 15km onwards and start to transition into plunging fire. You'll need to be aware of this and adjust your aim accordingly. At closer ranges, Anhalt's high health pool, decent main belt and deck armor allows you to duel with other battleships where you'll want to win by sheer DPM and fire starting potential, and can also use AP at these ranges to do very high penetration damage (maybe even a citadel if you know where to aim and who you're shooting). In the early game and against angled targets, you can output so many HE shells that a fire is anything but guaranteed if you can lead well, anhalt sets fires like no other BB at this tier (except maybe Monarch/Richeliu).
As a certain youtuber has said, you need to be good at predicting how your flank will conclude, your slow speed means that you need to be very situationally aware of when to retreat. Conversely this also means you need to know when to put your hull to good use in an attack. Once you commit to either of these - know that you are essentially playing the russian battleship style as you are not nimble enough to change your mind - you have a much better chance of surviving being catastrophically one shot on broadside than any other russian battleship however. Always remember that your concealment can give you ample breathing room and witha bit of luck you can sloooooowly turn away and then go into kiting formation.
I heavily recommend speccing into concealment expert and brisk on this ship, start the game off by seeing your map and your team roster, stay close to your team (3-5km from your nearest allied cruiseBB) for AA support and damage spreading in the early game. When the mid game comes around and there's been a few kills, the map opens up and you can straight line towards a possible flank spot (with brisk Anhalt reached 27.5 knots - the same as North Carolina). It's very easy to mitigate damage in the early game because of Anhalt's deck armor and range, and you can continue to abuse this in pushes come the mid/late game.
I wish you the best of luck for those who got Anhalt via sant crates or actually bought this ship when it released.
WIP citadellable battleships section - AP
Notable T8 and T9 battleships that can be citadelled by anhalt <15km:
Notable T8 battleships that can be citadelled by anhalt >15km (Anhalt's vertical penetration during plunging fire is ... decent enough to contest with ships with poor deck armor):
My build: Focusing on anhalts decent **ANGLED** armor and survivability.
Is She Fun?
I'm going to be honest, I'm on the Asia server and Anhalt cannot do a push like Bismarck can with her hydro, she also can't rush down someone like Brandenburg. She's very dependent on support. And with Asia server being the defacto sniping meta - it's very very frustrating trying to get a good lead going with her guns above 16km, I regularly find myself spending a gross amount of time trying to get a good lead on a target. A lead that can be completely neutered if the target is remotely paying attention. However I've actually managed to beat Antlanticos , Bismarck's and other close range brawlers with Anhalt. It's not some close range perfect citadel one shot though, it's a back and forward HE & AP mix up where you can punish an enemy for just being near you. And you can get pretty nice torpedo hits once and a while.
I definitely feel like I'm experiencing a skill issue.TM with Anhalt. It will take many games to learn how to aim well with her. Adjusting to her low speed/handling and how to best approach duels. I mostly damage in the mid/end game when fights start to get closer, but some games never even get to that point - and Anhalt is everything but satisfying until I learn to lead shells that take 17 seconds to land.
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2023.05.30 06:15 quad-beep-05 Citadel does a bigger business than all of Vegas....not surprising, since, as a crime boss, he runs the biggest casino.

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2023.05.30 05:16 CorruptedStudiosEnt I just had to help my partner get committed to a facility.

Just context, you can skip this long ass read. Tl;dr, everything was okay, for several years of varying stress levels, until it VERY suddenly wasn't. If you can, at least just skim the important bits and advise me on how the fuck to cope with this.
Everything was okay around a month ago. Our situation hasn't been good, but we were handling it and excited for a growth opportunity like we've never had.
She has PTSD, but she's always managed herself well, aside from a brief period years back where some impending doom set in while confronting some of her trauma. She sought out therapy, and even just by the end of her first session she was improving a ton. It wasn't long before she was back to her normal self, but even better for it.
Problem is, we've been under tremendous stress for around two years.
Our rescue macaw passed away from a viral wasting disease, and he was the closest thing we'd had to a child. We had him for most of our ten years together.
We had our (rental) home sold out from under us in the middle of a rental crisis. Basically the only option we had left was to move in with her family 2,400 miles away, onto their ranch. She couldn't continue therapy when we moved.
They were contributors to her childhood traumas, but she was so sure they'd changed and were ready to be the people she needed them to be many years ago.
I was extremely skeptical that the people who hadn't extended a finger to us, let alone a hand, through several years of struggling through a lot of hard shit, suddenly wanted to give us a near-free ride. But I think her sheer optimism for it just made me feel like I was being an awful cynic, so I just shoved it down and bought into her fantasy. For her sake, as I thought at the time. Maybe she was right, after all.
She was wrong, and it went about as well as you'd expect. Honestly probably a lot worse. Her grandmother and father are manipulative, narcissistic assholes, whether or not they realize that's what they are. They bait and switched on us hard, whether they meant to or not.
The picture that was painted was that we'd live in the spare trailer on their property and pay our portion of the taxes and the insurance, and obviously just do our share of stuff like yard work. Maybe occasionally helping out with some cows and fences.
We spent most of our savings to get there, and after a four and a half day U-Haul trip, they started moving us in.. to her grandmother's house. In a tiny spare room. For two (at the time) 26 year old adults, a dog, a cat, and a snake. We had to get a storage unit for the vast majority of our stuff, since we'd had nearly ten years of building a life together in the back of that truck.
That spare trailer stayed empty for the whole year and a half of us being there, by the way.
All the responsibilities were then handed off to us. We were expected to cook the meals for everyone, clean the house, do all the ranch work, fix anything that broke, etc.. Her father and grandmother just sat in bed, collected their retirement/inheritance/disability, and popped their pills.
Then on top of it, we were also expected to pay "half" of the bills, so we had to find employment on top of all the other full-time responsibilities.
We weren't allowed to see the bills, they would just tell us what we owed, but I'll tell you right now that I'd never in twelve years of being out on my own now, in comparably sized homes, paid $800 for a month of electricity. But allegedly the "half" we were expected to pay was $400.
My grandfather passed away, and I soft inherited my grandparents' property. My grandfather and I never had a good relationship, so it was a huge surprise. But with what little we'd managed to save up in that time, it got us off her family's ranch, and it also got us out of the vicious poverty inducing rent cycle, so it seemed like we'd finally gotten a massive break.
Then the housing problems set in.
I've replaced about half of the plumbing myself, because new stuff just kept breaking down all the time.
I wasn't confident doing a new gas water heater myself, so we had to get work to save up for a new one. Until that indeterminate future date, we had to boil water on the stove and shower with a pitcher out of a cooler. We took it in humor as best as we could.
Then our vehicles started breaking down, and became unreliable enough we couldn't leave the small town we're living in. Our savings at that point weren't nearly enough to get new vehicles, or even to get the level of work required done in a shop, and I didn't have the means to do that level of work.
She's been in healthcare (a very desperate field) for her whole working life, and is a fantastic worker, so she found work right away, four minutes from our house.
I sat on Google refreshing the job listing probably forty times per day, looking for anything even marginally close enough that the car could make it to, and I could plausibly continue to find a way to work even if it suddenly couldn't. I've done remote work before and would've been happy to go that route again.. except the best we get here is 7mbps internet, and I couldn't find a single fucking place that would accept that.
We're an equal home. Bills, large purchases that benefit both of us, food, housework, everything except stuff like the vehicle/house maintenance which she wasn't comfortable doing (though even that she was interested in learning). This was killing me to feel like I was leaching off of her, and I know it was really stressing her out being the only source of income.
Then set in the job problems. Put simply, she'd wound up in a very toxic work environment. To make matters worse, one of the people there is almost like a 40 year younger version of her grandmother, whom we'd just escaped.
My S.O. started to lose her identity there, just trying to mask and mirror her way through the social dynamics, which were more like a cliquey high school than a workplace. She felt her job depended on it. Gossip, cruelty, passive aggression, all completely out of character for her, but she felt like she didn't have a choice but to participate in it.
The manager also didn't want to do her own job, and given my S.O.'s glowing experience, resume, and letter of recommendation from her previous job, started putting the job of managing people on her..
But without the title, authority, or pay of a manager. So naturally, nobody gave a shit what she had to say. It still all fell down onto her anyway, and she was treated like shit every time her attempts to lead didn't go as they should've.
But she felt she couldn't leave, because the way she (understandably) saw it, our survival depended on it.
I did finally find work as lower management in a small casino in town, but she never lost that survival mode mindset, and had no interest in quitting despite all the stress it was putting on her.
How we landed here, per the title. This is where my heart breaks down completely. Mostly for her, but quite honestly, also for myself
About three weeks ago, she came home from work one day. She started her normal "today's bullshit at work" vent session, like we've always done for each other every day.. but this was different. First she seemed a bit disconnected, but it quickly devolved into extreme emotional reactions.
All of a sudden she starts talking about how everyone's behavior is changing around her. Suddenly the girls at work were chipper and kind. Everyone was doing their job correctly. She became convinced there was some kind of investigation for a hostile work environment or something happening, and that was causing the change.
It didn't seem totally out of the realm of possibility, especially because they'd just finished berating a transgender coworker out of there. And my S.O. has always been pretty sound of mind (albeit occasionally a little prone to unlikely fantasies of optimism, but I personally love that about her despite what it had just resulted in with her family). I agreed that it did sound like a possibility.
Pretty quick, she started getting squinty-eyed, told me my behavior has been changing too, and started asking me what I knew about the investigation. Caught me completely off guard, and I guess she saw that in my body language, but misread it as me trying to hide something.
She asked me what I was hiding, and at this point I was just massively confused how this went from a normal vent session about work, like we've had for ten years, to an interrogation.
Before I could answer, suddenly she jumps to angrily asking if I'm cheating on her, a look of almost intense hatred in her widened eyes.
Every question just confusing me more in terms of where she's getting any of this from. We have great communication, loyalty, honesty, trust, the whole package. I had no idea what was happening.
She ran to the bedroom and started packing to leave, and I was begging her to slow down and stop so I could catch up on what the fuck was happening. She told me I was in on the investigation but wouldn't tell her anything, and I was cheating on her with one of her coworkers (who has a loose link to my boss at the casino.. small town shit), and that's all she needed to know.
It finally clicked for me that this was some kind of stress breakdown, and I suggested as much. She finally slowed down and thought about it. Suddenly she's calling her sister, who lives in a completely different state a thousand plus miles away, surrounded by ocean. "Do you know anything about an investigation? Have any of the girls from my work contacted you?"
Her sister was also caught off guard, but honestly responded much better than I did, and I'll always feel like my uncoordinated response did damage here. Maybe because they share a lot of the same traumatic experiences, and the diagnosis, so she understood what was happening much more quickly? I'm not sure.
My S.O. backed down, had a good long cry while we cuddled, and it seemed like that was it. She understood that it was some kind of mental snap, and her grip on reality had basically fully returned. She said she didn't think she could go back to work there, and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agreed after what I'd just witnessed. WHOLE. FUCKING. HEARTEDLY. Scared the shit out of me, but after hours of it, I was just glad it was over.
The next day, "I just wish someone would be honest with me. There is FACTUALLY an investigation happening, you all know something about it, and I know you're cheating on me. I need to just get away from everyone." Cue an hours long conversation trying to talk her down again, but this time on my own, because she'd decided her sister "wasn't in the loop enough to see what was going on anyway."
It went on like this for about three weeks. Off and on. All day. All night. Moment of clarity, back down the rabbit hole 30 minutes later. Moment of clarity, back down the rabbit hole.
She started making all these "seeing god in the stars" types of connections. Suddenly everyone on Facebook knew something she didn't now too, evidenced by how these posts they're sharing relate back to it. My family was also allegedly talking about her mental breakdown on Facebook, which meant that I'd told them everything about it and taken away her choice to control that information.
Neither of us were sleeping, eating, drinking, basically neglecting all forms of self care to sit there and hash, rehash, and rehash this out again. I'd guess I was averaging 5 hours of sleep per week, right alongside her, while still having to go to work and pretend everything was fine.
I tried to suggest returning to therapy god knows how many times, or even something in-patient since this was SO much worse than her last episode years back, but initially she was convinced this was me trying to manipulate her. Gaslight her. Convince her she's crazy.
I tried to get her to just think it through, like what evidence does she actually have for any of it beyond her gut feeling? The evidence doesn't exist because we're all smart enough to get rid of it and keep it from her. She just kept repeating that she trusts her body, and that's all she needed.
During one of her moments of clarity, she finally booked a therapy appointment.. but unfortunately not through her old therapist, who had been fantastic with her. She no longer lives here. Instead, she went through that BetterHelp app.
Her first appointment, she starts going into the stuff she needs to get working through, and in response she gets, "Holy smokes!" Yeah. That's it. Holy smokes. To be clear here, this is evidently not a platform for people in crisis, this is a platform for people whose dad yelled at them that one time and it makes them sad to think about, because these people are clearly not equipped for anything more serious than that. What kind of fucking psychology professional responds like that?
Anyway, the therapist also went on to say about the job situation, "I would've quit too." Now, this seems innocent enough when you're dealing with someone who's with it, but my S.O.'s currently fractured mind took that as validation for everything, not just the general toxicity of the work environment like the therapist was speaking to. Again, a psychology professional should've known better. And it was back on full force for a while.
A massive divergence happened a few days after this. I'm not even sure how or why. We had our usual rehashing session, and suddenly.. she just accepted it. She accepted that she's in perpetual fight or flight mode right now, and her mind is looking for any explanation to grasp at, any possible danger imaginable. She just had to trust us, the people who've loved and supported her all along and have no reason to betray her, and keep with the therapy.
For three or four days, she was totally with it. I mean, almost fully back to normal. All apologies for what she put us through, all forgiveness and "just happy to have you back" from us. Then on the final night, she sees that my step mother is Facebook friends with one of her coworkers. And we're back on.
Fast forward to the past few days, and she's become very despondent about the way she's feeling. She's fairly consistently aware that something is happening to her internally, rather than externally with everyone else, basically just seeking regular reassurances that we're being as honest as possible about everything. But her fight or flight just.. Will. Not. Disengage.
We had a conversation about trying another therapist, and she agreed, but she still didn't feel she needed in-patient care. She booked an in person session with one who specializes in behavioral health and trauma.
Then she starts experiencing distortions in her perception. Shadows when she closes her eyes. Rooms appearing smaller than they should. The voice track on TV shows not appearing to line up with actors' lip movements. Just little distortions, but they scared the absolute living shit out of her.
That fear led to some horrific dissociation, where it's like she's losing context on everything. She doesn't know what's happening and feels like nothing is real anymore. Nothing makes sense.
She was still stuck on there being an investigation, but it was evolving. It wasn't her old job being investigated anymore, it was her father for child abuse from when she was young. Then it was us for neglecting our pets (because we don't take our snake out very often and occasionally forget a regular nail trimming for the dog, but they're otherwise very well cared for). Then it was her father again, but for elder abuse, because her grandmother (who insists on managing her own medications) accidentally overdosed one day.
She became even more despondent, frequently breaking out into panic attacks and crying fits, which I just continued to try and help her through. Ice packs, reassurances that she was safe, there was no threat, etc. Truth be told, I was terrified too.
Finally, two days before her appointment, she had a massive panic attack about it being Memorial Day weekend. She couldn't explain why, just that it didn't make sense. She finally says she thinks she needs a hospital, which she's been completely opposed to until this point.
I rushed her to the emergency room, and that was a mess because it was the middle of the night so they couldn't find a bed anywhere in a more appropriate facility that late. They didn't really have any mental health resources themselves, so all they could do was give her some medications to calm her nerves and help her sleep through the night until they could find a bed.
The hospital.. was not good for her either. After a while, she just kept begging me to take her home. She just wanted to sleep together in our own bed, but they'd decided that between the bouts of confusion, paranoia, and admitting that she has had thoughts of suicide in the past, she was a danger to herself and couldn't leave.
They took her phone, leaving her in a blank room, and thanks to her work and the fact the most recent retraumatizing came from a healthcare environment, constantly triggered by the sounds of call lights and such in the emergency room outside.
All I could do was hold her, and keep reminding her that she's safe, and that everyone there just wants to help, but they're just limited in the ways they can until they find a bed somewhere. She just kept repeating that she wasn't actually getting any treatment, and to be fair she basically wasn't, but I just had to keep asking her to hold out a little longer, because they were trying to find her a facility that had the ability to.
They did finally, this morning, but it was about 130 miles away. They let me take her there myself though, which was a huge plus to know we'd get that last bit of time together.
On the way, however, she starts telling me how horrible of a person she is. At one point, she asks if I'm taking her to prison. I asked her what she could possibly go to prison for, and she just says incredibly minor things from the past like downloading a movie, (very rarely) doing this or that drug, etc.
I just kept reassuring her that I'm taking her to a crisis center where they'll be able to help her figure out where this is coming from, and that in no way is she in trouble legally. Everyone involved in this just wants to help her.
It's at this point I realize.. they took her phone. All these little connections she was making via Facebook and such, suddenly unavailable. She'd also decided once and for all that I wasn't the problem. So now all she had left was herself. She was being held at the hospital against her will. The "investigation" was no longer into her work, it was into her, because that's all that was left.
She tells me she's going to go away (to prison) for a long time, but to just know how much she loves me. She wishes we could've just had a simple life together, but she ruined that for us. She was just so sorry. I just kept reassuring her that nothing was ruined, and we can and will still work towards that life together, she just needs help that's beyond what I can provide so we can get back to that.
Then finally, after a long goodbye.. I dropped her off.
The facility is very small (literally a regular house in a regular neighborhood, so only a few patients getting a lot of 1x1 care), and very soft spoken and compassionate staff. Practically everything is optional right down to the daily therapy, which made me really happy to hear given it seems like that should ease her mind on the prison train of thought. She's even allowed to leave for good whenever she wants, with the one caveat being that I or a family member would need to pick her up.
It doesn't have visiting hours though, and I couldn't even go in with her.. that kills me. They don't have HIPAA forms, so just walking through the door is a violation. But she gets to keep her phone at all times with the exception of bedtime, just to make sure she gets some sleep. She told me a bit ago that she's nervous coming into this new environment, but everyone there has been nothing but incredibly welcoming and empathetic towards her.
Not to make this situation about me, because it's so far from it, but my heart is just so broken.
I've never felt anything so horrible. Not even remotely close. I feel like I, myself, need therapy after this.
I'm still so confused. Did I just miss the cracks of this coming on? Or was it really that sudden? I swear I would've noticed her behavior change.
I'm so angry with her toxic fucking coworkers, who it seems like ultimately sent her into this downward spiral. I'm so angry with her family for being.. well, who they are.
I'm so angry with myself for not trying harder to get her to leave that job sooner, just because I didn't want to press the issue since she's her own person and capable of making her own decisions. But I saw the stress it was putting on her. I should've done more.
I'm so scared of what comes next. Will she ever normalize out and heal? If so, when? Days? Weeks? Months? How is this experience going to change her? Admittedly, given we live in the US, how in the fuck are we going to afford this (though as long as she's getting the help she needs, that's far from my primary concern, but still something I have to figure out)?
It feels like my whole world came crashing down around me. She is my person. She's one of the biggest reasons I get out of bed in the morning. My favorite parts of the day are crawling into bed together and waking up to each other, like we've been doing for ten fucking years.
Her absence in our home is utterly suffocating, knowing the hell she's going through while there's practically nothing I can do for her except be there for her when she wants to text or talk on the phone.
I doubt anyone is going to read this whole book I've written here, but just being able to type it all out sequentially like this has been a bit cathartic. But I still just have no idea how to feel. What to do. I'm so lost.
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2023.05.30 03:45 Junior_Button5882 Spring-heeled Jack

Spring-heeled Jack
Spring-heeled Jack is an entity in English folklore of the Victorian era. The first claimed sighting of Spring-heeled Jack was in 1837.[1] Later sightings were reported all over the United Kingdom and were especially prevalent in suburban London, the Midlands) and Scotland.[2]
There are many theories about the nature and identity of Spring-heeled Jack. This urban legend was very popular in its time, due to the tales of his bizarre appearance and ability to make extraordinary leaps, to the point that he became the topic of several works of fiction.
Spring-heeled Jack was described by people who claimed to have seen him as having a terrifying and frightful appearance, with diabolical physiognomy, clawed hands, and eyes that "resembled red balls of fire". One report claimed that, beneath a black cloak, he wore a helmet and a tight-fitting white garment like an oilskin. Many stories also mention a "Devil-like" aspect. Others said he was tall and thin, with the appearance of a gentleman. Several reports mention that he could breathe out blue and white flames and that he wore sharp metallic claws at his fingertips. At least two people claimed that he was able to speak comprehensible English.



In the early 19th century, there were reports of ghosts that stalked the streets of London. These human-like figures were described as pale; it was believed that they stalked and preyed on lone pedestrians. The stories told of these figures formed part of a distinct ghost tradition in London which, some writers have argued, formed the foundation of the later legend of Spring-heeled Jack.[3]
The most important of these early entities was the Hammersmith Ghost, which in 1803 and 1804 was reported in Hammersmith on the western fringes of London; it would later reappear in 1824. Another apparition, the Southampton ghost, was also reported as assaulting individuals in the night. This particular spirit bore many of the characteristics of Spring-heeled Jack, and was reported as jumping over houses and being over 10 ft (3.0 m) tall.[3]

Early reports

📷Illustration of Spring-heeled Jack, from the serial Spring-heel'd Jack: The Terror of London
The first alleged sightings of Spring-heeled Jack were made in London in 1837 and the last reported sighting is said in most of the secondary literature to have been made in Liverpool in 1904.[4][5]
According to much later accounts, in October 1837 a girl by the name of Mary Stevens was walking to Lavender Hill, where she was working as a servant, after visiting her parents in Battersea. On her way through Clapham Common, a strange figure leapt at her from a dark alley. After immobilising her with a tight grip of his arms, he began to kiss her face, while ripping her clothes and touching her flesh with his claws, which were, according to her deposition, "cold and clammy as those of a corpse". In panic, the girl screamed, making the attacker quickly flee from the scene. The commotion brought several residents who immediately launched a search for the aggressor, but he could not be found.[6]
The next day, the leaping character is said to have chosen a very different victim near Mary Stevens' home, inaugurating a method that would reappear in later reports: he jumped in the way of a passing carriage, causing the coachman to lose control, crash, and severely injure himself. Several witnesses claimed that he escaped by jumping over a 9 ft (2.7 m) high wall while cackling with a high-pitched, ringing laughter.[6]
Gradually, the news of the strange character spread, and soon the press and the public gave him the name "Spring-heeled Jack".[7]

Official recognition
📷A public session at the Mansion House, London (c. 1840).
A few months after these first sightings, on 9 January 1838, the Lord Mayor of London, Sir John Cowan), revealed at a public session held in the Mansion House an anonymous complaint that he had received several days earlier, which he had withheld in the hope of obtaining further information. The correspondent, who signed the letter "a resident of Peckham", wrote:
It appears that some individuals (of, as the writer believes, the highest ranks of life) have laid a wager with a mischievous and foolhardy companion, that he durst not take upon himself the task of visiting many of the villages near London in three different disguises—a ghost, a bear, and a devil; and moreover, that he will not enter a gentleman's gardens for the purpose of alarming the inmates of the house. The wager has, however, been accepted, and the unmanly villain has succeeded in depriving seven ladies of their senses, two of whom are not likely to recover, but to become burdens to their families. At one house the man rang the bell, and on the servant coming to open door, this worse than brute stood in no less dreadful figure than a spectre clad most perfectly. The consequence was that the poor girl immediately swooned, and has never from that moment been in her senses. The affair has now been going on for some time, and, strange to say, the papers are still silent on the subject. The writer has reason to believe that they have the whole history at their finger-ends but, through interested motives, are induced to remain silent.[8]
Though the Lord Mayor seemed fairly sceptical, a member of the audience confirmed that "servant girls about Kensington, Hammersmith and Ealing, tell dreadful stories of this ghost or devil". The matter was reported in The Times on 9 January, other national papers on 10 January and, on the day after that, the Lord Mayor showed a crowded gathering a pile of letters from various places in and around London complaining of similar "wicked pranks". The quantity of letters that poured into the Mansion House suggests that the stories were widespread in suburban London. One writer said several young women in Hammersmith had been frightened into "dangerous fits" and some "severely wounded by a sort of claws the miscreant wore on his hands". Another correspondent claimed that in Stockwell, Brixton, Camberwell and Vauxhall several people had died of fright and others had had fits; meanwhile, another reported that the trickster had been repeatedly seen in Lewisham and Blackheath.[citation needed]
The Lord Mayor himself was in two minds about the affair: he thought "the greatest exaggerations" had been made, and that it was quite impossible "that the ghost performs the feats of a devil upon earth", but on the other hand someone he trusted had told him of a servant girl at Forest Hill who had been scared into fits by a figure in a bear's skin; he was confident the person or persons involved in this "pantomime display" would be caught and punished.[9] The police were instructed to search for the individual responsible, and rewards were offered.[citation needed]
A peculiar report from The Brighton Gazette, which appeared in the 14 April 1838 edition of The Times, related how a gardener in Rosehill, Sussex, had been terrified by a creature of unknown nature. The Times wrote that "Spring-heeled Jack has, it seems, found his way to the Sussex coast", even though the report bore little resemblance to other accounts of Jack. The incident occurred on 13 April, when it appeared to a gardener "in the shape of a bear or some other four-footed animal". Having attracted the gardener's attention by a growl, it then climbed the garden wall and ran along it on all fours, before jumping down and chasing the gardener for some time. After terrifying the gardener, the apparition scaled the wall and made its exit.[10]

Scales and Alsop reports

📷Illustration of Spring-heeled Jack, from the 1867 serial Spring-heel'd Jack: The Terror of London
Perhaps the best known of the alleged incidents involving Spring-heeled Jack were the attacks on two teenage girls, Lucy Scales and Jane Alsop. The Alsop report was widely covered by the newspapers, including a piece in The Times,[11] while fewer reports appeared in relation to the attack on Scales. The press coverage of these two attacks helped to raise the profile of Spring-heeled Jack.[citation needed]

Alsop case

Jane Alsop reported that on the night of 19 February 1838, she answered the door of her father's house to a man claiming to be a police officer, who told her to bring a light, claiming "we have caught Spring-heeled Jack here in the lane". She brought the person a candle, and noticed that he wore a large cloak. The moment she had handed him the candle, however, he threw off the cloak and "presented a most hideous and frightful appearance", vomiting blue and white flame from his mouth while his eyes resembled "red balls of fire". Miss Alsop reported that he wore a large helmet and that his clothing, which appeared to be very tight-fitting, resembled white oilskin. Without saying a word he caught hold of her and began tearing her gown with his claws which she was certain were "of some metallic substance". She screamed for help, and managed to get away from him and ran towards the house. He caught her on the steps and tore her neck and arms with his claws. She was rescued by one of her sisters, after which her assailant fled.[4][12]

Scales case

On 28 February 1838,[13] nine days after the attack on Miss Alsop, 18-year-old Lucy Scales and her sister were returning home after visiting their brother, a butcher who lived in a respectable part of Limehouse. Miss Scales stated in her deposition to the police that as she and her sister were passing along Green Dragon Alley, they observed a person standing in an angle of the passage. She was walking in front of her sister at the time, and just as she came up to the person, who was wearing a large cloak, he spurted "a quantity of blue flame" in her face, which deprived her of her sight, and so alarmed her, that she instantly dropped to the ground, and was seized with violent fits which continued for several hours.[14]
Her brother added that on the evening in question, he had heard the loud screams of one of his sisters moments after they had left his house and on running up Green Dragon Alley he found his sister Lucy on the ground in a fit, with her sister attempting to hold and support her. She was taken home, and he then learned from his other sister what had happened. She described Lucy's assailant as being of tall, thin, and gentlemanly appearance, covered in a large cloak, and carrying a small lamp or bull's eye lantern similar to those used by the police. The individual did not speak nor did he try to lay hands on them, but instead walked quickly away. Every effort was made by the police to discover the author of these and similar outrages, and several persons were questioned, but were set free.[14]


The Times reported the alleged attack on Jane Alsop on 2 March 1838 under the heading "The Late Outrage at Old Ford".[11] This was followed with an account of the trial of one Thomas Millbank, who, immediately after the reported attack on Jane Alsop, had boasted in the Morgan's Arms that he was Spring-heeled Jack. He was arrested and tried at Lambeth Street court. The arresting officer was James Lea, who had earlier arrested William Corder, the Red Barn Murderer. Millbank had been wearing white overalls and a greatcoat, which he dropped outside the house, and the candle he dropped was also found. He escaped conviction only because Jane Alsop insisted her attacker had breathed fire, and Millbank admitted he could do no such thing. Most of the other accounts were written long after the date; contemporary newspapers do not mention them.[citation needed]
📷Ad for Spring Heeled Jack, a penny dreadful (1886)
After these incidents, Spring-heeled Jack became one of the most popular characters of the period. His alleged exploits were reported in the newspapers and became the subject of several penny dreadfuls and plays performed in the cheap theatres that abounded at the time. The devil was even renamed "Spring-heeled Jack" in some Punch and Judy shows, as recounted by Henry Mayhew in his London Labour and the London Poor:
This here is Satan,-we might say the devil, but that ain't right, and gennelfolks don't like such words. He is now commonly called 'Spring-heeled Jack;' or the 'Rossian Bear,' – that's since the war. — Henry Mayhew, London Labour and the London Poor, p. 52[15]
But, even as his fame was growing, reports of Spring-heeled Jack's appearances became less frequent if more widespread. In 1843, however, a wave of sightings swept the country again. A report from Northamptonshire described him as "the very image of the Devil himself, with horns and eyes of flame", and in East Anglia reports of attacks on drivers of mail coaches became common. In July 1847 "a Spring-heeled Jack investigation" in Teignmouth, Devon led to a Captain Finch being convicted of two charges of assault against women during which he is said to have been "disguised in a skin coat, which had the appearance of bullock's hide, skullcap, horns and mask".[16] The legend was linked with the phenomenon of the "Devil's Footprints" which appeared in Devon in February 1855.[citation needed]

Last reports

In the beginning of the 1870s, Spring-heeled Jack was reported again in several places distant from each other. In November 1872, the News of the World reported that Peckham was "in a state of commotion owing to what is known as the "Peckham Ghost", a mysterious figure, quite alarming in appearance". The editorial pointed out that it was none other than "Spring-heeled Jack, who terrified a past generation".[17] Similar stories were published in The Illustrated Police News. In April and May 1873, it reported there were numerous sightings in Sheffield of the "Park Ghost", which locals also came to identify as Spring-heeled Jack.[18]


📷North Camp in Aldershot as it looked in 1866.
This news was followed by more reported sightings, until in August 1877 one of the most notable reports about Spring-heeled Jack came from a group of soldiers in Aldershot Garrison. This story went as follows: a sentry on duty at the North Camp peered into the darkness, his attention attracted by a peculiar figure "advancing towards him." The soldier issued a challenge, which went unheeded, and the figure came up beside him and delivered several slaps to his face. A guard shot at him, with no visible effect; some sources claim that the soldier may have fired blanks) at him, others that he missed or fired warning shots. The strange figure then disappeared into the surrounding darkness "with astonishing bounds."[19][20][21]
Lord Ernest Hamilton's 1922 memoir Forty Years On mentions the Aldershot appearances of Spring-heeled Jack; however, he (apparently erroneously) says that they occurred in the winter of 1879 after his regiment, the 60th Rifles, had moved to Aldershot, and that similar appearances had occurred when the regiment was barracked at Colchester in the winter of 1878. He adds that the panic became so great at Aldershot that sentries were issued ammunition and ordered to shoot "the night terror" on sight, following which the appearances ceased. Hamilton thought that the appearances were actually pranks, carried out by one of his fellow officers, a Lieutenant Alfrey.[22][23] However, there is no record of Alfrey ever being court-martialled for the offence.[24]


In the autumn of 1877, Spring-heeled Jack was reportedly seen at Newport Arch, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, wearing a sheep skin. An angry mob supposedly chased him and cornered him, and just as in Aldershot a while before, residents fired at him to no effect. As usual, he was said to have made use of his leaping abilities to lose the crowd and disappear once again.[25]


By the end of the 19th century the reported sightings of Spring-heeled Jack were moving towards the north west of England. Around 1888, in Everton, north Liverpool, he allegedly appeared on the rooftop of Saint Francis Xavier's Church in Salisbury Street. In 1904 there were reports of appearances in nearby William Henry Street.[26]

Aftermath and impact upon Victorian popular culture

The vast urban legend built around Spring-heeled Jack influenced many aspects of Victorian life, especially in contemporary popular culture. For decades, especially in London, his name was equated with the bogeyman, as a means of scaring children into behaving by telling them if they were not good, Spring-heeled Jack would leap up and peer in at them through their bedroom windows, by night.
However, it was in fictional entertainment where the legend of Spring-heeled Jack exerted the most extensive influence, owing to his allegedly extraordinary nature. Three pamphlet publications, purportedly based on the real events, appeared almost immediately, during January and February, 1838. They were not advertised as fiction, though they likely were at least partly so. The only known copies were reported to have perished when the British Library was hit during The Blitz, but their catalog still lists the first one.
The character was written into a number of penny dreadful stories during the latter half of the 19th century, initially as a villain and then in increasingly heroic roles. By the early 1900s he was being represented as a costumed, altruistic avenger of wrongs and protector of the innocent, effectively becoming a precursor to pulp fiction and then comic book superheroes.


No one was ever caught and identified as Spring-heeled Jack; combined with the extraordinary abilities attributed to him and the very long period during which he was reportedly at large, this has led to numerous and varied theories of his nature and identity.[citation needed] While several researchers seek a normal explanation for the events, other authors explore the more fantastic details of the story to propose different kinds of paranormal speculation.[citation needed]

Sceptical positions

Sceptical investigators have dismissed the stories of Spring-heeled Jack as mass hysteria which developed around various stories of a bogeyman or devil which have been around for centuries, or from exaggerated urban myths about a man who clambered over rooftops claiming that the Devil was chasing him.[27]
📷Henry de La Poer Beresford, 3rd Marquess of Waterford (1840)
Other researchers believe that some individual(s) may have been behind its origins, being followed by imitators later on.[28] Spring-heeled Jack was widely considered not to be a supernatural creature, but rather one or more persons with a macabre sense of humour.[4] This idea matches the contents of the letter to the Lord Mayor, which accused a group of young aristocrats as the culprits, after an irresponsible wager.[4] A popular rumour circulating as early as 1840 pointed to an Irish nobleman, the Marquess of Waterford, as the main suspect.[4] Haining) suggested this may have been due to him having previously had bad experiences with women and police officers.[29]
The Marquess was frequently in the news in the late 1830s for drunken brawling, brutal jokes and vandalism, and was said to do anything for a bet; his irregular behaviour and his contempt for women earned him the title "the Mad Marquis", and it is also known that he was in the London area by the time the first incidents took place. In 1880 he was named as the perpetrator by E. Cobham Brewer, who said that the Marquess "used to amuse himself by springing on travellers unawares, to frighten them, and from time to time others have followed his silly example."[30][31] In 1842, the Marquess married and settled in Curraghmore House, County Waterford, and reportedly led an exemplary life until he died in a riding accident in 1859.[citation needed]
Sceptical investigators have asserted that the story of Spring-heeled Jack was exaggerated and altered through mass hysteria, a process in which many sociological issues may have contributed. These include unsupported rumours, superstition, oral tradition, sensationalist publications, and a folklore rich in tales of fairies and strange roguish creatures. Gossip of alleged leaping and fire-spitting powers, his alleged extraordinary features and his reputed skill in evading apprehension captured the mind of the superstitious public—increasingly so with the passing of time, which gave the impression that Spring-heeled Jack had suffered no effects from ageing. As a result, a whole urban legend was built around the character, being reflected by contemporary publications, which in turn fuelled this popular perception.[32]

Paranormal conjectures

📷Spring-heeled Jack illustrated on the cover of the 1904 serial Spring-heeled Jack
A variety of wildly speculative paranormal explanations have been proposed to explain the origin of Spring-heeled Jack, including that he was an extraterrestrial entity with a non-human appearance and features (e.g., retro-reflective red eyes, or phosphorus breath) and a superhuman agility deriving from life on a high-gravity world, with his jumping ability and strange behaviour,[33] and that he was a demon, accidentally or purposefully summoned into this world by practitioners of the occult, or who made himself manifest simply to create spiritual turmoil.[34]
Fortean authors, particularly Loren Coleman[35] and Jerome Clark,[36] list "Spring-heeled Jack" in a category named "phantom attackers", with another well-known example being the "Mad Gasser of Mattoon". Typical "phantom attackers" appear to be human, and may be perceived as prosaic criminals, but may display extraordinary abilities (as in Spring-heeled Jack's jumps, which, it is widely noted, would break the ankles of a human who replicated them) and/or cannot be caught by authorities. Victims commonly experience the "attack" in their bedrooms, homes or other seemingly secure enclosures. They may report being pinned or paralysed, or on the other hand describe a "siege" in which they fought off a persistent intruder or intruders. Many reports can readily be explained psychologically, most notably as the "Old Hag" phenomenon, recorded in folklore and recognised by psychologists as a form of hallucination. In the most problematic cases, an "attack" is witnessed by several people and substantiated by some physical evidence, but the attacker cannot be verified to exist.[citation needed]

Counterpart in Prague

A similar figure known as Pérák, the Spring Man of Prague was reported to have been seen in Czechoslovakia around 1939–1945. As writers such as Mike Dash have shown, the elusiveness and supernatural leaping abilities attributed to Pérák bear a close resemblance to those exhibited by Spring-heeled Jack, and distinct parallels can be drawn between the two entities.[28] The stories of Pérák provide a useful example of how the traits of Spring-heeled Jack have a broad cultural resonance in urban folklore. Pérák, like Spring-heeled Jack, went on to become a folklore hero, even starring in several animated superhero cartoons, fighting the SS, the earliest of which is Jiří Trnka's 1946 film Pérák a SS or Springman and the SS.[37]

In contemporary popular culture

The character of Spring-heeled Jack has been revived or referenced in a variety of 20th and 21st century media, including:
Spring-Heeled Jack (1989) – a combination prose and graphic novel by Philip Pullman in which Spring-heeled Jack saves a group of plucky orphans from the malevolent Mack the Knife.[38]
The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack (2010) – an alternate history novel by author Mark Hodder, portraying Spring-Heeled Jack as a time traveler.[39]
The Springheel Saga (2011) – a three-series audio drama produced by the Wireless Theatre Company.[40]

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