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2022.01.12 04:14 LifeHarvester I Miss the Way

I miss the way you made me feel Like I was soaring high. I miss the way I’d think about you All of the damn time. I miss the way our conversations Took all day and night. I miss the way we’d laugh, I even miss the way we’d fight.
I miss the way you’d wait A couple hours to respond. I miss the way I’d bite my nails Whenever you were gone. I miss the way you’d ignore me But never tell me why. I miss the way I’d fear something I did Would mean goodbye.
I miss your voice the day when you Told me that we were through. I miss the highs, I miss the lows ‘Cause all of them were you.

Link 1: https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/s1sbaj/i_am_fucking_emotional/
Link 2: https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/s1l3xx/when_darkness_falls/
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2022.01.10 22:50 LifeHarvester Under the Tree

We met, you and me, We met under a tree. It’s flowers were pink Like the rose of your cheeks.
We talked and we laughed And that day we were friends, That friendship soon grew And gave way to new ends.
We kissed, you and me, We kissed under the tree. The flowers had fallen To make room for leaves.
Their green matched your eyes That sparkled in the sun. I promised that day You’d be my only one.
We fought, you and me, We fought under the tree. The leaves died with my heart, As Fall set them free.
I cried and I cried But you never came back. I didn’t think I could Survive all these cracks.
Now I sat alone Under that very tree. The winter had caused All the colors to flee.
Snow fell from the skies, I said my goodbyes, And finally I left That old tree behind.

Link 1: https://womginx.arph.org/main/https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/s0nq8t/suddenly_its_2022/
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2022.01.10 05:52 LifeHarvester Uhealthy Love

I love you so much I can’t eat. I love you so much I can’t sleep. I love you so much I will kill myself If you are not with me.
I love you so much, when you’re gone I cry and sweat and shake. I love you so much it makes My entire body ache.
I love you so much that I can’t Even contain it all. I love you so much, without you I know I’ll only fall.
I love you so much I can’t Concentrate on anything. I love you so much that it Makes me really want to sing.
My love for you is suffocating, I can hardly breathe. But who needs air when I have you And I won’t ever leave.

Link 1: https://womginx.arph.org/main/https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/s07mod/alo_first_time_poster_be_kind/
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2022.01.10 05:41 LifeHarvester Sharpener

I can’t stop my hands as they stretch, Reaching out for her blade. Her sharp edge pierces through my skin, It seems a worthy trade.
An outlet for a little blood, By now the deal is done. There’s no negotiating now And it’s too late to run.
She’s got me all wrapped up, Might as well stick a bow on top. I’ve grown numb to the pain And I can’t bring myself to stop.
My skin becomes a canvas And she’s really quite the painter. She covers me in patterns And my blood drips down to sate her.
She is my little secret, No one else will ever know The things we do together, And I’ll never let her go.
By now I’ve grown addicted To her sly and silver shine. And when she’s tainted with my blood, I know that I’ll be fine.

Link 1: https://womginx.arph.org/main/https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/s09ywf/i_thought_i_saw_you_today/
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2021.02.18 00:22 nugget_of_wisdom If your school blocks stuff, use this website. It has Alloy Proxy, Womginx, Via Unblocker, PM Proxy, Discord, Youtube, and tons of HTML5 games (DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A PART OF THIS ORGANIZATION, I JUST FOUND IT AND WANTED TO SHARE IT). DM me if your school has blocked it so I can make a heroku one.

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