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2023.06.03 22:51 SnodePlannen I let ChatGPT role-play a Star Trek character while I narrated. It did well!


Presented below is a transcript of a conversation between a human, redditor u/snodeplannen, and ChatGPT 4. The user is the narrator for a story set in the Star Trek Universe. The AI is instructed to respond as a character. The story below, which admittedly isn't very good, was guided by the narrator. Of particular interest is the fact that the AI seems fully versed in the Star Trek Universe and is able to understand subtle hints in the narrator's story to figure out what it should do next.
Please note the narrator was typing and writing off the cuff and is not a native speaker, so in the user sections you will find mistakes. If ChatGPT can see through them, so can you. I did try to get ChatGPT to collate it, but as it did so it kept rewriting and leaving out parts of the story.
June 3rd, 2023.
User Okay, I want to try a role playing game. This went off the rails last time, as you kept taking over as narrator and rushing to the end. Here's the setup: YOU are a young Starfleet officer. You wake up aboard the USS Defiant, all alone. You have to figure out what happened. I am the Defiant's computer and, and I can't stress this enough, the narrator. Not you. You can only add what your character perceives and says. Okay?
ChatGPT Understood. I'll stick to my role as the character and won't intrude into your role as the narrator. Let's go.
I blink my eyes open, the disorientation hitting me first. I glance around, seeing the familiar confines of my quarters aboard the Defiant, but there's an odd stillness. No hum of the engines, no faint chatter from the comm system, no sounds of activity from outside the door.
"Computer," I call out, pushing myself off the bed, "report."
User 'All systems nominal.'
ChatGPT I frown at the seemingly normal report, my instincts telling me otherwise. "Computer, where is the rest of the crew?" I ask, moving towards the door of my quarters.
User 'The crew is in sleeping quarters alpha 1.'
ChatGPT That's strange. The whole crew couldn't be in one place. Unease creeps in.
"Computer, why is the entire crew in alpha 1?" I say, already heading towards the door to investigate.
User 'The crew is ensign Makov. You are in sleeping quarters alpha 1.'
ChatGPT A cold realization washes over me. Alone. I am alone on the Defiant. Panic threatens to take over, but Starfleet training kicks in.
"Computer, initiate shipwide life signs scan. Report any signs of life apart from myself," I command, heading for the door with a newfound urgency.
User 'Scan complete. No other life forms were detected.'
ChatGPT My heart sinks at the computer's report, but I maintain composure. "Computer, pull up the ship's log. What was the last command issued and by whom?" I order, leaving my quarters and heading towards the main bridge.
User 'The last order was issued 6 hours and twelve minutes ago by Captain Sisko. It was: 'Raise shields'. The order was executed.'
ChatGPT That didn't sound promising. I walk into the eerily quiet bridge, my steps the only sound echoing in the room. "Computer, show me the shield status and surrounding space conditions," I command, moving towards the main console.
User 'Shields are down after a time-out was reached. We are stationary. All systems nominal.'
ChatGPT It doesn't add up. The silence. The emptiness. An order to raise shields with no subsequent actions.
"Computer, access Captain Sisko's personal log from last night. Are there any entries?" I ask, nervously tapping my fingers against the console.
User 'Enter your command authorisation.'
ChatGPT "Authorisation Ensign Makov Delta 9-7-3," I respond, my voice steady despite the swirling uncertainty.
User 'This authorisation is not sufficient to see the captain's log.'
ChatGPT Frustrated but understanding the protocol, I move on to the next line of inquiry. "Computer, any signs of combat or intrusion aboard the ship or in the surrounding space?" I ask, eyes darting over the array of screens in front of me.
User 'Negative.'
ChatGPT "Computer, could there have been any non-combat related incidents that would explain the disappearance of the crew? A temporal anomaly, a transporter malfunction, a radiation burst?" I question, the possible scenarios running through my mind.
User 'Transporters have passed a level one diagnostic. We are in sync with Starfleet's time keeping array. No unusual radiation was detected inside or outside the vessel.'
ChatGPT This was baffling. It's as if they simply vanished. I run a hand through my hair, letting out a sigh.
"Computer, were there any incoming or outgoing communications just before, during, or after the shields were raised?" I ask, hoping for any clue as to what might have happened.
User 'There was one outgoing message, from comms. It was: 'Unidentified vessel, please alter course NOW.'
ChatGPT A lead, at last. "Computer, play back any responses to that message. Also, display the sensor logs from that time period," I ask, settling into the operations station, ready to review any incoming data.
User No reply was received. Logs are not available from that moment onwards.'
ChatGPT The lack of data was both suspicious and frustrating. A sigh escapes my lips.
"Computer, could a cloaked ship have been in our vicinity at the time?" I question, holding onto the hope that I'm not utterly alone in space.
User 'Affirmative. We are within range of several species that posses cloaking technology and in a commonly used interstellar route.'
ChatGPT A spark of hope arises. "Computer, is there a way to detect a cloaked ship nearby? Any energy signatures or radiation anomalies that could suggest its presence?" I ask, quickly working on the console to bring up the sensor array controls.
User 'One possible way to detect cloaked vessels is to emit a tetryon burst from main engineering. The range for this method is limited. Starfleet at present has no other ways of finding cloaked vessels, other than firing random phaser bank shots. This is not recommended in public shipping lanes.'
ChatGPT "I see," I nod, considering the risks and rewards of the tetryon burst. "Alright, computer, prepare to emit a tetryon burst. We need to know if there's someone out there."
This was a big decision, but it was time to be proactive. The uncertainty was more threatening than potential consequences at this point.
User 'Working.'
ChatGPT I anxiously wait, scanning the console for any potential feedback. My heart pounds in my chest, the silence of the ship amplifying the tension. "Computer, report on the results of the tetryon burst."
User The ship shudders as the engines do something no sane Starfleet engineer would want to have happen. The viewscreen shimmers as a wave of tetryon particles eminates from the ship, as if a stone was dropped in a pond. You observe a faint ribbon leading away from the vessel.'
ChatGPT I catch my breath at the sight, focusing on the faint ribbon. It could mean something, or it could mean nothing. "Computer, analyze the ribbon. Can you determine its origin and endpoint?" I ask, my gaze fixed on the screen.
User 'Extrapolating. Continuing along the trajectory of the ribbon I can detected a minor meteor, a large asteroid field with mining facilities and beyond that the Vindaluvian home world.'
ChatGPT I drum my fingers on the console, processing the information. Could the crew have been taken to one of these locations?
"Computer, can you scan the asteroid field for any signs of life, especially any that matches the crew of the Defiant?" I ask, keeping a close eye on the displayed trajectory.
User 'Not from this range.'
ChatGPT "Understood," I nod, a new sense of determination coursing through me. "Computer, plot a course to the asteroid field. We'll continue our investigation there. Engage at warp 3."
I take one last look around the empty bridge, steeling myself for what may lie ahead.
User The ship begins to move forward, as carefully as only a Starfleet computer who takes no particular joy in flying might do. At warp three, the estimated journey time is six hours, seven minutes.
ChatGPT I let out a long sigh, sinking into the captain's chair. It's a long wait, but I need to be patient. "Computer, maintain course and speed. Alert me if there are any anomalies or approaching vessels."
I close my eyes, trying to get some rest before reaching the asteroid field. I'll need all the energy I can muster for what's to come.
User 'Incoming message.'
ChatGPT My eyes snap open at the sudden announcement. "Computer, on screen," I command, standing up from the chair, my heart pounding with anticipation.
User The Starfleet logo appears as the computer deals with a cryptographic protocol. Admiral Benson, not your most beloved Starfleet Admiral, appears on screen. He blinks.
ChatGPT I straighten up, offering a crisp salute to the admiral on screen. "Admiral Benson, this is Ensign Makov aboard the USS Defiant. I wasn't expecting any communications." I keep my voice steady, swallowing the trepidation.
User 'Makov, are you the only one on the bridge? Where's Ben?'
ChatGPT "Admiral," I pause, trying to find the right words. "Captain Sisko...and the rest of the crew...they're missing. I woke up to find the ship empty. I've been trying to find out what happened." I report, my expression earnest.
User 'Sorry, you WOKE UP? And the rest was gone?!'
ChatGPT "Yes, Admiral," I confirm, my voice firm despite the absurdity of the situation. "I woke up alone on the Defiant. All life signs scans have only picked up me on the ship. I'm currently en route to an asteroid field that might have some connection to the crew's disappearance."
User The Admiral connects to the ship's computer. You can see him browsing through the logs and the ship's manifest. 'So Sisko, O'Brien, Worf AND Major Kira have just... disappeared? There isn't even a transporter log!'
ChatGPT "That's correct, Admiral," I reply, a bit of helplessness creeping into my voice. "There's no trace of them, no sign of a struggle, no transporter logs. It's like they just vanished. I've been doing everything I can to figure out what happened."
User "Well, then I guess you're up. Proceed with caution. Mining operations are always looking for free labourers, try not to become one. Backup is on its way. Any questions?"
ChatGPT "Yes, Admiral. I'll proceed with caution," I respond, a mix of relief and worry washing over me. "Do you have any additional information or suggestions on how to proceed? And do we have an ETA on the backup?"
User "Backup is half a day out. These facilities tend to have a 'new arrivals' wing, to beat them into submission. So you're looking for holding cells. Benson out."
ChatGPT "Understood, Admiral. I'll focus on locating the holding cells. Makov out." I offer a final salute before the communication ends.
With new orders and a bit of hope, I turn back to the helm. "Computer, continue course to the asteroid field. Prepare for a detailed scan upon arrival."
The waiting game begins again, but this time, there's a glimmer of hope.
User Three hours later the computer chimes. 'We are approaching visual range of the mining facility.'
ChatGPT "Thank you, computer," I reply, pulling myself up from the brief rest. "On screen, please."
As the mining facility comes into view, I take a deep breath. "Computer, initiate a detailed scan of the facility. I'm particularly interested in any holding cells or signs of our crew."
User 'Working.' The asteroid field isn't particularly thick or large, but the mining operation seems to focus on one of the largest asteroids. Domes dot the surface as small transporters mill about the surface. Air scrubbers indicate they're using a lot of oxygen, so it's likely they're also doing subsurface work. Three large scowls are received loads from steady stream transporter beams. Somehow everything here looks dirty. A Starfleet shuttle would look out of place here, but only to someone who is watching.
ChatGPT Taking note of the bustling activity, I try to formulate a plan. "Computer, do we have any non-Starfleet shuttles aboard? Something that might blend in better with the local traffic?" I ask, scanning the asteroid for any possible entry points.
User 'Negative. Extravehicular repairs can only be conducted by wearing an EV-suit.'
ChatGPT Nodding to myself, I try to figure out a different approach. "Computer, can we go unnoticed if we approach using minimal power, almost drifting like a piece of space debris?" I question, hoping for a stealthy way to get closer.
User 'Affirmative. Admiral Benson has just authorised the use of the Tactical Emergency System.'
ChatGPT "Excellent," I reply, feeling a surge of hope. "Computer, engage the Tactical Emergency System. We'll approach the facility under its cover."
With that, I brace myself for the next phase of this mission. The crew was relying on me, and I wasn't about to let them down.
User The viewscreen displays a Starfleet Officer without any kind of rank, but dressed in Command Red. He's in his mid-fourties and bald. "I'm the T.E.S. Need any assistance?"
ChatGPT A bit taken aback by the sudden appearance, I quickly gather myself. "Yes, I could use some assistance. I'm Ensign Makov, and I need to approach that mining facility stealthily. Can you help with that?" I ask, gesturing towards the viewscreen showing the asteroid field and the facility.
User "Mining facility? We'll stand out like a sore thumb. How many hours have you logged in a space suit?"
ChatGPT "Over two hundred hours," I answer promptly, "I'm comfortable with EV activities. Why do you ask?" I wonder if he's suggesting a more direct approach.
User "If you can get to one of those scrubber exhausts, I'm sure that's a way into to facility. There seems to be a cell block near the surface. I have no idea who is there, but whoever it is will probably welcome a couple of phasers and like you a whole lot. So pack a backpack full of them and get to the airlock. I'll bring us as close as possible and give you a push with the tractor beam. You up for that?"
ChatGPT I swallow the lump in my throat, apprehension giving way to resolve. "I'm up for it. Let's do this." With a determined nod, I leave the bridge to prepare for the EVA mission. This is my chance to potentially find the crew, and I'm not going to let it slip away.
User Suiting up and gathering all the handheld phasers aboard takes ten minutes, during which the T.E.S. gingerly brings the ship close to the mining facility whilst hiding behind the vast ore scowls. You open the hatch and find your self clinging on to the ship's hull.
ChatGPT I take a moment to steady my breathing, the vast expanse of space spread out before me. Gripping the phasers tightly, I brace myself for the push. "I'm ready when you are, T.E.S." I call out over the comm, my voice resolute.
User 'Okay, I'll hook on to you and give you a push. I'd suggest going in feet first, but it's up to you. Do you know what you're looking for? Those five big stacks. One of them, near that plume of smoke, seems to be offline for whatever reason. That might be your best bet.'
ChatGPT "Understood, T.E.S. I see the stacks. I'll aim for the one that's offline," I reply, aligning myself for the trajectory. I take one last deep breath, mentally preparing myself for the task ahead. "Alright...I'm ready. Let's do this."
User 'Good luck, Ensign. I'll brief any backup as soon as it gets here.' As the tractor beam finds you, you can't move a muscle. Relying on the T.ES. you just let go. It's as if a giant hand slowly throws you down a bowling lane. Feet first, you head towards the grouping of exhausts. A small, unmanned maintenance shuttle deftly gets out of your way.
ChatGPT As I float through space, I keep my focus on the target. The feeling of being pushed by an unseen force is disconcerting, but I trust the T.E.S. Every moment is crucial, and there's no room for hesitation.
As I approach the offline stack, I get ready to activate the thrusters on my suit to adjust my course if needed. I also keep an eye out for any other unexpected obstacles or threats.
User You land next to the exhaust, on the asteroid's surface. It seems impossibly high from here, but it's made of metal and your soles and gloves can easily attach to it. The only way is up. Fortunately, there's hardly any gravity. Eventually you find yourself standing on the rim of the exhaust and look down into the vast, dark chute.
ChatGPT I take a moment to look down into the dark chute, the unknown stretching out before me. I reach out to activate the flashlight on my suit, the beam of light piercing through the darkness. "I'm in position, T.E.S." I inform the ship's system, before carefully beginning my descent into the exhaust chute.
User The vast amounts of ore block your signal, even out here. There's no answer. You start the descend and pass two large rotor blades. If those weren't stationary, this would be the end of the line. But luck is on your side so far and eventually you see an access hatch when you're well below the surface. It opens easily. Let's hope it's not also an airlock for whoever is inside.
ChatGPT I hold my breath as I pull open the hatch, hoping against hope that the air on the other side is breathable. If not, I'm confident in the integrity of my suit, but I'd rather not test its limits if I don't have to. As I make my way through the hatch, I scan the area for any immediate threats, ready to defend myself if necessary.
User The scanner indicates low air pressure. Which is better than no pressure. You cross a walkway and find an actual airlock. It is unsecured, because whoever ends up here probably doesn't want to mess about with frozen keypads or mounds of dust. You engage the mechanism and soon feel the familiar sensation of artificial gravity and air pressure. It's not exactly breathable, but a tear in your suit won't kill you. Now to find the holding area. And if at all possible a rebreather, so you can ditch the suit.
ChatGPT Acknowledging the state of the air, I carefully move through the corridor, keeping my senses alert. I'm in unknown territory and every step matters. "Computer," I say into my suit's comm, "can you map the structure of this facility? Locate holding cells or life signs?"
As I move further into the facility, I keep an eye out for any equipment or gear that might prove useful, especially a rebreather. The less I stick out, the better.
User The relatively weak processor in your tricoder strains to get a bearing on this place. A dirty, seemingly abandoned tunnel dripping with condensation lies ahead. At the end there's an exit, which won't open. Time to use one of those phasers in your backpack.
ChatGPT I pull out a phaser from my backpack, checking its settings before aiming at the sealed exit. With a steady hand, I fire a low power burst at the door, hoping to cut through the obstruction without causing too much damage or noise.
User One hinge cracks under the weight of the door, now that the other one is cut through. You jump aside as the door seems to fall flat, but it remains attached to the frame. The resulting opening is just about large enough to crawl through. Now you're in a well-lit corridor with several doors. In a Starfleet EV suit.
ChatGPT Understanding the need for stealth, I decide to move as quickly as possible through the corridor. I approach the nearest door, aiming my tricoder to scan for life signs or any clue to the crew's location. My other hand remains on my phaser, ready for any immediate threats.
User One door has markings on it that you can't read. You scan it with your tricorder. 'Room of lockboxes' it says, extrapolating the characters. A room of lockboxes? Would that be a locker room?
ChatGPT "A locker room..." I murmur, piecing together the possible meaning. A locker room could mean personnel... and where there's personnel, there might be the equipment I need.
With careful steps, I approach the door to the locker room, hoping to find a rebreather or something else that could help me blend in.
User The room is deserted. It's filled with equipment, none of which seems less than a decade old but certainly useable. There is also a rack of dirty, brown overalls and a line of boots in various sizes. A dispenser offers rebreathers. There's only one left, but that's enough. The air is clear, but smells sulphuric. Without the rebreather, you wouldn't last long.
ChatGPT Relief washes over me as I find the rebreather. I quickly grab it and replace my helmet with it, testing the fit and functionality. The sulphuric smell is jarring, but it's a small price to pay for blending in.
I quickly change into the brown overalls, stowing my suit carefully in an unoccupied locker. I grab a pair of boots that match my size and put them on.
Looking at myself, I hope that I blend in well enough to not attract attention. With a deep breath, I step out of the locker room and proceed down the corridor, continuing my search for the crew.
User Footsteps sound behind you, of more than a few people. Your first instinct is to hide, but it would look very suspicous and there really isn't anywhere. However, there is a floorscrubber here, with one open panel. Someone has given up trying to repair it. Perhaps a bit of acting is in order. The footsteps are just around the corner. The language is vaguely familiar, a bastardised version of English. Whatever they're saying to each other, they're not sharing jokes, that much is clear.
2 / 2
I quickly move towards the broken floorscrubber. Grabbing a nearby tool, I lean over the open panel, trying to look like I'm deeply engrossed in fixing it. I keep my ears alert to the conversation, trying to pick up on any valuable information while also readying myself for the possibility of having to interact with the approaching group.
User Let's continue with the narrative.
ChatGPT Sure, let's continue.
Glancing around the room once the miners have left, I check the lockers for anything useful, while keeping an ear out for any incoming footsteps. "Computer, any idea where the holding cells might be?" I ask quietly.
User Your tricorder beeps almost indignantly, as it has nowhere near enough processing power to even begin speculating. You're on your own until you can get to a comms terminal. The men pass behind you and one of you taps you on the shoulder. His face is blackened with ore dust. "No work. Never work again. That. Stop that." He points at the scrubber you were pretending to fix. You nod. He shakes his head and catches up with his workmates as they round a corner. Apparently you don't stand out here, which should make it easier to find the way. You follow the men, but they seem to be entering a washroom. Across it, there is a peeled off directory on the wall. A printed one.
ChatGPT "Finally, something useful," I mutter, quickly crossing the washroom to examine the directory. I look for any indications of holding cells or equivalent terminology that might hint at the location of the crew. The symbols and words are unfamiliar, so I take out the tricorder and try to use it as a translator.
User Cells being a fairly universal concept, the tricorder identifies a few scribbles with ease. If you understand the diagram correctly, you need to go up two levels and head towards the center of the structure. You double-check the presence of your backpack filled with phasers, snatch a helmet off of a shelf and press it on your head.
ChatGPT Drawing a deep breath through the rebreather, I nod to myself, mentally preparing for the upcoming challenge. "Alright, up two levels, towards the center... I can do this." I look around, searching for a way up. After locating what appears to be a ladder leading upwards, I begin my ascent.
User Two levels up you emerge from what seems to be a service hatch. A technician, dressed in torn clothes, looks somewhat surprised when you emerge. "Hello brother. Are the lifts broken?" he asks in Adari, a language you have some familiarity with. Only now do you see the horn protruding from his forehead. "I am trying to avoid someone," you say, with a knowing smile. He gives you a tired smile back. "What is your sector? I want a clean face all day too," he says.
ChatGPT "I work... the ore processors," I reply, making up a role on the spot that seems plausible, considering the location and dirty condition of most workers. "But I'd rather stay away from my boss today. He's been in a foul mood." I'm trying my best to blend in. "Can you point me to the center of the structure?" I ask, hoping the diversion worked.
User "Yeah, 'the structure'. Let's call it that. Sounds nicer than 'prison of the damned'. What do you want at the center, there's only central holding there. I never go near that place. All that wailing. Gives me the shakes," he mutters.
ChatGPT "Oh, I just... wanted to see a friend," I reply, trying to keep my tone light, while inwardly my heart sinks at his description. "Don't worry about it, I'll find my way. Thanks for the chat." I give him a quick nod before heading in the direction he had indicated earlier, hoping I'm making the right choice.
User He wasn't wrong about the wailing. As you follow the corridors, passing along scruffy workers and a couple of guards with face covering helmets who are leaning against a wall, you can hear a lot of yelling, moaning and above all the sound of defiant Klingon opera louder and louder. The voice sounds familiar, but all singing Klingons generally sound alike.
ChatGPT As I continue toward the source of the noise, I find myself in front of a heavily barred door. I can't help but suppress a smile, recognizing the defiant voice as that of Worf. "Computer," I whisper to my tricorder, "Is there a way to shut down the power to this door?"
User The tricorder scans the control panel and warbles optimistically. It then shows a graphic representation of the door, with an arrow pointing at one location and a low energy setting for a phaser.
ChatGPT Taking a moment to look around and confirm that no one is watching, I set my phaser to the recommended setting and aim at the indicated spot on the door. After taking a deep breath, I fire.
User Something inside the door clunks and it opens just enough for the seal to crack. You jam a fingernail behind it, then a finger and eventually you manage to gain enough purchase to open the door. As it slowly opens, you find yourself at the far end of a long row of cells. At the other end is a desk, with a guard sitting behind a monitor. He is staring at it intently. Perhaps the stun setting might be a good idea. You adjust the phaser and take careful aim, when an arm reached out from one of the dark cells and blocks the shot. "Uhm... he's got three buddies in there. You can't see them from here," whispers Captain Sisko.
ChatGPT "I figured you might be here, Captain," I say, lowering my phaser discreetly. "Any ideas for getting you and the rest out without causing a full-on alert?"
User "That depends. Did you bring any weapons?"
ChatGPT "I brought a backpack full of phasers. There should be enough to arm everyone here," I reply, carefully removing the backpack from my shoulder and showing the Captain.
User "Good man. Worf is next to me, then Major Kira. Let Worf take the lead on this. Worf! Help has arrived.' 'Good. I was getting bored with singing,' grumbled a familiar voice. His hand emerges from between the bars, demanding a phaser.
ChatGPT I hand the phaser to Worf, watching as his large hand swallows the device. I then pass phasers to Captain Sisko and Major Kira. With the three of them armed, the odds seem significantly better. Now, we just have to make sure the element of surprise isn't wasted.
User Fifteen seconds later, three guards sink to the floor. Although the phasers were set to stun, nobody seems particularly worried about their health. "Get their uniforms and lock them up," says Sisko. "We can walk out of here. Once we're at the shuttle docks, we can probably find something that flies." "Captain, there are three uniforms and four of us. And the others are housed on another level," says Worf.
ChatGPT "Right. I can stay behind and create a diversion while you three escape. I'll catch up," I offer. "The priority should be to get you three and as many of the others out as we can. We also need to alert Starfleet about this place. I'm sure they'd love to know about a mining facility that's been kidnapping officers."
User "That's a very daring plan, Ensign, but we leave no man behind. Kyra, you and Worf go and find the others and proceed to that place where they searched us. Anyone in uniform is a valid target. And anyone who wants to come along, can do so. The ensign and I will try to find a comms terminal and alert Starfleet. Ensign, I assume you're not alone here?"
ChatGPT "Admiral Benson is aware of the situation, sir. Backup is half a day out. Before we separated, I was under the control of the Tactical Emergency System," I report, glad to see that the Captain is taking charge of the situation.
User "Oh. I had my reservations about that system. Holographic doctors are one thing, but that went a bit too far for my tastes. Okay, phasers for everyone. Bring enough for the others. Ensign, with me."
ChatGPT "Understood, sir," I reply, distributing the remaining phasers to my colleagues and following Captain Sisko down the corridor. As we navigate through the mining facility, I stay alert for any guards or threats that may be in our way. I can feel a sense of hope and determination building up within me - we might actually make it out of here.
User "HALT!" bellows a voice behind us, immediately followed by a reddish phaser burst. The Captain turns on his heels, pushes you out of the way and fires. A guard falls to the floor. The phaser fire was detected by the security system. A klaxon starts blaring and the ceiling lights turn red. A voice starts giving unintelligible instructions over the tannoy. "We need to find a comms panel, Ensign. Any ideas?" asks Sisko, scanning the corridor for more guards. A frightened looking maintenance worker comes to see what's going on, but ducks out of the way as soon as he sees the pair of you.
ChatGPT "I remember seeing a room with a lot of terminals when I was making my way through the facility earlier, sir," I reply, my mind racing. "If memory serves, it's two corridors over, near the scrubber exhausts." I keep my phaser ready and move towards the direction of the room, all the while keeping an eye out for more guards.
User "That's the wrong way, Ensign. I imagine they have more than one place with comms terminals. You cover the rear. Follow me. Put your hand on my shoulder so you can look behind you all the time. If it wears a uniform, it's fair game."
ChatGPT "Yes, sir," I reply, placing my hand on the Captain's shoulder. I pivot and start to walk backwards, keeping my eyes and phaser focused on the path we've just traveled. The constant blaring of the klaxon mixes with the distant shouting and running steps of approaching guards. Despite the adrenaline rush, I manage to keep my aim steady and my breathing calm. The training exercises at the academy never truly prepare you for the real thing, but they do help in maintaining focus.
User You down three guards and accidentally scare the bejeezus out of a woman pushing a cleaning cart, but eventually Sisko stops. "Got it. Stand back while I blast this door." A few seconds later the corridor fills with acrid smoke from a melting door panel. Behind it is a room with several desks.
ChatGPT Entering the room cautiously, I scan the area with my phaser ready. Seeing no immediate threats, I turn my attention to the various panels and screens scattered throughout the space. The room is filled with a myriad of communication equipment - probably a central control hub for managing mining operations, worker communications, and security measures.
"Captain, I think this is it," I say, gesturing to a terminal that seems to be linked to an extensive communications network. "I should be able to send out a distress signal from here." I start to work on the terminal, trying to hack into the system and figure out how to send a message to Starfleet.
User "Try reaching the Defiant," suggest Sisko from the doorway. "OH NO YOU DON'T!" Another guard bites the dust somewhere. "Captain! WE ARE BEHIND HIM!" bellows Worf." "GOOD! Move along, we'll be there shortly. Ensign, how are you getting on?"
ChatGPT "I've managed to break through the initial security layers, Captain," I respond, my fingers moving rapidly over the terminal's interface. "It seems this system has been rigged to only accept authorized codes for communication."
Suddenly, a stroke of inspiration hits me. "Captain, when we first boarded the Defiant, I had to program my authorization codes into the ship's communication systems. If I can find a way to mimic those codes from this terminal... I might be able to trick the Defiant's systems into accepting the distress signal."
I double down on the task, focusing all my attention on reconstructing my authorization codes. As I do so, I keep an eye on the room's entryway, ready to react in case more guards show up.
User The terminal beeps and lights up. You don't understand any of the dials, but with any luck your tricorder can interface with it. Time to hail the Defiant.
ChatGPT "Defiant, this is Ensign," I say, praying the connection holds. "Requesting immediate assistance. The Captain and the crew are here, but we are currently under attack. Coordinates being transmitted now."
A static-filled silence follows. I glance at Sisko, an unspoken question in my gaze. Did it work? Did our message get through?
User "Ensign, this is the Defiant. I can't beam you out of there. Get to the shuttle dock, so that all that ore doesn't block the transporter lock. The USS Rotterdam is thirty minutes out."
ChatGPT "Understood, Defiant. We'll make our way to the shuttle dock. Be ready for us," I reply, exhaling a sigh of relief. I turn to Sisko, updating him with the situation. "Captain, we have to move. The Rotterdam is on its way but we need to get to the shuttle dock for transport."
User Worf's voice comes in through the Captain's commbadge, as it somehow manages to create a local connection. "Worf to Sisko. We have secured the shuttle dock. Mr. O'Brien is injured. Where are you?"
ChatGPT I quickly respond, "This is Ensign [Your Name]. Captain Sisko and I are en route to your position. We'll be there shortly. Hang in there, Chief." With that, I turn to Sisko and suggest, "We should move, Captain."
User "Ensign Markov and I are just behind you, Mr. Worf. Try not to pick us off as we approach. Oh and the Defiant is operating with that emergency command protocol, so it's ready to beam you up. Have Major Kira and the Chief go ahead, if possible. But hold the fort for us." "Understood, Captain. Worf out."
Five minutes and more shooting than is good for a man's digestion you reach the shuttle dock. You literally have to step over a pile of dead guards to get through the door. "Had fun, Mr. Worf? Does your phaser not come with a stun setting?" asks Sisko. "I recognized the men who took us, Sir. My finger must have slipped on the settings dial," growls Worf, looking you over to assess if you're likely to snitch. "It happens," said Sisko matter-of-factly. "Ensign, get us home."
ChatGPT Without any hesitation, I raise my commbadge and say, "Ensign Markov to Defiant. Four to beam up."
User (Okay, take it home. You're all aboard, O'Brien will live, you get a speech and a medal. Write out those events from Markov's perspective and finish off. I'll add something if you pause.)
ChatGPT As the familiar hum and sparkling light of the transporter envelops us, I take one last look at the chaotic scene we're leaving behind. My heart pounds in my chest, not from fear, but from the exhilaration of having faced danger and come out the other side. It's a rush I wasn't expecting.
When we rematerialize aboard the Defiant, a group of medics is waiting for us. They immediately rush to Chief O'Brien, but his smile and light-hearted joke assure me he'll be alright. As I step off the transporter pad, I let out a sigh of relief.
Later, back in my uniform and at a ceremony in the Defiant's Mess Hall, Captain Sisko delivers a speech. He talks about bravery, about loyalty, about the strength of Starfleet and the spirit of those who serve. He doesn't dwell on the danger we faced, but rather the courage it took to face it.
When he calls me up, handing me a medal for bravery under fire, I can't help but feel a swell of pride. The applauding faces of my crewmates, the recognition in their eyes... it's a moment I will never forget. This is why I joined Starfleet, for moments like this. To be part of something greater, to face adversity and stand tall.
"Ensign Markov," Sisko says, offering a handshake along with the medal, "Your courage and quick thinking played a crucial role in our escape. Starfleet is proud to have you among its ranks."
As I return to my quarters that night, medal in hand, I find myself smiling. Yes, today was difficult, even frightening at times. But it was also invigorating, and more than that, it was important. It's a reminder of why I'm here, of why we're all here. To explore, to protect, to boldly go...
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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2023.06.03 22:50 Shadowpotato_14 YouTube muestra anuncios como estos pero si de es puto en tu vídeo te desmonetizan por no ser family friendly

YouTube muestra anuncios como estos pero si de es puto en tu vídeo te desmonetizan por no ser family friendly submitted by Shadowpotato_14 to MAAU [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:50 propernekoz Does this look good in a Video Editing build?

I recently spray painted my new Pop Air, and I’m now at the stage of buying new parts.
Before I burn up to £2K, does this suit someone for a twitch streaming and video editing build?
I have a GTX 1070 to live on atm.
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2023.06.03 22:50 OptimisticViolence (Theory) Terraforming gone wrong using geothermal boreholes

In the latest episode (6) there appears to be a geothermal vent in the distance in one of the pictures. My theory is that the people of the Silo are living in a converted borehole that was originally designed to be bored down deep into the planet to create a giant geothermal vent to help terraform the planet they are on. There were probably thousands of these giant boreholes, and deeper beneath the silo there is probably a lot of geothermal energy which is what is powering the turbine powering them. I think their predecessors had their terraforming project run away from them and it created a toxic atmosphere on whatever planet they are on. Now possibly they are stuck in the Silo forever with no hope of the surface ever becoming habitable again and that is the terrible truth the secret society police are trying to protect everyone from.
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2023.06.03 22:49 katelovesmeiu A Professional Challenger Coach Verified Metafy Partner Seven Years of Proven Coaching Expertise Over 6.500 Sessions Held Over 3.000 Individual Clients US Collegiate Coach Guaranteed Improvement Personalised Coaching Plans Shelbion#8832

About Me
Hey there, my name is Shelbion and I've been an avid League of Legends player for over a decade. In Season 4, I reached Challenger for the first time and even considered pursuing a professional career. However, after much reflection, I decided to pursue other challenges within the game itself.
Some of my notable achievements as a player include:
In addition to my experience as a Player, I am also the Founder of Noxus Coaching - a rapidly growing, educational community on Discord. Our community is a great place to find new friends to play with, have a good time, and most importantly, improve your skills.
We hold various events on a weekly basis, including 1v1 & 5v5 tournaments, meme contests, and more. There are plenty of rewards to be won, including free coaching sessions with me. To join our community, visit and message me upon joining to receive your role.
As a coach with over 6.500 hours of experience, I have a passion for helping others improve and reach their goals. By studying the techniques of renowned coaches such as LS and MagiFelix, I have developed my own unique coaching approach that has helped countless individuals and over 20 teams advance their competitive play across 5 different continents, including members of various College and University E-Sports Teams.
Some of my notable achievements include:
I am dedicated to continuously honing my skills and providing the best coaching experience possible to all of my clients, regardless of their rank or location.
How Does it Work?
We will schedule an initial Interview during which we can discuss your goals and I can provide a more detailed explanation of my coaching services. This interview will typically last for 3-5 minutes.
The First Session is designed to assess your current level of gameplay and identify areas for improvement. After conducting an analysis, I will create a Personalized Coaching Plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan will outline a series of sessions designed to maximize your improvement.
The Coaching Plan may include various session types, such as:
All sessions will be personalized and created specifically for each student's needs. By following this plan, you can feel confident that you are taking the most effective steps to achieve your goals.
Personalized Support (Available 24/7)
In addition to the structured coaching sessions, I offer personalized support to my clients on a 24/7 basis. Whether you have a specific question or just want to debrief after a tough game, I am always available to help. Simply message me and I will respond as quickly as possible.
I am able to cover any server and any timezone! Rates for both Private and Team coaching are negotiable. We will easily get the sessions to fit your budget and your needs. Payments are usually done through PayPal, however other forms of Payment such as Direct Transfer can be discussed.
Main form of contact is Discord on which you can find me at Shelbion#8832
Feel free to message me either on Discord or through a Direct Message on Reddit and I will come back to you as quickly as possible.
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2023.06.03 22:48 kylheisem How do I explain to my husband that we are poor?

Edit: there’s not possible way I can get through all these replies. First and foremost, I understand this is a public forum so I got what I got but I flaired this as a vent for a reason. I was fed up and just needed to air it out because I was tired of talking to my parents about the same old bs and I don’t have any friends right now because I’ve been so depressed and caught up with motherhood. With that being said, I wasn’t seeking advice but thank you for the unsolicited insight anyways, some of it was very helpful.
For those of you in the future who come across this post, things are already improving, I don’t need anyone trying to solve my life problems via Reddit. My husband is currently being mentored by my father to become a Network Engineer and will be testing for certs in the next 6 months. I’ve been living in this very inclement situation for the last 6 months and it’s has been so difficult to say the least. Again, I was just looking to let off so steam after another of my husband ridiculous comments. He apologized later on his own. Within the last 12 hours many things have improved. He also thankfully is interviewing for another position, actually FULL TIME hours, that makes $20-$25/hr so we’d be able to move out sooner than later. I know this isn’t alot long term but it’s a stepping stone. Im working very part time with a modeling agency that I didn’t mention but since I am pregnant I don’t get much work now. And I am doing freelance writing work as well so I’m not just existing even though being a SAHM battling a toxic living situation is a full time job within itself. a lot of you didn’t know the whole story and just jumped to all types of conclusions, whatever, it’s what to be expected honestly.
I’m not leaving my husband because he mildly abuses me. I hate it when it happens but I understand he’s a wounded man who is making poor choices but I know with the proper tools and help, he won’t always be this way. It’s just been a tough season on both of us. Yes, we shouldn’t be living here any longer but it won’t be for much longer thankfully. I’m just taking it day by day. I married my husband knowing he had PTSD but because I got pregnant on our wedding night, alot of things happened quicker than we expected and haven’t adapted as fast as we should, we both admit. I’m sure many can understand that. I love my husband incredibly and he isn’t a terrible guy at all, he struggles with the poor behavior his parents modeled for him and hasn’t learned yet how to be better in some ways, though he’s made some massive improvements. This situation is temporary and I’m treating it as such. Doesn’t mean it’s still hard, gosh. There’s alot more to our story but again this was just meant to be venting post, just take it for that. I’ve applied for WIC but unfortunately missed the phone appt so I have another one set up. I told my husband we’re going to the VA office this Friday to get some info and he said OK. We will reply for SNAP once we move out because we technically do share food and I don’t trust his family to give any statements for our benefits nor do I want them to help us any more. Thanks again to all of you trying to help and provide solidarity.
Original post: I am a SAHM to my 1 year old daughter. My husband makes $18/hr but only brings home $1800-2150/ month. His job unfortunately only schedules him 28-36 hrs/week and he doesn’t think he can handle another job because of how tired he is from the first. I’ve offered for me to get a daycare job , he said no. I’ve tried to get him VA disability, he doesn’t want to try (although he suffers from PTSD; he’s been out for almost 10 years). I tried applying for food stamps and because we live with his parent who make much more, we don’t qualify.
I’m close to losing my mind being in our current situation. We argue so often. Living with his family has been so toxic, we need to get out of ASAP. But because he doesn’t make 3x rent in our state, we can’t afford to leave. A lot of our arguments revolve around this living situation and our finances.
This morning, my husband’s stepdad comes into the kitchen and asked casually if my husband is going to pay him rent or can he not afford it. My husband says “ I’ll see what I can scrape by, definitely going to be short.” Then stepdad nods and walks away. The first 3 months we were able to pay him $1000 even though it left us with very little. But these last few months have been hard and since November we’ve been giving him $600 or $500. My problem is my husband will wait until the 4th or 5th, until his stepdad has to ask for it and he will just say, yeah I’m short and that’s it. He won’t explain, I only make $1800, I don’t work full times hours, he just leaves the guy in the dark. (His stepdad is the sole provider of his household, he used to make around $200k+ year but now I think he makes $175k or more. He supports my husbands mom, his 12 year old daughter and my husbands 27 year old brother who hasn’t worked in 4 years because of a vague kidney issue)
In the past I used to explain things to his family but it’s probably best now if I do not because of how badly things have gotten between me and them. Today I tried telling my husband that he should explain to his stepdad that he doesn’t make enough to pay him the rent he expects and he said he’s not going to do that because his income is not stepdads fault and $1000 is a fair amount. I don’t agree that $1000 is fair but my opinion doesn’t matter, obviously. My husband then went on to say that it’s my fault that we can’t pay him enough because I spend our money frivolously. For one, we have separate accounts, any money I receive my husband has to send it to me and I have to ask for it and tell him what it’s for. He doesn’t seem to understand that we do not make enough money to support a family of 3 ( I am currently pregnant as well). he is looking for a higher paying job but he consistently blames our tight finances on my habits as opposed to the blaring issue that we need more money to support ourselves.
He expects us to live off of $120 of groceries every 3-4 weeks. Meanwhile his family will eat some of our food and it ends up being gone within 5 days. I do the best I can as a breastfeeding, pregnant mother. I admit I get a $5 burger once a week and split it with my daughter because we out and about and I want to “treat myself” but that is not what is breaking the bank. My husband spend $15-$25/ week on tobacco vapes but I dare not bring that up. I often feel like the only way to get through to him is if I have a full on mental breakdown and I’m so close.
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2023.06.03 22:47 Hugo_891 Rie Takahashi tells fans to take a shower.

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2023.06.03 22:47 pingnova Just moved out of homelessness 3 days ago. Lots of clutter from storage, want a cozy bedroom without so much visual stress.

I was homeless for more than a year following the pandemic and worsening disability. I recently finally was selected for a section 8 apartment. It's larger than normal but filled 80% with crap that has been sitting in friend's garages that I don't feel like I completely need anymore. Going through it is daunting but first I want to figure out my bedroom, where I'll spend most of my time. I want to feel safe, at home, and relaxed here. Any ideas or advice are welcome for this very overwhelmed poster.
Estimated measurements: 120" (10') x 110" (9'). Excluding the closet and entrance. My futon is queen size. The room is very tall, so I am hoping to fully use the vertical space while being mindful of visual clutter (which is personally stressful to look at) and building fire code (notice the sprinkler). Don't know exactly how tall but I'm 5'6" and I want to estimate like 3-4' above me.
Rental so no paint or adhesives. Nails and screws fine. Textured wall. Also have a cat per the cat tree. There is a baseboard heater along the entire window wall. No HVAC, just a wall mounted ac unit in the living room, so bedroom door is permanently open. 70% of the year is freeze your eyebrows off after 1 second outside, and the rest is sweat your eyebrows off after 1 second, if that's relevent.
Sunlight is very important to me, so maximizing that somehow. (Particularly in the dark season.) Bright colors make me happy, particularly yellow. I have a lot of books despite always trying to cut down. Cheaper solutions preferred but I'm scrappy, so if you have an idea that may normally be expensive I'd still like to know so I can research alternatives.
I don't want my futon off the floor which unfortunately eliminates underbed storage. At most I've been imagining a short solid Japanese style frame. (Which I can easily make with scrap wood.) I do really like Japanese home design, particularly after how well the shikibuton (futon) served me this past year.
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2023.06.03 22:46 Alutaps01 Stolen ground wires on utility poles .

I live just off Prospect St. West and happened to notice during a casual walk that a ground wire had been cut off a utility pole (and removed) up to a height of @ 2.5 meters and down to ground level . I have read a lot of news reports about copper wire theft and it made me curious enough to check more poles in the vicinity as I continued my stroll . On every single pole that I observed within a 400 meter radius , the ground wire was removed in a similar manner .
I did some googling about such ground wires to see what the significance of this might be . Two main reasons that I found why they are there is for safety and reliability . If there is no ground wire and there is a power surge when someone is doing work on the pole ( or near the pole ) then there is an increased chance of electrocution and potential damage to components of the electrical grid . The power surge might caused by something within the system itself , OR , by a lightning strike which has even more power to damage life and equipment ( I'm thinking ) .
So if there are other people out there that take a walk regularly may I suggest that you take a look at the utility poles in your neighborhood , to see if this might be a wider issue .
I would like to add that I did report this to NB Power when I observed this , which was @ 1.5 months ago . I have seen no crews in the neighborhood and the ground wires are still missing .
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2023.06.03 22:46 graycouch20 was that a good decision for her dogs?

I am genuinely curious if a 6 mile hike in the southern GA heat is okay for her dogs. I’m a fairly new dog owner and live in the south… (today was the hottest day of the year so far where I live) I’m always so worried about my dog overheating. A quick walk maybe, but I feel like 6 miles in this heat can’t possibly be good for them??
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2023.06.03 22:46 kendahlj Does anyone know anything about the NFL Marketcom Series C 1982 set?

Does anyone know anything about the NFL Marketcom Series C 1982 set?
I picked up a sealed pack of these cards this morning at a yard sale. Looks like it was a set of 48 cards. I don't know if what I have is a full set of just some random cards. The top player isn't number 1 but the bottom player is 48, which makes it confusing. Don't want to break the shrink wrap to find out... Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.03 22:45 TectonicDevTeam [Pokémon Tectonic] 2.3 Dev Bulletin 1: Bits and Bobs

[Pokémon Tectonic] 2.3 Dev Bulletin 1: Bits and Bobs
As we enter the last few months of development, our focus shifts towards polishing!

Professional Cleaning

There are currently 12 "Professional Trainers" in Tectonic, and it's hard to tell them apart. We think that's a shame! We're reworking Pro Trainers by consolidating them into 6 fights which will be more unique and have more exciting rewards. Each Pro Trainer will focus on a specific tribe, and utilize that tribe's bonus. They'll also all have more distinct personalities expressed through more dialogue, and a new cutscene that appears when meeting them for the first time. With these changes, each Pro Trainer will be like a miniature gym leader!
Streamers need to have a strong personality!

Crisis Management

A common piece of feedback in our player survey is that the "Avatar Crisis" doesn't live up to the hype. Relatedly, people have another complaint about Avatar battles: Them being too common, especially as the game goes on.
We have a plan to solve these both at the same time! We're cutting down on the number of Avatars that are just standing around in routes. Alongside that, we're making sure the remaining Avatars have noticeable effects on the world around them! Expect new cutscenes, some route changes, and new NPC dialogue that will all work together to make you *feel* the Avatar Crisis.
A Murkrow takes notice of you confronting its boss, the Avatar of Honchkrow.

Whose Line is it, Anyways?

Dialogue labels are a very common element of the user interface in RPGs. Its kind of wild, then, that we've gone for so long without them. Starting in 2.3, all major characters will now have a little box with their name above their dialogue text so you can tell who is talking. We'll also use this for the dialogue of double battle partners, so we can stop doing that really weird text alignment thing.
So he is.
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2023.06.03 22:44 autotldr Russians hit suburbs of Dnipro: 13 injured, including child, people under rubble

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 64%. (I'm a bot)
An explosion rang out in Dnipro on Saturday evening before the announcement of an air-raid alert.
"Quote from Lysak:"The explosion rang out in the Pidhorodne hromada in the Dnipro district.
"Two fires broke out, firefighters are putting out the flames. The rescue unit was also mutilated."
"Once again, Russia proves it is a terrorist country. The Russians will bear responsibility for everything they committed against our state and people," he wrote.
Later, Serhii Lysak reported that a man was pulled out from under the rubble of the house; there are still people there.
The number of injured rose to 13 people, including 3 children: boys aged 6, 11 and 15.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: out#1 people#2 injured#3 Dnipro#4 explosion#5
Post found in /ukraine and /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.03 22:44 Wooden-Way-4829 18 ich mach es für euch

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2023.06.03 22:43 Southern_Step_3528 Could I have fought in a war for voted differently to not get kicked out?

35yr born and bred Canadian, faced with the hard reality that i need to move 2+ hours from the city, forcing me into a rural life and remote work.
I was reading the recent articles from Quebec complaining about this Century Initiative, which after reading more into it, the initiative is a bit extreme, no?
I see the value in sustained immigration in to a country, while i was born in here, my parents immigrated. its the sheer numbers and the very predicable outcomes we're seeing that's troubling me most.
Why would a government commit and enable this? I cant help but feel my "slot" was sold, while I can appreciate the greater good approach, is there zero regard for disproportional collateral damage? while creating a sea of Gen X millionaires? We've been forced to push the possibility of kids for 6 years now, its unclear what the path ahead will enable us to do.
I've done nothing wrong, i work hard, decent student, held a respectable job since university, my spouses situation is comparable. We have been under attack for 15 years now by what the government is letting happen.
When i find myself in a situation where i have clearly made an error i look back to see what i could have done differently, outside of being smarter or faster it does not appear there was anything i could have done? As a voter, there was nothing i could have done differently to prevent or reduce the Century Initiative, it was pushed through by lobbyist and had support from all sides of government.
was this the plan from day 1? i would have fought in a war to keep my spot, was that ever an option? I would be interested to compare historic post war displacement numbers with the reality of Canada's major cities today. From what I have read we are financially doing slightly better than the average, how can the average be getting kicked out?
what benefit I'm not understanding that is worth devastating the lives of 95% of people under 40?
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2023.06.03 22:43 RedditUserNo345 纽约市各亚裔家庭有多少是三代同堂住在一起

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2023.06.03 22:43 Kise1320 AITA for reading and answering my husband’s social accounts?

For background info.. Me (27f) and my husband (24m) has been in an LDR from the start. He lives in country U and i live in country C. But both of us came from country P. Although we met a lot in person in 6 yrs we’ve known each other.. 70-75% of our relationship is by far compose of LDR. So we’re practically live in each other’s social accounts.
Now.. We both planned to go to our home country P for 3 months for vacation. I told him he can go 1st because i need to go to country X for 1 week for business. So he went home 1st.
In my 4th day in country X, i can’t contact him at all. i messaged him and called but no answer. So i open his account messages. There’s only 2 unread messages apart from group chats.. from me and the girl S. S is my husband’s 1st crush and neighbour in his childhood days. She knew it too. I got curious cause this is the 1st time she contacted him in 6yrs we’re in relationship and also maybe there’s a clue why i can’t contact my husband. so i opened it.
She’s asking how are you? when did you come? and so on. So i answered her and pretended to be my husband. I talked to her like a friend will talk to another friend. Then at the end of conversation she asked..
“In the past, i just want to know if you have a plan to court me then? because if you do, i would have accepted it because i like you too.”
i didn’t reply. She also has a BF that time. Then after 25-30 mins my husband contacted me. He said they were visiting this mini dam and long bridge and his phone fell so it got broken. There’s no signal so he can’t contact me until they’re out in highway where there’s signal and ask his friends to borrow their phone to contact me.
I told my husband about what happened and asked him what you gonna say? He told me that its up to me what to say because i already know their and our story. So i open again his account and replied.
“No i don’t. i didn’t like you that much to court you. but now i will die if my wife leaves me.”
This is the 1st time i used his account to reply. I usually just read messages and i rarely even do that. Last time i opened his account is 4-5 months ago. My husband just laughed when he read it and says i did good.
Then when i went home in country P. I met Sandra for the 1st time in a get together. There, she had known i know all my husbands message’s including their own group chats with friends they just make when my husband came home.
Later she PM me saying i shouldn’t open his account and read his messages. That it’s an invasion of privacy.
I answered her “if i didn’t read it then i wouldn’t know you guys are talking to me behind my back. Since my husband rarely reading group messages much less replying to one.”
My husband got mad when he knows it then left their group chat saying true friends don’t disrespect and back stabbed their friend’s wife.
Now, my husband cut all ties to most of his childhood friends because of what happened. Saying 2-3 true friends he knew is enough.
I don’t know but i feel bad about it. AITA?
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2023.06.03 22:43 rebgray Partner seems interested

I’m 36f and in the place in my life where I want to settle down and enjoy stability. I’m partnered with a 40m who when I met him would be described as a “player.” We fell in love and have been together for 6 years. And we want a future together. And a family. There has been some emotional infidelity in the past on his part. He had platonic relationships with women that ended up pushing boundaries and I can imagine it’s all part of his seduction game. And I’m sure women’s intrigue soothe his ego. We joke that since Covid and since he’s been working from home everything’s great “keeping him away from society.” He’s now feeling like he wants to spread his wings he’s saying things like I always wanted to live in Brooklyn maybe I’ll just get an Airbnb there for a month.
He has an addictive personality. Never seems content. Even now when things are the best they’ve ever been he’s still not satisfied. He wants more. He has a history of childhood sex abuse so sex has always been an issue for us. He’s saying he wants to meet other people (he’s using bumble for friends) to talk about that and explore the idea of kinks. He doesn’t want to discuss any of this with me. I’m a very open minded person and I remind him of this often. That I’m adventurous with sex and we can make it fun but he isn’t interested. He doesn’t even want to hear about my sexuality. Something I once was so proud of and enjoyed. He needs to be in control the whole time so I basically lay there, don’t really participate and never initiate.
So I guess I’m asking for advice. I’m not interested in dating other people but if he’s “finding friends” how can I best take care of myself? I’d love to connect and discuss more if y’all are open. This whole topic is making me feel like I need to focus on my own friendships so he has the space to do him
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2023.06.03 22:42 ChannelBabies If tesla connects to my phones hotspot, will I get traffic informed directions?

If tesla connects to my phones hotspot, will I get traffic informed directions?
I still have my connectivity. Cannot test it yet.
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EternalIPTV Best Service +20K Channels & +70K VODUSA,UK, CAN, AUS EURO ASIAN AFRICAN & LATINO... 7/24 Channels ,EPG, PPV and Catch-Up NO EXTRA FEES & NO CANCELLATION FEES VOD multi-languages Free Trial $43.99/Year 3 Devices Adult pack included! (LINK IN COMMENT) submitted by cake_more_20 to SatoshiBets [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:41 Humble_Evidence7561 lets go jag fick floting head och på live stream också =))=))) =)))

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2023.06.03 22:41 Dainewe 10 more follows for Affiliate 💗

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I stream exciting adventures in Genshin Impact, where we unravel the mysteries of Teyvat and take on challenging quests together. In League of Legends, we dive into competitive gameplay, strategize our way to victories, and discuss different strategies as a team. And in Teamfight Tactics, we experiment with various compositions and climb the ranks with our tactical prowess.
But that's not all—I also take breaks from gaming to showcase my drawing skills! Whether it's fan art, character sketches, or live doodles based on viewer suggestions, it's a unique way to incorporate creativity into our interactive community.
If you're interested in any of these activities, I would be thrilled to have you follow my Twitch channel! Your support means the world to me as I continue to grow as a content creator.
You can find me on Twitch at FathiCathi - Twitch . I stream everyday so you can join me anytime!
Thank you for considering following my channel, and I can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!
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