Minimalist orion's belt tattoo

Betelgeuse, the biggest star of Orion/Osiris constellation, 600 light years away just exploded. It was 10th brightest in 2018, then it dimmed because of gas, then 3 months ago it had another explosion and became the 7th brightest. Graham Hancock/Bauval worked about Orion's belt in the 1980s

2023.06.07 18:31 DefenderOfMontrocity Betelgeuse, the biggest star of Orion/Osiris constellation, 600 light years away just exploded. It was 10th brightest in 2018, then it dimmed because of gas, then 3 months ago it had another explosion and became the 7th brightest. Graham Hancock/Bauval worked about Orion's belt in the 1980s

Betelgeuse, the biggest star of Orion/Osiris constellation, 600 light years away just exploded. It was 10th brightest in 2018, then it dimmed because of gas, then 3 months ago it had another explosion and became the 7th brightest. Graham Hancock/Bauval worked about Orion's belt in the 1980s submitted by DefenderOfMontrocity to HighStrangeness [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 16:39 SpacePaladin15 The Nature of Predators 122

First Prev
Patreon Arxur POV of the Cradle Series wiki Official subreddit Discord
Memory transcription subject: Captain Sovlin, United Nations Fleet Command
Date [standardized human time]: January 15, 2137
I was claiming an unwanted milestone with this voyage; I was certain I was the furthest below water of any Gojid, who hadn’t already been dead and sinking, in history. Some predators were monitoring their scanners for the slightest sign of activity, though I was told an entire team was dedicated to sonar monitoring in a separate chamber too. Sitting in a dark room with headphones for hours, with no idea what was happening, sounded awful. The supervisory officials and secondary team here got a much better deal.
Additionally, fire control technicians oversaw guidance systems on the bridge. Most of their work was grounded in electronic and digital concerns. From what Onso had told me, this vessel had underwater missiles which were connected to the ship computer by wires. Once the payload got close enough to the target, an onboard homing mechanism took over.
By watching the various stations, I was beginning to decipher bits and pieces from their screens. Judging by the learning curve, anyone with training in starship sensors could adjust to sonar after a few days, in a pinch. Onso seemed aware of most duties, having studied up on the intricacies; I was grateful for his explanations. All the same, it was of some comfort that Tyler, Samantha, and Carlos were in unfamiliar territory too.
“We’re getting close to the presumed location of the Farsul base,” Carlos whispered. “There’s no telling what they’re hiding down here. Maybe it’s everything that’s been done to every species!”
Onso flicked his ears. “A proper database would help with bringing our culture back, exactly as it was. They’re the historian species, so it’s a good place to go digging. They have a weapon as great as any Kolshian tech: information. The baseline for every civilization that has ever lived.”
“I wonder what they have on humanity. Perhaps one or two things that are true?” Sam snickered.
Tyler pinched the bridge of his nose. “What made them so certain we died in nuclear Armageddon? How much did they hide about us?”
“I don’t know, but my ship’s doctor wrote a paper in an ethics class about why it was morally just to execute you for your aggression. They didn’t teach anything good about you,” I offered.
Samantha beamed with mock excitement. “Wow, what a splendid ethics class, and a rousing thesis by the good-hearted doctor! Meanwhile, our physicians swear an oath to do no harm. I’m glad that prey are so much more well-versed on right and wrong.”
Tyler struck a puzzled expression. “I took an ethics class in college, before I dropped out of that shit-hole to piss off my old man. Best decision of my life. Anyhow, there were some interesting dilemmas they brought up in that class. The trolley problem is about if it’s ethical to ever do harm, but for good, you know?”
“I don’t. What’s the trolley problem?” I asked.
“There’s a train going down a track toward five people. You can pull a lever so it only hits one dude on another path instead. Should you?”
“Why does anyone have to get run over by a train? Did Onso make this garbage up?”
The Yotul flashed his teeth with a growling sound, pinning his ears back against his head. I didn’t see why my question was objectionable; he was the one with an affinity for outdated trains, to the detriment of advancement. The marsupial made a point of lamenting railroad destruction when we first met.
“Oh, fuck off.” Tyler rolled his blue eyes, and raised his hands in exasperation. “Your ethics classes wanted to genocide our whole planet!”
Carlos nodded. “And us predators talk about killing the least amount of people. Even I see the irony.”
“The Federation has no redeeming attributes,” Sam hissed. “Guess we’re gonna get to see Baldy’s real culture soon. Then we’ll know if the rest of the galaxy used to have a brain.”
My spines bristled, at the thought of uncovering the original Gojid culture. While I knew that the Federation committed similar atrocities as omnivorous and predator races, it was still painful to think of our real history being flaunted in front of me. What if the Terrans could throw past atrocities in my face, and hammer home the fact that a species’ empathy wasn’t a prevailing factor against cruelty? I couldn’t imagine how it felt for the predators to continually defend their past.
If our past culture was depraved, I don’t want it rebuilt or brought back. We could’ve been like Onso’s kind, killing our own people over food.
The fact that I was worried about our discoveries meant I’d accepted the ludicrous idea that the Farsul had institutions beneath the waves. Perhaps I trusted the humans too much, but it was a rare occasion when they were off the mark. They’d been a reliable source of information, even if they weren’t often forthcoming. I studied Captain Fournier as he presided over the bridge; his words on submarine capabilities left me shaken.
Understanding why the predators behaved with such a laissez-faire attitude toward extinction was a moot point; worrying for them was the emotion I couldn’t squash. I knew the three humans from my shuttle were all from different tribes on Earth. If we won this war and peace prevailed in the galaxy, what was to stop the Terran settlements from pointing doomsday weapons at each other again? Would Samantha and Tyler be trying to kill each other?
There were certain crevasses in humanity’s history that were like a mirror, when the comparisons were spelled out in plain fashion. However, in this area, I wasn’t worried about similarities being unearthed. There was an inherent difference in our species’ aggressivity that was evident, given our contrasting sensibilities. It bothered me, knowing that Terrans were not suited to long-term cooperation with each other.
“Can your aggression ever truly sto—” I started to blurt.
A sonar supervisor barked words in a commanding voice, after receiving a broadband communique from her team. “Two matching acoustic signatures, 2000 meters out. We’ve put a tracker on them and forwarded the data to weapons.”
Captain Fournier clasped his hands behind his back. “Two contacts, 2000 meters out. We’ll log the sound patterns in our database. Maintain battle readiness and prepare to fire on my command.”
With enemy submersibles sighted, the crackpot underwater base theory looked more plausible. Onso’s eyes lit up, as the human shipmates coordinated various actions. I could see a security feed of the torpedo bay, where predators were prepared to physically load replacement weapons from racks. The munitions looked massive, even compared to a predator’s unyielding frame. Other Terrans were tending to pre-loaded tubes, hooking up communications cables.
The wires do seem a little primitive, but it’s stealthy and immune to interference. The predators have extravagant tech, yet it’s only used when it’s optimal.
Much of the necessary procedures and checks could be done by weapons specialists on the bridge. Captain Fournier growled the order to fire two torpedoes, and fire control ejected the munitions through the muzzle doors. Without a viewport, I could only judge the launch’s success from received data. From what I could tell, the twin projectiles were propelling themselves in the wrong direction.
Onso had noticed my confused gaze. “Yeah, they’re aimed off-kilter, just at first. Makes it difficult for the enemy to tell where the missile came from…to track it. It’s like interfering with targeting on a starship.”
The Yotul’s explanation proved correct again; fire control routed the torpedoes back on course, after their initial journey. The Farsul submarines were oblivious to the incoming weapons, and with our minimalist noise, they might not detect anything until their vessels were annihilated. The predatory nature of this sneak attack wasn’t lost on me. The humans operated unseen, not alerting foes to their presence until it was too late.
The cables were cut once the torpedoes were in seeking range; the warheads’ active sonar was inescapable in close proximity. The pings tipped off the exact enemy locations, and allowed last second course corrections. Human engineering was perfect in orchestrating a kill, as I never should’ve doubted. They’d risen to every challenge hurled at them, from bringing drones into spatial warfare, to shield-breaking missiles. The ocean was an old, familiar hunting ground to them, so this fight was both natural and intuitive.
Sonar screens lit up with bursts of noise, painting a story of metal cracking like a dropped fruit. The power of our munitions contributed to the explosion’s loudness too; that level of energy output was anything but quiet. Stealth was no longer necessary though, with our submarine’s proverbial fangs planted in the Farsul’s throats. I could imagine the two submerged vessels being spliced into shrapnel, as the detonations clashed against their plating.
Captain Fournier conversed with the sonar supervisor, before turning to the bridge. “Two confirmed kills. Continue on a descent course, in the direction of those ships.”
“We go toward them, we’ll find the base,” I muttered.
Onso wagged his tail. “We find the base, we save the Yotul. We rid ourselves of their influence once and for all!”
Samantha raised an eyebrow. “Assuming they don’t wipe digital data or blow up the base, when all is lost. They love scorched earth, lightly suggested by the whole exterminator hoopla. Better destroyed than used by predators.”
“You are irony-poisoned.” Carlos shook his head lightly. “We get to the Archives, and we find what we can. Even if they wipe servers, who says our techies can’t recover it?”
Our submarine descended ever deeper, pressing ahead toward the real Farsul Archives. Talsk’s moon was falling above us, and space fleets were clashing around the deorbiting body. All the same, the real battle was a handful of stealth ships here, dishing out silent strikes. We remained vigilant for other enemies, knowing we were close to the base’s suspected location. If they spotted us first, then they would have a chance to strike before we could.
Is there any way to defend against an oncoming torpedo, if the Farsul have such weapons? It seems like you never sense them coming, and you can’t…look out a window.
Captain Fournier pursed his lips. “Sweep the area with an active sonar ping. We need to get a read on the terrain and hopefully, the base’s exact location.”
The sonar supervisor relayed the orders, and Onso tensed up a little. The Yotul whispered to me that active pings gave away our position, by transmitting our own sound into the water. However, sailing blind into unknown territory could end us crashing, or missing the base altogether. We had to hold our breath, and pray the Farsul wouldn’t pick us up. Their capabilities were unknown, but they must possess listening devices for deep-water travel to be possible.
Knowing that we were more than a thousand meters below water, I didn’t want to find out what would happen to us if the ship imploded. It was impressive that it wasn’t crushed by the outside pressure already, come to think of it. At this depth, atmospheric pressure couldn’t be suitable for land lifeforms. That was a fear I didn’t need to dwell on.
The acoustic energy illuminated the terrain for our sightless submarine, allowing the predators to map their surroundings. I listened to the bridge chatter, as they scrambled to classify nearby points of interest. Echo sounding confirmed we were close to the ocean bottom; it was level apart from a few elevation shifts. Deep-sea invertebrates sprouted skeletons on the sea floor, wherever space was available. The most promising sign was a wide area of unusual signal absorption, which was believed to be the base.
As nervous as I was about getting attacked, well out of any sun’s eye, it seemed like we’d gotten away with the emitted ping. Perhaps it was foolish to assign human competence to the Farsul. Why would they expect to see other vessels on the seafloor, armed with a predator’s tech? How could a prey animal even think of using detection methods, which hunted other ships down for making the slightest noise?
The sonar supervisor stiffened. “Torpedo in the water!”
Oh stars. At least the humans had picked up a telltale propulsion system from the torpedo, but that meant the Farsul knew we were here. While there were other UN submarines en route, none were flanking us or backing us up. The predators better have some insane defensive tactics, or we would wind up in a million pieces. I didn’t like the prospect of my lungs being crushed.
“Brace yourselves for inbound munitions!” Captain Fournier growled into a microphone. “Return fire toward the source.”
The Farsul submarine was patrolling just shy of the Archives base, and wasn’t, to our knowledge, joined by any comrades. While taking immediate defensive steps, the Terrans dubiously focused on getting their own torpedo into the water. Skepticism marked itself on my face, but Onso leapt to the predators’ defense. The Yotul claimed this counterstrike was to prevent the enemy from firing again. I could feel my heart crawl into my throat, as our own projectile was spit back with haste.
Our submarine reoriented itself in the opposite direction, away from the base, and fled at maximum speed. The incoming torpedo had the edge in speed, so it seemed futile to run away. I guessed that the munition had limited fuel; even so, its tank wouldn’t run dry quick enough. We dove as close to the seafloor as we could risk, and the sharp descent almost made me tumble down the bridge.
The Farsul’s torpedo was gaining ground, threatening to sink us. Captain Fournier, just like his counterparts in the stars, was cool under pressure; he waited for the munitions to lock onto us. The bearded leader shouted for a sonar decoy to be deployed. As the deceitful device jetted away, I squinted for clues on nearby screens. Per Onso, it unleashed a cloak of bubbles and jamming frequencies, scrambling the missile’s sonar-seeking systems.
“Did it w-work?” I wrapped my claws around Carlos’ arm with the bear tattoo, remembering not to cling to Samantha again. “I hate water. I’ll take death by vacuum any day.”
Carlos squeezed my paw awkwardly. “I don’t know if it worked. We always hope for the best, but no combat situation is a guarantee. Just breathe, buddy.”
Our submersible attempted to skirt the torpedo’s search area, while it was hung up on the false targets our decoy provided. We veered well off to the side, and ensured absolute silence. The Deep Core looped back around, tiptoeing past the range we’d been chased from. There was no sign of an inbound contact following us. I realized we had successfully fooled the munition’s homing logic; I released Carlos’ arm at last.
Perhaps it had been wise of the Terrans to impart a shot back. Our foes were too preoccupied to send more trouble our way; one torpedo was enough.
Those thoughts reminded me that we had taken offensive actions to counter theirs. Sniffing out the vessel that attempted to sink us was a priority. The torpedo we’d fired at the Farsul submarine hadn’t found its mark, as the enemy managed to pull nifty evasive maneuvers. However, their engines stirred up ample noise, with that sudden haste. Though they had avoided our first missile, I thought we had a clear target for our next round.
However, it was not necessary to expend another weapon on this nefarious submarine. The Terran torpedo missed its target the first time, but it doubled back for another pass without warning. On the second attempt, it struck true into the hapless Farsul’s frame; another hostile was ravaged in the blink of an eye. The humans had a perfect sinking score, proving themselves to be the more devious prowlers.
I doubted the Farsul expected anyone to get this close to their lair; all we had to do was poke at their defenses from a few angles. If this mop-up was representative of our disparate power, the other UN submarines must be closing in on the base too. In space, losses and hardships could be inflicted upon the predators. However, land and sea appeared to be their chief dominion, where their exceptional talents put them miles ahead of the competition.
The oceanic path to the Farsul Archives had been cleared, and soon, humanity might begin to reclaim the actual history of the multitude of Federation species.
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Patreon Arxur POV of the Cradle Series wiki Official subreddit Discord
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Attack on Titan Season 4's Eren Yeager Scout
would've rather done demoman so you could play demoknight since trimping ODM gear same thing. but I gave up. anyways here it is. (there is a ponytail you just cant see it in the first image) I used Hero's Tail with After Eight paint, The Jungle Jersey, and Orion's Belt. (I am aware that Eren does not Use ODM gear in that season but I was just tryna be creative) and if your wondering, the war paint for the gun is Electroshocked. I tell you this cause I spent 40 minutes looking for that warpaint. I thought I made it up in my head at some point but I finally found it.
Eren Yeager
another Eren Yeager
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2023.06.07 00:39 dlschindler [Murder Of Crows] S1E3 My Crow Speaks To The Mad

I sat in the parking lot of McDonald's feeding french fries to my talking crow. We were in the back of Detective Winters's car. He was having the large coffee that cost only a dollar. He had told me he liked it better than Starbuck's, as he took it black.
"Sergeant Ventura was a good cop." Detective Winters was talking about the policeman that had gotten killed at the crimescene.
"Did he have family?" I asked.
"He was divorced." Detective Winters sounded like he could cry for the dead man. "We were his family."
I ate my cheeseburger in silence. Cory hopped onto the fries and scattered them to the floor. He looked up at me without an apology for his behavior before he went to go eat some of them.
We were taken to a hotel where we became roommates with Detective Winters. The maid knocked on the door as I was taking off my boots. He answered it with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth that he had lit with hotel matches.
"What is it?" He asked her. I listened, genuinely curious.
"No animals." She pushed past him slightly and spotted Cory. Presumably, she would go get the hotel manager.
"It's okay, he is with me. I am a detective. I am solving murders." He told her, and showed her his badge with a well-rehearsed gesture. She gave him a very admonishing look and left without saying more. I wondered if our sleep would be interrupted. I was very tired and went right to bed.
In the morning the same maid was back, prompting me to wonder if she had worked all night. She glared at us as we left and she went in to clean.
Detective Winters took me to the station and made me sit around with him all day while he did paperwork. He had interviews with people and more paperwork. His job suddenly seemed very boring to me. I already longed to go outside and discover the world out there. I was his hostage because he knew I knew that I was his suspect in a murder.
"I want you investigating this. Looks like it might be the hitchhiker killer. If you can get some cooperation from you-know-who, maybe we can call the FBI on this one." The boss of Detective Winters walked over to his desk and gave him a thin file on a crime scene secured earlier.
"Let's go." Detective Winters got up and I followed.
"Who was he talking about?" I asked.
"A possible serial killer. I know a guy who knows a lot more than he is telling us. First we need to go see the crime scene. Forensics is already there so you will have to wait outside." Detective Winters was talking fast. He was excited about this for some reason.
"You know this serial killer?"
"Yes. If it is the same one then we've had several killings already. I will need to go see our friend. Then we call the FBI." Detective Winters explained.
"Is that how it's done?" I asked.
"It is how we are gonna do this. You wouldn't understand." He started his car and we left.
"You like it when people say 'you wouldn't understand' to you?" I asked after awhile.
"Not really. Sorry. I just don't like feeling like I am explaining myself to someone." Detective Winters gave me some kind of crude apology for the way he had spoken to me.
"Well, I don't really like listening to you anyway." I offered. After that we just drove in silence. After we arrived at the crime scene, Cory went to the floor of the back seat to feed on the drying fries left there. Detective Winters asked someone he was passing for their cigarette, took it, and smoked it, as he walked away. We were left there alone in his car.
I was tempted to just get out and walk away. I felt that it would be dishonorable. Therefore I stayed, out of a sense that I was doing the right thing.
"What a mess." Detective Winters came back after awhile. He fished a half smoked butt out of his ashtray and lit it with the car's lighter. Then he rolled down the window to exhale smoke as we drove away.
We arrived at a small trailer where a column of smoke arose from out back. Detective Winters said: "Come with me."
The man was just throwing the last papers and files out of an empty banker's box and tossed it aside where several others sat empty.
"Daniel Barrow." Detective Winters spoke so he would turn around. The man gestured at the destructive act he had committed and shrugged and smiled.
"What can I say?" Daniel Barrow asked. "I don't work for you. I am a private eye. You know, an investigator-for-hire."
"I could arrest you for destruction of evidence." Detective Winters told the private eye.
"Then do so. I am merely destroying my own pictures and notes. Personal property." Daniel insisted.
Then we left him there, smoke trailing away with bits of white ash in his hair.
"What a dick..." Detective Winters used a bad pun.
I chuckled and replied: "He seemed crazy."
Something dawned and Detective Winters held his hand up at me for a second while he thought. Then he lowered it and brightly added:
"Dellfriar Asylum." Detective Winters decided.
"Where crazy people are?" I tried to follow his jump to a conclusion. I had no idea what he was talking about.
"Where Doctor Evans was killed. That is how I met our friend for the first time. He was caught snooping around that crime scene too." Detective Winters recalled.
I said nothing as we drove to Dellfriar and gained access to the ancient and fearsome looking seaside castle. It was still medieval compared to other mental hospitals. I had only seen it in pictures, but now the place creeped me out.
"What are we doing here?" I asked. "If Doctor Evans was killed by the same person Daniel Barrow would have told you about: then you already know who it is."
"You are right." He stared up at the terrifying structure. "Jesse Darling. She was a patient here. We have a copy of her file. You are right. There is something more I wanted to see again."
"I'd rather wait here." I told him. He nodded and left us in the parking lot.
When he came back he looked disappointed. We drove back to the hotel in silence. The next day he met with the FBI and told them what he knew, about a serial killer named Jesse Darling.
Then he found me and told me: "Her name is Scarlet. She was friends with Daniel Barrow. He visited her often."
"Now that you have completed that path, why not try another?" I asked him.
"Scarlet is who we should be looking for." Detective Winters agreed. "We will never find Jesse Darling."
"Then let's start at the beginning." I advised him. And so we drove back to the crime scene we were at before.
His decision was to drive along the highway from there, heading away from Dellfriar. Detective Winters said:
"I think she has killed six men and she tried to kill Daniel Barrow. He survived."
As it grew dark a light rain began to fall. The sound of the windshield wipers kept going. My hand began to ache. Up ahead stood someone in a red hoody, hitchhiking with their left thumb. We pulled over.
"Must go now." Cory cawed.
"Sounds anxious." Detective Winters noted.
"He is saying we must leave." I translated. "He gets jittery."
"He got a name?"
"Cory." I took my crow to my lap and gently held him while the back passenger door opened. I looked over at the dark shape in the red hoody. Lightning flashed behind her before she got in to sit with me in the back.
I could feel the damp cold air coming off of her hoody as she seated herself. She was young, although her face was kinda mean looking. As she spoke, she gestured with her left hand, her right never appearing. She said:
"I was walking and this rain started. I just need a lift into town." And she tried a fake little laugh and smile.
"We can give you a lift." Detective Winters offered. We started back onto the highway and she reached up with her left hand and got her seatbelt on.
"The hand is silver and it can cut like a knife. Maker of dead men, from living ones. She actually likes doing it, you could learn from her." Cory told me about our guest.
"Your bird talks." She smiled. This smile looked real, but still predatory.
"If you call that talking." Detective Winters chuckled with a masculine disregard.
"I don't know." I stammered. I was frozen in fear. This was surely our hook-hand hitchhiker. She was definitely Scarlet. I could imagine her weapon striking away half my neck in one instant swipe, out of nowhere. She'd kill the detective next. Only she was wearing a seatbelt: so our corpses would get ejected into the darkness. She'd stay belted to her seat.
"I can understand him." She smiled coyly.
"You can?" I was choking. Sweat beaded my forehead and terror gripped my heart.
"He says I am pretty and sweet and that you already like me." She sighed.
"He said that." I breathed mechanically.
We pulled into a gas station. Scarlet stayed seated, smiling endlessly at me, her eyes shiny like glass. I had to pee yet couldn't move. I was afraid that if I tried to get out: she would slaughter me.
Detective Winters took his time filling gas, making a long phone call, buying cigarettes and smoking about half the pack. I was in agony: it was either pee myself and probably trigger her killing me, or get out and die trying.
"I really have to pee. Is it okay if I go and go pee?" I squeaked.
"Sure. Come right back." She was still smiling like a golden devil at me. I crept away from her and shut the door. Cory was on my shoulder as we obtained the key, attached to a real goat's leg, hoof and all. I went into the bathroom and peed.
As we came out with the goat leg in one hand, zipping up with the other, the parking lot lit up. Police cars swarmed from all around, surrounding Detective Winters's car. I watched while armored SWAT had to drag Scarlet from the vehicle.
Scarlet managed to slash them anyway, drawing blood from three of them. Her hidden prosthetic arm was indeed like a sharp pair of hooks. She whipped out a knife and got one of them in the groin. Blood spurted from his wound and he staggered and fell over.
Finally, they had her restrained and arrested. I went into the gas station to return the goat's leg bathroom key. Detective Winters came into the gas station behind me and selected a lighter to buy. It was with a bunch of lighters with tattoo art on them. His had a little red riding hood, looking scared, and standing in front of a wolf's eyes.
"You're still alive." He told me and flicked his lighter's flame in front of me before he went back out to the car.
"Death will always happen." Cory agreed with him.
I just sighed and tossed the goat's leg onto the counter.
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2023.06.06 23:09 Nigens Doesn't hurt to ask - Simple Tattoo

My mates and I roomed together in a college home and called our home the bumhouse. We are looking for a minimalistic tattoo with the letters B and H in the design. We have come up with a few ideas, however, we have this feeling that there's a better design in someone's head out there. Or even reinforcing our ideas to make us feel better about the design. Any ideas would be helpful, especially when this is above all of your calibers. Thank you.
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2023.06.06 22:20 tonynetone1 Sirius, Jupiter, and Orion are all prominent celestial objects visible in the night sky

Sirius, Jupiter, and Orion are all prominent celestial objects visible in the night sky
Sirius, Jupiter, and Orion are all prominent celestial objects visible in the night sky.


Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and can be seen from almost every inhabited region of the Earth. It is located in the constellation Canis Major and is often called the "Dog Star". Sirius is visible in the southern hemisphere during winter and in the northern hemisphere during summer.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is visible to the naked eye. It can usually be seen as a bright, white, star-like object in the eastern sky just after sunset. Jupiter is usually visible from dusk until dawn and can be found in the constellation Sagittarius.

Orion is one of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky. It is located on the celestial equator and is visible from most parts of the world. Orion is famous for its three bright stars that form the "belt" of the constellation. These stars are named Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. Orion is most easily seen during the winter months in the northern hemisphere.

To spot these objects in the night sky, it's best to find a dark location away from city lights and look in the appropriate direction during the right season. You may also want to use a star chart or a mobile app to help you identify these celestial objects.

It's certainly possible to take photos of the night sky using a smartphone, but it can be challenging to get high-quality results without the proper equipment and techniques.

Here are some tips for taking night sky photos with a smartphone:

Find a dark location away from city lights to reduce light pollution.

Use a tripod or stabilizer to keep your phone steady during the long exposure time needed for night sky photography.
Use a manual camera app that allows you to adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed, and focus. Some popular options include ProCamera, Camera+, and Moment.

Use a high ISO setting to capture more light, but be aware that this can result in grainy or noisy images.
Experiment with different exposure times, starting with a few seconds and increasing as needed.
Consider using a remote shutter release or the self-timer function to minimize camera shake when taking the photo.

Try using a wide-angle lens attachment or a telephoto lens attachment to capture different perspectives of the night sky.

Edit your photos afterward using editing software or apps to adjust exposure, color balance, and other settings.

Remember that capturing high-quality night sky photos with a smartphone can take some practice and patience, but with the right techniques and equipment, it's definitely achievable.
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2023.06.06 18:33 Beauty_by_Dolly Discover the Beauty Trend: Henna Brows

Introduction: In the realm of beauty trends, one captivating technique that has gained significant popularity is "henna brows." This innovative approach utilizes the natural properties of henna to enhance and shape eyebrows, providing a stunning and long-lasting result. Let's delve deeper into the world of henna brows and explore why this trend has become a favorite among beauty enthusiasts.
The Magic of Henna: Henna, a plant-based dye derived from the Lawsonia inermis plant, has been used for centuries for various body art and beauty purposes. Traditionally known for its use in temporary tattoos, henna has found a new application in the world of brows. The dye is carefully applied to the eyebrows, giving them a fuller and more defined appearance.
Natural and Long-lasting: What sets henna brows apart from other eyebrow enhancement techniques is its natural and long-lasting effects. Unlike traditional eyebrow makeup products, henna brows offer a semi-permanent solution. The dye penetrates the hair follicles, resulting in a beautiful, even color that can last up to six weeks. This means waking up with perfectly shaped and tinted brows every day, without the hassle of daily makeup application.
Customizable and Versatile: One of the biggest advantages of henna brows is their versatility. The intensity of the color can be customized to match your desired look, ranging from a soft and natural shade to a more dramatic and defined style. Additionally, henna can be used to fill in sparse areas or correct asymmetrical brows, creating a harmonious and balanced appearance.
A Low-maintenance Beauty Solution: For those who lead busy lives or prefer a minimalistic beauty routine, henna brows are a game-changer. Once the dye is applied, you can enjoy effortlessly flawless brows for weeks. Say goodbye to smudged or faded eyebrow makeup and hello to brows that look effortlessly groomed from the moment you wake up.
Professional Application: To achieve the best results, it's recommended to seek the services of a trained and experienced beauty professional. They will assess your unique facial features, discuss your desired outcome, and apply the henna dye with precision. Their expertise ensures that your henna brows complement your overall look, enhancing your natural beauty.
Conclusion: Henna brows have revolutionized the way we enhance and shape our eyebrows. Offering natural and long-lasting results, this beauty trend has become a favorite among those seeking fuller, well-defined brows without the need for daily makeup application. Embrace the magic of henna brows and unlock the secret to effortlessly beautiful eyebrows that will leave you feeling confident and radiant.
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2023.06.06 18:14 ilovearca Best area for 1st tattoo ?

Hi all ! I’m planning to get my first tattoo in the following weeks ( I want to get something rather small and minimalistic ) and I’m not really sure where I want to get it, as I want to get it somewhere where I can easily cover it due to work. Any advice is appreciated !
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2023.06.06 18:00 knightcourt_98 Ted Lasso Tattoo Ideas

Hi everyone! I am on here to ask about potential ideas for a small Ted Lasso Tattoo that's meaningful and bittersweet. This show means the world to me and I want to honor it by getting a small memento. I am someone who absolutely loved Ted and his positivity even when he was struggling with his own mental health. He was someone who always put others above him and made them smile and for that, I think I need to be more like Ted. Is there an artist out there who could possibly give me an idea? I like minimalist designs so anything would be appreciated picture and or quote! Thank you so much!
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2023.06.06 16:55 beforethenandnow [M4F] The Red Zone of Crescent City.

The city was almost unknown at the start of the century. It didn't have the vibe of Seattle's Boeing SeaTac, or the overwhelming might of NorCal's "Silicon Valley." In fact, it wasn't much of a city at all. But, after decades of investment, its become a small but incredibly influential force on the American West Coast.
It was Crescent City's peculiar legal situation which made it so attractive to industry. Due to reforms in the late 2030s, the Government had stewardship over a huge swath of land as "a sovereign territory within Northern California." Ironically, that same wave of reform in NorCal also pushed corporate interests to search for less restrictive jurisdictions.
At any rate, an extremely lucrative deal was hashed out with the governmental leadership: a special economic zone in Crescent City's port, heavily dominated by corporate interests. In exchange, an exorbitant yearly rent payment would be distributed to the city’s council, and corporate forces (they claimed) would help police on the remaining sections of the city’s land. NorCal, happy for the excuse to give the companies their own neoliberal playground, turned a blind eye to the whole affair. Cyberlibertarians flocked to the city for its lax laws on body-modding, drugs, guns, gambling and prostitution. Companies flocked to the city for tax purposes.
In a matter of years, undeveloped coastline became choked with skyscrapers. Illegal squatter communities formed in the barren, native highlands, away from the pressing control of the city. However, Corporate forces still regularly arrive to burn down encampments, and wasteland-dwelling rebels ride through city streets on jeeps or bikes. The city itself is a patchwork of high-rise complexes and immigrant communities, carved into expansive "corporate parks" created by rival factions. Heavyweights like Shuzuoka, Bryer-Stanley, and Nwajiuba can all be found there.
The so called “Red Zone” was a pleasure district, located in the heart of Crescent City’s corporate wonderland. It had sprung up in the late 2050’s, a new development that promised a world of pleasure, hedonism, and stress relief. New buildings, a monorail link to the Metro, it had been the hot, new development. It was the go-to place in town to get fucked up, and get fucked. Bars, body-modding clinics, tattoo parlours, strip clubs, and brothels were the norm, and it had a reputation for the particularly wacky and weird. It was also where I lived and worked.
The establishment I was working in was called Bloom, owned by the elegant and elusive Lady Sapphire, a former sex worker herself, who’s hard work had earned her an empire of debauchery. And she loved it that way. Her marketing has lots of Georgia-O'Keefe-style suggestive flowers, but in neon. Lady Sapphire’s Bloom was one multi-story building. Strip club on the ground floor and basement, the bar, club and discotheque above that, photoshoot and private rooms upstairs, and actual living quarters on the top floor. Bloom is a jack-of-all-trades: stripclub, porn studio, a tight-knit community for the women who work inside it. Everyone gets a vote and everyone decides on pay... but everyone knows Lady Sapphire is really the one in charge.
I worked there as a security guard, meaning I was always on the front line of wacky and weird. Out of everyone in the city, why did Bloom hire me as security? To quote Lady Sapphire: “One, you can take a punch. Two, you're not an asshole. Three... Indy thought you were cute."
I’d gotten the job when I’d gone to the Bloom with a friend after losing a bet. Supposedly it was a "consolation prize." Really, it was just an excuse for him to see some tits. One of the other patrons had gotten rough with one of the working girls, Indy. I didn't even have to think about it: I stood up to him, and when it escalated, I beat the ever-loving crap out of him. Lady Sapphire likes to say I "saved the guards some ammo" that day, and she wasn't kidding: when I had looked up, a guard already had a loaded shotgun in hand. Some of the girls patched me up and just like that, I was hired by Bloom as a bouncer...and more, if I was up for it.
The Metro ride is packed today: office drones in their starched collars and pants, studiously avoiding eye contact with anyone. Early birds in astonishingly spiky and skimpy party-wear.
The monorail rumbles four stories off the ground. A few tourists gawk at the windows, staring down at the huge, flashing billboards that run down East Avenue. It was intentional, Indy ahd explained one night, excitedly recounting a holovideo she watched on the city's urban planning. The rail lines got laid down first, so the corps could have stuck it right in the middle of the street if they wanted. But they wanted a monorail, just for people to gawk at the view. Increase the ad-value.
I stop at three or four different stations along the way. More partygoers. A homeless man with a long, empty face, trying to shush the yapping Chihuahua in his arms. One of the office drones thinks she's being real stealthy as she gives her coworker an over-the-pants handjob.
I reach my stop and exit into the Red Zone. Partygoers flood out onto the streets. Several of them stop to listen to a Mariachi band playing. The lead singer clearly has some kind of augmentation: he sounds like he's singing three or four notes at the same time, belting out a Spanish ballad.
Bloom is around the corner--four stories tall, plus a basement, with an animation of a huge neon flower opening and closing luxuriously. The smell of spices drifts to me from the kebab stand across the street. I’ve got two hours before peak time, when I’ll properly need to be on the clubfloor. Been working here two or three months, and I know the gig pretty well by now.
The monorail journey seemed to always be different, and yet always the same. Something was always going on, it was never the same faces, but it had become so routine that it all felt like an extension of the same ride. I rubbed my hands as I left the station, my hot breath fogging in the air. How the fuck did these people not freeze to death? Working in this district, I saw more tits, cocks and pussies in a half hour commute that any normal person would see in their life. But then, that’s the nature of the district that I found myself in. This was a place of pleasure; degeneracy, debauchery, and good old fashioned hedonism to its core.
I push past the queue of early birds, knocking at the door and getting greeted in by the previous shift, my thick, knee-length Black coat flowing behind me as I walked. I adjust my armour weave under my shirt, and check the handgun strapped to my thigh. If some fucker tried me, they’d better go for the head. It was warm inside, gentle synthy music drifting in the entrance hall, soft neon lights around. All flowers opening their petals in an almost far-too-obvious suggestive way. I catch a couple of the girls as I head to the lower security office to clock in. They smile flirtatiously, exactly as they always did. I couldn’t fault them or be mad. It WAS their job after all.
Inside the office was Garrett. The oldest, meanest, toughest son of a bitch the district had. You fucked around with Garrett, and you found the fuck out. Normally in an irreversible kind of way. I mean, MAYBE if you could afford cyberware, maybe it would fix it.
“Elias.” He grunts simply. I nod. “Garrett.” I swear the only time I heard this guy say more than one word was when he talked to Lady Sapphire. Then it would be like 5 words. At maximum. I clock in and turn to him. “Am I on cams, doors, or patrol tonight?” I ask. “Patrol.” He says again. I purse my lips. Happy fella, weren’t we?
“Alright. You probably know already but I think the vending machine guy is due tonight. And have you seen Indy? She had a surprise for me, she says.” He raised an eyebrow. “Nope.” He replied. I pat his shoulder and wink. “Helpful as always buddy. See you on the floor.” He slaps my hand away, and I chuckle as I walk out.
Patrol. Right. I start climbing to the second floor. I hear the screams of delight as the doors open downstairs and I roll my eyes. My voice is deep under my breath.
“Let the fun begin.”
Well, that might be the longest stream of semi-coherent consciousness I’ve managed to get into one post. If you’ve made it this far, well done for getting through it. Hopefully you’re the kind of person I’m looking for, and hopefully the type to get the vibes and themes for what I want to play. Those who get it, get it!
Theme-wise, this is my rendition of the now classic cyberpunk genre. Corporate and liberal wonderland, gritty, drugs, body mods, alcohol, and sex galore. Everything turned up to 11, and maybe some more after that.
As eluded to in the wall of text above (sorry, I get carried away sometimes), I’m playing Elias. Elias is a young-ish guy in his 20’s, hired on the spot by one of the establishments in the pleasure district after an “incident” while he was visiting. He caught the attention of the owner, Lady Sapphire, the guards, and Indy, the girl working there that he aided.
For appearance, he’s a big guy. Standing at 6’3 with a muscular and athletic body, he is definitely a presence in person. He has jet black hair and facial hair, both kept short. Blue eyes, a wonder to look into (or so he claims he’s told). Most often wearing a long black coat and matching trousers and boots, with armour-weave underneath. In short, he looks like a more handsome version of the typical futuristic security guard. He talks shit, takes shit, and gives shit.
And what about you? Well, I’m open to you playing just about anyone that you wish! Will you play as one of Bloom's patrons, a woman with cash to burn, neon hair, and a will to let yourself free? Are you a regular, or here for the first time and guided by reputation? Will you play one of the girl's working there, a woman under my protection? Are you new or established? Have we met, spoken, even hooked up already? Do you like me or not? You could be Indy, the girl I saved the day I was hired. How has our relationship changed? Do you feel like you owe me, or that I owe you? Are you even still working there? Or maybe you want to step into the shoes of Lady Sapphire, the gorgeous empress at the top of it all. Do you want to thank me for a job well done? Offer me promotion as a personal guard? Or do you just like to fuck staff members now and then? I will leave how you look and what your personality is open to interpretation, as I feel it will be best for you to really make the character your own!
Kink-wise, I am quite open. Anything not explicitly listed in my limits below should be able to be worked in, provided you ask me about it. That being said, here are some of my favourites: Domination, cheating, seduction/dirty talk, sexy outfits/lingerie, rough sex, risky sex, creampies, giving and receiving oral, being deepthroated, face fucking, face sitting, making out, spit, impact play, anal, light restraints, and threesomes (FFM).
My limits are as follows: underage, being pegged, anything bathroom related, beast, vore, gore, and lack of detail.
Now, down the more boring admin stuff. This post took quite a lot of effort to write, and so I would really appreciate a creative and detailed response from you, if you are interested. I'm not asking for you to write a novella for a response, or even to match me, but one paragraph just saying you like the idea or "I want to play" just won't cut it for me, I'm afraid. Don't rush a response to grab my attention, as long as this is up, I'm still looking for someone to play with. You're far more likely to catch my attention if you really show me that you're interested! I typically write between 2 and 5 paragraphs in normal messages, and at the very least aim to get at least one response out per day, but I am normally better than that. I am also located in GMT timezone, and while I am open to talking to people from any timezone, please understand that I may not always be around. I try to communicate when I won't be around for a little while. I adore creativity and detail, even if it's weird or out there. In other words, go for it and ask me!
I am looking to roleplay ONLY on REDDIT. Yes, this is a dealbreaker. PMs (Orange Envelopes) are preferred, but chat will work if it's detailed enough. If you've made it this far, 1.) you're VERY appreciated, and 2.) please include your favourite flower in the title of you message so I at least know you reached the bottom. I am really looking forward to writing something with you here!
All the best, and I hope to see you soon!
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2023.06.06 13:23 dykb Minimalist tattoo - recommendations pls

Lately nag iisip ako mag pa tattoo pero wala na sa pinas yung artist na nakita ko sa instagram. Any recommendations?
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2023.06.06 11:13 Active-Lengthiness65 Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging?

Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging? submitted by Active-Lengthiness65 to u/Active-Lengthiness65 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 10:38 Emergency_Ocelot_924 Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging?

Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging? submitted by Emergency_Ocelot_924 to u/Emergency_Ocelot_924 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 10:32 Cautious-Finish381 Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging?

Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging? submitted by Cautious-Finish381 to u/Cautious-Finish381 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 09:53 Witty_Arrival_755 Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging?

Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging? submitted by Witty_Arrival_755 to u/Witty_Arrival_755 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 09:00 FreshHuckleberry5282 Top Products and Trends for 2022 (Big City Tees)

Top Products and Trends for 2022 (Big City Tees)
Are you looking for something valuable and trendy in t-shirts or tees? There is a lot to choose from regarding the contemporary designs and trends in century-old t-shirts.

Top Products and Trends for 2022

Whether a person or a professional occasion, all you need to do is find the top products according to your needs and go for one in the news for its trending fashion. Let us help you with the top ten products and trending styles that go well with any personal or professional occasion.

1. Sleeve Print Tees

Have you seen the customized sleeve prints recently? Well, it is because it is in the current trends, and you should not miss out on it. Ideally considered the fashion statement, you can go for the sleeve prints that are a hit for parties or sports functions.
Businesses can go for marketing their products and services according to the requirements and take the help of trending sleeve prints. It is easy to print the logos or the slogans on the sleeves that can improve any business’s marketing strategy. Not to mention you can also go for sleeve printed t-shirts on any anniversary of a family function.

2. Plant Vibe Tees

If you are in love with plants and want to remain close to nature, the plant vibes are perfect for your needs. All you need to do is take a picture of your favorite plant in your garden and draw it with simple lines and diversified colors. It is easy to get these drawings on the plant vibes and rock the daily wardrobe with these customized t-shirts.

3. Book Design Tees

Are you someone who is proudly called a bookworm in your friend circle? Then, it is easy to get the book designs popularized by the leading bookstores globally. Moreover, many readers are part of book-based campaigns that further ensure that the publishing houses make some money even in their downtimes.

4. Strong Statement Design Tees

Many times, it is all about giving strong statements using your wardrobe. Why go for something basic when you can get these bold statements on your Tees? Creating a T-shirt with strong phrases or words that can soon work as the perfect merchandise for famous personalities is easy. It is all about keeping minimalist work designs, bright colors, and preferring handwritten letterforms.

5. Multi-Colored Word Tees

It is easy to add a splash of energy to your wardrobe by adding multi-colored words on your t-shirts or sweatshirts. You can go for the simple but repeat colors to set a specific mood for the closet. The text-based designs stand out of the generalized customization with popping up and energy fiesta.

6. Hand-Drawn Design Tees

If you want to add individuality and character to your online designs, hand-drawn designs are the perfect solution. You can go for the textured and pencil-like designs that let your imagination take charge of your fashion statement. All you need to do is start using the pencil and create designs unless you are done with them.

7. Bold Background With Texts

If you are looking for something that grabs attention, it is easy to go with the bold background with texts. You can print the texts in bold and oversized fonts, while the background gives a straightforward platform for these texts to pop up on the t-shirts. But first, you need to select the color palette according to your requirements and the ideal typeface.

8. Doodle Artwork Design Tees

Have you wondered about getting some of the personalized Doodle goodies? If yes, it is time to get the Doodle artwork designs in your wardrobe. It gives you the freedom of designs, lines, or colors as you can get anything printed in the Doodle format. So, all you need to do is get your imagination to work and start creating some customized Doodle artwork designs.

9. Large Scale Print Tees

You may have been using minimalist designs, but 2022 is all about large-scale prints. It is all about using the entire printable area to ensure that all designs are rocking. It is easy to go for the cartoons, illustrations, or any fantastic concept that works well with large-scale prints. Readability is never an issue, and hence there is no compulsion for the typos.

10. Traditional Tattoo Design Tees

Are you in love with tattoos but afraid of your life-long commitment to them? The traditional tattoo designs are perfect for the guys looking for tattoos of bright colors and bold lines. You can attract the community’s attention without the need to get a tattoo on your body. It is easy to select any tattoo design, bold it, and share it for printing.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to find your favorite one when you can quickly help the top products and trends in t-shirts. Do not compromise on your style needs, as you can select one or more t-shirts according to the occasion or budget—no need to settle at the generalized styles when you can go for the top trending products.
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2023.06.06 05:39 Cautious_Smoke3764 Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging?

Officially in month two of hand tattooing, with 30 tattoos under my belt. Here are a few of my favorites so far! But when do I start actually charging? submitted by Cautious_Smoke3764 to u/Cautious_Smoke3764 [link] [comments]