How many ounces in cirkul bottle

Sleep-Training: a safe place to talk about any kind of sleep-training for babies and toddlers

2016.06.17 15:35 UnicornToots Sleep-Training: a safe place to talk about any kind of sleep-training for babies and toddlers

This is a judgement-free zone to ask and provide tips, ask questions, and share success stories about sleep-training your little ones. Whether you want to "cry it out" or you want to try a "no-cry sleep solution" (or anything in between), you're welcome here! [Note: We are not medical professionals. You should always consult your pediatrician before beginning a sleep-training program with your child.]

2020.06.08 16:19 likelyculprit Unlisted Wine Deals from Underground Cellar

Underground Cellar posted on their website "As of April 24th, 2023, has shut down for all future ordering and shipping. It has been our pleasure to serve you over the years and we thank you for your patronage and support." The mods are not affiliated with Underground Cellar. We are keeping this community up to discuss if there is any recourse for the customers. Many members have lost hundreds of bottles that were "stored" in the "cloudcellar."

2015.08.27 04:59 Ace_of_Clubs Waterfilter (Just realizing now that it is not actually a filter, more of just a water fountain)

Do you ever get curious about how many people actually fill their water bottle up at water fountains? Well some have trackers and we track those trackers! (Just realizing now that it is not actually a filter, more of just a water fountain)

2023.06.03 13:55 Reasonable_Visual_89 Does it make sense to stay on the waiting list for a room on if it was already accepted by someone?

Hello all,
The question is basically in the title. I am really wondering, how often does it happen that someone rejects a room on after they had accepted it and then then the next person in line gets it? Would it make sense to keep the reaction on the room till it officially goes to "History" (so it keeps one of the five slots occupied), or would it be better to apply for other rooms instead?
Many thanks!
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2023.06.03 13:54 danisipop Price to pay

This is how i’m honestly feeling That there is always a Price to pay with frequent use. And not only money wise!
I’m sure many people can agree that there are adverse effects or after effects which appear after the drug passes the peak level and starts dropping down or when it has worn off completely - i do feel drop in mood , anxiety … the list goes on.
It seems like for every up in this life no matter how much you try to tweak the drop or fall - it’s inevitable. Best option is to cut down on frequency and dosage for less adversity, or keep dosing bigger and increase the downsides for later and experience interdose withdrawal.
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2023.06.03 13:53 Unfair-Structure-383 General questions about MSN

Hello, I recently got admitted to Columbia Masters in Entry Level Nursing. It was ironically the only school that accepted me out of all the ABSN and MSN schools I applied for.
So now that I got in, I am seeking advice to those who are also facing financial burden as well. Did you guys do work-study? How did you manage your time? Did you guys participate in any organizations during your time as a student?
I’m also planning on doing a FNP-DNP route. I know many of my peers who are already in MSN informed me that it would be best to be an RN at Columbia or it’ll look bad if I were to work as an RN at another state (I.e. Texas) but I can’t do that for family medical reasons. But if I were to go straight into a DNP program at Texas, can I just work as an RN for a short period of time? I’m pretty sure there are fellowships available and I know the program in Columbia is designed for students do to clinical and go to school.
Anh advice is greatly appreciated
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2023.06.03 13:53 mysecretlifex F15 - Trying to find a long term [friendship] and I’m selective but sweet of course :)

I’m a white girl called Abi in a rural and traditional village in Hungary. I’m living simple life here with hobbies like cooking and baking and reading but I also love to be outdoors and do camping, boat and raft driving and hiking! I am super social and love the village gatherings as well.
I only go to the city four times a year every season. I like to eat junk food whenever I’m there because here we eat very organic and healthy food. I love healthy food, but junk food can be fun a couple times a year right? Haha!
What I’m looking for: Someone thats interested (just like me!) in culture, religions, traditions, ceremonies and customs. But also if you like nature, outdoor, food and desserts, we will vibe most likely! In my culture there is so many things that are different. Some people might say it is insane or outdated or even worse and all of those things. But they don’t look at the positive outcomes and the prove that it works! For example how our marriage works here, how life is run, how genders love to be living accordingly to their roles and more.
Our village is a couple hundred people long and spread across grasslands and forests around us. It’s secluded, silent, peaceful and calming! However, sometimes as you can guess… lonely. Even though I love the wonderful community here.
Thank-you for reading this far and if you did, please send me a message starting with your favorite ice cream flavor :)
I’m asking you (if you’re interested) to write me an intro. Make it a bit mid sized to long sized because I’m all about equal effort! Please let me know what a good way to get to know each other is. I’m new and have no idea other than just chatting randomly but maybe you have an idea?…
I don’t mind your race, color, nationality, religion, age and anything like that! Oh and be open minded if that wasn’t clear already hihi :)
Abi - wishing you a lovely upcoming week!
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2023.06.03 13:53 Junk-Miles “Fueled the work” too much, gained 5kg over 6 months. How to drop the extra weight

I’ve been listening to TrainerRoad for a few years and they always talk about fueling the work and not dieting on the bike. They love their carbs for sure and most discussions seem to favor overfueling over underfueling. And I’ve followed that guidance. Over the winter I started fueling all my training rides “better” and not trying to fast before and during rides. I’ve added carbs during Z2 rides and pushing up towards 80g/hr for rides that are SweetSpot and above.
The workouts felt good but now I’m a good 5kg heavier without any increase in my FTP. So my W/kg had gone down, and my FTP hasn’t gone up. So I feel like I gained weight for no good reason.
How do I go the other way? Cut back on fueling? I don’t feel like my off the bike eating has gotten worse but I don’t keep a good diary so it’s hard to say. Am I taking in too many carbs?
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2023.06.03 13:51 neicul Beransa used for arthritis - any experience?

Hi all. My 10 year old dog has pretty bad arthritis in his back and hind quarters and his vet started him on Berensa shots in an attempt to address his pain before we will likely have to have quality of life conversations. I’ve read some studies indicating it’s quite effective in many cases but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this with their dogs and if/how it made an impact?
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2023.06.03 13:50 bryce_withingale I need help

Should I end my friendship?
I've (20) had this friend(20) who has been my friend for the past 6 years. We used to be used close in the beginning but then around year 4 she had to move abroad. I have DPDR so I often forget that people around me exist when I haven't seen them for a while along with some other issues I face.
From the start, she's never really been a great friend to me. I've always thought of her as an escape from my shitty household, so I saw her as a light in my gloomy existence at the start of our friendship. This light being the very reason I never really saw her flaws till later on but even then I would tolerate them because I needed my escape.
Moving forward to year 5,she's gone through some very traumatic shit that I would always help her through. But she's very manipulative in the sense that when I was going through my own shit she she sent me messages about how she was going to KHR and that forced me to invite her over to my house and later when I asked her she said she wasn't serious.
This is year 6, now I notice so many issues with her that I don't have the patience for and I know I'm not a good friend but I've always been good to her and she's acknowledged it. She's admitted that I'm there for her more than she's ever been there for me. She now uses me as a escape from her terrible hostel life, which I was fine with till she came over to my house and admitted that she not only has a new best friend but that she was sad that the boy she liked (loves) wasn't willing to meet with her and that she only came over to meet with him.
The other thing that really hurt me was that we decided to meet this new uni friend I made. She has this issue of kinda being self absorbed to the point where she continued to talk only about the guy that she liked to my friend and didn't really bother asking him any questions. Not only that but when my friend asked her questions about me her responses really fazed me because I didn't know that's how she viewed me. She said words like yeah "I clinged onto her" (me to her) and that whenever I would address my issues with her I would basically be "throwing a fit". This visit btw was imposed on me by her, I didn't want to meet her since I was still grieving my dead cat and things were really terrible for me when she stayed over
This was the last time I talked to her in person,after that she asked me if I wanted to hang out I said no. Now, she has messaged me saying that she knows that I was sad and that she's trying her best.
I don't know how to respond.. should I just end it?
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2023.06.03 13:50 Lost-Newspaper2582 Things that have worked for me

Hello, I move been steroid free for about 2 1/2 years now, I’m doing okay, I have daily episodes of itching from hives but they are not nearly as bad, my skin has some hyperpigmentation as a result and I have some elephant skin wrinkles but nothing too severe, I might rebound but fingers crossed things get better. Thought I would share some things that have helped me find relief and many others that did not. keep in mind that nothing ever “cured” my tsw but time and also I have not had weeping skin or bacterial infections.
Vaseline- this really helped my tsw when it was at its worst. Helped with the elasticity of my skin and heal the cracks. It def shows the most dramatic healing effect but it does nothing to help the itch. In fact I believe I somehow developed an allergy to it, as it would irritate my skin like crazy, I kept using it tho because it saved my skin at first.
Zinc ointment- this one helped a lot, as it would “dry” my skin out, so it would help a lot with moist areas like the creases of my elbows, or just anywhere because I would get lots of hot flashes, in addition to the zinc it had a vaseline base so it had the healing properties of that. The ointment I used, I believe had zero water content which I think was important to the success of it, because it was not a moisturizer.
Cerave anti itch cream- unsure how good this was, it helped my face when it was itchy but my face did not really get tsw, I think it somewhat works, it was definitely miles better than all the oat moisturizers they recommend for eczema but it was ultimately just too expensive lol
Compression- I never bought anything specifically for this but i used old cotton shirts that I would tie around my neck, and socks that I would cut and fit on my arm. Sometimes it would soothe the itch but it wasn’t bulletproof. I highly recommend getting something professional specifically for compression because I think it was really good at numbing the itch
Distractions- when having an itch episode, I tried my best to distract myself I tried flicking the palm of my hands where I had no tsw, and fidgeting with things but the BEST ,and I mean this seriously, was the Mario kart app on my phone. It’s immersive and you have to always be engaged and doing something with your fingers. The only con is that after you finish, there’s a lot of loading screens that take you out of the experience and it’s back to itching. I would counteract that by clicking restart before I would finish a race.
Cold- cold packs did work really well, but I found it annoying because my tsw was all over. Nowadays I just take a cold shower. I run extremely cold water and put only a part of my body in it like my arms or my feet. It helps a lot with cooling the internal body temp I think
Deep breathing- once again cools the body, slows down heart beat, and relaxes you. Itching can be anxiety inducing which no doubt increasing more itching.
Consistent eating- I’m putting this because I really struggle with it, I’m so used to skipping meals. Feeding your stomach at a consistent level is so important especially for hydration. I never felt anything different by going on different diets or trying supplements.
No moisture- I didn’t try this for very long, but I kind of understand why it works. I think the physical act of rubbing things in itself can be irritating. From what I understand moisture softens the skins which makes it more prone to damage and susceptible to irritation, which is why eczema often focuses on thicker ointments because they contain larger amount of occlusives which actually act as a barrier. I’ll admit I don’t know much about this so feel free to tell me I’m wrong
Nail filing/ alternative scratchers- I file my nail daily, I find it fun and it’s an easy thing to do as a multitasker, it help to have short nails because they do immediate damage. Instead of using my hands though I experimented with other ways to scratch my itch, my favourite is with this ordinary lash serum, it’s basically a plastic tube. Cylinder so it has no sharp point of contact. I also have used a lip balm. Because they are so “gentle” I have to press hard, I think the downward pressure is better for the skin than the horizontal scrape of sharp nails. However it does mean if I want a good itch I have to use more muscle power which can further heat flashes .
Less Showering- this might sound gross but I showered very little when I was at my peak severity because it was so painful, I would focus only on genitals, asshole, face (didn’t have much tsw here), hands, feet, i don’t rlly have an armpit smell because of Asian genetics. When I did shower, I used cetaphil gentle cleanser in a one litre bottle. I don’t think it gets any gentler than that. And I also used hypochlorous acid for disinfecting hands instead of alcohol. Nowadays I shower normally
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2023.06.03 13:50 Latter-Dust8587 ES6: The Next Generation of JavaScript

JavaScript has been around for over two many decades now. And it has undergone numerous modifications and updates to enhance its functionality and overall performance. One of the most important updates to JavaScript is ECMAScript 6 (ES6). ES6, additionally known as ECMAScript 2015.
It is a new version of the JavaScript language specification. It introduces a number of new features and enhancements to make the language more robust and efficient.
In this article, we will explore the many features of ES6. We will also discuss how they can be used to write better and cleaner code.
List Of JAVASCRIPT Framework- Guide

Introduction to ES6

ES6 is the sixth edition of the ECMAScript standard, which defines the syntax, semantics, and behavior of the JavaScript language. It was officially released in June 2015 and is now widely supported by modern web browsers and Node.js.
ES6 introduces several new features and enhancements, including new syntax for declaring variables, arrow functions, classes, modules, promises, and more.

Variables in ES6

One of the most significant changes in ES6 is the way variables are declared. In ES6, variables can be declared using the let and const keywords, which replace the traditional var keyword.
The let the keyword is used to declare variables that are block-scoped, while the const keyword is used to declare variables that are constant and cannot be reassigned.

Block-scoped Variables with Let

The let keyword allows you to declare variables that are block-scoped, It means that they are only accessible within the block they are declared in. This helps to prevent variable hoisting and other issues that can arise when using the var keyword.
{ let x = 10; console.log(x); // Output: 10 } console.log(x); // Output: ReferenceError: x is not defined 

Constants with Const

The const the keyword is used to declare variables that are constant and cannot be reassigned. This is useful when you need to declare a value that should never change, such as a mathematical constant or a configuration setting.
const PI = 3.14159; PI = 3; // Output: TypeError: Assignment to constant variable. 

Arrow Functions

Another important feature introduced in ES6 is arrow functions. Arrow functions provide a more concise syntax for writing function expressions and provide lexically this binding.
// Traditional function expression let square = function(x) { return x * x; }; // Arrow function expression let square = (x) => x * x; 


ES6 introduces a new syntax for defining classes in JavaScript. Classes provide a more natural way to define objects and inheritance hierarchies.
class Animal { constructor(name) { = name; } speak() { console.log(`${} makes a noise.`); } } class Dog extends Animal { constructor(name) { super(name); } speak() { console.log(`${} barks.`); } } let d = new Dog('Fido'); d.speak(); // Output: "Fido barks." 


ES6 introduces a new syntax for defining and exporting modules. Modules provide a better way to organize and share code between different files and projects.
// math.js export const PI = 3.14159; export function square(x) { return x * x; } // main.js import { PI, square } from './math.js'; console.log(PI); // Output: 3.14159 console.log(square(5)); // Output: 25 


Promises provide a new way to handle asynchronous operations in JavaScript. They allow you to chain asynchronous operations and handle errors more easily.
function getData() { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { fetch('/data') .then(response => { if (!response.ok) { throw new Error('Network response was not ok'); } return response.json(); }) .then(data => resolve(data)) .catch(error => reject(error)); }); } 

Template Literals

Template literals provide a new syntax for defining string literals in JavaScript. They allow you to embed expressions and variables inside strings more easily.
let name = 'Alice'; console.log(`Hello, ${name}!`); // Output: "Hello, Alice!" 


Destructuring allows you to extract values from arrays and objects more easily. It provides a more concise syntax for working with complex data structures.
let person = { name: 'Bob', age: 30, address: { street: '123 Main St', city: 'Anytown', state: 'CA' } }; let { name, age, address: { city } } = person; console.log(name, age, city); // Output: "Bob 30 Anytown"Spread Operator 

Spread Operator

The spread operator allows you to expand arrays and objects into individual elements. It provides a more concise syntax for working with arrays and objects.
let numbers = [1, 2, 3]; console.log(...numbers); // Output: "1 2 3" let person = { name: 'Alice', age: 25 }; let newPerson = { ...person, age: 26 }; console.log(newPerson); // Output: "{ name: 'Alice', age: 26 }" 

Default Parameters

Default parameters allow you to define default values for function parameters. They provide a more concise syntax for working with functions.
function greet(name = 'World') { console.log(`Hello, ${name}!`); } greet(); // Output: "Hello, World!" greet('Alice'); // Output: "Hello, Alice!" 


ES6 introduced many new features and enhancements to the JavaScript language. It makes it more robust and efficient. From block-scoped variables to arrow functions, classes, modules, and promises, ES6 provides a more modern and intuitive way to write JavaScript code. By using these features, you can write better, cleaner, and more maintainable code that is easy to understand and debug.
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2023.06.03 13:49 No_Entertainer_3145 22m with various interests looking for someone to talk with

Heyo, I'm going to try posting a longer post (again).
So, I'm a 22 year old guy living in Italy and I was looking forward to meet and talk with people from this sub.
What could I tell you about myself?
I like gaming, I do play multiple kinds of games (both off and online). I have played games like League of Legends, Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption 2, a bunch of other RPGs and idk, feel free to ask.
I enjoy watching series/movies (even though not really frequently). I have absolutely loved Breaking Bad, I also have watched Peaky Blinders and some other series, I don't watch that many movies but I've been watching the Harry Potter saga lately (finished it, too).
I enjoy learning different stuff or skills that may or may not be helpful to me
I enjoy music a lot, I listen to a lot of music during my day, mostly in the background while I'm studying/working on something and I enjoy rap/hip hop a lot, also like pop but I do enjoy a lot of different genres. I like listening to instrumentals too at times and I absolutely love pianos (was even looking forward to learning how to play it one day, who knows)
I like water.
That's pretty much it, thank you for reading all of this.
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2023.06.03 13:48 LostPurple3574 I got 1000 Upvotes here last week grabe! Answering your questions to achieve what I have now.

Hey guys! Really overwhelmed with your comments of support, really really happy to receive a positive feedback with everyone.
I am the one who made this post:
With that, I am happy to share answers to your questions on the comment sections. Please take everything with a grain of salt as all our based on my experience, different advices, and my take on it as I assess it on my knowledge, capability, and situation.
So the question is, how was I able to achieve a bit of financial confidence in me as a young 20 year old guy years ago? (I am 28 right now)
To give more background, I am from a poor family. I paid for my education by working as a BPO employee, I had nothing and I experienced na makitulog sa kaibigan just to have a shelter. But I never gave up
Let's say you are like me, you have a good education but you just graduated and you don't know what to do.
Once you start working, you are going to realize that salaries between 20-40k is pretty low for a COMFORTABLE LIFESTYLE (Sorry I won't sugar coat)
You wanted to have a good lifestyle, a good stable income, a good demand with your expertise, and extra fund monthly to do side business, investments, or simply enjoy life. You can also plan out getting your first car in this.
With that, here are things that you should know or consider to do:
  1. Get job experience - This is pretty basic but I believe some people undervalue the importance of this, a lot of people wanted to jump from nothing to a high salary quickly but the question is, what can you offer? Why will a company pay you that much? What can you contribute? You see, it is very important to get actual work experience first and your next decision will be based from what you are feeling and seeing with your current industry. I am not a fan of average work as I like to be someone who is great in what I do. Because remember, Average effort can only produce average results
  2. Augment Your Skillset - What exactly do I mean by augmenting your skills? It can be as someone who is good in spreadsheets and data, similar to accounting or statistics. But the question is, how can you get paid good with that type of knowledge? Learn new skills that is complimenting your current skills - Learn coding or programming in which can transition your expertise from just knowing accounting/data skills and become a data scientist, it can also be something like you being a digital marketer but knowing how to use different skills like email marketing, eCommerce Softwares, Copywriting, and many more! You get the idea, how can you make yourself valuable to your clients/company.
  3. Decide what kind of lifestyle will you be comfortable sustaining - Decide which lifestyle you are willing to spend on that will give you comfort, security, and focus on what you want to achieve. This is very important as I have experienced it recently, not being in an environment that you want would make you do less. Point is, you can't really spend less with the lifestyle that you want. Its a matter of earning more instead of just focusing on bigger savings. If 50k is your comfort level, then earn more to save more. Wala eh, magastos talaga yung comfort mo. Again, living frugally na di maayos will just make you distracted and uninspired.
  4. Focus on increasing your earning power - Its just pretty common na most people starts with "Ano pwede investan? "San pwede mag invest?", while it is a good way to start knowing about investing but a lot did not consider EARNING POWER. Remember, if we just talk about Mutual Funds for example na mag gain ka ng 8-10% yearly, if you only have 10k to invest thats only 800-1000 php gain. Now, you can start investing naman but the most important thing is to increase your earning power. Investing 1000 php monthly can only give you little gain kahit ano pa yan to be quite frank. Kahit maayos na start yan if you want to achieve more you should focus increasing earning power. Ano to? Salary increase, more clients on the side, bigger role na may bigger pay talaga. Connected yung 5 ko dito.
  5. You are the asset - Yes, you are the asset. It means invest in yourself. Why will clients and company pay you a high level salary if you are just someone na makikita lang kaagad skillset? is it a matter of exploited agad na mababa pay mo? No, its just reality na you are irreplaceable. You have to be someone na valueable sa company. Make yourself valuable enough na loss ng company pag di ka nila nahire or if you leave them. Build that portfolio, compile your achievements, become outstanding. Pero even with this, don't get exploited parin and take care of yourself. I am not talking about overworking, just invest more in knowledge, experience, and expertise.
  6. Budgeting - This goes different for everyone, but for me nilalabas ko agad yung expenses ko before mag start yung month. Example June ngayon, nilabas ko na expense ko nung May last week. I have budgeted my rent, electricity, wifi, food, leisure, gas, car expenses. etc. All of these are cash or nakahilaway na sa main bank ko where I keep my money, EF, investments. I have a specific bank account/digital wallet for spending and a wallet organizer with multiple categories (Food, Gas, Parking, Groceries) meaning, yun lang pwede ko gastusin. Di ko gagalawin yung pera ko sa bank, yung tinabi ko lang for this month. I do the same process every single month
  7. Saving and Investing - Pay yourself first, before mag start month ko again nakabudget na, kasama na doon savings and investment ko. If you have good income na, decide mo magkano savings mo and investment and bawas mo na agad sa gastusin mo. Remember, Income - Savings = Expenses. Not the other way around. Make sure to also build an EF (Emergency Fund, for example 20k monthly cost of living mo then you should have at least 120k for emergency at buhay ka for 6 months without income if may emergency.)
  8. Insurances - Sorry, but don't get VUL. Do that math and you'll see, compare mo din health/life benefits niya vs traditional insurances. Traditional parin talaga, investment-wise naman mas madali pa mag invest sa ETFs/Mutual Fund. Based on my own exp and research to, shitty VUL. haha, get a 10-20 year payable life insurance to protect your health in case of emergencies.
  9. Learn about investing vehicles - Learn about putting your money sa stocks or as simple as putting money sa mp2 pag ibig, mutualfunds and ETFs. Invest at your own risk, make sure to study first. I wont really give an advice here besides LEARN IT!
  10. Invest in yourself mentally and physically - So lahat ng ginagawa mo sa buhay worth it ba? You are not an endless self-improvement project. Yes we still do a lot of effort to achieve excellent results pero end of the day you have to enjoy life with your loved ones and kahit ikaw lang din mismo. You are not climbing the mountain to say "I AM HERE AT THE TOP" but for you to see the world. Take care of yourself mentally and physically, enjoy and live a long life.
I hope may napulot kayong aral or something na pwede niyo i-start, will be leaving multiple links sa post na to sa mga threads na pinost at finollow ko before. Best of luck everyone!
Spending more for a comfortable lifestyle:
What are rich secrets that middle and lower class doesn't know?
Fellow pinoys earning 100k
Whats your biggest financial regret
1m is the hardest
People fantasize too much about the one percentile
Guide to corporate work life balance
Corporate pay
Fire calculator
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2023.06.03 13:47 Snikkiboodle I was fired from my job of 7 1/2 years. I’m devastated, angry and terrified.

I’m always running late. I do try to be on time and have made a ton of improvements on my timeliness since being medicated for my adhd.
I was fired along with 5 others for breaking company policy. The policy being; employees using other employees badges to assist them in punch-ins and outs. I admit I have been involved in these activities, this has been a common practice amongst several employees and normalized by department managers throughout our place of employment.
I was running late about a month ago and I couldn’t remember how many lates I’ve had so I called my coworker to ask if she could clock me in. I told her if she wasn’t comfortable, no worries. She’s done it for SO many of my other coworkers and this is not something I do often at all. I’m talking a total of maybe 3 times in my almost 8 year employment with this company.
Well, someone reported it and it initiated an entire investigation but only with a certain group of people. We were all interrogated and they wanted us to crack and give up information on other employees…I didn’t admit to anything. Big mistake.
I should’ve looked out for myself but decided to deny, deny, deny. The main reason being there is a lack of confidentiality and careless handling of investigations conducted at my place of employment. Due to this issue, management is almost always aware of what is said and who said what. Too many people, including myself, are constantly wary of saying anything, knowing that it will inevitably always lead to some form of retaliation. Including but not limited to targeting by favoritism, cutting hours, inappropriate comments/behaviors towards the employee, etc.
I’m so mad at myself for not admitting to how many other employees are doing this. I just didn’t want anyone to get it trouble. My own boss does this and I have witnessed, with my own eyes, her retaliating against fellow coworkers for reporting her for harassment.
They suspended me. I came back after my suspension and they broke the news and I broke down into tears. I could barely compose myself. I’m a single mother of two. I fucked up, I failed my kids. I will never make $30 an hr again in the field of work that I do. Idk what to tell my landlord.
Fuck. I hate that adhd makes me procrastinate and makes it so hard to get out of bed in the mornings. I hate that I basically went on medication FOR this job so I could keep up with everyone else. Fuck shit fuckkkk
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2023.06.03 13:47 mint-racc Does it ever really get better?

Sorry if the flair isn't correct. I wasn't really sure how to label this. It's more of a vent than anything but if someone has something that may help, we're all ears.
To cut to the chase, I miss my abuser.
It feels wrong to call him that though.
We spent around 3, almost 4 years of our lives together. He was the first person to ever know I'm part of a system. We escaped horrific abuse together. I moved across the country to be with him.
He was never intentionally abusive, I truly believe that. Anything he did to us was a result of him healing from his own trauma and reenacting those experiences on us.
We did the same thing to him. Prosecutor, protector, persecutor, protescuator, whatever term may fit the part, but they hated him. They hate everyone. It took some time for us to realize that it was everyone not just him.
However, we were incredibly abusive to him too. We said some really horrible things many times. I said some really horrible things. I'm literally disabled and made ableist remarks directed at him.
The breaking point was when he said something extremely triggering to us, and an ex-persecutor fronted, slapping him in the arm. This escalated to him pushing us around and eventually getting us in a chokehold.
I still feel like I instigated everything. I was sort of drunk at the time and wasn't thinking clearly. If anything, we were drinking way too much at the time and have since gotten a lot better about it. Had we been sober, I wonder if things would have gone differently. I never would have laid my hands on him like that.
Ever since the incident, he's only gotten so much better and profoundly fast. He was practically nobody when we broke up, but now, he's basically a locally famous DJ, makes art all day everyday, and is constantly making new friends. He started therapy and hasn't had nearly the same demeanor as he did in our relationship.
If only I had held on for a little bit longer. If only I hadn't been such a dumb drunk. Maybe now I would have gotten the chance to see him at his best. Instead, I've only gotten worse with no hope of getting better.
I used to make music. I used to draw. I used to play instruments. I used to go for bike rides that lasted several hours. Now? I can't even go to the grocery store.
How is it possible for someone who seemed to have had it so much worse than me to be doing so much better now that I'm out of the picture? It truly reinforces the reasoning that I have no friends. I just hold people back from success. It has been 4 years since I lost my very last friend. My last real life connection to the world. Now I have no one. I just escape into my brain and talk to my headmates. We're all losing our minds in here.
All I want is to apologize to him. I hurt him so badly, and now karma has come to reap my soul. I want to live. I want to enjoy life. I want friends. Why is it so easy for him but so impossible for me?
I miss him so much. Life is so boring without him. He was the ONLY person I could relate to on anything. He was the ONLY person who we both just understood. Now I have no one. I have nothing.
It's been 6 months, half a year, what am I supposed to do?
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2023.06.03 13:46 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 13 - Relief at last

Kita looks back to Raya who tosses her a bag. Snapping her out of the momentary daze that had overcome her. Inside the bag are some clothes Raya got from the raiders, as well as some coin.
"The weather will get strange to the East," Raya says.
Kita looks down to the strip below, noticing that no one has reacted to the shooting that just took place. No security or armed guards are on their way to investigate this massive crime scene.
"Why haven't we drawn any attention?" Kita asks.
"Shootouts between raiders are probably common. Most cities can barely afford to maintain their leadership, let alone armed guards,"
"Lucky us,"
"It won't be the same in the East. The city he spoke of is far wealthier than this one?"
"You've been there?"
"No. But I've heard they conduct trade in meats, medicines and vegetables. I'm not sure what their wealth may look like, but I'd presume it includes security,"
"I'll keep that in mind. Ready to go?"
"Go?" Raya asks, startled. "We're not ready yet,"
"Of course. Because we obviously need…"
"A tipi. Food and water, too. I'm surprised food isn't the first thing on your mind," Raya jests.
"Right!," Kita chuckles. "Are you doubting my love for a good meal?"
"I would lose that bet," Raya responds. "We'll buy enough to get us to the next city- It will take two or three nights for us to reach it,”
"I was thinking the exact same thing," Kita says, shrugging her shoulders.
They both make their way back to the strip, where they've bought themselves a two-person tipi that will keep them covered in case they run into the myst. The few bottles of water they bought cost more than the tipi, which surprised Kita considering everyone needs water. How could the poor people possibly afford this?
They walk amongst the passing bodies of the busy street, scouting for a store that sells food that would be good for travelling. The storefront Raya steps up towards is selling pastries, nuts and dried fruits- so boring. But it's travel food so it'll work best.
"How much for the creamy tomato soup?" Kita asks the chef.
"12 coin," He grunts, passing a glance between the both of them. "Should I ring you up for some of that too?" He asks Raya.
"Yes," Kita answers, glaring at Raya to agree.
"I'm askin' the responsible one," The chef dismisses Kita's answer.
"What are you trying to say, old man?" Kita grits her teeth, returning eye contact.
"We'll take two of the soups as well," Raya responds, placing more coin on the counter. "For travel," She adds.
"Understood, You can wait at one of the tables over there and I'll bring it all out for you," He points at the shared dining area.
"Much appreciated," Raya says.
"You better use love when you make it too," Kita scolds as the man walks away, ignoring her.
"Looking for love, sweetheart?" Says a seductive voice from over her shoulder. Kita turns to lock eye contact with a bright pink set of pupils. It's the tall, orange-haired girl with a white fringe. Her tight skirt hugs her curving body as she towers above Kita.
"Uhh…" Kita stammers, overwhelmed by her beauty as she recognizes it's the girl from before. The nerves are getting to her, and saying anything is proving to be more of a challenge than anything she's faced thus far.
"Smooth," Raya scoffs at Kita's response.
"Did the mission go as planned?" The petty lady says, leaning closer to Kita as she caresses Kita's arm.
"Y-yeah... I'm a hero now," Kita responds.
"Not mine, though," The lady frowns, placing a hand on Kita's.
"Well… I could be," Kita smiles. "Right now, even,"
"You're quick like that, are you?"
"When I need to be," Kita responds, "I often like to take my time,"
"You can take all the time you need, sweetheart"
"Does your, uhhh, friend still need saving too?"
"He does, he would be very disappointed if I didn't bring you back with me… To save him,"
"Then I better not disappoint," Kita responds, prompting the lady to take Kita's hand. "I'll be back," Kita says to Raya.
"Mhmm," She mumbles, "Don't take too long,"
Kita walks behind the tall lady, holding her hand as she watches her rear sway from left to right with each step. The high heels she's wearing make her legs and bottom look so firm. It's quite a seductive sight.
Kita takes one last look at Raya before she enters a tipi, behind the orange and white-haired lady, where she sees the man with the latex pants and stunning pecs.
He passes her a smile, "Welcome home, babe,"
The sun peaks over the hills, radiating heat across the barren land as Kita and Raya hike to the next city. Fully supplied with food, water and a change of clothing in the event the weather cools down.
Kita's going through a lot of lengths to get to this kid. She wasn't expecting him to have been taken to a whole different city but by this point, there is not much she can do besides follow the trails. There's not much else for her to do anyway. From everything that Raya has told her, she wouldn't stand a chance against the dark one right now. She needs a minimum of two hundred souls by the time she decides to do that. It's a bigger challenge than she's prepared to deal with right now.
"Will the myst pass over us?" Kita asks Raya.
"Not yet," Raya responds, pointing to the horizon on her right. "When it does it will come from the South,"
"How do you know that?"
"The stars. Depending on their alignment. The myst will generally travel from East to West, or North to South. But this can vary slightly,"
"I was told it also grows larger with each rotation," Kita adds.
"This is true, although not many are aware of it."
"How are you aware of it? Must be because of that fancy, royal education you got,"
"It is primarily from experience," Raya chuckles."But my fancy education did teach me a lot,"
"You can probably do large calculations and stuff with your mind, huh?"
"Something like that," Raya replies.
"Well then, you can manage our coin," Kita chuckles.
"That's a given. Unless we want all of our coin spent on an assortment of soups," Raya quips.
"That wouldn't be a bad use of coin," Kita answers, licking her lips. "A meat soup would be amazing,"
"And expensive," Raya adds.
"Coin is made to be spent, no?"
"On more than just food, Kita,"
"Sure. There were a few pretty men and women I wouldn't mind spending my coin on either,"
"Of course," Raya grunts, "And after the sex we can die of starvation,"
"Were all of your kind immune to having a good time?" Kita asks sarcastically.
"I'll have you know that our national celebrations were unrivalled. People would travel from distant regions to attend them,"
"Such a well-mannered princess could never participate in such antics,"
Raya chuckles, reflecting on her days of royalty with a smile prancing on her face. "Back then, I wasn't the most well-behaved Princess,"
"Oh? You were a rebellious heir?"
"I would often drink to the point of inebriation. Whether I was at a celebration, at the castle or even on the battlefield,"
"A drunkard princess. I'd love to see that," Kita laughs.
"I've reformed since then," Raya chuckles.
"Did Mother and Father approve of your behaviour?" Kita asks with her impression of Raya's posh voice.
"They did know... No one did. In my drunkenness, I would successfully win battles, entertain my family at the dinner table, socialize with my citizens, and spearhead the council on behalf of my Father,"
"All whilst alcohol was plaguing your body?" Kita asks, stunned that this polite, patient princess is a productive alcoholic.
"I presume you don't drink?" Raya chuckles.
"Ugh, no," Kita scoffs, "I prefer to alter my consciousness, rather than dull it,"
"The expectations everyone had for me were overwhelming." Raya says, scratching the back of her neck, "My family expected me to always be the shining example. Always smiling and strong. My soldiers expected me to be Brave… And ruthless in the face of any foe. And my people expected me to understand them and their needs. Despite how they would ebb and flow." She shrugs, "I'd be lying if I said it wasn't overwhelming… Dulling my mind was the only way I could cope with it all,"
"Are you drunk right now?" Kita squints in suspicion.
Raya laughs, "I no longer carry that burden. I only drink for leisure when it is available,"
"Way to dodge my question,"
"You'd know whether or not I was drunk. I'm much more susceptible to its effects these days,"
"No longer reliable in combat?" Kita asks.
"I still fight with skill… But I'm clumsy under the influence,"
"A drunken, warrior princess," Kita laughs, "There has to be a joke for this," She adds, rubbing her chin as she contemplates.
Read ahead on RoyalRoad [](
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 13
"mmm, I needed that,"
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2023.06.03 13:46 lyntonelectri Shocking Truths: 5 Common Electrical Safety Hazards at Home (And How to Prevent Them)

Electricity is a powerful and beneficial tool that we use every day to power our homes and appliances. However, it can also be dangerous if not used properly. Electrical safety hazards are a common cause of accidents and injuries at home. Shockingly, many people are not aware of the potential dangers and how to prevent them. In this article, we will explore five common electrical safety hazards at home and provide you with tips on how to prevent them. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or simply someone who wants to be more informed about electrical safety, this article will provide you with valuable information to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  1. Electrical hazard: Overloading Circuits
One of the most common electrical safety hazards that people face at home is overloading circuits. This occurs when too many electrical devices are plugged into a single outlet or circuit, causing the circuit to overload and trip the breaker. This can lead to overheating, fires, and other serious hazards. To prevent overloading circuits, it's important to distribute electrical devices evenly throughout your home. Avoid plugging all your devices into a single outlet or circuit. Instead, spread them out to different circuits. You can also use power strips to distribute power evenly across different devices. Another way to prevent overloading circuits is to identify which electrical devices use more power than others. Appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, and large entertainment systems can be power-hungry and require dedicated circuits to operate safely. It's important to identify these devices and make sure they are on separate circuits to avoid overloading. Finally, if you're unsure if your circuits are overloaded, it's a good idea to have a professional electrician inspect your home's electrical system. They can identify potential hazards and help you understand how to best distribute your electrical devices around your home. By taking these precautions, you can ensure your home is safe from electrical hazards and 10kW Solar System Sydney prevent the overloading of circuits.
  1. Electrical hazard: Damaged Cords and Wires
One of the most common electrical safety hazards at home is damaged cords and wires. Over time, cords and wires can become worn, frayed, or damaged due to excessive bending or pinching. This can lead to exposed wires, which can cause electrical shocks, burns, or even fires. To prevent this hazard, you should check your cords and wires regularly for signs of damage or wear. If you find any damage, replace the cord or wire immediately. It is also important to use cords and wires that are appropriate for their intended use. For example, don't use extension cords for permanent wiring, and don't use indoor cords outside. Additionally, avoid running cords and wires under rugs or furniture, as this can damage the insulation and create a fire risk. Finally, don't overload outlets with too many cords and wires. This can cause the circuit to overheat and create a potential fire hazard. By taking a few simple steps, you can prevent damaged cords and wires from becoming a dangerous electrical hazard in your home.
  1. Electrical hazard: Wet Conditions
One of the most common electrical safety hazards at home is wet conditions. Water and electricity don't mix, and when they do, it can be a recipe for disaster. Wet conditions can cause short circuits, electrical shocks, and even fires. This is why it's so important to make sure that your electrical outlets and appliances are kept dry. If your home has any areas that are prone to getting wet, such as the bathroom or kitchen, you must take extra precautions. For example, you can install ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in areas where water is present. These devices can detect any electrical current that is flowing through water and will shut off power to the outlet immediately. It's also essential to keep any electrical appliances, such as hairdryers and curling irons, away from water sources. It only takes a small amount of water to cause an electrical shock, so be sure to keep all electrical appliances and cords dry. By taking these simple precautions, you can help prevent electrical hazards and keep your home and family safe.
  1. Electrical hazard: Outdated Electrical Systems
Link:e of the most common electrical safety hazards at home is outdated electrical systems. Many older homes have electrical systems that are not up to the current safety standards. These systems may have exposed wiring, overloaded circuits, or other issues that can cause electrical hazards. Outdated electrical systems can also be a fire hazard, which can put your family's safety at risk. To prevent this hazard, it's important to have your electrical system 10kW Solar System Sydney inspected by a licensed electrician. They can identify any issues and provide you with the necessary upgrades to ensure your home meets the current safety standards. Upgrading your electrical system may include replacing old wiring, upgrading your circuit breaker, or installing new electrical outlets. These upgrades can help keep your family safe from electrical hazards and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is up to the latest safety standards. Remember, electrical safety is not something to take lightly, so it's important to stay vigilant and take the necessary steps to keep your home safe.
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2023.06.03 13:45 swazer_t21 Theory on future rounds and what happen up next

So, I will go into the rounds first
Round 9 : (King Leonidas) vs Apollo - Greece vs Greece
Round 10 : Simo Hayha vs (Loki) - The Man Who Never Missed vs The God Of Mischief
Round 11 : (Okita Soji) vs Susanoo - Sword Fight
Round 12 : Rasputin vs (Anubis) - The Immortal Man vs The God of Life And Death
Last Round : Nostradamus vs Odin
** The aftermath ** This part is totally my imagination **
While the last round is being played out, Siegfried is back and comes to the arena. Which shock Odin to the core, and also the demons from Tartarus hell is chasing after Siegfried too. The tournament is a mess right now. Gods and human take no chance and start attacking each other, and this is where Loki fight Okita
( And something special happens here : like the truth about Odin or Zeus is exposed, or something like that. I'll let the author think for me at this part )
Then Ares shall come and become the new leader of the gods, alongside with Jack, both of whom were moved by Hercules's word. Have the best speech ever about how human is still worth living. Then there are peace for a thousand years more
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2023.06.03 13:44 Nyx_Quinn An open letter to someone who will never read it.

My dad told me this weekend he wrote a toast for our eventual wedding. He read it to me, it was amazing. He was going to give you 10$ and tell you that if the first 10$ you spent has lasted us this long, that he hopes this next ten would help with the rest of our lives. (It was better than that but that’s the gist of it)
My dad wrote a toast he was so sure, my best friend wrote a toast too, he was so so sure. I didn’t have a doubt in my mind. And yet, here we are, asking strangers how many siblings they have, and what kind of food they like to eat.
They say “when you know you know” Well I knew, and I was wrong, no one ever talks about what happens after that…
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2023.06.03 13:43 gymmmie I have a justnoSIL my sister in law is the sister version of a toxic MIL. Please help

Hi everyone, I posted in relationship advice but I feel this sub may be better. I’ve been dating my BF (24M) for 4 years. In the beginning of our relationship his sister basically wreaked havoc on me/us. I will give a brief point form of some of the things she has done:
-Tried to bring his ex out on the boat with us, tried to convince me it was totally reasonable, basically gaslight me into thinking I was being immature for finally saying no
-Wanted to come with BF and I every time we left the house or did anything, would pout if we didn’t take her
-Made tons of “jokes” about me “replacing her” would say “you’re stealing my seat” (bf’s passenger seat)
-Generally shitty person things ex. Talking about other people’s bodies in a negative way, saying she’s the hottest person in the room
-Basically acting like my BFs body guard, would be visibly livid at me if BF and I got in a little argument even if he was clearly in the wrong ex. He got too drunk one night and I was annoyed and she was mad at ME. ex. He was beginning to get too drunk another time and she pulled me away and encouraged me to leave him alone. Want to add that we were a lot younger at the time and drank a lot more back then lol
The crazy thing is is her behaviour was all one-sided, my BF and her weren’t even close bonded but she basically has no friends so she would tag along with him before I came into the picture and did not back off a bit when I did. Another unfortunate fact is that I never actually outrightly told her she was being inappropriate/crossing boundaries because I didn’t feel I had the “right” to say anything especially because the relationship was newer at the time. There was a lot of tension at the time but no communication on either end.
She backed off a lot once she got a BF and moved in with him. (1 year into our relationship roughly) For a long time I couldn’t stand her and didn’t want her around us. She would text us almost every weekend to try and join in (with her bf) on whatever we were up to and I’ll admit I blew her off a lot.
Presently, my BF and I have our own house and she was living with her BF up until about a month ago, they broke up. In the past couple years things have been much better between her and I because we don’t spend much time with her which I’ll admit I love. Now I feel like she’s trying to sneak back in and tag along with us. Tonight she wants to come with us to a friends party and although I don’t flat out dislike her, I’d rather spend time with my friends without her there. She’s very persistent though and basically won’t take no for an answer. BF is semi neutral and always kind of has been. It took him a while to understand her behaviour was so unhinged. He is a people pleaser and peace keeper so it’s very hard for him to set boundaries. I don’t want my whole summer to be compromised because she wants to tag along. She doesn’t take hints well in the sense that I’ve clearly blown her off many times but she either doesn’t get it, or doesn’t care that we clearly don’t care to spend time with her. I know flat out communicating that would be better but how do I say “I just don’t want you to come” it sounds so mean. I feel like I can’t bring up the past things she did now, it’s been a long time, and she doesn’t communicate well. I don’t love her as a person and feel stuck and worried she’s going to try and spend every weekend with us.
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2023.06.03 13:43 Oppof11 Missed the #Blur Airdrop? Don't Miss #Tabi NFT

Missed the #Blur Airdrop? Don't Miss #Tabi NFT
How many opportunities have you missed to change your life? For me, there are so many things missed and lost. But today I'm determined to start over, and fortunately for me, I know Tabi_NFT, a project that has just successfully raised $10 million. Big amount of money! Hopefully the project will go in the right direction and have gratitude gifts for the community!
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2023.06.03 13:43 SunbeamSailor67 Spacesuit instructions for explorers.

Your mind is an excellent teacher, but a terrible master.
Try to imagine your physical body as a spacesuit, your life support/sensory system for navigating Earth. Inside this spacesuit is an augmented reality screen overlaying the inside of your visor. The operating system for your spacesuit displays all the information you need, data to keep the spacesuit working and data that helps you survive.
This spacesuit however doesn’t come with an instruction manual so you have to figure it out on the fly. The operating system inside your spacesuit is constantly displaying pop-up ads about the world around it (these are thoughts). These pop-up ads have free reign inside your helmet because you haven’t figured out yet how to turn on your ad-blocker.
After a while you begin to believe you are the spacesuit, you begin to believe that the pop-up ads are you also, so you click on and watch every ad that pops up, every second of every day. No wonder you’re going crazy in there. When your spacesuit is damaged or malfunctioning, you think it is you, so you cry…when the pop-up ads display something unpleasant, you believe them all so your emotions ride the same roller coaster that your thoughts (pop-up ads) do and you end up depressed or anxious or mad, or all of them at once.
Remembering who you are as the eternal awareness inside this helmet, is your key to escaping the madness. Imagine that you are an eternal explorer…a ball of pure light that has never been born and will never die. You have been dropping into new spacesuits every few decades after the old ones wear out and although they all look different on the outside, they are all identical on the inside.
One day you bump into another spacesuit who reminds you that you are an eternal awareness inside a temporary spacesuit and that you can turn your ad blocker on and have a much more peaceful experience inside that helmet. After remembering this, you pay no attention to those pop-up ads anymore except for when it needs to tell you that rope looking thing on the ground is actually a snake (useful survival tool). You don’t cry anymore over a damaged spacesuit because you remember that nothing can touch the real you and that you are an eternal explorer just having a temporary experience in this spacesuit. This is ‘awakening’.
Most of us wear out many spacesuits before we bump into the one that reminds us that we are just an awareness, here to observe, enjoy and love.
But it gets even more interesting. That ball of conscious, curious energy inside your spacesuit (the real you) has a livewire connected to a much larger ball of conscious loving energy. So now imagine a large ball of energy the size of a galaxy, and all the spacesuits exploring the universe are connected to this giant ball each with a cosmic thread.
As you zoom out you begin to realize that all these billions of independent balls of loving eternal energy floating around inside billions of spacesuits, are all actually just shards of the larger single consciousness. You now realize that all those spacesuits are piloted by one single consciousness, this whole time you thought you were a unique explorer amongst billions, only to discover that there is just one mind in the entire universe looking through trillions of different eyes at the same time.
You are that eternal awareness. You are it. The seeker is the sought, as above so below.
You are the creator of the universe and it has taken this long for your creation to evolve spacesuits that are finally capable of recognizing its true own self (enlightenment). The creator is finally looking at and discovering and enjoying itself (the universe) in recognition…through your eyes.
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2023.06.03 13:42 camellia_ng Mcq help

Mcq help
Can anyone show where is the 4 linkage?
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2023.06.03 13:42 Affectionate-Hunt208 Now that the western release of Ishin has been out for a few months, what does everyone think about the game? Where would you rank it among the series?

Personally, I'm a big fan of both the Yakuza and Judgment series and had high expectations for this "remake", almost none of which were met. In my opinion the game still feels like 2014 Yakuza in all the wrong ways: the controls are clunky, combat feels aged and nowhere near the level of modern RGG games, same with the jarring lack of certain QoL features after they had noticeably improved on that front over the last few years. Balancing seemed extremely weird and all over the place to me, even on Easy difficulty.
I would've been able to forgive much of that if the story had been amazing, which was a sentiment I'd often seen about the original Ishin. But I can't agree with that at all either, I think it is one of the "worst" (as in, least interesting) stories in the entire series. The mystery and plot twists hardly managed to grab me at all and I think a big part of that is because of the absurd character recycling. In my opinion taking characters out of every other mainline Yakuza game with nearly identical personality / behaviour and just giving them a different name did not work in the slightest. I didn't feel a connection to any of these people, because they weren't them; they were still Kuze, Date, Majima, Akiyama, etc. in my mind. And how could they not be, I've known some of these iconic characters for six or seven games, you can't just act like they're someone else all of a sudden and expect to tell a proper story that way.
Overall I'd rank Ishin as my second least favorite Yakuza / RGG title just above Yakuza 3. And the only reason for that to be honest is that many of the substories and a few of the friendship stories were excellent. Even after three months I'm still sorely disappointed, but also curious to see if I'm in the minority for disliking it so much.
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