Clipart congrats

furniture recommendations / layout help needed

2021.01.09 21:36 BugOffBug furniture recommendations / layout help needed

Moved to a new place and have a 3.1 setup that's too wide for the new viewing/listening location. Age old story of more room(s) for humans, less room for a/v gear. So now I need some new furniture/mounts for the install/placement question; didn't quite know which flair to go with so went with purchasing.
My current setup has some WAF issues, namely the fugliness in the new location. And it's true, the TV is too big for the space, the speaker stands unsightly, and the media stand + nest of wires a mess. While it's ok for me, it is negatively impacting my partner who kvetches about the rest of the system as a result. So hoping that you can help with new furniture recos. Then I can spend some money on the rest of it :)
The spatial challenge is that I currently have 74" wide of equipment in a space that would work far better with 60" wide worth of kit. Replacing the TV with a smaller one would be the best fix, but not really willing to go for that. Hard to go smaller. See pictures and list below for what I've got currently and some ideas to adjust. The main idea is to lose my current stand and speaker stands due to the combination of looks and bulk.
The current stuff

The current stuff in clipart
Idea #1 is a new console that squeezes everything onto something nice-looking in mid-century-modern style. So that means 74-76" wide, but needs to be narrow to fit the space with an open (or hackable) back to let longer stuff and wires. I haven't really found anything that fits the space and budget. The ones I've seen seem a bit too deep and too pricey. So not sure this idea will work, but if there's a product out there I'm open. I could even do a narrow stand with nicer speaker stands to the side I suppose.
Idea #1
Idea #2 is a low and narrow-ish console with a TV mount (likely separate, but integrated would be better). The console would need to be low so the TV mount could the TV at least 13" above the console surface so the bookshelf speakers will fit underneath. I think this idea would fit the space better. However I haven't been able to find a combo of stuff to buy where I can even calculate if it will fit, nevermind not getting the TV too high. I think this has the most promise despite not the non-ideal listening position for the speakers. I'd also be open to putting my bookshelf speakers horizontally to help with the vertical height problem, but I don't think they are intended for that.
Idea #2
Budget is ~$300 USD. Can flex a bit if needed. Style goal is mid century modern or related. This place is a rental so we don't want to invest too much in furnishings that are perhaps temporary to fit this space only (and we have to get a new coffee table plus some other stuff as well). While our tastes run to true wood, the budget stays in the laminate (or well-loved) department :)
For reference, the current equipment list and links:
If you're still reading this once I get the furniture sorted maybe I'll get to pick up a better sub or less flaky AVR. But really I need a new house that has better a better listening/watching space. That's a bit further out :)
Appreciate your help and additional congrats if you made it to the end of this post.
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2020.05.29 00:51 simz1437 1 Million Subscribers Special: A Look Back At r/hockey

1 Million Subs. What an incredible achievement for the best place to talk hockey. In honour of this amazing milestone, I've decided to put together an in-depth summary of hockey through the years, with hundreds of links ranging from Trophy winning Threads to iconic threads about hockey hair and eating pucks.
Hopefully users who have been a part of the sub will enjoy taking a look back and newer users will use this post to educate themselves on some hockey history!
Check out the /hockey Wiki for even more information about the sub and about the "Best Game on Earth"

Subscriber Milestones

kmad started this sub on June 2nd, 2008. He's still active but now we have a moderating army of 20+ users, not including all the bots!
Link to Thread Link to Thread
1000 75000
2000 100000
3000 200000
4000 250000
6000 300000
10000 400000
15000 500000
20000 600000
26000 700000
30000 800000
40000 900000
50000+Gatorade Response 1000000

Stanley Cup Championship Threads

Elimination posts are one of this subs favorite pasttime. It started somewhere around 2015 where they grew in popularity for any playoff elimination game but none are bigger than the Stanley Cup winning threads themselves. Check out the first one in 2008 to see how it all began.
Link to Thread Finals Matchup
2008 DET vs PIT
2009 PIT vs DET
2010 CHI vs PHI
2011 BOS vs VAN
2012 LA vs NJD
2013 CHI vs BOS
2014 LAK vs NYR
2015 CHI vs TB
2016 PIT vs SJ
2017 PIT vs NSH
2018 WSH vs VGK
2019 STL vs BOS
2020 TB vs DAL

NHL Trade Deadline

Easily one of the most exciting times to be on the sub, the Trade Deadline has everyone smashing F5 or swiping up on the reddit app to catch the latest trade, sorting by new of course. Here we take a look back on all of the main trade deadline discussion threads, with the first one being a stream link from 2012.
Link to Thread Top Comments
2012 Posted this elsewhere, but it's blocked at work for me but Sportsnet probably has the second best coverage and it's working for me. - KakunaUsedHarden
2013 Since every player being traded this year is going to the Penguins, there is no need to put which team the player was traded to. - callahandy
2014 Favorite tweet I've seen on my twitter newsfeed so far. "NYR gets St.Louis...already have Richards...gonna acquire Lecavalier, rehire Tortorella...and win the 2004 Stanley Cup." - sweetwattah
2015 Hourly reminder: Leafs traded David Clarkson with no salary retained. - Grizzy19
2016 got laid off friday, now i got all day to watch some sweet sweet trades roll in - benjalson
2017 So pumped about that 7th rounder. Still pinching myself. - fivefourthreenoseone
2018 One of these years I just want to see a three team trade between detroit, minnesota, and buffalo. It would forever be known as the Buffalo Wild Wings trade -R1PKEN
2019 I feel like someone is actually playing as CBJ in Be a GM Mode...I mean this is the classic tactic of just trading all your future picks because you know you won't be playing the game long enough for it to actually impact the franchise - ans141
2020 LOL VGK paying Robin Lehner 6% of his contract get out of here with those cap shenanigans -povilitus

NHL Draft Lottery/NHL Entry Draft

The annual anticipated threads where everyone turns into mathematicians and master predictors...until you look back on them years later with hindsight. The Draft is one of the biggest events of the year and /hockey is always a great place to have a discussion, jokes aside. Everyone is eagerly awaiting some hockey news this year, specifically regarding the draft, so while you wait, check out these threads:
Draft Lottery Thread Entry Draft Thread
N/A 2009
2010 2010
2011 2011
2012 2012
2013 2013
2014 2014 Round 1 // 2014 Rounds 2-7
2015 2015 Round 1 // 2015 Rounds 2-7
2016 2016 Round 1 // 2016 Rounds 2-7
2017 2017 Expansion Draft // 2017 Round 1 // 2017 Rounds 2-7
2018 2018 Round 1 // 2018 Rounds 2-7
2019 2019 Round 1 // 2019 Rounds 2-7
2020 part 1 // 2020 part 2 2020 Round 1 // 2020 Rounds 2-7
Special shoutout to jlim201 for running the Rounds 2-7 threads the past couple of years!

Free Agency Threads

Everyone looks forward to July 1st to see which team will land the biggest free agents (and overpay them). There are thousands of posts with signings and rumours that fill up the sub but there have also been some fantastic summaries and megathreads to recap all the deals made each summer.
Free Agency Discussions Top Comments
2010 Malhotra being gone sucks... - NWLierly
2011 N/A
2012 I wonder what it's like to be a fan of a team that attracts desirable free agents. -patefacio
2013 Don't forget retirements! ....Kovalfuck... - DavidPuddy666
2014 Going into free agency already over the cap.. just the way we planned it. - de_dust
2015 What a thin pool of free agents. - bizarre48
2016 Does anyone want a Rosival? His legs bend both ways -loki364
2017 NYR signed Pavelec to replace Raanta, who was traded to ARI to replace Smith, because Calgary acquired Smith to replace Elliott, who just signed in Philly to replace Mason, who signed in WPG to replace Pavelec. - freshgnar
2019 points to forehead - Can’t sign terrible UFA contracts if your owner doesn’t have any money - SirZapdos
2020 This will either be the spiciest free agency ever, or as mind-numbing as Day 2 of the Draft. -dtw23

Important Events

We've witnessed some historic sports-related events on hockey through the years. Some intriguing, some thrilling, some tragic as well, but all these events allowed users to discuss their thoughts amongst the best community on reddit. Here are some discussion threads I think every hockey user should be aware of:

Super Bowl Threads

Link Top Comment*
2015 Lets get this to the front page just to confuse the fuck out of people - BettmanReturns
2016 Fun fact: if hockey scoring worked like football scoring, the Oilers would have lost 56-7 today. - MollysYes
2017 Yet again, no Canadian teams make it to the finals. - TerriblePigs
2018 SUPERBOWL FUN FACT: The team that wins game 1 has gone on to win the series every. Single. Time. - Aschwan41
2019 I hope this series goes 7 games. Edit: I take that back, I don't want 7 games of that. - PaleGutCK
2020 Ah yes, the thread where we recycle the same 10 jokes every single year, and I never get tired of it. - -TrevWings-
  • I highlighted the 2nd best comment for some threads because the top comment for the past couple years has been about no Canadian teams making the final. Seriously...come on Bettman.

Olympics/World Cup

Year Description
2010 Men's Final
2014 Women's Final
2014 Men's Final
2014 Men's Semifinal 1
2014 Men's Semifinal 2
2016 Team Canada wins the World Cup
2018 Women's Final
2018 Men's Final
2018 Men's Semifinal 1
2018 Men's Semifinal 2

Somber Moments

Year Description
2011 Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Plane Crash
2018 Vegas retires #58 in honor of the 58 people who lost their lives in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting
2018 Humboldt Broncos Tragedy

NHL Lockouts/Suspensions of Play

Year Description
2012 2012-13 Lockout Begins
2013 2012-13 Lockout Ends
2020 NHL Suspends Play of Regular Season

High Profile Player News Threads/AMAs

Year Description
2011 Winnipeg Gets a Team
2014 Claude Giroux Arrested in Ottawa
2015 Patrick Kane Police Investigation Megathread
2015 James Duthie AMA
2016 Adam Henrique AMA
2016 John Scott All-Star MVP
2016 Unsustainabowl (CBJ vs MIN)
2016 Vegas Gets a Team

Streamables, Highlights, Rumours, Trade, Signings, Suspension Posts & More

  • Naturally, these types of posts make up the majority of the sub and are what most hockey fans come to the subreddit to see. There are wayyy too many posts to summarize in a neat table but thank you to all the users who take the time to contribute these types of posts on the sub!

Mock Trade Deadlines, Mock Drafts, & Offseason Sims

Even though the sub is filled with hockey news at all times (except August), it still isn't enough for most users. We have had somewhat of a tradition going strong where hundreds of redditors show off their General Manager skills in various hockey simulations. Friendships and memories are made each year, bringing the hockey community closer together. Take a look through these often intense and complex threads!
  • The infamous 2016 mock trade deadline NYR-TB trade proves that redditors are not be fit to be GMs.
Mock Trade Deadlines Mock Drafts/Offseason Sims
2012 (None) 2012 Mock Draft
2013 (None) 2013 Mock Draft Round 1 // 2013 Mock Draft Rounds 2+
2014 (None) 2014 Mock Draft
2015 2015 Mock Draft
2016 2016 Mock Draft
2017 (None) 2017 Offseason Sim Midpoint Recap // 2017 Offseason Sim Final Recap - Dedicated to the late PAGinger // 2017 Mock Expansion Draft Recap
2018 2018 Offseason Sim (+Mock Draft)
2019 2019 Offseason Sim (+Mock Draft)
2020 2020 (TBD)

/hockey Awards

At the end of every year, well...more or less, the /hockey mods put up a post where users can vote on their favourite moments (Posts, Threads, Comments etc...) from the past year. Here are the threads where the winners were announced. There are some excellent threads worth checking out.
/hockey Awards Winners
2019 & Past Decade

Roasts/SurvivoCommunity Ideas

As I mentioned before, hockey is generally active with news all year round except for that period after all the free agents have been signed and before training camp starts up...well except for this year. That still doesn't stop users from coming up with annual original content, such as the infamous Roast and Survivor threads we have grown to love and look forward to.
Here is a list of the Roast and Survivor threads as well as some other community re-occurring ideas/posts that deserve a mention
Year Roast/Survivor Threads Other Community Posts/Ideas
2016 2016 Roast Series Historic Signings Reactions // Wayback Wednesday: Saving Face and the Seven Samurai: Japan in the Nagano Olympics // Wayback Wednesday - Russian Penguins: A Tale of Free Beer, Strippers, Mobsters, and Hockey
2017 2017 Survivor Series 2017 User Trade Deadline
2017 2017 Roast Series // Best of 2017 Roast Series // 2017 Roast of hockey Fantasy Mock Pre-Draft // Fantasy Mock Draft Part 1 // Fantasy Mock Draft Part 2
2018 2018 Survivor Series
2018 2018 Roast Series // Best of 2018 Roast Series Re-Draft Series // /hockey's favourite player from each team
2019 2019 Survivor Series 2019 User Trade Deadline
2019 2019 Roast Series // Best of 2019 Roast Series
2020 2020 User Trade Deadline

All-Time Classic Posts

Finally, an hockey historical summary would be incomplete without mentioning some all-time classic posts. Of course, there have also been thousands of great comments, some of which have turned into classic copypastas but those are for you to discover.
Year Thread Year Thread
2011 Jagorim Jarg 2017 Shaw Shank Redemption
2012 Eating a Puck // Eating a Puck Update 2017 Preds Redo
2013 Drunk kmad 2017 Panorama T-Mobile Arena
2014 Wood Buffalo 2017 69th OA
2014 Wallpapers 2017 As Whole Flyers
2015 Dought Hamilton 2017 Jagr's hair
2015 PK Subban hate 2017 Hockey Hair
2016 Dave Cameron 2018 Orpik HHOF
2016 Galaxy Byron 2018 Fat Trick
2016 50 Team Alignment 2019 WMino Hat
2016 Clipart Logos 2019 Seattle Bitch Pigeons
2016 Pietrangelo Fam 2019 Jackets Sweep Lightning
2017 Stars Jumbotron 2019 Walrus Goalie
2017 Namesake Fans 2019 Don Cherry Maple Leafs

Final Thoughts

This post was a lot of fun to make and I hope it was interesting and useful too.
I'm sure I forgot some links, especially in the "All-time classic posts" section, so if you have a link in mind that you'd like me to add please send me a private message.
Let's keep on doing that hockey and here's to another 1 million Subs!!
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2019.01.31 05:15 wingsfan64 Hi Devils, I got traded here from Detroit. Your logo doesn't have wings and I'm conflicted.

I even googled "Devil with wings" and the best image I could find was this really buff looking clipart: link I'll try to imagine wings on all of your players so I can be true to my username. Who's the fastest Devil?
Congrats to your GM for getting me and drinkwineandscrew in a 2 for 1 deal! Also, how did that mad genius pull of a 5 for 1 trade!?! Wow!
About me: I'm not a frequent poster, but I do like hanging around in the subreddit specific game threads. I just checked your schedule and tomorrow looks like a HUGE game against the Rangers, they're a big rival right? Stoked to watch that with you guys.
Fun facts: I snowboard (except not in subzero temps like right now) and mountain bike. I've played hockey for 18 years, so I like to think I know what I'm talking about when I call players out for their mistakes or highlight an underrated play. I'm currently looking for a job (entry-level) in the UX field, so if you have any ideas about that let me know! (Ideally I'm trying to infiltrate Avalanche territory, but I'm pretty open to moving anywhere).
By the numbers: I've been guilded for a submission to /DetroitRedWings. Exactly 25% of my post Karma is from my home DRW sub, as well as 32.5% of my comment Karma. Most of the rest is from /hockey . I created the Vegas Expansion Draft Minigame that you probably didn't see because it didn't really take off, but I still think it was pretty cool. I also won the /DetroitRedWings "Guess the Goal" competition last year which is pretty cool. You get points for guessing who scores and assists the first red wing goal each game, so you have to be actively following the team to know who's hot and active on the sub to submit your guess.
Also, I definitely remember cheering for you to win in either the 2000 or 2003 stanley cup from a local restaurant. I was young so I don't remember which it was.
My dad is a goalie (always has been) and he has a brodeur jersey.
My reddit secret santa giftee this year was a New Jerseyian? but he wasn't a hockey fan, so I didn't want to force something on him he didn't want. Also, are there a lot of Packers fans in New Jersey or did I find the only one?
How do you guys feel about seeing Marty in that enterprise commercial? Nice beards boys!
And finally, the cliche question, but what should I know about following the Devils this week? Any big potential trades looming?
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2018.07.27 16:56 antonlabz Summer 2018 Graphics Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Your winners are..


"Big Booty Beaches" by As1anPersuas10n
Credits: Obtained from the Google Drive


"Cold Drinks, Warm Sands, and Dead Memes" by As1anPersuas10n
Credits: Obtained from the Google Drive


"Summertime Revenge" by King-of-Kujas
Credits: The Google Drive and

Sidebar Image

"Bonney Says Use the Megathreads!" by As1anPersuas10n
Credits: Obtained from the Google Drive
Congrats to all the winners! You are entitled to 1 flair prize per category won.
Please read this wiki page and then send me a PM with your selection.

Runner-Up Showcase

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2017.04.06 08:20 YourBuddyChurch Loser Leaves Reddit - WrestleMania results

For those who haven't been following along...
First off, sorry it took me so long to post these results. I was in Orlando smarking my ass off all weekend and couldn't find time, energy, and computer access simultaneously at any point.
Second, thank you all for making this game such a pointless amount of fun.


The Undisputed World Heavyweight Squared Circle Championship match – Congratulations to the new champion, u/the_gift_of_g2j! With this win, he becomes the first person in this promotion to win singles titles in two different divisions. And yet, he has now announced his retirement. He helped to make this promotion what it is today and has decided to go out on top. In recognition of his accomplishments (and because this late post proves I could use some help), I am happy to announce that he will be your new General Manager for Smackdown-exclusive PPV's, effective immediately.
u/TheFalconArrow is owed a rematch and will be first in line to challenge for the now-vacant title.
The Intercontinental Championship match – Congratulations to the NEW IC Champion, u/SlowBroJJ! u/so1ks will get the opportunity to be the first person to hold a championship three times when he gets his rematch at Payback!
The United States Championship match – And the NEW US Champion u/theDezoo! Congrats, bud, you earned this one. But by the time that PPV occurs, Dezoo, BrokenBrotherDezoo, and any other Dezoos out there need to unify. This was the last PPV where I will allow multiple Dezooing. So you can keep the US title (which I'm assuming you will) or take the title shot you earned as brotherbrokendezoo. Either way, congrats! The world's sweetest champion u/Simashi gets an automatic rematch at Payback.
The Tag Team Championship – Congrats to the Tag Team Champions (u/Immathrodis and u/MrCappie) on retaining at WrestleMania! They eked out a win against myself and u/VacantForHOF, who won the NXT qualifier.
In the #1 Contender match, u/BrokenBrotherDezoo won, but as this is the last ppv with multiple Dezoo's, he will potentially forgo this title shot for Dezoo reasons. u/Bahamas_is_relevant and u/LemonStains will have a 1-on-1 rematch at Payback for a #1 Contender's Spot.


Our Loser Leaves Reddit Challenge was won by a legend, perhaps the greatest there ever was - me. I look forward to challenging for the now-vacant World Championship at Payback.
The first ever u/YourBuddyChurch Battle Royal was also won by me. I truly am the greatest. On one hand, it's almost too much winning and it's definitely self-aggrandizing. On the other, now I feel justified in naming the Battle Royal after myself. Suck it, jabronis!
The Loser Leaves Reddit match was lost by like 12 people so nobody is going home.


Sorry again for posting this so late. And thank you all so much for playing, I truly enjoy this pointless game. I want to throw a specific shout-out to our new Smackdown commissioner on an amazing career, I hope he straps up his boots again in the future. But I'll see you all at Payback where we'll be crowning a new world champion.
On an interesting note, one person correctly predicted the Hardyz winning and one person correctly predicted Mojo goddman Rawley.
Lastly, I'd like to announce that SummerSlam this year will mark the end of our first full year. It will also mark the coronation of our first entrant(s) into the LLR HOF, I'll be taking nominations into consideration closer to that time.
Thank you all.
Record Book
and p.s. u/TheFalconArrow, I'm coming off a WrestleMania where I won a tag team qualifier, the loser leaves reddit match, and the battle royal. 3-1. Bring your A-game to Payback.
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2017.03.06 07:40 YourBuddyChurch Loser Leaves Reddit - Fastlane results + new UK Championship

For those who haven't been following along...
The Undisputed World Heavyweight Squared Circle Championship match – u/TheFalconArrow has regained his championship! u/im_a_one_man_banned lost the title, but will now join u/the_gift_of_g2j and u/king-of-zing in challenging for the Big Reddit Belt at WRESTLEMANIA! Congrats to u/TheFalconArrow who is now the first ever 2x World Champion!
The Intercontinental Championship match – And the NEW and 2-time IC Champion u/so1ks! u/railrockrasslin gets an automatic rematch. The IC Title will be defended in a multi-person match at WrestleMania!
The United States Championship match – The US Champion u/SimaShi has retained and will defend the title at WrestleMania!
The Tag Team Championship – Congrats to the NEW Tag Team Champions! The Best Friends (u/king-of-zing and u/im_a_one_man_banned) have lost the Tag Team Championship. Our new champions u/Immathrodis and u/MrCappie will defend at WrestleMania against the (potentially former) Best Friends and a qualifying team (or teams) to be decided at NXT: Orlando!
u/the_gift_of_g2j and u/king-of-zing bullshitted around for a few days and accomplished nothing. They're both in the fatal 4-way at WrestleMania, neither person gets a pre-determined advantage.
u/ALLMYWORDSAREBOLD won his qualifier and will enter the IC match at WrestleMania!
u/FakeNewsBarret won his qualifier and will enter the IC title match at WrestleMania!
u/SlowBroJJ won his qualifier and will enter the IC title match at WrestleMania!
u/EllieDai won his qualifer and will enter the IC title match at WrestleMania!
The Loser Leaves Reddit Match was lost by about a dozen people so nobody is going home this week.
u/DefinityNotAJobber, u/flynnster17, and u/edfromSCwon all won the Loser Leaves Reddit Match! They will challenge for the US Title at WrestleMania in a Fatal 4-way match!
Our title matches for WrestleMania are set! See you all in Orlando!
Record Book


u/king-of-zing is going to be the commissioner of a new branch of the Loser Leaves Reddit brand in which the UK Championship will be defended. The inaugural champion will be crowned at the WCPW event tomorrow!
Leave your picks, most correct choices becomes the first ever UK Champion!
Here are the matches:
Marty Scurll vs David Starr
Prospect vs Drake and Bad Bones
El Ligero and Gabriel Kidd vs Travis Banks and Joe Coffey
Bea Priestley vs Kay Lee Ray - WCPW Women's title
Martin Kirby vs BT Gunn
Primate vs Rampage - chain match
Delirious vs Silas Young
Cody Rhodes vs Liam Slater - WCPW Internet title
Drew Galloway vs Will Ospreay - WCPW title
I've got Scurll, Drake and Bad Bones, El Ligero and Kidd, Priestly, Kirby, Rampage, Delirious, Cody Rhodes, and Ospreay. Good luck!
edit: link to the show, starting soon
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2017.02.13 07:27 YourBuddyChurch Loser Leaves Reddit - Elimination Chamber results

For those who haven't been following along...
The Undisputed World Heavyweight Squared Circle Championship match – u/TheFalconArrow has finally been dethroned. Let me introduce you to your new champion: u/im_a_one_man_banned! Congratulations, champ! The former champ will get a rematch at Fastlane.
The Intercontinental Championship match – And the NEW and 2-time IC Champion u/railrockrasslin. u/so1ks gets an automatic rematch at Fastlane.
The United States Championship match – And the NEW US Champion, u/SimaShi! u/YourBuddyChurch (that's me) gets an automatic rematch at Fastlane.
The Tag Team Championship – The Best Friends (u/king-of-zing and u/im_a_one_man_banned) have won and are now our inaugural Tag Team Champions. This makes u/im_a_one_man_banned the first ever double champion. Congrats to the both of you.
u/king-of-zing also won her singles match and, thus, will join u/the_gift_of_g2j and the champion in the main event of WrestleMania!
u/CTU_Ranger_Tranquilo won his #1 Contender's Match and has announced he will be joining the title match for the Undisputed World Title at Fastlane!
u/Immathrodis and u/MrCappie both won u/theDezoo's open challenge. Because there were two winners, I've decided they will team up and face the new Tag Team Champions at Fastlane.
The Loser Leaves Reddit Match was lost by u/therealJosie316, he only predicted one match correctly. Thus, he is forced off Reddit FOREVER! Peace out, bud! See you when you come back as u/therealJosie515!
The Loser Leaves Reddit match wasn't won by anyone. There were like 8 people who tied with 4 of 7 correct and I refuse to reward that garbage. So who gets a title shot? Who? Who? Who?
See you all soon for Fastlane!
Record Book
submitted by YourBuddyChurch to SquaredCircle [link] [comments]

2017.01.30 07:19 YourBuddyChurch Loser Leaves Reddit - Royal Rumble results

For those who haven't been following along...
Rumble, young man, rumble.
The Undisputed World Heavyweight Squared Circle Championship match – The GSC Explodes - Champion u/TheFalconArrow and u/the_gift_of_g2j have tied, therefore the champion retains. However, don't get comfortable Falcon, you'll be defending your championship in the Elimination Chamber in two weeks time.
The Intercontinental Championship match – Fatal 4-Way – And the NEW IC Champion u/so1ks! u/railrockrasslin gets an automatic rematch at the Elimination Chamber
The United States Championship match – Champion u/YourBuddyChurch (that's me) has tied and therefore retains the championship.
The Tag Team Championship – We had some hijinx in this match. While the Best Friends (u/king-of-zing and u/im_a_one_man_banned) did in fact win the match, they disqualified themselves by changing their picks after the pre-show had already started. However, I refuse to award a championship to someone on a technicality. The Best Friends will have a rematch with Theory of Originality (u/so1ks and u/ontheropes619) at Elimination Chamber to determine our inaugural Tag Team Champions. And, this time, there will be TWO REFEREES!
The tie-breaker between u/supbitch and u/maillite ended in a tie, they are both safe, neither competitor will need to leave Reddit.
The Loser Leaves Reddit Match was lost by u/theshield1995, he only predicted two matches correctly. Thus, he is forced off Reddit FOREVER! Peace out, bud! See you when you come back as u/sanity1995
The Loser Leaves Reddit match was won by u/SimaShi! At Elimination Chamber, he can challenge for any singles title he chooses. Two other teams had equal scores of 7 correct predictions (out of 8); however, they edited their choices after the pre-show started and were therefore disqualified.
Lastly, the Royal Rumble match was won by (and it simulatenously honors and pains me to say this) u/the_gift_of_g2j! He predicted the winner and who would cause the most eliminations! Congrats, buddy, you will get a 1-on-1 match with the Undisputed World Heavyweight Squared Circle Champion at WrestleMania!
Record Book
submitted by YourBuddyChurch to SquaredCircle [link] [comments]

2017.01.29 04:30 YourBuddyChurch Loser Leaves Reddit - Royal Rumble [Update]

For those who haven't been following along...

If you already left your picks in the other thread, you don't need to leave them again here!

Congrats to u/so1ks and u/ontheropes619 for winning the tag team qualifier, they challenge the Broken AllianceBest Friends tomorrow. Everyone feel free to leave your picks for the Loser Leaves Reddit match and the Royal Rumble challenge.
First, we have our traditional Loser Leaves Reddit Match. Anyone can leave their picks for the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV. If you pick the most correct matchups, you will get a title shot at the Elimination Chamber. If you pick the least correctly, you will be forced off Reddit FOREVER. The loser will join u/save_us_G2J, u/lukeb24, u/simplifiedpenisjoke, and others as pariahs, banned from this sub now and forevermore (or for a week or until they create a new account or something meta like u/brokenpenisjoke)
Second, we have the Royal Rumble match itself. Anyone can enter. If you want to headline WrestleMania for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Squared Circle Championship, this is your chance. Pick who wins the rumble (5 points), the last elimination (2 points), the first two entrants (1 point each), who spends the longest time in the rumble (2 points), who causes most eliminations (2 points), and the winner’s entrance number (1 point). Whoever has the most points will headline at WrestleMania! And I will gild the winner of the WrestleMania Main Event!
The Undisputed World Heavyweight Squared Circle Championship match – The GSC Explodes, former stablemates and best friends have turned on one another, u/the_gift_of_g2j has foregone his US Title rematch for a shot at revenge against the top guy in the company - Champion u/TheFalconArrow vs. u/the_gift_of_g2j (u/TheFalconArrow has requested to change the belt's design, I will oblige if he remains champion through WrestleMania)
The Intercontinental Title match – Fatal 4-Way – new Champion u/railrockrasslin vs. u/TheMockingDead1 vs. u/so1ks vs. u/ahegaoisreal
The US Title match – Triple Threat featuring the debut of Jervis Cottonbelly - new Champion u/YourBuddyChurch vs. u/theDezoo vs. the World’s Sweetest Man, u/jerviscottonbelly
The Tag Team ChampionshipThe Broken AllianceThe Best Friends (u/IM_A_ONE_MAN_BANNED and u/King-of-Zing) vs. The Theory of Originality (u/so1ks and u/ontheropes619)
Loser Leaves Reddit Tiebreaker from Roadblock – u/supbitch vs u/maillite
A Couple notes - please don't try to get last place. And only list who wins the match, don't say how or whether they retain. Any picks submitted or edited after the pre-show starts will be disregarded in their entirety.
Those are the rules, here are the matches:
Royal Rumble Matches
Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns
Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Gallows and Anderson
Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
AJ Styles vs. John Cena
Charlotte vs. Bayley
Rich Swann vs. Neville
Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, and Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Natalya
Royal Rumble Match
WrestleMania #1 Contendership Qualifier – Royal Rumble Match
Winner (5 points), the last elimination (2 points), the first two entrants (1 point each), longest time in the rumble (2 points), most eliminations (2 points), and the winner’s entrance number (1 point).
So those are the matches, here are my picks:
For the Rumble, Owens, Styles, Charlotte, Neville, Nia Jax, Gallows and Anderson, heel women’s team, and Sami Zayn in the Rumble. For the Wrestlemania qualifier, Zayn to win, eliminating Strowman last, started by Goldberg and Big E, Zayn will be in longest, Goldberg most eliminations, winner enters at 6.
Record Book
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2016.05.27 05:09 Sid6po1nt7 Broke Bastard Giveaway: Mystery of Guns & Rockets

Congrats to u/your_mind_aches & u/ryder679 check you PM's guys!!!
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2015.01.11 05:08 anotherdamncupid I am shooting you a line with my arrow u/anotherdamnwriter! Come read my inquisitive love letter I wrote just for you! <3

Alright anotherdamnwriter,
With the help of my stalker cupid minion Fred, I have found that I indeed have unanswered questions!
Firstly, I want to say congrats to you on being in your last semester at college! I will also be graduating in May! <3 I can see that you have had a rough year last year and I wish you a speedy recovery from your accident. I know life can get hard and I am very happy that you have a wonderful SO and a super cute puppy! (All dogs are forever puppies!) I wanna help you start your year off with something nice, because you deserve it! On to the questions!
  1. Would you rather get one big item or many small things? (I have two really great ideas for this either way! <3)
  2. Are scented products totally out? Or are you okay with hand sanitizer, lotion, bath bombs etc. so long as they don't contain peach?
  3. Who are your top 10 favorite bands/artists? I will love you more if you tell some of your fave songs too!
  4. Do you like jewelry?
  5. What are colors that you don't like?
  6. Are you okay with mint flavored things?
  7. Are you interested in indie cosmetics?
  8. Do you play video game? If yes, what do you play?
  9. What are your fave TV shows? Movies?
  10. What kinds of lip and blush colors do you like?
I believe this is all I need, for now...
I appreciate your help!
P.S. Don't let my name fool you, I care very much about my cupid responsibilities and aim to make this exchange one of your bests! Although I am one of many cupids, I promise you I am one of a kind just like you! <3
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