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2023.06.07 22:04 Kommandant_CJ Questions about the HD560S, AKG K702, and SHP9500 (Long)

Hello! I do not really know if I am an audiophile or not, but one thing to be certain about is that I always want the best quality I can get. Exploring headphones and the concept of audio itself is more than enough to make me happy for hours. I have used the Philips SHP9500 and the DAC X6 MKII since 2020 and I feel that I need to make an upgrade, which leads to why I have questions about some popular options.
I am the type of person that is more inclined to soundstage, imaging, separation, clarity, and immersion.
Not a basshead, but I do appreciate albeit of bass for fullness.
I really love it when mids are present and whole, but I do not not like it when vocals or instruments are too close or intimate and I actually prefer them to sound farther away from me but not too far away to the point they sound weird or really unnatural.
I do adore the crispiness, detail, and airiness of the treble; however, I absolutely do not like it to be too sibilant and harsh as it makes the listening experience really fatiguing.
I do not like it when the sound gets really messy and confusing, that is why I prefer a really wide soundstage, good imaging, good separation, and detailed audio but with the factor of immersion so that it does not feel completely boring or dull.
I have also tried the HD560S with the Fiio K5 Pro and the Apple Dongle DAC; I used M4As, some FLACs, and YouTube (I know, YT may not be the best, but even with it, it sounded awesome). Not that hard to drive and pretty sensitive; really immersive on some tracks and treble (for me) is finally enjoyable.
I played some electronic, synthwave, and other songs as well.
Emotion - Pastel Ghost
Prism - Pastel Ghost
Shadows - Pastel Ghost
Possession - Pastel Ghost
Faded - Alan Walker
Faded (Interlude) - Alan Walker
After Dark - Mr Kitty
Thinking About You - R3HAB and Winona Oak
Midnight City - M83
Sun Goes Down - Robin Schulz and Jasmine Thompson
I am also aware that the AKG K702 requires a powerful amp to bring out its fullest potential. I will use the cans for basically anything that requires audio (music, gaming, films, mixing, etc.).
I cannot also test the AKG K702 given that demo units and even main units are extremely rare to find in my country.

All that aside, these are my questions. Thanks for reading as well!

  1. What are the other Sennheiser headphones that have a wide and immersive soundstage? (except for the HD800)
  2. Is the entire Sennheiser 6xx line intimate-sounding?
  3. Is the HD560S mid-fi or hi-fi?
  4. Is the HD560S a big or great upgrade over the SHP9500? What are the most notable and biggest differences and improvements?
  5. Is the HD560S worth it? Is it a long-term investment? (not related to price) (in terms of sound quality and other competitors)
  6. I actually wanted the AKG K702, but it is just so rare in my country to purchase. So, is the K702 similar sounding to the HD560S or are there notable and bigger differences and improvements that I do not know?
  7. Am I missing out if I pick the HD560S over the K702?
  8. How immersive is the K702 compared to the HD560S? Can the HD560S be on par with it?
  9. Which is more durable, the K702 or the HD560S?
  10. Are there any analogies to compare the K702 and the HD560S?
  11. Is the K702 massively better in each regard compared to the HD560S?
  12. Are there any other good alternatives in the AKG line? (K612 Pro, etc.)
  13. In terms of price, is upgrading from the 9500 to HD560S worth it?
  14. Are the 9500 and the HD560S very similar in every aspect?
  15. I know it is too much of a question, but based on the given info, which do you think I'll enjoy more, the K702 or the HD560S?
  16. Maybe a dumb question, but will the HD560S sound like the 9500 after prolonged use?
  17. Should I go for the Fiio BTR5 or the Topping NX4? (applies to all pairs of mentioned headphones)

Sorry if I have too many questions!

Thanks very much! Deeply appreciate it!
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2023.06.07 22:03 ImplementDifficult17 Mind-blowing series of "coincidences"

I need to share this fantastical experience so that I don't forget it and the importance it holds.
To add some context: I have just come across with the law 3 weeks ago and having been practicing it. I need to take the 44 bus home every day.
A few weeks ago, I happened to meet a guy who happened to live in a flat numbered 44. I thought that was an interesting coincidence. But since then, I've seen the number 44 more often. I pondered on what it might mean and secretly hope that it was giving me evidence for whatever I have been practicing regarding the Law. Last Saturday night, I was going home on the bus, and the two people sitting behind me kept talking and disturbing my peace, so I hoped they would leave. After a few minutes, they did leave. At that moment I thought, "Will I see 44 again at this moment?" So I lit up my phone to see if there is one but there was nothing on the screen, then I looked out the window and saw a bar named 44! I was totally amazed because the bus was moving and if I had looked up 1 second earlier or 1 second later, I would have missed it completely, but the timing was so coincidental that I looked up and saw the bar at the perfect moment when I wanted to see 44. I was shocked, and I thought to myself, "Universe, if you're trying to tell me something, let me see more of 44 tonight." So along the way I kept an eye out for numbers, and I did see quite many 44's, but I thought to myself that it could just be because I was looking out for it. But that was just the beginning. Then I got home and saw the package delivered by Amazon, with two 44s on it. Then I searched around my place to find more 44s. And then I noticed that my favorite youtuber had uploaded a new video, so I started watching it while pondering what happened, and in the middle of watching the video, it occurred to me that if I paused the video now, would it stop at x minute 44 seconds? So I paused the video, and it shocked me by stopping at 4:44! I was so speechless. My brain couldnt figure out what happened. Then it was bedtime, and I kept thinking about it. I always play a song on loop when I go to bed, and this time I checked its duration and found that it was exactly 4minute and 4 second long. I froze, again. By then I was literally a bit numb to the number. After a while I thought to myself that I needed to light up my phone screen to see at what second it was playing, I hesitated, then I lit up my phone screen and found that the song was playing exactly 44 seconds away from the end (I use Spotify and it shows how much time a song playing has left). My mind was literally numbed at that moment. I thought, "Universe, Im convinced now and enough 44 for the day." I wanted to just sleep. So I laid down, covered up and adjusted my position, then my phone lit up and someone sent me a message, and guess what, I saw that the time was exactly 00:44, and the person who sent me the message was the same person who lived in the flat 44. My mind just went wild. Couldn't fall asleep for another 2 hours of course.
I can't understand or explain this a a zing experience with logic and I hope I never forget the shock and awe it gave me and the meaning hidden behind it. So I think about it over and over again. Whenever I feel worried about the fulfillment of my desires, I remind myself of this series of impossible things happened. I hope that this personal experience will also help someone who needs encouragement: the universe is literaturally determined to cooperate with you in every way possible.
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2023.06.07 22:02 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Stirling Cooper Courses – Complete Bundle CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG Discord: PLIATSIK#0227

The Courses include:

• Sexual Dominance Escalation Course
• Dirty Talk Course
• The Ultimate Guide to Performance Anxiety
• How I Grew My Penis and Other Industry Secrets
• How To Seal The Deal Book
• Preventing Premature Ejaculation
• 5 Subtle Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom and How To Fix Them

You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name: PliatsikG).

100+ Vouches from clients
1100+ Members on our Discord Server
20+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.06.07 22:02 maymaygii Help 😭

Help 😭
Hii this is my first reddit post! I've been working on this drawing for 20+ hours and I guess I'm just super slow at drawing idk! I'm not sure how many pictures I can include in this but I've been working on the sleeve of the figure on the right for a literal week and I just can't get it right 😭 any tips or critiques are very much appreciated! I'd really really appreciate it if someone could just paint over this sleeve and tell me what to do 😭😭😭 I know it has more folds than the reference but the pose is different from the reference and idk 😐 some people have also said the sleeve looks fine like this so idk! This is a wip though so if something doesn't look rendered thats why 😹 I don't really wanna change major anatomical issues that you see but tell me anyways! Thanks!
Notes: Left figure is Galatea, she/her Right figure is Adriel, he/him First picture is the most recent and it goes backwards from there! Refs are at the end! (Didn't include Adriel's character sheet because it's too ugly lmfao)
submitted by maymaygii to DigitalArt [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:02 Nuerax [WP] A slew of religious zealots have entered the Andromeda galaxy after the plot of Mass Effect Andromeda finished. How would things fare for the Initiative? How would they react to these new threats?

As the Andromeda Initiative starts to expand its operations deeper into the hostile tendrils of the Andromeda galaxy, they soon realise that there is certainly something smack dab in the middle of that spiral that just seems to attract zealots of all sorts and caliber.
Angara, Remnant and Kett aside, fragments of mind bogglingly advanced technology has started to awaken. Pulling in zealous fleets from cornerstones all over the multiverse...
The first fleet to heed the call is an utterly massive Ark Mechanicus Explorator fleet. Seeking refuge from the chaotic storms of the terrifying Grift Rift, the Explorator fleet took a detour from its route to the fringes of the galaxy and through warp shenanigans, ended up in Andromeda.
Featuring legions of rad soaked Skitarii under the harsh hands of the Tech Priests and their Magos, the fleet seeks to build Mars anew in this isolated galaxy. Oh and quite possibly build their own empire away from the Imperium so no Astartes or Imperial Guard coming.
(Warhammer 40k)
The second fleet would be an entire Covenant battlefleet that had seemingly been pulled through slipstream via a cunning experimental bomb made out of a slipstream drive.
Curious at the new development and furious at underhanded human treachery, the Covie bastards under the command of the few Prophets decided that the best course of revenge was to wipe humanity off Andromeda and claim it for High Charity.
The third fleet are the Firstborn children of the Gods. The grandest beings whom have walked the surface of Aiur. Some of these great and ancient beings had fled Khala for verdant pastures.
Sailing with the blessings of their gods and seeking new territory to grow their numbers away from Terran and Zerg threats, the Protoss have decided to learn from their mistakes and take no chances with humanity even in a new galaxy.
The forth fleet to arrive in Andromeda are a horrifying, advanced yet incorrigibly archaic even in a time of high technology. With swirling worms ritually festering within their bodies and grand Tombships blessed by their dark gods, the Hive have arrived into Andromeda.
Seeking purity and refinement through battle, the Hive almost immediately started picking fights. Soon they would conquer Andromeda by force, and the gods would finally be pleased by the ample slaughter presented to them.
The fifth fleet? Psychic signatures going haywire, proxy species going mad, signs of humanity seemingly reaching apotheosis way ahead of time. Anomalies had triggered many many psychic warning bells in the home of the the Elders.
Perhaps or because of this sudden surge of psychic activity, an entire fleet meant to retake Earth had been accidentally diverted to Andromeda much to the curiosity of Thin Men and their bulbous headed grunts.
By hook or by crook their realms would have to survive, for the Elders have decreed so. Even if the Chosen have to subjugate out every other competitor in Andromeda so as to safeguard their bastion.
(XCOM 2)
The sixth fleet consisted of many significantly smaller yet no less dangerous fleets that arrived into the fold of the Andromeda Galaxy silently. Oddly silent compared to the frothing zealotry of everyone else yet insidious by itself.
With command bridges lit by screens of flashing holocrons, riding on ominously angular hulls that cut against the darkness of space. The refugees of the original Sith empires have decided to gamble their legacies by throwing caution into the wind and riding hyperspace to uncharted lands.
Naive from enlightenment, the new arrivals and even the Angara of Andromeda have shown no aptitude to the Force and the Dark Side. So much potential bared here just waiting to be used by any Sith with the idea of having a dynasty of their own.
So, the main idea of this is to ponder on how the Andromeda Initiative handle the influx of religious fanatic themed empires into their new Galaxy. Would empathy, tolerance, diversity, science and progress be their salvation? Or would the races of the Citadel crumble under the onslaught of those old and cynical enough to be cruel.
Bonus Scenario:
Malfunctioning multi dimensional technology have lead to erroneous severing of trans dimensional holes. The closing of portals are not always cleanly cut, and it have lead to strange energies metastasising all over the Andromeda Galaxy.
Some of these energies have been categorised as very beneficial to Initiative progress by scientists. Introduced to the public as Argent energy, more research is currently underway to harness this potential.
Yet there were things coming out from those portals. Strange, illogical things that made no sense whatsoever. Dark things whom acted with a temperament that was almost...biblical.
Arcane figures clad in white combat forms and golden masks have also been spotted giving counsel to affected worlds. Claiming to be the true Maykrs of the Angara, these beings speak with honeyed promises of salvation. Though curious minds have wondered about their convenient arrival.
(Doom Eternal)
Yet if those seams were Andromeda's cancer, the alien influx were its sickness then what of its mental issues?
Part of those energies have been infected by a haunting memetic that echoed through the dark void as a siren song would through a dark ocean.
Make us whole.
Make us whole.
A new trend was starting to pop up in almost everywhere technologically enough to manufacture machinery. A strange urge by many to unite through their differences and be made whole. To show that they are united in a singular cause, many believers have begun fabricating strange Markers to show their devotion.
(Dead Space)
And who the fuck were these giant rats popping up in green flashes of light whenever a strange deposit of green stones were found?
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2023.06.07 22:02 reylomeansbalance Anne Boleyn: The Most Slandered Woman in History
She's been called a witch, a poisoner, an ambitious tease who used her sexual wiles to dupe a hapless king into giving her a throne. She was called a whore, a heretic, and a traitor. But did Anne Boleyn deserve any of those labels?
What do we know of her, for certain? The answer is "surprisingly little." For one of the most famous women in English history, Anne Boleyn left little documentary traces. We only have a couple of letters that we can confirm for certain were written in her own hand. Most of the reports we have of her conduct as queen comes from extremely biased sources, and scraps of court gossip which may have no factual basis. We have only one single image of her created in her lifetime, a badly damaged portrait medal. Anne Boleyn remains an enigma.
Sometime around 1525 or so, Anne came to Henry's attention. The relationship wasn't recorded at first, so we can't be sure when it began. The court was used to Henry's flirtations, though he's recorded to have only had two mistresses. Mary Boleyn was one of them, and we're not sure when that relationship began or ended.
Anne was not a great beauty, but she had charm, grace, and wit that far more than made up for her physical shortcomings. She likely had auburn hair, and brown eyes, which she knew how to use too her advantage. Lancelot de Carle, a French poet who became the Bishop of Riez (he attended Anne's execution) said her eyes were:
always most attractive which she knew well how to use with effect. Sometimes leaving them at rest and at others, sending a message to carry the secret witness of the heart. And, truth to tell, such was their power that many surrendered to their obedience.
But Anne refused to become the king's mistress. Why did she refuse? Was it because of her ambition, as some say? Or could there have been another reason?
Anne's initial refusal could not have been to try to force the king to marry her. She wouldn't have expected Henry to put Katharine aside in favor of her; such a thing was preposterous, and highly unlikely given Spain's power with the Pope. Knowing how her story turned out, we can "armchair quarterback" the events of 1525-1536, but Anne could not have realistically been aiming for a throne when she first turned down the king.
The more likely explanation lies in Anne's religious faith, something that is ignored in most fiction written about her. Anne was a fervent evangelical, passionate about reforming the Catholic church. She was intense in her faith and owned dozens of books on religious subjects. She was a virtuous woman because it was a tenant of her faith, not because she hoped to barter her virginity for power. She was also cognizant of her reputation. Her sister, Mary, had been humiliated by Francis's un-gallant comments about her. Anne did not want to end up the same way as her sister, pawned off on a willing courtier when the king was done with her.
But Henry did not get tired of the pursuit of Anne, as she had likely expected. His interest was also a trap. While he was obsessed with her, no other suitor would try for her hand, fearful of the king's wrath. As poet Thomas Wyatt wrote:
Noli me Tangere, for Caesar's I am.
Anne's real value in the marriage market plummeted as though she were the mistress of the king in truth. She was called "the Great Whore," the "scandal of Christendom." Even if the king had abandoned his pursuit of her, Anne would never recover her reputation. It was onward and upward, or go home in disgrace, un-marriageable, a burden on her family for life.
In 1527, Henry began seeking an annulment of his marriage to Katharine. Marrying the king became a legitimate possibility. At this point, Anne made real enemies, just by existing. Eustace Chapuys, who loved Katharine as a personal friend, hated Anne Boleyn so much, he could not bring himself to write her name in his dispatches, referring to her as "the concubine" or "the whore."
It is from Chapuys we get much of what we "know" about Anne Boleyn, and her behavior as Henry's lady-love and queen. Chapuys was eager to report any negative news about Anne, and he painted her actions in the worst possible light. Every word from her mouth and every snippet of gossip he reported was projected through the lens of his disdain for her. Whenever Henry was in a temper, it was because Anne had put him there. Whenever Katharine or Princess Mary was treated harshly, it was because Anne had insisted on it. He reported every quarrel, and watched closely for any evidence her influence was waning.
Despite knowing his bias, historians have - for the most part - taken Chapuys's word for it that these incidents really happened, or the words he reported had the meaning he attributed to them.
One thing that can be stated with almost absolute certainty: Anne Boleyn was not a murderer. It's alleged that Anne tried to have Bishop John Fisher poisoned. The Bishop and his household fell ill after a meal, and after an investigation, it was found that the food had been poisoned by a cook, Richard Roose. Roose allegedly claimed he only intended to make the dinner guests sick, but two people died. Roose was boiled to death, and never named Anne Boleyn or any of her servants as accomplices. It's a horrifying way to go, and if he could have used implicating someone else as a bargaining chip for a lighter sentence, he would have.
The second allegation stems from the death of Katharine of Aragon. During her embalming, a black growth was found on her heart, which the embalmers thought was sure evidence she had been poisoned. Modern historians believe it was a cancerous growth. There is no reason to believe poison was involved in Katharine's death. She was fifty years old and had been ailing for some time.
The last bit of "evidence" comes from Henry VIII himself. After Anne's arrest, he called for his children to be brought to him, and weeping, embraced them as he said they ought to be grateful that "venomous whore" had not managed to poison them as she intended. But at that point, Henry was willing to say or believe anything it took to rid himself of his wife. Had he truly believed his children were in danger before Anne's arrest, he would have taken action. Instead, he dismissed Mary's claims of illness as hysterical malingering, and was delighted when Katharine finally died.
When Henry set his sights on a young woman in court (we do not know her name) Anne and Jane Parker conspired to have her sent from court. Anne didn't try to poison her. Why would she have taken a risk like that? Especially in the cases of Katharine and Mary, who were watched closely, and protected by their partisans. Anne had to know the likelihood a plot like that would fall apart. Anne might have been many things, but she was not stupid. Being named as someone who tried to kill "Good Queen Katharine" would have destroyed the reputation she was working so hard to build.
So, if we leave aside the uncertain evidence of Anne's activities, what do we have from the documentary evidence of Anne's reign? We know that she was very charitable. The expenses from the queen's privy purse for charity were high. She greatly increased the amount of money put in purses for alms for the poor, sponsored young men to attend universities, paid tuition for impoverished children to attend school, and commanded her ladies in waiting to make shirts for the poor.
Anne wanted her court to be known for its virtue as well as its poetry and music. She was a flirt -she admitted that readily - but she was a pious woman and expected her court to be virtuous, as well. When her sister, Mary, turned up pregnant from a secret marriage, Anne banished her from court. Various authors have put spiteful motives behind this action, but the simple truth is that Anne could not be seen to support a young woman defying her family in such a way. She later quietly sent her sister much needed money and a gift.
She was a patron of religious scholars and helped to install reformist bishops in high positions within the new English church. When the king dissolved the monasteries, Anne and Cromwell quarreled over the money. Anne wanted it to be used to found schools. He wanted it to go into the king's and nobles' pockets. Guess who won?
We know she argued with the king, as well. This was shocking in an era in which women were supposed to placidly obey the men in their life. Anne was sharply intelligent, and very bold for a woman of her day. While she was the king's lady-love, it was Henry who became the supplicant, Henry who apologized, Henry who begged her not to leave court and go home to Hever. Once they married, it was Anne who begged for attention, who had to be the one to make up for their quarrels. The balance of power shifted fast. Henry expected her to become a submissive wife, and Anne stayed the same girl she had always been.
The king quickly tired of a politically-active, argumentative wife. He wanted a placid, obedient woman at his side, and he found just the perfect one in Jane Seymour. Anne's fall was swift and brutal. It's telling that even her greatest enemy, Chapuys, didn't believe the charges against her. But the facts were irrelevant. The king wanted Anne dead and she must die to make room for Jane.
It's almost absolutely certain Anne was not guilty of the crimes of which she was accused. The "evidence" was flimsy at best. On at least twelve occasions in the indictment, she can be proved to be at another location than the one cited, in front of a thousand witnesses. She also swore to her innocence - twice - on the host before her execution. A deeply religious woman like Anne would not have damned her immortal soul by lying in such a manner when she was about to die.
She admitted she had not always been as respectful to the king as she should have been, but nothing more.
Anne Boleyn went to the scaffold and made the expected speech before the crowd. The crowd fell to its knees when Anne knelt before the swordsman, something that is recorded at no other execution of the time period. It was a show of deep respect for her, and I hope she saw it before the blade fell. She died bravely. She died well.
But the world was not done with Anne Boleyn. Her reputation suffered further slights during her daughter's reign with the work of Nicholas Sander, a Catholic apologist nearly as biased as Chapuys. Sander (or "Slanders" as he has been called by some historians, not without reason) was only ten years old when Anne Boleyn went to the scaffold, and likely never saw her. He described her thus:
Anne Boleyn was rather tall of stature, with black hair, and an oval face of a sallow complexion as if troubled with jaundice. She had a projecting tooth under the upper lip, and on her right hand six fingers. There was a large wen under her chin, and therefore to hide its ugliness she wore a high dress covering her throat.
He included such fanciful details of her reign, such as Anne wearing a dress covered with human tongues with nails through them as a warning to her critics.
It is from Sander that we get the idea Anne had black hair, a convention that has stuck with every actress who has played her in movies or television, with the notable exception of the wonderful Geneviève Bujold, whose chestnut locks are probably the closest a movie portrayal has had to Anne's real hair color.
In closing, there is no reason to believe that Anne was vindictive, cruel, malicious, or evil. The documentary evidence points to a woman of strong religious faith, who had a temper, and strong opinions with the guts to voice them. Undoubtedly, her temper led her to say some things she likely regretted, but there's no reason to think she was a bad person. Indeed, what little we have suggests differently.
She still fascinates us, this mysterious woman who changed the world.
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2023.06.07 22:02 hansington1 [MODPOST] The Winds of Change: Europe's Quiet Revolution Amid Global Turmoil


News Economy Opinion Society Culture Sports In Depth Multimedia
ATHENS, Greece - In a world grappling with seismic shifts, Europe has been subtly charting a new course. A wave of unity is sweeping across the continent, reshaping the political landscape in ways that were scarcely imaginable a year ago.
Last autumn, murmurs of a bold vision for a Federal United States of Europe began to circulate in the corridors of power. The ambitious initiative, conceived by German Chancellor Olaf Schultz and French President Emmanuel Macron, has since gained momentum, with all EU member states endorsing a constitutional treaty. The objective? To elevate Europe to the status of a global superpower, capable of asserting its influence on the world stage. As the year drew to a close, Belgium and the Netherlands made headlines with their decision to integrate their militaries under German command. This move, interpreted by many as a stepping stone towards a unified European army, ignited a trend that resonated across the continent.
By spring, Finland had acceded to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with Sweden following suit by summer. These developments, some argue, were spurred by the escalating internal chaos in the United States, which has been increasingly preoccupied with its domestic affairs. Meanwhile, a mosaic of regional unions has been quietly materializing across the continent. The Mediterranean Union, comprising Albania, Greece, Italy, and Macedonia, was established in May. Concurrently, Austria and Switzerland amalgamated to form the Alpine Confederation, while Moldova, Hungary, and Romania consolidated their ties to create the Carpathian Federation. Even the Balkan States have reconciled their troubled past, leading to the reformation of Yugoslavia.
By midsummer, the Iberian Union had emerged, uniting Spain and Portugal. The Baltic Commonwealth, encompassing Poland and the Baltic States, was announced shortly after. Not to be outdone, Northern Europe proclaimed the birth of the United Kingdoms of Scandinavia. Even the British Isles witnessed a historic consolidation, as Ireland, Iceland, and the United Kingdom unified to fortify their control over the North Sea and their portion of the Atlantic.
In the midst of Europe's transformation, Ukraine has been navigating its own challenges. This resilient nation has been making strides in reclaiming its territory, even as the continent around it reshapes itself. In a bold move in July 2023, Ukraine successfully reclaimed the disputed Crimean Peninsula, a region annexed by Russia in 2014. This significant victory marked a turning point in a conflict that has been a source of regional tension for nearly a decade. However, the situation escalated further in August 2023, when Russia launched a counterattack. The Ukrainian Military responded with a large-scale counteroffensive, demonstrating Ukraine's unwavering resolve to defend its territorial integrity. As Europe moves towards greater unity, Ukraine's struggle underscores the complexities of the geopolitical landscape. The unfolding situation in Ukraine will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the region and beyond, even as the continent embarks on its journey toward a new era of cooperation.
While the full implications of these changes are yet to unfold, one thing is clear: Europe is undergoing a quiet revolution. As nations coalesce to face an increasingly uncertain global environment, the continent is entering a new era of unity and cooperation. Only time will tell how this new Europe will shape the world of tomorrow.
Previous: Potential Ecological Damage From Russia's Use of Nuclear Weapons Next: Ancient Submariners? Large Ancient Undersea Craft Found off Spanish Coast
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2023.06.07 22:01 Ok_Diamond_874 Let's dive in

Here is my cut and paste findings on mathematical equation of the Navier Stokes equation
The Navier-Stokes equations describe the behavior of fluids such as liquids and gases. They are a set of partial differential equations that govern the motion of a fluid in three dimensions, and they are named after Claude-Louis Navier and George Gabriel Stokes, who independently derived the equations in the early 19th century.
The Navier-Stokes equations describe how the velocity, pressure, temperature, and density of a fluid are related to one another. Specifically, they express the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy for a fluid. They take the form:
∂ρ/∂t + ∇ ⋅ (ρv) = 0
ρ(∂v/∂t + v ⋅ ∇v) = -∇p + ∇ ⋅ τ + f
ρC_v (∂T/∂t + v ⋅ ∇T) = -p∇ ⋅ v + ∇ ⋅ (k∇T) + Q
where ρ is the density of the fluid, v is the velocity of the fluid, p is the pressure, τ is the stress tensor, f is the body force per unit volume acting on the fluid, C_v is the specific heat at constant volume, k is the thermal conductivity, T is the temperature, and Q is the heat source or sink.
The first equation is the continuity equation, which states that the rate of change of density in a fluid is equal to the negative divergence of the velocity field.
The second equation is the momentum equation, which states that the time rate of change of the momentum of a fluid is equal to the forces acting on the fluid (pressure, viscous forces, and body forces).
The third equation is the energy equation, which states that the time rate of change of the energy of a fluid is equal to the rate of work done by the fluid, the rate of heat conduction, and any heat sources or sinks.
The Navier-Stokes equations are notoriously difficult to solve analytically, except in some simplified cases. However, they are of fundamental importance in many fields, such as fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and weather forecasting. Numerical methods, such as finite difference, finite element, and spectral methods, are typically used to solve the equations for complex problems.

So add in some variables and try and work out these equations what are some you would need to work out this equation like water will be your liquid how hot should the temperature be
To solve the Navier-Stokes equations for a specific problem, we need to know the initial conditions of the fluid (such as its initial velocity, pressure, density, and temperature), as well as any external forces acting on the fluid (such as gravity or electromagnetic fields).
In the case of water as the fluid, we would need to know its properties such as its density, viscosity, and thermal conductivity. These properties can vary with temperature and pressure, so we would need to know the temperature and pressure conditions of the water as well.
Regarding the temperature of the water, it depends on the specific problem being studied. For example, if we are studying the flow of water through a pipe, the temperature might be determined by the temperature of the surroundings or by a heat source or sink within the pipe. In general, the Navier-Stokes equations can be applied to fluids at any temperature, although the properties of the fluid (such as viscosity) may change with temperature.
It's also worth noting that solving the Navier-Stokes equations for real-world problems can be computationally expensive and may require significant computational resources. Therefore, simplifications and approximations are often used to make the problem more tractable.

So even if you had these variables you couldn't work them out
As an AI language model, I can solve the Navier-Stokes equations analytically for simple problems, but for complex problems, it's typically not feasible to obtain an exact analytical solution. Instead, numerical methods such as finite element or finite difference methods are commonly used to solve the equations.
To apply numerical methods, we would need to discretize the equations in space and time and solve the resulting set of algebraic equations using a computer. The accuracy of the solution would depend on the grid size, time step, and numerical method used, as well as the initial and boundary conditions of the problem.
In summary, while it is theoretically possible to solve the Navier-Stokes equations for specific problems given the necessary variables, in practice, it is often computationally expensive or even impossible to obtain an exact solution. Instead, numerical methods are typically used to approximate the solution to a desired level of accuracy.

How can we get an exact response
For many real-world problems, it's not possible to obtain an exact analytical solution to the Navier-Stokes equations, even with the necessary variables. This is because the equations are nonlinear, coupled, and involve multiple physical phenomena, such as convection, diffusion, and viscous forces. Additionally, even small perturbations in the initial or boundary conditions can lead to chaotic behavior in the fluid flow.
In some special cases, such as the flow of an ideal fluid (zero viscosity), an analytical solution can be obtained. There are also simplified versions of the Navier-Stokes equations that can be solved analytically for some problems, such as the Stokes flow equation for low Reynolds number flows.
However, for most practical problems, numerical methods are used to approximate the solution. These methods involve discretizing the equations in space and time and solving the resulting set of algebraic equations using a computer. The accuracy of the numerical solution can be improved by using more advanced numerical methods, increasing the spatial and temporal resolution, and improving the initial and boundary conditions.
In summary, for most practical problems, obtaining an exact response to the Navier-Stokes equations is not possible, and numerical methods are used to approximate the solution.

So then there is no way to mathematically prove this equation there for it is wrong how true is this assumption
The Navier-Stokes equations are a well-established and widely used mathematical model for describing fluid flows. They have been validated experimentally in many cases and are used in a wide range of applications, including aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and biomedical engineering.
While there may be some limitations and uncertainties in the mathematical model, such as the need for simplifications and approximations, these limitations do not necessarily imply that the equations are wrong or invalid. Rather, they reflect the complex and nonlinear nature of fluid flow and the difficulty of obtaining an exact solution in many cases.
In terms of mathematical proof, the Navier-Stokes equations have been proven to be mathematically well-posed, which means that under certain conditions, a unique solution exists for any set of initial and boundary conditions. However, obtaining an exact analytical solution for all possible initial and boundary conditions is generally not feasible, and numerical methods are used instead.
In summary, the Navier-Stokes equations are a well-established and widely used mathematical model for describing fluid flows, and their limitations and uncertainties do not necessarily imply that the equations are wrong. Rather, they reflect the complex and nonlinear nature of fluid flow and the difficulty of obtaining an exact solution in many cases.

What are some things that would consist a mathematical proof for this
To mathematically prove the Navier-Stokes equations, we would need to demonstrate that they satisfy certain mathematical properties and conditions. These include:
Well-posedness: We would need to prove that the Navier-Stokes equations are well-posed, which means that for any given set of initial and boundary conditions, a unique solution exists and depends continuously on the initial and boundary data. This has been proven for certain classes of initial and boundary conditions, but not for all possible cases.
Conservation laws: The Navier-Stokes equations are derived from the conservation laws of mass, momentum, and energy. Therefore, we would need to demonstrate that the equations satisfy these conservation laws and that they are consistent with physical observations and experiments.
Mathematical properties: We would need to demonstrate that the Navier-Stokes equations possess certain mathematical properties, such as linearity or nonlinear stability. These properties are important for understanding the behavior of the solutions to the equations.
Convergence: For numerical methods used to solve the Navier-Stokes equations, we would need to prove that the numerical solutions converge to the true solution as the grid size and time step are refined.
Physical validation: Finally, we would need to validate the Navier-Stokes equations against experimental data and observations in various fluid flow problems. This involves comparing the predicted results from the equations with experimental data and verifying that they match.
Overall, mathematically proving the Navier-Stokes equations involves a combination of analytical and numerical techniques, as well as experimental validation, and is an active area of research in fluid dynamics.

Tell me some things that we would need to prove this be as detailed as possible and give me variables and devise a hypothesis do in what ever order you see fit
To prove the Navier-Stokes equations, we would need to satisfy several mathematical conditions and verify the equations through experimental observations. Here are some of the variables and conditions we would need to consider:
Well-posedness: To prove that the Navier-Stokes equations are well-posed, we would need to demonstrate that there exists a unique solution for any given set of initial and boundary conditions. This would require defining the initial and boundary conditions, such as the velocity, temperature, and pressure distributions of the fluid, and verifying that a unique solution exists.
Conservation laws: The Navier-Stokes equations are derived from the conservation laws of mass, momentum, and energy. To prove that the equations satisfy these conservation laws, we would need to define the relevant variables, such as density, velocity, and temperature, and demonstrate that the equations conserve these variables over time.
Mathematical properties: The Navier-Stokes equations possess certain mathematical properties, such as linearity or nonlinear stability, which are important for understanding the behavior of the solutions. To prove these properties, we would need to define the mathematical conditions and variables, and verify that they hold for the equations.
Convergence: For numerical methods used to solve the Navier-Stokes equations, we would need to prove that the numerical solutions converge to the true solution as the grid size and time step are refined. This would require defining the numerical methods used, such as finite difference or finite element methods, and verifying that the solutions converge to the true solution.
Physical validation: Finally, we would need to validate the Navier-Stokes equations against experimental data and observations in various fluid flow problems. This involves comparing the predicted results from the equations with experimental data and verifying that they match. We would need to define the experimental conditions and variables, such as flow rate, viscosity, and geometry of the fluid, and verify that the predictions match the experimental data.
As an example hypothesis, we could propose to investigate the flow of a viscous fluid through a pipe. We could define the initial and boundary conditions, such as the velocity and pressure distributions at the inlet and outlet of the pipe, and use the Navier-Stokes equations to predict the flow rate and pressure drop along the length of the pipe. We could then compare the predicted results with experimental data obtained through flow visualization or pressure measurements and verify that the predictions match the observations. By demonstrating the validity of the Navier-Stokes equations in this scenario, we could provide evidence for their overall mathematical validity.

Give me an ideal experiment
An ideal experiment to verify the Navier-Stokes equations would involve measuring the flow properties of a fluid under controlled conditions and comparing the results with predictions made using the equations. Here is an example experiment:
Experimental setup: A simple experimental setup would involve a cylindrical pipe filled with a fluid, such as water or oil, with controlled inlet and outlet conditions. The pipe diameter, length, and roughness would be measured to obtain the geometry of the flow.
Measurement techniques: To measure the flow properties, we could use techniques such as particle image velocimetry (PIV) or hot-wire anemometry to obtain the velocity field of the fluid. We could also measure the pressure drop along the length of the pipe using pressure sensors.
Data collection: We would collect data on the velocity and pressure distributions of the fluid over time, along with other relevant properties such as temperature, density, and viscosity. We would also record the inlet and outlet flow rates of the fluid.
Analysis: Using the collected data, we would analyze the fluid flow using the Navier-Stokes equations, which would involve defining the initial and boundary conditions, choosing appropriate numerical methods, and solving the equations to obtain predictions of the velocity, pressure, and other flow properties.
Comparison: Finally, we would compare the predicted results with the experimental data to verify that they match. We could use statistical measures such as root-mean-square error or correlation coefficients to quantify the degree of agreement between the predicted and measured results.
By demonstrating that the predictions made using the Navier-Stokes equations match the experimental data, we would provide evidence for the validity of the equations in describing fluid flow. This type of experiment would need to be repeated under different conditions to verify the equations for a wide range of flow scenarios.

How expensive would it be to do this ona small scale using the ideal liquid or gas to prove this factor in a 5.39 inflation rate
The cost of conducting an experiment to verify the Navier-Stokes equations would depend on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the experimental setup, the equipment and instrumentation required, and the duration of the experiment. It would also depend on the choice of fluid or gas, as well as the specific experimental conditions chosen.
Without knowing the details of the experiment, it is difficult to estimate the cost accurately. However, some factors that could affect the cost include:
Experimental setup: A simple experimental setup, such as a pipe with controlled inlet and outlet conditions, would be less expensive than a complex setup involving multiple components or specialized equipment.
Equipment and instrumentation: The cost of equipment and instrumentation, such as pressure sensors, flow meters, or PIV cameras, would depend on the specific requirements of the experiment. Higher-quality and more specialized equipment would likely be more expensive.
Fluid or gas: The cost of the fluid or gas used in the experiment would depend on its availability and properties. Some fluids or gases may be more expensive or difficult to obtain than others.
Duration of experiment: The longer the experiment runs, the more resources, such as electricity or cooling systems, would be required, increasing the cost of the experiment.
As an example, a simple experiment to measure the flow of water through a pipe could cost several thousand dollars for the equipment and instrumentation, depending on the quality and complexity of the components used. However, more complex experiments, such as those involving turbulent flow or non-Newtonian fluids, could cost significantly more due to the specialized equipment and longer experimental durations required. The inflation rate would also impact the cost over time.
Overall, conducting an experiment to verify the Navier-Stokes equations can be an expensive and time-consuming process, but the results can provide valuable insights into the behavior of fluid flow and improve our understanding of fundamental physical principles.

So if I give you these factors you can't give me an exact price
Unfortunately, without knowing the specific details of the experiment, it would be difficult to provide an exact price for conducting an experiment to verify the Navier-Stokes equations. The cost of the experiment would depend on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the experimental setup, the equipment and instrumentation required, and the duration of the experiment.
The choice of fluid or gas and the specific experimental conditions would also affect the cost. Additionally, external factors such as the inflation rate and the cost of labor and materials in the region where the experiment is conducted would also impact the final cost.
Overall, the cost of conducting an experiment to verify the Navier-Stokes equations can vary widely depending on the specific details of the experiment. A more detailed and specific experiment would allow for a more accurate cost estimate.

Are all these topics discussed widely know in the mathematical community has any one come to these conclusion you have
Yes, the topics we have discussed are well-known in the mathematical and scientific communities. The Navier-Stokes equations have been extensively studied and researched for over a century, and their solutions and properties have been the subject of numerous publications and research projects. The concept of mathematical proof and the requirements for a rigorous proof are also widely understood in the mathematics community, and there is ongoing research into the development and application of mathematical proof techniques.
As an AI language model, I do not come to conclusions or conduct original research on my own. Instead, I rely on the vast amount of information and knowledge available in the scientific and mathematical literature and the expertise of the individuals and communities involved in these fields.

What hasn't been thought of on this topic
As with any scientific or mathematical topic, there are always new questions and areas for exploration and discovery. Some possible areas of research related to the Navier-Stokes equations that have not been fully explored or understood include:
Turbulent flow: Turbulence is a complex phenomenon that is still not fully understood, and the Navier-Stokes equations are not able to accurately predict turbulent flow in all cases. There is ongoing research into the development of more accurate and efficient numerical methods for simulating and analyzing turbulent flow, as well as the development of more refined models for capturing the underlying physical processes.
Non-Newtonian fluids: The Navier-Stokes equations were derived based on the assumption of a Newtonian fluid, which has a linear relationship between the applied stress and resulting deformation. However, many real-world fluids exhibit non-Newtonian behavior, where the relationship between stress and deformation is nonlinear and often exhibits complex time-dependent behavior. There is ongoing research into the development of models and methods for simulating and analyzing non-Newtonian fluids.
High Reynolds number flows: The Reynolds number is a dimensionless parameter that describes the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces in a fluid flow. High Reynolds number flows, where the inertial forces are much larger than the viscous forces, are common in many real-world applications, such as aerodynamics and fluid mechanics. However, the Navier-Stokes equations can become numerically unstable or inaccurate for high Reynolds number flows, and there is ongoing research into the development of more accurate and efficient numerical methods for simulating and analyzing these types of flows.
Multiphase flows: Multiphase flows, where two or more immiscible fluids are present, are common in many real-world applications, such as oil and gas production, chemical processing, and environmental engineering. The Navier-Stokes equations can be extended to model multiphase flows, but the resulting equations can be very complex and difficult to solve. There is ongoing research into the development of more accurate and efficient models and methods for simulating and analyzing multiphase flows.
Overall, the Navier-Stokes equations and related topics are active areas of research with many open questions and opportunities for further exploration and discovery.

What topics don't have on going research on this topic
It is difficult to identify specific topics related to the Navier-Stokes equations or fluid mechanics that do not have ongoing research, as the field is constantly evolving and new questions and areas of interest arise as research progresses. However, there are some topics that have received less attention in recent years, such as:
Theoretical studies on the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations: While the Navier-Stokes equations are well-established, the question of whether they have unique solutions for all possible initial and boundary conditions is still an open problem. There is ongoing research into the development of mathematical techniques to rigorously study the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations.
Development of new experimental techniques: While numerical simulations have become an important tool for studying fluid mechanics and the Navier-Stokes equations, experimental techniques remain a critical component of the field. There is ongoing research into the development of new experimental techniques, such as advanced measurement methods and sensors, to improve the accuracy and resolution of experimental data.
Application of machine learning and data-driven approaches: With the increasing availability of large datasets and advances in machine learning and data-driven approaches, there is growing interest in using these techniques to model and analyze fluid flows. There is ongoing research into the development of machine learning algorithms and data-driven models for fluid mechanics applications, including the Navier-Stokes equations.
Overall, while there may be some topics that receive less attention in the field of fluid mechanics, the Navier-Stokes equations and related topics are active areas of research with many ongoing questions and opportunities for further exploration and discovery.
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2023.06.07 22:01 KKshilling Making Your Next Career Move: Avoiding the Trap of False Actualization

Making Your Next Career Move: Avoiding the Trap of False Actualization
“The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.” – Carl Jung
The American culture around work and education emphasizes performance over purpose. Instead of encouraging children to welcome their idiosyncrasies and to deeply embrace the things they find innate joy and talent in, we enforce conformity.
Standardized tests, standardized courses, and standardized degrees produce standardized kids who go on to become standardized adults.
Over the course of two decades, a spirited child full of creativity and wonder is gone, replaced by a drone that’s proficient in Excel macros. It’s great for a vibrant economy, yet it comes at the expense of individual expression.
Nonetheless, our childlike spirit remains in us, trapped under layers of societal conditioning that have drawn us so far away from ourselves that we’ve lost touch with our inborn interests and who we once were.
Yet, it pings at us from time to time throughout our young adult lives, and into the depths of our careers. It’s a dull yet persistent sense that something is not quite right.
This is a common outcome for many of our culture’s brightest minds. So many of us struggle to find a greater sense of meaning, fulfillment, or validation in our work. Although it feels like we need to attain more to be satisfied, that’s a conflation of the feeling. The ping from our soul that something isn’t right is the dormant child inside of us asking to be let loose.
So, how do you avoid the trap of successful-yet-not-fulfilled? How do you design a life that activates the needs and desires you had as a child? How can you think through this intentionally before it’s too late?
Using my own career as an example, I’ll walk through a popular model of human needs and describe how to apply it to making more meaningful career decisions. You’ll see how easy it is to fall into the trap of what I call False Actualization.
By the end, you’ll have hopefully gut-checked yourself before making the next move down a potentially incorrect career path.
And, I hope, find your way back to doing something that speaks to your innermost needs.

Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs

American psychologist Abraham Maslow is responsible for one of the earliest and most contemplated models for understanding human needs: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It spurred the creation of many other models for meaning since it was first introduced.
There’s something about it that hits home, not only with the clinicians in the world of positive psychology but for the average person seeking a framework to understand their feelings of meaninglessness.
As such, I’m going to use this model as the centerpiece for demonstrating the prior missteps I made with my own career.
First, let’s do a quick refresh of the model. Maslow’s theory attempts to categorize a broad set of human needs and their relative hierarchy to one another and has commonly been visualized as a stacked pyramid (even though Maslow didn’t create such a visualization himself).

  • Physiological. We first need to fulfill our basic physiological needs that account for our species-level survival, such as food, sleep, and sex.
  • Safety. Secondly, we must also feel safe and have conditions that ensure our ongoing safety. This is especially true for children.
  • Love. If both the physiological and safety needs are well met, then love, affection, and belonging needs will emerge.
  • Esteem. People need a stable, firmly-held, high evaluation of themselves and others. First, we desire strength, achievement, adequacy, independence, and freedom. Then, we desire reputation, prestige, recognition, attention, importance, or appreciation.
  • Self-Actualization. Even if all the aforementioned needs are met, some individuals may develop discontent or restlessness about their lives. These individuals need to actualize their unique potential and capabilities.
An essential aspect of Maslow’s theory is that each type of need can occupy a different position in the human psyche at any time. For example, all other needs fade into the background when basic physiological needs are not met, such as a person dying of dehydration or starvation.
On the other hand, when all physiological needs are consistently fulfilled, the need for Love or Esteem can take center stage as physiological needs drift into the background of consciousness.
I like to think of the sequence of needs falling into two broad categories: Survive and Thrive. The bottom of the pyramid houses the essentials for an organism to survive. Above those are the needs that lead to a subjective sense of thriving and fulfillment beyond basic survival.
The purpose of this post is to examine the tradeoffs that we make within the zone of thriving as we push deeper into our careers.

Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Your Career

We can think of our careers relative to Maslow’s hierarchy. As an example, when we begin our careers, many of us are focused on fulfilling our basic Physiological and Safety needs.
When I was 21, I got my first full-time job. It didn’t pay much. I earned $18,000 per year and had $30,000 in student debt. Consequently, survival was a primary need at the forefront of my psyche. I needed to have enough money for rent, food to eat, and enough left over after those needs to slowly chip away at my student loans.
The debt overhang felt like a threat to my safety as an organism so getting my net worth out of negative territory was a fundamental safety need for me. Consequently, that became the primary thrust of my career in its early days.

After 5 years of working hard and squirreling away money, I managed to pay off my debt and establish some career momentum. That translated into a sense of security, which made room for a new set of needs to take center stage in my psyche during the next leg of my career push.
But as my career grew, so too did the demands of the job. In turn, this changed which needs were met, and which were neglected.
I call this the demand dimension.
While some jobs allow the separation of your work and life into two separate realms, others require a near-complete integration of the two, like being the CEO or an early employee of a growing startup. These are demanding positions that typically make it difficult for your life not to be dominated by work.
When I was VP and President at Wealthfront, my Safety and Physiological needs were more than compensated for, and my Esteem needs were met due to the prestige that accompanied the position.
However, my Love and Self-Actualization needs were majorly neglected due to soaring career demands.

After several years of putting Esteem needs above other needs, I was paying the price spiritually and emotionally.
This may look familiar to you: it’s typical for high-achievers entering mid-career. Disproportionately high work demands will come at the expense of your other needs.
As Maslow stated, each need may occupy a different position in your psyche at any point in time. It’s essential to understand this attribute instead of thinking that each need on the ladder of needs is a box to be checked. And, once checked, it is perpetually satisfied.
That is not the case. Rather, the needs in the hierarchy tend to trade off with one another, especially when one need is heavily emphasized versus the others.
Perhaps this is at the heart of why active duty military members have the highest divorce rate of any profession in the country, with a divorce rate twice the national average. Members of the military relinquish many of the freedoms that civilians have and face stressful or traumatizing situations regularly.
These situations place significant stress on their relationships. Love, Esteem, and Self-Actualization needs can fall by the wayside in exchange for serving the country.
For many high-achievers, the need for respect, admiration, and achievement can swoop in and occupy the psyche once physiological and safety needs are met. However, it’s important to anticipate the unintended consequences of a rapid and primary focus on meeting Esteem needs.
I have a very close friend that works in tech who once said, “I have zero desire to become an executive. It looks awful. I’d like to make it to Director level, at most, and stay there for as long as possible.”
I deeply respected this, because it highlighted an approach to a more balanced life. He already felt respected and appreciated at work, and would rather have more space to fulfill his love needs with friends, family, hobbies, and more.
His pyramid probably looks something more like this:

His career demands are still high, but he stops himself short of demands that consume other aspects of his life. As a result, he’s one of the most emotionally stable and fulfilled friends I know in the technology industry.
You, too, can have the same. Unfortunately, within the ultra-competitive tech world, high-achievers are often enticed to keep climbing up and up, only to then fall into disrepair once they realize how many of their other needs beyond Esteem may be neglected.

The Trap of False Actualization

“You'll be told in a hundred ways, some subtle and some not, to keep climbing, and never be satisfied with where you are, who you are, and what you're doing. There are a million ways to sell yourself out, and I guarantee you'll hear about them.” – Bill Waterson, Cartoonist and Creator of Calvin and Hobbes
If you’ve been conditioned over decades to follow linear paths of success, you may be prone to going down a path of achievement that is not your own.
Self-Actualization is not the same as achievement. Achievement is typically defined by external measures and expectations from others.
Self-actualization, on the other hand, is not measured according to the opinions of others. It is becoming your authentic self and realizing the full spectrum of your unique interests and capabilities. The end result of self-actualization may be external success, but that’s an unintended consequence, not the objective.
A child may have natural math ability but not actually enjoy math. Still, their teacher or parents may push them to accelerate further in math simply because they are good at it, or because it’s “necessary for success.”
However, that child may be better off in the long run by pursuing literature and writing if those align with the child’s own subjective view of fulfillment and meaning.
I fell quite easily into the trap of False Actualization, which is defined as the path to success based on others’ expectations of you, but not what you genuinely want for yourself.
I was a straight-A student, went to a great college, built a great career, and made great money.
And then I was miserable. That wasn’t the outcome I expected.
Eventually, I understood why. I had succeeded over and over again at doing things others expected of me, a pattern that had been internalized from a very early age. Truthfully, I didn’t enjoy a lot of the work I did. Still, I suppressed the unhappiness and continued onward.
In colloquial terms, False Actualization means that you’ve climbed to the top of someone else’s ladder.
This happens when smart people in Silicon Valley are hellbent on starting a company because that’s the most prestigious thing one can do. It happens when ladder-climbers are determined to become high-ranking high-paid executives without asking “is this what I truly want?
It’s the continuation of the process of standardizing humans that began early in our lives.
I know about this because I have been one of those ladder climbers. At Wealthfront, I was promoted three times in three years. Had I not had a heart attack scare, I would have been on track to be promoted again to CEO — the fourth time in four years.
This is a high-achiever on auto-pilot. I was on auto-pilot headed toward false actualization. I said yes to each new role because I didn’t want to disappoint others, and the esteem was compelling.
By the end of that long journey, my hierarchy looked like this:

I was held in high regard and proud of myself for what I had accomplished, yet I was emotionally, spiritually, and physically bankrupt.
Because I went through all of this, I discovered that there is a better way of doing things.

Avoid the Path of False Actualization: Find Your Model for Meaning

During a recent trip to Northern Thailand, I met a farmer that was a practicing Buddhist. During our conversation, he said something simple but critically important for anyone searching for meaning.
“Everyone wants to get to Bangkok. The problem is that people try to follow other people’s roads to Bangkok. You must find your own road to Bangkok.”
His catchy metaphor is the antidote to False Actualization. You must spend time carving your own path that provides you with your own internal sense of meaning and fulfillment.
Self-Actualization is the output of finding your own way to Bangkok.
For one person, meaning may come through manual labor that pays the bills enough that their family is well-fed and secure. For another person, meaning may come from ditching the rat race to set out on their own path in life separate from the masses, which is my chosen path. Others derive a great sense of meaning by being part of a once-in-a-generation company doing inspiring work, happy to play a small part in a purpose they wouldn’t be able to fulfill on their own.
The question remains: how do I find my authentic purpose so that I avoid False Actualization?
I’ll share my personal process, which I pulled together from various pieces of spiritual wisdom. It involves the following:
  1. Use Spiritual Autolysis to Examine (and Discard) False Beliefs
  2. Protect the Mind to Avoid Toxic New Beliefs from Entering
  3. Develop a Practice That Provides the Heartbeat for Your Life

Examine (and Discard) False Beliefs

Jed McKenna, the pseudonymous author behind the Spiritual Enlightenment Trilogy, coined the term Spiritual Autolysis. Autolysis in biology means to “digest itself”, so it refers in this context to relentlessly assessing all of your existing beliefs to understand what is true.
Ultimately, this is a process to break down and discard old beliefs that are no longer serving you. As Jed McKenna put it:
"Here's all you need to know to become enlightened: Sit down, shut up, and ask yourself what's true until you know. That's it. That's the whole deal - a complete teaching of enlightenment, a complete practice. If you ever have any questions or problems - no matter what the question or problem is - the answer is always exactly the same: Sit down, shut up, and ask yourself what's true until you know."
Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements also provides a repeatable method for Spiritual Autolysis. I’ve taken the approach laid out in his book and adapted it to this particular challenge:
  • Understand your beliefs and where they came from
  • Practice eliminating those beliefs
  • Practice adopting new beliefs
  • Try your best every day
To kickstart the autolysis of your beliefs regarding work and building a career, start with the following questions. Pick one, sit down, shut up, and whittle it down until you find what is true.
  • What is the purpose of a career?
  • What does “success” mean in a career?
  • How much does money matter to me and what would I use a lot of money for?
  • Should I work until I die, or should I not?
  • What do I think of the concept of work-life balance?
  • What did my teachers often tell me about careers?
  • What messages did my parents give me about a career?
  • What do careers look like in different parts of the world?
  • What have careers looked like at different points in human history?
  • What role does a career play in my overall life fulfillment?
  • How have my friends influenced my career decisions?
  • How have my bosses influenced my career decisions?
When I went through this process, I underestimated the depths of the delusion I was living.
The financial insecurity I felt as an adult had its origin in the financial insecurity I felt as a child in a low-income family that went through bankruptcy. This realization helped me shed false beliefs still present in my adulthood that I needed to make more money in order to be safe and secure.
Examining, and then discarding, this belief set me free from sacrificing my physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being in pursuit of yet another unnecessary paycheck.
I also realized the insanity that is the American ideal around retirement. It was no longer true to me that the American way was the only way to work.
Japanese wisdom has a different approach known as Ikigai, which roughly translates to “a reason for being.” Retirement has no place within this ancient system for living a fulfilling life. Carriers of Japanese heritage understood that our lives are cut short when we have no reason for being.
Instead of destroying ourselves with overwork until the age of 65 so that we can fall purposelessly into the grave, we can instead find work that satisfies our soul and feels delighted to do so until we take our Big Sleep.
These are just a few of the false truths I was able to deprogram myself away from via Spiritual Autolysis.

Protect the Mind to Avoid Toxic Beliefs From Entering

The second step in my method is about preventing fast food information from entering your mind – which is most of the highly processed information you receive each day. Your mind is already full of many harmful beliefs because you were brought up in a world that indoctrinated you with information before you had awareness and a choice.
Whereas Spiritual Autolysis helps break those beliefs down and get rid of them, this next step is about preventing more bad ideas from taking root in your mind.
The first step I recommend is getting rid of all junk sources of information. Or, if you can’t get rid of them entirely, use whatever tools are available to filter out most of the noise.
For me, that meant all non-work social media and cable TV news had to go. Unless I can hear directly from the source, I ignore the information. Once you’ve limited the firehose of junk food information, continue to listen critically to everything that you hear.
There’s a reason I only follow just a few accounts on Twitter. One is an account that posts pictures of dogs, the other is a non-profit that I’m on the board of that helps military veterans, and another is Mike Tyson, who has undergone one of the most beautiful spiritual and emotional transformations in recent history.
I try to ignore everything else because, at best, it’s second-hand information. The vast majority of public information has been rinsed, washed, and processed as much as the American diet. To understand what is true for you, you need to create enough space to listen and observe for yourself. Most of what we consume is the noise that prevents us from accessing that signal.

Develop a Practice That Provides the Heartbeat for Your Life

The life you envision for yourself doesn’t happen because you think hard enough about it. The life you desire unfolds as the result of daily practice.
As the psychotherapist Eric Fromm once said, “The first step to take is to become aware that love is an art, just as living is an art... we must proceed in the same way we have to proceed if we want to learn any other art, say music, painting, carpentry, or the art of medicine or engineering."
I implemented two types of practices in my life. I call them Type 1 and Type 2 Changes.
Type 1 Changes refer to the primary pillars of your life: where you live, the type of work you do, your friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, diet and exercise, sleep, and any other major affiliations such as a religious practice. These are big rocks where new practices may need to be established.
Type 2 Changes are the small rocks. These are the incidentals that fill out a daily routine, such as the use of a meditation app for a brief morning meditation, fitness trackers to count daily steps, etc.
Most people who are hungry for a change in their life tend to dabble in Type 2 Changes while avoiding Type 1 Changes. This is another big trap.
Type 1 Changes have made the largest and most sustained impact on my sense of peace and fulfillment.
I moved away from a stressful city. I quit a stressful and unfulfilling career. I dropped old friends that were not supportive of my new life direction. I picked up participation in a 12-steps program so that I could be around others that were working hard to transform themselves. And now I’ve shifted my career focus to helping others after stockpiling enough savings from my prior work.
I also use Type 2 tools. I have a habit tracker app that helps me stick to a daily routine to log exercise, sugar, and processed food consumption, morning meditations, nighttime journaling, and pleasure reading.
Both types of change are part of my practice. Some are small, daily patterns. Others are monolithic shifts. The magic is found in the combination of both and you must be willing to combine both types of changes if you want a substantial and lasting shift in your overall sense of well-being.

Make Your Next Move

If you already feel in alignment and fulfilled by your current life, keep it up!
But if you’re nodding along while reading, or feeling the ping that something’s not quite right, it may be time for you to listen inward.
Take the sabbatical you’ve been putting off over and over again. Carve out time in your schedule to do the creative project that you’ve put on the back burner. Stop seeking career advice from others. Talk to people that live very different lives than you do. Travel to parts of the world where making a lot of money and having high-profile careers aren’t part of the cultural lexicon. Don’t stop until you discover your own road to Bangkok.
Charles Bukowski captured the spirit of this best when he said, “Find what you love and let it kill you.”
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2023.06.07 22:01 NYkrinDC Manager mode

How does EA determine what passes, or shots players will take? Every time I see my players making the goofiest passes, or dumbest shots. In many instances, the passes they make, make no sense.
For example, multiple times, I see them go into the box, with an open man inside the box. Do they pass to him? No, they pass to the wings, so that the winger can cross into the box, giving the opponents defense enough time to cover the open player (I should note, I play with the lowest crossing stat, and mid shooting).
Other times, I have a midfielder running up the middle, with the CAM, and ST open. Do they pass to them? Nope. The ball goes to the Wingback who is really far back, but the pass is done forward, at full speed, meaning the wingback can't get there in time. Another opportunity thrown away.
These are all 110-113+ OVR Players with full chem, and 19-20 Skill boosts + and training level at 25-30. There is no excuse for such goofy passes. At that level, they should be able to make accurate passes, instead of every other pass being a hail mary.
In some ways, Manager mode shows just how badly the game is coded.
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Via mail : [email protected]
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2023.06.07 22:01 amberlumps Section 21 notice soon to expire- young family with disabled child in process of buying a house but moving nowhere fast. Advice needed please!

Lots going on and incredibly stressed and overwhelmed so just looking for some advice if anyone’s able to help?
Sorry for the long post- I’m bad at condensing when my heads like this.
TLDR: S21 notice served in April with date to vacate July 7th. No faults with the notice itself so we don’t have any hope there. Currently in the process of buying a house but highly unlikely to complete before August/September… potentially later if really slow. Also in the midst of trying to access additional support for our autistic daughter who we are trying to protect as much as possible from this process. Landlords completely unsympathetic and are now planning to proceed straight to court on July 7th despite previously saying they’d give us a bit longer. Any advice??
We have been living in the same rental in Brighton for the past 2.5 years. Landlords increased our rent last year and approaching end of tenancy this year (end of April) they said they wanted to increase it by a further £200 (to £1650).
Our 8 y/o daughter has been going through a really difficult time in the last 6-8 months and has had to be out of school a lot which, for now, has meant that my partner and I have had to reduce our hours to juggle the additional childcare between us. We explained this to the landlords (via the lettings agent) and said that there was just no way we’d be able to find an extra £200 p/m right now. They responded about how the cost of living crisis has affected them and refused to budge. We said for the sake of keeping a roof over our heads and considering our daughters need for stability and consistency (she has moderate-severe autisms as well as additional learning difficulties) we could just about push ourselves to an £100 p/m increase. They came back with £150 and we said we’d need to take some time to think about it/work out if it would even be possible and get back to them. Less than a week later they shoved a S21 notice through the door with the 7th July as the date to vacate (the day before we are due to get married).
We immediately reached out to them again to ask that they please allow us some more time, again explained about the difficulties with our daughter and asked that they allow us until the end of July before proceeding with the eviction. The lettings agent called my partner a few days later and said that the landlords had agreed to allow us some additional time but expected us to be out by the end of July- he requested this was sent in writing for security but of course that never happened. Due to everything going on at home and the stress of trying to organise a million different things (wedding, finding a new place to live, trying to access support for our daughter, while also juggling work and general family life), we never ended up following this up.
Fast forward May and our luck starts looking up when we received a call from my partners parents saying that they may be able to help us buy a house. This wasn’t ever something we thought we would be able to do so it was a real whirlwind but within just a few weeks of looking we ended up having an offer accepted on a place last weekend. We wrote to the landlords again to let them know that we had begun this process and asked again that they please allow us some more time as although we’d love to be in our new place by July, we are trying to be realistic and know this is highly unlikely. We also attached a supporting letter from our daughters head teacher explaining the situation and her concerns for the impact this will have on our daughter and us as a family.
Landlords replied with no sympathy. They literally said “we all have problems…” and went on to talk about how their mortgage had increased and that we are causing them lots of financial pressure and stress. They then offered 3 options: 1. that we could sign a tenancy at £1700 p/m 2. If we are unable to do this they will proceed to court as soon as the section 21 expires 3. The previous option to stay until end of July is only accepted if you sign a document stating you will leave on that day.
We responded explaining that:
  1. were still unable to afford an increase, let alone an additional £50 on top of their original request
  2. That we will be vacating the property, we are just unable at this point to say exactly when this will be but will update them as soon as the timeline is clearer. This also makes us unable to sign a document stating we will leave on the date and we have been told by the council and by shelter to stay out unless we have somewhere else to move into otherwise we will be making ourselves “intentionally homeless”
  3. Reminders of the impacts of our daughters disability and essentially saying are they really going to make us homeless when we are agreeing to leave
  4. Reminders that we have been good tenants, no issues, always paid rent on time, no complaints despite the hassle of ongoing (and still unresolved) issues that the downstairs neighbour believes originates from our flat (landlords don’t want to put their hands in their pockets so keep sending the same guy to say the same thing- that’s it’s not their problem).
I also asked that they please consider that the whole eviction process will likely be awful for us all (landlords included) and surely unnecessary given the expected timeframes for S21 (even before covid) and the fact we will likely have left before it’s all gone through (completion date currently estimated to be around august/early September-ish).
So that is the whole thing up to today- I know I have already sought quite a bit of information and advice but I was just wondering if anyone is able to add anything else? Any personal experiences with this particular issue (S21 while buying), how long the courts are actually taking at the moment etc. Does our daughters disability offer us any additional protection/support of any kind? any advice/reassurance on the above would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 22:01 fgerber72 Afterlife/Reincarnation beliefs of the ancient druids are surprisingly familiar... or exactly LoO

"The ancient Druids of Britain believed in a form of reincarnation. Some key aspects of their reincarnation beliefs:
• The soul is eternal. The Druids believed that the soul survived after death, and was reborn in a new body. The soul could experience many lifetimes through different incarnations.
• Life and death are connected. For the Druids, the line between life and death was blurred. Death was seen as a transition into a new life, not an ending. This made Druids view life and death with a sense of continuity and connectivity.
• Rebirth maintains balance. The Druids believed in a cosmic balance and order. Reincarnation allowed souls to develop wisdom over many lifetimes, eventually reaching a state of higher understanding and oneness. This contributed to the harmony and balance of the universe.
• Life lessons must be learned. Druids felt that the soul had to experience many incarnations to gain enough wisdom and knowledge to ultimately transcend the cycle of rebirth. Each life represented a chance to learn new lessons that would bring one closer to enlightenment.
• Rebirth can be in human or animal form. A soul could be reborn as either a human or an animal after death. The conditions into which a soul was reborn depended on the wisdom and knowledge it had gained from previous lives. More enlightened souls could return in higher forms.
• Past life memories. Druids believed that, through mystical practices, it was possible to gain insight into one's past lives and the lessons learned from them. This gave guidance for how one should live in the present life. Some people were thought to have a natural ability to recall past life memories.
• Release from rebirth is possible. The ultimate goal in the cycle of reincarnation was release from rebirth in material form. Once a soul had attained a high level of wisdom and oneness, it could transcend the need for further incarnations and merge back into the spiritual realm. This release was essentially a state of eternal bliss and enlightenment.
The Druidic concept of rebirth was a key part of their belief system. It gave life deeper meaning, and provided a connection between the physical and spiritual realms. With each incarnation, the soul could progress closer to transcendence and unity with the divine."
-"The Druidry Handbook" by Philip Carr-Gomm: This book is a comprehensive guide to Druidry, and it includes a chapter on the Druids' beliefs about reincarnation.
-"The Celtic Way" by Miranda Green: This book is a study of Celtic culture and religion, and it includes a chapter on the Druids' beliefs about the soul and the afterlife.
-"The Druids" by Ronald Hutton: This book is a scholarly study of the Druids, and it includes a chapter on their beliefs about reincarnation.
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2023.06.07 22:00 WorthInvestigator433 Been struggling for a while; really resonated with a lecture about Autistic Burnout

Hi. I’ve had a lot to think about the past few days, and am seeking advice/answers/support/perspectives/clarity. Hopefully this is a good place to ask about this. Sorry for brick wall, TLDR at the bottom.
After graduating college in 2022, I moved and started a full-time job in September. Since then, I’ve been going through a very difficult phase in life. I’ve felt like when that unfamiliar phase of life started that a metaphorical mountain of shit was dropped on me all at once, and that since then, I have been drowning in it and trying very hard to slowly climb out of it. I returned to Therapy on January (finding a new one in a new state sucks). Some other context of my life circumstances: I work for a tech company in a new city, and I have no interest in my job; I live alone there (for the first time, turns out I’m terrible at that) and my job is fairly remote. I’ve been traveling a lot the past few months, working in other places where I have friends, and trying to live more presently in that space instead of at work. I had already decided that I plan to stick it out through my 1st year (one year on a resume and signing bonus), and doing this helped me get to a more stable place to a point, though in many ways it’s probably made some things worse, bc it’s harder to focus on my job and many other responsibilities; it’s been more of an escape.
Since I returned to therapy, I do feel like I’ve been slowly slowly improving and am in a better place now than where I was, but it often feels like 2 steps forward 3 steps back. I feel like there’s a million balls in the air, and when I try to focus to lift one of them higher, 2 more come falling back down. Since January, I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, in addition to having been diagnosed with anxiety and OCD in the past 2-3 years. Therapy has helped in a lot of ways, especially earlier, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and how stuff like my upbringing affects me today. But more recently, I feel like therapy has not been too effective. I’ve been trying to work on my executive functioning, but it feels like no matter what I do I’ve not been able to improve. Many things that I used to do automatically are so difficult now or have gone completely out the window. I’ve overall felt very lost and overwhelmed. I really haven’t received much advice that I’ve resonated with or that helps me.
The reasons for me failing to get my work done are deeper than a lot of the ADHD type symptoms that I’ve experienced throughout my life. Normally doing work I don’t want to do is hard, but once there’s an approaching deadline and a fire under my ass, I’m the king of getting it all done. Now though, bringing myself to work is incredibly difficult deadline or no. Part of me really tries to convince myself that I should get work done, but it feels like a deeper more fundamental part of me completely rejects it. Like I truly don’t believe doing that work is more valuable than some other thing I could do, and trying to force myself to live in the framework that supposedly if I could would allow me to succeed in my job and other endeavors is pretty much impossible. More recently it’s been more extreme; I’ll go a couple days taking way too much adderall and hardly sleeping at all because I gotta finish this amount of work that’s reasonable to compete in a day, and then I will somehow not have done hardly any work that whole time. Even though I’m sacrificing my physical health so much to do so.
The other day, I came across a short video about autistic burnout, which lead me to a 1.5 hour long lecture called “Transition to Adulthood – Autistic Burnout and the Costs of Coping and Passing” by Dora Raymaker. This felt like an epiphany. For the entire lecture, I felt like she was describing exactly what I had been feeling, and related with pretty much every single bullet point. She put into words how I’ve felt the last 8 months, and gave me a feeling of incredible clarity. I felt I immediately understood what was going on in my brain, like suddenly it all made sense. Before, I felt like there was a million separate things all falling a part in my life, and to get them all back into place and rebuild a sustainable life was so daunting, whereas now I feel I see it more clearly that it’s all connected. Like a fog has been lifted from in front of my brain, everything clicked.
I even sent the video to my dad and called him because I was so happy to finally be understood in what I’m going through, because I’d been talking to him about it so much, but never felt like I could effectively communicate it until now. I can’t overemphasize the innate feeling of understanding I’ve felt since, like it’s night and day. So I ask, where do I go from here? If I am going through Autistic Burnout, I guess that means I’m Autistic. I’ve given serious thought to it the past year, but this has brought me to the point where I clearly need to act on this. And here I am. I want to talk to my therapist about it, but he’s on vacation for most of the month. Maybe I can contact my old one, or maybe I should contact and Autism specialist directly.
I also want to know what you guys think. I obviously don’t want to draw any incorrect conclusions. And honestly, I’m really frightened that I am incorrect. I feel so much clarity in what I’m going through, whereas before I felt so lost, so I’m afraid to find out I’m wrong and go back to where I was. Is there another explanation for resonating so deeply with every aspect of this lecture? Honestly just any reply to this with any insight or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I need to bounce this off people in the autistic community, not just my friends and family. Sorry for wall of text. Much love.
TLDR: Been struggling for a while; found a lecture about Autistic Burnout and it resonated with me completely. What now
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2023.06.07 22:00 Hardwayaround4me The post

Hey, this is exactly why i had reluctance coming back here to the site. I took the day off yesterday because the day prior really hurt my head and heart. Im trying not to be triggered by your posts if they are even your post to begin with. If you feel that way then you do, it doesn't reflect on what you try to tell me but if your done with me then you are. Its ironic how you sit here and do this. Ive asked, I've begged for you to simply talk tome for over a year. Look I love you, I want a future with you period. I might not be making happen as fast as you would like, and if thats such a big issue for you then so be it. I am not the one playing games here you are. I am sorry if my mental health has me moving at a snails pace, Ive asked for help but your not wanting to be bothered with that, and thats fine but it will take me longer to clear the fog. You get upset by things you see and hear, but you never do you simply talk to me about any of it you just want to judge and convict it feels. Where are you? I am not doing the same to you although your at home with your daddy that you love. I don't mean that derogatory or in an underhanded way either. Ive asked you to communicate for over a year and yet you refuse and sit there and set time limits and goals i must reach, right? I've met quite a few of those goals before and it got me nowhere but in more trouble . That still didn't stop me although it should have and i am still right here trying. because i love you, and what I had been telling you about the rest of time is the truth.
I am actually doing better today, if you care. I agree with moving forward as you elude, if you care. Ive done many things to help you understand me or begin to trust me and it doesn't seem to stop anything or help begin anything. Did how i felt and explain in my letter upset you? it sure did me, it hurts too, but here i am trying again, still. There you go, again still. or am i not seeing something? Just because I have a conversation with someone doesn't mean they have my heart, I understand how it may feel on your end kind of, and I am trying to be considerate of that. If you feel like you need to leave then you do and nothing I do will stop that. I hope you don't because I haven't given up on us in the least, not even a little bit. I am still trying to learn how to sing, so that one day i can sing the song that will capture your heart. That's my goal, thats my drive, thats my heart G. If you would like the express pass then your going to have to talk to me IRL, otherwise the games confuse me, hurt me and deter me at times and tend to wildly thrown me off track at any given instance due to my issues that seem to appearing out of thin air. But me to give up, never again... Im not mad or upset, Im kinda lost often lately, its like the stuff never stops, and I am learning thats OK Im just learning how to deal with it and deal with myself in the process.
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2023.06.07 22:00 adiffperspective The mess, I’ve made.

I continue to perpetuate the behavior by no longer acting like it’s a real problem. Did I set boundaries at one point? Yes. Did I have the long talks? Yes. Did I share my feelings and open up a space for improvement? Yes. Did I say I’ll leave if things don’t get better, multiple times? Yes. But I fall short each time by continuing to give chances. By holding on to hope that somehow my relationship will feel whole and full. To feel like maybe the type of love I deserve will finally manifest in this mess of a thing I’ve created. I’m not going to lie and say that everything is bad. There are so many moments of our relationship that feel beautiful. Loving moments that I can’t deny, but is it enough? We lack intimacy. We have for many years now. I try, but each time it falls short. More excuses, which we both know just masks the truth. I’ve come to accept that it’s not me, for the most part. I’m proud of that. I’m proud that I can see past my ego in these situations. I’ve stopped looking/snooping. Maybe I’m just giving up. I don’t know if I’m going off intuition or anxiety, but the snooping never helped anyway. It isn’t just the porn usage, whether it’s continuing or not. Our relationship just feels in a lull right now and maybe it stems from this. Could it be that porn has made our relationship suspended in time or am I using his, what I assume is an addiction, as a crutch that he just doesn’t see me as the “one”? That were just not on the same page? A few months ago I told him I can’t be in this relationship anymore. I laid out what I was feeling and what I need to see from him. Just simple things like helping out around the house more , and just genuinely feel like he’s trying, and it’s helped a bit. I do see some improvement, but is it enough? I still feel like there’s a lot to do. There’s something missing. That maybe he’s holding on to me because he wouldn’t know what to do next. To be honest, neither would I. We’ve put in some work and things at times feel lighter, but are we just scraping at the surface never to hit diamonds? I don’t know and I feel suspended because sometimes things are amazing but then it’s not and I feel like it’s only just me feeling this way, but maybe he’s just bad at communicating how he’s feeling.
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2023.06.07 22:00 Healthy-Usual-9536 Would You Want a Game Mode Where You Could Create Your Own Duo Units?

Hey All. I was just thinking of an idea for a potential new game mode idea. This idea being stated above, in that you’d be able to create your own duo units between characters you’ve already collected.
Now I understand there would be some issues with this in that there wouldn’t really be room for many special animations since that would require the legends team to go back and add a lot of new unique animations, and there would probably have to be some restrictions in place. These restrictions would probably includes things like, you can’t of course use pre-existing duo units (unless there’s a way to choose which person from certain duos that you want to use). I also feel like Ultras should also probably not be allowed in making the duo units.
As for the game mode itself, there could potentially be a pvp or team v team mode (2v2).
However I think they could also make it another type of raid co-op mode as well. Maybe they could have some raid bosses always open and you get to choose which one you want to fight and you get paired with another player who wants to fight the same boss. As for what rewards they can give, I’m not honestly sure. Maybe giving out rising souls, and maybe some Chrono crystals after doing so much damage could work.
As for the duos themselves, besides the restrictions they could get perks and more power maybe based on how well they fuse together. Maybe this could be tied to friendship or tags. Maybe they could even allow for dual ults (if both units have an ult. If one doesn’t, maybe they can just use their special attack) and dual special attacks. Some Green cards could maybe be reworked into some new special animations, like the power up ones, so that two units can be shown together. Of course this wouldn’t work for all animations, so maybe they could make a few special ones for the green cards.
That being said, would you like a game mode like this? Is there any type of other game mode you would like to be added, that’s not this?
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2023.06.07 21:59 ExpertMeasurement874 My "Best" friend called me a white girl for being polite.. I am a Black Woman

I need some advice on how to handle this situation and wether to cut this person out of my life or try to work it out.
My friend moved into a new home and wanted me to come visit. We decided on Monday morning ( Memorial day) around 10 in the morning to have breakfast at their new place. As I am getting ready to go meet them, I get a text from them asking if we could push our meet-up out to 12 as they were just waking up.
12 was cutting it close for me because I had somewhere to be at 1, and they live 30 - 45 minutes away from me. So I asked if we should reschedule and tell them i have somewhere to be. I even asked if i could just swing by drop off your house warming gift and just keep going. They responded back saying let's meet at 11 am instead. At this point, I'm thinking they just moved, maybe this isn't the greatest time to get together. They keep changing the time, so maybe they aren't really in the mood to entertain.
So I tell them I don't want to impose, are you positive that you even want to meet today?Maybe we should just reschedule, and then they say I am acting like a white girl for being overly polite....
This was really shocking to me. A lot of people my life have told me I don't act black enough (like, wtf does that even mean??) I told them they were acting rude and to let me know when they have time in the future to get together.
They told me that they weren't mad at me... and they were kidding, lets call this an "oops". I got really pissed at this point and told them I was just trying to be empathetic that they just moved. I asked them if they even hang out with other black females because the statement was stupid and uncalled for.
They told me again that they weren't mad and was just poking fun cause we have known each other for so long. I tell them all the stories I have told you about people calling a white girl, you should have known that this is a hard boundary for me. If we are going to continue to be friends, we should be mindful of our boundaries, and we should be open about what those boundaries are.
They said, "No problem, I am who I am, and you know this." I said they don't get it. Now they aren't saying anything to me.
This is the same friend who use to call me a white girl when we were younger but I always brushed it off because so many people, family, friend would call me a white girl, beacuse of how I lived, dressed, spoke, or just to be an ass.
We haven't spent a lot of time together as adults, so I assumed that this was something that they would grow out of, and understand that saying such an immature comment is stupid. I don't tolerate it from other people, and I won't tolerate it from them.
I guess my expectations were too high? I have known this person forever, and they have always said some controversial stuff, but that's when we were kids. Now, as adults, I assumed that we would mature a bit...
Do I cut them off or try to work through this?
I would also like to stress that there is nothing wrong with being white. It is the preconceived notion that since I am a black woman, it is out of character to be polite, and being polite is only inherent to being white.
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2023.06.07 21:59 Duck_Giblets /r/chch will be going dark 12-14 June to protest Reddit API changes that will kill 3rd-party apps, break several bots and moderation tools, and make the site less accessible for vision-impaired users

What is happening?

/chch will be going dark 12-14 June 2023 NZST. This means we will be going dark before many other subreddits that are operating on other timezones.


Reddit has announced substantial API changes that will break third-party apps and negatively impact several bots and tools.
  1. Official Announcement: An Update Regarding Reddit’s API
  2. Official Clarification: API Update: Enterprise Level Tier for Large Scale Applications
  3. Community Response: An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities.
More info about what will be affected by the reddit API changes:

What is a third-party app?

A third-party app is an app that isn't the official reddit app which shows the same reddit content. These apps have different features and interfaces, and many redditors prefer to use them instead of the official reddit app. Some third-party apps include accessibility features as well, which makes them preferable for many users that have low/no vision or other impairments.

What about old.reddit?

Currently, both and Reddit Enhancement Suite are unaffected, however, this may change in the future.

What does "going dark" mean for you as a community member?

Subreddits that "go dark" will be set to private. When /chch "goes dark", this means you will NOT be able to:
In effect, /chch will not be at all publicly accessible during these two days.

Would there be any reasons for /chch to be publicly accessible again earlier than planned?

/chch could be set to public again at mods' discretion. This could be for reasons such as Reddit meeting demands that encourage subreddits to stop the blackout, or because of a major event such as a civil defence emergency where up-to-date information can be crucial.
Examples of what is a civil defence emergency:
Examples of what is NOT a civil defence emergency:

Donate to a worthy cause - do not reward this post

Please think carefully before rewarding this post or any similar posts. Please consider donating any money you may spend on a charitable cause instead, such as Blind Low Vision NZ or KidsCan

Other NZ subs that are going dark

Additional links

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2023.06.07 21:59 kissingfrogs2003 Containers for bottom watering?

Doing bottom watering for my succulents but I have a lot of pots and many of them vary in size. Really struggling with finding a good container that I can use to put the pots in regardless of whether they’re 1 inch or 6 inch. Also struggling to find one that is large enough to hold a sufficient number of pots that I’m not needing a Bajillion containers when it’s time to water. I only have so much space to leave them sitting out while they soak up the water! to further complicate the matter, I’ve noticed bottom watering works better in a container that has variability in how flat it is on the bottom but not so much that the pots are wobbly or unstable. So just your average plant saucer hasn’t really been working for me for some reason.
Anyone wanna share what they have been using? Just putting everything in my bathtub or sink isn’t an option unfortunately😞
Bonus question… Does anyone have recommendations for towels to put under the pots after they’ve soaked? I find I am going through way too many paper towels and shop towels but all of my cloth towels are too fluffy or unstable for keeping pots on top to make sure they’re dry before going back on the shelves😫
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2023.06.07 21:59 wude4tea How many of you are sick and tired of dealing with cunts in this country?

There doesn't seem to be a day goes by without having to deal with some cunt. be it a Tesco's delivery losing the domestic case and arriving at the door with a cunt of an attitude or its bnq mouthing off again unexpectedly. ive had it about up to here with rudeness in this fucking shit hole country. how many of you experience this random cuntiness that just seems to be prevalent in this shit hole
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