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2012.10.17 20:44 turbov21 Black Canary

Black Canary is a DC Comics superhero, a mother (Dinah Drake) and her daughter (Dinah Laurel Lance). Together, they have been associated with the Green Arrow Family, Justice Society of America (JSA), Justice League and the Birds of Prey. This subreddit allows all discussions, artwork, comic book excerpts, cosplay, fancasts, memes, etc. pertaining to the characters.

2012.10.21 03:58 lajaw Discussion of Farming within Organic Parameters

Always looking for articles on Organic Farming from around the world. Submit a link, or ask a question or make a suggestion.

2010.08.31 21:53 ichthis The science and technology of using plants for food, fuel, feed, fiber, and reclamation

A reddit for the science of agronomy: using plants for food, fuel, feed, fiber and reclamation.

2023.06.07 15:06 CaspianX2 Nakana Bundle #3 (Eqqo + Lydia + Stilstand) for Nintendo Switch - Review

Nakana Bundle #3 (Eqqo + Lydia + Stilstand)

Genre: Compilation / Platformer
Players: 1
Nakana Bundle #3 (Eqqo + Lydia + Stilstand), released on Nintendo Switch in 2022, is a Compilation of the three named games, previously released individually on the Nintendo Switch eShop in 2020 and 2021.
I have reviewed all of these games. Here is what I thought of each of the games in this collection:
Game Genre # of Players Score tl;dr
Eqqo Graphic Adventure 1 C Eqqo is a Graphic Adventure where players guide a young blind boy trying to carry and protect a large egg. The game itself is decent though not without its issues (namely, poor controls), but the $6 price tag for a game that’s on mobile devices at $1 makes this game seem overpriced.
Lydia Graphic Adventure 1 C+ Lydia is a Graphic Adventure that follows a child into a world of nightmares both real and imagined. As a game, this is a brief, tedious, soul-sapping experience. But as a piece of art, this is a beautiful look into a horrible situation that’s all too real for far too many children. I doubt anyone will truly enjoy this game, but some may be able to appreciate it.
Stilstand Visual Novel 1 C Stilstand is a Visual Novel about a woman suffering from loneliness and depression. And also there’s apparently a nice, kind-hearted reverse-Babadook. It’s a short story, with crudely-depicted characters. I suppose, to its credit, it does succeed in painting a particularly bleak and depressing picture for players. I’m just not sure what the appeal is here.
In short... this is a really depressing trio of games. Not bad, just depressing. I suppose Eqqo is somewhat lighter than the other two games here, but it still has its share of darkness. Of the three games, I suppose I appreciated Lydia the most, but “appreciated” doesn’t quite mean “liked”.
However, if you enjoy dark stories, this package provides a pretty good value - at $7, it’s just over half the cost of buying these three games individually, and a mere $1 more than buying Eqqo on its own (thanks in part to the Nintendo Switch version of the game being overpriced). For anyone considering getting these games, that makes this bundle a no-brainer.
In the end, whether or not you should get this bundle will really come down to how much you want to dive into stories about depression, loneliness, parental neglect, and emotional suffering. This clearly is not going to appeal to everyone, but if this sort of thing works for you, I think you’ll find these games compelling, and find this Compilation to be a good value.
tl;dr – Nakana Bundle #3 (Eqqo + Lydia + Stilstand) is a Compilation of three story-driven games (two Graphic Adventure games and a Visual Novel), with somber, dark, depressing themes. These stories will not be for everyone, but if these sort of themes appeal to you, I think you’ll find this bundle to be a good value.

Grade: C

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2023.06.07 15:05 CaspianX2 Eqqo for Nintendo Switch - Review


Genre: Graphic Adventure
Players: 1
Note: This game is included in Nakana Bundle #3, along with Lydia and Stilstand. It is also included in Nakana Bundle #5, along with A Night at the Races, Cosmic Top Secret, Infini, and Please, Touch The Artwork. Additionally, this game is also in Nakana Bundle #6 (10 games), along with A Night at the Races, Cosmic Top Secret, Infini, Journey of the Broken Circle, Lydia, Mythic Ocean, Please, Touch The Artwork, Soul Searching, and Stilstand.
Eqqo is a Graphic Adventure first released on mobile devices in 2019 and ported to Nintendo Switch in 2020. This game, inspired by Ethiopian mythology, follows the titular Eqqo, a young blind boy who must be led around indirectly by the player. Shortly into his journey, the boy comes into possession of a large egg, which players must have him protect throughout the game’s journey.
The presentation in Eqqo is good but nothing truly special, with colorful, simple 3D visuals backed by light instrumental music and constantly accompanied by lighthearted narration. These light-hearted elements seem to clash somewhat with a tone that can get dark at points, but otherwise the presentation works well enough.
When it comes to the gameplay, this game’s take on the Graphic Adventure feels fairly unique in the way players must coordinate actions between their own direct interaction with the environment, and instructions to Eqqo, while also being mindful of the egg. In addition, one of the main gameplay elements here is keeping an eye out for “stars” that provide different camera angles that can give players more options, a clever mechanic.
Unfortunately, the main issue this game has is its controls. Players are given the option to use traditional gamepad controls, gyroscopic motion controls, and/or touchscreen controls, but it’s pretty clear that this was a game built primarily for a touchscreen, because the gamepad controls mostly just move a cursor that acts as a stand-in for touchscreen use. This would not necessarily be terrible, if not for the fact that pressing the A button acts as if you’re touching the screen, and doesn’t distinguish between interacting with the game, and trying to move the screen, meaning that players can easily do one when meaning to do the other.
Another issue here comes in the form of unclear goals, with players sometimes not being told where they’re trying to go. This can often leave you trying to scan the screen (and scrolling it around) looking for something you can do.
There is one other issue. The mobile version of the game sells for $1, a fraction of the $6 cost of the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Given how clearly this game was made for use with a touchscreen, it’s hard to see why anyone would buy the Nintendo Switch version when the mobile release of the game costs less and should play just as well. It also bears mention that Nakana Bundle #3 sells for a mere $1 more than this game costs on its own, and comes with two other games.
Is Eqqo a bad game? Not at all. Graphic Adventure fans may find this game to be charming and fairly original within the genre... however, they will most likely be better off getting this game on a mobile device if they plan on getting it, since it’ll play more or less just as well, and for a substantially lower price.
tl;dr – Eqqo is a Graphic Adventure where players guide a young blind boy trying to carry and protect a large egg. The game itself is decent though not without its issues (namely, poor controls), but the $6 price tag for a game that’s on mobile devices at $1 makes this game seem overpriced.

Grade: C

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2023.06.07 15:04 Hour-Story2715 How to hire a genuine hacker; No. One hacker for hire// How to hack banks website// How to hack investment offices// How to hack any institution computer server

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2023.06.07 15:03 Silent_Membership_28 I have tried many spells caster and they all fooled me. How do I know if I've found something useful to cast a spell? +27604437939

As a spells caster, I understand the concerns and frustrations you may have based on your experience with scammers. It's really unfortunate that some people take advantage of people who are looking for real help and guidance. In the magical realm, there are too many people who claim to have the ability to cast powerful love spells but do not actually possess such skills. This sad truth often overshadows the few truly talented wizards who can truly help you achieve your aspirations.
But I'm here to provide a guide on how to navigate this sea of ​​uncertainty and find a reputable and trustworthy magician who can really help you. When looking for a magician, it's important to consider the following factors:
Reputation and testimonials:
Look for reputable magicians online. Look for reviews, testimonials and feedback from previous customers. Real magicians often boast a track record of satisfied clients who are willing to share their experiences.
Professionalism and Communication:
A highly rated magician will treat you with professionalism. They communicate clearly, provide detailed information about their services and answer all your questions. We also need to be transparent about our methods, practices and fees.
Ethical Practices:
A real wizard follows a strict code of ethics. You value your well-being and respect your boundaries. They never guarantee 100% results or claim control of the free will of others. A trusty sorcerer focuses on manipulating energies and creating favorable conditions, always with the highest good in mind for all involved. Personal connection:
It is very important that you feel a sense of trust and connection with your wizard of choice. Use your intuition and intuition when evaluating potential spellcasters. You should feel comfortable sharing your concerns and goals with them.
Warning signs to avoid:
Beware of magicians who charge exorbitant upfront fees, make unrealistic promises, or push for quick decisions. Also, beware of people who use fear strategies or manipulate your emotions to take advantage of your weaknesses. Note that a legitimate magician cannot guarantee a particular result or force someone to act against their will. Serious magical work requires time, energy, and the cooperation of multiple parties.

Take the time to research and evaluate the spellcaster before making a decision. Trust your intuition and choose someone who will speak to you on a personal and professional level. Doing so increases your chances of finding a real magician to help you on your journey.
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2023.06.07 15:01 hamidshaiikh7227 Ladder Safety for Specific Industries: Guidelines for Construction, Maintenance, and More.

Ladder Safety for Specific Industries: Guidelines for Construction, Maintenance, and More.
Ladders are indispensable tools in various industries, including construction, maintenance, and beyond. However, working with ladders can pose significant safety risks if proper precautions are not followed. Each industry has its unique requirements and hazards, which necessitate specific guidelines to ensure ladder safety. In this article, we will explore industry-specific ladder safety guidelines for construction, maintenance, and other relevant sectors.

  • Construction Industry
a. Selecting the Right Ladder: In the construction industry, the selection of the appropriate ladder is crucial. Consider factors such as ladder type (e.g., extension ladder, step ladder, or platform ladder), height requirements, weight capacity, and stability. Ensure that the ladder chosen meets or exceeds the specific requirements outlined by relevant safety standards.
b. Inspection and Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of ladders are essential in construction sites. Inspect the ladder for any visible damage, such as bent rungs, cracks, or loose connections. Additionally, ensure that the ladder is clean and free from debris that could affect stability. Replace or repair damaged ladders promptly.
c. Secure Placement: Proper ladder placement is critical to prevent accidents in construction settings. Ensure the ladder is placed on stable, level ground, and use leg levelers or stabilizers if necessary. If the ladder needs to be positioned on an uneven surface, use ladder levelers or adjustable ladder feet to maintain stability.
d. Safe Climbing and Descending: Construction workers should be trained in safe climbing and descending techniques. Face the ladder and maintain three-point contact (two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand) while climbing. Never carry tools or materials that hinder balance or grip.
e. Fall Protection: When working at heights above a certain threshold, additional fall protection measures, such as guardrails or personal fall arrest systems, should be implemented. Ensure that workers are trained in the proper use of fall protection equipment.
· Maintenance and Facilities Management
a. Ladder Inspection: Regular inspection of ladders used in maintenance and facilities management is crucial. Check for any visible defects, including damaged rungs, loose hardware, or cracked side rails. Ensure that the ladder's weight capacity is suitable for the intended use.
b. Proper Storage: Store ladders in a designated area away from high-traffic areas to prevent accidental collisions or damage. Ladders should be secured in an upright position to avoid the risk of falling or creating tripping hazards.
c. Training and Certification: Provide comprehensive ladder safety training to maintenance personnel. Training should cover ladder selection, inspection, safe use, and proper storage practices. Encourage employees to obtain ladder safety certifications to enhance their knowledge and skills.
d. Task-Specific Guidelines: Develop specific guidelines for maintenance tasks that involve ladder use. For example, establish protocols for accessing elevated equipment, changing light bulbs, or performing repairs at heights. Ensure workers follow these guidelines and use appropriate fall protection equipment when necessary.
e. Awareness of Surroundings: In maintenance settings, workers should be aware of their surroundings while using ladders. Pay attention to potential obstacles or hazards, such as overhead electrical wires, slippery surfaces, or confined spaces. Take necessary precautions to avoid accidents or injuries.

  • Other Industries
a. Retail and Warehousing: In retail and warehousing environments, ladders are commonly used for stocking shelves, retrieving inventory, or conducting inventory checks. Guidelines should include ladder selection based on height requirements, weight capacity, and appropriate use in different storage areas. Employees should be trained on ladder safety techniques and instructed to report any damaged or defective ladders.
b. Hospitality and Janitorial Services: Ladders are frequently used in the hospitality industry for tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, or accessing storage areas. Ensure that ladders are selected based on the specific task requirements, and employees are trained in ladder safety practices, including proper climbing techniques and maintaining a clean and clutter-free work area.
c. Agricultural and Farming Operations: Ladders are commonly utilized in agricultural and farming operations for tasks like fruit picking, pruning, or equipment maintenance. Guidelines should include ladder selection appropriate for outdoor conditions, secure placement on uneven terrain, and proper use of fall protection systems when working at heights.
Affiliated Ladder Company - ZAMIL: A Comprehensive Overview
ZAMIL Ladders is a renowned and trusted name in the ladder industry, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a rich history and a wide range of ladder products, ZAMIL has established itself as a leading player in the global ladder market. In this article, we will delve into the details of ZAMIL, exploring its history, product offerings, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach.

  1. History and Legacy
ZAMIL Ladders has a strong and influential history in the ladder industry. The company was founded with the vision of providing high-quality ladder solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers across various sectors. With a focus on innovation, ZAMIL has continuously adapted to changing market trends and technologies, ensuring that its ladder products remain at the forefront of the industry.
Over the years, ZAMIL has built a solid reputation for reliability, durability, and safety in ladder manufacturing. The company's commitment to excellence has allowed it to expand its presence globally, serving customers in diverse industries and geographic locations.
  1. Extensive Product Range
ZAMIL ladders offers a comprehensive range of ladder products to cater to the specific requirements of different industries and applications. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial use, ZAMIL has a solution to meet every ladder need. Some of the key ladder products offered by ZAMIL include:
a. Extension Ladders: ZAMIL's extension ladders are designed to provide safe access to elevated areas. These ladders are available in various heights, materials, and configurations to suit different applications.
b. Step Ladders: ZAMIL's step ladders offer stability and convenience for tasks requiring shorter reach. They are available in different sizes and designs, including platform step ladders, folding step ladders, and more.
c. Platform Ladders: ZAMIL's platform ladders are ideal for situations that require a larger standing area and enhanced stability. These ladders are designed to provide a secure platform for users to work comfortably at heights.
d. Specialty Ladders: ZAMIL ladders also offers a range of specialty ladders designed for specific applications. These include attic ladders, multipurpose ladders, combination ladders, and more, catering to the unique needs of customers in various industries.
  1. Commitment to Quality and Safety
ZAMIL is renowned for its unwavering commitment to producing ladder products of the highest quality. The company adheres to stringent manufacturing processes and standards to ensure that every ladder meets or exceeds industry regulations and safety requirements. ZAMIL's dedication to quality is evident in its use of premium materials, rigorous quality control procedures, and continuous product testing.
Safety is a top priority for ZAMIL, and all ladder products undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet or exceed safety standards. The company's commitment to safety is evident in the incorporation of features such as non-slip steps, reinforced joints, and sturdy construction to enhance user safety and stability while working at heights.
  1. Innovation and Research
ZAMIL continuously invests in research and development to drive innovation in ladder design and functionality. By staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and market trends, the company consistently introduces new and improved ladder products to address the evolving needs of its customers.
ZAMIL's focus on innovation extends beyond product design and includes the incorporation of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The company strives to reduce its environmental impact by using sustainable materials and implementing eco-friendly production practices.
  1. Customer-Centric Approach
ZAMIL places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and strives to exceed customer expectations in every aspect of its business. The company understands that each customer has unique requirements, and its dedicated team works closely with clients to provide tailored ladder solutions.
Industry-specific ladder safety guidelines play a vital role in minimizing accidents and injuries across various sectors. Whether in construction, maintenance, retail, hospitality, or agriculture, adherence to these guidelines is essential to protect workers and maintain a safe working environment.
The key elements of industry-specific ladder safety guidelines include proper ladder selection, regular inspection and maintenance, secure placement, safe climbing and descending techniques, use of fall protection measures when necessary, and industry-specific task guidelines. Training and certification programs should be implemented to ensure workers are knowledgeable about ladder safety protocols.
By prioritizing ladder safety and integrating industry-specific guidelines into daily operations, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of ladder-related accidents and promote a culture of safety. Regular review and updates to these guidelines are essential to adapt to changing industry standards and best practices.
Remember, ladder safety is a shared responsibility that requires continuous education, awareness, and adherence to industry-specific regulations to ensure the well-being of workers and prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries.
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2023.06.07 14:57 RedKiteSEO PPC Agency

PPC Agency

How Can A PPC Agency Help Businesses Reach Potential Customers Online?
Pay-per-click or PPC campaigns can help businesses connect with customers online; but for those unfamiliar with digital marketing, PPC agencies might seem like an additional layer. Here is some insight from one PPC agency that helped their client meet their goals!
Businesses aiming for growth must reach out to potential customers; however, the process of doing so can be time-consuming and expensive; that is where Pay Per Click (PPC) agencies come in handy.
Businesses of all kinds and sizes are searching for ways to reach more potential customers online, and PPC advertising is an effective means of doing just that - not to mention its many benefits for your business.
PPC ‌agencies ‌provide your business with custom, results-focused marketing strategies that will give it an edge in today's increasingly competitive digital environment. By using both pay per click (PPC) services and search engine optimisation techniques, they can boost online visibility while increasing return on investment.

What Are The Advantages Of Working With A PPC Agency?
Many businesses today face many hurdles they need to clear in order to reach potential customers, with PPC marketing agencies often playing an invaluable role in helping businesses meet them by targeting specific groups of people with efficient campaigns that generate high returns on investment (ROI).
Here are the benefits that businesses can experience by working with a PPC marketing agency:
  • Increased visibility and exposure of your business through targeted advertisements on Google Pay Per Click (PPC).
  • An increase in targeted leads, leading to more sales and profits.
  • Increased brand recognition and trustworthiness, helping attract new customers while keeping current ones loyal.
  • Improve SEO rankings that help increase website visits from search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Budget allocation capabilities that enable more resources to go toward meeting business needs. Campaigns designed to have a high impact without compromising quality or performance.
  • Gain greater insight into how competitors are faring, so that you can improve upon their strategies.
All of these benefits - among many others - make PPC ads an invaluable part of any business's marketing strategy. By understanding how PPC works and choosing appropriate platforms, businesses can achieve significant success while saving money in the long run.

What Can PPC Agencies Do?
PPC advertising campaigns offer businesses an effective means of reaching potential customers, with PPC agencies helping businesses target ads at specific audiences based on age group, location, or interests - helping businesses reach more prospects than they ever would alone.
PPC agencies also provide data-driven solutions that enable real-time tracking of campaign success or failure, making this information invaluable to businesses deciding whether or not to invest in an advertising campaign.
PPC marketing agencies go beyond simply reaching potential customers; they also help businesses engage and convert these leads. By creating targeted ads that cater specifically to your company and target audience, businesses will increase customer engagement and conversions.
By making better use of your advertising budget and strengthening relationships with existing customers, you will be able to maximise its return.
PPC agencies also offer businesses many other advantages when it comes to optimising search engine result page placement, through advanced techniques like A/B testing and keyword optimisation. PPC agencies help businesses realise the highest return possible from their advertising spending by employing techniques such as A/B testing and keyword optimisation.
Tracking the performance of your campaigns is vitally important for any business, which is why tools like Google Analytics come in so handy - enabling you to see exactly how many visitors your ads are driving, how many clicks have been received by them, and what results have been seen.
Through testing and tweaking campaigns, you'll be able to increase results even further. Plus, dedicated PPC management agencies offer fast delivery of customer tailored campaigns! If that sounds appealing to you - look no further!
PPC agencies go beyond simply placing ads; they also offer real time analytics and reporting tools so businesses can monitor the success of their campaigns, and make more informed decisions on how best to utilise their advertising budget and reach more customers overall.
PPC agencies also provide advice on how to utilise your advertising spend most effectively, with recommendations tailored specifically to the business and its goals. This ensures that campaigns achieve the desired results.

Why Do You Require A PPC Agency For Your Business?
Businesses must find ways to connect with potential customers and increase their chances of success. PPC advertising agencies can assist by offering targeted ads; with these types of advertisements, businesses can reach the people most likely interested in what they have to offer.
Businesses should ensure they hire an agency with the skills required to meet their unique requirements, depending on their type of business and specific areas such as web design or market research.
Businesses can rest easy knowing their campaigns will generate high quality leads and traffic to their website by working with an experienced paid ad agency.
As well as these core services, most PPC agencies also offer advanced software tools like predictive modelling and AI that make it easier for businesses to analyse campaign performance and adapt strategies accordingly.

How Can PPC Agencies Increase Sales Through Targeted Ads?
Businesses of all sizes depend on a pay-per-click (PPC) agency to develop effective marketing strategies. PPC offers businesses of all sizes an effective way of reaching potential customers, and agencies can assist you with finding the most successful keywords and campaigns to use in your campaign. By understanding the buyer journey, PPC campaigns tend to achieve greater returns than other forms of digital advertising.
PPC agencies specialise in data-driven advertising. This form of promotion utilises past campaign insights in order to craft more impactful ads for future ones, with AI/machine learning technology providing access to sophisticated targeting techniques previously unavailable.
Businesses now have access to an unprecedented tool for quickly identifying ideal prospects. In order to run an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, it's essential that businesses create an organised plan. This will ensure their ads reach the appropriate people while making use of every cent available in their budget.
Keep ahead of the competition by using advanced targeting techniques and ad extensions. By targeting keywords specifically tailored to your audience, you can increase your odds of success.
PPC agencies present tremendous opportunities for building brand recognition and sales by driving website visitors back into your store or website via remarketing campaigns.

How Can You Select An Effective Pay Per Click Agency For Your Company?
Ultimately, choosing the appropriate pay-per-click agency for your business is vital in today's marketplace. But how do you identify one that suits your needs?
PPC (pay-per-click) advertising agencies have long utilised this powerful strategy as part of their businesses' overall marketing strategies to reach potential customers online. Businesses of all sizes have taken advantage of PPC to expand their customer reach online and connect with new prospects.
By carefully researching various PPC agency options, assessing their experience and expertise, and asking satisfied customers for referrals, you will be able to make the right choice for your business.
Once you've selected an agency, it is vitally important that you pay close attention to their customer service capabilities. A great PPC agency should provide friendly and helpful assistance whenever it is required.
As well, they should be able to answer any of your queries regarding pay-per-click (PPC) marketing clearly and succinctly. Finally, regular results monitoring is key so you can stay on top of progress while making any necessary adjustments as necessary.
Once you have devised your PPC marketing plan, the next step should be discussing future goals with your agency. Doing this will allow both of you to remain on course while making sure that the budget remains realistic for meeting overall objectives.
Last but not least, make sure that a plan is in place for detecting and responding to any negative results - an essential aspect of successful PPC campaigns!

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Advertising)?
Are you searching for an effective way to drive traffic to your website? Pay-per-click advertising may be the perfect solution! PPC ads allow businesses to pay websites and blogs for ads displayed by them; when someone clicks one of these ads, the business is charged, and vice versa.
PPC ads may be costly, but they're an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. PPC ads allow businesses to reach a wider audience than traditional marketing methods like banner ads and email blasts - plus, since PPC ads appear only when your target market visits those pages where they've been strategically placed, they're more likely to get clicked upon!

What Is The Importance Of PPC Audits?
One of the first steps towards improving your PPC campaign should be conducting a proper PPC audit. This process helps maximise your budget by reviewing ads and campaigns as well as finding any holes in marketing strategies that might exist.
PPC campaigns aim to drive conversions at high rates. Even though your programme may seem effective, an audit can reveal any areas for improvement and identify where issues lie.

How Can Google Ads Benefit My Business?
Google Ads are an effective way of reaching your target market. This popular advertising platform offers many features designed to help you connect with customers and increase revenue. No matter if you're just getting started or an experienced marketer - Google has something for everyone.
Google Ads stands out from other marketing channels by enabling businesses to target specific audiences while still having full control of their advertising budget. You can set your maximum bid, which indicates how much you are willing to spend for an ad, before submitting it - and your ad will then appear on Google search engine results pages.
Before embarking on a Google Ads campaign, make sure that your objectives are clear. A successful campaign consists of one that pursues specific, smart goals that can provide lasting success for any campaign.

What Are The Advantages Of Lead Generation?
Lead generation for PPC advertising agencies is an essential tool in business. It enables companies to increase sales while outwitting competitors in the marketplace. There are various techniques used for lead generation.
To grow your business's leads, content creation should be at the core of its strategies. Engaging content can teach prospects about your brand and services while convincing them to become customers of yours.
One of the best ways to generate leads is through webinars. Webinars allow you to showcase your expertise and offer helpful advice to prospective customers while building trust and establishing credibility.
By joining forces with other companies to host a webinar, you can tap into an audience you may otherwise not have been able to access.

What Is Organic Search?

Organic search refers to driving visitors directly to your website without paying for them or incurring a charge for this traffic. Not only is this traffic highly targeted and more likely to convert into sales or leads than other forms of website traffic; organic search can help your online business effectively target highly interested consumers.
An effective organic search strategy should focus on keywords, backlinks, and content. Utilising relevant keywords will help your site rank higher in searches; but for maximum impact, use the SEO rules for formatting and structuring content appropriately.

What Is The Importance Of Utilising SEO Strategies?
When it comes to information gathering, search engine optimisation can increase the likelihood that potential customers will find your website.
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practise of increasing a website's or web page's visibility in online search results pages (SERPs) by improving its ranking for specific terms within those SERPs.
Targeting potential customers using SEO strategies can increase your odds of converting them into customers. We will look at some of the ways in which a PPC agency can assist businesses with reaching potential customers.
SEO can help any business boost its online visibility, but not every organisation suits this form of promotion; which is where training can come in handy!
Clients receiving comprehensive SEO training from an established agency learn to implement appropriate tactics so that their campaigns produce desired results without expending time or money on unsuccessful efforts.
Staying abreast of current trends and technologies is essential to remaining competitive in today's marketplace.
Social media marketing has become an indispensable way of reaching new customers - which is why most PPC advertising agencies provide staff members dedicated to managing these channels.
By working closely with a professional PPC agency, businesses have everything they need to increase their chances of successfully reaching their target market.
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2023.06.07 14:56 Zestyclose_Emu_7867 My wife is a bad manager at work and it's crossed over into our home life.

My wife is a bad supervisor. Terrible even. She is the curmudgeon at work that makes everyones time at work miserable. Extremely petty, vindictive, and sets you up to fail by not giving you key information when needed.
1 1/2 years ago she was promoted to office supervisor because of her incredible work ethic. The partners loved her because in 5 years she was only late once, she always stayed late, she IS the model employee. She hit the ground running and implemented all the changes she felt the office was missing. Things were good for maybe a pay cycle after she was hired then tension started showing. She went from having work friends to having subordinates and everyone she worked with felt her attitude shift. The only people that appreciated the changes were the partners working miles away seeing the business as numbers on a page.
The business was working more efficiently than ever for about 4 months, then the bad reviews started. "The employees don't want to be there, don't bother bringing your pets to them" "Unprofessional staff" "Don't bother asking for advice, they'll make you feel stupid for not knowing what dogs should not eat." I knew immediately why the reviews were how they were because of the horror stories she was telling me about work. For a long time i was on the band wagon of her employees are so stupid, why don't they learn how to do their job?
Fast forward a year and she is still complaining about the poor work ethic her subordinates have. She is complaining about how the office use to be a family and they had drinks after work, but now everyone keeps to themselves. I got tired of the venting, told her I love you, but i can't spend 2 hours talking about how much she hates work everyday. I told her I don't like listening to problems without the ability to offer solutions. Any time I offer solutions I'm an ass for not listening and respecting her venting time and i don't like the one sided emotional dumps she has been doing for the past year.
The air was dead for a month after that. She wouldn't tell me anything, not even what she wanted for dinner. When I asked why she doesn't talk to me she said I'm just going to turn around and tell her she is complaining too much. I asked her what is it you want from me? She said i want to be validated when i'm venting. I was like ok... what are the problems you are having at work? She proceeds on telling me that her best worker left and another employee spends hours looking for work on company time and things have gotten worse than ever. She also said that things have gotten worse because i told her i don't want to listen to her vent if she doesnt allow me to voice opinions or solutions. When she is in venting mode, she doesn't want to hear anything that isn't adulating her because she "has it hard enough at work already." This is when our relationship took a bad turn.
She told me a story without using names about a situation at work. She went through the details of the situation and i was honestly horrified at what she said. She said that they have been dispensing medicine wrong for months because a tech has been using kgs instead of lbs. She ranted over and over again that protocols state that multiple people do the calculations just in case. Because of that mix up a small dog almost died because they gave it too much anesthesia during a dental. I was like "damn, for months? why didn't they check the units?" What was that for? I found out she was the person using kgs for calculating dosing.
Immediately she screamed "you never take my side" then proceeded to tell me about standard operating procedures and the appropriate ways of doing things. "REAL PROFESSIONALS USE MGS to KGS!"
I was like "whoa there. Don't yell at me, you need to chill. Don't yell at me while i'm trying to understand a situation." She yelled back "You don't need to understand the situation, you need to know what i say." I said "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. WHO'S WHO IN THIS STORY? Tell me names or tell me nothing, because for real for real i'd rather not know how this terrible fucking story is going." I was fuming. Then she did the "You are so hot when you are passionate" and i told her "you are missing me with that nonsense. Nothing about how you are acting is sexy to me."
She saw how i reacted to her temper so she changed the story she was telling me. She then starts to tell me about an employee that has missed a week of work and they are preparing to fire her. I tried to be supportive and told her it sucks you have to fire people. But i messed things up with a follow up question, "Why has she been absent?" I thought she was going to stab me after i finished the question.
I scowled back at her just as hard because I'm not the one to sling anger at. She chilled and told me the girl had a miscarriage and it caused complications. So i said "damn... that woman is really going through it. Does she have PTO?" She started to angrily tell me "What does PTO have to do with anything? She hasn't been at work and we are short staffed. I told you that my best worker left and another worker is looking for another job."
I said "CHILL. Listen to yourself. You have an employee that is probably going through the hardest time of her life and you are angry she is prioritizing her health over covering a shift." She answers "I had a miscarriage and was back at work the next day. People these days just have terrible work ethic." I told her "You are their supervisor. have some compassion." She said "They are not my friends. They are people i work with and thats it." I told her "Maybe that's why they stopped inviting you to drinks. You look at them like plebs." She said "they don't invite me because i'm their supervisor and it's weird to go out with your boss." I said "before you were the supervisor we went out for drinks 2 to 3 times a month with the woman that was the supervisor."
I heard enough by that point. I told her to forget telling me the situation and leave work at work because i can't in good conscience defend you behavior. She started to cry, screaming "No one understands me."
Her motivations. Her punitive side that gets compliance through the silent treatment and general bad vibes. Through the year and a half of her venting i've realized she is the problem. She is so controlling she corrects people as they speak by saying shit like "the optimal way of telling me that is..." Then goes about telling you what to do step by step because she finds how other people do things annoying. I understand her deeply, i don't like it. Her first instinct in most situation leaves so many hurt feelings. My friends asked me to stop bringing her to parties and get togethers because she kills he vibe. Turnover is through the roof at her job. The Glassdoor reviews about the terrible supervisor are all about her. Everyone in her circles are telling her about the kinds of behavior that rub them the wrong way and she just says things like "That sounds like a you problem" or "Women are always treated like this in the work place."
I'm so dejected on the situation. I want to be a supportive husband. But I also want to tell her "You are an asshole. I can tell by the way you speak about people and how you treat me that I would sympathize 99 out of 100 times with your subordinates."
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2023.06.07 14:54 CarrotsNotCake Mechanical Buttons and Hall Effect Triggers Controller - Sunwaytek H510/XYX-510 Review

Mechanical Buttons and Hall Effect Triggers Controller - Sunwaytek H510/XYX-510 Review
I was suuuuper skeptical of this controller when I got it. Mechanical buttons? All loud and clicky? But no! They're all quiet and beautiful. I am very very pleased with it. It's comfortable to hold, the shoulder buttons are louder than I prefer, but they're not a bother. The triggers are magnet sensor triggers, and they are glorious. Now, the D-Circle thing... is trash. It's loud, uncomfortable, and unwieldy. How they did everything else so well, but then absolutely dropped the ball on the D-Pad is beyond me. It's so important for many fighting games, so that's a major misstep. If you need a good D-Pad, don't use this controller. The joysticks are great. They did stick in the teardown, but the faceplate gate doesn't like them overextend like they can without it. If you'd like to experience mechanical face buttons & magnet sensor triggers, then definitely get it! I played twenty minutes of Smash with it, and like five minutes of Tears of the Kingdom. No issues noticed. I played as Young Link, and did a lot of directional attacks, angled boomerang every which way. Everything did exactly what I wanted it to do. Perfect shielding worked perfectly. I will miss magnetic sensor triggers. This controller will not be my main squeeze as I mostly play handheld. It's a very unique controller. The shape, the hall effect triggers, and the mechanical buttons make it really stand out. For 33 dollars, this controller is pretty sweet. If you see it for less, grab it. Anything over 50 would be too high, unless they update it with a real D-Pad. Other controllers should copy this one.
The teardown was not smooth, but eventually I got it apart. There's fascia on the handles that come out, screws underneath that. There's a door for the battery, and it's way harder that it should be to get out, and then there are screw above and below/behind the battery. After that, you have access! Only the face buttons are those nifty mechanical buttons, the rest are er... GM8 buttons? I'm not sure what they're called. If you know, let me know in the comments. Anyway, the joystick modules did stick, and I didn't like that, but they performed flawlessly during gameplay.
Ask for the link to the product. When I added it to the post, the post got removed by the automod.
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2023.06.07 14:53 jpitha Just A Little Further 22/40

First / Previous / Next
After I sent River and Ocean away, I took a moment to compose myself. Omar is watching, trying to see how I'm reacting, I think.
"Melody, if you're going to use your Voice, you need to be very careful about the things you order. You didn't specify to bring the Marines back alive, and now they're dead."
"You're right Omar, I need to be very careful when I'm wording things."
Ava doesn't seem to mind. "They did do what you asked though. and so quickly! I expected to not see them for at least a week."
It doesn't seem to bother Um'reli either. "You have to admit, it sends a message. People weren't taking you seriously before, and between this and what you did to Starlight... they're going to realize you are the real deal."
Omar looked ahead "Speaking of the real deal, look." He pointed.
We look out and...
Oh my.
The crowd.
It's wall to wall people in front of the entrance to the Throne. More people than I've ever seen in one place before. Not here, not on Starbase Picaresque, not even at home on Meíhuā.
And they are all here to see me.
I wish there was a rear entrance to the Throne. I bet there is, I wish we looked harder to find it.
I sighed. If we're going to do this, we might as well do it right. I looked back and my friends. "Okay, we're on. I'm going to try and impress everyone and see if they'll make a path for us. Once we're up I'll sit on the Throne and you can just stand behind me and look... official I guess. Ready?"
Nods all around. Good.
I turned back forward and thought about how I wanted to appear. My gown started to rustle like I was in a stiff breeze and my crown and wings appeared. I thought about the connection to the Reach and was able to tweak the air settings to get a breeze going around here too and as people looked back to see where the wind was coming from, they saw us.
The cheering created a wall of sound that we walked headlong into. It was practically a physical thing. As we stepped into the crowd Um'reli and Omar pushed forward to clear a path and the people parted like grass on the plains.
As we walked, I spread my wings for the look of it and they hung over the crowds as we walked past. People reached out to touch them as I passed and - I'll be honest here - I didn't think people would be able to feel them as they're made out of light and fog by the Nanites, but they could! I could even feel their fingers brushing over the feathers.
It's very odd to have a sensation from a limb you've never had before. If I concentrated, I could hear the individual cries from people in the crowd as we walked, but after trying that for a couple of seconds it was entirely too overwhelming, so I just concentrated on the noise as a wall of sound without definition. It was easier to take that way.
We made it to the top of the gallery, and I turned to face everyone. every seat was filled and the entire lower level spilled out into the street almost all the way to the dock. I had never seen this many people here before all in one place! Aviens, Mariens, Azurians, the people who wear pressure suits and a few others I haven't met yet, all shapes, sizes and colors.
They were here, to cheer me.
They were here, to worship me.
This, was all for me.
Omar, Um'reli and Ava took up station behind me, seen but in the background as I raised my hands and spread my wings for silence. A hush descended, and everyone stared up at me, waiting.
"People of Reach of the Might of Vxxz. Thank you for coming. Today is a great day. A Builder, an Empress returns to you, so that you can become whole once again!"
Cheers and shouts. I hold my hand up for silence once again.
"The road ahead is long. The Gate is locked, the starships here in need of repair and systems all over the Reach have languished. But! You remain. We remain. Now that I am here, I will begin repairs and upgrades. I will make our starships move again. I will open the Gates. I will reunite my Empire and we shall once again, rule the stars!"
More cheers. I wait for them to die down before continuing.
"Today though, you can come to me directly with your immediate grievances about things here, and me and my fellow Builders-" I gesture behind me "-will work to resolve as many as we can."
I sit in the Throne and feel the familiar cold tang of connecting to the Starbase. It feels different this time, smoother, more familiar. I lean back... and let go...
From all around the arena, my voice is heard. Everyone perceives my voice as coming only to them, direct to them. It's as if I am speaking to them, and them only.
"Speak your issue, and be heard."
"We are a family of 6 and yet, our quarters are such th-"
"Please, Empress, my son, he nee-"
"Those nosy Aviens next door are alway-"
"Food prices keep going higher and hig-"
As everyone talks to 'me' I am keeping a list of the grievances. I'm not sure how I'm doing it, I assume it's the Nanites plus how I'd naturally try and keep a list of information being used together, but as they speak, I track what their problem is. Amazingly, after they speak, I'm able to offer some soothing words to everyone. It's me and it's not me at the same time. Even with my full Builder persona activated, I don't think I have the parallel processing to complete a feat like this. The Starbase and the Nanites must be doing the majority of the work.
After only an hour or so, it's done. Everyone that wants to speak has spoken, and I have thousands upon thousands of complaints to sort. I give a farewell and offer a blessing to everyone, and order the restaurants across the whole of the Reach to feed everyone for free today - promising they will be reimbursed for their work.
Royal part over, it becomes somewhat of a festival atmosphere around the Throne area. People milling about, talking with each other, catching up with old friends, eating and laughing. From my perch on the Throne, I watch the celebration. I get an overwhelming sense of relief tinged with a small amount of anxiety over what it means to have an Empress again. It strengthens my resolve to do my best to have it mean good things for the people that live here.
How am I going to pay for all this? What to other Empresses do?
They owned the banks. They just ordered it.
Wait. There are banks here, right? Is it really that simple?
Simple is often not *easy*. But yes. You own your whole empire, including the banks.
That's it! That's how we'll pay everyone and fund everything. A quiet part of me yells that it probably isn't that easy, and isn't that how inflation happens and don't I need to start taxing people to get money to go in or something? I should look into it further, but it's a very quiet part of me right now. I can tune it out pretty easily.
I turn my attention to the list of complaints that were collected and with the Throne and the Nantes help, I try and do some rough categorization.
Neighbor Complaints - this is the largest list and will most likely be ignored. Should it though? Maybe I'll have the others look them over in more detail.
Food issues - this is second largest. We can look over it and see if there's some underlying issue. I can also look into the disused food distribution centers. Maybe they're turned off because there isn't the resources to use them anymore, maybe it's another reason. I feel like I can fix this one, and if I do, it will give me the biggest boost to my legitimacy.
Environmental issues - third largest and issues related to the environment here. I had just turned up the settings here yesterday, so I hope this helps eliminate those. This should be an easy win. Mei'la had mention something about how power usage felt wasteful here. Maybe there's something we can do to boost efficiency.
The rest of them are things like, asking when we're going to launch the Starships again and quite a few asking when I'm going to "take care of" the issue of other sapient groups. Hmm. I don't like that one. Luckily, the questions seem to be in the minority, but still.
Job finished for now, I stand up and stretch. My goodness, that was boring. I hope I don't have to do it very often. Looking around, I find Omar, Um'reli and Ava wandering around the area behind the Throne. "Find anything interesting?"
Omar gestures towards me. "Actually yes, look here. There's a door behind the Throne, out of sight of the people on the ground.
"What's behind it?"
"I don't know, there's no handle and I can't get it to open."
"You've had the Nanites for a day, try to do it as a Builder. Just concentrate on the door and imagine it doing what you order."
Omar stares at the door, and I can see the concentration in his hands and on his face. There's a small breeze around him and with a hiss, the door slides open into the ceiling.
"You did it! Congratulations, Builder!" I'm super proud of him.
Omar stares at the open door, and then down at his hands, and over to me. "That... was... the most amazing thing! I just thought about the door opening and it did! It's like magic."
Now he will be one of *us*. He has felt the power.
I'm just happy he was able to do it. "Come on Omar, lead on. Let's see what's in here."
We go into the darkened room, and Omar again concentrates and the lights come up. Like most Builder stuff it clearly hasn't been touched in a very long time, but again, there isn't much dust here at all. It looks like everyone left for the day and shut the door... but then the door stayed shut for who knows how long.
Inside the room is 6 chairs that are arranged around a long table. Each of the chairs is in the same green metallic substance as the Throne. They're molded into the floor instead of the ceiling, but to me they look like where the Builder operators would sit when running the station.
"This looks like where the Builders sit when they are the starbase. Come, let's sit and try it out. It'll feel odd when you first sit, and if you get that feeling in the back of your brain to let go and sink further, don't yet. You need at least another day of Nanite development, but I think we're safe to connect lightly. I'll stay out of the seats and if I see anyone in distress, I'll pull them out. See if you can find my notes from the celebration."
Omar, Um'reli and Ava all sit gingerly. Ava is especially nervous - she's the one that saw me scream when I tried to integrate too quickly, but after a moment, I can feel them with my connection to the Reach.
"Wow, this is amazing! Melody, can you hear me?" It's Ava.
"Sure can Ava, it sounds like you're standing right next to me." I look over, and her body is just sitting in the chair, relaxed, breathing normally.
"Okay, I found your notes Melody. Looks like you sorted it somewhat already? Wow, how did you collect all this data?" Um'reli must have found my notes first.
"I have to admit, I don't really know. I just... knew what to do. The Nanites know more than I do, so sometimes I just let go and let them drive. I have a feeling that isn't always the right choice, but until I get more familiar with things, sometimes I feel like it's the only thing to do."
"Melody? I found the docking bay. It's empty right now, but I think I see how to maneuver High Line from the umbilical to the docking bay. Once it's inside we can get a better idea of what it would take to refit it with human systems and make it a viable starship again."
Oh, wonderful! I'm so glad Omar is here.
"Yes please Omar, do that. We'll go down and check it out once you've finished and everyone has a chance to get more familiar with how to be Reach."
While everyone is working, I go back over to the Throne and sit down. I get reconnected and just look around for a while. I like watching the movement of people on the Reach. It's... soothing I guess? Oh hey, up further are gardens and parks! I was worried there would be no greenery here. I should ride the train up later and explore.
I can feel Omar, Um'reli and Ava behind me exploring things, learning how they work, and with them here, I swear the Starbase is starting to work better. I can see people looking in wonder at lights that were long off and now are on again, breezes blowing as the air freshens, and even I'm noticing people starting to clean and sweep. It really feels like we're turning a corner here. I get an alert that for the first time in [DEMARCATION ERROR] another train is wheeled out from storage. It's needed for the crowds.
I wish I knew how long [DEMARCATION ERROR] was. If the starbase doesn't know, it was probably a long time. That really speaks to the power of the original Builders if 11 million people could live here with effectively no administration the whole time.
It's almost too good to be true...
My reverie is interrupted by a radio signal. I look around, ah, there it is. It's the long range comms. Someone is signaling us.
Huh, FarReach is signaling us.
"Okay Melody, very funny. You've made your point. Open the Gate now please." FarReach isn't even bothering with any niceties.
"Hello FarReach. How are you doing?" I admit, I'm being a little petty here.
"Melody! Do you understand what's happening? Do you see how you're changing? Most of the BIs don't see it, but your commanding voice thing and that 'don't worry about it' aura doesn't work on AIs. I see your changes, what's happening to you, what you're becoming. Keep down this path and you won't be the Empress Melody.
You'll be the Tyrant Melody.
"Ava said there aren't very many AIs around on this side of the galaxy, I have a hunch I know why. An Empress would not keep people around that can't be placed in thrall."
"FarReach! I am insulted. You're saying that just because I can't control them, I wouldn't like AIs?"
"Maybe not you yourself, at least not yet, but that Empress nano machine package that was installed on you wouldn't like AIs for sure. It sure feels like the decisions you're making are more their decisions than your own. I know you Melody, this isn't you."
Isn't me? Every decision I've made so far has been mine. Sure, the Nanites have helped, but if I didn't like what they were recommending, I wouldn't have done it.
"We caught up to that Mariens, Ottarn by the way. We took them and their tiny crew aboard. Their ship was basically junk taped together. Even if he had made it to the Gate, they probably wouldn't have made it to their destination. We're going to take them wherever they want to go, and then head home."
They took Ottarn? Hmm. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing or anything. I'm worried about it though, I wonder why?
"FarReach, did you call us up just to insult me and call into question all the good work we're doing here? We're helping the people of this Starbase! We've already improved the environmental systems, and now we're beginning to retrofit one of their broken Starships."
"Ugh, Fine Melody. We don't have to agree. You and Omar and Um'reli and Ava stay over here on your side of the Galaxy and leave the rest of humanity alone. I don't care anymore, I hate it here. Open the Gate."
"Or else what?"
"Or else, Empress I will link away." It really sounds like FarReach is speaking through gritted teeth. AIs are usually so reserved and chill. I've never heard one as angry as FarReach right now.
"Why are you being so mean to Melody, FarReach? She hasn't done anything to you." I forgot that Ava, Omar and Um'reli can hear this call too. I wonder if FarReach knew too?.
"FarReach, I think I have to agree with Ava and Melody. Our leaving was our on decision. Melody didn't place us in thrall or order us to come with her with her Voice. She didn't even come back to you. Ava came and asked us. We're here because we want to be here." I can feel the emphasis in Omar's voice. He seemed like the one that was least up for the business of ruling, it that sure made it sound like he's all in. I'm practically bursting with pride.
"I can't believe I'm here arguing with you four. Open the damn Gate, or I'm going to WEP the reactors and link away."
"Wait, how can you WEP with Captain Q'ari locked up?" Um'reli sounds genuinely curious.
"I declared Captain Q'ari unfit to lead thanks to Melody's meddling Um'reli. That makes me the commander and as the commander I can declare WEP on myself. Anyway, did you really think AIs can't WEP their own reactors? We allow the commander to order it. If I link away and it fails, then my destruction will be on your head. I already linked a beacon back to Starbase Picaresque. They never linked one back so I don't know if it worked, but if it did, then they already know about what's going on here. I am going to ask one. more. time. Melody. Open the Gate, please."
Ugh. The nerve! Still, I don't want FarReach to try and link away and have it fail.
Or worse, have it succeed and then they can link back with a couple of dreadnoughts and Starjumpers... before we're ready for them.
Fine. I lean back in my Throne and let go just a little more until I expand beyond the Starbase and... There. There's the Gate. The lock isn't strong, you just know where... to... push... and... there.
Outwardly, nothing changed, but I can tell the Gate is open now to regular travel. "I unlocked the Gate FarReach. Go home. Tell them what we have. Let everyone know that those who want to join us are welcome to."
"Not a chance, Melody. You're on your own. I was friends with the friendly Information Warfare Officer who had a knack for firearms and loved coffee. I hope she's still in there somewhere. I'd like to meet her again." FarReach closes the connection. From my vantage point I can watch them thrust away. After only a few moments, the Gate glows painfully blue, and...
They're gone.
Why am I sad? I'm so sad she left. I still had so much to show them. So much good we're doing.
"Melody? Melody? Are you all right?" I can hear Ava, she's not connected to the chairs anymore. I open my eyes and see her looking at me on the Throne. "You're crying."
"Oh Ava." I stand up and hug her. "You heard her. FarReach says I'm not me anymore. She said that I've changed and that she misses the old me."
"Oh Melody. She doesn't know what she's talking about. You're still you. You're you plus so much more."
"Ava is right." Um'reli stands from her chair and comes over. "You're still you Melody. You've been changed, this is true, but everyone changes. A change like this won't fundamentally change who you are."
I sniff. "Thanks Ava, thanks Um'reli. I just... FarReach was my friend. She sounded so angry."
Omar puts a hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry about it Melody. We know we're here for good reasons. That's enough. Besides, once we have our own Starship, we can head back to Human/K'laxi space and show them what we're doing. All kinds of people, AI and BI will want to come with us and help out. You'll see."
"Thanks everyone, I'm so lucky to have you here with me."
Omar is right. We'll show them.
We'll show them all.
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2023.06.07 14:50 kiplet1 [City of Roses] no. 27.2: “The first order of Business” – at This table – antique Punk bullshit – the Basics of Security

[City of Roses] no. 27.2: “The first order of Business” – at This table – antique Punk bullshit – the Basics of Security
previous Table of Contents
tends to crumble
“The first order of business,” says the man at the head of the table, “in any face time we take with potential occupancy partners, we need to assess how the anticipated anchor’s gonna impact their appraisal and availability approach.” It’s a long table, a slab of wood the color of pale flesh, polished to a striking gleam that’s broken here and there by a phone or a computer tablet laid before this person or that, until down at the very other end of it, a couple of comb-bound reports bristling with post-it flags, a spill of colorful diagrams, a worn redweld holding a couple of file folders upright, a small black notebook splayed open, the wispy scratch of a fountain pen, APPRAISAL written in ruddy black ink, AVAILABILITY , then three sharp underscores. “It’s not,” the man at the head of the table is saying, “that we anticipate an antagonism toward the anchor, on the part of any potential partners?” His flat grey suit’s a touch too big, the collar of his soft blue shirt’s undone, his sparse beard neatly trimmed. “But by anticipating,” he says, “their respective stances vis-à-vis their individualized brand engagement profiles which, let me assure you, we will be reviewing in a thorough manner before we, we take up any,” he’s trailing off, “tête-à-têtes,” blinking quizzically. The room about them’s walled in cool sheets of green-tinged glass on all four sides and more beyond refracting, reflecting, shimmering desk lamps and fluorescents, computer screens, heads popping up over cubicle walls, turning, following the figure swimming up through them, one glass door after another opening before her, “I,” says the man at the head of the table, “excuse me,” as the final glass door swings open, she’s sweeping into the room, Ysabel in her long white coat. “I tried to tell her,” someone’s saying, a receptionist maybe, bobbing in her wake, and “Do you mind,” says an older man, halfway down the table, a hand on his phone on the wood, but she’s glaring at the very other end of the table. “How dare you,” she says.
“Sorry, folks,” says Lymond, screwing the cap onto his fountain pen. “Think we might have the room a minute?”
“I, um,” says the man at the head of the table, “we just got started?”
“And we’ll get right back into it,” says Lymond. “I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this brand engagement. Now,” pushing back his chair, “if you don’t mind,” but already they’re filing out, shirts and blouses of dull green, milky blue, an intrepid puce, awkwardly around past Ysabel all in white. “Um,” says the man who’d been at the head of the table, in his flat grey suit.
“Thanks,” says Lymond, cheerfully. The green glass door swings shut. “How dare I?” he says, to Ysabel. “I’m the King. A certain latitude’s expected.”
“You could’ve gotten her killed,” says Ysabel.
“They’re watching, you know,” he says, tucking a report into the redweld. “Go on. Lean over the table. Slap me. That should be enough to undo all his sacrifice secured.”
She blinks at that, draws back. “Sacrifice,” she says.
“He thought of it as such,” says Lymond, stacking up those diagrams, tapping their edges against the wood. “Now. Slap me, or turn about, and go home.”
“Not until you explain yourself, brother.”
“Oh, Ys,” he says. “If you would play at this table,” he’s tucking the diagrams into a file folder, “you must pay attention.” A wince, as he sets the folder aside. “We find ourselves upon a crux: the duel between the Devil and the Huntsman redounded to our favor, yet the wound’s but freshly healed. Any sudden shift might tear it right back open.” His hands, folded together before him, a thumb pressed tight against a knuckle. “Is that what you would have?”
“I’ve seen the wound,” she says. “He nearly cut her through. The owr does what it can,” and she looks up from the tabletop to meet his eyes, one brown, one blue, both cold. “She sleeps. She’s been asleep since the Mason brought her home.” Leaning down now, both hands planted on the glossy wood. “I’m doing you a courtesy, by answering a question I assume you would eventually have asked?”
A bitter something of a smile. “How is Jo,” he says, “how Jo is, I know how is our Gallowglas: loyal, and effective. I trusted her to do what needed doing, and she went and got it done. Now,” over her sharp intake of breath, “I ask, once more. You know what is at stake. Do you mean to stand against any particular point of our plan?” Leaning in close. “Slap me,” he says. “Or go home.”
She steps back, she turns away. Before she can open the green glass door he says, “Take care, sister, where and when you might vent any further displeasures?” Looking down, at his folded hands. “Our tantrums are expensive.”
“You’ve no idea,” she says, “what could’ve spilled from her heart, had his stroke been a whit more true.”
She opens the door. He shifts his thumb. The thin line of a neat straight cut along the edge of his forefinger, sewn with tiny beads of dark red blood. He lifts it to his lips. “Um,” says someone, the man in the flat grey suit a touch too big, peering into the room. “Everything good?”
“Paper cut,” says Lymond, waving him in. “C’mon, let’s go. Take it from the top.”

Well and I don’t know, dim voices floating up through floorboards loosely laid across the joists, not what we discussed, poets and junkies, epic, like some, there’s a mirror, there’s no one in the mirror, there’s a crack in the glass of it jagged, chased and dappled, splotched with gold, a spangled haze, such a history, working together, that didn’t work, a drip-drip trickle from the faucet, puddles on gold-streaked marble about the sink, but there, it’s gonna be epic, dust gone dark to grey, to black, a lump of it mucked up under the mirror, with the shreds of a burst plastic baggie, this, or this, or this. There’s music, too, loud but languid, strummed guitars, a melodeon, but she’s sitting up in the dark, her head in her hands, and there is no mirror, no light, no sinks or water, no marble countertop, but there is the dust, spangled, glimmering in the milky cloud of her hair, and still the music.
“Well if we have to have a name,” says Gloria Monday.
“It’s something to put on a poster,” says the woman sitting on the nubbled pea-green couch, one hand braced on the curled handle of an orthopædic cane, a big brown scaley purse in her lap.
“Well if that’s all we want,” says Gloria, wrestling to one side a great stretched canvas, a twirling figure calligraphed in slashes of black, to reveal another propped behind it, the next wild scribble of dance. She steps back, behind a tiny silver camera atop a stolid tripod, stoops to peer through it. “We could call it the Lawn,” she says, snapping a picture. Straightening, she looks back and forth, from the painting, to the image of it, now on the enormous white-framed monitor behind her there on the worktable.
“As in get off the?” says the woman standing off to one side, her long black coat done up with brightly silver buttons, and a little grey snap-brim hat on her head.
“That’s not what we discussed,” says Anna in her houndstooth trousers, narrow black-rimmed glasses glaring in the light.
“The house,” says Gloria, taking hold of the canvas. “Run-down and falling apart and poets and junkies and twenty bedrooms to one bathroom and full of,” lifting, “epic,” hoisting it aside, “legend, and, and art,” to reveal the next. “The Lawn,” says Gloria Monday. Her feet are bare, laddered tights printed with overlapping gears, her vast white T-shirt says Robot Fightin’ Boots.
“I liked Weatherall’s,” says Anna. “If we’re going to change it.”
“Yeah, well,” says Gloria, stooping behind the camera again.
“Sounds like some Harry Potter shit,” says the woman in the long black coat.
“Jilting of,” says Gloria, snapping another picture. “Granny Weatherall? Been a while, since you been in high school?” The woman on the couch snorts up a laugh, sits up, hefting her cane. “How about,” she says, pointing the wide rubber foot of it out, toward the cavernous space beyond, “this building,” the boxes, equipment, the bulks of whatever it is under tarps shoved off to either side, stacked in the stalls that one by one march down the long high walls, “the history,” soaked in soft grey light depending from up under the rafters, the windows there scrubbed clean of filth, scraped clear of paint, “a name should honor that.”
“It was a warehouse for vegetables,” says Gloria.
“A farmers’ market,” says the woman on the couch, “built by Italian immigrants, working together. Cooperatively.”
“Snot Market,” says Gloria, “Grime Market, that didn’t work,” grabbing the next canvas, “Pus Market has a certain punch,” hauling it aside, “but Anna didn’t like any of those, and anyway it’s antique punk bullshit. Effluvial Plane I kinda liked, but that’s too, much, y’know?”
“How old are you?” says the woman all in black.
“Fuck you,” says Gloria. “That’s how old I am.”
“Gloria,” says Anna.
“No, fuck this,” snarls Gloria. “We got the space. We’re doing the thing. It’s gonna be epic. And you can either get on board, get your, people, involved,” the woman on the couch, clutching her purse, “you can write about it like you know what’s gonna happen,” the woman all in black, hands in her pockets, smirking, “or you can scramble to catch up after, like everyone else.”
“Ms. Thorpe, we must apologize,” says Anna, after a moment, but “No, no,” says the woman all in black, “tempers run hot and you let them out and that’s fine, and then you stop and you take a deep breath and you think. Maybe you do this, or maybe tomorrow you’re kicked out for squatting. You don’t – ”
“Hey, Anna!” says Gloria. “What’s the owner got to say, about us being here?”
“There are no objections,” says Anna, but Thorpe looks away, rolling her eyes. “I did my homework,” she says, lifting her little grey hat, “or I wouldn’t be here at all,” scratching her head, her dark hair short, swept back. “You’re Suzette Wilson, you’re Tom Wilson’s daughter, and I’m sorry for your loss, but the title to this pile is hardly as clear-cut as,” but Gloria’s saying, “This, this is my place,” as Thorpe says “that’s before we even get into the questions of insurance, and zoning, and inspections,” but Gloria’s shouting “S1! Last Thursday! The Teahouse! You think they waited around for fucking paperwork?”
Anna and the woman on the couch, watching them both, Gloria seething, Thorpe settling her hat on her head, “Well,” she’s saying, tucking her hands in the pockets of her coat, “S1 is street-legal now, yeah, and the Teahouse? That was in Sellwood? Long gone. And you have any idea how much the merchants on Alberta pay the city for extra cops?” A shrug, and that smirk warms to something more sympathetic. “You want to beg forgiveness instead of ask permission and I can respect that, but there’s this delicate balance. You gotta be big enough to get noticed, but you can’t be so big you get noticed, you know?” Looking out, over the cavernous space below. “And all this you want to do in a week.” Turning back, hands spread in a hapless shrug, a burble of sound, “I like you,” she says, “I do, I like the idea,” looking up. It sounds like someone’s singing up there.
Up there, up at the edge of the planks laid across the joists, up by the brief ladder bolted to the wall a couple of long bare legs kicked over and orange underpants, ee, ee-oh nor, the keening voice a grunt, doo da-da dee, doo da-da dee, down the ladder to the walkway up there, a wild mad cloud of white-gold hair, “and quickly was received, enthusiastically,” and Thorpe looks down, over at the paintings leaned, at the image on the enormous monitor. “Some say that it had more to do with her,” the singer’s making her way, hand on the railing, “improper sense of dress, than her talent, or her diligence,” opening a door up there, painted with letters that possibly once said Ranchers, or Gardeners, and closing it muffles her song. “I’m sorry,” says Anna, drawing back their attention. “It seems Marfisa forgot we were meeting this morning.”
“I’ve seen,” says Thorpe, “I’ve heard her, before.”
“Salt and Straw,” says the woman on the couch, but then, lifting a finger, “no, that’s the ice cream.”
“She kinda came with the place,” says Gloria. Up there a crash of water, flushing, that door opens, Marfisa’s stepping out, “Cartier Bresson!” she shouts. “Max Ernst, Paul Eluard, George Bataille,” as she’s making her way back along the wall above them. “Their misogyny really irritated her, but she wasn’t, she,” stopping, standing there, wavering a little, looking down at them. Absently scratching just beneath a breast, and sunlight flashing from the gold dust spangling her skin.
“I heard you play once,” says Thorpe, abruptly.
Her wide smile spreading, Marfisa tips back her white-gold head, “Lee, ee-oh nor!” she sings, reaching for the ladder. “Lee, ee-oh nor!” Climbing back up toward the makeshift floor above.
“Stone and Salt!” says the woman on the couch. “That was it.”

Ding the microwave, she opens the door of it, reaches in with a hot pad for a steaming pink mug that says Sophia & Dorothy & Blanche & Rose. In she dunks a purple octopus infuser, dandling its delicate chain a moment. Color blooms.
Out of the kitchen, across the living room, dark wood paneling, grey-green shag, shuff and snap of her slippers into a nook of a hall, too brightly lit. She nudges open a door left ajar, into a small dark room lit only by sunlight staining the edges of heavy curtains drawn, and almost entirely filled by a great wide bed. “I’ve brought tea,” she says, setting the mug on the nightstand in the corner. “Hey.” Sitting on the edge of the bed. “I called Reg,” she says, reaching along the margin of the thick dark comforter, and a gentle stroke for the blond head there, turned away. “Told him we’d need another week. He wasn’t happy, but hey. Fuck him.” Tucking a lock of her own hair, as blond, as straight, behind her ear. “Chrissie,” she says. “Chér.”
“I don’t want any tea.”
“Yeah, well,” says Ettie, and she gets to her feet with a sigh. “This would be why I stick with men. They can’t break your heart.”

The door swings open, for a moment all’s revealed, scarred floor and drifts of grit against the bar, peeling dimpled paint along the front of it and its cracked vinyl bumper, dust furring the bottles along the top shelf, the washed-out flyspecked neon lights, the bartender, spiky hair flared palely to a golden brown, hand up against the raw daylight, skinny arm festooned with shadowy tattoos, “Jacks?” says Jessie, blinking, but the light’s swallowed away as the door swings shut, and dimness closes about the warm neon, the sparkle of glass, the rattle of drums and a couple of jangled chords, bubbling bass, “Jackie?” says the bartender, his hair gone black. “Ah, naw. She ain’t here.”
“Oh,” says Jessie, in her puffy pink parka. “Sorry. I thought,” and she shakes her head, Americans were thus denied, someone’s singing, with the guitar and the drums, all right to travel to the other side. “She usually works mornings,” says Jessie. “Any idea when she’s in next?”
“No, see,” says the bartender, “I mean, she’s not here? Anymore?” Folding those skinny arms, leaning his elbows on the bar. “And we can’t be giving out people’s schedules, come on. Basic security.”
“I’m a friend,” says Jessie, and then, “I used to dance here? About a year, year and a half ago. Went by Rain?”
“If you’re a friend,” says the bartender, “I mean, she left, what, right after the holidays? Two, three months ago? So, I mean,” and he spreads his hands. “Want something to drink?”
“Where’d she go?” says Jessie.
“I don’t know, Eugene or something? But even if I did I couldn’t tell you, because, security, you know. Coffee? Anything?”
Betcha my life, there’d be no violence there, and she opens her mouth to speak but everything lights up again, washed out, as the door swings open, two women, raincoat, trench coat, gym bag and backpack, nodding to the bartender who waves hello as they head through empty tables past the empty little stage, toward the nondescript door back there. “How about Chilli,” says Jessie. “He back there?”
“He, naw, Chilli, we’re,” the bartender jumps as she walks away, “we’re under new management,” he calls after her, “so,” but there’s confusion by that nondescript door as it opens, those women stepping through around and past a man who’s stepping out, brown leather vest and rich red hair flopping from a widow’s peak, “I need you to,” the bartender’s saying. Jessie waves him off. “It’s Gaveston,” she says. “I know Gav.”
But Gaveston’s holding the door for someone else, a tall woman in a white track suit, short hair greenly yellow, and Jessie stops short, in the midst of the empty tables. “Chariot?” she says. The tall woman’s saying something to Gaveston, as she heads off past the little stage. “Iona?” says Jessie, and the tall woman looks over to see her there in pink. “Oh,” she says, stopped short. “Rain.”
“Is she here?” says Jessie. “The,” a cough, “the Princess? Uh, Queen? Ysabel?”
Iona’s shaking her head, “I’m merely here on her behalf,” she says, stepping away, but “Iona,” says Jessie, “Chariot, tell her, please,” and Iona stops, looks back. “Yes?” she says.
Jessie looks away. “Nothing,” she says. “Don’t tell her anything. Not even, that you saw me.”
“As you wish,” says Iona. Jessie’s still looking away, there among the empty tables. I’d want the giddy-up, the guitar jangles, I’d want to live it up, I’d want the pick-me-up, and the nondescript door back there’s now shut. The bartender isn’t behind the bar that flares, scoured once more by daylight as Iona opens the door outside. She steps through, the door swings shut, the darkness returns.

Nox Sea Raid say the letters punched in light across the screen. Choose Your Squad swooshes in below. A husky contralto says Set em up Sarge over the speakers, and the guy on the beanbag thumbs and clicks the controller in his lap, wheeling the view on the screen about a motley crew of centaurs, each stepping up to present arms as the focus settles fleetingly on them, uttering a catch-phrase, Rock an roll, rack em and pack em, they will fear my song, buzzbombs why’s it have to be buzzbombs, reportin for beauty! rock an rack em rock an pack em why’s it have to fear my rock an roll an reportin! “This is gonna suck,” says the guy on the beanbag, “I need more’n one tank for this.” Wrinkles about his eyes and gingery stubble along his jaw. “Whaddaya think,” he says, looking away from the screen, “would a Mixolydian,” but there’s nobody beside him, there’s a man headed away, over toward the grand dark staircase, dodging around a dark wood column, his sweater bulky, red, he’s looking up to the woman stopped there on the stairs, black trousers, a bowtie unclipped about her winged collar. “Long as he needs,” she’s saying, and “Oh,” says the guy on the beanbag, turning back to the screen, “Ellen’s home.” Clicking through the figures on the screen, rock an roll, reportin for beauty, they will fear, “The hell was he doing, wearing my shirt?” and the guy on the beanbag looks up again at that, the man in the red sweater a step or two up the stairs, and Ellen above him, maybe a shrug, “It looks better on him,” she’s saying, turning away. Why’s it have to be, says the centaur on the screen. Rack em!
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2023.06.07 14:49 Derdly_Kerg Tips for how to deal with the wait (vent)

Hey everyone, sorry for the long post but I gotta get my thoughts out somewhere without worrying my family and friends for no reason haha.
I'm a 22 y/o male. A couple weeks ago I noticed that my right tonsil was absolutely massive while not hurting whatsoever, while the left one was normal. I got worried about it so I immediately scheduled an appointment with my regular doctor (she's wonderful). She checked it out and said that, while it is very large and strangely bulbous, she noticed no other malignant symptoms. And there was a small swollen lymph node under my left jaw but she said it was benign. She did mention that I should see an ENT if it didn't go down after 2 weeks.
Flash forward a week, and my left tonsil has started swelling a tiny bit. My doctor (who thankfully always takes me seriously) was still convinced it's an infection, as I don't smoke, drink and I've only been sexually active with a single partner for 2.5 years (chance of HPV low).
Now let's go to the week after that, my right jaw hurts and sometimes the pain goes to my right ear. My lymph nodes on the left side of my neck are absolutely swollen. My doctor schedules me an appointment with an ENT but it won't be until the 27th of June (AHHH). She also suggests we take some blood to test for Mono (Pfeiffer) and to check my CRP (A high value indicates infection). Today I got the results through my patient portal and I checked them out. My CRP is mad low (absolutely normal) but this means that there is most likely no infection.
I'm currently waiting on my doctor to call me to discuss the results of the blood test. But honestly, I'm really worried. I kept trying to tell myself it was just an infection and it would go away or shrink down, but it's been the same size for 4 weeks (that I know of, last dentist appointment was 8 months ago) and still doesn't hurt.
The fear of it being tonsil cancer really has gotten to me, usually I'm able to rationalise and control said fear well. But the symptoms have been staring me in the face for a couple weeks, and I'm mortified at the thought of it already spreading (as most people would be). On top of that, my bloodtest coming back basically infection negative is giving me the absolute creeps.
I know I do not have a proper diagnosis yet, and this is just my fears, but I didn't really know where else to place them. I do not mean to take away from those of you going through treatment or worse. You are all genuinly insane fighters, my mother is a colon cancer survivor (which doesn't help with my fear), and I figure you guys must be just as strong as her. So if any of you have any tips on how to deal with the wait until June 27th, I would love to hear it. Thank you for reading, I wish you all the very best <3
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Trust, Reliability, and Resiliency: Parablu's BluVault Leads the Way in G2 Reviews
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G2's Validation: BluVault Reigns Supreme in the Backup Software Category
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Choosing BluVault means choosing a solution that has been thoroughly validated by real-world users and experts in the field. It offers comprehensive data protection for endpoints and Microsoft 365 environments, ensuring that your valuable data is safe from hardware failures, accidental deletions, and malicious threats like ransomware attacks. With Parablu's BluVault, you can embrace the power of cutting-edge technology while maintaining control and peace of mind.
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VidaCalm Reviews Reddit : ⚠️Vidacalm Supplement Scam Or Legit⚠️ Does VIDACALM Work

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2023.06.07 14:39 MoretaPern Help id-ing plant illness

Help id-ing plant illness
Hi all, new to this thread. One of my son’s new succulents (he is almost 5) has some weird holes developing (see images - mushed up interior was me teaching texture. Internal looks ok). Plant was bought at IKEA (not the most reputable I realise) a week ago, currently badly potted (good soil will arrive tomorrow or Friday and will be repotted. I took off affected bits and cut open, no visible pests. It has spread a little since we bought it home Have now moved it away from the other plants but so far nothing visible on the others. I am new to succulents too and generally wouldn’t describe myself as green-thumbed. Anyone who wants to be asked a million questions, please feel free to message… i have quite a few.
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Cockroaches, also known as Roaches, had exist for more than 320 million years, and there are about 4,600 species around the world. Even though roaches are tiny, they still function as a 13-chamber tubular heart, filling each chamber with oxygenated blood.
They are one of the most common insects found in almost all environments, including households, especially in the middle east and specifically in the UAE. The lifespan of a cockroach is about 5 to 6 months, which means that the same cockroach can revolve around your house for almost half a year. if it gets enough food and water.
One egg case may contain anywhere from 16 to 50 eggs in it, depending upon the species of the roach. This way, roaches can rule your house, and even though they are scared of humans, everywhere you go. you will be able to notice a few of them. Many people do not hire home pest control agencies like Al Ameen Pest Control to get rid of the roaches in their household because they feel it is no harm to them. Let us look deeper into the topic of if cockroaches are harmful to us or not. Read Full Blog
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2023.06.07 14:29 primeukbot Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller - Green/Blue/Red/Volt/Pink/Black - £36.99 (using CDKeys Microsoft digital Gift Cards) - Delivered @ Xbox

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2023.06.07 14:24 ThomasRegulatory What 510k Submission Experts Or 510k Consultants Want You To Know?

What 510k Submission Experts Or 510k Consultants Want You To Know?
A 510k is a device classification that allows manufacturers to sell their products without first obtaining FDA approval, but only if certain criteria are met. An FDA 510k submission, in other words, is the technical documentation required by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell in-vitro diagnostic products (IVD) or medium-risk medical devices in the country. Preparing for this premarket can be difficult because it is fairly strict about how your submission should be organized. Before submitting your 510k, make sure you understand what you're getting into. It is essential for anyone wishing to sell a medical device in the United States. If you are the one who wants assistance for your medical device to be marketed in the US, then Thomas Regulatory Resolutions (TRR) is there for you. We also have the best FDA US Agent Consultant that will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best result possible.

Checklist for Preparation

The FDA prefers that 510k submissions be as thorough and organized as possible. As a result, they have guided how to format 510ks for submission. Your submission must include all of the sections that are Statement of Summary, Technical Files, and Labeling so that the FDA can quickly scan it. When preparing a 510k, you'll notice that these sections are consistent from form to form. This is because the FDA wants all of your product's information in one place.

Traditional 510K Submission

The traditional 510k submission is used to determine substantial equivalence with a predicate medical device that is already on the market. This type of 510k specifies the technological features and application of the medical device. So, if you have a predicate device, there are no mandated special conditions or circumstances to submit a traditional 510k. Furthermore, you are not required to fill out any special 'form.' A traditional 510k is simply the submission of all the information required by 21 CFR 807.87.

Special 510K Submission

The Special 510k is the second most common type of 510k, which is used by manufacturers to modify or change a medical device that is already on the market. The FDA established it in 1998 to create an efficient review process for device modifications and changes requiring 510k submission requirements. You must provide summary information resulting from the design control process in Special 510k. This can serve as a foundation for substantial equivalence. Overall, the information needed for a special 510k submission includes analyzing and identifying risks associated with the change, as well as the associated acceptance criteria and verification methods with results.

Abbreviated 510K Submission
The third and final type of 510K is the abbreviated 510K, which is used to determine substantial equivalence to a special control, recognized standard, or guidance through the use of a declaration of conformity. Regardless of its name, an abbreviated 510k submission is neither easier nor shorter than a traditional submission. The FDA takes twice as long to review.


We hope this article helped you understand the fundamentals of FDA 510k submission. Everything from the checklist to the type has been covered. Please read the guidelines and seek professional 510k Consultant assistance if necessary before submitting an FDA 510k for your new medical device.
The Best FDA US Agent Consultants Are Here At TRR
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2023.06.07 14:19 Ok_Bumblebee9800 Member of staff at a tourist attraction was aggressive and intimidating towards myself and my son, tried to prevent us from leaving. Will the police care?

I’ve tried complaining to the managing agency who appear not to care. They say cctv exists and they’ve reviewed it and apologised “if [I] thought the member of staff was aggressive”. They won’t share cctv with me as the member of staff is on it.
He caused huge amounts of distress to myself and my child, intimidated us and tried to prevent us from leaving (he basically went on a power trip that escalated to a ridiculous level).
My child was in tears by the end of it, I wasn’t much better. It feels like he shouldn’t be allowed to behave that way but I don’t know if the police will care and really don’t want to waste their time? I’m still really stressed because he was an absolute bully, his temper was out of control and I’m wondering if anyone has advice, even if that advice is to just drop it since I’ve tried and they don’t care - I’d appreciate any input.
Husband is wondering if the complaint has run its course and that’s life - win some, lose some.
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2023.06.07 14:16 Olaboeh6275 Roach Infestation

Hi, I have identified an infestation in a crack in the corner of my bathroom (after looking around some more i found an additional 2 cracks although im unsure whether they have infestations or not). Today at night I entered my room and saw around 7 - 8 nymphs, killed around 6 of them but i saw two enter this crack in the corner, which is likely their home or something.
The room im in hasnt been used for 3 - 4 years and I moved back in a few months ago. For the first few days i recall finding a roach everyday (adult) and killing it for 3 - 4 days until they stopped appearing so much. At the time i was still naive and i thought it was over but recently nymphs have been appearing nonstop in my bathroom st night. Sometimes theres one or two, other times multiple (like today). My bathroom is clean and it hasnt been used much asides from a pipe repair years ago which eventually led to the room being unused.
I have a huge fear for roaches and it takes lots of courage to kill them, and I want to end the infestation. Likely it has gotten out of my control, afterall i havent used the room for years, and there might even be an infestation in the walla if thats a thing, I wouldnt know though. Still, i want to know if theres anything I can do to stop it. I cannot call an exterminator or pest control, as i dont want to burden my parents. I have access to limited resources as i cannot buy them on my own as im still a teenager. Thanks
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2023.06.07 14:08 Spinsvilla The Ultimate Guide to Winning Big: Uncovering the Most Popular Casino Games

Welcome to the ultimate guide on winning big at the casino! For many of us, the thrill of gambling and the excitement of hitting the jackpot is an experience like no other. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know which games to play and which to avoid. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to uncovering the most popular casino games, complete with tips and strategies for increasing your chances of success. From classic table games like blackjack and roulette to the latest digital slot machines, we’ll explore the ins and outs of each game and provide expert insights on how to beat the odds. So whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a beginner looking to hit it big, this guide has everything you need to know to increase your chances of winning at the casino. Let’s get started!

Understanding the odds and payouts

Before we delve into specific games, it’s important to understand the basics of odds and payouts. Every casino game has a built-in house edge, which means that the odds are always slightly in favor of the house. This is how casinos make their money, so it’s important to keep this in mind when playing any game.
One of the most important factors to consider when playing a casino game is the payout percentage. This is the percentage of money that the game will pay back over time. For example, if a game has a payout percentage of 95%, this means that over time, the game will pay back 95 cents for every dollar that is wagered. The higher the payout percentage, the better your chances of winning.
It’s also important to understand the difference between true odds and payout odds. True odds are the actual odds of winning a bet, whereas payout odds are the amount that a casino pays out for a win. The difference between these two numbers is the house edge.

Slot machines - how they work and tips to win

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games, and for good reason. They’re easy to play, require no skill or strategy, and offer the possibility of hitting a huge jackpot with just one spin. But how do slot machines actually work?
At its most basic level, a slot machine is a random number generator. When you press the button or pull the lever, the machine generates a random number that corresponds to a particular combination of symbols on the reels. If the symbols line up in the correct combination, you win.
There are a few tips and tricks that can help you increase your chances of winning at slot machines. First, it’s important to choose a machine with a high payout percentage. Look for machines that have a payout percentage of 95% or higher. It’s also a good idea to bet the maximum amount on each spin, as this increases your chances of hitting a big jackpot.

Blackjack - rules and strategies

Blackjack is a classic casino game that has been around for centuries. The basic rules are simple – the goal is to have a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, without going over 21. But there are many strategies that can be used to increase your chances of winning.
One of the most important things to keep in mind when playing blackjack is to always assume that the dealer’s face-down card is a 10. This means that if the dealer is showing a 6, for example, you should assume that their face-down card is a 10, giving them a total of 16. This can help you make better decisions about when to hit or stand.
Another important strategy is to always split aces and 8s. This gives you two opportunities to get a hand of 21, and also helps to minimize your losses. It’s also a good idea to stand on a hand of 17 or higher, as the chances of going over 21 are high.

Roulette - types, bets, and tactics

Roulette is a classic casino game that is based purely on luck. The game consists of a spinning wheel with numbered slots, and a ball that is dropped onto the wheel. The goal is to place a bet on where the ball will land.
There are two main types of roulette – American and European. The American version has an extra double zero slot, which increases the house edge. It’s always a better idea to play the European version if it’s available.
There are many different types of bets that can be placed in roulette, including straight bets, split bets, and corner bets. It’s important to understand the odds of each type of bet before placing your chips.

Baccarat - gameplay and winning tips

Baccarat is a popular casino game that is often associated with high rollers and VIPs. The game is simple – the goal is to have a hand that is closest to 9. But there are many different strategies that can be used to increase your chances of winning.
One of the most important things to keep in mind when playing baccarat is to always bet on the banker. The banker bet has a lower house edge than the player bet, which means that you’re more likely to win.
Another important strategy is to keep track of the shoe. Baccarat uses a shoe of cards that is shuffled before each hand. By keeping track of which cards have been dealt, you can make better decisions about when to place your bets.

Poker - variations and skills required

Poker is a game of skill that requires strategy, patience, and a bit of luck. There are many different variations of poker, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud.
One of the most important skills in poker is the ability to read your opponents. This means paying attention to their body language, betting patterns, and facial expressions to determine what kind of hand they have.
Another important strategy is to know when to fold. Many players make the mistake of holding onto a bad hand for too long, hoping that they’ll get lucky on the next card. But in the long run, this is a losing strategy.

Craps - how to play and win

Craps is a fast-paced casino game that is popular among both beginners and experienced players. The game consists of a pair of dice and a table with various betting options.
One of the most important things to keep in mind when playing craps is to always bet on the pass line. This gives you the best odds of winning, as the house edge is only 1.41%.
Another important strategy is to take advantage of the free odds bet. This is a bet that can be placed after the point has been established, and has no house edge.

Other popular casino games - keno, bingo, and more

In addition to the classic casino games, there are many other popular games that can be found at casinos around the world. These include games like keno, bingo, and scratch cards.
Keno is a lottery-style game that is similar to bingo. The game consists of a board with numbers from 1 to 80, and players must choose up to 10 numbers. A random number generator then selects the winning numbers.
Bingo is another popular game that is based on luck. The game consists of a board with numbers, and players must mark off the numbers as they are called out.

Beginner's guide to casino etiquette

When playing at a casino, it’s important to follow certain rules of etiquette to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. This includes things like not touching other players’ chips, not smoking at the table, and not using your cellphone while playing.
It’s also important to be respectful to the dealers and other players. Remember that everyone is there to have fun, and it’s important to be courteous and friendly.

Online casino games vs. land-based casino games

With the rise of online casinos, many players are now choosing to play their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes. But how do online casino games compare to land-based casino games?
One of the biggest differences is the atmosphere. Land-based casinos offer a unique and exciting experience that can’t be replicated online. But online casinos are convenient and offer a wider variety of games.
It’s also important to consider the safety and security of online casinos. Make sure to choose a reputable online casino that is licensed and regulated.

Responsible gambling practices

Gambling can be a fun and exciting activity, but it’s important to gamble responsibly. This means setting a budget and sticking to it, never borrowing money to gamble, and never chasing your losses.
It’s also important to know when to take a break. If you feel like you’re losing control, it’s important to step away from the game and seek help if necessary.


We hope that this guide has been helpful in uncovering the most popular casino games and providing tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning. Remember to always gamble responsibly, and have fun!
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