Soap dish for kitchen sink


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2023.02.13 00:50 dontusedishsoap

A subreddit for that one time mistake of using dish soap in the dishwasher

2017.04.18 22:26 JonoExplainsThings Clean My Soap

This subreddit was created to showcase the redundancy that is the hands-free soap dispenser. If you see an example of this engineering sin, document it here for further discussion.

2023.06.07 15:29 BestproductsOTM DishCloths for Kitchen

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2023.06.07 15:28 Confident-Quality817 Landlord moved strange men into my apartment undisclosed

How legal is this?
I am 20F and live in student accommodation, which unknowingly turns into some sort of holiday rental ?? during the summer months. Never once was I told of this. Unsure if this is the right subreddit.
Because i’m a trainee Nurse i needed to extend my lease from the college year a month extra where as my roomates:friends moved back home for the holidays.
The apartment complex owner (consists of 9 Blocks of 21-24 apartments each, 2,3,4 bedroom apartments, 600+ students during the year), has always been known as a little dodgy and money hungry. Apartments are often very cold, mouldy and broken items not replaced.
I arrived home this week to a foreign man in my kitchen. He spoke little english and when I completely shat myself and asked him who he was he simply said i’m moving in tomorrow. He was allocated the room adjoining mine. Where i can hear every fart. I was so upset, mostly because my bedroom door had been broken for a month now and can not lock. I was never emailed, given a notice, anything. I protested at reception that i did not want to be a bother, but seriously what the hell? This man is twice my age. Not a college student and god knows why he’s even in Ireland.
Although i asked before they insisted they’d get my door fixed but they have over 200 people staying on the premise over summer so it would be “impossible” to let all of us know when strangers were going to move in. The complex currently is nursing students or indian exchange students. During the college year a man followed me into town and attempted to get on my bus home also.
Is this very legal? or just a little dodgy? I know i don’t pay for the other 3 bedrooms but surely legally they have to let me know. If i was told, this wouldn’t have been such a deal to me.
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2023.06.07 15:25 EmmyAndAggie Lilies in garden where I rent. Advice?

Hi! I have an indoor cat and a dog. I moved into a rental a few months ago and noticed that 5-10 lilies are starting to grow in the garden near my kitchen window (~10ft). If this was my house, I would immediately get rid of the lilies, but it’s a rental so I can’t do that. I’m very worried about my cat and the risk of Lily poisoning. Looking for advice-
My cat is indoor only. I plan to keep the kitchen window closed and to keep my dog out of the garden as best as I can. If he goes near the lilies, I will hose him down before letting him inside. Anything else I can do?
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 15:24 EnterJakari Boxed in pipework looks awful, how to improve?

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2023.06.07 15:24 kaiserryu9 "Fatal Error" Citra Pokemon Ultra Sun. Please help

I have no problem playing the game before and suddenly it went black screen. and after restarting citra. It says fatal error. Error Log:
[ 0.000099] Config common/settings.cpp:LogSettings:141: Citra Configuration:
[ 0.000106] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Core_UseCpuJit: true
[ 0.000112] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Core_CPUClockPercentage: 100
[ 0.000113] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_UseGLES: false
[ 0.000114] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_GraphicsAPI: OpenGL
[ 0.000115] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_Debug: true
[ 0.000115] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_UseHwShader: true
[ 0.000116] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_ShadersAccurateMul: true
[ 0.000117] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_UseShaderJit: true
[ 0.000117] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_UseResolutionFactor: 1
[ 0.000118] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_FrameLimit: 130
[ 0.000118] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_VSyncNew: true
[ 0.000120] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_PostProcessingShader: none (builtin)
[ 0.000120] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_FilterMode: true
[ 0.000121] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_TextureFilter: None
[ 0.000128] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Stereoscopy_Render3d: 0
[ 0.000129] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Stereoscopy_Factor3d: 0
[ 0.000129] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Stereoscopy_MonoRenderOption: 0
[ 0.000132] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Layout_LayoutOption: 3
[ 0.000133] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Layout_SwapScreen: false
[ 0.000133] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Layout_UprightScreen: false
[ 0.000139] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Layout_LargeScreenProportion: 4
[ 0.000139] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_DumpTextures: false
[ 0.000140] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_CustomTextures: false
[ 0.000140] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_PreloadTextures: false
[ 0.000141] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_AsyncCustomLoading: true
[ 0.000141] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_UseDiskShaderCache: true
[ 0.000142] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_Emulation: HLE
[ 0.000144] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_OutputType: 0
[ 0.000145] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_OutputDevice: auto
[ 0.000148] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_InputType: 0
[ 0.000149] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_InputDevice: auto
[ 0.000149] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_EnableAudioStretching: true
[ 0.000150] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterRightName: blank
[ 0.000150] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterRightConfig:
[ 0.000151] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterRightFlip: 0
[ 0.000152] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_InnerName: blank
[ 0.000152] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_InnerConfig:
[ 0.000153] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_InnerFlip: 0
[ 0.000153] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterLeftName: blank
[ 0.000154] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterLeftConfig:
[ 0.000154] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterLeftFlip: 0
[ 0.000155] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: DataStorage_UseVirtualSd: true
[ 0.000155] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: DataStorage_UseCustomStorage: false
[ 0.000156] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: System_IsNew3ds: true
[ 0.000156] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: System_RegionValue: -1
[ 0.000157] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: System_PluginLoader: false
[ 0.000157] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: System_PluginLoaderAllowed: true
[ 0.000158] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Debugging_UseGdbstub: false
[ 0.000158] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Debugging_GdbstubPort: 24689
[ 0.087425] Input input_common/udp/client.cpp:StartCommunication:206: Starting communication with UDP input server on
[ 0.151092] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:GMainWindow:234: Citra Version: Nightly 1919 HEAD-54c499e
[ 0.151105] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:GMainWindow:250: Host CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega Graphics AVX2 FMA
[ 0.151344] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:GMainWindow:252: Host OS: Windows 10 Version 22H2 (Build 19045.2965)
[ 0.151363] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:GMainWindow:255: Host RAM: 13.93 GiB
[ 0.151373] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:GMainWindow:256: Host Swap: 2.12 GiB
[ 0.281837] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:CheckForUpdates:914: Update check started
[ 0.293099] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:Load:241: Secure1 KeyX missing
[ 0.293107] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:Load:260: Secure2 KeyX missing
[ 0.293130] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:Load:346: NCCH is marked as encrypted but with decrypted exheader. Force no crypto scheme.
[ 2.007011] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:BootGame:1137: Citra starting...
[ 2.007381] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:LoadHeader:160: 16384
[ 2.013738] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:BootGame:1159: Using per game config file for title id 00040000001B5000
[ 2.013744] Config common/settings.cpp:LogSettings:141: Citra Configuration:
[ 2.013746] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Core_UseCpuJit: true
[ 2.013747] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Core_CPUClockPercentage: 100
[ 2.013748] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_UseGLES: false
[ 2.013749] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_GraphicsAPI: OpenGL
[ 2.013750] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_Debug: true
[ 2.013751] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_UseHwShader: true
[ 2.013752] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_ShadersAccurateMul: true
[ 2.013752] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_UseShaderJit: true
[ 2.013753] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_UseResolutionFactor: 1
[ 2.013754] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_FrameLimit: 130
[ 2.013755] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_VSyncNew: true
[ 2.013756] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_PostProcessingShader: none (builtin)
[ 2.013757] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_FilterMode: true
[ 2.013758] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Renderer_TextureFilter: None
[ 2.013759] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Stereoscopy_Render3d: 0
[ 2.013760] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Stereoscopy_Factor3d: 0
[ 2.013761] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Stereoscopy_MonoRenderOption: 0
[ 2.013762] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Layout_LayoutOption: 3
[ 2.013763] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Layout_SwapScreen: false
[ 2.013764] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Layout_UprightScreen: false
[ 2.013765] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Layout_LargeScreenProportion: 4
[ 2.013766] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_DumpTextures: false
[ 2.013766] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_CustomTextures: false
[ 2.013767] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_PreloadTextures: false
[ 2.013767] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_AsyncCustomLoading: true
[ 2.013768] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Utility_UseDiskShaderCache: true
[ 2.013769] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_Emulation: HLE
[ 2.013770] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_OutputType: 0
[ 2.013770] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_OutputDevice: auto
[ 2.013771] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_InputType: 0
[ 2.013772] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_InputDevice: auto
[ 2.013773] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Audio_EnableAudioStretching: true
[ 2.013773] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterRightName: blank
[ 2.013774] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterRightConfig:
[ 2.013775] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterRightFlip: 0
[ 2.013775] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_InnerName: blank
[ 2.013776] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_InnerConfig:
[ 2.013777] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_InnerFlip: 0
[ 2.013777] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterLeftName: blank
[ 2.013778] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterLeftConfig:
[ 2.013779] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Camera_OuterLeftFlip: 0
[ 2.013779] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: DataStorage_UseVirtualSd: true
[ 2.013780] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: DataStorage_UseCustomStorage: false
[ 2.013781] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: System_IsNew3ds: true
[ 2.013781] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: System_RegionValue: -1
[ 2.013782] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: System_PluginLoader: false
[ 2.013782] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: System_PluginLoaderAllowed: true
[ 2.013783] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Debugging_UseGdbstub: false
[ 2.013784] Config common/settings.cpp:operator():138: Debugging_GdbstubPort: 24689
[ 2.240920] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:Load:241: Secure1 KeyX missing
[ 2.240927] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:Load:260: Secure2 KeyX missing
[ 2.240933] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:Load:346: NCCH is marked as encrypted but with decrypted exheader. Force no crypto scheme.
[ 2.351663] Audio.DSP audio_core/hle/wmf_decoder.cpp:Impl:67: Media Foundation activated
[ 2.353419] Audio.DSP audio_core/hle/wmf_decoder_utils.cpp:MFDecoderInit:50: Windows(R) Media Foundation found 1 suitable decoder(s)
[ 2.388475] Audio.Sink audio_core/cubeb_sink.cpp:StateCallback:137: Cubeb Audio Stream Started
[ 2.388491] RPC_Server core/rpc/rpc_server.cpp:RPCServer:12: Starting RPC server ...
[ 2.388702] RPC_Server core/rpc/rpc_server.cpp:HandleRequestsLoop:113: Request handler started.
[ 2.388708] RPC_Server core/rpc/rpc_server.cpp:RPCServer:16: RPC started.
[ 2.392260] Service.HTTP core/hle/service/http_c.cpp:DecryptClCertA:807: ClCertA file missing
[ 2.392352] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_driver.cpp:ReportDriverInfo:132: GL_VERSION: 4.3.14761 Core Profile Forward-Compatible/Debug Context 21.30.14 30.0.13014.8
[ 2.392354] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_driver.cpp:ReportDriverInfo:133: GL_VENDOR: ATI Technologies Inc.
[ 2.392355] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_driver.cpp:ReportDriverInfo:134: GL_RENDERER: AMD 15D8:C8
[ 2.427823] Loader core/loadencch.cpp:Load:215: Program ID: 00040000001B5000
[ 2.427953] Service.FS core/file_sys/ncch_container.cpp:OpenFile:129: Failed to open C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/sdmc/Nintendo 3DS/00000000000000000000000000000000/00000000000000000000000000000000/title/0004000e/001b5000/content/
[ 2.453334] Loader core/hle/kernel/process.cpp:ParseKernelCaps:151: ExHeader kernel version: 2.50
[ 2.457392] Service.CFG core/hle/service/cfg/cfg.cpp:SetPreferredRegionCodes:761: Preferred region code set to 1
[ 2.468420] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468432] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468452] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468463] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468510] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468528] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468636] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468655] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468665] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468676] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468688] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.468803] Core.Cheats core/cheats/gateway_cheat.cpp:SetEnabled:433: Cheats enabled. This might lead to weird behaviour or crashes
[ 2.493841] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_shader_disk_cache.cpp:LoadTransferable:176: Found a transferable disk cache with 501 entries
[ 2.521044] Render.OpenGL video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_shader_disk_cache.cpp:LoadPrecompiledFile:277: Found a precompiled disk cache with 501 decompiled entries and 501 binary entries
[ 2.918675] Service.CAM citra_qt/camera/qt_multimedia_camera.cpp:ResumeCameras:50: Resuming all cameras
[ 2.919242] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.01.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.919383] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.02.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.919511] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.03.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.919654] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.04.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.919785] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.05.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.919914] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.06.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.920055] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.07.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.920184] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.08.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.920326] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.09.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 2.920462] Core core/savestate.cpp:ValidateSaveState:61: Save state file C:\Users\AnneMaj\AppData\Roaming/Citra/states/00040000001B5000.10.cst created from a different revision d16dce6d991547e92bf1ac664e36a94eaeb9195a
[ 3.121884] Service.SRV core/hle/service/sm/srv.cpp:RegisterClient:63: (STUBBED) called. Caller PID=11
[ 3.214633] Frontend citra_qt/main.cpp:OnUpdateFound:927: No updates found
[ 3.271942] Service.SRV core/hle/service/sm/srv.cpp:EnableNotification:85: (STUBBED) called
[ 3.278322] Service.NDM core/hle/service/ndm/ndm_u.cpp:OverrideDefaultDaemons:186: (STUBBED) bit_mask=0x0000000F
[ 3.278439] Service.NDM core/hle/service/ndm/ndm_u.cpp:SuspendDaemons:74: (STUBBED) bit_mask=0x00000006
[ 3.280195] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:NotifyToWait:338: (STUBBED) app_id=768
[ 3.283864] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:AppletUtility:635: (STUBBED) called command=0X00000007, input_size=0X00000004, output_size=0X00000001
[ 3.284181] Service.APT core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:AppletUtility:635: (STUBBED) called command=0X00000004, input_size=0X00000001, output_size=0X00000001
[ 3.286544] Service.FS core/hle/service/fs/fs_user.cpp:InitializeWithSdkVersion:599: (STUBBED) called, version: 0x0B0401C8
[ 3.289010] Service.FS ./core/file_sys/archive_backend.h:GetOpenDelayNs:193: Delay generator was not initalized. Using default
[ 3.291488] Service.FS ./core/file_sys/archive_backend.h:GetOpenDelayNs:193: Delay generator was not initalized. Using default
[ 3.319543] Service.SRV core/hle/service/sm/srv.cpp:Subscribe:210: (STUBBED) called, notification_id=0x209
[ 3.327181] Service.DSP audio_core/hle/hle.cpp:LoadComponent:502: Firmware hash: 0xdcdb8c683bf28fdd
[ 3.327186] Service.DSP audio_core/hle/hle.cpp:LoadComponent:506: Structures hash: 0x228655de1258d999
[ 3.327189] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:191: called size=0xC25C, prog_mask=0x000000FF, data_mask=0x000900FF
[ 3.328114] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:RegisterInterruptEvents:257: Registered interrupt=2, channel=2, event=event-0025d948
[ 3.328344] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:GetSemaphoreEventHandle:274: (STUBBED) called
[ 3.328560] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphoreMask:284: (STUBBED) called mask=0x2000
[ 3.328870] Audio.DSP audio_core/hle/hle.cpp:PipeWrite:262: Application has requested initialization of DSP hardware
[ 3.329019] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphore:57: called, semaphore_value=4000
[ 3.331031] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphore:57: called, semaphore_value=4000
[ 3.523817] Service.LDR core/hle/service/ldr_ro/ldr_ro.cpp:LoadCRR:154: (STUBBED) called, crr_buffer_ptr=0x0823E000, crr_size=0x00008000
[ 3.538403] Service.GSP core/hle/service/gsp/gsp_gpu.cpp:AcquireRight:747: called flag=00000000 process=11 thread_id=0
[ 3.762049] Service.FRD core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:SetClientSdkVersion:157: (STUBBED) called, version: 0x0B0401C8
[ 3.762346] Service.FRD core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:GetMyPresence:38: (STUBBED) called
[ 3.763011] Service.FRD core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:GetFriendKeyList:53: (STUBBED) called, unknown=0, frd_count=100
[ 3.772645] Service.BOSS core/hle/service/boss/boss.cpp:InitializeSession:23: (STUBBED) programID=0X0000000000000000
[ 3.773062] Service.NDM core/hle/service/ndm/ndm_u.cpp:ResumeDaemons:89: (STUBBED) bit_mask=0x00000002
[ 3.773144] Service.NDM core/hle/service/ndm/ndm_u.cpp:ResumeDaemons:89: (STUBBED) bit_mask=0x00000004
[ 3.774273] Service.BOSS core/hle/service/boss/boss.cpp:GetStorageEntryInfo:644: (STUBBED) called
[ 3.774657] Service.BOSS core/hle/service/boss/boss.cpp:UnregisterStorage:46: (STUBBED) called
[ 3.775065] Service.BOSS core/hle/service/boss/boss.cpp:RegisterStorageEntry:630: (STUBBED) unk_param1=0X00001B50, unk_param2=0X00000000, unk_param3=0X00100000, unk_param4=0X00000001, unk_param5=0X01
[ 4.004969] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:169: Fatal error
[ 4.004975] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:ThrowFatalError:171: Fatal error type: Generic
[ 4.004976] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:149: PID: 0x0000000B
[ 4.004977] Service.ERR core/hle/service/err_f.cpp:LogGenericInfo:150: REV: 0x00000000_0x0000F21D
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2023.06.07 15:21 myconstructionguillc Why Do You Pick My Construction Guy For Kitchen Remodeling Ann Arbor Services?

td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}An Kitchen Remodeling Ann Arbor based company called My Construction Guy takes pride in providing its customers with top-notch services. We offer full-service kitchen design, demolition, installation, appliance installation, plumbing, and painting. Our licenced and insured kitchen remodelling Ann Arbor specialists are knowledgeable in their field and are familiar with your needs. Our devoted professionals will make your kitchen remodelling dreams a reality! We are dedicated to making sure that every customer is satisfied with the results and have years of industry experience. In cooperation with you, we'll make sure you get the best results for a reasonable price.
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2023.06.07 15:18 BurnerLogs1225 Explanation for Levitation?

Explanation for Levitation?
TL;DR: I thought I was just super stressed but I levitated and now I don’t know what to think. Help
This is a burner account I made a while ago. My friends follow my main, and I didn’t want them to think I was losing my mind. I felt ridiculous after making it, so I started talking to a therapist instead. I recently scheduled appointments with a psychiatrist and neurologist because my symptoms have been getting worse, but I’m almost ready to call a priest instead— I’ve never been religious, I don’t even believe in superstitions, but I can’t just brush it off this time. I hoped this could all be explained as some stress-induced hallucination that I can just be medicated for, but now that I have physical proof that something happened, any chance of a logical explanation is lost on me.
This was around a month ago, on the 10th. I had just gotten out of a therapy session, and I went to the kitchen. I walked in, and I kid you not, I started floating. Like, fully levitating off the ground with absolutely no control. I tried to get my feet back on the ground, but I couldn’t. I tried to yell for help from my neighbors or anyone passing by my apartment complex, but no one came.
I couldn’t gain any traction. It was like those videos you see of astronauts floating in their ships for the first time, and let me tell you, it is not as fun as it sounds. The vertigo got so bad that I started hallucinating. My kitchen was barely visible, like a dirty whiteboard with a movie projected onto it. That movie happened to be a terrifying hellscape with me at its center. Fun, right?
And as if that wasn’t bad enough, voices started. There was this discordant choir of voices singing in a language I couldn’t name if I tried. There were screeches so awful I thought my ears were bleeding, and underneath all of it, I heard these bizarre sounds of scraping metal and something that sounded like wind chimes. Everything got louder, and as it did, the hallucination got clearer– more solid, more tangible. It was blindingly bright, I could see a figure that I recognized vaguely as myself, except the outermost of the figure sort of expanded in these long tendrils that seemed to stretch way out into the hallucination. There were also these weird lights all around that mimicked lens flares, they warped in and out of my field of view. Any sense of direction or time was completely lost on me until I kicked something flat. The kick sent me flying, and I was finally able to grab hold of something solid. It was a damn good thing too because as soon as I got a good grip, it felt like my body was being dragged away. Something way stronger than gravity was pulling at my legs,
The hellscape faded. The voices stopped. I fell, and I fell hard. I didn’t feel like I was in my body, but I still felt the pain of my knees hitting the floor. I stayed there for what had to be an hour before I finally had the sense to stand up, but my knees were still too weak. The motion was too much, and I puked. Even after that, it still took a while for me to gather enough strength to pick myself up and hobble away to my couch.
It was late and dark when I went back into the kitchen to clean up. There was more chaos than just the vomit. Most of everything on the counter was knocked off like an earthquake had come through, same with the jars and condiments that had fallen from the open fridge door. I think the door handle must’ve been what I was holding onto. I was an idiot to clean everything up before taking a photo or something, but I wasn’t exactly lucid at that point.
But the thing that really proves it was real, the thing that I’ve been thinking about every day for the past month, is the dent in my kitchen ceiling. That’s where I kicked, that is proof that I was fully off the ground. Even if I was imagining everything and just rolling around on the floor, how would my foot have reached the ceiling?
And even then, I know something pretty major had to have happened because I got noise complaints from my neighbors. The guy above me said whatever I was doing down there needed to stop because I was shaking his floor. Since he won’t actually talk to me, I don’t know if he heard or saw anything else, but it was enough for him to tell the building manager. It had to be something real.
I don’t know what to do from here. It’s not like there’s a mental disorder that makes you levitate, and if I try to tell my therapist about it, she’s gonna have me committed. I really don’t want to believe in supernatural stuff, but if there’s something out there that explains whatever the hell happened to me, I need to find it. I just need answers before I lose my mind if I haven’t already. What should I do?
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2023.06.07 15:17 memelotd666 Leaving the dishes in the sink to clean them later is just procrastination at its finest.

I never understood the concept of leaving dishes in the sink just to clean later. Even when I cook a big meal for the family I just take care of the dishes right away. Same principle any thing I ate or drank out of I just clean it right away.
Leaving the dishes in the sink especially for an extended period can attract pests, build up smells & just in general make the area more dirty. Plus the compounding effect of "I'll just do this later" just leads to a more enlongated period of cleaning.
I know you can't control your roommates and kids habits as much as your own, and sometimes there might be a circumstance were you have to run out the door, but most of the time it's just procrastination.
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2023.06.07 15:16 Active_Book2385 ISO

Hi all 👋🏼 thought I would take a chance and post this, I am not sure if it breaks rule 3 or not. I am a working professional (mental health therapist-yey community) in my mid 30s, and just moved back to town (lived in Bzn from 2009-2018). I know housing isn’t great and that I’m looking for a unicorn 🦄 of a place, just seems like there is so many scams out there that I thought I’d try and post here. I’m staying with a friend temporarily but looking for a long term rental that fits this description; AUD or mother-in-law place or just 1 bed/1 bath, in Bozeman or surrounding area, $1400 and under, has a full kitchen (not cooking off of hot plates) and bathroom, quiet, private, will allow my very quiet and well behaved 40 pound non shedding dog (she’s a therapy dog for clients so she has to be well trained-this dog is a saint and does good work for the community). I am your typical social introvert, in bed by 9pm, up by 6am, social life takes place outside of the house but really I only have energy for 1-2 outings a week, not a drinker-well past any type of party days, respectful, clean, quiet, pay rent on time. I do work from home partially during the week otherwise I’m quiet as a mouse. I can provide references on request and have good rental history (lived at my last place for 4 years). If you know of any good folks that have an AUD/mother in law house/1-bed,1-bath, please send me a DM 🙏🏼 thank you bozeman community!
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2023.06.07 15:16 fishyman905 I had a really weird dream just now.

So the dream was about a cult in hong kong that kidnapped a women, and are force feeding her cheese because for some reason it will allow her adopted son resurrect dinosaurs. Also one of my perfessors is a member of the cult for some reason. So now it's up to me, rambo, and some other people that I ethier know or don't to save the day. We go to her apartment (which is way to big to be anyone's apartment) And we find out that one of her dish cabinet doors can turn into an iPad. We draw a symbol on the iPad and a secret compartment opens up. Now we get the kidnapped women location and we get in our bus to go save her. Unfortunately I woke up at this part so that's the end. WTF
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2023.06.07 15:15 ToyiaAntoinette AITA for renegotiating rent after getting an unexpected new roommate that is paying half of what we pay for basically the same amount of space?

My bf and I have recently moved in with another couple that we’ve known for awhile now and consider good friends. They recently purchased a home and offered us a room to rent. For context the house has one master (connected bathroom, walk-in, double the size of all the other rooms), three other bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. While the three other rooms are all about the same size, one of them has a connected bathroom that is a lot smaller then the master and is the only room downstairs. This is the room my bf and I are renting right now.
We have agreed to pay 1000 (includes rent and wateelectric) while they pay 1500 as they have the master, the extra bedrooms upstairs and utilize the garage for both of their cars (we have no real parking and just find spaces along the sidewalk wherever we can). Also, we all have access to the kitchen, living room, half bath downstairs, and an upstairs den (although no one uses it at the moment).
Although we always believed this rent to be a little high we agreed because we were happy to have roommates we knew and like and also the market hasn’t been great recently. On this note, our roommates have decided to look for another roommate to lower their rent even more. My bf and I are fine with this and wouldn’t mind another person living in the house as it’s a decent size and the other person would live upstairs with their own bathroom.
The only thing that bothers us is that the couple wants to charge the new renter only 500. Is this a fair price considering the only difference is that we have a connected bathroom and are separated downstairs? Is us being a couple make this more reasonable as the renter would be a single person? Personally, it seems unreasonable that we would be paying double than them for basically the same amount of space as they would also have their own bathroom just not connected. The main couple would also be dropping their portion down to what we’re paying basically and they are getting way more space than us.
WIBTA for asking them to renegotiate our rent considering the new roommate? And what would be a fair deal for us to counter? Also, to clarify, we did not expect a new roommate to enter the house especially this soon as we thought it would be just us couples. They financially needed to make this decision due to unexpected circumstances (which we completely understand) so this is why they have been looking to rent another room.
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2023.06.07 15:15 Small_Sample9098 I predicted my dad's preventable head injury 1 year back but could do nothing.

So, I'm a JR doctor in trauma and emergency surgery dept. I'm young(?) (24,M). I see atleast 20 elderly patients every month who get severe head injury by slipping and falling in their wet soapy bathroom.
So, my family was building our 1st house 1 year back (we lived in govt quarters before that). I repeatedly told them (my father) to not install shiny slippery tiles in our bathroom floor. I also told my experience and said that there are matte finish tiles also available. If thats expensive, you can just use normal cement floor. But it was very laughable to them (my dad and the contractor). They said, don't interfere here, do your own job, let them do their job. The are building houses from before you are born. What do you know about buildings.. I shouted at them, I requested, nobody bat an eye..
And today, 1 year later, it happened. The tiles were white. The maid washed clothes but forgot to wash away the soapy water (because the soap water isn't even visible against white tiles). My dad entered the bathroom in a hurry without wearing slippers, and it happened.
I am in shock still. Maybe I am responsible for all of this. My seniors are mocking me that even after working there I did not learn anything. Maybe I could've done a little more effort to prevent this.
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2023.06.07 15:14 Random_Worker_9812 AITA My husband got mad because I didn’t bring him a towel and made him late to work

I 31F went to get my mother in law this morning to watch my kids. This is something we both do and I got back home around 6:30 AM. I scheduled a Walmart order for 7-8 but it wasn’t ready yet. I left the house to get it around 7:10. Husband 30M still asleep. I complete pick up at 7:18 and get back around 7:25. My husband texted me to bring him a towel when I got back which I didn’t see at 7:22. I put away the groceries and decided to scroll tiktok before I clocked in to my work from home job at 8. My husband got out of the shower pissed off and says, “Didn’t you see my texts?” I reply no. Looked and saw the one from 7:22 asking for a towel and another at 7:39 asking where am I. Keep in mind he was still in the bathroom and I was on our bed laying down. I went and got him a towel but he was pissed because I was going to make him late. He said that it would have worked out perfectly if I had brought him a towel but now he’s going to be late. I don’t understand how my bringing him a towel would have made him not late and told him (I might be an AH for this) “I am not responsible for your mismanagement of your time and you decided to take a shower when you didn’t have the time. Your late because of your choices“ this has upset him and he blames me for the whole thing. He didn’t actual leave the house until 7:52 and it takes 21 mins for him to get to work. I got back in plenty of time for him to make it to work but he was in the shower. I don’t feel like I’m at fault. So AITA?
Update: Small clarification. The clean laundry was in a basket in the kitchen and that bathroom was out of towels. He would have had to walk through the living room (where my mother in law was ) naked. When he got out initial, he grabbed a sheet from the hall closet to start drying off with while I went to get him a towel which his petty butt didn’t even bother using.
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2023.06.07 15:14 Otherwise-Drama-8586 What is your most embarrassing moment?

I’ll go first and then wait for the cringe to roll in!
I used to work in a famous restaurant in Belfast City Centre in the early 2000’s. I was ‘silver service’ so I set the tables, cleared them, got drinks and helped in the kitchen. One day there was a birthday party booked and they’d brought a toddler with them. I was busy flitting from table to table during the evening rush. When it calmed down a little bit, I caught a breather before collecting glasses from the party table. The toddler was standing on one of the seats with his back to me and as I was reaching over to pick up a glass, I rubbed him on the head and asked the lady next to him, “How old is he? He’s lovely!” She glared at me, as did the rest of the party as I made my way round the table. Only when I got to facing the toddler did I realise he was an adult man with dwarfism!
Being an immature teenager, I balked at my mistake, brought the glasses to the bar for cleaning and told my boss I needed to go home because I felt sick. It was kinda the truth! Haven’t done that again.
So let’s hear them :)
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2023.06.07 15:12 stardustalchemist Moved out - update

We recently moved out of our infested apartment and I figured I’d update y’all on how it’s going since I’ve seen a lot of posts in regard to moving lately.
We did the mothball thing for electronics (we left them for a week though, then removed moth balls to air out the room because I’m pregnant and we needed to start sleeping there and have them still bagged up), got rid of all kitchen appliances and equipment besides things like pint glasses and my coffee mug, got rid of our bed and frame and bought a new one, new linens, laundered all our clothes twice, got new furniture. And we still brought the little bastards with us.
We saw a couple small nymphs, and I threw my hands up and called a pest control company. They came in and sprayed and are coming back on Friday to spray again. We have seen two small nymphs in the same place since they sprayed over the course of 7 days, so we think the second spray will put an end to it. This has been the worst and most stressful experience of my life.
My advice would be have a professional treat where you’re moving. And check where you’re moving CLOSELY for signs of them. Pull out appliances and look everywhere. Ask the neighbors. This has been a nightmare.
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2023.06.07 15:12 Lazy-Goose6676 Landlords are honorary working class

Landlords are honorary working class
What an absolute Chad! Anyone want to join me in fucking this guys wife? I mean we share everything so we might as well share his wife! Anyone want to borrow my condom while we’re at it?
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2023.06.07 15:11 Open-Sector2341 Food for thought…

Enough money within her control to move out... And rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to... Something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wants to See Her in an hour...
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE... A youth she's content to leave behind.... A past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her Old Age....
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE... A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra... One friend who always makes her laugh... And one Who lets her cry...
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE.... A good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her Family... Eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, And a recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel Honored... A feeling of control over her destiny...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... That she can't change the length of her calves, The width of her hips, or the nature of her parents.. That her childhood may not have been perfect... But it's over...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... What she would and wouldn't do for love or more... How to live alone... Even if she doesn't like it...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... Whom she can trust, Whom she can't, And why she shouldn't take it personally...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... Where to go... Be it to her best friend's kitchen table... Or a charming inn in the woods... When her soul needs soothing...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... What she can and can't accomplish in a day... A month... And a year... ॐ
Written By: Pamela Redmond Satran
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2023.06.07 15:11 Haimerich- Amasawa's Scheme - Part 2

You need to check Part 1 to understand Part 2.
Amasawa needed to know if Ayanokouji was the one she worshipped, that's why she developed that scheme and acted that way.
She had grabbed onto my weakness, fully aware that there was no way I could refuse, dancing in the palm of her hand.
Her scheme was designed in such a way that there would be loopholes so that he could grasp what was happening and protect himself. If Ayanokouji didn't get the clues she purposely left and didn't took advantage of the situation she created, he would be expelled.
My opponent could use any means at their disposal to force my expulsion, while the only thing I could do to protect myself was try and see through their strategy.
Managing to take the clues and take advantage of the situation he was given, Ayanokouji proved himself to Amasawa.
Ayanokouji succeeded because Amasawa had her own reasons. If she didn't worship the Magnum Opus of the White Room and really wanted him expelled, things would be really different.
What could happen then if Amasawa didn't purposely left those clues? Some examples of what she could do:
You can review all the clues she purposely left and picture how easy it would be for her not to display them.
Amasawa gave Housen to Ayanokouji because they both knew it wouldn't be easy for the enforcer to immobilize Housen to then make use of the rule stating that if one's partner is incapacitated, the school would then choose one for them. If that happened, Tsukishiro could simply put the enforcer as his partner and they would purposely score 0, something Arisu failed to notice when suggesting to help him, and why her help was rejected.
In addition to immunizing Ayanokouji from that, Amasawa also gave him the key to avoid being expelled in case Housen was the enforcer and purposely got a 0 or in case he wasn't but simply had in mind to score 0. That's because due to the incident, not only the school would be involved, but it could result in criminal charges.
If Amasawa had the sole intention of expelling him without testing him, in other words, if she didn't give him a chance due to that, Ayanokouji would be taken by surprise in the end. Housen would stab himself and Ayanokouji's expulsion would be written in stone. Because it would result in criminal charges, there would be no way to save himself from that, either with points or with any idea whatsoever.
If I showed even the slightest hint of weakness, I could be swallowed whole.
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2023.06.07 15:11 mooo3333 ADHD diagnosed as an adult, feeling overwhelmed and behind

I'm 23 and was diagnosed with ADHD last year, medicated properly this year. Growing up with unmedicated "severe" ADHD, I felt incompetent in most areas of life and didn't know why. I also struggled a lot with mental illness and trauma, so I grew up emotionally very quickly but not in other ways.
My parents didn't teach me much about being an adult. Even as a child they'd expect me to know things and say to learn by doing it...but this was after I had already fucked something up. For example, I had no clue how to properly clean. I'd try to get stains out of things using google but when I'd do it wrong or ask them to help, they'd say I should know how to do it it and I'd feel a lot of shame and confusion.
It's the same with financial stuff. Both my sister (26) and I are expected to understand money, stocks, taxes, etc. without them helping us at all. I've taken various classes on these subjects but I still don't understand it fully and it's really difficult without their help. They financial support me 100% (willingly) and my sister probably 70%. I guess I am pretty independent overall except for finances...with everything else I do things without seeking help and don't rely on others. However I still feel stupid for having to google everything and messing up in the process (like being late to pay rent, ruining dishes because I clean them improperly, etc.). I'm trying so hard but I'm still so overwhelmed and I feel like a failure.
Other people my age are working full-time, handle all their finances, and know general "adult" stuff that I was never taught. Is there a cheatsheet somewhere?! It seems like there is so much I have to know, and I can't exactly just learn by doing because that might mean I fuck up something financially, you know?
Just recently I learned how to properly brush my teeth (GENTLE, small circles). I feel sooo behind and like I'm just wasted potential. I feel like I'm the only person my age who is this incompetent at adult life.
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2023.06.07 15:11 HealthySane1 Experienced opinions please🙏🏻

I have been confirmed cured by my derma (twice) and allergist (twice) since completing intensive treatment end of Jan. Have had eczema flares since and “post scabies” nodules on top thighs since mid Feb. Both drs say it’s “scar tissue” or the result of having had scabies and both have doubted I even had scabies. Both say I will have to live with the nodules. Had skin biopsy and scrapings end Jan and results were “eczema” (skin only taken from hand and wrist … infestation was worst on chest and thighs)
Have since done allergy testing. End of May I did intense yardwork, crawling around in weeds and pollens which I know I’m allergic to and have had full body rashes and flares that wake me in the night. Saw my allergist three days ago and he looked me over and was annoyed w me, telling me he’s absolutely sure it’s not scabies. He advised talking to a therapist and also that maybe more scrapings would ease my mind.
At the end of the visit, he noticed two scratch marks above my knees and asked “how long have you had those for?” I said I get those sometimes and they go away on their own. He responded that that would mean it’s not scabies.
Last night I woke up extremely itchy and inflamed on those scratches. My whole body was also very itchy. I showered with sulfur soap and put tea tree all over my body and woke up with everything much calmer. Pic 1 is right after shower w tea tree. Pic 2 is this morning.
I have a call in to derma who is booked up for weeks. Will look for another one today but I’m so upset. I feel like I might never have been cured and those post nodules were active. Im amazed at how little these specialists seem to know or care.
Are scabies burrows ever this long or straight? Please post opinions, but no fear mongering I beg you. I am freaked out and exhausted from this ordeal. Thank you so very much.
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2023.06.07 15:10 2namrepus Advice on dealing with cheating manager?

Not sure if this is the right sub to ask…but let’s get into it. My manager is currently sleeping with another manager. Normally I’d say this is none of my business but, one of them is married and their child works for the restaurant. Everyone knows they have been sneaking around for a while now. Multiple people have caught them in some “compromising” positions. They have fought in the middle of the kitchen, they are constantly touching and feeling on each other, and they’ve been slacking on their jobs because they need to constantly be around each other (one is BoH one is FoH). This whole situation has made me and many other coworkers uncomfortable. I do not support this relationship (having your child be around your affair really doesn’t sit right with me🤷‍♀️) and have distanced myself from both of them (before I would make conversation and we were on generally good terms) and since doing so my work life has suffered big time (one of these mangers makes our schedule). I used to have great shifts, I’d work multiple positions and got a decent amount of hours. That’s all gone. I’m lucky to get 3 shifts a week now and I’ve been dropped down to strictly serving. This manger also schedules the kid the best shifts (nothing against the kid they are awesome and I’m sorry they are apart of this mess) and screws over other people in their position by doing so. I’m not sure how to proceed. The owner of my restaurant knows about them and just turns a blind eye. It’s effecting my livelihood and just makes for an incredibly uncomfortable shift every time I work with them. Is there anything I can do in this situation? Should I report them to HR? Is there anything HR can even do? Should I try contacting my bosses boss? I have to remain anonymous because this manager will make my life hell if they found out I reported them. Any advice would be so appreciated!
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2023.06.07 15:10 einekleineZiege A bit of a rant

I'm a brand new mama to an absolutely gorgeous three month old lil guy. Absolutely loving motherhood, and I've been so lucky with a baby who is easy (eats great, sleeps relatively easily, doesn't cry often/for long)
Something I hear SO often is the sentiment of "the housework will keep, enjoy your time with baby", and this has been plaguing me and causing me so much anxiety. I'm on maternity leave for a year (I live in Canada, very very grateful), and my husband is working full time. He is SO helpful, but has an active and often stressful job, so I have been trying to take over more housework/cooking (pre-baby we split tasks pretty evenly) so he can come home and enjoy his time with our son.
I spend most of my day with my baby, either full-on playing with him and engaging, or sitting with him when he's calm/doing his own thing. But! My mental health is significantly better in a clean and organized home. I've been feeling so incredibly guilty whenever I take even 15 minutes to clean the kitchen, do some laundry, etc., while baby plays on his own (where I can see him). In the back of my mind I hear all the moms telling me to not worry about housework, that I'll never get this time with him back, that they'd give anything to go back and have more time with their child as a baby.
I'm starting to really be rubbed the wrong way with this. I already tear up looking at my son's newborn clothes that look so tiny compared to him now. I scroll through hundreds of photos of him when he's sleeping at night, because I miss seeing his face LOL. I have no shortage of adoration for him. But I'm starting to feel like a lot of moms around me glorify these baby days to the detriment of the days we have with our children as they grow up. They'll only be babies once, but they'll also only be toddlers once, and kids, and teens. One day they will be full on adults with independence, a developed personality, their own values, etc., and though I don't wish for those days to come soon, I do think that's going to be amazing to see.
When a mom warns me that I'll regret doing too much else other than spend time with my baby, it kicks my anxiety into high gear and I start fearing things like my baby dying unexpectedly or hating me in the future or something like that, and it really is just not helpful, and makes it hard to really be in the present with them. I don't want to live my life dreading my baby getting older, because it's a beautiful gift for them to grow and develop and have a full life ahead of them.
Not sure what I'm looking for with this post - I guess I would love to hear the perspective of others or if anyone else has had similar feelings/struggles with this rhetoric . Thanks for reading :)
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