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2023.06.06 05:23 NerdlinGeeksly Shattered Memories is overrated.

After hearing so many good things about how this game psychologically profiles you and adapts the monsters to you (which is an amazing concept) I finally picked up a copy for the PS2, ...and I am very disappointed. I grew up in the 2000's so I know what to expect of games from that time, the monsters aren't even scary to look at, the variety based on your profile is laughable, and the chasing mechanic makes me feel like I'm playing a game of freeze tag rather than running for my life.
I'll admit the mechanics involving the phone are nice and some puzzles like the astrology dome are smart puzzles, but again I expected a bit more from the horror aspect of this game; it just feels so empty in regards to the psychological profiling and the enemies, it often feels like the enemies and the horror are playing 2nd fiddle to the story.
I'd give this game a 5/10, it's an ok game for it's time but the flood from the original halo were scarier than this and more entertaining to deal with and that game came out 8 years before shattered memories.
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2023.06.06 05:22 Comfortable-Owl2654 Glitch in Act 1 Dungeon

I will try and keep this spoiler free, but be warned.
Act 1 has you finding the Knight Vigo because demons. The dungeon he takes you to has a strange glitch on the second level. The first level you find out the lift is broken (no surprise there)and when you go to the second level... you end up spawning on the wrong end of the dungeon which glitches the dialogue and companions. You should start on the far left side of the map, but instead it's in front of the second level lift and the locked door.
It's kind of funny actually.
Has anyone else gotten this glitch? It's not game breaking.... just strange.
My friend and I played through that dungeon together and again solo on a different character and we got the same strange glitch.
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2023.06.06 05:22 Slatttcartiiii Na why Dougie b coppped it and nigga face don’t even jack the bitch nigga was dragging it with the big

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2023.06.06 05:21 Fabulous_Ad9027 On My Way!

Heading out tomorrow for a quick 2 hour flight in the AM. Pick up the rental and heading to Disney! 14 days split between AKL and OKW, 8 days in the park (3 MK, 2 EP, 2 AK, and 1 HS- I know, but our least favorite), plenty of days for relaxation and resorts, and plenty of meals set up (Sanaa, Olivia's, O'hana, just to name a few).
Hopefully it will be another Magical trip!
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2023.06.06 05:21 van044 Afraid my sisters going to try to ruin my wedding

My little sister (15) has bpd. I got engaged a few months ago and my wedding is in 11 days and she has refused to help with anything.
She got mad that she was only a bridesmaid, not my maid of honor, and texted me that I should "just kick her out of the wedding so she doesn't ruin it anymore".
We went wedding dress shopping in another state, and I only took her and my mom. She got upset we weren't doing what she wanted to do on this trip and said she didn't even want to come because she hates shopping.
She left my bridal shower early and sat in the car because she didn't feel good (I know it was because she wasn't getting any attention)
I've begun cleaning and setting up the hall the reception is in, and I asked my family for help. She is the only one who refuses to help at all, avoiding anything to do with the wedding.
My mom has talked to her, saying that the day of the wedding is a day entirely about me, not her, and that she needs to understand that we will not be paying her any attention, and that she cannot leave no matter what. She gets really angry when we have these talks.
I don't know. I'm really really worried that she's going to ruin my wedding day and cause a scene to put the attention on her. Even if I find a way to ignore her, I know she's going to make it bad for my mom. I'm just stressed out. I've tried talking to her but there's no getting through to her. I try my best to include her because she's told me that she feels left out, but then she gets upset because she's not getting attention. I love her very much and want her to be included. Its just so upsetting and I don't want to be worrying about more than I have to for my wedding.
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2023.06.06 05:21 Zerosuke15 FGC Stories - Walked Into A Casual Ultra SF4 Tournament While Deployed In The Air Force in 2014. Placed 3rd.

tl;dr: Walked onto Ultra 4 tournament on deployment. Managed to get bodied by the tourney leads and still place 3rd in the tournament.
During my service in the Air Force, I had the opportunity to deploy to the UAE for 6 months (AF Vets, you know the base. Great Vacation, yes I know AF vets, don't come for me...), and I had the opportunity to participate in my first and only fighting game tourney I've ever competed in. I walked into the game room we had there one day to see a laptop with Ultra Street Fighter 4 on practice mode playing and a bunch of people standing around in the doorway. I walked up and asked one of the guys standing around what's going on and he said that there's about to be an Ultra SF4 tournament led by two dudes for shigs & bragging rights. I'm like, "Well damn this is kinda sick. Just walk on to a fighting game tournament and compete!? Hell Yeah, I want in on some of this action." All in all I think there was about 10-12 players. Only about 5 of us, myself included had even played a fighting game before...
I ended up being like the 3rd match I think, so since I had time before the match I was watching the ongoing matches to see what levels of players I would be dealing with (I'm about a 6.5/10 fighting gamer. At the time I understood how SF played basically and knew most of the special inputs for the shotos. FADC, wtf is that!? Fuzzy guard break, umm huh? EX Moves? Press 2 or more punches/kicks right? I could get the job done well against non-players with the Shotos but that was about it... My main was Ryu btw lol) What I saw next stopped me in my tracks and let me know how this whole tournament was about to go down. I noticed that while everyone was playing in PS4 pads, the two dudes who initiated/were running the tournament HAD THEIR FIGHTSTICKS WITH THEM!!! These dudes had packed their fightsticks in their bags to use them while on deployment! I couldn't believe it. So I knew immediately that those two were gonna be the SNK bosses in this tourney and most likely the winner and runner-up lol. To my surprise, in retrospect, I was 100% right. Something in me knew there was no way I was winning this tourney, but I wanted to see how well I could place and gauge my skills and how I play in a somewhat real competitive setting for the first time.
So my strategy when competing in anything is never showing 100% of my ability unless absolutely necessary. I strive to maintain the element of surprise for as long as I possibly can. So when I compete against someone better than me I can maybe beat them by using their preconceived notions about my skills against them and steal victory from the jaws of defeat lol. Use their overconfidence against them to eek out a W. So in all my matches against the non-gamers I would ultimately beat them but make it look like they had me. Only pulling out the tricks I know if they might take me in a match. Kinda like playing against a kid. You go easy on them until your life bar gets a little too low... Which I had to do with one guy who noticed my strat and called me out because my playing style totally changed lol. I told him "shh don't reveal my secret strategy..." and he laughed about it because he understood what I was doing.
Unfortunately my next match or in retrospect my "Pre-Pre-Losers Bracket Match" was against one of the Fight Stick Brothers. He chose Guile and I had Ryu and he ABSOLUTELY BODIED ME! He didn't perfect me but his victory was absolute lol. He finished me off with style by using Guile's Air Command Grab. I didn't even know he could do that at the time! My next match was against the other Stick Bro. He chose Poison and I had Ryu once again. It was here where I experienced what the term "Touch of Death" TRULY MEANS. Tournament was Best of Two and this guy touched me with Poison and I was done. All 4 rounds went as such: Match Start - I would run - He'd inevitably touch me - Combo - Dizzy - Poison Wins! I managed to tap him for damage maybe twice, but to no avail. To Losers Bracket I went, but I had the man's respect for at least being able to damage him twice.
Losers bracket went the same as before except everyone knows I'm decent now so they're trying extra hard to beat me. I managed to come out with no losses from the non-gamers (pats self on back) and make it back to the Guile Stick Bro. I'd love to tell a story about how I managed to eek out a win against him but Id be lying my ass off! This man BODIES ME EVEN HARDER than the first time with Guile again (Charge players scare me T_T). However to my shock, I wasn't paying attention to the brackets and despite my loss to him I ended up in 3rd place for the tournament! I was happy with my overall performance and watching the obvious final tourney match between the Stick Bros. was sick too. Poison Bro ended up taking Guile Bro in the end by 1 round. So that's the epic story on my one and only FGC tourney.
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2023.06.06 05:21 jimmyrosinger That was brutal.

Fuck. That shit hurts.
That game was the perfect storm of bad defense, awful passing, dogshit special teams, and terrible officiating. I wish I could blame it all on the refs but there were so many things that were just plain bad from the cats.
I guess I have to give credit to Vegas for just generally being better, faster, and stronger. Great goaltending. They had the bounces and took advantage of them. They’re making the panthers sloppy and causing turnovers not letting them get any momentum.
Part of the playoff magic was the cats doing exactly what Vegas is doing now. Taking advantage of good bounces and getting under opponents skin. Just playing harder. Panthers looks deflated right now. Forecheck is missing. Vegas forecheck is on fire. Panthers kept saying how they’re just having fun throughout the postseason. This doesn’t look or feel like that team. They’re slow to the puck. Not taking shots. Taking idiotic penalties (not every whistle is a bad call).
Now, I don’t know wtf is going on with the officiating. Again, panthers are to blame for the losses, but wtf is this. I’m not saying refs are wearing gold but I’m just baffled.
Good news is they’re coming back to Florida and there’s a lot of hockey left to be played. Let’s fucking breathe. Lock shit up. Get back to the fun panthers. Let’s fucking go.
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2023.06.06 05:21 KayEEm56 How do I (35 NB) support my boyfriend’s (31 M) “ailments”?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and just moved in together. He often struggles with random “ailments.” He’s a self-proclaimed “hypochondriac” and says he’s a “baby” when he’s sick. But I’m not sure how to react. He’ll be completely fine one moment and the next he’ll have the worst sore throat of his life and think he has Covid. He’ll have gas pains and think it’s food poisoning. He’ll move his shoulder wrong and think he’s sprained it. He’s ended dates abruptly because of this. I’ve encouraged him to talk to his therapist when he brings it up, but I’m not sure he has. He’s spoken to his doctor about some of them. His sore throats, for example, are allergies according to his GP.
Tonight he abruptly ended a video game we were playing and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night because of a sore throat. We were supposed to make a decision about a friend’s event, our friend is waiting on a response to, but that needs to wait because his throat hurts. He sipped an ice pop, took some cold meds, and went to bed.
I’ve reacted by giving him space and letting him process on his own. I think he has fears around illness that make the symptoms feel worse. This seems counter productive because sometimes these issues are also excuses to not take care of himself. “I can’t go for a walk because my knee is bruised.” “I feel sick so I’m going to eat comfort food.”
I’m also concerned because I’m caring for a parent on chemo with several autoimmune diseases and have cancelled visits with her because I’m not sure how sick he actually is.
Any advice on how to support him?
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2023.06.06 05:21 Constant-Culture5768 Professor Kogawa Flying Class Softlock

I'm playing the game on Xbox One. I have reached the Flying Class with Professor Kogawa. The class begins with a cutscene where Kogawa explains how she'll be teaching flying, and to begin you say "Up" and the broom flies into your hand. Then the game prompts you to push up on the right stick. But when I push up nothing happens! My character just sits there holding his hand out with the little icon to push up on the right stick. And you can't pause or anything so I have to turn off the game and reload, and it reloads right into broom class again and the same issue happens.
I've disconnected my controller, I've tried pressing everything and anything. I've loaded an earlier save and run around and done other quests and come back and tried again and it still doesn't work. I even started a whole new character and played the whole game back to the Flying Class and its the same problem. The game is not recognizing me pushing up on the right stick. It recognizes me pushing up on the right stick everywhere else, just not in flying class. Today I downloaded and installed an update for the game, and its still an issue! I can't play the game like this!! Please help!
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2023.06.06 05:21 XforkedtongueX Getting majorly screwed over right now with letter of recommendation to top surgery, HELP!!!

Nobody told my transmasc friend that getting a diagnosis for gender dysphoria meant waiting another 6 months to recieve a letter of recommendation from Dr Georgina Cheng.
We had our surgeries planned for august, this whole year has been a dangerous waiting game and we can't wait any longer, I'm freaking out about my upcoming appointment and fearing for my safety if this doesn't work out for me.
Is there Anything we can do, I'm taking literally Any or all ideas rn bc this is fucked up I'm going to cry
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2023.06.06 05:20 CoraAnne-Fit Can anyone help with this clue?

It’s right on the tip of my tongue…
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2023.06.06 05:20 pokwerpok AITA for just wanting a biological child?

So I (F35) and my partner (F35) already have 2 children together, and thinking of third. We both went through succesful IVF treatments and both gave birth to a biological child. We were left with 5 extra embryos from my partner's IVF, and none from mine. These embryos were freezed for possible future treatments.
It's always been clear that I'm the one who wants to get pregnant again, and that I wish to use my own egg cells. My partner knows this, and has always said, that she knows how important it is for me to have another biological child, and she's been cool with that - up until recently.
Now that we're actually moving on to the treatments, she's started to take her words back. She says (or strongly insists), that as we have embryos frozen (hers'), we should use them instead. Her main arguments are: A) That if I'd gave birth to another biological child to our family, we (as refereing to me, and then my two biological children) would "hold the power" in our family, and she and her biological child would be left "powerless" as we'd take the upper hand. B) That if I don't want to use her embryos, and want to use my own egg cells instead, that automatically means that I love the child from her egg cells less than than "my own".
And there's really nothing I can say that would prove that's not true at all and that it's not about the amount of love. As said, I've always had a strong wish to have another biological child. I can't explain it, it just has always been my dream. But she says it's not a valid argument, and that if don't want to use her frozen embryos, that just proves that I love less our mutual daughter from her egg cells, and more my bio daughter. Also, she said she doesn't know if she's okay with the idea of me using my egg cells, and may not want a third child at al if we're not using her embryos.
And to make this a question of power dynamics feels really weird to me.. like what? That thought honestly had never even passed my mind. I consider all our kids our kids, not mine or hers', and I never think of our relationship as a game of who's got more power, and also would never use "this power" against her. Idk, this is really hard for me to grasp how this can be such a big factor for her in this matter.
So help me out, dear Redditors! I'm really confused, feel strongly pressured and like I don't have a choice but to agree to use her embryos, or else there won't be a baby number 3 at all. And I'd love this child such as much, it's just that I feel I'm being forced into this, and that my views are belittled and invalidated.
So AITA in this scenario for wanting a bio child? Are her arguments just better?
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2023.06.06 05:20 hielispace Rogue, having no resource to manage in a resource management game, seems like a miss to me.

Every other class in the game has some sort of resource management built in. And by r mean is that every class has features that can only be used a certain number of times per short or long rest. Literally all the other classes have resources to manage. Artificers have spell slots, Barbarians have rage, bards have spells, and bardic inspiration, cleric also has spells, so do druids, fighters have action surge and second wind, etc. Rogues are the only class without this. Only one core class feature has any sort of restriction based around rests, it's their Capstone Stroke of Luck. All other features can be done entirely without regard to resting.
Now, different classes having different amounts of dependency on resting is a good thing. It helps each class feel unique (even if the short rest charge one's are more problematic for reasons that are interesting their own right but not my focus here). But Dnd, for better and for worse, is largely about the managing of these resources throughout an adventuring day. Rogues, beyond getting their hit points back, just don't interface with this at all.
I think this really hurts the class. Action surge, as an example, is an insanely powerful feature. Turning 1 attack into 2, or 2 into 4, and so on is a very, very large bump in damage for that round. That doesn't even include the sheer versatility that two actions in a row can offer. This feature is limited by the fact that you only get to use it once per short rest, so you can't just spam it. Having two uses of action surge for one fight is so powerful that they save it for the Fighters 17th level feature in 5e. No Rogue feature can be that powerful because they can all be done, given the conditions are right, literally every single round of combat ever. You can (and usually do) sneak attack every round, so sneak attack can't be as good as action surge. This makes the class necessarily weaker than others when they have those strong features online. The trade-off is that Rogues are more consistent, they can just do their thing forever. But the thing is, the rest of the party all want to take rests, so that doesn't usually play out. If a 5e party is so battered, the Wizard is reduced to just casting cantrips, and then a new combat starts everyone is probably going to die. So for the vast majority of combats, where the rest of the party isn't literally running on empty the Rogue is going to suffer.
The thing I'm advocating for is not to nerf the Rogue by making sneak attack or whatever something they need to spend resources for, absolutely not. It's for the Rogue to get new features that give them some resource to manage. Maybe free advantage on attacks rolls prof/long rest, or just a free bump in damage a certain number of times, or rerolls on skill checks or something to bring the power level of the Rogue up and give them a reason to want to rest like literally every other class in the game.
I'm primarily a DM, and I often see Rogue players not quite happy with the class, I think giving them play into the resource management game in the game that is primarily about resource management would help. Plus, the class could use some buffs anyway.
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2023.06.06 05:20 Rational-Icing Daemon is not running

I've got Game Guardian up and running on Parallel Space but no matter how I slice it, the damn Daemon error won't let me use it! How can it not know it's being used through Parallel Space? It recommends it as a solution! I'm so salty about it because I've tried different versions of the apps, to no avail. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, shut down and powered up, closed and opened... Anyone have any ideas?
I'm working with a 2020 Moto g power, if that matters.
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2023.06.06 05:19 SadmanV22 No one wanted to listen to me on why Activision Blizzard's Q2 would be very good.

Posted 1 or 2 months ago on this sub that Activision Blizzard will be seeing very strong Q2 and potentially Q3 earnings reports because of their release of their Flagship game Diablo 4.
Regardless of whether the microsoft deal of blizzard actually goes through (which might take many months to years), in the short term (1-6 months), Activision Blizzard is set up as a strong stock option because of the inevitable success of Diablo 4.
With Strong long term monetization models in battle passes and cosmetics as well as paid DLCs. AND a strong short term monetixation model in its pricing of the game as a AAA, the game itself will definitely rake in massive amounts of money for the company.
Combine this with the fact that Diablo is historically one of Blizzard's founding games, and arguably its strongest IP to date that hasn't deteriorated as much over time (amongst Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch... etc), the game was set up for success from the start.
TLDR: Diablo 4 would immensely prop up Activision Blizzards Q2 and Q3 earnings, Microsoft is still actively fighting to acquire blizzard, company prospects in the short term are good, because company is pushing out lots of value onto its customers.
Review Megathread for Diablo 4
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2023.06.06 05:19 BaylorFace Fixing (D:) Stage 1 ETA 500hours and climbing??

My husband went to play a game with me tonight and it wouldn’t open so he restarted his pc and he had the fixing d stage 1 screen come up. He decided to leave it and I just checked it and it is now at 500 hours and still climbing?? What can be done about this? It’s only at 1% too
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2023.06.06 05:19 spookyindahouse creepy canvas series

creepy canvas series
Please help me find this series!!! I read a couple of chapters a loooong time ago, perhaps almost 2 years ago, and I only remember it being about a kid with really really blue eyes and black hair with severe trauma issues. Like, he'd have intense panic attacks and the panel would be filled with disorganised words and black shadows.
Umm I think the trauma had something to do with religion? I'm not quite sure with that one but it was definitely related to a paternal/authority figure. At the time, I remember thinking it resembled a bit the game of the binding of isaac. I also know that he was left at a boarding school or sth like that and the kid who gave him a tour had orange hair(?) and self injure scars on his wrist.
The art was -for me- kind of bad, like most of the fan art I've seen of fnaf (does that help or am I just rambling?). Yk, silly. The images I use are only an example, but the series design was way more simple, like the characters' body was small, pretty cartoonish.
Anyway, I hope this rings a bell for sb cuz I'm curious, I'd like to know what happened with the series and how the author is doing cause I do remember thinking "wow, this is pretty fucked up". Thanks!!
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2023.06.06 05:18 Internal_Celery_6720 Answering some GBDA common questions

Hi everyone! I thought I would answer some common questions (or try my best to) regarding being a student at Waterloo and GBDA as a program. Please keep in mind though my opinions and answers could change as I progress through the program as I've only completed my first year so far. Also feel free to leave any extra questions and I'll try (or someone else) will try their best to answer
How are you finding the course so far?
TLDR: Courses aren't too difficult overall, but be sure to manage your time or else they will become difficult.
Long Answer: The required courses aren't that difficult overall especially if you come from a sort of IB/Stem heavy background, however your electives could definitely make or break how enjoyable your semester is. That is to note that it isn't going to be easy to score from the 85-100 range (depending on the course) but as someone who had a 94 average coming into university I was greatly humbled by way lower marks.
Especially for courses such as CS105 or ECON101 they aren't necessarily painfully difficult (you will find yourself stressed about assignments/exams though) but definitely if you find yourself falling behind in the content it will be pretty difficult to catch yourself back up to speed and especially don't try cramming assignments/studying for exams the night before.
An important note for GBDA 101, (idk if its like this for the all the other GBDA courses) they give you exactly 2 weeks for each assignment however they are usually due 8pm the night BEFORE you got Stratford. My advice is to complete it the day before its DUE so you can spend the final day making last minute touches or reviewing to see if you missed any of the criteria. I can't stress how many times I would start the project the day it was due,, and find myself working past the 8pm deadline almost till I had to leave for Stratford at 8am in the morning. Don't be like that me lol. (or do that's your choice)
Important to remember!! Some of the courses can come across as almost "too easy" to some and often times people will underestimate how much time/work is actually required in order to actually perform well in the course this can actually remove motivation to do the work ahead of time and many can find themselves regretting everything (we've all been there) moments before the deadline of an assignment wishing we had started earlier.
Have something to organize your work, make small goals instead of cramming everything - take time to understand content (especially in CS) and if all else fails know a group of people who can help you explain assignments, concepts or just provide overall support.
Is the coop actually good?
Honestly my stream is the first one with coop added to their program (which we do in our third year), before it was just internships so there hasn't been an actual GBDA official coop done yet - however waterlooworks is a great resource to try and help find coop, but with how the tech job market is going these days (in terms of ux/ui) I don't think it's a bad idea to look into trying to find your own reliable companies to do coop with. Just because your program has coop doesn't mean you are guranteed a coop. Remember that in these industry you portfolio is everything, so whether you get a good coop or not depends on your effort and dedication to creating strong connections or a strong portfolio, this really goes for how well you will do in this program overall.
Would u recommend living on res or just renting?
I lived on Village 1 in my first year, going into second year I am renting in waterloo. It's not a bad idea to live on res first year it definitely helps you become more familiar with people in your year and also outside of your program as everybody is looking to find people to meet off the bat of arriving to university. Especially if you live in the LLC - you will become closer to people in the program faster then majority of those on their own, this could be great for creating study circles, and just overall finding friend groups in the program.
However you will soon realize you don't have much privacy/space/sanitation in these residence and dream for your own actual personal space. I think its okay to try it out for first year and then op to renting throughout the rest. However if you have peers who live in the nice condos nearby you will find yourself jealous of their amenities (I can't even lie). The condos are technically cheaper then residence if you try to get them earlier however I don't know what's their pricing coming closer to the date you move in.
Do you also commute to the Stratford campus?
For first years, they provide a shuttlebus that leaves at 8am in the morning on Friday's the one day you need to go to Stratford and they provide shuttle back free of charge. However if you are not a first year you will need to pay 10$ to take the shuttle one way and it arrives at very limited times throughout the day. There are no regular buses you can transit to Stratford campus with, so your best bet is to either get a car or have a friend who can carpool and you pitch for gas money.
How is the social life in the community?
Waterloo gets a bad rep as a socially awkward student body who just studies all day. (which isn't technically wrong) but there are many strong communities to be apart of if you are truly passionate or interested in something ranging from just liking anime/games to business connections, drawing, heritage clubs etc etc there is really everything for anything you could imagine (even a rizz club) but you have the make the effort to be apart of these social circles, it's not going to arrive at your doorstep for you.
I actually spent majority of my first year alone, doing schoolwork or sleeping especially in the winter months my energy to make friends really depleted, but I do find people are pretty open to new friends and friendship can just grow from a small compliment to each other it really up to the person whether they prioritize their social life or their studies.
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2023.06.06 05:18 ThoughtsPerAtom [FC][LFM] <> Recruiting!

Hello and welcome! We're Degenerates - <> in name only, or maybe just staying up late!
We're a large sized FC comprised of many working professionals and students who enjoy and participate in all content that the game has to offer. From casual content to ultimates, we have just of a broad focus as we do experience. From us you can expect stables to park and paint your feathered friends, a large FC house in Shirogane with a pretty neato beach view and private hotsprings (and FC rooms available!), daily FC buffs, movie nights, a judgement free environment for new players and a respectful and friendly community that's excited to have you! \ o /
If you'd like to know more, feel free to vibe us out in our open discord! Just be sure to check our rules. It's pretty standard stuff, but important all the same.
If you'd like to apply directly, please leave an application on our FC house placard at Ward 27, Plot 60 in Shirogane!
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2023.06.06 05:17 GOnli New jungler, i can't gank for the life of me

Hey everyone, i started the game recently and I really like playing jungle but I struggle when it comes to ganking, it serms that every time I gi for a gank the ennemy just has vision on me and falls back instantly. It's espcially true when it comes to the botlane. Every time i go there i just end wasting my time cause the enemy just goes under tower and that's it. I mostly end up ganking middle or farming...
By the way when it comes to camp clears, should I prioritize them over ganks ? Cause every time i have like two/three camps up for grab i'm getting flame by someone saying my team doesn't have a jungler..
Any help and tips are appreciated.
I manly play champs like Amumu, Rammus, Sejuani, Vi... I love Evelyn and diana as well but get delete instantly in teamfight so I think i'm not cut to assassin junglers though i'd love to delete someone's health bar '
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2023.06.06 05:17 wholewheatie nephews

haven't seen this discussed and I wonder what y'all think
notice the big westside player (avon) and eastside player (prop joe) both have nephews in the game, D'angelo and cheese respectively. I find it interesting that avon was relatively more violent while joe and d'angelo believed there could be bloodless drug dealing
and both of these nephews end up getting killed by the game
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2023.06.06 05:17 Any-Calligrapher-826 Just numb.

2 months ago my Bf(27m) told me he was concerned I(28f) was letting myself go (I gained 50 pounds due to medication). So I stopped my medication and started dieting. I'm down 10 pounds but now he says the way I wear my hair isn't feminine enough (up in a hair clip). he also hinted that how I dress isnt what he prefers. I told him that If I am not what he wants then he needs to stop trying to control me and break up with me. He won't. He thinks I can get back to how I was at 24. How he prefers me. Our lease isn't up until next January. I want to take my things and run far away. I am trapped. I am numb.
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