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Old homes for sale. Looking for a place to share and find old homes for sale…. This it the sub….

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Listings of new homes for sale.

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Interested in Real Estate Investing? You've come to the right place! /realestateinvesting is focused on sharing thoughts, experiences, advice and encouraging questions regardless of your real estate investing niche! Structured Deals, Flipping/Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Lending, Land, Commercial Real Estate and more! If it has to do with real estate investing this sub is for you!

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2023.05.30 22:08 CertainAd46 Wife marking me have second thoughts.

My wife 31F and me a 27M have been married for 4 years and have 2 children. Our most recent son was born on May 5th and everything was going according to plan. I have been very happy with life, even when dealing with our two kids and every bill and household cleaning needed. Recently she’s been recovering from her c-section and resting while I hold the fort. Well she came downstairs of our home and saw a box and some toys on the floor and lost her shit, starting screaming, throwing stuff, including out 2YO sons bottle of milk. She yelled at me saying I’m not doing enough with the upkeep and keeping the house at her ocd level of cleanliness. I was hurt and confused.
Recently because I have the kids I get bored and go to the store with our 2YO son to burn time. I pretty much go once or twice a day and just walk around target with him.
Yesterday I went out by myself while our son napped and didn’t reply to a text that she sent, my phone was on vibrate and I rarely check my phone when I’m doing something outside the house, it’s just getting some alone time for myself.
Today I told her that I needed to get cat food because we were out, she said “you really want to go to the store?” I explain to her I just like getting out of the house even if it’s with our 2yo.
To cut it short she accused me of going out for “extra curricular activities” and the way she said it sounded like being accused of cheating. I told her sister and her mother about this and they both know she a little off her rocker at times.
I’ve recently been thinking about how easy life was before marriage, I love my kids, and my wife when she acts normal. Some people say they think my wife is bipolar or has some sort of mental issues. I wouldn’t disagree sometimes. But man my life would be cake by myself, even with child support. But this isn’t the first time this issue came up.
And for the record, I’ve been faithful out entire relationships. I purposely don’t talk to other women if I don’t have to just to avoid this issue.
What are some thoughts on this. Anyone ever deal with similar issues? How did you handle it. I would try talking to her, but it’s normally like putting water on an oil fire.
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2023.05.30 22:08 SandraSandraSandra A Voyage - The Sage of Flower-Hill 3

Djamä Sonurupākä-Pēzjeceni stands, looking out over the labour before him. A series of four paddies are being built off of Dogwood-Point. Two of them dig earth from the point to make the paddy, the other two enclose rectangles of the lake with mounds of earth. To his rear, NāpäkoduThonu works on four paddies of their own.
The clans cooperated on the project, building the outer-walls together in the early-days of summer where the lake’s level gets low enough for it to be doable. Now they’re expanding their paddies in one of the biggest projects Konuthomu has ever known.
Sonurupākä’s main role is to direct. And he wears his resplendent cape of feathers to indicate such—even if he also wears the simple quarter-dome hat of a farmer. He sends the young men carrying baskets of earth to the eastern medial causeway. When needed, he steps in and offers aid. But in this moment, he puffs gently on his pipe. Enjoying the heady rush of fresh-air and warm smoke.
Someone calls him over, there’s a section of clay in one of the inner-paddies being excavated.
Screams fill the hall. Senisedjarha, his wife, is in labour. He was rushed away by the duNothudo as they take care of her. He was left mixing ashes for glaze and hearing his love’s cries from across the field.
This is their second child. Their first, a beautiful baby girl, is bouncing on her grandmother’s knee. It’s a good omen to have such a hardy first-born. But it doesn’t ease his anxiety at the second birth.
He mixes in the rotu ash—it should form a grassy green once fired—with the wet clay and stirs it vigorously.
The baby is coming later than expected. The duNothudo assured them that it wouldn’t be a problem, that the best fruit simply take longer to grow. He was supposed to be gone on a trading mission by this point. The canoes are already prepared. But it would be a variation from the kacä to abandon his wife now.
Next he mixes the birch ash—this one forms a creamy white, tinged with yellow. It’s almost a buttery colour.
Senisedjarha is strong though. And while the pregnancy has exhausted her, especially the past moon of it—her belly even more gravid than with the first pregnancy, the stores have been full and the weather kind. She’s been able to rest, drinking broth on their bed of furs.
Now, he mixes red slip with willow ash. This one is far more slip-forward. The ash gives it its sheen and flow, the bursts of colour and shine which makes the glaze all the more vibrant.
He’s to visit the land of the Rhadämā, those strange feather-less folk. Their cargo is wine (mostly maple), jade tools, and the glazed pots his current labour allows.
Finally, he mixes oak ash with bright-red slip. The smooth, green-blue glaze which results is perfect for lining urns. Some things you want to breathe through the unglazed clay, but others you want to keep sealed. It’s a delicate balance.
He pauses, unsure of the change and caught up in his work. The screaming has stopped. He rushes back to the house.
Two rambunctious baby boys. He holds Seni’s hand while holding the first-born of the two. An auspicious sign.
It had been a painful labour, and his wife’s exhausted. Drained. But two healthy baby boys. He can’t believe their luck. Two marriages of equal prestige to bring additional clans onto their path? It’s more than he could have ever hoped.
Knee deep in water, he guides the boat out. Full of pots, the canoes sit low in the lake. Eight men for eight canoes, a sizable contingent. He’s been tasked to bring gifts and trade in hopes of establishing a more permanent relationship with the Rhadämā of Kamābarha.
The Cakäma of DjamäThamä, where his two new sons will be given names, remains three turns away. He prays he’ll be back in time.
Clambering out of the lake, he readies himself to go. Even this early in the morning, he knows the day will be hot and a gentle mist rises with the sun over the lake.
He clasps the hands of the duNothudo in turn, pledging that he will travel honest and true. Laughing at Redotsuko’s quip. He finally reaches his wife, the youngest of the duNothudo, and the one most dear to him.
As they hug, she whispers in his ear: “Return swift and safe, your family waits for you.”
Speeches and recitations and other such fanfare follow, as Sonurupākä climbs into his canoe, and sets off towards the rising sun. His eyes may be wet, but his path is clear. Duties to clan come before all else, even these first few months of his sons’ lives. The paddling becomes rhythmic. There is only one way, and that is forward. He simply hopes, and prays, it leads him back home.
It’s their third day of travel. The weather has remained clear, and bright. Their first two nights they stayed in houses of DjamäThanä. Lovely, low provincial halls—not dissimilar to the one in which Sonurupākä was born and raised. A life a world away now, even if, in factuality, merely feather and name separates that him from the him in the canoe now.
He sips a skin of crabapplecider, and grabs a mouthful of the pickle mix: bison and pawpaw and sumac and blackberry and brire. It’s sour, a little salty. The sweetness and tartness of the berries cut through the rich fat of the bison. He’s dressed in a loincloth, a farmer’s hat (a round, quarter-dome offering shade protection) and has a plain-hemp cape hanging from his shoulders, protecting his back from the sun. It’s a lovely day.
Rowing once more, he thinks about his mission. Kamābarha is not alien to the people of Konuthomu. They may have forgotten their feathers, but they’re skilled craftsmen and produce a lovely nut. Travel is frequent between the villages. And even without feathers, the people govern themselves well. They know of the wisdom of crone’s, and put the vitality of young men to service. Sure, their way of speech may be harsher, atonal in a way. But it’s not that far off from Menidān, and easy to learn. Compare the language of Rhadämā to that of the Jeli—infrequent visitors here, but known further west. Rhadämā is a poem in the wrong meter, Jeli is more similar to the barking of dogs. But what can you expect from people with neither lake nor feathers?
Voyages such as this gives one plenty of time to think. He hopes his aids back home are preparing the pottery well. They’ve expanded the workshop below the Themilanan. Three kilns, a lengthy pottery space, plenty of storage for the clay. Small-folk of DjamäThanä do most of the actual pot construction, but the glazes are kept in the Themilanan. So too is the knowledge of organizing the fire for the kiln to burn properly hot. The duNothudo should assure his Good-Brother does the firing properly. He hopes so, at least.
They practice Rhadämā over dinner, forming the words again and again. Sonurupākä insists: passable is insufficient, his accent must be perfect.
They have easy access to food, with the plentiful waterfowl and fish, but he missed the plentiful wine and pickles of home. Rhadämā wine is tasty from what he remembers though.
After eight days of travel, they approach Kamābarha.
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2023.05.30 22:08 SpiralingUniverses TIMELINE SO FAR (credit to Interesting_finish)

1963: Washington Massacre: MLK is killed in the March on Washington, race riots, Civil Rights Act blocked, the Bloody Decade begins.
1964, Krushev is deposed, Alexander Shelepin and the orthodox marxist-leninists take power defeating revisionist Breznev. Sino-Soviet Alliance restored.
1970, Fred Hampton is captured and the Bloody Decade ends.
1973, the US stays in Vietnam.
1976, Republicans hold the White House, Nixon never resigns
1979, the US invades Iran.
1980, Democrats take the White House.
1981, the Vietnam War is won by North Vietnam
1983: Democrats unsuccessfully try to end segregation
1983: USSR leaves Afghanistan
1985, The US leaves Iran
1984, Ronald Reagan becomes President
1985, British Civil War and Scotland Population Exchange.
1986-1988, California, New England and others start seceding from the United States, Army increasingly divided on loyalty.
1988: Collapse of the US: Birth of the PUA, independence to several more states such as Iowa, Louisiana, Florida, and more. Dissolution of the US, Royalists set a government in exile in Alaska. The South unites into the Republic
1990, Atlanta Hotel seized by New Black Panthers, Republic of America attempts to abolish segregation, coup d'etàt by the White League (costle of the American Independent Party and KKK), David Duke becomes President.
1994: China reforms towards PUA model (they were never dengiist), Second Sino-Soviet Split, intercommunist Cold War.
1992, Triple Revolution. France, Belgium and the Netherlands adopt Communism. Split occurs when France and Belgium side with PUA model, and Netherlands adopts Soviet Communism.
1993: Italy peacefully adopts PUA model (now called Democratic Communism, or French-American Communism)
1995: South Koreans flee across the border en masse, and a unification under the north is agreed
1996, as segregation is kept and even worsened, Black resistance escalates to full on civil war in all of the RA on Juneteenth of 1996.
1998: The Republic worsens State Religion Act establisheds Baptism as state religion and protestantism in general as acceptable faith, concentration camps for blacks and other minorities are set up
1995-2005: somewhere between South Africa falls into brutal race and civil war
1997: The assembly of Democratic Communists is formed, an annual meeting of DemCom nations
1998: The League of Free Nations is formed
1999: PUA congress is suicide bombed by an anti-communist pro-republican group
2000: Kremlin is bombed by Islamic Extremists, GS is killed and Gorbachev takes power
2001: Japan falls into brutal civil war
1963-2004, sometime in here, communist and kurdish guerrilla in Turkey becomes much more prominent, while the Grey Wolves install an islamo-fascist regime.
2004, the USSR invades Turkey to aid the Communists and root out islamist terrorism.
1998-2004: the RA begins a full scale genocide of any Black population in its hands.
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2023.05.30 22:08 Inevitable-Concept59 Moved my entire life to support a dream. (29F) (28M)

Been in a relationship for almost 5.5 years. This was a very different relationship. Real, secure, very deep love. Moved to another state 22 hours away from home for him to pursue a childhood dream to become a professional golfer. He was gone a lot practicing, and it did put strain on the relationship. He has not worked for two years while pursuing this and I found a job within ten days of moving. There was a fair split in expenses but I never worried about the money or petty things. I did develop some resentment and behaviors I am not proud of. There is past trauma. We were moving to another apartment in May because the lease was up. Looked at apartments together first week of April, then he came home the next day and said he loved me but didn’t love the relationship. I feel like I did everything I could to be loving and supportive, but I also blame myself for the way I behaved at times or things I said. Isn’t love forgiveness and understanding? I know I am the whole package and I have so much to offer. He says he has lost confidence, feels weak. Seems like a pity party at times. I moved my whole life to support his dream and now I’m back at square one. I really want this relationship to work. I stopped responding on Saturday. He was telling me he loved me and missed me. Sometimes he would call and bring up the past… the split was very civil, but my heart is crushed. I never want anyone else but him. And he says he is meant to be alone for the rest of his life. Wtf is happening? We looked so perfect on the outside. Close friends are shocked we broke up.
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2023.05.30 22:08 vegabassoonseacake Hyperoptic B2B Black Friday

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2023.05.30 22:08 TheFanged4 Would it be cultural appropriation if…?

I am American, my husband is Vietnamese. We got married last year in Florida and while the wedding was nondenominational, it was still very “American”. Now his side of the family wants another wedding party in Vietnam so that more of his family can attend. It’s going to be very traditional Vietnamese and now I’m thinking about a dress. I haven’t gotten one yet but I thought it’d be cool to get a red and gold one since it would be so different from the white one I wore before; but now I’m worried it would look like I’m a white girl wearing a red dress for fun and coming across as culture appropriation? Do you guys think it would be appropriate to wear or not?
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2023.05.30 22:08 LandonAeros The newest scam on FB Marketplace. I feel like it's been harder and harder for me to find good sales on there for Switch titles without this scam message

The newest scam on FB Marketplace. I feel like it's been harder and harder for me to find good sales on there for Switch titles without this scam message submitted by LandonAeros to NSCollectors [link] [comments]

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2023.05.30 22:08 Queasy-Flow-5797 72(t)SEPP question/help

Hello, my husband is 56, and is in upper management with a large company. Unfortunately it's retail and he works 7 days a week on salary. The stress is killing him he says. He has some health issues and wants to leave his job and take 401k distributions. He is still fully capable of working and plans to work after quitting his stressful job. He has worked for this company for 40 years (since age 16). He wouldn't fit in anywhere else. He could step down into an hourly "just show up and work, then go home and never have to think about work at home" job, but it would be at about a third of his current salary. In order to get his 401k to supplement, he has to leave his current company. My question is this-can he quit, be officially terminated, roll our 401k to our financial planner, and then be hired back by the same company a few weeks later as a peon?
Second question—my husband had a good chunk of money in a US Property fund in his 401k. We met with a financial planner that our company provides for us and she said it takes forever to get that money. Will 100% of our money need to be rolled to our financial planner (this one is local, not the one our employer provides), in order for him to be rehired? I realize this sounds like a dumb question. It’s things like this that keep me up at night worrying about this transition.
I would ask our financial planner, but unfortunately we couldn't get an appointment with him until June 7.
The company my husband works for is suffering because of labor shortage issues (which is why his job is so stressful) and there are some upcoming opportunities for him to step into a peon job with a month.
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 22:08 SirCharles121 Multi-Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio
EA-3 Controller
AMS8 Audio Matrix
PAMP8-100 Amp
I inherited the equipment above in my new home and I'm having trouble setting up multi-room audio properly. what is the best way to achieve this? I'd rather not have to deal with the C4 app, so I'm trying to create a unique spotify connect for each room. I've added a Spotify connect driver within each room in Composer pro. However, no matter which spotify connect I choose, it will play audio in every room connected to the amp. Any help would really be appreciated. thanks!
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2023.05.30 22:07 SeaPossible6817 kissing friends to show affection?

This post might get a little long, but I just kind of want to get everyone's thoughts on this, as well as share my situation to see if anyone has experienced anything similar.
Does anyone have a relationship dynamic with any of their female/female presenting friends where you kiss platonically/to show affection? I swear this post is not satire, I've seen mixed opinions on this and I genuinely don't know how to interpret my own situation.
This one woman and I have become closer friends over the past couple months through both interacting in person and social media. I don't want to give too many specifics, but the nature of our relationship allows us to see each other maybe once a week. When we see each other, we always compliment each other, hug, and take pictures together. She always asks me if I like her outfits and makeup and always asks me to let her know when I get home safe. All of that is very synonymous with friendship--I don't really question if it's anything more because it's stuff that I do with my other friends. I will say a part of me has developed a tiny crush on her, so sometimes I do read into things just because it feeds into the "what if" lol but it's not a big enough crush that it interferes with my appreciation/participation in our friendship.
Where I am unsure about the relationship dynamic is something that happened a few weeks ago. As we were saying goodbye, we hugged (like we always do), but then it transitioned into a kiss. I was shocked in a good way (and was probably blushing HORRIBLY lmao) but it felt so natural because we kissed, then resumed saying goodbye like normal. I thought it was a one-time thing/something she would regret doing, but then a few days later I saw her again, and she kissed me multiple times in the span of time that we saw each other. It does not make me uncomfortable by any means; it does honestly make me feel closer to her in a sense because I have personally never kissed a friend on the lips or have even had the urge to. I also know that (even if this is just platonic) you have to develop a certain level of comfort with another person to kiss them, so I also feel closer to her because I know she probably does not do this with just anyone.
A couple things worth noting that could help provide more context maybe? We're both single (so like I'm not asking from a moral standpoint about this); she knows I'm a lesbian, but I don't know if she likes women (which is why I just genuinely need another perspective on how to decipher what's going on because I have also never had one of my straight friends kiss me). We met at an LGBTQ+ club, and I've seen some things about how kissing is more common within the LGBTQ+ community to show friendship, but I still have not experienced that even with my queer friends.
Has this (or something similar) happened between anyone and your friend? Was it something that just demonstrated how close your friendship was or was it a way to hint that someone wanted something more? Thank you for any perspective y'all can give!!
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2023.05.30 22:07 Allllreadyy How do I avoid getting screwed while accepting settlement offer for my car?

Long story short…
Lost job months ago. Rough market. Finances are tough. You know the deal...
So, I’m going to accept the offer because I can use that extra $10k to get back on my feet. I know this is gonna be a big credit hit having the settlement on my reports but right now, in this desperation phase, that’s not my primary concern. Cash is…
From what I understand, the buyer is going to be paying the full sales amount to the finance company and then the company sends me a check for the amount over and above the settlement amount. So, if I sell the car for $25k, they receive the $25k payment, take their $15k and then pass the $10k overage to me (along with a 1099 to make sure I pay tax on the transaction).
Question - is there ANY way the finance company can screw me here, when they realize that they offered a settlement price what was probably way too low?
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2023.05.30 22:07 persistent_ferret What exactly happened to my dog?

* Species: canine
* Age: 3
* Sex/Neuter status: spayed
* Breed: Applehead chihuahua with suspiciously jack russell behaviors
* Body weight: 11lbs
My dog was on a walk with my sister and stepped into puddle of ants, and was probably stung couple of times based on marks on her legs. When they came back home, she proceeded to vomit quite a bit and also peeing and pooping at the same time. We got into the car to take her to the vet at which point she was clearly distressed (maybe it got worse due to the ride, she hates riding) and her gum was clear white and couldn't stop panting and at some point she even stretched out like she just had nothing left in her. By the time we got to the vet which was about some 5-10 minute ride, she started getting little better, her gums started getting back it's color and by the time the vet was ready to see her, her gum gained back it's colors and is now resting. She was totally fine last night, she was fine this morning when she ate the breakfast, and everything happened spontaneously which makes me believe that it had to do with the ants.
Now the vet seems to think that she ate something wrong or toxic, but in my humble uneducated googled opinion, I think she had an allergic reaction and the vet was just hustling us for maximized cost and stick whatever they could on us, a shot for nausea, some sort of hydration shot, blood and stool work with x-rays, which all came back fine.
I appreciate the thorough work by the vet, I don't even mind being hustle if it maximizes my dog's health, but if it was indeed an allergic reaction and she just didn't tell us to save face while hustling, I think it'd be a malpractice and therefore someone I wouldn't want to see in future as though the danger may have passed, it also does not grant us the guarantee that this is something we have to be prepared or know the proper ways to nor did she tell us how to deal with such. So I'm just looking for more opinions on the matter, what could have happened to her?
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2023.05.30 22:07 jwalker205 Holes in siding

Wood siding. Cedar I think. What kind of options do I have for repair here?
Previous owner stapled hardware cloth over one hole. Looking for something in between that and replacing boards. Not super concerned with cosmetics. We are in the woods and want to make sure birds, snakes, bats don’t find homes in there.
Is there a product I can fill the hole with and sand and try to match paint? Is there something else I should be concerned with here?
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2023.05.30 22:07 step-momjas Load Order Causes Crashing

So I’m completely new to mods. Been experimenting with them for about a month. There weren’t any issues until about two days ago. Definitely my fault for un/installing without knowing what I was doing. But the game would be working just fine and then freeze, sometimes make a weird sound, and then crash to my Xbox Home Screen. Happens way too frequently.
Like I said, I’m still really new to mods and I’ve been trying to read into the proper load orders and watch videos but everyone says something completely different so I’m lost.
I’ve been trying to get more into quest-based mods so that’s why I’ve got a bunch of those.
If anyone could help me, I would be so grateful.
Alidon’s Ultimate Armory
Cheat Room
Cutting Room Floor
Dynamic Camera — Arindel
Proper Aiming — Arindel
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
Nocturnal’s Clothes
Lilith’s Sickle
Free Crafting
Perks & Magic Mega Bundle
Monster Perks, New Shouts,
Phenderix Magic Evolved
XP32 Maximum Skeleton
Omen Armor, Weapons, & Clothing (I’m considering getting rid of this one)
Weapons of the Third Era
PrivateEye’s Heavy Armory
Royal Armory Reforged
Fire HD
Enhanced Blood Textures
Monsters Reborn: Special Edition
KS Hairdos Lite
Definitive Beauty Pack
Adorable Females
Natural Eyes
Castle Volkihar Redux
Sjel Blad Castle (considering getting rid of this one too)
Beasts Of Tamriel XB1 Edition
The Great Cities
BIG: Ultimate Kills
VioLens - A Killmove Mod
Civil War & Thalmor War Immersion (this one and the two below this one are the ones I’m suspecting are causing the crashes. Let me know)
Old Blood
Return To Helgen SE
A Dishonest Day’s Work
The HeliosProtector Project 2
Blades Reborn
Darker Brotherhood V2
Dark Envoy
The Notice Board
Vampire Knights
Peacekeepers of Skyrim
SET for Underworld — Civil War
SET for Underworld — Vampire Attacks
Sneak Thief
Sneak Tools
Less Tedious Thieve’s Guild
No More Ugly Vampire Lord
Better Intimidation
Alternate Start
New Beginnings
FPS Eternal (truth be told, I don’t even know what this is, I watched a video and they said to add this)
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2023.05.30 22:07 Cold-Reputation-4848 How do people work in convenience stores during the totality of their life ?

Really, how ? I've done a one-week internship in a DIY supermarket (supposed to be two weeks but i couldn't continue due to being the opposite of athletic and having to lift heavy objects). I hated it. Doing all these boring tasks all day long to get nothing out of it was terrible. And being treated expulsed mike shit didn't help. The manager said i was "indolent".
Now, i'm starting an one-month internship in a more "normal" convenience store (it's called "trafic", i don't know if it exist in other countries.). After one day, i'm already bored. I've been at the cash register and filling the shelves around the store. It feels like everything is always the same and i hate it. Due to the location of the store, i have to wake up at 6 AM and i get back home at 8 PM, which is far too much for me.
Sorry for the long story, i wanted to talk about it with people who understand me. Is anyone interested in talking about these topics ?
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2023.05.30 22:07 SilverNarifia Motherboard Misadventures

TL;DR - I got a new motherboard, but the screen won't work with it (screen works just fine with the old motherboard). Is there a reasonably easy fix for this, or do I just have to get another new motherboard?
So I have an ipod classic 7th Gen. Works great, except that the charging port is totally wrecked. I looked up how to replace the charging port, and that kind of micro-soldering work is beyond me (I just don't have the tools or the training). Repairmen said it would take 350 - 400 bucks to fix, and I was like, nope, I can just replace the whole motherboard for less than a hundred bucks.
So I got a replacement motherboard from this person on ebay. They have 100% positive feedback, glowing reviews, and a ton of sales. Seemed okay to me, so I purchased the motherboard.
Opened my baby up, switched out the motherboards... and the screen wouldn't turn on. The ipod itself was working fine because I could still hear the hard drive spinning. So I switched the motherboards back just to make sure I didn't damage the screen during the process, and the screen works just fine with the old one.
So here's my conundrum: I don't want to ship this motherboard back and request another new one. I mean, I'll do it, but as a last resort. Is there ANY way I can troubleshoot and repair the new motherboard so the screen will work? Or will that also require micro-soldering that I can't do on my own?
Thanks in advance for reading / responding!
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2023.05.30 22:07 Human31415926 Fire pit at our MCM home in Grand Rapids. Open for summer🔥

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2023.05.30 22:07 Adorable_Regular9518 Visa Refusal - Can anything be done?

Hello, not sure if anyone can help with this question.
A family member of mine was refused a visitors visa to Canada due to them thinking he may overstay his visit. He has a family, business, home, cars, and money in his account, also owns multiple properties, so I’m not sure why they believe he may over stay his visit. Other members of my family (that have less assets) got approved with no issues.
We were hoping he would be able to visit for a family reunion happening here in Canada.
Is there any way to appeal or have a guarantor? I searched the website, but couldn’t find anything. Any guidance would be appreciated. If this is not the right group, I apologize in advance. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 22:07 Grouchy_Orchid_5045 Radiator support

Radiator support
2017 Hyundai Elantra SE 40,000
Hey everyone,
I went in for an estimate on repairing the body damage after hitting a deer. The exterior damage looks pretty minor but the shop identified damage to the radiator support as well. Is this something I can wait to save money before fixing and continue my normal driving? Or is this an asap repair?
I'm still getting other cost estimates but wanted to check how urgent this actually is.
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