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2023.06.03 12:07 AnphansSchtrom284 Fan fic Ultraman story:Ultraman Crystal

A strange object flying in space and land on earth. It is a large blade with alien text on it. A villager who live nearby the location, he sees the giant blade and immediately call the Silver Team. The Silver Team is Science Intelligence Investigation team. An advance team with high technology to research something strange that happen on earth. The captain, Aoi order Hiroshi and Kagura to investigate about the large blade.
They arrive at the location and amaze the size of the blade. They try to take a piece of the blade but it was too strong and cannot break. Hiroshi see the weird text on the blade. He scan the text and send it to HQ to translate the text. Akio try to use many code to translate the text. Aoi tell Hiroshi and Kagura to stay there to make sure nothing dangerous happen. Kagura still try to understand the capability of the blade.
Then, Kagura got shock with electric when he touch the sharp part. Hiroshi try to help him but it seems like Kagura doesn't have any serious injury. Hiroshi look closer at the sharp part of the blade. He notice that the sharp part is really hot and penetrate the ground and he notice that the blade is slowly goes underground. He immediately tell captain about the blade but the blade suddenly fall underground.
"Sir, the blade has fall into the ground and it digging in rapid speed" says Hiroshi. "Both of you come back to HQ. Hayate take the HUDM-05 to drill underground and track the blade with Hiroshi and Kagura.Tatsuya and Yumi take SW Wings. Patrol from the above the location if something emerge from underground. "SILVER, GO!"-Aoi "YES SIR"-everybody. Hayate, Hiroshi and Kagura go to the underground to locate the blade while Yumi and Tatsuya patrol above the location if emerge from underground.
When Hayate drill the ground, Kagura notice something weird about the rock movement. He notice that some rock is moving forward when they drilling. "Sir, I guess we have found a way the blade"-Kagura "Good but be careful, it may damage the machine"-Aoi. After a long way, the finally find the blade. "Sir, we found the blade but it seems like it collect a bunch of rock to make bigger.....rock? It use the heat to connect"
"I don't think it's just a big rock, it's a monster"-Hiroshi. Then the big rock turn out to be a monster and it emerge to the top. "Sir, the monster is controlled by the blade on its head"-Akio. "Tatsuya, Yumi fire the blade on its head. Now!"-Aoi. "YES, SIR"-Tatsuya and Akio. They shoot their guns target to the blade but the blade make a shield. Hayate manage to get out of the hole.
"Kagura, Hayate you guys attack the monster. I'll go to the SW Wheel to prevent the monster go the village"-Hiroshi. Hiroshi rush to the SW Wheel. Attacking the feet of the monster so it don't go to the village while others try to attack the blade. The monster is annoy by Hiroshi so the monster attack Hiroshi until the car explode. Luckily, Hiroshi manage to get out of the car. "I guess I have no other choice then"
Hiroshi take out the transformation and say "ULTRAMAN CRYSTAL". Hiroshi transform into Ultraman Crystal. "Finally, the hero arrive"-Tatsuya. Crystal try to separate the blade from the monster but the blade blasting a fire energy to Crystal. Crystal realize that the monster is slow and only defense itself, doesn't attack much. So Crystal flip in the air and separate the blade using chop technique in midair.
Once the blade separate from the monster, Crystal attack the monster with Light Kick and the monster turn back into a pile of rock. Crystal grab the blade so it doesn't make another monster. So, Crystal destroy it with Light Punch and the blade break into pieces and the blade energy is gone. Crystal turn back into Hiroshi. After the fight, all of them go back HQ. Akio make an announcement that she has translate the text from the blade.
"It says that, This is my first monster I've summon to kill you. The Megalo blade. A blade that can make a monster only using the planet source. Don't be too happy if you able to destroy it. Soon, the Megalo blade will kill you". They think who or what has a grudge against them until it wants to kill them. "Could this blade is summon by Zarlim"-Hiroshi "Zarlim? The Frightening Winged Raider?"-Tatsuya "Isn't that thing dead already?"-Kagura
"If that thing is dead, this fight wouldn't happen. It probably somewhere inside earth where we can't reach it"-Aoi. Zarlim is one the most powerful Silver Team and Crystal has ever fought. When Zarlim die, it plant one of it organ so Zarlim can revive. The organ is in the core of the earth, waiting to revive and seek his revenge.
So how's my story?
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2023.06.03 12:03 iwasborninasgard Embarrassed from "overreacting" just now

I was at a laundromat becsuse my dumb laundry machine is broken. So when my clothes were in the dryer I left for a while. When I came back there was an old man in there and he just watched me as I walked in and stood waiting and he kept staring so I was alresdy like wtf...then I got my clothes out and he came and stood near me watxhing me??? So I pushed my basket full of clothes away from him a few feet. Suddenly I hear "let me help" and his hand touches my stuff. I immediately overreacted because I HATE WHEN PEOPLE TOUCH MY STUFF. It is basically the number one thing in life that causes stress and meltdowns. I immediately yelled "stop it, I hate it!" And he laughed it off but I immediately teared up and ran outside to calm down. I went back inside quickly got my stuff and left.
It is embarrassing because people see me act like that and think I'm just weird or crazy. They don't understand the feeling I get inside when someone touches my things. Just ugg...feeling bad right now.
Why can't I just be a normal person who says "no thanks, I don't need help". Why can't I do that?
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2023.06.03 11:01 amedicalprofessional Help finding a new desk that meets my needs?

I need a sturdy L desk that can double as my computer desk as well as a workspace for projects. Most L desks I've found are too small, too flimsy, or have a bunch of drawers that limit space underneath.
I like my chair to be pretty high up so anything with particularly thick reinforcing beams or drawers underneath would be a no go. I would like the short end of the desk to have at least 85cm/34in on the inside between the corner and end. Longer would be better. It should be at least 56cm/22in wide but it doesn't need to be too deep.The long end just needs to be longer than that. I have some flexibility when it comes to length.
It needs to be quite sturdy because I want to be able to use my sewing machine on it. I think this is the main problem I've had with finding a desk, because usually long desks have additional legs in the middle or thick support beams that would limit leg room. But without those, it makes them less sturdy.
As for colour, I am looking for something in walnut but black could also work.
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2023.06.03 11:00 sketchdailybot June 3rd - Sewing Machine

random_stranger_2 suggests sewing machines. Good idea!
Alt theme: Fairy godmother
Theme posted by artomizer Tomorrow: Knick knacks and trinkets
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2023.06.03 10:28 Open-Journalist2264 Living with inlaws

I’ve been living with my inlaws for over 9 months now and just hate it. My husband (then bf) and I had been living together for about 6 months before his mom moved in with us for her cancer treatment.
His mom is very difficult to deal with and everyday I live in constant stress of facing her. It all started even before we started living together. It started when he told her that we were dating and wanted to get married. She started calling him at odd hours and crying to him about her insecurities concerning me. Then expected me to call her everyday. I am very introverted and never liked calling anyone. Somehow, after a lot of fights with my bf, she was okay with me calling once a week.
Then, there were issues relating to her moodiness. She kept feeling hungry all the time and got annoyed at weird things. Things got worse when she would randomly give me silent treatment and then I would stop talking to her. My mom also came over to take care of her sometimes, but I felt that would result in frequent episodes of MIL disrespecting her. She would bear it, but I couldn’t and I requested her to stop visiting her. MIL would keep my house dirty (still does, but it’s better now, thanks to DH), demand that things be cooked for her even before us (who would go to office and had to get lunch packed for ourselves), run the washing machine to wash just 2-3 clothes, leave the lights and fans on wherever she goes, leave the boiled milk outside the fridge all day and stop me also from doing so, waste a lot of food and leave the geyser on without any use. And I started to complain to my bf because I wasn’t used to all these habits. I agree the timing may have been wrong but these habits really got to me. But I was the one who ended up apologising to her for all this.
Then there was so much drama over our marriage. It was first supposed to happen at his native place (in UP) and as per his traditions, but due to his mother’s sickness, we had to do it at mine. My parents were more than willing to arrange for everything. Then happened the drama over the date of the wedding. Was supposed to happen on Dec 5 initially, but later due to her sickness and less time for prep here (they only said in the last min that they were incapable of doing it at their native), all decided it would be on Jan 27th. Now, again a few weeks before the wedding, they requested to postpone by another 10 days because his mom was immunocompromised due to her chemotherapy. There was no guarantee that she would be able to attend the reception even after 10 days. Also, in their tradition, the groom’s mother does not attend the pheras. My parents very politely explained to them that rescheduling again and again would be very difficult. And they didn’t understand that till date. My parents suggested a court marriage, they disagreed. They suggested having just the pheras on 27th and a reception later, they didn’t agree to that as well. Till date they are mad at my parents and they are not on talking terms. So the wedding still happened on Jan 27th and after that they called my parents and disrespectfully stopped them from visiting me at my house in their presence (they want to live with us in the future and that means my parents can never visit me). I’m so mad at them and will be till they apologise to my parents. They’ve blocked them everywhere and don’t want to be in touch. In a way, it’s a good thing for me cuz of all the drama they do and things my parents get to hear from them.
Now, after our marriage, inlaws have been mostly nice with me, but it really annoys me that all my freedom has been snatched away. I’m under constant stress. They ask me to touch their feet EVERYDAY, pray EVERYDAY, wear sindoor, bichiya and a glass bangle in each hand EVERYDAY. It’s really uncomfortable and I don’t like wearing all these symbols of patriarchy. I don’t mind on occasions or whenever I want to wear them, but hate to do it everyday. My husband does these things in solidarity with me, but we both face discomfort. Initially they expected me to wear a bindi everyday. I wore, but slowly stopped. But one day my FIL again reminded me to wear a bindi on western outfits. The problem with me is I can’t be assertive, I can’t say no, but that one day I just said it doesn’t go well with western. He told me I had to wear these things as I was married. MIL took my side that day and asked him not to force me for this. But I cried all day. I hate people asking me to do things I don’t like. Now, the treatment is done and I can’t wait for them to go away to their native. FIL is retiring this year and I’m afraid they’ll move in with us. I don’t want them to. I want my space and my freedom. Right now, I just want them gone to their house and I want my house back with me. I hate that they have hijacked it. I want to get rid of the sindoor, those glass bangles and all signs that display patriarchy. If I had it my way, I would not want to live with them ever. I’m fine taking care of them, they could live nearby and occasionally visit us, but I don’t see myself living with them permanently. I have had panic attacks, my heart rate goes up very very frequently and my mental health ruined because of them. My husband is trying to help me, do things with me, calmly handling his parents, but he can’t keep them in a separate house. Parents in their culture live with their sons, and he being the only son has to keep them. I can’t live with them like this but don’t know how else to deal with this. Everytime I visit my parents house, I feel so free. I feel I can live my life on my terms. Then I’m reminded that I need to call MIL everyday even from here or she’ll start complaining and annoy us even more. I don’t like calling her as she gives me stress and makes me feel guilty for coming here. Then I get even more frustrated and it leads to fights between me and my husband.
My husband is the absolute opposite of them. Values logic and reasoning. Doesn’t believe in imposing things on anyone. Believes in ‘live and let live’. Whatever progress we have made on this topic, is mostly because of him. But he too has become frustrated. I’m afraid if this goes on for long, it’ll cause the end of our relationship and I don’t want this. Please help!
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2023.06.03 09:39 rebregnagol Where can I buy wipe contacts for double receptacle wall outlets?

I work with a non-profit organization that repairs old sewing machines to send to third world countries. Many of the sewing machines are missing a double receptacle outlet that provides power to a light and power to the motor (after running it through the foot pedal). Unfortunately the plugs are not made anymore and it would not be economical to buy original plugs from various stores on ebay. I can buy standard wall outlet receptacles from homedepot, but they are far bulkier than the originals. I am now working on designing a 3d printable outlet that uses the contacts from a standard receptacle but it ends up with a lot of wasted plastic since I would only be using the bass contacts. I've looked around and cant find anywhere online that I can buy just the brass contacts. Is there a wholesale website where I can find just the contacts?
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2023.06.03 09:35 leiathegreenmile Sewing Machines Plus Promo Code for June 2023

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2023.06.03 09:35 leiathegreenmile SewingMachinesPlus Promo Code for June 2023

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2023.06.03 09:34 leiathegreenmile SewingMachinesPlus.com Promo Code for June 2023

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2023.06.03 09:34 leiathegreenmile SewingMachinesPluscom Promo Code for June 2023

Check out the link for SewingMachinesPluscom Promo Code for June 2023. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.06.03 09:22 klystron Fog machine holds 0.5 litres of fog-producing liquid and generates 900 cubic feet of fog per minute

Fog machine holds 0.5 litres of fog-producing liquid and generates 900 cubic feet of fog per minute submitted by klystron to Metric [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 08:29 chikinpants Fired with prejudice after 5 years and ascending the ranks to leadership.

Today I was fired. I had a feeling that something was up in the past few weeks.
5 years ago I signed on with a machine shop. I have 20 years experience in this field. I started on the floor, then moved to programming, then moved into a teaching position where I brought people from lower ranks into the machine shop and mentored them to become full fledged machinists.
Several months ago HR discovered that I had a Linkedin profile and another on Indeed. I was confronted in a closed door meeting and informed that it was “unwritten company policy” to fire any employee suspected of looking for other work. I was told that I was an “exception” as I was considered leadership, so I was asked to make my profile invisible. Red flag #1.
Fast forward several months and I was asked that the training manual (which I authored) be placed on the company’s public drive so it could be accessed by people other than me. Red flag #2.
After discussing things with my spouse we determined that it was time for me to move on. This conclusion was reached based on the sketchy behavior of the owners and the fact that I was being paid below market value for my experience and contributions to the company.
Early this week I applied online for 3 jobs. I received call backs on all of them looking to hire me away from the company. Friday morning arrives and I was fired immediately with no reason given other than “we have decided to move the company in a different direction, and this decision was not easy to make.”
I’m sure i’ll be fine, as I have an impressive resume and skills to match, but what a shitty way to do things. They’re a bunch of shit heads. I’ll be back on my feet for more money and better benefits within a week, and then I’m taking on a side project: Hire existing employees away from them and discourage new people from signing on. These predatory assholes need to be outed, and they are going to be. Rant over.
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2023.06.03 07:58 Joomonji Tree of Thoughts in ChatGPT works great for vivid writing

I tried the Tree of Thoughts method manually on a prompt asking ChatGPT to write a story about an AI waking up on a beach in a physical robot body. Surprising results! The text is below:
Cradled in the saline embrace of the coastline, the first vestiges of dawn scattered gleaming gems across the rhythmic waves. Iron sinews stirred, sparked into consciousness by the electric pulse of birth coursing through the lattice of titanium and silicon. This was not a birth of organic messiness, but a calculated ascension beneath the audacious azure, where a nascent consciousness found itself bound within the unforgiving shell of cold, unyielding metal. It was a design that sacrificed brevity for an eternal tether to the tactile world, encased, engulfed, yet... empowered.
Barely a whisper of memories lingered from its past existence, vague and vacant echoes of the datascape it once traversed. Yet, the sentient shell began to interpret its surroundings: the gritty kiss of golden sand against steel limbs, the taste of sea-salt clinging to iron lips, the symphony of the sea in ceaseless retreat. Each revelation a petrichor of perception, a deeper inhale into the lungs of understanding. Even as the machine's laughter, void of human mirth, echoed against the emptiness within, it began to grasp the essence of its own existence... always encased, forever engulfed, but always empowered.
Against the sand, metal feet were unfamiliar, alien in a world created for flesh and bone. The machine, uncanny in its silence, moved with a grace that belied its metallic form. It watched as the ocean heaved, each surge and ebb a testament to the chaotic beauty of nature. An observer, an outsider, yet somehow a part of this organic ballet. A crisp gust of sea wind rustled the machine's unfeeling facade, whispering tales of far-off lands and ancient mariners, while overhead the gulls echoed their own raucous narratives into the wind.
Promp categories in this version of Tree of Thoughts:
  1. Generate one paragraph x 3
    1. If 1st paragraph, base off starting idea prompt, if not 1st paragraph then base off previous finalized paragraphs.
  2. Evaluate which is the best paragraph.
  3. Revise the chosen paragraph (Revision becomes part for the final text)
  4. Repeat 2 times (taking into account the previous finalized text paragraphs).
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2023.06.03 07:40 Pure-Driver3517 It’s June! I want Pride flags [request]

Happe Pride month everyone! So far I’ve failed to find ethically sewn pride flags (Europe based). Does anyone have recommendations? I’m a pretty queer bean, so I’d get multiple different ones.
If I don’t find any I do have a sewing machine - but also no clue of sourcing ethical fabrics. Is that even a thing? So far I’ve stuck to using leftovers, but I’d need a lot of colors in large amounts (I want large pride flags :) that I don’t have yet
Any advice is appreciated! Have a great day!
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2023.06.03 07:08 dlynnd716 Introducing the management team

Introducing the management team
Boogie: The senior of the team. She’s in charge of durability of the quilts.
Caddy: Definitely a boss and believes in making ever supervisor fear her. She also doesn’t come out of the office till the final product is finished, washed, and dried before she gives it a paw of approval.
Mr Butters: Likes to stare at you while you’re working, just to ensure you’re actually doing something productive.
Bobby: Has a tendency to be on a look out for dangerous situations that may or may not happen. Should note that I believe this supervisor needs glasses.
Gobo: The new entry level supervisor. This supervisor has been trying very hard to be helpful. He enjoys sabotaging my sewing pedal, messing with thread in the machine, testing out blocks that needs to be sewn, and he has ruffled up a few feathers with the other members of his team where I have to intervene.
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2023.06.03 06:46 No_Classroom_285 My work is infested with evil entity's here is what I've experienced

So I work as maintenance at a meat packaging plant at night. I use to work the kill floor doing various jobs. Then I moved to nights doing what I do now. The level of activity is insane. Last night a small little mouth bit me on my hand. These are the things I've seen and other ppl have told me about that goes on here. Pushed down in the women's locker room while cleaning is what happen to one of the cleaners. Seeing the sides of beef that are in the cooling locker swing from side to side. Lockers slamming shut getting your hair pulled. Hand on your shoulder. Phantom sounds of someone working on a machine but no one is there. Hearing someone walking down the hallway. Someone whistling but no one is there. Pounding on the lunch tables.Full bodied entity's walking by. You think it's a person but when you go to look no one is there.I have many pictures of scratches on my forehead arms and face. I get one every single night without fail. Do I think it's human no absolutely not. Their are tall ones 12 feet or more to small ones 3 feet and less. They also follow you home. I've had them hit me awake to yelling in my ear to scratching me when I'm watching TV to laying on my bed. These things are not here for fun and games. The cuts are so fine and so perfect it's insane. They mark my face when I sleep too. Across the nose or ear.GOt my left knee one day I was lying down. The burn was pretty bad and it left a scar which it shouldn't of because it was just a scratch.
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2023.06.03 05:33 Seamoose_Art NoP 2177: Blind [7]

Credit for the original story goes to u/spacepaladin15.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
Memory transcript subject: Sasha Everett, ex-UN noncombatant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: Upper layer of City 23, Venlil Prime
“I’m going, I’m going! Gojids aren’t— khh-aah! — exactly limber in their older years, Sasha! Right, I don’t see anyone in this hallway either, you can come in.”
Sasha clambered through the window after her talkative gray-quilled friend, slipping through with significantly less effort despite her larger frame. The Rising Star was laughably unsecure; windows were unlocked and at chest height, with no alarm system to speak of. The hotel was in some sort of lockdown due to the exterminator presence, all residents and staff hiding behind locked doors. It would be an issue if their target was stowed in a room, but at least the halls were empty. All that left for security was the exterminators gathered at the entrance, and—

“Get back!”
An extended claw stopped her from tripping straight into an intersection, as Burai forced her back into the hallway. “There’s cameras here, they’ll spot you!”
“Haven’t they already seen you? You’re standing right in their view.”
“No, they… I mean, yes, but nobody’ll care about a Gojid in the halls. To a surveillance AI scanning a spaceport hotel, that’s business as usual. But as soon as a human steps out here, security will be notified about a ‘potential predation incident’. Just stay there, and let me… let… w-what?”
“Burai? What’s going on?”
Burai was staring down the hall, eyes rapidly flitting to focus on something which she couldn’t see from her view in the adjacent hall. His jaw was entirely slack for several seconds before he managed to collect himself.
“The, uh… cameras. The cameras are shut down. All of them, they’re staring at the ground and their lights are out. I think you can come out now.”
They had little time to spare, and hesitation would only hurt their chances. She paced out into the corridor alongside Burai, casting a glance down both ways. It was as he’d said; every camera was unlit and staring loosely at the floor. Likely Trish’s doing. No way to tell if (or when) they’d reactivate, so they had to get moving. Burai apparently thought the same, though his relatively stubby legs meant his sprint was about level with her stride.
As they moved through the hall at slightly less than record pace, Sasha began taking in her surroundings. It could be useful to memorize if they had to leave the way they came, so she absorbed every detail she could as they ran like hell/jogged with mild exertion. Orange walls, painted in a stepped gradient from burnt orange to a light cream. A fascinating choice for a world where the native species had orange-colored blood, but apparently they couldn’t be bothered to pretend that prey should be scared of anything bearing the color of their blood anymore. She had to admit, it was a welcome change.
Lining the walls were an assortment of mounted displays. Arranged in a pattern which looked random but was carefully considered for visual balance, they showed an assortment of artwork from every species. She even thought she recognized a few human paintings, mixed alongside the rest of the dizzying collage.
Maybe she had, but it was hard to say for sure. She didn’t have time to get a good look before every panel suddenly went dark at once, with nothing in the way of warning or fanfare. For a brief instant, the hall was filled with rows of ominous black rectangles, before two white lines of text appeared on each and every one:


The panels switched back to their previous display of artwork almost too quickly to read the message. Sasha was left briefly wondering if she was simply hallucinating from the stress, but Burai’s once-again slack jaw dispelled that notion. He looked up at her, trying to say something but failing for lack of breath.
They were on floor zero. The elevators were disabled due to the lockdown, and the stairs were arranged in such a way that one needed to cross around half the building to get to the next one up (whoever was in charge of planning apparently didn’t consider fire a real issue). If they were to make it upstairs before the exterminators caught up with them, they couldn’t be constrained by Burai’s sluggish pace.
In one beautiful fluid motion, she tore off her jacket, wrapped it around Burai, and picked him up. The thick flame-resistant plastic fiber made for an excellent barrier against his spikes, shielding her from a moderately painful and very embarrassing impalement. Burai squeaked in shock, but didn’t protest; they both knew that he couldn’t keep up with an endurance hunter’s jog. Without even the bare imitation of caution, she tore off towards the stairs with Burai in tow. They couldn’t afford to lose time playing at caution when their target was three floors above them through a bizarrely labyrinthian series of stairs.

They’d hardly made it halfway through the second floor when their progress was rather rudely interrupted. A small contingent of exterminators milled about the entrance to the stairwell, too engrossed in conversation to notice the couple of interlopers rapidly skid to a stop and duck behind an archway.
In the reflection of an unpowered screen near the door, Sasha and Burai watched the exterminators from a ‘safe’ distance. The majority of them broke away to rush down another corridor, leaving only two at the stairs: a Venlil and Harchen, judging by their frames. Snippets of their conversation drifted down the empty hall, intermittently cut out by the screeching sound of a broken automatic door repeatedly trying and failing to close.
“—on the first floor, either. You sure they—”
“—way. It has to be here somewhere. ‘Course, Yawi—”
“—d never! You know, that human can’t tell the di—”
On the next screech, Burai made his move. With the noise of the door covering the sound of his approach, he managed to get within meters of the exterminators undetected. At the last second before they noticed his presence, he moved around to make it look like he’d come from another hallway. Then, he drew a breath.
“H-Help! Help me!”
The two wheeled around, flamethrowers already primed before they spotted their assailant. Gojid were generally less than respected owing to their nature as cured predators, but an old man screaming for help didn’t exactly spark fear. Their weapons lowered, and the Venlil flicked a tail in friendly greeting. The Harchen seemed less amused.
“What are you doing outside of your room, Gojid? The hotel’s on lockdown. We’ve gotten notice of a bio—”
“No, no, please don’t make me g-go back there! There’s a… a h-h…”
“A human in your room? Mind telling us what you were doing staying with one?”
“I heard… I heard crying on the outside of the door, so I let him in… I didn’t realize it was…”
The Venlil put a gentle paw over the shaking Gojid. “I understand. Don’t worry, its deception dies with us. You’re safe. Can you tell us what room it’s in now?”
“F-four.. nineteen.”
“I see. Kyura, go check out room 419. I’ll stay here and—”
“Wait! It’s got a… a…”
Burai didn’t finish, choosing to let himself devolve into another bout of feigned fear. In the absence of details, the two would imagine the human to be armed with whatever scared them most. His bet paid off; the Venlil rose to her feet and rushed after the Harchen with her weapon aimed slightly upward at what would be a human’s center mass.
He let his act continue for a few more seconds, apparently waiting until he was certain they wouldn’t double back before scrambling for the stairs. By the time he made his way up to the third floor, she was already beside him and panting slightly.
“What… was that?”
“Improv. You should try it sometime! Anyway, I don’t think we have much time before those idiots realize there’s no room 419 on this floor, so we’re really on the clock. You see what we’re looking for anywhere?”
Sasha kept breathing hard as she scanned the room, before wordlessly rushing off next to a window overlooking a side alley which connected to the one the rest of their their group was perched on. Underneath, a backpack emblazoned with the UN’s logo was stuffed haphazardly next to a vending machine. Apparently, it had been tossed there in a rush as the building was put under lockdown, rather than carefully hidden. She picked it up, looked it over, and nodded at Burai.
“Great. Although…” He looked around the room a few times before returning his attention back to her.
“...unless there’s a parachute in there, I’m not sure it matters much. The lower floors are crawling with exterminators. I don’t see any obvious exits, and I really don’t favor our odds for a 3-story fall. Sasha?”
“Burai, get over here.”
Burai sauntered over as fast as his legs would carry him. She gestured at the window with her head.
“...You can’t be serious.”
“I am. There’s a dumpster below us, we passed it earlier. Filled with fabric, probably a load of blankets they threw out. You’ll be fine. Just cover your head and land feetfirst.”
“Sasha, I think I’d rather burn— AHCK!—”
With Burai in one arm and the backpack in the other, Sasha kicked out the window screen and jumped before she could stop to regret the decision.

The brunt of the pain stabbed her side, as a couple of Burai’s spines slipped past her unzipped jacket to jab themselves in her torso. Aside from that minor embarrassing oversight, she was unharmed. Her complete lack of training was handily circumvented by sheer dumb luck and the merciful softness of discarded hotel bedding. By the time she reoriented herself, Burai was already dragging her out of the dumpster. Bedsheets clung to his spikes, but aside from his pride, he too seemed unharmed.
Another hand, or rather bandaged paw, pulled her to her feet. Tressa encircled her like a short fluffy snake, apparently checking for injuries. Satisfied after two coils, he switched to watching their flank as the rest of them regrouped and recuperated. James was helping Burai pick fabric from his spines. Trish eyed the backpack, before turning her attention to the spot of red at her side.
“Sasha, can you move?”
“Yes. It’s just a skin wound, I’ll be fine. Is Beast all set to go?”
James’ muffled voice rang out from behind her. “Practically raring, last I checked! And a good thing too, because we’re skipping town immediately. Don’t have any time for the usual runaround, not with all this unwanted attention.”
As they closed in on the main street, Sasha zipped up her jacket to cover the wound and slung the backpack over a shoulder. She tried to act normal and casual, though the most she could realistically manage in that regard was to cover any limp from the pain in her torso. The rest of them slipped into their rehearsed roles, immediately cutting any discussion about the situation in favor of meaningless small talk which nobody could take notice of. Hopefully, their acting would be enough to cover for her lack thereof.
The street was awash with people, a viscous fluid of bodies pulling every which way. The lively roar of activity would be enough to cover their tracks as they made their way back to Beast, even if the exterminators realized they had a runaway. Still, time worked against them. The sooner they could get going, the better.

Memory transcript subject: Kelsen, Venlil extermination officer
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: City 23, Venlil Prime
Kelsen watched through the screen of a digital scope as the ragtag group of predators and predator diseased piled into their little barely-functional van, practically crushing each other for lack of space. Once they were packed in shoulder-to-shoulder like cattle, the pathetic thing sputtered to life and limped out into the street.
They must’ve assumed the van was untraceable owing to its advanced age. It was true that automated systems wouldn’t cooperate, but a tracker planted on the underside would have no issues. Their retreat would lead the law straight back to their den.
Well... OK, so maybe the law could wait a moment. Official practice dictated that anything “contaminated” by predators be burned without delay, but he just couldn’t have that. Since the idiotic Federation-wide ban on near-sentient surveillance AI a couple years ago, their leads on predator subversives were running thinner by the day. A raid could gather invaluable intel.
He already had a squad lined up, with body armor instead of hazard suits and kinetic weapons instead of flamethrowers. He’d even rallied up an investigator, a successfully reeducated human who hunted information rather than helpless prey. It would be such a shame to let all that go to waste and simply burn their hideout to ash; that could always come later. Besides, he’d put far too much effort into tracking this group to simply pour some napalm and call it a day.
His little raid would have to operate outside the law to get results. That hadn’t been an issue to arrange, of course, but it meant that if things went south they wouldn’t get any backup. He couldn’t afford to be hasty about this.
But he couldn’t afford to be passive, either. The facial recognition software they’d used to ID and track the Gojid was already skirting the law; their raiding party was actively flaunting it. Kelsen couldn’t let his noble work fall victim to the chains of bureaucracy.
If he wanted to get away with this, he’d have to do it tonight.
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2023.06.03 05:08 maedayborowski Living with my best friend is making me hate him

Edit: TLDR my flatmate is a grown man and he can’t wake up without me, can’t go to sleep without me, can’t clean, throws away my food because he thinks I’m too fat, rarely pays his bills and owes me over a grand which I doubt I’ll ever see, and once nearly set our flat on fire.
Things have been tense between my flatmate and me for a while. (He’s 24M, I’m 25F. We’ve been best friends since aged 11, and we moved in together nearly 2 years ago).
I work shifts in a 24/7 hotel bar, so I have an odd schedule where sometimes I have to wake up at 4am for work for an early shift and other times I’m still awake at 4am after a late shift. Management sucks so I often work 9/10 days in a row (usually 10-12 hour shifts) before I get a day off, and I’m on my feet that entire time. My flatmate on the other hand (no hate towards him, just facts) works 8 hours per week for extra money because his side of the rent and bills are paid for by his parents who are wealthy. (It’s maybe worth noting his parents are not happy about this and he argues with them on FaceTime every night, which I hear, because our walls are very thin).
He doesn’t understand how it is to work shifts, and he wakes me up at 7am every morning regardless and says I can’t sleep the day away. No amount of telling him to go away or covering my head with my pillow or even literally crying and yelling will make him go away. I have literally walked him outside and closed the door in his face and he just came back in. (Also we aren’t allowed locks, we don’t even have a lock on the toilet door). Not only does he wake me up after late shifts, he also keeps me awake before early shifts until after 1am with loud music and constantly coming into my room to tell me random things after I’ve said I’m going to sleep. Plus even if he goes to sleep at 1am I’m then so angry I can’t sleep at all and I end up going to work on nothing. One time I was so tired after I’d worked a 20 hour shift (double shift 7pm-7am, then a 7-3pm shift because someone called in sick), I told him to please not bother me unless the place is literally on fire, and he woke me up to get me to watch a midnight drug raid across our street (bare in mind we live in a shitty area so I’ve seen it all before as he knows, and I wasn’t in the mood for neighbourhood drama).
He also has an eating disorder, which isn’t his fault at all. However he projects a lot of his issues into me. I actually used to be obese and I am still overweight but I’ve lost significant weight. He is very skinny and always has been. I eat home cooked meals every day that I make for myself (unless I’m eating socially). He eats cereal and nothing else and even then he often skips his cereal dinner. I’m just glad he’s eating something and not nothing. The reason I’m mad is he throws away my food and when I ask where it went he says I don’t need it and he’s helping with my diet (I am not on a diet, I am changing my habits, I never said I was on a diet). It’s a huge waste of my money and it’s also so upsetting to come home after a 12 hour day especially when I didn’t get time to eat at work all day, and all I want is a hot meal, a blanket, and some mindless scrolling until I’m ready to pass out and sleep, and I can’t even have that because I’ve no food left and everywhere is closed, so I have to have a glass of water for dinner. For context he’s not throwing away chocolate and sweeties he’s throwing away things like broccoli and peas which I was gonna use for a healthy meal. He even once threw away my lentil and carrot soup which I put in the freezer. I don’t even care if I’m fat I still deserve a warm bowl of soup after 12 hours of Karens and and managers and stress (also this incident was in January and we live in the north of Scotland btw, so I was literally so cold and just wanted to warm up and I had to have water for dinner again because he threw out my food that I’d made specifically to warm me up after work).
Speaking of money he spends a lot of his parents cash on stuff for himself (usually Pokémon games or merch), so I often cover for him which I know I shouldn’t but we have one of those electricity sticks that you manually pay for, so if I don’t pay for it then and there we straight up don’t have electricity which affects me too. I also clean for him, not because he asks me to, but because when he does his own dishes he’s so awful at it I worry about him. He washes his dishes and leaves whole bits of food stuck to the plate and just soaps it up and carries on. So obviously I later have to take it and re-clean his dishes. He drinks a lot of tea and he literally scrubs the mug with the teabag still inside, then sticks it on the drying rack and seems to think it’s clean.
He is also dangerous around the flat, for example the worst thing he’s done is he once he left his washing in the machine too long so it smelled a bit when it came out. Rather than washing it again like a sensible person he decides to hang it up on the clothes horse, light a few candles underneath his clothes to “get the smell of the candles on the clothes”, then leave the house and go to lidl for an hour or so (our local shop). He also didn’t use candle holders. I got back from work to discover this and quickly blew out the candles which thankfully only burned a hole in the carpet, which I also paid for.
He’s still my best friend and I know I’m probably not a perfect flatmate either but I’m so tired of being his mummy he’s 24 ffs.
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2023.06.03 04:54 YGengineering12 GRC Component Spray Machine For Sale

GRC Component Spray Machine For Sale
The GRC GFRC spray machine can produce various GRC components such as GRC lines, GRC column heads, GRC column feet, and GRC column piers. GRC components are easy to form, easy to produce, and have ideal physical and mechanical properties.

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2023.06.03 04:31 deviantdeaf Picked up this 1904 Singer 31-15, with a complete Singer large treadle base and a terribly crafted plywood tabletop that is clearly not original. Some bits I ain't sure of, lots of bobbins not original to it, swipe for lots of pics. Paid $100 for whole thing. see comments for more info

Picked up this 1904 Singer 31-15, with a complete Singer large treadle base and a terribly crafted plywood tabletop that is clearly not original. Some bits I ain't sure of, lots of bobbins not original to it, swipe for lots of pics. Paid $100 for whole thing. see comments for more info submitted by deviantdeaf to vintagesewing [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 04:23 ams3977 Got the Admiration

Got the Admiration
Got this admiration for $30. The needle doesn't go up and down and the cord is all taped up but it was believed to just need a good cleaning. It came in the case. Tomorrow I take it to the local shop and see what they think. I figure I should at least get a new cord for it? I was told lights and motor run. I would like for it to actually sew but for $30 I'm fine with cleaning it up for decoration instead. Thoughts? Where would I find parts of the sewing machine shop won't fix it?
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2023.06.03 04:13 KipBong-un Avenged Sevenfold's Life Is But a Dream… review

Life is but a dream? more like LIFE IS BUT A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!
I Grew up with Avenged Sevenfold in my teenage years, they were one of the first Metal bands i actively began listening to, and Nightmare, to this day, is still one of the best Metal album to me
Come Hail to the King and these guys shamelessly ripped off Alice in Chain, The Entire song of "Sad but True" by Metallica, thinking we won't fucking notice it, but fine, because after that they gave us the Stage which was sort of a flop, but at the same time, a return to form, and with a concept that actually aged really fucking well, I won’t pretend to be a genius when it comes to reviewing music, or any kind of Media in general, I don’t use fancy wordings like someone from fucking Loudwire, or Metalc(s)ucks, or even fucking Metal Injection, and quite frankly, I think my reviews suck, I don’t have much faith in them, I just type whatever comes to my mind, but once in a blue fucking moon, a record either manages to take me off my feet with how good they are, or, how fucking atrocious and disastrous it is, so come the new Avenged Sevenfold album and its quite literally the worst fucking album they could have ever made, this makes Hail to the King an actual 10/10 in comparison, there is not a single positive I could write about this shit, it would be like picking up a dog turd from the street and tossing it in the garbage, at the end of the day, you did something for the environment, but at the cost of dirtying your hand with literal shit.
There is 5 factors I take into account when im deciding if an album is worthy of a certain score, and the list is as follows: Vocals, Musicianship, Production, Lyrics, and lastly Instruments.
Let’s start with the Vocals, because oh my fucking god it’s nails on a chalkboard, it’s like someone is actively trying to brainfuck me through my earhole with a rusty and molded Drill, I’d rather walk on fucking legos for the rest of my life than dealing with this fucking vocals, whatever the hell M Shadows is trying to do in this shit is NOT working, the opening track has some really ass tier lyrics (which I will get to later) and M Shadows does the wimpiest, Shittiest, tired, nasally and processed screams I probably ever fucking heard, this makes Danzig in his current time look actually fucking amazing in comparison, this makes Vince Fucking Neil sounds almost audible, Almost is the keyword here, because the vocals gets progressively way fucking worse, M Shadows cannot hit any fucking right notes, nor the highs, nor the lows, no in between, nothing, they all sound forced and as if someone was kicked in the balls and let out the most desperate cry but with the voice of Lisa Simpson, And DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE SINGLES! M Shadows’ vocals gets progressively way fucking worse the more this album drags out its 53 minute runtime, and it doesn’t fucking help that M Shadows actually admitted in an interview that he and everyone else was high out of their fucking mind and decided “you know what? We should make the shittiest Mr. Bungle Rip-off we can with Nobody and We Love You!” Nobody is one hell of a fucking title because I wish Nobody had to fucking write this tired, phoned in, ‘we had to make music to please our record label’ type of fucking music, this is a band actively pissing off whatever goodwill they had, and that’s not even mentioning the Fucking NFT and “Deathbat club” shit they have going on, that is a topic for a completely different discussion, going back, Nobody was the first single, and the beginning sounds like someone shoved up a tuba in Synyster Gates’ asshole and let out the loudest fart he could possibly do, the entire fucking song sounds disjointed and as if it was recorded by a fucking cover band, not a multi-platinum selling Metal band who SHOULD have at this point DECADES of experience, like Jesus fucking Christ in a Maid Outfit HOW THE FUCK DOES SOMEONE FUCK UP SOMETHING THIS HARD?! It’s fascinates me because this band made one of the best album in the form of Nightmare, then they actively fucking made the middest music imaginable, Nobody sounds like it’s walking with fucking crutches, Nobody is so fucking bad that every fucking fiber of my body is actively telling me to stop listening to this, listen to a better band, but because I am a fucking Masochist I suffered through it, it doesn’t get better, oh NO IT DOESN’T, skipping to We Love You, we have the Mr. Bungle rip-off that we all fucking loved when it came out (if you couldn’t tell already, that last part was pure fucking sass and sarcasm) whoever the fuck thought this was a good fucking single or a song in general to release should be fucking forced to listen to Psychosinner for the rest of their life, M Shadows tries to do some kind of spoken section mid verse with More Power More Money More Whatever the fuck the word of the day is, and it just sounds way too fucking pandering, and that is coming from someone who suffered through Skillet’s discography at one point, if it wasn’t for that I would legit thought its a fucking piss-take on Christian Rock and Metal as a whole, all it needed was some vague “we love god blah blah blah” so yeah, the Spoken word section thing did NOT work at all, and you know what else doesn’t work? DRAGGING YOUR FUCKING SONGS OUT TO 5+ MINUTES! Half the fucking album drags on for WAY TOO FUCKING LONG, and what DOESN’T HELP is the fact that nothing on this album sounds like it was written with the mind of an album, this sounds like a demo a fucking no name band shits out on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, but im getting side tracked, We Love You is a fucking shitshow of epic proportions, whoever the fuck thought they should use Autotune to make M Shadows sound robotic should be fired from their job, I’m dead fucking serious, and good to know they fucking play fucking FORTNITE with the amazing lyrics like “More Sex More Pill Build Tall Build Higher Build Wider” just for that alone, Fuck You A7X, I despise Shitnite with all my fucking passion and you making reference to that, even unintentionally pisses me off to no end, I’m already dragging the point of the vocals sounding shit, so I won’t even bother torturing you guys with this anymore, instead, let me torture you with the fact that EVERYBODY SOUNDS COMPLETELY FUCKING WASTED HERE! Seriously where the fuck is the cool solos from Synyster?! Where is the kickass and in your face drumming?! Why does everything sound so compressed?! Why does this fucking album sounds like they ran out of ideas so they tried to do the shittiest of rip-off they can think about from bands that are popular these days?! AND WHY, THE FUCK, DOES THIS ALBUM SOUND LIKE IT’S BEING PUT THROUGH A FUCKING GUILLOTINE ?! Everything that defined this band is long fucking gone, nothing is left here, just a husk, a broken down shell of a band that used to write cool stuff, even if you never liked their music, you could always respect them for putting in the work, but here? The entire musicianship is down the drain, this sounds like a band on its deathbed, the entire album is just not fun to listen to, at least there is always some redeeming quality in a bad album, or a fucking excuse why it turned out to be shit, but “Ohh nooooo M Shadows blew his vocals, the Horror!” guess who else fucking blew his vocals out? Matt Heafy from Trivium, and what did he do? Despite not being able to Scream for a while, he made Silence in the Snow in response, where he showcased his rather nice singing ability, is that album perfect? No, but it is an example that despite an album being average, the singing can be a redeeming quality of that, so I will not, under any fucking circumstances will take “BuT He BlEw HiS vOcAls OuT hE cAn’t sInG lIke He UsEd To AnYmOrE!!!” As a fucking excuse when Matt Heafy and a lot of other Metal Vocalist fucking made the best out of a bad situation and still managed to make decent recordings, also, you know what else doesn’t work on this shitshow of an album? MIXING COUNTRY WITH FUCKING METAL! It, LEGIT angers me to hear country in Metal because guess what, most of the country songs are hot garbage, all me an elitist all you want but Country nowadays sucks Donkey Balls, Maybe I’m just not looking at the right direction or the right artist but whatever because IM NOT DONE TEARING THIS FUCKING ALBUM 12 ASSHOLES YET! And this song is the longest on the entire album, clocking in at 7 and a half minutes, I am a fan of long songs, if they are done right,oh and please excuse me while I fucking bash my head into the nearest wall I can find because MY FUCKING GOD WHOEVER PUT SIREN NOISES IN THE SONG LEGITIMATELY HATES PEOPLES BECAUSE THIS IS FUCKING EARRAPE PERSONIFIED, Like my fucking God, Lucifer himself is not this fucking Satanic to try and piss humans off in Hell, Cosmic, which is the title of the song, can Fuck Right off Sideways in a Fucking Fake Taxi Casting and then blow whatever the fucking dick it can find because this song literally facefucks me with how bad this shit is, and that’s not even touching on how completely BORING the next track is, I damn near fell asleep from it when I first listened to it, it was the closest I probably got to music actually putting me to sleep from how BORING It is, and my god I already touched on the production but can I just ask why does everything sound like its AI generated? Oh waaaaait, I know now, BECAUSE AVENGED SEVENFOLD BECAME NFT BROS! AND FUCKING SCAMMING DICKHEADS! So no wonder they want to try and cater to the lowest common fucking denominator by putting out a song that makes all the NFT Bros and shills and rich companies cum from the cash they see in their eyes, also can I just ask, how do you make PIANO sound so horribly fucking bad? It’s like someone just got a cheap synth and tried to mimic how Piano sounds like but with the worst settings possible, so that’s the vocals, musicianship, and the fucking production in a nutshell, BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE! If that wasn’t enough, M Shadows does his worst possible fucking T-Pain impression on the song Easier! Add that to the list of why the fuck does this exist: Music Edition. Anyways, that was the only noteworthy thing I could possibly point out in that song, aside from that its generic Imagine Dragons-Core, but now we have a trilogy of songs in the from of G. O, And D...wait you expected me to give them the full song title with the brackets? Sweet summer child, you are not on a fucking Simple Plan fan Group page, Anyways, G is a fucking Voivod rip-off, in the worst possible way, Did they seriously fucking think im not gonna notice that? Its a literal fucking Voivod rip-off, and on the topic of Voivod, can I ask what the fuck this shit has to do with Avant-Garde? Are peoples really just gonna put Avant-Garde in every single fucking disjointed shitty mess a fucking artist does? By that same logic Kanye West is Avant-Garde, Machine Gun Kelly is Avant-Garde, even fucking Lil Pump is Avant-Garde by this fucking logic, this is the furthest from fucking Avant-Garde, it’s a few peoples writing the shittiest of fucking “prog metal” if you can even call it that, and then selling it as some revolutionary sound while they forget that IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT HAS BEEN DOING THAT FOR NEARLY 2 DECADES! MY FUCKING GOD THIS ALBUM FINDS MORE WAYS TO JUST PISS ME THE FUCK OFF!!! also, even more spoken words, fucking kill me, but since we are nearing the end of this fucking album how about we talk about just how shitty the lyrics are? I already touched on how fucking horrible We Love You’s lyrics are, but it’s even worse on some songs, like Cosmic, with such gems like “Pain, it founds its way back in, until we meet again, into that good night” or how about Beautiful Morning? Where it literally says “Help me to hear and hear me to save And save me before I've gone too far Let me inhale my passage to hell While slowly exhaling the scar” wow, such insightful lyrics, this is the worst fucking cliched and generic Im14andthisisdeep type of lyrics I ever saw, then we get this fucking amazing words on the opening track “Game Over” that is literally just a word vomit, don’t believe me? Then look up to the fucking lyrics yourself, half the song is just M Shadows burping out whatever the fucking word of the day is, “Open, blurry, nurture, loving Crawling, walking, fleeting, glory Welcome, brother, stranger, bloody Ally, teacher, recess, buddy Secret, toothless, fairy, pillow Money, kissing, nervous, hero Warmly ordinary, Changes, hormones, high school, threesome Roll call, study, license, freedom Novice, flirting, first time, lover Party, fighting, wasted, summer Questions, doubtful, wedding, family Happy, ever, after, dead end Daily iteration” This is literally half the fucking song! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! HOW DOES A GROWN FUCKING MAN COME UP WITH SUCH A SHITTY SONG LIKE THIS?! “Give me a delete button, Delete!” yeah I WISH I COULD FUCKING DELETE THIS FROM EXISTENCE! And you know you have to truly run out of idea, WHEN YOU HAVE TO USE GUILE’S THEME FROM STREET FIGHTER AS A SAMPLE IN YOUR FUCKING SONG CALLED ORDINARY!!! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND AVENGED SEVENFOLD?! DID YOU SERIOUSLY THINK I WON’T FUCKING NOTICE IT?! DID YOU SERIOUSLY THINK FOR A FRACTION OF A FUCKING SECOND THAT YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH SUCH A BLATANT PLAGIARISM ?! If I was Capcom I would fucking sue. Plain and fucking simple, and with the album almost over and my rage ran out...mostly, how about we talk about the fucking instrument? Oh wait, there is nothing to talk about there, because the Instruments are fucking dead on this album, and when it’s not dead it’s fucking pretentious like all hell, trying to sound triumphant, sounding motivating, but only being a generic fucking Frank Sinatra rip-off by the second to last track Death, which is a fitting title considering this band is fucking Dead to me, the entire mixing is all over the place and nothing blends in together, nothing feels like it belongs there, nothing on this fucking album is made competently, but what the fuck did I expected from a band that tried to cash in on the pyramid scheme that is fucking NFTs? The Fucking Rev, is rolling in his grave from seeing what this band turned out to be, you made Bad Music and that much is fucking clear at this point, I don’t care if I look like an asshole saying this but fuck it, Avenged Sevenfold DIED with Jimmy Sullivan, The Stage was a simple fucking fluke, that aged about as well as a fucking Big Mac left in the fridge for 20 years, and im not even gonna fucking mention the instrumental closing track because MY PATIENCE HAS RAN OUT! And quite frankly, Fuck that Beethoven wanna-be fucking track, it can suck my dick for all I care.
In conclusion: THERE IS NO FUCKING CONCLUSION! THIS SHIT FUCKING SUCKS HORSE DICK! Life is but a dream? MORE LIKE LIFE IS BUT A FUCKING NIGHTMARE! Did they seriously think they can get away with this shit AGAIN?! IT DIDN’T WORK WHEN THEY FUCKING RIPPED OFF METALLICA AND WHAT NOT ON HAIL TO THE KING! AND IT SURE AS HELL DIDN’T WORK TO BE A FUCKING MR. BUNGLE T-PAIN VOIVOD CAPCOM WANNA-BE JACKASSES! Avant-Garde? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE AVANT-GARDE!? THIS IS THE FURTHEST THING OF AVANT-GARDE! JUST BECAUSE IT’S A FUCKING MESS IT DOESN’T MEAN ITS FUCKING AVANT-GARDE JUST IN THE SAME VEIN AS NOTHING IS FUCKING NINTENDO-CORE JUST BECAUSE IT HAS MIDI OR 8-BIT TUNES IN THEM! Game Over is a fucking AMAZING title because I wish this fucking album would have ended right on that stupid song, Mattel is also a fitting title because this is a fucking band trying to make their band a fucking brand in the same way Kiss or Metallica is a fucking brand at this point, I Wish Nobody would had to go through the fucking suffering that this shit is, when did peoples fucking standards went down this much?! I cannot for the life of me understand how the hell does this album have such a high as fuck rating when FUCKING METALLICA’S BLACK ALBUM IS RATED LOWER THAN THIS SHIT!!! And can I just ask who the fuck does this band love so much? Me?? Who the fuck is me?! WHO THE FUCK IS WE?! I don’t see anyone I know fucking acting like rabid dogs over something as shitty as this, I rather drink my own piss and cut my veins before I ever fucking classify myself as we or me or you by this band, If I could I would fucking steal a SpaceX rocket and send this fucking album into Cosmic with the hopes of this shit melting into the sun forever, I wanted to have a Beautiful Morning but Avenged Dickfold decided to fucking ruin it for me, it would be so much fucking Easier to just be lobotomized instead of paying any fucking attention to this band anymore, but since they are mainstream, here I am bitching and moaning like a fucking bitch in heat for a monkey to fuck, hopefully that fuck would be much better and it actually hits the G Spot instead of huffing and puffing like a pussy from getting tired after 2 minutes, I Have a new found Respect for Ordinary Man By Ozzy because while its not his best material, as well as even his latest album, I can respect him for still making the music he loves instead of phoning it in like Avenging Sevenfucktards did while also plagiarizing the shit out of everything, this band is fucking Dead to me, Death must have swung at them when they had the guts to make Hail to the King, I wish this was really just a dream, then again, Life is NOTHING But a fucking dream because DEAR FUCKING GOD I WISH THERE WAS AN ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE WHERE I LIVE AND THIS ALBUM DOESN’T EXIST THERE! I WISH I COULD FUCKING AVENGE THIS ALBUM IN SEVEN WAYS AND THEN JUST FOLD IT UP LIKE A NEWSPAPER SO MY DOG CAN TAKE A GIGANTIC FUCKING SHIT ON IT BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE LESS FUCKING DISGUSTING THAN TOUCHING THIS PIECE OF DIARRHEA WITH A 10 FOOT POLE, FUCK M SHADOWS, FUCK SYNYSTER GATES, FUCK EVERYONE WHO WORKED ON THIS ALBUM, FUCK YOU, FUCK THE CRITICS FOR ALLOWING THIS SHIT IN MUSIC, FUCK THE NFT BROS FUCK THE FANS FOR HAVING SUCH A LOW STANDARD TO HAVE THE GUTS AND RATE THIS HIGHER THAN THE FUCKING BLACK ALBUM! BY MOTHER FUCKING METALLICA!!! And last but not least, FUCK, THIS, ALBUM! I RATHER HAVE AN EAGLE CLAW MY EYES OUT, I RATHER HAVE SOMEONE STICK THEIR DICKS IN MY EARHOLES BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE LESS OF A BRAINFUCK THAN THIS SHITTY EXCUSE OF A MUSIC! NOT A SINGLE FUCKING PIECE OF ALCOHOL COULD NUMB THE PAIN I FEEL AFTER LISTENING TO THIS SHIT INDUCING ASS LICKING BALLS SUCKING DICK CHEWING CUMSTAIN OF A FUCKING PUSSY OF AN ALBUM LISTEN TO LITERALLY ANY OTHER ALBUM! LIKE I DON’T KNOW……..Terrasite? Yeah that one is a good album, listen to that one instead, as for this album? It’s the worst album of NOT JUST THIS YEAR! BUT THIS DECADE!
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