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2023.06.03 06:32 ForsakenKK Receiving doordash order I never ordered

Receiving doordash order I never ordered
To start with, I am never a person who order food delivery.
I don't even have a doordash account at all.
However, something strange has been going on,
Today is our 4th time receiving doordash McDonald order. (Bags on the left)
  • The first time was 2 weeks ago, it was a cup of coffee. (yay free coffee) (Bags on the right)
  • The second time was the next day morning, it was a piece of cookie.(who the hell dash a SINGLE piece of cookie!!?)
  • The third time was the same day evening. It was a piece of apple pie.
I was gonna call doordash 2 weeks ago, however i never got a time to do that.
But today the 4th one came and I finally decided to give doordash customer service a call regarding safety issue. Funny thing is they said without customer email they cannot trace the order by the number on the bag or the house address. They help me setup a case number and asked me to give them a call if a 5th shows up.
I am in confuse of what I should do. Should I wait for a 5th order or should I inform the authority now.
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2023.06.03 03:51 Potato_throwaway22 Delaly in food and unassigning

So I’ve been dashing on the side a little bit. Only made a couple hundred dollars it’s not really a job for me more pass the time because I don’t want to sit in my room because I’m temporarily in a job with wayyy too much free time. Today was a shitty experience.
I had an order that the store was technically closed, I went inside and they made me wait 10 minutes but it was a $25 order so I went ahead. Reported it to support and the customer and went about my day. Then I got a multiply Popeyes order for a total of $12. The line was ridiculous so I tried to un-assign but they wouldn’t let me. I tried again while still in line but again they wouldn’t let me. 20 minutes went by and I kinda resigned myself to it. Got the drink and then they parked me and asked me to wait. 10 minutes later Finally I could unassign without penalty and I was talking with support about what I should do with the drink and they were like no you can’t unassign. 10 minutes of arguing of text and the dude walks by and asks “are you doordash?” I respond yeah I’m just trying to unassign and he basically shoves the food in my car. I’m now lost and I beg support to let me unassign because it’s a 30 minute drive and I’m just done. Almost an hour and a half for $12. I make almost $40 an hour in my real job and have other experience so I can easily make more I just enjoy listening to my book and driving. I just wanted to go home at this point. Finally the support lady just unassigned me, I think she said I would be negative for it and that sucks.
I tried to return the food but couldn’t because they didn’t seal the bag and now I have some peoples food. I don’t want to be the dude who stole someone’s food. I’ve had it happen to me and it’s frustrating. Do you have any advice/similar experiences? Am I a shitty person for not just sucking it up and delivering it?
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2023.06.03 00:01 SchruteFarmaceutical Door Dash Rant

Allow me a brief moment of being the grumpy grandpa on my porch screaming into the abyss about inconsequential things that no one should really care about ……..
Holy mother of God. DoorDash seems to have absolutely imploded in the last 3-4 months. All of a sudden we’re getting drivers who are completely lost and spending 15 mins going around the wrong neighborhood 6 blocks over in the same circle as if suddenly the house will magically appear this time around, food getting dropped off at the wrong house in our neighborhood, normally consistent restaurants suddenly forgetting half the food out of the stapled bag, orders taking 3 times as long as they normally did.
Thought maybe I accidentally short changed a tip and ended up on the “screw that guy” list but 3 other friends have all experienced the same thing.
Has the bubble finally popped on the food delivery game? Did DoorDash change something internally in the last few months? Both the Restaurants and Drivers don’t seem to give a flying F anymore. Has to be something behind all of it?
(And to save the Trolls the effort, our house is easy to find and right off a Main Street. House numbers are clearly visible and well lit. No angry dogs at the fence, and we always tip above and beyond the recommended amounts. Had zero issues over the last 3+ years until this)
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2023.06.02 01:38 LongjumpingCattle684 Rejected from doordash due to their being too many drivers, but they sent a bag and red card anyways..

Title, I made a dasher account around 2 weeks ago when it told me they were at current capacity and were no longer accepting applications, today I just received an insulated bag and red card. Was this a mistake? I tried logging into my account today and same capacity message showed up.
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2023.06.02 00:52 DM36 Want to expand into Uber rides and have an important question

So my vehicle is UberX ready, however I have been doing just uber eats and grocery deliveries since signing up a couple of months ago. I'm looking to expand on making money, so I'm deciding on jumping into passenger rides.

My concern is that UberX allows up to 4 passengers in the vehicle, and I do not want this. I want a maximum of 3, since I do not want anyone sitting up front with me. I have a big hot bag and drink cooler for food delivery, and those are staying up front in the passenger while I do my Uber and doordash stuff.

I don't want to accept rides though without knowing beforehand how many riders there will be. Since I know a lot of the info on food deliveries is given AFTER you accept a delivery trip, is it kind of the same for passenger rides? Or do they tell you up front how many passengers there will be?

Also to make things simpler is there some kind of toggle to let uber know you will only accept rides with X amount of passengers?
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2023.06.01 22:00 Strawberry-Possible Scam gone wrong..

Scam gone wrong..
Customer attempted to lie and say I didn’t deliver his food so he could get a refund. I called DoorDash support to make sure I wouldn’t receive any penalties. Turns out they already denied his refund request.
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2023.06.01 16:33 SnooStories1038 Need to get these fosters adopted..

Need to get these fosters adopted..
Lately it seems like I am the only person that cares about stray dogs where I live.. I now have 2 rescues of my own and two rescues that I’m fostering (and no one wants) I live in a 1 bedroom crappy upstairs apartment in Oklahoma City with FOUR dogs and I can’t even afford to feed myself some days! I had to doordash for 4 hours to get a bag of dog food yesterday. I have a job but bills are a killer and I’m trying to afford a 2 bedroom so my son can stay the night with me.

Miska and my amazing kiddo
I love these pups like crazy, but my Belgian Malinois rescue doesn’t get along with the fosters! So I have to keep everyone separated. I want these dogs to be loved… they deserve to be loved and not on the street scared and hungry. the local shelters aren’t accepting intakes (not that it’s a valid option…) How do I get these guys adopted?! In the last 2 years, I’ve gotten 20 dogs off the street with my limited means. But it seems like homes are just too hard to find lately.

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2023.05.31 19:56 cusicMAAN Doordash came correctly but where's my straw

Doordash came correctly but where's my straw
No straws
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2023.05.31 18:54 IHate2ChooseUserName Never ever use Petsmart home deliver with Doordash (or both)

i ordered 2 bags of dog food from petsmart and they use doordash to deliver it to me. the driver ONLY handed me 1 bag. I asked where is the other bag, the driver said the store ONLY gave him one bag and I needed to call the local store. I called the local store, the store said I needed to call door dash, it is not their problem. i am like WTF. I have no order history under my doordash account since it is not my order, i cannot get any help from doordash. so it is finger pointing. Will never use both companies again.
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2023.05.31 18:52 IHate2ChooseUserName Never ever use Petsmart home deliver with Doordash (or both)

i ordered 2 bags of dog food from petsmart and they use doordash to deliver it to me. the driver ONLY handed me 1 bag. I asked where is the other bag, the driver said the store ONLY gave him one bag and I needed to call the local store. I called the local store, the store said I needed to call door dash, it is not their problem. i am like WTF. I have no order history under my doordash account since it is not my order, i cannot get any help from doordash. so it is finger pointing. Will never use both companies again.
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2023.05.31 17:50 lafemmeviolet I had 5 days off and as usual, accomplished nothing because of decision paralysis and overwhelm

It is so hard for me not to see myself as lazy. My house is a mess, full of clutter, my kids have no organizational/cleaning skills because they have no role model and thus their room is a mess. I’m still massively behind in my documentation for work still after having a meeting about it a month ago. I cannot get my work done in the time I need to despite staying late often. I can’t stick to any routine, fitness, diet, chores. I’m on adderall IR 30mg twice a day (tried Vyvanse and ER adderall so far with no improvement). Prozac for depression. So here I am on my last day off and completely overwhelmed and anxious by the sheer amount of things that I DID not do. What do I do? Grocery shop? Meal plan? Clean? Laundry? Work documentation? Declutter my bedroom that I can barely walk through due to clutter? Go shop for treat bags for my sons birthday party this Saturday since I’ll have no chance to do it other than Saturday morning? Pay bills? Goto bank to get money out of Closed account that’s been sitting there for a year? And all of these decisions come with more branches of decisions- what food do I buy? Will I really cook it? Old documentation? New because it’s fresher in my head? What do I put in treat bags that isn’t junk? What clothes and stuff do I keep and what do I get rid of? I’m drowning in decisions… So what do I do? DoorDash Starbucks and watch a TV series all morning while in depth searching and researching for the best body washes and shampoos. I need help but my husband is depressed and burnt out with my ineptitude. I’m so anxious I want to scream. I feel a bit better getting this out. Laundry is the least offensive and least overwhelming item on the list. Wash. Dry. Put away (unlikely but let’s pretend). I’ll start there.
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2023.05.31 15:39 hooddolphen has anyone had a problem with verifying their background check?

i applied back in like december and everything came back good on the checkr status, i know my mvr is clear as well. whenever i try to dash it says
“Error We are unable to start your dash at this time due to "Create Shift V2 Dasher must be active to schedule dashes" Please try again later.”
i have contacted support and they said my account isn’t active because my background check hasn’t cleared. i told them to run it again, and the same thing has happened. they have told me they would forward to their escalated team and they would get back to me in 5-10 days and to check my email.
the only email i ever get asks for my DOV and drivers license number. i respond almost instantly, and nobody ever reaches back out to me. is there anyone else i can contact about this? it’s been an ongoing issue for 5+ months. i’ve had a background check approved by instacart in the meantime by checkr, the same company doordash uses, so i’m not sure what the problem would be. doordash even sent me a bag and a card.
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2023.05.31 07:53 jimmyjohnjohnjohn I just ate a bunch of random food I found on my doorstep

Went to take the trash out and there were two bags sitting in front of my door. No idea how long they've been there. Could be over 40 hours.
At first I thought it was a DoorDash or Uber Eats mistake (they've been fucking up a lot lately), but it was a Walmart bag, with two divided styrofoam containers inside, and some cornbread wrapped in foil. I think somebody had a Memorial Day picnic or something and made a "plate" for a friend or relative who couldn't make it, and left it by the wrong door. There were two hamburgers, two different kinds of pasta salad, and roasted vegetables in one container. Dirty rice, grilled shrimp skewers, and some kind of white chocolate lemon fudge thing in the other.
At first I told myself i would only eat the non-mayo pasta salad, the veggies, and the dessert. It's been relatively cool out and they'd keep. No meat or dairy. Don't wanna get sick. Certainly not the shrimp
But then I ate a burger, and then the rice, and then the other burger, and now I've eaten some fucking shrimp that could have been sitting in the sun for two days. It was all delicious. I'd do it again.
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2023.05.31 04:06 dazesix Had a rude doordash driver (AITA)

Ordered doordash today, she called me saying she can't find my address so I tried giving her directions but she was convinced that she was at the right place and that I had put in the wrong address.
Atp I didn't want to argue with her any further so I told her that I can see her location on the app and asked her to wait where she is so that I can come find her and she started cursing at me and hung up.
I circled around my entire building TWICE checking beside all of the doors to see if I could find any bags of food (because she said she would leave them) but turned up with nothing.
I'm really mad rn and also feel very insulted. I can understand how frustrating it must be having to work for long hours but the way she addressed me was unacceptable. I regret tipping before service.
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2023.05.30 20:08 kntathuufng88 The Last Cowboy Episode VI: sirens

The darkness accompanies the sharp bursts of noise cutting through the air. Rumbling is present below on the ground. Everything is murky, blurred, disjointed.
Muffled voices start to speak and conversate from afar. The sound of a door snapping open can be heard. The voices continue to talk, replacing the sirens as they die out within another minute. Footsteps can be heard… and another door opens. Suddenly… the sensation of falling, tumbling, crashing down is overwhelming, too much to handle, everything sucked into the vat of nothingness.
Soundtrack: nightmares by izaya tiji
Travis Crowley’s eyelids slowly unwind, sinking back into the depths of his face. The eyes peek out, his vision blurry as he regains consciousness. Head hurting like the dickens, he groans, taking his time reanimating. The DeadStar comes back to life, his body creaking as he moves for the first time in a while. As soon as he tries to sit up, he’s met by a hand to the chest, pressing him back down to where he was before. Confused, a nervous Travis tries to get up again, only to be forced back down. With his eyes adjusting to the light, voices have to ring out when it’s clear Travis is still out of his element. Travis finally starts to make out a figure just a foot away, sitting right beside him as they look toward someone else. The King of The Fall notices the afro quickly.
“Shh- I am so glad you’re back. Things have just been so hectic lately, i just-”
Ramona turns and touches foreheads with Travis, softly pushing him back into the depths of bed once again. He winces as she rubs his head, confused as to why it hurts so much. She kisses him goodbye, before hugging Dizzi and telling them both she’ll be back. Ramona leaves, and Travis lets his head flop back as Dizzi pulls up a chair, Travis recognizes the room, realizing he’s back in Calabasas.
“Well, Travis. Looks like you’ve been staying busy”
Travis rolls his eyes, his friend smirking as she gets off the subtle shot at him. The DeadStar rolls over, finding and grabbing his phone off the nightstand. He checks the clock and stretches, seeing that it’s ten in the morning. He rubs his temples, feeling the headache come in even stronger than before.
“How has Sweden been?”
“Oh the usual. High fashion snobs and wannabe models. Not much different from what we got back at home.”
Travis smiles through his head pain, recalling his trip to Sweden a couple years back. What started out as a simple business trip to promote Obscuur Refurunces turned into an opportunity for Dizzi, and Travis was the first to suggest accepting.
“I guess that means you’re more qualified to run the brand than I am?”
“Oh please, let’s not go that far… I see what you’ve been up to, teasing those samples on Instagram. You've been working on something?”
“Maybe… I’ll show you later though. When did you get back to the States?”
“Studying abroad gets old after about nine months. Been trying to figure out when to take holiday, then poof. I get a call from Ramona, suddenly I need to pay respects to a friend as they lie on their deathbed…”
“Interesting way to say it…”
“You’ve got an interesting way to live life, bud…”
Travis sees the look in Dizzi’s eyes change. He sighs as she leans in, knowing the speech that’s going to ensue. The DeadStar grimaces as Dizzi locks eyes with him, already aware of what’s next. But suddenly, he feels another flash of pain in his head, in pure agony as he grabs at his temples. Dizzi’s face turns to one of concern, checking on Travis as he breaks a sweat trying to tough through it.
“What the Hell happened?”
“Y-you don’t know?”
Travis looks at her, his expression a mix of pain, frustration, and confusion. She looks back at him, quickly shaking the stumped look off her face. She quickly stands up, and walks away from the bed, turning toward the window.
“Dizzi what happened?”
“It doesn’t matter…”
“What do you MEAN it doesn’t matter???”
“Look, all that matters right now is that you rest, get better, and just stay safe. Everything else you can worry about later. And those are words I got from Ramona herself.”
Travis feels the pain in currents, using the opportunity of it subsiding to get moving. He sits up, swinging a leg out from under the covers. He sits there for a minute, ignoring as Dizzi shoots a glance at him every once in a while, masking it by tidying up the room. Travis wipes his eyes, trying to push through the pain. He’s wearing black shorts and a white shirt, socks keeping his feet protected from the cold hardwood floor. He lays back sideways on the bed, taking everything in.
“Are you okay, you need anything?”
“Ah man… lemme uh…”
“Could you pick up some donuts?”
“Sure, I could DoorDash some, maybe Krispy Kre-”
“Ah, actually. I was hoping to get them from that local place?”
“Local place?”
“You know, the local place. The place all three of us go to!”
“... Frankie’s?”
“Yeah, that’s the place. They got special flavors, let’s get a dozen from there!”
“How is that local, isn’t it like an hour away from here?”
“You can take my car!”
Travis smiles through the head pain, feeling it at excruciating levels at this point. The DeadStar questions if this will be the death of him as he grins at Dizzi, his expression backing her into a corner as she reluctantly agrees to go make a pastry run. Grabbing the keys off the hook on the bedroom wall, she waves Travis goodbye before leaving out the front door. Travis takes a deep breath, before standing up out of bed, rubbing his temple yet again as he takes a couple steps forward, He looks down at the view below, watching from the window as Dizzi opens the garage door. Travis makes sure he can’t be seen as she drives the car out from the garage and down the hill, soon disappearing from the mess of land altogether. Travis leans against the windowsill, taking in the view for a couple minutes. Getting his thoughts together, he grabs his phone, sitting down on the edge of the bed. Part of him doesn’t even want to open it. Part of him doesn’t want to find out what the Hell happened, how he ended up on his deathbed like how Dizzi described. But he pushes ahead, unlocking in with his fingerprint and immediately being blasted with a headline that sends a shiver down his spine.
“FBE Recap: Ethan Fadley Attacks Travis Crowley… Leaves Firestorm 118 without a Main Event!”
Travis’ eye twitches, noticing the thumbnail accompanying the headline. Ethan Fadley holding up the Intercontinental Championship, a crazed look in his eye. Dark blue strap in his grip as he makes a grab for the camera in the picture. Slowly, Travis pieces it together, all while the pain returns in his head, stinging like the dickens as he closes his phone. He makes his way over to the closet, trading in the shorts for some jeans and slipping into some Vans. Throwing a random shirt over his shoulder, he stuffs a travel bag full of random toiletries and clothes, and grabs his phone off the bed in a hurry, making a call as he jets out the door.
“Yo, what’s going on man? You good, you alright?”
“Doing fine. What happened after the show?”
“Conor had Irish police escort the ambulance to the hospital. We all got airlifted back to LA. I wanted to drive up and stay with you guys while you got better… didn’t feel right though.”
“Please tell me you’re still out here…”
“Yeah, I've been hiding out. Wanted to wait till you were up and awake before I made the next move. Crenshaw Inn Motel.”
“I’m there”
Travis keeps Ape on the phone as he walks into the garage, swinging his leg over his chopper, only to feel woozy from just doing that. The head pain is too much, shooting out to every inch and corner of Travis’ mind, keeping him off his game. Shaking his head in a desperate attempt to regain balance, he slowly slides off the motorcycle, leaning against it and breathing hard as Ape checks up on him.
“Matter fact, uh… I might get a cab”
“I’ll come to you then, I’ll have them pick you up, we’ll grab breakfast and talk.”
“Bet, thanks bro.”
Travis sits in the driveway, waiting for his friend to arrive in the cab. Worried that Dizzi or Ramona might show up before Ape and intercept him, he’s relieved to get a call from his best friend and see a yellow cab pulling up in front of the house. Travis slips on the shirt and jumps into the backseat, dapping up Ape as they quickly speed off from the scene.
“Where are you, Travis?”
“I’m fine, everything is okay, Ramon-”
“I didn’t ask you that, Travis. Tell me where you are”
“That’s not important right n-”
“Travis, PLEASE don’t tell me you’re going back on tour for Firestorm, please”
“... I need to take care of this. I’ll talk to you later.”
Soundtrack: losing my mind by izaya tiji
Crenshaw Inn Motel - May 25th, 2023 - 11:38 AM
Travis hangs up the phone, putting it on silent just in case Ramona or Dizzi call again. The DeadStar looks out the window of the motel, playing with the blinds as he watches city slickers make their way past his view. Sitting on one of the double beds is Ape, opening a box of delicacies from Frankie’s Donut Palace. Biting into an eclair, he suggests they get some air, searching through the mini fridge and opening a can of pop. Travis takes one more look out the window, before turning around, facing the pastries now. Seeing a bear claw in the corner, he picks it up, taking his first bite of the day as Ape checks his phone. Travis makes his way out of the motel room, Ape saying he had to make a call before he joined him.
Travis stands in the parking lot of the motel, finishing off the bear claw in one hand with a joint in the other. Looking down at himself, he realizes that he’s got his shirt on inside out. Moving to fix it the right way, the DeadStar suddenly scowls and stops, seeing a familiar design. The REVOLT Summer World Tour from the year before sold out immediately, becoming a legendary piece of FBE memorabilia after its limited run. Now it’s just a bad memory for the King of The Fall. Travis shakes his head in annoyance, pulling from the joint as Ape closes the motel room door behind him. Together, they stand in silence, leaning against the beams supporting the roof covering the motel walkways. The pain creeps in, making a return as Travis starts to see red for a completely different reason.
“He almost ended my career…”
“I know…”
“He left me bloody… he left STEEZ bloody… he ruined everything...”
“I know…”
“I stepped aside for this motherfucker, not once, but TWICE. I let him be big dog. I put my glory to the side for HIM. Because that was MY BROTHER. And he…”
“I know…”
Travis has a thousand yard stare on his face, the pain fighting him on the inside as he carries no expression. Clenching his jaw, he takes a deep breath, waiting as it subsides. He pulls up his phone and immediately pulls up tickets to Scotland. Ape, looking over his shoulder in curiosity, looks at Travis in shock.
“Dude, you’re going to Firestorm???”
“I’m getting my title back. And I’m ripping Ethan’s fucking head off.”
“Don’t tell me you didn’t expect me to do this.”
Ape looks at Travis, worried. Travis stares hard, doing his best to pull a stone-like expression on his face. The Infinity Ace sighs, nodding as he understands that there’s no going back after what has happened between Ethan and the rest of what used to be REVOLT. He throws an arm around Travis, leading him back in the motel room, gathering both their bags.
“...Get me a ticket.”
St. Andrews Golf Club, Scotland - May 26th, 2023 - 9:32 PM
“Jesus Christ, where the fuck is he, man?”
“Just give him a second, bro. He’ll be here. I know he’ll be here. By the way, how’s your head?”
Travis and Ape stand outside a side door of St. Andrews Golf Club, waiting for a bit of help from an inside man. Ape dialed up Code Blue asking for help getting into the prestigious golf club with the show already in progress. Now, it’s just up to him to get Highly Suspect in. Travis paces back and forth as they wait for what feels like an eternity, only for Blue to suddenly appear, waving them in. Ape smiles, but an irritated Travis rolls his eyes.
“Is the show over? Wouldn’t be surprised since it took so damn long.”
“Oh, c’mon Travis. I was on the other side of the building. Had to rush getting over here. You know, I got my own match to prepare for too, right? I got priorities just like everyone else."
“Shut the fuck up, Blue”
“You better watch your fucking mouth,”
“I will slap the shit out of-”
“I’m not afraid of you, Travis. Don’t you ever get that confused…”
Blue, who was walking along with everyone else through the hall, suddenly stops and locks eyes with Travis. Not budging, he stares down the King of The Fall, who stares back at him with venom and anger. Ape gets in between them, Travis grabbing onto Ape as he yells at Blue.
“Motherfucker, you think this is about fear? I don’t give a FUCK if you’re afraid of me, I’ll change that if I WANT! Back up-
“Ah, screw this-”
Travis darts around Ape, shoving past Code Blue and doing the dash down the hall. Ape calls after Travis, beginning to race after him when he realizes it’s no use using words. Crowley crashes Guerrilla and busts through the curtain, racing down the aisle as the crowd yell out in shock. Travis slides into the ring and blasts the special guest announcer, taking his mic as the audience fully explodes once they realize who’s back. With the pain and shadows overloading his senses, Travis powers through as he runs his hand through his hair.
Travis looks down at the announcer, decked out in the dark green suit yelling at him about the main event being in a few minutes. The DeadStar says he doesn’t give a damn, claiming he’ll stay in this ring all night until Ethan comes back with his Intercontinental Championship.
“I don’t think you understand what this is. This is FBE. And what a nigga like me says, is what GOES. BRING ME FADLEY.”
The announcer gets back to his feet, shocked at the audacity. He tells off Travis, asking him if he knows who he is, ONLY TO GET HIT WITH A SSWEET CHIN MUSIC! HOLY FUCK! Travis stares down at the dark green suit tumbling through the ropes as Ape suddenly appears by him, grabbing and telling him they need to go. Travis rips himself free, and grips the ropes, repeating what he said, demanding Ethan Fadley. And speak of the Devil…
… Who else joins them but the Son of Roses. Noticeably without the Intercontinental Championship, Ethan smiles as Travis seemingly gets more rowdy and unhinged, Ape unable to contain the DeadStar. Mic in hand, the former best friend of Highly Suspect asks how exactly they got into the show so late. Ape tries to tell off Ethan while Travis begins to lose control, but it’s no use. Ethan continues to talk, saying regardless of how they pulled it off, he’s glad they’re here to witness the Aether Aces rule yet another night. After last week’s conquest, it’s time for Inferno to embarrass Code Blue and walk out, still World Champion.
“But you didn’t come for that… did you, Cowboy?”
Ethan smirks as Travis trembles with anger, unable to even listen to or recognize Ape trying to hold him back. Fadley knows he’s pushing his former friend to the edge.
“No… I know what you came for… the first challenger for none other than the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… BESTOWED UPON HIM BY HIS FELLOW AETHER ACES… THE HOMETOWN HERO, JAY CASTLE!”
Travis freezes as Jay Castle enters, holding up the Intercontinental Championship in all its glory. Crowley’s pride and joy. After seeing the collapse of REVOLT from a TV screen, falling off the map of relevancy. Only to crawl back, and become Grand Slam Intercontinental Champion. It was all Travis had left. And they TOOK that from him. The King of The Fall locks eyes with Jay Castle, only to get pulled away by Ethan’s words yet again.
“And if you weren’t up to date with the news, Cowboy? Not only has Jay Castle dethroned you for the Intercontinental Championship… he’s going to kill your World Championship aspirations, by knocking you out full stop, FIRST ROUND of the Heyman Classic.”
Travis and Ape take in the news, staring down Jay Castle and Ethan as they reach ringside. With the crowd bursting with energy, and tension rising with every second, Travis sinks into the pain and madness, shoving Ape out of the way as he charges, leaping out to the Aether Aces without a care in the world…
… And that’s when the DeadStar snaps…
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2023.05.30 19:55 acousticsoup Hot bag upgrade suggestions?

I got the basic DoorDash hot bag and it has served me well. But occasionally I get pizza and catering orders too and want to see what you guys use for that. Any suggestions from Amazon?
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2023.05.30 19:52 acousticsoup Catering/Delivery Bag suggestions

I got a basic bag from DoorDash and it’s served me well, but I feel the need to upgrade as I’m getting pizza orders and some catering opportunities.
What’s a good bag to buy to be an upgrade from the basic DoorDash bag?
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2023.05.30 18:36 Starspiker Long wait, got cold, soaked in Sprite food

Recently ordered some fast food on DoorDash. Normally the restaurant nearby is pretty quick, usually about 30 mins at most from order to delivery. However this time, my dasher was clearly dual-apping and completed what appeared to be two whole orders before picking up my food which was waiting for pickup. They finally got around to picking up my order, then made multiple wrong turns on the way to my apartment and took way longer than usual to get there. When they finally did, they handed me a bag that was soaked and had my Sprite dripping from it. I asked the dasher if the bag had tipped over or something, but they wouldn’t give an answer. I just took the order and figured I’d request the refund. The wet bag ripped as I was walking back to my unit, spilling the contents all over the floor. What few things I could salvage were soaked in Sprite, and what wasn’t, was cold. I went to request a refund, outlining that every item was cold or inedible, for DoorDash to offer me a measly $5 refund for my $25+ order. I got in touch with a support person who thankfully did end up giving me a full refund and extra in DoorDash credit, but regardless it was an extremely frustrating experience. Especially considering I had a long, busy day and had skipped lunch, and by the time my order got delivered, almost an hour and a half later, I was extremely hungry.
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2023.05.30 06:27 solaceinrage Hey, customers? YSK: Dashers aren't directly employed by doordash.

I keep seeing these posts about "My order was "Wahh" so I tipped my driver "Blaaahhhh," so I thought it might bear mentioning we can't do anything about the ruinous amount you spend on alcohol and chicken nuggies for convenience.
I hope revealing how the sausage is made doesn't ruin the magic, but we are just middle-men. If Taco-Bell to your door at 11pm three times a week is affecting what you have for rent, don't come to us.
Don't shoot the messenger. We just want to pick up, drop off, move on. We spend out of pocket on gear to keep food safe, warm, stable while driving to prevent spills, our insurance, all that. DoorDash ain't providing nothing but a small bag and hand gel when you sign up.
Want prices lowered for the getting it there part? Again, that is nothing to do with the dasher. You can take that up with the merchant, or the doordash service. Push for better mileage fees and the required amount to get your order picked up will drop. That is all I can help with.
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2023.05.30 03:08 solaceinrage Anyone ever had to report a store for non-compliance?

I tried the reddit search and googling, but all I get is reporting a closed store. My current issue is there is a new, very popular, restaurant in town renowned for their frozen custard and steak burgers, but they aren't closing their bags in any way. That's fine, I keep doordash stickers and scotch tape in my truck to seal bags for the occasional slip. What gets me is, they also hand me the cups to prepare a customer's drink myself, which I don't mind, but seriously yucks me out from a food prep standpoint. It just feels like more access than I should have to a customer's container, and there is also no seal for the drink.
If it is still going like this going into my second week of this new store being open in my area I will ask support what to do, but having previously done serv-safe certification when I did food service it started some alarm bells ringing and I thought I'd ask here first.
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2023.05.28 15:50 ArtichokeWaste5056 Speedway not packing for dashers ?

I am a DoorDash driver. Yesterday I went to pick up a gallon of milk and 12 cans of soda. When I asked the employee to bag the milk using of one of their grocery free bag, he refused and told me to fuck off. Is it normal that speedway doesn’t not provide bags for the dashers?
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2023.05.28 06:53 livemusicislife12 Does Doordash told stacked customers there’s an order before them?

I know Uber does this. So I don’t get complaints. I’m getting a lot of complaints of me going the wrong direction for why am I taking so long. Does Doordash not inform the customers there’s multiple stops? Should I just text and say sorry, have multiple orders, your food is in a hot bag. I’m on the way?
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