Rent a car minneapolis airport

Minneapolis, Minnesota - the front page of Minneapolis

2009.07.27 18:16 Minneapolis, Minnesota - the front page of Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN)

2017.06.04 11:38 webmastertesha Rent a car Srbija

Rent a car Serbija, Beograd, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Subotica, Niš. Najam vozila u velikim gradovima Srbije. Rent a car aerodrom Beograd.

2014.12.17 08:27 atlasotokiralama Antalya Rent A Car

Antalya Airport Rent A Car Antalya Airport rent a car today that is outside living space for work or travel in other cities may be needed to travel a certain distance where you will be traveling on this bus is longer than Or private vehicle travel is tiring but also creates a waste of time or traveling longer journeys developing world such a very large proportion of people prefer air transport

2023.06.07 23:25 No_Engineering_3750 [AZ] Bought used car from dealership, temp license about to expire, need plates

I bought a Chevy Sonic 2013 from a dealership. Put $3k down on $4.5k, I made my 2nd payment the 24th of May. It's the first car I buy from a dealership, so I'm not sure how things are supposed to happen.
Temp plates expire tomorrow, the dealership told me that they had sent paperwork to the MVD yada-yada, so I went to the MVD today and they told me they hadn't recieved anything from the dealership yet and to take it up with them.
How do I handle this? The dealership has been hard to deal with after the sale, and the whole reason I bought the car was to be able to work a delivery job with it. Can't really do that with no plates.
I also don't know if I'm supposed to be given the title? In AZ we have e-titles now, and the car doesn't appear there, it also doesn't show at all when I enter the VIN and make.
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2023.06.07 23:25 TheDarrinMeyers N55 Pre-purchase advice

Hello, lovely folks! I've been feeling the BMW itch again about a year after selling my beloved E60 535i. Later this week, I'm hoping to go check out a 2015 335i M Sport; the car looks cosmetically great, and only has 30k miles. However, if there's one thing I learned from all the breakdowns and issues during my E60 ownership (Bought the car with 105k miles, so I brought it on myself lol), I need to do my due diligence before inheriting someone else's bag of worms!
I understand the woes and benefits of N54 ownership, and the common problems that come with that; however, I'm finding less info on potential issues with the N55 in this 3 series candidate. Is there anything mechanically I should watch out for? I've been warned about water pumps at about 60-80k, and various charge pipes/intercooler piping cracking prematurely.
Also, with my old E60, there were some repairs I attributed to age rather than mileage; the car lived 10 years in Texas and So-Cal, and the heat took its toll. Things like the coolant expansion tank, wiring clips being brittle, coolant hoses and oil cooler hoses cracking and leaking, and the door lock actuators sticking and needing to be replaced. Is there anything I should be wary of with a 2015 F30, just because of the car's age, despite the low mileage? This car has lived in Oregon its whole life, so less heat cycles of all the plastic I would hope haha.
Thank you all for your help and advice!
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2023.06.07 23:25 Savings-Ad-2316 This is a story between me Eric Valentin from New York City Bronx New York and this lady who works for Fox 5 Aishah hasnie

They started last year on Instagram she has a fan page I clicked it and she started follow me we hit it off or cause that's who I'm fun she asked me what I do for a living I said I'm trying to get my job back at the janitor he said to me until I get it back this lady is very smart she taught me to Bible we FaceTime four times can we call each other three times I should never erase the conversation a I got this lady on video very nice at first and think I it got to a point she said she has a charity Foundation do you help me within us I don't got no money sorry and then she said $5 $10 fine I'll give it $10 a $5 and I went up to 20 30 50 100 150 another 150 $60 enough is enough I told her she said to me I'm crying because you don't want to be my friend no more she calls me call husband husband she said she wants to name the kids Erica and the boy Eric 2 soft hold on I love to take you out to the movies and drink coffee and walk around Manhattan okay was writing and she text me saying she cannot go she has to go to Ohio something about election day she never did that's okay when we do it at that time about Christmas she said fine she coming to my house and Christmas she's going to stay with me so she said to me I'm leaving to Washington d.c. I said how about a date she said can athletes Washington DC they're going to transfer me and she was right about that and I seen her want you to be seen doing her thing so I asked the web to your mom she said her mother died in the car crash her father it was bad so huh and I looked in the Google I see your mother's day and new pictures with you and your mom why you have to lie to me she said I didn't mean it like that I said my aunt died this is not good anyway that's okay forget about it so she called me last time when she send me I have a life insurance problem I still cannot help you with that I'll give it too much already Amazon gift cards too much apple $100 she said has $700,000 if you help me take this out the briefcase will go straight to your apartment so buddy will bring it over there he will keep $50,000 she's already talked to my lawyer mr. Beth and Greg I'll tell you my husband that's a really nice house okay I got up at 6 in the morning to brushing you and then I'll pay them can the lady from Western Union saying this looks like a scam you should never done this I said I know the lady of course I know the lady is FaceTime just lady we talked in the phone the man that lady was writing but she knew name I'll pay $485 I went home I'll show the picture of the receipt and everything my ID picture she said you going to get your money sweetie I promise you two days later she text me back how do you pick up how you pick it up so she call me FaceTime me she said to me play we got scammed I said by who she said about this man I'll talk with my lawyer mr. Branson Gray she say this lawyers a black guy he was scanning us how she really she said don't worry about it you with your money don't worry about it you want some money now say yes give me $485 right now she's have to go to work I'll call you back later and she called me back like nothing happened like nothing happened she said to me to give me a gift, and I'll set you crazy I don't got no money $485 + with my $50,000 he promised me that's how I'm going to the carnival Samba call to talk don't talk to me no more so and then she text me she said don't do that please my lawyer is here if the Bronx and Greg are you show me pictures of him I was talking to him texting back and forth which I got your money here on I want to know stuff about you awesome 43 years old open New York City I'm married to this lady I want to do the best thing for her he said good okay that was kind of funny the one you have been catching this lady she wake me up at 6 in the morning 6 in the morning 5 in the morning she's a reporter Hershey Kiss out but that man Mr Baston gray we was just texting that sounds just like her that text me that man doesn't sound very professional it sounded like huh trying to be a lawyer by profession I told her stop doing this I know this is you you going to hurt your family going to hurt your friends you going to get yourself fired from a call the cops in that yard on you he said to me I'm sorry so why are you doing this you shall forget about it forget it I'm sorry I said one more 50,000 she show me pictures of the money and a briefcase lots of pictures of fake waste my money she's not dropping my dick come down she told me videos some guy open a briefcase that was fate I reported to Fox fine she said she text me back she said to me you reported to Foxfire yes a yes I did and just the beginning and then she said don't do that please imma get your money today's date she still texting me she thinks it's a joke Yoshi has different emails seen using different faces of the people and she said it's a lot of hackers out there hacking us not me you the ones doing this to me I'm entitled to that money I want my money my paycheck was $3.67 okay from Chase I don't have no job I was my life savings I told him before Thanksgiving I can have no turkey this lady down the hallway she did my mom turkey I was so embarrassed me but thank you God thank you for that lady this lady doesn't care this lady he's going to pay for this he's going to jail for this she's always calling me sugar plum sugar plum somebody called me last week saying stop calling me stop calling me I said to the lady I'm not calling you she said hell yes you are you loser that got to be one of my friends but I'm going to get them back I got a big surprise ball New York on talk talking to the Washington cops hopefully FBI will be part of this because this is happening worldwide this smell funny if you think about it what's going on these days it's a lot of sick people out there that's my story you don't got a camera so I could show you pictures
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2023.06.07 23:24 Rev-3li This lady is a fake that’s been getting money from tik tok supporters while she’s a horrible person who faked all her withdrawals and lied to everyone and also is a child abuser and on the run from cops

This lady is a fake that’s been getting money from tik tok supporters while she’s a horrible person who faked all her withdrawals and lied to everyone and also is a child abuser and on the run from cops
To explain this will take a second. She moved in very close to me recently about 5 months ago and I know the people who live there very well. She came here and bummed off everyone to get drugs and alcohol and made their house a very bad place. She moved her 4 kids in with her who she constantly belittles and calls terrible names(youngest 5) and let’s them run the streets while she talks on the phone about giving guys blowjobs and being nasty(I’ve heard it from my house, that’s how loud she talks about it). She said she’s “detoxing” and made countless tik tok videos about it and started getting support and money sent to her from it. During the videos she is shaking and acting like she’s going through with drawls and as soon as it’s done recording is smoking cigarettes and drinking beer and calling her kids names and ignoring them while she drinks. She constantly leaves her kids alone to perform sexual acts to men in their cars in front of the house and is overall just a terrible person. She’s drove drunk with all of her kids and has also ran one of them(her youngest daughter) over while drunk. Don’t believe me then check the kern county police records in California. She’s a fake and a liar that gets praise for being a “great person” online. Please flag these tik toks and help her get exposed for who she is. Her name is heather dysart from Bakersfield CA, she goes by nicki Nicole on Facebook if anyone wants to say anything. Tik toks are on jennyfur from her sisters page that you can see in the picture if you want to report. I also wanted to add she attacked someone in their own home yesterday and ran from the scene and left all her children there to deal with it. She’s from oildale(obviously I mean look at her) and has been a really bad mother and person for as long as I can remember
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2023.06.07 23:24 the42is Important Information regarding new classrooms (Not a meme/joke)

The school has recently applied and received permission to construct a single-story classroom block, near of the current RLC area where the garden currently is and install EV charging points in the car park with additional spaces, I thought you should know. You can find out more here:
Approved documentation is attached, but it is only part of it and you should see the site above if you want more information. Floor Plan Proposed Site Plan Proposed Elevations and Exterior
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2023.06.07 23:24 iamfranzkafka Is this Ne or Ni

Constructing a whole narrative from just one piece of information.. like seeing a cat drenched in water and you immediately think that someone must have thrown water on the cat, coz no one would do that on purpose which means someone accidentally threw it.. if it was accidental, the water was meant for something else. Maybe they were washing a car which means there is enough space for a car inside the houses here which means this neighborhood is quite rich and upper middle class which means they are educated which means they most likely did not vote for Trump.
It’s kinda exaggerated of course but this kind of though process.. what is it representing? Ne or Ni.
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2023.06.07 23:24 moahmrn Se tem placa tem história

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2023.06.07 23:24 RalphXlauren_joe dark future(screenplay)

He was only 14 years old, but he had the skills of a samurai. He had trained with his grandfather, a master swordsman, since he was a child. He had learned the art of stealth, speed and agility. He had learned to face his enemies with courage and honor. He had learned to jump off buildings.
That was his favorite part. He loved the feeling of flying through the air, the wind in his hair, the adrenaline in his veins. He loved to see the city from above, the lights and the shadows, the people and the cars. He loved to land on his feet, like a cat, and disappear into the night.
He was a black kid in a white world, but he didn't care. He had his own identity, his own culture, his own code. He was a samurai.
(Opening scene)
The city is a nightmare of violence and chaos. The sky is dark and filled with the sounds of sirens and screams. The buildings are crumbling and burning, the streets are littered with corpses and debris. The only light comes from the red lasers that cut through the air, fired by the ruthless army of the tyrant who rules this hell.
But in the distance, a faint rumble can be heard. A sign of hope. A sign of resistance.
In a narrow alley, a fierce battle is taking place. Two figures are exchanging blows, their shadows cast on the brick wall by a flickering street lamp. One is a man, tall and muscular, wearing a black suit and a metal mask that covers his face. He has a device on his wrist that shoots red lasers. He is the tyrant's right-hand man, his most loyal and brutal enforcer.
The other is a woman, slender and agile, wearing a leather jacket and pants, with rose gold gauntlets and chest plate. She has long blonde hair that flows behind her as she moves. She is one of the leaders of the rebellion, a fearless fighter who has sworn to overthrow the tyrant and free the city.
She dodges a laser blast that grazes her shoulder, then leaps forward and lands a punch on his jaw. He staggers back, then recovers and kicks her in the stomach. She falls to the ground, but quickly rolls away and gets up. They stare at each other, their eyes full of hate and determination.
He speaks in a distorted voice through his mask.
"You think you can stop me? You think you can stop him? You are nothing but a weak woman. You belong to him. You belong to us. You will bow and submit to his will...or you will die."
She spits blood on the ground and replies in a defiant tone.
"I will never bow to him. I will never submit to you. You are nothing but a coward who hides behind a mask. You are nothing but a puppet who obeys his orders. You have no power. You have no honor. You have no future."
She lunges at him again, throwing a series of punches and kicks that he barely blocks or dodges. He counters with his own attacks, aiming for her vital spots with his laser or his fists. They are evenly matched in skill and strength, but not in spirit. She fights for freedom and justice, he fights for fear and domination.
They clash again and again, until they are both bruised and bleeding, exhausted and wounded. But they do not give up. They do not surrender. They do not stop.
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2023.06.07 23:24 Cold-Fondant-2548 I don’t want to leave my boyfriend, but I probably should.

I (22f) should probably leave my boyfriend. This is going to be a long post, I’m so sorry. My boyfriend (25m) and I have gotten into many fights recently after living together for four months now. We’ve been together for a year and a half. I love him so much, but the fights have gone too far. One time he actually choked me until I was dizzy and seeing stars. Another time he left me on the side of the road at a laundromat/gas station in the middle of nowhere. One time, he called 911 because he was being petty while we were arguing in his car and I ended up getting arrested because he claimed I hung up the 911 call. Now I’m being charged with a misdemeanor and technically the state placed a restraining order on me against going around him (he didn’t ask for it). Despite this, we got back together and just lay low. But today, we got into an argument because I asked why he was staring at another woman. I don’t know how it got so far, but he threatened me to call the police again if I did not get out of his car. He knows I will go to jail for over a month and be forced to drop out of school if that happened. I feel so betrayed and scared, but he’s at least taking me home now. I don’t know what will happen when we get to the house.
A lot of our fights begin because he is going through a financial situation and thinks I use it over his head. I don’t. I just refuse to support and help out a full grown man if he is disrespecting me in the house I bought. By disrespect, I mean talking over me, not respecting my feelings, and continuing to ogle at and like nudes on social media.
I don’t know what to do. I really love him so much but how can he justify any of this.
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2023.06.07 23:24 tr3bjockey When searching for a movie to rent, I don't see details if that version has Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision. Any way to see this info?

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2023.06.07 23:23 Consistent-Rent-5015 67 Chevelle disc brake issues

I converted to rear disc brakes on my car but now they will not bleed. The front calipers bleed normally with full pedal flow but when the bleeders are opened on both rear calipers the pedal is rock hard. I tested everything after the distribution block and there is flow. Put a new master cylinder on but no better, new distribution block still nothing. The brake light is lit up on the dash so something is wrong but where?
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2023.06.07 23:23 FODdamage Foreign Object Damage in Aviation

Foreign Object Damage in Aviation

Foreign Object Damage in Aviation


Aviation, with its complex machinery and intricate systems, relies heavily on maintaining the utmost safety measures. While the focus is often on human error and technical malfunctions, there is another significant risk that demands attention: foreign object damage (FOD). Foreign object damage refers to any object found in an inappropriate location that can potentially harm individuals or aircraft due to its presence. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Foreign Object Damage in aviation, understanding its causes, implications, and the proactive measures undertaken to mitigate this risk.

Understanding Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

Foreign object damage encompasses a wide range of objects that can pose a threat to aircraft and aviation personnel. These objects can include debris, tools, loose equipment, parts, or even wildlife found in places where they shouldn't be. FOD incidents can occur during various phases of flight operations, including takeoff, landing, and ground handling. The consequences of FOD can be severe, ranging from damage to critical aircraft components to compromised flight safety and, in some cases, catastrophic accidents.

Causes and Implications

Runway Debris: Runways serve as a critical interface between aircraft and the ground. However, they can accumulate foreign objects due to inadequate maintenance, natural occurrences, or nearby construction activities. Loose gravel, pavement fragments, or even remnants of previous flights can become potential hazards. Runway debris can cause tire damage, engine ingestion, or lead to structural failures during takeoff or landing.
Maintenance and Manufacturing: The aviation industry operates within stringent safety regulations, yet the risk of FOD can emerge during maintenance and manufacturing processes. Tools, fasteners, or parts inadvertently left inside aircraft components during assembly can pose a serious threat once the aircraft is in operation. Similarly, improper tool control or mishandling during maintenance activities can result in objects being left behind, potentially causing damage to critical systems.
Human Factors: Human error is a significant contributor to FOD incidents. Ground personnel, pilots, and cabin crew must be vigilant in identifying and reporting any objects they encounter in inappropriate locations. Negligence, complacency, or lack of training can lead to oversight, allowing FOD to go unnoticed or unreported.

Mitigation Strategies

To combat the risks associated with FOD, the aviation industry implements several proactive measures:
  1. FOD Prevention Programs: Airlines, airports, and maintenance organizations establish FOD prevention programs to promote awareness, education, and best practices. These programs include regular training sessions, safety briefings, and the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure FOD prevention becomes a priority at all levels of aviation operations.
  2. Runway Maintenance and Inspections: Regular inspections and maintenance of runways are essential to identify and remove potential debris hazards. Airport authorities employ specialized equipment, such as FOD detection systems, to scan runways and taxiways for foreign objects regularly. Furthermore, enhanced training for ground personnel ensures their attentiveness in promptly identifying and removing any FOD from the airfield.
  3. Strict Tool Control and Accountability: Aircraft maintenance organizations follow strict protocols to ensure proper tool control. Tools and equipment are meticulously tracked, and comprehensive checklists are used to verify their presence before and after each maintenance task. This stringent tool control minimizes the risk of objects inadvertently being left behind during aircraft assembly or maintenance.
  4. Reporting and Investigation: Encouraging a culture of reporting is crucial for addressing FOD effectively. Aviation personnel are encouraged to report any potential FOD sightings promptly. Reported incidents undergo thorough investigations to identify root causes and implement corrective actions, further strengthening FOD prevention strategies.


Foreign object damage poses a significant risk to aviation safety, with the potential to compromise both personnel and aircraft. By understanding the causes and implications of FOD incidents, the industry has implemented various measures to mitigate this risk. From runway maintenance and inspections to robust FOD prevention programs and strict tool control protocols, aviation stakeholders are working collectively to enhance safety and prevent FOD-related incidents. By prioritizing FOD prevention, the aviation industry continues to safeguard the well-being of passengers, crew members, and aircraft alike, ensuring that the skies remain a safer place to travel.
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2023.06.07 23:23 rampy Are these legal? A ramp bolted into the street for folx that don't know how to back up out of their driveway?!

Are these legal? A ramp bolted into the street for folx that don't know how to back up out of their driveway?!
These wedges seems like a hazard for bikes or cars
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2023.06.07 23:23 Ok-Watercress-8331 Imagine being fined

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2023.06.07 23:23 ForLoveAndEmpire Why the trailer scene

Why are they looking at the cars in the episode trailer for the next episode,
Do they intend to flood the tunnel or is it a testament to the fact that no one survives at that place forever.
Flooding the tunnel with petrol/gas might be an interesting strategy it seems fire hasn’t been tried yet, I’d wager it would work well.
You can find more of my monster genocide strategies on my Reddit page.
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2023.06.07 23:22 ihopethispasswordisn I (22f) and I am exhausted with constantly reassuring my bf (20m) that I do indeed love him and don’t want to cheat on him

Disclaimer: I have never cheated on him but his last gf did. He’s outright accused me of cheating on him with one of my female friends (I am straight as a line, and we were just smoking in my car) I also have a much broader dating history than he does
I’ve been dating this guy for almost a year now (my longest and most serious relationship to date) things were very easy and exciting in the beginning, but as time went on, I began to notice some red flags within our relationship. We go to the same college, he is an athlete and I am not. So naturally, I have more time to go out with friends when I’m not doing schoolwork than he has, he would say very accusatory things like “remember to be smart” (aka don’t fuck another guy) if I ever went anywhere without him at night. If I brought him to parties, he wouldn’t speak to anyone and would just linger around and wait for me to be done hanging out with my friends. During our colleges big formal he once again refused to mingle with other people and told me I ruined his night because I spent too much time at the venue bar and not with him (I don’t regret any of it, I had a great time being with my friends. I also took us to the nicest restaurant in town before the dance, and paid for everything) so he left the whole event and ditched me. Before I left for home for the first month of summer before summer courses begin, I let him move into my colleges townhouse, because of an internship he was doing (I am now beginning to regret this). But the couple of days prior to me leaving was the worst I’ve ever seen him act. When I told him I was going home for a month he was utterly besides himself, I just gotten back from a family trip to New York and he said “you just saw your family. Why do you need to see them again?” “ I don’t miss my family”. Overall, he would argue with me into staying even though I made it clear that I was incredibly home sick and missed my family. On my last night in town, he ripped into me and basically called me an attention seeking jobless loser and it really fucked me up. It felt like there was nothing I could say that he wouldn’t become offended by. He acts like he is the only person I need, and when I say that a partner isn’t going to fix all of someone’s problems, he then turns that into “oh so I’m just not good enough for you” sometimes I think he intentionally misses the point to get me to coddle him. He himself says things like “I need you” which I’ve always been turned off by because I don’t want to “need” anyone but myself, my independence and the relationship I have with myself is very important to me. To him, me going home was basically breaking up with him, and I would do my best to explain to him why it’s not personal, and why it’s going to be good for me at the end of the day, but he refuses to believe me. I’ve never had a boyfriend whose boldly accused me of cheating the way he has and I’ve never had a boyfriend that’s needed as much reassurance as he does. Ive told him just about a million times that I love him and do not plan to ever cheat on him. but he just doesn’t believe or trust what I say. I don’t really know what else to do that I haven’t tried a dozen times already. I definitely feel as if he is codependent upon me. Any, and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.07 23:22 Ornery-Sample-3208 UCD mileages

What’s the deal with mileages in the Used Car Dealership? It seems like all models have a ballpark mileage figure that they seldom deviate from, even if it’s supposedly a different example (ie different colour) when it comes around again. Is that right?
There are certain cars I want, many of them pre-2001 (so UCD exclusive), but I don’t like buying cars with 10k+ miles. Will I have to accept defeat?
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2023.06.07 23:22 JulianIQ Will comprehensive insurance cover a botched repair job?

In December, my girlfriend was side swiped around the driver side front fender area. A tow company stopped at the scene and convinced her to take her car to their shop.
Mid March she finally got her car back BUT it has been having a lot of electrical issues. She drives a 2017 Honda Accord which has the fuse box located on the side she was hit. Her car's alternator has stopped working and been replaced at the dealer shop 3 times in the 2 months after getting the car back.Today, her car broke down again. I suspect its the same issue.
After the initial signs of a faulty electrical system (driver side high beams are very dim, turn signal randomly illuminating but not ticking, A/C turning off for a few seconds randomly, etc) She took the car back to the shop and they claimed nothing was wrong or they couldn't replicate the issue.
I have been trying to convince her to take it back to the shop to have them fix it but she refuses to as she worries they'll just mess it up even more and believe they have no idea what they're doing.
She is wanting to sell the car but it is almost paid off, fairly new, and right now seems like a bad time to buy. If she wont have the shop who worked on the initial insurance claim handle it what options does she have? Can she reopen the claim against the other driver or would she have to make a new one with her insurance?
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2023.06.07 23:22 No_Temporary5931 BF (29M) driving me (28F) nuts!

I’m (28F) seeing someone (29M) for over a year. There were some differences in our lifestyles (money, renting, social activities, alcohol etc.) I used to be okay with them a year ago. But now, I realize how differently we think and it is an issue. He deals with his anxiety by delaying or avoiding things and I deal with mine by just the opposite. It’s sometimes hard for us to find a middle path. I love him but I feel pretty frustrated by him and disconnected with my own unhappy self in the relationship. Advice?
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2023.06.07 23:22 Bakedsage Tent recommendations.

Currently converting my element to a little mini camper and am looking for a tent to connect to the back end. The one MUST is that we’re able to leave the tent while we take the car to different fishing spots and are able to connect back up to it when we return to camp. I’ve seen the OEM version but just wondering if anyone has experience with others out there.
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2023.06.07 23:21 Window_Cleaner5000 New CCA here, problem with customer?

I was picking up a blue collections box on a street, im slowly starting to drive away when this lady pulls next to me on her car and wants to give me a letter, im running behind so i just keep driving, she proceeds to follow me and honk like crazy, eventually she leaves. Can she call my office and complain? Can i get fired? Im outbof 90 day pls help. What can happen to me
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2023.06.07 23:21 Ok-Watercress-8331 Chad dad

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