Can uber xl fit 6

No hands, No gear, No problem!

2012.07.05 21:35 No hands, No gear, No problem!

ffs read the rules before you post garbage

2014.03.06 00:54 selfabortion Two-Sentence Horror Stories: Bite-sized scares.

Give us your scariest story in two sentences (or less)!

2017.11.14 19:17 JohnGenericDoe Don't help, just keep filming

A subreddit for situations where the cameraperson would rather film than assist

2023.06.06 03:54 hichelly PIMD accounts for sale :)

Selling two PIMD accounts:

Tons of avis - even event-exclusive ones good account - a few years old 15 ec - 13 dns will be mostly empty, some furni items and boxes you will not be shipped a physical item - this is a digital item

mostly empty, some boxes good account, 6 years old 21 dns 5t cash 370 avatars is active you will get email and pw - you can change email after payment. message me with any questions. I can send pictures as needed! no refunds - no returns as this is a digital item. thanks!
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2023.06.06 03:54 Odd_Tomatillo2185 Want to stop fapping with being online cam bottom

Hello everyone,
Little bit background- i am a 27 male, doing WFH from past 5 years and is an introvert. Not sure if it will fall under addiction or not, but I got introduced to online cam sex where i just follow orders from strangers and than masturbate. I have been doing this from past 6 years, but not like everyday but 2-3 times every week. I couldn’t cop up with guilt that creep in post masturbation, for which I want help. I think the trigger point is loneliness, so whenever i want to talk to someone, i went to online cam. Sometimes its helpful when i am demotivated or feeling down, then after masturbation I feel really good. Did any of you face similar situation or any tips how can i prevent that?
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2023.06.06 03:54 Traveleravi Looking for a good bottle with a sports cap and soft nozzle that is 1 Liter (32 oz) or larger, and can fit in a bottle cage.

I had the Boxraw 1L bottle but the nozzle fell off and I lost it. Now they don't make it anymore and I can't find it anywhere else.
Preferably hoping for a translucent one so I can see how much liquid is left in the bottle.
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2023.06.06 03:54 Complex_Shoulder_848 21[M4F] Looking for something cnc related

6’2, 7+ bwc. Been really horny for something cnc or bdsm related. Cant host but can travel. If I’m really into you I don’t mind renting a room. Obviously something that we both need to be comfortable with.
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2023.06.06 03:54 Capybara1994 Well groomed beard styles

Well groomed beard styles
Ok, so I haven’t had a beard in a while. I do like a thick very groomed 5 o clock and a thick mustache with the area below lip where mustache meets beard clean. I want to grow a beard again. I have for last few years gotten into keeping hair very well groomed which I didn’t care about before. I would like to get a very uniform sharp beard but want a bigger style. Unsure on what to do exactly, I seen some such as these. Wondering any others people may think of or if anyone could direct me to any guides or videos on how to get beards like this. I’m a pasty white guy with blonde hair and red beard, round face. I just am every other day making sure the line of “beard” is very sharp. Going back to beard from mustache last few years. What are those types of razors that you see that make people look very well groomed typically for black men and Latino men? Something like that but just more full but very well defined. Mostly interested in this one I saw in article called “The Razor-Sharp” which I can’t find other places unsure if it’s an actual beard style. Thanks friends. Last photo is me of course.
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2023.06.06 03:54 tired_life979 Am I (F34) overeacting to what my SO (M35) behavior?

Tbh, I am not sure where to begin.. sorry for the long post
I (F34) am currently a graduate student earning graduate degree. So my income isn't as great as my SO (M35). My SO income is about 2.5 fold of what mine is and we are comfortable. We own a three unit house, rent two of them out, while we stay in one of the unit. Each unit is about 1000 sqft, with a large fenced in backyard.
We have quite a few animals (cats and dogs). My SO is in charge of the dogs while I am in charge of taking care of the cats. Not sure if it's relevant.
We have been together for 9 years and married for 6. We have had plenty of arguments of my SO not doing their fair share of chores because of their inherited diseases (EDS which cause osteoarthritis because they had to go through two knee surgery and one shoulder surgery) as we grew older it gets harder for my SO to move so, after MANY MANY arguments we decided on hiring cleaning services. It started this year.
In the meantime, while the chores responsibilities are kind of out of the way, I am getting tired of requesting my SO to put things back where they got it from. These happened a few times. My SO would often NOT SEE something, then ASK where it is before even searching for it. They they would, pretend to SEARCH for it while taking everything out (just looked) and decided the needed items weren't there. I am getting very fedup of this behavior. I feel like this is a child-like behavior that should be corrected. But alas, my SO is an adult and you can't change an adult.
Then it dawned me :
  1. I have been doing the groceries. My SO does grocery too but only when they needed something for themselves (for example, chocolate milk), then will they go to the store.
    1. I cook 2-3 times a week, I cook a big batch and store it. My SO is in charge of cleaning. However, my SO would leave the cleaning to the very last minute when we have the sink so full that we can not put anything in for my SO to load the dishwasher. I have noted multiple times I do not like the sink to be dirty. I always want it cleaned, but of course it falls to deaf ears.
  2. I am in charge to look for the cleaning services, I am the person in charge searching for ppl to mow the lawn, I was in charge of finding handyman to fix the problems our tenants are having. Sometimes I am in charge of finding someone for snow removal.
  3. I am in charge of cleaning the cat litter, while my SO is in charge of clearing the backyard with dog poops. My SO typically lets the dogs out twice a day about 5 min each time. At the beginning, my SO NEVER cleaned the backyard of the dog poop because "it nourishes" the grass. (And also whenever they want to clean the back yard they are in a lot of pain from the osteoarthritis). After multiple arguments (maybe about 2 years every other month) they started to clean more often. Maybe 1-2 times a month now.
  4. My SO is in charge of filling up water for the animals (only filling), hardly washing it until I point it out or I did it myself. Then my SO would be "I was about to clean it today".
  5. My SO is also in charge of taking out the trash weekly. Which is one thing they do amazingly!
  6. I deal with the finances, I make sure all bills are paid on time, credit card paid off monthly. We are definitely living comfortably.
  7. I am in charge of dealing with the tenants so I requested my SO to be in charge of looking for handyman or contractors to fix up the house... But recently it proves to be a failure. There was a leak in the house and I asked my SO to make a call to the person who did our roof. Typically when I request, I do expect it to get done within 24 hours.... After a few days my SO made that call, but no one answered. My SO stopped trying........ Didn't even bother following up anymore. I requested my SO to call again... After almost a week... This is not a one time incident. Everytime a contractor or handyman did not reply my SO completely shuts down and does not want to follow up. When I asked why dont they follow up, I was met with "They didn't answer my phone the last time I called". I don't think following up once a day was too bad, considering we paid $20k for the roof to get it fix couple years back. Anyway, they came once and said needed a ladder, but never told us when they would come back. That was 5 days ago... I am not going to make a call to the contractor because I feel like this is what needed to be done personally.
So my question is am I overreacting for my SO lack of wanting to search for stuff and then refusing to put away stuff the way my SO took it out? Not following up with stuff they should be following up, like contractors? I often tell my SO "you never do things" but that isn't true (that is one problem statement I have to fix). My SO does some stuff, but it is often not enough, or things are done HALFWAY... But they would always reply "I do stuff you don't acknowledge, you only acknowledge stuff when I don't do it"
Am I overreacting for wanting to get out of this relationship? I don't even want kids with this person considering they have many health problems not to mention all these personalities crash we have here. I personally think if they cannot act like a adequate adult they should not have kids.
I feel so sick just thinking about this problem. I am so sick with living with someone who just doesn't care. I tried so hard to let things go, and tell myself this is who my SO is and there is no use trying to change a person, especially someone who's growing older and grumpier by the year (due to their pain I assumed). What do I do?? Should I recommend couples therapy? What good would that do, if my SO level of cleanliness/tidiness vs mine are so different? I let go while letting my SO tendencies run free?
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2023.06.06 03:54 IAF_Happy_ I hurt my cat when I was a kid and now I think about it and want to cry

When I was a kid, around 6-9, I would smack my cat’s head whenever I thought she was being “mean” and I did worse (I never cut or kicked my cat, thank god). It’s been almost 10 years, and my cat is still alive and happy, but I keep thinking about all the messed up stuff I did to her and I want to cry. I can’t believe I treated her like that, and I just want to give her the best life possible. My poor kitty has gone through so much, but she’s still such a loving cat. She loves me and I don’t know how. I was so mean to her for no reason, I have no excuse. Everyone I’ve talked to about how I treated her told me to move on, but I can’t. If I could go back in time, I’d probably go to jail for beating a minor. I used chase my cat around the house and go along with my older siblings ideas like putting her and our other cat in the shower or tossing her off a bed (she was fine, cats land on their feet) but looking back, I just cry because of how I treated her. I keep repeating the same thing over and over, but that’s all I really can say. I would never do anything like I did as a kid to my cat, she deserves the world. I like to think that whenever she bites of scratches me (she does that for attention), that she’s doing it for revenge.
How do I get past this? I know at some point I have to move on from the past and realize that my cat is happy and living her best life, but I’m still stuck on how I treated her.
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2023.06.06 03:53 Pheonyx11 Why is god flipping me off with his IV’s?

Why is god flipping me off with his IV’s?
Will I betray the religion if I evolve him?
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2023.06.06 03:53 Able_Mango_210 [Fully lost] 24thPowerProductions SpongeBob dubs of Opposite Day and The Secret Box

24thPowerProductions was a mildly popular YouTube user who uploaded vulgar fandub voice-over videos of SpongeBob episodes in 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately his channel got terminated in 2010 but thankfully in 2013 most of his dubs were reuploaded by a YouTuber named seventy76five and can be accessed in this Playlist right here:
However, there are two dubs missing from the series and those are #5 (Opposite Day) and #16 (The Secret Box). The person who made the MediaFire download link available for the dubs (SAMUSX345) wasn't able to get #5 or #16 for some reason, and while they still seem active they don't really respond anymore.
Dub #5 is also known as Silverstein Concert (due to Silverstein being the band of focus in the dub) and The Secret Box was a bonus dub that the guy held a contest for and the premise was that the winner would be trapped inside the box.
24thPowerProductions revealed himself to be a non-famous stand-up comedian in 2013 named Willy Burt and he retired from dubbing due to YouTube being too restrictive against his uploads. I tried talking to him on Facebook asking if he still has the dubs and he told me he no longer has access to his old videos nor the email account he used for his channel, so any methods of retrieval are out of the question on his part.
Now it's up to anyone who downloaded the videos beforehand to help these two missing dubs resurface. He was mildly popular and mentions having gained 100 subscribers in his 8th dub (and he made 17) so I'd imagine at least someone has them saved. I've dug up and founds links to the original uploads of at least 6 of his dubs, though none of them were #5 or #16 and all the ones I got didn't get saved by the Wayback Machine sadly. Ditto for a copy of his original channel.
If anyone can help with this, please keep me updated.
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2023.06.06 03:53 something-wrong1234 The story that was created in r/pollgames.

You, shmungus, are eating a hamburger on a boat when suddenly, a woman walks up to you. She asks you to help find her child. You told her you would, and she led you to where she last saw her kid. It was the back of the boat. All of a sudden, she pushed you off. You looked for something to grab onto, and you found the anchor. You held on to the chain for dear life. The ship came back to land and you hopped off and swam to shore. People started looking at you strangely. A child walked up to you and asked if you were okay. Offering her hand, the child smiled. You took her hand and she was shining with happiness. Her mom came over and picked her up. The child protested and you heard her say she liked you. You smiled, and sat down on the beach.
Chapter 2: You went to the resturaunt and sat down. A waitress came to your table and you realized that she was the woman who pushed you off the boat. You saw that her name was Kimberly. You decided to order a hamburger and when you finished eating, you exited the resturaunt and called the police. When you explained the situation, they said they'd look into it. Later, you were wandering around the city when you got tired. You had a bit of money. You decide to go to a hotel and rent a room. Later that day, you find out that there is a pool. When you're going down to the pool, you see the girl from the beach and her mom. The girl notices and waves. You wave back. You both go to the pool, and while the girl plays with the other kids, you and her mom begin to talk. You explain that you were walked out on by your wife, who took your son. The woman introduced herself as Kylie, and her daughter's name was Cynthia. The two of you talked about some fun adventures, and you find out that you like her.
Chapter 3: after a few hours of talking, you asked for Kylie's number to stay in touch. To your disbelief, she said yes. You returned to your room, and went to bed. When you woke up, you saw a text message from your son. It says "hey pops. I miss you and am going to a small resturaunt tomorrow. Can we meet?" You went to the resturaunt your son was going to, and you saw him.
Chapter 4: "Hey, champ. How you doing?" You asked. "Good. Finally moved out. Mom desperately wanted to keep me from seeing you but I miss you." Yout son replied "Jeremy, I missed you. Glad you reached out to me." You said. You and Jeremy caught up with eachother. He now has a loving wife who is expecting a baby in 4 months. You smile and look at how much Jeremy's grown. Suddenly, Kylie and Cynthia come in, and notice him. They wave and come to talk. Jeremy flashes you a look, and you shake your head, laughing. The two girls meet Jeremy, and then he goes home to care for his wife. You, Kylie and Cynthia finished eating and walked back to the hotel. It was time for you to be on the move again. You never really had a chance to live somewhere permanently. You accidentally blurted it out and Kylie offered for you to stay at their place. You scratch your neck and smile in embarrasment.
Chapter 5: When the two girls took you to their house, Kylie apologized for it being small. You told her not to be sorry for giving you a place to live. You smile and decide that you are cooking dinner tonight. You went out and bought some groceries, and whipped up some burgers. You, Kylie and Cynthia all dig in. They are joyous with how good it is. It soon became late, and Cynthia was told to get ready for bed. Kylie then asks what led you to wish ashore that day. You decided to tell her that you were pushed off of a boat. Kylie looked at you and you could tell in her gaze that she felt sorry. You told her that she didn't need to be sorry and you were grateful for Cynthia's kindness. You then fell asleep.
Chapter 6: You were having a dream of warmth all around you. No pollution or crime. It was the ideal life. When you woke up, you found Cynthia and Kylie sleeping right next to you. When Kylie woke up, you said good morning and she started apologizing. You said it was okay as long as she slept well. When Cynthia woke up, you decided to make breakfast. Afterwards, you look for a job, and find three to go for. Our of the three choices, you choose to go for welding. After a bit of training and research, you try and get the job, and qualify immediately! You're quite shocked. On your first day of work, you do so well, that the boss wants to promote you! HR doesn't allow it because it's your first day. A week later you get your first pay. You got a good sum of money, and are considering moving out. When you tell Kylie and Cynthia, Cynthia asks you to stay, and Kylie just says it is your choice.
Chapter 7: You decide to stay because of Cynthia asking. You keep making money to help with rent and you look for houses to buy, because the apartment the three of you are staying in is really loud. You find 5 houses. You choose one with two floors, two bedrooms, and three bathrooms. When you, Kylie and Cynthia moved in, you all stared in amazement. It looked magnificent. After exploring and playing around, night rolls around. You claim a bedroom, and Kylie takes the other one. Cynthia asks to go in with you. You tell her that she should accompany Kylie. She nodded and said goodnight, then you slept like a baby.
Chapter 8: The next morning you are working out and Kylie and Cynthia join. You let Cynthia and Kylie join you, and you teach them stuff from when you were a kid learning fighting. You taught them how to punch properly, throw good kicks, and trained their endurance. Weeks go by, and one day, after a workout session, Kylie and Cynthia walk over to you and give you a hug, thanking you for being there and helping them. You hugged them back, smiling. The three of you stood there for three minutes, and when you all let go, everybody smiled. You got a text from Jeremy, and it was a photo of him, his wife, and their first-born son. Beaming with pleasure, you congratulate him and his wife. He then asks if you want to come down.
Chapter 9: When you came to the hospital, you met Jeremy's wife, Amie. She was a sweet girl with a soothing aura. Amie held the baby and you took a look at it. "It's a boy. We named him Drake." Amie said. You picked up the baby gently, and held it in the air. "This baby will be spoiled rotten." You said enthusiastically. Everyone shared a quick laugh. "Mom was here earlier. She never seems to want to meet you." Jeremy said solemnly. "Never mind that Jeremy. You've got your kid and wife to take care of now." You said, hand on Jeremy's back. When you get back home you get a text from a number. It said "hey. If you're alive, head to the alley between the mall and the office building. I know this is the right number, because Jeremy had it on his phone."
Chapter 10 (finale): You go to the alley with a metal pipe and a kitchen knife. A figure in a hood stands at the other end. The figure whipped out a knife of her own and lunged at you. You blocked with the pipe and jabbed the knife out, catching the mask that the silhouette was wearing. The person jumped back, but you went forward again, underhand slashing at the mask. The mask falls and behind it lies your ex-wife's face. She charges at you, screaming. "I should've made sure you were dead when you were on the boat!" She shouted at you. You kicked the knife out of her hands and tried to go for her again, but she pulled out another knife and stabbed you in the shoulder. You wonder if you should pull the knife out and use it. You decide not to pull out the knife. You take your pipe and lunge, but soon you realize that was a mistake. Kimberly (your ex) slashed your left eye and stabbed you with another knife she had hidden. You wobbled forward and she kicked you into the ground. You lay on the ground, staring at Kimberly. She walks toward you, twirling a butterfly knife she lunges, and then something drives into her. Jeremy stands in front of your Kimberly and Kylie and Cynthia drag you back. "Mother or not, I'll hurt you if you hurt someone I love." Jeremy said, glaring. He leapt forward and kicked Kimberly. She dropped the knife and Jeremy picked it up, slashing her tendons so she can't move. "We saw the text." Kylie said. Jeremy knocked Kimberly to the ground and tied her up with a rope and called the police. They came and arrested Kimberly, and you blacked out. (Two years later...) "Honey get up." Kylie said. In the two years after the incident, you and Kylie got married, and were raising Cynthia together. You, Kylie and Cynthia were going to a meeting with Jeremy, Amie and Drake. The six of you asked someone to take a picture, and you put your arm around Kylie and Cynthia, smiling when the camera took the picture. The end.
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2023.06.06 03:53 Worth_Substance6590 Moms with multiple kids- would you rather live in a tiny house without a mortgage, or a big house with a mortgage?

We have 1 baby and live in a small house (1 bedroom 1 bathroom, we could convert the ‘office’ into a bedroom if needed). We’ve stayed here because the house is totally paid off and we have no bills which is amazing and I can be a SAHM because of this.
But we want to have another baby soon and I don’t know how we’ll fit here. Our LO still sleeps in our bedroom and I was planning on giving him his own room when he turns 1, but it’s not looking possible unless we dig out another egress window to make our basement office another bedroom. If we have another baby, I’m literally not sure where we’d all sleep. We have enough room in our bedroom for another crib, but I wouldn’t want the little one to wake up our toddler.
Does anyone here live in a 1 bedroom house or apartment and have 2 or more kids? How do you make it work?
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2023.06.06 03:52 rmondran [FS][USA] Balenciaga, Prada, Chrome Levis, Givenchy

Paypal invoice only
Items and tagged:
Chrome levis size 32 (fits slim) $60 shipped
Balenciaga A-Cut windbreaker fits XL $60 shipped. Wider at the bottom hence A cut. Embroidered on the back.
Prada quarter zip re-nylon jacket fits slim XL $60 shipped
Reon Givenchy hoodie XL $50 shipped
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2023.06.06 03:52 Spectre806 Bike for 6 yo?

Hello. My 6 yo daughter wants a dirt bike and I dont know which direction to go. Are electric bikes an option? Or like a 40cc bike?
I dont want to get something that breaks in a month. Just something she can play on this summer. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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2023.06.06 03:52 DoctorDonnaWho I think I’m dying… (a little TMI too)

I started ozempic 3/31. The first 2.5 weeks I lost a significant amount of weight then it stopped and I gained a little back. I’m assuming part of it was water weight and some was actual weight loss. I felt nothing until I went up to 1.0mg and now I feel like death. I plan on going back down but this week and last week is like hell on earth. Food is literally repulsive. I’m down 23 pounds so far but I can’t stand up. Im weak, lightheaded and nauseous. Even if I did go to the doctor, there’s not much they can do because of the long half life, right? I’m concentrating on hydrating but eating is almost off the table. The one thing that I was amazed/horrified by (TMI alert) is that last week I ate a cheeseburger happy meal at 7 at night (before it got really, really bad). It took me an hour to get it down. The next day at 2pm, I vomited almost fully formed pickles. What does this drug do? 19 hours later and food is still sitting in my stomach undigested? What about the pills I take? Are they getting absorbed when they are supposed too? I can solider through most of it because I haven’t been this thin since college, but everyone around me is concerned. I told no one I’m taking it. I just make excuses it’s my gallbladder. Zofran, tums, gas x for burps, Gatorade. Any other tips to get through this rough patch. Right now I’m burping up the tomato soup I ate at 6 hours ago.
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2023.06.06 03:52 DiscoingGD Who's your favorite character?

Ok, Rei won the Non-Hokuto character poll by a landslide, so I wanted to pit him against the Heavyweights. Sorry I had to lump Han/Kaioh/Hyoh/Shachi together, but I can only have 6 options and I'm not going to spam 10 other polls just to list everybody.
ALTHOUGH, there's a band subreddit I'm on that does a month-long 32 bracket tournament with all the songs randomized in the brackets. It's pretty fun, but someone else can organize that here with HnK characters if they see fit.
View Poll
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2023.06.06 03:52 After-Tutor-8620 What do I do?

I am 15M and as of just now I have no idea what to do. Today was a normal day me and my sister 12F are home alone while our parents are at work and are doing our usual chores and hanging out but that's not the point. At around 5pm my father gets home and I say hello and welcome home and talk with him but the whole time he's angry in every response so I kinda avoided him my mother got home around 6 and I help her bring stuff in and go to my room. A little later I hear shouting but I think nothing of it as they mess around sometimes but then I hear a loud crash and lots of yelling and know there fighting they do fight off and on a out dumb shit but today was different someone broke and threw something when they fight yelling is all that happenes not hitting or breaking but not this time, I couldn't move I was scared so I waited there in my bed for what felt like forever but it was like 5 minutes or so. I slowly peek out and see that my mother's favorite vase had been thrown at the wall and everything on the counter had been flung off into the kitchen as I walked over I saw my father outside smoking a cigarette and my mother is cleaning, so I not knowing what to do I help clean, a few minutes ago by and he comes in saying that I shouldn't help her clean her mess all I tell him is that I want to help so the house is clean He doesn't respond to me but instead yells at my mother more and she yells back and I don't know what to say or do so I stay silent and clean up, He goes into his room and I finish cleaning with my mother, so I'm not sure what to do so I just go to hangout with my sister we talked and she cried for awhile and we had the dog in her room with us because she didn't want to be neer either our parents. So after awhile we take the dog out our mother comes out to clean the porch and we talk and I ask what the hell happened, she told me they started to argue a bit and she got mad and hucked a thing of peanuts at him hit him on his cheek so he got mad and yelled calling her a whore and a cunt and flipped out and flung everything off the counter and threw her favorite vase at the wall hitting my nieces toys with dirty water, "I cleaned them all up they are all good" and he took off his wedding ring and threw it at the floor at her and said he wants a divorce and her being already really pissed said sure that she would call her dad to get a check to do it, she started to cry telling me and my sister so my sister hugged her for a bit then they started cleaning the porch again and I sat on the bottom steps with my dog as my father came out to smoke, they start yelling again and stop fast after they tell about divorce again and finally realized there are kids and parents next door who can hear them he goes in we sit out for a bit longer and then go to my sisters room again with the dog, as I'm writing this my sister is on the top bunk reading her book while I'm laying down on the bottom bunk with the dog. I just don't know what I should do about all this.
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2023.06.06 03:52 Sighchiatrist Can you see the little heart in the middle? Happy accidents! Open cup color-stacking pour on 6” ceramic.

Can you see the little heart in the middle? Happy accidents! Open cup color-stacking pour on 6” ceramic. submitted by Sighchiatrist to PourPainting [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 03:52 goodkareem They need to somehow have a simpler version of the talent trees to pvp for OW3. Hear me out

Add the talent trees to OW3. Tie the point system to an upgrade system. Make a buy phase when the points unlock where u can enter a store like area without pausing the game or when you're dead that allows you to buy a new talent. New talents will either upgrade an existing ability and diminish another or add a new ability.
Example: Offensive zarya. increases Zarya primary fire range by twice as much but decreases the damage and radius of right click.
Other example: defensive zarya. Adds a third bubble. Bubbles only give 15 energy generation and tank 120 damage but the cool down is 6 seconds.
Offensive rein: rein charge is twice as fast and leaves a fire trail when an enemy is in pin and causes and explosion upon impact. Fire strike is a four round magazine but does 50 damage. Shield is 1/3 the size and only absorbs 300 damage.
Defensive dreadnought rein: barrier deflects damage back the first second it's up. Can only happen once per 8 seconds. Barrier can also empower shots fired through it from behind adding a burn effect to targets damaged dealing 3% additional damage. Rein suffers no movement penalty with shield up but shield absorbs 3k damage. Rein can no longer fire strike and charge can no longer pin.
The final tier you could unlock would modify your ultimate. One that makes high noon work faster based on distance. One that makes high noon do less damage but you can combat roll while doing it and it builds twice as fast.
One that makes shatter deal less damage but does a full circle stun in all directions.
Something that makes wrecking ball drop a line of mines for ten seconds.
One that makes graviton surge leave a posutive or negative charge dot that pushes enemies apart and the farther away they are they deal electric damage to each other until they touch in order to clear the debuff.
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2023.06.06 03:52 rasdouchin Comments or thoughts on my routine

About 2-4 times a week I run and do some basic pullups and dips. This is basically to get me outside and get my heart and endorphins going. I don't want to be big necessarily, but just want to stay fit and strong and not be lethargic. Any thoughts or opinions are welcome. I am 31, fairly skinny and have never been a big exercise guy, I just noticed I have a better week if I can do this.
I run about 8 kilometers then at the pull-up bar I do 10 x wide pullups 10 x front pullups (tricep kinda ones) 10 x dips 10 x leg lifts 10 x regular pullups And if I'm feeling good I'll do the last 3 again. I often walk the first and last kilometer.
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2023.06.06 03:51 Devin_Andre11 Been Out of the Dating Scene A While, How Do I Approach the Hookup Scene Without Being A F-Boy?

Sorry, sort of new to Reddit. So, sorry if this post isn’t formatted correctly and for the length.
I (24M) am having some trouble getting myself back into the social scene. I came out of a pretty intense relationship about 2 years ago and for the past year I have really been working on myself emotionally, physically and mentally. So, I’ve been out of the swing of things for quite some time and can definitely confirm I have ZERO game! But, I would describe myself as an attractive man and even more so now that I am more fit and have gained quite a bit of muscle. But I have somewhat traditional values and with that I take an “old school” approach towards the dating scene. Taking them on a few dates first before any sort of physical interaction.
So, I find that I have trouble acting on this newfound sex appeal and the hookup culture. I find that women are definitely more attracted to me than before, and compliment back every now and then, but it won’t be until well after the fact that I realize the hookup terminology and flirtatious remarks.
Now, I’ve never been a fan of the hookup culture and because of that I guess I’ve built up this obliviousness towards compliments and flirtatious behavior. And because of this I find myself wishing I had held my tongue during some conversations like “what’s your type” and responding with “well typically you wouldn’t be my normal type...” Then I realize I f*cked up when I see their demeanor change. And I mean it in a way of complimenting their uniqueness to me. And I especially want to make the women feel sexy or attractive from the get go just to be able to remove that question of if they wonder if I’m attracted to them physically.
So, my question is how can take an approach towards complimenting women’s sex appeals without sounding like a fckboy? What can I do to make this step into the dating scene and hookup culture as seamless as possible? And don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to become some sort of playboy or man whre! XD But with the women I do go out on dates with and the ones that want to continue the night, what advice can you give for myself to also be able to imply that I’d like the night to continue without sounding like I just want to hookup.(Thing about me: if I don’t enjoy a date I’m not the type to think “well I’m walking out of here with something one way or another”).
24M looking for dating advice during the hookup culture, how to compliment women’s sex appeal without sounding like an f-boy, and how to imply I’m willing to hookup.
Thanks for any advice or criticism!! :)
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2023.06.06 03:51 Tetizeraz r/Brazil will join other subreddits in a site-wide blackout beginning June 12

TL;DR: due to changes in Reddit's API, Brazil will join the protests, turning into a private subreddit between 12 June to 14 June.

What is going on?

Reddit made some changes to how its API is accessed, effectively charging developers for API calls. That means that third party applications, academic research, bots, and scripts that make Reddit better for users and mods will be affected.
Although talks had been going on for a while, the app Apollo (iOS) developer revealed that he would probably have to pay USD20 million per year. Also, the app got featured in the latest Apple WWDC event.
Another thing: third party apps like Apollo are great for accessibility. This post over blind has more details, click here.

What is going to happen, then?

Brazil, together with +1000 subreddits, will go private, starting on 12 June, and will last for 48 hours.
You simply won't be able to access the subreddit, or see new posts in your feed from us or subreddits that are going dark. The number of subreddits will only increase by the day.

What can you do to help?

This is not a decision that we, or any subreddit, take lightly. We believe that we still can make a difference, and even come to an agreement, but right now, these changes undermine the user experience on Reddit.
Some Brazilian subreddits are already in, like conversas and brdev. One English-speaking subreddit joining us is /ItHadToBeBrazil.
LATAM subreddits that have confirmed their participation (as of the time of this post) includes chile, uruguay.
Other regional subreddits include greece, Slovakia, Suomi and Finland, Italy, and portugal might have a statement by tomorrow.
Click here to see all the participating subreddits. Some province/city/county subreddits are also in, like Toronto and BritishColumbia.
The Brazil modteam
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2023.06.06 03:51 SDekahi Coping delamination

Coping delamination
First time poster here.
I had a pool installed about 3 years ago and since around year 2 I have had coping start delaminating from the bond beam. The pool construction company has put the loose copings back on but more are coming loose (even ones they put back on about 6 months ago). They have claimed it’s likely a material defect but I’m not sure that’s the case or what else it could be. It seems to be almost 60% of the coping at this point is loose or delaminated. I’m judging delamination by the hollow sound when taping on them and also ones that are clearly no long attached and can be lifted up. Coping does look weirdly discolored and cracked on top but pieces are still intact. Any ideas on what could cause this? Two pieces of tile in one area under the coping has split in two. This is an area they recently ‘fixed’.
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