Ferguson showroom

📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Customer Service Representative!

2023.04.14 07:26 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Customer Service Representative!

Company: Ferguson Enterprises
Date Posted: April 14, 2023 📅
Apply & Description 👉 https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2Iva2luZy1wcnVzc2lhLXBhLXNob3dyb29tLWN1c3RvbWVyLXNlcnZpY2UtcmVwcmVzZW50YXRpdmU=
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2023.04.08 06:34 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Customer Service Representative!

Company: Ferguson Enterprises
Date Posted: April 08, 2023 📅
Apply & Description 👉 https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2IvZm9ydC1teWVycy1mbC1zaG93cm9vbS1jdXN0b21lci1zZXJ2aWNlLXJlcHJlc2VudGF0aXZl
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2023.04.05 06:26 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Sales Consultant!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2IvbW91bnRhaW4tdmlldy1jYS1zaG93cm9vbS1zYWxlcy1jb25zdWx0YW50LTEvP3JlZj1qb2Jib2FyZHNlYXJjaA==
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2023.04.05 06:25 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Coordinator!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2IvZXZhbnN2aWxsZS1pbi1zaG93cm9vbS1jb29yZGluYXRvci8/cmVmPWpvYmJvYXJkc2VhcmNo
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2023.03.30 07:29 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Coordinator!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2IvbmV3cG9ydC1uZXdzLXZhLXNob3dyb29tLWNvb3JkaW5hdG9yLz9yZWY9am9iYm9hcmRzZWFyY2g=
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2023.03.21 05:30 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Customer Service Representative!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2Ivc3Bva2FuZS13YS1zaG93cm9vbS1jdXN0b21lci1zZXJ2aWNlLXJlcHJlc2VudGF0aXZlLTAvP3JlZj1qb2Jib2FyZHNlYXJjaA==
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2023.03.12 04:19 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Supervisor!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2Ivc2FudGEtcm9zYS1jYS1zaG93cm9vbS1zdXBlcnZpc29yLTAvP3JlZj1qb2Jib2FyZHNlYXJjaA==
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2023.02.24 06:19 Wide-Zone8631 Tractor Brands For High-Performing Farming Machines

Tractors help to make farming profitable by increasing crop production. These farming machines have a wide range of applications in the field of agriculture. So, below are two tractor brands for higher farming income.

Tractor Brands For Efficient Farming

Massey Ferguson is known for its high-class farming products. This brand defines excellence and modernisation by delivering many powerful tractor models. It has more than 30 models, from 20 HP to 75 HP, in India. Moreover, a Massey Ferguson tractor performs efficiently with low fuel consumption, resulting in higher mileage. Apart from this, farmers trust this brand for effortlessly carrying out field operations such as ploughing, sowing and harvesting. In addition, these high-performing tractors are available in a budget-friendly price range. The price of Massey Ferguson tractor models is Rs. 3.25 to 15.70 lakh in India.

Solis Tractors

Solis is a popular farming brand, and farmers rely on this tractor brand to fulfil their farming needs. Therefore, farming productivity can be increased with the help of a Solis tractor. However, with all the latest features and modern technology, the Solis tractor price range is reasonable. As a result, this tractor manufacturer is famous for its top-notch models. The Solis tractor HP range is 27 HP to 60 HP, from which the farmers can choose the one according to their needs. Apart from this, the Solis tractor on road price varies from the ex showroom price due to numerous factors. Moreover, the models are available from Rs. 5.23 to 9.35 lakh in India.
Stay tuned with Tractor Guru for more details regarding the newly launched tractor model in India.
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2023.02.18 00:08 squidgoat5 Full list of live music shows in Denton this weekend + next week (support the Denton music scene)

Friday (Feb. 17th)
Saturday (18th)
Sunday (19th)
Monday (20th)
Tuesday (21st)
Wednesday (22nd)
Thursday (23rd)

Other things:
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2023.01.22 23:20 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Coordinator!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2IvZm9ydC13b3J0aC10eC1zaG93cm9vbS1jb29yZGluYXRvci8/cmVmPWpvYmJvYXJkc2VhcmNo
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2022.10.30 21:33 rrmdp 📢 Ferguson Enterprises is hiring a Showroom Sales Consultant!

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2022.07.20 09:50 Lilith1991233 Finding a Bathroom Supply Store

Finding a Bathroom Supply Store
If you are looking for a good bathroom supply store, you have several choices. These include Gerhard's Kitchen & Bath Store, Ferguson Plumbing Supply, KOHLER Signature Store, and Dye Home Improvement. In addition to these, you can also consider decorplanet.com. These stores specialize in contemporary items at discounted prices. They are able to offer such items because they have forged good business relationships with several companies. All of their staff adhere to the customer's total satisfaction and strive to develop trade and economic cooperation.


Gerhard's Kitchen & Bath Store

When you are remodeling your home, you may want to check out a kitchen and bath store like Gerhard's. This Wisconsin store carries a wide variety of kitchen and bath items that can help you create the look and feel of your dreams. If you are looking for high quality products, Gerhard's Kitchen & Bath Store may be the place for you. The company has locations throughout the state, including in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
You can find everything from sinks to showers to countertops. From plumbing fixtures to lighting, Gerhard's is your one-stop shop for everything you need for your dream kitchen or bathroom. This locally owned store offers a full line of top-brand faucets, cabinetry, and more. Plus, its showrooms feature many different styles and colors of products for you to choose from. Aside from the huge selection of kitchen and bath products, Gerhard's is also home to a showroom featuring fully functional showers and tubs. You can even find lighting fixtures, including Kohler.

Ferguson Plumbing Supply

If you're in the market for bathroom fixtures, check out Ferguson Plumbing Supply. This bathroom supply store offers everything from complete toilets to plumbing counters and more. They even have Pro Pick-Up services to make ordering and pick-up a breeze. If you're not sure where to start, you can take advantage of their knowledgeable staff to assist you. With over 5,000 plumbing products, Ferguson has the bathroom supplies you need to finish your project quickly and efficiently.
Located at 1700 132nd Ave NE, Ferguson Plumbing Supply is one of the best plumbing supply stores in the country. If you need to install new fixtures or remodel your existing ones, you can shop at their Wilburton store. They have a large selection of plumbing supplies and a knowledgeable staff that can help you find the right fixtures and fittings to finish your project. In addition to bathroom supplies, they also offer commercial pipe valves and a variety of other plumbing supplies.

KOHLER Signature Store

The new KOHLER Signature Store offers a comprehensive shopping experience for consumers looking for kitchen and bathroom supplies. Located in Buckhead, Georgia, it's one of the few Kohler stores in the Southeast, and is part of the PDI Kitchen, Bath & Lighting family. The store will feature a variety of premium bath and kitchen products, such as Kohler's Performance Shower, as well as its intelligent toilet and fully designed suites. During your visit, you can also interact with the products to make a decision that will help you create your dream bathroom.
The KOHLER Signature Store has a modern, innovative atmosphere, and a diverse mix of merchandise. In addition to Kohler bathroom and kitchen products, the store offers design services for homeowners looking for a complete bathroom or kitchen renovation. Products from Kallista, Robern, Ann Sacks, and Robern are featured, along with cabinetry from Fieldstone and Mouser. A personal designer is available to assist you with your selection.

Dye Home Improvement

If you're looking for a great bathroom supply store near Monticello, Indiana, then look no further than Dye Home Improvement in Monon. Their prices and selection of high-quality products are second to none. Whether you're renovating your bathroom, updating your kitchen, or installing new flooring, you'll find the right products at the Dye Home Improvement bathroom supply store in Monticello.
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2022.07.20 09:45 Lilith1991233 Bathroom Supply Stores in the Miami Area

Bathroom Supply Stores in the Miami Area
You can find great bathroom supply stores in the Miami area by going to one of the many sites that provide information on bathroom design and decor. Some of these sites are Houzz, Pottery Barn, Hudson & Vine, and Home Depot, to name a few. Whether you are looking for a small vanity or a grand marble bath, we've got you covered! Here are some of the most popular stores in the area:


Home Depot

For bathroom accessories, check out The Home Depot. You'll find everything from towel racks to toilet paper holders to shower curtains and bath safety equipment. No matter what style your bathroom has, there are items to suit your tastes and budget. There's a Home Depot for every taste and budget. Read on to learn more about bathroom accessories at The Home Depot. Whether you're remodeling a bathroom or simply looking for bathroom accessories, the Home Depot has them.

Pottery Barn

If you're looking for a new faucet, there's no better place to shop than Pottery Barn. With a selection that includes many shapes and finishes, you can find the perfect one for your bathroom. Choose from a variety of finishes for the modern or traditional look you're going for. To complement the fixtures in your bathroom, consider getting a monogrammed towel. Whether you're looking for a stylish yet functional faucet, Pottery Barn has a wide selection of designs to fit your needs.

Hudson & Vine

If you're looking for pretty bathroom accessories, Hudson & Vine is the place for you. Hudson & Vine carries products made of high-quality materials, including glazed ceramics, textured wood, and woven rattan. You can even buy matching sets. You can even use these accessories as decorative accents to your living room or bedroom decor. Whether you're remodeling or just updating your bathroom, you can find just the right accessories here.

Hudson & Gibson Showrooms

The Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, and Lighting Galleries in New York City provide the most innovative merchandise mix and the latest in home products. The showrooms also have dedicated project consultants for inspiration and project assistance. The New Bathroom Style showroom focuses on kitchen cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and more. You can shop for thousands of remodeling ideas at this showroom, which has over four thousand square feet of space.

Goeka Bath Essentials

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, and there are many ways to enhance your bathroom's functionality. To make the bathroom more enjoyable, consider installing a Goeka hand shower. These hand showers offer multiple spray modes and can transform a boring bathroom into a luxurious rain shower. Featuring easy controls and LED and LCD technology, Goeka hand showers make taking a shower a pleasurable experience.
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2022.05.16 05:40 Lilith1991233 Top 10 Bathroom Supply Stores in Your Area

Top 10 Bathroom Supply Stores in Your Area
Looking for the best bathroom supply store? The top 10 bathroom supply stores are ranked by local consumers. Look for reviews, maps, contact information, and social media, as well as customer recommendations. Read on for the top 10 bathroom supply stores near you. We've made the process simple for you: simply enter your zip code to find the top-rated stores in your area. You'll be able to compare prices, customer service, and product quality.


Weinstein's Showroom in Collegeville is a bathroom supply store

If you're in the market for new fixtures and supplies for your bathroom or kitchen, you might want to stop by the Weinstein's Showroom in Collegeville. They offer plumbing and heating supplies and service the surrounding communities of Collegeville, Norristown, Pottstown, Phoenixville, and Trooper. The showroom also carries fixtures for your home office or retail location.

KOHLER Signature Store

The KOHLER Co. has opened a Signature Store on Long Island's Northern Boulevard. The 5,000 square-foot space showcases many products from the Kohler Co. family of brands, including Kallista, Robern, and Ann Sacks. It's a one-stop shop for bathroom essentials. Whether you're looking for new fixtures or accessories, the KOHLER Signature Store is the place to go.


An immersive bathroom design gallery is what you will find at the new Immerse bathroom supply store. This showroom, which opened in 2011, features products from the Waterworks line and other international companies. Eight Waterworks products are unique to the St. Louis area. While there are other showrooms that offer a variety of products, Immerse is unique in that it offers a completely immersive experience for its clients. The company's staff possesses extensive knowledge in the field of plumbing, design, and installation, and will work with you to help you make a final decision.

New York Plumbing Supply

A comprehensive bathroom supply store with many certifications and extensive lines, New York Plumbing Supply is a great place to shop for your needs. With branches in the Bronx, Astoria, West Babylon, and Manhattan, this company has convenient locations for the greater New York area. Their Manhattan location is especially popular, thanks to its specialized selections and quick service. It also offers ample street parking. And because they have been in business since 1991, you can count on a knowledgeable staff and a wide variety of products.

Ferguson Plumbing Supply

If you're planning on renovating your bathroom, you may want to consider purchasing supplies at a Ferguson Plumbing Supply store. This company has over 1,400 locations in the U.S., and has a robust online store. Its PRO Plus program allows businesses to earn points and redeem them for bonus promotions and discounts. Its Legislation Center keeps consumers informed of government regulations and keeps its information current as laws come into effect.
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2022.05.16 05:37 Lilith1991233 Bathroom Supply Stores

Bathroom Supply Stores
If you're renovating a bathroom and looking for new accessories, there are many different types of bathroom supply stores. From simple to luxury, you'll find a bathroom accessory to suit your needs. You can visit the Ferguson Plumbing Supply for items that range from classic to contemporary styles. The knowledgeable experts at this store can offer advice on your remodeling project, as well as quality products. These stores cater to both homeowners and trade professionals, so they can work together to provide you with the best bathroom supplies possible.


Simon's Hardware and Bath

A one-stop shop for designers, contractors and architects, Simon's Hardware and Bath has been providing elegance to New Yorkers since 1908. The store is named for Harry Stuchiner, who took over the business from his father in 1917. Simon's was originally a home furnishing store, but soon turned into a janitor's supply house, selling mill supplies during World War II. Today, it serves both residential and commercial customers.
With its corporate office located at 421 Third Avenue, Simon's Hardware and Bath has been a trusted name in the New York City area for over 100 years. Simon's Hardware and Bath specializes in high-end residential remodeling. They have showrooms in Water Mill, NY, and Manhattan, NY. Their knowledgeable staff can satisfy your every remodeling need. Simon's Hardware & Bath offers quality products at competitive prices. For your convenience, they offer curbside delivery, as well as field service.

Bartle & Gibson Showrooms

Bartle & Gibson Showrooms boast a huge variety of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. From faucets to toilets, you'll find everything you need to design the bathroom of your dreams. With professional design staff and outstanding service at their locations nationwide, Bartle & Gibson Showrooms is a one-stop shop for all your bathroom and kitchen needs. You can also find kitchen sinks and accessories, and more.

WHO Bathroom Warehouse

WHO Bathroom Warehouse is an online store that sells exclusive designer bathroom fittings, accessories and furnishings. They ship bathroom renovation supplies Australia-wide. The WHO showrooms are welcoming and helpful, and you can always count on getting the exact product you are looking for. Products from WHO come with a lifetime warranty. What's more, everything in the WHO bathroom warehouse is in-stock and ready to be picked up right away. If you are unsure about the size of the budget you have, you can take advantage of interest free finance.
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2022.05.09 10:08 _Revelator_ Clarkson's Columns: "James May is right" (the Alpine A110 S review) & "Looking for missing Londoners"

James May is right (not that I’d ever tell him) — this car’s a small wonder
Review: Alpine A110 S
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, May 8)
When Renault launched the sporty little Alpine A100 five years ago, James May went off to test it for Top Gear and enjoyed the experience so much, he bought one. And as a result of that I never reviewed it for The Sunday Times.
Because what if it was good and thrilling and wondrous? I’d have had to say that James May has bought an Alpine and that I liked it. And that’s not possible. Saying to a chap “I like your new car” is the same as saying “I like your new shoes”. It’s just not done.
I once bought a new jacket from Gieves and Hawkes on London’s Savile Row and asked Dylan Jones, the editor of GQ magazine at the time, if he liked it. “No,” he said. “It makes you look like a twat.” This was the correct response. At every party I ever attend I always greet male guests in the same way, by asking, “What the f*** are you wearing?”
I’m not sure I’m allowed to say this any more, but I don’t think women do this. I don’t watch Loose Women every morning, I admit, but I can’t imagine them ever moving the show along by saying, “And I’ll hand you over now to Jane Moore, who is wearing a truly terrible frock.”
Men would, and it’s exhausting sometimes. Because occasionally a colleague will walk into a meeting wearing a new overcoat and you’ll think it looks pretty smart. Nice cut. Good wool. Right colour. But you can’t say any of that. You have to come up with something negative. Which means you have to be creative. “Ah, hello Nigel. I see you’re wearing an overcoat. Which tells everyone in the room you don’t have a driver.”
I guess partners are off limits. We have to be nice about those. And houses. When we are given “the tour” by the proud new owners, we usually find it in our hearts to make only appreciative noises. Same as we do with babies for some reason. But clothes are always a safe area for negativity, and so are cars. Especially when you are in Birmingham, where there is no word for “wow”. To the Brummies the Mona Lisa is “a bit small”, the pyramids are “too close to Cairo” and Lincoln Cathedral is “horribly draughty”.
Using nothing but constant practice, the men of Birmingham have turned negativity into an art form. Pull into a Brummie petrol station in a Ferrari and I guarantee the chap at the next pump won’t be able to hold back. “Bet you don’t get many miles to the gallon out of that,” he’ll say in his funny Jasper Carrott accent. Or, “I bet that costs a pretty penny to insure.”
I once pulled into a King’s Heath filling station in a Lamborghini I’d just bought. And a man came out of the cashier’s booth to tell me that he could get more shopping in the boot of his Maestro. “Oh no, you’re right, mate. What was I thinking?”
Anyway, let’s get back to the little Alpine and the problems of reviewing it. Deep down I wanted to. I thought it was an interesting little car. And I support the Alpine Formula One team because it’s based very close to Chipping Norton, where I live. But James May had one, so I couldn’t.
And then along came some good news: they’ve just launched a faster version called the A110 S. And James May does not have one of those. So I could review it with gay abandon.
What I didn’t like straight away was the mid-engined layout. When I was younger and more stupid I had a Ferrari and a Lamborghini and a Ford GT because I thought that by placing the engine in the middle of the car, which gives a better weight distribution, it would be faster through the corners.
This is probably so, but on the road the tiny handling advantages, which you can barely feel, are completely outweighed by the day-to-day disadvantages. The boot will be smaller than it is in a Maestro, and because it’s at the front you’ll get dirty hands every time you open it. And you’ll only get two seats. Plus, and most important, mid-engined cars always make the driver look like a cock end.
However, this is less of an issue with the Alpine because it’s so tiny. It’s not even as long as the old Ferrari Dino. Which means it’s not threatening. This is most definitely not a plonker’s car. The young men of Abu Dhabi will not be going around Harrods till three in the morning in one of these, that’s for sure.
The exhaust from the titchy 1.8-litre turbo engine makes a delightful, gravelly rasp when you set off and it’s a sound that puts a smile on your face. So you keep your foot in it, all the way to the red line in second and third, and yes, even fourth, and then you look down and you’re only doing 47mph. This may be the 296bhp S version but it is emphatically not a fast car. I can see why James May was drawn to it.
Speed, however, is not the point. It’s the feel. Some cars come at you like a game of rugby. This is like having your back tickled by a ballerina. It’s tight and sharp and dreamy. It’s not a supercar at all. It’s a sports car through and through, and on a sunny day in the Cotswolds, where I once got it up to 53mph, I loved it.
I’m told that one of the best things about the standard car was some clever chassis jiggery pokery that meant it was grippy and comfortable at the same time. I don’t know about that, but the S is. I’m told it’s more harsh, more focused than the standard car, but not once was I even remotely uncomfortable, or nervous, apart from when I had to try and see over a clump of dandelions at a road junction. It’s not just shorter than the old Dino. It’s lower too. It’s lower than grass. And lighter.
Inside, it’s nicely judged for the most part. Except for the fact that if you want to pull the knob that raises the window, you’re likely to come to a very sudden halt as it’s easy to pull the handbrake knob by mistake. And you will want to raise the window, because when it’s down it doesn’t half strum.
These are small things, though, in an otherwise pretty little lake of tart goodness. And best of all there’s nothing else on the market that is quite like it. The baby Porsche is a bit too serious and the Audi TT is a bit too not serious.
The only problem is that if I wanted a sports car, I’d really want a convertible. That’s kind of the point. So if I was going to buy an Alpine, I’d probably get a Mazda MX5 instead because it pulls off the same trick, only for a lot less money and with 93 million miles of headroom.
That’s what I shall say to James May when I next see him. That his car is nearly as good as a Mazda MX5.
The Clarksometer: Alpine A110 S 1.8 turbo
1.252mm h x 4.180mm l x 1.798mm w
Engine: 1798cc, 4 cylinders, turbo, petrol
Power: 296bhp @ 6300rpm
Torque: 251 lb ft @ 2400rpm
Acceleration: 0-62mph: 4.2sec
Top speed: 161mph
Fuel / CO2: 41.5mpg / 153g/km
Weight: 1,109kg
Price: £60,040
Release date: On sale now
Jeremy’s rating: ★★★★☆
Head to head: Alpine A110 Sv versus Porsche 718 Cayman Coupé
Price: £60,040 / £46,540
Power: 296bhp / 296bhp
0-62mph: 4.2sec / 4.9sec
Top speed: 161mph / 170mph
I’m looking for missing Londoners. Are they in your village?
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, May 8)
There are many tunnels underneath London. Tunnels for Tube trains, long-forgotten Roman tunnels, tunnels for our leaders to hide in should there be a nuclear attack and tunnels built by Joseph Bazalgette to carry five million turds a day into the Thames. There is apparently a “love tunnel” under Pall Mall that Charles II used back in the day to get unseen from his palace to the brothels of St James. There are private tunnels under the Euston Road, mail tunnels and tunnels used to take condemned men to the gallows, and there’s a tram tunnel that’s now used by Camden council to store its (little-used) road-mending equipment.
And still it goes on. Work is progressing on a “super-sewer” that you could park three double-decker buses side by side inside. This will be used to ferry millions of tons of faeces from the capital’s lavatories to a purification site just shy of Dagenham. And later this month Crossrail will open a tunnel that will enable all the people who live in Reading and work in Abbey Wood — all none of them — to do their commute, nonstop, in about four seconds.
It’s as if everyone with a plastic hat and a high-vis jacket is down there, playing a vast underground game of Jenga. Taking out a little bit of earth here and a wheelbarrow load there until, eventually, it all collapses and London falls into a big hole full of Tube trains, Roman skeletons and excrement.
Of course, there was a time when this underground labyrinth was necessary. London was a throbbing and crowded hive of activity on the surface, and it couldn’t have functioned without boring holes for the boring infrastructure. But since 2021 I’m not so sure. His Mayorness, Sadiq Khan, says the city’s population hasn’t dropped by anything like as much as has been claimed. But I fear he’s getting his information from graphs and PowerPoint presentations. What he needs to do is go outside and have a look.
I’ve been to London a few times in recent weeks, and while the residential areas round the outside are still full of pastel-coloured electric scooters, the centre is worryingly dead. I walk into restaurants where they normally need nine months’ notice and get a table in the window straight away. And I only have to think about getting a cab and six pull up immediately.
I don’t ever get in, though, because the roads are so bad that I worry for my spine and my fillings. Who knows, perhaps the potholes are a consequence of the underground Jenga game. But I now use the tubular railway, because most of the time there’s no one on it.
Upstairs it’s just as empty. Just last week I was on Regent Street in the middle of a workday morning, and there wasn’t a single pedestrian in sight. I felt like the Omega Man.
Outside the Home Office, in SW1, there was the inevitable protest. But, instead of a howling mob and a forest of placards, there was one shouty woman, who was standing on a chair for some reason. I’m not sure who she was shouting at, though, because there were rows and rows of computers inside with no one operating them.
Later I went into Tiffany on Bond Street, which is a bit of a spoiler for Lisa’s birthday in a couple of weeks. There must have been 20 staff standing around serving absolutely no customers at all. “And what brings you to Tiffany’s, sir?” said the man on the door. As though he’d forgotten what they sold there. “I need some potatoes and a bag of carrots,” I replied. I don’t think he got the joke. Boredom and inactivity do that to a man.
In some ways this is paradise. I genuinely think London is, by some margin, the best city in the world. And now you have all the fun and all the options and all the sights without someone treading on your toes every five minutes. Soon, though, the quietness is going to mean that all the things that make London London will have to close.
Already, poor old Nicky Clarke has shut his hairdressing salon in Mayfair, and I noticed last week that the Porsche showroom just down the road from his old gaff was shut as well. How long will it be before the church accountants realise that no one is visiting St Paul’s Cathedral and shut that too?
I’m told that in Knightsbridge these days 80 per cent of flats are unoccupied 80 per cent of the time. It’d be a squatters’ paradise, but there aren’t even any squatters. And all this raises a question. Where has everyone gone?
We know, of course, that some will have been propelled by Brexit back to their roots in Latvia, and we know that many have died from Covid-19. I’m also aware that my recent visits coincided with the Easter school holidays, so quite a few people will have been at Heathrow being told their flight had been cancelled but that they couldn’t have gone away anyway because they’d filled the Covid forms in all wrong.
Even if you add all the excuses together, though, they don’t account for the tumbleweed and the lonely traffic lights blinking away at nobody at all.
Maybe Michael Gove’s levelling-up plans are coming along nicely and everyone has left Islington and moved to Huddersfield, but I don’t think so.
Are there hundreds of Londoners living in your village now? Is your local supermarket full of people in suits calling the ready-grated parmesan cheese “quaint”? Have you noticed people in your town looking for the nearest Boris bike hire point?
No. So I ask again, where is everyone? I can only assume that they’ve fallen into one of the many new holes and will soon reappear on the front of a train in Abbey Wood, or covered in urine and lavatory paper near Dagenham. Hope so. Otherwise all these exciting new underground engineering enterprises will have been undertaken to fulfil a need that no longer exists.
The Sun column (whose first part is hilarious) can be found here: "I’ve got a Massey Ferguson, and it’s red and throbbing. So…fancy a ride?"
Clarkson's past columns are regularly collected into books. You can buy them from his boss or your local bookshop.
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As an Inside Sales Representative, you will work together with the Showroom/Builder Group to perform a variety of functions that ensure our customer’s needs are being met.
Benefits: Ferguson provides meaningful programs and products to our associates and their families—geared toward benefits, wellness, financial protection, and retirement savings. We offer a competitive benefits package which includes medical, dental, vision, retirement savings with company match, paid leave (vacation, sick, personal and holiday), employee assistance programs, associate discounts, community involvement opportunities and much more!
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