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A Kevin is someone who consistently or greatly shows a complete lack of intelligence through incompetence of social and societal norms, or is purposefully antagonistic in their poor decision making.

2023.06.07 15:15 terriblefamilythrow I can't tell anyone my mom murdered my dad

Hello, I have no idea what to do, and I am very afraid. I am afraid that if I come out, I will be jailed for a crime I – supposedly, under duress and under circumstances we couldn’t change at all, committed. I am afraid that because I waited so long – and still waiting – to report this, that I will be blamed for my silence, and because I am the only one able or willing to come out about it. So, I am here to vent it out, to see if anything can be done. I do not want to be barred from leaving this country over something that if I could have stopped, I would have. For some background, my family is an odd one. My mother, Annette, is a highly religious woman (cult-ish is better wording), who has done every kind of abuse to me under the sun, except for but toeing the line of sexual abuse. She has triangulated my family against each other, with only her being the “good one”. She made herself as close to a god as one can try to make themselves out to be. She was able to keep me away from the police, as we’ve had some bad experiences in the past (the only ones I remember were traffic issues, but they were bad enough to leave a taste in my mouth), not to mention she was paranoid to the point she thought she was being gang stalked. My sister, Annamarie, is similarly terrible, doing the same things Annette had, with beating me, starving me, yelling and screaming, and many other things. She neglected my disabled sister, to the point of her being emaciated. Our other sister, Aquamarine, is disabled heavily, as she can’t talk, has limited mobility, and – as infantilizing as this may sound, but the most compacted way I can explain it – she is like a toddler in mental age and capabilities. And my father, who has done every abuse too, including sexual, but our feelings about him are complicated. It’s harder to hate a dead man who was murdered by my mother, especially when she got worse once she got away with it. I’m getting ahead of myself though. I have audio recordings of what happened, the area it was recorded in is a one-party consent state, but it allows for some lead up and a time frame. I will have to be a little vague, as I am worried the police will track me and… well, I would rather not find out what happens if I’m to be locked up in a room with nothing to do but be afraid of intimidating police officers screaming at me for 48 hours. We lived in a house where there were three houses, two storage units, and whatever extra knickknacks my mom continued to buy all rolled into one house; we were basically hoarders. We had boxes everywhere with tiny trails between the six- and seven-feet walls of boxes, we had mice and rats, we had insects, and it was constantly dirty. We did not have an A/C or working evaporate cooler, which is extra bad in Arizona summers. And the worst part about this is, my father is diabetic. In June, my mother and I had left to go to Flagstaff in Arizona, and we had been there the entire day and for some of the night. By the time we got back, my dad was severely dehydrated, and my sister had refused to refrigerate the Gatorade we provided, so he didn’t drink it. In the end, he ended up falling into a coma. After this, we loaded him into a car, everyone got into it, and we all left for Phoenix, and then later into California. For at least an entire 24 hours, we were stuck in a heavily cramped car, in a hot area, with very little water breaks, and just running around like a chicken with its head cut off. My mother did not go to a hospital. Between Arizona and California, my sister and my mother told me that they heard my dad “burp” while I was asleep between AZ and CA, which I suppose would be a death groan. I do not know which state his death happened in. After an entire day driving around in the hot California heat, going through hell’s half acre, we ended up in Blythe, CA, and to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A police officer harassed us for several minutes while we were attempting to sleep, before we were finally allowed to rest. Afterwards, we drove all the way to Arizona, and the abuse ramped tenfold until I finally left. I do not know where my disabled sister is, and I don’t doubt she might be currently being abused. I do not know where my sister and my mom went; all I know is that they stayed in Arizona. I do not know if my dad has a life insurance policy, or how to request a death certificate; all I know is that his death was ruled out as a heart failure, instead of murder via intentional medical neglect, and that my mother was very happy and “thanked god that my father is now burning in hell”. Suffice it to say, it was very much intentional. I have moved far away, and I do not have the time nor funds to go back, even if I wanted to – as I’ve left things I want to gain back, such as awards, childhood toys, and such. I do not think I can report it here. I do not know if I should, even at the risk of my disabled sister’s health. I have called CPS, but they have not been able to find anyone at the house. I have voice recordings, but I have yet to redact any information that might be too identifying, though if anyone is interested, I might get around to that. I also don’t have money to blow out the wazoo for lawyers, especially not for two in two different states. I don’t want to be locked up in a pen for the rest of my days, and I do not have any family members I can get into contact with to help, as I’ve never met any of them in any years I remember them, much less contact them. I may end up being a silent victim, because it is too much of a risk to myself for me to speak up. I may as well kill myself for all the good it can do, either way. Any advice will be appreciated. I may answer questions, but I will probably stay vague for my own safety. I hope this all made sense.
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2023.06.07 15:15 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking Every WWE PPV From WrestleMania 1 to WrestleMania 40 part 42 (Long)

Judgement Day 2006 (Smackdown)
Date: May 21st
Location: US Airlines Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Attendance: 14,000
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz
WWE Tag Team Championships
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs MnM
Cruiserweight Championship
Kid Kash (c) vs Chavo Guerrero
Finlay vs Undertaker (Finlay attacks Taker with the shelailaigh on an episode of Smackdown and says he wants to take on the toughest bastard in the yard. Taker accepts because he wants revenge for the attack)
United States Championship
JBL (c) vs Chris Benoit (This is JBLs final match for about 2 years)
Matt Hardy vs Mark Henry
King Of The Ring Final
Bobby Lashley vs Booker T
World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Kurt Angle (Angle cashes in his rematch clause and turns heel on Rey; saying that the big gold belt belongs around the waist of the Olympic Gold Medalist and Rey is competing well outside his weight class. Mysterio wants to continue living his dream)
One Night Stand 2006 (ECW)
Date: June 11th
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, New York
Attendance: 2,460
Commentator: Joey Styles
Mike Awesome vs Psicosis
Tommy Dreamer vs Jerry Lawler
FBI vs Super Crazy & Tajiri
Rhyno vs Randy Orton
Sabu vs Raven (CM Punk debuts towards the end of the match and helps Raven win. He is revealed on the first episode of ECW as Raven's new follower)
Kurt Angle cuts an anti-ECW promo in the ring before being caned by the Sandman and choked out by Tazz. Angle is carried out on a stretcher. This is his last appearance in WWE for 11 years
Edge vs Mick Foley (The match from WrestleMania 22 IRL)
Masoto Tanaka vs Balls Mahoney
WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam vs John Cena (c) (RVD announces beforehand that he'll be cashing in his MITB contract at this PPV. He wins clean this time, no interference from Edge. On the first episode of Hardcore TV, RVD cuts the WWE Championship equivalent of the Shane Douglas "they can all kiss my arse" promo and vacates the belt and is rewarded with the revived ECW Championship. A tournament is declared on Raw for the vacant championship)
Vengeance 2006 (Raw)
Date: June 25th
Location: Charlotte Bobcats Arena, Charlotte, North Carolina
Attendance: 6,800
Edge vs Kane
John Cena vs Ric Flair
Big Show vs Shelton Benjamin
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
Intercontinental Championship
Gregory Helms (c) vs Johnny Nitro
Edge vs John Cena
Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin
World Tag Team Championships
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs Carlito & Chris Masters (c)
Umaga vs Eugene
Edge vs Shelton Benjamin
Great American Bash 2006 (Smackdown)
Date: July 23rd
Location: Conseco Field House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Attendance: 9,750
Commentators: Michael Cole & JBL
WWE Tag Team Championships
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs 3 Count (Jamie Noble & Shannon Moore)
Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang
Triple threat for United States Championship
Finlay vs Bobby Lashley vs Chris Benoit (c)
Matt Hardy vs William Regal
Boogeyman vs Mr Kennedy
#1 contender for World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs King Booker (Batista returns on the Smackdown after Vengeance and says he wants to take back the belt he never lost. Booker interupts and says he won KOTR therefore he's rightful #1 contender and Batista cant just waltz back onto smackdown after doing nothing for 8 months and demand to be #1 contender. Teddy Long makes this match to settle the issue. Match ends in a double DQ)
World Heavyweight Championship
Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio (c) (Taker wins a battle royal on Smackdown to earn this shot. Rey isnt scared of him and says its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. Taker admires Reys courage but says all the courage in the world wont save him from the deadman.)
Heatwave 2006 (ECW)
Date: August 13th
Location: War Memorial Auditorium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Attendance: 1,800
Commentators: Joey Styles & Mick Foley
Tournament Final for revived ECW Tag Team Championships
Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Impact Players
Jerry Lynn vs Mike Knox
Psicosis vs Hardcore Holly
4 way elimination match to determine #1 contender for ECW Championship
Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs Kid Kash vs Mike Awesome
Balls Mahoney vs Matt Striker
Tommy Dreamer vs Masoto Tanaka
Raven W/CM Punk vs Sabu (Sabu demands a rematch after ONS. Raven accepts and gets Punk to do his bidding in the build-up)
Sandman vs Marcus Cor Von W/Taz
ECW Championship
Rhino vs Rob Van Dam (c) (Rhino gores RVD on an episode of Hardcore TV and says he was the last OG ECW Champion and as far hes concerned still is as he never lost the belt. RVD says Rhino is right but wants to show him who the current champion is by kicking his arse)
Summerslam 2006 (Raw and Smackdown)
Date: August 20th
Location: TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
Attendance: 16,168
Commentators: JR & Jerry Lawler (Raw); Michael Cole & JBL (Smackdown)
Triple threat for Intercontinental Championship
Johnny Nitro (c) vs Gregory Helms vs Mystery opponent (Returning Jeff Hardy)
Great Khali vs Undertaker
United States Championship
Mark Henry vs Bobby Lashley (c)
Kane vs Umaga
WWE Tag Team Championships
William Regal & Finlay vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c)
Women's Championship
Mickie James (c) vs Lita
Mr Kennedy vs Chris Benoit
World Tag Team Championships
Carlito & Chris Masters (c) vs Triple H & Shawn Michaels
Triple Threat match for World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Batista vs King Booker (After the non-finish at GAB, Teddy Long makes this match. Batista wants the belt back that he never lost, Booker wants to be champ again and Mysterio is willing to take on all comers)
Fatal 4 way for WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Edge vs John Cena (Cena and Edge want to destroy each other; Orton gets added to the match after pinning Benjamin on Raw and says he wants to end Benjamin's reign before it gets started and Benjamin wants to continue proving he's the best athlete in the business)
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2023.06.07 15:15 p_ranav hypergrep: A new "fastest grep" to search directories recursively for a regex pattern

Hello all,
GitHub Link: https://www.github.com/p-ranav/hypergrep
I hope this will be of interest here. I've spent the last few months implementing a grep for fun in C++. I was really interested in seeing how far I could go compared to the state-of-the-art today (ripgrep, ugrep, The Silver Searcher etc.).
Here are my results:
NOTE: I had to remove some rows in the table since Reddit markdown formatting was being weird. You can see them on GitHub.


Single Large File Search: OpenSubtitles.raw.en.txt

The following searches are performed on a single large file cached in memory (~13GB, OpenSubtitles.raw.en.gz).
Regex Line Count ag ugrep ripgrep hypergrep
Count number of times Holmes did something hg -c 'Holmes did w' 27 n/a 1.820 1.400 0.696
Literal with Regex Suffix hg -nw 'Sherlock [A-Z]w+' en.txt 7882 n/a 1.812 2.654 0.803
Simple Literal hg -nw 'Sherlock Holmes' en.txt 7653 15.764 1.888 1.813 0.658
Simple Literal (case insensitive) hg -inw 'Sherlock Holmes' en.txt 7871 15.599 6.945 2.139 0.650
Words surrounding a literal string hg -n 'w+[x20]+Holmes[x20]+w+' en.txt 5020 n/a 6m 11s 1.812 0.638

Git Repository Search: torvalds/linux

The following searches are performed on the entire Linux kernel source tree (after running make defconfig && make -j8). The commit used is f1fcb.
Regex Line Count ag ugrep ripgrep hypergrep
Simple Literal hg -nw 'PM_RESUME' 9 2.807 0.316 0.198 0.140
Simple Literal (case insensitive) hg -niw 'PM_RESUME' 39 2.904 0.435 0.203 0.141
Regex with Literal Suffix hg -nw '[A-Z]+_SUSPEND' 536 3.080 1.452 0.198 0.143
Unicode Greek hg -n 'p{Greek}' 111 3.762 0.484 0.386 0.146

Git Repository Search: apple/swift

The following searches are performed on the entire Apple Swift source tree. The commit used is 3865b.
Regex Line Count ag ugrep ripgrep hypergrep
Words starting with alphabetic characters followed by at least 2 digits hg -nw '[A-Za-z]+d{2,}' 127858 1.169 1.238 0.186 0.095
Words starting with Uppercase letter, followed by alpha-numeric chars and/or underscores hg -nw '[A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*' 2012372 3.131 2.598 0.673 0.482
Guard let statement followed by valid identifier hg -n 'guards+lets+[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*s*=s*w+' 839 0.828 0.174 0.072 0.047

Directory Search: /usr

The following searches are performed on the /usr directory.
Regex Line Count ag ugrep ripgrep hypergrep
Any IPv4 IP address hg -w "(?:d{1,3}.){3}d{1,3}" 12643 4.727 2.340 0.380 0.166
Any E-mail address hg -w "[A-Za-z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+.[A-Za-z]{2,}" 47509 5.477 37.209 0.542 0.220
Any valid date (MM/DD/YYYY) `hg "(0[1-9] 1[0-2])/(0[1-9] [12]d 3[01])/(19 20)d{2}"` 116
Count the number of HEX values hg -cw "(?:0x)?[0-9A-Fa-f]+" 68042 5.765 28.691 1.662 0.611

Implementation Notes

Here is the workflow as a diagram: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/p-ranav/hypergrep/mastedoc/images/workflow.png
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2023.06.07 15:15 Educational_Thing533 A timeline of modern Internet history and what next

I'm going to be going based on the past 10 years highlighting the most dominant talking point online during the specific time period
When do you think the current era will end and what's going to take its spot?
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2023.06.07 15:15 idk-boh AMTJ for ignoring a special needs person

(english isn’t my first language so sorry if i make some mistakes) i want to specify that this is a special case and that i don’t have anything against special needs people. so i have in class this kid i’m not sure what he has in particular but he always has some support teacher next to him every hour.
last year when i meet him he was just chatty nothing special some boys made fun of him but he always cursed them or took that as a joke. the problem started some months after the school start he started saying things to girls and by things i mean “i dreamed about you last night, you were tied up and we were having ‘the dirty’” he said things like this to almost all the girls in class me included so i started ignoring him as much as i could if i had to i would speak to him but not to much because the conversations would always and with him telling me something dirty that would make me feel uncontrollably.
this year he seems more chatty that the last and the comments don’t stop another example of what he says is “i would like to see you in a skinny sport swit” things like this, any girl feels uncontrollable around him so it isn’t just me, almost avery girl is trying to ignore him so he would stop harassing us but he doesn’t stop che even put his hand on a girls ass
he was absent for a week and that week one of the support teacher that usually stays with him and one of our teacher scolded us about the fact that we ignore him and he doesn’t come to school and is our foult that we avoid him like some kind of illness and things like that
i’m starting to feel like we shouldn’t ignore him but we can’t do otherwise because if we tell him something then is our fault the thing that is keeping me though is the fact that he knows what he is doing like he never comments on us when i there is the support teacher that scolded us but when there is the male support teacher the comments are always there anche he says them in front of th teacher end the teacher does nothing, he was there whene the ass thing happens when all the comments happens he sees and hears everything and does nothing he went to the girl that ass was touched and told her that she has to understand he has problems and he doesn’t know what he’s doing
I’m ready for all the hate that i could get but i really need to know AITJ for ignoring him?
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2023.06.07 15:15 AutoModerator Letter template: Reddit API Changes Set to Deplatform Blind Users on July 1

blind users, friends and Redditors in general,
Many of you have asked if and how to contact different people and organizations to raise your concerns about the API changes and their effect on our community.
To that end, we're sharing the letter we've sent to media outlets as a template, as a Google Doc.
You may wish to send this to your local blindness association or newspaper, or your elected official. You may also share it with your friends and family, so they may better understand the situation.
If it's more convenient for you, find the full text bellow the signature. Please note it includes links.
blind mod team
Reddit API Changes Set to Deplatform Blind Users on July 1
June 6th, 2023
Dear [Name],
My name is [name]. I am [what connects me to the issue]. I'm writing in regard to Reddit’s new API pricing policy which will effectively kill all third-party Reddit apps on July 1. For reference, the API is how third-party apps “talk” with Reddit, allowing users of these apps to read posts and comments, upvote/downvote comments and posts, make and edit posts, and moderate subreddits. While the loss of third-party Reddit clients is an annoyance for many, it is devastating to blind Reddit users. Reddit.com and the Reddit mobile apps are at best overly tedious and at worst virtually unusable depending on the combination of device, operating system, and screen reader (text-to-speech program used by blind and visually impaired people). Moreover, Reddit has shown little to no interest in improving the accessibility of their website and apps. As a result, a majority of blind users choose third-party clients where accessibility has been prioritized. These apps include RedReader on Android, Dystopia and Apollo on iOS, and RedditForBlind and Luna for Reddit on Windows. While developers of Dystopia, RedditForBlind and Luna for Reddit have not directly stated the number of their users and thus the price they will need to pay to continue operating, the cost of operating RedReader approximates $1 million according to its developer who posted to RedReader (linked below). Meanwhile, the developer of Apollo for Reddit has calculated the cost to continue operating at $20 million. This is obviously unsustainable.
"Update 3: Reddit effectively kills off third party apps" on RedReader
"📣 Had a call with Reddit to discuss pricing. Bad news for third-party apps, their announced pricing is close to Twitter's pricing, and Apollo would have to pay Reddit $20 million per year to keep running as-is." on AolloApp
The proposed changes to Reddit’s API will not only isolate blind users from a social network used by millions of people, thus disconnecting us from the wider world; they will also largely decimate communities for blind people–and disabled people in general–which have thrived on Reddit despite the company’s perceived indifference. The subreddit Blind is an invaluable resource for blind and visually impaired people the world over. The information on this subreddit has helped countless people in various stages of blindness with such things as finding strategies to check their pet dogs for ticks, providing insights on how best to shop for clothes, giving suggestions to job seekers, or providing resources to people losing their vision who are unsure of what to do or how to cope. Additionally, TranscribersOfReddit and DescriptionPlease are two subreddits collectively composed of 6,000 volunteers around the world who have written 276,000 transcriptions around Reddit over the past six years according to their founder, u/ItsTheJoker, who also co-founded the non-profit which funds the infrastructure for the two subreddits. The work of these volunteers allows blind and visually impaired Redditors to not only read text in images throughout Reddit, but also receive descriptions of visual content within images and videos. All of these communities would be demolished by Reddit's API changes as blind people will find it extremely difficult to use Reddit. And, to add insult to injury, it has become clear that Reddit is apparently aware of the impact of their decisions according to u/ItsTheJoker, who stated the following in a message which I have received permission to reprint: [I]t's not that Reddit hasn't thought about marginalized communities, specifically the blind community. I have had multiple zoom calls with [a reddit staff member] about these requirements and the importance of API access (both for third party apps and for transcription)… They just don't care[.]”
I am writing in the hope that you can help to publicize the drastic impact of Reddit's API pricing on the blind community. Blind users have already effectively been deplatformed on Twitter, where API pricing shuttered third-party clients that improved accessibility for blind users. Furthermore, accessibility on twitter.com and the mobile apps has also precipitously declined after the entire accessibility team was fired. Twitter was also invaluable to blind and disabled communities. Without public awareness, the same will happen to the communities reliant on Reddit. I therefore hope you will consider using your platform as journalists who have covered Reddit for years to spread the word in an attempt to preserve our access to the platform. Should you be interested in more information, please feel free to reach out to me via email or call/SMS/WhatsApp/Signal my number listed below. I am also happy to connect you with other blind and visually impaired Redditors who can provide further input on this pressing issue. Thank you for your consideration.
PS: Blind will be temporarily shutting down from June 12-14 in solidarity with “thousands of other subreddits” who will either close temporarily or indefinitely in protest of Reddit’s changing API Policy. More information on the blackout as written by the Blind moderators can be found below.
"Reddit's Recently Announced API Changes, and the future of the /blind subreddit" on Blind
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2023.06.07 15:15 Venomous_Duck_Media Gareth and the Lost Island Actor Spotlight

Gareth and the Lost Island Actor Spotlight

Debra Mallard cosplaying Izzy Morgana
With the season finale dropping today, it's appropriate that the Gareth and the Lost Island spotlight is on the woman that made it all possible. Debra Mallard is the great voice behind Izzy Morgana and the hilariously down to Hadronus Southern Automaton, DAR-C 254. She is also the other half of Venomous Duck Media.
Playing Izzy wasn't much of a stretch for Debra, considering I wrote the character based off of her. However, it was voicing DAR-C 254 that Debra found she loves doing character voices. Debra gave more support to the show that I can ever fully appreciate, played her roles with a deep love for the characters, and had the fastest turn in time for all of the actors (we walked down the hallway from our recording booth to my work computer in the living room ;-) ) Debra has also managed to put up with me for 10 years, so we know she has the patience of a saint.
Debra is just starting out in the world of voice acting, put handles many of the behind the scenes tasks needed to have a smooth show. She discovered she loves doing comedic character voices.
She lives in Arkansas City, KS with her 2 dogs, 3 cats, and husband. She has crafting ADHD and enjoys knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, and paper crafts.
You can contact Debra Mallard at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
P.S. I love this woman, and being partners with her in both Venomous Duck Media and life is one of my greatest treasures.
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2023.06.07 15:14 Individual_Steak_367 my boyfriend said “i wasn’t hard enough.”

i need a second opinion. i’m driving myself insane over this statement that my boyfriend(19M) had told me(18F). We were originally talking about the new GTA 6 game coming out soon and how we both should play. He told me he wanted to grind on the game so we can level up, and i agreed. i then started telling him how i usually hate the tiny side quests that games have you do because they tend to be repetitive for me, and he then took a minute to think, and told me, “i just think you’re not hard enough?” And this wouldn’t be the first time he said something similar to that. He shoots guns and sold drugs a while back, and then there’s me, where I was just watching cartoons and being bullied throughout my school years. But anyways, we’ve gotten into the topic about guns and drugs and etc. and there have been times where he’ll tell me these things but he’ll then say something like, “You’re just soft” or like i’m too sensitive. It breaks me so much because all my life i wanted to be hard so i can stand up for myself, and hearing your own boyfriend tell you that you’re not hard enough, sucks so bad because i know that deep down i’m not im literally a pussy. I see pretty girls on instagram with guns and different types of drugs and it just makes me think about him and how he is? I just can’t stop thinking about how these girls are better than I am because i’m not hard, nor that pretty as them, but that’s another topic. Im sure he’d appreciate me a lot more if i wasn’t so sensitive or soft? Is there anything that i can do to be more “gangster”? or just “harder” in general? I really want to be better for him. i hate myself so much
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2023.06.07 15:14 Ok-Moose8271 How Do My Odds Look For Accounting Jobs?

Hey everyone,
I have an associates in Accounting, a bachelor’s in finance and HR, and am going to graduate with my MBA in December.
I fell into accounting while working for a small nonprofit that gave me a chance in AP and helping the director of finance with accounting stuff. This was before my associate’s degree. Eventually the director of finance passed away due to a car accident and I led the yearly audit that year along with taking over some of the director tasks (easier tasks) for a couple of months while we found another one. I was there almost 6 years with various titles.
Right before graduating with my bachelor’s I got a job in manufacturing as a junior accountant which led to general accountant. I was there for almost 3 years.
I just left my most recent job 2 weeks ago as a staff accountant due to the bad air quality that was giving me health issues along with some shady stuff the owner is doing that I want no part of. I was there about 6 months.
I know 2 weeks isn’t a long time to be looking for a job, but I’m getting discouraged where it seems like everyone wants a bachelor’s in accounting with a CPA. And the ones that don’t pay about $20k less. For context I was making $75k.
I was applying to financial analyst positions since that seems to be what my degree is good for according to job postings but I’ve never done analyst stuff, so I haven’t gotten replies from those.
I have sent out my resume to recruiters (RH, CFS, etc.) and I haven’t gotten anything back.
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2023.06.07 15:14 VASlim90 Druid Tips

Anyone have tips on how to make my level 19 Druid better? I started with a werewolf/Wind build and now I'm doing a wind/electricity build. I feel like the enemies although they are the same level as I am are still too tough and the bosses(some of them) are dominating me. What advice would you all give me to do better because I really want to complete the game with the druid!
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2023.06.07 15:13 Kenzo_1613 Too lonely I’m bored

i have no friends no girlfriend no hobbies I do nothing with my life I finished school and I'm seventeen. I don't see the point of continuing like this, besides, I never see myself finding a job.
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2023.06.07 15:13 No_Eggplant6899 Reinvesting Dividends VT

Hi, apologies if this is a dumb question. I am in my early 20s and recently opened my Roth IRA with Vanguard. I maxed it for the year and bought all VT. As of 5/31 I got a 90 cent dividend paid to my account and it went straight Vanguard’s Money Market Fund. Ideally, I would like this to go back into VT. I have VT set to reinvest dividends. Is there another setting I need to change from my end? Going forward I want to make sure my dividends go straight to VT so I don’t have to worry about watching my account all the time. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 15:13 IvanTheBlyatman The worst symptom I have ever had.

Did you guys ever have the dreaded "Help I'm about to pass out?" IBS type symptom? It usually happens to me while running, my stomach gets super bloated and I need to belch like a mothertrucker, but for a few seconds I get this weird feeling of nerve pain through my body, everything gets warm, my arms get heavy, my legs start not functioning properly, I get a burning sensation in my chest and throat, I feel like passing out and it makes me panic BAD. IBS also triggers palpitations in me (because of course it does) and yesterday I had to go to the ER because I had 5 of these weird attacks in a row (including one on the loo), shortness of breath, nerves burning and of course I start panicking. I went to the ER, my pulse was 125bpm, I barely could find my breathing. Have you ever had this happen because of IBS?
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2023.06.07 15:13 ThrowRA1919273749 My (21M) relationship (31M) did not work out but should we have stayed friends?

I (21M) saw this guy (31M) for about 2 months. I liked him and before anything started we made sure the age thing was not a big deal. The whole time we saw each other, I think I got too invested. He was respectful of my boundaries physically and everything was consensual... even now that I'm looking back at it. On the few weeks before we ended things, I noticed we just got super dettached and I wasn't really getting what I was looking for. He had to point that out to me and now it's really obvious. I wanted him to meet my friends in the most low-key hangout (a picnic) and he couldn't do it. What really icked me was he had to make excuses about it instead of just being clear from the get-go, other than that it was clear he just didn't really want to/wasn't ready for it. With that, I realized we never really emotionally connected to the point that I wanted. The last few days of talking to him before we broke it off was actually so suffocating because it got so superficial, all he gave me was scraps of attention. Although, I did like him and cared for him at some point. My friends made me realize I was just being led on. But we had a conversation on that and he clarified he did really give it a chance which was all I needed to hear because we said we don't do flings before anything started. (And it didn't really feel like it was)
In the end, we at least had one good open conversation about what happened and we agreed that we were clearly just not the right fit. Despite what we said, the age thing did matter for us both, in terms of the stages in life we're in. All I'm wondering is whether I made the right decision to stay as friends... this is mainly because we both did enjoy each other's company and it's really hard to find someone you have so much in common with (yes, it surprises me too). He suggested to stay as friends and I was skeptical at first but the more I thought about it... the more it made sense for us. As well, we set clear boundaries moving forward. (Obviously just no physicality/intimacy) This decision really eased the moving on process for me because literally right after that conversation, everything felt so much better. He clarified that it was mostly him not being completely accepting of his sexuality (despite his age), and that was very clear too. To me, he was clearly not ready for the emotional investment and commitment that I wanted.
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2023.06.07 15:12 Deno_Live Should all survivors have weapon proficiency?

Okay, I'm explaining the idea. I have already written about it, other players have written about it. I think that every survivor should have the mastery of weapons. We have Arthur, he has the skill of the sword. We have Scotty, he has the skill of a woodcutter's axe. We have Kelly with a meat hammer. We have Amanda with a gun.
I watched the Pixels video where he published his correspondence with the developers (with the Madrid office). The developers said that the license holders were against characters from the Middle Ages using modern weapons. I will surprise you, but I agree with the license holders. I hate to see Arthur in medieval armor running around with a pump-action shotgun. If a character in the movie used one type of weapon, then he must have the skill of this weapon. Arthur used a sword in the movie, that's right. Arthur used a crossbow in the film. Why doesn't he have the skill of a crossbow? Leader Ash used a boomstick and a chainsaw in the film. Why was he given the skill of only chainsaws? The Boomstick is Ash's weapon from the series.
I've already seen several posts of players distributing weapons to survivors.
Ash Leader (Boomstick/Chainsaw)
Arthur (sword/crossbow)
Ruby (scythe/submachine gun)
Ash Warrior (speachainsaw)
Mia (machete/chainsaw)
Pablo (meat cleaverevolver)
David (syringes/nail gun)
Okay, I explain, every survivor has the mastery of two types of weapons.
  1. Each player will be able to create their own build for one weapon. The Ash Leader can have a melee build (chainsaw) or the Ash Leader can be a shooter (boomstick). Similarly for other characters. The leaders own one long - range weapon and one melee weapon. Warriors have skill 2 melee weapons. Hunters have the skill of 2 long - range weapon. Support - 1 melee weapon and 1 small arms.
  2. This is the canon. Leader Ash used a boomstick and a chainsaw in the series. He should have a bonus to these two types of weapons. Ruby used a scythe and a submachine gun. Pablo used a meat cleaver and a revolver. Ash also used a shovel and a hunting rifle.
  3. This is logical. Developers with a new character add new weapons. We've got Ruby. We have a scythe. Now there are enough types of weapons in the game to distribute them among the characters.
  4. This will allow new players to adapt to the game better. Okay, my new friend, you love Arthur, then don't touch the woodcutter's axe. An axe for Scotty. Arthur has to look for a sword and a crossbow.
I understand this one will require changes in the game. Will need to add new skills. But I've been waiting for a redesigned skill tree since November 2022, when the developers introduced a prestige system, giving each survivor an additional 5 points.
I understand that this will require changes in the characteristics of the weapon to restore balance. But for me, a fan of the franchise, it's not right to watch Arthur shoot a revolver.
I do not know if the developers will give the mastery of two weapons to each character. I do not know if there will be game updates. Let's dream.
Would you like each character to have a skill weapons?
View Poll
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2023.06.07 15:12 weirdarcade Human error

Make sure the person who is in charge of receiving your paperwork actually opens all their emails from you.
This whole time my medical was still processing because the person who I've been sending everything to forgot to open my last email. Back in February. They're claiming it's not in the emIl thread but it clearly is.
The funny thing is. I sent a whole different email asking for an update. They went all the way back to the email in February to respond "Never received this." This being the form.. that's clearly in that old email.
Like I get it's a human error but to have not checked in with me about it this whole time is a bit much.. February.. it's June now..
If you're waiting longer than you expected I advise checking in with the person in charge of your paperwork. It never hurts to do so. I definitely should have a lot sooner than this.
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2023.06.07 15:12 Ok-Bobcat2489 AITA for not being her provider?

Aita for not giving my best friend food stamps?
Here’s the backstory: She has a good job & makes more money than me. She only has one fur baby & a “boyfriend” that pretty much lives with her. This boyfriend has loaded parents & a trust fund. However, he hardly ever helps her financially despite being at her house, eating her food, & using her utilities every day. I am a single mom of 2. I recently moved to a new state & came across more moving fees than expected so I was tapped out until my next pay day. I expressed to my friend that until I get paid, there’d be a lot of spaghetti, hot dog, & sandwich meals. She didn’t offer help (which is fine because I wasn’t asking) because she was struggling herself. After rent & all the other fees, I had a little to stretch until I got paid again & got back on track. She called me & asked for $5 because she was short on rent. I sent it to her no questions asked. We’re chatting & she tells me how she’s winding down from work & she’s about to smoke & take a shot. This irritates me, 1. Because I’m also a smoker & chose to not smoke for a week because my livelihood is more important. 2. Because weed & alcohol both cost more than $5. So you’d rather take from me than to be responsible. Then she goes on to tell me she only needed the $5 because her boyfriend doesn’t like to send money on Chime. Again, this man hardly ever helps her, but knowing he could’ve gave you the money versus taking from me knowing I’m tapped out but wouldn’t say no frustrates me a little more. We keep talking & I express how I can’t wait to get paid or get my food stamps so I can fill the fridge up. She doesn’t ask, but instead TELLS me she’s going to use my food stamps too because she barely has food. I got pissed. I make an excuse to get off the phone. I don’t like discussing things while I’m mad cause I can be a b*tch. Now the time has come, I got my food stamps. Shout out to the government! She truly just expects me to give some to her & I refuse. I feel like her “boyfriend” should help her. Aita?
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2023.06.07 15:12 Mynwi worried about large age gap between me (25M) and girl (18F)

Hello, been talking to this girl who connected on a dating/friends app and she started being pretty direct and saying she's into me. The app shows age up front and I was somewhat okay with talking to her but now I'm feeling uneasy.
I was detached from relationships since my few short high school flings. I pushed away college and work social situations as I was unknowingly depressed. I got therapy since then, recently testing as extroverted instead of introverted after making strides on my social anxiety.
Point is, I am worried about the power dynamic and general life exp gap.
My social and relationship skills are not of my age due to my lack of experience but I'm still wary. I have let her take the lead and have only mirrored her level of engagement. I don't want to manipulate or take advantage of her. So if any of you determine that I am indeed doing that, I'm planning to let her go.
Am I taking advantage of her?
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2023.06.07 15:12 Neat-Games How to deal with "Your game is a ___ clone!" comments...

Hello fellow Unity Devs!
I'm making a solo-developed metroidvania. I tried really hard to make it unique and I especially wanted to avoid "Hollow Knight clone" comments, because I have seen so many other indie metroidvanias get bashed for that. Luckily I never hear that!
Unfortunately in my last few YouTube videos I have learned that my game's main mechanic is similar to Shaun Spaulding's (famous Gamemaker content creator) Pokey Poke. A spear that you can throw, recall, and use as a platform.
So I have been getting several comments along the lines of "This is a PokeyPoke rip off" etc... I usually ignore these types of comments and delete them, but he seems to have some dedicated and persistent fans which makes it more frustrating.
I had never seen his videos prior to these comments, mostly due to the fact that I have never used Gamemaker so I guess they don't get shown to me.
I actually came up with my mechanic idea back in the 2019 GMTK game jam. The theme was "only one" and I made a game with a character that had "only one arrow" and they shot and recalled it, and they could jump on it as a platform. Same as my game now, just not a spear. (See the game here: https://neatgames.itch.io/only-one-arrow)
This grew into a larger game that I had to quit because I didn't have the skills for it at the time. But last October I decided to use the mechanic again to make a full metroidvania because I remembered how fun it was! And I changed it to a spear because it just seemed to make more sense than jumping onto an arrow. (looked better too.)
Now after 7 months of hard work I feel a bit disappointed that my idea wasn't as original as I thought... plus all the annoying comments.
So what would you do in this situation? I was thinking should I ...?
I will not quit the game because I love the world and characters I created and the mechanic is so fun to traverse a metroidvania's open world with, but I want to avoid any unnecessary stress/drama that comes from those type of discouraging comments.
Thanks for reading my long rant haha, what would you do?
Devlog for context here: https://youtu.be/6k02_yAVcM4
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2023.06.07 15:11 Jaredsmit3 Need advice on a social media decsion

I have a gaming channel called AntonsAgony with 1.07k subscribers, and I have a fitness channel called Jared Smit with 184. Ive fallen off of gaming and am uninterested and burnt out on making stuff i know at my deepest truth is not my passion. Im thinking of rebranding the antonsagony channel to jared smit and jared smit to antonsagony. I want to pursue this fitness further than ever. But im thinking of the cons, how will the algorithm treat this rebrand, how will this affect my subscriber base and their intrests, will this rebrand help with more impressions overall on what i want to do? Im not sure. What would you suggest brothers and sisters?
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2023.06.07 15:11 Open-Sector2341 Food for thought…

Enough money within her control to move out... And rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to... Something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wants to See Her in an hour...
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE... A youth she's content to leave behind.... A past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her Old Age....
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE... A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra... One friend who always makes her laugh... And one Who lets her cry...
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE.... A good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her Family... Eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, And a recipe for a meal that will make her guests feel Honored... A feeling of control over her destiny...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... That she can't change the length of her calves, The width of her hips, or the nature of her parents.. That her childhood may not have been perfect... But it's over...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... What she would and wouldn't do for love or more... How to live alone... Even if she doesn't like it...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... Whom she can trust, Whom she can't, And why she shouldn't take it personally...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... Where to go... Be it to her best friend's kitchen table... Or a charming inn in the woods... When her soul needs soothing...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... What she can and can't accomplish in a day... A month... And a year... ॐ
Written By: Pamela Redmond Satran
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2023.06.07 15:11 cj__________ Server enforced default traits?

Doing a hardcore server for my pals where it's a whole 10YL vibe, virtually no loot and no respawn but a ton of mods that make everything craftable through one method or another with the right skills, I want to enforce 'Underweight' by default for all players and ideally give a random assortment of starting stats as their char is supposed to have survived for a decade already... Couldn't find an option anywhere to set default traits for new charactersm but I did at least figure out how to add an on-theme starting kit.
One of my mods 'Susceptible' has an option to enable it for all players by default so it's definitely possible at least.
Anyone know of anything like this? I don't fancy adding 'underweight' in admin mode to all new joiners manually and it feels a bit cheap if they don't get to spend their trait points.
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