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Sick of buying candles that don't smell? How about plug ins? This is a community for scented candle, plug ins & body care lovers. Don't trust the reviews on the sites, come here for REAL people reviews on Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, Goose Creek and more. Please share your scented experience with the world. We are waiting for YOUR honest opinion. Posts on scent descriptions w/out reviewing the candle performance are also welcome here.

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The subreddit for underrated bath and body works products that the people have to know about!

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For anyone who is interested in not buying products from Bath and Body Works for any reason.

2023.06.07 15:14 JO9OH4 Would it be enough if I could never give you peace?

Dear R
Laying here in bed. Eyes still stinging and swollen from the night and crying myself to sleep, I can’t help but replay our story. The one that surely would end in happiness and peace but burned so hot, we both were ash in the end.
How we accidentally bumped into one another in the most unexpected of places. How our instant connection was stronger and more powerful than I’ve ever felt with another person. The countless late nights and early mornings chatting. Only closing our eyes to allow our bodies to rest and dream. Dream of the day when we would move mountains and cross countries to be together. And we did.
We always said we needed to find out what this was. We always knew if we did nothing it would haunt us for the rest of our lives and ironically, now we are both ghosts. Our relationship died and so did we. The only thing we haunt now are the memories of us. Searching for clues on how it went so wrong. Searching in vain for a way to bring us back to life.. But in my experience, you can’t bring back the dead no matter how hard you try.
So I’m here now writing you this letter that you will never read because I have these things to say but, reaching out to you from the beyond would only haunt us more.
I love you R. I still love you with all of my heart. It’s always the reason these things hurt the most. My brain can’t comprehend how you are my person In almost every way, yet silly trivial things were our downfall. We finished each others sandwiches and were always so in sync with the other, and now the hardest part is focusing on the ways we didn’t work instead of all the ways we did. Because that is a prison in its own right. We want to justify why one more chance could finally be it by focusing on the things that made us right, ignoring all the things that made us wrong.
There is no magic pill to ease the pain of a broken heart. This isn’t eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and even still we know that our presence in each others minds would bleed through no matter what. Our hearts and minds will heal naturally Into a perfect scar. And if we do this right, if we don’t fuck this up too. Then when that scar starts to itch just a little bit, and we have a moment of reflection. It will be all the good memories and all the things that made us right. And we won’t be able to hurt each other anymore. And all there will be then is happiness and appreciation for the journey. The bitter taste of heartbreak will have been long gone by then. Our lives will have been forever changed for the better. I love you more than any words could every convey. It’s definitely see you later and not goodbye. I’m sorry I could never bring you peace.
Love, J
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2023.06.07 15:14 ConsciousGas2637 how do I train my dog to walk better when he is not food motivated outdoors?

my dog is very food motivated indoors, but once we go out, he ignores us almost completely. he dosent even want to take treats, even in low distraction environments. i did try using a strong smelling treat and trained his recall in a low distraction environment once, and it kinda worked, until i dropped his leash and he went running :/ even if i want to use treats to train him now, he is under a single protein diet and hence can't have any :( is there any way i can train him even without treats? like he either pulls forward wanting to go forward or when we walk forward he will learn his entire body back and sniff (and sometimes lick it's very disgusting) almost everything he walks by
btw he's a dachshund and he's around 1yr4months. i would love any tip thanks! :)
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2023.06.07 15:13 MediocreCar6406 Advice needed please read.

So my brother noticed my younger sister (18) had posted TikToks making out my dad had abused her when she was younger. We both spoke to her about it and what she said has completely changed my life. she said she remembers on 3 occasions between the ages of 4-10 that my dad touched her inappropriately/apparently on one occasion asked her to kiss his pe**s but I just cannot believe it because all I’ve ever known my farther to be is an amazing kind and gentle man who would die for his children, that is not an understatement so please factor it into your thoughts because I have never noticed anything along those lines. I just cannot believe it me and my brother are in utter shock because all we know is the man who has never let us down.
My sister is having a hard time at the moment with college work, friends and boyfriends and she spends a lot of time online on TikTok and gaming with random people. I’m worried these people are influencing her thoughts at a time when she’s already unstable. Could this be the case that false memories are being created through her conversations with online peers with similar experiences??
I’ve also read about false memories being created through other childhood trauma. My parents used to walk round naked after baths and showers which can I say I don’t see an issue with, but I also remember a couple of occasions when I was younger seeing porn on my dads laptop which I think is normal to do but he should have made sure we didn’t see. But my point is could she have accidentally seen some porn in her childhood and also seen my dad naked which has created an association and fake memory? Last night she said she’s not 100% sure and 4 is very young to remember.
She doesn’t want me and my brother to do anything but we don’t know what to about it, we’re both completely heartbroken tbh and this feels like we could loose our parents and break the family up over a 14 year old memory from when she was 4 so we want to act rationally for the sake of everyone involved who we love dearly .
Any advice is much appreciated, please don’t judge because nothing is certain right now .
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2023.06.07 15:13 MediocreCar6406 Help

So my brother noticed my younger sister (18) had posted TikToks making out my dad had abused her when she was younger. We both spoke to her about it and what she said has completely changed my life. she said she remembers on 3 occasions between the ages of 4-10 that my dad touched her inappropriately/apparently on one occasion asked her to kiss his pe**s but I just cannot believe it because all I’ve ever known my farther to be is an amazing kind and gentle man who would die for his children, that is not an understatement so please factor it into your thoughts because I have never noticed anything along those lines. I just cannot believe it me and my brother are in utter shock because all we know is the man who has never let us down.
My sister is having a hard time at the moment with college work, friends and boyfriends and she spends a lot of time online on TikTok and gaming with random people. I’m worried these people are influencing her thoughts at a time when she’s already unstable. Could this be the case that false memories are being created through her conversations with online peers with similar experiences??
I’ve also read about false memories being created through other childhood trauma. My parents used to walk round naked after baths and showers which can I say I don’t see an issue with, but I also remember a couple of occasions when I was younger seeing porn on my dads laptop which I think is normal to do but he should have made sure we didn’t see. But my point is could she have accidentally seen some porn in her childhood and also seen my dad naked which has created an association and fake memory? Last night she said she’s not 100% sure and 4 is very young to remember.
She doesn’t want me and my brother to do anything but we don’t know what to about it, we’re both completely heartbroken tbh and this feels like we could loose our parents and break the family up over a 14 year old memory from when she was 4 so we want to act rationally for the sake of everyone involved who we love dearly .
Any advice is much appreciated, please don’t judge because nothing is certain right now .
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2023.06.07 15:13 Maleficent-Row7295 Battling with the never-ending cycle of procrastination ?

I've experienced the struggle of battling the never-ending cycle of procrastination. But fear not, my friend! I've walked that path, stumbled, and learned valuable lessons along the way. Read the below mentioned practical tips on how to kick procrastination to the curb and embrace productivity like a boss! 😎
1/ Procrastination? Not anymore! Time to kick it to the curb and embrace productivity like a boss! First step: admit you've been procrastinating and declare war on it. Let's make a powerful change! 💪
2/ Goals, goals, goals! Get crystal clear on what you want to achieve and then prioritize like a champion. Break down those big tasks into bite-sized pieces, conquer them one by one. You've got this!
3/ Create a productivity paradise! Ditch the distractions, find your fortress of focus, and declutter your workspace. No more excuses, it's time to take control. Unleash the productivity beast within!
4/ Time to level up your time management game! Embrace the mighty Pomodoro Technique: 25 minutes of laser-focused work, followed by a kick-ass 5-minute break. Rinse and repeat, and watch your productivity skyrocket! ⏰
5/ Discover your productivity power hour! You've got a golden time when you're unstoppable. Harness that energy, own it, and schedule your most crucial tasks during that time. Get ready to unleash your full potential! ⚡️
6/ Perfectionism, meet your worst enemy: ACTION! Break free from its grip, my friend. Embrace progress over perfection, kick-start your journey, and let your mistakes fuel your growth. Imperfections are the stepping stones to success! 🚀
7/ No slacking off! Hold yourself accountable, set deadlines that make your heart race, and push yourself beyond limits. Surround yourself with fellow productivity warriors or find a badass accountability partner. Together, we rise! 👊
8/ Fuel your productivity fire with self-care! Prioritize your well-being, catch those Z's, devour nourishing meals, and unleash your inner fitness beast. A healthy body and mind are the secret weapons to conquering the world!
9/ Celebrate your victories, my productivity champion! No matter how small, every win deserves recognition. Give yourself a high-five, treat yourself like a boss, and keep that momentum rolling. Success is your birthright!
This is just the beginning of your productivity revolution! Join the productivity revolution with Infiheal ! Share your electrifying tips and stories using #ProductivityWarrior. Together, we'll unleash our inner powerhouses, crush procrastination, and become unstoppable forces of productivity! ⚡️💪
#mentalwellness #mentalhealthwarrior #productivity #overcome #endthestigma #mentalhealthstigma
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2023.06.07 15:12 Television1069 Hundreds of Kinds Combined Hypnotic White Noise

Hundreds of Kinds Combined Hypnotic White Noise
Light Sleep is an app dedicated to improving physical and mental health. It provides users with white noise in various scenarios such as sleep, meditation, relaxation, and concentration, helping users obtain short-term tranquility in their busy lives. Each piece of white noise has been carefully recorded and professionally tested to ensure that it can effectively relieve stress, improve sleep quality and improve concentration.


Light Sleep has a built-in rich sound library, which includes various sounds from life and nature, such as raindrops hitting windows, birds chirping, waves crashing on the shore, and so on. These sounds can not only make people feel the beauty of nature, but also effectively reduce the noisy sounds in urban life.
Light Sleep is not only a powerful application, but also an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. It encourages users to maintain physical and mental balance and health in busy work and life, and at the same time promotes the good development of society.
#Suitable for the following people#
- Urban people who have poor sleep and suffer from insomnia
- Procrastinators who are often distracted and unable to concentrate
- Creative people in noisy environments with frequent interruptions
- High-pressure people with long-term anxiety and exhaustion
- People who want to focus on work or study
- People who like to meditate or want to try meditation
- People who are easily affected by environmental noise during sleep
- Students with high exam and academic pressure
- People who want to improve sleep quality
This app contains a variety of well-crafted white noises, each of which has been professionally recorded and tested, and its effectiveness has been verified through human experiments. Here are some descriptions of the sounds:
- raindrops on the windows
The sound of rainy days can always make people feel warm and cozy. Light Sleep has built-in white noise that simulates raindrops hitting the window, allowing users to enjoy the gift of nature as if they are in the situation of continuous spring rain and autumn rain.
- Fantasy Piano Song
Piano music is a beautiful form of music that can arouse people's deepest emotions. Light Sleep has built-in many dreamy piano songs, ranging from pure timbre, soft tone, to beautiful melody, allowing users to immerse themselves in music, relax and release stress.
- birds chirping
The chirping of birds is one of nature's most beautiful and peaceful sounds. Light Sleep has built-in a variety of different kinds of bird sounds, such as cuckoo, nightingale, etc., to bring users a cool and comfortable experience, allowing users to forget their busy lives.
- The sound of crashing waves
The sound of waves crashing on the shore is a sound that can bring pleasant experience to hearing, vision and body. Light Sleep has a variety of built-in white noises of waves crashing on the shore, and you can hear the sound of waves crashing on the reef from a distance, as if you are in the sea, enjoying the embrace and tranquility of the sea.
- Firefly lights
Fireflies are magical creatures in nature. They shine beautifully at night and leave people with beautiful memories. Light Sleep has a built-in lighting effect that simulates fireflies, allowing users to feel the faint light in the dark, as if they are on the grassland and enjoying the beauty of nature.
- In addition to the above-mentioned sounds, Light Sleep also contains various other white noises, such as wind blowing leaves, river flowing, bonfire burning and so on. These sounds can not only eliminate the noisy sounds in the city, but also provide a comfortable and peaceful environment to help users relax and fall into a deeper sleep state.
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2023.06.07 15:11 rrrlines Professional photo

Hi, i need a professional photo for work and school stuff but i dont have the means to do it rn. Is it possible to generate one with photos of my face? It doesnt have to be full body ofc.
Thanks! :)
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2023.06.07 15:10 Inevitable_Heart_781 Sadira Andersen, Daughter of Morpheus

Name: Sadira Andersen
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: 30/05/2025
Gender: Cisgender (She/Her)
Voice Claim: Riley Andersen-Inside Out
Sexuality: Bisexual (She’s not 100% sure about it yet)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Demigod Conundrums: ADHD
Hometown: Buffalo, State of New York
Arielle Hart née Andersen (Mother)- Sadira shares a close and loving bond with her mother. Throughout the early years of Sadira's life, Arielle raised her single-handedly while juggling her responsibilities as a professor in Sociology. Sadira admires her mother's determination and strength in balancing work and raising her. Arielle's commitment to providing for their family, even during challenging times, has left a lasting impression on her. She deeply respects her mother and cherishes the sacrifices she made to ensure her well-being and happiness.
Morpheus (Father)- For Sadira, her father is a figure shrouded in mystery. She has never met him, and her knowledge about him is limited to what her mother and Greek mythology have revealed. Although she feels a sense of abandonment, Sadira acknowledges that she cannot possibly understand the responsibilities of a god. While his absence has left an emotional void, Sadira has learned to navigate life without his presence and focuses on the relationships she has in her immediate family.
Liam Hart (Stepfather)- Sadira's relationship with her stepfather has evolved into one of love and acceptance. Initially resistant to his presence, Sadira gradually opened up to Liam as they spent more time together. She appreciates Liam's genuine care and investment in her well-being. Over time, Sadira came to see him as a father, appreciating his support and guidance. The bond they share is built on trust and mutual respect, and Sadira feels grateful to have Liam as a significant presence in her life.
Oliver Hart (Stepbrother)- Sadira's relationship with her stepbrother has developed into a deep and affectionate sibling bond. Although there was skepticism during their initial meeting, their connection grew stronger as they spent more time together. Despite occasional disagreements, Sadira and Oliver have become close companions, supporting each other through life's ups and downs. Sadira values Oliver's presence as someone who understands her on a deeper level, making their relationship feel akin to that of biological siblings. They share a strong sense of camaraderie, and Sadira cherishes the moments they spend together.
Sadira Andersen stands at a petite height, around 5 feet tall, with a slender build that allows her to move with grace and agility. Her short wavy brown hair frames her face, with strands falling in gentle waves around her forehead and ears. She often styles her hair in a messy bun, secured with a few colorful hairpins or a soft headband. Sadira's hair has a natural shine to it, and she takes pride in keeping it well-maintained, despite its short length.
Her light green droopy eyes are a unique feature that captivate those who meet her. They hold a certain depth and reflect her thoughtful and introspective nature. When she's lost in her thoughts or daydreaming, her eyes seem to shimmer with a touch of enchantment. Sadira's tan skin suggests that she spends time outdoors, soaking up the sunlight during her stargazing sessions.
In terms of clothing style, Sadira prioritizes comfort above all else. She prefers loose-fitting shirts and sweaters made of soft, breathable fabrics. She often chooses earthy tones like muted greens, blues, and browns, although she occasionally adds a pop of color to her outfits with accessories or vibrant patterns. Her wardrobe consists of cozy cardigans, comfortable jeans or leggings, and a collection of well-worn sneakers and boots that have accompanied her on many adventures.
While she may not be the most talkative person in a group, she possesses a remarkable ability to listen attentively when someone shares their thoughts or concerns. Sadira's empathetic nature allows her to understand and connect with others on a deep emotional level, offering comfort and support when needed. Despite her introversion, Sadira does enjoy engaging in conversations that revolve around her interests. When the topic turns to music, literature, or any subject close to her heart, she becomes animated and expressive. Her passion shines through as she shares her thoughts and insights, often surprising others with her depth of knowledge and understanding. Sadira's daydreaming tendencies are both a blessing and a challenge. While her vivid imagination fuels her creativity and helps her explore alternative realities, it can also make her prone to distraction. She often finds herself lost in the realms of her mind, with her head in the clouds for more extended periods than she intends. As a result, she occasionally struggles with focusing on tasks that require her undivided attention. Kindness and compassion are integral parts of Sadira's character. She goes out of her way to help others and is quick to offer support or lend a helping hand. Her natural inclination to nurture and care for those around her has earned her a reputation for being a reliable and trusted friend. However, Sadira's low self-esteem often undermines her confidence. She struggles with feelings of inadequacy and frequently doubts her abilities. Despite her internal battles, she maintains an outwardly calm and composed demeanor, concealing her insecurities behind a gentle smile.
Good Traits
Bad Traits
Because Sadira has only just discovered her heritage, she’s not aware of most of her powers yet. The ones she’s aware of are marked with [A] (Aware) and the ones she’s not with [NA] (Not Aware)
Domain Powers
Godrent Minor Powers
Godrent Major Power

Sadira was born to Arielle Hart née Andersen and Morpheus, God of Dreams, in Buffalo, New York. Her mother, Arielle Hart née Andersen, was a professor of Sociology at a local university. Despite her demanding career, Arielle always made time for her daughter, instilling in Sadira a love for learning and an appreciation for the world around her. Their small apartment became a sanctuary of warmth and love amidst the challenges they faced.
The first dramatic change in Sadira’s life happened when she was six. One day, her mother came home with a man, who she introduced as her new boyfriend, Liam Hart, and his nine year old son, Oliver Hart. At first, Sadira was hostile towards this new man and child– why did they have to come along and take Arielle’s attention away from her? But she quickly warmed up on Liam (she was completely sold after the first time he made pancakes for her) and Oliver. And when Arielle and Liam got married a few years later, and moved Sadira was happy to have a father and an older brother, and they got really close as time went by.
Sadira had a pretty calm and normal childhood. It may have been because of Liam, who was protecting her behind the scenes, it may have been for other reasons, she had never had any monster attacks while growing up. And so, she was completely unaware of the world she belonged in.
But that came to an end a month after her 13th birthday, when strange things started to happen. It started with subtle signs, peculiar incidents that Sadira couldn't quite explain. Her friends began to experience unexplained drowsiness whenever she spoke to them, as if her presence invoked a profound sense of sleepiness. Later, she began having feeling of being constantly watched. The sensation followed her wherever she went, causing her to become increasingly paranoid. And , more recently, the world around her seemed to shift, and she caught glimpses of creatures straight out of mythology that shouldn't exist in the mortal realm. These encounters were unsettling for Sadira, to the point where she began genuinely questioning her own sanity, and decided to tell her family about it.
It was when she was on her way home from school that Sadira was suddenly attacked by a hellhound, an experience that could very well have been her last if it weren’t for the interference of Liam. As soon as Sadira was safe and sound, Arielle and Liam decided to tell her all of the truth about herself, and in a way, about Liam too. They revealed that everything she had read about Greek Mythology was real, that she was the child of a god , and that Liam himself was also a demigod, son of Apollo, which was the reason he could heal her so quickly. In less than an hour, Sadira found out what she was, who her father was, who her stepfather was, and, on top of all of that, she received the news that she would have to leave her home to go to Camp Half-Blood, a place where she could be safe from monsters and learn to defend herself before against them, and Liam would be the one to take her there. It was overwhelming for her, and she was scared and confused about everything. However, even if that was the case, had to admit to herself that she was somewhat excited. Yes, she knows that her life would be harder and almost constantly in danger, but for daydreamer and fantasy nerd like Sadira, it seemed like she had become the protagonist of her own fantasy novel. How could she not be even a little bit excited about that?
Now The journey to Camp Half-Blood was anything but peaceful. Monsters relentlessly pursued them, launching relentless attacks on the road. Sadira's heart raced as she fought for her survival alongside stepfather. Through a combination of sheer luck and Liam’s resourcefulness, they managed to fend off the monsters and continue their perilous journey.
When they finally arrived at Camp Half-Blood, with some minor injuries but nothing to worry about thanks to Liam, Sadira could finally take in the view of the place she would have to call home for a while. It was bigger and livelier than she expected, but she wasn’t really complaining. While Liam presented her to the Camp Directors, an image of what looked like sand started glowing above her head, which revealed her as a child of Morpheus, god of dreams. After that whole debacle and Liam unfortunately having to leave, Sadira was now wandering around the camp, a bag with some of her belongings on her shoulder, and absolutely clueless about where she was going. She was looking for the cabin she was going to stay in, but how was she supposed to find it if she didn’t even know where to look for it.
“This place is so much bigger from up close…”she sighed to herself “I’m starting to regret not having asked for a map or a guide…”
(OOC: Hello everyone! Sorry if the formatting on the post looks weird, I’m not very good at it. But anyways, I hope you have fun meeting Sadira! Have a nice day!)
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2023.06.07 15:10 PuzzledWalrus6769 Skateboarding am I right?

I’m in a lot of knee pain had a prior skateboarding injury where I shattered my ankle and needed rods and pins. Now I rolled onto my back and my leg came down fast and felt like my knee exploded. without my body weight but alot of momentum my foot hit the ground fast and quick. Ei lay on the ground and bring your heel to your but. Something like that. But I walked it off the pain subsided ( adrenaline probably cause it didn’t hurt much after and I continued to skate. ) After a few days I got an X-ray cause the pain spiked at work, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t fractured. X-ray was clean soI took a few days of work of and the pain subsided. 2 weeks later due to Multiple other falls,same day/ weekand of the knee injury repeated actions at work I had to get my wrist checked out due to immense pain . Mri showed I bruised my 3rd metacarpal and take off work for 3 weeks . I go back to work with a brace and switched my stance for when shoveling and sweeping. My job is primarily sweep debris from a concrete block machine, rotate block, swing hammers, use chipping hammers. Standard Factory concrete block job. I was good for a few days I could only sweep and shovel but I had to swap my stance/grip. My normal stance bears weight on left knee when pivoting for anything . With the brace i have to pivot on my right knee.. After 8 hours on the second day, I was in unimaginable pain. I only sit on the job for 20 minutes of the 12 hr shift. The amount of pain is like a 7 when I step on it and lift up after stepping on it. I haven’t done anything traumatic to it recently. It just started acting up mid shift. Tylenol arthritis makes it workable on but when it wears off it’s hell. Oh btw dates of falls on my wrists are April 1st to 14th,as the 14th was the day I hurt my knee. The 16th was the day I got X-ray of knee. I stopped working on May 11 from the wrist pain And the mri of my hand was may 25.(outpatient lab was booked up.) I returned to work June 1st and it’s been hurting since the 2nd.
What could this pain be and should I take off work again?
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2023.06.07 15:08 Current_Ad_2285 Charter schools are disgusting

This year, I worked at a charter school, which made me decide to never work in education again. I am utterly appalled by what I witnessed during my time at this school. It was marketed with this ridiculous, one-size-fits-all approach for kids who weren’t succeeding in public school. In other words, they took anybody and promised parents the world. Never mind the fact that the school lacked adequate resources and staffing to actually support any of these students. The administration only cared about the school’s image and became extremely defensive when confronted about student behavior.
Students who destroyed classrooms, instigated fights, and spent the entirety of class screaming were barely even given a slap on the wrist. At first, I was confused by the lack of response from the administration. They brushed these incidents off as kids being kids and didn’t seem to care. Eventually, I realized that the administration would be satisfied as long as they had a body teaching in the classroom. It didn’t matter to them that their students weren’t learning — they only cared about how the school looked from the outside. In other words, they deluded themselves into believing that everything was okay. That way, they wouldn’t have to accept how ineffective the school’s philosophies were — and, consequently, how ineffective they were at running a school.
The executive director wrote positive news articles about the school and paid the local paper to publish them. These articles were submitted to the local paper and deliberately disguised to look like they were written by an outside source (i. e praising the school in a very biased way).
The function of any business is to survive and make money. Running a school as a business entices that school to compete with other schools, which forces the “school” to focus on their reputation/image over learning. A public school typically doesn’t have to worry about enrollment in the same way that a charter school does.
I’m do not work at this school anymore, but I am absolutely repulsed by what I witnessed during my time there. The administration should be deeply ashamed of themselves for reeling parents in at the cost of their children’s mental health and academic progress.
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2023.06.07 15:08 SandraSandraSandra A Struggle - The Saga of Flower-Hill 5

The hill appeared deserted. Sonurupākä was not sure if he should find the worrying, or a positive indication that the disruption caused by their hordes has gone relatively unnoticed.
His wife and the Great Mothers of his clan had done it. They had united the clans of Konuthomu behind a single purpose. Behind a single man. Behind him. More than that, his mission east had been a success—they think. This hill is where they are supposed to meet. Is it possible the people of Kamābarha have betrayed their trust.
He stews on this risk as the column advances up the hill. They travel in twos—one with a spear, one with a bow—each carrying a simple cloth rucksack with arrows and food.
Ahead he sees a face emerge from the undergrowth—he draws his bow and knocks the arrow he’d had at his belt, and then noticed the lack of feathers and painted pictographs. In Rhadämā he calls, “Hail good son, I hope your wait has been short and fruitful.”
Despite the initial shock of a bow in his face, the Kamābarha scout recovers admirably, “Aye, we just arrived then finished the midday meal. Come, I shall take you to our Outer-Chief.”
The featherless man, young and lithe with hungry eyes and handsome visage, leads the column up the hill. As they round the crest, a crowd emerged seated in its meadowy crest.
It’s a good crowd, with bows and spears much the same as theirs. The leader stands dressed in a blue and red cape and central skirt. Ōdjobanama, son of the great clan mother of Kamābarha, greets him heartily, “The spirits are good bringing us together so swiftly. Please, sit, share my plate.” He guides Sonurupākä over to a small circle of richly dressed men. Before them sit plates with zizania, fried tuber, and rabbit. Sitting, the two leaders eat and talk, planning for the assaults.
There are three main settlements of this particular band of Yelithātsan, surrounded by managed forest and meadowland for grazing and their meagre farms imitating civilization. The attack is to begin after the fall of night, when the savages are hopefully in their cups—even barbarians keep to the holy day. They honour Him in another way: he saves us all from destruction, so we shall save ourselves from pilfering. Splitting the horde into two equal groups, one under each Outer-Chief’s command, they shall approach the main village together. Once cleared, they will move on to the subsequent two. Messy business, but necessary.
The Outer-Chiefs toast their plans with small cups of cranberry wine, and lay down for a rest. The night shall be long and tiring.
The flickering torchlight paints their faces ghostly as they stand, ringing the village.
It is a quaint, wooden affair with thatch roofs and small-halls. Larger barns surround the village in the pasture land. Those shan’t be touched, the bison’s their reward, after all.
Half a dozen scouts creep into the village, the sounds of caroling have ceased—the festivities are at an end. It has been a dry month, more so than usual, and the homes take fire easily. First the thatch but then the thinner planks and wattle used. The scours quickly retreat to the village surroundings and take up their spears or bows, posted beside arrows stuck-standing in the dry earth.
The first shouts are ones of terror—the smell of smoke and unwelcome light rousing the unknowing sleepers within.
“Water, water,” the cries ring out as the people scramble to put out the fires.
The first to show themselves are the young mothers, easily roused and quickly killed as arrows fly. The village is surrounded, there is nowhere to flee.
Cries of terror and “attack” begin to accompany those for water. Somewhere some babes begin to bawl.
Sonurupākä steadies his face and fired arrows, piercing the throat of a young boy, newly-feathered, who took up a spear in his house’s defence.
“Savagery is a blight upon the land. An ordered paddy requires weeding. Allow for rot and you ruin the store.”
Repeating platitudes under his breath, he fires again and again into the crowds. Still, his stomach rolls. It is his duty, nothing more. He was trusted to do this. It is an honour.
One of his men pierces a woman with a babe, the two falling to the earth in a single heap. Another a wizened matriarch. A few brave fools with spears and clubs and knives make it to the perimeter, only for the spearmen of the forces of order to make quick work of them.
As the fires rage higher and all hope of putting them out is lost, and bodies begin to pile, more and more of the Yelithatsan simply throw their bodies to the ground and plea for forgiveness, for grace, for god.
The harder challenge is raised by those of the farmhouses and barns attacking from the dark. A few clever Yelithatsan loose arrows from the forests, downing some of the forces of civilization, but they too are overwhelmed.
With the resistance broken, it’s easy work to go through the wreckage, slicing the throats of those wounded but struggling long—offering a little prayer and making them an offering in thanks for protection in the battle.
The main task, however, is slicing off the left ears off the defeated—both living and dead. By taking the Kemihatsārä of the defeated, they are robbed of status and power. Women, youths, and weaker men are left alive—if they don’t get infected from their wound—and are to be taken back as farm labour. Their feathers of parrot and pigeon shall adorn the cloaks of the victors.
Those who are too wilful receive a simpler fate: a knife makes quick work of resistance.
Binding the prisoners and leaving some men to guard them, the troupes split up and continue their assault.
Some 800 lie dead as midday sets in, but thousands of bison and many urns of wine have been seized. The victors take turns sleeping as others burn the dead—Proper pyres with prayers for the honoured dead, the defeated built in with the kindling.
The divvying up of the rewards is simple enough: Konuthomu’s rewards belong to the clan mothers—they shall decide the division upon their return (or, realistically, already have), and Ōdjobanama’s requests seemed fair.
They shall rest and feast here tonight, amongst the ruins of the village. In the morning, the captives will be loaded with goods and brought to their new lives as landless labour: servants of new clans. Before the funeral pyres, Sonurupākä completes a ritual. This is perhaps aggressive, inventing something new, but it seems necessary. Casting the ears into the fire, he grants the Kemihatsārä of the defeated to the victorious soldiers. Feathers of parrot and pigeon are added to cloaks: trophies of victory. Those who distinguished themselves most admirably receive more, with multiple feathers marking their prestige.
The duNothudo, of DjamäThanä at least, had told him to treat the victors as heroes. He prays this is what they meant. But the men had begun to add the feathers to their own cloaks—and that anarchy could be tolerated.
The smell of burnt flesh accompanies the feast, dozens of bison roast over raging fires and hearty stews of rice and tuber grace the tables. Glory tastes excellent.
The welcome back in Konuthomu was incredible. A small, congratulatory feast was thrown upon their return, and Sonurupākä was granted a full row of clan-feathers from each of the six clans: extending his cape beneath his tail-bone.
The division of the resources was decided upon, with 144 bison set aside for the Autumnal Equinox. Invitations were sent out far and wide for all villages within six days of canoeing to come, pay homage to the Great Mothers of Konuthomu, take part in the bounty and generosity of the Mothers, and arrange for their commitments to the granaries of Konuthomu. The Potters’ Quarter, a dense maze of small, two-story houses, kilns, and workshops below the Themilanan split between DjamäThanä in the East and NāpäkoduThonu in the West was abuzz.
1728 bowls of celadon.
That is what Senisedjarha had called for, and that is what Sonurupākä must deliver. The Nōlukomuko, DjamäThanä’s portion of the recent prisoners, were put to work quarrying the feldspar needed to make the glaze, and the workshops of the Potters’ Quarter seemed lit and full both night and day. Overview of the Quarter is not chiefly Sonurupākä’s duty, but the fruit harvests are in the hands of Nolunaman and Sonurupākä is not needed beyond the city.
Perhaps soon, if messengers come back reporting on the peasants who refuse to pay homage to the Great Mothers, he’ll be needed beyond the Themilanan. But for now, he can dedicate himself to artistry and allow the glaze to clear his mind.
They’d needed to remind a few families of their position—and what they owe to the Great Mothers of Konuthomu. But the Autumnal Equinox proved to be the greatest event Konuthomu had ever known. In the meadows just beyond the fields, dozens of long tables were set up. Seventy-two fire pits were dug, each to roast two of the 144 bison for the feast. Tsukõdju had never witnessed such a feast.
The evening ends with declarations by the duNothudo: Nāpäkodu Peritēki-Demisenikonu is named Outer-Chief—it makes sense, his time is up and he has served his duty well.
But the duNothudo do not stop there. “As is plain to all, the world grows more dangerous, more complex. We need a strong hand to enact our wisdom, and to protect us. Nāpäkodu Peritēki-Demisenikonu shall be our spear: the protector of Konuthomu. But what good is a spear without a kiln and field to protect? We thus name Djamä Sonurupākä-Pēzjeceni Inner-Chief.”
A murmur rises. So his task is not done.
The weather has cooled and the harvest has been completed. He has had a busy few months. But as he has settled into his new role and finished the duties with the harvest, he has had time to think.
It’s night now, the air is cold. He woke from bed and is wearing only a woolen poncho, traded for from the Yeli. He walks in the courtyard garden in the Rhadämā style house he built—indisputably the greatest in the Themilanan, positioned on a flat mound extending above the Potters’ District.
He woke up from a recurring nightmare: he’s back in that flaming village, he looses an arrow at a figure running at him through the flames. He goes to see who it was, and finds Senisedjarha holding their newborn daughter.
At that moment he always wakes up. One of the serving girls on duty brings him his pipe, packed with tobacco, and a cup of strong maple wine. He sits on a rock, moonlight filtering through the leafy canopy above him.
A man must do his duty, for that is what makes a path.
Another drink and he’ll return to bed and take his wife in his arms.
Another drink and he’ll be able to sleep.
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2023.06.07 15:07 nivid1988 3 of my candles arrived intact. Yayyyy

3 of my candles arrived intact. Yayyyy
Got them for 450 each after bank discount and happy they arrived intact.
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2023.06.07 15:06 Mooses_little_sister [MP] (Media prompt) Adrian Berenguer - Red Dress (Link to the song that inspired the story.) (Prompted by NextEstablishment856)
This is a bit darker than some of my other work.
TW (Suicide) The trigger warning is a bit of a spoiler, but I don't want anyone who might have trouble going into it unawares.

The red dress lay across my bed as if to herald my future. Around me, the other wives tittered into their sleeves, at least they hadn't been chosen. No, I was the Chosen, and the others would retire to their rooms for a night of rest. While I... I would put on the red dress.
The satin felt cool against my skin as I smoothed the dress down over my hips. It was forbidden to wear anything but the red dress when you were Chosen, but I had never been the kind of wife to follow the rules. No, I had opted for an undergarment, but one that would be difficult to detect. It only needed to do its job for a little while.
"You look beautiful." One of the other wives whispered as she dressed my hair for the evening to come. "I can't believe—"
I raised a hand cutting her off. I'd heard it all before, and said it myself. The murmured platitudes, the gentle commiseration, while all the time she was grateful she hadn't been chosen. Wordlessly, I pointed at the jewels I would wear that night, the shoes that glimmered black one second, deep red the next. When she'd finished, she stepped back, and I caught something I didn't expect. A tear hovered in the corner of her eye.
The kindness wrapped up in that single drop of liquid nearly took my courage. My spine weakened, and my knees felt loose, but with a deep breath, I rallied. Head held high, I walked through the halls, always descending, down to the ballroom, down to my husband. Down to my future.
Faces turned towards me as the steward announced my presence, and I entered, walking down the grand staircase. Not one face did I recognize; my husband would have been a fool to invite any of my friends this night. And if there was anything flattering I could say about the man, it was that he wasn't a fool.
"Darling. You look ravishing." He appeared at my side, hand outstretched to guide me across the floor. I nodded to him, barely dropping my chin, as a tremor racked my body. Gliding towards the center of the room, we turned, his free hand going around my waist. The music—which had dropped quieter as I entered—grew louder. We spun in time, the only couple dancing, as the musicians coaxed voices from their instruments.
"Do you wish to know why I chose you?" Even while dancing nothing seemed out of place on my husband, not a strand of hair so much as dared to move. How I hated him! I opened my mouth to curse him, as I had never been able to do, but a fit of coughing racked my body.
"Breathe darling, instead of answering. Coughing does not become you. I will tell you anyway." We twirled as a single violin rose above the rest, seeming to dance with us. "Perhaps you think, it is because you are rebellious. You have a mind that is not easily broken, indeed, I believe I have failed in breaking you. Except, of course, tonight shall change all that." He smiled, the white teeth that I had seen so many times tear and rend into raw flesh gleaming in the light of a thousand candles.
"Then why?" My voice rasped in my throat, and I could feel my limbs going weaker. I leaned a little more into my husband, hoping he wouldn't notice. The music rose in intensity, as if it could sense what was coming.
"Because, darling. Simply because, I can." The grin widened into laughter, that mingled with the voices that seemed to come from all sides. Music pounded into my ears, as my grip on my husband tightened, though the muscles were weak. I swallowed, trying to stop the saliva that flooded my mouth from escaping.
"Darling—" The questioning tone broke as my head dropped back, and I lost control of my lower limbs. I sagged in his arms, no longer able to keep time with the furious music.
"What, what is wrong with you?" His hands ran down over the dress, eyes going wide as he felt the slip I wore underneath. The slip that I'd prepared especially for when I was Chosen.
"What have you done?" He hissed. Through eyes that were fast dimming, the candles growing dull in their view, I looked up at him, enjoying the lassitude that spread through my limbs.
"I have taken myself beyond your reach, beyond your unholy desires, beyond the suffering you have inflicted on all of us wives." I coughed, feeling blood fill my mouth. "And do you want to know why?" He growled in response, anger taking over that perfect face, and I saw with a spark of satisfaction that one piece of hair had fallen awry. More people filled my vision, and I summoned all my remaining strength to make my voice loud.
"Because, I can."
And with the sound of my own voice ringing with the final chord of the instruments, darkness took me away forever, leaving me and the red dress lying still as death on the ballroom floor.
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2023.06.07 15:06 louied91 Defense Technologies International Corp. (DTII) Signs Safer School Technologies as Distributor for the State of Texas

News Link:
Del Mar, California--(Newsfile Corp. - June 7, 2023) - Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTC Pink: DTII) (the Company) and Passive Security Scan Inc. (the Subsidiary); innovative providers of security technology and systems with broad and diverse applications, are pleased to announce the addition of a new Distributor.
The Company is pleased to introduce authorized Distributor, SAFER SCHOOL TECHNOLOGIES (a Partnership) as its latest addition to the Company's Distributor Team servicing the State of Texas.
About SAFER SCHOOL TECHNOLOGIES (SST): Safer School Technologies was created to bring a strong marketing, promotion and sales program focused on schools, school districts, school administrators and staff, as well as parents, introducing technologies that can make schools safer.
This includes the proven Passive Portal™, a ZERO-RADIATION Walk-Through Weapons Detector, produced by Passive Security Scan, Inc., to keep weapons out of schools, and
The majority of school applications are covered and paid for by a series of federal, state, and other grants. Safer School Technologies has a grant application and development firm that will make applications for interested schools.
Safer School Technologies is beginning Marketing and Sales in the State of Texas with:
9,000 K-12 schools (900 private), 1,200 school districts, and 268 colleges and universities.
Safer School Technologies is focused on the State of Texas first for several reasons:
Safer School Technologies will be launching statewide, advertising, public relations, school district and State legislator demonstration programs. All interested schools and districts will be followed up by individuals that have been calling on 854 Texas school districts and have known school district administrators for many years.
"I am pleased to welcome the team of Safer School Technologies to our network and look forward to working with Safer School Technologies to expand the market for our 'Zero-Emission' Passive Portal weapons detector and our Elevated Body Temperature Camera 'EBT Station'. The team at SST will, without any doubt, be a driving force to secure our company's place as a 'Modern' safety and security system," says President Merrill Moses.
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2023.06.07 15:06 fox-is-here Alex and Miguel O'hara (maybe spoiler???)

i know it sounds kind of stupid but Alex is a bit like Miguel O'Hara... let me point out three similarities...
  1. both Miguel and Alex undergo a process that grants them power... again, pretty stupid but i think it will make sense on the third similarity.
  2. both Miguel and Alex worked in a field of science... i think so both of them worked in genetics...
  3. now here is where the first point (i hope...) will make sense,
so Miguel's boss pressures him to test a procedure to "imprint genetic codes into human dna.." so he did it on a man, it failed and the man quickly died later on...
Miguel felt terrible and his boss offered him a drink and he accepted but he didn't know the drink was spiked with a drug... the drug caused Miguel to almost hallucinate, Miguel in order to rid himself of the drug tried the procedure on himself. Miguel's supervisor tried to sabotage the process to kill him but Miguel survived and his DNA was spliced with a spider... giving him powers.
for Alex, he tried to run away and grabbed a sample of (i'm guessing.) the blacklight virus.... but he got caught and was cornered at penn station so he broke the vial and the virus got out on the city.... he was shot down and i guess his body came in contact with the virus, which let the virus infect him and reanimate him.
the thing might be that both Miguel and Alex were scientists... while Miguel was drugged and Alex was cornered... both of them tried to escape their demise and ended up with powers... even tho for Alex it was more like dying... and then getting reanimated with powers...
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2023.06.07 15:05 bacongirl18 I need help getting started!

I am returning to the gym but I don’t know what routine works for me : I thought maybe Mondays and tuesdays would be upper body with cardio and then Wednesday and Thursday is lower body and core then Friday I’ll Do a group class but I don’t know what workout to do and all that!
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2023.06.07 15:04 Adribug354 Bath and Body Works Candles that Smell like Disney? Part 1

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2023.06.07 15:02 SCO2LFK Tips on getting to sleep ?

Does anyone have any tips that they use to get to sleep ? I’ll have a great productive day and feel like I’m starting to get tired only to lie in bed and struggle to fall asleep because my medication is still working in my brain, no matter how tired my body is . I’ve tried most of the online tips (YouTube meditation , rain sounds , deep breathing , counting backwards, winding down early etc.) but as soon as I feel them begin to work my brain jolts me back to consciousness with “SLEEP IS WEIRD ISN’T IT?!” as I struggle to come to terms that one of these thoughts might be my last for the night and then it’s suddenly the morning . The worst part is that it ends up having a knock on effect for the next day , so after a few days I’m dragging whether I’m on my meds or not .
So any tips , techniques , foods , vitamins or supplements that you have used to successfully get over the hurdle of actually falling asleep ?
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2023.06.07 15:01 westickyeyes What are the health implications of little sleep.

29F, 5'4 274lbs. Backstory on me and why I get little sleep. I do not have insomnia I just don't have the time to sleep Recently started treating my body better. Eating better quit smoking (pack a day since I was 16) lost 60lbs(already gained back almost 15 but working on.. Started new job. work overnights 4/5 days a week, standing 10-14 hours a day with an occasional 30 minute break. Started smoking again, got back up to a pack now I'm weaning myself off again. I have 3 children 13, 10, 2.So I get maybe 4 hours of sleep a day since my husband also works(he's on days) It's usually broken up into two parts. About 2 hours while the toddler naps, then again when he gets home I sleep till I have to get it which is usually 2-3 hours. Somedays maybe once or twice a week I have to go a day with out. On my off days I usually get 6-7 hours a day. Since I get to sleep at night. I've been doing this the past 5 months. I don't feel terrible other than tired. I'm also trying to wean myself off coffee, sodas, and monster engery drinks. Which is usually just one monster a day. How bad is this going to be for me? I'm about to start school so I can get a job where I can work from home and have a normal schedule since we can't afford daycare and we make too much for an assistance. I'm just terrified I'm going to collapse or worse. But I'd love to hear more from a doctor.
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2023.06.07 14:59 GabrielDungeonMaster Help me to identify this bug.

Help me to identify this bug.
Good morning, could you help me to identify the insects below.
Epidemiology and Morphology: Northern Paraná, Londrina, subtropical climate, urban region It does not fly or jump, approximately 2 or 3mm, difficult to photograph without a magnifying glass.
History: I've been experiencing itching for a few weeks but since I spend about 14 hours working and I only sleep for 4 hours I never stopped to look at the wall. I feel them walking through my body but there is no moment of heightened sensation that makes me think of a sting. The highest density is on the wall next to my bed and my air conditioner. I didn't notice crowding around the air conditioner.
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