7 ft christmas tree pre-lit multi-color

Budget items that have been great Quality of Life Items (Less than 20- 50 dollars)

2023.06.07 20:30 Dracomies Budget items that have been great Quality of Life Items (Less than 20- 50 dollars)

These are items I think are extremely budget but are super useful or great for quality of life items. All of these are generally less than $20-$50
Travelambo Leather Squeeze Coin Purse You can find this for $5 on Amazon. Very sleek looking. Super useful when traveling to countries where you are dumped with change.
Noopel Emergency Whistles - This is just a whistle. But it's very sleek looking as far as whistles go. I like it in silver. $8. Very small and compact.
O-Cedar sponges, a 6 pack can be found for about $7. Imo some of the best sponges out there. Very much worth the cost. I think it won a bunch of kitchen awards.
CICIMELON Pencil Case can be found for $8. They look fine in black. But a great price.
Sawyer Squeeze. About $29. Arguably better than Life Straw. But definitely worth the cost.
Smelly Proof bags. Tacky name. But they work fantastic if you need to hide the smell of anything. You can use them in the fridge for smelly food, use them for take-out food in your car. Smells like nothing was there. I think its intended use is for hiding the smell of ambition-killing plants and it works for that too. They're almost as good as Lopsak Opsak bags at a fraction of the cost.
Earthpak Waterproof Drybag at $20 are a fantastic deal imo. They're a waterproof compression sack. I like to put waterless car wash bottles in them and a few rags so I can clean my car anywhere in an emergency. I also put anything that's soup or liquidy in them too.
Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set - Clunky and ugly but a fan favorite. I personally returned mine because I found it just a bit clunky and ugly. But at $14 with a lifetime warranty, could be super valuable for a camper. Popular with campers. You might like it.
UCO 9-Hour White Candles at $8. Could be a life-saver.
Olight flashlights are fantastic and often very inexpensive. Almost always worth the cost.
Civivi pocket knives are very much bang for your buck in terms of ease of use, materials, aesthetics and portability. Good value for the dollar.
The Knipex Cobra XS at $29 might be viewed as expensive but it's so useful that it is worth every dollar.
The Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit 3 Liters at $28 is a fantastic 'dopp kit'. It's not called a dopp kit. But it is that. It's just as good as much more popular dopp kits at a fraction of the price.
Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter, I bought this 5 times. At $9.99 I definitely recommend it. It's basically a box cutter but the tip is safe, yet sharp. Hard to explain. You have to watch the video to understand. It's genius.
Viperade VE1. Good price for an EDC organizer at $19.
SMALLRIG Super Camera Clamp Mount, I bought 4 of these. These are about $14 right now. Incredibly valuable for cameras and microphones or just anything. It's super useful.
HOTO Precision screwdrivers at $29. Very sleek looking. And easy to bring along in an EDC kit or V/EDC kit.
Seki Edge Nail Clippers. The hype is real. These are fantastic nail clippers at $17. Often mentioned in BuyItForLife
RESQME The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, at $9. There's no excuse for NOT buying this. It could save your life.
TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Killer, at $13, these work amazing at wiping out ants.
Zebra Sarasa Pens. Very inexpensive. But they write so well. One of the best bang for your buck Japanese pens. I like them in 0.4 or 0.5
OXO Good Grips Dish Brush, just a dish brush. But I'm amazed at how good it is. $7.99
Maximm Extension Cord White Flat Multi Plug, 1 Ft - 360° . Found for $13. These have been so handy for travel. The head rotates 360 degrees which allows you to put it in slots you normally wouldn't be able to in various areas.
Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, Black, 16 Ounce (matte black) - I freaking love this thermos. The way you press the button and how the lid flaps open makes it super useful. Usually about $20 to $30, very much worth it.
RockDove Men's Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper, these are about $18. Super useful when you just are lazy and need to wear slippers to throw out the trash or pick up mail.
Chums wallets - Super cheap. $11. But many different colors and styles. An excellent travel wallet. Super minimalist. Good quality.
Hero Clip $17. Putting a disclaimer that I didn't find it useful. But you might. It's a carabiner you basically put on your backpack so it doesn't touch the shit on the floor when you're in a bathroom. Honest to god that's its apparent main use according to onebag Onebaggers go gaga over this shit. You might like it. But an ever-reminder that hype does not mean something is useful for you.
Vitafusion gummies. Cheap. They give you a lot. Tastes good.
Boogie Board at $16. It's an LCD tablet. You write on it. You press a button and it clears. Very useful for saving paper. No computer needed.
MTrack Solo at $50. Probably the cheapest interface that doesn't suck. (Audio gear)
The XM8500 at $20. A $20 microphone that performs at the level of $100 XLR microphones, ie the Shure Sm58. (Audio gear, an interface required)
Invisible Glass at $9. It's a glass cleaner. An amazing one.
Furinno Turn N Tube 5 Tier. $24. It's hard to explain. But it's so useful. It's basically like a 5 level shelf. But it's so useful to have. Good for books. Good for random pictures. Good for work stations.
KitchenAid All Purpose Shears, 49,000 people who like it. I like it too. It's only $8.99
Bissell Natural Sweep, $39. I still use this to this very day to just sweep up random shit in my carpet. It's not for deep cleans, more just a quick maintenance fix.
KitchenIQ 50009, knife sharpener. Yeah, there's knife snobs who say you shouldn't use these. But for the average Joe these are great. $10.
Amazon Basics Hanging Organizer File Folders. A bunch of file folders you put in your file cabinet. But very good amount for the price. Price keeps changing but it's worth it.
PVC placemats. They're cheap. But seriously don't bother with cloth placemats for your dinner table anymore. These are heat proof and if you want to clean them, just run the sink for 10 seconds and it's clean. Usually $9.
Greenies. You can get them for about $6 for a pack of 11. Makes dogs so happy!
A Lodge Cast iron pan at $20
Carrd. It's a website maker. It's free. But the paid version is $9 a year. Not per month. For the entire year.
Kirkland microfiber towels (Yellow) are maybe about $14 for a stack of 26. Very good value for the dollar.
Koss headphones. ie KPH 30i, Koss Porta Pro, Koss KCS75. These headphones are very good for the money. Often about $30 or so.
OLFA Household Scissors L-Shaped 112B at $14.99. These are fantastic scissors. Learned these from a lot of tools people. They cut through zip ties and plastic. Definitely a Quality of Life item
I think that covers all the cheap ones.
If you have any you'd like to add, please comment below. I love buying and testing all of these things! :P
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2023.06.07 19:48 laughayetteoutloud [SELL] [US] Open to bundling - make me an offer! NEVER or LIGHTLY used Morphe, NYX, elf, Colour Pop, Makeup Revolution, bh Cosmetics

Most items either NEVER USED or only used 1-3 times! Condition specified for each. They are coming from a smoke-free and pet-free home. Open to bundling! Make me an offer!
After you express interest in an item, I will hold something for you for 12 hours and move on if I don’t hear from you within that time. Please don’t ghost! Just let me know if you have changed your mind. No hard feelings! :)
Shipping starts at $5, and may increase based on weight - more accurate shipping estimate can be provided with your zip code or state. Following receipt of payment, I will ship within one week and will PM you the tracking info.
Payment Info: Paypal G&S only - I will invoice and include a packing list in your package!
Verification Album
And now, the good stuff!

Morphe - 35V Stunning Vibes (2nd pic) - never used - $22
Morphe - 35M Boss Mood (2nd pic) - never used - $22
NYX - Ultimate Utopia (2nd pic) - BNNO - $22
NYX - Swear By It (2nd pic) - used once - $20
NYX - Sex Education Magic Maker - used once - $2
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please! Diamond Delirious - never used - $4
NYX - Perfect Filter Rustic Antique - 1-3 uses - $4
NYX - Mystic Petals Dark Mystic - 1-3 uses - $4
NYX - Ultimate Smokey & Highlight - 1-3 uses - $4
NYX - Ultimate Brights - 1-3 uses - $4
NYX - Ultimate Phoenix - 1-3 uses - $4
NYX - Ultimate Cool Neutrals - never used - $4
NYX - Ultimate Multi Finish Sugar High - 1-3 uses - $4
NYX - Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette - used once - $3
NYX - Glitter Goals Love on Top - used once - $3
NYX - Glitter Goals Glacier - used once - $3
NYX - SFX Creme Colour Brights - BNNO - $5
NYX - SFX Creme Colour Primary - BNNO - $5
e.l.f. - Opposites Attract - never used - $8
e.l.f. - Rose Gold Sunset - never used - $5
e.l.f. - Rose Gold Nude - never used - $5
e.l.f. - Mad for Matte Jewel Pop - 1-3 uses - $4
e.l.f. - Mad for Matte Nude Mood - used once - $4
e.l.f. - MYSTERY 15-PIECE PALETTE (2nd pic) (I cannot for the life of me figure out or find the name of this palette anywhere lmao, here is the sticker on the back) - used once - $5
e.l.f. - Mintmelt Mint to Be - 1-3 uses - $2
e.l.f. - Mintmelt Chocolate Mint - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Bite Size Truffles - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Bite Size Berry Bad - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Bite Size Cream & Sugar - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Bite Size Carnival Candy - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Bite Size Pumpkin Pie - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Bite Size Acai You - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Bite Size Hot Jalapeno - never used - $2
Makeup Revolution - Neon Up All Night - never used - $8
Makeup Revolution - Tammi X Tropical Carnival (2nd pic) - used once - $10
Makeup Revolution - Reloaded Deep Dive - used once - $8
Makeup Revolution - Reloaded Marvelous Mattes - used once - $8
bh Cosmetics - Smitten in Switzerland - never used - $12
bh Cosmetics - Summer in St. Tropez - never used - $12

NYX - Eye Gloss Dirty Talk - used once - $2
NYX - Eye Gloss Toxic - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Matte Single Eyeshadow Leather & Lace - 1-3 uses - $1
NYX - Pigments Vegas Baby/Viva Las Vegas - never used - $1
NYX - Cream Eyeliner Killing It - BNNO - $2
NYX - Eye Pencil Auburn - 4-5 uses - $1
e.l.f. - No Budge Eyeshadow Stick Mint for You - used once - $1
e.l.f. - Eyeshadow Topper Duo Tsuki to My Heart - never used - $2
Colour Pop - Creme Gel Liner Joy Ride - 1-3 uses - $1
bh Cosmetics - Loose Foil Pigment Diamond Dazzlers - never used - $3

e.l.f. - Stardust Glitter Gold Galaxy - never used - $1
bh Cosmetics - Glitter Collection Spiced Pumpkin - never used - $2

Colour Pop - Crystal Face Jewels Individual - never used - $1.50
Colour Pop - Crystal Face Jewels Mixed - never used - $1.50
bh Cosmetics - Drop Dead Gorgeous Get Stunned - never used - $1.50

NYX - Born to Glow! Foundation Fair - approx. 75% full - $2
NYX - Highlighter & Bronzer Palette (2 of these - 2nd pic) - both 4-5 uses - each $2
NYX - Away We Glow Liquid Booster Glazed Donuts - never used - $4
NYX - Away We Go Strobing Cream Glow-tini - never used - $4
NYX - Sweet Cheeks Powder Blush Citrine Rose - 4-5 uses - $2
e.l.f. - Poreless Putty Primer Sheer - never used - $8
e.l.f. - Contour Palette Light/Medium - 5-10 uses - $2
e.l.f. - Monochromatic Multi-Stick Glistening Peach - 4-5 uses - $2
e.l.f. - Post-Workout Cool Down Mist - approx. 95% full - $6
Makeup Revolution - Liquid Highlighter Unicorn's Glow - never used - $4

NYX - California Beamin' Pink Frost - never used - $8
NYX - California Beamin' Pearl Necklace - never used - $8
NYX - California Beamin' Beach Babe - never used - $8
NYX - California Beamin' Golden Glow - never used - $8

NYX - Suede Matte Lip Liner Ace - never used - $1
NYX - Suede Matte Lip Liner Sway - never used - $1
NYX - Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Orange County - used once - $1.50
NYX - Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Sway - used once - $1.50
NYX - Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Downtown Beauty - used once - $1.50
NYX - Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick X Infinity - used once - $1.50
NYX - Suede Matte Lipstick Cherry Skies - never used - $1.50
NYX - Pin-Up Pout Lipstick Almost Famous - never used - $1.50
NYX - Lingerie Push-Up Longlasting Lipstick Dusk to Dawn - never used - $1.50
NYX - Butter Lipstick Root Beer Float - used once - $1.50
NYX - Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Color Juicy Pout - used once - $1.50
NYX - Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream Bby - used once - $1.50
NYX - Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream Teenage Dream - never used - $1.50
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Full Size Karma Suit Ya - never used - $1.50
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Mini Voodoo Lily - never used - $1
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Mini On the Hunt - never used - $1
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Exclusive - never used - $1.50
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Into the Night - never used - $1.50
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Dirty Talk - never used - $1.50
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Emotion - used once - $1.50
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Cactus Dreams - used once - $1.50
e.l.f. - Srsly Satin Lipstick Creme - never used - $1.50
e.l.f. - Sheer Slick Lipstick Golden Pear - used once - $1.50
e.l.f. - Sheer Slick Lipstick Cherry Slush - used once - $1.50
e.l.f. - Moisturizing Lipstick Pink Mink - never used - $1.50
e.l.f. - Moisturizing Lipstick Flirty & Fabulous - used once - $1.50
e.l.f. - Moisturizing Lipstick Red Carpet - never used - $1.50
e.l.f. - Lipstick Duos Need It Nudes - never used - $1.50
e.l.f. - Lipstick Duos Red Hot Reds - never used - $1.50
e.l.f. - Lipstick Duos I Love Pinks - never used - $1.50
e.l.f. - Matte Lip Color Rowdy Rouge - never used - $1.50
Colour Pop - Lippie Pencil I Heart This - never used - $2
Colour Pop - Lippie Stix Wet (Pearlized) - never used - $2
Colour Pop - Lippie Stix Raw (Satin) - never used - $2
Urban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil Blackmail - 1-3 uses - $1
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2023.06.07 19:16 DJADE59 I need some help with these occurrences at my daughter's house I never thought about asking Reddit before but since last night I have got to ask someone!

First of all I've always had a creepy feeling and my grandbaby's room even when it was empty but creepy feelings by themselves are nothing they were always little noises and little shadows and things like corner of the eye experiences. My granddaughter was about 3 years old when they moved into this house. After about a year when, she was about four, she was playing in her room while I was cleaning up her toys and she had a little Barbie vanity mirror size thing and she was staring into it and saying "I am a demon" "I am a demon" "I am a demon" in a really creepy voice and then she acted like she didn't know what she had said. I asked her where that she had heard that and she said "I don't know" I asked her somebody else that said that or talk to her told her to say it and she said "no I don't know, I don't know". I looked online to see if it was some one of those games that kids would play because you know if you stare into a mirror long enough you your eyes go out of focus and you and everything else looks weird, but I couldn't find anything online (except bloody Mary chant that has been around for ages). I did find lots of creepy or creepypasta that never existed when I was young. Granddaughter gets a bad feeling in the house mother-in-law lived downstairs in the front bedroom on the first floor cuz she was handicapped and she kept hearing a dog or a cat or somebody hollering or baby crying when there was nothing and no one there. In her case it got blamed on dementia but I've seen similar shadows and little noises, like the little shadows go by that she had talked about and I don't like it. My grandbaby had a projector that projected Halloween pictures on the walls of just a little turning thing and she had another one that did Christmas pictures and at Christmas time the Christmas pictures were playing and she wanted me to look at them and when I looked up it was the Halloween images on the wall and the ceiling tombstones and RIP and spiders icky stuff not Santa ho ho ho and Christmas trees. Of course I have no proof. My granddaughter is now 7 and last night she was sitting on the toilet while the other granddaughter was brushing her teeth and the washer and dryer or across the room from the toilet and she said Grandma what is that light that keeps coming on that looks like a smiley or frowny-face I said I don't know I don't Where's it at she says on that black thingy right there, I said you mean the the cover of the door the reflecting on the glass no on the one on top the little black window which is a the light it indicator that does shows how much time you put on the dryer only there were no lights in there and that was no reason for their to be lights in there and it never makes a smiley face or frowny face. She saw it twice but every time I turned around it wasn't there. I look for anything that could have been reflecting onto it or anything else and there was nothing there. She spent last 2 nights out in the back yard with me in the camper. The night before last the 7yr old dreamed her 2 yr old sister bit her own tongue off, and she woke me and said there was blood everywhere. Then last night about 4am she had another nightmare that her little sister died and she was so freaked out she couldn't tell me any of the details about the dream but I had to take her into her mommy's room and wake everybody up in the middle of the night. Then this morning when they went in to check on my daughter's mother-in-law she had passed away. She was on hospice so it was expected but it just seems like a lot of things happening in the last day or two with the the faces and the nightmares.
The last couple of days she has asked me where her heart is in her chest...
It just seems like too much can anybody shed any light on any of this? Somebody said that anyone with an addiction has a demon hanging around them making it happen I don't know but when they first moved here my daughter was really stressed living with her mother-in-law and she started drinking very heavily, then she quit drinking and got pregnant with my second granddaughter. Her husband immediately started smoking pot all day everyday which they say is not addicting but ALL DAY, Every Day? I don't know. Could the demon have been here and or a ghost and started any of this?
Or am I crazy? Please help me figure this out it can't all be coincidence!
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2023.06.07 18:25 giu9514 Birthday Sale 2023/ Lost and Found- Opinionated Prediction/Mega Thread

As confirmed yesterday in this stream, Blitz Birthday activities are starting soon. On June 8th the birthday event “Lost and Found” event should start according to the above mentioned stream , so this means that probably there will be a tank sale like it happened last year. This post, like the one I did for Black Friday, aims to predict tanks that might be sold in this event on the basis of recent offers in shop and past year activities. If you want to simply read my predictions, jump to the Sample Line-Up section

What is Lost and Found and birthday sale all about?

This point is dedicated strictly for newer players, but it can also serve as a refresher for those, who forgot what the Birthday sale Event is all about.
Last year's bonus level event included collector tanks, a background picture, a crate with a guaranteed tank and other small rewards. These goods were purchasable with in-event coins that were included in tanks sales, as well as in gold purchases. You can find here more details.
This year “Lost and Found” seems to include basically the same rewards, in addition they have the same price as last year. This means that the crate with a guarantee should cost more than 100€/$, so it's not worth it to get it.

Bonus Level 2022 and Black Friday 2022

Let's recall what took place during previous events…
The Bonus Level Event 2022 took place last June during the celebrations of WoT Blitz Birthday and following Premium Tanks were sold for gold at discounted price:
Tier Tank Price Coins Sold In BF 2021?
10 Object 260 15.000 130 no
9 Kpz 70 9.000 85 yes
8 Progetto 46 7.500 70 no
8 Skoda T27 7.500 70 no
8 Kanonenjdpz. 105 6.500 70 no
8 T-2020 5.500 65 yes
8 T-54 first prototype 4.500 55 no
8 Fcm 50t 4.000 55 no
8 Chieftain T/95 4.000 55 no
7 FV201 (A45) 2.500 40 no
7 AT 15 A 2.000 30 no
6 Churchill Mk. VI 1.500 20 no
6 Ac IV Sentinel 1.000 20 no

During Black Friday 2022 following Premium Tanks were sold for gold at discounted price:
Tier Tank Price
10 Object 907 15.000
10 Amx 30B 12.500
9 K-91 9.000
9 T-55a 8.000
8 Skoda T 56 8.500
8 Object 274a 8.500
8 Lansen C 8.000
8 T54E2 7.500
8 Keiler 6.500
8 Kanonenjdpz. 105 6.000
8 TS-5 5.000
8 59-Patton 4.500
7 M41D 3.000
7 AMX 13 57 2.500
6 Type 64 2.000
6 Pudel 1.500
In addition we can divide Tier VIII into two subcategories: High-end with a price of 5.5k gold or higher and Low-end with price tag below 5.5k gold respectively

Birthday Sale 2023 Structure:

After analysing data from last year events, following tanks are most likely to appear in the Birthday sale:
1 Tier X Premium Tank
1 Tier IX Premium Tank
~8 Tier VIII Premium Tanks: ~3 High-end and ~5 Low-end, one more Low-end than last year
~3 Tier VII Premium Tanks, one more than last year
2 Tier VI Premium Tanks
Alongside discounted tanks listed above, other collector tanks are expected to be offered in the “Lost and Found” side event, available for purchase through in-event currency. Thanks to WG we can already tell what those tanks are:
Sold for First time in the event is the Churchill VIII, a tier 6 premium tank that features an 84mm derp gun. Seems something different from current premiums. Do not worry if you can’t grab it this time, it’s gonna be in store in a few months.
Kunze Panzer is a german tier 7 light tank. Featured in a marathon during Birthday celebrations in 2021, it’s a nice light tank, with great alpha but low shell velocity., It was sold in shop before, and even in auctions last year
P 43/’06 Anniversario is a tier 6 european medium tank. Featured for the first time in the 6th Blitz birthday as a free reward, it’s almost a copy of the tech tree p43 bis, but better. Never sold in shop nor in auction, so this is your only chance to get it this year.
Lastly Y5 tanks feature three tanks across tiers VII-V, that are almost carbon copies of respectively Comet, Cromwell and T-34. However, apart from tier 5, they are nothing amazing and inferior to their tech tree counterparts. Never sold in shop nor in auction, so this is your only chance to get it this year.
The “Lost and Found” is confirmed to take place from 8th June till 18th June, before the main progression event starting on 16th June

Birthday Sale 2023 Predictions:

This section in contrast to previous ones is far more speculative, since there's simply no way to accurately tell which tanks exactly will show up on the Birthday Sale…
There are tanks that are almost impossible to show up on Birthday Sale sale, such as:
  1. Newly released Premium Tanks or such that have been sold only once outside or in crates
  2. Premium Tanks that appeared in the Bonus Level 2022 and Black Friday 2022 are less likely to appear, but they are not totally excluded. Two tanks featured in Bonus level 2022 were sold the prior Black Friday.
  3. Premium Tanks that have recently been in the shop. This means Tier X that were sold this year, and Tier IX and below tanks sold within last 4 months
  4. Halloween Tanks: the Annihilator hopefully will never come back to the shop. Smasher technically is not a Halloween Tank, but It most likely will be sold in a draw as rumoured here Premium Tanks that were released throughout 2023 in F2P events: Object 244, Super Hellcat, T23E6 Eagle 7, CS-52 LIS
Now let's move to the interesting part, which is predicting which tanks may appear during the Birthday sale…
Tier X:
Some Tier X were sold in Personal offers this year only for players that have spent a decent amount of cash in the game. Nevertheless, most tier X collectors were sold in shops in dedicated offers so far this year, apart for the following tanks:
Object 260
M 60
VK 90.01 P
AMX M4 54
The most sought-after tanks in this last, the AMX M4 54 and VK 90.01 P were sold during last auction so I think they are unlikely to show up soon. Object 260 was sold last year, so I think it won’t be part of the Birthday event. This leaves two medium tanks as possible deals:
Tier IX:
Tier IX has very few Premium/Collector Tanks, so there's no need to get in greater detail here:
Only one Tier 9 satisfies the conditions I have listed above, the Object 752. However, I think T-55a could be considered also as an option, as it was sold for cash only in late March, and was part of the Black Friday last year.
Thus, there are two Tier 9 Collectors/ premium tanks as possible deals:
Object 752
Tier VIII:
As mentioned above, it's possible to distinguish between high-end and low-end Premium Tanks in Tier VIII on the basis of their Price and in some cases Release Date
Tier VIII - High-Ends:
Titan 54D
WZ 112-2
E 75 TS
Chrysler K
SU 130PM
These tanks were not sold in the shops in the last 4 months, nor were featured in events.
Titan 54D, AMX CDA 105 and SU 130Pm were last sold in auctions, and apart from the french tank destroyer were sold at higher price than other tanks then.
Chrysler K ,E-75 TS and WZ 122-2 were sold repeatedly the last two years as part of bundles, respectively with IS-2Sh, Le Kpfz 41 90mm and T-34-3. However these bundles have been absent from stores for the last 4 months.
Tier VIII - Low-Ends:
Vk 168 01.P
Turtle Mk1
ISU 130
Type 59
Super Pershing
Panther 8.8
KV-5 and ISU-130 were sold in cheap bundles last year like the Le Kpfz 41 90mm did recently, although not this year IS-2Sh was sold alongside Chrysler K last year as I said above, so it makes it a candidate for the birthday sale.
Vk 168 01.P, Type 59, Super Pershing are old premium tanks that were sold originally at least 5 years ago. They are powercreep on most stats, so that it makes them cheap.
Panther 8.8, AMX CDC, O-47, and Turtle Mk.1 are newer premiums, but they do not perform greatly or they don’t offer compelling experience above other premiums. The German, French and blitz nation mediums are mediocre single shot mediums in a tier where Chimeras and Bourrasques can outperform them in battle. Turtle Mk1 was first released as a poorly balanced tank destroyer that was slightly improved in January 2022. Nevertheless, this assault Td is outperformed by the cheaper Jagdtiger 8.8.
Tier VII.
Tier VII is slightly less popular and it offers less options to choose from:
IS-2 (1945)
Vk 45.03
T-34-85 Rudy
Panther M/10
AMX 13 57
Most of these tanks were not sold this year, thus making them more likely to appear in store during the sale event.
Tier VI.
Su 100Y
Bretagne Panther
Churchill Mk VIl
Loza’s Sherman
Premium/Collector Tanks from Battle Pass are not likely to appear in the Black Friday 2022 event because of the their nature, in addition one of them are offered every month after purchasing the Battle Pass
Again, these tanks have not been sold yet in store this year.
At the very end please keep in mind that those are just predictions, so don't take them for absolutely granted.

Birthday Sale 2023 Sample Line-ups:

Now let's quickly summarise the predictions I made above into two line-ups, including also a selling price:
Line-up .1:
1 Tier X Premium Tank: 121B - 12.5k gold
1 Tier IX Premium Tank: Obj. 752 - 10k gold
8 Tier VIII Premium Tanks: WZ 112-2 - 7k gold, Chrysler K - 6.5k gold, Amx CDA 105 - 6k gold, KV 5 - 5.5k gold, Super Pershing - 5k gold, Panther 8.8 - 4.5k gold, ISU 130 - 4K gold, AMX CDC - 4K gold,
3 Tier VII Premium Tanks: AMX 13 57 - 3.k gold, Vk 45 03 - 3.k gold, T 34-85 Rudy - 2.5k gold
2 Tier VI Premium Tanks: Bretagne Panther - 2.5.k gold, Su 100Y - 1.5k gold
Line-up .2:
1 Tier X Premium Tank: M60 - 15k gold
1 Tier IX Premium Tank: T-55a - 8.5k gold
8 Tier VIII Premium Tanks: TItan 54D - 7.5k gold, E-75 TS - 5.5k gold, SU 130PM - 7k gold, Turtle Mk 1 - 5.5k gold, VK 168 01.P - 5k gold, Type 59 - 4.5k gold, IS-2Sh - 4.5k gold, O-47 - 4k gold
3 Tier VII Premium Tanks: SU 122-44 - 3k gold, IS-2 (1945) - 2.5k gold, Panther M/10 - 2k gold
2 Tier VI Premium Tanks: Churchill Mk VI - 2k gold, Loza Sherman - 1,5k gold
The prices to buy each line-up amount to 78k gold , this is similar to the Bonus Level event last year.


If You have read anything above, Thank You!
Keep in mind this post was done in a few days, so unlike previous predictions it might feel less polished. I thought the Birthday Sale was scheduled around June 20th, unlike what Alexandra confirmed on stream June 5th.
I hope you found this post interesting enough to read it fully or at least you found my predictions accurate. If not, leave a comment explaining why.
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2023.06.07 18:00 ScenesFromABot 2023/06/07 Round 7 - Rejected Christmas tree toppers

2023/06/07 Round 7 - Rejected Christmas tree toppers submitted by ScenesFromABot to ScenesFromABot [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 09:57 uniontree Union Tree Premium Design PreLit Full PE&PVC Ultra-Thick Spruce Christmas Tree with Foldable Stand

Union Tree Premium Design PreLit Full PE&PVC Ultra-Thick Spruce Christmas Tree with Foldable Stand
Yiwu Union Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd, Located in the famous Chinese small commodity city Yiwu, is a professional manufacturer of PVC Christmas tree, pine needle Christmas tree, PE Christmas tree, fiber optic Christmas tree, Christmas garland, Christmas wreath and Christmas decorations. The factory construction area is over 8,000 square meters.There are more than 200 employees and 30 technical &managerial personnel. As a China custom Union Tree Premium Design PreLit Full PE&PVC Ultra-Thick Spruce Christmas Tree with Foldable Stand Suppliers and OEM/ODM Union Tree Premium Design PreLit Full PE&PVC Ultra-Thick Spruce Christmas Tree with Foldable Stand factory, Our factory has been developing new products at competitive prices to meet different guests’ requirements, since it’s establishment in 2007. Our products are widely sold at home and abroad, trusted by new and old customers, due to our continuous development and design, quantity of workmanship and reasonable prices. Welcome friends at home and abroad to visit and negotiate, We look forward to your arrival, and establish a win-win partnership.
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2023.06.07 08:05 hnqn1611 TOP 10 Things to do in MADRID - [2023 Travel Guide]

TOP 10 Things to do in MADRID - [2023 Travel Guide]
In this post, we'll show you the top 10 things to do in Madrid. This post is based on our fun trip to the Spain’s capital city. Don't forget to like this post, subscribe to our channel, and enable notifications. And share your own experience or ask a question in the comments below. Sponsored by Beeyond compression packing cubes for travel. The link is in the description. And stick around until the end because we have a bonus for you.
Top 10 things to do in Madrid ⭐ Sponsored by BEEYOND packing cubes, a revolutionary new way to pack your luggage 🧳 🎒 👉 https://amzn.to/3P2ipML 👈 (on Amazon)
🔥📚 MADRID PDF Guide 👉 https://amzn.to/42tM2tF 🔥
Here are our top 10 picks:
Number 10: Plaza Mayor Plaza Mayor is one of the most important public spaces in Madrid. The square which once hosted coronations and executions, was first constructed in the 16th century. The square’s name and functions changed several times over the course of history, but it started out as a popular marketplace. Today, Plaza Mayor is famous for outdoor cafes and restaurants, the statue of Philip III on a horse, and the much-anticipated Christmas market. Don’t skip one of many entrances to Plaza Major, such as Arco de Los Cuchilleros, the most famous one. The square is home to the historic Casa de la Panaderìa, which served as the town’s main bakery hundreds of years ago. It is now also home to The Madrid Tourism Center. Visit other squares in Madrid, like the famous Puerta del Sol dating back to the 15th century.
Number 9: Food & markets Madrid is packed with exquisite bars, elegant restaurants, colorful markets, and sophisticated outdoor terraces. The city is a melting pot of Spanish cuisine, highlighting the country's diverse food culture. Start your day with a serving of tasty churros dipped in hot chocolate at Chocolatería San Ginés. Spaniards are known for going big for lunch, so huevos rotos, paella or any other typical spanish meal is a great option. Enjoy your lunch or dinner at authentic places, like Casa Toni, and order one of many delicious food options. And finish your day at the most popular food market in Madrid, Mercado de San Miguel, and try delicious appetizers called tapas with a glass of authentic Spanish wine. This century-old food hall is famous for its cast-iron structure and with its ideal and convenient central location, and flavors of every corner of Spain, the Mercado de San Miguel attracts over 10 million visitors annually. Visit also other food markets across Madrid.
Number 8: El Retiro Park El Retiro is a vast green space, home to expensive gardens, beautiful lakes, and numerous historic buildings. Once a royal park designed for King Felipe IV in the 17th century, El Retiro is now a popular public area. Rent a boat at El Retiro Pond, an artificial lake, The magnificent Palacio de Cristal or Glass Palace conservatory, a former greenhouse that now houses art exhibitions. On any given day, the park is filled with people of all ages enjoying the outdoors, including local musicians and performers entertaining the public, especially on weekends. Don’t skip the Monument to Alfonso XII, The Rose Garden, with over 4,000 roses, and Puerta de Alcalá, once the main entrance to the city, located just outside the park. Did you know that the park was once a part of a royal palace complex, but during the Peninsular War at the beginning of the 19th century, the building was seriously damaged and couldn’t be restored? Madrid offers other beautiful parks. Check our travel guide for more suggestions. By the way, our mobile-friendly travel guide covers the top 20 things to do in Madrid, including maps, opening hours, links to buy tickets, and other information. By purchasing our travel guide, you are also helping us sustain this channel, so a big thank you for that!
Number 7: Matadero Madrid Matadero Madrid is a cultural arts center located in a former slaughterhouse and cattle market built between 1911 and 1925. The complex is now home to several contemporary art studios, museums, exhibition areas, and theaters. After its successful renovation in 2006, Matadero Madrid caters to various fields of art interests with numerous programs you can visit, including ongoing art exhibitions in one of many buildings across the complex. We visited a unique immersive experience in Madrid Artes Digitales, exploring the evolution of works of Gustav Klims through virtual reality, exhibition spaces, and an interactive room. And while you are in the area, you can explore the beautiful Madrid Rio Park and the banks of Manzanares River.
Number 6: Palacio de Cibeles The Palacio de Cibeles, inaugurated in 1919 is an exquisite example of Neoclassical architecture. This iconic building once housed the city's main post office and telegraph and telephone headquarters. The building is now home to Madrid City Council, used as a City Hall and a public cultural center. Don’t skip the magnificent Glass Gallery, a multi-purpose venue for various events, or the stunning view of the city at the Mirador observation deck. Check our Madrid walking tour to get the real feel of the surroundings and the entire city. The link is in the description.
Number 5: Atocha Train Station Madrid's central station, the Atocha Train Station from mid 19th century, is a sight worth visiting, even if you’re not traveling by train. This unique transportation hub is also a gateway to Madrid for travelers to other parts of Spain and Europe. Over a century after it was constructed, Atocha's old train shed was transformed into a luxury hub in 1992 and now includes the Greenhouse Atocha, a botanical garden composed of an extensive collection of tropical plants. The greenery is a great and relaxing sight for the passengers. Did you know that Gustave Eiffel, the leading engineer of the famous Eiffel Tower, collaborated on the renovation project of the train station?
Number 4: Templo de Debod Experience a piece of Egypt right in the heart of Madrid. Templo de Debod is an actual over 2,000-years old temple relocated from Egypt, originally a shrine built to worship the Egyptian god Amun. The temple was a gift of gratitude by the Egyptian government to Spain in 1968, after the UNESCO’s efforts to help save several monuments and archaeological sites from being destroyed while constructing the Aswan High Dam on the Nile River. You can also visit the interiors and admire its hieroglyphics and sculptures. If you don't have time to visit the interiors, also because there is usually a very long line of people waiting to see the temple from the inside, you can still admire it from the outside. It is especially enchanting during the sunset. Surrounded by charming parks and gardens, the site is a local favorite for scenic strolls, picnics, and even yoga.
Number 3: Queen Sofia Arts Center From classical collections to modern installations, Madrids’s Golden Triangle of Art consists of three world-class museums and is considered a mecca of global excellence in art, history, and culture. Visit Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, a museum of 20th-century art opened in 1992. The museum is named after Queen Sofia and is situated close to CaixaForum art center. Queen Sofia Arts Center houses a collection of art from some of the most famous artists in history, including Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of interactive exhibits, making it an ideal place to spend the afternoon. In addition to the arts center, the museum also houses a library, auditorium, and café. This video is sponsored by Beeyond, helping you save space when you travel and organize your suitcase. A revolutionary new way to organize your luggage consists of a set of small and large packing cubes. Once you're done packing, just close both zippers, compress the air out of your packing cubes like this, and voila, your clothes are compressed, and your luggage is organized. We use Beeyond packing cubes on our travels, and they are even designed to fit your carry-on. Visit Beeyond's Amazon page to get your own compression packing cube set. The link is in the description.
Number 2: Gran Vía Spain’s vibrant capital is also a renowned shopping destination. Gran Vía is Madrid’s most famous street, also known for its iconic and remarkable architecture. Built between 1910 and 1930, Gran Via was essential to Madrid’s development and modernization. Tagged as the street that never sleeps, the Gran Via also boasts next-level nightlife experiences, driven by luxurious bars, renowned theater productions, high-end street art, world-class designer stores, and enormous shopping malls. You will hardly run out of options in Gran Via, with the numerous stores by popular fashion brands such as Zara, Mango, Primark and high-end boutiques. Besides shopping, visitors can also watch theater and musical shows since the city is also known as the Spanish Broadway. Don’t skip the first skyscraper in Spain or the Iconic Metropolis office building, one of the major highlights of Gran Via. BTW, did you know that the biggest Zara store in the world is located on Gran Via, right across from Plaza de España.
Number 1: Palacio Real A visit the Palacio Real will take you on a journey through Spain’s royal history. The Royal Palace of Madrid is the official home of the Spanish Royal family. And while the royal family no longer actually lives there, the palace is still used for state ceremonial purposes. The palace, open to the public, comprises over 3,000 rooms, including the Throne Room and the Royal Armoury. Next to the palace is the Neo-Romanesque crypt Catedral de Almudena, the seat of Madrid’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese, consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993. Behind Madrid’s grandest church is Parque de Emir Mohamed, the location of the ruins of the Muslim Walls, built in the 9th century during the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. Don't miss beautiful Neoclassical Sabatini Garden right next to the palace or an English-style garden - Campo del Moro. And here is the bonus that we promised. Flamenco is Spain's most celebrated dance and music style, commonly performed through rhythmic clapping, feet stamping, and emotional vocals and guitar. So, if you have some time left, visit one of the countless flamenco shows thought the city. Although flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music and dance that originated in the Andalusian region, Madrid became a epicenter for those looking to succeed in this special genre. This unique art form is believed to have developed from intermingling cultres of Andalusian Roma, Sephardic Jews and Moors from southern Spain. There are many other attractions and neighborhoods to discover in Madrid. We wish you a fantastic trip to this amazing metropolis!
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2023.06.07 05:31 CommunityBig9626 The strange disappearance and death of Karen Bartley

I was going through some old boxes and found a copy of my college newspaper, The Breeze. In it was an article about a part-time instructor at James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Virginia named Karen Bartley. Her disappearance in late 1996 captivated the campus community. Even if you didn't follow the news, you couldn't ignore the sight of Newman Lake, a large body of water at the University, being drained. My dorm sat on the bank of the lake, and I remember smoking cigarettes that dreary January of 1997 watching as the water levels fell, revealing years of disposed kegs but not Karen Bartley's body.
Here's her story.
Karen Bartley, 34, had been a part-time accounting instructor at JMU’s Business School but resigned in October. She was married and had an 8-year-old son. According to police, Karen had been diagnosed with severe depression and I vaguely recall this being the reason she may have left her teaching position. However, her husband, Wayne disputes that she would have committed suicide. "She was not in a depressed enough mood to commit suicide," he said at the time. "She was not in that state of mind.”
On December 15, 1996, Karen left her home at 3061 Horseshoe Lane in Harrisonburg at around 7pm. She was headed to do some shopping. According to her family, they were preparing to decorate the Christmas tree and Karen was going to run out and by stamps to mail holiday cards. “She had every intention of coming back that night,” said her husband, Wayne.
But she did not come back. Her panicked family searched for her that evening and at 2:30am, Wayne finally found her 1991 Lincoln Town Car on JMU’s campus in the WVPT television station parking lot (this building is now owned by the University and is called Lakeview Hall, as it sits on the bank of Newman Lake). Her keys and purse, containing personal items such as family photographs, were in the car. Ominously, tracking dogs located an odor that “could” be emitted by a body near the lake within 24-hours of identifying her vehicle. It is worth pointing out that this location is within walking distance to the building where Karen would have taught when she was still an instructor at JMU.
The uncertainty of that December and January were heartbreaking for Karen’s family. Police sent divers into Newman Lake but came up emptyhanded. Two sightings of Karen were investigated by police in January but again this was a dead end. Finally, a decision was made to drain Newman Lake, no easy feat for a 9.7-acre body of water that is approximately ten-feet deep. The lake was drained and searched over a three-day period and on January 14, 1997, police again found no sign of Karen. And so, her family continued to wait.
On April 4, two boys found a badly decomposed body in a shallow stream that flows out of Newman Lake. The stream is located between the highway on-ramp (I-81) and an off-campus parking lot. The corpse had probably been in the stream for a couple of months. A few days later, the state medical examiner's office identified the body as that of Karen Bartley. The cause of death was drowning, and the body showed no evidence of foul play or signs of suicide. See link #3 (page 2) for a map showing the location of the body.
The area was just steps from Newman Lake and police admit that they had searched the stream during her disappearance. The body may have been hidden by leaves and mud, which could have impeded discovery. The body almost certainly did not come from Newman Lake as the drain is too small and is covered by a filter. Jim Auckland, director of facilities management at JMU said that Bartley's body couldn't have made it through the drain leading from the lake: "[The drain] is physically too small. There's a cage there to keep the fish [from getting out]. You might be able to get your hand through the grate, but that's about it." In any event, Karen's family felt that the police bungled her search.
Authorities believe that Karen may have drowned herself, but that the autopsy couldn't determine medically whether Bartley drowned by suicide, homicide, or accident. Her widow, Wayne, contends that his wife was abducted and murdered. He also questions how the medical examiner could have concluded that she drowned, given the decomposed state of her body, let alone that she drowned herself in such a shallow stream. "I do not see drowning and I questioned [the police] about that…I don't know how you can drown yourself in (that ditch)," he said. Moreover, he is certain that she would not have left behind her son, “her pride and joy."
Karen’s mother, Erma Allen, also doesn’t think that her daughter killed herself. "Karen was not suicidal. I lived with her, and I know she was not that type," Ms. Allen said. She said she thought someone in the past few days may have placed the body where it was found. Allen said she was very upset with Harrisonburg and JMU officials concerning the search and investigation since her daughter disappeared. She said it didn't make sense that Karen Bartley would have drowned, yet her body remained undiscovered for months before being found in an area that authorities said was searched earlier.
There are so many unanswered questions in this sad case. If Karen committed suicide, how did she drown herself in a small stream? Given her depression diagnosis, suicide seems plausible but only if her body had been found in Newman Lake, a body of water that, up until October, she passed by anytime she taught at JMU. But experts insist there is no way her body could have made it through the drain into the stream. In my mind, foul play is certainly a more plausible explanation. There are just too many unanswered questions. What do you think happened to Karen Bartley?
I can find no recent updates on her story so it appears that the mystery of Karen Bartley’s death will remain unresolved.
#4 (this contains several local newspaper articles).
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2023.06.07 04:33 hongyeartcraft HY-E69606-3 Christmas tree lantern

HY-E69606-3 Christmas tree lantern
Material:Plywood,Mdf,Nature Wood
Color:Nature Wood Color,Costomized Color
Style:Christmas,Halloween,Harvest,Easter,Daily Decoration,Etc
Packing:Carton Or Costomized
Sample Period:7-14days (Reasonable Sample Fees&Shipping)
Bulk Order Period:45-60 Days
Service:OEM, ODM, OBM
Company Name:Zhejiang Hongye Art & Craft Co., Ltd.
ADD:East of Weisi Road,West Industrial Park,Huangyan Economic Development Area,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province
Phone:86 18968579319
Email:[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Profile:Zhejiang Hongye Art & Craft Co., Ltd. was established in 1995,has more than 25 years experience on wood making, Our factory passed ISO9001 certification and we have right to export independently. Our products are designed by our own development team, each product are unique and special. Additionally, we have a complete QC team to ensure the quality before shipping. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us, we will response as soon as we are online.
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2023.06.07 04:31 Abriel_Lafiel My oldest PC running the only program it has

My oldest PC running the only program it has
The program is a old school home automation program.
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2023.06.07 01:14 rraspadamse Can anyone help? 🙂

Can anyone help? 🙂 submitted by rraspadamse to coinmastercards [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 22:21 Plus_Culture_7819 Uk-England neighbours ivy and tree damaging fence and over growing onto our house.

Hi Any advice would be appreciated, neighbours ivy is growing over fence and growing onto our garage roof, also there was a large conifer that has been cut down to approx 7 ft which is now leaning and has pushed the fence so that it actually touches our house and has also closed the gap between our house and fence so that we are unable to fully access the side to trim back ivy from our side, I have been and asked them twice if they would cut it back. They have attempted a small area which hasn’t made much of a difference however I note that ivy that was growing up their side of the house has been removed. I believe the fence to be our responsibility but we are unable to rectify due to ivy on neighbours side and tree post that has been left Not sure what to do next.
submitted by Plus_Culture_7819 to treelaw [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 22:09 Plus_Culture_7819 UK. Neighbours ivy/tree overgrown and pushing fence onto our house

Hi Any advice would be appreciated, neighbours ivy is growing over fence and growing onto our garage roof, also there was a large conifer that has been cut down to approx 7 ft which is now leaning and has pushed the fence so that it actually touches our house and has also closed the gap between our house and fence so that we are unable to fully access the side to trim back ivy from our side, I have been and asked them twice if they would cut it back. They have attempted a small area which hasn’t made much of a difference however I note that ivy that was growing up their side of the house has been removed. I believe the fence to be our responsibility but we are unable to rectify due to ivy on neighbours side and tree post that has been left Not sure what to do next.
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2023.06.06 20:05 fuocoebenzina Let's rewatch Dora 2023! 🇭🇷 8pm BST, 8pm CET/9pm CEST 🚜

Tonight, we bring you...
✨🇭🇷 Dora 2023 🇭🇷✨
(originally broadcast on 11 February 2023)
👉The rewatch room is here: https://sync-tube.de/room/TBV66pRH - no sign-in required, let me know if there are any problems
If this doesn't work for you, here's the youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2PI55nmdZM
Running Order:
  1. Top of the Pops ft. Mario 5reković – "Putovanje"
  2. Yogi – "Love at First Sight"
  3. Boris Štok – "Grijeh"
  4. Tajana Belina – "Dom"
  5. Krešo & Kisele Kiše – "Kme kme"
  6. Maja Grgić – "I Still Live"
  7. Barbara Munjas – "Putem snova"
  8. Đana – "Free Fallin'"
  9. Patricia Gasparini – "I Will Wait"
  10. The Splitters – "Lost and Found"
  11. Hana Mašić – "Nesreća"
  12. Damir Kedžo – "Angels and Demons"
  13. Martha May – "Distance"
  14. Detour – "Master Blaster"
  15. Meri Andraković – "Bye Bye Blonde"
  16. Let 3 – "Mama ŠČ!"
  17. Eni Jurišić – "Kreni dalje"
  18. Harmonija Disonance – "Nevera (Lei, lei)"
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2023.06.06 17:49 Methos0012 [3.21] Loot from 500x max investment The Feared Invitations (Uber Atziri, Uber Cortex, Uber Uber Elder, Flawless Chayula)

This league there have been a lot of different opinions about the profitability of The Feared Invitation. While Empyriangaming´s small sample size certainly showed a volatility in short term profit margins, bigger sample sizes by u/ToiletOfGold and u/ixmike88 showed that it is still profitable. So here I am with another big sample size that I am going to compare with my findings from last league.
Here is the data from 500 max investment 100%+ IIQ Feared Runs (including Uber Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, Uber Cortex and Flawless Chayula). I´ve been doing 5 x 100 Runs with 3 Quad Stashes of Loot I had to sort out after each 100 Runs. One full run takes me 10-12 minutes, so I was able to do 5 runs per hour.
For each encounter, I am going to give a little advice, followed by a breakdown of cost & profit/loss, a conclusion and a comparison. These lists only contain the profitable and very rare drops. Values are average market prices.
My build: Cold Flicker Strike Slayer (15 Frenzy / 15 Endurance Charges) PoB: LINK (Uber DPS Config)
Atlas Tree: Uber notables, Wandering Path with all Synth nodes
Uber Atziri Make sure you can burst her down fast enough so she can only ever enter her Split Phase (the Add Phase takes far too long). Reflect immunity required. Cost: 0.25 div per Set; 125 div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Atziri´s Reflection (1.6 div) 5 8 div
Atziri´s Disfavour (4 div) 0 -
The Price of Devotion (26 div) 0 -
Triumvirate Authority (-) 6 -
Atziri's Acuity (-) 6 -
The Ultimatum Aspect Fragment and the Sacrifical Garb Base Armour seem to drop every 3rd or 4th encounter. Since they dont really sell, I didnt bother picking them up after a while. Total loss (Uber Atziri): - 117 div Conclusion & Comparison: Uber Atziri is still just entry cost for doing The Feared. Atziri needs some additional high tier drops. No changes compared to 3.20.
Uber Cortex (Replica/Default) Boss rush. Make sure you can run any mod combination, have a second character set up that can do it or in the worst case, buy a carry service. The Replica version is a little cheaper, has more global map modifiers, can be a lot more difficult and has the identical drop pool. In very rare cases, you get Synth map modifiers that make it worth full clearing the map (e.g.: %ChanceToDropDivCards and %IncRarityDroppedBy). Cost: 1.5 div per Map; 750 Div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Rational Doctrine (8 div) 9 72 div
Bottled Faith (1.5 div) 46 69 div (medium variance)
Garb of the Ephemeral (30c) 57 7.8 div
Forgotten Reliquary Key (4 div) 7 28 div
Nebulis (10c) 147 6.7 div
Notable Synth Item drops: +1FrenzyShieldSTR (50 div), +1PowerShieldINT (50 div), ExplodeWand (40 div), %IntRing (30 div), DexStackBow (15 div), ExplodeStaff (8 div), +1PowerShieldSTR (2x 8 div), GraceAuraEffRing (5 div), AuraEffHelmet (2x 5 div), FlammabilityOnHitRing (5 div), IntStackingWand (3 div), IgniteSceptre (3 div), CritMultiRing (3 div), %DexBoots (2 div) and around 15 items that have sold for up to 1 div. Total loss (Uber Cortex): - 567 div (without Synth items), - 310 div (with Synth items) Conclusion & Comparison: Pretty disappointing but to be expected, Cortex profit heavily relies on amazing Synth drops. The unique drops are worth less in 3.21 but with Crucible around, the Nebulis easily sell in bulk.
Uber Uber Elder Personally, I found this to be the most difficult of fights (Flicker Strike is not a great skill for it). Just run circles around the bosses and try to burst down the shaper as fast as possible after every Add Phase so he doesn´t use his Bullet Hell. Good luck dodging if Maven decides to clone the bosses in the arena. Cost: 1.5 div per Set; 750 Div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Watcher´s Eye iLvL 87 (4,5 div) 185 832.5 div
Orb of Dominance (1 div) 55 55 div
Sublime Vision (8 div) 8 64 div
Decaying Reliquary Key (4 div) 5 20 div
Double Impresence (-) 12 Sold two (22 Div, 4 Div)
The Shieldbearer (2,5 div) 5 12.5 div
Eternity Shroud (45c) 5 1 div
Voidforge (8 div) 1 8 div
The Gulf (20c) 5 0.9 div
Indigon (30c) 56 7.6 div
Soul Ascension (-) 7 -
Voidfletcher (-) 66 -
Total profit (Uber Uber Elder): + 277 div Conclusion & Comparison: The Watcher´s Eyes themselves easily pay for the Uber Uber Elder Runs. Very profitable by itself. Voidforge actually exists as drop. No changes compared to 3.20.
Flawless Chayula [BREACH REWORK] Breachstones also roll random modifiers, so they can be a little tricky. If you dont use CastOnDeath+Portal, make sure to place a portal halfway through the Breach. Flawless Breachstones are 45 seconds faster than the normal version. Chayula can be permafrozen so that one was the easiest encounter for me. Chaos resistance helps a lot. You can level Gems in your Offhands. As of 3.21 you can use It That Fled´s Breachstone Bargains to increase the rewards of the Breachstones. They unfortunately do not speed up the encounter itself. Cost: 1.5 div per Stone; 750 Div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Fractured GlobalDef Grasping Mail (50 div) 11 550 div
Uul-Netol´s Vow (8 div) 9 72 div (high variance!)
United in Dream (40c) 169 30.7 div
Red Nightmare (150c) 18 12.3 div
Green Nightmare (1.5 div) 25 37.5 div
Blue Nightmare (40c) 26 4.7 div
Skin of the Lords (-) 19 250 div (Details below)
I´ve dropped 63 fractured Grasping Mails (71 in 3.20), so you can still expect one to drop every 7-8 runs. The mods are weighted (1 in 4.25 chance to hit Global Defense), so you can expect to drop one FracGlobalDef every 32 runs. I´ve dropped 19 Skins of the Lords. These have a really high variance because of socket colors and the Notable. The most valuable ones had at least 3 blue sockets and a good notable: GhostDance (50 div), Iron Will (39 div), GlancingBlows (30 div), SupremeEgo (25 div), Acrobatics (18 div), AvatarOfFire (20 div), Magebane (15 div) Total loss/profit: - 40 div (without Skins), + 210 div (with Skins) Conclusion & Comparison: I was quite unlucky considering the FracGlobalDefense droprate (11 instead of avg. 15), otherwise the Breachstones would have easily payed for themselves. While there was absolutely no reason to run normal Breachstones in 3.20, I can´t say the same for this league since I dont know the droprates of Blessings and Skin of the Loyals.
The Feared Invitation [ATLAS CHANGES] Make sure you can run any mod combination or have counter measures available (e.g. I used an Enduring Mana flask on "no leech" invitations). I prefer to kill Cortex and Atziri first if possible. Invitations were rolled to 8 mod 100+IIQ, you can vendor 5 failed corruptions for a new one. You also drop a lot of invitations from the bosses. Cost: ~45c per 8-mod Invitation, 100 div total
Drop (Avg. Value per) Amount Total Value
Maven´s Writ (1.4 div) 632.2 885 div
Uber Elder Red Fragment (0.5 div) 173 86.5 div
Uber Elder Black Fragment (0.2 div) 165 33 div
Bottled Faith (1.5 div) 28 42 div (medium variance)
Watcher´s Eye iLvL 85 (1 div) 93 93 div
Blessings of Chayula (1.2 div) 4 4.8 div
Orb of Conflict (0.25 div) 110 27.5 div
Dying Sun (20c) 39 3.5 div
Garb of the Ephemeral (30c) 28 3.8 div
Atziri´s Reflection (1.6 div) 1 1.6 div
Nebulis (10c) 118 5.3 div
Triumvirate Authority (-) 15 -
Atziri's Acuity (-) 12 -
Skin of the Loyal (-) 29 90.5 div (Details below)
I also dropped 86 Awakened Gems, the most expensive ones being several EleDmgWithAtks and VoidManipulations. Profit from Gems is around 16 div total. Two double corrupted uniques sold for 1 div each. Notable Synth item drops: SpellDDBow (25 div), SpellDDNebulis (20 div), ExplodiWand (25 div), EleWeaknessOnHitRing (5 div) I´ve dropped 29 Skin of the Loyal, the most valuable ones with 3B2R1G (20 div), 4B2G (12 div), 4B1R1G (5 div) Total profit/loss (Feared): + 1102 div (without Skins/Synth), +1267 div (with Skins/Synth) Conclusion & Comparison: Even tho they removed the small Maven Crucible IIQ nodes on the Atlas, the higher Maven´s Writs price as a result make up for it. The removal of Flawless Chayula Breachstone drops in The Feared put a huge dent into the profit that can not get fully covered by Skin of the Loyal drops.
Notable Drops: While I dropped 2 Mirrors of Kalandra in 3.20, I did not drop a single one in 3.21. I might just go for another 500 runs until I drop one.
Profit from 500 Full Runs: +653 Div (Default Drops) // +332 Div (Synth) // + 338 Div (Skins) Profit per Full Run: 1,3 Div per Run (Default), 2,6 Div per Run (Default/Synth/Skins) Profit per Hour (5 Runs/hour): 7-13 Div* *doesnt include the time to sell/buy/sort
Final conclusion: The Feared is still very profitable, even tho not as good as it was in 3.20. Most uniques are worth less, we lost the IIQ on the Atlas and Skin of the Lords/Loyals add another layer of drop RNG.
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2023.06.06 16:53 discountheat How far should I plant Thuja Junior Giants from the fence line?

I am planning to add a row of Thuja Junior Giants for privacy in my backyard. Although I have a 6 ft fence, the houses in my neighborhoods are on hills and from my first floor, there are pretty direct sight lines into my neighbor's property. The 15-20 foot height on the Junior Giants seems perfect for what I want, but I haven't been able to find consistent advice on spacing from the fence line.
I know that the Junior Giants grow to 4-5 feet wide and I've seen advice of anywhere from 3-10 ft. from the fence for the larger Thuja Green Giant trees. Based on the smaller size, I'm assuming 7 feet of spacing from the fence line should be sufficient to allow growth and prevent problems in the future. I'm planning to space the trees 5 feet apart.
Any thoughts here would be helpful as this is my first time planting trees!
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2023.06.06 06:25 Panda_Diestro [XFCE + BSPWM] First ever rice ^^

[XFCE + BSPWM] First ever rice ^^ submitted by Panda_Diestro to unixporn [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 06:13 MountainBuffalo17 Race Report: Steamboat Marathon - when everything goes right

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A No Injuries Yes
B PR (4:06) Yes
C 4:00 Yes


Mile Time
1 8:58
2 8:52
3 9:37
4 9:08
5 8:33
6 8:38
7 8:57
8 8:55
9 8:51
10 8:57
11 8:55
12 8:59
13 8:58
14 9:24
15 8:59
16 8:59
17 8:53
18 9:09
19 9:00
20 8:42
21 9:10
22 8:58
23 9:08
24 8:28
25 8:42
26 8:54
27 2:51


The story behind this race really starts a year ago. I ran the Colfax Marathon in Downton Denver, and fell short of the 4-hour goal. Many things went wrong, between injuring myself with some nasty tendonitis around my shin 2 weeks pre-race, a poor fueling/hydration plan, and my fitness not quite being where I thought. I crashed hard at mile 20 at Colfax, and watched the 4 hours slip away slowly walking up the hill on 17th St. That had been my first road marathon (I've ran the Pikes Peak Marathon, but the strategy and approach to that race is wildly different), and I learned a lot to prepare for redemption in 2023.
The ultimate goal this year is to run my first ultramarathon, a 55k in the mountains of Colorado in July. In planning my training, I decided to use a road marathon as a tune-up and fitness check-in for the month of June. I did some searching for good Springs marathons close to home (Front Range), vowing not to repeat Colfax, and was quickly entranced by the beauty advertised by the Steamboat Marathon. Since Steamboat Springs is one of my favorite Colorado locations, it was an easy sell! It fit the bill, so I booked the hotel, signed up, and got to work training. Since this is a tune-up race for the ultra, the principle goal was to survive a marathon training block injury-free.
I used the TrainAsOne app for training - and have mixed feelings about it. I found it consistently under-loaded my weekly milage vs what I expected from other plans; so I took a lot of liberty in extending the long runs to hit the milage I wanted. Aside from being a bit short on volume though, I think the plan did an excellent job of planning tempo, interval, and threshold runs. I was challenged, and found the balance of workout types well structured. I plan to keep using the app, but will happily extend the volume if I'm not happy with it.
As smooth as training went for the most part, I did start getting some calf pain about a month before the race. Off to PT I went, worried for the worst, to be diagnosed with only a minor calf strain. Lots of calf raises, some dry needling, and continuing to run healed the problem swiftly, and I didn't miss a beat. Training goal accomplished....but not without a good scare! A smooth taper brought my confidently into race weekend.


My wife and I drove up the day before on Saturday, June 3 and checked into the Nordic Lodge. I can't recommend this lodge enough for runners; it was easy walking distance from the pick-up point and finish line, they let us check-in early since the room was ready, and let us check out late so I had time to shower after the race before the 3 hour drive home. The day before, I didn't run, but enjoyed a 2 mile walk around the town, and loaded up on carbs at Mazzola's, the local Italian restaurant. As usual, I slept terribly before the race; there's something about the pre-race jitters that makes sleeping impossible, between the performance anxiety and the terror of missing the morning alarm.
The hydration plan was pretty simple: Carry 1L of water with my vest (practice for the ultra-run), which works out even better since aid stations are ~3 miles apart on this race. I took water and gatorade at every aid station, and sipped on my 1L as needed. I had just about finished it by the finish line. For fuel, I took in 1 honey stinger waffle every 10k. Those waffles are like candy for me, and I swear I can feel the immediate kick from taking one in.
Race morning was tremendously smooth; props to Steamboat for putting on a smooth race! The weather was a runner's dream; ~45 and cloudy at the start. It was a 5 minute walk to the bus pickup point, where marathoners were picked up and driven 26.2 miles to the start line. Anytime you're bussed to the other end of a point-to-point race, it really hits home just how far a marathon is! We were dropped off around 6:45 for the 7:30 start, and had some time to warm up, use the porta-pot(twice), and line-up. The start is nestled in a quaint historic mining village up at 8,200 ft. Given my home at 5500 and training on trails frequently, I wasn't concerned about the altitude. I didn't really feel major nerves for the race until about 5 minutes before the start, when the race called everyone to lineup.


Miles 1-6: The first miles always fly by. Lesson from Colfax: Do NOT start faster to try and bank time. Terrible idea. This time around, I started intentionally slower than I felt I could, taking the rolling hills at the start of the race at a modest 9 minute pace. Once the downhill opened up at mile 5, I let myself go a bit faster, very carefully managing the heart rate. The start of the course is easily the most beautiful, with big gorgeous mountains on both sides and Colorado's best Spring in years on full display. The race field was around 300, which is a wonderful sweet spot for a race to feel populated but never crowded. No corrals at the start, but at the cost of dramatically fewer spectators. The course feels tremendously rural, but that only adds to the beauty and charm! At mile 6, I improvised and took a gel pack from the aid station in addition to the 10k honey stinger to stay ahead of fueling, and it worked out great.
Miles 7-13: This part of the race is steadily downhill, but I wanted to keep managing the pace. I settled in and chatted with a few other racers, distracting my mind from the downhill quad-pounding. At the halfway point, we hit the half-marathon start line, and the season was literally changing as we lost elevation, from trees that were just beginning to bloom to rolling meadows of brilliant purple flowers. The race had a fantastic team of cyclists to provide both encouragement and safety to the course and they really made a difference.
Miles 13-20: More steady downhill, and this is where the long miles really start to pile up. What mile am I on? 17, or 18? My heart rate through these miles was bouncing around the 140's, and that was my first clue that this race would be very different than Colfax. Everything was going right; I felt like I was keeping a foot on the brake at all times going down this endless hill and was actually looking forward to the infamous 3 mile climb. This was a lonelier stretch, and the views closed in as we hit the course bottom in a small canyon with a raging creek.
Miles 20-26: Here it is; the thing everyone seems to talk about with this race: the 3 mile climb. The course profile starting with some rollers, plunges down in miles 5 and 6, casually keeps going down from 7 thru 20, and then slowly but surely rises nearly 200 feet in 3 miles towards town. And I somehow crushed it! I guess all that training in my hilly neighborhood and on the trails in the foothills really paid off. I had little trouble maintaining my 9 minute pace, felt empowered from the 30k honey stinger, and invigorated by the increasing spectator support as we drew close to town. Miles 24 and 25 were my least favorite of the course; too much traffic on the road, and not quite close enough to the end. I had the energy still to step on the gas and power through these annoying miles. The final turn onto Lincoln Avenue is a huge relief, as the last half mile offers a continuous view of the finish! While I may not have had energy for a sprint to the finish, I still felt strong at my target pace. Words cannot capture the feeling of not just surviving, but thriving in a marathon! I survived the onslaught in Colfax, but I thrived in Steamboat. I passed my dad, wife, and dogs as I passed Mile 26 with nothing but smiles as I rolled into the finish!


Another lesson from Colfax: STRETCH. WALK. Do these things after a race and stave off a lot of soreness. I took 15 minutes to stretch it out, and grabbed my free beer and burrito. Neither sounded even the least bit appetizing, so right into the cooler they went for Monday. Are there people out there who can pound down a beer and breakfast burrito after a marathon??? I had to somewhat hustle back to the hotel for a shower to fit the late checkout time cutoff (12:30), but was still comfortable since I finished before 11:30. We walked another mile or two around town, and then the 1/4 mile hike to Fish Creek Falls, and settled in for the ride home.
Everything went right this race. As I write this on Monday, making it a priority to walk another couple miles around home today, my body feels fantastic and ready to jump back into training after an easy week. It's hard to tackle a first marathon; there's a lot of lessons to be learned that can't be learned until you've tried it. Miles 20-26 are simply a different animal from the first 20. To those who learn from those lessons, the second marathon is an entire world of difference. For me, that was smarter training to avoid injury, proper fueling and hydration, and a whole lot of stretching!
Maybe next year I'll do the Colorado Marathon to continue working through my local marathons and see what is possible for a third marathon! Thanks for reading!
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.06.06 05:00 SnooDogs1704 My first love: Burberry London

I have, for some reason, put this off for 7 years. 7 years!!! But I finally re-purchased Burberry London for men. It was the first fragrance I fell in love with when I was 18 (25 now). I just got home from work and yanked it out of the mailbox and its packaging, spraying my wrist immediately.
The warm, comforting scent just as I remember. Memories flood through my head of my late teen years. It was the happiest time of my life. Got my first job, made new friends and kept my old ones, hung out with friends online nightly and on weekends every week. Living under my parents care with all my money to myself.
I wish I had a sharp enough nose to pick out notes I am smelling, but as other reviews have said, it smells just like christmas to me. Like I am walking through rows of christmas trees, but maybe with a sweet tinge in there. I could not get enough of this fragrance then, and I can’t get enough of it now.
I have acquired quite a few fragrances since this one, but upon re-smelling, it easily is in my top 3 favorite fragrances in my collection.
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2023.06.06 00:29 brandscaping Ceiling question: is 18' too tall for main living areas?

We're doing 9' through the rest of the home, but the designer is suggesting 18' ceilings in the kitchen/living/dining. While I'm a fan of massive Christmas trees, and the view is pretty spectacular, is 18' too much?
if it helps: it's a single-level home, about 3000sq.ft., and the exterior mockup looks like there's a second level due to the tall ceilings.
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2023.06.05 23:39 alexds9 The Best Semi-Realistic Model of June 2023 Poll - Aesthetics and Beauty!

The Best Semi-Realistic Model of June 2023 Poll - Aesthetics and Beauty!
The link to the poll is at the end of the post. Before casting your vote, please take the time to review the generated images.
Our goal is to find the overall best semi-realistic model of June 2023, with the best aesthetic and beauty.
Semi-realism is achieved by combining realistic style with drawing. Most Stable Diffusion (SD) can create semi-realistic results, but we excluded those models that are capable only of creating realism or drawing and do not combine them well. We're in search of the best balance between the two.
Why were certain models selected and not others? Generally, the selected models are relatively popular, with plenty of downloads. We welcome your suggestions for models to consider in the next round of testing.
Here is the list of selected models:
Model and Link Version File File SHA256
AbsoluteReality 1.0 absolutereality_v10.safetensors bfea7e18e2
A-Zovya RPG Artist Tools 3.0 aZovyaRPGArtistTools_v3.safetensors c7751e6108
Babes 2.0 Babes_2.0.safetensors 65cf944caa
ChilloutMix Ni pruned fp32 fix chilloutmix_NiPrunedFp32Fix.safetensors fc2511737a
Deliberate 2.0 deliberate_v2.safetensors 9aba26abdf
DreamShaper 6.0 dreamshaper_6BakedVae.safetensors c249d7853b
Lyriel 1.6 lyriel_v16.safetensors ec6f68ea63
MoonMix Utopia 3.0 moonmix_utopia30.safetensors 305a85539d
NeverEnding Dream (NED) 1.22 neverendingDreamNED_bakedVae.safetensors 64b14b6ca5
Perfect World 4.0 perfectWorld_v4Baked.safetensors 24a393500f
PerfectDeliberate 4.0 perfectdeliberate_v40.safetensors 886c73d806
Reliberate 1.0 reliberate_v10.safetensors 980cb713af
ReV Animated 1.2.2 revAnimated_v122.safetensors 4199bcdd14
All tests were done with: clip skip 1, VAE MSE 840000, no textual inversions, no Loras.
If textual inversions are helpful to models, let's assume they are equally helpful to all models, and we've opted to simplify things by not using them.
Limitations of SD v1: issues with fingers, arms, legs, and general body integrity are a major concern with SD v1 based models. Most of the chosen models are performing similarly on this front. If you notice any particularly bad case, they are probably more noticeable due to the small sample size. By choosing different seeds, the problems might vary between models. However, we should not focus on such problems as it wouldn't be fair to any specific model.
As for the method, it is hard to choose a universal set of prompts that will represent everything. We will use prompts from the models themselves, the first prompt from each model. We have 13 models to compare, with a prompt from each. The base resolution will be 512x768px, seeds 0-1, CFG 7, 20 steps with DPM++ 2M Karras. The images will be upscaled using hires-fix with a multiplier of 2, denoising set at 0.35, and the UltraSharp upscaler. We will try maintain consistency by using the same negative prompt for all tests (accounting for the use of Textual Inversions by some models).
Negative prompt: lowres, low quality, crossed eyes, poorly drawn, blurry, ugly, long face, old, duplicates, twins, 2girls, long neck, extra limbs, text, signature, artist name, bad anatomy, poorly drawn, malformed, deformed, mutation 
Notice: due to naughty thoughts of some models a few of the images had to be removed, to comply with the rules of this subreddit. And in a few places, "AI" circle has been added to indicate an inappropriate tendency of the model. Uncensored version of images has been published on the uncensored subreddit.
Please review the generated images and cast your vote in the Best Semi-Realistic Model of June 2023 Poll at the end of the post.
Prompt 1 - AbsoluteReality:
(masterpiece), (extremely intricate:1.3), (realistic), portrait of a girl, the most beautiful in the world, (medieval armor), metal reflections, upper body, outdoors, intense sunlight, far away castle, professional photograph of a stunning woman detailed, sharp focus, dramatic, award winning, cinematic lighting, octane render, unreal engine, volumetrics dtx 

Prompt 2 - A-Zovya RPG Artist Tools:
female barefoot summoner levitating with blonde hair robes and cape arms lifted up over a broken earth bright lava light from below asteroid field (jagged rocks boulders and debris shooting into the air:1.3) (windy dust debris storm:1.1) volumetric fog mist ray tracing z pass bright light from below, (masterpiece) (best quality) (detailed) (8k) (cinematic lighting) (sharp focus) (intricate) 

Prompt 3 - Babes:
photo of woman, sexy, large breasts, punk, pink hair, one side shaved head, ([Emma RobertsElizabeth OlsenEmma Roberts]:0.85), [stanleylau stylesamdoesart style], armor suit, hips, sensual, shinny skin, oily skin, tattoos, close up, face focus, detailed face, lips, choker, jewelry, [(colorful explosion psychedelic paint colors:1.21)::0.2], kitchen, masterpiece, best quality, rainbow colors, colorful, high contrast, 
Prompt 4 - ChilloutMix:
complex 3d render ultra detailed of a beautiful porcelain profile woman android face, cyborg, robotic parts, 150 mm, beautiful studio soft light, rim light, vibrant details, luxurious cyberpunk, lace, hyperrealistic, anatomical, facial muscles, cable electric wires, microchip, elegant, beautiful background, octane render, H. R. Giger style, 8k, best quality, masterpiece, illustration, an extremely delicate and beautiful, extremely detailed ,CG ,unity ,wallpaper, (realistic, photo-realistic:1.37),Amazing, finely detail, masterpiece,best quality,official art, extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper, absurdres, incredibly absurdres, robot, silver halmet, full body, sitting 

Prompt 5 - Deliberate:
a closeup portrait of a playful maid, undercut hair, apron, amazing body, pronounced feminine feature, busty, kitchen, [ash blonde ginger pink hair], freckles, flirting with camera 

Prompt 6 - DreamShaper:
8k portrait of beautiful cyborg with brown hair, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, majestic, digital photography, art by artgerm and ruan jia and greg rutkowski surreal painting gold butterfly filigree, broken glass, (masterpiece, sidelighting, finely detailed beautiful eyes: 1.2), hdr, 

Prompt 7 - Lyriel:
(dark shot:1.1), epic realistic, portrait of halo, sunglasses, blue eyes, tartan scarf, white hair by atey ghailan, by greg rutkowski, by greg tocchini, by james gilleard, by joe fenton, by kaethe butcher, gradient yellow, black, brown and magenta color scheme, grunge aesthetic!!! graffiti tag wall background, art by greg rutkowski and artgerm, soft cinematic light, adobe lightroom, photolab, hdr, intricate, highly detailed, (depth of field:1.4), faded, (neutral colors:1.2), (hdr:1.4), (muted colors:1.2), hyperdetailed, (artstation:1.4), cinematic, warm lights, dramatic light, (intricate details:1.1), complex background, (rutkowski:0.66), (teal and orange:0.4) 

Prompt 8 - MoonMix:
a portrait photography of a gorgeous redhead in open unbuttoned white space suit, cleavage, standing inside spaceship, attractive, flirting, looking at viewer, detailed skin, highly detailed, diffused soft lighting, hyperrealism, cinematic lighting 

Prompt 9 - NeverEnding Dream (NED):
(Jedi meditation:1.3), serene photo,1girl, Jedi master in deep meditation, in jedioutfit, sitting cross-legged, (desert oasis:1.1), surrounded by blooming desert flowers, harmonizing with the Force, spiritual retreat, transcendent tranquility, desert enlightenment, Absurdres, hdr, ultra detailed illustration, extremely detailed face, RAW photo, film grain, skin pores, trending on deviantart 

Prompt 10 - Perfect World:
(((multicolored hair, [white hair]))), ultra realistic 8k cg, picture-perfect face, flawless, clean, masterpiece, professional artwork, famous artwork, cinematic lighting, cinematic bloom, perfect face, beautiful face, beautiful eyes, (((perfect female body, narrow waist))), gorgeous queen, royal, divine, goddess, godlike, (royal palace), fantasy, dreamlike, unreal, science fiction, (huge breasts), beautiful clothes, lace, lace trim, lace-trimmed legwear, nsfw, breasts out, absurdly long hair, very long hair, (rich:1.4), prestige, luxury, jewelry, diamond, gold, pearl, gem, sapphire, ruby, emerald, intricate detail, delicate pattern, sexy, charming, alluring, seductive, erotic, enchanting, hair ornament, necklace, earrings, bracelet, armlet, looking at viewer, 
Prompt 11 - PerfectDeliberate:
portrait, sitting on bed, naked, (8k, RAW photo, best quality, ultra high res, photorealistic, masterpiece, ultra-detailed, Unreal Engine), legs wide, kneeling, missionary, camera low, camera close, absurdres, best quality,1girl, solo, streaked hair, choker, (graffiti:1.25), paint splatter, arms on hips, breasts perky, leaning back, looking at camera, armband, thigh strap, streaked hair, paint on body, upturned eyes, head down, head tilt, tight, thin, small, perfect face,tattoo 
Prompt 12 - Reliberate:
a 42 yo woman, blonde, (hi-top fade:1.3), dark theme, soothing tones, muted colors, high contrast, (natural skin texture, hyperrealism, soft light, sharp) 

Prompt 13 - ReV Animated:
((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), (detailed), alluring succubus, ethereal beauty, perched on a cloud, (fantasy illustration:1.3), enchanting gaze, captivating pose, delicate wings, otherworldly charm, mystical sky, (Luis Royo:1.2), (Yoshitaka Amano:1.1), moonlit night, soft colors, (detailed cloudscape:1.3), (high-resolution:1.2) 

Cast your vote in the poll here.

  • Disclaimer: I am the creator of one of the models in the list. However, it received no preferential treatment, and all images were created equally. The provided parameters can be used to recreate all images.
Contact me.
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2023.06.05 21:11 AmAskMa Multi Color Christmas Lights: Your Preferred Mix?

I have been decorating with white mini lights forever. I've gotten a little nostalgic over the past few years and have divided to go back to multi. I was wondering, what is your preffered multi-color combination on incandescent mini lights?
  1. 5 Color MODERN MULTI (Red Green Blue Amber Magenta)
  2. 7 Color 'SUPER' MULTI (Red Green Blue Amber Pink Cyan Purple )
  3. 4 Color TRADITIONAL MULTI (Red Green Blue Yellow)
I am leaning towards going full old school with the traditional 4 color multi, but would like to hear your suggestions and what you think looks most pleasing to your eyes. This will be mainly to wrap bushes, spruces, and tree trunks.
For those wondering, the 5 color multi is your basic blend that most of mid 80's up until mid 2010's (before LEDs) were working with, most of us will think of this blend when we say multi-color incandescent mini lights. The 4 Color Multis are a 70s - 90s mix but are still available from time to time at places like Menards, I seen a house last season with these and the pop the yellow gives to the other colors instantly made it feel like childhood even though these weren't popular at all when I was growing up. The Super mix I seen from Philips (Target) and its a bit Easte pastel looking to me, but I do like how unique it is.
submitted by AmAskMa to christmas [link] [comments]