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2023.06.07 22:13 JabutiVeloz Widowmaker is evidence that Overwatch needs to end.

Blizzard is clearly moving towards turning OW into something like Valorant, where they can make a lot of money at any cost, even if it means destroying the game itself. There have been many events (since Overwatch 1) that support this claim, but nerfing Widowmaker, a high skill-cap and challenging sniper, was the icing on the cake. This demonstrates that all the company wants is a game where spoiled children are completely protected from any frustration, so they can sell ridiculously priced skins as much as possible before the game dies.
There is no other justification for nerfing a sniper, which is an integral element of every FPS. It's just another demonstration that Blizzard has turned this game into such a nonsensical and erratic patchwork that it's impossible for it to survive much longer. The game has lost all its essence because the company makes whimsical decisions without any strict criteria, merely hoping that insecure teenagers will stay in the game because they would like to have Kiriko's appearance.
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2023.06.07 22:12 MyClosetedBiAcct I kinda hate the fact that the Sandman characters were shoehorned into the DC universe.

They're way too cool and well written, with far too much exploratory metaphysical and abstract ideas to be there.
It's such... a beautiful work of art, that it really should have been its own thing. It's like the mona lisa being part of a wine and canvas event. The Sandman series doesn't belong there. It belongs on it's own shelf.
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2023.06.07 22:12 eyezdeleon Counter-point - the Oakland A's deal is actually quite friendly for Las Vegas

Per ABC news...

The public funding would mainly come from $180 million in transferable tax credits and $120 million in county bonds. Backers have pledged that the creation of a special tax district around the proposed stadium would generate enough money to pay off those bonds and interest. The plan would not directly raise taxes.
Here's a link to the full bill
Couple of important notes here...
  1. The majority of the public money in this deal comes via tax credits for a business (The A's) that does not currently exist in Nevada
  2. The actual debt taken on is via a $120 million bond, which would be paid for by the special tax district.
This is important - it means no existing public money is being touched for this project. The General Fund is not being used, nor is any existing income stream being directed away from it.
I don't blame anyone for not trusting John Fisher, or feeling guilty about taking a team from another market, but a lot of the opposition to the idea seems to be people thinking that Nevada is spending public money that could go elsewhere on this project, and objectively that is not true
Just to add - the Raiders bond was $750 million and the hotel tax to cover is on pace to pay it back in less than half the time (30 year term, current pace pays it off in about 10-11 more years). $120 million over 30 years should be a breeze for the special tax district being established to cover the cost.
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2023.06.07 22:12 Chazzy4224 Do I negotiate or take the L on this job offer?

I have just been offered a job within the insurance industry coming from the truck industry doing a completely different role.
I completed the interview yesterday and got the offer this afternoon so they seem keen however, the salary would mean I’d be taking a £5k pay cut. With the current state of affairs, I am not sure I can afford to take such a cut and am wondering if I have any room to negotiate? Would this end badly? I feel in a way it’s a bit shit or bust as I don’t think I’d be able to take them up on it if they don’t offer a slight raise on salary.
Would be interested to hear opinions and ways to go about this seen as I feel totally lost and don’t want the potential of a new opportunity to pass me by.
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2023.06.07 22:12 BWCforyourslut 37 [M4F] #Lynchburg, VA Casual spanking?

Hello. I am a 6’2”, 210 lb, fit, attractive, and successful bearded white fellow. I am into fitness, healthy eating, cooking, hiking, and the BDSM arts from time to time. I am single with my own apartment over near timberlake.
I am interested in ladies(particularly college aged) that have interest in being spanked from time to time. This is of course NSA. I am 420 friendly though I do not partake. I do enjoy having a beer or whiskey beforehand when possible. Just one…I never overdo it.
Lynchburg has been a tough area to crack. I know you ladies are out there though. “I will find you. And I will spank you.” Or whatever Liam Neeson said.
Anyway if you’d like to chat to get a feel for each other up front let’s talk. I would always suggest a meeting in a public setting for a drink to discuss things beforehand. Let’s talk!
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2023.06.07 22:11 ForefathersOneandAll Be the model and embrace your mental health!

I never truly realized the depths of my trauma after my wife gave birth to our daughter at 27 weeks. I spent so long trying to be all strength while making no space for my own processing and emotions. Now almost a year later I am 6 sessions in with a trauma therapist, and my generalized anxiety that I see developed after my child's birth has subsided greatly! I really am feeling like myself for the first time in forever, and I had an opportunity in a recent session to truly process my wife's birth, and our NICU stay.
Seriously, make space for this kind of help if you have the means. I know the stigmas exist and I know many of you probably feel guilty to prioritize yourself after birth, especially as we erroneously compare our experiences to those of birth parents. I'm here to say that the trauma needs your attention, and if you can make space for it in a healthy way, you may really begin to feel like you again ♥️
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2023.06.07 22:11 HelloLurkerHere One night in June of 1976 over a million and half people in Canary Islands (Spain) witnessed 'a gigantic explosion of light' in the sky. It became part of the local UFO narrative almost immediately. Declassified documents in 1994 hinted, however, at an earthly origin, a 2001 article confirmed it.

Canary Islands is a Spanish archipelago of volcanic nature located in the eastern Atlantic ocean, just west of southern Morocco. The chain of islands extends for approximately 490 kilometers (300 miles).
Canary Islands is both geologically and climatologically almost identical to Hawaii, and as such, international tourism has been the main pillar of its economy since the 1960s.
The Event
At around 10:15 PM of June 22nd, 1976, emergency services in all the main seven islands received a flood of calls, with people reporting having seen a strange and frightening phenomenon taking place in the night sky. Most of these callers described what they were seeing as 'a gigantic explosion of light' or 'a massive ball of fire', and all of them said the phenomenon seemed to be taking place somewhere far in the west. These accounts were quickly confirmed true by local authorities, since the 'explosion of light' in question shone for several minutes before dissipating.
Many witnesses also added having seen one or two much smaller red lights moving strangely before the 'explosion' took place -rising from the horizon or from behind the mountains at very high speed, although others added that the lights flew following 'a zig-zag trajectory'.
No sound was heard or reported regarding the phenomenon, and no consequences seemed to follow except for a frightened population.
A foreign tourist vacationing in the island of Gran Canaria took the only known legit picture available of the phenomenon, from the balcony of his hotel room in Maspalomas. Here you can see a bigger version of the picture with enhanced contrast.
Here's a drawing extracted from an official report made by the Spanish Air Force. The drawing depicts a description of the event made with the information gathered from witnesses reports in the western coast of Gran Canaria. The mountains in the drawing are a depiction of the silhouette of Tenerife, the island immediately west of Gran Canaria. In order to understand the extreme magnitude of the 'explosion of light', please take into account that Tenerife is 70 kilometers (44 miles) away and its tallest peak -Mount Teide, which is in fact Spain's tallest mountain- is 3,718 meters tall (12,198 feet). Here's a real picture of the landscape depicted in the drawing, for a better perspective.
Hong Kong's bulk carrier vessel Osaka Bay was sailing from Capetown (South Africa) to Southampton (United Kingdom). The event took place when she was some 400 kilometers (250 miles) south of the island of La Gomera, and her crew did also witness the phenomenon. Here's a drawing made out of their witness reports.
The crew of the Spanish Navy's corvette Atrevida (F-61) observed the phenomenon as she was sailing just south of the island of Fuerteventura. Her captain's account of the event;
"At 22:27 local time of June 22nd it was seen, for the first time, a bright light of an intense bluish yellow color, taking off and rising in altitude towards our position... Once it reached certain height (15º-18º) it stood still, turning its light projection and showing its light source. It remained like that for approximately two minutes, before bursting into a large circle of bright bluish yellow light that remained in that position for forty minutes even after the original preceding phenomenon had faded away.
Two minutes later the light source split, its lower half being smaller and standing in the middle of the circle of light, turning into a bluish cloud as the split half that had originated this bluish mass faded away. The upper half gained altitude while describing a fast but irregular spiraling trajectory, vanishing afterwards. None of these movements had any effect whatsoever on the initial circle of light, whose features remained the same, partially illuminating land and sea, which leads to believe that it wasn't an object far in the distance, but rather close".
Here's the translation of local newspaper excerpts detailing the event;
"It was spotted between 10:15 and 10:30 PM and, according to one of our journalists who has his residence at Valle de Aridane (La Palma island), at that time he observed something that looked like a rocket emerging from the sea and flying towards El Time peak shining with an intense red light. The same phenomenon was spotted in Tazacorte (in La Palma island too). The ferry Villa de Agaete, sailing from Las Palmas, could observe a great shining at exactly 10:20 PM, shortly before docking in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The shining, which lasted about five minutes, appeared like a rocket that had come out of the sea". - El Día (June 23rd, 1976)
"Last night, at around half past ten, a strange object was spotted from several points of our region, especially in the areas of Gáldar and Telde (Gran Canaria), where most phone calls we received in that regard were from. Our callers explained to us that it was a round object that grew massively in size as it rose, clearly defined before it began to fade.
The aforementioned phenomenon began as a couple of red objects that moved in zig-zag, forming into some sort of spiral whose lower half ended in three clearly differentiated but overlaying stripes with some degree of separation between them. They were of a very bright red color and faded gradually. On top of these stripes there was what looked like two powerful blue focal lights, which began to diminish in intensity too before turning into a thin haze afterwards". - La Provincia (June 23rd, 1976)

Thanks to these accounts and description of the events, calculations could be made in order to ascertain the phenomenon's origins. At the moment of its beginning (which many witnesses described as a rocket taking off) the sun was already 13.7º under the horizon and its azimuth angle was 307º (northwest). Setting a hypothetical POV in the geographical center of the archipelago (28.50º N, 15.75º W, just north of Gran Canaria, it was calculated that during it's first phase (the 'rocket lights') the phenomenon was located some 762 kilometers (473 miles) straight west, at an approximate altitude of 46 kilometers (28 miles). By the end of its final phase (the 'explosion of light') it had traveled to a point located at around 1,062 kilometers (662 miles) west and had risen to a final altitude of 90 kilometers (56 miles).
These calculations became a very important piece of data, we'll get back to them later.

The UFO/Aliens narrative (AKA the press cherry-picks the statement of one particularly imaginative witness in order to sell a story of very questionable credibility)
Being the 1970s, almost immediately certain sectors of the press began talking about UFO -and subsequently about aliens, even though there was no further evidence to suggest such thing. The local authorities (the Army especially) focused their efforts into reassuring the population that there was nothing to fear, while at the same time gathering all the information they could gather in order to investigate the phenomenon.
In June of 1994, exactly eighteen years after that night, the Spanish Army declassified the 107-pages long investigation report of what by then it had been baptized as the "OVNI de Canarias 22/06/1976" ("Canary Islands' 06/22/1976 UFO"). Back then very few people in Spain had internet access, and as such the release of these documents went unnoticed for most people. However, many journalists rushed to get a copy of the report, and many of these worked for UFO/paranormal magazines of dubious scientific accuracy. And, aware of the kind of reaction they wanted to generate from the public they target, they focused in just one part of the report; Dr. Padrón's story.
Francisco Julio Padrón León (who passed away in 2013) was a general practitioner that lived and had his office in the rural municipality of Gáldar, which is located precisely in the northwestern part of the island of Gran Canaria (and precisely, where a lot of people reported witnessing the phenomenon. Unlike most witnessed, however, Padrón told Spanish authorities a much more extravagant version of the events.
That night he had been called in person to check on a local patient at her home, and the doctor had called a taxi in order to reach the patient's residence; Padrón lived in the town of Guía, and the patient lived at a small parish some 10 kilometers away (6 miles) named Las Rosas. Padrón, his companion and the taxi driver claimed having observed the phenomenon when the car was covering the last two kilometers of the route (at that point, a very narrow and barely paved rural road). Or more specifically, Padrón and the taxi driver claimed having bumped into it; because, according to the statement, at that moment the car's headlights illuminated a sphere that was floating right in front of them. The Padrón and the taxi driver described it as measuring some 30 meters (98 feet), slightly bright and slightly translucent. They (the doctor, especially) described seeing two humanoid entities inside the sphere, surrounded by what looked to be inner aluminum structural parts of the sphere. These figures were, per their statements, between 2.5 and 3 meters tall (8'2" to 9'10"), one taller than the other, and they were dressed in red skin-tight suits. Padrón claimed that these beings stood facing each other, apparently interacting among them but didn't seem to notice his or the taxi driver's presence. It then began to grow in size until (his words) "becoming as big as a 20-story building" and began ascending. At this point of his statement he said he went to check on her patient, after which he told all people present at the patients' home, inviting everyone to go outside and check by themselves what he claimed he had seen. By the time everyone joined Dr. Padrón to watch, the sphere was already very big, standing high in the sky and then it flew away at extreme speed ("faster than any aircraft I've seen in my life", Padrón said in the report) leaving a trail of blue smoke behind before vanishing in the distance, towards Tenerife island.
In his individual report, the taxi driver made just a very skimp corroboration of Padrón's statement, omitting most details of his version of the phenomenon. It was just a few sentences long. The taxi driver was a man in his sixties (and wore glasses) of very little formal education -in fact, his preliminary handwritten statement had to be redacted to correct numerous grammar and spelling mistakes.
As for the companion (a relative of the patient, who was traveling in the backseat), this man only describes seeing "intense bright light everywhere" and noticing "both the doctor and the taxi driver's agitation". He claimed the amount of light, plus the fact that by sitting in the backseat the taxi driver and the doctor's bodies blocked his view, hadn't allowed him to see what Padrón claimed having witnessed.
The declassified document contained many more witness reports gathered from the same area, but none of them matched Dr. Padrón's story about a sphere with two humanoids figures in it; every other description -most of them provided by locals- mentions the same enormous disc of light in the west night sky. A car mechanic and his wife described it as "a car's headlight thrice as large as the full moon". A school teacher mentioned having seen it from his house's window through a pair of binoculars when it began to fade, noticing its "fog-like appearance, and the night stars could be seen through", and mentioning what looked like a couple of bluish beams inside. A farmer explained in his statement that it looked like "a fire spot", he too mentioned seeing "two blue lines" in it. Not even the sick woman Padrón had come to provide medical attention to nor her relatives confirmed the Dr.'s description of the phenomenon, matching instead everyone else's.
That didn't stop the journalists working for UFO/paranormal-themed magazines or even some journalists working for reputable newspapers from disregarding all these credible witnesses and instead focusing on the most outlandish one; Dr. Padrón. In summer of 1994, several of these Spanish magazines like Enigmas, Año Cero or Más Allá rushed to publish a drawing depicting Padrón's description of the 'humanoid figures dressed in red' in their articles, not only making absolutely no mention of any of the other witnesses but also claimed that the propulsion system of the alleged 'alien spacecraft' had scorched a nearby onion field -the area is full of that type of crops- and that posterior chemical analysis of the scorched terrain had yielded wildly unusual results. We'll come back to this point later.
Sketch depicting Padrón's (unique, literally) description of the event. Yes, someone from the Army - more specifically from the Air Force- was tasked with sitting down next to this guy and spending a good deal of time drawing whatever ludicrous thing Padrón felt like coming up with.
Something worth mentioning; these publications made heavy emphasis on Padrón's education -he was a GP, after all. As in, as extraordinary as his claims were, these were being made by a man of a high level of education, intelligent and therefore (in the eyes of many) automatically worth of credibility. In fact, the patient's relative traveling in the taxi's backseat -a farmhand that had never received formal schooling and was illiterate- said in his witness report that one of the reasons why he did not question Padrón's statement was precisely the abysmal difference in education between him and the doctor, and kind of assumed that if an educated man like Padrón said that such thing had indeed happened, then it must have been true.
A local newspaper interviewed Dr. Padrón shortly after the documents were declassified. And by then, eighteen years after that night, Padrón added some more details to his already bizarre account, providing these journalists with something that wouldn't have been out of place in an episode of The X-Files (which back in 1994 had begun to be broadcasted in Spain, with significant success). Back in 1976 Padrón had already added in his statement that he did not feel fear but 'a strange sense of wellbeing and excitement' in his encounter with the alleged spacecraft; now he was also saying that these beings -which never communicated with him in any way, per his account- had not only the ability to erase anyone's memories off their brains, but they also can "make you see whatever they want you to do for months or years, replacing an 'energy' [his word] in your brain". If these statements weren't absurd enough, Dr. Padrón warned the journalists about not taking him seriously, because in the last three years he "had observed that anyone who had been skeptical of my statements and hurt my credibility in public has passed away within six or seven months, all of them to cancer, eight people in total so far".
Although the documents that included the description of his ludicrous story hadn't been declassified until 1994, ever since 1976 many journalists had managed to get in touch with Padrón and hear his story -the doctor himself wasn't exactly quiet about it either -and some of these are allegedly the cancer victims Padrón would've been referring to. There's no way to check the veracity of that, since the only source of that statement was Padrón himself.
Between 1976 and 1994 the doctor's story circulated in a somewhat obscure manner, being referred to in some UFO articles here and there -and adding their own artistic depictions of his outlandish story. Padrón was already telling any 'paranormal' journalist willing to listen about the scorched onion field. Turned out, back in June of 1976 a farmer in the municipality of Guía did indeed notice an area in one of his onion crops that seemed to have been burned, but that man had specified that that hadn't happened until the morning of June 24th, a good day and half after Padrón's alleged 'alien encounter'. What is more, although the cause of these burns couldn't be ascertained, they were indistinguishable from fire damage. To this day it's thought that these burnt onion plants were nothing but the result of vandalism or a prank. Some UFO skepticism authors have raised the possibility of the doctor himself being responsible.
Picture of one of the many onion fields in Guía and Gáldar. To this day, Dr. Padrón's 'scorched onion field' remains a running joke among the older residents in these municipalities.
At the time Padrón even managed, out of sheer insistence, to get that soil tested. Surprisingly to no one, all chemical, physical and radiological analyses performed yielded no unusual results. The sampling and testing was conducted by Hungarian-Spanish physician Alejandro Carlos de Gyorko-Gyorkos, who at the time was curious about paranormal phenomena and had interviewed Padrón many times in 1976. According to a journalist for Naukas (A Spanish online science and technology magazine that specializes in skepticism and debunking of pseudoscience), in 1992 Gyorko-Gyorkos described Padrón as a man that "interprets everything he comes up with as real". By 1994 Padrón was also claiming that the Spanish Air Force had threatened him with legal action to silence him, and that Gyorko-Gyorkos was a man whose "ethics he'd rather not talk about". Padrón had never mentioned these alleged legal threats at any point before June of that year, precisely once the documents were declassified, a coincidence that hadn't gone unnoticed.
Some skepticism authors have elucubrated about the possible inspiration for Padrón's 'tall men in dressed in red spacesuits'. Not exactly very original.

Explanation (1994 and 2001)
The 1976 document concludes that the origen of the 22/06/976 UFO -although in reality the Spanish Air force used then the acronym FANI (Fenómeno Aéreo No Identificado', 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon') when referring to it- was unknown. In 1994 these paranormal journalists presented such conclusion as an automatic evidence of aliens, or at least UFOs in the sense popular culture depicts then. In reality, as anyone can notice upon checking the report, 'unknown' means precisely that; unknown. At no point in the report the authors bring up rebuttals for any possible logical or rational explanation, but rather they conclude that back in 1976 there was just not enough evidence to provide an accurate explanation of its origin.
The same report contains the transcription of precisely Dr. Gyorko-Gyorkos's opinion about Dr. Padrón's reasoning (safe to assume, by then had already made up his mind about the man) in a military court. In the transcription, and in what looks like a generous maneuver to dismiss Padrón's claims without going as far to humiliate him, Gyorko-Gyorkos explains a military judge that that night Dr. Padrón, possibly overworked and sleep-deprived, misremembered what had seen and his fatigued psyche had create a mixed recollection with what he had seen and what had crossed his mind. As for the taxi driver, this man was probably highly impressionable -apparently the Dr. had behaved in a very excited manner during the phenomenon- and thus in a way Padrón had 'passed' his delusional belief onto him. The military court ruled that "Padrón's credibility could not, for the time being, be corroborated".
Of course, at this point of this writeup a question still lingers; what was whatever thing close to a million and half people saw in the night sky back on June 22nd, 1976? First, let's go over the world's state of affairs at the time, because this is one of these 'mysteries' in which history had been hinting at the answer almost from the beginning;
In 1976 the world was still amidst of a low-key conflict between two superpowers with lots of political tensions; the United States (plus NATO) versus the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (plus other members of the Warsaw Pact). AKA, Cold War. As part of the Western Bloc, at the time Spain had been a long-time ally of NATO. However, the country wouldn't become a NATO member itself until 1982 -which was so controversial within Spain that a referendum would be held in 1986 questioning Spanish people's desire to remain in the military alliance.
As such, while Spain was a Western ally, back in 1976 it was not really 'in the game' yet, especially when taking into account that, unlike in other countries, NATO membership wasn't that welcome. Please notice the year the Spanish army declassified the documents; 1994. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 (and with it , the fall of the Iron Curtain) helped lower the stakes this international poker game, and as such the world would learn about all sorts of crazy things that had been going on at both sides of the conflict in absolute secrecy.
Earlier in this writeup there is a data-based description of the phenomenon's behavior, but most importantly, it's ballistic trajectory. Adding to that, countless witnesses had described seeing either one or a couple of lights 'taking off like a rocket'. Let's remember; it had been ascertained that it originated at about 700 kilometers west and had moved further west in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean while reaching an altitude of 90 kilometers -which is about the lower thermosphere. This had already raised the first suspicions among the members of the Spanish intelligence services, suspicions that gained weight in 1994 -and that likely led to the declassification of the report- when much clearer and straightforward communication between the United States' government and Spain's allowed for a more open investigation of the sort of testing the Americans were engaging in. In 2001 an article of research journalism, coauthored by science journalists Ricardo Campo and Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos finally identified what was behind the 1976 aerial phenomenon.
Campo and Ballester had already noticed its ballistic trajectory calculated in 1976. In 1999, suspecting already who (country) was the 'culprit', they accessed Jonathan McDowell's database of ballistic missile launches. Previous to that Campo and Ballester had failed to find any useful information in NASA's archives, as none of the launches in their registry matched the evidence, and prior to that -right after the 1994 declassification, in fact- they had traveled to Moscow looking for the possible explanation there. Russian military authorities had adamantly denied their involvement in the phenomena, which directed the investigators towards other leads (while at the same time not disregarding the possibility of Russia being behind it after all.
Finally, Campo and Ballester bumped into these two rows of the database. First column indicates the launch identification number. Second and third, the date (in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Fourth is GMT time (which, adjusting for a compilation error, coincides with Canary Islands' GMT+1 local time when the phenomenon took place). The fifth column tells the type of missile, the sixth on identifies the launch platform and finally the seventh one indicates who was responsible for the launch.
Simply put, the information in these rows means; on June 22nd, 1976, two Poseidon C3 thermonuclear missiles were launched from US Navy's submarine USS Von Steuben), at 20:16 and 20:17 GTM.
The database does not include location (that information remains classified) but during their research Campo and Ballester learned from McDowell himself that the US Navy's eastern test range covers from Cape Canaveral (Florida, US) all the way Ascension Island. The location of the 1976's phenomenon falls well within such range.
From here, Campos and Ballester offered an explanation of its optics. The Poseidon C3 missile carries several 40-kiloton nuclear warheads (normally ten) -for comparison, Little Boy was a single 15-kiloton bomb. Once the two 400-kiloton missiles detonated in the thermosphere, the quick expansion of extremely hot atmospheric gases reflected the sunlight back to Earth, even though by then in Canary Islands the sun was already well below the horizon and the sky was pitch black; at 90 kilometers of altitude, these expanding gases were still in direct path of the sunlight. This reflection is what made the phenomenon appear so bright and big in spite of the 700+ kilometers of distance between witnesses and its source.
Campo and Ballester's article provided also an explanation for other similar events -albeit not that espectacular as the one pertaining this writeup- that had taken place in the islands between 1973 and 1979. All except one were found to be the result of other American thermonuclear tests, with the exception of this one seen south of the archipelago in 1979 -and finally acknowledged by Russia in 2017, although they did not explain what exactly it was.
TL;DR: It was a couple of thermonuclear missiles launched in secrecy by the US Navy in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The 'aliens' witness was, to put it mildy, an individual with an extreme tendency to make ludicrous statements and a marked need to be the centre of attention.

Campo and Ballester's work is available online for free, and anyone who speak Spanish can check the story of their investigation for themselves.
This is not to say that the whole 'aliens' narrative died down. To this day, the story of the 1976 phenomenon continues to be shared sometimes in media as 'proof' of UFO/aliens, even though it's literally neither -coincidentally, failing to mention the vast amount of evidence pointing at a thermonuclear test. In June of 2016 several newspapers published articles remembering the phenomenon in its 40th anniversary, and pretty much all of them reminded the reader right from the headline that the 'mystery' had long been solved.
Links and Sources
"Two red giants riding a missile" - Excellent article in the aforementioned online magazine Naukas written by Ricardo Campo himself on the phenomenon (Spanish)
The Spanish Army's declassified document on the event. It can be downloaded for free as a 107-pages long PDF
2016 Article (Spanish)
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2023.06.07 22:11 LongLeadership8045 Similar birth charts

What does it mean if two people have similar charts? My partner and I have the same saturn in cancer, uranus in pisces, neptune in aquarius, pluto in sag, and north node in taurus. Sorry if i worded any of this wrong!
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2023.06.07 22:11 Conflicting_Thoughts Ultimate accountability would make men's and women's life easier.

Ultimate accountability meaning, it's ultimately your responsibility to get the desired outcomes you want for your life.
I would pose this same question to women but I'm a man so I am addressing the men.
Take the abortion topic for example:
I would ask a man- "Do you want kids?"
Man: No
Me: Then do whatever it takes (legally of course) to not have kids.
(Really I believe the conversation could end right there but I'll continue)
Man: But what if she wants to keep it
Me: Does she know you don't want kids?
Man: Yes (or no)
Me: if your not going to be abstinent, then you just gambled and loss, that simple.
Man: She lied about being on BC (or changed her mind about an abortion)
Me: Did you wear a condom? Did you check if the condom burst prior to ejaculation? Did you dispose of the condom yourself? Did you pee in between rounds? Did pull out anyway?
Man: Yes (or no)
Me: Again you took a gamble and lost. If you want to play never forget there's a chance you might lose.
Man: But, thats unfair.
Me: So you willingly played an unfair game? To me your actions state, that to you the sex was worth the risk.
Man: But I have needs too, and what you're saying is not realistic, and women do the same thing as well, and the laws are against ---
Me: HEY, you're the one said they don't want to have kids, it's YOUR life man, you have to live with the consequences not me.
Again I would pose similar questions to women.
As I read various posts on this sub the tit for tat dodging any ounce of accountability will not do you any favors. Sure you might win an argument but your still feel miserable inside champ. I believe if people were to believe it's there sole responsibility to figure out a way to get what they want (morally), they would have better outcomes.
All you can do in life is to try your best to put yourself in positions with the highest likelihood to win. Death is the only guarantee I know about life.
I'm not saying I don't have sympathy and/or empathy for the various complaints. It's just that "what are you going to do about it though?"
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2023.06.07 22:11 pja314 Poll regarding gymnastics subreddit participation in reddit blackout

Hi everyone,
As many of you have likely seen elsewhere, a lot of subs will go private from June 12 to June 14 as a way of protesting the coming changes reddit will make for third party apps. This means no one can post in those subs.
More information about the strike can be found here.
I wanted to get sub buy in on how/if we should participate - please use the poll below & feel free to add comments below.
View Poll
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2023.06.07 22:11 Repyorg2 Critique appreciated: Tiny Clown vs Goth girl - 3k

Something stirred in the trashcan.
It was night. Deep night.
The trashcan swayed to and fro.
This was not the first time the can had moved that night. A few hours ago, when the grounds were covered by the darkness of the end of twilight rather than the darkness of the deep night, a young woman wearing a black t-shirt and black pants had walked out of her house to deposit a tied garbage bag into the can. She was around 25 years old and was unnaturally pale due to the use of makeup. Her hair was black, and she had bangs. An annoyed frown was on her face, as if stepping outside into suburbia was a disgusting experience. After depositing the trash in the trashcan, she had turned and walked back into the house – not noticing the way the can had given a little shake the moment she'd turned her back.
Now, under a starry sky, the can swayed to and fro.
“HIIA!!!” came a shout from within, and the trashcan toppled to the ground. Its contents – garbage bags, compost, and a little clown – spilled all over the place.
The little clown stood on its feet. It was small, only a few inches tall from top to bottom. This little clown was bald and covered in white face paint – or was that his skin color? He had tiny ear holes where his ears would go and big floppy shoes that were at least as big as the rest of his body. On his back was a backpack. He had been eating garbage, but at that moment, his nose had come off.
“EEK!” the clown shouted, pointing at his red nose, which was bouncing merely towards the house. He ran after it, but the was faster, and it bounced through a little cat door and left its owner stumbling in the dark. Yet the clown did not see it vanish into the cat door, as the grass between him and the nose was tall as a forest of trees from his perspective. All he could do was follow the red paint marks on the ground from where his nose had bounced.
The little clown sat there on the sidewalk, rubbing his rump. He then sprung to his feet (shoes making a little squishy sound as this happened) and began walking away from the spilled trash. He soon found himself walking in the green grass of the house's yard. The grass almost came up to his head. He strolled through the grass, his feet making little squishy sounds with every step he took. He eventually found himself feeling very uncomfortable in the tall grass. Anything could come and ambush him here. So instead, he turned around and walked back to the sidewalk. For several long, agonizing moments, he panicked, wondering if he was even going the right direction to get back on the sidewalk or whether he was going deeper and deeper into the grass. Because of the thickness of the grass (to him) he couldn't see very far ahead of him; he would hardly know if he was going in the right direction if not for the red paint left behind by his obstinate nose.
Whew! Close one, that.
Now he was back on the sidewalk, facing the gigantic garbage mountain and tipped over trashcan. He gazed in trepidation at the gigantic pile of trash. He would have to walk around it.
This didn't take too long, just a few moments. Traveling was easier when one could see where they were going! The tiny clown soon found himself on the other side of the pile of trash – and found himself facing a gigantic creature.
Raccoon. This he knew from the markings and the general size of the creature. Raccoons were dangerous.
“EYYEYAAA!!!” The clown gave a little shriek and dived into the trash. The raccoon snarled and jumped in after him.
Rather than emerging from the other side, the clown climbed the mountain of trash, and, when he had reached the top – used his giant shoes to jump off the trash pile onto the other side where he'd encountered the raccoon. Then he ran as fast as he could on the sidewalk, putting as much distance as possible between him and the raccoon. He didn't stop running until he had found himself face to face with the giant door leading into the human house. At the bottom of the door was a flap twice as tall as the clown. The clown pushed against the flap, and it swung open! His mind still on the raccoon, he stepped through, allowing the flap to close behind him.
Now the clown stood inside a dark room. To him, it was like a castle, a castle of darkness. Luckily, his clown eyes saw better in the dark than they did in the light. Red paint marks veered off to the left, but the clown was curious and decided he would explore this place before trying to find his nose.
Moving across the floor, the clown took off his backpack and took a grappling hook out. Swinging it like an expert, he threw it towards the counter way above him. Clink!
Like a pro, the little clown climbed up the rope and hoisted himself onto the counter. He lay there, panting a bit. He righted himself and made his way across the counter. There was a bright white light attached to the wall – a nightlight for the humans to see. Putting his arms up to block the intense light, he crossed this area and soon found himself perched at the edge of a fruit bowl. The fruit bowl was close to a window that overlooked the backyard. Suffice to say he had a nice little feast for himself taking a bite out of everything – though finishing nothing. By the end, he was burping in contentment, his burps coming out of him in little green clouds shaped like hippos that danced in the air as they floated to other parts of the house. Two of these green clouds floated up to its each other, and, standing on their hind legs, began to waltz happily through the air. Bathed in starlight coming in from the window by the fruit bowl, the clown watched them with a big smile stretching from ear to ear. Slowly, the smile vanished, and tears started to flow from his eyes. He looked away, unwilling to watch anymore.
Instead, he gazed out the window, into the backyard, where he could gaze up at the starry sky and in the distance could see the neon sign which read Clown Park. His home. The place hidden in the human world, which they could not see – not yet. Humans did not know that his kind existed, and if they did, who knows how they would react? He had to return to his home. It would take so long to walk the distance. But he needed his nose...
Setting his face into a hard line, the clown forced himself onto his feet and wobbled over (eating so much had visibly made him almost round like a ball) to the grappling hook still attached to the counter. He unattached it and stuffed it back into his backpack. Then, his shoes still making their squishy sounds, he walked back past the nightlight and further on in the direction he hadn't been yet. He searched for his nose, following the paint.
He used his grappling hook to go from counter to counter, and he searched every square inch. He knew it was here somewhere. He eventually left the kitchen and made his way down a hallway, his squishy shoes making him wince as he walked down it. He took a right into a room where almost everything was the color of cream, and which was smaller than the kitchen. The bathroom. This place he searched as well, but found no balloon, nor anything else of his save for one of the burp hippos sitting at the edge of the toilet and using it, apparently. He left the bathroom and made his way at last into the room he feared most: the bedroom. This room was the darkest of all. No nightlight. Windows, yes, but they were covered by black curtains. Of course, it was not the darkness of the room that bother him, but rather the giant who occupied the gigantic bed. She was the human who owned this house. She was a scary one, even among the humans, often listening to terrifying music that spoke words of suffering and spiders. It was her music that had caused him to topple from his balloon as he was surveying the human town. He had run and hid and had been lurking around the yard and house ever since then. He had landed on his nose, which had triggered the nose into an angry fit, and now the nose had run away. He needed it to return. This was the only room he had never checked. Now the object of his terror lay before him, on her side, sleeping. Her pajamas, black like every other piece of clothing she wore. It was a buttoned pajama shirt with a pocket in the front over her chest. And his nose was situated on the tip of her shoulder.
Trying not to scream in alarm, the clown wagged his finger at his nose and pointed to his face pleadingly. His nose blew angrily at him, sounding like a raspberry. Then, to his horror, it bounced into the woman's front pj pocket, vanishing from view. He glanced at a nightstand in the far end of the room and noticed a baseball bat leaning against it. How strange. The tiny clown did not know much about humans, but he did know about baseball, and something told him this woman wasn't a baseball player. Plus, why did it have spikes sticking out of it?
The clown hoped with hope against hope with all the hope in his little clown body that his noce would see reason and bounce out of the human's pocket before she woke. But nothing happened.
Dread filled his little heart.
No, that couldn't be true. It was too terrible to be true. Deep down, he knew it was useless to keep pretending that he wouldn't have to put himself in the human's pocket and risk waking her. Humans didn't believe in tiny clowns, they were so arrogant they thought they were the only sapient race. What would this human do if she found proof against her worldview inside her pj pocket?
The little clown tossed his grappling hook across the air. It fell to the ground. Arms shaking in fear, he wheeled it back in and and tossed it again, this time leaning at the very edge of the nightstand with the tips of his toes. Click!
He climbed the line towards the bed, like a trapeze walker. Eventually he came to the edge of the bed and navigated through it.
His feet sank into the mattress. He hated it. It felt like quicksand. This was the least of his worries. When at last he was level with the sleeping giant, he carefully, carefully began to climb up her body holding tightly to the fabric of her buttoned pajama shirt to climb. At last, he was level with the pocket. He reached inside...and leaned so far he fell inside.
“OOF!” he called out as he hit his head on the key.
The giant must have felt this somehow. She tossed in her sleep, and the clown was sent flying – bouncing to and fro inside her pj shirt pocket.
Things went worse from there. The waltzing hippo burps had slowly waltzed their way into the room and waltzed themselves right into the woman's nostrils, even as his nose resisted his grasp and blew pink snot into a piece of cloth in the human's pocket, her hanky.
The woman twitched in discomfort in her sleep. The clown was sent flying again, and this time his squishy shoes pressed against her chest. He reached out and pressed the nose into his face, forcing it back on. He reached out and grabbed onto something – the hanky, the only thing inside the pocket that was actually meant to be there.
The woman, already starting to wake, rolled over onto her side – landing on the sharp grappling hook at the edge of her mattress.
“Oomph!” she grunted and woke. Desperate, the clown tried to crawl out of the pocket, but the woman was already sitting up. If he did this, he would be caught.
“Huh?” the woman said, feeling the grappling hook with her fingers. She squinted down at it. Her eyes not yet fully adjusted to the dark, she flipped on the switch to turn the lantern by her bed on. "What the hell are you?" she asked. Then, squinting down it again and looking at her ribs, her eyes widened in alarm as she realized it had cut into her pj's and had made a little bloody cut in her skin.
Glancing in all directions, she reached into her pocket for her hanky to pull it out... and ended up holding the tiny clown instead.
Her eyes widened in alarm as she stared at the clown and he stared back at her. “Am I dreaming?” She cocked her head to the side. She squinted at the clown, and the clown thought to himself it was a kind of angry, disgusted squint. “What the hell is this?” she asked, and her voice had a mean edge to it.
She screamed in pain as the clowns sharp fangs were sunk into her finger. The clown used the woman's wrist as a springboard to bounce off – directed perfectly so he flew towards her nightstand with the key outstretched.
The woman clutched her smashed finger to her chest, cursing and screaming in pain and anger – just as the tiny clown unlocked the container and took his deflated balloon out. He snatched the grappling hook and put it in his backpack and jumped off the nightstand.
“LITTLE FUCK!!!” the woman shouted in rage, running towards the clown with her non-bleeding hand outstretched. Seeming to think better of this plan, she reached out grabbed the baseball bat that had been leaning against the wall.
So that was what that baseball bat had been for.
The tiny clown ran across the hallway as fast as his little legs could carry him. With every squishy little step, he inhaled into the balloon.
The Goth girl smashed the baseball bat hard into the ground, missing the poor guy by literally less than half an inch. She had swung it just a LITTLE too far ahead of him.
Unfortunately, he was going so fast that he smacked right into it.
Literal stars flew around as his head as he toppled over onto his back. Immediately, he played dead, sticking his tongue out of his open mouth and closing his eyes. The woman was bending down to look at him, he knew this through squinting out of his eyes. In his left hand was the string of the balloon – a balloon which was slowly coming to life with all the air he'd blown into it...
“Are you the demon that came for me because I played with Ouija board?” muttered the Goth. She made as if to reach down and pick him up, but, thinking of her injured hand, hoisted the bat above her head. One more hit just to be sure...
“HIIA!!!” the tiny clown shouted, and the balloon went flying into the air with him attached. He bounced off the nose of the woman (“BOOP!” cried the clown) and flew towards the cat door.
The Goth gave chase. She collided with a bunch of dancing hippos. She doubled over, gagging, her eyes an expression of shock at what she was seeing. A clown's gag is a powerful smell for humans, not easily described.
The clown soared through the cat door, flew over the trash pile (which was now crawling with at least three raccoons and flew upwards towards the sky.
In the distance, Clown Park awaited. Hundreds, no thousands of other clowns ready to hear his adventure. He could already see the gigantic face in the sky which was the entrance to Clown Park, gigantic, with a red nose and a jester's hat.
It winked at him as he approached.
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2023.06.07 22:11 distractedyogi PDF to XLS - dates in Armenian

I exported a series of scans to xls. And that seemed to work out fine - with the exception of few “1” instead of “/“.
But when try to work with the data the date fields converted to an Armenian format - meaning the day and month are reversed compared to the US format I am working in.
For January 10, 22 I get 10/1/22 when I adjust it to US rather than 1/10/22.
This happened to only a portion of the date fields, so some are in one counties date format and some are in another.
Is there an easy way to convert them? Or a setting I can change on the pdf conversion to assure all date are imported in the correct country format?
I was thinking of using the date() function to deconstruct the date into day/month/year, reassembling them correctly and then overwriting the old data, but for more than 1200 cells this seems tedious.
Any suggestions?
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2023.06.07 22:11 Chexl Slow Characters in Fast Units

I was wondering if anyone knows how this is supposed to work out. I was looking at Gabriel Seth's data card and saw he can be put in with jump pack units. Does this mean that if I wanted to use a character that could technically join a unit with jump packs that the unit would just be super slow or does the character gain the movement characteristic of the jump pack unit?
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2023.06.07 22:11 Sharinganprincess91 [F4M] Fandom Roleplay. Looking for more partners. (Super freaking bored, please read before messaging me...)

Side note: I've added a password, so read carefully. If you message me WITHOUT the password, your messages are automatically IGNORED. tired of getting hit up with people who don't read 😒. It's ridiculous cause I've ignored 5+ chats cause none of them contained the password. Things are written for a reason.
Facts about me:
1: if you don't like 50/50 mixture of sex scenes and story, don't bother hopping into my inbox. I'm fine with sex scenes, but when it's constantly back to back, the roleplay itself gets boring.
2: Be literate. No one liners. I like to's annoying when I send a 2-3 paragraph response and I get 3 I am not accepting people who are just starting out! If you aren't experienced in writing or roleplaying, kindly stay out of my inbox.
3: Be okay with playing canon characters. I'm mainly doing fandom roleplays right now and it's going to be Canon x my oc. No, I'm not doing double ups. Do not even ask, because the answer will be no every time. I do not give a shit if you think that makes me 'lazy' or 'selfish', if you've got a problem, you can simply ignore or block me. Commenting on my post to bitch and whine about me not doubling up will only result in me blocking you. The ONLY time I'll double up, and if I'm confident enough, I'll only do female characters. I suck at males. Got a problem? Not my issue. Block and move on.
4: Roleplay in third person. I can't and won't adapt to first. Don't even bring up the idea of you playing first person and me playing third. Believe it or not, I've been asked this twice and that is just a hell no for me. The only time I do first, is when I'm writing into my book.
5: if you don't know how to share ideas, then don't bother messaging me. I'm tired of carrying the story when the other person doesn't help. If you've got ideas, then PLEASE speak up! Your opinion on the roleplay matters too! I'm an easy going person, and easy to get along with (dispite my rules).
6: DO NOT control my character. I control what she says, does, hears, sees, ect. I don't control yours, so don't control mine. HOWEVER, if it's highly necessary and needed, then run it by me first and ask me. Just leave me some wiggle room so I can make a decent response. Failure to comply by this rule, results in immediate drop of the rp.
End Note:
Yes, I've updated my rules just a tad. I do not care if it makes me sound mean or rude, because I'm neither of these things. I'm just tired of putting these rules down for a specific reason and they go ignored because I can tell when someone hasn't read them, and lied about it. I'm just trying to get my point across and roleplay. I'm a very easy going person who loves to make friends on the side (which I've somewhat given up on making friends...only a selective few have actually gained my friendship).
Do not hop into my inbox with a simple 'hey' 'hi' 'sup', etc and for God's sake, don't message me with a 'rp?'and proceed me to flash me with your talliwhacker. I promise you, you'll get your feelings hurt and I'll be here laughing at ya 😂. Nobody wants a peen on their screen. Do not send me an image of your one eyed noodle. Thank you. The password is pineapple.
Fandoms & Pairings
Deadpool (Wade x my oc)
The Adam's family
Pokemon ((MAYBE. Don't be nasty about it either!))
Bridgerton (or something like it. Can be Oc x Oc)
Disney Decedent's (or anything Disney) (oc x oc)
Orange is the new black (this can be oc x oc).
Criminal Minds (REALLY wanna do)
Loki x my oc
Spiderman (Tom Holland) x my oc
Dog The Bounty Hunter (REALLY wanna do):
Dog Chapman x my oc
The walking dead (REALLY wanna do!!):
Daryl X my oc
Batman x my oc
Lucifer (Netflix show series) x my oc (really wanna do)
The Originals: Klaus x my oc (PLEASE !! I REALLY wanna do this one!)
American Horror Story: Tate x my oc (REALLY wanna do)
Dragon Ball Z - Super (vegeta x my oc) (really wanna do)
Naruto: Minato x my oc
Harry Potter (thanks to the wonderful world of rp, the characters will be 18 or older. For me, I'd like it if it was Draco x my oc. REALLY wanna do)
Game Of Thrones (I'm still very early in the show, but I think we could think of something!)
Once Upon A Time:
killian x my oc, REALLY wanna do 🥺.
Avatar the last Airbender:
Zuko x my oc
Jacob x my oc
(Course, our version will be alot better than the movies).
If any of these interests you, message me!
End note part 2:
Congratulations! You've made it to the end. Still interested? You've got the password. Message me and let's get started 😁.
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2023.06.07 22:11 ForefathersOneandAll Go. Get. Help.

I never truly realized the depths of my trauma after my wife gave birth to our daughter at 27 weeks. I spent so long trying to be all strength while making no space for my own processing and emotions. Now almost a year later I am 6 sessions in with a trauma therapist, and my generalized anxiety that I see developed after my child's birth has subsided greatly! I really am feeling like myself for the first time in forever, and I had an opportunity in a recent session to truly process my wife's birth, and our NICU stay.
Seriously, make space for this kind of help if you have the means. I know the stigmas exist and I know many of you probably feel guilty to prioritize yourself after birth, especially as we erroneously compare our experiences to those of birth parents. I'm here to say that the trauma needs your attention, and if you can make space for it in a healthy way, you may really begin to feel like you again ♥️
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2023.06.07 22:11 Cool_Value1204 My opinion on why people have a hard time liking Pam’s character

Pam’s character struggles because they didn’t make her into anything more than a love interest to begin with. And she was great. She was the most valuable person in the office.
Once she was achieved there was no where to go. The art school was…weird. Uncomfortable. Real, sure. But not entertaining. Then they just slapped the “MAJOR DORK” on her when Danny showed up (Jim is critical of Holly being a major dork). A lot of her big moments became things that were negative like the microwave, her mom and Michael, being short with Erin, defrauding the company into promoting her, etc. and she and Jim lost the playful partners in crime that they had at first.
Had she have been dorky and goofy right off the bat, it wouldn’t have seemed so choppy. If the art was more exciting and not so desperate, it might have been more fun. If the prank with Jim’s brothers had rocked his world, it would have been awesome. But there’s so much pity involved with poor Pam.
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2023.06.07 22:10 Retributw Holy Kit (MORY ONLY)

Holy Kit (MORY ONLY) submitted by Retributw to UniqueIronmen [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:10 Sirlawry Master Old Money Style (The Art of True Elegance)

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2023.06.07 22:10 my-one-last-chance I finally took a break from Totk and this happened…

So, picture this: I'm sitting there, realizing I've done nothing but immerse myself in Totk all week. I mean, come on, a break is long overdue, right? So, I shut down the game, grabbed some food, and decided to kick back with a little YouTube action. And guess what? I stumble upon this sick beat, and I'm like, "You know what? I'm gonna write a freakin' song!" So, I start off with a basic hook (not exactly my strong suit, I'll admit), and before I know it, I'm freestyling about Zelda. Seriously, this game has taken over my brain! Can't get enough of it!
Ps: Please don’t judge my mixing too harshly! I just kinda screw around with music in my free time!
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2023.06.07 22:10 RedRockWulf Airdrop sends to other user than chosen contact

The other day at a family dinner I sent my girlfriend a picture via airdrop and not only did my girlfriend have the option of accepting the photo, but her father also did.
We are all on the same apple “family” but that doesn’t seem to be the reason he also receives them.
After he realized I didn’t mean to send it to him, he’d continue accepting anything I sent to my girlfriend if he were within distance. I later found this out and felt uncomfortable as the pictures were very obviously not for him, yet he continued accepting without ever saying anything to me.
I would like to prevent this from happening as we aren’t sure why he also has the option. I’m wondering if it’s possible they share the same Apple ID, but she has her own profile so texts, calls, photos, apps, etc aren’t synced?
Any advice would be appreciated as we’d like to work on changing this
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2023.06.07 22:10 forbiddenmemeories CMV: Any crime should come with a much heavier sentence if the criminal(s) record and share the crime on social media

This one is pretty spur of the moment and only just occurred to me, so I'm wholly open to having my view changed (or open to being pleasantly surprised by learning this is already the case.)
This is mainly in response to the advent of stuff like that English teenager knobhead on Tiktok and others who go viral for stupid 'pranks' with stuff like vandalism or harassing members of the public. Many have opined that we shouldn't even be giving these guys the publicity of reporting on their activities as it plays into their hands, and to an extent I agree, but it's also not surprising that something gets reported on if it blows up on social media. It's a bit of a vicious cycle which I think encourages and publicises certain petty crimes and so I've started thinking that, as the wider impacts of such crimes conducted in this very social media-driven style are worse than if they were just performed with no further documentation, any time someone deliberately circulates their own criminal activity on social media they should be faced with a worse sentence than normal.
I expect that for some crimes this probably is already the case in a lot of countries; probably particularly for crimes like encouraging violence (publicly proclaiming support for ISIS bombings would probably be punished additionally harshly if the proclaimer posted their message on social media on top), and for crimes which are especially degrading to the victim(s) to the point that documenting and sharing it could be considered an additional crime in itself (e.g. someone who sexually assaulted another person would be punished especially heavily if they recorded and shared the assault.) But I think that with the especially viral nature of social media, this has to be something that is extended to other crimes as well. The 'benefits' of those other crimes have now gone up when the criminals choose to involve social media as there is now greater potential to gain fame from them, so to act as a proper deterrent the 'costs' of the crime must also go up by imposing harsher penalties on people who not only commit the crimes but share them on social media. (Of course, infamy may be considered a 'cost' as well, but presumably if somebody has elected to record and share their crimes it is because they do in fact view any fame they gain from them to be a good thing.) This may also further serve to stigmatise such behaviour; at present it seems like the presence of social media is convincing some people that their actions which in other contexts they may have recognised as wrong to be basically just a bit of fun and entertainment, whereas we really need to be putting out the message that turning harmful actions into a spectacle makes them more wrong, not less.
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2023.06.07 22:10 iwetmyplantsss Do I (27F) tell him? (32M)

I am really struggling and can’t talk to anyone about this.
So my boyfriend and I have been together like 3-4 years, extremely happy, healthy relationship, ect. He’s a business owner, summer is his crazy busy season so he’s overworked and stressed. One of his long time best friends from college who lives in another state started staying with us a few months ago to work for him, my bf has been training him to be a manager to help run crews to relieve his stress. The friend goes home on the weekends to his girl and their baby. They are now moving to our state because obviously that’s what makes sense.
Yesterday, friend came home from work (my bf was still out) & was telling me about their day, said it was bad. When I asked why, he randomly poured out: “Because all day long I can’t stop thinking about f***ing you. I don’t know what to do, it’s so bad, he’s my best friend, I’m a horrible person, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I am because it’s all I think about now. Nice gestures is my love language and you’re so kind I can’t help but be attracted to you. I should probably start staying somewhere else during the week.” Wtf??????????? And I obviously was like yeah….. obviously?
I’m so upset now and can’t stop feeling guilty. I have never kept anything from my bf, I bartend and come home and tell him everything, he knows I get hit on but we trust each other completely. If it were any other situation I would have instantly told him, friend or not. He isn’t a jealous person, but obviously this is different. Now I’m in this position where I will disrupt multiple lives so badly if I say something, my bf relies on him for work now. Until yesterday I’ve been so happy my bf finally hired someone to help- he has epilepsy so I get super paranoid in the summer because stress is a huge trigger for his seizures, and he drives all over every day. The friend KNOWS I’m fiercely loyal, I’ve been in abusive/cheating relationships before so I’m extremely clear and adamant about not lying to each other.. I can’t even comprehend why he’d tell me in the first place.
I’ve never once considered lying to my bf, yet feel like telling him isn’t right either. He’s mid season and his business could crumble. But I know he’d want to know, I mean I would. What is the right thing to do? Do I tell him??
**if anyone’s interested, a week ago the friend started acting weird after I made him a sandwich. I pack my bf lunch every day and was just trying to be nice by making his friend one too. He had told me that day not to do that again and said it again yesterday because it makes him like me more?? Wtf I made him one sandwich ONE time which I would literally do for anyone like what
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