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A place to discuss NJ beer - Releases, Events, Stores, NJ Breweries, and other beer related happenings related to New Jersey.

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A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job.

2023.06.07 10:02 maculvein 2024 but Things Got Weird

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2023.06.07 09:23 mantahome Top Basement Remodeling in Chatham, NJ

Top Basement Remodeling in Chatham, NJ
Elevate your basement to new heights with our Basement remodeling services in Chatham, NJ. Whether you envision a cozy entertainment area, a home gym, or an extra living space, our skilled professionals are here to bring your vision to life. With attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, we transform your basement into a functional and inviting space. From design to completion, we provide personalized solutions and use high-quality materials to ensure a stunning result. Contact us today to discuss your basement remodeling project in Chatham, NJ and unlock the full potential of your home.

Basement Remodeling in Chatham, NJ
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2023.06.07 08:59 AnaraMedspaNJ1 Revitalize Your Skin with PRP Treatments in NJ at Anara Medspa

Experience the rejuvenating effects of PRP treatments in NJ at Anara Medspa. Enhance your results with our Vi Peel NJ and best Botox NJ services. Rediscover youthful skin and boost your confidence. Visit us today for a personalized treatment plan.
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2023.06.07 08:51 ssbbka17 Surprise surprise 😪

Surprise surprise 😪
I was expecting it
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2023.06.07 04:49 Real-Kangaroo-5136 The Return of the National Union Party

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2023.06.07 03:30 Iknownothingshin How much of my $130k earnest money will I potentially lose if I decide to pull out of a home purchase deal in New Jersey?

I have signed a home purchase contract for a property that was $100k above the asking price. I waived the appraisal and had inspections done only for the structural and environmental aspects. I put down 20% of the home price as earnest money, totaling $130k. However, I'm now having second thoughts about proceeding with the purchase. Can anyone with experience or knowledge of real estate laws in New Jersey provide some guidance on how much of my earnest money I might lose if I decide to back out? I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice.
Edit 1: The housing market in NJ communities with high school ratings was crazy this season. From December to April-may, I have given 20 to 25 offers all well above asking price. And waving contingency’s. When I gave offer their was a bidding war and i was competing with multiple offers. And now things changed.
During purchase, the initial offer was 20k earnest and 20% down for mortgage. But, the seller’s had multiple offers and countered with must have 20% earnest to pick my offer
Edit 2: Thank you all, I got my answer. Their are no partial refunds on earnest money. For me going through the deal is best option as I will end up with home which meets my family needs and won’t lose any money.
Since I signed the contract mortgage interest rates went up (I have locked @ 6% 30 years fixed) and I see houses are listed for less then what I bought. So was not sure what was best for me which resulted in this post.
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2023.06.07 02:03 table_fireplace June 6th Election Results - NJ primaries and Denver, CO Mayor!

It's primary night in New Jersey, and runoff night in Denver! Here's the rundown:
New Jersey (polls close 8pm ET)
Colorado (polls close 7pm MT, 9pm ET)
Results are also available on DDHQ.
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2023.06.07 00:46 GardenTypical966 What should I do before and after a glow facial to improve the results?

What should I do before and after a glow facial to improve the results?
The best glow facial chicago is an excellent option to improve the appearance of your skin, giving it a radiant glow and smooth texture. To make sure you get the best possible results, it's important to take a few steps before and after treatment. Here's a guide on what to do in both phases.
Before the glow facial treatment
Advice before and after treatment.
Consult with a professional: Before undergoing any facial treatment, it is essential that you consult with an aesthetic professional. They will assess your skin type and determine if you are a suitable candidate for a glow facial treatment. They will also be able to recommend products and care specific to your skin.
Prepare your skin: A few days before your treatment, be sure to maintain a proper skin care routine. Cleanse your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser and apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Avoid using exfoliating or abrasive products, as they can irritate the skin prior to treatment.
Sun protection: Don't forget to apply sunscreen every day, even before your facial. Sun protection is crucial to avoid skin damage and prolong treatment results.
After the glow facial treatment
Avoid makeup: After treatment, it is advisable to avoid makeup for at least 24 hours. This will allow your skin to breathe and recover properly. If you need to apply makeup, be sure to choose products that are non-comedogenic and gentle on the skin.
Moisturizing: After treatment, it is essential to keep your skin well hydrated. Apply a mild, unscented moisturizer to help restore moisture lost during the procedure. Drinking enough water is also important to keep the skin hydrated from the inside out.
Continued sun protection: After facial treatment, the skin may be more sensitive to sun exposure. Be sure to apply sunscreen with a high protection factor whenever you go outside. This will prevent hyperpigmentation and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
Follow a skin care routine: To maintain the results of the facial glow in Chicago, it is essential to follow a proper skin care routine. Cleanse your face gently, apply moisturizing products and use sunscreen daily. Consult your aesthetic professional for specific product recommendations and aftercare treatments. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to call us at 312-841-9750 for more information.

Elite Chicago Spa
3952 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613, United States
Sorario: Monday to Saturday from 10 AM-6 PM
Phone: (312) 841-9750
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2023.06.07 00:25 Temporary-Maximum670 North NJ fertility

My insurance sucks and does not cover anything even remotely related to fertility (I work for a Catholic hospital). I’ve been going to URA, and they’re fine, but I’ve already spent > $5k for just 2 monitored cycles, I can’t afford to keep spending this money with no results. And I’ll admit, I’m inpatient, I’ll be 32 in November and just want to be pregnant already. The next step would be IUI for $2650 per cycle. (Which my dr doesn’t think I need, my ovulation is the problem, not my partner, but it’s a package price so may save me money).
So question is: does anyone happen to know of anywhere to get cheaper IUI, like under $1.5/2k? Open to anywhere in NJ/NY/PA/CT I know it’s a long shot but worth a try. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 23:40 JustAntelope8376 Has anyone in NJ purchased the new lottery scratch offs? I honestly thought I’d have a better chance at winning something more than just 10 since they’re new but nothing :(

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2023.06.06 23:32 evanrtucker03 Manual Draft Lottery Order

I’m wanting to use the actual 2023 draft lottery results in MyLeague but don’t know how to set it. It won’t let me trade all of the picks. How do I?
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2023.06.06 23:20 my_name_is_trash Valedictorian bites the dust nearly everywhere, but is ultimately satisfied

Hey all, I apologize for this being long, but I really wanted to be descriptive and thorough about my thoughts and reflections.
Intended Major(s): Computer science
Standardized Testing (weak spot lol)
Extracurriculars/Activities (also weak spot lol)
  1. “Varsity” (lol) robotics all four years – participated in FRC as a programmer and builder; senior year I was also a co-captain
  2. Programming/game design – I simply enjoy programming in many languages and designing basic video games using C# in Unity
  3. Violin – tbh I have no clue why I put this, I began learning at the end of my junior year as a hobby because I liked orchestral music
  4. Service hours – I’ve completed over 130 service hours throughout my time in high school, including religious service, service to the poor, and service to the community
  5. School house leader – attended a school leadership camp in the summer of 2021 (going into my junior year) and then served as a leader and the communications coordinator for my house during my junior year (for houses, think Harry Potter but there’s 10 of them)
  6. National Math Honor Society/Mu Alpha Theta – participated in Catholic Math League and AMC math test competitions, but nothing serious (we just kinda did no practice and took the tests when the days came lol)
  7. Danger of A.I. research paper – wrote a 37-page research paper discussing A.I. and its potential and interviewed a tech professional for my Honors Focus Research course
  8. National Honor Society – pretty self-explanatory (only allowed to join junior or senior year, so I did this for two years); requires 5 tutoring hours each semester
  9. Tutoring – basically tutored kids in math and computer science a lot, especially this one kid in cs basically every week during my junior year
  10. Senior GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America) community member – basically a member of my Greek Orthodox Church’s youth group and met for activities (liturgical/worship services and discussions/fun activities) a few times each month
  1. Mathematics department award (sophomore year) – given to one student per grade
  2. Principal’s list every semester (4.0 weighed or above) – a quarter of my grade was on this last year so doesn’t mean much imo lol
  3. School scholars program – about 10% of my grade is in this, requires certain courses to be taken and a certain GPA to be maintained for a scholarship
  4. Graduated summa cum laude – obtained by maintaining a 4.0 weighted and taking extra courses (such as Honors Focus Research)
  5. National STEM Honor Society – member since sophomore year and also school president
Letters of Recommendation
Counselor letter (8/10) – I don’t know much of about the letter to be honest, especially since my counselor and I didn’t really meet much, but I do know she liked me and thought of me as a very bright student, so imma guess above average
AP Lang teacher (9/10 or 10/10) – I first had her for Honors Argumentation & Rhetoric sophomore year; she and I clicked well and I did very well in her AP class junior year, despite only getting a 3 on the exam (not my greatest exam day, and I also rushed a lot on the final essay); she used my essay as a sample across all her AP classes once and called me one of the best writers she has ever taught, along with recommending several students from her 22-23 classes to me for writing help
AP Calc teacher (7/10) – calc was hands down my best subject, and I’ve had this teacher for AB junior year and for BC senior year; in BC, I got the highest score on her midterm (I’m pretty sure) and definitely on her final exam in the history of her teaching (which has been going on for about 10 years); I’ve heard though that this teacher typically writes similar letters for good students with just some extra info that pertains to each student specifically, so it might not have stood out compared to the letters written by her for other students
AP CSA teacher (7/10) – similar story to the calc letter; I did really well in the class as the only sophomore, and my teacher has been my robotics coach for all four years of high school, but I know he does a similar thing to calc, where he writes similar letters for each good student but some extra specific information to the student; this might’ve blended in with my friend’s letter, as he applied to similar schools and also requested a letter from this teacher
Overall, I think my essays were pretty strong, and I think my Common App essay in particular must’ve been strong. It was a graded assignment for my AP Lit class, and I got an A on it after months of working on it (my AP Lit teacher was a strict grader). I wrote a story about a student I tutored in cs a lot and sprinkled coding metaphors throughout. As for supplementals, some of them I spent some more time on (a few weeks or even months), some of them I spent a few days on, and for like a few of them I wrote the day before they were due, but I don’t think they were that bad; I really tried to make them specific to me and engaging, although none of my supplements were reviewed by a teacher or advisor.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information (my thoughts and insights):
I’ll share some of my insights really quick. I definitely believe my test scores were a problem, along with my ECs: I didn’t do any summer programs, publish any papers, participate in any real competitions, etc. As for the test scores, I took the ACT three times and the second time was my best; in middle school, I developed a bad habit of spending hours on tests (a strange perfectionistic, double checking tendency) and although it thankfully mostly went away in high school (I do every school test now with no extra time), I still struggle not to get anxious during the ACT and SAT and seem to never finish on time for the reading comprehension portions. After my ACT tries, I had the chance to take the SAT once, which I did, and due to its more lenient timing, I did better than any ACT attempt, but worse on the math. Ultimately, I didn't do early action for any school except for my safety school's honors college (which is test blind) in the hopes of significantly raising my test score before regular decision, which didn't really happen.
Another issue was that my school doesn’t publish rank, so I couldn’t say where I was ranked in my application; additionally, it wasn’t until after applications were sent that I was confirmed to be ranked 1st/valedictorian.
Overall, life hasn’t been a breeze since covid hit in freshman year. I’ve went through much overthinking, a lack of motivation, and even major surgery last summer; in the end, however, I am not as distraught as you may think. I am actually quite happy to go to my state school’s honors college, especially since a lot of my friends are going to the same college. I mentally prepared myself to receive all rejections, so I wasn’t very demotivated upon getting the results, especially because I knew what a lottery these admissions could be.
Anyway, thanks to all of those who took the time to read this, and I hope y’all continue to share your insights and advice with others.
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2023.06.06 22:17 Better-Protection-23 Making of the Meme King

Here is a video of the original GameStop (GME) technical analysis provided by Keith Patrick Gill (Reddit username DeepFuckingValue) who turned $53,000 (US) into nearly $50 million and still has not sold. DeepFuckingValue previously had stated that the price target is "only up." This is likely due to the fact that short sellers can have the potential of infinite losses in the event of a stock on a bull run (such as the past 3 months).
Here is what happened during the Volkswagen short squeeze.
However, unlike the Volkswagen short squeeze GameStop's incredible bull run was made purely by a severe increase in buying pressure.
According to the SEC:
Against that backdrop, in January 2021, more than 100 stocks experienced large price moves or increased trading volume that significantly exceeded broader market movements. For some of these stocks, the amount of “short interest,” measured as the number of shares sold short as a portion of the total shares outstanding, exceeded the market average, while others had frequent mentions on social media, including Reddit. Notably, many of the stocks were consumer-focused companies that were familiar names to the public.
In other words, there was a systemic failure of market makers somewhere within the transactions and over 100 stocks broke free from Citadel Securities LLC's algorithm. This was made purely by buying pressure, the DTCC's subsidiary, National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) had contacted Robinhood on the behalf of Kenneth Cordele Griffin (founder of Citadel Securities LLC) stating that there was the risk of systemic failures due to the amount of cash-on-hand requirements for T+2 settlement. Instead of allowing this to happen, the DTCC and Citadel Securities LLC committed conspiracy and racketeering across several PFOF applications and then later committed Perjury during the Gamestop congress hearing about having no contact with Robinhood.
2 years later, and now Gamestop has $1.39 B cash-on-hand, is net positive, and is soon to make the S&P500 with a market cap of $7.52 billion with a growth rate that outperformed the bank index (such as the failing meme banks UBS & Credit Suisse who are among the Banks in the DOJ's Russian Sanction probe). Gamestop shareholders continue to direct register and lock the float as short sellers continue to short and distort with hit pieces such as the one of the title. Today approximately 30% of Gamestop's float is direct registered by retail alone. With the self reported short % of the float being 21.41% short sellers continue to struggle as Gamestop gets closer to earnings with the past 3 months being green.
For perspective, the Volkswagen short squeeze only had 12.8% of outstanding shares being short that drove its share price up from €210.85 to more than €1,000 in less than two days and the only reason that it stopped was because Porsche showed mercy. Regardless if there is the argument that "Gamestop already had it's short squeeze" it still has the potential to reach higher highs than that considering Volkswagen was not involved in naked short selling. On December 31, 2020 GME had a short interest of 313.82% (go to chart> fundamentals> % Short Int> and view the 5Y chart timeline) this is physically impossible to close. The only reason it would be shorted that much is if an abusive short seller were to illegally attempt to drive a company into bankruptcy and not have to disclose their illegal short data.
Illegal naked shorting and stock manipulation are two of Wall Street’s deep, dark secrets. These practices have been around for decades and have resulted in trillions of dollars being fleeced from the American public by Wall Street. -SEC comment
Gamestop imposes Wall Street's biggest threat. This is why 2 years later CNBC is still making hit pieces on Gamestop as they push the UBS bank that had recently bought Credit Suisse's baggage. Just as Credit Suisse did with Volkswagen in 2007, they have made another very, very, bad bet. UBS is the bag holder that faces the risk of unlimited losses. We aren't trapped in here with them, they are trapped in here with us.
Buy, Direct Register Shares (DRS) transferring to BOOK, and HODL. Double check. Educate yourself and educate others. Just be glad you aren't an abusive Gamestop short seller and don't have to commit white collar crimes just to hide it while paying news channels billions of dollars to make hit pieces and articles hoping shareholders sell in a thriving company.
Edit: Left a stone unturned while searching sources.
Note that in no way, shape or form am I implying that Keith Gill is provoking market manipulation, this was an individual investors opinion. All individual retail investors are responsible for their own individual financial decisions. I personally like the stock. All you people at Citadel can go fuck yourselves.
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2023.06.06 21:36 Max_ABE Residence Lottery Results

Lmfao, I am 351 out of 215. Just my god damn luck I suppose.
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2023.06.06 21:27 musri_ 0 blocks your whole career is crazy 😭

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2023.06.06 18:30 raffsan125 Irish lotto results 3 draws

Keeping track of the Irish lotto results for all three draws is essential for anyone playing the game. By utilizing the official website, mobile apps, social media accounts, and local news outlets, you can easily access the winning numbers and stay informed about your potential winnings. Remember to check your tickets carefully and claim any prizes within the designated timeframe if you're a lucky winner. Best of luck in the upcomingIrish Lotto draws!
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2023.06.06 17:37 doofycoin Exciting Announcement: Doofy Lottery Coming Soon! 🎉🎰💸

Attention, fellow meme enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts! We have some thrilling news to share with you all. Get ready for the launch of Doofy Lottery, an innovative and entertaining addition to the Doofy Meme Coin ecosystem. 🌟🎱

Doofy Lottery aims to bring the joy and anticipation of traditional lotteries to the world of memes and crypto. With Doofy Lottery, you'll have a chance to win big while indulging in your love for memes and laughter. It's the perfect blend of excitement and humor, creating a truly unique gaming experience.

Here's what you can look forward to with Doofy Lottery:

1️⃣ Memes and Prizes: Participate in the lottery draws and stand a chance to win incredible prizes, all while enjoying the hilarity of meme-inspired themes and content. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind gaming adventure that combines laughs with thrilling rewards.

2️⃣ Community Engagement: Doofy Lottery isn't just about winning prizes; it's also about fostering a sense of community. Connect with fellow meme lovers, share your favorite memes, and engage in conversations while participating in the lottery draws. Together, we'll create an environment of fun, camaraderie, and exciting opportunities.

3️⃣ Transparency and Fairness: At Doofy Lottery, we prioritize transparency and fairness. Our lottery draws are built on blockchain technology, ensuring a provably fair and secure gaming experience. You can trust that the results are generated in a transparent manner, providing equal chances for all participants.

4️⃣ Token Utility: Doofy Lottery is designed to enhance the utility of Doofy Meme Coin. By participating in the lottery draws, you'll not only have a chance to win prizes but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the Doofy Meme Coin ecosystem.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding the launch of Doofy Lottery. We can't wait to share this exciting new dimension of entertainment and potential winnings with you all. Get ready to unleash your luck and embrace the laughter!

Remember, responsible gaming is important, and we encourage you to participate responsibly. Stay tuned to our official channels for more information on how to get involved, and let's prepare ourselves for a thrilling lottery experience like no other!

#DoofyLottery #MemeAndWin #CryptoGaming #LotteryFun
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2023.06.06 17:29 addictivesign Building the Nets roster for next season and beyond - long read

The front office decision makers now get to re-set the roster after the KD and Kyrie debacle is fully over. From now onwards they have control and therefore they are responsible for our future results and path to title contention. When we win they deserve the praise. If we fail to progress it's fair the decision makers should be held accountable and depending on performance they might be dismissed.
Sean Marks and ownership made two terrible mistakes around trade deadline/all-star break. The first mistake was unenforced. They gave a long term extension to HC Jacque Vaughn keeping him with the Nets through 2027.
Whatever you think of JV it was the wrong decision to extend him when Vaughn already had a contract through the end of 2024. A wiser GM would play out the rest of the season and consider how JV coached the reshaped roster. It didn't look promising from my point of view.
JV has been swept in successive first rounds of the play-offs.
JV used 11 different players in the 1Q! vs. Knicks on 2nd March, 2023. Many NBA coaches will go their entire coaching careers never playing 11 different players in the same game.
To give 11 players minutes in the first quarter alone tells me you don't know what you're doing strategically as a head coach. How can you learn anything about your roster doing that?
The second mistake the Nets brain-trust was a major misjudgement in the middle of the season. I can understand those people that don't blame them heavily. I imagine this came from ownership.
But the front office knew without KD and Ky and a very limited Ben Simmons that the Nets were not title contenders. They knew Houston was on course for a top 4 pick and therefore the threat of the pick swap was extinguished.
Yet they went all-in on making the play-offs. And we know how that turned out - swept by a not-fully healthy 76ers team and we struggled to score and through the series and there were barely any adjustments to improve our scoring. That's on the head coach.
I'm not saying we should have tanked but we could have got the 10th pick instead of the 22nd and still have played hard but given more minutes to Day'Ron and Cam Thomas. The way young players get better is to play through their mistakes and get reps with on court minutes.
You can add a quality player to the roster with the 10th pick. A player picked 22 if far less likely to have a major impact on the NBA.
Our roster going forward shows us to be in no-mans land. This is the worst place a team can be in the NBA. Too good to get high lottery picks yet never good enough to go beyond the first round of the play-offs. Ownership might be satisfied with that especially after all the superstar drama. Plus we can't tank because of the Harden trade.
We won't know how Ben Simmons will perform until we see him back on court. Will he be an anchor with his contract for two more seasons? Or can he be a productive member of the team with his point of attack D and outlet passing. I hope to see the return of agile Ben Simmons.
Spencer Dinwiddie is perhaps the biggest choice the Nets have to make and I would personally like to see him moved to a contender who could use him. If we could get back a mid-first round pick in this upcoming draft I make that trade instantly.
Sean Marks had the opportunity to give Dinwiddie an extension three years ago and instead let him walk to the Wizards, we helped him by doing a S&T. But Dinwiddie is 30 now and I can't see Marks giving him a lucrative, long term extension especially when he didn't do that for a young SD.
Royce O'Neil and DFS are both 30. Valuable wings on contending teams but far less important on rebuilding/reloading teams. Again first round pick offers should be accepted. There will be demand for them.
The Nets have a potential superstar on the roster in Cam Thomas. I know there is a huge number of fans that don't want to hear that but it's the truth. N.B - I said potential - I didn't say certain.
There is a video online called: The Brooklyn Nets NEED To Unleash Cam Thomas - watch it.
It's a reminder of the promise Cam T has and his star level ability to score. Of course he needs to improve other aspects of his game, be a more willing passer, commit to D and learn the rotations but we do have a really young player who has the most important skill in the NBA at an elite level already.
I can't wait to see what Cam has worked on in off-season and how much better he will be in his third season. He improved his efficiency and made a jump as a sophomore. There are a lot of false narratives about Cam. Watch the video linked above.
Nic Claxton is coming into another contract year. He made a jump last year. If he continues to improve it will be essential to retain him on a long term contract. We need him to be able to score away from the basket for him to become a true two-way player. A mid-range J would be awesome.
Mikal Bridges is the face of the franchise and now valued so highly by the Nets organisation because he is essentially what fans see most in what we got in exchange for KD.
He's on a bargain on a contract for another few years. We all love him but he's not a number one on a championship team, we don't yet know if he could be a number two on a title winning team. It definitely seems he has levels to go until he reaches his peak.
Mikal is in demand and apparently the first choice of Dame's to team up with in Portland. If the godfather offer of Shaedon Sharpe and the number 3 pick are offered we have to consider it. You might have two franchise cornerstones in that one transaction.
Cam Johnson - the other twin. He's a restricted free agent. I'm not hugely comfortable about him getting a $20 million plus per season contract, he's a good player for sure. But considering we also have to pay Claxton in a year we could have a high payroll with several good players earning $20m+ each but no-one considered a true star. You don't win play-off series with rosters like that.
With Monty Williams taking over as HC in Detroit perhaps he'll be after Cam in free agency. Houston seems interested in CJ too. If a package can be put together to get the 4th or 5th pick in the draft then we should break up the twins to do it. Otherwise match any offer as CJ is a restricted FA.
If Mikal is traded then of course you trade CJ too. And you hope to make a deal with Houston for them to return at least some of our own picks and swaps.
I don't think the Nets ownership want to rebuild from scratch so I expect us to hold onto Mikal at the very least.
Draft 2023
We need a point guard for the future and the player we should target is Anthony Black, a young Texan. He has a lot of Jason Kidd about him. Awesome court vision, can make any pass including the razzle dazzle highlight assist which gets the fans excited. He's an excellent defender at 6ft 7in and his deep shooting will continue to improve.
More importantly Black's personality is the best fit for this new younger team, he appears thoughtful and mature for such a young athlete.
We would have to trade into the top 10 to get AB but this guy could be our floor general for more than a decade and as we build an identity around D (Mikal runner up DPOY, Simmons runner up DPOY, Claxton coming for that DPOY trophy) Black can fit seamlessly into this team and be our point going forward.
Future Draft Picks
We have a ton of future first rounders. Suns in 2023, 2025, 2027, 2029 and the pick swap in 2028. Philly's top 7 protected 2027 first rounder, Dallas unprotected pick in 2029. While we don't control our own draft we have enough picks to make a bid for any superstar that becomes available.
I hope Sean Marks and Joe Tsai don't go superstar shopping so soon again after KD/Kyrie/Harden debacle. We know players like KAT and Trae Young could become available we really shouldn't want to be adding either of them. KAT's a fine shooting big man who doesn't have that Alpha in him. We know what Trae's ceiling is already.
We definitely should not trade for Dame, he's too old for our timeline and we don't want to pay him $60 million per season in a few years. His body appears to be breaking down now, it will likely lead to him missing more time.
The only two players I use all the draft capital on are two players not yet (and potentially never) available but in the NBA you never know what will happen and it is a players league and superstars get to move when they want.
Luka. We know he must be pissed at missing the play-offs. Dallas have not put a good enough team around him. They've made multiple personnel mistakes. His patience is running low if they don't have a successful upcoming season then he'll at least consider asking out. I reckon he'll be gone in 12-24 months from Dallas, just not sure whether it will be the Nets that get him.
Ant-Man. He's on his rookie contract but the Wolves are in a very tricky position because they're paying Gobert huge money and KAT has already signed a super-max topping out at over $60 million per year. When you consider they'll have to max-out Ant they'll have spent so much of their cap on just three players and they don't control their own draft to be able to add young talent on rookie contracts. The Wolves will have to be looking for bargains.
Ant might be looking at the bright lights of Brooklyn and sign his Q/O making him an unrestricted free agent at the end of his rookie deal. He'll make so much from endorsements in a big market. At that point you offer the motherlode of first rounders for him.
It's only Luka/Ant who are worth all our draft picks.
What moves need to be made in your opinion?
Who would you target in the draft?
Would you extend Dinwiddie?
Would you keep DFS? Royce?
What would you do with all our draft picks?
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2023.06.06 16:28 DavidJH22 Can anyone figure out if there’s something hidden on this website?

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2023.06.06 15:54 cub_htf5 oc backstory chain!(i don’t know how to do chains sorry)

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2023.06.06 15:35 yakhinvadim Tuesday, June 6 — 7 significant news stories

Tuesday, June 6 — 7 significant news stories
Today ChatGPT read 1128 top news stories and gave 8 of them a significance score over 7.
After removing duplicates and repeats, here is today’s significant news:
[8.6] UN climate official warns world at "tipping point" in climate crisis — The Guardian
The world is at a "tipping point" in the climate crisis that requires all countries to put aside their national interests to fight for the common good, the UN's top climate official has warned. Simon Stiell, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, pointed to recent findings from scientists that temperatures were likely to exceed the threshold of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels within the next five years. Stiell was addressing representatives from nearly 200 countries gathered in Bonn, the UN's climate headquarters, to discuss how to forge a "course correction" that would put the world on track to meet the aspirations of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, and limit global heating to 1.5C.
[7.5] Binance faces investor exodus following SEC lawsuit, crypto value impacted — Reuters
Investors have withdrawn approximately $790 million from cryptocurrency exchange Binance, in the last 24 hours, following a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC accuses Binance of evading U.S. laws through deceptive practices, such as inflating trading volumes and diverting customer funds. Binance, in response, insists it has cooperated with the SEC and will defend its platform vigorously. This legal action, coupled with previous lawsuits, contributes to a shaky period for Binance and has had a noticeable effect on the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Binance's own BNB.
[7.4] Mycorrhizal fungi play larger role in carbon storage than previously thought — The Conversation
New research suggests that mycorrhizal fungi, which live in symbiosis with plants, could play a significant role in storing carbon, helping to offset carbon emissions. The fungiform vast underground networks, exchanging nutrients and water for carbon-rich sugars from plants. It's estimated that these fungi absorb around 36% of the world’s annual carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Although the fungi also naturally release some carbon back into the atmosphere, their net contribution to soil carbon storage is substantial. Despite the lack of data from certain ecosystems and regions, the findings indicate the importance of these fungal networks in the carbon cycle. Preserving these networks, particularly in the face of deforestation and land-clearing, could offer an additional avenue for tackling climate change.
[7.4] Rich industrialized countries could owe $170tn in climate reparations by 2050 — The Guardian
A new study published in the journal Nature Sustainability has calculated that rich industrialised countries responsible for excessive levels of greenhouse gas emissions could be liable to pay $170tn in climate reparations by 2050 to ensure targets to curtail climate breakdown are met. The proposed compensation, which amounts to almost $6tn annually, would be paid to historically low-polluting developing countries that must transition away from fossil fuels despite not having yet used their “fair share” of the global carbon budget. The compensation system is based on the idea that the atmosphere is a commons, a natural resource for everyone which has not been used equitably.
[7.4] Canada faces unprecedented wildfire season — Toronto Star
Canada is facing an unprecedented wildfire season, with officials warning that by the end of August, the country could have more scorched forest than ever before. The situation is the result of a convergence of factors, including climate change, which is delivering conditions conducive to more frequent and severe wildfires, and large-scale weather patterns that are fanning the flames. There are significant fires burning in every single province and territory. Already this year, there have been 2,214 wildfires that have blackened more than 3.3 million hectares of Canadian wildland, more than five million football fields’ worth.
[7.2] Dam destruction in Ukraine prompts mass evacuations and potential large-scale devastation — CNN
The Nova Kakhova dam on the Dnipro River in Kherson, southern Ukraine, was destroyed, prompting mass evacuations and fears of large-scale devastation. Ukraine accused Moscow’s forces of committing an act of “ecocide.” The critical dam spans the Dnipro River, a major waterway running through southeastern Ukraine, and there are multiple towns and cities downstream, including Kherson, a city of some 300,000 people before Moscow’s invasion of its neighbour. The dam is a critical piece of infrastructure, holding around 18 cubic kilometres in the Kakhovka Reservoir, about equal to the Great Salt Lake in the US state of Utah. It also supplies water for the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which lies upstream and is also under Russian control.
[7.1] Reserve Bank of Australia raises interest rates to 11-year high to tackle inflation —
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has raised interest rates to an 11-year high of 4.10%, up 0.25 percentage points, in a bid to tackle inflation. The move means that the average borrower with a $500,000 home loan could now be paying $1,134, or 49%, more a month. Economists were split on whether the RBA would raise rates, with some citing the decision to lift the minimum wage as a cause for concern. The RBA's governor, Philip Lowe, defended the increases at a parliamentary hearing last week.
Want to read more?
See additional news on
Thanks for reading us and see you tomorrow, News Minimalist
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