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"If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you" THIS IS A FICTIONAL CONCEPT

2023.06.08 00:17 WhoEvenThinksThat What tool for precision cutting live wood

What tool for precision cutting live wood
I need to form a large number of living switches into the below structure. To get it to fit together, I need to pie-cut the bases of the switches so they fit into a ring. I need to be able to cut the switches from stumps and then form them with hand-carryable tools in the field. It seems like a reciprocating saw and a jig for the angle cut might be the easiest unless there is some sort of extra-mini radial arm saw out there.
The switches are of a size I can cut them from the stump with a machete. If there was some way to guide the machete to get the angle of the pie-cuts right I won't need power tools.
Any ideas?
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2023.06.08 00:17 Azure_Infinity [Fanfiction] The Haar Chapter 10: Birmingham and Boise

Hanazuki and Miyuki hadn't returned.
That didn't bode well. And although Impero retained her lazy, almost laid-back disposition, one could see the unease crinkling at the corner of her eyes, her brow dipped into a frown as she mulled over what happened – before, after only a brief delay, sent out a team to check up on them.
The main fleet was starting to become a bit stretched, however. Although they were several dozen in number over half of them were spread out in a forward fan shape as they progressed towards their main objective. As such only four could be spared to go hunt for their missing Destroyer duo – a party consisting of four cruisers; two light and two heavy. Enough firepower to handle most of what the island had thrown at them thus far, but not so much that it granted them overconfidence.
Not that she'd ever fall prey to overconfidence, Birmingham thought to herself.
The red-haired cruiser wandered through the forest with fast strides, her jog slowing as she took a moment to assess her surroundings. She was near the junction where Hanazuki and Miyuki had gone – a fact confirmed when she spotted the bushes nearby had been trampled by rudder-ended boots, the tracks still fresh. However there was no signs of a struggle, indicating that if there was anything wrong then it happened deeper into the forest.
Birmingham glanced behind her. Boise followed close behind her, shy and skittish, whilst a step behind was Maya and Ashigara – two Heavy Cruisers from the Sakura Empire. She could appreciate Maya's seriousness about the matter, especially with her skilful swordsmanship, but she was a little more sceptical about Ashigara's. Though a Myouko-class cruiser she seemed rather skittish in this environment; chasing shadows and flinching at every distant shell fired. She wasn't scared per se, but it was clear that the nigh-suicidal onslaught of monsters had rattled her slightly.
As if sharing the same thought Maya looked back at her companion, nudging her. ''Relax. Stay focused.''
Ashigara started a little but hurriedly nodded; drawing in a cleansing breath and managing to regain some of her nerve. Birmingham hummed at that and looked ahead, silently leading her companions further into the woods. It wasn't long until the land descended into a natural basin, and a quick search yielded results, albeit not the ones they were hoping for.
Torn clothes. Broken bits of rigging. Even blood, in some cases. The girls had been attacked here, of that there was no doubt, but the absence of bodies was unnerving.
''Either they managed to escape and went further in, or they were dragged off.'' Maya made her thoughts clear, staring pointedly at Birmingham. They had to go further.
Grimacing Birmingham nodded her assent, continuing to lead her small sortie group ahead. It almost felt weird leading two Heavy Cruisers, given flagship roles usually went to the capital ships, but she wasn't complaining – maybe Impero thought she had better commanding skills. That, or the carrier was just too lazy to do an in-depth assessment of their skills and just gave her the role on a whim. Which, considering they needed to find their missing comrades ASAP, she supposed was somewhat warranted. Find the injured first, bicker about command roles later.
Shaking her head to dispel the thought Birmingham focused on the other end of the basin, reaching it soon enough. Vines, moss and other bits hung from the slanted rock but it felt surprisingly firm, refusing to budge when she tugged and emboldening her to use them as climbing tools – grunting as she hauled herself up bit by bit. The others followed her carefully, making sure not to overload the edge of the basin lest their combined weight cause the dirt and stone to crumble, but in the end they all reached the top of the basin without issue.
''Where to now...?'' Boise spoke up, her face-mask muffling her voice somewhat.
'Where to indeed.' Birmingham frowned, looking about. Unlike before there was no convenient trail of blood, just a vast green in all directions, broken up only by the thick wood of the trees.
Ashigara broke the quiet. ''Do you think they went down to the coast? It's not that far, and if they got on the water they'd be safe from the monsters.''
''Possibly.'' Maya conceded with a frown. ''But if so, then they would've given us a signal of some kind.''
''Maybe they did, but just after we left?'' Ashigara floated the idea.
Birmingham frowned, however; her eyes scanning the grass in the opposite direction of the ocean. Now that she looked closer she could spot finer details she'd initially overlooked; the grass trudged down by monster footprints, partially hidden by the overgrowth. When she did a little loop around their area though she noticed a second trail, one that went towards the ocean.
''Two paths.'' Birmingham voiced her thoughts grimly. ''...this almost smells like a trap.''
''Doubtful.'' Maya weighed in, thumbing the handle of her katana idly. ''These monsters don't seem to have enough intelligence for that. Ambush? Yes. Luring in with footprints? That's too advanced for them.''
Birmingham had to agree with that. Though some of the monsters that had attacked them showed intelligence, it was of the more bestial kind. Encirclement, probing attacks, wave attacks, that sort of thing. Primitive and basic but effective in some sense; if they kept it up for long enough they'd eventually run out of ammo, not that the monsters could know that. Still, something like luring stragglers away from the main fleet felt a bit too above their intelligence level.
''Should we split up then?'' Birmingham murmured. ''The whole reason Impero sent us together was for you to support us...''
''True.'' Maya sighed. ''Still, I'd rather not have to backtrack and look in two places at once, especially when their lives on the line. Every second we spend here is another that could be their last.''
A grimace marred Birmingham's visage and she nodded. ''Fine. You go check the one nearer the coast, we'll go further inland. Ripple fire into the sky if you find them, we'll meet back up here, or fall back into the basin if attacked.''
''Sounds good to me. Good luck.'' Maya turned and fast-walked down the other faint path. ''Ashigara, let's go. You take the lead.''
Birmingham watched the Heavy Cruiser go, almost wanting to go back on her word and stick with them – but she quashed such feelings. Time was of the essence here – what did safety matter if they only found Hanazuki and Miyuki's remains? Nodding at that she spared a sharp look at Boise, earning a shaky nod from her peer, before as one they fast-walked towards the deeper parts of the forest.
'Please be safe, you two...'
Boise wasn't sure how long they'd been walking. Five, ten, fifteen minutes?
The forest around them grew slightly thicker but otherwise it remained identical to the section of forest before it. From time to time they'd pass near a river but monsters seemed to lurk near it, either for a drink or drawn in by the sound, she didn't know. Regardless they kept their distance and sneaked around what monsters they could, both to avoid detection and to save ammo.
Just as Boise was beginning to worry that their search was fruitless, though, they discovered something new – a burrow. That in itself wasn't the weirdest thing – the monsters probably had to sleep somewhere – but what was notable was that a Lizardman crawled out of the depression in the ground and skittered off into the forest, no doubt to look for more prey. The pair of them stayed still in a bush, not a breath escaping them until the yellow-scaled Lizardman was long out-of-sight, allowing the pair to breathe freely.
''S-Should we check it out...?'' Boise tentatively asked. The idea of going into a burrow was a highly unsettling one, especially if the monsters came back, but after searching for so long this was the most likely place for Miyuki and Hanazuki to have been taken to.
Birmingham grimaced, then nodded. Quiet as she could she crept out from their hiding spot and crouched low as she crossed the tiny clearing. The burrow was just next to a tree; the thick roots spreading out in all directions and with some foliage hanging over it like camouflage, doing little to hide the depression in the dirt that went down like a slide. It was about as slippery as one too; her footwear struggling to get a firm grip on the dew-covered grass, forcing her to get down on her hands and knees and crawl down.
Darkness quickly engulfed her as she passed under the hanging roots, only the dim gloom of the sky outside to light her way. As her eyes adjusted though she was surprised to see this was not some tiny dirt burrow fit for a single, but an entire, expansive room that networked into others. Shy of about six feet high and probably about eight or nine feet wide in diameter it was unsettlingly spacious, though then again considering the size of the Lizardmen she supposed they'd need a bigger burrow than a traditional lizard.
However she could hear something. A distant noise, faint but repetitive. Breathing? No, it was sharper than that. Wheezing. Wounded? Maybe.
Grimacing Birmingham rose to her feet, waiting for Boise to join her before she began to trek towards the leftmost tunnel. It was painfully narrow, forcing her to de-summon her rigging just to fit through, not that her rigging would do her any good underground. She'd sooner bury herself alive than kill anything outright. The thought sent a chill up her spine but she tried to ignore how defenceless she was right now – she'd been in situations like this. Situations where firepower wasn't enough, so stealth wasn't just an option, but a necessity.
The tunnel grew slightly narrower, eventually tapering off but with dirt piles around the floor, as if it was still being excavated. However Birmingham's main focus was on the suspicious sound, her footsteps slowing and growing quieter as she neared the edge of a doorway; the arch having nothing to hide her as she poked her head around-
-and found Hanazuki and Miyuki.
With Lizardmen on top of them.
The sight made her freeze up, shocked silent. For a long moment she just stood there and watched as the two lizards mating-pressed the naked Destroyers into the dirt; harsh smacks of flesh mixed with their animalistic grunts. However while Miyuki was worryingly silent, unconscious, Hanazuki was not – soft, defeated whimpers escaping her every time the Lizardman pressed its cock down into her depths, squelching its fluid out of her but not pushing any of its eggs out.
Birmingham got over her shock quickly though, anger soon to take root. Was it because these monsters all seemed to be male, was that why they'd taken two Ship-Girls and... bred them? To repopulate their numbers? The prospect was worryingly high but Birmingham soon crushed such thoughts; silently walking out into the small, enclosed space, one just big enough for her rigging to manifest.
She wouldn't be able to shoot it, but that didn't mean she was defenceless. Far from it.
Rearing her right hip back she tensed – and then just as the leftmost Lizardman raised its head she swung, smashing the side of her rigging into its head. Its skull dented inwards and the creature fell to one side, thrashing, but she wasn't looking at it anymore; her eyes darting to the right Lizardman. It noticed her and had the benefit of her being a foot or two away, pulling its glistening cock from Miyuki's abused folds as it stood.
Then Birmingham was in front of it, punching it straight in the throat. The humanoid staggered and clasped as its throat, gargling in surprise, but its moment of surprise was enough for her to smash her rigging into it and knock it down. It was dazed but far from dead, forcing her to stomp down on its head – gritting her teeth as she put every ounce of strength into it.
'Die dammit!' She could hear the other Lizardman, injured but alive, rising back to its feet.
Finally one more brutal stomp crushed the creature's skull in properly. She felt sick as blood and viscera spurted up her shin but anger and fear was a good deterrent; keeping her last meal down as she spun – just in time too, as the other Lizardman staggered over to her, claws out and a snarl on its dented face, bone poking out from between uprooted scales.
Until Boise stepped in, squeaking as she rammed into its side. It hit its head on the dirt wall and fell between Miyuki and Hanazuki, snarling and shifting, but a solid kick to its skull from Birmingham made a disgusting crack sound, and its head went limp, Broken skull, snapped neck, she neither knew nor cared. All that mattered was that it was dead.
Birmingham released a heavy breath. ''Thanks.''
''I-It's fine.'' Boise answered but sounded shaken. Birmingham didn't blame her – whether because of her own actions or the sight of Hanazuki and Miyuki, this was just... just a mess.
She squirmed as she felt blood dribble down into her shoe. 'Don't think about it, get these two out and signal Maya. Move.'
Her own orders helped motivate her and she hurried over to Hanazuki, leaving the unconscious Miyuki to Boise. When she knelt by the pink-haired fox-girl she winced at the array of still-bleeding cuts marring her body, be it on her medium-sized breasts, along her stomach and sides or even on her hips and thighs; the creature's claws clearly having held her many a times. She pointedly ignored looking at the overflowing whiteness leaking out of the Destroyer's pussy too, instead taking her cape off and draping it over Hanazuki.
''We'll get you out.'' Birmingham said shortly as she tied the cape.
Hanazuki tried to say something but was too overcome by emotion – relief, fear, anxiety and shame, all of it twisting into a sobbing mess that tugged on Birmingham's heartstrings.
Alas just as she scooped the fox-girl up she heard it – movement, outside the burrow. The sound made her nearly curse and she hurriedly evaluated her options. Only one way in or out, using her guns would likely bury them alive – and for all Ship-Girls were lauded for their strength they still needed to breathe – whilst the Lizardmen had no such issues; equipped with claws that were well-suited to cramped spaces like these. And with them carrying Hanazuki and Miyuki they wouldn't be able to fight beyond maybe a kick at best, and she hardly doubted that'd be enough to do anything but baffle a Lizardman.
She drew in a breath and hissed through her teeth, pulling Hanazuki close to her chest. If they were going to escape they couldn't find – and couldn't hide either. No, they needed to run. To brute force their way through. No riggings, no weapons. Just sheer momentum to blitz past them.
''Boise.'' Birmingham whispered, watching as the bustier cruiser gently cradled Miyuki. ''When I leave this room we run. Don't stop to fight, don't try and help me if I fall, just charge straight past anything in your way until we get to the surface. We can't fight them down here.''
Boise gave her a worried look and she felt Hanazuki clutch at her, but when the bustier woman hesitantly nodded Birmingham moved – fast-walking into the hallway and darting down the corridor, building speed as she gave up stealth and just charged. The noise attracted attention and she heard skittering-
-and then a Lizardman was there, leaping from its hiding spot with a snarl. It didn't get the chance to grab her before Birmingham ran bodily into it, Hanazuki crying out in fear as she was squished between them – before her momentum knocked the monster onto its back. Birmingham didn't stop to attack it though and kept running, reaching the slope out and running up it-
But she'd forgotten. It was slippery, uneven. Boots wouldn't grip easily, especially going up.
So when her boots slipped out from under her Birmingham couldn't deny the jolt of fear that shot up her spine, losing her grip momentarily until she grabbed at the uneven mass of dirt and grass, nearly dropping Hanazuki had the Destroyer not been holding onto her so tightly. Using her newfound handhold she propelled herself up further, hearing Boise behind her-
When Boise screamed in fear. Birmingham jerked her head to one side, looking back, and very nearly cursed as she saw Boise be dragged back by her shin – the Lizardman she'd left behind already recovered. Instantly her plan was in tatters; if she kept going she was leaving Boise and Miyuki to their fate, and if she stayed she'd likely be blocked off-
Too late; another Lizardman at the top of the slope lunging down at her. Birmingham had no choice but to fall back, throwing Hanazuki to one side and hearing the fox-girl land with a pained yelp, but she ignored that for now – her attention fully on the monster lunging down at her, landing just shy of her thanks to her momentum throwing her back. However by the time she stood it was there, throwing itself at her faster than she could summon her rigging and snatching her wrists, pinning her down.
Panic rose up within her, memories of what happened to Hanazuki and Miyuki mere minutes ago flashing through her mind. With force she kicked her legs out, hitting the monster's stomach but the scales killed most of the force, its hissing snarl sending a chill up her spine – and a pained cry fled her lips when it tightened its hold, threatening to crush her wrists with its strength.
Then it suddenly shifted both her arms up, pinning them together with just one hand – freeing its other and allowing it to rake its claws down her front. Cloth gave way frighteningly easily and soon her dress was in two parts, splitting open down the middle and laying bare her dark blue underwear, the thought heating her cheeks up. However that same embarrassment turned into fear as she saw the Lizardman's cock swell between its leg, long and thick, prompting her to try and kick it in the groin – but the creature had enough sense to block such attacks, ripping her panties off at the same time.
'No...' Birmingham felt dizzy as her nether regions were exposed to the damp, musky air, her struggles becoming even more vicious as the monster leaned over her, the tip of its dick rubbing against her folds.
Rubbing, not penetration. Teasing her. Taunting her.
Birmingham gritted her teeth, her breathing short and fast as the bulbous tip of its shaft rubbed against her pussy lips, went high and rubbed up her groin before coming back down again. Her struggles did little to stop it but it gave her some minor amount of confidence, of control; her legs closing as much as she could with it between them, hips lifting and falling as she kept it away from her private parts as best she-
The tip teased her opening – and Birmingham screamed as it suddenly went in. It felt thicker than she expected, parting her virginal walls and hilting inside her in a single, harsh thrust, knocking the air out of her. The pain came a second later but she barely had a moment to soak it in before the monster yanked its cock halfway out only to slam right back into her deflowered pussy, forcing a shout of pain out of Birmingham.
She struggled once more, kicking and twisting and flailing, but the Lizardman just snarled in her face and kept moving, roughly burying itself into her. It didn't care that her legs flailed on either side of its hips, that her hips lifted and fell unevenly in some attempt to make its dick slip out – it just kept pressing its body down against hers and mated with her, thrusting its thick girth into her and making Birmingham cry out in pain.
''Gh! Mnph-!'' Biting her tongue until it bled Birmingham threw her head from side to side, enduring the stabbing pain in her loins – the deep, repeated impacts to her cervix as the Lizardman had its way with her.
As it defiled her.
She tried to push it out, to ignore it as best she could. Even when the Lizardman hissed and snarled in her ear Birmingham didn't give it the satisfaction of hearing her cry out, her teeth on her tongue as she took the pounding – its meaty cock spearing between her despoiled petals and hilting in her innermost parts, sending jolts right up her stomach and banging her head on the dirt, but she didn't react. She just laid there and took it like the good little broodmare it wanted her to be, waiting for an opening, a chance to knock its lights out and get help.
She felt it throb inside of her quickly, its shaft swelling against her sore insides and its tip kissing her depths, the realisation hitting – and no sooner had it before the Lizardman snarled and impregnated her. A flood of warm fluid poured into her depths, thick and sticky like semen but lacking sperm. In their place though she felt many tiny eggs push up into her womb, nestling against her depths in a torrent, nearly making her sick as she realised she'd been claimed, just like the others.
Even if she escaped this hole, the monster's seed would remain within her, making her its unwilling mother for its brood.
Birmingham was torn from her thoughts though her wrists were released – and no sooner had they been freed did a meaty hand grab her hair, yanking her upright. The cruiser cried out in pain but it gave her some weird clarity, feeling more than seeing space behind her. Her opening. She called upon her rigging and it manifested, finally having the space, her guns trained and ready to fire-
But she never saw the Lizardman behind her. The moment it spotted her rigging it attacked with vigour, seething out a wet breath as it raked its claws through her turrets, instantly incapacitating them. Birmingham flinched and tried to fire but her guns wouldn't operate – and to her despair they were reduced to metal scraps within seconds, literally ripped off of her. The only reason she wasn't pulled back with them was the iron grip on her hair, and the dick she was still impaled upon.
As if to remind her of that the Lizardman holding her sneered in her face, shifting both hands to her hips and holding tight... and Birmingham froze as she felt a second cock poke her ass.
And then she screamed as the other Lizardman eagerly buried its cock in her ass – up until a third, sneering Lizardman came up to her left, shoving its cock in her mouth and pulling her hair, forcing it to pleasure it as its kin began to fucked her other holes, using her not solely for breeding, but also their own animalistic pleasure.
Her fate, forever, sealed.
Boise was just climbing the slope, her pace fast, when she felt the clawed hand curl around her ankle.
Then suddenly she was yanked back down, Miyuki tumbling from her grip as she instinctively reached to grab onto something. Nothing was to be found, however, and soon she found herself thrown to the dirty ground – the Lizardman on top if her. Boise flinched back, crawling back, but the monster just grabbed her left thigh and forcefully lifted it up – its other hand going up her dress and grabbing her crotch.
Before with the harsh tear of cloth it ripped her panties off. Her heart skipped a beat – but unlike Birmingham she didn't have the fight, the fire, to keep moving. She froze up completely, paralysed with realisation and terror as the Lizardman got on top of her, and only when she felt something rub against her vagina did she snap out of it and begin to move-
Then it was inside of her. Thick and solid it pushed apart her virgin insides, the pain sharp and intense enough to nearly make her black out for a split-second – her mind purged of all thought as the monster cock slammed into her, deflowering her. The shock lasted for just a few seconds though; banished the moment the monster dug its nails into her raised right thigh and began to fuck her properly; short, eager pumps burying it into her pussy.
''A-Ah! N-No, stop- mn!''
Her face mask muted her voice somewhat and gave it an echoing quality, making her pained cries all the more haunting as the monster pistoned itself into her, its flesh smacking against her own repeatedly and harshly. Through the tears in her eyes she spied multiple more Lizardmen returning, either drawn in by the sounds or the attack on their home, and to her despair a terrified Hanazuki was shoved up against the wall, her limbs flailing as he pleaded – before a thick, girthy cock forced itself into her defiled pussy, making her wail as the monster eagerly began to mate with her. Miyuki too wasn't spared, the unconscious girl rolled onto her front before the Lizardman began to mate with her prone-bone; smacking her small rear with every harsh thrust.
Boise was brought back to her own predicament though as another Lizardman knelt by her face. Its large clawed hand grabbed her mask without warning and pulled hard, lifting her head with it, prompting her to reflexively pull back... until with a harsh snap her mask's straps broke, causing it to fly off and to the side. Boise opened her mouth to cry out but before she could do that something touched her lips – and then something thick shoved itself into her mouth. Boise's eyes bulged and she cried out in alarm, the noise muted as the two Lizardmen eagerly began to spitroasted her on her side, their scales smacking against her flesh and filling the quaint burrow. Her thigh began to bleed from how harshly the monster gripped it but the pain was nothing compared to the ache in her loins, its dick slamming up against her cervix relentlessly.
''Mmph~! Mrph!'' Boise frantically flailed her hands about, trying to grab and push, desperation hastening her motions but hampering her aim.
Until eventually the Lizardman defiling her mouth just grabbed her wrists and held them down, snarling as it slammed between her lips, hurting her teeth and thrusting down her gullet, choking her. Her raspy, spluttering breaths did little to deter the overgrown lizard from face-fucking her though, bruising her nose with every harsh impact and sending stars flashing behind her eyes; not helped by the thick shaft plunging up into her womanhood.
Suddenly her left wrist was freed – the reason becoming evident as the newfound claw raked at her chest, ripping the cloth apart and revealing her large, squishy tits to the monsters. Boise barely had the time to feel self-conscious before her right tit was grabbed and squeezed harshly, forcing a muffled cry out of the cruiser as her tit was manhandled, her head shaking as best she could with a dick going down her throat.
Then suddenly she was forced onto her back completely, the Lizardman coming with her as it straddled her collarbone and grabbed her head with both hands, hissing in delight as it forced its meaty cock down her throat. Boise's eyes watered but she could do nothing but take it, her eyes soon screwing shut just so she didn't have to look at the monster's groin – acutely feeling its balls hitting her chin over and over again. The other Lizardman between her legs didn't relent either, its girth parting her abused folds and raking her tender insides with every pounding thrust, its cock smooth but uncomfortably girthy, stretching her virginal sex out with every thrust.
''Mn! Mmph! H-Hn-!''
Then suddenly the one between her legs hissed; and then came. Boise spasmed as she felt jets of warmth pour up into her womb, the foreign sensation terrifying – made all the more so as she felt numerous eggs pour into her baby chamber. The one mounted on her face though kept going, snarling and hissing as it face-fucked her, seeming to slow down even just to endure it.
The reason why though became evident as the Lizardman between her legs pulled out – and the one on top of her pulled its dick out of her mouth, got between her legs, and then plunged inside. Its clawed hands grabbed her hips and it savagely pounded her, fucking cries of pain out of Boise but no resistance beyond that – lacking the strength to. The will to.
And so when the Lizardman soon emptied its balls inside of her, hissing with primal satisfaction as it laid its eggs inside of her defenceless womb, Boise could only lay there, defeated and exhausted by the ordeal, her pussy sore and overflowing with white fluid.
The breeding process, continuing on.
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2023.06.08 00:16 ralo_ramone An Otherworldly Scholar [LitRPG, Isekai] - Chapter 11

The Great Hall stood tall against the cloudy day, expelling white smoke from the multiple chimneys on its thatched roof. The outer walls made of a dark gray stone and the overall brutalistic style of the building, gave the Great Hall a certain ‘Big Bad Evil Guy’s lair’ vibe. Upon further inspection, I noticed traces of mana weaved in between the stone which made me wonder if the whole building had some sort of protecting enchantment in place. It made sense considering the whole town was a bastion between the Farlands and the Ebros Kingdom.
Despite my initial assessment of the city, Farcrest’s marketplace flourished all around me. Food, weapons, tools, all kinds of crafting ingredients. No matter what direction I looked I found new things to identify. Other than the abandoned northern district, the city looked like a bustling trade center.
I continued walking through the street market towards the Great Hall.
Red banners with the Marquis crest, a man killing a wolf with a lance, hung from the inner walls. The gate was guarded by a small contingent of soldiers dressed in shiny armor and armed with long albarests. I was tempted to use [Identify] on them but remembering Elincia’s reaction, I refrained from doing it. I didn’t want problems before even starting my life in this world.
As I reached the closed gate, a guard blocked my path.
“What is your business in the Marquis’s Great Hall?” The guardsman asked, glancing at me with unfriendly eyes. The man inspected my appearance from head to toe and he didn’t seem to like what he was seeing. My clothing was humble to say the least.
“My name is Robert Clarke, Scholar from the City of Light. I’m here for a passage permit into the Kingdom of Ebros.” I said with a haughty voice. A good teacher was, in essence, a good actor, and I took pride in my classroom management.
As expected, my words seemed to pique the guard’s interest.
“Farcrest isn’t a border town, Scholar. How did you even enter the kingdom?”
The guard was unsure if he was really talking to a commoner or someone of high birth. Or maybe he thought I was a high level individual? It made sense that people with higher levels looked down on the weaker.
Considering Elincia’s reaction to the story about the teletransportation, I decided to continue with the same lie. If I had to guess, portals weren’t all strange in this world.
“A magic accident teleported me into the Farlands. There I was picked up by an Alchemist harvesting ingredients who brought me here to Farcrest.” I explained with a serious tone.
“Should’ve said that from the very beginning… sir. Portal magic is no joke.” He stuttered.
The guard swallowed the story.
“It is not.” I nodded.
The guard must’ve assumed I was the one responsible for the portal incident because his demeanor changed instantly. If I had to guess, portal magic was a high level technique.
“This way, sir.” The guardsman said, guiding me through a lateral door at the base of the wall and into a narrow and dark corridor. As much as I wanted to enter through the main gates, I assumed it wasn’t worth opening it for a single person.
We emerged into a cobbled courtyard by the side of the Great Hall where a small army of workers unloaded carts with crated goods under the attentive glance of an overseer. Regrettably, I couldn’t tell what was inside the heavy boxes.
“Trade seems to be healthy considering Farcrest is a frontier town.” I pointed out in a vain attempt to make the guard talk.
“It’s been that way for a while now.” He sparsely replied as we walked to a wooden building attached to the Great Hall. Outside the building, an angry middle aged woman dressed in a gambeson with the Marquis emblem was training a group of fresh recruits who barely knew how to hold a sword. The kids couldn’t be much older than Zaon.
Instead of walking towards the building, we approached the training group.
The soldier saluted and the woman knight raised her hand, stopping the frenetic swinging of the recruits. Her eyes were of a stark gray color and her lips were a fine line under her aquiline nose. Her skin was tanned and covered in small scars of a hundred battles. [Awareness] told me she was the don’t-fuck-with-me type.
“Captain, this man says he arrived at Farcrest via failed teleportation.” The soldier explained my situation.
“Another one?! I can’t believe this is the second time this year.” The Captain chastised the soldier as if it was his personal fault. Then, she turned around to face me. She was taller than me and her rolled up sleeves not only revealed lean and bulking muscles but a skin covered in scars. Those weren’t fashionable superficial scars but ones which distorted the skin and muscle.
“Tell me you are not from the Ansan Kingdom. It will cost us a small fortune to send you back.” The Captain said.
I understood that was my cue to speak.
“My name is Robert Clarke, a Scholar, and you don’t need to send me back to my homeland, Captain. I am more interested in traveling to the Imperial Library than returning.” I said with a small bow.
“I’m Captain Izabeka Kiln, leader of the city guard. I like you already, Scholar. People who complicate things are too common in these places.” The captain left the bundle of parchment and walked around the table to inspect me closely.
I made a mental note to not complicate things in front of the woman.
“Come on.” The captain left the group of disoriented recruits behind and walked towards the Great Hall. “We have to ensure you don’t have any suspicious hidden titles before giving you your passage permit.”
“Hidden titles?” I asked with a tremble in my voice.
“You have not been in a System Shrine before?” The Captain looked over her shoulder and gave me a confused glance.
I shook my head. Hidden titles could mean two things; there was a method to hide one’s titles from being identified or there were titles that could only be unlocked at a System Shrine. The second option made sense considering the lack of progress my class had even after twelve levels.
“I warn you, Robert Clarke, I’m a level fifty seven Knight, if you do try anything stupid I’ll crush your spine before you could even blink.” The captain said before addressing the guard who had guided me there. “You, maggot, look after the Scholar’s belongings. He is my guest.”
“Yes, ma’am.” The soldier said, extending his hand to me.
I gave him my backpack and nobody questioned the suspicious wooden shotgun butt protruding out. I felt naked without my weapon, however, the shells were safe inside my pocket.
“You don’t have a suspicious title do you?” The captain asked as we entered a beautifully adorned corridor with painted murals and ornamental banners hanging from the ceiling. The decoration was surprisingly tasteful.
I swallowed hard.
“I don’t think so?” I replied, remembering what Elincia had told me about locked titles.
We walked in silence through a carpeted corridor. The brass-framed windows reached the high ceiling and gave us a wide view of the interior gardens. There was a bush maze, fountains and clumps of all kinds of flowers.
We reached a glass door to a crowded balcony and the captain signaled the guards to let us through. On the balcony there were men and women dressed in expensive suits and dresses of vibrant colors. Broad rings of gold and precious stones adorned the noble’s hands while the women flaunted beautiful necklaces and earrings. If the Marquis was there, he was hidden among the crowd.
Captain Kiln took me to the side of the balcony, far from the noble clump and pointed down to the garden. Two men dressed in fencing attire were standing at opposite sides of the garden while the squires helped them with their padded jackets. In the middle of the fighting area an old man with braided hair and stern look acted as the referee.
“Have you witnessed a judiciary duel before?” The captain asked.
I shook my head.
“Then it’s your lucky day, Scholar. Sir Janus insulted Baronette Tirno during the last feast.” Captain Kiln said with a lupine smile.
“What did Sir Janus say?” I inquired.
“Janus said Tirno’s lovers during their days in the Ebros Knights Academy looked just like his mother.” Captain Kiln let out a tired sigh.
I glanced down at the dueling area. Baronette Tirno was a tall and slender young man of blonde curls and piercing looks. He wore a blue and black jacket with a crest similar to the Marquis symbol, so I assumed he might be related to the Marquis. Tirno moved with ease under the padded jacket and made a flourish with his rapier before blowing a kiss to the balcony. The gesture was answered by a wave of giggles and sighs.
For someone with a soiled honor, he was enjoying the moment.
Sir Janus, on the other hand, was a brutish looking man with the physique of a beer barrel. An unkempt bristly black beard covered his face and his small black eyes resembled the ones from a pig. Janus looked more like a well-armed murder hobo than a knight.
“Tirno has the reach advantage.” I said as the squire handed the rapiers to Janus.
“Good, you can use your eyes.” Captain Kiln said and I wondered if every woman had a similar level of sass in this world.
The referee, an old man dressed in a white and yellow tunic, stood at the center of the arena and cast a spell creating a golden dome of twenty meters in diameter. A second later the dome became translucent, barely blocking the view of the duelists.
“He’s a Fortifier. Any skill used inside the area of the bubble should stay inside instead of killing you. Well, none of them have magic classes but with high level combatants any extra precaution is welcome.” Captain Kiln explained.
Down inside the bubble, Tirno and Janus walked five paces away from the center, turned around, and saluted with the rapiers. Then, they adopted a fighting position I wasn’t completely familiarized with. It seemed they were going to start sprinting instead of fencing.
A sudden gust of wind rose, kicking up a dust cloud, and Tirno disappeared just to reappear by Janus’ flank. I gasped. Had he used a skill or was it his natural speed? Janus raised his sword and parried just in time. Then I noticed my mouth was wide open.
“Want to bet?” Captain Kiln asked with an entertained expression on her face.
“I don’t have money or valuables other than a quarter cheese wheel.” I babbled back, too entranced with the fight to pay attention to the woman.
The captain slid a silver coin down the railing and left it in front of me. I recognized a gambling addict that shouldn’t be gambling when I saw one. I glanced at the coin and then I looked down at the arena. The duelists were still testing each other. Baronette Tirno had an elegant style with quick transitions and nimble footwork. Sir Janus, on the other hand, stood like a heavy boulder in the middle of the yard.
“Two silver coins and I will tell you exactly how Lord Tirno is going to lose.” I said with a taunting smile.
The captain’s interest was piqued and soon after there were two silver coins in front of me and another two in front of the woman.
“I love to fleece know-it-all Scholars.” The captain said despite the fact she was betting against her own money.
I ignored the banter and focused on the duel. After the initial explosion of speed things had slowed down. Still, they moved faster than any HEMA practitioner or olympic fencer I had seen in my life.
I remembered Zaon talking about class growth. It wasn’t a surprise that the kid was apprehensive of becoming a Soldier when there were classes that could move like those two men. Not even with my Lv.5 [Swordsmanship] was enough to reach those speeds.
[Awareness] filled my brain with information. Tirno fought with deliberately elegant movements trying to find an opening on the opponent’s defense while Janus adopted a style similar to what I knew; he tried to control Tirno’s sword and deliver a strike without jeopardizing his own safety.
“Sir Janus is going to end the fight by stabbing the Baronette in the hand.” I calmly said, channeling all my fencing knowledge. Judicial fencing wasn’t about killing your opponent, although it happened frequently, but about incapacitating it before it could harm you.
“Alright, I’m going for Tirno.” The Captain said.
The balcony was in complete silence. Rapiers clashed, but none managed to control the weak of the opponent's blade to create an opening. The amount of stamina both men displayed was astounding, even compared to top tier athletes from Earth. If I were to train for a hundred years I could hardly reach their levels of speed and coordination.
Suddenly Lord Tirno put aside all attempts of defending and lunged forward, aiming at the center of Sir Janus’ chest. Sir Janus stepped back with a nimbleness uncharacteristic of a man of his span. To get away from Tirno’s blade, Janus raised both arms and pulled back his body. In that awkward position, Sir Janus counterattacked with a downward stab aimed at Lord Tirno’s hand and withdrew from the engagement to avoid Tirno’s afterblow.
However, the afterblow didn’t come. Lord Tirno’s sword fell to the ground as the man bursted out cursing. As he retreated to his side of the arena, I caught a glimpse of bright blood flowing from his right hand.
New word learned!
Words learned: 3,001/215,000
Rank: Talkative Teenager
I made a mental note to not mention that word in front of children.
“I lost.” Captain Kiln sighed, bringing me back to the present.
“Not yet, he’s going to continue. Look.” I replied as Lord Tirno’s aid bandaged the wounded hand. The noble man snapped at the squire to hurry up but no matter how much bandages he applied, they quickly soaked in more blood. Suddenly, sick of waiting, Lord Tirno pushed his squire back and retrieved the sword.
“It’s over.” Captain Kiln sighed again.
Down in the garden, Sir Janus repeatedly hit Tirno’s blade until it slipped from his bloody hand. Then Janus prompted his rival to retrieve his sword just to repeat the process. Three times Tirno raised his sword and three times Janus slapped it from his hand.
“What a shitshow.” Captain Kiln grunted just as Sir Janus disarmed Lord Tirno for the last time and chased him across the garden hitting the Baronette’s legs with the rapier’s flat side until he found shelter inside the Great Hall.
Sir Janus took a bow towards the balcony and threw his sword in the squire’s direction. The Captain slid four silver coins to my side of the handrail.
“Better spanked than dead.” I pointed out, pocketing the coins with a winning smile on my face.
“Sir Janus is a lowborn who reached knighthood because he was accepted in the Ebros Knights Academy. His position in the court is frail and yet he acts like an idiot.”
The squires cleared the garden and the nobles who had been observing the duel started vacating the balcony. I learned a couple more insults from overhearing their conversation, some of the nobles were fuming and I pictured them plotting against Sir Janus in the near future. A hurt noble’s ego was dangerous in this world or the other.
“Abei!” The captain suddenly called.
An old robbed man emerged from the group, clearly annoyed by the interruption.
“What is it, captain?”
The man had a shining bald head and a majestically bushy beard. Unlike the young man from the tower, Abei didn’t look like a cheap street magician but a full fledged sage.
“We have one of those portal hoppers. A Scholar.” Captain Kiln announced. “I thought you would be interested.”
In a single sentence, Abei’s face was cleared of all irritation. The old man made his way through the balcony with an eager stride and, unlike the captain, didn’t bother to measure me up with his eyes. Instead he jumped directly to the questions.
“Where are you from and how did you get here, young man?” Abei struck me like the kind of person who would look into a loaded shotgun’s barrel to satiate his curiosity.
“I’m Robert Clarke, humble servant of the City of Light. I arrived here due to a teletransportation accident.” I introduced myself, already expecting what will come next. The questioning.
“The City of Light? Never heard of that place.” Abei stroked his beard and looked around searching for an encyclopedia just to remember he was outdoors.
“And I never heard of Farcrest until I popped out here.” I replied with a shrug.
Abei nodded, understanding my predicament.
“You don’t seem to be scared for someone so far from home.” The man looked me directly in the eye. I was slowly getting used to being questioned.
“Three days in the Farlands is a hell of a cure for fear.” I replied.
The Captain gave me an approving nod. People of this world trusted too much in the System and too little in the common sense.
“Why am I being treated with such deference? I'm nobody after all.” I asked, eliciting a jolly laugh from the old man and I braced myself for a long story.
“People who are exposed to teletransportation spells usually are wealthy, noble or high level, so it's only logical to protect such individuals when the integrity of the kingdoms depends on them.” Abei explained. “Anyway, we need noble witnesses to grant you the permit. Let’s go to the audience room.” The man added as he invited me through the glass door into the Great Hall.
Before I could cross the doorway, Captain Kiln grabbed my arm and stopped me.
“Just don’t do anything stupid and things will go well. Understood?” The woman asked with a stern voice.
“Understood.” I replied, knowing perfectly well that doing stupid things, like jumping heads on into a dangerous world full of magic creatures, was exactly my specialty.
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2023.06.08 00:15 PillowBird- Why is forced overtime allowed?

I work a very labor intensive job as salesman/merchandiser in the beverage industry. We work at least 50-60 hour weeks always. setting up large displays that change on a weekly basis, break down loads that can be up to 8+ pallets on busy days. When items are on sale/holidays the shelves empty faster than you can load them. Recently I spent 9 hours working a extremely busy store, breaking down pallets and loading product/organizing the back room. I did not take a break at all during the 9 hours and was expected to merchandise a second store once the first was completed. My manager complained about my performance at the second store, saying the state I left it in was unacceptable. No kidding! I was exhausted! I worked 5AM-530PM that day with one 15 minute break! Our shift on paper is 5-130 but the workload they pile on us is too much for even a 12 hour shift. Is this even legal? I’m being forced overtime without even being asked. On top of that I have split days off(Wednesday and Sunday). So on my day off I’m completely burnt/running errands AND need to be in bed by 730-8PM in order to get a decent amount of sleep. Anybody else work a job like this? How do you cope? I have no personal time or time for relaxation to recharge.
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2023.06.08 00:15 LSPhere All The New Horror - June 2023

All the new horror movies (and some thrillers, and some shows) releasing throughout June 2023. Enjoy
I’ll continue editing and adding to this list frequently, as new info comes out.
What horror releases this month look interesting? .
⇩ Slide to left ⇩
Releases Notes Date Link Location
Horror Releases:
Subspecies V: Bloodrise (horror) prequel; vampires; supernatural; castle; the dark ages; bloodline June 2 IMDB Screambox; Full Moon Features
The Boogeyman (horrothriller) supernatural; haunted house June 2 IMDB Theaters
Follow Her (thrillehorror) struggling live streamer; isolated luxury cabin; strange host June 2 IMDB VOD
Pollen (horror) supernatural; eco-horror; creature June 6 IMDB VOD
The Devil Comes at Night (horror) trapped; farmhouse; cannibalistic cult June 6 IMDB VOD
The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (horrofantasy/drama) teen girl; quest to cure death June 9 IMDB VOD
Brooklyn 45 (horrohistory/drama) supernatural; friend group; veterans; seance June 9 IMDB Shudder; AMC+
Devilreaux (horrothriller) supernatural; 1800’s; voodoo June 9 IMDB VOD
Beau is Afraid (horrocomedy/mystery/drama) ‘embarks on epic, Kafkaesque odyssey back home’ June 13 IMDB VOD
Scream of the Wolf (horror) supernatural; werewolf; abandoned mansion; movie crew June 13 IMDB VOD
Cannibal Cabin (horror) friend group; lost; cannibals June 13 IMDB VOD
The Hopewell Haunting (horror) paranormal June 13 IMDB VOD
Jagged Mind (horror) blackouts; strange visions; time disturbance; strange girlfriend June 15 IMDB Hulu
The Walking Dead: Dead City (mini series; horrothrilleadventure) spinoff; zombies; Manhattan June 15 IMDB AMC
Aged (horrothriller) supernatural; caregiver; haunted house; B-horror June 15 IMDB VOD
The Blackening (horrothrillecomedy) killer; friend group; cabin June 16 IMDB Theaters
Seire (S.Korean; horrodrama) supernatural; folk-lore; newborn baby; bad luck June 16 IMDB VOD
Peppergrass (horrothriller) restauranteur; attempts robbery from veteran; B-movie June 16 IMDB VOD
God is a Bullet (crime/drama/horror) cult; ex-member + ex-cop; revenge June 23 IMDB VOD
Quicksand (thrillehorror) couple; hiking; quicksand; wilderness survival June 23 IMDB Shudder; AMC+
The Gates (horrothriller) supernatural; 1890’s; London; haunted prison June 27 IMDB VOD
Run Rabbit Run (horror) strange daughter; past-life memories; family secrets; psychological June 28 IMDB Netflix
The Unseen (horrodrama/thriller) supernatural; law student; madness June 30 IMDB VOD
Dark and Strange Honorable Mentions (thrillers, etc.):
The Days (Japanese mini series; history/thriller) Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster June 1 IMDB Netflix
Simulant (sci-fi/thrillefantasy) near-future; humanoid; A.I. uprising; gov manhunt June 2 IMDB VOD
Esme, My Love (thriller) mother; child; terminal illness; abandoned farm June 2 IMDB VOD
The Lazarus Project (series; thrilleaction/fantasy) top secret organization; time loops June 4 IMDB TNT; CBS
A Crowded Room (mini series; thrillemystery) biography; Danny Sullivan; crime; 1979; interrogation; mysterious past June 9 IMDB AppleTV+
Fear the Invisible Man (thriller) supernatural; strange guest; invisible man June 13 IMDB VOD
Black Mirror (series; S06; sci-fi/mystery/thriller) anthology June 15 IMDB Netflix
Delete (Thai series; thriller) phone can erase people; psychological; romance June 28 IMDB Netflix
The Witcher (series; S03; adventure/fantasy/mystery/action) creatures; witchcraft June 29 IMDB Netflix
Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story (documentary) VFX character actor June 6 IMDB Screambox
True Crime Story: Look Into My Eyes (docu-series) hypnosis; disgraced principal June 15 IMDB AMC+; SundanceTV
Recent releases, now streaming:
She Came From the Woods (horrocomedy) summer camp; supernatural June 10 IMDB Tubi
Play Dead (horrothriller) killers; sadistic coroner; sells body parts June 17 IMDB Tubi
*It’s decent work tracking down all the horror films across the internet, and checking up on their ever changing release schedules. These sites help a lot. Sources:
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2023.06.08 00:14 Away_Lead2152 Husband (Straight 33M) + Lingering 2 (Straight 33F) "Friends" / Situationship

So my story isn't super straightforward but I'm going to try my best to keep it easy to follow...
My husband and I started dating 4 years ago and married for about 1.5 years and he had 2 female friends since high school. Because we're from 2 geographically different areas, I had never previously met or had known these friends. I didn't think much of them. In the beginning I took their friendship at face value, and didn't give them attention since they lived in a seperate state and were also in longterm relationships of their own. I figure everyone was just friends and just living their respective lives. However, over time I began witnessing an odd dynamic between my (now husband)/then boyfriends relationship (we'll call him Sam) with these 2 female friends (we'll call them Girl 1 & Girl 2).
Admittedly, most of the odd behavior I observed wasn't ever glaringly wrong (except for a few things) and I just kept going. Again, given that they were so far away I didn't view Girl 1 & 2 as very threatening or impactful to my/our life. But I guess I was wrong. So it 1st started when Girl 1 was planning her wedding, and Girl 1 scheduled a conference call between herself, her fiance and my (then boyfriend) Sam. This conference call was to specifically get Sam to ask me, "if I was okay with Sam being in her wedding." At the time I was SUPER confused because Sam and I had only been dating for 3 months and like...Why would I care if Sam is in Girl 1's wedding? Why would Sam ask me for permission to attend such a momentous celebration? Idk, because I was so thrown off, I just let it go...So then other things popped up like when I finally met Girl 1 & 2 in person over dinner they largely ignored me for 2 hours and JUST talked with Sam. I did my very best to try and participate in the conversation but they only talked about high school stuff. So I really had a hard time. But regardless of that, I got BAD Vibes from Girl 1 & Girl 2 immediately...
After eventually snapping and no longer accepting this "just friends" narrative, I uncovered a lot of things I didn't want to see. For example Girl 2 had a crush on Sam at some point years ago. I saw texts from Girl 1 asking Sam about his sex life in the past. I saw thirst trap selfies from before we were dating from Girl 1 & 2. I uncovered that Sam's ex girlfriends also had problems with these girls, like me. It was a lot, and after 2 years of this weird uncertainty with these 2 females, I gave Sam an ultimatum. I said, either you cut them out or I walk...
Now I know ultimatum are never good to hand out to your partner but I felt like that's all I had. Trust me we/I spent SO much time talking about these chicks and our arguments about this got crazy! It honestly should've never gotten to this point, and I had more than enough to walk away back then, but Sam said he'd make things better and change. In response, Sam cut them out and deleted them off social media and told his family that he was distancing himself from Girl 1 & Girl 2. *Oh btw, Girl 1 & Girl 2 moms were close with Sam's mom, and there was this added family layer.
This was all about 1.5 years ago that this ultimatum was given and Sam said he texted them basically telling them off. The only thing is...I never saw the "telling them off" text because he blocked them immediately after it was sent. This brings us to today.
Today I found out that Girl 1 and her mom have been liking & commenting on Sam's mom and sisters Insta and FB accounts for the past 1.5 years. I just found out because I'm RARELY on social media and I saw their activity. Now I'm mad and confused once again! Like why would Girl 1 still "like" Sam's family post when allegedly she was cut by Sam? Idk, my pride would have me slink away but Girl 1 is holding strong. From my understanding, Girl 1 and her mom did have a prior relationship with Sam's sister and mom BUT Sam was mostly the glue that kept everyone connected.
Sam said he'll try and tell his family again that he has distance himself from Girl 1 & 2 but I don't think it's the family's fault. They're just sorta passive in all this. At the same time, do I have to just deal with it? Like do I just deal with the fact that my husband's old situationship forever lingers through his family??
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2023.06.08 00:14 Advanced_Mongoose458 catcalling

as someone with a large chest (34j U.S.), i have experienced a lot of catcalling, harassment, and sometimes even groping (i live in NYC and travel throughout the city alone very often). i am 22 and this probably started around the time i was 13-14 and its only gotten scarier as i’ve gotten older and go out alone more. i work retail and at my store we have a jewelry counter which is separate from the front registers so i am basically out of sight of most of my coworkers. i feel so unsafe because i get hit on at work often (usually by older men) and i associate it with my larger chest. i cannot go a day at work without a guy making advances, asking personal questions (if i live around here, where i go to school, if i have a boyfriend). i literally feel them staring at my chest. i just feel like such a piece of meat and like i only exist to be objectified. i recently was groped on the bus and have been much more on edge ever since.
in addition to all of this, no guy has ever shown genuine interest in me outside of catcalling or creeps. this makes me feel like im pretty enough to be catcalled and harassed, but not pretty enough for a relationship. i have body dysmorphia and low self esteem because i’ve internalized this for so long. it is just so confusing and upsetting to only be called beautiful when its being shouted at me on the street, but no guy has ever made an attempt to get to know me or show any interest in general. this is a long rant, but i just want to know if im alone in this or if anyone else can relate.
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2023.06.08 00:14 CMART696969 looking for a new place to play this summer?

Hello, I play on a server called DOS or Death Of Sauron. It Is active and lively for a server that has not officially gone public(they are not private however)and has only been around since late April. DOS averages about 6 people per day, 8 or 9 on a good one. The world is fresh, PvP and sieges is rampant and factions are growing very fast, most particularly Gondor, Dorwinion, Rhun, and Mordor. There is also a large growing building community. The server runs other mods in addition to the lotr mod such as addons to the base mod, and Archimedes ships, and has a modpack on curseforge and soon technic. The server, hence the name, is set in the fourth age. The administration is nice and helpful. Join up!
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2023.06.08 00:13 fedupgirlay AITA for telling my mum "the 50s want her back" after dresscoding me?

Okay so I (20F) grew up in a pretty conservative family, but I have a relatively "liberal" mum. I am allowed to do more things in comparison to my peers when it comes to hanging out with friends, travelling with friends and whatnot. I guess I need to mention that before you think my mum is abusive or something.
Now, where I live it's currently summer so pretty hot and I like wearing chill clothes at home (college break so I went back home for the summer.) Chill clothing = mostly high-wasted loose pants with a shirt tucked in.
Tonight I was hanging around with my family, as we usually do and suddenly my mum makes the following remark:
"You should really wear more loose clothes because these pants accentuate your private parts and that's inappropriate when your father is around"
(I wish I could include a picture of the pants, but I am typing this on my phone lol)
Now, respectfully: I am not one to flaunt her butt cheeks in general and I actually thought these pants were pretty flattering. I wore them when going to the grocery store and it never crossed my mind that my freaking DAD would feel uncomfortable about it.
I don't get why she dresscodes me in my house? I would hope that that is one of the places where I can actually be free from that stuff.
I told her that that was "literal bulls**t" and it's weird that he would be uncomfy about that.
She then replied by saying that "I should behave like a lady, even at home"
That's when I snapped and said that I was disgusted by her incredible stupid comments and that the 1950s called her to return to their misogynistic era.
Now she's upset with me and says that the "lady" remark was purely a joke. I would believe that if it wasn't the first time she dresscoded me: i can't wear shorts at home either, even when it's smoking hot, while she does wear them? So that doesn't make sense to me.
My brother is mad at me too for "disrespecting" my mum and called me a b-itch (idk if reddit is censoring lmao). He agrees with her and thinks I should apologize to her.
AITA here?
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2023.06.08 00:12 xSorotsyx We found an injured pigeon and took it home. It passed away...was it our ignorance? RIP Blue.

We found an injured pigeon and took it home. It passed away...was it our ignorance? RIP Blue.
I will refer to the pigeon as "it" as we dont know whether it was a female or male. We named it "Blue".
Sunday night we wet out for a drink close to home. There was a pigeon at this place. It was walking very woobly as if it has hit its head or was dizzy. The waitress said it had been there all day (aprox 8h) and they tried to give it peanuts. It was a young pigeon. We decided we'd take it home as we thought it had fallen out of the nest after a storm and just needed to grow a few days then it would fly away.
The next day, monday we took it to our usual vet, she was clearly not vey comfortable handling a bird as she usually works with cats and dogs. She took a look but couldnt find anything wrong. We pointed out the bird had one wing "hanging" lower and missing some tail feathersas if ripped out. And she lightly extended the wing but we couldnt see any visible injury/bone breaks.
Blue slept outside where there was a min temp of 18°C in a large cat cage with water, and dove/pigeon food.
Tuesday we took him out of the cage and he walked around the bathroom as we cleaned the cage. Blue hadn't eaten or drunk much since we rescued it even after trying to feed it with a syringe. We tried to wash it with a bit of water as it had feathers clumped together on the chest by some mud or something. Then I noticed the wound on his neck! It extended to the wing. After washing his lightly he sat in the warm sun for several hours (3pm to 7pm, note this is in spain so sun is warm) so he dried. So the same say one of us went to the general vet hospital (without the bird) to ask what to do. They also didnt have any aviary vets and told us to go to another vet with experience. We went there, spoke to the vet and showed the images. The vet said to bring the pigeon the next day. Pigeons are considered a pest here so normally they just get euthanized, we were made to sign a document acknowledging this.
The next day, in the morning we noticed blue was not moving much. We had an appointment for 12 at the vet but went ealrier. When there the vet saw blue was hypothermic, his wound was quite big, wing likely broken, mix of runny, yellow and brown poop and weighed only 170gr. She put blue in an incubator to try and raise the core temp but sadly blue passed away this evening Wednesday.
Wounds look like they were from some attack. We live by the sea, maybe it was seagulls, maybe rats, maybe other pigeons?
I have been crying my eyes out since finding out he passed away. We had no idea we were supposed to keep him warm. We even read ideal temp for them is 15 to 22°C and thought anything hot could be too hot or cause fever. Not one of the 2 vets told us to keep it warm, when googling we couldnt find anything about it. We were focused on having Blue rest up, trying to get him/her to eat and drink. Blue had been active flapping wings before but something during the night just suddenly changed. I only knew Blue since Sunday night and today is Wednesday evening but I really came to care for him/her.
Did we kill him because of our ignorance not knowing he was so cold? Had we provided a hot water bottle could Blue have survived?
Can someone here who is experienced help answer this for us?
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2023.06.08 00:11 anonymousfun121 30/M looking for an independent girl to be FWB in Hyderabad

Hello there redditors! I’m a 30 year old well educated decent guy (new here) looking to have some fun in life with a very freaky girl who resonates on the same level as me. I’m looking for some ‘living on the edge’ kinda thrills. I’m mostly a night owl and I enjoy going on late night long drives listening to music. Know a couple cool spots in the city with some amazing views where we could stop by, enjoy the view, have some deep conversations and maybe get a little freaky too, build up some tension so then we can’t wait to get back home, watch a tv show cuddling and making out… I mean, you get the picture right? 😄
Anyone interested, please feel free to send me a chat request and I shall respond at the earliest. 😊
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2023.06.08 00:11 AceSpitfire- [WTS] AUGs/Vector/SR-25/1911A1/M4 Midcaps/M4 PMAGs/Plate Carrier/Pouches

Up for sale are two Semi-Boneyard AUGs, a Krytac Vector, a Boneyard SR-25, an Elite Force 1911A1, a plate carrier, and various pouches. All sold as is, though I would be willing to provide a test video of the AUG and Vector upon request (Price may be lowered if the guns do not work correctly). As for the 1911A1 I do not have CO2 (Price will reflect this). I am willing to negotiate a price, but will not accept low balls. The 1911A1 will come in its original box if I still have it. Buyer pays shipping. Happy to answer questions.
PICTURES (Timestamp not required due to flair)
  1. Semi-Boneyard AUGS - $105/Each
  2. Vector - $375
  3. Boneyard SR-25 - $135
  4. 1911A1 - $60
  5. M4 BAMF Midcaps - $7
  6. M4 Lancer Midcaps - $10
  7. M4 PMAG - $20
  8. KWA M4 PMAG - $35
  9. Plate Carrier - $65
  10. Dump Pouch - $10
  11. Admin Pouch - $25
Semi-Boneyard AUGs ($105 + Shipping/Each) - So I'm not sure what brand makes each of these AUGs (ASG I believe), they function and come with 2 mags a piece (The same type of magazine as pictured in the AUGs). I have swapped the various receivers between each AUG and verified that each works. I personally have never fielded them, just bought them from this subreddit, verified that they work, and put them on the shelf. Some notes to consider:
Price is $125 + Shipping per AUG. I believe they MSRP for ~$165-200 on Evike (Low-High). If you buy both, I will go to $180 + Shipping.
Krytac Kriss Vector ($375) - Krytac Kriss Vector. Comes with one magazine, the flashlight, grip, and sights pictured on the gun. I bought this from someone on this subreddit and used it for like an hour. It has some upgrades (longer barrel and some others I think) and has a chrono tag from a previous owner that reads around 330 fps. The gun functions well. Only issue would be a missing charging handle spring. The spring does not affect the function of the gun outside of having to manually return the charging handle when it is pulled back. Its function was purely aesthetic. A replacement can also be purchased on Evike. Price is $375 + Shipping, the gun MSRPs for like ~$490 on Evike.
Boneyard SR-25 ($135) - Originally a semi-boneyard A&K SR-25 I bought from someone on this subreddit. When I received it, the motor was pretty much shot (Still fired a little bit) and the stock was cracked. It was meant to be a project gun, so I spray painted it and removed the pistol grip, motor, and stock. Never got around to messing with it. Currently it is just the body of the gun, the scope and the gearbox. I'm not sure what other parts I have lying around, but I may be able to find some stuff. The gun MSRPs for around ~$300 on Evike, but mine is boneyard and would need some work. I will give it up for around $135.
Elite Force 1911A1 ($60) - Elite Force 1911A1. The gun comes with one magazine and the paddle holster pictured. I purchased this gun from a store a very long time ago and used it a lot since. The gun has extensive cosmetic damage from heavy use. The gun works, last time I checked. I additionally brought it to a shop and had them replace most of the internals (Full Auto Airsoft) and have used it once since then. Upon request I can include a baggie with extra parts. The price is $60 + Shipping. The gun MSRPs on Evike for ~$130.
M4 Midcap Magazines ($7/Each for Generic Mags $10/Each for Lancer Mags$20 for PMag$35 for KWA Pmag) - Various M4 Magazines. Most bought second hand, I do have a couple PMags to sell though. M4 magazines usually go for around $10-$15 on Evike. I'll sell each generic midcap for $7. I do not know the cap, but they should all be midcaps. If you buy 5 mags at least, I'll give you one of equal or lesser value for free (While I can).
Plate Carrier and Pouches ($65 for PC$10 for Dump Pouch$20 for Admin Pouch) - Decent plate carrier and pouches, I do not know the brands. I used the plate carrier and dump pouch a bit, the admin pouch was used basically once. Plate carrier is decently comfortable, and comes with triple double stacked mag pouches. I think I bought the plate carrier for around $110, the dump pouch for around $20 and the admin pouch for like $30. I'm selling at a large discount, I just do not use the gear anymore.
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2023.06.08 00:10 Fancy-Amphibian-4787 Birthday party drama, uninvited guests...

I know I have both a MIL and SO problem, I am just furious at both right now. I love my husband, immediate, and my side of the family. But sometimes I regret marrying into this drama. So much background but it's needed for context, plus I need to vent BG: MIL blatantly favors all of her other kids over my husband. Especially her eldest child, eldest SIL. She basically spent more time helping raise her grandchildren than SIL did (not because of work, but because she and her husband seemed to only have children for the prestige, they generally didn't seem to like them as young kids. Now they spoil them with things and activities, but still need "breaks" from their kids almost every other weekend and 1 weekday). She will drop everything for SIL no matter what, for her to party or hang out with friends for a weekend, where I had to beg for her to watch my 1 child for less than 2 hours during 2nd pregnancy for appointments. And they live closest to us out of everyone, so they drive right by our house every time they go into town or to see SIL. Because of this, SIL's 3 kids are the golden grandchildren. And they know it. They can do no wrong, and everything that happens is my kids or other grandkids fault, even with evidence or happen right in front of our eyes. Full dudley dursely attitude during Christmas with gifts, always getting first choice in things, and my kids have to put up with it. Once stepdaughter started voicing her sadness at noticing this, we went LC with everyone. MIL tries to buy affection, BUT has seemed to make more of an effort coming to our house or kids activities now that we don't participate in family things at their home. FIL is a sheep who follows MIL. All that being said, stepdaughter and the eldest GG (13 yr old, first grandchild) got along pretty well previously. They were the only girls, and she seemed meek compared to her wild attention seeking brothers. Albeit dramatic. Stepdaughter got a phone for her 10th birthday. 'Before anyone comes for me for the technology is bad speil. She had to walk home from the bus stop, she was in activities, and her gizmo watch just wasn't cutting it anymore. She has parental controls on it. She had rules about what apps she could have, who she could add, etc. This isn't the 90's technology is a part of life now lol. Stepdaughter started spending more time in her room, on the phone basically 24/7 with friends and Niece. I'll admit fault that we weren't monitoring as well as we should've been. I was drowning in PPA with a newborn and recently diagnosed autistic 2.5 year old, and husband was working 2 jobs so she ended up on the back burner. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT MISTAKE. But once I came out of the fog we realized her attitude was different than normal 'new sibling' blues. She was getting mean and combative, and EVERYTHING was an argument. She didn't seem to want to talk to her own friends, just niece and her people. We had a phone check in, and JESUS. We let her get snapchat as that was the main way to communicate with her friends, but most were suddenly random boys and nieces friends. And INAPPROPRIATE. Things no 10 year old should be saying. Things her old friends told her they weren't allowed to talk to her anymore because of. Things niece was encouraging/demanding/peer pressuring her to say if she wanted to stay friends with her and HER friends. Niece guilting her when she expressed fear or worry, and tried to defend her friends (who niece would mock). She was very slick about how she would go about it, making SD seem like the instigator and never taking direct blame or responsibility. Always gaslighting her. We had a huge discussion/argument about it, where SD came clean about everything. Admitted fault, but explained the peer pressure fear and how niece would play the victim if she got mad. She lost privileges, deleted EVERYONE, except her old friends and blocked niece on everything. She has made a complete 180 back into the caring compassionate kid she was, and is happy with us and her siblings, talking to her friends again, being active outside. My upset at husband is he doesn't ever want to rock the boat. Our agreement is we don't get involved/ start drama with the others family. Their circus their choice how to handle stuff so to speak. I'm quick to anger and say a lot of stuff in the moment (and was more dramatic 14 years ago when I first joined the family) so it seemed logical. But he let's SO MUCH SLIDE. He worries his parents don't like him, even though he's the only one who wants to take over the family farm and WORKS for his dad, everyone else just gets handouts. He didn't say anything or stand up for SD to any of them, just said niece was blocked because they needed a break from each other. Which gave niece the opening to say it was all SD and she was being mean and drama. THE ISSUE: We're having ONE joint party for my 3 kids birthdays next weekend. Like I tried to make it easier on everyone to not do a bunch of separate things. One day a year to celebrate and keep the focus on my kids. We only invited my side and MIL/FIL. Found out SIL is busy with another event, and BIL is doing whatever he does instead of hang out with his kids so MIL will be watching golden grandchildren. Not happy about it, but we want in laws there so we're putting up with it. Now we're hearing that niece has invited a friend (one that slightly participated but didn't encourage the phone drama) to stay with them, and will also be attending the party. She told daughter (through one app she hadn't been blocked on) that this friend had nowhere to go and if she can't go, then she won't go either. No one asked us, it's just expected she gets to come. We haven't discussed with MIL yet, but I honestly don't want this random kid coming to my kids family birthday party. It's to celebrate with both sides of the family. And if this kid attends, MIL and FIL will work to make her feel included at our kids attention expense. And niece gets more bratty and show offy when around a friend. Husband is still at work so I haven't gone over this with him, I'm just so annoyed at everything. A lot of my family has to work that weekend so it won't be many people, so I'm feeling disappointed for my kids already if MIL sticks with niece and her friend and none of them show. (the other 3 golden grandchildren aren't as bad, FIL is the subordinate, and follows whatever MIL does).
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2023.06.08 00:09 Money_Grubber_8D Do you think the Parental Rights movement in US education will eventually try to censor out real people at schools?

To my understanding the Parental Rights movement here in the US is largely focused on letting parents have full control of how their children learn about LGBT topics and the people that make up that population. This has so far led to restricting what teachers can say around students and the censorship of reading materials related to LGBT matters.
In the future as the movement evolves could this later change to parents trying to control who their children even share their public schools with?
Some hypothetical examples could include gay parents being shunned or made to feel unwelcomed at school events for being a "bad example" to children. A parent wanting to separate their kid away from an openly bisexual classmate who they see as a "bad influence". Perhaps even a group of parents demanding the firing of all LGBT teachers no matter how well they keep their personal lives to themselves.
Thankfully this currently isn't the case but it doesn't take much time for a reactionary movement to change its course and parents aren't always rational in matters involving their children and their firmly held beliefs.
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2023.06.08 00:09 SecretNefariousness1 My belongings were robbed in Babezzouar the other day

The other day my computer got stolen in Algiers after I went there for a day. I left my bag in the back of the trunk of a driver. We made a stop next to the commercial center in Bab Ezzouar, when the guy dropped me in station at night, I didn't find my bag, I told him to come with me to the police but he refused. I went to the police and I had the guy's phone number, his whole name, the car's plate number and even his picture and I was told to come back tomorrow. When I did they made me wait for three hours in a room full of mosquitos only to tell me they couldn't do anything. I couldn't even file a complaint. They told me to write a paper and send it to the republic agent and then he would decide wether to call me in to fill a complaint or not even though I live far away from the capital. I just gave up on any justice we might have in this country. P.S. I realise it was partially my fault for leaving my expensive things in the trunk of a stranger. But it sucks that you cannot do anything about it after the fact, how come the people who are supposed to protect and serve you aren't doing any slight effort to help. This post is just a rent so don't take it too harshly.
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2023.06.08 00:07 habbalah_babbalah Tenant Association Board sides with Landlord on major issues - what can I do?

I live in a large apartment building with about 520 units, in a U.S. city with rent controls. The property is managed by a well-known PM company, with a history of reducing services and evicting tenants unjustly. We have a tenant association, a 501(c)(4), with membership standing at 8% of the tenants. I am a member and also serve as a tenant rep on the board. I got invited to the board after reporting issues on Nextdoor and being involved in tenants' rights previously.
During my first board meeting, we discussed a plan proposed by the PM about packages left in the mailroom for more than two days -- they would be returned to sender on the third day. The plan provided arrangements for holding packages when tenants are on vacation. The board was about to vote in favor of recommending to the PM that they implement the plan when I intervened to discuss the issues. One major concern was that the tenant board was giving permission to the landlord to take possession of tenant property without consent. The meeting ended without a vote, and I investigated further- called a USPS cop, a PD detective, the city's tenant union organizers, and a tenant lawyer. It became clear that the plan's actions would be illegal, including federal crimes for USPS packages. What happens when irreplaceable items are "lost in the mail" after being returned to sender? Grandmas ashes, artwork, etc. Many older folks in this building, people who aren't quick to pick up packages, but it shouldn't be treated as a crime.
At the next board meeting, I presented ten points with law and case citations, pointing up the severe legal hazards of implementing the plan. Throughout, other board members interrupted me, shouted at me, basically taking the landlord's side! Eventually, the truth prevailed, and they voted against recommending the plan. I was even invited to present my findings to the PM's general manager, which led to the plan being canceled, and instead they expanded the mailroom.
That pattern with the board has repeated itself on several major issues:
Lease renewal: The property management company is sending spurious 12-month "renewal agreement" letters to tenants, even though local law dictates that leases automatically renew on a month-to-month basis after the initial period. The letters are deceptively worded, potentially misleading tenants into believing they must move out if they don't sign. Despite raising my concerns, the board president dismissed the issue, instead personally attacking me for asking if she had spoken with the PM about it (she then admitted to "working on it with them.") I am seeking advice from tenant organizations and tenant attorneys. I emailed the board, recommending we oppose the letters and request the landlord to stop sending them, but received no response.
Intercom system: The board president announced that only leaseholders' names would be entered into the new video intercom system. I pointed out obvious flaws with this approach, situations where leaseholders are not present but their guests or roommates require access. The president dismissed these concerns by referring to roommates as "illegals." WTF?! I argued against this stance, mentioning tenants who follow the law by adding legally-allowed roommates, or partners who are not required to be on the lease. However, the issue remains unresolved, with the PM's general manager also telling me that unnamed occupants are "illegals" and vaguely hinted at evictions.
Removal of deck furniture: The property management company removed all deck furniture from the roof decks after an act of vandalism. I told the board that this was a reduction in services and proposed requesting a rent reduction. No response.
Reduction of door attendant hours: at one time there were three shifts, 24/7. Now there's one 7 hour shift. Major reduction in service with no corresponding rent reduction. No response from the board.
It seems that I am the only board member paying attention to tenant issues. The rest of the board focuses on organizing monthly parties for tenants, with some parties exclusively for the board members. I researched and discovered that the landlord had won a major, precedent-setting court case against the association about 15 years ago, which has led the current board into placating the landlord. This has created a situation akin to Stockholm Syndrome, where they are more concerned about the landlord's well-being than tenant needs. The president often praises the PM's manager, despite the many problems they create. The board passively and actively resist requests to the landlord for changes. I am probably viewed by them as a Karen.
Current tenant members seem to view the association as a social organization. Former members have expressed disappointment, saying that the association doesn't help them with landlord issues, so they quit.
I am not well-versed in the laws governing 501(c)(4) organizations, or the actions I can take to force a change in the board. Logic doesn't land well on them, and as a group they just aren't gonna change.
I'd appreciate any helpful hints and ideas.
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2023.06.08 00:04 lyzing Evergoods x Carryology Phoenix 2 // CTB26

Yeah, this bag is old news now with so many drops happening since, but I'm really digging this Phoenix 2 I recently purchased secondhand.
The Basics:
This bag packs almost every feature anyone one could ever ask for, with great style and comfort, and in a size footprint that is manageable to take most places.
The front panel has so much volume that is laid out in a very thoughtful manner. The amount of quick access volume on this bag is unrivaled & with just the right amount of organization to boot. There's a good place for absolutely everything! In addition to the front panel, there's the quick access pocket in front of the harness. The auxillary pocketing on this bag is just perfection, they're all huge and so functional.
There's also a huge laptop compartment that can swallow two large laptops or one large laptop and business papers, man.
I do wish that the laptop compartment was less complex in it's construction as to allow for a larger main compartment. The main compartment feels smaller than my Conceal21 due to the way it's put together here. If the laptop compartment had less volume the main could be bigger, but on days I'm carrying two laptops the larger laptop compartment will be nice, so it's more of a trade-off and not a negative.
Personally, I would still prefer a less overbuilt laptop compartment like The Brown Buffalo ConcealPack has, as it can still carry both of my 14" laptops at the same time, but takes up almost no space from the main compartment when not carrying a laptop, which is pretty often.
Also, I do wish that it was available in mirrored as I prefer to sling my bag from the other shoulder, and when it's facing forward in my passenger seat, the interior mesh pocket zipper is facing opposite of me. This is nitpicking for sure of an excellent bag.
The Phoenix 2 is easily in the top echelon of anything I've ever used.
Stuck a magnapatch on here too for some extra loop.
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2023.06.08 00:04 maxifer Reasonable Rental Properties or Places to Avoid?

Hi all, since I've lived here it's always been with a room/share situation, so I'm not as familiar with the reputable rental companies vs slumlords. Currently looking for something southern/within 15 or ao from the airport but not finding great options in the room/share department so may bite the bullet and just pay more for a 1b1ba or studio, just want to avoid nightmare situations with property management spots.
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2023.06.08 00:03 throwawaymeno I just got an ADD for spicy chili dorito beef jerky from that one red bag brand. The thing is I’ve never seen this ad before UNTIL I opened the fridge and ate one from a bag that my sister hid. How is that possible?

Some background: I haven’t eaten beef jerky in over a year. I haven’t even NOTICED we had a beef jerky bag in our fridge until yesterday night (I didn’t buy it). When I opened it, it was almost fully eaten so I’m assuming my sister got it and forgot about it since it was hidden behind the fridge cabinet.
Anyways I opened the bag and grabbed one small piece. On the way to my room, I scrolled through instagram and low and behold, the first ad I saw was for the exact same bag of beef jerky.
No, I didn’t search for jerky ANYWHERE on any app. I didn’t take any pictures or ANYTHING at all. How is it possible that I got that ad?? I was on TikTok the whole time.
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2023.06.08 00:02 gunterthedestroyer 29 [f4m/t] SC/USA- (looking to eventually move to pnw maybe) how'd I ever breathe without a kiss from goodnight you

I'm admittingly pretty weird and I have no shame. Is it off putting to a lot of people? Yes. So, I'm looking for someone who can vibe with that. I sing to my dog and I don't think she likes it very much. I talk to myself Public...even at work. My boss gives me weird looks! I'm also kinda ditzy...always losing my glasses. Sometimes, they're even on my face.
I'm looking for someone who knows how to be verbally affectionate without being creepy. There's a fine balance! But affectionate is an absolute need! I want goodnight calls and goodmorning texts. Verbal affection is super important to me. My love language is words of affirmation. I like men who are more "alt" (think goth who never truly grew out of their goth phase) but that isn't a requirement.
Don't use the chat if you can help it.
No married men. 25+.
Here's some true (and only slightly facts about me)
  1. I often buy shit I don't need…bought a blanket for my cat (in my defense I bought it from goodwill and it was new) and a stocking for my dog. She ruins every sweater I buy…but yet I keep buying them.
  2. My favorite color is green but it's a special shade. It's like between forest green and emerald. Maybe a dark emerald?
  3. I have a shit load of siblings.
  4. My music taste hasn't changed much since high school. I make this huge playlist to only listen to the same songs over and over and over. But sometimes I'll find new (to me) artists...but they're still on the same wavelength if things I listened to in high school
  5. I'm infj and hufflepuff
  6. I like hugs, nice sounding voices, and tattoos...and beards are nice too
  7. I have a really bad memory and lose my shit allll the time. I've left so many things at my sister's house.
  8. My ideal living situation involves bunkbeds so that there's plenty of room for activities
  9. I work at a Montessori school. Trying to become a teacher eventually.
  10. I watch a lot of nonsense TV to relax...SpongeBob is still my jam. I even have SpongeBob shoes
  11. I don't care if you're ftm or nonbinary. If we click, we click
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2023.06.08 00:02 pitofcarkoon My grandfather is dying from an injury that I caused.

Last year I got married. It was important to me that my grandparents attend as they were some of the few relatives I had that were supportive and kind to my wife. When I invited my grandparents, my nana apologized and said they wouldn’t be able to make it because of my grandfather’s diabetes and mobility issues. I assured her that we had made the venue accessible and had a driver and a golf cart arranged to get the elderly around. My nana still declined. Then, like a total asshole I reached out to my aunt who I know has sway over my grandparents. She called my nana and within minutes she had changed her mind and they agreed to come. The thing is, I at the time thought that my grandpa’s mobility was an excuse not to come because my nana tends to be kind of socially anxious and doesn’t care for other members of my family.
Well they come to the wedding and all our accommodations worked, they were picked up and returned to their hotel, my grandpa didn’t have to walk anywhere at the venue and was chauffeured around. But that night my grandpa fell in his hotel room. It was a new environment and I imagine it made falling easy.
That happened back in September. I recently found out that the wound on his foot never healed as his diabetes is pretty bad and he’s in his late 70’s. The doctors ended up taking his toes but that didn’t heal either. They said taking the whole leg is the only option which he declined. He is now is hospice and I’m going to see him next week. I’m afraid to see them. My guilt is overwhelming and all consuming.
It’s true that grandpa has neglected his health a long time, drinking and other things. It’s true that he was exposed to agent orange in Vietnam and it’s also true that he is choosing hospice over amputation but I can’t shake the immense guilt that my selfish desire to have him at my wedding trumped my nana’s valid insistence that they couldn’t make the trip. I’m terrified that I will live with this guilt forever as well as associate it with what was otherwise the greatest day of my life. I don’t feel like bringing it up or apologizing is the right move because I don’t want to make the last hours I have with him to be about me, seeking absolution for something I never should have done. I’ve only called him once since this happened because I feel so ashamed I’m at a loss for words.
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2023.06.08 00:01 Gingerinotrio Thrifty tips & tricks

I'm reading more and more that a lot of us here are SAH because the cost of childcare has made being a working parent unviable. But with the rising cost of living, staying home with our kids isn't enough to ease the financial burden either. So I wanted to share some of the ways that I am embracing frugality.
For context I live in NZ, and we are a family of 3. We own our own home with a mortgage, and have room for a vegetable garden. My husband makes a good wage, but these days that is not enough.
  1. We buy our vegetables through a local food rescue program called Wonky Box. Before that we bought through a co-op. We don't get to pick our vegetables, but it's way cheaper than buying from a supermarket.
  2. We grow season vegetables to supplement what comes in the delivery.
  3. Our power company gives free off-peak power hours, or does a thing called power shout. Tomorrow I'm using up the 5 free hours of power shout so I can make slow-roasted lamb. At the same time I will do 2 loads of laundry, make granola, and put a casserole in the slow cooker. I will also charge all our devices.
  4. Using the microwave or stove is cheaper than the oven. So I try to make as much as I can on the hob, or cook multiple meals in the oven at once, and freeze one to reheat in the microwave another day.
  5. We buy large cuts of meat on special and stretch it across multiple meals. The leftover lamb tomorrow will become two meat pies.
  6. We cloth nappy a couple of days a week. It saves on disposable nappies, without adding too much washing to our week.
  7. When I'm feeling super frugal, I use a whistling kettle that we have for camping on our wood burner instead of using the electric kettle.
  8. Free baby programs. We go to a lot of free programs at the library or run by churches. It gets us out without costing much.
I hope that helps some of us, especially if (like me) you've been used to affording convenience. And if you have tips, please share them.
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