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2023.05.29 13:52 DietzDiert Just got my first shugabush

Just got my first shugabush
Took me like, idk how many attempts but prolly a few days with the colassals conundrum breeding buff and an upgraded breeder.
shugabush :D
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2023.05.17 00:07 Gracennnnnnnnn Anyway saw this?

Anyway saw this?
I was playing MSM and I clicked on Viveine in the shugabush collection and that popped up I guess the monster handlers didnt add in echos of echo as a season
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2023.05.11 00:20 ForegoingAZA909 randomly down 30 diamonds. what happened?

not really sure what to flair this with, since it's probably not a bug, and doesn't really fit under "personal aggrievance".
I've been saving up for buying shugabush since I started playing the game, I had ~127 (could've been above 130) diamonds. I was snooping around the colossingum market, and bought the spurrit of adventure model. I noticed the free fwog (+ costume) from the backup buddies quest, which I hadn't yet claimed. After hatching and placing the fwog, I bought the "Narwhaaa?" costume, and attempted to buy the folly roger costume before realizing I was ten medals short. a few minutes later, I look up and notice I now have 97 diamonds. my best theory is that I absentmindedly clicked the "speed up" button on the incubation for that fwog, since I definitely don't remember waiting for it. however, I've recieved a few free monsters from conundrums, and those were instantly incubated. I'm completely dumbfounded. where could my stuff have gone?
I included a lot of seemingly innocuous details in this just in case it wasn't the fwog, sorry for the length of the post.
edit: I just figured out that you can breed the unnatural element monsters. interesting. I'm still a bit salty at the mysterious disappearance of my diamonds, but it's not that bad.
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2023.05.08 04:19 Sans-Undertale-69420 Does shugabush island have better rare and epic rates than other islands?

I swear it can’t be just me, I was breeding my shugabush island to finally complete all the shugabush monsters and when trying to get both shugabuzz and shugavox I immediately got 2 epic oaktopuses and 3 rare deedges and none of my torches were lit up at the time, I swear it can’t be just me cause my luck is never than good
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2023.05.04 16:50 Lucky_Newspaper_5868 Shugabush Island

I’ve been trying to breed Shugajo for a little while now and I’ve been breeding shugabush and oaktopus, but when I don’t get an oaktopus I just keep getting a regular shugabush, is this normal?
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2023.05.01 18:49 DylanTheGood my favorite event!

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2023.04.29 10:31 Crusader536 🔥 Need more torches for breeding that darn Nancy Sinatra knockoff tree on Shugabush! I'm active every day with lots of time for lighting ur torches 🔥

Code: 4001114800DC
Player's features: + Active every day + Able to light all your torches + Looking for a good tribe without any Entbarts (so I can join in)
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2023.04.29 04:28 owdwah Amber island is finally finished and we're due for a new island. What's some of the possibilities?

So it seems that now Amber is finished, all respective elements have their own islands. I'm gonna list of every single element and the island here, if you want to read it then you can unspoiler it:
Plant, Cold, Air, Water, and Earth have each of their natural islands respectively, Gold, and Tribal. Fire has Haven and Oasis, although not to itself. Fire does have a full fire island, Amber. Light, Psychic, Faerie, and Bone each have their own respective magical islands, and Sanctum. Plasma, Shadow, Mech, Crystal, and Poison have Ethereal. Electric has Wublin island, and the islands the Wubbox are on. Legendary has Shugabush, and the islands the Werdos are on. The whole bunch of seasonal elements have Shanty. Mythical and Dream share Mythical island. Celestial has Celestial island.
This leaves.. Dipster. Dipster element monsters do not have their own island yet. Dipsters are going to become one of the most prevalent monsters soon, with 13 islands (if they go to Light, Psychic, and Sanctum). That will be tied for 1st with Mammot and Potbelly. So at this point, Dipsters are basically due for their island? I think it would be something like a combination of Ethereal and Mythical, where you breed Dipsters with Dipsters to make new monsters. Or, like a magical island, where there would be something like, for example, Air, Plant, Fire, and Dipster. This would give us new Dipster element monsters.
But, there is also the possibility of more Fire islands. Since there is only two main ones, and most island chains usually have four, I think we might get another fire island. If there was a fire island for each fire quad, that would be eight more islands, which would be nice, but also obnoxious. Those quads are already on Amber anyway, but only getting a small piece of the top monster pie isn't as good? Quint element islands would partly fix this issue, with four quads on one island, but it still would largely leave little to no representation for Fire quads outside of Amber.
Overall, I have no idea what BBB will do next. Since they've been giving elements (or related elements) their own islands, I think Dipster island may come next. I've also seen speculation of islands with new magical elements, but that seems unlikely. Maybe an island with two Magicals, a Natural and Fire? This would let us see more monsters from Sanctum. Also, I do believe a Continent 2.0 is going to happen. Maybe as the next island, maybe as the final island, but I would like to see all the Naturals, Fires, Seasonals, and Magicals sing together. What are your thoughts?
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2023.04.27 10:53 SlimeyBoi10 What do you think of my plant island? Also, managed to get Shugabush, as you can see from the breeding structure.

What do you think of my plant island? Also, managed to get Shugabush, as you can see from the breeding structure. submitted by SlimeyBoi10 to MySingingMonsters [link] [comments]

2023.04.22 04:24 GalaxyFox420 Can you get Viveine if you use a rare Oaktapus?

So Im trying to get Viveine on Shugabush island and I had a free rare Oaktapus, so I was wondering if breeding that and Shugabush will still allow me to get Viveine or if it has to be a regular one
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2023.04.20 15:43 Leprodus03 Viveinne

Would breeding a shugabush with a rare oaktopus increase my chances of getting a viveinne compared to just using a regular oaktopus?
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2023.04.19 20:58 Accomplished_Fix_215 I like Viveine on Shugabush, but there’s still a thing that confuses me

I like Viveine’s sound on Shugabush (maybe even more than on Amber) and it’s desogn also goes really well with the island. My only worry is that Shugabush won’t get a skin. It most likely won’t get it’s own event, as you can’t claim the Hoola or Gobbelygourd situation here (same breeding combo available on multiple islands). So do you think it Shugabush may get a skin next Echos of Eco or do you think that it will still get it’s own Seasonal Event (maybe Kristian Bush’ birthday)?
P.S. :I know about the critters circling the monsters on Shugabush, but I don’t know if I would consider that a skin. (Also I’m not disappointed or anything if it won’t happen, I’m happy enough we got anything on Shugabush)
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2023.04.19 20:42 KrisWitherstorm I KNEW IT

I KNEW IT WOULD GO ON SHUGABUSH! People told me, "Oh, but they would need to talk to Kristian again" and "oh, the Handlers said it was on Amber Island", but I just KNEW they wouldn't leave Shugabush die forever.
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2023.04.19 19:20 Murky_Ad5438 Does anybody know how to breed a Viveine on shugabush island? I just wanted to get it to complete the song

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2023.04.19 17:37 bectheockywayyyyyyyy viveine breeding combo on shugabush island is sugabush + oaktopus ‼️‼️

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2023.04.19 17:30 LewisMoir20 Wait… HOW DO I BREED VIVEINE IN SHUGABUSH ISLAND!?!?!?!?

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2023.04.19 17:26 Leprodus03 Viveine

Is there any way to breed a viveine on shugabush island, or can you only get it on that island by buying it with gems? Or perhaps teleporting from another island?
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2023.04.19 17:25 PaleFork me patiently waiting for some video showing how to breed viveine on shugabush island 0.1 seconds after the reveal

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2023.04.19 17:25 Stupidfunnylol Does anyone know Viveine’s breeding combo on shugabush?

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2023.04.19 17:15 Natdawg_was_taken viveine breeding combo on shugabush?

i know it came out like 15 minutes ago but i just wanted to know if anyone figured out
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2023.04.18 03:19 GloomyDragonfruit308 Got shugabush first try let’s go

Got shugabush first try let’s go
I just decided what if I tried to breed a shugabush I thought I would fail honestly.
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2023.04.18 00:36 RarerRarity I unironically don’t know what to do with my gems anymore

I unironically don’t know what to do with my gems anymore
Like I have a shugabush breeding rn on plant island and I’m very impatient so I really want to just speed it up but I don’t want to regret it. I also kind of want to gamble my gems to try to get an 1,000 or 500 from the wheel but the last time I did that it didn’t go well at all I also kind of want to try to get Galvana but my dude is way too expensive so WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!?!
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