Fire in san mateo today

San Mateo

2012.02.16 20:50 OnceNeverAgain San Mateo

San Mateo is a city in San Mateo County, California, approximately 20 miles (32 km) south of San Francisco, and 31 miles (50 km) northwest of San Jose. San Mateo had an estimated 2018 population of 105,025.

2013.10.21 06:21 secaa23 San Mateo County, California: news, events, questions, observations

A place to discuss all things related to life in San Mateo county in Northern California. Covering the cities and communities of San Mateo County, from Daly City in the north, to Redwood City in the southeast, and to Pescadero in the southwest, and everything in between.

2013.11.05 00:10 Foster City, CA

Foster City in San Mateo County, California

2023.06.08 00:45 Di3goGM23 Onyx Slides came in the mail today

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2023.06.08 00:45 no_Im_perfectly_sane Whats going on in (part of) Europe, from what I know

First, and what I know most about, Portugal

The current government is over 50% leftist, which gives that party, (PS - partido socialista, socialist party) a lot of power
Well, it seems theyre fucking up.
State employees are not paid enough and so teachers and others are going on strike (still little progress), there are not enough prison guards and theyre paid barely above minimum wage, there are several thousand immigrants (illegal and not), in a country with around 11 billion population, and,
there are multiple government scandals, such as half a million euro firing (?) payments or politicians using portuguese secret services for certain party interests
(correct me if wrong)

In france the retirement age is going up and as such there have been massive protests and in Spain and Italy far right goverments are being elected
thoughts on this stuff?

also whats going on in your country, if youre european?
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2023.06.08 00:45 Low-Consequence-5586 Just got this beautiful baby in today

Just got this beautiful baby in today
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2023.06.08 00:45 Nearby_Zombie_3650 Positive Interactions while Teaching my Dad

Hey guys, long time player here and true lover of the game. Over the years I’ve had dozens of great interactions and have been sunk my fair share of times but I’ve never been as proud of our community than these last few days. I’ve been teaching my dad how to play the game, showing him the ropes and he’s really been enjoying it, slowly getting better with each session.
Today we were out doing a few sea forts to improve his sword skills and make some quick cash when a reapers pulled up and began firing. I had seen them on the map and warned my dad of this possibility and explained that reapers were a valid way for people to make money not just a way to troll other players. We got to our ship and I told the reapers the situation, that I was teaching my dad how to play and while I totally get that they want to make money too it would be awesome if they could let us sail away, offering up what was left in the vault.
As soon as I said this they stopped firing and the guy who was boarding us quickly helped us make repairs and apologized for killing my dad. They told us not to worry about giving them the fort and as long as we allianced with them we could go about our business. This was more than fair in my mind and they even let us tag along for a skull fort afterwards.
To those two guys thank you so much for taking the time to be great ambassadors for the game, my dad hasn’t stopped talking about how cool it was that you helped us so quickly. The seas are full of toxic players but it’s nice to know that there’s a lot of good in the game as well
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2023.06.08 00:45 nero4732 Texas Roadhouse

I saw today that they are building a Texas Roadhouse right next to Chick-fil-a in Robinson. Don't they have a location in Bridgeville? Do they plan to close that one when this location is open?
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2023.06.08 00:45 squishtarmonkeytaint Passport shipped! Locator 42 timeline

This page has helped me so much when I was incredibly worried about my passport and I feel it’s definitely changed the outcomes for me greatly. I knew when I applied exactly when I was going to alert my Congressmen etc. and for someone with bad luck with travel documents in the past I managed to get this done as smoothly as I could manage.
I received notice that I won an essay contest trip to Ireland in early April and immediately scheduled a passport appointment for 4/17. My DOT is 6/16.
4/20 - they receive my documents, check goes through. I paid for expedited and express shipping.
5/11 - contact Senator Alex Padilla. No response in 7 business days as promised in the auto reply, so I write again immediately after that period.
5/25 - an email from the senator himself’s email telling me that they ‘have elevated my request to the state department.’ I receive no follow up.
5/30 - I tell the professor leading the tour, she recommends me to the representative’s office as they had luck with them in the past. They get back same day and I fill out the privacy release form, they say they will assign me a caseworker. They were concerned about a duplicate inquiry potentially delaying the passport further.
6/2 - I call 42 directly and they tell me they have not received a congressional inquiry. I call the representative’s office and they tell me that Senator Padilla is taking the case, which worries me because they have been so unresponsive. She also tells me that they have to wait until 14 days out from DOT to send in the inquiry.
6/3 - sent Padilla many emails, they do not respond. Start freaking out.
6/5 - I call the hotline and my mom calls 42 for me. I send an urgent request and my mom hears that they have received my congressional inquiry. The woman on the phone tells my mom verbatim that ‘it should come close to the 16th’.
6/7 - and today…it shipped! I was sooo worried that I would have to start appointment hunting next week. I paid for expedited shipping at the outset so it will probably get here tomorrow. Just so grateful that I get to go to Europe for the first time and stay at Trinity College!!!
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2023.06.08 00:45 CardiologistEarly483 Manga or Anime like Romeo's blue skies

Hello everyone.
Finished re-watching Romeo's blue skies, my childhood anime and I feel empty. Please read what I loved about the show and what I'm looking for:
That's it. Sorry if it's too long but I'm really looking forward to your recommendations. Again, even a manga, completed or not, is fine for me, as I think my chances are low with anime. Looking forward to your recommendations.
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2023.06.08 00:45 rrmdp 📢 Roblox is hiring a Principal Backend Software Engineer - Roblox OS!

Company: Roblox
Location: San Mateo, CA 📍
Salary: 315K - 383K 💰
Date Posted: June 07, 2023 📅
Apply & Description 👉
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2023.06.08 00:45 Afoolfortheeons Oh God they're making me talk while I write now

Just get away from me. Shut up. Leave me alone. These are some of the thoughts I'm having today after being worn down from last night's programming session. I just can't people right now. I'm giving John the cold shoulder because he's clearly in on the charade but wants to play dumb. I can't handle that right now. I'm just done.
My mood is stable but sour. I have felt like screaming out at several points today. I didn't, thanks to invega giving me a little more impulse control and deprakote keeping my mood stable, as well as the years of training the XYZ put me through, but I still feel like exploding at the seams.
Perhaps I will feel a little better after relaxing in the park. I have an appointment at two, and its noon now, so that's a couple hours where I can decompress and reattain a more Zen state.
It's funny how I can be an indomitable monk at certain times and a little crybaby at others. Perhaps it's like I have a finite supply of Shrug, and as time goes on I will lose that special power entirely. Maybe I'll wind up like any of the other people yelling in the street soon enough. I have faith though that I am now strong enough to withstand the basic tumultuous nature of the everyday. May I serve me well by staying grounded, optimistic, and with my heart full of light.
It's now hours later. I got high again out of impulse. But of course that was planned. I felt like shit so much that I decided to pick up trash and leave gummies while doing performance art. See? Drugs are tools.
No seriously though, they set the whole route up and had cross talkers and scheduled events the whole way, planting ideas, growing a garden of potential in my mind. And now they sent a crazy person to talk to me to show me how it's done. Tah dah! I've been upgraded by the aliens again. Now I have a job.
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2023.06.08 00:45 Happy_Rabbit_Boi Building my bunny a castle

Building my bunny a castle
For my summative in one of my classes this year we needed to design and create something. It could be anything we wanted so long as it wasn't crazy, so I am finally going to build my bunny the castle she deserves!
The image is the blueprint and shows all the measurements. I've cut out most of the wood and today I started piecing it together. The castle is made out of wood but it will be lines with fabric for traction. Of course the fabric will be removable just in case, either using velcro or something else. The whole think will have a door like feature so I'll be able open it up and clean it.
I've been wanting to do this for so long and now I can and I'm so excited! My bunny, her name is Quinley, had some dark fur on her nose in the shape of a crown when she was younger. Because of that I've always called her my little princess and finally this princess will have her own castle!! I'll post and update when it's done!
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2023.06.08 00:45 HappySuburb GUARANTEED THE BEST IPTV PROVIDER CHEAPEST LAG-FREE 4K QUALITY BAN-FREE 16000+ LIVE TV CHANNELS - Teleport Your TV: Unlock Infinite Viewing Pleasures with the Magic of IPTV!

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2023.06.08 00:44 GolfPro-Gamer My poor playing partner couldn’t hold it in

So I was playing in a pro-am this week at a nice club with 3 members before an event the club hosted. It’s a nice club with a good membership and I look at it as a practice round before the event. Win/win. Anyway, this year I get three buddies. Not great players, but they hit and move and laugh so I have no issues. Anyway, we play the first hole and one guy (let’s call him Larry) says to me, as he stretches down and touches his toes, “I haven’t touched my toes in years, must have been the big breakfast and lunch I had today, gravity is pulling me down. We laugh and move on. We get to the second green and all end up around the hole putting for whatever. Larry putts first and misses, then misses, then scoops it and shuffles off. As he’s walking away he says, “god, my stomach is killing me!” Uh oh. No big deal, I assume he’s going to the woods to do his business, donate his undies and maybe a towel before being back in business. I putt out with the other guys and as we are walking back to our carts Larry is standing there, looking the same way my 2 year old looked when he soiled himself, the kind of half surprised half sad kinda look. Anyway, Larry was covered. Looked us dead in the eye and said, “guys, I don’t know what to say, but I just shit myself!” This poor guy had it coming from everywhere. Tan shorts not tan anymore, white socks, no sir, white footjoys, nope. It was a brown murder scene. Larry tells us that he has to leave, so we take his partner off the cart and move his junk into my cart and Larry hops in to drive off. Now, I assume that Larry only told the cart guys that he was sick and had to go home, because the carts guys spin around and bring the cart right back to us for Larry’s partner, covered in shit. His partner looks at the cart and says, “I think this cart is going to need a detail, can I have another?” Poor cart guy realized what happened and had to sit in it and drive it back in.
About an hour later we checked in on Larry. Two more blow outs on his ride home. He said that he probably just needed to throw his car away.
All in all it was a good day with three of us, but poor Larry has a story that every member of his club will never stop talking about.
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2023.06.08 00:44 BuckRowdy Reddit held a call today with some developers regarding the API changes. Here are some thoughts along with the call notes.

Today, Reddit held a conference call with about 15 developers from the community regarding the current goings-on with the API. None of the Third Party App developers were on the call to my knowledge.
On Friday, reddit plans to publish their notes from the call, and we will likewise publish ours.
Everyone wants to know what was said on this call, and justifiably so.
There are several issues at play here, with the topic of "api pricing is too high for apps to continue operation" being the main issue.
Regarding NSFW content, reddit is concerned about the legal requirements internationally with regard to serving this content to minors. At least two US states now have laws requiring sites to verify the age of users viewing mature content (porn).
With regard to the new pricing structure of the API, reddit has indicated an unwillingness to negotiate those prices but agreed to consider a pause in the initiation of the pricing plan. Remember that each and every TPA developer has said that the introduction of pricing will render them unable to continue operation and that they would have to shut their app down.
More details will be forthcoming, but the takeaway from today's call is that there will be little to no deviation from reddit's plans regarding TPAs. Reddit knows that users will not pay a subscription model for apps that are currently free, so there is no need to ban the apps outright. Reddit plans to rush out a bunch of mod tool improvements by September, and they have been asked to delay the proposed changes until such time as the official app gains these capabilities.
Reddit plans to post their call summary on Friday, giving each community, each user, and each moderator that much time to think about their response.
From where we stand, nothing has changed. For many of us, the details of the API changes are not the most important point anymore. This decision, and the subsequent interaction with users by admins to justify it, have eroded much of the confidence and trust in the management of reddit that they have been working so hard to regain.
Reddit has been making promises to mods for years about better tooling and communication. After working so hard on this front for the past two years, it feels like this decision and how it was communicated and handled has reset the clock all the way back to zero.
When Reddit makes their announcement on Friday, each community needs to be ready to discuss with their mod team. Is the current announced level of participation in the protest movement still appropriate, or is there a need for further escalation?
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2023.06.08 00:44 HawluchaPika Do you think it's really the end for Kendall?

I don't seem to agree with Jeremy Strong's take. I feel like he's saying it just to make the ending seem more tragic than it already is.
Kendall experienced the same scenario when he tried ousting Logan back in S1. He failed and his own father who promised he's gonna be the successor fired him on the spot.
The only difference now is that Waystar itself is in the stakes. And they now lost the company.
Sure, he's gonna be on his depression stage for a while, but his father basically prepared him for the worst from seasons 1 to 3. I think he's already numb.
I just think he's more likely gonna get his revenge rather than try something new like starting his own company. My guess is that he'll push back after depression era and do something about GoJo, Mattson, Tom, and maybe Shiv just like in season 2 when we thought he has no chance anymore but then turned the tables against Logan. Also remember, there are still guys like Hugo, Frank, and Karl that he could form alliance with, as well as some corporate people we've seen he negotiated with before.
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2023.06.08 00:44 MK19 How to setup Kelly shift schedule in Google calendar?

Our dept. runs a Kelly shift schedule and I am looking to make a department based calendar in Google, but am unable to creat one due to there being no straight foraward method to creating one, sans manually entering it for the entire year. Suggestions? FireSync works great for mobile, but we need an in-house one that can be accessed from a desktop. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 00:44 CardiologistEarly483 Recommendation of classic anime/manga, about a group of friends with subtle romance

Hello everyone.
Finished re-watching Romeo's blue skies, my childhood anime and I feel empty. Please read what I loved about the show and what I'm looking for:
That's it. Sorry if it's too long but I'm really looking forward to your recommendations. Again, even a manga, completed or not, is fine for me, as I think my chances are low with anime. Looking forward to your recommendations.
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2023.06.08 00:44 Shii_1 I-485 Approved 🎉

I-485 Approved 🎉
My AOS application got approved today. I came to this country as an F-1 student and obtained my BS and Masters before changing my status to H1-B, October 2019.
Started with Company A directly after my Masters and got H1-B selection in 2019. Transferred my H1-B to my current company and started August 2021.
See Green Card Process Timeline below:
August 2021 - PERM Questionnaire October 2021 - PWD Submitted to DOL November 2021 - Labor Market Test Started April 2022 - PWD Received April 19, 2022 - PERM Submitted January 2023 - PERM Approval February 3, 2023 - Current Filing Received at TSC (I-485, I-140, I-131 & I-765) Medical was included February 15, 2023 - I-140 approved us PP March 6, 2023 - Biometrics and Photo completed June 7, 2023 - New Card Is Being Produced
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2023.06.08 00:44 Slight-Layer-8483 Double charge?

I’ve just order my starlink package today and I check my bank account and I was double charged? I’ve been trying to find a email or number to get ahold of to try and reverse the second charge. Haven’t had any luck finding one. Maybe I’m not looking in the right area? Any help would be great!
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2023.06.08 00:44 excellus14 Collect your caps

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2023.06.08 00:44 HappySuburb GUARANTEED THE BEST IPTV PROVIDER CHEAPEST LAG-FREE 4K QUALITY BAN-FREE 16000+ LIVE TV CHANNELS - Teleport Your TV: Unlock Infinite Viewing Pleasures with the Magic of IPTV!

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2023.06.08 00:44 Fluffy-Instance-1397 Scared of Never Being Loved

I just want somebody to love me and to find me attractive and interesting. Like, I just need somebody to want to touch me, if that makes any sense.
This sounds insane but all I can think about is how attractive a guy I used to see some time ago was. He was smart, talented, and really so attractive. It wasn’t like movie star looks, but I don’t know. I thought and still think he was one of the most gorgeous people ever. I loved everything about him. I never told him that because if I told him I loved him that would have scared him away. I deleted social media to stop myself from looking at his profile and just feeling bad about myself but I still do it sometimes. I don’t know what he saw in me but he eventually came to see that I’m just kind of pathetic and he left. I find myself thinking all the time about how he’ll have a life worth living without me, but that he was one of the few things I had that ever made me feel good about myself.
I haven’t felt attracted to anyone or attractive to anyone since then. I know I’m ugly. I don’t want to ask anyone if I’m ugly because that puts them in a position to say that I’m not. One of my friends found out about the extent of my mental health issues, and now she sometimes seems to feel the need to compliment me. Therapists keep asking me to find something I like about myself and my appearance—I hate it all. I hate everything about it. I hate my body. I hate my face. I hate my hair.
It feels especially paralyzing today, the fear of being so hideous that I’ll never find someone who’ll love me. I know some people make peace with their appearance and some people even make peace with being single forever, but I can’t do that. I can’t do either of those things. I just wish I had something to offer someone else. Looking the way I do just makes me wish I hadn’t been born at all.
And now all I can do is obsess over food and exercise and spend the rest of the day rotting in my room. This isn’t any way to live, but I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know how to be happy with what I have. To me, it doesn’t seem like my life could be something worthwhile or enjoyable if I’m stuck with nobody but myself (ie my least favorite person).
I don’t know. So many people I know are scared of dying. Especially dying young. I’m not even scared of dying anymore. Maybe I’m scared of dying painfully, but if someone offered me a painless way to enter the void, I’d take it, just to escape myself. And to escape this miserable shell.
I don’t know. I don’t know how to move past this. I don’t know how to live.
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2023.06.08 00:43 MatheusMaica Could humans ever reach the Andromeda Galaxy?

If a ship left Earth today and maintained a constant acceleration of 1g throughout the first half of the trip and decelerated at -1g throughout the second half, it would reach Andromeda in about 28 years (from the perspective of the ship).
However, this is highly impractical since the amount of energy required would be orders of magnitude larger than the total energy Earth receives from the Sun in a year (for an average-sized spaceship, and making the bold assumption that its mass will remain constant). Dust particles would also pose a huge issue as a frontal collision with the ship would cause catastrophic damage. The CMB might even be a problem since it would be blueshifted so much.
It seems to me that the first problem is merely a technological one; a Type 2 civilization might be able to harness such energy. However, I'm not so sure about the other issues.
Are there any studies on how this could be achieved, if it's possible at all?

(it would be a one-way trip, of course)
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