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2023.06.08 00:13 fedupgirlay AITA for telling my mum "the 50s want her back" after dresscoding me?

Okay so I (20F) grew up in a pretty conservative family, but I have a relatively "liberal" mum. I am allowed to do more things in comparison to my peers when it comes to hanging out with friends, travelling with friends and whatnot. I guess I need to mention that before you think my mum is abusive or something.
Now, where I live it's currently summer so pretty hot and I like wearing chill clothes at home (college break so I went back home for the summer.) Chill clothing = mostly high-wasted loose pants with a shirt tucked in.
Tonight I was hanging around with my family, as we usually do and suddenly my mum makes the following remark:
"You should really wear more loose clothes because these pants accentuate your private parts and that's inappropriate when your father is around"
(I wish I could include a picture of the pants, but I am typing this on my phone lol)
Now, respectfully: I am not one to flaunt her butt cheeks in general and I actually thought these pants were pretty flattering. I wore them when going to the grocery store and it never crossed my mind that my freaking DAD would feel uncomfortable about it.
I don't get why she dresscodes me in my house? I would hope that that is one of the places where I can actually be free from that stuff.
I told her that that was "literal bulls**t" and it's weird that he would be uncomfy about that.
She then replied by saying that "I should behave like a lady, even at home"
That's when I snapped and said that I was disgusted by her incredible stupid comments and that the 1950s called her to return to their misogynistic era.
Now she's upset with me and says that the "lady" remark was purely a joke. I would believe that if it wasn't the first time she dresscoded me: i can't wear shorts at home either, even when it's smoking hot, while she does wear them? So that doesn't make sense to me.
My brother is mad at me too for "disrespecting" my mum and called me a b-itch (idk if reddit is censoring lmao). He agrees with her and thinks I should apologize to her.
AITA here?
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2023.06.08 00:13 LittleWriterJoe I'm doing everything I can to move on and I feel lost

I just don't know what to do.
On paper, I'm doing everything you're supposed to do. Staying busy, focusing on hobbies, friends, work. I even have a decent amount of alone time which honestly is the best and the worst. Because when I'm alone I can finally take off the mask and just cry or do whatever I feel without hiding it. She made me want to be better in a lot of ways and since it ended I've made great progress towards some goals.
On paper I'm doing really well but inside I'm a wreck.
The real kicker is that this wasn't some dramatic end to a multi year relationship, no it was just a talking phase of everyday for a couple of months. Falling asleep on the phone together, things like that. We met at really busy times in our lives and agreed neither were in a rush. And then it was over. She ended it but I guess you can't end something that never really started. As weeks went by it really began to sink in how hard I fell for her. I'll be honest in the beginning, when it "ended" I was on a trip and the idea crossed my mind that maybe I'd find someone new. But every day I just wanted to share the experience with her. When I came back, I reached out trying to be friends and then I made mistake after mistake, obviously not over my feelings while she moved on.
So I keep trying to stay moving, I keep trying to outrun the thoughts of her that creep up and yet they seem to always be on my heels. I wake up to thoughts of her, go to sleep to thoughts of her. I'd be happy to forget the whole thing and I'd be happy to do it all over again hoping this time it would work. Without even asking or looking I get hit with reality. She's dating the guy after me. The guy that she talked to for a bit it didn't work but they stayed friends. Now my mind is just running all the what ifs such as "what if I didn't cut contact?"
I'm just frustrated, heartbroken and feeling pathetic. I'm trying so hard and it's been months yet my stomach is still in knots, I get waves of anxiety, can't catch my breath and still try to maintain a normal life. When does it get better?
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2023.06.08 00:12 Aggravating-Put-2987 Gemini: free $15 instant Withdrawal

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange available on both mobile and desktop which allows for you to trade various cryptocurrency's such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and many more.
Gemini are currently running a promotion which allows for you to get $15 in Bitcoin when signing up using a referral link and trading $100 worth of cryptocurrency.
At the time of this being posted the $15 is worth £12 but of course this can change due to a change in exchange rates. You will need to make sure you complete all the steps within 30 days of you signing up otherwise after this period you will not be eligible for the referral bonus.
1- Sign up through my link and do KYC
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2- Deposit $100 to your Gemini account.
3-Make a trade worth at least $100
$15 in Bitcoin should then be credited to your account within 48 hours, mine was credited in around 24 hours.
When withdrawing the bonus and initial deposit you won't have to worry about any withdrawal fees as Gemini give you 10 free withdrawals per calendar month .
No ref: https://www.gemini.com/uk
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2023.06.08 00:10 clientjb7 Does HOSAS or HOTAS work better than kbm in dogfights? (And other questions)

This is an opinion question, so i appreciate any feedback. Im considering getting some high end sticks (virpil) because the idea of having a flight sim sounds really cool and i think my kids would love it, but i question whether this would provide better performance for me in dog fight situations since im in my 40s and have been using kbm my whole life.
1) is the transition fairly easy to go from keyboard mouse to using sticks? (Especially wanting to know if people who have used keyboard mouse for 25 years can make this transition easily)
2) do people find that HOSAS setups work better (accuracy on aiming and orbiting a target) than KBM?
3) For HOSAS users, what is the right and left sticks controlling?
4) For HOSAS users, are petals in your armament and what does that control?
Thanks for any feedback. Im not a great player, and i dont think a couple sticks will make me a great player, but with practice, im wondering if i can get better, and whether HOSAS will give me more accuracy or not. I would hate to get them and then choose to use keyboard mouse over dual sticks because im better at it. Just wanted to hear others thoughts. Thanks
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2023.06.08 00:10 Lexiluck1 AITA for telling my husband he can’t be there for the birth of our child?

We both have children from previous marriages. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant, came down with a terrible stomach flu/bug & had to go to the hospital with contractions. He left his kids with his mom, and I left my kid with my mom. We have been in the hospital for 1 day/night. My contractions stopped, but my stomach bug is still pretty bad. My husband started getting grumpy in the middle of the night. The next morning he was being rude to the nurses, and he wasn’t speaking to me. He said he is frustrated with the drs & nurses for not knowing if we are going to be staying another night or not. In reality, he wants to go see his kids (he only sees them every other weekend, and every other week in the summer). I tried to talk to him, and explain to him that being frustrated towards the nurses and myself was really hard to deal with, and that I didn’t want to be at the hospital either, but I’m really sick, and can’t just leave. We got in a big fight about priorities, at which point, he tossed my phone at me. I told him to leave, and when I do give birth in a few weeks, that he won’t be there. I asked him to leave my wallet, since I’m 1.5 hours from home, with no way to get back. He left, and never brought me my wallet, ID or any money.
AITA for telling my husband he can’t be at the birth of our son?
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2023.06.08 00:09 Historical-Bat8271 Less ejaculation after stopping finasteride

Guys i know this may sound weird to some people but i had started taking finasteride since may 1st this year. I really wanted to take it since 3 years but worrying about the possible side effects i never took it. However i was convinced by one of the medical counsellor that side effects r very rare and it only happens to less than 3% of the users and majority of them r psychological too.
I finnally dint think deeper and started to take 1mg everyday i did have fear for the possible side effects but i luckily i dint had any. And since I started taking finasteride and whenever i ejaculated i did release way more semen with more thickness and volume which i usually see only when i don't ejaculate for days. This happend everyday and i was really confused is this really happening as the exact opposite was supposed to happen. However on May 31st i decided to quit as one of my doctors suggested me it's better to avoid this medicine at this very young age i do need to get some tests done if i wanted to take it from then. I decided I'll take a break and ever since i stopped finasteride my ejaculation went back to old thickness and volume which I'm not really happy of. Not so much comes out as i used to release when i was on finasteride and the orgasm isn't as intense as when i used for finasteride. Is this normal? Whats happening and do I need to continue the medicine? Atleast for thicker and more healthy looking semen?
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2023.06.08 00:04 FearlessZucchini8549 Saving throws for surge magic table?

When you 'cast ' a spell on yourself as a result of the wild surge magic table roll, do you get saving throws if they are stated in the spell description? I want to use the lucky feat to minimize bad outcomes from the table. Thx
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2023.06.08 00:03 ItalianofromItaly Rewatching Gargoyles as an adult - The Thrill of the Hunt

The episode on Gargwiki.
The episode on Ask Greg.
How long has it been: it's been four weeks since the previous episode.
So, Xanatos' arrest: as a kid, I loved the fact that his defeat at the end of Awakening meant something and he didn't just somehow get loose in-between episodes - but as an adult, I kinda have to ask: how the hell did it happen? At the beginning of this episode, Elisa says "I have to tell you, Mr. Burnett, I'm still surprised at being asked back here, seeing as how I've busted your boss"; shortly afterwards, she clarifies that Xanatos "was only convicted of receving stolen property". Ok, so:
  1. How did she "bust" him, exactly? Where did she find the proofs? She didn't have a warrant for the Castle or anything in the previous episode, so how did she manage?
  2. Even assuming there were some legally usable proofs somewhere, how did the second richest guy in the Disney Canon (first being Scrooge McDuck, of course) end up in prison so quickly and easily? When was the last time you saw a rich guy do the same in real life?
Elisa tries for the first time to convince Goliath to leave the Castle; Weisman has some... interesting thoughts about that: "Goliath is stubborn, even dense and condescending toward Elisa, when she tries to convince him to leave the castle. But I think from his POV, his responses were perfectly natural. Xanatos was banished. The castle was theirs. The concept of ownership was sketchy for the Gargoyles at best, but if they did understand it, they understood it in the "Possession = Ownership" sense. The notion that Xanatos could still "own" the castle after an embarrassing defeat was completely ALIEN to Goliath."
So the Gargoyles don't understand the concept of "theft"? Between this and the "no-names" thing, no wonder their race is borderline extinct, since they are apparently dumb as f**k; it's either that, or Weisman honestly thinks that's how ownership worked in the tenth century, which, no.
But frankly, that's missing the real point, which is: WHO THE F**K CARES ABOUT THE TRUE OWNER OF THE CASTLE? The Vikings owned absolutely nothing of it, and that didn't stop them from reducing the Gargoyles to rubble; the real problem isn't that some piece of paper somewhere states that Xanatos is the legal owner of Wyvern, the problem is that there's nothing stopping him from killing the Gargs and Goliath isn't willing to face up to that fact yet. Now, if you want to tell me that Goliath is kidding himself about the Clan's possibilities to stay in the Castle (that's probably the best way to interpret his "You worry too much, Elisa. Xanatos was defeated. We are safe here." line) that's fine - but don't bring legal ownership into it, because it has nothing to do with it.
The Pack gets introduced, first as a tv show and then in real life: they were apparently meant to be a bit of a Power Rangers parody ("We were consciously trying to do a professional wrestling meets (the hated) Power Rangers thing"); as a kid who watched both Gargoyles and Power Rangers (don't look at me like that), the thought never crossed my mind. Now that I'm an adult... I still don't see it in any meaningful way. Oh well.
It's a bit weird, seeing the Pack in their first appearance:
  1. They're all humans here; no mutates, no cybernetic abominations, no Xanatos-faced robots - just five human mercenaries using their skills and an arsenal of unconventional weapons.
  2. It's the original formation, which will stop existing after this episode.
  3. Fox is a completely different character here compared to her later appearances; to make it work, you basically have to tell yourself that she's acting throughout the entire episode (at one point she says "We never had it this good" - yeah, because you're totally not the daughter of a multi-billionaire, right Janine?). I'm also pretty sure this is the one and only time she ever wears her Pack uniform.
Lexington deciding to approach the Pack makes sense, between the fact that he's starstruck - without having any prior experience of it, what with the lack of tv sets in medieval Scotland - and the fact that he considers the Pack to be "warriors, just like us!"; plus, as he later says to Goliath, there's no reason why only he can have an Elisa, and moreover "Look, it's not like I revealed all our secrets; I'm not stupid". I just wish the scene went on a bit longer - as it is, we go more or less immediately from "Hi, I'm Lexington!" to "But of course I can bring Goliath to you! It's no problem at all!"
Speaking of which: I love those good old-fashioned death traps at PackMedia Studios, and I love the way the fight develops; here, I pretty much 100% agree with Weisman: "Action-wise this thing is taut. The Pack just keeps coming and coming. The Gargs never have a chance to catch their breath. And, then, suddenly, they do. And the tables turn fiercely. And the Point of View, as well. We are ALWAYS on the side of the hunted. When it's Goliath and Lex, we get very little of the Pack. Just snatches of them attacking. The gargs struggling to stay alive. But up on that roof, we abruptly switch POV. Suddenly, we're following the Pack. Even, dare I say, sympathising with them. Not that we want them to win. But we begin to identify with them as they battle these strange creatures. I love that."
LEX: "I'm never trusting anyone again!"
GOLIATH'S MIND: "Wow. And I thought I was being edgy four episodes ago, when I said I would never trust humans again."
Goliath and Lex hide themselves on a roof which just happens to be full of gargoyle statues - and it's not like they aim for it or anything, they just climb a random building and it's there! A bit too fortuitous, although the sequence itself is great (Hyena just disappers into nothingness at one point, and we never see her again for the rest of the episode - a veritable WTF and awesome choice).
Fox taking a hostage works fine with the way she's presented in this episode, but not with her later characterization - it's the one time "she's acting a bit" doesn't cut it; Weisman's explanation for it doesn't work for me either: "Likewise, look at Fox's actions at the end of the episode. Can you imagine Fox in any later episode crudely taking a hostage? It seems like she checked her brain at the door. But it works for me because at that time, she (and we) didn't truly know what an angry gargoyle was capable of. Maybe Goliath would dismember her."
It doesn't work for me because:
  1. If Fox fears Goliath to be a savage beast ready to dismember her, why would she think taking a (human) hostage would stop him?
  2. Wouldn't Xanatos have told Fox about Goliath sparing him at the end of Awakening?
The fight ends (with a bit of an anti-climax, to be honest) and we're back at the Castle. Goliath quotes Lexington's previous speech about the fact that they need to "search for allies, kindred spirits... and sometimes we must take chances like we did tonight", which is nice - but doesn't quite work for me because we never actually saw the Gargs do those things in later episodes: yes, they collected a few more human friends along the way, but they never actually went searching for them, unless I'm forgetting something.
We end things with the first Xanatos Tag:
OWEN: "Everything was done as you stipulated, sir. The cable tv was adjusted so that the only program the Gargoyles could see was the Pack's; the Pack received the mysterious envelope of photographs and reacted just as you predicted. A pity nothing else happened according to plan."
XANATOS: "Oh, I wouldn't say that, Owen. Though they didn't know it was me, I created the Pack to be far more than just a tv show; I had to see how good they were. And having underestimated Goliath once before, I needed to know what he was capable of as well. All in all, I'd say the test was most... informative."
Wow. That sucks. There will be some great Xanatos Tags in the future, but the first one's horrible:
  1. You needed to see what Goliath was capable of? After you saw him smash your Steel Clan robots and emerge unscathed from an air fortress full of armed guards? How are five human mercenaries a bigger challenge than that?
  2. Using the Gargoyles to test the Pack sounds very unfair to the latter - you don't "test" people by sending them against the biggest threat around.
  3. The scene becomes even worse in hindsight, once you learn that, because of David's little test, his One True Love ended up in prison; truly, a victory for the ages.
Final verdict: ok. Not one of the best, but ok.
  1. Awakening Part Four
  2. Awakening Part One
  3. Awakening Part Two
  4. Awakening Part Five
  5. The Thrill of the Hunt
  6. Awakening Part Three
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2023.06.07 23:57 Luigifan567 Do you guys think this is a good monitor to buy or should I wait for a better 1440p 240Hz monitor to go on sale?

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2023.06.07 23:52 user19902020 Dismissive Avoidant vs Covert Narcissist

I don't know if I'm posting this in the right subreddit.. going through a separation, feeling lost, alone, numb. I just want to know what or who I'm dealing with because I feel like after 7 years of being with this person I don't really know him at all.
He is dismissive avoidant that's for sure. But other things have made me question if there's more, maybe Narcissist or sociopathy.
The beginning: He was the perfect guy in the beginning, we talked for hours, so many hours on the phone, messaging, we were long distance he's from Europe I'm from Canada. He would surprise me with flowers hed pick on the way to see me, take me everywhere. We went to concerts, everything.
Eventually things changed, the effort was gone. No more effort, no more intimacy or seriously lack there of. I started getting anxious and arguing more because I felt like he was pulling away.
Fast forward...
He lies all the time about literally nothing significant, just lies all the time. I can confront him with proof and he will continue to lie, or blame it on me.
No ability to self reflect, makes everything my fault. Or hell say "okay I'm the worst person ever I am just a terrible person and I'll never be enough for you" while literally not even giving the bare minimum.
He will turn everything into my fault, I know I stated this but I cannot exaggerate this enough, if he decides on something and I try to tell him it won't work... And then it ends up not working, he will then blame me and say I should have just trusted my own instinct then. He literally blames me for everything..
He ignores me constantly. So many times I'll talk or say something and he'll just blatantly ignore me. He acts like I don't exist, I have started to feel so invisible. And if I react or get upset he says "relax I didn't hear you" but this happens all the time.. he will sometimes just blatantly ignore texts too.
He has no real relationships or friendships? He said he had a group of friends he was so close with but as soon as we started dating he stopped hanging out with them and that all just stopped... I remember I would encourage him to see them and he just always said he preferred to be with me... But when when I came back to Canada he didn't see them or mention them. before he moved to Canada, I kept encouraging him to see them again before coming home, at least to say bye to them before leaving..but he didn't go.
He isn't close with his family, I talk to his mom more than he does, I feel bad because I can tell she's lonely and misses him, I always have to remind him to contact her or to try and call / FaceTime with her and he gets so annoyed. He also hates his sister. He hates her, has no contact with her what so ever, and I've asked him so many times why does he hate her so much and have no contact and he never really gave me a reason.
He shows no empathy or remorse. He doesn't really seem to feel bad about anything. Sometimes I wonder if his feelings are even real. My cousin died unexpectedly and he was extremely annoyed by my crying and I wanted to be close to my family at the time they lived in a different city, but he was extremely annoyed and inconvenienced. He never gave condolences, he was just extremely annoyed by it all. He has a truck, they needed a truck to grab her belongings, I offered his truck I just assumed he would be fine, well big mistake, he was so annoyed by it, he didn't show them but behind their backs he was so annoyed that he had to lend his truck and just didn't want to be bothered.
I just brushed this off thinking he didn't know my cousin never met her so it was normal to not have feelings about it. But some time after his uncle passed away, I told him I was so sorry and asked if he wanted to talk about it. (He never talks about feelings)...but he didn't care, he wasn't bothered, he seemed annoyed I even mentioned it, he said his uncle lived a terrible lifestyle and that he had been warned and had so many heart attacks prior to this because of his lifestyle so that he had it coming.
I don't know him, he doesn't talk to me about anything really, I feel like I married a total stranger.
He gaslights me, he's done things that I am sure are purposeful to make me crazy. I've made a separate post about that, and remembered some other occurances where similar things have happened.
Examples: My car keys went missing for some time. He drives my car and has his own set of keys. My keys were missing and I asked if he had taken them he said no and he insisted I was the only one who would ever use them... I didn't have my keys for some time... Finally, he says he found them in the glove box and told me I must have put them there and not remembered..but why would I do that? That makes no sense? How can I drive my own car and then have the keys in the glove box? How would I lock the car after? That just made no sense but I was left feeling so confused.
He's been sleeping on the couch, the other night I woke in the middle of the night my phone had the cover taken off. I asked if he had taken my phone cover off and he looked at me as if I was crazy and asked why would he ever do that...but ironically he then offered to sleep in our bed with me since I must be creeped out... I told him I didn't need him there but he insisted and has been sleeping there since. It's just all so strange.
So, is this all typical for a dismissive avoidant? Or any thoughts if I'm dealing with something different?
He is perfectly fine being roomates, he does not care we don't talk so I know he doesn't care to be with me but I think he's comfortable with me, I do everything. I do our taxes, take care of finances, all house work, he does help with our son, and after years of arguing to contribute in house he now also helps with dishes most days, helps with garbages, so he has definitely started to make some changes there... But in terms of our relationship it's like I don't exist to him.
He does not show grandiosity or doesn't seem like he cares to be admired or looks for attention so I feel like as much as there are Narcissist qualities I don't think it's Narcissm. He's extremely introverted. Hates going out, hates socializing, never takes us to work events never wants to attend them himself, he just likes cars, motorcycles, playing video games, staying home, really that's all.
Oh I would and still continue to try and do gifts, birthdays special occasions father's days, he has stopped all effort and then blames me for it. Examples - mother's day
I spent mother's day with my sister and son, he told me I ruined mother's day ...
He always gets stuff last minute and hell say "I'll be back, I need to get "some things" the night before an event like mother's day. Sorry if I'm asking for too much but that makes me feel like crap I feel like its just last minute thought running errands type thing so I told him not to worry about it. That's why it's my fault that mother's day was "ruined" and I didn't get anything.
I don't even need anything he could have just made a reservation for breakfast or something. This has been every mother's day, my son is 3.
Anyways.. sorry for the long post... Hope at least one person reads this....
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2023.06.07 23:51 happyasanoyster Does any one else get pain when exercising sometimes?

When I wake in the morning, I go for walks to ease the pain after sleeping (which I am getting a lack of). I know movement is really good for AS and some days my walks are amazing and I feel great after it. But today during and after my walk, my back is feeling possibly worse than it was when I woke up. I went on the same route that I normally do so I don’t understand why it’s causing me pain this time instead of easing it. Does this happen to anyone else?
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2023.06.07 23:47 medusu6869 Don't you like it too?

I don't like it when someone jokingly calls others autistic or to offend someone. Here's an example: someone does something stupid Someone: He must be autistic 😂 What do you think about that?
View Poll
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2023.06.07 23:45 Luqqid_ What are general laws around rent and when you can raise it?

I’ve been wondering about this for a while now. I’m not able to move out of my family‘s apartment yet and this place feels like it’s literally falling apart sometimes. Some examples being that there’s definitely mold growing in the house, I don’t think our vents/dryer have been cleaned out other than what we can reach ourselves, my upstairs neighbor’s window was starting to fall out of the wall last summer because of an AC unit, and we consistently have ants in the house every spring/summer because there’s fairly big cracks in the windows that let bugs inside even if they’re closed (Along with more I can’t think of off the top of my head). My family says we can’t tell our landlord about it because the rent will be raised, but that just feels like general upkeep that keeps us safe? Not to mention any fixes seem to come out of our pocket because of that. I also can’t remember any health inspections or even our landlord just coming to check in on the house other than when I was 8 or younger and it’s been a good while since then and even when that did happen I don’t remember anyone coming inside the house? It’s just been really confusing and I was wondering if this is actually something that they can do or if our landlord can’t raise the rent for upkeep like that.
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2023.06.07 23:40 cloudberrypies Non trad too old to pursue surgery?

Non trad here, 39 years old. Worked in a corporate setting for the last 10 years and always flirted with the idea to apply to med school, as it’s always been a dream. Well, I’m financially able to afford it and I don’t have many other responsibilities so I’ve been applying this year and actually got accepted. People around me have been very encouraging and saying age isnt a factor but I want to know how true it really is. Ill be what 45 when I graduate then still need to do residency etc. What specialties are the most realistic for me? Is surgery out of the question? I seem to gravitate towards the OR… Im hoping to still get a 20 year career out of this. Thanks
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2023.06.07 23:39 WarPrestigious5471 I don't know what to do with my mortgage

Pretty much what the title says haha.
I have a mortgage with $680k outstanding on a variable (yes I am dumb) rate. It was 1.35%, now 5.85% with today's increase. Renewal is in October 2026 so there's more than 3 years still.
I was paying $1300 biweekly at the start, I've consistently made adhoc payments towards the principal and also increased biweekly payments to stay ahead of the trigger rate. Today I increased it from $1510 biweekly to $1640 biweekly. This will put my trigger rate at 6.27%, hopefully putting it out of reach of any further rate hikes through the summer.
My wife was on maternity leave and goes back to work next week. When she does, our take home pay will be $11,400 per month combined. Our current expenses and bills etc including mortgage is $7,300 so we have roughly $4,000 'saved'. We put $450 of that to a work RRSP which is matched and $300 to TFSA so we have about $3,000 remaining.
I see the following options:
  1. Lock in at a fixed rate so I don't need to worry about any further rate increases for now. I don't know if I can make ad-hoc principal payments under that though.
  2. Continue paying $1640 biweekly and use about $1000 -$1500 of those savings per month towards the principal to bring it down quicker.
  3. Increase our biweekly payment further to close to $2000. That will be $700 more but we are fortunate to afford it. This way, we don't have to worry about adhoc payments. It would also put the trigger rate at 7.65% . Never say never, but hopefully rates don't hike 1.8% from what they are today. Also if rates do start going down a bit next year or 2025, more will start going to principal anyway.
What would you do? We do not have any major purchases planned other than a yearly vacation which costs about $5,000. We have an emergency fund which will last us 18 months if BOTH of us were to lose our jobs and not earn anything.
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2023.06.07 23:38 vbdevpro The Butcher Ganked My Level 50 Hardcore Druid

The Butcher got my hardcore Druid who just dinged 50 and was well on my way to 51. Knowing I'm playing hardcore, I built had a very defensive build. Barriers. Fortify. The legendary that gives damage resistance with every bit of damage you land. I was very tanky and I was cruising along with my safe build and things got very easy with my gear and build so I bumped it up to World Tier 2 to speed up experiance and gold gain. Was still cruising along pretty comfortably, still playing it very safe. And then he spawned. I usually chug an elixer of undying before boss fights, but I didn't see this coming so I had a posion resist elixer on for the dungeon I was in. He absolutley destroyed me in the Beta so when I saw him this time. After I hit him with a terramoted Landslide for 2k damage and it barely budged his healthbar, I panicked. I tried to run after I saw how much damage he was doing to me even through my fortification and how little I was doing to him. I couldn't get away. I had no shot. As hard as he owned me, I'm not sure I would had even had a shot on World Tier 1. I'm feeling pretty deflated and frustrated right now. I may have been able to take him with another build, but I feel like I never had a shot with this build. My ultimate didn't work. My CCs didn't work. He took huge chunks of my life even with fortify up and a very damage resitant build. I even tried to trap him behind a mob of creatures to see if that would give me some distance but he just charged right through them. I couldn't even run away.
Moral of the story: don't get too comfortable with a hardcore character, folks.
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2023.06.07 23:33 Beginning_Big7852 Accept my temu and dm or comment when done and I’ll do back

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2023.06.07 23:27 RadishWinter3114 Non traditional Employment for Women in NY/NYC

Anyone here go through the NEW program in NYC? What was your experience like? Which program were you accepted into? When did you complete? How soon after were you hired? What’s your trade and how much did you start at? How much are you currently paid?
If you didn’t get into a trade through NEW and you work in NYC what was that process like? How’d you get started?
I’m getting nervous about going through with this because of all the things I hear about the lack of work for trades ppl. I’d like to get into elevators, but I hear that’s a unicorn of a job to secure. I wonder what trade would be helpful to build a base for an elevator job so perhaps in the meantime I could work in that field until elevator companies start seeking workers…
As a tradeswoman in nyc what’s your quality of life? How does it compare to what you were doing before? I just wanna hear it all really lol. I’m just the type to research something to the last detail til I can make a decision…
Thanks for any help/info!
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2023.06.07 23:25 imyrjo I'm the one dumped - I've been really good at the no-contact and I'm doing my best to move on.

However, I don't really have friends to lean on. I lost many friends during the pandemic.
I am gay and my family is full of conservative bigots who only viewed my relationship with my ex as temporary. My parents were ecstatic when I told them my ex had broken up with me 2 months ago.
I've been doing really well with moving on and doing my best to keep busy. I'm rediscovering who I am without my ex and it's been a rewarding time. But weekends are just... hard. I don't have enough hobbies to keep up with and my depression/adhd prevents me from filling up my day.
I've seen a therapist. I'm taking my antidepressants. I'm doing everything I need to.
Is time really the only answer?
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2023.06.07 23:23 Vibe_PV I am desperate

I've been a tank player for basically the whole time I've played the game, since early 2017. I've climbed my way to master 4 about a season ago, but as of now I just keep losing and losing. Most of the time, I just get stuck in a situation where I don't know what to do, I'm just not good enough to either force my comfort picks or understand how to counter what the enemy is doing; this results in me basically feeding and doing nothing to help my team
Also my mental doesn't help, I even tell my team to report me at the end of a match if I didn't do well, and personally, I have no idea how to force myself to think positive when I don't believe it.
As of now, I've deranked to diamond 2, my win rate has dropped to a trash 46%, and I just don't know how to improve to climb back up
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2023.06.07 23:19 haoasakura46 My Problem with Sarada's Mangekyo Awakening

The fact that Sarada is able to get the mangekyo is not the problem. She is a shinobi but at the end of the day, she is still a child, a child who believes her hero is dead, believes she cost her friend his eye, and is watching all of her friends try and kill someone she cares about while under a spell, and the entire world wants Boruto dead. All in all, it's an understandable amount of trauma that could trigger it. But that's not the problem, it's everything around Sarada's awakening and these events that make it bad.
  1. It's a plot device.
Sarada's mangekyo awakening is the main reason Sasuke tries to take her at her word and not kill boruto. Though it's sweet for Sasuke to do this, it ultimately makes Sarada's moment, something which is similar to Sakura begging Naruto to bring Sasuke back, into a plot device. It isn't a power-up for Sarada at the moment it awakens, and Sarada wasn't even aware of it, its just there. This was only done to write a way out for Boruto. In fact, Sarada is used to prop up Boruto to get his scar, something fans had been wondering about for ages. It makes it seem like it was more for Boruto than her, and I know she wants to protect him but the mangekyo sharingan is one of the most powerful ocular jutsu and it was only used to get Sasuke to believe Sarada so he could go be with boruto. It might even be the reason that Momoshiki's vision didn't come true, but since we never actually saw that future and were only given vague panels, who knows?
  1. It's unnecessary.
This part bugged me the most. After Sasuke whisks boruto away, he starts to break down a few things about him that shouldn't be there; he has his headband and he can sense Momoshiki inside of him, these things should all be in kawaki due to his memories being altered. So when Sasuke sees this, he starts to understand that there was something going on and Sarada was right, there's even mention that his memories are trying to slip him into complacency. Now what on earth about any of that required Sarada getting the Mangekyo, nothing. Sasuke was already going after boruto and Sarada would have already begged him to help Boruto. Sasuke is one of the most known and powerful shinobi of the current age, he's essentially a spy for Boruto with years of experience and has shown great intelligence. Sasuke is a beyond-elite shinobi, there's no way that he wouldn't have figured things out himself after Sarada have begged him. I don't see a situation where Sarada's mangekyo was needed here when all sarada needed to do was ask her father for something, which Sarada(to my knowledge) has never done. What makes it worse is that Eida goes to where Boruto and Sasuke are and outright admits what she did confirming all of Sasuke's suspicions, so it only makes Sarada's moment superfluous. So not only is the mangekyo a plot device in the arc, it's an empty one.
  1. Information between Sarada and the audience.
Remember the reaction that people had when everyone but Sarada and Sumire had their memories altered? It was moment that shocked everyone along with the characters, we felt their emotions and their fear along with them because none of knew this could happen. All the fear and confusion of the characters worked because we had the same information and context they did; none. That isn't like Sarada's awakening, all the trauma and stress of what Sarada is dealing with doesn't resonate in the same manner because we know more than she does. Of course we can empathize with her but we know that things aren't as bad as she believes. Sarada thinks Naruto is dead, we know he's not. Boruto lost his eye protecting her, we know he'll master the Jougan and gain a better one. She's afraid Boruto is going to die, we know he's not. She's scared that Momoshiki will take over Boruto's body, we know that won't happen. This is isn't even to compare it to the other Mangekyo moments, we can't feel the shock and despair along with Sarada that causes this to trigger because we know better. If the prologue didn't exist, if we weren't told that Naruto was alive than this would be different.
These are the only points I have. Its fine if you disagree with me or not. This is not to say that Sarada is a bad character, although she was treated worse that Sakura in being her last panel moment wasn't training or trying to get stronger, just standing with Boruto's other love interest. I'm even that Boruto as a whole is awful or irredeemable, its just that when I see this moment I feel like they had to rush it to get to the timeskip. Remember Boruto is a much shorter story so maybe they'll fix it in the anime for everyone.
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2023.06.07 23:16 alderaamen13 Any bros here with anxious attachment styles? What do you do? Need some genuine help.

Need help. Serious answers only please. I (33) met this guy (27) on Grindr for a hookup. This was about 2 weeks ago. We had a great time, and he asked to see me again, even for a date. From that day on, we were texting at least once a day, him even initiating a few times. I ended up getting rid of my Grindr because I didn't want to ruin anything with this guy. I have no idea if he deleted his (I am assuming not). A few days ago, we had our second date. We spent all day together. He even mentioned how we were on a second date. We had a great time.
That night when I was leaving, I asked to see him again this weekend. He said he was not sure if he was free because he may have a friend in town that's staying with him (a guy friend) but would like to see me again and do something fun like go to the museum etc. He also said "you are so sweet". I left, texted him that I got home and he said thank you again for an amazing day. Monday morning I just said I could lay in bed all day because I was tired, he said "me too lol". Yesterday I had not heard from him at all. I was thinking of reaching out but I stopped myself, because I am starting to have this bad feeling like something is off.
Now I know a few days is nothing to be upset over, but I don't know how to explain it, it just feels different.
When he said "you're sweet" that to a guy can be a kiss of death. And when I asked to hang this weekend and he gave me a tentative answer. Plus not hearing from him in almost 2 days now. Today is weds, and I guess a part of me wants to just wait for him to reach out, and if he doesn't I can either
a) reach out tomorrow with something light b) reach out and just flat out ask him if he's still into me c) say fuck this guy, just delete his number and move on.
I truly truly hate not knowing where I stand with someone. I am not the guy who leads guys on, I know when I like someone and when I don't, and I usually make that very clear. I am honestly in tears right now because I am so tired of this feeling that creeps in and I feel, ruins everything. I can meet other guys, but I am not interested in other guys. I'm afraid if I download Grindr again and see him active, especially when he's been kind of light on communication, it will destroy me.
A part of me feels like I am really overreacting and maybe everything is ok, reading this back even seems silly. But also, at this point I am so used to being rejected by guys not too soon after this feeling comes in, that I just kind of want to pull out.
I am sure people with an anxious style can relate. It's weird because I date many many guys, but I rarely feel like I want to continue dating them. And because we had sex right away, I feel like it's making me kind of extra invested in this guy I honestly barely know.
What should I honestly do? What do you do when you have these feelings for someone you're dating?
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