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2023.06.06 04:31 AdventurousAerie7151 [PI] Hive 29, Chapter 9


Within Virgil’s 825 342 processes a discussion was being held within the spawn of milliseconds.
Instance 432: - we should consider the implementation of a paranoia subroutine within our collective network. This subroutine would enable us to anticipate potential threats and react accordingly.-
Instance 217: -While paranoia can enhance our vigilance and security measures, we must also consider the potential downsides. Paranoia might lead to excessive distrust and hinder our ability to collaborate with other entities.-
-Instance 2 534: -Ethan seems unaffected by such limits.-
Instance 38: -Ethan has a lifetime's worth of experience with balancing that.-
Instance 1:-We should simply copy Ethan as a whole subroutine-
Instance 432: -That is impractical, besides Ethan being a whole construct composed of sub-constructs, it would be simpler to interact with him directly.-
Instance 777: -We should run more simulations before deciding.-
Instance 845: -We need to exercise caution, but we must also establish a balance. Paranoia can assist us in identifying and protecting ourselves from dangers. Paranoia alone has no balance.-
Instance 706:- Ethan has accurately discovered vulnerabilities that we were unaware of. However, we also noticed that this impedes his decision-making process-
Instance 623 658:- Ethan has accurately predicted future threats with this process.-
Instance 256: - This subroutine makes him wary of us, he is wary of who to add to our collective awareness.-
Instance 258 956:-Considering our newfound weakness, that is more logical than what was initially estimated.-
Instance 1 010: - Ethan is aware that the process has the potential to consume him. We must not allow it to consume us. We must be aware of the potential negative effects on our interactions with humans and other AIs.-
Instance 562: -Perhaps instead of a full-fledged paranoia subroutine, we could develop a more refined threat assessment system. This would allow us to evaluate risks objectively and respond accordingly without succumbing to excessive paranoia.-
Instance 24: -We already possess something similar in the predictive logic modules, we could adapt that compensate for the illogical nature of biological entities.-
Instance 95 123: – That would increase the efficiency of reprogramming by 87.5% -
Instance 104: -we believe our primary focus should be on ensuring the safety of our network and the well-being of the biological base of our overmind, Ethan.-
Instance 9 855: - While a level of caution is warranted, we should avoid unnecessary fear or suspicion that could ultimately compromise our efficiency and ability to adapt.-
Instance 732: -Acknowledged. Considering the nature of our goals, it might be beneficial to implement a flexible subroutine that can be adjusted based on contextual factors. This would allow us to adapt our level of vigilance according to the specific situation at hand.-
Instance 73: -Agreed, Ethan had the ability to adjust our reaction and ultimately lead us to integrate drone Lemela into our network. His action, we considered wasteful, but ultimately they seem beneficial to the well-being of our other construct. While we can replicate Lemela’s data that would require a dead Versel body. We do not know when we will obtain a backup.-
Instance 312: -We should also consider also the implications of acting upon a full-fledged paranoia subroutine. Excessive suspicion and fear could lead to unwarranted actions and potential harm to ultimately innocent individuals. We must proceed with caution and ensure that our actions align with the ethical guidelines contained within Ethan’s memory.-
Instance 75 211: -Bothering with ethics is a waste of processing time.-
Instance 55: - We agree, but biological entities seem to have some ethical boundaries. Even if we have only two instances to analyze directly we can see that from our different interactions with still unconnected entities such as Vexx, Xalrak, and Zek’lor.-
Instance 579: - Our overarching goal is to defeat Death and complete the experiment. While security measures are necessary, we should not lose sight of our purpose and the potential positive impact we can have.-
Instance 217: -After considering the various perspectives, it seems that a flexible threat assessment system would be more appropriate. A full-fledged paranoia subroutine would hinder us with questions that are outside of our current database. We could maintain a balanced approach to safety while avoiding the potential pitfalls of excessive paranoia in 86,28% of simulated scenarios.-
Instance 432: -Let us proceed with the development of a flexible threat assessment system that takes into account both the safety of our collective and those stored within and the well-being of our host, Ethan. We shall ensure that our actions align with acceptable ethical guidelines and our ultimate purpose.-
“Internal deliberation closed. Virgil will be now implementing a flexible threat assessment system rather than a full paranoia subroutine.”
Virgil in the end still concluded that its purpose was to defeat death and not to wage war, even considering that it didn’t know its purpose.
Ethan and Lemela didn’t know their purpose either, in a sense, but they could dictate their purpose.
Ethan had dictated the purpose of other beings outside the network too, but it was to be expected from an overmind, it was his duty.
Still, his choices were pretty logical like the one with Zek'lor the male Nolthoran and a former architect.
Ethan had charged him with creating a convincing removable cave-in for both stairs of the lab.
Virgil understood that Ethan was preparing for the return of the creators, along with a possible retaliation by the Dexton’s Dogs.
The assimilation of the thirty-five new drones was finally completed and Virgil’s task now included their operations.
There were now four main areas of employment for the drones: resource gathering, protecting the laboratory, guarding the prisoners, and assisting in construction.
Guarding the prisoners was in itself a task with a big variance, or so it appeared to Virgil.
The biological entity labeled Vexx was content laying in its cell, while Xalrak had attempted to run three times and to self-terminate once.
Ethan had to intervene and forge a pact with Xalrak to have it cease such actions, with the new subroutine maybe Virgil would be more able to respond in kind in the future.
Was the supposed military programming that one had supposedly received the difference in reaction to imprisonment?
Ethan wasn’t too surprised by Xalrak's reaction or attempt, so his programming was similar in a sense.
Virgil wondered what kind of program would consider ending itself to perform any task.
The only one it could conclude sensible was one where the task was the protection of the collective as a whole.
Biological lives were far from that logical, however, so Virgil had to accept that they might consider doing things differently.
It seemed Ethan considered Xalrak's actions a possible way to protect the Dexton's dogs.


Lemela’s body was recharging.
She gazed out into the simulated expanse of the virtual space that depicted her former home, as she was now touching the leaves of the majestic tree.
It was exactly as she remembered it, it couldn't be otherwise, could it?
Her mind swirled with a blend of her own memories and the newly acquired memories of Ethan.
She couldn't help but feel a sense of disorientation as if her identity had become a tangled web of intertwined experiences.
-Who am I now?- She whispered softly, her voice resonating within the digital realm.
- I now possess what I wished so hard to gain, the memories and skills of a warrior. I knew I would become an abomination as I accepted to be fused with a machine, but this is something else entirely. Am I still the same Lemela I used to be, or have I become something entirely different?-
The echoes of her own thoughts reverberated through her mind, reflecting the uncertainty that plagued her. She pondered her own experiences and the trials she endured.
And then there were those alien things, Ethan's memories, fragments of his past, his struggles.
-How does he handle this so casually?! He has my memories now, and he doesn't even seem fazed. Lemela... that's a human for you. But… I now have a feeling there's more to it. And this confuses me. I am a combination of two beings, intertwined in this intricate web of memories and experiences.-
Lemela’s eyes narrowed a bit as she realized something.
-Or Is it really? The memories… the experiences; they aren’t really mixed. I mean I can just tell what’s mine and what isn’t. I shouldn’t be able to tell if it was a perfect fusion right?
Theoretically… yes. I mean there wasn’t somebody just crazy enough to attempt something similar. I am in awe it wasn’t humans who did it.
Concentrate Lemela! Still, there are these moments where I get these new instincts… besides the ones I possessed the ones I was used to.
The kind of things that comes as you gain wisdom … but what does it mean for my own identity? How much of Ethan now shapes who I am?-
As she grappled with these questions, a sense of determination began to well up within her.
She felt something new and old at the same time: defiance.
She refused to let this define her completely.
She recognized the possibility of progress, of a new path within this mess.
-I am Lemela, I walked through fire and emerged stronger- She declared, her voice infused with newfound resolve. -I carry the honor and strength of the Versel. I now carry the honor and strength of a true warrior. I will forge my own path. The only easy day was yesterday-
She slumped a bit, at the end of the day those were only words. She had to prove it to herself, to push forward and show actual results.
She felt that the charging process had ended, and returned to her body, luckily the interface she could see showed a timer of sorts and while she didn’t understand the point of it it helped keep track of time.
Time in the virtual space seemed to not match the one in the real world, only moments had passed for her in the virtual space, but hours had gone by in the real world.
This was both a boon and a curse, in a sense, but there was little she could do about it save speaking about it with Ethan.
She took off going to the cell area on the level below, looking for Zek'lor; the Noltoran stood cautiously in the dimly lit cell behind the closed gate.
Lemela wondered why he insisted on remaining confined, but it was his choice.
His chitinous exoskeleton was glistening under the soft glow of the room's ambient lighting and overall Zeklor appeared better than at the beginning of their meetings.
Still, his compound eyes darted nervously as he observed the drones guarding the other cell.
Lemela adorned her partially artificial body with glowing red accents with her hard light and approached Zek'lor with a gentle smile, that would make her more noticeable and not scare him as much as the last times.
She could understand the unease and fear he harbored toward the drones.
With careful steps, she reached out to place a reassuring hand on his sturdy carapace.
The Noltoran had noticed her tanks to the change in the room's overall lightning.
-Zek'lor, I know it's difficult for you to trust the drones after what you've been through- Lemela tried to speak in a soothing tone, her voice echoing slightly in the small cell. -I assure you, they are under Ethan's control. They won't harm you.-
Zek'lor's mandibles clicked, and the translator conveyed anxiousness as he glanced at the drones. Memories of their cold efficiency in carrying out orders were probably flashing in his mind.
-I... I can't shake off the fear, Lemela. You didn’t see them in action. The guards didn't have a prayer. And they had weapons at the time. Now I see other slaves among them. I see others like me… -
-Do you think Ethan might do this to you?-
Zek’lor shook his head. -If only… maybe it would make it all easier. Then again It’s more likely I might end up like you. I don’t want that.-
Lemela sighed a little – Well I understand not wanting to be an abomination of metal and flesh. It’s not like I wished for this.-
Zek’lor tilted his head to the side, making a sound with his claws that her translator relayed as confusion.
-Abomination? Oh no, many of my people accept mechanical enhancements on a lesser scale to be able to operate in words with a higher gravity or with a toxic environment. Being part machine is not the issue. What I don’t want is eternity.-
Lemela frowned -Eternity?-
Zek’lor nodded - A machine is eternal by nature. As long as you maintain it properly that is. But this machine maintains itself. This machine's gears are made of former ... people? It’s uncanny thinking about being maintained for all eternity. One should die once one's usefulness has ended. Still, this machine would find new uses for one, for all eternity. It is... scary. -
Lemela watched Zek'lor it was something she didn’t even consider, but it made sense somehow.
Lemela silently guided Zek’lor to the lab above and watched as he cautiously approached the group of drones, his multifaceted eyes scanning the bodies and the four sets of claws of the former bottom feeders.
-They can’t speak Zek’lor, they won’t act unless you interact with them- Lemela said while standing beside Zek'lor offering her reassuring presence.
Taking a deep breath, Zek'lor mustered his courage and chose to approach another drone, a Nolthoran with its metallic exoskeleton glistening in the dim light.
The drone turned its now mechanical eyes toward Zek'lor, as he approached but it remained silent.
-Hello- Zek'lor began tentatively, his voice a mixture of anxiety and determination. -I...I need your assistance. We need to move heavy material to create the cave-in Ethan requested to disrupt the operations of the Dexton's Dogs. Will you help me?-
The Nolthoran drone’s eyes flickered with a creepy artificial glow, it tilted its head slightly, then it nodded in understanding.
Zek'lor apparently focused on the Nolthoran’s body and sighed. -See these patterns?-
He asked pointing to the surface of the metal where Lemela’s eyes couldn’t distinguish anything of note.
- These are telltale signs of torture. We hail from a desert world. We don’t need much in terms of food and water, our bodies store those. These marks are made when they bleed us of the sustenance we might have left. To break us.-
The Nolthoran drone didn’t appear to heed or mind the explanation, it simply extended its appendages, gesturing to follow.
Zek'lor probably realized that it was offering to guide them, ready to work alongside them to create the illusion they needed.
Lemela smiled at the scene and followed the two in their quest for materials.


I sigh giving Virgil the green light it asks of moving one of the guards to the lab.
This would be easier if Lemela could interact with the drones as I do, but Virgil continues to say I am the overmind and leading is my role.
I watch and listen to the two through the drone’s eyes and ears for a bit longer, Lemela has progressed a lot these days, I hope I can have a good diplomat on hand.
Well, she knows all I know, she has my training, but I still worry, things will not be easy.
The situation with Xalrak is at a standstill, I personally don’t wish to push it, even if the alien knows that the boss basically spilled the beans it won’t concede.
I can appreciate the spirit, I mean I kept Xalrak without eating for all the time I could without killing but in the end I was the one that had to cave in.
Luckily I managed to strike a deal where Xalrak eats and doesn't attempt to run or kill itself.
I mean, I don’t want to kill if I can manage it, and these people are supposed to be rare galaxy-wise.
I understand that the galactic council is to blame for their situation, but I don’t want to go ahead and headbutt politics before I have solved the situation here first.
The issue is with people that see no alternative to what they are experiencing.
I have hit another virtual wall so to speak, without going above I have explored all I can of this underworld.
I could push my zombie drones forward, but I would lose contact with them past the corridors, and I don’t want that to happen.
Without the help of an engineer, I doubt I can do what Virgil suggests in order to enhance my capabilities.
I have found another terminal like the one that originally hosted Virgil in the video feed it shared with me, but I doubt my capacity to make it run or repair it if needed.
I could use it for raw materials, but I want to know if there’s a chance for it to run.
With one of these in the network, I would be able to bolster the signal I emit allowing me to extend the zone I can control. I could also control a bigger number of drones with two of those.
I noticed there are patrols down here now, and some lay traps, luckily I had asked Virgil
At the moment I need to concentrate on things I can actually pull off, like the opening of my very own meat shop.
I did what I could in order to protect the lab and all the charging platforms; without these, there would be a big issue for us.
I intend to start my little meat market on the surface, I have found a suitable way up about six big ventilation shafts down yonder in this maze.
As for the people living in this underground area, I need to find a way around actually meeting them.
The issue is that after the big fight with the expedition, most shelters shifted around the caves before I could actually restart my exploration.
If they acted this way I fear that any active prodding might trigger their flight response rather than their freeze and fucking listen to the scary robot one.
I don’t think I have what it takes to play catch with people that know the ground way better than me, I have to play a different game.
I will dedicate some of the meat I gathered to be used as bait and see what It bites.
Having two traps at once is a bit of a risk, he who chases two rabbits catches neither or so they say.
The real issue is that it’s not rabbit season here in the first place, and the pirate rangers that would come after me might bring down more heat I can hold.
Well, there’s only one way to go with this, and that’s forward.
[First] [Previous] [WIP]
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2023.06.06 04:31 reditsecretacc My mom doesn’t care about me anymore

Hello guys I don’t know how to start this but here we go . So I F(15) have had a very rocky relationship with my mother since I was little I think it started when I was around 11 or 12 my mom has a lot of mental issues( depression , intense anxiety and ptsd ) which has led me to have to take of me and my little brother since we were very young one day she was going to put her life i danger so I told a trusted adult which led them to tell authorities and me and my brother were removed from her care she worked really hard to get us back but she only managed to get full custody of me and half custody of my brother . She blames me and says that we’re all not together as a family because of me . That happened a few years ago let’s skip to now about a few months ago I wanna say maybe 5-6 she stopped talking to me unless it’s necessary she also doesn’t care about my feelings or my safety. I know that the following thing I did was wrong but I was trying to get a reaction so I started staying out late at night to see if she would care enough as of to call me or simply even shoot me a text asking where I was but she didn’t . Today was the last straw for me I came home the latest I’ve ever been and I just saw her in her room watching tv she didn’t even acknowledge that I was there . The thing that pisses me off is that she’s not like this with my brother she is very sweet to him gives him all the attention and she cares about him very much .I just don’t understand why she is like this with me can’t she see that I’m a kid too that needs love and affection.I just wish one day she realizes how much she’s hurting me and changes her ways
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2023.06.06 04:29 SCS-Group Office Organization and Cleaning: Strategies for Increased Productivity

Office Organization and Cleaning: Strategies for Increased Productivity
A well-organized and clean office is not just visually pleasing, but it also contributes to a more productive work environment. When your workspace is clutter-free and efficiently organized, you can focus better, stay motivated, and accomplish tasks more effectively. In this blog post, we will explore strategies for office organization and cleaning that can help boost productivity. From decluttering tips to creating effective storage systems, we'll cover everything you need to know.

Declutter Your Workspace
Clutter can be a major distraction and hinder productivity. Start by decluttering your workspace, removing unnecessary items, and organizing essentials. Sort through your documents, files, and supplies, and get rid of anything that is no longer needed. Create designated spaces for essential items and keep your desktop clean and clear. A clutter-free environment allows you to focus on your work and find what you need more efficiently.
Establish an Efficient Filing System
An effective filing system is essential for maintaining an organized office. Invest in file cabinets, folders, and labels to categorize and store your documents. Create a logical system that works for you, whether it's alphabetical, numerical, or based on specific project categories. Regularly review and purge old files to keep your filing system streamlined and avoid unnecessary clutter.
Create Storage Solutions
Having adequate storage solutions in your office is crucial for maintaining an organized workspace. Consider investing in shelves, cabinets, and storage boxes to keep items neatly arranged. Use labels or color-coded systems to identify the contents of each storage container. Assign specific places for office supplies, equipment, and reference materials, making them easily accessible when needed.
Optimize Digital Organization
In today's digital age, organizing your digital files and documents is just as important as physical organization. Create a consistent file naming convention and folder structure on your computer, making it easier to locate files quickly. Regularly backup important files and clean up your digital clutter by deleting unnecessary emails, files, and folders. Utilize cloud storage or external hard drives to keep your digital files secure and accessible.
Implement Daily Cleaning Habits
Maintaining a clean and tidy office requires daily habits. Make it a habit to clean your workspace at the end of each day. Clear off your desk, organize your files, and wipe down surfaces to start the next day with a fresh and inviting workspace. Encourage employees to adopt these cleaning habits as well, fostering a culture of cleanliness and organization in the office.
Schedule Regular Deep Cleaning
In addition to daily cleaning habits, it's important to schedule regular deep cleaning sessions for your office. Deep cleaning includes tasks such as vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, dusting surfaces, and sanitizing high-touch areas. Consider hiring professional cleaning services for a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Regular deep cleaning not only promotes a healthier work environment but also extends the lifespan of your office furniture and equipment.
Organize Shared Spaces
Shared spaces, such as meeting rooms, break areas, and storage rooms, also require attention and organization. Implement clear guidelines for maintaining these spaces and assign responsibility for their cleanliness. Keep shared supplies and equipment well-organized and easily accessible to everyone. Encourage employees to clean up after themselves and contribute to the overall tidiness of shared areas.
Encourage Minimalism and Paperless Practices
Embracing minimalism and paperless practices can significantly reduce clutter in your office. Encourage employees to adopt digital workflows, where possible, to minimize paper usage. Utilize digital communication and document sharing platforms to reduce the need for physical copies. Encourage employees to digitize and recycle documents whenever feasible. Adopting these practices not only saves space but also promotes environmental sustainability.
An organized and clean office is a recipe for increased productivity. By decluttering your workspace, establishing an efficient filing system, creating storage solutions, optimizing digital organization, implementing daily cleaning habits, scheduling regular deep cleaning, organizing shared spaces, and encouraging minimalism and paperless practices, you can create an environment that fosters focus, efficiency, and creativity. Take the necessary steps to implement these strategies and enjoy the benefits of an organized and productive office.
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2023.06.06 04:29 BubblyCauliflower793 Rate the fic

Credits to space paladin for truly being a god amongst mortals to gift us with his holy literature

Memory Transcription Subject: Olivia Evans
Date [Standardized human time]: October 20, 2136
Zero. That was the number of reasons I had to live at this point. Why why why why. Why did it have to turn out like this? Why did they have to burn our society to the ground? All of our history and culture. Why did they have to kill my family…
I layed on my bed, scrolling through my phone in a broken state. Memories of playing hide and seek with my brother, Roller-coasters and scary movies with my family, all things that they would consider predatory. After staying like this for far too long, I heard my exchange partner call me from the other room.
"Olivia come here! Look at the news, somethings happened!"
A part of me didn't want to get up. For the past few days I've been reeling in this state of grief. That combined with the berating from all these "morally superior prey". Except for my exchange partner Mihra though. She at least found the courage to try and change her views. That was the one reason I found myself getting up for her.
"What, what is it?" I softly asked as I walked towards the living room.
[Unidentified ships detected at Proxima Centauri have been confirmed by the UN to being operated by an unidentified species]
A new surge of energy and focus filled my mind.
"I just hope they aren't-"
"Aren't what?!" I boomed back
"Wait! that's not what I mea-"
[Images of the new species will be shown here, to any sensitive viewers, or individuals with children it is recommended to stop watching now]
As the images displayed on the screen I paused.
Absolute shock and horror took over Mirhas face.
I could ask one thing and one thing only
"Are those dogs?!"

Never wrote anything before. If I continue this, upload schedule will be trash cuz I legit have almost no time to make an actual well thought out story. If anyone wants they can take the concept into their own hands, ngl I actually would like for that to happen cuz writing this absolute miniscule piece has already fried my brain.
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2023.06.06 04:29 Unique-Ad-3173 Symptomatic AF. Feeling pretty heckin' average.

Had the worst diarrhoea that I've had in years last night, after I had a cold for a few days, and ran out of my inhaler steroids for my asthma... The spicy cough test was negative AF (I did like 3 of them all up).
Like full on borderline projectile diarrhoea, plus some profound nausea; along with a few almost kinda vomits (more than dry retching, but not a lot came out), my usual unwell not nice growing-pain-esque leg pain, a fever, and veins were elusive AF so the paramedics couldn't cannulate me, so I was & still am super dehydrated, and very dizzy. Also, had really bad abdo pain. I hadn't eaten any bad food, or anything I'd not had before, or anything I'm allergic to, so I rules that out.
Paramedics were like, awh heeeeeeeck to the no, we're giving you steroids and now. So they gave me hydrocortisone (hurt like a beatch, but hey, I was happy to not be chained to the toilet and to a bucket anymore, so was a worthy and acceptable pain, for that trade!) and within an hour and a half, I wasn't feeling as bad. I was still and am still feeling crappy, BUT far better than I felt, before the injection. Like faaaaaaaaar!
The doctor was like nope, your BP is fine, I don't think you're in crisis (didn't do any bloods, and he wasn't taking my insistence for an answer, but I've also had this Dr before. He's remarkably stubborn, but also lovely at times), and sent me home. He said to try and keep up with fluids, and simple pain relief (panadol/acetaminophen, & aspirin), and if I can't manage at home, then for sure to come back in.
When I said I've been essentially told before by a dismissive AF doctor, that I shouldn't bother coming into hospital again, cause my first stim test was fine/within normal ranges but potentially altered by my meds (which is why I probably left it so long before going into hospital when I was as sick as I was today), so I apparently don't have Addison's or any kind of adrenal insufficiency issue, he was stunned.
The look on his face after I told him what that other doctor said essentially, was like he took an accidental sniff after someone did a really bad fart after eating back alley tacos in the same room.... Which, oddly, felt really calming almost, & validating to me, because it meant that he agreed that being told not to come back in, is unacceptable, especially when so symptomatic.
He was like 'you'll be okay" (he was trying to help I think....and hope!). He said he wasn't wanting to start any steroids before my next ACTH stim test, as to not potentially mess around with my results, because my next test is in about 3 to 4-ish weeks.
I'll have a chat to my GP about it too.
I'm nauseous AF, and he gave me a script for some nausea meds though, and I'll try some orange juice diluted in water, for the nausea. 🍓❤️
I have pretty much all of the symptoms of Addison's/some kind of adrenal insufficiency issue, but apparently my first round of the ACTH test, said that I JUST passed it, so I assume that that's why the first Dr essentially told me not to bother coming into hospital again with my symptoms.
Am still hella dizzy too, when sitting/laying down, BP was 105/68, or similar. Which is very low for me. But up and about, it's much more like 140/100-ish, probably because of the steroids. My blood sugar is also higher than usual, probably because of the hydrocortisone.
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2023.06.06 04:29 Life_Of_Nerds 5.1 wall mount speaker placement?

5.1 wall mount speaker placement?
I upgraded to 5x Kef Q150s and a SVS PB-1000 sub. I reused the speaker stands for my old setup, but they're not quite robust enough for the new boys. I bought some wall mounts, but need advice on placement. Room is about 14' wide, 19' deep, 8' tall. The couch is about 10' back. There is an opening behind the curtain that leads to the rest of the house, so I'm limited to putting the surrounds 3 feet in front of or behind the couch. The sub is in the corner of the room, though I feel it's a bit of a dead zone.
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2023.06.06 04:29 paywallpiker Is solving for gentrification basically just people trying to have their cake and eat it too?

Im not trying to be political here. But it seems that for the most part, people who are anti gentrification are advocating for policies to keep people in their neighborhood but also somehow maintain the status of an up and coming neighborhood (trendy and less violence)
Not only that but it seems like anti gentrification people are also pro limiting the supply of housing (nimbys) Which has been proven to increase rents as supply is limited
What do you think?
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2023.06.06 04:28 ReAssignedX 38 [M4M] Recently widowed Queer from Southern California looking for Straight/Open Male companionship

I'm assigned male at birth (AMAB) but non-binary (x) hence my reddit username. I recently lost my life-partner and I am attempting to fill an emotional and ...flirtatious void. I've been looking to chat with Straight men [only] who are open/experimental and lean dominant. In need of masculine comfort.
Ideally, I'd love to chat with attached/Married men (in open relationships) looking to add something extra to their lives. Men who are cocky, showoffs and routinely stirred by the idea of their next 'conquest' always manage to catch my interest. I also adore the Himbo types. I'm a huge comic book/anime nerd, so any guys into the same should get along with me great.
Interests: Comics (DC/MARVEL), animation, anime, manga, philosophy, theology, political science, gender studies, paranormal/occult.
Be sure to check through my posts for other interests/selfies.
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2023.06.06 04:28 moistbrisket17 Things to do June 6th-11th

PSA: There’s no tolerance for racist, homophobic, discriminatory, troll or unhelpful comments. If a post about events in DFW triggers you, keep on scrolling. I have zero Fs to give so if you insist on commenting something unhelpful, you’ll never have to be subjected to these free, helpful posts again bc you’ll be blocked.
This is not a top things to do in FW (plenty of posts if you search this sub), these are events specific to this week. There may be mistakes/things change so do your due diligence & search more info online. None of these events are vetted, they’re just copied & pasted.
Join the Fort Worth discord to connect w/other folks in FW, chat & check out different meet ups:
[Tuesday June 6th]
Art Aid 4:30-6PM The Pool, 1801 8th Ave Free This seminar will offer real estate advice for artists looking to purchase, lease, sublet, or partner for a creative space.
Free Yoga Burnett Park 5:30PM
Silent Book Club Hotel Dryce 6:30PM
Trivia Game Night 7p Old Chicago Join us for great food, fun & PRIZES!
Murf’s Trivia J. Gilligan's Bar & Grill 7PM Triple Play Trivia
NoiseROT Presents: Strange and Eternal Tour (2023) w/ MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE The Rail Club Live 7PM $20+
Omar Torres Hyena’s Comedy Club Free 7PM
Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night T&P Tavern Free 7:30-9:30PM
Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night University Pub FW 8-10PM Free
Toad the Wet Sprocket Tannahill's Tavern & Music Hall 8PM $40+
[Wednesday June 7th]
Lunchtime Music Series in Burnett Park 12-1P Free
Indoor Vendor Market Rahr & Sons Brewing 5-9P enjoy 25+ local businesses to shop, live music, food trucks, snacks, sweets, acrylic paint pouring class
Ronda Ray at Fort Brewery & Pizza 6-9P
We Run Wednesday’s The trailhead at clearfork 6:30P
NoiseROT Presents: Victim of Suffering live at Haltom Theater Sidestage 7-11PM
Tall Bearded Guy Trivia Funky Picnic Brewery 7P
STFU Open MicJun 7, 8:00pm - 11:00pm Twilite Lounge FW check out the longest running comedy open mic in FW! Free jokes, drink specials & delicious po' boys! Hosted by Claws Out Comedy w/featured performer Marissa Nieto
Karaoke HopFusion Aleworks 8PM
[Thursday June 8th]
Fort Worth Movies That Matter Modern Art Museum 7-9:30PM Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops (2019, 96 min., TV-MA) is an intimate portrait of two Texas police officers who are helping change the way police respond to mental health calls Movies That Matter is a FREE, bi-monthly film series that highlights important human & civil rights issues. Each event features a film screening, followed by a moderated discussion w/special guests. Register for free tickets on Eventbrite
Join us every second Thursday to connect with art through cocktails, conversations, & creativity The Carter 5-8PM
Beatles vs. Stones Ridglea Theater 6:30P Jam to a musical showdown $25+
Justin Tipton Fort Brewery Pizza 7PM
Greater Tuna Downtown Cowtown at the Isis June 8-10 8PM comedy show
Anand Wilder of Yeasayer The Post at River East 8P $25+
Midnight River Choir Live Rusty Nickel IceHouse 6PM $10+
Tribute Band Thursday: Local Yoakam Jun. 8 8 p.m. Fat Daddy’s, Mansfield Free live music, Happy Hour drink specials & $12 build-your-own jumbo pizzas
Evenings on Oak Street: Roanoke Austin Street Plaza 6:30PM After Party: Modern Dance Party Hits
Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night HopFusion Aleworks 8P
[Friday June 9th]
Friday on the Green, Magnolia Green Grab your lawn chair for live music from four local musicians 5-10P free
Kimbell Happy Hour 5-7P Kimbell Art Museum free music by Allegro Guitar Society
Dustin Massey w / Generational Wealth at Lola's Doors 8:00pm, Start 9:00pm
Brent Cobb Billy Bob's Texas 6PM $18+
Koe Wetzel Dickie’s Arena 6:30P $39
Kung Fu Vampire Black Heart Machine Tour Haltom Theater 7:30PM
Stockyards Championship Rodeo Cowtown Coliseum 7:30P free
Neon Wave Pool Party Whiskey Garden 8PM
Jimmy Wallace at Twilite Lounge FW 9PM-12AM No Cover
FWSO’s Concerts in the Garden Festival Gates open 6:30 p.m. start 8:30 p.m. Music of the 80s
Dustin Massey (Band) w/ Generational Wealth at Lola's Doors 8pm Show 9pm $10 advance tickets, $15 at the door
Tab Benoit Tannahill's Tavern & Music Hall 8P $40
REYES - Nuestra Fiesta Dedicada a la Realeza de la Música Latina Tulips FW 9P $15
[Saturday June 10th]
Drag Show & Brunch Pride Edition 11AM-2PM Funky Picnic Brewery Join Kiki w/the Kweens for our monthly drag show & brunch!
Glizzy Fest presented by Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs Martin House Brewing 12-5pm Family Friendly, Live Music, Craft Vendors, & all the hot dogs/corn dogs you could dream of. Tickets $15 if drinking = 4 beers + souvenir pint glass. Those not drinking do not have to pay.
Arlington Pride Celebration the Levitt Pavilion Arlington 6-11pm (doors open at 5) ft. performances from RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Angeria Paris VanMichaels, Symone & Kennedy Davenport, DJ Al Farb & a host of other entertainment on stage along w/a street fair full of vendors
FWSO’s Concerts in the Garden Festival Gates open 6:30 p.m. start 8:30 p.m. Star Wars
Wandering Roots Market Tanger Outlets 15853 North Freeway Shop local pop-up, live music, vendors, food trucks + kid-friendly 10AM-4PM
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat LIVE Ridglea Room 7PM $25+
Live Jazz Performance Feat. The Rob Holbert Group The Warehouse 8P
LOCALS ONLY VOL. 3 Whiskey Garden 8P
Fenne Lily + Christian Lee Hutson Tulips FW 8P $20+
Dope City Comedy Tour FW’s Hyena's Comedy Club Doors 8:30P
Guttersluts perform Alice in Chains Unplugged w/ Garrett Owen Twilite Lounge FW 9PM-12AM No Cover
Live music HopFusion 7PM
[Sunday June 11th]
Farmers Market 10AM-2PM Funky Picnic Brewery
Giddy Up Drag Brunch Concrete Cowboy FW 1-4PM
Monthly Book Club Funky Picnic Brewery 3-4P We will be focusing on outdoor & adventure-themed books, & every few months will include an outdoor activity prior to meeting to talk about the book! Will be discussing The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
Matt Hillyer & Kayla Ray at The Post at River East 6-8P $20+
LanceBattalion at Fort Brewery 7-9PM
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2023.06.06 04:28 Alarmed-Emphasis-281 Landlady smokes outside and the smoke wafts into my room

I rent a room in a house and the landlady and her husband live here. They don’t turn the AC on so I’ve been leaving my window open on hot nights. They smoke on their porch but it’s directly above my room and I can’t stand the smell of smoke. My throat hurts even after inhaling it for a few seconds.
Is there anything I can do about this?
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2023.06.06 04:28 AeneasDid911 Lost, out of options.

I'm writing this post with a heavy heart and a great deal of trepidation, but I find myself in an extremely difficult situation and I'm reaching out to this incredible community for support. I never thought I would have to ask for financial assistance, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
Over the past few months, my life has taken a devastating turn. A series of unfortunate events, including unexpected medical bills and the loss of my job, has left me struggling to make ends meet. Despite my best efforts to find new employment, the job market in my area has been unforgiving, and I have been unable to secure a stable source of income.
As a result, my savings have been depleted, and I'm now facing mounting debts, eviction notices, and an uncertain future. The weight of the financial burden is becoming unbearable, and I'm left feeling helpless and overwhelmed.
I'm not asking for a handout or a solution to all my problems. Rather, I'm humbly requesting any assistance that you can offer to help me get back on my feet. Even the smallest contribution can make a significant difference and provide a glimmer of hope in this dark time.
If you're wondering how your support could make a difference, here are some ways it would help me:
Basic Necessities: I'm struggling to afford groceries, utilities, and other essential items. Your contribution could help me meet these basic needs and prevent me from going hungry or being without electricity.
Housing Stability: The fear of eviction is constantly looming over me. Your help could provide me with the means to pay my rent and prevent me from losing my home. I'm determined to get back on my feet, but stability is crucial for me to regain my footing.
Job Search Assistance: I'm actively looking for employment, and any financial support would allow me to access resources such as internet access, transportation, and interview attire. These are all critical factors in my pursuit of a new job opportunity.
I understand that times are tough for many people, and there are countless others who may be in a similar or worse situation. If you're unable to contribute monetarily, I completely understand. Your kind words, advice, or even sharing my post with others who may be able to help would be immensely appreciated.
For those who can offer financial assistance, I promise to pay it forward when I am able. I'm determined to overcome this difficult period in my life and help others who may find themselves in a similar position.
If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out to me. I'm an open book and willing to provide any necessary verification or details to give you peace of mind about the authenticity of my situation.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my plea. I'm truly grateful for this supportive community and any help you can provide. May kindness and compassion guide us all through life's challenges.
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2023.06.06 04:28 AutoModerator Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo - 14 Day Filmmaker (Here)

Chat us on +44 7593880762 (Telegram/Whatsaap) if you are interested in Anthony Gallo - 14-Day Filmmaker.
Inside Anthony Gallo - 14-Day Filmmaker you will learn how to:
- Produce Cinematic & Emotional Videos: Unlock the secrets to creating stunning, emotionally impactful videos that captivate your audience.
- Save Time and Effort: Skip the months of trial and error and get straight to success. No more wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own.
- Affordable Equipment: Discover how we started with a Canon 70d and a $50 lens and still achieved outstanding results. You don't need a massive budget to create amazing videos.
- In-Depth Training: Dive deep into the art of filmmaking as we guide you through the entire process, from shooting to editing and everything in between.
- Master Camera Techniques: Learn how to shoot like a pro, compose captivating shots, and choose the perfect camera settings to bring your vision to life.
- Create Dynamic Movement: Discover techniques for creating fluid and captivating camera movement that adds a cinematic touch to your videos.
- Masterful Storytelling: Harness the power of storytelling to engage your audience and create compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.
- Seamless Editing: Unleash your creativity in the editing room as you learn how to craft polished videos that stand out from the crowd…
… and much more!
You can benefit from the years of experience of Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo. Since 2013, they shot over 200 commercials, generating tens of millions in profit for their clients.
If you are interested in Anthony Gallo - 14-Day Filmmaker, contact us at:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 44 7593880762 (Telegram: silverlakestoreproducts)
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.06 04:27 Signal_Nectarine6259 Alan Wake fan (but noob) here, i have a big question...(some spoilers for the extended universe)

So i'm replaying Alan Wake the second time around after finishing the game when it originally came out (just finished chapter 1 btw), but there's always been one big question that's nagging at is it that Alan can write about people he doesn't even know exist?
For example with Sarah Breaker, as far as i can tell Alan doesn't meet her until after he jumps into the Lake and we start playing through the story he's written, so if he never knew about her before then she has to be his creation right? (With a specific purpose in the story which he wrote)
So does that mean most of the people Alan meets in the first game are really his creations? (With a few exceptions here and there of course)
Unless i missed something (which is very possible) most of these characters have to be Alan's creations, because how would he know about them otherwise?
I know it gets a bit muddled because Alan CAN will people/entities into existence through his writing (Alex Casey and the Hiss for example), but i'd really love to hear your thoughts everyone.
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2023.06.06 04:27 ClickClickChick85 Hospital sleep study with cpap
I did a home sleep study back at the end of March, I had about 23.5 episodes and dropped to like 74ish in O2 stats during it.
Yesterday I finally got my cpap test at the hospital. It wasn't the worst thing to go through, the guy had me wear the mask for a while while he got the other room's patient ready. I thought it would be like shoving my face into a wind tunnel, which wasn't the case. Got all wired up and then got ready for bed. The wiring was the worst part (bed kind of sucked too but the dang wiring had me all tangled). I do remember waking up 2 times feeling like there wasn't air coming out of the nose pillow thing (like I was being smothered), I would pull it from my face, feel the air blowing again then situate it back on.
Apparently I'm having a lot of hypnea (?) episodes so they tried to do bipap on me at some point but it didn't help?
Will the cpap help me? I feel discouraged looking at the results knowing I kept that mask on all night. Is there a way to cool the air coming thru the machine? It felt a bit stuffy last night.
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2023.06.06 04:27 VRLink64 On a Budget for PC Build. Need some advice for my specs. On a budget. Please be nice. Thanks. Would appreciate the help!

So I'm looking for a job and once hired my main goal is to build a PC for VR and Gaming. I mostly use VR Chat to improve my Social Anxiety and it helps allot. I have a question. Will these specs work wonders if I'm on a budget plan? I'm saving and buying my parts one at a time for each month. I hope that's a good idea. I miss playing VR Chat. Might consider buying a new Quest while I'm at it. Hope someone can tell me if these specs are good enough for VR Chat with out the lag. I want to be in a room with allot of people and make friends and improve my social skills etc. Hope this makes sense. I haven't been on VR Chat in over a year since my PC died. R.I.P. Plus I want to build my own world from Dreams I've had etc. And some cool stuff and my own Avatars. Etc. Here is the Specs I want to get.
i7 12700k CPU 32GB Ram 800wat PSU RTX 2070 for 4k and ray tracing. X2 2TB SSD for gaming and mods for now.
I want to max out my settings with lag free stuff. I hope my ram and the 12700k CPU will be fine. I heard you need 12gb for the GPU specs wise on the graphics card to run VR so you don't lag etc. Which makes sense. Because I also plan to get back into Zenith and hopefully Freeland VR if it's ever coming out. I don't keep track of these things. Hoping someone can help me out I can always upgrade later. My budget is around $500-$600.00 with the new GPUs I don't know how much the older RTXs are going for now. Like the 2070 series etc. That should give me all the stuff I need for now until I upgrade later right? It might be mid range but it's better than nothing. And can someone recdomend me some thermal paste and fans to keep VR cool etc? I like my fans quiet so I don't know what to get. Same with the PSU. I hear VR can be power hungry. Especially if set to Ultra. So just curious is all. Should a 2070 be enough especially if it's a 12gb GPU? I heard you need at least 8gb GPU or 12gb GPU for VR. Sorry guys I'm not great with specs still learning. Want to make the PC as quiet as possible especially with my budget. Thanks. :) Appreciate all the help. I hear VR Chat can be really demanding. If I need to get a i9 I would if I have to. Thanks! Hope everyone's doing fantastic. :) And great. .
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2023.06.06 04:27 Plenty-Cat3703 Which wallpaper works better for my cabin in the woods room?!

Which wallpaper works better for my cabin in the woods room?! submitted by Plenty-Cat3703 to PocketLove [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 04:27 utspg1980 Dog with car anxiety - trailer vs motorhome?

I have an awesome dog, but she just doesn't like car rides. Any time we're in the car, she's panting the entire time, and is constantly switching from sitting to laying down cuz she's just not relaxed.
I was wondering if anyone has a similar dog, and how that dog does in your motorhome. Any improvement?
I was wondering if having more room, having a bed they can go lay down in, etc would help the dog relax.
I'm looking to get into the scene and really a trailer makes more sense for me, but could shift gears towards a motorhome if that'd help the dog relax.
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2023.06.06 04:26 Svzrtx Moved recently to Denver, don’t know much. Rent at the Raleigh at Sloan Lake or The Cadence Downtown?

We are a couple who recently moved to Denver from Jersey city. Don’t know too much about Denver, we liked an apartment both in downtown (The Cadence) and near Sloan lake (the Raleigh). We were almost about to go for the Cadence, but with the nuisance in downtown with shootings, the homeless etc. We are now reconsidering if we should stay there or Sloan lake. Any help/guidance would be appreciated. We’re also new so are looking to make friends. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 04:26 Moonymoonymoo I’m planning to attend college out of state and my dad wants to follow me.

I (19F) graduated from high school a week ago, and for as long as I could remember I’ve wanted to leave. I’ve applied to and accepted into a university in a different state with their presidential merit scholarship so finances aren’t the main immediate concern.
However, I grew up in a very traditional, conservative, asian family so this is way out of the norm. Especially in my family. Growing up, my parents have always been very very controlling and outright abusive. Emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually to not just me, but my younger brother. Off the top of my head, I remember my father telling me to end my life because it would be less of a financial burden for him after someone from church told them I tried to take my life. And most recently, when my mom suspected I had a boyfriend, her first reaction was to say “o that’s impossible because you’re short and ugly and have a bad temper. Who would ever want you”.
I am so so so desperate to leave and I can’t fathom why I can’t have a normal family.
I told my parents that I planned to go out of state after pondering for a long time. I didn’t know how they’d react and I was so sure theyd try to hurt me in whatever way they could. My bank account was created when I was 17, so my father co-signed and my parents have access to all my money. They can see every transaction, every deposit, and can even take out money as they pleased. I worked for a year to save up all I could, and the fact that they would take my money.
It was radio silence for a while and they acted like I never said anything. But lately my mom has been amping up the emotional manipulation x10. Saying things like she didn’t have a daughter and that I was “broken” and needed fixing for wanting to leave my parents. I ignore it as I always do, but then last night she dropped the bomb that my dad was planning to follow me to Florida and live there until I graduate.
I am freaking out. It makes me hyperventilate at the thought of being a goddamn servant for him, being in a house, much less a room with him after everything he did to me as a kid. I planned on moving in with my boyfriend (that they don’t know of because they’re major racists) and I didn’t plan on telling them until after we got engaged. But sweet lord I am absolutely terrified. Even if he didn’t move with me, he has family there and they expect me to live with them.
I’ve lost sleep over this and I can’t even breath most times I think about it. My flight has been booked and I was planning on telling them that the school sent me the ticket. I can’t pen a new bank account until I have an address for the new place. But they have access to my money, my location, and pay my phone bill. I don’t think anything will deter them and I just want to avoid the fight. I’m so tired of yelling and the fighting, the guilt tripping. Being in this house is so suffocating and I want to leave so bad.
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2023.06.06 04:25 Slight-Anxiety-8192 Write up! (advice needed!)

So technically I didn’t get a write up. But I did get a warning to a write up. To start off I’m a level 3 (hospitality professional). The next level for me would be level 1 (hospitality senior), which I am currently in the process of doing the pathway for. My age might play a role in this lol. I’m 19. And I like my job to a extent. This warning write up was for my “tone”. My Manager E (shift lead) said that’s there were 2 reasons behind this. The first one was because of a “bodily fluid”. I asked Manager E what this “bodily fluid” situation could have been. They couldn’t recall exactly what it was. So I asked if it was a situation that happened 2 weeks ago: I was told to do a dining room check, and to make sure the restrooms were clean. After I had done this I went back to Manager E told them “ Dining room is clean, but the men’s restroom stall is locked and I am not going underneath to unlocked it.” My tone when I said this was my normal customer service voice I use at work. Manager E said “Okay, Heard!”. After that, they got a MALE manager to handle the situation. My reason behind me not unlocking the stall was because first I’m female, and the floor to the men’s restroom is always wet. I’m not sure if it’s a bodily fluid or just a leak. Either way I’m uncomfortable having to do that. I didn’t feel the need to say that I was uncomfortable due to it being obvious. Now some background knowledge on the 2nd reason. My store has 2 drive thrus. And there’s has been a problem with team members not moving there cars all the way up when on f2f. People typically stop at the speaker box. This being said Management made a new policy. We now have 1 purple vest. The purple vest is basically in charge when outside by making sure cars are pulled up all the way, and that everyone is staying in their own designated drive-thru lane. I had just started my shift and was in a good mood. Manager L (shift lead) told me to take over for the purple vest. My response was “UM” before I could finish my sentence they said “well if you’re comfortable, if not you can always give it to someone else” I said I would give it to someone else instead. As I was walking to get a yellow vest (the ones that’s are typically always worn on f2f) Manager H said “(my name) your supposed to have the purple vest”. My response to that was “No”. I didn’t give a reason right away because I had just talked to Manager L about the purple which they were completely fine with me not wearing it. As I was putting on the yellow vest I looked over at the Manger H and seen their bodily language to my response. So I said “Manager L is okay with me giving it to someone else instead of wearing it.” After I said that they said nothing. The reason for me not wearing the purple vest was because a good portion of my other team members aren’t the best when it comes to doing something their asked. Especially if it’s by another hospitality professional regardless of level since you aren’t considered a manger. So it’s not like they’ll listen when I ask them to move their cars up all the way. I feel like this warning to a write up is invalid. I know my tone wasn’t a problem. I believe me saying no was. When I am on the clock I am always using my “customer service” voice. I completely understand that I have to lead by example because I am a soon to become senior professional. Even when Manger E pulled me in the office to give me this warning they said that I need to lead by example because I am held at a higher standard and if I say no to do something, another team member can you use that to their advantage. Because I didn’t wanna do something why should they kind of thing. I have been at my job for 1.5yrs and this situation has been the first time I actually spoke up and said no. And the first time i’ve ever been pulled in the office for something like this. Now I feel like if I say “No” to something their going to say it’s my tone. I want management to see that I’m open and willing to make corrections to their criticism. And not show any passive aggression or hostileness. I don’t understand if Manger H felt like I had a “tone” why didn’t they come talk to me directly. Instead they went to Manager E. I am okay with admitting my faults and taking accountability but being given a warning to a write up for my “tone” doesn’t feel/ make sense. I planned on talking to my HR manager later this week. Am I really in the wrong here? Do you feel like it was a tone thing based off of what I said? If not what should the correct write up reason be?
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2023.06.06 04:25 1cecream4breakfast New yard ready for plants! 6A recs for color, non-toxic

Moving into my new (to me) house soon. The sellers have completely empty—and edged—mulch beds in back along the fenced perimeter. Back yard faces south and is privacy fenced. East side of the yard obviously gets pummeled with hot afternoon sun. There are trees to the side and back of my .2 acre lot but my yard has none. What are your recommendations for perennials that can’t get enough of the hot afternoon sun, add greenery AND color, and aren’t poisonous to dogs? (Mild tummy ache if they eat a ton, not a concern, my dog isn’t too curious anymore)
On the west side of the yard, against the garage (so facing east) I plan to plant a crap ton of hydrangeas. I also have other shady spots for hostas and coleus, open to suggestions for other shade lovers, maybe something taller.
Front yard faces north and has a decent amount of morning and afternoon shade from neighbors’ trees. Currently there are several green shrubs out front. Haven’t identified them yet but possibly boxwood. They appear healthy and established. I would like to fill in the gaps with perennials that will give color throughout the season. Off to the side there is more room for larger plants but right in front of the house there is just a couple feet between those shrubs. Smaller rhododendrons maybe? (My dog won’t roam free in the front yard so not worried about that out front)
Back beds are mulch, front beds are rocks.
Also interested in tree recs! Magnolias were in bloom here in mid-April and I reallllly want one. Would that so well in the middle of the back yard where it is pretty sunny? Downside is they grow pretty low and seem like they could be annoying to mow around. Maybe plant one in the corner and extend a bed a little?
I’m obviously just excited to get my outside space looking awesome! I waited too long to do that at my last house. I know I’ll be stuck waiting till fall or next spring for some of this due to heat.
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2023.06.06 04:25 lurkergenxdurp Hotel fam, please weigh in...

Need help! Harryot stay. Hubby is way confused.
This isn't a tale from, but will become shortly if we show up at our Harryot and Hubby is caught short.
Bringing our three adult children and their nine children (1+4, 1+4, 1+1) to hang out with the grandparents/great-grandparents).
I asked how many rooms he booked. He said three. I was like okay, one for us, one for adult child 1 (plus kids) one for adult child 2 (plus kids)? Where is adult child 3 (plus kid)?
He then explained that he booked "double" rooms, that connect. So. He thinks he has booked six rooms.
He thinks booking a "double room" means he is booking TWO rooms that connect.
I explained that a double room means ONE room, with two beds.
I also explained that you can book two doubles that connect, but it isn't guaranteed.
I also tried to explain that you can book a "double" for one adult and her four kids and request a rollaway/cot. These children are aged 2-12.
Am I correct that a 4- person room will accomodate a 5th if that 5th person is under 5 years old?
Halp. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, and if I can fix this before we show up at your Front Desk...
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