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2023.06.03 13:54 Yer_Dunn The Ultra Mystery Mushroom?

So I've played this game a lot. But I can't recall ever finding this item. Nor is there anything online about it as far as I can tell.
Has anyone ever found the "Ultra Mystery Mushroom"? Or is this simply a red herring?
This is for the side quest for the Old Woman in Spook Village, who asks you to collect mushrooms on Tomb Pass and Maneater Road, (which, btw, is a bullshit quest lmao. Neither of the levels even have the 30 mushrooms required to get the entry pass. So you apparently have to use a cheese strat to get mushrooms from both locations. But I digress...).
I'm really curious if this is some incredibly rare encounter, or if I'm missing something super obvious.
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2023.06.03 13:49 queenliz2fr Voldemort's many victims

Inspired by the comment that I made in this post:
Harry dies in the forest but the sacrificial protection is enacted. When Slughorn and Charlie show up with reinforcements for the second part of the battle of Hogwarts, most of the Death Eaters are killed or neutralized and Voldemort, even if still powerful enough to fight Slughorn, McGonagall and Kingsley even with his crippled powers is still not powerful enough to fight an entire army alone. He gets apprehended and thrown in Azkaban isolated from everybody else. Normally he would have been sentenced to death but by now everyone agrees with Hagrid's statement that he has become too much less than a human to be able to die.
One night as he is pondering in his loneliness over his frustration that he knows so much more magic than anybody else but is unable to use it, he sees his mom who tells him to repent for his crimes because she saw what he will become otherwise and shows him the flayed baby from the King's Cross chapter. Voldemort disregards it thinking it's a trick of the mind and the dark room.
Then the next day he is visited by Myrtle who tells him she had always looked up to him. He was so charming and so good at everything and so popular, while she was a loser and Tom Riddle was the only one who ever acted nice to her when told some classmates who were bullying her to leave her alone. Voldemort just shrugs and responds that he was a prefect and was just doing his duty and doesn't even remember her name. He killed her by accident because he didn't know there was someone else in the bathroom and accuses her that it was because of her he was forced to forever shut the Chamber of Secrets.
Next day he is visited by his father and his grandparents. They all express shame about what Tom had turned out in life. Despite always hating the paternal side of his family, he surprisingly starts to feel a bit embarrassed while watching the disappointed looks on their faces.
The third day he is visited by Hepzibah Smith who is still shocked about Tom's betrayal. She reveals that she had always loved Tom and while she never expected a young handsome boy like him to love an "old hag" like her back, she still treated him like a son and a friend. She revealed her deepest secrets to him and welcomed him into her house, always gave him a nice tip because she knew Mr. Burke was a miser who underpaid and overworked his employees. Now what's this? Is Tom feeling a shadow of guilt.
And so it happens every night some ghosts being accusatory, others questioning his unnecessary brutality towards them, until he gets to James and Lily. Both mock him for being such a coward as trying to kill a defenseless baby, only to meet his downfall at his hands. They are followed by Bertha Jorkins, Frank Bryce, Cedric Diggory and the mother with the two children whom he killed in his quest for the Elder Wand. They all ask him what had they done wrong to him in order to deserve to be killed. Voldemort thinks he is going to collapse in tears after such a lengthy torment especially when the ghosts are joined by the envoy of Gringotts who yell at him for killing them just for being bearers of the bad news and with occasional flashes of Grindelwald toothless smile mocking him by asking him "Did you get what you were looking for?". The group is finally joined by Snape whose throat is still bleeding and says through gargles "I have always been faithful to you, my lord (the words are uttered mockingly) and put my skills to the best of my ability to your service. Yet when I came with a simple request of not killing a person that wasn't even on your target list, if fell on deaf ears. Serves you right!"
For the first time in many, many, many years Voldemort collapses to the ground and starts crying while saying to what may seem to an outsider no one in particular "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I killed you all!" and then everyone disappears except for two people. Voldemort suddenly feels at peace as Dumbledore and Harry, who despite their antagonism in life, look at peace and have kind looks on their faces. They point towards a light.
"Well I think Tom it's time to join us," says Harry.
"But why did all this happen?" asks Voldemort confused.
"Don't you remember Tom that I once told you there are worse ways of destroying a man," explains Dumbledore. "To be quite frank I hoped it would last longer but seems your mother's love saved you from beyond the grave from the fate I had in store for you."
"So am I dead?"
"I think so, your soul appears to be mended," responds Dumbledore. "It seems like you really came to feel remorse about all your victims after having to see their faces every night over the past couple of years. Unfortunately I don't think your body made it. Feeling remorse after making horcruxes can be quite an intense feeling. So much so that it will break the heart and kill the body."
"But then why didn't I die earlier?"
Dumbledore chuckles at this and for the first time Tom actually gets to see the infamous twinkle in the eyes, "Well you see Tom? It was all part of my plan. Remember when I told you that merely killing you won't satisfy me. I wanted to see you suffer through your neverending torment before you finally embraced death through remorse."
"What do you mean?" asked Voldemort confused. "I thought you had Potter destroy all my horcruxes so I would be mortal again."
"I might have mislead Mr. Potter here and his friends with regards to one of your horcruxes. I knew you managed to also turn Gryffindor's sword into a horcrux and I knew no one willingly helping you got access to it. I wanted to keep it intact so you'll have all eternity to finally die by your remorse," explained Dumbledore in a kind tone.
"But I never managed to get a hold of the sword of Gryffindor because that dumb hat would not let me," said Voldemort quite frustrated. "In the end I had to settle for Nagini just to accomplish my obsession with number seven."
Now it was Dumbledore's turn to look shocked, "Wait what? You actually made your pet snake - a living mortal creature with an average lifespan of 30 years - the container of your soul? Not even I thought you were that stupid, Tom."
Voldemort looked away in embarrassment and Harry also looked at his former teacher quite confused.
There was a long silence before Harry decided to break it by pointing towards the light, "Anyways, welcome to the afterlife Tom!". Tom realized that he was starting to change. His bone-white skin was starting to get a normal color and when he managed a glance at his reflection in toilet water he noticed that his facial features were becoming more human. He was ready now to step into the light. It was strange. All his life he had feared death but now he was at peace. He saw the light as inviting and he knew that nothing bad would ever happen to him if he were to step into it.
But then all of a sudden heavy chains started enveloping his body and they were all tied to the dead bodies of the people that had been visiting him so often lately. They were dragging his body to the floor and they were very difficult to drag. "What's happening to me?" he asked.
"Oh yeah by the way... you have to carry the weight of all the lives you destroyed for eternity. Just feeling remorse does not spare you from the eternal punishment for your crimes," explained Harry casually. "Also don't expect a warm welcoming party in the afterlife. Now let's go!"
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2023.06.03 13:47 travigal01 Why was my old home so scary

So i used to live in this house. It was newish it wasnt run down but it obviously wasnt the newest modern home either it was normal. But for some reason i hated being alone in it and had this feeling like something was extremely off about it or something was there that shouldnt be there with me. I lived there with my mom, her bf and my brother and i was 11 at the time. Onr time i could swear that someone had broken in. It didnt sound like it its just that i saw flashes outside of my room and im only 47% sure it was the reflection of the sun. This was in finland vantaa. Im ok telling the location that specific cuz i dont live anywhere near there. It could be the fact i wasnt the most sane 11 yr old. (Think imagining being an arsonist and killing my bullies and planning it) so it couldve been that but ik what i saw was real and it scared me shitless. It could be that im dumb and im not fully sure if it is a cryptid but im asking just in case theres anything that actually does that. I dont remember what it caused me to start getting paranoid. I dont remember a whole lot i think i heard like a step or creak noise that couldve been the washing machine but i honestly dont remember i was just scared to be alone.
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2023.06.03 13:47 Kiwimaseyi 29[M4F] Anywhere - Just a French single dad looking for something wholesome, with selfie inside! :)

Is it me, or dating is becoming harder and harder? :/
Anyway, hi! I'm Raphaël, a French single dad living near Paris with my 8 years old son. It's been just us two for a while now, and the dating scene have been pretty rough on me, so I though I'd try it out here!
A little about me :
Anyway if you're interested in chatting feel free to contact me, maybe mention your age location, and add a picture so we can get the conversation going? :) I'm looking for a relationship based on trust and respect, pretty classic you might say. I'm also looking for someone that agrees to relocate, as being a single dad makes it hard to move around the globe. It's not for tomorrow of course but it's important enough to mention it. I'd be more than happy to help with the move as it's scary and expensive, money being not a problem for me!
So yeah, see you soon I hope :)
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2023.06.03 13:46 Kiwimaseyi 29[M4F] Anywhere - Just a French single dad looking for something wholesome, with selfie inside! :)

Is it me, or dating is becoming harder and harder? :/
Anyway, hi! I'm Raphaël, a French single dad living near Paris with my 8 years old son. It's been just us two for a while now, and the dating scene have been pretty rough on me, so I though I'd try it out here!
A little about me :
Anyway if you're interested in chatting feel free to contact me, maybe mention your age location, and add a picture so we can get the conversation going? :) I'm looking for a relationship based on trust and respect, pretty classic you might say. I'm also looking for someone that agrees to relocate, as being a single dad makes it hard to move around the globe. It's not for tomorrow of course but it's important enough to mention it. I'd be more than happy to help with the move as it's scary and expensive, money being not a problem for me!
So yeah, see you soon I hope :)
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2023.06.03 13:37 Soulsfanatic999 My thoughts on kiwami 2 after platinuming it

This isnt my first time playing it either, i had played it 2 years ago but i wanted to revisit it.
I dont see how people prefer Yakuza 6's combat. I actually kind of enjoyed the combat, the Square charged attacks are really strong especially when you get the lotus skill. Tiger drop was a lil weak imo but its still really fun to use. Also, weapons make it so much easier especially when you just use heat action (pandemonium on legend with no weapons would have SUCKED)
I love sotenbori, probably my favourite location from the Yakuza games. Its compact but has all i really need (aswell as good taxi locations) Kamurocho was pretty neat too with the majima construction area going on. Other than that i have nothing to really say except for the amount of enemy encounters smh.
Its a yakuza story line, so pretty goofy. Terada came back as some kim guy, ryuji uses some big ass sword and man in black decides to be amon but worse. Kaourauo annoys me a lil bit but eh its not too bad. That castle part was goofy as fuck though. Also the majima part was great but ill come back to that later.
Sub stories:
Some good ones, lots of mid ones. I did like the cabaret club. Very fun to waste my time in, i loved majima being the commentator. Also the lil notices of Majima back i 0 were nice, that old purp hair lady talking about majima saving her and now kiryu. Although, alot of these sub stories felt like filler, but not the good kind. 50% were boring while the other 50% pretty fun tbh
Thank god that theres no out run or fantasy zone for 100% completion. Toylets sucked until i found the method (1500 ml works best). UFO catcher was pretty easy until i had to get orange monke (i just knocked it into the hole). Majima construction was harder than expected but with some ssr's it made it much better (yes i bought 3 ssr's im a bitch). as ive mentioned cabaret club rocked, 1st league was the hardest somehow lol.
Majima Saga:
It gave me closure, and thats all i wanted. Y0 was my first Yakuza game and i wanted to know what happened to makoto, but this really gave me that. Majimas combat was... Alright i guess. And the boss was pretty nice too, the lack of levels kind of annoyed me but i dealt with it. Its not close to the kaito files but this wasnt really meant to be as big as that, for what it is i liked it.
Kiwami 2 is easily one of my favourite yakuza games, and this platinum experience solidified it for me. It has its flaws but i still loved it, it easily is top 5 for me. I just hope if kiwami 3 comes they will fix the mistakes made in K2. This is probably one of the most fun platinums for me, and was worth my time.
What yakuza game to try platinum next? Ive done k2, Y6, LJ and y7 so far.
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2023.06.03 13:30 Occultscience2 How is All India Institute of Occult Science Better From Other Institutes?

The best centre for occult study is the All India Institute of Occult Science. We put a lot of effort into building the best occult study communities online so that individuals of all ages can learn about occult subjects like astrology, Vastu, numerology, palmistry, tarot card reading, Reiki, etc.
The Institute was started by renowned astrologer Gurudev Shri Kashyap, who has a long list of satisfied customers and pupils from all over the world.
Since the beginning of his journey, when he first realised who he was, he has tried to assist everyone around him in understanding their actual selves and the root of things.
He has worked very hard to spread information about things like Vedic Astrology, Numerology, and Vaastu. In order to promote the word, he has worked with several organisations both inside and outside of Delhi.
He honestly believes that because of the locations of our planets, we are capable of achieving anything in life. He thinks and sees the future intuitively. We can improve our ability to successfully traverse any challenging conditions with a little bit of correction and treatment.
He has dedicated his entire life to advancing knowledge of the Shastras, or ancient Indian writings. To achieve this, the All India Institute of Occult Science was founded.
Gurudev Shri Kashyap promotes both society and education in line with the All India Institute of Occult Science's objective, which states that any student who is unable to pay their tuition would still be able to obtain a degree. To ensure that the Vedic shastras are not abused, the All India Institute of Occult Science provides lifelong assistance and knowledge transfer to its pupils in order to help them build their skill sets.
He thinks the Everybody India Institute of Occult Science will act like a tree that offers shade and protection to everyone nearby and produces fruit for everyone by offering the necessary training and information.
Jyotish, another name for Vedic astrology, is a classical branch of astrology with roots in prehistoric India. It is based on the idea that cosmic objects and terrestrial occurrences are related. According to Vedic astrology, the positions of the planets at the time of birth can have a big impact on a person's personality, relationships, and general life path.


Vastu Course

Old Indian science known as vastu examines buildings and other structures to determine whether they can contribute to the creation of a comfortable atmosphere or a place to live and work.

Astrology Course

Indian astrology is a traditional science that explains how individuals and other earthly objects are impacted by the planets' travels across space and time.

Tarot Card Reading

Reading information from a deck of playing cards is the art of tarot card reading. With some advice from a Tarot card reading, you may be able to live a happy life.

Yoga Course

A competent teacher instructs students in yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation during a yoga session.

Numerology Course

The study of how numbers are used in daily life is known as numerology. making a prediction using astrological alignments or other numerical correlations.

Palmistry Analysing Course

Chirology, a mystic speciality that includes studying people's hands to determine their destiny and karma, is another name for palmistry.
Students that register in a palmistry school learn how to read the fate line, the sun line, the lifeline, the heart line, the headline, as well as other major and minor lines on the palm.

Reiki Healing Course

It is a Japanese technique for regaining energy. In the modern world, Usui reiki is the most popular variety.

Graphology Course

With the goal of analysing their findings, they used graphological principles. Graphology is the study of the personality traits that are revealed by a person's handwriting. The definition of abnormality is also determined by how you interpret it. Identifying the level of pressure a writer is under may help in better analysing their emotional energy.

The Best Reasons for Attending Our Institute:-

Interactive Live Class

Through our website and mobile apps (Android and iOS), we offer our students live, interactive classes.

Captured Sessions

Since all of our students have access to the recordings, if you must miss a session, you can still access your life lesson recording in our app.

An announcement of Completion

Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete the course, which includes tests.

Why Do Our Students Love So Much About Us?

You can register for the presentation that Chairman and Founder Gurudev Shri Kashyap will be giving by clicking the button below and entering your details. We will contact you as soon as possible. By acting, you can advance your occult master certification career.
For More Details: Click Here
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2023.06.03 13:24 MaxTorque41 FYI

There is a hazardous waste collection event happening in Colchester today. This is at the town hall 0900- 1300hrs.
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2023.06.03 13:23 Historical-wombat Taipan after 300 rounds

So stopped at the range today with the Taipan and thought I'd report in.
My serial number is in the 1500's for reference.
I fired a total of 300 rounds with the last 50 fired at a rapid pace (as quickly as I could run it).
The only issue I found was with the Geco and PMC ammo during rapid fire, caused the action to become significantly stickier to run.
Did not encounter the issue with any other ammo type.
I used a mix of PMAGs and Lancer mags, found the Lancer mags to actually run better.
No jams or malfunction during testing other than one round of American Eagle that was a dud.
PMC Bronze 55gr - 2moa
OSA gameking 55gr - .9moa
Sako Gamehead 55gr - 1moa
Hornady TAP 60gr -1.2 moa
Geco 53.5gr - 2.4moa
American Eagle 55gr -1.6moa
Hoping to load up some 64gr and 77gr options in the near future.
Overall impression
It's comparable to a 7615 with a heavy but clean breaking trigger and a bit more accurate.
Cerakote is not very good at all, seeing chips from ejected rounds already.
Obviously take my results with a grain of salt, it seems like I got a decent example and the QC on earlier examples seems hit and miss.
At the end of the day I like the gun but think it's overpriced a tad, it should be $1650 and I think an anodised finish makes more sense on aluminium (would also allow them to spice up the line with some fun colours).
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2023.06.03 13:22 CovertFlobert [H] Rain World, Ashina, Bendy, Dicey Dungeons, and 40+ other games [W] Wishlist

Hey folks! I recently purchased the Metroidvania bundle and have some leftover games from that as well as leftovers from other bundles. I'd be happy to trade for stuff from my wishlist; in case of expensive keys (like Borderlands Enhanced) I'd be able to trade for multiple games. Looking forward to your offers!
Ashina: The Red Witch Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition Aground An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire Arcade Paradise - Arcade Paradise EP AVICII Invector AVICII Invector: Magma Track Pack AVICII Invector: TIM Track Pack Bendy and the Dark Revival Bionic Commando Rearmed Biped Blasphemous Builder Simulator Calico Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Dead Island Definitive Edition Deadlight Dicey Dungeons Dishonored Don’t Starve Together DreadOut Dread X Collection 2 Dread X Collection 3 DUSK '82: ULTIMATE EDITION Eldest Souls Escape the Backrooms Evan’s Remains Field of Glory II Founders' Fortune Garfield Kart Ghostrunner Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord GOAT OF DUTY Golden Light Golf Gang Grim Fandango Remastered Helheim Hassle Haiku, the Robot Hero’s Hour Hero's Hour Hotshot Racing (Expires June 2nd) Hue Ironcast Just Die Already Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager Lone Fungus Lost Ruins Mega Man Legacy Collection Monster Slayers Monster Slayers – Fire and Steel Expansion Monster Slayers –Advanced Class Unlocker Morrowind (Epic Games Store) Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition Neighbours back From Hell Newt One Nihilumbra Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus® Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Orbital Bullet – The 360° Rogue-lite Osteoblasts Overclocked: A History of Violence Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Edition (EU-locked) Perfect Punch Club: Deluxe Edition Rain World Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Red Solstice 2: Survivors S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster Sacred Franchise Pack (NA Region Lock) Semblance Sifu Deluxe Edition Upgrade Bundle Skully Slain: Back from Hell StarCrossed Steel Rats™ STONE Strider Stygian Reign of the Old Ones Teacup The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard The Forest Cathedral THE GAME OF LIFE The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante Those Who Remain Timelock VR 2 Tropico 4: Collectors Bundle Turok Viking Brothers 6 We Should Talk Wolfenstein: The Old Blood World of Zoo XCom 2 My IGSRep page:\_igs\_rep\_page\_numbe My wishlist:
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2023.06.03 13:21 Dmws1996 H: Weapons & Armor, Apparel, Masks, Plans W: Offers

Some of these items I use regularly and therefore unless the deal is good I will not part with.


AAE15c The Fixer
ARI50c25 The Fixer
B2590 The Fixer
B50c90 The Fixer
EXE2515r The Fixer
J50c25 The Fixer
Q2550 The Fixer
Q50L25 The Fixer
TRBE25 The Fixer
TSRAP25 The Fixer
B2515c Railway Rifle
B2515r Railway Rifle
Q2515c Railway Rifle
QE15c Railway Rifle
Q50c50BS Railway Rifle
AA50c15r Handmade
EXE50c25 Handmade
QRAP15c Handmade
TS2525 Handmade
TS50c15r Handmade
V2515r Handmade
AA50c25 Radium Rifle
AA50vhc25 Radium Rifle
B2590 LMG
Combat Rifles:
BE15c Combat Rifle
EXEE25 Combat Rifle
TS2525 Combat Rifle
TS2515c Submachine Gun
TSE15c Submachine Gun
BE25 Pipe Bolt Action
TSE25 10mm Pistol
Q50c90 Double Barrel Shotgun


AASS1e Deathclaw Gauntlet
AASSS Sheepsquatch Club
BSSS Meat Hook L35
BSS Power Fist
BSS Super Sledge
BSSS War Drum

Enclaves and Mods

AARAP50 Enclave w/Beta Wave, Aligned Flamer, Stabilized Stock, Reflex
B25a1a Enclave w/Standard, True Auto, Stabilized Stock, Reflex
Unrolled Enclave w/Standard, Stabilized Flamer, Stabilized Stock, Reflex
Unrolled Enclave w/Standard, Aligned Splitter, Stabilized Stock, Reflex
Enclave Aligned Flamer Mod (1)
Enclave Refined Beta Wave Tuner Mod (3)
Enclave Severe Beta Wave Tuner Mod (1)


ASS/1I/SENT Urban Scout LA
ASS/1A/SENT Heavy Raider LA
ASS/1I/SENT Urban Scout LA
CHA/1A/WWR Urban Scout CP
CHA/1C/WWR Urban Scout RA
CHA/7LED/WWR Forest Scout LL
OE/1p/SENT Marine RA
OE/AP/Poison Urban Scout RA
UNY/1P/CAV Sturdy Combat LA
UNY/7LED/15B Heavy Metal CP
UNY/1I Sturdy Leather LA
UNY/AP Urban Scout CP
UNY/AP Forest Scout CP
UNY/AP Forest Scout LA


Buffoon Mask
Deathclaw Mask x3
Raven Mask
Winter Man Mask x2
Pink Asylum Dress (+Hat)
Forest Asylum Dress


Plan: Bear Arm (1)
Plan: Boxing Glove Lead Lining (1)
Plan: Meat Tenderizer (3)
Plan: Pepper Shaker (2)
Plan: Sledgehammer Heavy Sharp Rocket (1)
Plan: The Fixer (6)


100 Leader Bobbleheads
Stimpak (10000)
Super Stimpak (2500)


UNY/AP/WWR Scout Left Arm
Q2525 Fixer
QE25 Fixer
BE25 Radium
QE25 Radium
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2023.06.03 13:18 morkysouth Help replacing bathroom accessories - matching screw holes?

Hey guys, we are trying to replace our very dated bathroom accessories (toilet roll holder, shower shelf, towel rail, hand towel holder) in our ensuite in our new house - but we are having real trouble locating replacement accessories where the screw holes match up with the old holes in the tiles. We were expecting that the screw hole placement would be fairly standard - but can’t find any the match (and most products don’t seem to list their screw distances). An issue is that lots of the existing fittings had 2 screws attaching each side - and the screw holes are 25mm apart. All the other ones we have bought - the screws only seem to be 15mm apart. Any suggestions for finding accessories that will fit? We are just looking for modern silver rails/holders. Thanks.
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2023.06.03 13:13 Alexa_GraceXo my (19f) boyfriend (22m) lost his job and stopped paying rent 3 months ago, he is now claiming he’s “too broke” to get me a present for my birthday this month.

the title pretty much explains everything but to get into more detail when my bf & i met he had a job as a mechanic which paid pretty well but a few months ago he lost it due to new management at his location, well anyways i figured since i’ve been making good money lately that i would cover the rent until he gets a job so whatever he has in savings doesn’t completely deplete (we have lived together for about 8 months prior to this which he paid all the rent & bills / expenses all but the last month or two i was buying groceries) so i really didn’t see it as a very big deal but he has put minimal effort into looking for a new job & usually claims wherever he’s trying to apply at “just isn’t hiring” it’s starting to get old especially i wasn’t expecting to be paying the bills for this many months while he sits around watching tv or playing games on the computer meanwhile i’m 19 and running a business.. 😅. idk how to go about this and could really use some advice. my boyfriend didn’t seem like the type of guy to sit around all the time while his woman takes care of the bills. he had a great work ethic and would still help around the house. i’ve tried talking to him about his mental health & how it’s been affected recently and if that’s maybe why he’s been lazy. aside from that he wasn’t “broke” when he lost his job. he was spending lots of money on vapes and other green things which i’m not gonna name bc idk how touchy this sub is about that lol. he said to me the other day that he wants to wait until he gets a job to get me my birthday present this year as he doesn’t wanna “half ass me” and buy me something cheap when he could buy me something better… what upsets me is he knows i’m not a materialistic person honestly when it comes to gifting i care more about the thought behind it and the appreciation rather than quality or value. plus he knows when my birthday is, it’s super shitty knowing i’ve been busting my ass to make sure he feels valid and appreciated yet he can’t even take my feelings into consideration for my birthday. should i warn him to get his life together or else i’ll be leaving?
TDLR: boyfriend has been out of work for months and puts minimal effort into looking for work while i’ve been paying the bills & doesn’t want to get me anything for my birthday.
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2023.06.03 13:07 valkuznet A 2-year story of BOOP vs MYTH

Greetings all,
I rarely visit Reddit, but I felt that I should write something to conclude this for myself, too.
MYTH and BOOP mutual grudge started around 2 years ago when MYTH moved in into the fountain and started to dictate what Boop can do and whatnot. This is eve, MYTH had its plans for Fountain, and BOOP had its own. The ongoing conflict caused a lot of pain to our players, all this kind of mocking, bullying, endless logoff camps, and other unpleasant things. MYTH took 2 constellations from BOOP at our lowest, so in short, the conflict was far beyond peaceful resolution for so many players. Even a player who was mobilized to the frontline IRL, the first question after his almost half a year silence, was: "What's up guys? Have you kicked MYTH butt yet?". Eve is truly an amazing game, that can spark so many emotions.
Time went by, MYTH was growing, BOOP was staying relatively stable but slowly declining. Some people were naturally leaving the game, and a dozen of players were mobilized IRL. Some of them were our key people, which we relied a lot. Then, NODS Corp got broken. Their CEO had to leave Mariupol with his pregnant wife, lost everything, and had to live in basements and eat snow for a couple of weeks (they're okay now, fortunately). We've formed an "HRT" corp to take good care of their players, but it hurt our in-game defences. Our core constellation became weaker. Some people might say, "Why do you mix IRL and game", but well, for a CEO there is always a bigger picture to look at.
Time went by, the alliance stabilized, many people returned to the game, it became easier to ignore IRL, and people started having a lot of fun in the game again. Cheers to Belthor btw, probably the one person in MYTH I truly respect, he reached out to us and tried to support us. We remember this.
Next, anti-SHH coalition came. We were a little bit concerned that as soon as we join the war, MYTH and RETC will attack us (that exactly happened, lol - on the very second day MYTH/RETC started reinforcing everything we had, and that lasted for weeks. I think, RETC tricked MYTH that we attacked them, in fact, a provocation from Matarella - he was the one moving alt to RETC and reinforcing BOOP structures with RETC fleet on the first day. But I don't know for sure.).

One part of joining CC and for me, and no-lifeing its a couple of months was Tahini. I did "FC" -ing for years in other games, I've been leading an e-sports team, so I've had some experience how to lead. But what I lacked, was a concrete eve battle experience. I am not a EO veteran. We had some ideas, but no proof that it works. We've hit the sweet spot. BOOP/YES doctrine turned out to be the best one on the server. It somehow worked so well. I didn't care that much about silent as much as I cared to get a chance to work with experienced FCs and see how they do things.
Our logis flew 2600+, our battleships could tank 140K+ DPS, the doctrine was fucking perfect, and our people did exactly what we wanted from them. Probably, it turned out to be the best doctrine on the server, at that time. Silent couldn't make their Maelstroms work and ditched them. We managed to make it work, especially vs this apoc striker doctrines. MYTH stuck with this old copy-pasted doctrine from Silent, and our doctrine was proven to be very efficient vs this.
I think Silent had a very hard time dealing with RU specifically in our prime in those first months. Too bad Tahini left CC so early, but I think I've got what I wanted, except the cap experience. I FC'ed more than 100+ RU CTAs in the first couple of months. It was 1-3 CTAs every day, some of them at night. BOOP/YES fit together so perfectly. So thanks for bringing us together.

MYTH was a huge nuisance. They've made 50+ hull timers every week, killing a pos here and there. But we still kept all our capital ships and fleets in the North. We spaced with poses/citadels as much as we can, we did force MYTH to fight in the opposite timezone, and we did ask TSC to defend us, in return for this defence we promised TSC not to hit MYTH and not to bring our fleets back home for that, keeping them North.
When Silent blew up their sov, we realized. This is the time. Our hands are free. We don't have to keep our fleets in the North anymore. CC doesn't need us anymore.
Hero suggested a regroup in Querious. Fountain is an awesome place that we loved, but in the end, it was the beginning of something new. It was time to move on. The only thing that was keeping us in Fountain, is the desire to take our sweet revenge. I swear, in a little bit more peaceful and respectful environment, MYTH could have simply bought all our sov, and we would have sold it. But no, not leaving Fountain for free, this is a matter of principle now. Maximum pain mode. I am leaving it either a winner, or dead.

Then, careful planning started. We scouted all MYTH timers. We put spies in their chats, everywhere. We had scouted the jump gate network and all its structures. We polished fits on our subcap and caps. The silent war helped a lot with fleet coordination. Many people understood what I want to do and I don't even have to say it. I and Hero happened to work very well together. I covered for his weaknesses and he did that for me, I had strengths he didn't have and he provided me with things I didn't have. Plus both of us could no-life it if needed.

Then we attacked. First day. 19 timers. Second day. MYTH forms 87 battleships/50 BC and 15 caps. We have only 80% of those numbers, and we are already stretched. We are in the offence. We make a lot of hull timers, but MYTH defended a lot too. Much more than we expected they could defend, even provided their numbers. We didn't get O-PNSN. We were running out of time. 48 hours before the O-PNSN hull almost passed, and we couldn't put it in the hull. We broke a lock on one constellation, but two more choke points were securely guarded. MYTH re-linked their jump gate from their formup point to constellation under fire, we had to get rid of those stations, fast. Before they realize.

We put their important jump gates and form-up location into the hull just 48 hours before the hull time. We had all their comms, all discords. On one of the CTAs, we listened to their cap FC ordering a warp-in, and we jumped right this second. We giggled a bit at stuck capitals but didn't gloat. You don't think this was a coincidence, do you? A few nanoseconds more and we would have gotten not only all their sub cap fleet but half of their cap fleet too. DAMN! We monitored all their pings and adjusted our pings accordingly. We aren't as crazy as Tahini to make a 24-hour op, but we did have our 7-hour op, too. I hope MYTH found the bubbled undock a pleasant experience.

The efficiency we could achieve was amazing. YES/BOOP is far away from being a pure-pvp alliance, but a lot of players learned how to play PVP. We wiped the fleet of 50+ battleships 4 or 5 times while losing 1-3 battleships each time. 1:50 efficiency? Holy shit. Our morale and resolve were so high. We are almost there. We can break it. 90 battleships and 15+ caps camping at the gate look scary, but we can do it.
And we did. A fucking huge alliance is on its knees now. Corps started reaching us. Their morale looks broken. They don't form even ceptors anymore, still having more than 15+ citadels. I felt a little bit sad, but I've overcome this feeling to finish it, and it felt like the end of a big journey.
Thanks for giving this fight. We appreciate MYTH forming this force and giving this fight. Even silent hasn't formed something like this in our prime. It did take careful months of collecting information, planning, polishing the doctrines, regrouping, and no-life FCing, to break this group in just 10 days with a smaller force, which is BOOP+YES. I always had an example of NO before my eyes, and I am glad we could execute it similarly. I think you've had the chance to stand your ground, but apparently, MYTH just didn't have this kind of inner glue keeping them together, in the end. RIP!

The only thing we couldn't manage is for our spy to set O-PNSN to a little bit better timer, but that 7-hour operation with caps was a killing blow that we enjoyed. Fountain conflict is concluded, and 2 years of stress are relieved. Breaking MYTH was an endgame for a lot of our players. I am glad we do not have to read MYTH CEO and general chats anymore, but we've had more than a few good giggles -- eve is such an awesome game, emotions like that are priceless!

I don't know what's next, but now I can officially say "The fountain conflict is concluded". Thanks for reading. See you on the grid. After I've had enough of other games (Do you play Diablo 4? :P)

Enjoy the movies.

-- ValKuz
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2023.06.03 13:06 generalscruff Some vile content for cup final day from our first FA Cup win

Some vile content for cup final day from our first FA Cup win submitted by generalscruff to nffc [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:03 BullAlligator [General Discussion] REGIONALS WEEK: Part III (2023)

/collegebaseball General Discussion Thread - REGIONALS WEEK: Part III (2023)



Get Team Flair

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2023 Postseason Top 25

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Rank Team Conference D1B BWA USAT Prev. Δ
1 Wake Forest Demon Deacons ACC 1 1 1 1
2 Florida Gators SEC 2 2 2 2
3 Vanderbilt Commodores SEC 4 3 4 6 ↑3
4 Arkansas Razorbacks SEC 5 4 3 5 ↑1
5 Clemson Tigers ACC 3 6 5 8 ↑3
6 LSU Tigers SEC 7 5 6 4 ↓2
7 Stanford Cardinal Pac-12 6 7 6 3 ↓4
8 Miami Hurricanes ACC 8 8 10 10 ↑2
9 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Sun Belt 9 9 8 7 ↓2
10 Virginia Cavaliers ACC 11 11 9 11 ↑1
11 Campbell Fighting Camels Big South 12 10 11 15 ↑4
12 ECU Pirates American 15 12 12 12
13 Connecticut Huskies Big East 10 13 14 9 ↓4
14 Oklahoma State Cowboys Big 12 16 15 13 17 ↑3
15 Dallas Baptist Patriots C-USA 18 14 15 16 ↑1
16 Southern Miss Golden Eagles Sun Belt 13 17 19 21 ↑5
17 Oregon State Beavers Pac-12 14 21 17 13 ↓4
18 Tennessee Volunteers SEC 21 18 16 14 ↓4
19 South Carolina Gamecocks SEC NR 16 18 19
20 Maryland Terrapins Big Ten 19 19 25 25 ↑5
21 Alabama Crimson Tide SEC 22 20 23 NR ↑6
22 Indiana State Sycamores MVC 23 23 20 NR
23 Kentucky Wildcats SEC NR 22 21 23
24 West Virginia Mountaineers Big 12 NR 25 22 18 ↓6
25 Auburn Tigers SEC 20 27 NR NR ↑1
NR Duke Blue Devils ACC NR 24 NR 24 ↓2
NR TCU Horned Frogs Big 12 17 28 NR NR
NR Oregon Ducks Pac-12 24 26 NR NR
NR Boston College Eagles ACC NR 29 24 20 ↓9
NR Texas A&M Aggies SEC 25 30 NR NR
BABaseball America
CBWNational Collegiate Baseball Writers Association

2023 Division 1 League Champions

Conference Regular Season Tournament
ACC Wake Forest Clemson
America East Maine Maine
American ECU Tulane
A-10 St. Joseph's George Mason
ASUN Lipscomb Lipscomb
Big 12 Oklahoma State, Texas, & West Virginia TCU
Big East Connecticut Xavier
Big South Campbell Campbell
Big Ten Maryland Maryland
Big West UC San Diego* ɴᴏɴᴇ
C-USA Dallas Baptist Charlotte
Horizon Wright State Wright State
Ivy League Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
MAAC Fairfield Rider
MAC Kent State Ball State
Missouri Valley Indiana State Indiana State
Mountain West San Diego State & San José State San José State
NEC Central Connecticut Central Connecticut
Ohio Valley Morehead State Eastern Illinois
Pac-12 Stanford Oregon
Patriot Army Army
SEC Arkansas & Florida Vanderbilt
SoCon Samford Samford
Southland Nicholls Nicholls
Summit Oral Roberts Oral Roberts
Sun Belt Coastal Carolina Southern Miss
SWAC Alabama State Florida A&M
WAC Grand Canyon Sam Houston
West Coast Loyola Marymount Santa Clara
*ineligible to receive automatic qualifier; Cal State Fullerton was rewarded the bid
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2023.06.03 13:02 Temporary-Energy7021 Some Of My Arena/Mutt Ideas

I’ve been planning this for a bit but I’m probably never going to write this into existence so here it is.
ARENA: The arena is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The mountains are scattered with hot springs, caves and tunnels (most blocked by walls of ice). Most of the land is covered in forest and thin-frosted streams. The Cornucopia is located in the centre of a frozen lake.
EVENTS: 1. After most tributes are dead, a storm will brew. All tributes in the forest will be safe. However, the higher the altitude climbs, the worse the weather will get. All the tributes in the mountains will be forced to take shelter in the tunnels/caves. When this happens, multiple rigged rockfalls will trigger and trap them inside. This will divide the remaining tributes into two groups: those in the forest and those in the mountains. Creating split footage.
EVENTS: 2. The arena becomes hotter. The snow-covered trees in the forest will begin to melt, revealing a thick layer of wax underneath. All tributes in the forest will suffer intense heat. While this is happening, the tributes in the mountains will be trying to escape. The melting ice will slowly flood the tunnels.
EVENTS (FINALE): 3. The wax-covered trees will start burning. Emitting a putrid smell that induces vomiting. The wax is explosive and will burst like fireworks.
MUTTS: 1. Owls that vomits green bioluminescent fluid on tributes. The fluid will glow at night and reveal their hiding places. It is invisible during the day and wears off quickly. Mutated in the Capitol, the fluid will slowly kill them (the owls). They live for only two weeks.
MUTTS: 2. Deers. Pretty fast. Their hoof-prints are mutated to look like tributes’ tracks in the snow. Creates paranoia.
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2023.06.03 13:01 The_Story_Builder M for A Vampire-themed story.

I am a writer, and I have been role-playing for some time. I would like to create a story with somebody I would find a harmonious and creative connection. I am also happy to discuss your ideas and we can come up with something together.
The premise is:
{I am an accomplished writer living in the Alps, near a prestigious university, one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 14th century. I advertised a position for a literary research assistant at the university.
"You" decide to apply for the job and come for the interview.
However, little did you know that I am over 4 millennia old vampire, one of the first in fact. I was cursed by the old gods for disloyalty to my warlord. I married his daughter, and he did not approve. He had her brutally murdered and I killed him for it. The Druids cursed me to roam the Earth eternally and to crave blood. Since I was one of the first, sunlight did not affect me.}
This is planned to be a long-term, articulate, detailed story with elements of romance and it is to be filled with the discovery of the origin of many myths we find in literature and movies in this day and age.
I do understand life happens, but I will do my best to be consistent with my replies, and I would desire the same from my story partner. I am located in Western Europe, but I tend to adjust to time zones as much as I can.
If interested, feel free to text me, and we can talk more in detail. I tend to role-play on Discord.
In my view, the length of paragraphs is irrelevant, the flow of the story is what counts. The magic is in the style, cooperation, and how descriptive and imaginative the story partner is, combined with the creative connection the two share.
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2023.06.03 12:56 YukiteruAmano92 Remembrance, Chapter 2 of 28

TWBS Previous Next
--- Hr3101m973S’s perspective---
---Tuesday, 31st of October, 2682 Terran Calendar---
---Southwestern Scotland---
I ride the speeder at an altitude of 307m over the rural landscape.
I have 158 other bodies making similar deliveries across Britain right now, as well as 29 in Ireland and 11 in Doggerland. Though, none of them have quite as spectacular a view as this one does so, for the moment, this is the body whose sensory feed I’m paying the most attention to.
I see a large herd of mammoths walking at the edge of the Galloway Forest.
Though it has a better view, the news I’m carrying with this body is just as grim as all the rest.
In hindsight, it’s probably a good thing that I was such a spendthrift with regard to my fleet of courier bodies… If I hadn’t been, if I’d selected abilities that let them do much more than deliver things, they may well have been requisitioned for military use… which, I suppose, they were anyway… but there’s a big difference between delivering notices on Earth and fighting on some distant planet!
Still, if sacrificing my replaceable bodies would save even a single irreplaceable life, I would definitely have done it.
The city comes into view.
Calling it a ‘city’ may be a little generous… it only has 2,507,963 inhabitants.
That may have been a respectable city in the 22nd Century but, for context, nearby Dumfries has 7,491,509 and Glasgow has 24,339,192!
Stranraer occupies a rare middleground between the historic hamlets that are allowed to exist in the countryside and the megalopoleis where around 98.32% of people on Earth live.
I land in the northern part of the town and step off my speeder.
I get some raised eyebrows as I walk from the landing pad to the residential home.
I don’t blame them!
Before the War, every single one of my courier bodies had a full suit of elastomer over their entire body, to make them seem more lifelike… Now, though, that’s considered a luxury and, so, this particular unit is walking around with its metal endoskeleton bare, bar its uniform.
The effect can be a little offputting… though, in truth, it may also have to do with the news they’ve inferred me to be delivering to some unlucky soul.
I cross the wall into the garden and begin walking up the steps, through the mosslawn shrouded by pinus sylvestris trees, to the house on top of the little hillock.
It takes me 12 seconds to reach the door from the gate… I can’t rush, I need to give this girl her due respect.
I rap on the door 3 times and hear the knocks echo through the cavernous hall behind.
A man opens the door.
I begin, speaking in the most popular local dialect of Lallans Scots that I know to be this man’s primary speech register “Greetings, Mr Baird. I don’t know if you remember me but…”
“I remember you! I’m organic, not daft! You’ve been here enough times already…” interrupts the residential care manager, his demeanour gruff and no-nonsense “…Come in, Hermes… You can wait in the kitchen while I go get her.”
I step into the building, passing below the lowest of 5 balcony walkways into an open space with a skylight ceiling, allowing in the natural light.
I let the man lead the way to a large kitchen.
He pulls out a chair for me.
“Thank you, Sir, but I believe I ought to remain standing to make this delivery.” I respond, politely.
“Suit yourself…” he shrugs before walking off, presumably to fetch the girl he knows I’m here for.
I wait several minutes before he reappears.
The girl he has in tow is the perfect match of the file photo (though a few years older). She is average height, 178cm, and has an average build. Her skin is pale, her eyes are emerald green and her hair is long, absurdly voluminous, curly and vividly red.
She looks to be in fine physical health and is making no pretence of illness or injury, though she is scowling at me.
The grey bearded man shuts the door, leaving me alone with the girl.
“Could you tell me your name, please?” I ask, already knowing.
“Esme Reid.” she answers, truculently.
“And your date of birth, Ms Reid?”
“31st of October, 2664. Come to give me a birthday present, have you(?)” she says, folding her arms, pursing her lips and looking away to the kitchen counter by the window.
“Thank you…” I say, reaching into my bag to withdraw a letter and a large holopad with a stylus attached.
I hold the letter out to her and say “This is your conscription notice, Ms Reid. Please sign receipt of it here.” indicating the holo.
Her eyes flick from the paper to the screen before she drily answers “I don’t suppose, if I don’t take that or don’t sign for it, that’d mean I couldn’t be drafted, would it(?!)”
I shake my head and respond “I’m afraid that no such loophole exists, Ms Reid… If you have a conscientious objection to fighting, you could request a nonmilitary national service. However, you would be asked to provide some proof of your conscientiousness and…”
“I’m no bleeding heart…” she says, snatching the letter from my hand, irritably “…I’ll sign for my bloody death warrant!” scrawling her name on the pad.
Without looking at the pad, I check the signature she provided against the one on file and find it a close enough match to proceed.
“Thank you, Ms Reid. Please report to your local recruitment office in Stranraer within 14 days for your physical and psychological fitness assessments. They’ll then interview you regarding your preferences for training and deployment and they’ll try to take those into account when assigning them.
Great(!) Maybe if I can convince my evaluator that I’m cracked enough in the head, I won’t get sent off to die like my mam and dad did(!)” she quips, sarcastically.
“I don’t think you’ll have much luck with that strategy, Ms Reid… Sol’s government have had quite the interest in weeding out malingerers these past few years… I would put the odds of success below 1%.” 0.75619902%, actually, but that’s too many decimals for most biologicals’ patience(!)
She frowns up at me and demands “I’m being such a brat about this… Why are you still being so friendly!?”
I laugh “Ms Reid, though I strongly encourage you not to express the same demeanour to your drill instructors as you are with me, you are far from the worst person I’ve delivered this news to in even the last half hour!… Right now, I’ve got a draftee in Leeds who’s explaining a hairbrained scheme involving unethically cloning a replacement to fight in his stead, I’ve got one in Bristol who’s trying to beat up my body but only really succeeding in hurting herself, I’ve got one in Edinburgh that’s run away in an attempt not to be served… by comparison, a bit of scowling and sarcasm is rather tame!”
“Huh!… Guess I’m not quite the bad girl Ms. Larch always told me I was, am I(!)”
“It seems you shall simply have to work harder(!) I believe there is a leather jacket emporium in Stranraer that still does business…”
She smiles and laughs for the first time that I’ve seen.
That’s the real reason I don’t get touchy about the attitudes expressed to me by draftees: It makes my job so much easier when I soften the blow with good manners and good humour.
As unfair as it is that so many choose to shoot the messenger, it’s understandable when you consider the messages I carry.
“Ms Reid…” I start, seriously but softly “…if you truly do not wish to fight, you know there are alternatives? You can discuss them with your recruitment officer but…”
“I got no special skills, Hermes… Nothing I can do that an AI couldn’t do faster and better… The Merchant Navy’s basically as dangerous as the Navy Navy, just less armed… the Humanitarian corps has a waiting list so long that the War’d be over (one way or another) long before they got to the point of considering me… I know where Im going… no use in fighting it…”
“Alright, Ms Reid… I wish you the best…” I say, turning to leave.
Mr Baird shows me out of the house.
Rather than walking back to the landingpad, to retrieve my bike, I walk the other way.
My bag is still heavy with conscription notices… it only makes sense to deliver all the ones in this town first…
---Oskar’s Perspective---
---Southern Doggerland---
The evening sun plays off of the calm waves of the North Sea.
It should be raining on a day like this…
This gorgeous weather is slapping me in the face and telling me to be happy, to be content…
I know the weather does not care for the happenings of people… I know that, if it rained everywhere and every day there was a funeral, the whole world would flood… I know this… and still… I hate this contrast between my grim, internal misery and the tranquil sun drenched beach where I stand, this autumn day… There’s barely even any snow on the grass…
When this War started, I was fourteen and had two loving parents…
My Father was too old to serve, at 51…
At 37, my mother was not
Yet, it’s not my mother’s funeral I am attending right now. That was two months ago.
No… the strongly built 55 year old man, dressed in a long white robe and clutching a Norse langsverð, despite having been a fishfarmer and not a warrior, is my father… Lars ‘Walker’ Taylor.
His eyes are closed and he lies within a wooden boat, around 80cm wide and 3m long.
This boat was never meant to touch the water… I bought it from a supplier in Bankland that specialises in funerary boats for Doggerland’s Forn Siðr community.
I already recited a poem… there’s nothing else for me to do until the singer begins.
I’m not listening to the Goði prattle on about Valhalla and Ragnarök… I’m just looking at my father’s face… oscillating between hating him for doing this to me and hating myself for doing this to him.
The sermon concludes and a blonde woman, like everyone else present, dressed in snow white funeral clothes, steps forward.
One of the three men behind her brings his bow to the three strings of his tagelharpa, another raises a flute carved out of a cow’s leg bone to his lips, the last begins banging out a slow beat on his drum.
The band would definitely be larger if so many of the Hof’s musicians hadn’t been called up to serve.
The men begin playing a mournful tune and the woman begins a wailing, melismatic melody, not in English, the first language of most here, not in my father’s native Frisian, not even in New Norse, the liturgical language of his faith…
She sings in a strain of Norwegian that was spoken centuries ago, when there were barely any Forn Siðr practitioners living.
mf♫ Eg songane søkte
Eg songane sende
Då den djupaste brunni
Gav meg dråpar så ramme
Av Valfaders pant♫mf
I have a final part to play in this ritual.
The Goði picks up the torch and lights it against a flaming brazier before beckoning to me.
I step forward from the small crowd.
In contrast to most, whose clothes are pristine white robes and tunics and such, I wear the same simple white suit that I wore two months ago.
I may be a nonbeliever but no one at my father’s Hof challenged the idea that I was the most fitting person to perform this last rite for him.
I take the torch from the man and walk to my father’s side.
I hesitate before I touch it to one of the mounds of high energy, smokeless fuel that surround his body… but only for a moment…
The flame quickly takes and, before the current verse of the song is even finished, the entire boat is engulfed in fire.
I toss the torch in and step back from the conflagration.
Minutes pass as I watch the inferno consume the entire pyre.
I barely notice the music stop.
I barely notice the crowd thinning as people leave.
I just watch as the man’s existence is wiped from the Earth.
“Have you thought about what you’re going to do now, brother?” asks a voice from beside me.
Without looking at the Pagan cleric, I dully answer “I have.”
“And, what is that… if I may ask?”
“My birthday’s in January… I’ll be drafted… but I don’t have to wait… I’m going to go to the recruitment office and request an early start to my training… by the time it’s done, I’ll be 18 and they’ll be legally able to deploy me.”
“I… see… that’s certainly… an option… Have you thought about…?”
“I haven’t, Tormund. This is what I’m doing.” I state, still looking at the blaze.
“I see… I wish you well then, Oskar…” Tormund says, sincerely.
Support me on Patreon for to access the entire series, now.
TWBS Previous Next
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2023.06.03 12:52 esberat The Kadyrovites(tiktok battalion) record their ammunition supply trucks entering a mine in Bakhmut. They just arrived and has already leaked their ammo depot location/entrance. And yes, it has already been geolocated.

The Kadyrovites(tiktok battalion) record their ammunition supply trucks entering a mine in Bakhmut. They just arrived and has already leaked their ammo depot location/entrance. And yes, it has already been geolocated. submitted by esberat to ukraine [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 12:46 bettedaviscries 3.5 month old puppy walks well when we go places but won’t walk from home.

We have a 3.5 month old Griffon Korthals who walks very well whenever we go somewhere away from the house (the forest, the beach etc) but when we want him to leave directly from the house he just lays down and wants to go back home. He is a very stubborn character in general haha. We aren’t sure how to try to solve this walking problem and are looking for any advice!
Currently when we are out walking in other places and he does well we treat him and give praise when he is walking nicely.
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Traveling is an exhilarating adventure that allows us to explore new places, experience different cultures, and create lasting memories. And there's no better way to preserve those memories than through the art of travel photography. In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating world of travel photography and how it enables us to capture the essence of our journeys. Along the way, we'll also discover the inspiring work of Dushyant Varma Maharani Bagh, a talented travel photographer who has mastered the art of capturing unforgettable moments on the road.
The Power of Travel Photography
Travel photography is more than just capturing pretty pictures; it is a means of storytelling, a way to transport viewers to the places we have visited and allow them to experience the emotions and beauty we encountered along the way. Dushyant Varma Maharani Bagh, an accomplished travel photographer, understands the power of photography in preserving memories and capturing the soul of a destination.
The Journey Begins: Dushyant Varma's Adventures
Let's embark on a visual journey through the lens of Dushyant Varma, whose exceptional photography has taken him to breathtaking locations worldwide. From vibrant cityscapes to serene landscapes, Dushyant's portfolio is a testament to his keen eye for detail, composition, and the ability to capture the essence of a place.
Mastering the Art of Composition
One of the key elements of travel photography is composition. Dushyant Varma's photographs exhibit his mastery of framing and composing his shots to create visually striking images. Whether it's using the rule of thirds, leading lines, or incorporating a unique perspective, Dushyant's photographs showcase his ability to create captivating compositions that draw viewers into the scene.
Embracing Natural Light
Lighting is a crucial aspect of photography, and Dushyant Varma Southern Avenue skillfully uses natural light to enhance the mood and atmosphere of his images. Whether it's the soft golden glow of sunrise, the dramatic shadows during sunset, or the gentle light filtering through a forest, Dushyant understands how to harness the power of light to create stunning visuals.
Capturing Authentic Moments
Travel photography is not just about capturing landscapes and iconic landmarks; it's also about documenting authentic moments and the people we encounter on our journeys. Dushyant Varma Southern Avenue's photographs often feature candid shots that showcase the local culture, traditions and the human element of travel. These images add depth and storytelling to his portfolio, giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of the people he has encountered along the way.
Telling Stories through Travel Photography
Each travel photograph has a story to tell. It could be a photo of a bustling street market, a serene mountain landscape, or a close-up of a person's face reflecting a unique emotion. Dushyant Varma Shillong's photography encapsulates the stories of the places he has visited, allowing viewers to connect with the destinations and experience the moments captured in his images.
Preserving Memories for a Lifetime
Travel photography serves as a visual diary to preserve memories and share them with others. Dushyant Varma Shillong's work exemplifies the power of photography in capturing fleeting moments and transforming them into timeless memories. By documenting our travel experiences through photography, we can revisit those cherished memories and inspire others to embark on their own adventures.
The Importance of Patience and Timing
Travel photography often requires patience and the ability to wait for the perfect moment. Whether it's capturing a stunning sunset, waiting for the right subject to enter the frame, or patiently observing the scene to capture candid moments, timing is key. Dushyant Varma Maharani Bagh's work showcases his patience and dedication to capturing those decisive moments that make his photographs truly extraordinary.
Experimenting with Different Techniques
Travel photography offers endless opportunities for experimentation. Don't be afraid to try different techniques such as long exposure, panning, or using filters to add creative effects to your images. Dushyant Varma Maharani Bagh's portfolio demonstrates his willingness to push boundaries and experiment with various techniques to bring a unique perspective to his travel photographs.
The Role of Post-Processing
Post-processing plays a significant role in travel photography, allowing photographers to enhance the mood, colors, and overall impact of their images. However, it's essential to maintain a balance and avoid excessive editing that can detract from the authenticity of the scene. Dushyant Varma Southern Avenue's photography showcases his skillful use of post-processing techniques to bring out the best in his images while preserving the integrity of the original scene.
Travel photography is a captivating art form that enables us to capture the beauty, emotions, and essence of our journeys. Through the lens of Dushyant Varma Shillong, we have explored the world of travel photography, witnessing the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and authentic moments he has captured. As you embark on your own travel adventures, remember to take your camera along, open your eyes to the wonders around you, and let the magic of travel photography preserve your cherished memories for a lifetime.
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