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ScribeAmerica BS. I hate this company. I don’t suppose they’d give me part time hrs like I don’t fu**king work 10-12 hrs per day and don’t get paid when providers are off.

2022.11.04 14:55 Vulcan004 ScribeAmerica BS. I hate this company. I don’t suppose they’d give me part time hrs like I don’t fu**king work 10-12 hrs per day and don’t get paid when providers are off.

ScribeAmerica BS. I hate this company. I don’t suppose they’d give me part time hrs like I don’t fu**king work 10-12 hrs per day and don’t get paid when providers are off. submitted by Vulcan004 to medicalscribe [link] [comments]

2022.10.01 19:21 anabana9a one of these things is not like the others

one of these things is not like the others
(from a survey of the class of 2017’s cogsci grad’s careers)
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2022.04.25 17:21 mmeddream Scribeamerica: nobody answers?

Hi y’all I’ve been working solo full time for scribe america since end of January, started training in October in the ER but switched to outpatient in December. And i have been trying to reach literally anyone with no success! I reached out to the lady who helped me get set up, many ignored emails. I tried to reach out to the lady that hired me, I think she no longer works there. I tried to go through workday and find another person, nothing from them either! I don’t know who I’m supposed to talk to?
Do any of you know when benefits kick in? Sick time off? Or even when my workday will change to full time? I was also told by my trainer that they usually bump up your pay when you finish training and go solo. Im sad because i love my provider and his clinic but I drive too far for not having a pay increase or health benefits 😔
About time off, I don’t even ask scribeamerica because I have no idea who to ask so I ask the doctor because he said it’s way easier like that. Why is this so unorganized?
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2021.02.10 21:13 HarrayS_34 ScribeAmerica on boarding process (painfully slow, or is it?)

Hi guys, I have recently gotten hired by ScribeAmerica for a part time position in early January. So far I have done absolutely nothing, they got me to fill out I-9 and did all these workday stuffs, then I did some hipaa and sexual harassment online trainings. That was it, they kept telling me to wait for a few days for my medical appointments so they can update my immunization or drug test or whatever, that was more than 1 week ago. Is the onboarding process usually this slow? I want to start training already or at least lemme know the next step in the process, I texted my chief scribe and she hasn’t replied and I seriously don’t wanna keep bothering her I know she’s a premed student too and is busy. What should I do? If this is normal then I guess I shouldn’t overreact but if it isn’t then I am quite concerned 😀😅
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2020.04.17 16:09 redditmyeditx19 The mentality in here is starting to get ridiculous. It's a PANDEMIC. Your hate against ScribeAmerica is unwarranted. Scribing is worth it. Your problem is with the system.

I know I'm going to get downvoted but I figured I needed to get this out as we are seeing more and more "I hate ScribeAmerica" posts and nothing worthwhile to future scribes.
First and foremost I need to get this right out of the way. I am not some bigwig in corporate or SAM insider etc. I am a chief scribe who has been scribing for 2 years and a chief for 2. I was also a JPL which was junior project leader or what they now call implementations manager. I used my SA experience to apply to medical school and got in. I have no allegiance or gain from defending ScribeAmerica besides the fact that I've had an overall good experience and don't think they deserve these posts you guys are so hung up on. I also don't want new people missing out because of these posts.
To those of you complaining about the regular non pandemic pay. I agree that it would be nice if it was higher since we end up being a huge role to the provider but at the same time I understand why it is not higher. This is why I feel like most of your anger is just from pay and it ends up being the same anger most people have with minimum wage jobs. I agree that overall minimum wage should be higher and this applies to scribing as well. However, I don't think SA is the only company out there doing this nor do I find them personally responsible for the fact that as a country we don't make enough in entry level jobs for what our cost of living is. At the end of the day, scribing is an entry level job. You could be shadowing for free and learn 99% less than you would as a scribe and that's the blunt truth. The job is worth it for the experience and it's worth it in that otherwise you'd have to basically do it for free anyways. You think you're the only one with a highly stressful entry level job? Try working retail or food service, they have it just as bad if not worse. The crux is that I don't blame SA for paying what they do, but I wish as a country we paid more. You should also note that you literally just need a high school diploma to do this job. Which means it is entry level just like retail/food service/customer service. You have to remember they are a business and have to be able to have profit to expand. That's my next point.
Just from being a chief I've seen how many scribes get pushed through to vcrt and then either don't make it through floor training or end up leaving within the first 90 days. When we have our calls with our managers and DO's a frequent topic is turnover and how can we improve it. Why? Because they are paying for every one of those people that fail and end up not working out. They are also paying for housing, food, and travel for implementations managers. I know this because I was one. They generally provide uniform shirts and workbooks. Does this mean they don't profit from paying you $10 but charging the hospital $23 an hour? No, of course they make profit but with every new site or expansion they have to basically pay all those involved until the site is stable and only then does it make money. That plus paying all the corporate and scribes that don't make it I'm sure takes a huge chunk of the profit.
The other thing I see here often is the belief that SA is extremely well off due to buying PhysAssist. Companies don't just get bought for free. They paid to buyout a company which means they also inherited their employee costs and lost a bunch of money just to buy them. This means they were already recovering from that purchase this past year before corona hit. Sure it probably added income but again that comes with overhead costs and who knows how much they lost in the switch.
My last point is regarding Covid-19. When this started getting crazy, they sent emails out with FAQ and instructions on what to do about covid and who to contact. I checked with my managers and confirmed no scribes in rooms without PPE. I told my scribes to tell me if they were asked to do this and to decline. If a scribe doesn't feel comfortable telling the provider no then they need to come to me so I can do it for them or they need to do it. I met with the client to review expectations as well. The email clearly said do not do anything you are not comfortable with. I now have all scribes charting from the desk and not going into any rooms. Sure they are still exposed at the desk but they are provided one mask a week to wear. Better than most grocery store workers with the same exposure. Which is why I'm so baffled that people claim there was no correspondence. There's literally two pinned messages on workday about it. If you or your scribes are not adhering to the policy or are too afraid to say something then there isn't much SA can do for you if they don't know.
I want to also stress the hazard pay debacle. Do you guys not realize the economy is in shambles? Even before covid we were already seeing less patients in ERs as telehealth and urgent cares became more popular. Now with covid the hospitals themselves can't afford to pay their doctors and nurses hazard pay and most healthcare workers are actually getting paycuts or furloughed. Can you focus on that please for one second to understand the true magnitude of what's going on. If hospitals can't afford to pay their people, what makes you think SA can right now? I have friends whose sites are suspended indefinitely because the hospital can't afford scribes. That's not ScribeAmericas fault, it's the pandemics fault. They sent out emails explaining they had to furlough corporate staff and paycuts across the board and you guys still somehow think they're just sitting on piles of cash saying haha no hazard pay for you. I honestly don't even know how the company can survive something like this. There's been talk at my site about how they might have to suspend soon but aren't sure. Does this mean that when I suddenly have to notify my scribes the site is suspended, that I was negligent and didn't tell them with more notice? No, because I honestly have no clue what's going to happen and neither does the hospital. When I find out I'll tell my team but before that telling them they've considered it but it's not confirmed does no one any good. My friends site was fine one day and the next they got the notification. It all happens fast and is completely dependent on what the hospital chooses, not SA.
At the end of the day, I'm not saying you don't have a right to be mad or want better, but your real issue is with the system overall. Pay being low for minimum wage jobs that are entry level. There is a pandemic that is ruining the economy across the board. Everyone is low on money and it's not just SA that's unable to pay hazard pay. Companies are going bankrupt, hospitals are barely affording staff. It's not just you and it's not just scribe America.
I had a miserable chief scribe and wanted to quit but once I became a chief scribe I realized it really does depend on your team and your client. Overall I've found SA to be pretty supportive and can see how and why they were led to the pay changes etc and how we got here. This was not my intended career and it's an incredible experience if you do it. I've built great friendships with providers who helped with LOR etc. Worth it in my opinion and I just wanted to write this for you people out there considering scribing and seeing all these negative posts. Get out there and scribe! I think it's what really helped me in my interviews and applications. Rant over, hate me if you must but I think your anger is at the bigger picture and SA is not to blame
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2020.04.15 03:52 scribeameriphobia My (entire) resignation letter submitted to corporate at ScribeAmerica; a detailed account of all the transgressions and workforce exploitation that led to me quitting.

Throwaway for obvious reasons.
Below is my resignation letter from ScribeAmerica in its entirety, which I submitted to every member of corporate I had ever interacted with or was aware of. Some of my colleagues are on this subreddit and are aware of the events surrounding this and will probably figure out who this is. I have redacted identifying information from this.
I post this because I entered healthcare with the intention of being a positive influence on the people around me and to truly help people, having been dismayed by how little meaning I derived from my life and career prior to making the switch. For a company that positions itself as important, compassionate, and seeking to help the lives of all involved, it shocks me to see just how much one company can detrimentally exploit nearly all levels of its workforce below corporate.
This is long, buckle up.
To Whom It May Concern:
After a great deal of thought and deliberation, I have decided to tender my resignation from ScribeAmerica effective 3 weeks from tomorrow. I care deeply about the relationships I’ve forged with my providers and the colleagues with whom I’ve directly worked, and I regret that I’ll be leaving this position earlier than intended. However, I can say with confidence at this juncture that I have never felt so unheard, ignored, and disregarded by any company in my time as a member of the working class as I have now.
Initially I felt distanced enough from the machinations of the corporate umbrella of my job that I was able to see past the things that bothered me and continue on with my normal clinic responsibilities, however in recent weeks there are a number of incidents that have contributed to my decision to leave. While I became a chief scribe with the hopes that I would be an advocate for the scribes I was managing and that I would ensure they were treated fairly by the company that employed them; I quickly came to realize that the company I work for did not have their employees’ best interests at heart. This email is extremely lengthy and if my only intent were to complain for the sake of it, I assuredly would have not bothered to write all of this. I am hoping, for the sake of my colleagues who will continue to work at SA after I leave, that my message might spark at least some modicum of positive change.
My feelings of dissatisfaction started early on during chief scribe training, when I was told that the new SA final exam had been made far more difficult, and that new hires would be told that they would have one chance at passing the new final; in actuality during our CS training, we were told to give them three chances total to pass but not actually tell them that fact. I saw this as a dishonest and reproachful way to start off a relationship with new employees (effectively by immediately lying to them), and as subjecting an already very hard-working demographic of people to additional unnecessary stress at work. These people are trying to balance pre-med or pre-PA courses, study for massive entrance exams, and otherwise volunteer their free time wherever they’re able while also earning a living, and this move is an insult to some of the hardest working people I have ever met. In fact, I vividly recall the stress of quitting my previous job and beginning the long and arduous onboarding process to become a scribe at SA, and the fear and uncertainty I felt when told that I would be promptly let go if I didn’t pass all of the required exams with no other employment to fall back on.
Moreover I was aware of the fact while accepting the chief scribe position that I was shouldering a substantially larger responsibility in my clinic in exchange for a modest increase in pay, and I was okay with the pay increase I agreed to at the time because I felt that the compensation matched the duties I was undertaking at a clinic with a fairly small group of scribes (had it been a larger group I would have had second thoughts). However this agreement was immediately disregarded shortly after transitioning, when the company decided to cut CS pay across the board by 38 cents per hour under the explanation of “the changing costs of healthcare”, and disguised that business decision by labeling it “performance based pay” and offering a one dollar an hour raise for administrative work. This meant that my pay, based on the amount of admin hours I am allowed to clock in per week, increased during admin time by a grand total of eight dollars per paycheck, while my total paycheck hour for hour went down by over thirty dollars per pay period, or almost a thousand dollars a year. This equates to a 2.7% pay cut, while the cost of living in my city continues to increase at an average rate of 2.2% up from 1 year ago (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Mine is not an isolated story. I truly wish I could continue to work in my current position, however you cannot realistically expect us to shoulder the burden of a of a pay cut while the cost of living continues to rise around us. You provided a link to a feedback form and are no doubt aware of the way most or all chief scribes feel about this, and I even felt I was fairly reserved in my own submission to that form. Even more poor, the task of addressing my concerns was assigned to my supervisor who was herself subject to a recent pay cut and had absolutely no involvement in this decision, and despite my requests I received no further correspondence from anyone with more authority on the matter. My exasperation is further compounded by the fact that this company’s profit margins are publicly available information, as is the knowledge that ScribeAmerica recently acquired PhysAssist. It is quite curious to me that the company is cutting the pay of chief scribes, when by all accounts SA seems to be doing quite well and expanding as a company. You are no doubt aware of the poor optics of this situation from our perspective and yet you offered virtually no explanation beyond a corporate hand-wave in the announcement email. Even further, one of my colleagues also informed me that you erased an additional avenue ("levels") for raises from our available options, though I was never made aware of this during CS training so I cannot comment much further on this than simply saying that the optics of handing out a company-wide pay cut and removing an avenue for pursuing a future raise are exceptionally poor no matter which way you approach it.
While obviously bothered by these things, I looked past them and continued to work for SA because I felt the relationships I had established both with my providers and colleagues were substantial enough to outweigh these issues. However, the final straw for me occurred just two weeks ago when I was made aware of a very serious, disturbing, and credible accusation of sexual harassment upon one of my scribes. Over the course of a week, I convinced this scribe to sit down with me and have a conversation (she was initially very nervous and worried about the "potential consequences" of her speaking out) at which point she reported that she had been the recipient of multiple highly inappropriate advances from another person above her in the company, that she was not alone in being harassed, and that there were multiple other women involved. She showed me concrete proof of this on her phone. Upon condition of her anonymity, I reported the allegation to my supervisor within 15 minutes of hearing about it, and she to her supervisors within 45 minutes of hearing from me. The next day, the four of us met for an urgent phone call where we discussed our next steps. My supervisor got into contact that same day with corporate HR before the workday closed for the weekend.
It subsequently took six days from this report for my team to secure a conversation with HR, the following Wednesday. After relaying all of the information, the final response from HR was, “The person will have to personally come forward and make the claim herself. And if it’s really that serious and that many people were affected, somebody will undoubtedly come forward to make the report in time.”
It should be known that the person who reported the harassment to me had been holding onto this information for many months, and did not ever report it in that time out of fear of retribution given the power disparity between the two parties, and only came forward because of my prying for a week after I found out about the incident. HR is not interested in speaking to me or my supervisor, only to the people directly affected who will almost certainly not come forward (through absolutely no fault of their own) anytime soon. I feel immense personal shame and guilt at the fact that I promised this individual I would do everything in my power to ensure this would be taken care of, and I am subsequently forced to sit idly by while the people with the ability to enact change do absolutely nothing. In fact I have no reason not to believe the harassment is not actively ongoing. I feel I have utterly failed in my responsibility to advocate for my scribes and to ensure they feel safe and comfortable at work, as I do not have the support I need to make a meaningful change. I have passed on every bit of information I have available to my supervisor in this matter and she has given me her word that she will continue to press the matter until some form of corrective action is taken, however the indifference of HR to a credible sexual harassment complaint in the dawning days of its report has made me feel more unheard than I have ever felt before, and I will not work for a company that facilitates this type of behavior for any longer than I must. While there are obviously the above contributing factors which make my decision slightly easier, It is primarily for this reason that I am resigning.
I had no background in healthcare prior to taking this job, and the experiences I have had during my time in clinic have absolutely reassured me that I will continue to pursue a career as a physician. My interactions with my co-chiefs and supervisors have all been nothing but positive, and the colleagues with whom I have shared a direct working relationship have been incredibly supportive throughout my decision making process, and virtually all of them share my above frustrations. In the time I have remaining until medical school, I will continue to work in healthcare where I feel I’ve been able to make a positive difference in the lives and workload of the physicians I work for. I am very much looking forward to working with people who value my time and experience, take me seriously as a human being, and who do not take my concerns for granted.
I wish your company the best of luck in the future. My last day in-clinic will be Friday, January 10th, 2020; subsequently I will remain available outside of normal business hours to facilitate training a replacement if needed. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns; I will make myself available.
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2019.10.05 04:58 java135 ScribeAmerica: help with chief scribe training question

Could someone who is with ScribeAmerica help me with this question. It is the only one I cannot for the life of me get and I have tried so many different ways of entering in the question. Does anyone know the order? I really thought I had the right answer but it keeps marking it wrong no matter what I try or correct
List the steps of promoting a CST in order
Select an experienced scribe
Virtual training
Obtain a passing certificate
Put through promotion in workday
Confirm new pay with manager
Hold site specific training
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2019.10.05 04:47 java135 ScribeAmerica: Help with question for chief scribe training

Could someone who is with ScribeAmerica help me with this question. It is the only one I cannot for the life of me get and I have tried so many different ways of entering in the question. Does anyone know the order? I really thought I had the right answer but it keeps marking it wrong no matter what I try or correct
List the steps of promoting a CST in order
Select an experienced scribe
Virtual training
Obtain a passing certificate
Put through promotion in workday
Confirm new pay with manager
Hold site specific training
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2019.05.22 00:34 Mustafasyed ScribeAmerica Workday App

So I have an iPhone and want to be able to see my schedule and info on my phone but every time I try to got in, it does nothing. No that your password is incorrect or anything. Anyone else have this problem or a solution?
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2018.04.06 20:23 mg_ridgeview ScribeAmerica Question

I'm trying to go through the ScribeAmerica application process. I was supposed to get some I-9 forms from Workday, but haven't received anything. I let the Chief Medical Scribe in my area know, but still haven't been contacted or gotten anything online forms to fill out. Has anyone had this problem?
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