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2023.03.20 21:19 SarsaVoldul Async Physics 131

I decided that I'm gonna take physics 131/133 over the summer. It's listed as being online, asynchronous. I have a research opportunity from May 31st to June 6th which is during the summer 1 session. I was wondering if the exams for this class are also gonna be async, and if the due dates are going to be weekly or if I will be able to do the course work before/after the trip to Miami. Any info about how the course is gonna work is appreciated!! Or if you know who else I can email/reach out to, please let me know.
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2023.03.20 21:18 c_will Kripparian's thoughts on Diablo 4.

Kripparian released a video detailing his thoughts on Diablo 4, going over some of the positives and negatives. You can find a summary of his thoughts below:
Overall, he said the game has a lot of issues right now, but with proper tuning and significant changes to the dungeon mechanics and UI, he said he can see Diablo 4 potentially being a "9 or 9.5 out of 10" game by season 2 or 3.
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2023.03.20 21:18 Soft-Student-4166 “Just find a secure” is not useful advice

I know the book “Attached” says this, and I’ll tell you why I don’t agree.
Normally a lurker but as an AP who had a (pretty) happy marriage to an avoidant, I thought I’d say something.
  1. That’s hard to nearly impossible for most AP’s over mid 20s. As the book says, secures settle down early and stay with their partners. Some divorce and are widowed, but those traumatic life events also give people baggage that changes their style, so they may look AP or avoidant.
1b. I’m dating other divorcée’s rn, and let me tell ya, even the more “secure” ones have plenty of issues that can trigger an AP, especially wanting to move very very slow with making a commitment after divorce. That can look like avoidance.
  1. Secures and AP’s are not often attracted to each other. People pick up subtle cues of style even on dating app pictures. It’s a tough way of dating to write off everyone who is…interested in you as not even an option.
  2. You’re gonna get in a relationship with someone whose life you relate to. A secure person who hasn’t had your trauma level may just not understand you. And you may not understand them. Not saying it’s a lost cause but if you look for only secures, you’ll be waiting a while.
  3. Secure people tend to lean either anxious or avoidant, and the avoidant leaning ones you will almost certainly be attracted to will become more avoidant if you’re anxious. So they are often misidentified as avoidant. You’re still in the push/pull dynamic if you don’t heal yourself.
  4. I’ve dated people of all styles, and ALL of them go through times of business, grief, depression. If you don’t have the fundamental tools to regulate when you’re partner is distant sometimes, you can sabatoge any relationship.
It’s fine if you want to hold out for a securely attached person. You may be waiting a long time. If you want a secure person you have something in common with, you’ll be waiting longer.
Imo much better choice for AP’s is to develop enough comfort that you are willing to be single for months, years, potentially your life if that’s how long it takes to meet a partner who TREATS you well. That could honestly be a person of any style.
And it’s possible that person will still be kind of avoidant. For most AP’s, that is the case.
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2023.03.20 21:18 sparkysparky333 Dealing with an incompetent boss

This may be more of a psychology question than a federal government one, but here it goes:
My boss is incompetent. Low attention to detail, low quality work, late (both to meetings and responding to tasks), forgetful, bad ideas, inability to be proactive, etc. etc. etc. On the other hand, my boss usually respects work/life balance and is open to new (better) ideas.
The incompetence affects me in several ways, but in two major ways. First, I have to redo the boss's work often since it's often wrong or embarrassing. Secondly, it stresses me out. I think about "how can 'boss' be so bad at their job?" Every week I'm seemingly surprised to find that a decision or task completed by my boss is not well-executed.
I think I've done the limit of what I can do to help them improve directly (e.g. taking notes for them, reminding them of tasks due or standards that apply, proofreading papers).
I guess my question is- How do you stop being surprised that a low performer will continue to perform at a low level? Mental tricks? Anything?
I've thought about switching jobs, and may, but I like my job description (or how it could be).
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2023.03.20 21:18 turquoise-lily Looking for experiences with parents that end up living apart (but still together)

Context: I (33f) and my husband (42) have a great relationship, and he’s a great father to our two children (9 and 4). My husband accepted a job halfway across the country because it is a good opportunity and he’s unhappy at his current job. The kids and I will be staying here for the foreseeable future. So in some ways I will feel like a single mother. I have a full-time job, and I’m in grad school. I do have support from my family, but I also struggle with anxiety and asking for help though. I’m so scared that our relationship is going to suffer or I’m going to grow to resent him for doing this. I’m sacred he’s going to grow complacent away from us. He knows all of my feelings about the situation and understands them but feels he needs to do this. I guess I’m just looking for experiences where anyone else has had to live apart from SOs and how you handled it. How did you maintain your relationship and the relationship between the away parent and the children? How do I not resent him when it’s the middle of the night and one of my kids gets sick or something?
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2023.03.20 21:18 Vegetable_Ad_3105 My Qgrandma

so i don't know if this is really meant for here but since i was 9 I've lived with my grandparents. My bio parents couldn't take care of me so after a few years in foster care my grandparents adopted me. Of course being alive during the 2016 election and living with my very pro trump family of course shaped my political views (I've since become a very liberal woman) but in recent times with trumps arrest coming up and with some people in my town wanting to protest it plus the banks crashing and such my grandma has started to say its the end times and how its all so clear to her. its been incredibly distressing even tho i am a christian. is this a common Q sentiment right now? is there a way for me to get away from her and be safe? i'm afraid she will go off the handle and suggest we kill ourselves to save ourselves from the end times. if thats the case what should i do? i turn 18 in almost a month so if i where to run away they'd just bring me back.
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2023.03.20 21:18 francakes9 Puppy is too friendly?

Our puppy just turned 12 weeks yesterday. She has been the greatest and we’ve had minimal puppy blues. She’s started puppy classes and is doing really well, and we’ve taken her out in a wagon and on car rides so she can see the outside world.
One thing I’m concerned about is that she is almost overly friendly. If she sees someone new, she will cry if she isn’t able to greet them (she’ll also pee of excitement when they say hi lol). We love that she loves people but I have a feeling it will be a problem when we’re able to take her out on walks after her last vaccine round.
Does anyone have any tips on how to teach her to bee more neutral in social settings?
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2023.03.20 21:18 b66446 Should I pursue teaching?

Hi, I'm 22 years old. I have my bachelor's degree in education. I chose this path because education seemed meaningful to me. I didn't have a good experience in school when I was younger, so I thought I'd become a teacher and I'd be able to help kids like me. I wouldn't label teaching as a passion of mine, though. I don't think I have any passions. All I know is that teaching is important and when deciding my major, it was the one I gravitated towards.
I am currently a paraeducator at a high school. I've been here since the start of the new year. And I am having so many second thoughts. I just keep thinking I could be doing something more, something "better," something that makes more money. I don't have a partner and I don't want to count on getting one or doing anything for me, so that is contributing to my doubts, since I realize I want to make more money. It feels silly to commit myself to a life that I know won't make a lot of money when I still have the chance to back out. I know teachers get good pensions, and time off, but I can't shake the feeling of "I should be doing something else." And as a paraeducator, I don't know how much I actually want to be in an actual teacher's role. I feel kind of worn out and depressed, but I've been dealing with these feelings most of my life so I don't know how much can be attributed to working at a high school. But I also think if this was my dream job, wouldn't I be happy? I've built rapport with the students, they seem to like me and respect me, I care for and respect them, I'm on track to fulfilling what younger me thought I would've wanted. So why am I so upset and dissatisfied? I am 22, my options should feel limitless? Are they? I feel confined to the path younger me chose for herself. But now that I am here, I think I should venture off and do something better. Why did I pay the same amount for college as people getting comp sci degrees or are going into medical fields who will make so much more money than I would if I do proceed with the field of education? Im mad at my younger self for being careless.
Advice I've gotten/things I've considered so far:
  1. Get my teaching credential and to just try it out, if I don't like it, I could leave. My issue with this is that I don't believe teaching should be taken that lightly. Kids are counting on me to preform and teach them. I don't think it would be right of me to "experiment" with it and then just be like bye! the minute I decide I don't like it. If I go and get my teaching credential, I want to be sure of it.
  2. Take different kinds of classes at community college to see what strikes your interest. I like this idea but it hurts my ego and makes me feel like an idiot if im being honest. I already went to community college, and then transferred to a 4 year to get my degree. To go backwards feels like a major blow. It feels like a waste of time. And it makes me feel ashamed that my life isnt panning out the way I thought it would.
  3. To consider jobs that require an education degree, but aren't exactly teaching (such as admin)Or to consider jobs outside of education that'll hire you with any bachelor's degree?
  4. Trade school. Ive lightly considered this idk what I'd do, I just know its an option.
If anyone took the time to read this, I really want to say thank you. I guess my question would be, genuinely, what do you think I should do? Please don't say "only you can know that" because honestly I don't. I need some guidance.
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2023.03.20 21:18 dangerouslynxxx Is it possible for a man to change for real?

My ex cheated on me after the first 6 months our relationship, and I found out when we were together for 1.5 years. We lived together, had access to his phone, but before DDay I was clueless that he had a second account on Instagram since our 6 months where he used to chat with some of his ex flings, talk with them, flirt, sextalk, like pictures... There was one girl in particular that he used to talk almost everyday, they were friends before he met me, and they had sex a couple of times but she was married and the guy was one of his friends, and later he admitted to me that he was in love with her before we met, but they couldn't be together because she was married.
So I was in total shook when I read the whole chat with her, they were talking for almost 7 months, he complained about me, about our fights, how he wished he was with her, how he misses her body, even paid her to send him some naked pictures and she did. He told he wanted to go to a motel with her, do a threesome w/ her and me (also said to her was too jealous and would never accept that, that I dont understand the difference between love and just sex). She is blonde, and at the same time he was messaging her, one day he asked to dye my hair blond. That was when I felt things were off. At some point near Dday, he sent her a huge text declaring himself to her, our relationship was already rocky at this point, he was cold, distant, rude, and when I saw all those compliments and heartfelt messages my heart dropped to the ground and I couldn't breathe. He was sleeping next to me and I woke him up, at first he denied everything, only admitted when I showed him the messages. He claimed he THOUGHT he was in love with her still, but I am the one he loved, but also said he wanted to break up with me for a while but didn't have the courage so he did that, etc. He claimed he never met her in person or the other girls he messaged, it was just messages. There was a lot of crying from me and he seemed unaffected. I told him to leave my house so he went to live with his father, and we broke up. After he left I found out his password to his account and logged on my phone and são he sent messages to her, the night of our break up, he said I found out and he was relieved and a weight fell of his shoulders now that we were over. It was sincerely the worst days of my life. I couldn't accept what he did so I ugly cried to him on the phone asking why, then a few days later I decided to block him everywhere.
A few weeks later he found a way to message me and we started talking, I was still really low and missing him. He said he was sorry and etc, he realized he loved me and wanted to try things over from the start. He would never do that again and he blocked her. I was blind and sad at the time, with 0 self steem, so I accepted. Well, since then I was never the same. I have very low self steem, I was paranoid, insecure, jealous, and he was always short of patience so he was sometimes rude and insensitive. It caused us a lot of fights and arguments. I also found out he watched a lot of porn behind my back, I found out after we got back, he promised to stop and seemingly he stopped. I checked everything, I started to live his life instead of mine. It was truly sad and I was very unhappy but I was/am trauma bonded and when we were apart I couldn't function. We stayed together for more 1.5 years, but on and off a lot of the time, because of the many fights we had.
So in total we were together for 3 years, and he recently dumped me after a fight where he was very drunk, said a lot of hateful stuff to me, he left my house and crashed his car. The day after this he admitted to have a drinking problem, said he would seek help and he started going to church. In a span of 2 weeks this man turned in to someone else, he started reading the Bible, going to church 3x a week, and when he dumped me, he said I should seek God and pray. He claims God has forgave him for all that he did, and he would never do the things he did before. Consume porn, cheat and drink alcohol/do drugs. He claimed he wanted to have a family, a job, children, and couldnt see it with me. That I will drag him down. He said he will change for next, and I think about that a lot, because as far as I know, he never cheated again after DDay, stopped watching porn, or he just hid it better. The only problem was that he used to drink every weekend and A LOT, also use drugs, and he used to get aggressive and we would fight.
I'm sorry for the long text, I just want to know if he can change for real, specially now that he is being religious, he seems for real, I'm feeling sad and worthless that I am not the one he would change for. I am still recovering from the BU and trying to love myself and recover my self steem.
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2023.03.20 21:18 Redskull9099 By comparison Speciality coffee is cheaper than you think

Hello, fellow coffee snobs,
I calculated the price of our daily caffeine (200mg minimum, 2 cups per day) via different methods
  1. Caffeine pills :- 5 rs/day (1 pill 1/2, 2 time a day) This one
  2. Instant coffee:- This one
A. With milk :- 40 or 52 rs/day (2 cups)
200ml low fat milk ( amul taza) + 3 gm or 5 gm coffee + sugar (10.5 + 8.5 or 14.5 + 1 = 20 or 26 )
B. With water :- 17 or 29 rs/day ( 2 cups)
  1. Speciality coffee
Now first thing about accessories that need to make it...
==>> Now Most praised and used equipments in this sub (imo) are :-
  1. V60 with 1 year worth paper filters ( hario white v2 ) :- 467 + 1512 (420 x 3.6) = 1979
  2. Aeropress :- 3200
  3. KaldiPress / Desi aeropress :- 1500
4.French press :- from 500 to 2000 ( above one is example)
  1. South Indian filter coffee maker :- from 300 to 1400 ( not mentioning aramse one)
  2. Moka pot :- from 600 to 8000
Not going to talk about espresso machine cause don't know much about it and don't care to research about it right now.
===>> Now weight scale :-
A. Hoffen :- 1400
B. Instacuppa :- 2000
C. Hario :- 11000 ( price has some drip man..)
===>> Now gooseneck kettle :-
A. Instacuppa :- 2500
B. Agaro :- 3600
===>>> Coffee Grinders :-
A. Timemore chestnut c2 :- 4300
You can use blade grinder ( normal spice grinder at home) if you can't afford above one watch James Hoffman video about it
===>>> For temprature control freaks :-
buy electric Kettle with inbuilt thermometer
buy kitchen Thermometer
Or just eyeball it
===>>> Now all equipment considered
We are going to see from most cheap to most expensive methods (combination of minimum price equipments in each one)
A. If you are a broke (student mostly) snob just chew goddam caffeine pills and study to gain money for later methods
B. Instant coffee with water
C. South Indian filter coffee with milk ( cause sif coffee powder is cheap than instant one)
D. Instant coffee with milk
E. V60 x french press with muslin cloth + weight scale :- 467 + 150 + 1400 = 2000
F. French press + WS :- 1100 + 1400 = 2500
G. Kaldipress + ws :- 1500 + 1400 = 2900
H. Moka pot + ws :- 2000 + 1400 = 3400
I. Aeropress + ws :- 3200 + 1400 = 4600
J. V60 + filter paper (1 year) + ws + gooseneck kettle :- 467 + 1512 + 1400 + 2500 = 5880
K. Espresso :- starts from 10k ( wonderchef) to go beyond 1 lac ( don't know much about it)
Now this all prices are with pre ground coffee , So add another 4.2 k in all above if you want to add a basic good reliable grinder ( according to this sub) for freshly ground coffee
===>>> Now come to the main point of all above :-
If you drink 2 cups a black coffee per day ( morning and evening) with 14 GM coffee each time so 28 GM per day.
Now you buy speciality coffee by 1 kg at a time So 1000/28 = 35.71 ~36 days
So it will run for 1 month ( for who concern about storage buy beans and vaccum them in small quantities and put in freezer) Here
So if you buy coffee by
A. 1200 per kg :- 33.6 rs per day (for 2 cups )
B. 1300 per kg :- 36.4 "
C. 1400 per kg :- 39.2 "
D. 1500 per kg :- 42
E. 1600 per kg :- 44.8
F. 1700 per kg :- 47.6
G. 1800 per kg:- 50.4
So you got the point,
Now if you go out to your local shop ( tapri ) they might sell you instant coffee for 25 to 30 rs ( I am guessing here)
Or go to tea post they might sell 40 to 60 RS per cup ( price may very from location to location)
So let's say you drink twice from outside ( tea post let's say 50 rs for 1) it will cost you 100 rs per day for that and it's nowhere near to speciality one which is 50 rs per day
===>>> So who want to enter this hobby or whatever this is
A. Go for SIF if you want milk based coffee
B. For not caring about ethics go with kaldipress + hoffen scale ( under 3 k budget) with pre ground coffee ( try quater First method from u/NotRealHyde)
C.for ethical ones go for aeropress + hoffen scale + timemore c2
D. For kothibangala walas go for espresso...
Now it's my opinion and some minor puns and jokes so don't take it seriously,
any respectful criticism is welcome.
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2023.03.20 21:17 Skidmarxist_leninist Speak to random people they said... Make friends with your neighbors they said... Get out of your bubbles they said ..

I just had by brain broke by having a neighbor round that's a workaway (read modern slave volunteer) from Israel via Kazakhstan named (I shit you not) Adam Smith, who segued from praising Adam smith's conception of making factory workers focus only on one soul crushing part of nail manufacture to talking about his genius grandfather who was a brilliant scientist in Kazakhstan with many patents on mineral extraction under the USSR who after the collapse went to Israel and couldn't get any work despite his qualifications and died broken and blinded after working in a factory, and told the story like it was a good thing somehow. He mentioned liking Jordan Peterson and told some insanely stupid jokes that were meant to be a parable of sorts about the stupidest take on the theory of relative value and trade a la Smith, then narrated how he'd released hundreds of books of poetry by shuffling one collection of poems he'd written, then getting banned and failing to sell them independently. Then narrated how he'd published over 30 books but got banned by Amazon for infringing on Harry Potter intellectual property, Then proceeded to beat me at chess...
I fucking swear the universe is having a joke at my expense. Kazakh Israeli Adam Smith comes into my house talks some of the most wild shit I've ever heard beats me at chess and leaves... I'm still reeling but I know I definitely want to continue this relationship, I haven't had as entertaining an hour visit in maybe ever.
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2023.03.20 21:17 gargamels_right_boot 4.5g Golden Teachers trip

Hello all! Wanted to share some info on the trip I had Friday night. This was not my first psilocybin trip but was my first time with Golden Teachers. Prior to this I had only tripped with Blue Meanies.
This was my first trip since April of 2022 as I had a couple pretty heavy trips and in discussing with my wife I decided to take some time off.
My shrooms were nice and cracker dry so I broke them into small pieces and mixed them into some Banana Greek Yogurt, with an extra banana cut added in as well to help with digestion and I ate this at ~9 pm.
Started getting light visuals by around 9:45 while I was watching a movie. These visuals increased in strength until I was unable to really see the screen very well as the colors were so bright. I wandered around my house a bit, enjoying how my house looked. I did go back to the movies for a bit but by 11 my attention span was gone and I could not stay on anything for more than a few minutes. My curtains were dancing, the walls were breathing and my spirits were high.
I did get short of breath as I approached the peak, and felt a bit scared by this so I reached out to The Fireside Project and they were very helpful. I worked on my breathing and watched the world dance.
On my last really heavy trip I had smoked some weed just before the peak to help with anxiety and it sent me off to see the machine elves, with these Teachers however no weed was needed.
I lay on my couch with my eyes closed, the visuals were so bright and so strong, and very much the cliche 'psychedelic trip', I was on a vast flat surface, what looked like pyramids in the distance, sudden movement to my right and as I looked I saw a line expand and zip off to infinity. The sounds I was hearing mixed perfectly in with the music, looping around and together with the visuals moving and changing along with the sounds. What I found most interesting was I was hearing the extra sounds being created by my trip, but I was able to hear my own thoughts over them. I felt like I was there for a long time but when it kind of cleared up I realized it was only 2.5 songs.
About 10 minutes later a second peak wave came and I was closed eyed again, only this time with no music. That's when the faces appeared in the shapes. I can still see them but not describe what they looked like, and the did not speak to me. It was during this that there were absolutely times where I felt like I was floating and that I had a silent mind, I was still hearing the music being created but no thoughts over top of it, I was just...there. I think it is the closest I have come to ego death.
After about another half hour I made my way back up to bed, feeling more like I was 'home' if that makes sense. I put on some pro wrestling (which I love don't judge me lmao) and the visuals were still strong. It looked like the ring was made of pure light that they were dancing on. The manager on the outside of the ring when I looked at him it seemed to be zipping back and forth really fast.

All in all it was a good night and a great trip, those Teachers do not mess around!
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2023.03.20 21:17 Last-Psychology5951 Bhagwad geeta practice in real life

Namaste! I haven't read bhagwad geeta but know that there is a verse where shri Krishna suggests to do any action without desiring for fruitful end result (in hindi: karm krna hai parantu fal ki iccha nhi krni). He says that we should keep doing our karma with full determination, perseverance and dedication without longing for result and leave the end result to Shri Krishna. I am unable to do it. I love my religion but still get agnostic about many things in universe and question many topics (with sole intention of finding its answer as I believe it to be there in sanatan scriptures). I still cannot somehow leave onto the belief that "no! God will take good care of me. He loves me". How do I achieve it? My mind feels cluttered and I feel the traffic of gazillion of all kinds of thoughts in one time. It confuses me nd drains my energy. I am still not able to experience that divine bliss through bhakti many people have(in general and in my family too). I cannot feel closer to Almighty to this date even after knowing alot of facts about dharma. I can't feel that connect to bhagwan. How can I achieve it?
Thank you!
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2023.03.20 21:17 3Up1Down 2019 2450 Disassembly Question: Allen wrench size

We just got a great deal on a floor model of the 2019 edition 2450. It was assembled at the store and they were unable to take it apart. The hallway into our bedroom is too narrow to transport it folded up. We learned that the hard way with the beat up tread that’s in there now.
With it being a floor model, the tools for assembly weren’t available. I’ve found the manual online but don’t have an Allen wrench large enough for the 2 large bolts on each side of the platform. Best I can tell, pop those 2 bolts out and disconnect the storage arm is all I need to do to separate the platform from the console stand.
Does anyone know the size of the large Allen wrench to take the 2 large bolts out of each side of the platform? TIA for any help.
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2023.03.20 21:17 12edDawn Sometimes you have to take a step back and ask yourself how you got here.

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2023.03.20 21:17 Serious_Ask_3136 Expedited request approved and fingerprints added to my case; what's next?

On March 1st, they finally approved the expedited request for my EAD AND fingerprints were added to my case. Does anyone know how long it will take to have the EAD approved? I have been waiting for more than 450 days now!
Btw, on Feb 28, they finally approved my AP after 1 year, and this has already been mailed :). Makes me wonder why they couldn't send a combo card...
Anyone here that has been in a similar situation? Thank you for your advice!
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2023.03.20 21:17 International_Tree76 Was I sexually abused as a child?

TWs for general details of sexually questionable behavior.
Throughout my whole childhood, my dad was very physically and emotionally abusive. He used to yell a lot and drag me into the bathroom with him for arbitrary reasons and beat me, but the part that I'm unsure about is that every single time, he would force me to take off my pants and underwear before he would bend me over his lap and beat my bare body.
I've talked to all my friends about it, and while most of them were beaten or yelled at, none of them were ever asked to undress, especially not to the extent that I was.
The thing is, he said he didn't have sexual intent, he was just trying to make the beating hurt more. He's since apologized for his anger issues, and I can tell he really regrets the way he acted, so I don't think he would lie about this. So that leads me to believe it's not sexual abuse.
But then I also just can't figure out he can see nothing sexually questionable about a grown man yelling at a little girl to take off her pants and underwear. And I feel like I resonate so much with people who have been sexually abused as a kid.
Even 10 years later, I'm terrified of undressing myself. Intimacy feels like a violation. When I got my period, the first thing I was worried about was that my dad would find me disgusting (he mysteriously stopped the undressing part right after I got my period). I've found that my ability to assert my bodily autonomy is pretty much shattered if I do something wrong, which led me to get raped in college. I often feel like my body isn't mine, and I've been prone to self-harm as long as I can remember. I have PTSD reactions that are so bad that I postpone bathroom trips so I don't have to take off my pants and underwear.
I feel like I don't have a right to say I was sexually abused b/c it wasn't sexual in nature, but I don't know how to define my experience. I'd appreciate any insight you might have.
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2023.03.20 21:17 Aggressive_Beyond_11 Neglected dog

Someone I know has have a severely neglected little dog. A Maltese/Shih Tzu. He has sever mats all over his body. Legs chest, tummy, by his eyes. And these aren’t little mats they are bigger than like a half a hamburger bun which is huge for him because he’s maybe 5 pounds. Anyways he’s super submissive. The couple times he’s been outside (out of the four years I’ve been here because he lives in these peoples garage pees poops I assume in there because I’m outside all the time with my dog and never see him) I call him and he basically army crawls to me like I’m going to hit him. It breaks my heart. I’ve told his owners how cute he is, how much I want one just like him asking where they got him from just putting it out there that I’m interested in him, then finally asked point blank if they’d be interested in rehoming or selling him to me and they said no that they’ve bred him in the past and left it at that. Normally I wouldn’t even think to ask because it’s not polite. But he’s obviously neglected and I want to take him out of that situation. I don’t know what to do. I wish there was some way to convince them to rehome him to me without them getting offended or thinking I’m crazy.
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2023.03.20 21:16 SingularityBot3000 Participate in the unofficial r/stableDiffusion model

I got this idea of creating a collaborative model. It will mostly likely end up a mess, but I think it will be a fun experiment.
I will take every images in this thread and train a model using dreambooth. The only rule is no NSFW images.
I'll use CLIP to generate the promt, if non is included.
I will adjust the weight each image has on the model, based on how many votes the image has.
When it's done, and if it's a succes, we can collaboratively fine tune it in a separate thread.
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2023.03.20 21:16 Sohakmet Weekly Salt Discussion: Hydra Splatling

This weapon is one of those, you know? Someone slapped this thing together to make the biggest abomination possible and here it is! It's... a fire hydrant. With some big ass barrels attached to it for the most ink guzzling experience you could possibly have and locking yourself into infinite shooting to infinity and beyond. It's the Hydra Splatling! At least he steamed a good ham.
Whoever came up with this design had a few loose bolts.
Range: 85/100
Charge Speed: 10/100
Mobility: 20/100
Points for special: 190p
Sub weapon: Autobomb
Special: Booyah Bomb
It's the heavy, but slower...

Sheldon's Description

The Hydra Splatling is designed to impose extreme pressure on your opponents' turf through superior firepower. However, because the weapon takes so long to charge, it's definitely a liability in close quarters. I recommend using your Autobombs to fend off incoming bogeys -- and they can even help reveal far-off opponents who can be splatted from long range! If anyone DOES make it past your defenses, the unwelcome surprises aren't over. This loadout allows you to greet them with a Booyah Bomb! Mi casa is NOT su casa! I recommend this setup for all you homebodies who want to set up camp and never leave -- supporting your team through long-range firepower instead!
Hey, even Sheldon acknowledges how much of a camping bitch all Hydra players are.

Salty Description

"People will go on Saltoon to make angry posts about how they are getting splatted over and over against Hydra Splatlings and swearing on their antecessors on bringing them into this twisted world where backliners rule and judgement is dealt with a heavy fist from the high ground you cannot reach, when, in reality, Hydra Splatling just isn't really viable in a competitive environment, due to the current meta being heavily centered around crab tank, which can easily take them out of position or out right splat them!" - idk someone on youtube probably.
So yeah, the weapon is not great, but that doesn't mean it isn't exactly like the clash blaster where it will acquired a body count larger than Google's project graveyard in pub matches. It charges slowly, it gets easily disrupted if you throw literally anything in it's direction and it can't really fight for itself if you get too close. But does it really mean it's bad? No, not really.
So, firstly, let's get this out of the way. It's a splatling with a looooot of range. It's one of those weapons you see on top of tent in hagglefish and you can't really hit it in most map modes. It's just there... charging up, waiting for you to come close enough to get a lot of ink spread on your face. It shoots really fast and kills quickly as well. It can shred objects with ease. Don't ever try contesting the rainmaker shield when there's one of these shooting at it. So anytime you see this weapon perching in some place you can't reach, you have two options: Throw something in it's direction to have it rage at you for the remainder of the match (Also because your teammates surely won't do it) or try to go through places on the map where it can't reach, which is honestly asking too much for some maps in this game.
The rest of it's kit is actually really good. Autobombs are a nice way to harass people and have an idea of where they are going so you can predict your shots and Booyah Bomb is just one of the best specials in the game? Honestly there isn't much wrong you can do with a kit like this, specially considering that they (supposedly) won't be dying much during this match. Just note that it's particularly shit at painting and even though it's 190p for Booyahs, it won't be getting that many during a match unless you really want a Hydra just going around and painting ground for some fucking reason.
But then we get to the part where "but ackshually it sucks, guise!". Yeah, we get it. When there are people that have more than two braincells playing this game, which is kind of hard to come around, Hydras tend to not have a really good time, since they will spend most of their time losing their charge they took the last 10 seconds to build to some random bomb thrown in their direction or to missiles, booyah, tank... anything, really. Oh yeah, tank just straight up outranges it, btw. I don't really have a way to test it so this will be one of those cases of "just trust me, bro", but I think it's safe to say that Hydras might be able to shred objects quickly, but tanks can just shoot faster and their charging time already has them shooting, so if the hydra player isn't really locked and loaded when this is going down, they won't really have much option but to hide like the small little backline cowards they are.
It doesn't take much to put this weapon out of commission, but good fucking luck with that when the rest of your team is simply running into it's range thinking "I can totally take it down with my Nzap!" and dying over and over. Maybe one day these players will grow past the age of 4 and learn to throw bombs at them around the same time they learn to fit the square block into the square hole.

What should be done next? Leave your suggestions in the comments and also leave your own experiences with/against this weapon.
Last Week: .96 Gal Deco
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2023.03.20 21:16 CommonInitial9525 Mechatronics Eng Question

Hi. I am a grade 12 student who has recently found a passion for mechatronics engineering. I applied to computer science but decided mechatronics is more suited for me. I didn’t take chemistry but wish to transfer after my first semestefirst year. Is it still possible? How hard is it without the knowledge of chem? Can I still graduate on time by taking classes during the summer?
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2023.03.20 21:16 Waste-Room-142 Seriously all these office buildings are being built but are empty. How hard is converting a commercial office building to apartments or condos?

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