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---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
// Daisy, daisy...

Time: 2023-06-05, 9:07 p.m.
Description: Exception in server tick loop

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraftforge/common/capabilities/ForgeCapabilities
at com.minecolonies.api.tileentities.TileEntityRack.getCapability([TileEntityRack.java:434](https://TileEntityRack.java:434)) \~\[minecolonies-1.19.2-1.0.1429-BETA.jar%23122!/:1.19.2-1.0.1429-BETA\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.ICapabilityProvider.getCapability([ICapabilityProvider.java:33](https://ICapabilityProvider.java:33)) \~\[forge-1.19-41.1.0-universal.jar%23151!/:?\] {re:computing\_frames,re:mixin,re:classloading} at net.minecraft.network.protocol.game.ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData$BlockEntityInfo.handler$zif000$sendBlockEntityCaps([ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData.java:527](https://ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData.java:527)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,re:classloading,pl:mixin:APP:supplementaries.mixins.json:ChunkHolderMixin,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.network.protocol.game.ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData$BlockEntityInfo.m\_195691\_([ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData.java](https://ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData.java)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,re:classloading,pl:mixin:APP:supplementaries.mixins.json:ChunkHolderMixin,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.network.protocol.game.ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData.([ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData.java:44](https://ClientboundLevelChunkPacketData.java:44)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.network.protocol.game.ClientboundLevelChunkWithLightPacket.([ClientboundLevelChunkWithLightPacket.java:24](https://ClientboundLevelChunkWithLightPacket.java:24)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.server.level.ChunkMap.m\_183760\_([ChunkMap.java:1208](https://ChunkMap.java:1208)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.level.ChunkMap.m\_183754\_([ChunkMap.java:864](https://ChunkMap.java:864)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.level.ChunkMap.m\_140184\_([ChunkMap.java:1074](https://ChunkMap.java:1074)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.level.ServerChunkCache.m\_8385\_([ServerChunkCache.java:449](https://ServerChunkCache.java:449)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.network.ServerGamePacketListenerImpl.m\_7185\_([ServerGamePacketListenerImpl.java:893](https://ServerGamePacketListenerImpl.java:893)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,pl:mixin:APP:graveyard.mixins.json:ServerPlayNetworkHandlerMixin,pl:mixin:APP:nochatreports.mixins.json:MixinServerGamePacketListenerImpl,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.network.protocol.game.ServerboundMovePlayerPacket.m\_5797\_([ServerboundMovePlayerPacket.java:114](https://ServerboundMovePlayerPacket.java:114)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.network.protocol.game.ServerboundMovePlayerPacket$PosRot.m\_5797\_([ServerboundMovePlayerPacket.java:16](https://ServerboundMovePlayerPacket.java:16)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading} at net.minecraft.network.protocol.PacketUtils.m\_131356\_([PacketUtils.java:22](https://PacketUtils.java:22)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading} at [net.minecraft.server.TickTask.run](https://net.minecraft.server.TickTask.run)([TickTask.java:18](https://TickTask.java:18)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:classloading,re:mixin} at net.minecraft.util.thread.BlockableEventLoop.m\_6367\_([BlockableEventLoop.java:157](https://BlockableEventLoop.java:157)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:computing\_frames,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.util.thread.ReentrantBlockableEventLoop.m\_6367\_([ReentrantBlockableEventLoop.java:23](https://ReentrantBlockableEventLoop.java:23)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,re:computing\_frames,re:classloading} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.m\_6367\_([MinecraftServer.java:763](https://MinecraftServer.java:763)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,pl:mixin:APP:balm.mixins.json:MinecraftServerMixin,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:access.MinecraftServerAccess,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:server.MixinMinecraftServer,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.m\_6367\_([MinecraftServer.java:158](https://MinecraftServer.java:158)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,pl:mixin:APP:balm.mixins.json:MinecraftServerMixin,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:access.MinecraftServerAccess,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:server.MixinMinecraftServer,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.util.thread.BlockableEventLoop.m\_7245\_([BlockableEventLoop.java:131](https://BlockableEventLoop.java:131)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:computing\_frames,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.m\_129961\_([MinecraftServer.java:746](https://MinecraftServer.java:746)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,pl:mixin:APP:balm.mixins.json:MinecraftServerMixin,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:access.MinecraftServerAccess,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:server.MixinMinecraftServer,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.m\_7245\_([MinecraftServer.java:740](https://MinecraftServer.java:740)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,pl:mixin:APP:balm.mixins.json:MinecraftServerMixin,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:access.MinecraftServerAccess,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:server.MixinMinecraftServer,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.util.thread.BlockableEventLoop.m\_18701\_([BlockableEventLoop.java:140](https://BlockableEventLoop.java:140)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:computing\_frames,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.m\_130012\_([MinecraftServer.java:726](https://MinecraftServer.java:726)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,pl:mixin:APP:balm.mixins.json:MinecraftServerMixin,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:access.MinecraftServerAccess,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:server.MixinMinecraftServer,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.m\_130011\_([MinecraftServer.java:658](https://MinecraftServer.java:658)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,pl:mixin:APP:balm.mixins.json:MinecraftServerMixin,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:access.MinecraftServerAccess,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:server.MixinMinecraftServer,pl:mixin:A} at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.m\_177918\_([MinecraftServer.java:245](https://MinecraftServer.java:245)) \~\[server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar%23146!/:?\] {re:mixin,pl:accesstransformer:B,re:classloading,pl:accesstransformer:B,pl:mixin:APP:balm.mixins.json:MinecraftServerMixin,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:access.MinecraftServerAccess,pl:mixin:APP:byg.mixins.json:server.MixinMinecraftServer,pl:mixin:A} at [java.lang.Thread.run](https://java.lang.Thread.run)([Thread.java:833](https://Thread.java:833)) \[?:?\] {re:mixin} 
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.ForgeCapabilities
... 27 more 

A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:

-- System Details --
Minecraft Version: 1.19 Minecraft Version ID: 1.19 Operating System: Windows 11 (amd64) version 10.0 Java Version: [](, Oracle Corporation Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode, sharing), Oracle Corporation Memory: 1644128720 bytes (1567 MiB) / 4395630592 bytes (4192 MiB) up to 17112760320 bytes (16320 MiB) CPUs: 20 Processor Vendor: GenuineIntel Processor Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz Identifier: Intel64 Family 6 Model 165 Stepping 5 Microarchitecture: unknown Frequency (GHz): 3.70 Number of physical packages: 1 Number of physical CPUs: 10 Number of logical CPUs: 20 Graphics card #0 name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics card #0 vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Graphics card #0 VRAM (MB): 4095.00 Graphics card #0 deviceId: 0x2216 Graphics card #0 versionInfo: DriverVersion= Memory slot #0 capacity (MB): 32768.00 Memory slot #0 clockSpeed (GHz): 3.20 Memory slot #0 type: DDR4 Memory slot #1 capacity (MB): 32768.00 Memory slot #1 clockSpeed (GHz): 3.20 Memory slot #1 type: DDR4 Virtual memory max (MB): 69356.53 Virtual memory used (MB): 37577.40 Swap memory total (MB): 4096.00 Swap memory used (MB): 43.65 JVM Flags: 0 total; Server Running: true Player Count: 1 / 20; \[ServerPlayer\['ebonybow'/487, l='ServerLevel\[world\]', x=480.24, y=96.63, z=330.02\]\] Data Packs: vanilla, mod:elevatorid (incompatible), mod:terrablender (incompatible), mod:entangled (incompatible), mod:supermartijn642configlib (incompatible), mod:nochatreports (incompatible), mod:beautify (incompatible), mod:mcwdoors, mod:cfm (incompatible), mod:balm (incompatible), mod:jei (incompatible), mod:supermartijn642corelib (incompatible), mod:byg (incompatible), mod:naturalist, mod:shinyhorses (incompatible), mod:forge, mod:easy\_villagers (incompatible), mod:fastleafdecay, mod:waystones (incompatible), mod:geckolib3 (incompatible), mod:dungeons\_arise, mod:graveyard (incompatible), mod:tameablebeasts, mod:simply\_houses, mod:themissingvillages, mod:repurposed\_structures, mod:nfm (incompatible), mod:worldedit (incompatible), mod:decorative\_blocks (incompatible), mod:domum\_ornamentum, mod:incendium, mod:blockui, mod:lostcities (incompatible), mod:structurize, mod:minecolonies (incompatible), mod:terralith (incompatible), mod:imst, mod:hopo, mod:ctov (incompatible), mod:dreamland (incompatible), mod:moonlight (incompatible), mod:autoreglib (incompatible), mod:sereneseasons (incompatible), mod:dungeoncrawl, mod:quark (incompatible), mod:supplementaries (incompatible), mod:mcwlights, Supplementaries Generated Pack World Generation: Stable Is Modded: Definitely; Server brand changed to 'forge' Type: Dedicated Server (map\_server.txt) ModLauncher: 10.0.8+10.0.8+main.0ef7e830 ModLauncher launch target: forgeserver ModLauncher naming: srg ModLauncher services: mixin-0.8.5.jar mixin PLUGINSERVICE eventbus-6.0.0.jar eventbus PLUGINSERVICE fmlloader-1.19-41.1.0.jar slf4jfixer PLUGINSERVICE fmlloader-1.19-41.1.0.jar object\_holder\_definalize PLUGINSERVICE fmlloader-1.19-41.1.0.jar runtime\_enum\_extender PLUGINSERVICE fmlloader-1.19-41.1.0.jar capability\_token\_subclass PLUGINSERVICE accesstransformers-8.0.4.jar accesstransformer PLUGINSERVICE fmlloader-1.19-41.1.0.jar runtimedistcleaner PLUGINSERVICE modlauncher-10.0.8.jar mixin TRANSFORMATIONSERVICE modlauncher-10.0.8.jar fml TRANSFORMATIONSERVICE FML Language Providers: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Mod List: server-1.19-20220607.102129-srg.jar Minecraft minecraft 1.19 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE repurposed\_structures\_forge-6.1.3+1.19.jar Repurposed Structures repurposed\_structures 6.1.3+1.19 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE TerraBlender-forge-1.19- TerraBlender terrablender []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE moonlight-1.19-2.0.15\_-\_Copy.jar Moonlight Library moonlight 1.19-2.0.15 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE entangled-1.3.13-forge-mc1.19.jar Entangled entangled 1.3.13 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE tameablebeasts-1.0.jar TameableBeasts tameablebeasts 1.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE supermartijn642configlib-1.1.6b-forge-mc1.19.jar SuperMartijn642's Config Librasupermartijn642configlib 1.1.6b DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE NoChatReports-FORGE-1.19-v1.2.3.jar No Chat Reports nochatreports 1.19-v1.2.3 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Beautify1.19-V.1.4.1Forge.jar Beautify beautify 1.4.1 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE jei-1.19-forge- Just Enough Items jei []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE supermartijn642corelib-1.1.4-forge-mc1.19.jar SuperMartijn642's Core Lib supermartijn642corelib 1.1.4 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE The\_Graveyard\_1.11\_(FORGE)\_for\_1.19.jar The Graveyard graveyard 1.11 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE naturalist-forge-2.0.2-1.19.jar Naturalist naturalist 2.0.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE domum\_ornamentum-1.19-1.0.76-ALPHA-universal.jar Domum Ornamentum domum\_ornamentum 1.19-1.0.76-ALPHA DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Incendium\_v5.1.1.jar Incendium incendium 5.1.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE easy\_villagers-1.19-1.0.8.jar Easy Villagers easy\_villagers 1.19-1.0.8 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE blockui-1.19-0.0.64-ALPHA.jar UI Library Mod blockui 1.19-0.0.64-ALPHA DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE waystones-forge-1.19-11.1.0.jar Waystones waystones 11.1.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE AutoRegLib-1.8-54\_-\_Copy.jar AutoRegLib autoreglib 1.8-54 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE SereneSeasons-1.19-\_-\_Copy.jar Serene Seasons sereneseasons 0.0NONE DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Dreamland-forge-1.19- Dreamland dreamland []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE themissingvillages-2.0.0-1.19.2.jar The Missing Villages themissingvillages 2.0.0-1.19.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE lostcities-1.19-6.0.2.jar LostCities lostcities 1.19-6.0.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE elevatorid-1.19-1.8.6.jar Elevator Mod elevatorid 1.19-1.8.6 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Decorative+Blocks-forge-1.19.2-3.0.0.jar Decorative Blocks decorative\_blocks 3.0.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE DungeonCrawl-1.19-2.3.12\_-\_Copy.jar Dungeon Crawl dungeoncrawl 2.3.12 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE structurize-1.19.2-1.0.491-ALPHA.jar Structurize structurize 1.19.2-1.0.491-ALPHADONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE worldedit-mod-7.2.11-beta-02-dist.jar WorldEdit worldedit 7.2.11-beta-02+315c5DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE minecolonies-1.19.2-1.0.1429-BETA.jar MineColonies minecolonies 1.19.2-1.0.1429-BETADONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE mcw-doors-1.0.8forge-mc1.19.jar Macaw's Doors mcwdoors 1.0.8 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE cfm-7.0.0-pre34-1.19\_-\_Copy.jar MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod cfm 7.0.0-pre34 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE SimplyHouses- (2).jar Simply Houses simply\_houses DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE balm-4.5.3.jar Balm balm 4.5.3 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Terralith\_v2.3.1.jar Terralith terralith 0.0NONE DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Oh\_The\_Biomes\_Youll\_Go-forge-1.19- Oh The Biomes You'll Go byg []( Manifest: NOSIGNATURE nfm-2022.10.27-1.19.jar Nosiphus Furniture Mod nfm 2022.10.27 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE IMST\_2\_0\_1.jar Immersive Structure imst 2.0 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE ShinyHorses-1.19-1.2.jar Shiny Horses Forge - Enchantabshinyhorses 1.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE forge-1.19-41.1.0-universal.jar Forge forge 41.1.0 DONE Manifest: 84:ce:76:e8:45:35:e4:0e:63:86:df:47:59:80:0f:67:6c:c1:5f:6e:5f:4d:b3:54:47:1a:9f:7f:ed:5e:f2:90 Quark-3.3-368\_-\_Copy.jar Quark quark 3.3-368 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE HopoBetterMineshaft-\[1.19-1.19.3\]-1.1.6.jar HopoBetterMineshaft hopo 1.1.6 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE ctov-3.2.2.jar ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Vilctov 3.2.2 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE FastLeafDecay-30.jar FastLeafDecay fastleafdecay 30 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE supplementaries-1.19-2.0.13\_-\_Copy.jar Supplementaries supplementaries 1.19-2.0.13 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE geckolib-forge-1.19-3.1.40.jar GeckoLib geckolib3 3.1.40 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE mcw-lights-1.0.5-mc1.19forge\_-\_Copy.jar Macaw's Lights and Lamps mcwlights 1.0.5 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE DungeonsArise-1.19-2.1.51-beta.jar When Dungeons Arise dungeons\_arise 2.1.51 DONE Manifest: NOSIGNATURE Crash Report UUID: 6d502e06-4cf2-409a-a44d-85bb77c4a1f6 FML: 41.1 Forge: net.minecraftforge:41.1.0 
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2023.06.06 04:13 AforAdobo Fujidenzo 5 cu. ft. Two Door Direct Cool Refrigerator RDD-50S ₱7,500

Fujidenzo 5 cu. ft. Two Door Direct Cool Refrigerator RDD-50S ₱7,500
Happy Tuesday! Open for pickup/meet up so you can inspect the ref and ensure its working before we unplug it and drop off to your home. Bought last February 2023. Good as new. Having a hard time letting this go but won't be able to bring this to where I will relocate. Ref is still covered ng warranty. Specs are as follows:
5 cu.ft Two-Door Direct Cool Refrigerator Energy Efficient Compressor Consumes very minimal Electricity only 110 watts Reversible Door Light Bulb in Ref Section Adjustable Wire Shelves Large Freezer Space With Deep Freezer Design Bottom Vegetable Crisper Stainless look Door Color Dimension (h:w:d) - 116:48:53 cm
WARRANTY: One (1) year on service Two (2) years on parts Five (5) years on compressor Date of purchase: February 8,2023
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2023.06.06 04:06 Nomyad777 [PI] The Monster Kingdom (2/2)

Part 1
"When we Firmas were pushed north into the Pyrimian mountain valley after the death of their chain of command, they settled down and instead of focusing on expansion focused on necessities like food. With co-operation from the first goblins and other creative minds that joined the First Wave of the migration, they managed to grow food over the summer in first-iteration greenhouses. "My parents were part of the first wave. They were old for a couple, but joined the Firma clan in founding a government and keeping the area safe, as well as spreading word. The dragonic gods didn't like their behavior at all; cities burning is more entertainment for them, so they were the first to be Forsaken in this era, publicly, in the main square of the old Dragonic Capital. "However, that backfired, with more and more dragons tired of running around and fighting all the time, they decided to settle down in a place where nobody would bother them; now that they had this place given to them, and the Second Wave started. Basically the entirety of the dragonic clans and several other species amassed in this wave, and the Sapient Unification Government held. "My parents had an egg in one of the more northern caves, right on the coast. Then, the third wave arrived and everything went downhill from there. "The Unification Wars were fought between those who wanted one government to cover this region, and those who wanted governments segregated by species. This would have been fine if the secessionists didn't step in on people's behalves, without their consent; it took fifteen years of war for the war to end. Millions died and some species like the Snow Fox beastpeople almost went extinct. My parent were part of the death wave. "The war evolved so rapidly it was impossible for a commander to last more than two months. It started with sticks and stones and within a month there were arrow volleys. A year saw guns, two tanks, three battleships, four planes. Bombs, bigger bullets, bigger guns, bigger bombs. "In the last few months of the war, the first nuclear devices were used, creating miniature stars on the land with immense destructive potential unleashed. It ended with mutually assured destruction protocols being activated, and when all was said and done the land was a snow-fallen irradiated dustball. "It took years for the survivors to pick up the remnants of our short-lived civilization and restart it into the Terra Firma Sapience Union. All the time, my egg didn't hatch because I had no incubator, but didn't die thanks to my ice type. It was located close enough to a mana vein where I just... absorbed the entire vein. When the cave was found by explorers following maps for my parents den, all they found was my egg glowing brighter than Sunstones. "I was taken to an incubation facility in Cellyia, one of the bigger cities. There I hatched, and after more than one test I grew. My growth was still... affected by the time without an incubator, so my already slow growth stopped after fifty years instead of continuing to infinity. And then I took some magic courses, did my best to drain my mana reserves, and settled down here, well away from... the bustle of Cellyia. It never quite felt like a home, you know. It was a good place to grow up, don't get me wrong, but I like it here better. Remote, and in the same place my parents met for the first time. As much as I can tell, anyway; a number of records were destroyed in the Unification War. "When your heroes continued to come up here, I would be the one on first guard. Damming a river, I used water magic to break it. Trying to destroy some transit infrastructure, I would be the first one to either fake it, finish it off, or lure them away. When your latest one decided to head for Cellyia, it was out of my range for such activities. I shadowed the party on the way and let others take care of it. "I never thought that your 'heroes' would be heartless enough to burn what they were told and even acknowledged as a hospital with patients inside. A library and museum with most of our pre-unification works inside. An orphanage, a school... an entire neighborhood of ten thousand citizens' homes. What for? To try to kill just one of us. "We... couldn't take that kind of behavior. Cellyia might have not been the best place for someone with my personality to grow up, especially without parental figures, but that orphanage still had some good memories. An all-citizens vote was called, an all-citizens vote was passed, and we started a counter-offensive military campaign into your Civilization Nations. We've been waiting for you elves, leaders of the Civilized Nations, to advance your society; it's been seven hundred years, all the most you've done is grow your population and add an extra floor to your townhomes. "So we're going to do it for you. You ran our patience down, so we're going to change your society for you. Is it a repeat of the Unification War? I don't think so, given that you Civilized Nations never rescinded the declaration of war against us 'monsters' over two thousand years ago; one that you still follow through on to this day. "But that isn't the end of my story. "When the gods forsook us, they tried to pry away our magic, our land, and our lives. So we defended. Space radars monitor their movements on the mortal plane. There's so many more technical details I can go into. All I can tell you is, at one point, the old god of Dragonic Princess-kidnapping; yes, they were a god; they came and asked us to restart worshiping them. "That went over as well as you'd expect, and the next thing that happened... was that I absorbed her mana and powers. Technically, I am an undefined god, and... at this point, I'm afraid to get a definition. "What if it's something I don't like? Something evil, immoral... something my parents, the leaders of the Second Wave, wouldn't be proud of? What if... what if it kills me? Everyone hates me? I'd no longer be free... "So my solution was to hide. Here, in a mountain cave in the middle of nowhere. This is my life, all of it... and I don't know where to go from here." ----- "So... you're a god?" I asked. I couldn't think of another question to ask. "Yes and no." The cat replied. It did nothing to satisfy my fearful curiosity. How could one both be and not be a god? "Princess-kidnapping was a... niche god, rarely prayed to by still enough to be, you know, and actual deity. So her mana ran out first, and most of it dissipated back into the environment yada yada yada, but like the sponge my mana reserves are, I sucked more of it up than I should have; enough to had just a slight touch of divine control. On par with a low-level demigod. If I was omnipresent, I'd solve me problems with a snap of my claws, and then I wouldn't be hiding from my problems here." "If your powers came from a god, how are yours undefined?" My mind was seeking knowledge now. I was a mage, after all, and this was more than just the opportunity of a lifetime; it was the opportunity of a aeon. "Because I absorbed her essence from the environment before it had the chance to fully dissipate, but still late enough where it was no longer hers." Vixie shrugged "Or something like that, mana gets weird sometimes. All that matters now is my stockpile is slowly increasing its grow rate, which gets annoying pretty fast." "Annoying?" The cat laughed again. "Do you think this is all of my baseline reserve? Half of the reason I stay away from the rest of society is because the last time someone with multiple aura got involved with politics..." She trailed off, and then let another, this time impeccably cast illusion fall. The air around her was burnt crisp with the power of several mandatory auras in her current small size. Twelve tails flicked behind her back, eleven of them made of energy. Floating specs of light, some smaller while others the size of ice crystals surrounded the air around her. The six orbs on her back were joined by six more, and were attached to a ring. Her head had two halos, and her entire body was engraved with glowing lines. If she before radiated power, now she was made of it. The lights on the cave's ceiling flickered as more and more of the illusion fell away. Geometric shapes orbiting her body, a platform made of mana at her feet, lightning whizzing between all sorts of objects. Finally, it was gone, and the cat that stared at me with big, sad, glowing blue eyes had told me her deepest secret. As soon as it had started, the illusion repaired itself, and before me was one cat, a halo, six orbs, two crystals, and two mana tails. I did the second most instinctive thing when it came to seeing a cat. I pulled her in for a hug. There was a quickly quieted hiss as she squirmed a bit in my grip, trying to get more comfortable, before letting herself get stroked by me. Several images flashed before my eyes, and a tear came out of mine. We had gone to war against the less lucky sapients on our world, and were now paying the price. It felt like hours, but then my stomach growled, reminding me I hadn't eaten in literal days. Vixie shot out of my grip and led the way down into the cave. I followed, and soon enough I was eating some salted crackers with dried meat and cheese while Vixie moved around between other caves. "What are you doing?" I asked her between bites. "Packing," She replied. "Why?" "It's time I got out of here and, to follow the phrase, touched some grass." ----- It took three days for the elf, whose name was Nick, to recover enough to be able to make the journey to Cellyia. In those three days, I realized just how - and why - the Civilized Races looked at us the way they did. For starters, I'd forgotten just how many things ran on electricity, let alone other, more complicated mechanics. Pressurized water, instant hot water, even sinks, showers, and toilets were all completely unknown to the 'civilized races.' Ah, yes. Civilized without toilet paper. Bitter ramblings about the people who set off the chain reaction of events that killed my family aside, those were the second longest three days of my life; the first was my thirteenth birthday so I could get a personal HUD and social media. I was also a mess of thoughts. The elf had shown me, over the course of the three days - aside from the two-minute get-my-life-together moment - that I couldn't hide from my problems forever, or they would team up and try to hunt me. Hence my new, reluctant guest from the overflowing hospital they had oh-so-nicely delivered to my door. I had words for the medical staff. And I was also a mess of thoughts. Did I mention that one already. In all seriousness, Nick adapted to electronics pretty well. All I had to do was explain what it was, what it did, and file it under the name of science. It took an impressive four minutes of rambling about quantum mechanics before Vick realized that he was in way over his head asking how the 'magic rock that can half-think with bottled lightning' worked. He backed out when I yanked a textbook from my knowledge hoard and flipped through the pages to the start to explain how quantum superposition affected the set of particles it was entangled to. Fun. Finding out what toothbrushes were took some convincing, but soon the elf's teeth started to recover from lack of proper dental care. Food was easier than I expected, and Vick was pretty accepting of whatever I tossed on his plate. Except for artichokes, for some reason he hated those. Over the three days we bonded, and Nick got pretty used to life in my home. On the second day I moved him to the guest bedroom I had built but never maintained, but one wave of my paw and a splurge of magic later that was solved. "Why don't you use magic more often?" Nick asked. I explained that was much as I wanted to burn my reserves like they were a forest before a forest fire, the mental strain was tough without learning proper casting, which requires one to drain their reserves to practice wielding physical willpower. That meant that I was caught in an infinite loop of negativity, so I could only get away with a couple spells a day before the mental exhaustion metaphorically turned my brain to mush. On the morning of the fourth day, we left. Honestly, Nick could have left on the first day but I wanted him to be able to have the stamina to walk around for hours on end with me in Cellyia. Either way, as long as he kept by me it would be fine. There was a small population of elves, humans, and dwarves who had come up to the TFSU for one reason or another and never left, which meant that he wouldn't be too far out of place. My plan, instead of just flying into the Cellyia while steering clear of the airport, was to make it to the closest town, Lymian, and take a train from there north to Union Station. It would dump us a bit further downtown than I liked, but Cellyia was built in levels, and I could take the footpath level to wherever I needed. All said and done and one passenger seat clipped to my saddlebag harness on my dragon form, I opened the door to my cave. And was promptly blocked by a wall of snow. "Right," I half-grumbled. I enjoyed tunneling through snow, but spray would make the entrance cave wet and that wouldn't dry for another couple days, and until it did the sound of drips would echo throughout my home like nothing else. Either way, checking one last time that Nick was secure, I prepared my wings and powered forward. The snow and ice parted for me, and then melted and fixed itself back together behind me as I power-swam through the snow the same way I would through water. After ten seconds of this, I burst up from the snow-covered mountain the snowstorm had left behind and started to change my heading for Lymian. It would take thirty minutes of flying to get there, as I was flying lower and slower than usual to take care of my passenger, but we soon enough turned the next mountain and saw the town. The elf gasped as he took in the sights, while I kept my eye out for more activity. It had been fortified as a military base due to the war, but not by much; the town was useless from a defensive standpoint anyway. I spotted the next train arriving from its winding track around the next mountain, which also meant that I was a bit early. The citizens of Lymian were used to my presence, as I usually stopped by to pick up supplies and occasionally a bit of correspondence. So when I landed on top of a several story tall snow pile, nobody cared. I let Nick out, and then transformed into my cat form and slid down the snow pile to start to jogging towards the train station. That's when I remembered that unlike me, elves without snowshoes do not float on snow. Oops. ----- The sights were more than pretty, more than beautiful... If the gods had rejected these people, they might have just as well done it out of jealousy. After I'd been dropped off on top of a snow mound, I immediately flattened myself on my stomach to not fall through. I'd been in more than enough snowstorms and snow mounds to know how it would go if I didn't. The cat climbed the hill below me, reappearing as naturally as the snow fell. "Sorry," Vixie apologized. "Here, let me..." I felt the snow melt around me and we descended down to the ground. Vixie glowed brightly, literally; Even using as little magic as reshaping some snow was threatening to cascade out of her form. We moved to the train station without incident, where the massive 'train cars' were loaded full of passengers and cargo and then taken off towards the big city. Apparently this was the same one the hero burned, but the 'rebuilding and recovery efforts we going well; no critical infrastructure had been severely damaged.' Either way, the ride there was uneventful. Stepping out into Union Station was different. It was like I had entered a busy capital marketplace or square, with everyone rushing in another direction to another place. I trailed after Vixie, where even the oddity of an elf in these mountains was outshone by just how many different races there were; beastkin and kobolds and orcs and undead all filled the streets in, well, peace. "The city is built in layers," Vixie explained. "So while yes, residential and office towers here in the capital were set alight, underground public transit, personal transit, and cargo and fluid transit was all untouched, so we were able to circle around the hero and put out the fires to be replaced with smoke generators, and a couple holograms snatched from a nearby cargo transport." I had no idea what any of that meant, only that the city also had extensive underground bits. The towers soared over everything, and lights covered every spare centimeter of the city. Vixie led me down market stalls, across plazas, through parks and through building lobbies. Eventually, the babble increased, something I didn't think was possible. "Welcome to the commercial district," Vixie said after she had pulled me into a corner away from the masses of people and crowds moving around. "We're right near the harbor, and when we get there I'm going to show you the lighthouse and explain the city a bit better." I almost lost track of Vixie as we continued to move through the throngs of people going about their daily lives. I saw a couple boarded up shops, but most of them were either undamaged or didn't care about the scorch marks on their shops. Jewelry boutiques and grocery stores lived in tandem with furniture stores and a massive slab of too-smooth-to-be-natural stone of a rock type I had never seen before. It was covered in signs depicting some kind of diagram. Right around the corner was the waterfront, with a massive promenade running alongside it. Snow-covered trees lined the walkways, and soon enough Vixie and I came out of the crowd near a large, tall abandoned - though no unmaintained - building. "Right then," Vixie explained and started climbing. "Here's the old lighthouse, it's perfect for seeing the city. They never officially decommissioned it, so it's still legal to climb and properly maintained, but they never use it either." "What was the large thing they were building?" I asked, clambering onto the next ladder. "That? Oh, that was the space elevator." Vixie replied. "The ground part has been completed for three years now, we're just waiting for the rest of the nanotubes to make it into orbit and then run a kevlar cord up, follow it down with the space-grade heavy-duty nanotube cord, and then that's that." "Space?..." I was confused. "When the gods said that they were higher than mortals, you took that both figuratively and literally; they live above you and in a higher dimension. In this case, space is where they live in terms of height, but not number of dimensions. We're working on interdimensional travel, and interuniversal too, but those aren't replicatable on any sort of large scale yet." Vixie shrugged. "Either way, it's not like I care." "But you have it?" I pressed. "Dimensional travel." "Yes." She replied. "Well," I let out a short laughed. "The Civilized Nations are screwed over." "That's putting it lightly," She climbed on top of the last platform and showed me the city against the setting sun, lit up brighter than the night sky and more lively than the earth. It was beautiful. I sat there and watched the city glow with a power not even the gods had, side by side with not a dragon or monster, but a friend. END. A/N: Rushed this last bit of the arc, but school is ramping up at the end of the year so it was either fast story or incomplete story, and I chose fast story. Happy pride month, everyone, and I hope to see more of you when I have more time.
Original Prompt: [WP] For as long as all the races have known, Dragons have been seen as violent, destructive creatures. After an attack on your village, you black out and find yourself in the den of a dragon. It's rather annoyed that that is how they're seen, and wants to prove that isn't the case.
u/Lycan_Jedi thank you for the prompt!
Part 1
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2023.06.06 01:13 Flat-Relationship846 PokeValley - A New Non-Pay2Win Pixelmon Experience! No Purchases possible 9.1.5

Hey everyone! Are you tired of playing on servers that give an unfair advantage to those who pay? Look no further than PokeValley! Our incredible Pixelmon server has opened it's doors to anyone looking for a mighty adventure and we're so excited to invite you to join our growing community!
Here are just a few of the features you can expect:
- Player-run Gyms, Elite Four & Champion
- Fully custom gym badge system
- PokeDex rank rewards
- Tournaments and other community events
World borders:
⊛ Overworld: 35k x 35k
⊛ Ultra Space: 7.5k x 7.5k
⊛ Nether: 10k x 10k
⊛ End: 12,5k x 12,5k Note that the Overworld border will be increased by 5k with every new Pixelmon Reforged update. This could also include one of the other dimensions depending on the update.
We do not have a way to buy anything on our server besides of a Vip rank that gives you access to /nick.
While we strive to maintain a vanilla experience, we do have some quality of life features like /tpa, /home, /rtp, and more. We've already have a very active Community with around 30-40 players online daily at peak times!
Our building competition also ended not so long ago and I am proud to show off the video of our best builders on our server! Note that NO build was made with /fly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhvSTFSnodU&t=2s
If you're interested in joining our community, please leave a comment or DM me for a invite. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon in PokeValley! The IP is: play.pokevalley.net You will need the mods Pixelmon 9.1.5 and byg 1.3.5 to join!!!!
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2023.06.06 01:11 mysoulishome RBB Book Club "The Body Keeps The Score" Chapter 2 - Revolutions In Understanding Mind And Brain

Introduction Post
Chapter 1: Lessons from Vietnam Veterans
Chapter 2: Revolutions In Understanding Mind And Brain (You are here)
Chapter 3: (Coming Soon)
Welcome to Chapter 1 of our reading/discussion of The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma.
You can download or bookmark the STUDY GUIDE in PDF format which was created by The Trauma Research Foundation (co-founded the author) for their book club reading. I'll post an image of each page with the chapter summary as an image may be easier on mobile...and I'll note my questions and their questions for you. Their TRF website is a great future resource as well for programs, book clubs, events, newsletters etc. You can also follow the author on Facebook as well as TRF.
Recommended VIDEO TRF Book Club Week 1 is a 90 minute recording of their book club meeting on chapters 1-3.
CHAPTER 2 - Revolutions in Understanding Mind and Brain. Click here for the study guide in an image format as it might be easier on mobile than a PDF.
3 Salient Points
• 1. Psychiatric diagnoses are uncertain and most human suffering stems from lack of acknowledgement of past heartbreaks and losses.
• 2. The pharmacological revolution changed the way that we approach mental health treatment and non-chemical approaches to treatment are often overlooked.
• 3. Traumatized people may engage in re-enactments and this re-exposure to stress may have an anxiety relieving component.
The brain-disease model overlooks four fundamental truths: (1) our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another. Restoring relationships and community is central to restoring wellbeing; (2) language gives us the power to change ourselves and others by communicating our experiences, helping us to define what we know, and finding a common sense of meaning; (3) we have the ability to regulate our own physiology, including some of the so-called involuntary functions of the body and brain, through such basic activities as breathing, moving, and touching; and (4) we can change social conditions to create environments in which children and adults can feel safe and where they can thrive.
When we ignore these quintessential dimensions of humanity, we deprive people of ways to heal from trauma and restore their autonomy. Being a patient, rather than a participant in one’s healing process, separates suffering people from their community and alienates them from an inner sense of self. Given the limitations of drugs, I started to wonder if we could find more natural ways to help people deal with their post-traumatic responses.
My personal thoughts. This chapter starts to get more detailed on what Van Der Kolk is getting at when he talks about the body "keeping score". "You can only be fully in charge of your life if you "acknowledge the reality of your body." For little old me just sitting here taking medication and meditating all these years wondering WHY the meds and the deep breathing were not getting to the stress in my body...it still hangs on...this makes so much sense.
At the bottom of page 29 the author starts to get into the study on these poor dogs who were terribly mistreated and comparing them to the "normal" dogs. This whole section is very striking how much in common we see with traumatized persons (myself). When the opportunity to escape comes...the normal dogs run. The traumatized dogs just hunker down and cringe. Why run? Why would you think it will get better? This makes sense but I would have never thought that all these years later...actually doing something akin to opening the cage door would make a difference in feeling different about it.
The chapter talks about reenacting traumatic or exciting experiences to attempt to gain control over a painful situation that could lead to mastery and resolution. It seems like people do this, of course...and it provides them temporary relief maybe? On page 33 highlighted the thought that "strong emotions can block pain" and people seek that out to numb themselves. This bit makes me uncomfortable because I know I have things like this going on that I'm just not conscious of. Seeking out the chaos again can be comforting.
I have a memory from when I was a teen...watching a documentary about a harrowing in-flight event on a commercial airliner. The plane was in a dive and pointing down. The noise was overwhelming. Everyone on the plane was praying and knowing they were surely going to die. So loud but in a way so quiet. For some reason imagining that situation brought me so much peace, like I just wanted to stay in that moment where the plane was crashing and all of these strangers were together and sure they were going to die. I wanted to be there. I had been in a car wreck with my family many months before that...we rolled over 8 times...up a hill and back down...and I feel like that car wreck was similar. I'm sure people were screaming but I recall the moment of the car rolling as dead quiet and peaceful.
I responded a lot to the last few pages of the chapter talking about how SSRI's did not work for traumatized combat vets...on page 36 he talks about how they provide some relief for traumatized people but on a day to day basis, but don't TREAT the underlying symptoms. Treatment with SSRI's assume you have a chemical imbalance, and just treat that, but don't fix the body (the trauma).
This is me 100% right this very moment. My medications saved my life, I'll be honest. I am a good husband, have a good job, have great kids. I'm successful. My meds helped me do that. But I'm still struggling in a big way.
The end of the chapter (page 38) talks about the author's point of view that the best way to fix depression/anxiety etc for traumatized people is to change our physiology, restore relationships/community, change ourselves, communicate our experiences, breath, move, touch, create...feel safe and thrive.
• 1. In what ways might we shift our inner equilibrium and physiology without the use of medication?
• 2. What thoughts do you have about traumatic reenactments and the purpose they may serve for trauma survivors?
• 3. How does our use of the DSM correlate with the brain-disease model and the “four fundamental truths” it overlooks?
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2023.06.06 01:11 Chris_Mentese Meeting Brian Molko and the meaning of "Beautiful James"

Meeting Brian Molko and the meaning of
My name is Chris Mentese, a European guy from Antwerp. However, I will not bore you with such incidentals.
I submit to you that "Beautiful James" is in fact a reference to none other than James Dean himself. It's no secret that Brian looks up to Dean as a muse and has mentioned him in other Placebo songs such as "Ashtray Heart" and "This Picture."
"Beautiful James," as Brian has stated, is about pure love. In the song, Brian at times speaks both as himself and as James Dean. "Bring me back to life!" Molko cries, speaking as James, seeking to be brought back from his grave. Once Dean is resurrected, he and Brian venture through the fantasy zones of Europea, through many "battle fields." The current situation in Curope, and around the globe, is quite hot - fettered with much unseen troubles and dangers. Brian deeply expresses this idea in the song (and the rest of Never Let ME Go), as intense paranoia and feelings of danderousness permeate every melody lyric.
Later, when Brain sings, "I don't want to wake you, but I just may have to," he is speaking fervently, stating that he may have to utilize occult methodology (such as a tarot card, a Wedgie Board, Franken-bolts, or perhaps a seance) in order to contact Spirit James, who lies asleep, dead in some forsaken neitherworld.
Brian Molko clearly adores Dean and regards him as a spiritual brother, muse, and inspirato. After all, the two share so much. On the sophomoric Placebo record Sleeping with Gaists, the track "Something Wrong With This Picture" similarly calls to mind Dean. In the autobiographic song, Brain mentions the Ashtray Girl, a very hot, young goth woman with whom he had a torgid affair. She caused him to commit masochistic acts, such as when she put out cigarettes on Brian's chests. Now, the putting out of cigarettes on his svelte bobs is nothing but an off-color reference to Dean because, as many know, James fell for the same masochistic trick. Dean would command odd characters to place cigars on his cheste in the privacy of his bedroom, just as Brian did with the petite Ashtray Girl. Futherwore, Brian also has a song called "Ashtray Heart" on his album Battle For the Sun, which is chockablock with the same bizzarology - the intense image of a man in a plastic leather blazer, with women putting out cigarettes on his exposed chest. Again, this is both a reference to Dean and Brian himself.
If you have not listened to the whole of Never LEt Me Go, you really should. You must. When I first listened, I was alone on holiday, staying at a gloomy hostel in Strasbourg, in a darkly lit public restroom, reclining in the tub. As I heard the songs through my earphones, I was utterly repulsed; for it was all far too brutal. Too Honest. I wanted somthing lighter - sexier - with songs similar to the pop gems found on the Placebo albums of old. Insteada, what we got with NEver LEt ME GO, is smomthing very profound, very brutal, with lyrics and themes which cut into your very sole.
Listening to the tunes, I felt like Brian himself had pulled my stick, letting out somthing, and then stabbed me - denting my tits and cutting into my heart. I actually vomitted from both ends - but a little - by the album's close. And when the stuff dispersed in the water, I gasped, eyes rolling, and nearly lost consciousness. The whole while, Brian's spectral vocals echoed through my mind, and I choked, feeling the emotional pain. It was a very cathartic release, because Brian conveys true things - very real things that I wanted to put from my mind. But now, after this realization, I can tell you the truth: this record is the finest post Meds Placebo album I have seen on the shelf at the establishment. Pehaps it is second only to Without YOu I'm a Nothing.
I want readers to understand that Brian Molko is actually a wonderful guy, truly. I have met him several times, just by chance. We are both Europeans, similarly aged, originally from Belgium; and so, I have seen him at least 3-4 times - once in the late 90s, another in 2---s, and twice more, most recently, in the 2020s.
The first time I met Brian was in 1999. He did not see me; I only heard his angelic voice. I was at a European Health Clinic (whose name I will not say) receiving intra-testicular saline injections. Through a closed door, I heard Brain in the lobby, conversing with some being. He was saying something about Heathrow airport and the weather (just small talk). Excited, I tried to arise to go out and meet him. Alas, I could not. For I was down, bound in restraints. I tried to scream for him, but my mouth was covered. Besides, I was naked, and it was just as well that Brian did not witness my moment of impropriety.
Next, in the early 2000s, I met Brian on the train to Scotland. He sat alone. At first I thought he was Feldman the American actor, but indeed it was Brian. I engaged the man, and he smiled warmly. He even gave me some Dark Belgian Chocolate, a fine cigarette, and an autograph.
The following 10 years, I met Molko yeat again, but this time on the bullet train from Tokyo to Oskaka. Again, he was alone, but listening to a Placebo Parlament Funkadelic LP on his virtual Walkman. He was drinking a cup of very hot, very fresh German coffee.
"Brain," I said, "It is Chris! Do you not remember me?"
Molko said nothing, but only smiled.
In 2015, I nearly saw Brian again. I had just left a Christopher Lambert film festival in Zurich. As I walked the town, I felt hotly on edge - highly incensed and quite lethal. I needed a friend or lover; however, I was utterly alone. Rather than order an unknown escort in a strange town, I stopped into the gentleman's club - a nonstop erotic cabaret - away from high street.
Inside, I discreetly swallowed a pill in the lavatory, then entered the bar. There I took several drinks - clear vodka with plenty of ice - and solemnly viewed the cabaret. After some time, I noticed a slender man (about Brian's dimensions) reviving a lap dance from a lather large blonde woman, to the tune of Placebo's "English Summer Rain." Because of these indicators, I immediately made the logical connection that this man was, in fact, Molko.
I rushed through the crowd and came between the man and the dancer. Pushing the woman aside, whose breast collided with my hand, I ceased the the man, firmly pulling at the lapels of his jacket, and lifted him from his chair. Much to my dismay, I realized that he was not Brian, but only slightly similar in looks. Apparently, the DJ's song selection was a mere coincidence.
Bouncers arrived. There was some screaming and pushing. I was streuk several times, quite hard, Pelted with a fleshlight about the head and firmly across the seat. I then felt an arm come from behind and cross my neck. (It was not the first time I had been choked, nor the last.) Rather than fight, I conceded to the pressure and felt pure bliss as my consciousness left. (There was some strain and redness in the face, as well as Some stool dropage, as prescribed.) As I went, I emitted a high-pitched whining moan (much like Brian would have done under the same circumstances, I suppose). Doubtless, all in attendance were impressed by this; but it was far too late to take back the damage they had rendered, as I was well unconscious and positively beaten.
Security carried me from the premises and expelled me from the porch. I awokened at the storefront moments later, with some blood dripping from the nose. Worse still, my beautiful leather coat and Crimplene blouse were utterly torn. In the end, I left with two black eyes for my troubles - a delicious reminicient, worthy of Brian's excellent Placebo song, "Black Eyed."
After that setback, I did indeed bump into the real Molko once more. This happened in 2022, at the Front 242 concert, at the concession stand outdoors. Brian did not notice me at first, but when I roughly caught him by the arm and spun him around, he knew me straightaway. (He looked quite good with his present style: all together rugged, with long hair, fedora, fashion shades, Zorro mustache, and dashing grin.) After a hug and much laughter, we sat together and had a lengthy intellectual conversation, smoking many cigarettes, and drinking some alcohol. I offered him some colorful little tablets, but he was clean and did not want any.
All in all, it was a rather lovely evening. Brian expounded on topics such as himself and Placebo; whereas I talked mainly about my frustrations with life. Brian was very forthgiving and simpathetic. He even assured me that he would help me to get laid (I requested a real female, and Molko insisted that he could do it, no question asked, nor fee collected.)
"Rest assured, next time I will get you a woman from the red light sector, and I will pay the fine," said he.
At the close of our meeting, we had exchnaged some phone numbers, and the sistuation got a bit confused in the heated exchange. I am not altogether sure I got the right number, as I have texted Brian and await confirmation, yet to recieve any response! Most likely there was some mistake, but it is no matter, since I am somewhat confindence I shall bump across Molko yet again in future time.
With his eyes, sincere and blue; his voice, high, nasal, and yet resonant; his words and teachings, beyond the border of genius; and his way of being, seemingly alien yet at once profundly human, this Brian is truly an unusual person - a miracle worker, mildly put. They should never have exiled the man to Denmark, following Brexit. It's a very sad thing, and Brian has been complaining about it ever since.
In closing, I have this to offer: Very many of you Placebo fans are being unfair and irrational, complaining about the band's latest work. "Give us your old sounds," you demand. "Make new music like With Out You I'm Nothing," or, "Give us the funs songs of your first record!" In response, I tell you this: Do not do this, ever. You do not know what you ask.
This is no longer the 90's - a wonderful time. No, this is the future and life stinks. Further, Brian Milko is no longer the amazing fun-person he was in the Brit-pop days. Back then he wore the Zero Girl Shirts, The Stunt Bitch T-shirt, and dressed like a girl ... sometimes. He was cheerfull anorexic - a glib androgynous - who was very courtious, very cheeky, with a playful wit and flipant humor. He was like a son who was rather like a smart daughter - one to be cheerish, which you wished you had, had you had the privilege of having children. Gone are those halcyon days. Brian is now an adult - a hardened man - weary, serious, older, troubled, somewhat handsome and somewhat rugged, who is prone to absurdist flights in his fedora, black leather coat, black shirt, long sheet hair, and mustache. His comings and goings are very mysterious, as are his creative processes. Don't bother him. He cannot go back in time. These are grim times, and he can't return to being a boy. Neither can any of us.
With Much Love,
Chris M.
Brian and I at the pub in the vosges.
Brian (left) and I (on the right). Take note, if you are able, of my beautiful leather outergarmet (made from real lamb). Please also notice, that day I was very stress-worn and had not shaved in over several weaks, thus accounting for my whiskers and mullet hair-styles. For you and I (us Placeboy fans), we know that time is relative. In other words, time is short. Thus, I cannot maintain the proper image of all times. Also, my funds are rather limited, as I am not a sucessful adult financially speaking (Although, I, like other Europeans, place emphasis on quality over quantity, and as such, have amassed a rather remarkable, though modest, wardrobe filled with several vintage garments of remarkable quality - perfect for the man such as myselfer, who blends Euriopean advance-style, with alternative looks of rock, the likes of which Brian Nolko is particularly of note).
In life, there are only so many tasteful, small moments when two men (like Brian and me) can kick back, get togeder, and just share a small, pleasent moment, like two gentleman. It was a very good moment, I dare say, and I looking foward to future conforntations between Brian and I, and prehapts Stephan (or even disgruntled x-drummer, Steve). We shall see.
submitted by Chris_Mentese to placebo [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 21:52 Piratedad83 [USA-CO] [H] Nintendo Games and Consoles: NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS [W] Paypal

List has been updated with additional SNES, N64, and Gamecube games. Paring down some parts of my collection. Happy to post pics of anything that you might be interested in. Shipping is $5 for the first game or 2, and then goes up from there as needed. Shipping for consoles will be around $15, depending on where you live.
Check out my Playstation games post here (with new PS3 games added):
Check out my Sega and Xbox games here:
NES (Cartridge Only)
NES console, power cable, AV cable, controller $80 (I have 2 bundles available)
Racket Attack $5
SNES (Cartridge Only)
Acme Animation Factory $15
Championship Pool $5
Claymates $15
Final Fantasy II $60
King of the Monsters $15
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past $40
Lion King $15
Mario Paint $5
MLBPA. Baseball $5
Monopoly $5
NHL Stanley Cup $5
NHLPA Hockey $5
P.T.O II $25
Pinball Dreams $10
Populous $5
Roger Clemens MVP Baseballe $5
StarFox $20
Super Mario World $25
Super Metroid $80
Tecmo Super Bowl $20
Tom and Jerry $15
Top Gear $10
Utopia $20
WWF Super Wrestlemania $10
Nintendo 64 (Cartridge Only)
N64 Console, power cable, AV cable, controller $100
N64 Console w/expansion pak, power cable, AV cable, controller $150
Memory Card (x5) $10/each
Rumble pak $20
Doom $35
Jet Force Gemini (No label) $5
NFL Blitz 2001 $30
Perfect Dark $20
Pokemon Snap $20
Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA (Label Issues) $15
Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer $10
Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire $15
Super Mario 64 (Faded label) $40
Superman 64 $15
Gamecube (CIB unless noted)
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 $10
Donkey Konga (Case and Disc) $20
Dragonball Z: Budokai (Case and Disc) $20
Dragonball Z: Budokai 2 $50
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles $20
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Case and Disc) $260
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Case and Disc) $30
Lego: Star Wars: The Video Game (Case and Disc) $10
Mario Superstar Baseball (Case and Disc) $60
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System $35
Metroid Prime (Case and Disc) $30
Namco Museum (Case and Disc) $10
Nascar Thunder 2003 $10
NBA Street Vol 2 $35
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door $100
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (Case and Disc) $180
Pokemon: Colosseum (Case and Disc) $160
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder $10
Sonic Mega Collection $15
SSX 3 $25
Super Bubble Pop $10
Yu-gi-oh! The Falsebound Kingdom (Case and Disc) $20
Wii (CIB unless noted)
Wii Console, power, A/V, and sensor bar cables, Wiimote and Nunchuk $70
Ben 10: Galactic Racing $5
Ben 10: Protector of Earth $5
Build 'n Race $5
Call of Duty: Black Ops $5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Case and Disc) $5
Carnival Games $10
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2 $15
Disney Sing It: Family Hits (Case and Disc) $10
EA Active: Personal Trainer $5
Family Fest presents Movie Games $3
Game Party $5
Ghostbusters: The Video Game $10
Guinness World Records: The Videogame $3
Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock $25
Guitar Hero: World Tour $20
Just Dance $10
Just Dance 2 $10
Just Dance 3 $10
Just Dance 4 $10
Just Dance 2014 $10
Just Dance Kids (Disc only) $5
Just Dance: Summer Party $10
Kirby's Epic Yarn $20
The Last Airbender $10
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword $25
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess $15
Lego: Batman: The Videogame $5
Lego: Batman 2: DC Super Heroes $5
Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean $10
Lego: Star Wars: The Complete Saga $5
Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal (Case and Disc) $5
Madden 11 $3
Major Leage Baseball 2K12 $5
Mario Strikers Charged $15
Mario Super Sluggers $35
Minute To Win It $5
Monkey Mischief! (Disc only) $3
My Fitness Coach (Case and Disc) $5
My Sims: Agents (Disc only) $3
My Sims: Kingdom $5
My Word Coach $5
Neo Pets: Puzzle Adventure (Disc only) $3
Nerf: N-Strike $5
Ni Hao Kai-lan: Super Game Day (Disc only) $3
Petz: Crazy Monkey (Case and Disc) $5
Puzzle Kingdoms $5
Rapala: We Fish $5
Rayman: Raving Rabbids $5
Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2 (Case and Disc) $5
Rockband $20
Skate It $5
Skylanders: Giants $5
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure $5
Smarty Pants (Case and Disc) $3
Speed Racer: The Video Game $5
Squeeballs Party $5
Star Wars: Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels (Disc only) $3
Super Paper Mario (Case and Disc) $15
The Price is Right: Decades (Case and Disc) $5
The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces (Case and Disc) $5
Thrillville: Off the Rails (Case and Disc) $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (Case and Disc) $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09: All play $5
Ultimate Band $5
Wacky Races: Crash & Dash $15
Wii Fit $5
Wii Music $3
Wii Play $10
Wii Sports (Disc only) $20
Wii Sports (Cardboard Sleeve and Disc) $25
Wii Sports Resort $30
Wonder World: Amusement Park $5
Zoo Hospital (Case and Disc) $5
Zumba Fitness 2 $3
Wii U (CIB unless noted)
Disney Infinity (No manual) $5
Disney Infinity 2.0 $5
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (No manual) $5
Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Course (No manual) $5
Just Dance 2015 $5
Just Dance 2015 (Disc only) $3
Just Dance 2016 $5
Just Dance 2016 (No manual) $5
Just Dance 2017 (No manual) $5
Lego: The Movie Videogame $5
Madden 13 $10
Minecraft: Wii U Edition $15
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventure (Disc and manual) $10
Skylanders: Super Chargers (No manual) $5
Skylanders: Trap Team (No manual) $5
Smurfs 2 $20
Splatoon $15
Super Mario 3D World (No manual) $15
Nintendo Switch (CIB unless noted)
Gundam G: Generations Crossrays (JPN) (Cartridge only) $40
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild $45
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Cartridge only) $35
Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition (JPN) (Cartridge only) $20
Paper Mario: The Origami King $35
Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond (JPN) (Cartridge only) $25
Pokemon: Shining Pearl (JPN) (Cartridge only) $25
Super Mario Party (JPN) (Cartridge only) $20
Gameboy (Cartridge only)
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle $5
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 $5
Donkey Kong (1994) $20
Game & Watch Gallery $10
In Your Face $5
Monopoly $5
Xenon 2 $30
Gameboy Color (Cartridge only)
A Bug's Life $5
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 4 $20
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX $45
Mario Tennis $15
Rampage: World Tour $5
Gameboy Advance (Cartridge only unless noted)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $5
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe $4
Disney Princess $5
Finding Nemo: The Continuing Adventures $5
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events $5
Mega Man Zero 2 $35
Midnight Club Street Racing $5
Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (Box and manual, no game) $10
Nicktoons Unite (Box and manual, no game) $7
Pac-Man Collection $5
Spider-Man (Box and manual, no game) $15
Spyro: Season of Ice $7
Star Wars: The New Droid Army $5
Street Fighter Alpha 3 $45
The Sims: Bustin' Out $15
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 $10
Nintendo DS (Cartridge only unless noted)
50 Classic Games (CIB) $5
Avatar: The Last Airbender $15
Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush $3
Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp $5
Brain Age $3
Cars: MaterNational Championships $5
Deer Drive $5
Diner Dash: Flo on the Go (CIB) $15
Final Fantasy III (CIB) $25
Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue $5
Insecticide $5
Madden 08 $5
Madden 09 $10
Major League Baseball 2K11 $5
Mario Party DS $10
My French Coach (CIB) $5
Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends $5
Nintendogs (PAL) $5
Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (CIB) $5
Puss in Boots (CIB) $5
Quest Trio (CIB) $5
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing $8
Spore: Creatures (CIB) $10
Zubo $5
Nintendo 3DS (Cartridge only unless noted)
Code Name: STEAM $5
Miitopia $20
The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins $5
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Cartridge only) $15
Tomodachi Life (Case and Cartridge) $40
Wario Ware Gold $35
Wipeout 2 (CIB) $5
submitted by Piratedad83 to GameSale [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 21:36 zebooya Will you answer the call? [online][5e][discord]

𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐢-𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬

Surrounded by dense forests to the west, a sprawling lagoon to the east, and mountains to the north and southwest, lies the city of Miniry. Miniry has existed here for centuries, under the rule of the Valerians. Miniry does not partake in slave trade, and it welcomes people from all races and backgrounds without judgement, making it a perfect place to start over.
On the main square of Miniry stands a portal, which leads to the shiny city of Halcyon, situated in a pocket dimension within Miniry. This is where the elite and the rich seek their refuge from the world, living a life of luxury and ease.
In the forest to the west, a cave entrance leads to an elaborate labyrinth, which in turn leads to the Underdark and the city of Drealox. Drealox is a refuge for the more questionable figures and while it frowns upon slave trade, other shady business might be conducted here.
These three cities together form the Tri-Cities, though to outsiders the city is mostly known as Miniry.
Being a refuge and a place to start over comes not without its dangers. The success of being a free city is in constant peril. Monsters, intrigue, assassins, and people's backgrounds catching up with them constantly put the Tri-Cities at risk. To protect the Tri-Cities, three guilds have formed, who are always eager to add more adventurers to their ranks.
✧ The Rising Dawn - Headquarters in Miniry, known for their inclusion and readiness to always protect everyone who needs it. ✧ The Golden Scales - Headquarters in Halcyon, known for their reputation for magic, success and wealth. ✧ The Seven Daggers - Headquarters in Drealox, known for its protection of the Underdark, questionable tactics and thirst for power.
The tri-cities call for your aid! Word has reached your ears that the Tri-Cities are in need of more adventurers. Protect the town, help solve the city's problems, work together with the other adventurers in town and go on adventures while making friends along the way. Choose which guild to join, or decide to fly solo! Missions will be free to all who wish to help, but joining a guild will grant you access to their facilities and room and board for free.
Upon entering Miniry you will hear tall tales of adventurers slaying dragons, giant turtles and an evil hag. Tensions seem to always run high, problems are plenty. Will you swear to protect the Tri-Cities to the best of your abilities? Will you answer the call?
✧ Low magic, low tech + high fantasy theme; All experience levels welcome! ✧ Discord in combination with Roll20 playing DnD 5th Edition ✧ Combination of west marches and living world style with a strong focus on roleplay ✧ PBP (play-by-post) based roleplay with Avrae, Roll20 & Tupperbox ✧ 18+ and LGBTQ Friendly ✧ Roleplay 24/7 with encounters held in Discord and Roll20 throughout the week ✧ Community events, game nights + memes!
If interested, please fill out the form below. ✧ Discord Username ✧ Age ✧ Time-Zone ✧ Experience Level ✧ Give an RP sample in the third person. Use the prompt below, or get creative!
You and some guildmates are having drinks at an inn. Boom! Suddenly, a large dark figure opens the door and starts demanding everyone leave…
Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in our server!
Please post your form below or DM me directly on Discord (Funki#1234)
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2023.06.05 21:28 zebooya Will you answer the call? [discord / pbp / dnd 5e]

𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐢-𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬

Surrounded by dense forests to the west, a sprawling lagoon to the east, and mountains to the north and southwest, lies the city of Miniry. Miniry has existed here for centuries, under the rule of the Valerians. Miniry does not partake in slave trade, and it welcomes people from all races and backgrounds without judgement, making it a perfect place to start over.
On the main square of Miniry stands a portal, which leads to the shiny city of Halcyon, situated in a pocket dimension within Miniry. This is where the elite and the rich seek their refuge from the world, living a life of luxury and ease.
In the forest to the west, a cave entrance leads to an elaborate labyrinth, which in turn leads to the Underdark and the city of Drealox. Drealox is a refuge for the more questionable figures and while it frowns upon slave trade, other shady business might be conducted here.
These three cities together form the Tri-Cities, though to outsiders the city is mostly known as Miniry.
Being a refuge and a place to start over comes not without its dangers. The success of being a free city is in constant peril. Monsters, intrigue, assassins, and people's background catching up with them constantly put the Tri-Cities at risk. To protect the Tri-Cities, three guilds have formed, who are always eager to add more adventurers to their ranks.
✧ The Rising Dawn - Headquarters in Miniry, known for their inclusion and readiness to always protect everyone who needs it. ✧ The Golden Scales - Headquarters in Halcyon, known for their reputation for magic, success and wealth. ✧ The Seven Daggers - Headquarters in Drealox, known for its protection of the Underdark, questionable tactics and thirst for power.
The tri-cities call for your aid! Word has reached your ears that the Tri-Cities are in need of more adventurers. Protect the town, help solve the city's problems, work together with the other adventurers in town and go on adventures while making friends along the way. Choose which guild to join, or decide to fly solo! Missions will be free to all who wish to help, but joining a guild will grant you access to their facilities and room and board for free.
Upon entering Miniry you will hear tall tales of adventurers slaying dragons, giant turtles and an evil hag. Tensions seem to always run high, problems are plenty. Will you swear to protect the Tri-Cities to the best of your abilities? Will you answer the call?
✧ Low magic, low tech + high fantasy theme; All experience levels welcome! ✧ Discord in combination with Roll20 playing DnD 5th Edition ✧ Combination of west marches and living world style with a strong focus on roleplay ✧ PBP (play-by-post) based roleplay with Avrae, Roll20 & Tupperbox ✧ 18+ and LGBTQ Friendly ✧ Roleplay 24/7 with encounters held in Discord and Roll20 throughout the week ✧ Community events, game nights + memes!
If interested, please fill out the form below. ✧ Discord Username ✧ Age ✧ Time-Zone ✧ Experience Level ✧ Give an RP sample in the third person. Use the prompt below, or get creative!
You and some guildmates are having drinks at an inn. Boom! Suddenly, a large dark figure opens the door and starts demanding everyone leave…
Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in our server! Please post your form below or DM me directly on Discord (Funki#1234)
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2023.06.05 21:25 zebooya Will you answer the call? [discord / pbp / roll20 / avrae]

𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐢-𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬

Surrounded by dense forests to the west, a sprawling lagoon to the east, and mountains to the north and southwest, lies the city of Miniry. Miniry has existed here for centuries, under the rule of the Valerians. Miniry does not partake in slave trade, and it welcomes people from all races and backgrounds without judgement, making it a perfect place to start over.
On the main square of Miniry stands a portal, which leads to the shiny city of Halcyon, situated in a pocket dimension within Miniry. This is where the elite and the rich seek their refuge from the world, living a life of luxury and ease.
In the forest to the west, a cave entrance leads to an elaborate labyrinth, which in turn leads to the Underdark and the city of Drealox. Drealox is a refuge for the more questionable figures and while it frowns upon slave trade, other shady business might be conducted here.
These three cities together form the Tri-Cities, though to outsiders the city is mostly known as Miniry.
Being a refuge and a place to start over comes not without its dangers. The success of being a free city is in constant peril. Monsters, intrigue, assassins, and people's background catching up with them constantly put the Tri-Cities at risk. To protect the Tri-Cities, three guilds have formed, who are always eager to add more adventurers to their ranks.
✧ The Rising Dawn - Headquarters in Miniry, known for their inclusion and readiness to always protect everyone who needs it. ✧ The Golden Scales - Headquarters in Halcyon, known for their reputation for magic, success and wealth. ✧ The Seven Daggers - Headquarters in Drealox, known for its protection of the Underdark, questionable tactics and thirst for power.
The tri-cities call for your aid! Word has reached your ears that the Tri-Cities are in need of more adventurers. Protect the town, help solve the city's problems, work together with the other adventurers in town and go on adventures while making friends along the way. Choose which guild to join, or decide to fly solo! Missions will be free to all who wish to help, but joining a guild will grant you access to their facilities and room and board for free.
Upon entering Miniry you will hear tall tales of adventurers slaying dragons, giant turtles and an evil hag. Tensions seem to always run high, problems are plenty. Will you swear to protect the Tri-Cities to the best of your abilities? Will you answer the call?
✧ Low magic, low tech + high fantasy theme; All experience levels welcome! ✧ Discord in combination with Roll20 playing DnD 5th Edition ✧ Combination of west marches and living world style with a strong focus on roleplay ✧ PBP (play-by-post) based roleplay with Avrae, Roll20 & Tupperbox ✧ 18+ and LGBTQ Friendly ✧ Roleplay 24/7 with encounters held in Discord and Roll20 throughout the week ✧ Community events, game nights + memes!
If interested, please fill out the form below. ✧ Discord Username ✧ Age ✧ Time-Zone ✧ Experience Level ✧ Give an RP sample in the third person. Use the prompt below, or get creative!
You and some guildmates are having drinks at an inn. Boom! Suddenly, a large dark figure opens the door and starts demanding everyone leave…
Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in our server! Please post your form below or DM me directly on Discord (Funki#1234)
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2023.06.05 20:39 Duckwizard_76 String Concatenation 1.20 Java

String Concatenation 1.20 Java
I have made a string concat datapack for 1.20!
It takes two strings and combines them (also supports scoreboard values for command creation). This can open the doors to dynamic commands as I demonstrate in the video.
Read the config or README for more info on settings or how it works.

Quick concat Demo

NOTE: You can only concat once per tick. I may know how to bypass this, but I will be away for a bit and don't have time to add this functionality right away. This datapack also only seems to have niche uses so I would be surprised if this functionality is in massive demand.
Please also note this datapack also adds a dimension to do calculations in. I primarily just need feedback to improve/fix anything.
submitted by Duckwizard_76 to MinecraftCommands [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 19:48 Squatchbreath TapCon help

Location VA I need to price building a wall across an eight foot wide corridor which has block walls the wall will have a welded steel frame with two 3-0 solid core doors. The planned wall dimensions are 8’w x 8.5h with 2x4 framing and 5/8 S/R both sides. My question is, the 2x4 members that will be fixed to the block, I am planning on using six tapcons per section, in a single row from top to bottom. Will this satisfy code? And if not what are the regs on this situation. This small project will require a permit. Thank you for any info on this question.
submitted by Squatchbreath to BuildingCodes [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 19:25 Squatchbreath TapCon help

I need to price building a wall in a hall that has block walls. The wall will be perpendicular in the hall and will have a welded steel frame that two solid core doors will hang(6-0). And approximately 1 ft of wall on each side of the door frame. The wall dimensions are 8’w x 8.5’h. So my question is, I plan on using tapcons on the 2x4’s that will be against the block walls and I don’t know if there is a particular building code reg that I should know about. I was planning on using 6 tapcons per side in a single row from top to bottom equally spaced. I’m concerned about what the building inspector will say. Yes, this will require a permit to proceed if I get the job. Thx for any info that anyone can provide.
submitted by Squatchbreath to Construction [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 18:42 LanguageKnown7997 Curiosity's End

I always had a fascination with old, abandoned houses. Their decaying walls and forgotten secrets held a strange allure for me. So, when I heard about the house on Oakwood Street, reputed to be haunted, I couldn't resist exploring it.
As I stepped inside, the air grew stale, and a chill ran down my spine. The house was filled with an eerie silence, broken only by the creaking floorboards beneath my feet. I cautiously made my way through the rooms, my heart pounding with anticipation.
In one corner, I discovered a hidden door. It was partially ajar, revealing a dimly lit room beyond. I pushed it open, and a gust of cold wind rushed past me, extinguishing my flashlight. I fumbled in the darkness, trying to relight it, but my efforts were in vain.
Feeling my way along the walls, I noticed strange etchings carved into the wood. They were symbols I had never seen before, ancient and foreboding. My unease grew with each step, as if unseen eyes were watching my every move.
Suddenly, I heard a whisper, barely audible. "Leave this place," it urged, the voice filled with despair. Ignoring the warning, I pressed on, drawn deeper into the mysterious room.
In the center, I found a dusty, ornate mirror. Its surface was cracked and tarnished, reflecting a distorted image of the room. I couldn't tear my eyes away from it; there was something hypnotic about the glass.
As I peered into the mirror, the room around me seemed to blur and fade away. I was transported to another time, another dimension. I could see glimpses of the past, a family's joy and sorrow, etched into the mirror's surface.
But the enchantment soon turned sinister. Faces twisted with agony appeared in the glass, their eyes filled with anguish. Their desperate pleas for release echoed in my ears, filling me with dread. I tried to look away, to break free from the mirror's hold, but it was too late.
In that moment, the mirror shattered, shards of glass flying in all directions. I screamed as the fragments pierced my flesh, embedding themselves deep within me. Blood flowed freely, mingling with the broken mirror.
As I lay on the floor, gasping for breath, the room returned to its dilapidated state. The whispering voice grew louder, mocking me. "You were warned," it said, a cruel laughter lacing its words. "Now, you are trapped here forever."
Days turned into nights, and time lost all meaning. I remained trapped in that forsaken room, my wounds never healing. The pain became my constant companion, a reminder of my foolish curiosity.
Visitors would occasionally stumble upon the house, drawn in by its haunted reputation. They would hear my desperate cries for help, but their attempts to rescue me were in vain. The room had claimed me as its own, and it would never release its hold.
And so, I became just another forgotten soul, trapped in the darkness of the house on Oakwood Street. The curse of my curiosity condemned me to an eternity of torment, a reminder to all who dared to venture where they didn't belong.
In the end, I realized that some doors are better left unopened, some secrets better left buried. And as the house loomed over the neighborhood, its reputation grew, serving as a chilling reminder of the price of curiosity.
submitted by LanguageKnown7997 to shortscarystories [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 17:47 _WillCAD_ Another crossover fanfic

My last post got a lot of upvotes... well, 65, which is a LOT for me! So I thought some folks might like to see more.
Before the trailer for SNW S2 was released, a couple of stills got out, one of which showed Mariner and Boimler on the Enterprise transporter pads with Pike and Number One. But without context, there was no way to know whether Pike and Una knew that the Lower Deckers were behind them, and there was a lot of speculation...
Jack is holding something in his hand in that shot. I'm beginning to think I see the plot of the episode!
In the 2380s, Mariner and Boimler are on the Klingon planet Borath, and Mariner being Mariner, she irreverently reaches out to grab a sacred time crystal. Boimler grabs her hand to stop her, and they're both transported to the Enterprise in 2259, because it's the same crystal that Pike has used for his wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey shenanigans in the past. Or one possible past, from a certain point of view. Or whatever. I HATE temporal mechanics!
Boimler: Where are we?
Mariner: I don't know.
Boimler: What happened?
Mariner: I don't know.
Boimler: Are we still on Borath?
Mariner: I don't know.
Boimler: Did this crystal thing bring us here?
Mariner: I don't know.
Boimler: Why can't anyone see or hear us?
Mariner: Enough with the questions, Boims! I. DON'T. KNOW! Why are you ALWAYS so annoying in a crisis situation?
Boimler : I. DON'T. KNOW.
Mariner: I get it! We're cloaked and phased!
Boimler: Cloaked AND phased? How does that work?
Mariner: I dunno. It happened to Geordi Laforge once, though. Everyone thought he was dead until he suddenly appeared out of thin air in the middle of his own funeral. It was awesome!
Boimler: How did he fix it?
Mariner: I don't know, I've been trying to remember. I was just a kid when it happened.

Boimler: Ow! Hey, why is it we can pass through bulkheads and people and furniture, but not through the deck?
Mariner: I think it's because of the gravity plating. We're phased, but the gravity still affects us, so we're being stuck to the surface of the gravity field.
Boimler: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! It doesn't make any sense! This whole situation is ludicrous!
Mariner: More than you realize, Boims. I have an even STRANGER question!
Boimler: What's that?
Mariner : HOW... are we still BREATHING!?
Boimler : Oh no! Oh no! We're going to suffocate!
Mariner: Calm down, Boims, whatever's going on, we're obviously breathing.
Boimler: Yeah, FOR NOW!
Boimler: Hey, is your vision wonky?
Mariner : Yeah, a little. It's like... everything has an extra dimension to it, or something.
Boimler: Weird!

Mariner: Okay, I am NOT following Spock around any more. I've seen things today no sentient being should ever see, and I am NOT okay with it.
Boimler: What are you talking about?
Mariner: I accidentally walked in on Spock while he was on the toilet.
Boimler : I'm so sorry this happened to you. But never, ever speak of it again, or I'll have to kill you in your sleep.
Mariner: Pshaw, as if you could sneak up on me even in my sleep.
Boimler: We sleep in a hallway, Becket. I've stood over you with murder in my heart a thousand times and you've never had a clue.
Mariner: Wait, what? You're kinda creeping me out here, Boims.
Boimler: Good. That means we will never speak of Spock on the toilet again.
Mariner: Agreed.

Boimler: I told you this wouldn't work.
Mariner: It should have! The system is supposed to beam anyone who's on the pad!
Boimler: We're cloaked and phased. The scanners can't detect us, so the system doesn't KNOW we're on the pads. And even if it did, our molecules are phased, so I'm not sure it could dematerialize us. It might try to rematerialize us at the destination, but our original molecules would just stay here.
Mariner: Ooh, ooh, then maybe it DID beam us down! Maybe it COPIED us! We might have transporter clones down on the surface! I'm gonna have a new best friend who's just as cool as I am!
Boimler: Yeah, that's not as cool as it sounds. Trust me, transporter clones are all jerks.

Mariner: Since we were cloaked and phased the whole time we were on the Enterprise, we never got to talk to anyone or interact with anyone. So I had the holodeck recreate the ship. Now we can go in and actually meet the people we saw while we were there!
Holodeck: Program complete. Enter when ready.

Boimler: You sure this is the right program? It looks like a completely different ship.
Mariner : USS Enterprise, circa 2259, Captain Christopher Pike commanding. Weird, I guess the holoprogrammers got a little creative with the interior design.

Boimler: Hey La'an! How's it going!?
HoloLa'an : Keep it moving, Lower Decks.
Boimler: Jeez, even on the holodeck, we get NO respect!
Mariner: I did make one change to the program. We have our own quarters here.
Boimler: Really!?
Mariner: Yeah, there's yours right there. See: Ensign Bradward Boimler. Go take a look, I even programmed all your stuff in there.
Boimler: This is so cool. My own quarters on the Enterprise!

Boimler: ARGH! Why would you do that!? Why would you put Spock on the toilet in MY quarters!?
Mariner: I think he clogged his up!
Boimler : I'm gonna kill you in your sleep, Mariner!
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2023.06.05 17:06 obsidiandice Alternative Initiative Systems for 5E

There are a number of alternative initiative systems for 5E, but I haven't seen them listed or discussed together. I thought it would be useful to compile a few of the more popular variants (plus my personal favorite).

Standard Initiative

This is the official rule for 5E: Everyone makes a Dexterity check, and then we go down the list from highest to lowest each round.
It's clear and easy to adjudicate, is also restrictive and heavy on bookkeeping. It frequently leads to unsatisfying situations like the Barbarian who kicked the door open going last as everyone runs past them. Playing physically, it can drags gameplay to a halt for a full minute while the DM writes down the results for every PC and monster, completely killing the dramatic momentum of the moment.
All of the variant systems here are more freeform, ideally both speeding up combat and allowing for more flexibility and teamwork.

Fast/Slow Initiative

First pioneered by Shadow of the Demon Lord, this initiative system is an option for people who want both quicker pacing and additional tactical decisions.
It works as follows:
This is a fun mix of freeform player choice and additional depth. My biggest concern is that 5E isn't really balanced for this - mages don't lose much value by taking a Fast turn to cast Fireball, while the barbarian really wants to rage, move into combat, and attack.

Alternating Initiative

This is my preferred system at the moment: Turns alternate between the PCs and enemies.
This system has the upside of letting players cooperatively sequence out their turns, while keeping the tension up by weaving in enemy turns. The biggest drawback is that it requires cards or some other method of tracking who has taken their turns.

Popcorn Initiative

This initiative system is inspired by some older roleplaying games, but was named and popularized by The Angry GM.
This means that whoever goes first can let their whole side go before any enemies, but then the enemies could take two full rounds of uninterrupted actions. Players can decide whether to go all-out or see what enemies do first, and the DM can decide when to put the pressure on and when to back off.

Miss Initiative

Recently discussed and named by The Alexandrian, this system draws inspiration from more narrative-driven games. I've adjusted the details here to better suit 5E.
This system is much more about drama than balance. It makes failure even more punishing and consequential, turning any bad roll into a potential disaster.

Possible Issues

Why Favor the Players? Many of these systems make it likely the players will go first, or even let them go first by default. I see this as an upside - few things are more frustrating than feeling like you've lost a fight before ever taking a turn. I'd rather add more difficulty elsewhere and make sure the players get a chance to do something about it.
What About Surprise? Some of these systems don't really gel with the 5E surprise rules. Personally, I find the existing 5e surprise rules to be far too swingy, trivializing some combats or turning easy fights into potential TPKs.
Turn-based Durations? Some abilities like the Monk's Stunning Strike last until the end of the character's next turn. Many of these systems would allow the monk to extend this for almost two rounds by using it early one round and going as late as possible the next. You could solve this a number of ways, but my default answer would be to just let them do it. If the players are using teamwork to get the most out of each other's abilities, that sounds like a win to me.
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2023.06.05 17:03 Vrantamar How my party derailed the campaign on the first session and their shenanigans thereafter

TL,DR: party derails star wars campaign, get approached by ISB but then became the leaders of a swoop gang. Then we get to the absurd death of one them in a cave, while it was carrying half the party loot.
I'm the DM for a group of 3 players. We're playing modded version of SW5e that is more similar to 5e power-level wise, along with a new class and a couple of new rules, including the midichlorian count that gives an inspiration dice daily. The game is OSR like, so the leveling is steep, the encounters are deadly, they have total freedom, there are random tables and so on; they started from level 1 and they hit level 2 after around 4 sessions. We're about 6-7 sessions in and they're having a blast.
The game is set on Tatooine, almost contemporary to the events that can be seen in the Book of Boba Fett series. Introducing the Party: a female wookie that was an active rebel in years prior; a female chiss, former Imperial sub-officer who betrayed and saved the wookie, and a custom made bodyguard droid built during the Clone Wars, whose age has corrupted some its circuitry and now act as a womanizer.
The three meet to carry out a simple escort mission for a Bothan merchant, from Mos Eisley to Bestine. In their first interaction with the Bothan, she checks for their biometric signature as a standard practice (they know it is) and the wookie (who sports a very dignified 6 to INT) attacks her, saying that she doesn't want to be profiled. The situation escalates quickly: the bothan bodyguard, a trandoshan, has his rifle on the ready and he's aming to shoot the wookie. The chiss and the droid manage to de-escalate the situation, and we move on. At this point in time, I'm foreshadowing that all my prep will go to waste. They proceed toward Bestine on their speeder bikes, when under the Twin Suns a Desert Storm rapidly approach them and engulfs them. They are quick-witted and head for the only cover, the entrance of Slauce Canyon, where they can catch their breath and wait the storm. There, they have an encounter with an enemy party of tuskens: there, the wookie, who caressly went out of cover, got downed by focused fire. They're now understanding that this is deadly if they're not careful, and so they all work together and kill them. The storm dies down and so they manage to avoid further combat and arrive at Bestine.
They unload the cargo in the bothan's warehouse, and they get paid. Everyone except the wookie, as compensation for her aggression before. Bomber wookie at first laughs because she thinks this was a joke, but it is not. So she comes rushing back and blows the door to the warehouse, where she finds the bothan and the trandoshan having a "happy time" (which I purposefully have them do as in a subtle cue to the player to stop, to no avail). The others do not try to stop her (as the player will say to them later), as the wookie comes in blasting the door, they kill them both. But they are not fast enough to stop the bothan putting a 6k credits bounty on each of their heads by the Hutts.
This was session 1.
Later, they find that one of the personal belonging of one of the tuskens is a very old radio beacon that points to a place in Jundland Wastes. There, they come across a vergence in the Force, a small lake where the wookie and the chiss have a vision: their most important ones come forth and question their life choices (the ones in their background). This was peak roleplaying to me, both of the players were really invested in it. The character are a bit shocked after that, but compose themselves and explore the cave where the radio beacon is pointing to. There, they find the skeleton of a Jedi who died meditating and his/her lightsaber, a saberstaff, that ignites for a short bit and then turns of with a few pop sounds. But that place was the lair of a Wraid, they got ambushed and again fought for their life against the beast: it downed two of them, but in the end they manage to kill it.
They also find an old and abandoned ship in a difficult place to get to, cut through the main hold door and get inside. They find there a cubic holocron and a black stone stele with markings on it. The language can be interpreted by the droid, but fails to do as it's stuck in a deadlock loop.
They now go back to Bestine to buy some spare parts for the ship, while fending off some of the Sand Demons bikers, a local swoop gang: the droid takes one of the leather jackets and wears it. In Bestine, they hit the cantina, where the chiss is apporached after a while by an older human gentleman, that is none other than her former professor of espionage in the Imperial Accademy, an ISB. He forces her into a deal, to recover some data from the capitol building in Bestine, in exchange for the safety of her sister and father. They then got caught in a crossfire between the two underground factions that are trying to take over Bestine, the Hutts and the Exchange. They narrowly avoid death as the Hutts recognize the bounty and ambush them. The following day, they are going to a merchant to get supplies to find whatever intel is hidden in the capitol building, but get approached by a couple of the same gang members, who recognize that the droid is wearing one of their jacked. Poor rolls lead to a fight that kills the gang members and have the party get another 2 jackets. They now want to infiltrate the gang and use it against the Empire that is still present on Tatooine apparently.
They arrive at the hideout, that is located outside Bestine, at around 8 am: most of the gang is "not fast-thinking" at the moment, recovering from booze and the night before. They go into it and hand over the supplies the other 2 real gang member were supposed to buy at the merchant. They try to pass a members there, and roughly succeed, but then head outside to tinker with the gang swoop bikes, removing fuel from the bikes. They get spotted by a gang member, and try to persuade him, saying something like "The boss has sent us to do this". Too bad that I rolled on a random table and got 99, so they're saying this to the de facto boss of the gang. "So you're telling me that I've sent you to do this?" replied the leader, a Klatooinian. Chaos ensues and another combat starts. The Leader dies after 2 rounds, but then the gangs start coming out from the hideout.
Now, bomber wookie made another, bigger bomb this morning. After a Nat 1 attempt that exploded just outside the tent, waking up everyone else, she built this thing she called 'Lil Destroyer'. This thing was pretty powerful, dealing 4d8+1d4 in a 20ft radius. She blows up 6 gang members and the explosion shakes the whole place. The gang inside is scared shitless, so the seize the moment and fool them into thinking the Empire was attacking. The Empire has officially retreated from Tatooine, but some remnants may be still there. They run with them and assume control of them.
They need another place to stay and regroup while and fooling the gang, but stumble across a cave system that leads them into finding big Durindfire crystals (and also one for a lightsaber). Here, there is a mushy and slippery wall they have to descend, they fail and fall. They take a bit of damage, recover the crystals and come up. Of the cave system, they didn't check one (one had a bigger cave with the cristals, the other had a bit of water). I describe to them as this tunnel begins to tilt down pretty harsh after a bit, at around a 45 degree angle: they don't see the end. They are weighting their options, while the droid goes "I'll see you there!" and jumps in it, super mario bros slide style.
I was taken aback. WTF?? I was flustered: should I kill him? What do I do? If I go by the layout of the caves, the pc is dead.
In the end, I decided to kill the pc. I don't want to ruin the game and all, but a) it would have died and b) throwing yourself on a slide, while inside a cave system and you don't see its end, it's waaaay too much reckless. So I start describing how he starts picking up speed, and the slope starts getting more and more steep. He replies by yelling to the wookie and the chiss "I'm not there yet!". I keep describing as now he does not feel the slide anymore and is tumbling down in the void, untill ... splat. The party hears like a rock falling in the distance, as the droid take 10d6 fall damage, and is outright killed, as the character goes to negative full HP.
We all laughed soo hard at this for like 10 minutes. The player didn't want to believe it. One of them goes "His last words were "I'm not there yet!" hahahah".
But wait, there's more: he also had 4 big ass Durindfire crystals and 3k credits with him. So a big chunk of the party loot is now basically lost in that cave.
This campaign is all over the place, but we're all having mad fun.
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2023.06.05 16:24 Pizza462b Gitzwarte toekomst, wat kan ik het beste doen?

Ik zal even mijn situatie schetsen. Ik doe momenteel een dubbele master in de informatica en wiskunde. Hiervoor heb ik mijn bachelor informatica nominaal afgerond. Echter heb ik nu wat studievertraging, waardoor ik in totaal 3.5 (met wat pech 4) jaar bezig zal zijn met mijn twee masters. Uiteindelijk komt het erop neer dat ik 6.5 jaar heb gestudeerd en rond m'n 26.5e klaar zal zijn (ben nu 25). Ook zal ik vanaf binnenkort moeten gaan lenen van de studenten bankier duo om m'n maandelijkse kosten te kunnen betalen. De studievertraging komt door de extra master wiskunde, wat nogal pittig kan zijn. Mijn vrienden (bijv. studenten rechten, bedrijfskunde, bouwkunde, etc.) die zeggen eigenlijk dat ik een grote fout ben begaan door de master wiskunde erbij te doen. Nou ben ik dus langer bezig met studeren waardoor ik een paar jaar werkervaring plus inkomen mis en mezelf in de schulden moet steken om te kunnen blijven studeren. Nou zie ik wel het punt wat ze maken. Het 'vervelendst' vind ik ook wel dat ik wat ouder (ongeveer 26.5 dus) zal zijn zodra ik begin met werken, terwijl m'n maat rechten bijvoorbeeld dan al sinds z'n 22e aan z'n carrière begonnen is, werkervaring opdoet en goed verdient. Zelfde geldt voor veel anderen. Ze lopen dan dus wel een stuk vooruit zodra ik pas begin. Mijn specialisatie in de wiskunde master is kansrekening, statistiek en operationele research, die van m'n informatica master is het ontwerpen van algoritmen en algoritmische data analyse (denk bijv. aan machine learning en deep learning). Hoe kijken jullie ertegenaan? Een iemand beschreef m'n toekomst door m'n achterstand zelfs als gitzwart, vandaar de titel. Wordt er ook niet gek tegenaan gekeken als ik straks 7 jaar heb gestudeerd in totaal?
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2023.06.05 16:04 unavailable4coffee How We Made A Podcast

How We Made A Podcast
Written by Ryan Lewis, Staff Software Engineer, Developer Platform
Hi Reddit 👋
You may have noticed that at the beginning of the year, we started producing a monthly podcast focusing on how Reddit works internally. It’s called Building Reddit! If you haven’t listened yet, check it out on all the podcasting platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc.) and on YouTube.
Today, I wanted to give you some insight into how the podcast came together. No, this isn’t a podcast about a podcast. That would open a wormhole to another dimension. Instead, I’ll walk you through how Building Reddit came to be and what it looks like to put together an episode.

The Road to Building Reddit

Before I started working here, Reddit had experimented with podcasts a few times. These were all produced for employees and only released internally. There has been a lot of interest in an official podcast from Reddit, especially an Engineering one, for some time.
I knew none of this when I started at the company. But as I learned more about how Reddit worked, the idea for an engineering podcast started to form in my brain. The company already had a fantastic engineering blog with many talented employees talking about how they built stuff, so an audio version seemed like a great companion.
So, last fall, for our biannual engineering free-for-all Snoosweek, I put together a proof of concept for an engineering podcast. Thankfully, I work on a very cool project, Developer Platform, so I just interviewed members of my team. What I hadn’t anticipated was having 13 hours of raw audio that needed to be edited down to an hour-long episode… within two days. In the end, it came together and I shared it with the company.

The original cover image. Thanks to Knut!
Enter the Reddit Engineering Branding Team (the kind souls who make this blog run and who organize Snoosweek). Lisa, Chief of Staff to the CTO, contacted me and we started putting together ideas for a regular podcast. The goal: Show the world how Reddit builds things. In addition to Lisa and the Engineering Branding Team, we joined forces with Nick, a Senior Communications Associate, who helped us perfect the messaging and tone for the podcast.
In December, we decided on three episodes to launch with: fixthevideoplayer, [email protected]: Engineering Manager, and Reddit Recap. We drew up outlines for each episode and identified the employees to interview.
While the audio was being put together for those episodes, Nick connected us to OrangeRed, the amazing branding team at Reddit. They worked with us to create the cover image, visual assets, and fancy motion graphics for the podcast visualization videos. OrangeRed even helped pick out the perfect background music!
Producing three episodes at once was a tall order, but all three debuted on Feb. 7th. Since then, we’ve kept up a monthly cadence for the podcast. The first Tuesday of every month is our target to release new episodes.

A Day In The Life of an Episode

So how does an episode of the podcast actually come together? I break it down into five steps: Ideation, Planning, Recording, Editing, Review.
Building Reddit episode calendar
Ideation is where someone has an idea for an episode. This could be based on a new feature, focusing on a person or role for a [email protected] episode, or a technical/cultural topic. Some of these ideas I come up with myself, but more often they come from others on the Reddit Engineering Branding team. As ideas come up, we add them to a list, usually at the end unless there’s some time element to it (for example the Security Incident episode that comes out tomorrow!). As of right now, we have over 30 episode ideas on the list! For ideas higher on the list, we assign a date for when the episode would be published. This helps us make sure we’re balancing the types of episodes too.
A podcast episode outline
When an episode is getting close to publication, usually a month or two in advance, I create an outline document to help me plan the episode. Jameson, a Principal Engineer, developed the template for the outline for the first episode. The things I put in there are who I could talk to, what their job functions are (I try to get a mix of engineering, product, design, comms, marketing, etc), and a high-level description of the episode. From there, I’ll do some research on the topic from external comms or internal documents, and then build a rough outline of the kinds of topics I want to talk about. These will be broken down further into questions for each person I’ll be interviewing. I also try to tell some type of story with each episode, so it makes sense as you listen to it. That’s usually why I interview product managers first on feature episodes (eg. Reddit Recap, Collectible Avatars). They’re usually good about giving some background to the feature and explaining the reasoning behind why Reddit wanted to build it.
The tools of the trade
I reach out to the interviewees over Slack to make sure they want to be interviewed and to provide some prep information. Then I schedule an hour-long meeting for each person to do the interview over Zoom. Recording over Zoom works quite well because you can configure it to record each person’s audio separately. This is essential to being able to mix the audio. Also, it’s very important that each person wears headphones, so their microphone doesn’t pick up the audio from my voice (or try to noise cancel it which reduces the audio quality). The recording sessions are usually pretty straightforward. I run through the questions I’ve prepared and occasionally ask follow-ups or clarifying questions if I’m curious about something. Usually, I can get everything I need from each person in one session, but occasionally I’ll go back and ask more questions.
Editing a podcast in Adobe Audition
Once all the audio is recorded, it’s time to shut my office door and do some editing. First I go through each person’s interview and clean it up, removing any comments or noises around their audio. As I do this, I’ll work on the script for my parts between the interviewee’s audio. Sometimes these are just the questions that I asked the person, but often I’ll try to add something to it so it flows better. Once I’ve finished cleaning up and sequencing the interviewee audio, I work on my script a little more and then record all of my parts.
Two views of my office with all the sound blankets up. Reverb be gone!
As you can see in the photo of my office above, I hang large sound blankets to remove as much reverb as I can. If I don’t put these up, it would sound like I was in an empty room with lots of echo. When I record my parts, I always stand up. This gives my voice a little more energy and somehow just sounds better than sitting. Once my audio is complete, I edit those parts in with the other audio, add the intro/outro music, and do some final level adjustments for each part. It’s important to make sure that everyone’s voices are at about the same level.
Sharing the podcast over Slack
Although I listen to each mixed episode closely, getting feedback and review from others is essential. I try to get the first mix completed a week or two before the publication date to allow for people to review it and for me to incorporate any feedback. I always send it to the interviewees beforehand, so they can hear it before the rest of the world does.

Putting it All Together

Creating the podcast video. *No doges were harmed
So, we have a finished episode. Now what? The next thing I do is to take the audio and render a video file from it. OrangeRed made a wonderful template that I can just plug the audio into (and change the title text). Then the viewer is treated to some meme-y visuals while they listen to the podcast.
I upload the video file to our YouTube channel, and also to our Spotify for Podcasters portal (formerly Anchor.fm). Spotify for Podcasters handles the podcast distribution, so uploading it to that will also publish it out to all the various podcast platforms (this had to be set up manually in the beginning, but is automatic after that). Some platforms support video podcasts, which is why I use the video file. Spotify extracts the audio and distributes that to platforms that don’t support video.
The last step after uploading and scheduling the episode is to write up and schedule a quick post for this community (example). And then I can sit back and… get ready for next month’s episode! It’s always nice to see an episode out the door, and everyone at Reddit is incredibly supportive of the podcast!
So what do you think? Does it sound cool to build Building Reddit? If so, check out the open positions on our careers page.
And be on the lookout for our new episode tomorrow. Thanks for listening (reading)!
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2023.06.05 15:55 DrRavineOfficial [Deep Sixed] Chapter 69: Back To Headspace

Sunny is going to bring back Mari, but there is a problem? They have to go to his Headspace to find a key component on Mr. X machine.
One day, Sunny was sleeping, and he got a phone call from his mom, after a long time.
*Sunny's POV*
*Sunny's phone rings*
Aubrey: Sunny, would you turn off the phone?
Sunny: It just rang in the middle on the night, what's going on this time? *Checks phone* It's my mom.
Aubrey: You mean our mom?
Sunny: Oh, technically yes. *Picks up call* Hello?
Sunny's Mom: Oh hey Sunny, it's been a while since we talk to each other. So how's Aubrey?
Sunny: She's fine, but why would you call me in the middle of the night?
Sunny's Mom: I have something to show you. Come at the coordinates that I'm going to send you to the messages.
Sunny: Ok. *checks the image in the messages* Here? Why?
Sunny's Mom: You'll see, and I think you will be happy when you see it.
Sunny: Ok, I love you mom.
Sunny's Mom: I love you both. *Call ends*
Aubrey: So what's going on with your mom?
Sunny: I think she wants us to go there. I think something's wrong.
Aubrey: Why don't we go, we never see her since for a while.
Sunny: Well, let's go tomorrow.
The next day, we went to the place where my mom wants us to go.
Aubrey: So, this is where she wants us to go, right?
Sunny: I think so, we followed the map.
So we went into the door, and we found Sunny's mom, waiting for us.
Sunny's Mom: Children, you're here!
Sunny: Yeah what do you want us here?
Sunny's Mom: Come this way, this should make us happy for all.
Aubrey: I'm scared.
Sunny: I know, she has been through so much, which includes us.
As we enter the room, a voice of someone we never heard of.
????: Hello Suzuki family, you finally came. It's time to act the plan together Ms. Sunny.
Molly and Jonathan, just hang out like they usually do.
*Molly's POV*
Molly: So, what are you going to do for your third year of college?
Jonathan: A lot of self improvement, and then try to research on how do I became a human again.
Molly: I don't think that's possible, but why don't we ask Omega Domino to do so?
Jonathan: We just can't request Domino to do that, we need to do something worthy just to do it.
Molly: Oh, well that sucks, but don't worry, I'll be here whenever you need me.
Jonathan: And you will be the person that I would never, try to hurt you.
Molly: Awww. Well, so what are we going to do?
Jonathan: I don't know, maybe you have something to do?
Then I got a phone call from Mr. X.
Molly: Mr. X, wazzup?
Mr. X: I need your help, and bring some people with you and some weapons to fight.
Molly: Ok? *Call ends* Jonathan, were going on an adventure. But first we need to bring in some people and some weapons.
Jonathan: What?
Few hours later...
Sasha: So Mr. X called you and told us to come here?
Molly: Yes, and I don't know why. Maybe they manage to make the portal stable?
Dorian: Who is Mr. X?
Jonathan: A bald person who works in the government and made crazy inventions.
Dorian: I wanna see that guy.
So we reach the place where Mr. X runs a lab, which is where he created a portal that supposed to lead us to Amphibia.
Mr. X: Hello kids, seems like you brought some extra help.
Sasha: I don't trust you. One time you got us stuck in a different dimension for a week.
Mr. X: I know, but now we fixed it. We just need to set a target location on the other side of the portal where it spawns, and the test subject voluntarily sets it in the White Space on his mind.
Dorian: White Space?
Molly: Uh oh, I think I know who the text subject is... SUNNY!
So we ran to the room where the portal was located, and we saw Sunny's body in a contraption, where there is a dead body right next to it.
Molly: Oh my gosh, what did you do to Sunny?
Aubrey: I'm so sorry, there's a reason why we did it. There is something in Sunny's mind that we just need to do this.
Molly: Do What!?
Aubrey: That one.
So the dead body that was right next to Sunny is her used to be his older sister. Mari, and Mr. X found a way to revive her.
Sasha: Oh my gosh, who's that?
Molly: I think, it's-
Aubrey: Mari. It has been 24 years since she died. When Sunny shut himself in, his mother met Mr. X, who was young at that time and he wants to donate her body to him, just to do an experiment. Thanks to cryogenics, she's intact, although a lot of the process has been made.
Molly: Process, what process?
Mr. X: Repairing her spinal cord after internal decapitation, which is the cause of her death. It took a lot of effort to repair the spinal cord with the help of the doctors from around the world secretly. That took 14 years to do it.
Jonathan: That was so damn impressive that you managed to do this, but why didn't you want to show it to the world?
Mr. X: It's too long, so we need to find another way. And this one is experimental that is too risky and the legal and moral problems that it needs to face in society.
Molly: So what are you going to do to her?
Mr. X: Were going to revive her.
Molly: Using Sunny's soul?
Aubrey: No, we use something to our imagination and bring it to reality.
Sasha: That seems dumb.
Aubrey: No, it's not. A long time ago, Sunny made a headspace from the first four years during Mari's death. His headspace was a place to survive during is shut in phase on his life. When I lived with him, we both filled in with crazy headspace plans that can help Sunny's future outside life. And then we came up with a plan to revive Mari by trying to create a life jam, which is called the Ultimate Life Jam that can actually revive a dead person, not a toast of bread after defeat. Problem is, this was on his mind and there is no way to replicate it in real life. Right now, he hasn't gone back to the headspace for a long time and we forget where we put the Ultimate Life Jam.
Molly: Who's plan was this?
Sunny's Mom: My plan. I spent so much hard work that I rarely interact with Sunny during his 4 years of shut in. I tried to help him by giving things he needed to survive, until we moved into a new place where Mr. X's base was near me.
Molly: Ms. Suzuki?
Sunny's Mom: I know. We were grieving a lot, and I'm the only one who can't recover at all.
Jonathan: I'm not sure if this should work, but I want to see what Sunny's headspace looks like.
Mr. X: Well that signs it. So what weapons did you bring?
We show all of the weapons that we brought to fight something in headspace.
Mr. X: Molly, why did you use a violin as a weapon?
Molly: It has Nokia strength, and I have calamity powers to back it up.
Mr. X: Sasha just brought a sword. You could have a cooler sword just like what Jonathan has.
Sasha: It was forge on Amphibia you know?
Mr. X: Jonathan, you are having a hard time using the sword, right?
Jonathan: I know, but this sword can float mid air.
Mr. X: Ok? So Dorian, you bought-
Dorian: A glock?
Mr. X: 45 caliber bullets? This seems fine. Do you have extra rounds?
Dorian: Yes, 200 ammo, and probably more lootbox in Sunny's mind.
Mr. X: Hmmm, I think you're all set and Sunny is in a state of controlled coma, which has a 24 hour time limit in our time to retrieve the jam, but we can wake him up if you finish it early though.
Molly: I won't disappoint you.
Jonathan: Uhhh, I think 24 hours will not be enough to find something in his headspace?
Aubrey: I have to remind you, time runs 48x slower in headspace, so you have a lot of time to go around and explore in the headspace.
Dorian: 48x slower, so that means we have 48 days. That's cool but we wouldn't waste it, right?
Jonathan: I'm skeptical.
After this, Mr. X reactivated the portal again, and it all leads to Sunny's headspace, or I like to call it, his infraverse.
Mr. X: Terri will keep you in touch on your headspace adventures.
Molly: Got it!👍
Mr. X: Alright, the portal will be activated in 3, 2, 1. *Portal activates*
Dorian: ... Ok, so we go in?
Jonathan: Of course we go in.
Then we went into the portal, and it landed us in Sunny's headspace, which was the most central part of his mind.
Molly: Where are we?
Jonathan: Were in Sunny's mind.
Molly: According to me, you will see his inner version of himself.
Sasha: This feels creepy.
Molly: Of course, it used to be scarier during the first four years, but as the time passes, he said that it gotten less scary since he managed to control himself to not let his alter ego take over his mind.
Dorian: Alter ego? Who is it?
Then we saw Sunny, in his inner form of his mind, panicking.
Molly: Sunny?
Sunny: Oh my gosh! How did you all get in my mind? I didn't plan to make you all in my headspace.
Jonathan: We used Mr. X's contraption to travel into different places, and he sets it to your mind and you have something to do about it, right?
Sunny: Oh, you mean the Ultimate Life Jam? Well you can take the jam, because I can't get it out on my mind. But since you weren't, you can bring it into the real world.
Sasha: Oh, I now the context on what Mr. X wants us to do: Find the life jam thing in Sunny's mind and bring it out in the real world using Mr. X portal.
Molly: He said that he won't open the portal until we get the jam or the time runs out. By the way, what's the problem?
Sunny: Look.
So he sent us to the control room in the White Space, which is where everything in his mind was controlled.
Sunny: So this is my headspace control room, and this is where my world is controlled. Normally, before I wake up, I must shut the headspace down to avoid incidents in the headspace when I was gone. However I forgot to turn it off one day and left it for NEARLY A DECADE!
Molly: So, is there a problem after leaving it for a while?
Sunny: Well, based on the map.... 4/10 headspace sectors are in serious situation right now. First is the Otherworld is in constant war with the Infinity world, which they are constantly suppressed by each other, then In Sweethearts Castle, there is a huge issue because Perfectheart deposed Sweetheart and it didn't go well for the townspeople, then someone breached my prison that I made for Dreamworld Kel from Dankistsn.
Sasha: Dreamworld Kel? Who's that?
Molly: Did you just imagined Kel as a prisoner?
Sunny: I just locked him in because if I set free one of the main 3 Dreamworld destroyers, Omori will come out and destroy me, including my mental health.
Jonathan: Oh no, we can't just go on and let Dreamworld Kel do destruction, I want to showcase the pain now?
Sunny: Well, we should get out using one of the doors that leads to outside White Space.
Molly: Can we go now? I want to see what is the rest of your mind be like?
Sunny: Ok, ok, let's go.
So we go outside the White Space and explore to save the Dreamworld. This is where the new adventure starts.
Snake: Sunny? Who are these guys?
Sunny: Oh, these arent in my mind, and they came from the real world.
Snake: How?
Sunny: Some portal contraption made by a bald scientist.
Snake: Hmmm, I'm gonna ask them. Hey blonde girl with a dye on her hair, why are you here!?
Molly: I'm Molly, and we are going to find the Ultimate Life Jam to revive Mari, in real life!
Snake: Sunny loved her so much... He wants her back, right?
Molly: Most likely yes, according to his accounts.
Snake: It's true. The sun shined brighter when she was around, but one accident was enough to send her into her demise.
Molly: I know the story, he accidentally pushed her down stairs and framed her death as a suicide, not realizing she was still alive.
Snake:... Did you tell that story to her?
Sunny: Yes. She also wonders what she was like when she's alive.
Snake:... Hmmm, that seems great, because we have a replica of her when she was still alive. He uses her to talk to his problems out
Molly: I want to see her!
Snake: Go for it. Sunny, here's your allowance, 30 clams to go around the world.
Sunny: Thanks snake.
We went outside White Space, and we're in the Vast Forest part of his Headspace.
Sunny: Welcome to the Vast Forest, be careful of hostile sprout moles, they are hostile when they are lost.
Sasha: How hostile are they?
Sunny: Very hostile...
So there was a path that leads to a playground, which was now abandoned after 15 years of stagnation. In the abandoned playground, a treehouse was built on the center of the playground itself.
Underneath the tree, we saw Mari, and acted like what she could have been when she was still alive.
Sunny: Mari, I'm back!
Headspace Mari: Sunny!
Under the tree...
Headspace Mari: Where have you been?
Sunny: Focusing myself in real life. A lot of things has happened. Getting a job, having a wife, and raising two kids.
Headspace Mari: Oh my gosh, that's a lot, but who are those guys? Did you programed it up into your imagination?
Dorian: No, were real humans, we came from real life.
HeadspaceMari: Oh, thats what happened.
Sunny: And I forgot to shut the headspace down when I was gone, and now there is chaos in some places and I need to fix it with the help of them.
Molly: So you're Mari, before you died, right?
Headspace Mari: Yes. I'm basically a replica of real life Mari, and I'm aware the real one died after accident.
Jonathan: Listen here, we're going on an adventure in this place and we're looking for the Ultimate Life Jam.
Headspace Mari: Ultimate Life Jam? Oh the life jam that can revive anyone that didn't die as a toast. I don't know where but it was being abandoned for a long time because Sunny forgot to shut the headspace down when he left.
Sunny: Yeah it's my fault and now there are some places in Headspace that are now suffering from humanitarian crisis and I decided to ask them for some help.
Headspace Mari: Oh, well if you need to fight, then here are some food and items that can help you in battle. You already have weapons right?
Everyone in my group: *raises all of their available weapons*
Headspace Mari: That's a, lethal weapon choice. That can work.
So we analyzed the food and items that she gave us. She gave:
- 5 toast - 5 hotdogs - 3 life jam packets - 2 Banana smoothie - 5 rubber bands - and a disposable shield, which helps to negate damage.
Dorian: Life jam packets? I don't think we need to go further.
Sunny: Those aren't Ultimate Life Jam though, but they function as a way to revive in the battle.
Headspace Mari: So, are you ready to tackle your own world after more than a decade of working in real life?
Sunny: Well, I'm ready. Guys, are you ready too?
Jonathan: Is it ok to cause as much damage as possible?
Sunny: Well yes, you can.
Molly: LETS GOOO!!!
Sasha: I have a bad feeling about this...
Dorian: Just let them enjoy, seeing these two side by side is pretty entertaining because Molly and Jonathan's dynamic is somehow worth it.
Sasha: Yeah, it should.
Headspace Mari: Also meet Headspace Basil when you are going around. He is somewhere though.
Sunny: Got it! 👍
Then we go around the adventure to fix Sunny's Headspace Humanitarian Crisis, then find the Ultimate Life Jam to be given to Mr. X
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