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A subreddit for exclusive clips & discussion of NYC comedian Jeff Arcuri.

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Pokemon Go community for Morris County, New Jersey.

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Collectively manage a portfolio of investments. Pitch investments to be voted on by the community and share knowledge. Also, keep up to date on market news and trends.

2023.06.07 11:30 jupitercitylightss Purple Mattress At Sams Club Promo Code

Check this out for Purple Mattress At Sams Club Promo Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.07 11:30 FamousEbb5583 The Qcumber Patch is calling the Taliban the "good guys" with a "righteous government"

The Qcumber Patch is calling the Taliban the submitted by FamousEbb5583 to Qult_Headquarters [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 11:29 xEmmett15 I need a favourite Bundesliga team

Hallo! I need advice, I'm a big fan of the Bundesliga but I don't currently support a team, I'm from England so I don't have any affiliation to any particular Bundesliga clubs, please can I have some advice on which club I should start supporting, and why. Vielen dank.
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2023.06.07 11:28 thejoshway Luton Sensible Transfers: Left Wing-back

Sensible transfers – Left wing-back
Welcome to another edition of my ‘Sensible Transfers’ series, where I analyse what I believe to be realistic transfers (to varying degrees) for Luton Town FC ahead of the 2023/24 Premier League season. In this post we discuss the left wing-back position. Alfie Doughty has proved his quality, but every Premier League table needs competition. This list includes some ‘first-choice’ picks I believe are realistic, and some ‘wildcard’ picks that I think would be nice but are less realistic for one reason or another.
Ryan Manning seems like a no-brainer, being statistically the best left-back in the Championship last season and available on a free. The left wing-back scored 5 goals and chipped in with a further 10 assists in a free-scoring Swansea team. Luton are likely to face serious competition for the Irishman, but he seems like the perfect addition to compete with Doughty.
Gijs Smal has had an impressive season at FC Twente, providing 10 assists and a further 2 goals as they narrowly missed out on European qualification in 5th. With his contract expiring in 2024, FC Twente may want to cash in on the 6-foot wing-back and avoid him leaving on a free. Transfermarkt estimates his value at £3.5m.
Maxim De Cuyper is very much a wing-back. Shining on loan at Westerlo from Club Brugge this season, he scored 8 and assisted 6 in the Jupiler Pro League. He would likely be expensive, with Brugge likely looking to integrate him in the first team before selling him for an even larger fee. At 22, he would provide good competition for Doughty without the pressure of needing to play every single week.
Daley Sinkgraven is available on a free transfer at present, leaving Leverkusen at the expiry of his contract in June. Daley appeared nearly 100 times for Ajax, but hasn’t been in Xabi Alonso’s plans this season. As he’s available on a free, he’s worth the risk given the ability he’s shown in years prior, and his capability to play multiple positions.
Carlos Augusto is a Brazilian left-back plying his trade for Serie-A new boys Monza, who finished in a comfortable 10th this season. Augusto was involved in ¼ of all Monza goals this years, contributing 6 goals and 5 assists. His estimated market value of £6.8m is pretty steep given Doughty’s quality, however.
Luan Cândido is definitely the most ‘wild’ pick on this list. He’s a product of the Red Bull academy, currently playing at RB Bragantino after a spell at RB Leipzig. Playing at left wing-back last year, Luan contributed 11 goals and 2 assists in the Brazilian Serie A. That output is astonishing, and Luton could be able to secure him on the cheap direct from Brazil.
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2023.06.07 11:28 Plane_Vermicelli6185 Sec Sch June Holiday Special: Capture the Flag

Sec Sch June Holiday Special: Capture the Flag
nothing to do during the Jun Holis? need a time to chill out after your hectic WA? or simply just wanna meet more friends?
we are a bunch of students from northland sec, paya lebar methodist & maris stella high that wants to gather ppl to come study and play tgt! so hit us up for a great time of capture the flag this friday! 🔥 sign up now @
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2023.06.07 11:27 Plane_Vermicelli6185 Sec Sch June Holiday Special: Capture the Flag

Sec Sch June Holiday Special: Capture the Flag
nothing to do during the Jun Holis? need a time to chill out after your hectic WA? or simply just wanna meet more friends?
we are a bunch of students from northland sec, paya lebar methodist & maris stella high that wants to gather ppl to come study and play tgt! so hit us up for a great time of capture the flag this friday! 🔥 sign up now @
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2023.06.07 11:27 manapause People that tee from a championship box when there are no markers there.

You ever see a full group of 4 broskis bypass actual tee locations to tee up on a far-back tee box area with no markers - only to all hit terrible shots? Y'all are messing up a box you don't belong swinging at.
You're a scratch dresser Doug, you could have a nice swing - but all you want is to is ... hard. I can't really describe it; when I was younger I had rage - but I didn't just make up my own harder golf course to punish myself.
Gentlemen, if I may:
I'd settle for a new golf subreddit that has nothing to do with the PGA tour for a few weeks, at least until all the non-golfers disperse.
Sweet hole in ones, stories about epic courses, cringe foursome stories ... this subreddit is my happy place.
You don't play the course as it lies, and you just want to be see swinging hard as tuck from where the pros stand. It's cringe AF. Speaking for myself, I believe real golfers are here to leave it all out there. The hotter the take, the worse the swing. Please don't do it. The box is fallow for a reason; your PowerDrive took a massive divot before sailing right into the parking lot.
And 100% of the time. Nobody that does this hits a good shot. Ever. Starting 30 yards behind where the game is actually played. Jesus. And it's like all of you have hot takes to share in a place you come to 3-4 times a year.
It's a shakeup of the PGA, it's a big deal. But damnit I come here for sweet memes about buying yourselves new clubs for Valentine's Day. let's relax; after all, that's why we're here.
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2023.06.07 11:26 Moist-_Pony *Watches Nico Leonard once*

*Watches Nico Leonard once*
Bro thinks he’s Irish
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2023.06.07 11:26 Prudent_Car_6975 First time going to Le Mans any recommendations, tips, tricks or anything to have in mind

So it's the first time I'm going in person to Le Mans, I'm going with my father and I think there is no better edition than the centenary. We signed up for the ACO club as we felt that the price difference could be worth it. Any recommendations for the race as well as someone knows what are the things that are included for ACO members, as on the website is not very well explained. Any advice you can give would be appreciated :)
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2023.06.07 11:26 llamasncheese Newbie fucked up on a transfer fee.

TL:DR not enough mullah, can I go in again next window after cancelling a transfer? So I've tried to buy a player that I don't have enough in the bank for 🤣🤣. This is in the midseason transfer window. I offered his minimum fee release clause amount, hoping I could convince the board to let the transfer through. Then I remembered I'm managing spurs, and levy said no. I will have enough next season with the new transfer budget having saved what I currently have. My question is, if I cancel the transfer, will I be able to go through with the transfer again next window? Like, will the club just offer him a new contract with no release clause and refuse all offers out of spite of me measing them around?
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2023.06.07 11:25 ruDZ42J5 Travel Insurance that covers glacier walk with crampons, and Peru Amazon tour

My family and I (two 40-odd adults and a 9 year old child) are going on an almost-six-month trip (Japan, UK, Portugal, USA, Peru, Argentina, Chile; with stopovers in Finland and Spain) that includes:
I'm trying to find travel insurance that will cover these things, but it seems like virtually no-one will cover especially the glacier walk because it involved 'specialist climbing equipment' - i.e. crampons.

Does anyone know and can they recommend a travel insurer that will cover those things?
At this stage, the only insurer I've found that is explicit about covering a glacier walk is World Nomads, but their reviews are among the worst I have found for any travel insurance company, if not the worst.

There is a site that lists insurers and their trekking exclusions ( but it some of the insurers on there they say do cover climbing with equipment have now said they don't when I called, and others have just stopped offering travel insurance altogether.
Someone over on travel suggested that I join Austrian Alpine Club, sektion Britannia which looks great but can't cover us for medical expenses because we're away too long.
Ones that I have called already and told me they will not cover a glacier walk are:
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2023.06.07 11:23 Lukeypop Club Lime Dickson

Anyone got any reviews on the new club lime that has opened in Dickson recently?
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2023.06.07 11:22 RobJHayes Self Published Fantasy Releases – June 2023

Self Published Fantasy Releases – June 2023
You can find the original blog post, complete with all the shiny covers, here.
If you would like to be kept up to date with the upcoming lists, please subscribe to my newsletter by clicking this link. I don’t send out letters too often, pretty much once a month when this list goes out… and occasionally if I release a book or something.
As always, this is not a comprehensive list, but only includes all the books I have heard about so far.
If you have a fantasy novel you are self publishing in June or beyond, let me know by filling out THIS FORM, and I shall add it to the page. There are but 3 requirements:
1) It must be a self published fantasy novel.
2) It must have a Goodreads page.
3) It must have a cover.

1st June – The Pyres of Vengeance (Swords of Dominion #2) by N.C. Koussis

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark
After losing everything she knew, Selene struggles to keep hope alive. Terrifying threats from the capital test her in ways she never thought possible.
Richter can’t destroy himself or the corruption that lives in his body. He won’t let anything stop him from his mission, though – to kill every other werewolf on the Continent.
The Order of the Golden Sword cares not for the laws of men. They’ll do anything to wipe the lycanthrope haven of Palerme from existence. But no one has ever faced an army of werewolves before.

1st June – Tristan’s Regret (The Return of King Arthur #3) by Jacob Sannox

Urban Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Historical Fantasy
In the 5th century, Tristan and Isolde are at the mercy of the scheming Morgana Le Fay, who seeks to undermine King Arthur’s alliance with Cornwall. The consequences of their actions echo down the centuries and, in 2021, Arthur, Tristan and the Knights of the Round Table desperately hunt the last remaining followers of Malagant, an immortal ally of the dead sorceress. Will Arthur finally live up to his own legend, and can anything put an end to Tristan’s regret?

1st June – The Exile of Zanzibar (Railroad to Zanzibar #1) by Daniel Maidman

Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Claire built a device to fold space and time. It had a flaw…
When the smoke clears, she finds herself halfway across the world, thousands of years in the past, and no device in sight.
In bronze-age Florence, war has lasted for generations. All Claire wants to do is get home, but she’ll need help from the locals. She wins an ally in Marcus Diophantus, a pickpocket turned soldier turned general, who hopes to turn into something more than just her champion. Together, they broker peace between Florence and its enemy.
If Marcus is going to help Claire, he’ll have to survive. Peace has upset the balance of power in the capital city. The king stands increasingly alone against: the Constantines, a commercial enterprise as much as a clan, who aim to profit from peace as they have from war – the warrior nobles, descended from the founders of Florence and quick to turn against a weak throne – and Reburrus, the high priest of Florence, convinced Claire answers to hostile foreign gods. As the city comes to a boil, Claire and Marcus – and Marcus’s formidable army – will have to decide where their allegiance lies.
Claire becomes a reluctant participant in a savage campaign. While Marcus leads the battles, she tries to gain control of the unimaginably powerful Ctesiphôn – a ghost tower in the heart of Florence, shrouded in magic and myth.

1st June – Captain (All that Glitters #2) by Shalaena Medford

Grimdark, Gaslamp
Mere weeks have passed since Tsingsei “Song” Gould’s world fell into ashes. Now she must accept her role as captain of the Stars’ Bounty.
The crew returns to the skies to do what they do best: piracy. They travel the world, visiting new countries and finding an adventure wherever they go. In the frigid south, Song finds there are answers to her questions about kijæm…with a caveat. In the trading country, she gains confidence in her notoriety. In the exotic west, she makes a terrible mistake.
However, one of Song’s dearest friends has become a wanted man, and they must find a way to free him of the price on his head. Will she commit the highest crime in the world, or will she lose him to the gallows?

1st June – Buzzard’s Bowl (Tragedy of Cedain #2) by John Palladino

Epic Fantasy, Grimdark
Cedain continues to collapse.
Ashmount’s destruction shatters the Magicai while the culprits responsible continue sabotaging the world. All the while, the next season of Buzzard’s Bowl begins and Edelbrock, in his constant fight for survival, desires a vengeance he can only find in the arena.
Seradal and Villic find themselves in the middle of a war between Remeria and the Camel Clans, and may end up on opposing sides, while the threat of Calrym looms over all of them.
At the behest of the woman he loves, Demri finds himself thrown into the Elkavich, a not-so-secret order of Magicai who are intent upon fixing the world.
Ashen, a former urchin rescued by a noble with selfish aspirations, works to dismantle the nobility of Calrym.
Death is assured to all who walk the world, the only unknown is when they will perish.

1st June – On Winds of Ruin (The Deimachy #2) by Lincoln Law

A friendship betrayed. An unfamiliar land. The winds of ruin blow.
Roisin is still reeling from events at the end of A Crown of Blood. She feels lost, broken and alone in the world. Torn with what to do next, Roisin chooses to make the fateful trip across the Skybinder border into enemy territory in the hopes of gaining new allies for the fight against the Soulmongers. At her side is her fox companion, Vulpo; the last of the Bloodsingers, Mei; and a Skybinder of questionable allegiance named Giack.
However, Roisin’s actions draw the attention of the Skybinder nobility, entrapping her into political machinations with deadly outcomes.
Piritta, newly reborn Soulmonger, is tasked with the search for the final member of the Soulmonger Triumvirate to lead the army to victory.
And Kaori, leader of the Soulmongers, is given her own task, granting her more power than she could have ever imagined.
The choices these young women must make will tear them apart, fracture them all, leaving cracks for something darker to seep in. And in the end, only the one with the strongest resolve will endure.

1st June – The Nameless Restaurant by Tao Wong

Urban Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy
There is a restaurant in Toronto. Its entrance is announced only by a simple, unadorned wooden door, varnished to a beautiful shine but without paint, hidden beside dumpsters and a fire escape. There is no sign, no indication of what lies behind the door. If you do manage to find the restaurant, the décor is dated and worn. Homey, if one were to be generous. The service is atrocious, the proprietor a grouch. The regulars are silent, brooding, and unfriendly to newcomers. There is no set menu, alternating with the whim and whimsy of the owner. The selection of wine and beer is sparse or non-existent at times, and the prices for everything outrageous. There is a restaurant in Toronto that is magically hidden, whose service is horrible, but whose food is divine. This is the story of the Nameless Restaurant.

4th June – Gold, Lock and Key (Grimdark Fairytales #1) by E.J. Doble

“All it needs, is a bit of tenacity… and three little bears.”
Goldie, an outlaw and contract hunter of the Baron’s State, accepts a new assignment from her employer to find an old cabin in the woods, home to three ‘shapeshifters’ who can morph into bears. Considered to be little more than a myth, Goldie assumes at first that the shapeshifters are an exaggeration – but with the sizeable bounty her employer is offering, she soon realises there may be more truth in it than she realised.
And that isn’t the only thing on her mind: she discovers her main rival – a manipulative and incredibly cunning trapper named Southey – has also taken on the contract, and will be contending for the same bounty she so fervently desires. Having waited many long years to have her revenge and outsmart Southey for past mistakes, Goldie sees the new contract as a perfect opportunity to do so. All she has to do is play her cards just right.
And kill three bears…

4th June – Waybound (Cradle #12) by Will Wight

Progression/Cultivation, Epic Fantasy
Years ago, Lindon left his home as a powerless Unsouled. Now, he goes to war with the most powerful beings in the world over the future of Cradle itself.
The Weeping Dragon has a grudge to settle, and Lindon intends to take out the Dreadgod with his friends by his side. But rival Monarchs know his plans, and they won’t let things end so easily.
If Lindon does win, he will ascend to the heavens. But he may not find a safe haven there either.
In the worlds above, Suriel and Ozriel face off against the Mad King to determine the new shape of the cosmos. The victor will decide the fate of countless universes.
Whether he wins or dies, Lindon will soon leave this life behind.

6th June – Champions of Light (The Light Series #1) by Althea Damgaard

Epic Fantasy
Rhoanda runs away when her father betrays her trust by arranging her marriage without telling her. She had freedom to be herself, unlike her sisters, but in the end, she should have expected this. Winter still hangs on in the mountains, unlike the beach she left, and it could be another month until the pass to the west opens. Her funds run out and the city guard catches her stealing. Instead of a cell, they take her to the Cathedral of Light, which rivals a fortress. There she learns the truth about the Light while trying to hide who she really is. Her parents, who embrace the Dark, have the power to take over the mountain kingdom and could use her as the excuse to do so.
Sergeant Vern can’t shake his desire to drink nor his anger at the Lord of Light for the disease that crippled and killed his sister at a young age. The cathedral lets him work with the class of deviants under his alias, but time is running out. The worse spring thaw of the century arrives and despite the great Cathedral of Light, the Dark has found a deep root in the kingdom. Worse, prophecies of the spiritual war manifesting in the physical come true as a mural changes before their eyes and its images step into their lives. Vern needs to accept the truth that sets him free of the curse cast upon his family so he can step into his true role. A truth that his sister professed about the Light through all her pain unto her last breath when angels took her home.
Will their faith in the Light be enough to overcome their trials and save a kingdom?

6th June – imPerfect Curse (The imPerfect Cathar #2) by C.N. Rowan

Urban Fantasy
I’m exhausted. Done in. Needing a stiff drink and about a week’s sleep. But that’s not going to happen.
Because Franc is dying, struck by a curse placed on him by the Sistren Of Bordeaux, one of the most powerful groups of Talented in France. And because of our deal, it’s on me to find out what the hell is going on, and how Franc has offended the Sistren. Apart from by simply existing, of course.
Except a simple trip to Bordeaux turns into a living nightmare as the past comes back to not just haunt me but to kick me square in the nuts, and I’m sent to the one place no Talented ever wants to go. Where those with magic either vanish or get ruined, left as nothing but empty husks.
This time, it might not be the world at risk.
It might be my very soul.

6th June – Lira by Armanis Ar-Feinial

Grimdark, Horror
Lira is an innocent little girl, struggling to survive in a cruel, heartless world. As her father dies, she is left to fend for herself. Each day is a desperate and exhausting search for food, scouring through the Abyss, the only home she knows. Acute awareness does not always protect her from the very real risk of cannibalization or worse– being abducted. This is a horrifying reality that no child should have to face in a brutally poetic tale

6th June – Girl Squad Volition (Volta Academy Chronicles #2) by Maya Lin Wang

Progression/Cultivation, YA
Magical girls, mystery, and martial arts!
After transforming for the first time, Wren starts class at Aurin Academy, a floating school where students from across the dimensions train to defend the sovereign planets of the Kiloverse from the Cosmic horrors beyond.
From learning to fly, to discovering her magical aptitude, to dealing with a trident-wielding water Volta who inexplicably wants her dead, to navigating the fraught politics of her first mission with the squad, Wren has her work cut out for her!

13th June – Fat Witch Summer – Lizzy Ives

YA, Cozy Fantasy
Dumplin’ meets The Craft in this body-positive fantasy novel for fans of summer road trips, female friendship, and magic.
Sixteen-year-old Thrash doesn’t enchant eyeliner over her lids or clear her acne with magic. She is plus-size, but she doesn’t hate what she sees in the mirror—that’s the realm of her mother, Osmarra, a slim and elegant Glamour witch. When Thrash unexpectedly breaks a mirror with her mind, she discovers she has a knack for magic and will receive one of the three sanctioned Gifts: Glamour, Growth, or Sight. The only problem is that mothers choose the Gifts, and Osmarra is convinced that the Gift of Glamour will fix her daughter’s looks.
When Thrash fails to persuade Osmarra to accept her as she is, a trio of cool witches who call themselves The Lunes offer her an out. Their leader, fiery and charismatic Cresca, recruits Thrash for a road trip to New Salem University, where the girls plan to steal their own Gifts. As Thrash crosses the magical Thirteen States of America, Osmarra hot on her heels, she discovers bewitched diners, haunted tourist traps, and a secret about the Gifts that will change the Thirteen States forever.

16th June – When the Stars Alight (The Essence of the Equinox #1) by Camilla Andrew

A maiden of the stars. A monster from the shadows. A collision that rewrites their worlds.
Princess Laila Rose is a fallen star in human form. A beloved guardian to humanity. Yet in spite of these fantastical origins, she has never much believed in prophecies. That’s why when a demon of apocalyptic legend is presented to her in a block of ice, she feels fascination rather than fright.
Curiosity kindles into mutual desire once he breaks free of his captivity. Far from the rampaging beast of mass destruction everyone expects—he is monstrously handsome, deviously articulate and alluringly mysterious, a prince among his kind. Eager to discover his origins, Laila travels from her idyllic seaside realm into a land of unspeakable horrors, relying on her wits to survive her journey. She arrives aiming to establish peaceful contact with the aid of the besotted prince.
However, it becomes clear that the heartless demon king does not desire peace at all, only war and conquest. When diplomacy fails, Laila turns to the king’s suave and manipulative bastard son in the hopes that she can inspire both him and his trueborn brother to go against their father. But soon it is her heart she must keep from being torn between their centuries-old dangerous rivalry.

16th June – The Orb and the Airship (Turrim Archive #1) by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

Steampunk, Cozy Fantasy
A rogue airship captain. An ambitious youth. A clash of powers beyond their imagination.
With scholarships to a prestigious military school, Grayden and Wynn are thirsty for adventure. But the night before they leave, they discover the mysterious Dalmir and his arcane orb in the forsaken tower outside of town. The old man, who seems to have a wealth of knowledge of what came before and yet so little of the now, insists on accompanying them as they travel to the academy.
Meanwhile, all pirate Captain Marik wants is to keep to the skies, take his due, and care for his crew. Then a straightforward pillaging mission on a ship of fresh academy students leads to betrayal from one of his own and an unlikely friendship forged by necessity.
Yet this new alliance stirs up ancient foes and a conflict too terrible to ignore. Despite Grayden’s inexperience and Marik’s skepticism, working together with Dalmir is their only option.
The fate of the world depends on it.


17th June – Molten Flux (Flux Catastrophe #1) by Jonathan Weiss

Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fantasy
As the freshest conscript aboard the walking fortress of Revance, Ryza forges a name for himself in battle. The enemy are the smelters, bandits that trade in reanimated corpses. But for Ryza, the bloodshed represents a path of redemption for an upbringing he’s just escaped.
His prowess with a rifle draws the interest of the Locusts, a clandestine faction within Revance’s ranks. It turns out that not all aboard the fortress seek to stamp out the plague of molten flux, the mysterious liquid metal that fills the bodies of the dead and makes them walk again.
Some seek to profit.
The reanimated corpses —known as autominds— are used to control enormous contraptions of magnetically enchanted metal, forming the backbone of The Droughtland’s factories. The only thing stopping the smelters from expanding their illicit industry is Revance.
The Locusts make Ryza an offer. Either help overthrow Revance to do the smelter’s bidding or reveal his father’s legacy as the very thing Ryza now fights against.
The former is unthinkable. The latter means death.
Ryza resolves to infiltrate them and expose the mutiny, plunging him back into the murky underworld of the smelters, testing his convictions, and even leading him to the ancient origins of molten flux itself.

18th June – Enchanted Flames ANTHOLOGY (Enchanted Anthologies #3) by Various Authors

If you play with fire, you might get burned…
Dig into this magical collection of short stories and discover among the embers ten fiery fantasy tales to set your heart ablaze.
Sneak past the ancient dragon as you steal from his hoard of gold and escape with the crown jewels. Journey deep into the Salamander Kingdom and follow the wyverns as they help the woodwitch to find the cure. Walk over earth scorched by a post-apocalyptic sun on a quest for survival, and find out why the firebird only eats golden apples. Watch the phoenix rise from the ashes and root for the golden dragon to woo his demigoddess in the Magic Kingdom.


20th June – Guild of Magic (NYC Questing Guild) by Jon Auerbach

Urban Fantasy
Joining the Guild was only the beginning. Now Jen’s next quest could spell life or death.
Jen Jacobs thought she was in over her head when she first discovered the secret Quest Board and the world of alchemy and magic hiding just out of sight in New York City. But after a ghost from her mentor Beatrice Taylor’s past nearly kills the two of them, Jen finds herself on the cusp of joining the fabled Guild. Except now Beatrice has gone missing, leaving Jen alone to face the shadowy organization and its 11 members by herself.
If that wasn’t enough, the Guild’s chairman forces Jen to complete yet another dangerous quest to prove that she belongs: stealing a long-lost vial of Dragon’s blood that is the key ingredient to recreating the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.
As Jen’s past mistakes begin to catch up with her, she’ll need to muster all of her ingenuity to survive in the cutthroat world of ancient Relics, magical dynasties, and a possible immortal secretly directing things from behind the scenes.

21st June – Hierachy of the Unseen by B. Pigeon & Fell A. Marsh

Epic Fantasy
Demons and humans are locked in endless struggle.
This is an intrinsic fact of nature. The demons believe their salvation lies in bleeding humanity of the life-force called light, while the humans are equally determined to defend it.
Within the sprawling empire of Lu-nevet, the two sides have settled into an uneasy peace, employing less violent tactics. But this peace can only hold for so long.
The state religion of Lukeira sends devout demon hunter Mitzli deep into the borderlands to bless the victims of demonic pranks. Once they arrive, however, they find unexpected signs of violence. They team up with irreligious hunter Veleiry to investigate—and the destruction the two uncover is an ominous sign of what’s to come.
Meanwhile, shiftless demon Kor falls under the scrutiny of his vampiric commander, Mant—meaning he must actually do the work of tormenting humans, rather than taking credit from his now-ex-partner Yez. Slowly, he begins to realize that the demons’ strategy is shifting, and may be heading down a path he cannot follow.
Mitzli and Kor will have to betray their respective factions if they want to put an end to the violence before it escalates. But the two of them, both outcasts among their own kind, are the only ones who know the truth. How can they protect the world if no one will listen?

27th June – Temper the Dark by L. Ryan Storms

Epic Fantasy, YA
Servant girl Alaris Kahlanik finds out about her family’s gift the hard way when she discovers her ability to dreamwalk after being condemned to the Cells. With thoughts of escape, she uses her newfound ability to spy on the emperor and his secret search for something important. Nothing the emperor wants could possibly be good for the people he rules, and so whatever the emperor is looking for, Alaris must find first.
Throlani Guardsman Kagan Liis has served the Empire since Emperor Patuk’s reign began eight years ago. He can also communicate with a vicious oracle referred to only as the Darkness. When the Darkness tasks Kagan with investigating the Servant girl in the Cells, Kagan takes on a special mission that will require more than his usual interrogation methods of brute strength and intimidation.
From vastly different echelons of the same tribal society, Alaris and Kagan are surprised to learn they share one important goal—ensuring the best for the people of their island nation. Alaris discovers what the emperor is looking for — a dragon! But warning a senile dragon against impending danger is no easy task. Together, Alaris and Kagan must save a forgetful dragon and a divided nation…which may mean giving up any hope of saving themselves.

30th June – Quin of Light (The Quins of Sarcaren #1) by Mark Parker

Epic Fantasy, YA
The quins of Sarcaren have awoken. . .
Auri. Gifted with power over lightning that fascinates and frightens her in equal measure, power she must bring to the fore when horror strikes her people.
Torren and Aaran. Twins with growing mastery over the physical and the mental. A potent mix of brains and brawn, both vying for the approval of the kingdom’s greatest warrior.
Koshi. Beset with sickness caused by the fire that threatens to burn her from the inside.
And Caetan. The youngest prince of Sarcaren who bends water to his desire but whose will and words are shackled by a devastating sorceress.
Alone, they pose little threat. Separated at birth – mere pawns to be used by the city of Sarcaren as an unknown enemy rumbles in the north. Alone, they are mere children caught in a dangerous and confusing world of betrayal and fear.
Together, they are bound by a curse that will one day kill them all.
Together, they will devastate kingdoms.
Space for more...
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2023.06.07 11:20 BETTERGETLOOM i appreciate your help but dont throw our quest

pls for the love of god, if you join a premade fatalis quest with 3 players per sos flaire, let the guys use their binders and ballista themselves, they might have a plan. for context: yesterday a greatsword player joined our fatalis quest and we hoped he would do some dmg to the head, to help us break the horns. we usually use the first binder for after the second ult when fatty flies and save up the second binder for later when fatty flies again. so we used the binder and bonked fattys head, while wondering where our friend and helper is. turns out, during the binder opening he went to collect the second binder and used it immediatly after. no problem, when fatalis flew later we just used smokebombs to bring him down to earth. except that our friend thought it would be better to clutchclaw on to fatalis and die. well i wont hate on ppl who come to our help and a big part of the fun with randoms is that not everything goes according to plan, but this was kinda frustrating not gonna lie. this is not a rant it was kinda ammusing and its probably our fault to expect too much of a random and this was a one out of mabe 10 occurance. most other player who helped us were very competent and im glad we have such an experienced and helpful community! the reason why we use a flair btw. is bc fatty has the same healthpool with 3 and 4 players, so hunting him with three is just unnecessrily difficult
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2023.06.07 11:19 Acceptable_Amoeba_37 760(Q50,V44) - resources used and lessons learnt

I got a few questions on the resources I used, so I thought I would make a detailed writeup of the same.
Disclaimer: This is not a piece of general advice, I am just documenting some of the things that worked for me. There are many experts in this sub who are qualified to give out advice, I am most definitely not one of them. Take this post with a pinch of salt. What worked for me might not work for you.
Free resources in the end.
  1. Quant - Wizako/ Gmat Club forum quiz
  2. Verbal - TTP(initial months)/ Gmat Ninja video series/ GMAT Club expert replies
  3. Have a guessing strategy and game plan for test anxiety, don’t lose control over the test at any point
  4. Don’t just think of what resources to use, think of when to use those resources as well. (Eg. doing gmat club practice in the initial stages felt overwhelming for me. I utilized it in a much more effective way after I was done with the basics)
  5. Be kind to yourself, get enough sleep, and fake it till you make it!
  6. Don't get disheartened if things don't go your way, a successful GMAT attempt depends on a lot of factors in addition to your prep. Your mindset and luck are factors as well. Keep going at it, it gets better!
Resources I used:
  1. Although I am comfortable with quant more than with verbal, my basics were a bit rusty. I used the GMAT Quant core course from Wizako. I used this course to brush up on the basics. Although I used this course many months back, I frequented my notes from this course throughout my prep. They have a Youtube channel, you can check it out to see whether their style suits you.
  2. After getting my basics in place, I started practicing with official questions. For the next few weeks, my efforts were quite scattered. In retrospect, having a structured approach would have expedited my prep - more on this later
  3. I purchased the TTP 4 months plan, however, I could not properly utilize the course as I had a very busy couple of months at work. Based on my experience, it is a very comprehensive course. It can be a game changer if you know how to utilize it well. Many people here feel that it is too vast, but I feel that is in good measure. They start from the absolute basics, and it is a very well-made course. I utilized TTP majorly for Verbal as it was my major pain point, and I was very satisfied with it(more on this in the verbal section)
  4. Once my basics were in place I realized that it was not my accuracy but my poor time management that was the bigger problem. This was my major takeaway from my first official test from a quant perspective.
  5. I fixed my timing problem with practice, get comfortable with the discomfort. I practised using forum quiz, and GMAT Club tests. GMAT club tests are really good, you can utilize this resource to get your time management skills in place. I would still say that they are not the same as OG questions, so DON'T skip out on OG questions. Getting an understanding of what skills the GMAT tests was an eye-opener. I also got GMAT club tests for free for 4 weeks. I got 2 weeks free for filling up an error log survey and an additional 2 weeks free for signing up for MBA Spotlight within 48 hours of its announcement. Watch out for such promotions to get some free resources.
  6. After practising for a while, I could see myself getting better at time management. My next pain point was careless math mistakes, I made a TONNE of them. I downloaded my error log from GMAT club, and in the week before the test, I revisited every official question that I got wrong and checked if I still made the same mistakes. If I made those mistakes even after practice, I re-read those concepts. I was making such mistakes even in the days leading to the test, anxiety was the root cause for such mistakes. I spent the last few days before my test working on my test anxiety.
  1. I spent the initial months of my prep doing a variety of resources, my prep was not structured at all. I used Powerscore CR Bible - a good resource to get some basics in place. I used Powerscore RC bible for RC, I found that to be helpful for me. I got comfortable with RC fairly quickly, so I did not spend much time on RC.
  2. GMAT Ninja Verbal series on Youtube is a godsend, I cannot stress how useful the entire series was, and the best part it is FREE. A lot of experts here say that GMAT verbal is not just about the rules, it seemed bizarre to me at first, but I understood what that meant after watching the GMAT Ninja videos. Watching those videos was a Eureka moment for me. I benefited a lot from the SC series especially. I felt that I could appreciate the videos better after I had some basics in place.
  3. I used TTP for verbal, especially for SC. TTP deserves every bit of credit it gets for making such a comprehensive course. Although I could not go through it completely, I greatly benefited from the verbal prep material. I referred to my SC notes from TTP multiple times during my prep journey. If you have the means and time to use TTP, go for it, but before that have a basic understanding of what your weak areas are. Use the free trial to get a feel of the course, and go for it when you are ready. Since the course is very vast, you might not have time to go through all of it, but having a clear idea of what you want in any resource will help you utilize it to the fullest.
  4. Read to understand the structure in RC, RC passages usually tire you out with a lot of details. Ensure that you don't lose track of the main idea, the structure, and what each paragraph tries to achieve in a structural sense. This helped me get most of the RC questions correct.
  5. SC is beyond the grammar rules. Don’t get me wrong, you need the rules to get to a basic level, but just that won't get you the right answer, especially in the more difficult questions. Reading for meaning is the way to go, GMAT Ninja videos helped me get this understanding. You have to be very literal with SC, I thought of SC like a puzzle.
  6. I am not the best person to comment about CR as that was my most difficult section, I tanked that in my first test. I learned that I did not keep track of the conclusion, so I fell for many trap answers. A few days before the test, Marty suggested I watch his Youtube video, it helped!! Thank you, Marty :) GMAT Ninja videos helped too. Like in SC, just understanding the patterns(eg. What are the typical right answers in a strengthen question?) will only get you so far, you need to understand what the main conclusion is and how the whole argument ties to it. Sometimes CR has seemingly bizarre correct answers, having a logical approach will help in such cases.
  7. GMAT CLUB - Just drilling OG questions will not be very effective. I used the forum quiz feature to practise in sets of 10-20 questions. I would later analyze each and every question, even the ones I got right. I used to read the expert replies and understand the concept. Once you get the hang of what qualifies as a right answer in GMAT, you will break your plateau, trust me on this.
  8. As mentioned earlier, I downloaded my GMAT club error log into an Excel file, revisited every official question that I got wrong, and checked if I still made the same mistakes. If I made those mistakes even after practice, and if it was because I did not completely understand that concept, I re-read those concepts(eg. I found the verb-ing modifier to be not intuitive for me, I re-read that a few times till I got the hang of it)
Test Anxiety:
  1. I did not account for this in my first test, and I learned a very important lesson the hard way. Some people are naturally calm under pressure, I am not one of them. GMAT is an exam where the stakes are high, so naturally your nerves will also be at an all-time high. Look up tips to help with anxiety, and choose what works for you. I got a 700 in my last mock 5 days before the exam, it felt like there was no way out. Once again, I am truly grateful for the people in this sub, and my family and friends for helping me move past that very rough patch. In retrospect, I feel like I needed to face that 700 in the mock in order to get the score I got on the test day.
  2. Be kind to yourself, and don’t get discouraged if you feel like you are not performing to the best of your ability, or if you feel like you are taking too much time to get ready for the test. You might feel like everyone else around is making massive strides and you are progressing in baby steps, understand that no two journeys are the same. Give yourself credit for showing up and wanting to move forward even when things are not looking up.
  3. I had a positive attitude before the test to the extent that I was surprised at myself. I told myself that nothing would stop me from giving my best possible performance on the test day, in a way I faked it till I made it. Things did not go my way initially, I had a flat tire right before I left for the test, I did not understand the very first question, and I had to guess a few questions(luck played a part here), I was surprised how unfaced I was given the turn of events. Having a resilient mindset helps, believe in your practice. I made every effort to not think about the algorithm.
  4. Don’t let performance in your first section affect that of your next section. I made this mistake on my first attempt and consciously avoided making the mistake on the second attempt.
  5. Never lose control over the test - have a guessing strategy. If you feel you are running out of time, you will have to make some calculated sacrifices.
Miscellaneous things that worked for me:
  1. In my first attempt, I had some trouble using the scratch pad, I followed a timing strategy wherein I write some time markers on the bottom of the page. It might sound trivial to you, but I had trouble with flipping the pages the right way on my first attempt, I was that anxious. I got a scratch pad to practise before the second attempt. If you can’t get it in your region, or if you find it to be expensive, you can get a makeshift one made at a local stationery store. I laminated a bunch of A4 sheets and got them spiral bound, not the best way, but it did the job.
  2. Reading some success stories here and on GMAT Club motivated me.
  3. I took a week off from work before my test, I completely zoned into GMAT. If you can't do this, consider having a few days around the weekend.
Free resources:
Don’t be discouraged if you are on a bit of a money crunch, you can get a great score just by using free resources. I am happy to help more in this regard, feel free to DM.
  1. Quant-
  2. Verbal -
  3. Verbal - GMAT Ninja Youtube channel SC/CRC series
  4. Time Management and Scratchpad organization -
  5. General practice(use this to pick OG questions based on difficulty levels) -
  6. Notes - I used this for revision in the days leading to the test and for idioms, this is a great post -
  7. Watch out for promotions on GMAT club to get access to tests/forum quiz for a few days. Subscribing to the youtube channel gives you 1 week of access to the forum quiz.
  8. GMAT Club - search for any topic that you don’t understand, and look for expert replies on that topic, it will be more than enough to understand that concept.
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2023.06.07 11:19 adaftname Solitaire

I am sure I set some records with Solitaire in the old days, scores of 500+ within 1-2 mins, with the decks arranged in an OCD order - Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs.
I used to have a screenshot of it but got lost in the years.
Anyone else in the same boat?
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2023.06.07 11:18 Rare_Ad_497 212 VIP Perfume by Carolina Herrera for Women

212 VIP Perfume by Carolina Herrera for Women
Ladies, it's time to level up your fragrance game! 💃🌹✨ Introducing 212 VIP Perfume by Carolina Herrera for Women. 🌟💁‍♀️ Get ready to make a statement with this captivating scent. 💋💫 Join the VIP club and unleash your inner diva.
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2023.06.07 11:18 jforcedavies FPL quiz: Can you name every club's top point scorer from the 22/23 season?

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2023.06.07 11:17 moomoopopscicle Just gonna be pretty upfront and myself since this is (technically) anonymous and fuck it I’m bored. 19M looking for new friends

I’m a filmmaker and writer. It would be awesome to talk to other filmmakers or writers as I never really have. I struggle with depression and anxiety have for years I’m also sober 19 months from drugs. Most of my day I spend working out at the gym, or fixating on how I can get my depression better (lol) I’m pretty proactive with therapy and stuff like that(finally med freee woohoo) im into lots of shit like graphic novels video games, some of my favourites are resident evil 7/8, out last series Zelda games. I’m studying film at uni this year
I love reading, philosophy, Huxley, Camus, Kafka. They inspire my films which are mostly experimental and without words.
Im also really into spirituality oracle cards tarot cards and I have received afew energy healings which were mind blowing and I’m very fascinated by that stuff
I’m open to phone chats if it ever gets to that
I have some friends and I see people at my boxing club so by no means a loner but it’s mostly surface level, i dont have a partner and I’m chill with my family but distant so there’s no one in my life I have to really be deeply honest with about stuff, who gets it. Dating is like finding a needle in a haystack. I think a lot about things and there haven’t been many in my life who I really feel have understood me. Im a very compassionate and loyal dude and good listener which is usually taken advantage of.
Hmu if you like deep chats !
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2023.06.07 11:16 realvolker1 How do dependencies work on Arch-based distros compared to Fedora and Debian?

Hey all. I’m considering checking out Arch Linux 🤓
I have run through archinstall in a vm, and got a basic setup with Hyprland on wlroots-Wayland, but I had a MUCH harder time with i3wm on xorg.
Fedora and Debian use rpm and dpkg respectively as their package formats. When I run sudo dnf install i3, dnf installs not only i3, but also essential packages mentioned in the default config, like i3lock, i3bar, i3status, dmenu, xss-lock, basic working xorg (if not already installed), and a bunch of other stuff you need. Ubuntu (KDE Neon, lets be real here) also installs urxvt because I guess you need a shitty ancient terminal too if you’re a window manager nerd.
I installed i3-wm on Arch, and ly as my display manager. After first startup, I noticed that pacman didn’t even install xorg! I installed xorg and it also installed a bunch of random x11 commands that I would have had to install separately on Fedora. I installed flatpak, and it just straight up asked me what xdg-desktop-portal impl I wanted.
It seems like there’s definitely a different standard (if that’s what you call it) of what really counts as a “dependency” on Arch. If I switch to Arch, how much more of my time will be consumed by dependency hunting? What if I need development headers to compile something? I don’t remember ever seeing any -devel arch packages. How do i686 packages work? Should I install steam from the flatpak or distro package for best nvidia compatibility?
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2023.06.07 11:15 Realistic_Crew1095 In The Idol (2023), Alexa Demie appears as a dancer in the club, they forgot to add Sarah Snook and Bella Ramsey in this episode.

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2023.06.07 11:14 WildJackall Favourite scenes of the series

Let's talk about something positive. What are some of your favourite scenes in the series?
Some of mine are: Zeke and Jared teaming up to do the good cop bad cop routine
Zeke and Cal playing monopoly for Zeke's bachelor party. I hope Cal still gets to be his best man next time around.
The flashback of Jared proposing to Micheala (I'm undecided if I wanted her to end up with Jared or Zeke)
Cal having lunch with his old friends at school and getting to momentarily feel like everything was normal
Ben and Olive having a funeral for TJ when they thought he was dead and sharing their favourite memories of him
Cal sending Olive a coded message to help her find him when he was kidnapped
Cal teaching Eden the treasure hunt poem while hiding near Tyrik's house
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