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Videos of when a cop was conveniently in the right place at the right time.

2023.06.04 00:26 OxyC377 [Race Day 2 - Sat 4 June 2023] Bench Racing ≫ Lets talk about the races when they are happening! × Who is going to win the first big bike race of the week?!

[Race Day 2 - Sat 4 June 2023] Bench Racing ≫ Lets talk about the races when they are happening! × Who is going to win the first big bike race of the week?!

Time Schedule

  • 1:30 PM (IOM Time) ⌇⌇ 14:30 CEST – Solo Warm Up Session
  • 2:40 PM (IOM Time) ⌇⌇ 15:40 CEST – RST Superbike Race – 6 Laps

Entry list

Entry List: Superbikes (Part 1)
Entry List: Superbikes (Part 2)

The weather

Weather between 1PM and 4PM at Douglas (IOM)

Fastest 20 riders through the week on Superbike

  1. Michael Dunlop – 135.531 (Unofficial lap record)
  2. Peter Hickman – 134.910
  3. Dean Harrison – 134.216
  4. Davey Todd – 132.194
  5. Josh Brookes – 131.098
  6. John McGuinness MBE – 131.003
  7. Jamie Coward – 130.945
  8. Conor Cummins – 130.924
  9. Rob Hodson – 129.279
  10. David Johnson – 129.243
  11. James Hillier – 129.210
  12. Michael Rutter – 129.147
  13. Phil Crowe – 128.822
  14. Shaun Anderson – 128.331
  15. Dominic Herbertson – 128.280
  16. Jim Hind – 128.129
  17. Brian McCormack – 126.965
  18. Sam West – 126.375
  19. Julian Trummer – 126.068
  20. Craig Neve – 125.736
Read more:
How to follow the races on TT+, Live Timing or Radio: ► here is ◀ all and more info.
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2023.06.04 00:26 TheSpaceMan875 Help with Macro's and some advice please!

Hey y'all, so before I ask, a little context on me personally. I am big, like really big. Weighed in at the doctor a few weeks ago at over 400lbs. I am 22 years old and 6 foot tall. For the most part I do not have mobility issues since I have been over 200lbs since I was at least 12. I am trying to lose weight so that way I won't have major issues in the future. I work out at home at least 3 times a week at home with weights plus other exercises for at least 30 minutes. My job is sedentary so I don't have the ability to change much there.
I am having a really hard time trying to find a good source on how much of each type of macro that I should eat. I see places that say to eat 1 to 1.5g of protein per pound. But that would not be possible for how much I weigh. Is that based on how much I want to weigh?
I also am having a hard time finding how many calories I should be eating each day to lose weight. Some places say 3500 others say 2000. This whole situation is confusing.
I just want to know how much of each I should be eating, or at least how much I need to aim for in order to lose weight, from there I can figure out what to do meal wise that is within my specific pallet.
I am trying to aim for 250 within the next 2 years at the latest. Any advice would be helpful! :/
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2023.06.04 00:25 shiro_yasha373 Mods are checked in properties~add-ons, but not actually being applied to game

Mods are checked in properties~add-ons, but not actually being applied to game
Hey all, I’m trying to install some mods to totk but am having trouble getting them to work.
I have mods from both GitHub and gamebanana, and all of them are stored in the correct yuzu mods folder. My mod folders are named after the mod, and contains a sub folder romfs, and some also have config.yaml files. A couple mod folders have exefs instead of romfs, probably has something to do with the nature of the mod.
Despite the specific boxes I want being checked, I noticed a lot of mods don’t actually apply to the game, namely ones from gamebanana. Are mods from there not supported yet if you’re running on a steam deck?
And if anyone else is having this problem or knows what I’m doing wrong, I would appreciate some advice.
Running on my steam deck, yuzu EA 3633
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2023.06.04 00:25 ZealousidealStep1592 Groin Lymph Node

Would appreciate any help or support being talked back down to earth. 4 days ago, I thought I had a pimple in my groin region that was slightly tender and irritating. I looked at it closer last night, and noticed it appears to be a swollen lymph node deep in my groin. It’s tender and the size of a pea. I don’t have many other symptoms, outside of a mild cold from a week ago and some allergies. My brain keeps going to cancer. Anybody have a similar situation or advice?
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2023.06.04 00:25 AH11denco Suspected endo - daily pain is debilitating and worsens constantly. What do I do?

Never posted before. I am 28 years old, very new to this disease and terrified.
I’ve had endometriosis symptoms ever since I got my first period at 10, but I did not know anything about this disease until about 3 months ago. I was able to find a gynecologist who specializes in minimally invasive surgery, treating endometriosis, fibroids, and pelvic organ prolapse. She suspects endometriosis but wants to start with the least invasive options, as she says surgery comes with risks. Right now, she has started me on a combined birth control pill, a muscle relaxer to take as needed, a lidocaine gel, and referred me to a pelvic floor physical therapist. I will do whatever she suggests since I am desperate for relief - she told me I need to give everything a good three months to start seeing improvement since this has likely been impacting my body for decades and change won’t happen overnight. It’s been 15 days - I get small relief from the muscle relaxers but I’ve been taking them multiple times daily and I worry it’s not sustainable.
However, within the last 3 weeks, my pain is excruciating and worsens every single day. I’m scared I won’t be able to take much more. I can no longer move or stand for more than 15 minutes, I’m taking the muscle relaxers and 2,000-3,000 mg of Tylenol daily, on top of weed edibles. I am in so much pain that I can’t sleep - my body couldn’t until 4 am this morning. I was scared I would need to go to the hospital and I’ve never been to the ER in my life. My doctor is supporting me with a leave of absence from work since I can’t walk or drive hardly at all. I don’t understand how I’ve gotten to this point in a matter of weeks.
This community is helping to save my life - it is horrifying to know how many people are experiencing this.
Has anyone else experienced such a rapid progression? Is this just what a flare up feels like or is something else worsening? I am so scared. I was walking a month ago - I don’t know what is happening to me.
Thank you 🩷
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2023.06.04 00:25 vitahunter [US] [H] NA and EU Digital game codes PS4/PS5/PSVR2/Switch/Xbox [W] Paypal

All the games I am selling are digital codes.
PS4/PS5/PSVR2 (codes are NA - US region unless specified otherwise) :
- Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $65
- The Caligula Effect: Overdose (PS5 - NA) : $40
- Super Mega Baseball 4 (PS5 - NA) : $39
- Company of Heroes 3 (PS5 - NA) : $46
- Killer Frequency (PS5 - NA) : $14
- Shame Legacy (PS5 - NA) : $24
- Undead Horde 2: Necropolis (PS5 - NA) : $12
- Protodroid DeLTA (PS4 - NA) : $13
- CONV/RGENCE: A League of Legends Story (PS5 - NA) : $20
- Shantae (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $7
- World Championship Boxing Manager 2 (PS4 - NA) : $9
- Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook (PS5 - NA) : $37
- Tin Hearts (PS5 - NA) : $20
- Nightmare Reaper (PS5 - NA) : $18
- Nightmare Reaper (PS4 - NA) : $18
- Another Fisherman's Tale (PSVR2 - NA) : $15
- The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution - Payback Edition (PSVR2 - NA) : $37
- Organ Quarter (PSVR2 - NA) : $15
- Another Fisherman's Tale (PSVR2 - EU) : $10
- Space Engineers (PS5 - NA) : $11
- Strayed Lights (PS5 - NA) : $15
- R-Type Final 3 Evolved (PS5 - NA) : $35
- Stranded: Alien Dawn (PS5 - NA) : $20
- Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward (PS5 - NA) : $13
- Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward (PS4 - NA) : $13
- Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (PS4 - NA) : $37
- DE-EXIT - Eternal Matters (PS5 - NA) : $13
- Afterlife VR (PSVR2 - NA) : $10
- Process of Elimination (PS4 -NA) : $25
- Anno 1800 Console Edition - Deluxe (PS5 - NA) : $30
- GrimGrimoire OnceMore (PS5 - NA) : $30
- Last Labyrinth (PSVR2 - NA) : $18
- Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem (PS4 - EU) : $15
- Atari Mania (PS5 - NA) : $15
- Across the Valley (PSVR2 - NA) : $11
- Buddy Simulator 1985 (PS5 - NA) : $6
- Buddy Simulator 1985 (PS4 - NA) : $6
- The Wreck (PS5 - NA) : $11
- DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate Episode II "The Eleventh Hour" (PSVR2 - NA) : $11
- Peppa Pig: World Adventures (PS4 - NA) : $20
- Clash: Artifacts of Chaos (PS5 - NA) : $20
- Mato Anomalies (PS5 - NA) : $20
- DARQ: Ultimate Edition (PS5 - NA) : $8
- DARQ: Ultimate Edition (PS4 - NA) : $8
- Papetura (PS5 - NA) : $7
- Caverns Of Mars: Recharged (PS5 - NA) : $7
- Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded (PSVR2 - NA) : $13
- LEAP (PS5 - NA) : $18
- Jurassic World Aftermath (PSVR2 - NA) : $16
- Wanted: Dead (PS5 - NA) : $29
- Demeo (PS5 / PSVR2 - NA) : $25
- Gamedec Definitive Edition (PS5 - NA) : $20
- The Tale of Onogoro (PSVR2 - NA) : $20
- BROK the InvestiGator (PS5 - NA) : $13
- After The Fall - Complete Edition (PSVR2 - NA) : $18
- Townsmen VR (PSVR2 - NA) : $23
- Vacation Simulator (PSVR2 - NA) : $17
- Job Simulator (PSVR2 - NA) : $12
- Cave Digger 2 : Dig Harder (NA - PSVR2) : $15
- Cosmonious High (NA - PSVR2) : $19
- Zenith: The Last City (NA - PSVR2) : $18
- Puzzling Places (PSVR2 - NA) + 2 DLC packs (separate codes) : $17 for the 3 codes
- Puzzling Places (PSVR2 - EU) + 2 DLC packs (separate codes) : $10 for the 3 codes
- Rooftop Renegade (PS4 - NA) : $10
- DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate Episode I (PSVR2 - NA) : $10
- Tetris Effect: Connected (PS5 / PSVR2 - NA) : $24
- Rez Infinite (PS5 / PSVR2 - NA) : $15
- The Forest Quartet (PS5 - NA) : $4
- Togges (PS5 - NA) : $7
- Kukoos: Lost Pets (PS4 - NA) : $10
- Cassiodora (PS5 - NA) : $7
- GRIME (PS4 - NA) : $8
- Wavetale (PS5 - NA) : $13
- The Outbound Ghost (PS5 - NA) : $10
- Inertial Drift + Twilight Rivals Pack (PS5 - NA) : $13
- Kaiju Wars (PS4 - EU) : $6
- Farming Simulator 22 - Platinum Edition (PS5 - NA) : $22
- Tempus (PS5 - NA) : $3
- Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $13
- Dakar Desert Rally - Deluxe Edition (PS5 - NA) : $22
- Prison Architect: Undead (PS4 - NA) : $2
- Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy (PS4 - NA) : $11
- Plunder Panic (PS5 - NA) : $5
- I Was A Teenage Exocolonist (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $7
- Commandos 3 - HD Remaster (PS4 - NA) : $7
- Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory (PS5 - NA) : $7
- Fallen Legion Revenants (PS5 - NA) : $10
- Voyage (PS4 - NA) : $4
- Lootlite (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $2
- Gigabash (PS5 - NA) : $7
- QUByte Classics: Zero Tolerance Collection (PS4 - NA) : $2
- Hazel Sky (PS4 - NA) : $5
- Two Hundred Ways (PS4 - NA) : $4
- Arcadegeddon (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $4
- Yurukill: The Calumniation Games (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $10
- Matchpoint Tennis Championships (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $10
- Lumberjack's Dynasty (PS4 - NA) : $10
- Moo Lander (PS4 - NA) : $5
- Crazy Chicken Xtreme (PS4 - NA) : $5
- Tour de France 2022 (PS5 - NA) : $10
- Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery (PS4 - NA) : $4
- THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid (PS4 - NA) : $5
- Freshly Frosted (PS4 - NA) : $4
- Super Perils of Baking (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $4
- Endzone - A World Apart: Survivor Edition (PS5 - NA) : $9
- Source of Madness (PS5 - NA) : $7
- Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers (PS5 - NA) : $7
- Demon's Tier+ (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $4
- Riddled Corpses EX (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $4
- Xenon Valkyrie+ (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $4
- RiffTrax: The Game (PS4 - NA) : $4
- Winter Ember (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $5
- Kombinera (PS5 - NA) : $5
- (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $4
- Ikai (PS5 - NA) : $5
- The Last Cube (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $5
- Conan Chop Chop (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $5
- Demetrios the BIG Cynical Adventure REPLASTERED (PS5 - NA) : $3
- Gunborg: Dark Matters (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $5
- NERF Legends (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $5
- Kinduo (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $2
- One Hand Clapping (PS4 - NA) : $4
- Heavenly Bodies (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $4
- Windlands 2 (PSVR - NA) : $6
- Night Lights (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $2
- Tandem: A Tale of Shadows (PS4 - NA) : $5
- NASCAR 21: Ignition Champions Edition (PS4 - NA) : $10
- Super Destronaut DX-2 (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $2
- Loopindex (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $2
- Sun Wukong VS Robot (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $2
- Rabisco+ (PS4/PS5 - NA) : $2
- Embr (PS4 - EU) : $2
Xbox :
- Last Labyrinth -Lucidity Lost- : $20
- Sugar Tanks : $6
- Guilty Gear -Strive- Ultimate Edition 2022 : $30
- Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper : $5
- Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame 6 : $25
- Zapling Bygone : $5
- Like a Dragon: Ishin! Digital Deluxe Edition : $30
- Marvel's Midnight Suns Digital+ Edition : $28
- Bumblebee - Little Bee Adventure : $6
- Aery - Path of Corruption : $6
- As Far As The Eye : $7
- Warp Drive : $14
- LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Galactic Edition : $25
- Paper Flight - Speed Rush : $5
- Temple of Horror : $4
- PGA TOUR 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition : $25
- Paper Flight - Super Speed Dash : $5
- World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing Gold Edition : $12
- Ooblets : $10
- Aery - Vikings : $5
- The Tale of Bistun : $5
- Pathologic 2 + Marble Nest DLC Bundle : $6
- Rabbids: Party of Legends : $6
- Cursed Island : $3
- Hatsune Miku Jigsaw Puzzle : $6
- Strategic Mind: The Pacific : $7
- Spacelines from the Far Out : $6
- True Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 2 : $4
- Aery - A New Frontier : $3
- Evasion From Hell : $3
- Richy's Nightmares : $3
- Kraken Academy : $5
- BouncyBoi in Puzzle Land : $5
- Richy's Nightmares : $2
- Time Loader : $3
- From Heaven To Earth : $2
- Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition : $6
- Justice Chronicles : $6
- Aery - Dreamscape : $5
- In My Shadow : $5
- My Singing Monsters Playground : $8
Nintendo Switch (codes are NA - US region unless specified otherwise) :
- Aragami 2 : $15
- Jurassic World Aftermath Collection : $15
- Lair Land Story : $5
- Josh Journey: Darkness Totems : $5
- Slaycation Paradise : $3
- Robo Revenge Squad : $3
- MADiSON : $10
- Ground Divers! : $5
- Sakura Fantasy : $5
- Fallen Angel : $5
- XEL : $5
- Zeus Quest – The Rebirth of Earth : $4
- Gal*Gun: Double Peace : $8
- Frightence : $3
- Time Blazer : $8
- LIT: Bend the Light : $4
- Wunderling DX : $8
- Two Hundred Ways : $6
- Amazing Machines : $8
- Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure : $1
- To the Top, Mammoth : $5
- Red Colony 3 (EU) : $2
- Labyrinth Legend : $8
- Draw a Stickman: EPIC : $4
- Horrid Henry's Krazy Karts : $8
- Tunnel of Doom : $7
- Real Boxing 2 : $5
- My Singing Monsters Playground : $7
- Where Cards Fall : $6
- Endocrisis : $2
- Monomals : $6
- Boulder Dash Deluxe : $5
- Ruin Raiders : $6
- Toroom : $3
- Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt (EU) : $1
- Out of Line : $3
- DroneRidge : $3
- Black Book (EU) : $2
- Doomsday Vault (EU) : $2
- Off The Road Unleashed : $2
- Zombo Buster Advance : $2
- The Magister : $2
- CRASH: Autodrive : $2
- A Night at the Races : $2
- Armed Emeth : $2
- Faraday Protocol : $5
- Frontier Quest : $3
- Knights & Guns : $3
- Spacebase Startopia : $6
Want :
Paypal F&F (prices negotiable especially if you take multiple games)
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2023.06.04 00:24 KiranRivers Happy to support the band

I was content with just buying some merch from A7X World and streaming the album on Spotify, but after listening to the album 3 times in a row last night I drove to my nearest Barns N Nobles and bought that Pink Vinyl. I can’t remember the last time an album (in its entirety) spoke to me on this level.
Curious, what vinyl did you guys get?
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2023.06.04 00:24 Designer_Ad_2023 Is it normal to have such bad back pain in the middle of the nights?

31 very active, workout 5-6 days a week weightlifting and 3 days a week of cardio.
I recently went on vacation with my wife and kinked my neck at night. The next day I started waking up with the back pain. It was more so localized on my lower lat. I figured it was just the new mattress. I got home to my normal mattress and the pain continues. I went to a chiro he said my back was out of alignment bad and adjusted it and sent me on my way. That night it actually felt fine.
The next day and there after so far it’s been 2 weeks total of just back pain that makes it feel like it so sore and it hasn’t been stretched like it’s almost hard to take a deep breath and can feel the pressure from my lower left side of my back. I noticed that in the morning if i twist to the right or left the pain is localized to that specific area on on my left lower lat. I’ve attached a picture of where it hurts.
I’ve done some searching and a lot of people claim it’s time for a new mattress but I got a nice tempur pedic.
Am I just getting old and need to focus on stretching more or could it be something else
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2023.06.04 00:24 black_red_ranger Worst experience ever!

I am currently on board Horizon de-embarking tomorrow in Miami. Last night after a day out we came back to our state room to find our sink backing up and brown! We left the room went to guest services, they seemed attentive and tried to remedy the situation. But when we returned to our room we found they had cleared the clog but left our bathroom with brown fluid on the floor and a pair of gloves with fluid on our carpet. I was furious!
I went back down stairs to go back to guest services where, “Tiffany” our guest services representative was completely unhelpful and down right unprofessional. After her apologizing and basically saying outside of cleaning the room there was nothing more they can do I asked to speak to a supervisor, she directed me to a back room where I was confronted with security!(which ended peacefully and with no issues at all, they escorted me to my room with a steward to check that my room had finally been cleaned)
This morning I get a phone message to meet guests services in the lobby where they opened an investigation into my case, around 11:45 I was instructed to return for a follow up where they told me “due to the fact security got involved Carnival can offer no further assistance in remediating the issue of last night. This is my girlfriends and my 7 cruise and have never experienced anything near this sort of issue.
After the way I we were treated last night and this morning I just want to leave, I feel disrespected, embarrassed, and completely heart broken. This has ruined our cruise and vacation.
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2023.06.04 00:24 BlissfulWorld Simplii Financial (Canada) $50 Referral and $100 Mortgage Referral

Referral Link:
-Get $50 when you open and deposit at least $100 in a No Fee Chequing Account, High Interest Savings Account within six months after account opening, and keep $100 or more in the account for at least 30 days.
-OR get $50 when you use or spend $100 on a Cash Back Visa Card or Personal Line of Credit within six months after opening the account. Subject to change
-Bonus: Earn $400 when you open a No Fee Chequing Account by June 30, 2023 and add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month for 3 straight months.
-$100 Referral code for mortgages: 0009073709 (see Simplii for current offers and details)
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2023.06.04 00:23 Prasinus20 Fires in the Evening Shadow [Online] [5E] [8PM CST] [Roleplay heavy-ish] [LGBT+ Friendly] [Thursdays]

Hey there all, I’m posting again just to reach some more folks! If you commented on my last post, I still have your info so no worry about having to apply again! I’m looking to put together a weekly campaign running on Thursdays at 8pm CST. Session 0 would be next week on the 8th.
It would be a brand new, standard medieval fantasy setting in a wholly homebrewed world. Its one I’ve been working on, so it's quite expansive. Though there is a lot of material, I don’t expect you to memorize it all, and I fully welcome my players creating things for their own backstory. I also have plenty of lore docs upon request!
We are going to aim for a more balanced game, we will have a decent amount of combat too with a focus on world-building and party-building, so not every session is guaranteed to have a fight but it won’t be really multiple sessions without one either. We’re working off the idea that a campaign should have strong roleplay moments as well as dynamic combats, that way we all can create memories together.
Now, for the part that I’m sure you’re all waiting for. The opener!
The Country of Perul Candomen doesn’t have much in the way of heroes. It has guards, and various knightly orders that any true country has, but no real heroes. No on to really solve any long term issues. Mercenaries will always be the country’s go-to to solve some of the more… sensitive issues, but let's hope the country doesn’t need more help than standard mercenaries can handle.
The campaign starts in a small city in the valley between hills in the center of the country named Golval. An ordinarily small and sleepy, farming city that uses the fresh water and natural minerals from the nearby dormant volcano to grow their crops. But growing season has ended now, and the city is holding a festival and feast in the center of town to celebrate the harvest. The large fire they had burning in the center of town served as a beacon, a cooking place, and a good place for the community to get the cold out. But something wicked this way comes in the late autumn darkness.
To answer a few potential questions:
We just ask for 18+ and we wanna play with other adults. I’m accepting chats and DMs if you have any questions for me about the campaign! If you’re interested in applying, the link to the google form will be attached! We’re going to try to get to everyone throughout the weekend but unless we close the posts and close the application link, we’re still accepting! We will definitely contact people before Monday Night at the latest! I’m currently working an event so I may be a little slow to respond but I’m still around for questions!
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2023.06.04 00:23 thomas-emard [H], Beastmen, Bretonnians, Chaos, Empire, Goblins, High Elves, Lizardmen, Skaven, Undead [W], $$$ [Loc], Oregon, USA

Up for sale are all my surplus WHFB miniatures. Everything is sold as is, as pictured. My prices are firm, and well below what shops sell used items for. Descriptions follow the photos in order, and all photos are up on my Imgur publicly to browse as you like. Every faction ends with "dregs" which are incomplete minis, bits, etc, and priced accordingly. Everything ships USPS Ground, and I am happy to ship international as well. I am happy to combine shipping to save you as much as possible, I just want these to go to good homes. Venmo is preferred, Paypal is also acceptable. Everything comes with tracking, and is shipped in shredded paper for maximum protection. Reddit's messenging system is hard to read, so feel free to reach out here, or email me directly: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
EDIT: Seems Imgur loaded everything completely out of order for no discernable reason, so if you need clarification, feel free to reach out. I tried to keep descriptions to a minimum since this post is already going to be huge.
With all that out of the way, let's dive in.
-Ghorgon. Assembled, primed white. $50
-Bestigors. 10 figures per unit, $25 per unit, 2 units available.
-Gors. 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 8 units available.
-Winged Gors, 9 figures. $25
-Ungors. 12 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 3 units available (2 spears, 1 bow)
-Classic Ungors, 8 figures, $20.
-Beastmen Dregs. Plenty of bodies to turn into complete figures and tons of bits. $35
-Knights, 5 figures per unit, $25 per unit, 6 units available.
-Men-At-Arms, 10 figures per unit, $25 per unit, 4 units available (2 melee, 2 bow)
-Bretonnian Dregs: Tons of bits, horses, and quite a few classic metal knights. If you already collect this faction, chances are you have everything you need to make these into complete figures. $35
-Custom Giant with Nurgle-ish bits. Primed and assembled. $35
-15 Chaos Marauders. $25
----- Empire:
-Assorted Empire Troops & Characters including General on Griffon. $50
-Empire Knights, Outriders, Pistollers. 5 figures per unit, $25 per unit, 9 units available.
-Empire Mages. $15 per figure, 4 available.
-Empire Troops permenantly affixed to bases as a group. $15 per group base.
-Empire Characters, two commanders, one standard bearer. $15 per figure.
-Empire Artillery. $30 per unit, 5 units available. Most come with extra crew or goodies.
-Greatswords. 12 figures per unit, $30 per unit, 2 units available.
-Flagellants. 10 figures per unit, $25 per unit, 3 units available.
-Empire Ranged State Troops. 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 4 units available (1 crossbow, 3 musket)
-Free Company, 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 2 units available.
-Empire State Troops, 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 11 units available. (3 sword, 3 spear, 5 halberd)
-Empire Dregs. Lots of figures and artillery, minimal bits. $15
----- Goblins:
-Giant. Poorly painted. $30
-Arachnarok with Flinger. Assembled, a few pieces fell off. $45
-Spider Riders, 5 figures per unit, $15 per unit, 4 units available.
-Classic Wolf Riders, 5 figures per unit, $25 per unit, 6 units avialable.
-Grots, 4 bases per unit, $20 per unit, 2 units available.
-Classic Goblins, 10 figures per unit, $25 per unit, 9 units available.
-Night Goblin archers, 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 9 units available.
-Night Goblin spearmen, 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 21 units available.
-Night Goblin characters, 8 figures per unit, $30 per unit, 2 units available.
-Goblin Dregs. Plenty of goodies new and old. $35
----- High Elves:
-Swordmasters, 14 figures, $30
-Ellyrian Raiders, 6 figures, $30
-High Elf Mage, $15
-Spearmen, 14 figures, $20
-Classic Elves, 12 figures, $25
-Elven Dregs. A boatload of armless high elves, if you've got bits, this is an entire extra unit. $25
----- Lizardmen:
-Saurus Warriors, 11 figures, $15
-Armless Skinks, 7 figures, $10
----- Skaven:
-Rat Ogres, one missing head. $15
-Special Weapons, $15
-Skaven Characters, $15
-Clanrats, $15
-Lord Skreech Verminking, assembled. $80
----- Undead:
-Arkhan The Black, assembled. $60
-Terrorgheist, $40, 2 available.
-Vampire Countess classic model. $20
-Vargheists, 3 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 4 units available.
-2 Vargheists & 3 Direwolves, $20
-Dire Wolves, 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 2 units available
-Varghulf, assembled and painted. $20
-Crypt Horrors, 3 figures, $35
-Crypt Horrors & Necromancer, 3 figures, $30
-Mystery Tomb King Figure, $15
-Death Knights, 5 figures per unit, $25 per unit, 3 units available.
-Zombies, 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 2 units available.
-Crypt Fiends, 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 2 units available.
-Skeleton Warriors, 10 figures per unit, $20 per unit, 4 units available.
-Undead Dregs. Plenty of awesome stuff in here, including several full Blood Knights. $35
Whew! What a long post. That's it for now, get ready because in 5 days, as per the rules, the next post is 40k, and if you thought I had a lot of Fantasy figures... you just wait.
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2023.06.04 00:22 BewareTheShadows Fear of bully still there after years

I also posted this in Bullying_victims, I want to get some thoughts and opinions, and see if anyone has gone through the same thing.
I kind of need to get this out there, even if it is with strangers online. I (16) was bullied for a short period of time in secondary school. This was about four and a half years ago, I'm now in my last year. It was a group of girls my own age who picked up on something different about me. I was coming out at the time which eventually started to spread as a rumour, and I wasn't yet diagnosed with autism.
They liked to follow me down the halls, and point their feet inwards to make fun of the way I walked, and used the hard s word, which affected me the worst. I hated being in the same room as them because they would start whispering and looking over at me, which just made me paranoid.
One day the main instigator came up to my table and whispered to her friend that she could 'smell a spa*tic'. They both laughed, and the teacher was oblivious.
I was struggling to cope at this point, and I did the worst thing I could, I went to the guidance teachers and told them what she'd done. We were in a class when they asked for her. She went out, and came back glaring at me, whispering to her friend that I'd 'snitched' on her. I was very upset with the way it had been handled. The way she looked at me scared me so much, and I just crumbled.
I didn't go back to school for about 3 years, and I've never returned to mainstream or full time school . My mental health spiralled, and I became depressed and suicidal. I started taking medication, which slowly started to help my mental health, but I still had low mood swings daily. It's only been in the last couple of months that I've felt reasonably ok. Recently I decided I wanted to try the last year of school full time, and try to go back to mainstream classes.
I just didn't expect her to have stayed on at school. I was walking down the hallway a few days ago and she was stood there talking to a teacher. I feel pathetic because it was years ago and she probably doesn't remember me, but just seeing her was enough to send me in to a panic attack, and make me think of not going back. She terrifies me and I don't know why.
I am still bitter and I don't think I've ever moved on. It was mostly down to how I reacted to it and being too sensitive, but she messed up a lot of my life, and I will never be the same.
submitted by BewareTheShadows to socialanxietyfriends [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 00:22 Live-Extreme7048 My ex left a box of super valuable artwork in my house 3 years ago and disappeared.

3 years ago right when Covid hit my ex at the time was a well known art dealer. Long story short she went into a deep depression and skipped town literally in the middle of the night after stealing about 7k from me. She disconnected her phone and as far as I can tell fell off the face of the earth.
When she did so she left a few things at my house and at the time I threw everything in a closet and didn’t want to look at it. Last week I finally cleaned everything out and realized in the box was some artwork. I recognized it from a show she had and looked it up. It was selling for close to 30k 3 years ago and was owned by an investment group/business.
I’m still pretty bitter about the situation and would like to at least get back the 7k I lost, what are the legal ramifications here If any? (In the US)
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2023.06.04 00:20 QueenVucci I Think I May Have Colorectal Cancer But I'm Struggling To Get An Official Diagnosis Of ANYTHING - MALE/17

Hi Reddit, I literally don't know where else to go anymore so here goes nothing.
I'm a 17yr. old British male, I'm relatively healthy and physically active, I'm 6ft 4in., etc.
Since SeptembeOctober last year I've noticed a few odd things. The big one, I noticed blood in bowel movements, which was obviously TERRIFING when you're 17. I was so scared. Other symptoms included lightheadness, mucus, fatigue, abdominal and back pain, excessive gas, cold skin, and a slight tremor. Around November I checked myself into my local emergency room (as I had to wait weeks to see a GP with the NHS), and I explained these symptoms to a doctor there. Surprise surprise, after a 5 hour wait, the doctor said ''It's probably anxiety, or potentially indigestion/IBS''. Back then I just happy to get a doctors word, but I should've gotten more out of that visit.
Moving on to January 2023, no improvements at all, still bleeding, mucus and dizzy, I spoke to my doctor. They suggested I get some blood tests and a stool sample. All came back fine, they kinda' just thought nothing of me and left me alone for a while, probably because I'm young and, according to the NHS, you can't be young and have illnesses. Until March, when I went back again, still with no major improvements, and they then referred me to the hospital. I get to the hospital, they do a finger check for haemorrhoids or fissures (um, how fun-), and they couldn't find anything. I got a X-Ray, all fine. I was just so confused, and so were they. So I got sent home with a number to ring.
I rang the number and I managed to get an appointment with a gastroenterologist. When was it for you may ask? JANUARY 2024! NEXT YEAR! 16 months after I said I was a teenage male BLEEDING FROM THE INSIDE? I was so beyond furious. I'm a student in London, I can't afford private scans and appointments so I just had to accept it and wait it out. I was just, like, stuck. And I still am. I have to wait until next year to see if I potentially have a tumour or ulcer in my digestive track. Yay, that's amazing isn't it (not)? For those wondering, I am still bleeding, I actually have been having new symptoms in the last few months, like severe constipation and a fever. Even if it's not cancer or an ulcer, there's still something seriously wrong with me, I'm internally bleeding for months on end with other symptoms, and I literally can't do anything about it, OR EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS until next year! I find it so ironic how the NHS parade getting checked for cancer, and THIS is the process?
Sorry for the rant, even my family are getting a little tired of hearing me talk about this. I just feel alone, lol. You hear SO many young people get a late diagnosis of something serious because medical professionals underestimate younger people's health lately. Any suggestions, questions or support is always appreciated. Have a great day <3.
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2023.06.04 00:20 Yooooori Shredded my NFA tax stamp like a dumbass, need some info before I submit a request for a copy.

Well, I did a stupid mistake. I bought and moved to a new house, had a bunch of personal documents I didn't need and was going to shred, for some reason my NFA stamp was in that pile (probably tossed it there to go throw my suppressor on my gun and forgot about it) and was shredded up before moving. I am in the same state (Utah) I just moved about 20 minutes away. This was the one stamp I didn't take a photo of or scanned a copy, because by the time my suppressor got released from jail, I was already packing stuff up to move. I found the generator to send a letter requesting a copy, but it also says this
"In addition, if the address provided on the request is not the current address in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR) it will be necessary to submit an ATF Form 5320.20 for approval before the certified copy is mailed out. You can view our ATF 5320.20 Application to Transport NFA Firearms Walk-Through Guide here. "

So, would I need to send that in first, let it get approved, THEN submit for my request of a tax stamp copy or am I able to just send both at the time. Alternatively, since I have mail forwarding from my old address for the next year, would I be able to request it using my old address and then worrying about form 5320.20 at a later time? Spent the last 3 days tearing through all of my boxes and at this point, I've come to the conclusion that it was in that pile to be shredded and of course, it's the one time I don't make my own copies. It's sadly not something that was e-filed when I did my Trust, since I submitted my application one month before e-files were rolled out.
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2023.06.04 00:20 aaronhereee A. Zverev [22] def. F. Tiafoe [12] 3-6, 7-6(3), 6-1, 7-6(5)/ French Open - Third Round

men’s singles
fantastic match tbh.
could see zverev slipping a bit, needing a line umpire to help him up at one point.
tiafoe just panicked a lot in rallies, especially in the last two sets. hitting dropshots at wrong times and missing, etc. also choked at 5-3 up, 30-0 up too
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2023.06.04 00:20 AutoModerator I HAVEBiaheza Droppshiping Course 2023, Sam Ovens - Consulting Accelerator 2023, Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer ,Sebastian Esqueda - Ecom Revolution, Charlie Morgan - Easygrow Course, AND OVER 3,000 Courses available if ANYONE WANTS Them
Link Here
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2023.06.04 00:20 CH24steady RocketFi BSC Token 96.25% of All Taxes goes back to Holders 12 Blue-chip 34 Partnered Tokens 4 Taxed Tokens Easy to use dApp Crypto Wallet Soon Doxed Team Low Market Cap CMC Listed 167B Tokens Burnt 1:1 RocketFuel for every RocketFi Burnt RocketFuel Reflects RocketFi Forever

RocketFi BSC Token 96.25% of All Taxes goes back to Holders 12 Blue-chip 34 Partnered Tokens 4 Taxed Tokens Easy to use dApp Crypto Wallet Soon Doxed Team Low Market Cap CMC Listed 167B Tokens Burnt 1:1 RocketFuel for every RocketFi Burnt RocketFuel Reflects RocketFi Forever
RocketFi Missions
RocketFi Token is a BNB Chain protocol on a mission to create innovative and user-friendly blockchain and web3 tools. The platform targets building its products from the ground up to ensure optimal user-friendly utility for both crypto amateurs and experts.
RocketFi Team comprises leaders in engineering, security, design, etc., pooling their expertise together to drive RocketFi's innovative approach to Web3 tools development
What are Smart Reflections?
Our innovative SMART REFLECTIONS System was created to allow holders to diversify their rewards instead of only earning ONE Reflection token, you can split up your reflections among a curated list of Blue Chip and Partnered tokens without staking or your tokens leaving your wallet
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RocketFuel is our point system that rewards you for your burn bag. The amount of RocketFuel points you have helps determine your positioning in the RocketFuel Rewards Pool. The higher your position %, the more you get rewarded! This pool rewards in RocketFi tokens and is basically a 2nd reward/reflections pool.
The RocketFi dApp is Launched features include Smart Reflections 🚀 Swapper 🚀 Fiat Onramp 🚀 Reward Projection Calculator🚀 RocketFuel Rewards SystemSmart Reflections 🚀 Swapper 🚀 Fiat Onramp 🚀 Reward Projection Calculator🚀 RocketFuel Rewards System
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Floatie Swap is a crypto swapper that rewards you for swapping is coming soon! It is built and will be Powered by RocketFi and will be an integral part of the ecosystem!
Contract address: 0x6e61579c22F9a6dA63a33e819f29B6697d2a126E
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RocketFi Tokenomics:
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96.25% of ALL taxes goes back to RocketFi Holders
White Paper
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2023.06.04 00:19 Airbesty The transaction fee of 30% through #AirCash is used for the repurchase of #AirCoin for destruction, which is carried out every day! And this mechanism will continue forever, never stopping for generations to come in the next few decades or hundreds of years.

The transaction fee of 30% through #AirCash is used for the repurchase of #AirCoin for destruction, which is carried out every day! And this mechanism will continue forever, never stopping for generations to come in the next few decades or hundreds of years. submitted by Airbesty to AirCoinDAOLabs [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 00:19 FarmersFeedtheWorld I'm nearing the end... Idk what to do anymore.

I keep seeing 11:11 and 1:11.
I have Type 2 diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy, Small fiber neuropathy, GERD/Acid Reflux, and non-alcoholic fatty liver. Enlarged liver, Gull stones, gastric outlets syndrome, IBSC, Rapid Emptying syndrome, I can't be on my feet/legs longer than 15/30 minutes or they go the rest ah the way numb and stop working. I get debilitating nausea and most days have to go to the bathroom 3 or 4 times for 5 to 20 minutes. I have MDD, GAD, and PTSD, all officially diagnosed. I have a psychologist and therapist and BOTH said what's happening to me ISNT RIGHT. Going on 4 years fighting disability. My phycologist said just the stress from fighting it and the stress of knowing I can't work has GIVEN ME PTSD. All medical issues are officially diagnosed except the back. The back does show DDD and herniated disc. But they said it wouldn't cause my legs to stop working. 3 years and they still haven't found why.
I'm on the fast track to a colostomy and colostomy bag my bowel doctor Darcy Shaw says. The last step AFTER we did Sits Marker test, I did a defoagraphy and 6 months of Pelvic Floor Therapy, and the last step was Anal Botox. I was all ready to have it. IVs in and everything. And they checked my blood sugar and it was over 450. So they refused to do it. They said I had to show two weeks in normal ranges. This was August of 2022.
In October I saw my diabetic doctor and I got a Dexcom. But it hasn't been in range for 2 weeks since. But IN my denial letter, the Judge said I was told to do Pelvic floor therapy and I did. She said she found "Inconsistencies" in my story. WHAT?! 🤬 I haven't lied since day 1!!
Last year I joined Genesis Gym and my trainer put me in the hospital for 4 days with Rabdometrosis #s so high their machines couldn't read it for 2 days.
I went back right when I got out. I couldn't lift or do what he tried to have me do. I did 3000 meters plus a day on the rowing machine and between 8-12 miles on the recombinant bike. I went from the beginning of April to August. Most weeks I went 6 days a week. I would walk out feeling WORSE than when I walked in. Why? That's not supposed to happen!! I also did the Green Chef meals for over a month. Guess what? Blind sugar DID come down but NOT below 200. So those who say "Oh we can tell if you're trying, I have PROOF!! My WHOOP I wore. And their equipment. I keep track of EVERYTHING Then my new back doctor told me to stop rowing it's hurting my back worse.
Now I have no idea what to do. My girlfriend of 12 years left 3 months ago. Got a letter saying I'm losing my Missouri Medicaid. At 32, I had 40 work credits. Lawyers said that very well. They have no idea why I'm having a hard time getting it. Now I'm afraid they are gonna drop me!
I had my GPs social worker or whatever e they are called, called me and said she called around and NO ONE can help me. Both my psychology and therapist's jaw dropped. They said that's no wrong.
So is there truly no help for me? I've had a job since I was like 8 on the farm. Worked at Hyvee, mowed yards, and worked for farmers all 4 years of school 16 months in the Army and got a Chapter 5_13 Honorable under General discharge. Long story. Then I could hold down a job from April of 2000 to June of 2001 so I went truck driving. And did that for 15 years.
I have dyslexia so I learn differently. In school, I had to have my tests read to me. If I read now I have to read the book and listen to the same book on audio to fully understand, and sometimes that's a struggle. Idk why I could drive a semi but can't do basic math hardly.
I'm a physical worker. But I'm broken. At 42. And no one wants to help. Can you? Can ANYONE give me advice?
Thank you for taking the time to read this. And PLZ pass it on if you know of someone who can maybe help I don't even know where to turn anymore.
I ORIGINAL reason I applied is my lower back. If I'm doing something very physical then I can last about 10 minutes then my lower back starts aching, and my legs get heavy. The more pissed I get and the harder I push it, my legs turn into like tree trunks trying to lug around. Even if I'm not doing anything. Just standing or walking like shopping I can for a little longer, but the same thing happens. It also feels like someone is trying to pull my legs off.
I joined a disability forum on Quatora and they asked if I've ever had an MRI while my symptoms are active. Like go walking around until you can barely lift your legs, then go. I also asked for a Mylar scan. Maybe make it clearer to see or read. But the doctor wouldn't do it. He set me up in September with a brain/spine specialist at Saint Luke's in KC. If they can't find anything that equals the symptoms that happen, it's on to that last resort in Minnesota. (The name escapes me ATM)
But one thing I'm 1000% SURE OF...they are gonna find it. Alive or Dead, and I want my family to go back to all the doctors that took me seriously until the basic MRI showed DDD but not what I'm describing, they give up. KEEP GOING!! I've written the doctor shows on TV (I don't wanna be on TV but if it means I can get fixed!!!
So any advice is helpful.
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2023.06.04 00:19 blissgirliegirl My Silly, Annoying, Weird Sleep Issues

I've been diagnosed with N2/IH without long sleep a few years ago. Grateful for the diagnosis as I can receive medications to help with eds. No quick REM, so on border. (Though my mslt had no Sorems, I did have an average of 90 second sleep latency with 0.0 seconds to sleep on my last nap. Yah know... Completely normal.)
However... I also talk, laugh, cry, yell at my students, (I'm a teacher), ninja jump out of bed, (which scares the bajezzers out of my husband), and have hypnopompic hallucinations, some of which are very complex. (These did lead me to see a sleep specialist, as I finally was getting annoyed with them popping in at least 3 times a night. They do correlate with narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia.)
Anyone else have overlapping sleep diagnoses?
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