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2023.06.03 12:50 Tiny-Perception5241 Bambino plus vs modded Gaggia Classic Pro

I’m getting my first legit machine. I’ve been using a pressurized portafilter Krups for the past 4 years and I’m ready to make the leap. I have a chance to get a Bambino Plus locally or a Gaggia Classic pro with PID and 9 bar OPV already installed for the same price. I’ll be pairing it with a Turin SK40 grinder
I like to drink espresso and milk based lattes and want to some latte art eventually. I know the heat up times, user friendly features and possibly the steaming favor the Bambino, but I’m sure the GCP would give me more consistent temps with the boiler PID and ultimately last longer. Anyone out there had experience with both? Given they are the same price, it’s a tough call. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 12:48 Impressive-Camera-61 Mental Heath Care in Vietnam

Hi folks! Anyone here got good experience with therapy in Vietnam? I'm looking for recommendations of someone who's preferably speak English and psychoanalytically trained.
Also is 1M the usual fee in Vietnam per session? Would therapists ever offer, idk, like a combo price or something? It just doesn't seem very proportionate to the average wage here.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 12:47 Tasthesummoner Uwsa 1?

So just calculated the average of all the blocks and mine is like 59 uwsa average is 62. Score difference is 215 to 243? Can some one explain why this is so weird?
Also i don't what I'm doing wrong. Nbme 9,10, AMBOSS SA were. 206, 218, 227 and then 215 uwsa. This is after 3 months of hardwork. Uworld percent was 64% 40 percent finished.
Exam in a month. Will i already be able to get 240?
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2023.06.03 12:46 Beneficial-Remote773 My prediction for Eurovision 2024 is that Ireland is gonna send one banger of a song

Sweden and Ireland is now tied with the most wins in Eurovision and I have a feeling Ireland wants to be a step ahead so they gon send one of the best songs ever
Might aswell just send Johnny Logan
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2023.06.03 12:45 -WelshCelt- How does this Aircon remote work?

How does this Aircon remote work?
My wife and I are getting ready for wedding in a hotel room and it's only blowing out warm air. Any idea? If we press Manuel then the + or - it just goes through programmes not the temp and the auto thinks that 23.7°C is fine... It's not
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2023.06.03 12:45 ur_volkswagen_sux "Amid all the finger-pointing and fear-fanning, the truth hides in the corner, too scared to emerge. The truth is that we are supposed to think critically, weigh evidence from both sides and then make up our own minds. Instead, we’ve become a country hell bent on..."

Why does my drinking Bud Light offend you?
May 30, 2023 4:39 pm • Last Updated: May 30, 2023 4:41 pm
By Mike DiMauro
Day Assistant Sports Editor
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
News item: Anthony Bass, a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, shared a video Monday via Instagram endorsing an anti-LGBTQ boycott of brands such as Target and Bud Light.

"Here's the reason biblically why I believe Christians have gotta be boycotting Target, Bud Light, and any other corporation that's pushing the things they're pushing,” Bass said. “I think a lot of people make this into a political issue, or they say, 'Oh, what's the big deal?’

“This is evil, this is demonic, we won't stand for it, we're not going to go to the stores anymore and we're not going to give you our money.”

It would be impolite to wish that Mr. Bass, who throws a ball for a living, blows out his elbow. Perhaps then he could simply blow it out his tailpipe.

Because I’ve grown tired of sanctimonious and hypocritical moral outrage over what Target and Bud Light are “pushing,” while it’s permissible that Bass and his ilk get to “push” their beliefs on the rest of us.

Example: In the last two months or so, I’ve been questioned a half dozen times in public as to why I’m drinking Bud Light. Seems people like Bass have objected to Anheuser Busch’s marketing partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Their boycott of Bud Light has led to a decrease in sales both locally and nationally. (Local bar and restaurant owners say Bud Light sales are down almost 30 percent.)

It is their right, of course, to boycott the product. I’m just curious as to why what I’m drinking is their business. I drink Bud Light because I like it. And I’m still drinking Bud Light because I will not marginalize people based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. I’m respectful enough to support someone else’s desire to evolve into another gender. And I’m not stupid enough to believe that my decision to drink Bud Light changes who I am or what I stand for in any possible way.

But I wonder why it’s so important for people — and the questions to me haven’t all come from men — to announce their disdain for a bottle of beer, tacitly implying their sexuality is “normal.” Remember this one and write it down: If you are truly comfortable with who you are, you needn’t announce anything to anyone.

And yet to further illustrate how screwed up this country really is, there’s this: Anheuser-Busch hasn’t merely been accused of alienating its traditional customer base with the partnership, but some LGBTQ+ campaigners have also criticized the company for not defending its ties with Mulvaney.

Amid all the finger-pointing and fear-fanning, the truth hides in the corner, too scared to emerge. The truth is that we are supposed to think critically, weigh evidence from both sides and then make up our own minds. Instead, we’ve become a country hell bent on legislating whatever cause we think is right and just, while burying the other side from all consideration.

It’s political tribalism. All or nothing. One side or the other. If you’re not in agreement with every morsel of the transgender movement, you are a snarling, hating, infidel. If you’re not in total agreement with Anthony Bass and his beliefs, you’re going to wither in hell.

But what if — and hold on to your ascots here — two conflicting positions can still be true? Example: What if I support Bud Light’s decision to use a transgender influencer, but also believe that transgender high school athletes belong in their own division?

I disagree with the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s policy complying with a state law that requires all high school students be treated according to their gender identity. We should consider a sports-centric law that acknowledges sports' unique challenges and accommodates the physical component for success that exists virtually nowhere else in society.

Sex discrimination in education, health care, housing and financial credit have no place in this country. But we must — must — realize and accept that sports require a physical component to succeed that calls for different guidelines.

Put it this way: Applying to a school or for health care, housing or financial credit requires no physical component to succeed. Sports require speed, strength and agility and do not fit under the same umbrella. And yet sports are routinely shoved into the same arguments about unfair treatment. Injustices get piled on for rhetorical usefulness, even though they're not applicable.

The male born composition has inherent physical advantages, rare exceptions noted. But in the aggregate, there are physiologic differences between biological males and females. I don’t believe writing that makes me transphobic. We should respect a person’s pronoun of choice. But that doesn't mean we have to blindly agree with claims that are not supported by science.

Yet that appears to be the new end game in this country. Blind agreement. Their side or yours. And here I sit, sipping my Bud Light, trying to figure out why so many of us act like the last three letters of Anthony Bass’ last name.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro

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Philip BroseJune 1, 2023 at 16:30Report
Robin great points the right can’t even keep track on who to be mad at. Why are they so sensitive? I here Chick-fil-a is evil now for they “ensuring equal access,” “valuing differences,” and “creating a culture of belonging,” under the title, “Committed to being Better at Together.” what monsters!

Philip BroseJune 1, 2023 at 16:27Report
William Peter the guidance councilor?

Joseph B De La CruzJune 1, 2023 at 15:15Report
This article pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about the situation. Bud Light basically sent someone a can with her image celebrating a milestone. The fact it turned the beer into enemy number one doesn’t surprise me considering the vitriol that has become commonplace in our country. I have had plenty of private messages regarding a video I posted supporting a beer, and more importantly a human being. Most have been vehemently against my support of both and relish the chance to send me a screen shot of Bud Lights stock on a daily basis with a “Go woke, Go broke” ending. I believe much of the vitriol comes from news and talk radio which is why Spotify now fills my vehicle with music instead of talk. I ask everyone to limit their news intake to 30 minutes per day regardless of your party affiliation to center your life. Sometimes my radio will land on a “news station”, and I can feel my blood pressure rise as the most divisive topic of the day is being discussed with a majority of the facts not being considered. I am not recommending folks to ignore what’s happening in our world, but would point out that our country has survived many decades without the need for “up to the second” news reports. Most of the things we worry about will never happen and it seems our country is living in a constant state of fear which is certainly to blame for the vitriol. There will never be a point where everyone in the country will collectively say we are all happy with everything, but I still have a deep believe that with constructive conversations and true empathy we can get us close. When I get my boat in the water I would love to have an ice cold Bud Light while listening to my relaxing boat playlist, and of course talking with my favorite sports writer. That’s an invitation Mike. Great article.

Robin DaudaJune 1, 2023 at 13:41Report
“Bud Light sales are down between 26% and 35% nationwide additionally Budweiser and other AB brands (Michelob Ultra, Busch Light and Natural Light to name a few) have also taken a hit of around 11%.”

All the more reason to explain what set this off. Completely unhinged.

“My take, buy Coors stock now”
And that statement reinforces my point since Coors has been a decades long supporter of LGBT rights probably the biggest supporter (it all began with a workegay alliance boycott ironically… or not)
“Coors Light has been a sponsor of The Center and Denver PrideFest for decades,” says Rex Fuller, CEO of The Center on Colfax. “The work we have been able to do at The Center over the last four decades would not be possible without this support and we are grateful for it.”
Beyond supporting Denver PrideFest, Molson Coors has a distinguished history of supporting LGBTQ communities across the country, with significant support for organizations such as Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Matthew Shepard Foundation, National Amateur Gay Athletics Association of America, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, LGBT Victory Institute, Out & Equal, and One Colorado.
In addition to these partners, Molson Coors works with local LGBTQ organizations in key communities through its Tap Into Change program. Annually, the summer program donates more than $100,000 to these organizations with a consistent growth in impact each year. Events take place in each city to help raise additional funds, awareness, and support for the missions of these local organizations. Over the past 10 years, Tap Into Change has raised nearly $600,000 for local LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS nonprofits.

This is even though like 2006, 2010 and 2014 they had to go through boycotts for this. And they did shrink back in response, but also came right back and didn’t move backwards for long.

And what will I do?
Continue drinking Corona because I drink what I drink.
It’s damn near impossible to do a successful boycott long term. The web of corporate connections means when you think you’re hurting one, it’s actually benefitting another one connected to it.
The beverage brand that owns Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois, is suing US beer-maker Constellation Brands for using the Corona brand name in a hard seltzer, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

Beverage giant Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) acquired Corona’s parent company, Grupo Modelo, in 2013, but US antitrust regulators required it to sell the company’s US-based business to Constellation. AB InBev retained rights to the products in other markets, and the deal gave Constellation the rights to produce Corona and other Modelo brands in the US.

William PeterJune 1, 2023 at 13:36Report
The virtue signalers didn’t like my harmless comment. I guess being offended by an opposing view is reason enough to silence someone in 2023

Richard GoldenJune 1, 2023 at 12:57Report
Robin- not certain this article nor all the comments will move the needle. Bud Light sales are down between 26% and 35% nationwide additionally Budweiser and other AB brands (Michelob Ultra, Busch Light and Natural Light to name a few) have also taken a hit of around 11%. Bud Light has been the best selling beer in the USA for over 20 years and the normal volume of sales is 27 million barrels a year or 1134 million gallons. A 30% drop equals a loss of 340 million gallons a year. My take, buy Coors stock now

Chris JawakaJune 1, 2023 at 10:12Report
People are allowed to drink or not drink whatever beer they want and for whatever reason they choose. End of story.

Robin DaudaJune 1, 2023 at 09:05Report
Do people realize that Bud Light sent a pack of specially made cans with the person’s face on it and did a minute long or so bit released on like TicTok? It wasn’t some big nationwide PR campaign yet it rubbed someone the wrong way (or so they would like us to think) and it snowballed into this.

I don’t ever want to hear about people calling “the libs” snowflakes or use their center liberal stances as a weakness. These champions of “conservatives” are gullible whiny babies.

I watched in real time a bunch of idiots blow something up out of nothing and then saw them flocking to the internet people with their influencer pages and podcasts and publications where immediately they were being hawked “anti-woke” beer and all these other wares, often made by the same places they are boycotting for double the price.
There is a whole market opening up to people that will only get their businesses off the ground (temporarily for a quick cash grab) by using these outrage tactics and capitalizing (literally) on impaired brains that as Mr. DiMauro correctly observed “Blind agreement. Their side or yours”
Bless your little void of empathy and common sense hearts. Don’t spend all your money in one place now, spread the wealth to these people selling you overpriced junk.

Paul LevasseurJune 1, 2023 at 07:47Report
Mike is discussing one of this election cycles right wing culture war hot spots.
If you can’t get elected because of your governing skills you’re going to have to try to get elected by getting people angry and hateful. The right wing loves doing that. It’s their bread and butter.

TOM DONNEEJune 1, 2023 at 06:46Report
Preaching hate and preaching tolerance ARE NOT the same Evan

DANIEL STORMSJune 1, 2023 at 05:56Report
I always liked this formulation: “In the first place, what makes it any of you business? And in the second place, my reasons for saying yea to [whatever it is that offends you] are at least as valid (and maybe more so) than yours for nay. And in the third place, what makes it any of your sodding business in the first place?” I agree wholeheartedly with your plea for reason and tolerance. Not to seem argumentative but rather to add information to the discussion, though, you might be interested in this blog post from a biologist about the supposed physiologic advantages a trans man or woman has over a cis athelete: https://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2023/05/31/we-hunted-the-rabbit/

Evan AndriopolousJune 1, 2023 at 03:10Report
For me… Bud Light as a “beer” sucks. I would rather support local breweries that provide far better beers. As far as this column… as far as AB selecting this influencer in their campaign I have no opinion on it or that person. Up to each to decide for themselves.

Regarding this column actually Mike what you are writing is basically the same as the boycott and the changes in attitudes (political divide) of the country. Often used by politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle screaming to be open, defending one´s right to choose, freedom of speech etc.. and this is the most important part..”unless it does not validate their opinion or view”. This is exactly what you are writing. So if someone elects to boycott something and we know the WOKE police and Leftists enjoy not only condemning opposing viewpoints to the point of boycotting, attacking employers for the “views” of their employees etc… and demanding they be removed from the position their are in. So if someone boycotts something let them… I would ask you… why does it offend you that others are using their constitutional right by boycotting (freedom of speech). I always respect other´s opinions and even when we do not agree. Sadly we live in a world where people are afraid to speak up due to the potential ramifications. None of us will always agree and I know the powers to be are trying to “force” us to all be uniform in our opinions which is sad. And btw Bud Light is terrible anyway… How about you focus on sports.

Benoit BenoitMay 31, 2023 at 20:12Report
Ironic you drink because you like it but will continue to drink it because “ I will not marginalize people based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.” Not just because you like it.

William PeterMay 31, 2023 at 17:46Report
This comment has been removed for violating The Day’s commenting policy.

JAY DEMPSEYMay 31, 2023 at 16:53Report
TY Mike….. I drink Bud Light most all the time unless in Ireland…and support Levine Distributors in our area and my friends that work there. I think the cancel culture is terrible whatever your political party of choice is. Very sad that social media has done this to us. I have good friends that I can no longer talk politics with because of the “great divide” that enriches social media giants.

ROBERT WARNERMay 31, 2023 at 16:45Report
I suppose a similar question could be asked, “Why does a person wearing a MAGA hat bother some people?”

David NowakowskiMay 31, 2023 at 14:30Report
great column, Mike. I’d like to think there are far more folks who see this subject and all its nuances the way you do…but you are probably right again in saying that it is tough to go against your chosen tribe on any component, regardless of how you might actually feel. thanks again!

Andrew RogersonMay 31, 2023 at 13:33Report
Mike DiMauro – well said sir, on all counts.

Lynn YoungMay 31, 2023 at 13:28Report
Drink what you like. Be who you are. Live and let live.

Richard GoldenMay 31, 2023 at 12:36Report
Light Beer is like Sex on the Beach….****ing near water.

Paul NUNESMay 31, 2023 at 11:44Report
Does anyone remember the first light beer and the commercial featuring a slice of bread?

THOMAS MORIARTYMay 31, 2023 at 11:05Report
Richard, must have been some other brand light. Bud Light? It was probably 10 years ago. But he could have been messing with me.

Richard GoldenMay 31, 2023 at 10:17Report
Malcolm- The moral of the story is; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Richard GoldenMay 31, 2023 at 10:16Report
Thomas- as far as I knew and as far as I can tell Guinness is the most popular beer in Ireland holding a full 25% of the market share. Bud Light does not even show up in the top ten (https://www.beer100.com/best-selling-beers-ireland/) I think the guy was pulling your leg. Bud Light only became available in Ireland in 2020.

Malcolm JulesMay 31, 2023 at 09:32Report
A corporation decided to target one of their products to a specific community and failed….end of story.

Margaret KliseMay 31, 2023 at 09:12Report
Agree/agree. Good article, Mike.

SUSAN HOTCHKISSMay 31, 2023 at 09:06Report
I always enjoy Mike’s opinion pieces. In total agreement about the transgender athlete issue.

THOMAS MORIARTYMay 31, 2023 at 09:00Report
Tom, hope all is well with your daughter.

THOMAS MORIARTYMay 31, 2023 at 08:57Report
A Bud Light story: Several years ago while in Ireland my son and I toured the Guinness brewery. Of course there’s a pub on the top floor and while getting a pint of Guinness the bar I notice several taps Bud Light. I asked the bartender “why in God’s name are you serving THAT stuff in here?” He replied that it’s the best selling beer in Ireland. Go figue!

THOMAS MORIARTYMay 31, 2023 at 08:51Report
Good column Mike. These anti “woke” zealots claim to support democracy but would be no different from the Taliban if they had their way.

Richard GoldenMay 31, 2023 at 08:42Report
All this talk of beer makes me thirsty…but I have found that drinking beer has become an unwelcome undertaking. No beer allowed at the beach, nor while night fishing in Waterford, nor surf fishing at Avery Point, nor at any state boat launch, nor is state parks- try walking down the street with a cold one….

Chris JawakaMay 31, 2023 at 08:08Report
IMO The left loves their cancel culture but gets all grumpy when the right does the same. Hey it can go both ways. That said I really don’t care about the Bud thing. Its not like they sold beer with its face on it.

Matther TookerMay 31, 2023 at 07:35Report
Thoughtful piece as always Mike. Perhaps the best offset for the 30% decrease in Bud Light sales would be a 30% increase in church attendance. I am betting that won’t happen. (Matt Tooker)

KEITH J. ROBBINSMay 31, 2023 at 06:11Report
You drinking Bud-Lite does not offend me, although it is a horrible beer. What is my concern is a guy using the ladies room that my nieces use!

TOM DONNEEMay 31, 2023 at 05:55Report
Agree Phil. Well done Mike!! Waiting for my daughter to come out of surgery. Then we’ll stop for a cold one, think I’ll make it a Bud Lite!!!

Philip BroseMay 30, 2023 at 16:59Report
Mr. DiMauro is always thoughtful and intelligent. The best writer at the day. Give the guy a raise.
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2023.06.03 12:44 palaging-tulog 23 [M4F] Tara Bardagulan!

(repost from a diff subreddit) HAHAHAH got your attention (jk lang sa bardagulan). Anyway im back again with another post in search of a constant kahit online muna then we can go out and do road trips. Para maiba sa previous post ko, send me a song or artist you are currently playing over and over.
About me:
About you:
if you wanna swap pics just lmk. So ayun HMU😘 HAHAHAHA
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2023.06.03 12:44 Flashy_Leave_4200 New player! Help appreciated!!

Hello! I am not just new to Street Fighter, but fighting games in general. I’ve decided I want to try and finally become average at a fighting game, and my friend bought this for me so I can play with him. I’ve been practicing with classic controls, as modern seems “easier” but more limiting, however I struggle with the inputs on my special moves so often. Any tips on this? Analog stick or d pad? I’m open to any advice I’m STRUGGLING
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2023.06.03 12:43 TheBlazer256 Outjerked 😲

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2023.06.03 12:42 Thaneweb123 Top 5 road signs you must know about

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2.Give Way
The 'Give Way' sign serves as a warning for motorists approaching a junction. It indicates that drivers should prepare to stop if necessary and give priority to vehicles from the opposite lane. This practice promotes efficient traffic flow and minimizes the likelihood of accidents. Respecting the 'Give Way' sign is essential for creating a safer driving environment and preventing collisions at intersections 3.Hospital
Given India's unfortunate distinction of accounting for approximately 10% of global road accident fatalities, the 'Hospital' sign plays a crucial role. This sign not only alerts drivers to the presence of a nearby medical facility but also serves as a cautionary reminder to be mindful of the surroundings. With prompt access to medical attention, accident victims can receive immediate care, potentially saving lives. Additionally, the 'Hospital' sign encourages drivers to exercise caution and prioritize safety while driving in its vicinity.
4.No Standing or Parking
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5.Pedestrian Crossing
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2023.06.03 12:41 LNGNTREE3GRAHAMRAYO No, a philosophical pessimist is not necessarily a hypocrite if they haven't k$lled themselves.

When the average human encounters any kind of information critical of the life endeavour, from philosophical pessimism to Efilism, they usually retort with a question: "If this is so, then why haven't you kill%d yourself?"
The average human is hereby triggered and in defense mode, because his house of cards is under attack. His position is one of naive optimism, and pro-life-ism. Some of these pro-lifers even go as far as to imply or outright tell the pessimist to k*ll themselves.
However, I take it that the majority of the time this question is instead an attempted reductio. Let's call this the hypocrisy objection, because it aims to point out a contradiction in the pessimist. It entails that if true, then either the pessimist is a true pessimist, in which case he is a hypocrite, or the pessimist does not believe what they say, in which case he is a liar.
However, the thing is that most of the time this objection simply fails to land. It can be for a variety of reasons, reasons that the pro-lifer almost always does not take into account.
First of all, whether the hypocrisy objection is successful or not, does not change the truth value of the pessimist philosophy. Therefore, this question is actually an inherent distraction. It is pure deflection. Also, even if the hypocrisy objection is true, and/or the pessimist is wrong, that does not imply that the pro-lifer's optimism and pro-life-ism is right by necessity.
Anyway, with that out of the way, I'd like to point out that whether the hypocrisy account is true or not very much depends on the pessimist making the argument. Specifically, their position. However that is not all that it depends on. It also depends on practical considerations.
First off, the pessimist is only a hypocrite if his position implies that he should k*ll himself. This may or may not be true. In the case of consequentialism, it tends not to be. The pessimist may actually be a great help in doing whatever it is that needs to be done to reduce net suffering. In that case, the pessimist might consistently reduce net suffering, and thus justify his life.
Another possibility is that the pessimist simply does not hold a position that has any implications for an individual. Only for acts that affect others. In that case, it may be that the individual has no obligation to do what is in their best-interest. This is not hypocritical because while the person holds that death is in their best interests, they do not hold that they ought to seek death. Thus, they can simply say "I prefer to live", and there would be no contradiction.
Another possibility is that the pessimist holds that the future will be much better than the present, and thinks that living will be a net good in utility because of radical technological advancements enhancing well-being for all sentient beings in some near future.
Yet another possibility is that the pessimist believes that death is a harm. They further believe that this harm is greater than the suffering that they will experience, because they happen to live a pleasant life.
And of course, there are also practical concerns. As we all know here, pro-lifers are absolutely rabid that nobody k#ll themselves(which can sometimes make this question from them bizarre). They fight tooth and nail to become the most effective tyrants possible in order to stifle pro-choice movements, and ban any easy(or hard), and effective(or even ineffective) suic%d* methods possible. They actively ban and restrict until they can no more. They also send the state-sanctioned force to imprison those who might make the choice to e*d their lives. They also use countless manipulative tactics and propaganda to achieve their goals of a worldwide zero suicide rate, even while knowing that this is patently absurd. If they do have to cave in in cases where their position is increasingly revealed to be diabolical, and there is real pressure, then they allow the most miserable and ill people on the planet who were going to die in a few months anyway to leave in peace, and nobody else. If you're not terminally ill, or are "mentally ill", then tough luck!
The methods left and messy, risky, scary, inhumane, painful, and mostly unavailable.
So knowing this, it is obvious why even someone who does want to die, and does not have much to contribute in terms of reducing suffering, might not be a hypocrite; because they aren't allowed to make that choice by the very tyrants asking him that question.
Also, there is also the fact that some people live with their parents, or in a public space and have no privacy.
Then, of course, there is survival instinct, and overall phobias. They can make it nigh impossible or flat our impossible to go through with it even if you have the ideal method.
Taking all of this into account. The optimist is naive and wrong to think that they have this Universal gotcha to all of pessimism. It might work in some tiny amount of cases, but even then, it does not touch the truth of pessimism, nor the truth of optimism.
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2023.06.03 12:40 SnooDonuts3511 Should I move countries?

Hi all!
I’m a 32 year old guy who has lived in Dublin, Ireland almost all his adult life. I’m fond of the place but since college I’ve gone through phases of itchy feet. The thing is, I wound up missing the boat to move away in my 20s - first I decided to qualify as an accountant, telling myself I’d move after. After that I fell in love and she had stuff to do here, so I wound up staying again. Unfortunately neither of those things wound up working out. And then of course, the pandemic hit!
I’m doing better generally now. I’ve gotten out of accounting and I work in libraries. I have a community, do comedy, and I get to write (which I always dreamed of doing). But I’ve got itchy feet again. I feel like I gave my 20s to the corporate world and it just made me miserable, so whatever I do with the rest of my life I want it to be different, ideally creative.
I’m in a really fortunate place in that I own my apartment in Dublin, so I’m thinking about maybe renting it out and getting away from here for a couple years to have some different experiences, meet some new people, hopefully keep writing and performing. I don’t ever plan to have kids, so I’m hoping that gives me a certain amount of leeway in terms of finances / the ticking clock. But I’m dithering.
Ideally I’d like to go to a big cultural center. I like big cities, but the US immigration process is bonkers so that’s out. I do sometimes think about London, but I don’t hear great things in terms of cost. Also it seems to have taken a bit of a hit since Brexit? The other places I’m currently considering are Berlin and Edinburgh.
If anyone has any thoughts or experiences with any of these places I’d love to hear them! Or just advice generally. I realise I may come off a bit naive or a dreamer in this, but I just feel stuck and I need to do something.
Thanks a mil!
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2023.06.03 12:39 ComprehensivePeak974 22[M4F] i am from India and looking for a girl with whom i can talk to.

22[M4F] i am from India and looking for a girl with whom i can talk to.
I am looking for a girl around the world with whom i can chat all day and can flirt healthy. I am introvert and have shy personality but after sometime i will not shut up. If u are interested kindly dm me and we can also exchange oit snapchat ids . I don't use Instagram and Facebook. I love to play cricket and volleyball in my free time . On Android i have started playing Among Us and it is fun. We can play together also. I am 5'6 with an average build.
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2023.06.03 12:36 jfio93 Bought a car in new jersey but need nys inspection

Just took ownership of a new car but it came for a NJ dealership. The car doesn't have an inspection on it and right now all I have is temp NJ plates and registration. Can I get the inspection done with the temp plates and registration or do I need the official plates to come in before I can do that. Sorry if it's a dumb question but this is my first time buying out of state.
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2023.06.03 12:35 Sil0707 26[M4F] Anywhere- Romantic man looking for his other half (Detailed Post)

I hope to find a kind-hearted woman to build a lasting relationship with. Genuine and kind, someone I can talk to about anything and everything. I want a partner who's excited to share their knowledge and experiences with me, grow together, learn new things from each other, and connect on a deeper level. You can share your thoughts and ideas with me, and I'll be happy to discuss all kinds of topics. I want us to build a wholesome relationship where being there for each other is enough.
This part is about what I'm looking for in a relationship: - Mutual love an respect and care, my chest will be your pillow while we binge episodes and watch a lot of things while cuddling, romantic dinners, cooking together, enjoying life to the fullest , holding hands while walking , going to the beach, traveling to new places, trying new things and experiencing what life has to offer together :) . Being there for each other through good and bad times . You can always count on me and tell me everything, I will be the shoulder you can lean on. I'm very romantic and I have a lot of love to give. When we are together expect me to always hug you, kiss you on your forehead, hold your hands and express my love to you and how much you mean to me while I look deeply into your eyes . Romantic moments and lovely things like giving each other pet names, making you bed surprise breakfasts. Tons of Cuddles and hugs . I will always sheer you up, motivate you, and help you . I'll always be there for you.
Currently located in Morocco. I'm looking for someone 20 or older who's okay with long-distance until we figure things out.
As for my physical attributes, I have light brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes, average looking guy. I used to train in calisthenics and weightlifting, but I had to stop due to shoulder injuries. Personality-wise, I'm an ENFP MBTI type with a bubbly, caring, affectionate, patient, and ambitious personality. I'm easy-going, non-judgmental, and an ambivert depending on the day. I have a good sense of humor and always make my friends laugh. My hobbies and sports include running, calisthenics, cycling, cooking, and hiking. I enjoy reading, playing video games, traveling, camping, watching movies, TV shows, documentaries, and anime.
I can speak four languages fluently and hope to learn more in the future. I love to do many activities like having long walks and exploring new places. When it comes to indoors, I'm very creative at finding ways to enjoy our time. I love discussing all kinds of topics; we can talk about anything from history, geography, cinema, sports, religion, philosophy, languages, food, politics, spiritualism, video games, travel, cultures, technology, and more.
Regarding religion, I'm agnostic, and I don't believe in any religions. I'm still searching for the truth, so I don't have a problem with you being from any religion.
When it comes to films, TV shows, and anime, it's hard to pick favorites, so you can ask me later. As for music, I enjoy classic hip-hop, rap, rock/post-rock, jazz, 80s music, some metal, classic, ambient, pop, and soundtracks. I used to watch anime growing up, and I still enjoy it, but I don't watch it as much as years go by, still watching certain weekly releases.
Thank you for reading through all this! If you're interested, please contact me through DM or chat. Introduce yourself and tell me a bit about you, write more than Hey.
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2023.06.03 12:35 AutoModerator [COURSE] Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA

[COURSE] Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA
Download Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA [2023]
Keith Cunningham – The 4-Day MBA [2023]
This is an intensive, action-oriented program with Keith J. Cunningham and 100 leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. You will learn the critical skills needed to successfully launch, grow and ignite your business.
Anyone can start a company. Making it grow in a competitive economy requires SKILLS and EXPERTISE. Every large business in the world today started out as a small business. In fact, the average Fortune 500 Company began with an initial investment of less than $25,000. Heinz started with horseradish and a horse drawn buggy. Hershey started with caramel. Sony started with rice cookers. Marriott started with a root beer stand. Proctor and Gamble started with selling candles door to door. They all started small!
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2023.06.03 12:34 RadiantStar44 I've just finished second year and I already feel like I've ruined my future.

I'm doing a Philosophy and Politics degree at my University, I have decent grades (I should get a 2:1 this year) and I have a decent social life. The issue is, I am so overwhelmed and worried about the future. Firstly, I have almost zero work experience apart from the work experience I did in Year 10. This is partially due to the pandemic before I was in uni, and also because I have pretty bad self esteem issues and I don't think I'm hirable because of my Imposter syndrome. I'm autistic and I highly suspect that I also have ADHD, and just moving away and going to uni alone was a massive thing for me because I've never been great with changes in routine and I didn't think I could get into uni before that because I didn't believe that I could be independent, but I proved myself wrong then at least. I don't think it would be possible or practical for me to work alongside a full time uni degree because I get overwhelmed and stressed quicker than the average person, especially when I'm away from home and I want to fully focus on getting my degree.
Of course, I'm going to be applying to jobs next academic year but the graduate scheme interview and assessment process sounds extremely overwhelming and doesn't seem inclusive whatsoever, with assessment centres and the tests they do seeming stressful enough for neurotypical people, let alone someone like me. I can probably work a retail job (like in Tesco or Aldi) once I graduate just to give myself more confidence and give me more time to work out my career plans, but then I've seen people on here say that's damaging for your future career, so I feel like I've probably screwed myself over already by not pushing myself to work over the summer. I always feel like I'm inferior and less capable than everyone around me and it's horrible because I don't know how capable I might actually be. I'm worried that I will never be able to have a good future now even if that sounds ridiculous to some people.
If there are any autistic people on here who are in a similar position, or have graduated, I'd love to have some advice if that's possible.
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2023.06.03 12:32 sirsiver96 My Ryzen 7600x is running hot, help!

Hi, i build my first pc and so far everything was just fine, in hidle my cpu is at around 40ish degrees celsius, but the i ran OCCT for some stressing and the temps went even at 96/99 degrees. Howerever one thing that i'm noticing is that the CPU is running at 133/135W during this test, wich is way higher then his tdp (105W). So basically i'm running an overclocked CPU? Does someone had the same problem? The airflow of the case seems good (with 6 fans and 2 of my cpu cooler wich is a thermalright PA 120 se).
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2023.06.03 12:30 Excellent-Basket-825 This is not the moment to be in big companies

I realize that not everyone has the chance to freely chose where they work, probably not even most of us. I'm pretty sure that the average company size is shrinking in the future because we have more hyper-niche solutions due to AI rationing away most of the grunt work.
I got flak for moving "down" from leading product in a 150 hypergrowth startup to a 20 people deep tech company pre-seed but it's the best thing I could have ever done. (And btw lots of other senior product leaders I know did the same) The thing that really pisses me off is that we still believe that managers of people in product are somehow "better" or have a goal rather than just operational shipping.
I never worked in a Machine Learning product (we actually build AI not just license it) and boy did I have a hard awakening about how difficult and great at the same time it is to work with scientists. And even though I'm an exec by definition because the company is so small I still work in detail with teams quite operational. Best decision I did.
It's scary and I understand that the markets feel like they are falling apart left and right but I'm not sure actually whether people are really safe in big companies. I really don't see any defendable moats that small companies with niche solutions couldn't climb.
In some way, I really hope that I'm right about this prediction because it would mean corporate environments would drastically reduce and this stupid race to just found anything that becomes a Unicorn should cool off.
There's nothing wrong with just having a cool gig as a PM in a company that is well-off enough but doesn't grow to be the next Facebook. And I still think you learn way more in smaller companies because you can mostly grab opportunities and expand your reach.
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2023.06.03 12:29 TherealHB_68 Can someone please identify whatever this insect is? I have been thinking of this question for years (not a joke).

Can someone please identify whatever this insect is? I have been thinking of this question for years (not a joke).
This thing has been in my bathroom for god-knows how long and I always am unsure of what this insect is.
The body reminds me (and possibly you) of an average pill bug; the whole thing reminds me of a pill bug, albeit, one that has the inability to roll (and literally could be a black licorice tic-tac that's remote controlled 😅).
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2023.06.03 12:28 Askhelon Thermostat causing heat lamp to blink continuously when reaching target temperature, any advice?

I have the thermostat Exo Terra 600W since almost 3 years (https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B0711KV72C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1).
The temp is set to about 33°C, and below that it was usually dimming, keeping the temp where I want it to. I also use another probe nearby to ensure that the temp is really what it is.
Lately, it's been pulsing like a night club when reaching close to the target temp (say, 32.5°C when the limit is at 33°C). I can't attach a video on this sub, so here's a link instead: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UYvE2v_4GkUzxrqspfPR13CUhqvOPh3S/view
I read somewhere that it has to do with the day/night function, so I tried putting the probe under a bit of substrate to force the night function, which was supposed to be dimming rather than pulsing (there's no way to set this manually on the device, you can only switch between °C/°F and set the target temp for either night/day functions). It happened a couple of times since I've had it, but usually moving the lamp/probe slightly fixed it in one go.
I'm asking you here for help. Maybe someone had the issue and found a proper fix/explanation, or is using other thermostats that are better configurable than this atrocious thing. My guy is horny enough these weeks, he doesn't need that ! :)
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