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A West Marches style game of DnD

2023.03.20 19:06 Spotlight_James I might get chewed out by you guys

After a few weeks after I got platinum, I have to say that this game was not a 10/10, depending on what side you're looking for in a game. I'm giving this game a high rating of 8, and here's why I will numerically subtract 1 point per reason.
Minus 1.5 point: What was a major aggravation for me is some of the plot issues based on choices you make! Why isn't there a way to branch off Sebastian's storyline further with the whole dark magic thing? I get he becomes an emo dark lord in a way, but I chose the good option to turn him in after he killed his uncle, and yet there is no final confrontation. There are no repercussions at all for using dark magic, I was role-playing a character that wouldn't use it, and I was able to tell off the back that being the good guy didn't matter. The ending completely had no repercussions or awards depending on what you do. I believe that in that ending scene, you should be able to have a massive character boost depending on what you do. Finally, there was a dialog in the game that brings up a certain power to "help" people, and there was a request that should have been followed up and completely forgotten.
Minus 0.5 points: The house you get sorted into should have bonuses to your character! This is what I would have done: Gryffindor- Certain percentage increase to health, courage Bonus at low health to deal more damage Slyhtherin- Extra critical hit damage when using all spells Hufflepuff- Able to get extra rewards/loot for doing quests and helping people. Ravenclaw- Lower cool downs on spell casting and shorter timers on crafting. This would have at least have the houses have their own identity.
Overall, the game is near perfect, but it is missing certain things that rpgs have to make it a perfect game. I completely loved it, and I hope the sequel improves on these more rpg aspects or the game or maybe a dlc can alleviate those aforementioned problems.
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2023.03.20 18:55 AllenVarney Goodman Games D&D 4E - all-new through Mon 10 April

Through Monday, April 10 we present the all-new Goodman Games 4E Bundle featuring supplements and adventures published by Goodman Games in 2008-2010 for the Fourth Edition (2007-2013) of Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast. Goodman's modules, character sourcebooks, and bestiaries showcase the appeal of a system that still attracts enthusiasts on Reddit, Discord, and on virtual tabletops.
Between 2008 and 2010, using the Game System License (Wizards' first attempt to supplant the Open Game License), Goodman Games published four dozen licensed Fourth Edition products. The GSL proved unpopular, and only Goodman and a few others adopted it. As 4E mindshare gave way to Paizo's Pathfinder, Joseph Goodman published his own standalone Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and never looked back.
These Goodman Games sourcebooks and modules require the 2007 Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition rulebooks from Wizards of the Coast, which are not included in this offer. Orrrr you could use Sanglorian's free Orcus 4E-compatible retroclone rulebooks, and consult the Offline Compendium for reference. The titles in this offer won't work well with other editions of the D&D rules.
Pay just US$17.95 to get all eight complete titles in our Player Collection (retail value $85) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including Azagar's Book of Rituals; two Forgotten Heroes character-class expansions – Scythe & Shroud and Fang, Fist, and Song; four Hero's Handbook character sourcebooks – Dragonborn, Eladrin, Tiefling, and Immortal Heroes; and the 4E Character Codex.
And if you pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $27.95 to start, you'll level up and also get our entire DM Collection with seven more titles worth an additional $68, including Blackdirge's Dungeon Denizens for Fourth Edition; three 4E module collections – In Search of Adventure, From Here to There, and Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer; both Master Dungeons modules – M1 Dragora's Dungeon and M2 Curse of the Kingspire; and the 4E DM Campaign Record.
Goodman Games has kindly provided purchasers of this offer a 20% discount code good through April 10, 2023 on most products bought from the Goodman Games online store.
Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) goes to the charity designated by Goodman Games owner Joseph Goodman, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. For more than 30 years the SF-Marin Food Bank has worked to end hunger in the San Francisco Bay Area, where one in four neighbors is at risk of hunger.
Get this Goodman Games D&D 4E offer before it sinks to a watery grave in the Drachenvold Swamp Monday, April 10.
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2023.03.20 18:53 StackOfCups I fudged a LOT of rolls in my session last night...

One lvl 6 wood golem against four lvl 4 players is a bad fight. Granted my players are still new-ish, and don't have the most optimally focused characters, but they aren't bad by any means. However last night a single random monster of no real importance was going to cause a TPK after an hour of repeated failed attacks and succeeded saves in the monster's favor. It was clear from the body language (and regular language) that the table was annoyed with the monster and not having fun. Not because it was hard, but because the above average probability on each player's turn was that they'd deal 0 damage and inflict 0 conditions.
So, when I was about to land a couple crits that would have dealt near 30 damage (over half most of the party's health) when they were all almost dead I decided that it just wasn't going to be enjoyed. I decided to have one crit (on a newer player to ttrpgs) be a complete miss since they raised their shield on their turn, and the other player I downgraded to a regular hit. On the next round I turned a couple crit successes on focus spell saves or high level spell slots into regular successes so at least SOMETHING would happen (in favor of the player).
What I think is a fun *hard* fight is having a monster or two that is statistically better than the party, but through tactics can have the odds evened. Then because the players outnumber the opponent they can win the fight. This means that stacking something like guidance and flanking and frightened on an enemy that's just 1 level higher than the party means a good chance at a hit, and a slightly better chance at a crit. Compare that to even just 2 level highers than the party and it changes to roughly 50/50 a blow is landed, and still a 1/20 chance of a crit.... *after* the group has stacked abilities. It just doesn't feel fun.
This isn't to say that players should always succeed. They shouldn't. But when a party goes through great lengths to strategize and has some kind of bonus and penalty on the opponent, and then an 11 on the die *misses* entirely... it just demoralizes the group. They think "wow we did all that and we don't even have a 50/50 chance?"
Going forward I will be adding the weakened state to every monster that's higher level than the players, except I'll be *adding* to the hp instead of lowering it. It should feel effectively the same, except it'll make some turns feel like progress whereas it would have just been nothing happening.
My thought is that if a monster has 20 hp and a player misses, the turn ends with 20 hp. But if instead the monster is at 30hp and the player hits, the turn still ends with 20 hp, but the player feels like they contributed.
I'm going to start by following the weakened guidelines, but the HP modifier will be flipped.
Has anyone else done this? What are your thoughts on this whole situation?

EDIT: Something I didn't address is that I hate fudging rolls and never do it anymore. But this fight felt like I was going to end a session (that we play on average once a month) on a really bummer low note for no fault of the party's. It still wasn't fun for the group, but they at least left the table not having a TPK.
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2023.03.20 18:48 HauntedLostEpisode Odie and The Joker share a common ability/affliction

It's a common fan theory that the Joker is actually aware he's in a comic book, and acts accordingly. Joker ignores the "rules" of society within his world, it is proposed, because he knows them to be fictional constructs governing only made-up characters on a printed page, with no actual grounding or consequence.
Now, consider Odie - who flagrantly and repeatedly violates his world's "rules" of common sense and even physics; he simply "is", an uninhibited force bound not by the laws of nature nor man. He acts as a force of chaos and disruption within his small sphere of influence - Garfield's life - because only he is aware there are no real consequences to his actions in a world that is itself unreal. This is, as illustrated below, assumed by other characters to reflect his "unintelligence", much like other characters in the Batman universe assume the Joker's actions reflect his "insanity".
Odie's very nature also suggests this is the case:
Like the Joker, Odie overtly violates the "order" of his world because, consciously or not, he's aware it isn't "for reals". Odie is "unintelligent" in the same sense that (the theory linked above proposes) Joker is "insane". He's nutty, absolutely - the poor dog has had his mind blown - but he has a better grasp of the nature of his "reality" than anyone else within it.
Odie, however, is too inherently good-natured to act on his knowledge in the same way as Joker, and commits impossibly foolish acts rather than incredibly evil ones. Odie creates chaos through sheer "stupidity", demonstrating how he is not bound to the rules of the our world OR his own.
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2023.03.20 18:48 invazive Made a 1pg beginner Jamie infographic.

Asked a friend if having a 1pg info sheet for his character would help him get into streetfighter....he said no....thought the concept was good, so its here for you guys. I plan on doin the entire cast eventually.
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2023.03.20 18:47 invazive Made a 1pg beginner Jamie infographic.

Made a 1pg beginner Jamie infographic.
Asked a friend if having a 1pg info sheet for his character would help him get into streetfighter....he said no....thought the concept was good, so its here for you guys. I plan on doin the entire cast eventually.
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2023.03.20 18:46 invazive Made a 1 page beginner Jamie infographic

Made a 1 page beginner Jamie infographic
Asked a friend if having a 1pg info sheet for his character would help him get into streetfighter....he said no....thought the concept was good, so its here for you guys. I plan on doin the entire cast eventually.
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2023.03.20 18:41 justredditingfofun Beta Builds that I found the best for class - Rogue /Sorc/ Barb

Class Overview
1. Rogue: Inner Sight allows you to fill a gauge by attacking marked enemies, once bar is filled you have unlimited energy for a short period of time.
Best in everything in this game, mobility, stamina and DPS. Can instant phase and kill bosses. Specializing in Shadow skills grant high DPS and offer good defenses, assuming some unique drops easily scales and offers an enjoyable mobile playstyle. Mapping is great, Rouge shines in closed range quick attacks, reset and go again. Vulnerability increases DPS and stun helps against bosses.
  1. Sorceress: three Enchantment slots, periodical use of secondary skill as enchantment for a total of 9 different skills.
Fairly good mobility, high DPS and best defenses / utilities, has some issues with mana generation and requires good positioning. Mapping is smooth, spells cover larger area. Cold Sorceress offers stun, freeze. Build rewards active play, whilst having barriers and teleport as failsafe if ever caught in boss burst.
  1. Barbarian: Weapons gain Experience to level up on hit. Specializing in a weapon means extra damage.
Solid defenses and utility with Challenging Shout and Warcry, somewhat mobile.
Bleed / Thorns based attack build, with great defenses and medium - high DPS.
Barb moves surprisingly well and with a good combo DPS can match Sorceress. Build uses Two-Handed Slashing and Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon. Requires more build enabling items.
Best Builds
Rogue: Twisting Blades - Shadow imbuement.
Sorc: Frozen Orb, Blizzard Cold Sorceress - Blizzard in Enchantment slot.
Barb: Rend - Iron Maelstrom - Two-Handed weapons.
What are your best builds? Thought on class mechanics?
I found all classes different and enjoyable, once landed on a good build. Have leveled up to 25 with all three and all characters are on full legendary gear.
Unlocked most of the map and killed world boss once so it was a good beta for me, enjoyed and looking forward to play-test further some other builds.
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2023.03.20 18:38 yurisoaresv [For Hire] I'm with commissions open! DnD, FFXIV, OC, Fanart, Character Sheet and more! Check the comments for more info :D

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2023.03.20 18:38 Stormkpr Major characters who we never hear speak in Trig

I wanted to compile a list of major (or significant) characters who we never hear speak in Trig. Does this list look right, and do you have anyone to add?
- Anyone from Sanctum
- Most everyone who was introduced in S5 and onwards: Diyoza, Hope, Jordan
- Mount Weather people like Maya or the Wallaces
- Jaha (or does he? Maybe in S4 when speaking to Niylah?)
- Miller and Jackson, apart from reciting "omun gun osum" (sorry for the spelling) with others
- Sinclair, Wick....any Skaikru folks who we rarely see outside of Arkadia or the Ark
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2023.03.20 18:36 yurisoaresv [For Hire] I'm with commissions open! DnD, FFXIV, OC, Fanart, Character Sheet and more!

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2023.03.20 18:36 Dontassumemytone Find Steed should be a paladin class feature. For all the other mounted combatant character concepts, there should be a Summon Stable spell/ability that let's you buy mounts for gold inside dungeons.

Let's protect Paladin uniqueness!
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2023.03.20 18:33 yurisoaresv [For Hire] I'm with commissions open! DnD, FFXIV, OC, Fanart, Character Sheet and more! Check the comments for more info ;)

[For Hire] I'm with commissions open! DnD, FFXIV, OC, Fanart, Character Sheet and more! Check the comments for more info ;) submitted by yurisoaresv to HungryArtists [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 18:30 3dprinteraccount Questions about the power system for a 14" hexacopter with Cube (pixhawk2.1) FC

Hi folks, I’m building my first drone (a hexacopter) and I have some questions about the power system. Parts I’m using so far are:
Flight Controller: Black Hex Cube (aka Pixhawk 2.1)
Motors: T-Motor MN3110 470KV
Props: 14 x 4.8
Battery: 4S (14.8V)
Per the T-Motor spec sheet each motoprop combo at full throttle will draw 8A at 14.8V, so 48A max current draw for the motors in total and I should be fine with 20A ESC's (please tell me if that's wrong!).
I’m having a difficult time understanding exactly what I need for the power system components…I don’t have enough experience to know the stuff some of yall take for granted, and can’t find it spelled out for me in a simple way. Here’s what I’d like help with:
  1. Am I correct in assuming the Holybro PM07 will work as a power module for this setup?
  2. If I can use the PM07, that will also serve as the “power distribution board”, correct? Like I can connect my ESC’s directly to that?
  3. Do I need a separate BEC (assuming my ESC’s do not have them) to power the servo rail on the Pixhawk, or can I supply 5V to the servo rail directly from the PM07?
  4. If I can supply power to the servo rail directly from the PM07, do I still need to do the thing with the Zener diode and capacitor?
  5. Please tell me if it sounds like I’m doing something wrong here.
Thanks for any help you’re able to offer!
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2023.03.20 18:26 Nahibs [For Hire] OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS, dnd character, ocs and character design, feel free to dm me

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2023.03.20 18:25 idosillythings Wrath of the Warden Chart

So, I'm about to get into attempting to run Wrath of the Warden for the second time. My first group dissolved due to some personal issues but I can't say I'm all that upset about it, as I had a player that was making me miserable as a GM. So it goes.
Anyway, I know from experience that Wrath of the Warden is....a challenging module to GM as there aren't a ton of super connected plot threads to lead the players by. The main story is honestly pretty simple, but there are a ton of side plots that I know are introduced now that are meant to come into place later on in the Throne of Thorns story. The problem is, it creates red herrings for the players and really convolutes the story for them, I've found. Does anyone know of a chart, or outline, or anything that spells out the story beat-by-beat so you can hit all the relevant information and also see how the other plots can be tied into it? Or even something that gives all the relevant information you need for the story up front so you can decide what to introduce to the characters ahead of time?
Would really appreciate it.
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2023.03.20 18:23 -One_Eye- Should I Use Pieces of One DnD for a New Campaign?

I'm starting a new campaign on Saturday and have been going back and forth whether to use portions of One DnD. The parts of One DnD that would be easiest to implement would be the Glossary. I'm definitely going to stay away from Classes and Sub-Classes since not all of them have been released yet. I'm deciding whether to use Species and character creation rules, such as Backgrounds and 1st level Feats.
Regardless, if I am going to use anything, I'll run it by the players first and get their approval.
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2023.03.20 18:21 ng1976 Free Custom Character sheets for the Black Sword Hack

Free Custom Character sheets for the Black Sword Hack
I finished up my custom character sheets for the Black Sword Hack, the Black Hack RPG inspired by Michael Moorcock's works.
They're fillable, and allow you import a small image for a character portrait. Both US Letter and A4 sizes are available.
I also made some separate sheets for the various powers a character might have - Demonic Pacts, Faerie Ties, Twisted Science, etc.

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2023.03.20 18:20 tominator_44 The Faery Tale Adventure - Mega Drive review from Mean Machines Issue 10 - July 1991

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2023.03.20 18:19 Letionaire [Online][5E][GMT +1] Looking for friends in players

(name of the game pending)
System: 5e
Time: 16:00 GMT+1 SUNDAY weekly or bi-weekly
The campaign will start on the second of july
Platform: Discord voice and cam, Roll20 or owlbear
Spots open: 4/5
Player lvl 1-3
Attributes: Point buy
Homebrew: Allowed but let me look it through it first
Session length: 2-3 Hours
Language: English
Dm: Myself Letionaire
Age: 16+
Technical Requirements: Goodish mic and Goodish camera
Application: Send it to this server https://discord.gg/ZgtnrF3R
Playstyle: Theater of the mind and Roll20 maps. I am a new DM and this is my first campaign. I'm largely inspireret by the dming style of Brennen lee mulligan from dimension 20. I feel like I'm going for a good balance between roleplay and combat. The disclaimer is that I want to have all options so if you don't like: heavy roleplay, puzzles, traps, consequences, possible intense violence maybe gore, npc death, pc death, deadly combat, "possible" instant death and so on, then this campaign might not be for you. Also i am in creative mode op In this b!/ch, I will homebrew the living hell out of a lot of things so expect to see something new maybe not immediately but i'm hype for homebrewing. I don't know how to make voices but I'll try my best. ALSO if you are a minmaxer and create a busted character that destroys all of my creatures, then kudos to you i respect the hustle.
Experience required: intermediate, you don't need to know all the roles in and out. Just:
A. Know how to make a character on your own
B. Know how to make attack rolls, add modifyers, make skill rolls and such.
Player expectation:
Dm expectation: I want this to be a long campaign and I would love to take my players all the way to high levels. I want to make this fun for all and I want the players to have all the agency they want within reason of course.

Dm information: Hi im 18 years old and have been playing DND for around 2-3 years both online and offline. I have experienced a couple of dm styles which at times I didn't quite agree with and I have been recently searching for a campaign that would work for me. I didn’t succeed because as we all know players are a dime a dozen and I eventually decided, as many others did before me, that "fine ill do it myself”.
I'm in college at the moment so I don't have all the time in the world, so I won't be planning like all the lore unless I get captivated. That's not to say that i will not be planning story points and the plot but I will mostly be working around my players' decisions. What that means for you is that if you don’t interact with some random banking system of (x) country then it won't exist until you start showing interest. This is not a hard rule because I will probably create lore/characters for fun, I already have some character ideas, this information might become irrelevant by the time the campaign starts.
Be prepared for the session to be canceled at random. I will try to avoid it but sometimes 10+ hours worth of assignments take a lot of time.

Answer these questions:
For your character
  1. Class you will most likely play:
  2. Race:
  3. Do you have a Backstory or would you like for me to make it?
  4. What goals does your character have?
For you as a player
  1. Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Tabletop Experience:
  4. What do you want out of the campaign?
  5. Why do you want to join this campaign?
  6. Do you prefer roleplay or combat?
  7. Is there a specific style of game that you like (High/low-magic, pirates, intrigue, dungeon-delving, epic adventures, dark fantasy, sci-fi, oriental adventures, evil campaigns, horror, whimsical, or anything else…)
note that there will be a session zero where i'll go more in detail of the rules like how I treat non combat and combat nat 20 and you can plan backstories with other players if you fancy. addendum: Im Keen on homebrewing one magic item per player depending on backstory.
Story/world: In the making
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2023.03.20 18:17 Azurehue22 Ghostblood References in WoK and WOR: SPOILERS FOR ALL WORKS

This is going to be long. I'm thinking of starting with just WoK, and then making a seperate post in a week or so for WoR, which is far more extensive.
I'm doing this as a way of cataloging their intentions, and understanding how Thaidakar thinks, as he's my favorite Cosmere character .. I find them fascinating, especially since TLM, and upon rereading Stormlight for the fifteenth time, they seem far less villainous than how Shallan paints to to be.
Formatting is thus: Bolds are Chapters or text I want to highlight. Italics are my personal thoughts, and normal are quotes. Most things are delineated by page number, though it may be off for some quotes. (I started writing the page number for quotes down once I reached WoR)
Anyways, enjoy. I WELCOME critique, especially since I feel I may be incredibly biased. I want to know what you think, especially if you don't care for the Ghostbloods. I would prefer it from those who know the origin of the organization, however.

Way of Kings

Prologue - To Kill- Page 26
“…You can tell…Thaidakar…that he’s too late…” (Also mentions Restares, a target of the Ghostbloods)
Notes: He gives Szeth the anti-voidlight sphere, stating “They must not get it.” Referring to the Ghostbloods? Why would Thaidakar want this?
Chapter 7 - Anything Reasonable - Pages 140-145
Brother” Kabsal is an interesting character, whom we rarely see alluded to in later books. Who was he? He was obviously native Rosharan, so must have been recruited by the Rosharan chapter. Shallan vigorously respects Ardents, however it is clear that Kabsal doesn’t fit in. Indeed, when questioned about it, no one had heard of him. Thus, his character is a mystery. Obviously, he was an assassin, but what else? What had he planned to do? Shallan has never asked Mraize about him.
This also raises a question: How do the Ghostbloods recruit on Roshar? Are the originals from Scadrial? Was Thaidakar involved in their recruitment?
Chapter 8- Nearer the Flame - Pages 150-151
“…There was that matter of the strange collection of maps they’d found in his study. What did they mean? He’d rarely discussed his plans to his children. Helaran knew more.”
This is an interesting tidbit. We still have no idea what Brightlord Davar’s work with the Ghostbloods was, and it is clear now that Helaran was a member of the Skybreakers, who may have been working with the Sons of Honor; known enemies of the Ghostbloods on Roshar.
Interlude 1-Ishikk - Pages 198-202
This doesn’t have a deliberate a deliberate reference to the Ghostbloods, instead, it follows a Purelaker Ishikk as he interacts with his people and three Foreigners. One of them is Demoux, the young captain in the Skaa Rebellion who worshipped Kelsier. Oddly, he is not part of the Ghostbloods, though it is clear he knows of their existence. Instead, he is part of the Seventeenth Shard. I am including this as a way to keep track of character relationships.
Chapter 29 -Errorgance - Pages 565-566
Shallan communes with her brothers, who have discovered Luesh has died in his sleep. This alone is interesting, as to someone who is new to the series, it doesn’t strike anyone as odd. However, when someone understands the Ghostbloods, it becomes clear he may have been killed. The question is Why?
They then discover the symbol, which is the first mention of it in the Stormlight Archive. Ghostblood agents come calling, who I believe are not tied to Mraize, unless he used some magic or trick to conceal his distinctive facial features.
Chapter 33 - Cymatics - Pages 625-636
I include this because Kabsal interests me. I was thinking about how he’s involved with the organization, and what level he is. He’s trying to assassinate Jasnah, which is something they clearly want to do as she’s had many GB members killed. But why Kabsal? His arguments in favor of religion stink of too much sincerity to be acting a part. As I worked today, I thought on it, and I believe that Kabsal is a devoted Vorin who hates Jasnah with a passion for her heresy. This fervor allowed the Ghostbloods to recruit him and send him on this minor task. I do believe they have a few expendable members, for situations like these. It clear that the real attempt was when they hired Tyn. Kabsal wasn’t a real ardent, that is proven at the end of the book.
Chapter 42 - Beggers and Barmaids - Pages 744-745
I am including this as it showcases an odd behavior of Kabsal’s that alludes to the end of the book; he’s avoiding King Taravangian.
Interlude 8 - Geranid - Page 883
This doesn’t refer to the Ghostbloods, but it does mention some specifics about the difference between body and spirit, which helps me understand how Thaidakar lives as a ghost in the physical realm.
“…The body must be fed in the physical realm, but the spirit exists in a completely different state.”
I’ve long wondered how Thaidakar lives. Perhaps I can tease out some answers with careful listening.
Chapter 7 - Ghostblood - Pages 1239-1240
“…And we need to do it before someone else does and uses it against us.”
“Someone else?” Shallan asked. “Someone else is looking for this [Voidbringers/Parshman/Secrets]
“Of course they are. Who do you think tried so hard to get assassinated?” She reached into a stack of papers on her desk. “I don’t know much about them. For all I know, there are many groups searching for these secrets. I know of one for certain, however. They call themselves the Ghostbloods.” She pulled out a sheet. “Your friend Kabsal was one. We found their symbol tattooed on the inside of his arm.”
This is the first instance of the Ghostbloods being named. Jasnah mentions secrets here, which is an excellent word choice.
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2023.03.20 18:14 Ballerina_Bot Recommended tools for running BitD in-person one-shots at a convention

I volunteered to run some one-shots of Blades at a convention this coming weekend - my first in-person gaming in several years. I intend to be ready to teach the rules and explain the setting at the table to anyone that is new to the game. Because I'm way out of practice running in-person games, I'd like some thoughts on what I should take.
The outline is
Here is what I intend to take with me
What would you recommend that I also take, revise, or leave behind? Any other thoughts?
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