Flights from des moines to sacramento

Pokemon Go - Team Valor - Des Moines, IA

2016.07.07 20:55 DreamSteel Pokemon Go - Team Valor - Des Moines, IA

Valor of Des Moines is a subreddit for members of Team Valor (aka Red Team) to collaborate and share information. Possibly in the future arrange for gym raids and PokeHunts.

2016.07.12 22:11 fightingbee Pokemon Go! Team Instinct, Des Moines

The local Substation for Team Instinct in Des Moines, Iowa. A place to strategize, plan, ask questions, and share all things Instinct. There is no shelter from the storm!

2013.04.29 17:14 boxofassholes Dedicated to the greatest automobile

Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Company, Inc. was an American manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Founded in Des Moines, Iowa, August Duesenberg and Frederick Duesenberg, the company was active from 1913 to 1937. Makers of the famous straight-eight engine with four valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams, and 265 horsepower in naturally aspirated form, it was the fastest and most advanced automobile on the road.

2023.04.01 21:59 OnlyMamaKnows If 2023 All Stars Suddenly Vanished, Who Wins the Title?

Stupid question (I'm bored) that means just what it says. If all this season's all stars suddenly vanished from the Earth, who goes on to win the title? Teams with multiple all stars obviously hurt the most (Celtics, Bucks, Kings, Grizzlies)
Here were the all stars:
Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks* Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics Bam Adebayo, Miami Heat Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks Julius Randle, New York Knicks Tyrese Haliburton, Indiana Pacers
Western Conference
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors Luka Dončić, Dallas Mavericks Nikola Jokić, Denver Nuggets LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers* Zion Williamson, New Orleans Pelicans Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies Domantas Sabonis, Sacramento Kings Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City Thunder Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers Lauri Markkanen, Utah Jazz Jaren Jackson Jr., Memphis Grizzlies
Injury replacements
Anthony Edwards, Timberwolves De'Aaron Fox, Kings Pascal Siakam, Raptors
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2023.04.01 21:58 Longjumping_Clue5839 “Update” to my last post

“Update” to my last post
I’ve read each and every single comment on my earlier (and first) post, and I appreciate the friendliness of many people on this community! I took my Mini 2 out yesterday and had a blast manually orbiting and overall trying to do manual quick shots.
I won’t be sanding the scratched propellers and I’ve replaced them just in case. (Below are the scratched propellers) Damage is minimal but there are some bits cut off and I don’t want to risk it.
On another note, today I quickly ran a 10 minute flight test to ensure the drone is alright and I placed it on a table to takeoff from outside. When the motors started the drone started rotating to the right a little bit, “sliding.” The flight itself is alright and everything seems good, after the flight I tightened the propellers just in case. (This was after the recent firmware update)
Anyways, just wanted to say thanks to everybody that gave advice. Can’t wait to post more here :)
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2023.04.01 21:57 WearResident9367 Stranded til Monday!

Hi all! I'm a northerner stuck here till Monday after my flight home got cancelled. We've got a hotel possibly set up, near the airport. We're all pretty beat after 5 days here (we've definitely fallen madly in love with Nola and can't wait to come back! I'm honestly kinda stoked to have an extra day, but I can not stress how tired and cranky we all are after our day so far) Now, I'm disabled. I'm tired and can't stand/walk much even with my mobility aids. I'm about to be out of a medication I need, and cigarettes (I know, I know, I'm doing my best to quit). I'm looking for a good pharmacy that will get my prescription from my pharmacy back home, and I'm looking for a place that sells Djarum Black cigarillos/cigars. They're clove cigarettes. I'm willing to take a lyft/ubetaxi within reason, but I am mentally exhausted from figuring out flight cancelation stuff. Im also looking for super low key stuff to do on a Sunday to avoid sitting in a crappy hotel all day in such an amazing place. Affordable crawfish boil?
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2023.04.01 21:56 artli Report on replacement BRP timing and entering the UK without a BRP replacement visa

Thought this might help somebody:
Lost my BRP (Skilled Worker) outside the UK just several days before I was supposed to return. Decided that 'up to 3 weeks' of waiting for a replacement BRP visa is too inconvenient and after reading a bunch of stories on this sub and elsewhere decided to risk it and enter without a BRP.
I am a non-visa national, which made arriving at the border much easier (though the airline checked my passport twice before the flight and both times asked for my BRP as well, so to avoid complication I had to answer their questions as if I'm just a visitor while trying not to actually lie to them). At the border (at Heathrow) I explained my situation to the immigration officer and got through after a couple of minutes. The officer seemed unfazed and after confirming with someone else just let me through based on my passport and fingerprints. I did have a copy of my BRP printed out, as well as a comfort letter from my employer, though I don't think the officer wanted to see the latter. The entry stamp in my passport looks normal, without any special instructions or restrictions.
Here's the timeline of my BRP replacement process (from inside the UK):
13 Mar 2023 -- applied for a replacement (found a next-day appointment in Croydon for £132)
22 Mar 2023 -- received an email saying my application was successful
28 Mar 2023 -- failed delivery attempt by TNT before I was notified of it by Home Office or TNT lol
29 Mar 2023 -- actually received my new BRP (god knows why they can't spend some of those £132 on proper parcel tracking; had to stay home all day)
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2023.04.01 21:55 sizzlepopsun 23 [F4R] Toronto - Looking for Someone to Show Me the City or Take Me on a Date ❤️

Hello everyone! ☺️👋🏾 I’m a 23 year old American black female with a cute smile and curious spirit!
I’m taking a day trip to Toronto this upcoming Tuesday on the 4th as I have a 14 hour layover. I land at 6:30am and my flight leaves at 9pm. I’ve never been to Toronto before, so I am beyond ecstatic!
I’d love to have a local or someone familiar with the area to hang out with and show me the magic of this place or take me out on a cute date to have a great time and enjoy a day of fun! Show me the city through your eyes, the culture from your perspective, and the sights and food from your experiences!
Please only message me if you’re serious about meeting. I’d like to make the most of my trip.
Requirements: - Be kind - Be fun - Be a respectful gentleman - Be 30+
P.s. I’m super open to recommendations! I’m a major foodie, love interactive experiences, and enjoy admiring art and beautiful scenery. I’m not into bars or clubs that much as I don’t really like alcohol.
See you soon!❤️
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2023.04.01 21:54 TotallyaNinja Terran Activities Do's and Don'ts 1/?

This will briefly introduce Terran's hobbies, recreational activities, and actions, both as a guide and warning with a short story for better context. If a Human offers an activity as a “bonding” moment please reference these documents if it is safe for your species or personal well-being.
The first activity will be Sky Diving. Not Flying, Gliding, "Moon-Walk", Grav-Shift ParkouFree-running, or any activity not explicitly defined but denotes aerial activity. Sky Swimming will be mentioned in tandem briefly.
Risk: Death, Permanent Debilitation, Mental & Physical Trauma.
Species who can survive: Terrans*.
*No species can survive a fall from orbit. Terrans arguments and safety measures allow a modicum of success but critical failures still occur leading to severe injury.
Any other species would die of air pressure, lack of breathable air, high velocity, abrupt change in velocity, and stress. Vesha can potentially survive if they are in peak condition, are provided with respiratory aid, and have Grav-Shift harnesses monitored by at least a grade-IV VI companion.
This activity was traditionally conducted from around 4000 [Terran Unit: Meters] or 10000 [Terran Unit: Feet] with a polymer substance typically Nylon, Kevlar, or a blend of several fabrics woven into a parachute. A parachute being a material canopy deployed from a portable container to break ones fall in this context.
This act would be more accurately called break falling. As the act itself entirely encompasses the usage of assistance to reach high altitudes to leap off into freefall and with the usage of parachutes to safely slow and land.
Historically humans could not survive a drop any higher than 30 Meters on their cradle planet. Current Terrans can survive far more.
Those unfamiliar with Terrans may be asking why they would willingly subject themselves to such an activity. The answer may differ per individual but the "rush" of it can cause joy as it is a thrill to them.
Some more wild members of their society are dubbed Adrenaline Junkies. Adrenaline being one of the few natural chemicals that entail them to accomplish the more absurd acts you have heard. High stress situations will cause a release of it.
Of note is that whilst not all species can naturally produce Adrenaline, not all than can do enjoy it. Nor do all Terrans enjoy stress as such it is ill advised to actively stress them out.
Addendum: Icarus Peaks
With the public opening of Icarus Peaks, those with any understanding of Terran history may be laughing, face-palming, or a mixture of both, many Terrans will be surely attracted to the "unique" opportunity. This facility will be mentioned heavily in this document and as such, some context will be provided.
Icarus Peaks is founded and created by a Terran trailblazer. Residing in the Helios system on the planet Rol'Percep. This system is notably marked on the now famous Nike Trail a collection of systems, planets, and locations for any and all recreational activities.
Rol'Percep has a naturally high oxygen atmosphere with a lower than standard gravity. Nearly a 3rd of Terran's and about 3/4ths the galactic standard. The terrain is notably rolling hills, valleys, and plains. Except for one extremely dense mountain range with some peaks going so far as breaching the local stratosphere.
Icarus Peaks as they are now called is the term for this mountain range and the facility constructed upon it. From free gliding, mountain climbing, hiking, and more. The facility offers a large variety of activities and luxuries. One such activity at the highest point is the subject of this article and story.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art medical facilities and staff, not one death has been confirmed although severe injury has been reported due to accidents. Notably of Terran, Veshan, or other crucible world species ignoring standard safety precautions.
Whilst the facility maintains strict safety regulations, should one waiver the safeties of their own volition the facility will take no action to impede one on their venture unless another individual is at risk of harm.
With this context, the following will be a story concerning the risks of Sky Diving. It should be noted as mentioned earlier the individuals within the story chose to waive the safeties and willingly took this action of their own volition against Icarus Peaks' precautionary advice.
The following is created from recordings and interviews using Simulacra, as such all rights...
Loading... Sky_Diving_Veshan:
In an economy class suite, 3 friends are making plans for their final day before heading back home. They had strived to do as much as they could during their short break and had been successful so far in hitting every major event checkbox available to them. The last one unmarked was the joke suggestion of sky diving from the namesake Icarus peaks. From the stratosphere to sea level with nothing but a gravchute.
"I'm just saying. [Michael] is Vesha, they are tougher than we are." The first spoke, A young Terran female with fire in her eyes. Short for a Terran at 155 cm she only matched her companions in height and musculature. Her hair was dyed a variety of blues tied into a short ponytail as to not interrupt her action filled lifestyle. Her energetic nature barely contained within her small frame.
"Yea he's tough but not flexible or as reactive. Who knows what will happen in freefall. He might snap in two from the deployment. Think for a second Rosa, the staff advises any and all non-Terrans to not even attempt it for a reason." The second Terran replied from the bed. Fully exhausted from their day's adventure. Holding on to lucidity in hopes of keeping their Veshan friend alive from Rosa's antics.
By far the tallest of the group at 200 cm but the least physically active of the group. Auburn hair swept back and trimmed short for his escapades, often being dragged by Rosa and more recently [Michael] on more tiresome adventures. Preferring hikes, stargazing, and more sensible activities at a moderate pace. He was lean but found incapable of keeping up with his peers.
"If there is no precedent for Vesha to sky dive... why can't I be the first?" [Michael] asks with an innocent tone. Scrolling through his holo-pad looking for information concerning Vesha and attempts at sky diving with little results. Like most Vesha [Michael] was androgynous to Terran aesthetics. Their sexual dimorphism only in genitalia and psychology.
A shorter Veshan at about 180 cm he had the common light green skin much of his race did. Toned and well defined musculature supported his body similar to humans aside from their 4 arms. Whilst Terrans can carry a larger range of motion due to ball joints. They simply developed more limbs with a certain range of motion to carry out tasks.
"See Chen? He's thinking big. We can record the whole thing! It'll be a galactic first! They got good medical staff too. We can just tell them before hand. [Michael] will survive no problem." A quick ping confirming that in fact a dedicated medical facility was near by for any and all that attempted to do anything related to the name sake mountain.
"Yea this is a losing battle. [Michael] I suggest you update your will. I'm gonna try to get at least 6 hours before this. G'night." Promptly passing out shortly after their statement.
[Michael] following the suggestion updates his will, contacts the medical facility concerning the plans for the next day, and heads to sleep. Rosa heads out to get in one last late night workout before finally going to sleep.
The trio finally meet up next day to an unexpected knock on their door. Opening it to find a fellow crucible-world species staff member awaiting them. A member of the Lyisu race, similar to the Terran centipede as multi segmented arthropods. Hard chitin exoskeleton with calcium plates granting them toughness beyond measure. Their fully functioning appendages grant them swiftness unbecoming of their size. These combined allow them to do great in difficult terrain. Often found employed in some form of search and rescue.
"Oh. Hello?" Rosa reflexively squirms at the sight of the Lyisu before chiding herself internally. Before she could get out another statement attempting to disguise her earlier involuntary revulsion the individual before her spoke first.
"No need for apologies. I have done my research concerning my Terran counterpart. You're fear is justified so long as you do not continue insult. Your fluster and attempt at apology is more than enough. Moving on to official business. I go by [Marigold] and am here on behalf of Icarus Peaks in case of emergency. As you all have signed the waiver abolishing us of responsibility, the higher ups have deemed it still fit for some semblance of care on our end, if that is all right with you."
"Yes please. I couldn't convince them out of it and I was gonna ask if it was possible to get someone on standby anyway. This works out great." Chen spoke from behind Rosa, still half asleep whilst the other two had been up for an hour discussing plans.
"Alright sleepy beauty. Meet us in the lobby in 15 minutes. If you're late by a second we heading up without you. Toodle-doo." With that, the trio grabbed their equipment and headed for the lobby whilst Chen dragged himself out of bed.
The short trip from the central hub to the peak was a surprise to the trio. As whilst the hub and central facility was at the base of the name sake peak it shot off in many branches and extensions. Taking a dedicated vehicle equivalent to a hot air balloon but with anti grav generators amongst other modifications.
"Is the recording going?" Rosa ever terrible with technology inquires to [Michael] who promptly rewinds the recording to her stuffing her face during breakfast. Rosa's face flushes red and misses a swipe for the recording device.
"You'll have to do better than that... Hey Chen? How well is this gonna be able to travel with us during free fall?"
"The device you carry is a Hunter model recording device. It was built with flight, tracking, and more for active goers who wish to record quality videos without hassle or skill. It should be able to keep up quite well with the endeavor." Came from the voice above causing once again Rosa to jump as the individual snaked downwards towards them.
"Perfect! I can't wait for this! I haven't gone sky diving since I was in Andromeda." Rosa nearly halfway out of the lift enjoying the view. [Marigold] unsubtly shifting himself closer for quick action should the need arise. Chen mouthing a silent thank you to them, whether they registered it didn't show... or at least Chen couldn't tell by Lyisu standards.

Before [Marigold] could speak or gesture, Rosa leaps off the lift upon arriving at the dock. With an exaggerated inhale looks over the cliff and waiting for the camera to pan to her.
"I'm on top of the world!" Echoed off throughout the range with Chen face palming behind her.
"Safeties are all checked, medical is prepared at the base and the halfway point, and weather has and always will be all clear. Shall we make history?" [Michael] like many of his race fearless to a fault felt a tinge of dread spiking through his body. To die was natural, to journey with companions as wonderful as his was an honor, and for him to bring renown to his clan in such a way would not be the worst way to go.
As he prepared himself mentally he saw out of the corner of his eye a blue streak blur past him. A scream short followed as it leapt off the mountain. Connecting the dots and the simple fact there was only one individual stupid and impulsive enough up here allowed him the courage to follow. Seeing Chen trailing shortly ahead of him attempting to catch up to their reckless friend.
"CANNOOONNNN BAAAAAALL." Could be heard off the cliff face. [Marigold] actually dumbfounded quickly rectified to com the medical teams below of the first departure. Chen gave a quick nod to [Michael] before taking the leap himself.
"Ancestors above watch over me. May I join you in your halls or claim glory by my own grasp." A small prayer. A deep breath. Deafening wind blowing past.
As [Michael] opened his eyes the world before him was a blur as the mountain zipped by him as he angled himself away from the base. An attempt to move was made but Chen's words quickly ran through his head as he felt his limbs couldn't resist pressure.
Panic fully ran through him as he struggled in his own harness. The VI alerted him it was in control subtly guiding him to the designated landing zone. A fact missed by [Michael] in his flailing only stopped when [Marigold] dropped in from above and wrapping him.
"Hello? I am using low band emergency frequency. I have you. You are safe. Your VI is fully functioning. You will hurt yourself if you continue to flail around. Take a deep breath. I'm restraining you for your own safety right now."
"Everything alright?" A familiar voice. Opening his eyes [Michael] sees Chen having slowed his descent to match the two. "The halfway point is about 1300 meters down. We can check out there if you don't want to keep going."
As the world zips by [Michael] sees his friend with nothing but concern on his face for him. Not the wind bellowing by, not the risk of harm, nor the humongous arthropod clinging to him. His companions concern for him and his enjoyment of their activity over his own.
Peering behind him struggling to keep up was the hunter camera drone taking the appearance of a diving falcon found on Terra Sol. His failure and panic already recorded. Whilst his companions would surely remove it at his request. He would always remember this.
Closing his eyes he thought of his two companions. Rosa the wild, a maelstrom of energy and activity. She never speaks of fear but fears deeply loneliness and boredom. Chen the steady, a kind breeze that cares and moves at his own pace. He speaks of worries often but gathers the courage to continue onward in face of it.
Two brave souls who allowed him to traverse the stars with them. Seeking adventure in face of fear and risk. [Michael] gathered himself. A soft pat on the hard chitin of the gentle guide.
The grip released slowly, he saw his companion hovering close. Rosa below having finally realized the situation and slowing her descent to match. The drone falling in closer.
"[Michael]?" A soft hand gripped his shoulders. Locking their shoulders so they stay connected like divers did before. Rosa entered the frequency range just below cursing as she struggled to slow herself more. Attempting to get closer faster to comfort him.
A laugh rang out through the frequency.
"I am blessed with a great life. A wonderous journey, blessed experiences, and more. But none would be possible without my companions. I am bolstered by the two of you and I apologize for my lapse. The view is beautiful and I would be honored to complete the descent with you two."
A kind smile and brief nod and the two plummeted down in silence to catch up to Rosa. [Marigold] slithered downward at a distance keeping the drone company. The scene of the three friends in a linked circle falling together stored forevermore.
As clouds zipped by and the view panned further and closer. They laughed and cheered in unison the joy overtaking the fear of [Michaels] joints locking up. The wind was nothing but an orchestra to the songs of friendship they sung in their descent.
With the ground nearing closer and the VI alerted them of their proximity they activated their grav chutes and the journey was completed as they fluttered to the ground. Medical was waiting and ran a check over on all of them but focusing heavily on [Michael].
The trio are safe and continue their journey to this day. [Michael] survived with several injuries including dislocating every arm he had. His recording and medical data allowed for the first of many Vesha to attempt such acts with proper assistance.
Injuries are consistent across their species. Terrans survive with little to no ailments. Lyisu are tough by nature though in failure of equipment will not cause death but debilitating injuries. Vesha often find themselves with issues concerning their joints after such an activity.
As such this activity is rated unsafe for standard participation. Do such Terran activities at your own risk.
Next Related Article
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Thanks for reading as always! This is a continuation of my Surviving For Fun series. I guess I'll keep the name SFF as the nickname for this canon? I think a more light hearted series is nice.
Sorry for the delay, when reddit returned after going down I was hit by the draft bug. Should be fixed and gone now though. Back to weekly updates!
Hope you all enjoyed.
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2023.04.01 21:53 IndustryRare Should I get the apple card? 25 Female in grad school

I'm considering getting a new credit card and I'm interested in knowing if the Apple Card is a good option. My current credit score is 806, and I'm looking for a card that offers perks, cashback, and helps me build good credit for future purchases such as a house or car.
I've been working on building my credit since my college years, starting with the Discover Student card until my graduation in 2019. In 2020, I got the Chase Freedom Flex and I'm satisfied with the cashback it offers. However, I don't really use the rewards from Chase as I don't book flights or anything like that, but I do like the cashback. Additionally, all my devices are from Apple.
Can you share your thoughts on whether the Apple Card would be a good fit for me as a "working woman, corporate baddie" looking for a card with great perks and cashback to complement my lifestyle?
Thank you!
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2023.04.01 21:52 Stars_Upon_Thars Flying into Honolulu from Lanai and out to SFO same day: how long should we plan between flights?

Basically as the title says. We're booking our trip to Oahu in the fall and decided to end it by flying to Lanai and staying there for a few nights. We've booked the main flight, but not the flights to/from Lanai, but there are a lot of options as far as times.
We're planning to check out and leave Lanai on October 1, the same day as our 12:10 flight out of Honolulu back to SFO, wondering how long it will take to get our bags from the inbound flight from Lanai, check the bags to SFO, and get over to the terminal with our outgoing flight (terminal 1 I believe).
Haven't been to the Honolulu airport in years and have never taken the charter flights like what goes to Lanai, so just wondering how much time we should leave, and some of the logistics. We've got a lot of options on the Lanai flight as far as times, don't want to cut it too short or have to hang out in an airport longer than necessary.
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2023.04.01 21:52 PandaKing2K20 Can a minor bring a vape on a plane?

I've gotten mixed answers and I want to be sure. I'm going from Lanzarote to Ireland and I'm trying to bring 3 2000 puff elf bars on an aer lingus flight. I'm with my parents and they cannot see them.
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2023.04.01 21:46 Millennial_Paleocon Is this a uniquely Delta thing?

I flew Delta last week for the first time since 2005 (and only the second time since before 9/11). The flying time was about an hour in the air, and I was sitting in the main cabin. On both the departing and returning flights, they started food and beverage service but never finished it. I received a drink and snack the first time, but not the second. There was very little turbulence on the departing flight compared to the returning flight, so I'm wondering why they would even offer service to begin with if they knew that the plane wouldn't be cruising long enough to complete it. I don't even recall United or American offering anything on flights under 2 hours.
The flight attendants apologized, which is more than I would expect from a major domestic airline, but I'd imagine that drinks and snacks are factored into the ticket price even if it's just a few dollars.
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2023.04.01 21:41 turbo5vz Incorporated remote worker. What can count as business travel?

I'm an incorporated independent consultant and have the freedom to work remotely anywhere. I would like to start looking for different places to work remote from, or possibly join some of the various remote working cohorts (eg. Remote Year).
From a business travel perspective, I'm wondering where the line is drawn whether this can be considered as business travel so that I can deduct things like flight/meals/accommodations? Sometimes I would like to go visit various industry conventions or visit different vendors/clients, but of course I would mixing it with personal trips as well.
I'm wondering if anyone is in a similar situation and can comment on how you would approach this?
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2023.04.01 21:40 mkstewartesq Delta website/booking systems all screwed up today (4/1)?

I’ve been trying to book an award flight round-trip to LHR from ATL and I’m getting errors at every turn on every channel. On my iPad, when I hit the checkout button the app says that my memory is too low to complete the operation (? – Never seen that message before, and it’s produced by the Delta app, not by the operating system). On the website, hitting the checkout button hangs forever and then eventually says that the transaction cannot be completed online and directs me to use the “message us” button. When I click on that “message us“button, it hangs for a bit and then gives a message saying “go back to the previous page or login to continue this conversation” (I was already logged in, and I hadn’t even started a conversation). Trying to simply re-run the search either leads to all of the same results or, after it searches for flights a bit, it just defaults back to the search input screen.
I’ve messaged Delta through their iMessage channel but just was wondering if anyone else was experiencing these issues or it’s something more particular to me.
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2023.04.01 21:38 ThrowRA_Uncomfy-Kiwi I (24F) am thinking about ending a possibly toxic/narcissistic friendship of 13 years with my best friend (24F)

A lot of backstory is needed to provide sufficient information. This will be long. Also, English is not my first language. Apologys in advance.
So my best friend and I (both 24) have known each other for almost 13 years. We went to the same high school and college, had several classes and club activities together over many years, and went to her place often. Her familiy has "adopted" me (they jokingly refer to me as their second daughter), since I have a horrible relationship with my own family, and my best friend knows everything about my traumatic past.
After college, I went straight to university. Uni is free here, unless its a private constitution like mine. I have to provide for myself and applied for a job as well, with no support from my family whatsoever. She on the contrary has support, and since her parents didn't force her to go to university (she couldn't decide on a major), she decided to apply for a job instead. That was 4 years ago.
She stayed there for 3 years and met a girl. Had a crush on her relatively soon after. A few months before she quit, my best friend and that girl met up a few times outside of work and they became good friends. I noticed that I got jealous whenever she told me that they met up, I never told her that though. I don't have a crush on her, never had. I rather felt replaced, since they talked about really private stuff as well.
Turns out, that girls brother is a prof at a university in another town. A roughly 2h ride by train. The girl quit her job at the same time as my best friend, because that girl wanted to become a teacher and study at her brothers uni. My best friend suddenly had an interest in the exact same major as that girl, and wanted to apply at the exact same university. Coincidence?
I got jealous again and kinda annoyed. I warned her that this does not seem like her and its a bit fast. She said this would be good for her anxietys, because she would face them and she's not sure wether she'd really move out anyway. I replied with "it seems like you're doing it because of her and not for yourself. Her and her brother make you feel safe because you would already know someone and would not have to socialise."
Soon after, roughly 8 months ago, she applied for uni anyway and rented an appartment in the other city. Moved in together with that other girl! While at the same time, she told me she would never move in with me, since "we know each other too well and would get on each others nerves."
During her semester she got diagnosed with ADD. We were both aware of her symptoms, that just made it official. I still get annoyed when she ghosts me for days, answers with short messages or talks only about herself. She knows I'm annoyed by that and admitted this annoys her herself, but she hasn't changed that or made any efforts. I thus decided to stop talking about my life since she always turns the conversation to herself again. She asked why I stopped, and I answered with "it doesn't seem like you are interested in it" which she denied.
My best friend lost interest in that girl soon after moving in with her, and had a hectic start. Applying for classes was overly complicated, that girl didn't help her and apparently she is not cleaning up. My best friend cried and paniced a lot because of the stress and I had to cheer her up a lot and be available for her. She eventually settled in.
I don't want to sound rude, but.. I knew this would happen. And I told her beforehand.
2-3 months ago I had a massive fight with my parents. Triggered some PTSD and i really needed her. But she wouldn't reply to my messages. She was ignoring me, because she was mad at me. We were talking about political stuff prior and I disagreed with one of her statements. She ghosted me for a whole week because I "triggered" her and then she acted like nothing happened. ("Trigger" as in annoy/mad) I never told her about the fight in the end.
We have different university schedules, so only her semester finished a few weeks ago. She currently has 6 weeks off and back in town visiting her parents. Her Dad got a terrible diagnosis and had a rather risky surgery. Everything went well, so shortly after, she and her family flew off for vacation. Days before her flight I asked to meet up. But she ignored me. Again. So I stopped asking.
Since then I have been acting cold towards her. No messages, taking days to reply, no emojis. She hasn't caught on yet, or doesn't want to. Idk. Kinda hurts though. But I know we would end up in a massive fight if I decided to speak up. And we only had 1 larger fight during this whole friendship in like 8th grade (ironically she ignored me during that time for days as well).
After her vacation she surprisingly has asked two or three more times to meet up. Reminder: I have uni with exams coming up, and work a job. She only has uni and currently 6 weeks off, though her new semester starts in 3 weeks. It feels like she is suddenly bored. Why does she want to meet up now?
I take days to reply since I don't want to see her. I come up with excuses. "Got no time. Busy with work/uni. Got exams coming up". Those are not necessarily lies, but I could make time for her. I just don't want to.
Over time, meeting up with her the last few years has become worse and felt more like a chore for me. I always try to keep it short. She doesn't know that.
My current solution? Ghosting her. I feel fine. In school, we saw each other everyday for hours. After college, we met up at least twice a week. After that, at least once a week. Despite the busy schedule we used to make time for each other.
I have last seen her and her family 5 months ago. I'm so sick of having to be there for her when she needs someone, while I can't turn to her. I want to end the friendship and actually get rid of her, which says a lot. At the same time, we went trough a lot and I don't want to regret this.
Please share your insights/advice since I don't know what to think of this and wether I should actually end this friendship.
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2023.04.01 21:37 nopointers Eve Matter beta has been a disaster for me

It has bricked 2 of my 6 Door & Window devices so far, and it's losing one every few days. Hard reset does nothing; they simply can't be added back. A third fell off the network 3 days ago, but I don't want to touch it for fear of it becoming even worse. They're on firmware 3.1. Bug reports on TestFlight elicit no response, and messages to Eve support elicit no response. Their support is as dead as their devices. There's no way to downgrade the firmware, so I'm just waiting for the rest of my investment in their products to become trash.
Batteries are all fresh. The Thread network was quite stable with these devices for several months before the new firmware. Other Thread devices remain fine. I have 3 eero routers with Thread support and a 4k AppleTV for Homekit. All of the bricked devices were within less than 10' line-of-sight of at least one one router. One of the bricks was 8' from 3 separate thread router devices (nanoleaf bulbs), 15' of an eero router, and 20' of another door and window sensor (not yet bricked), all in the same room so no walls, just air between the devices.
My advice would be to avoid their betas forever, since their attitude is to screw their customer when the tests go wrong, and to avoid their Matter products for at least several more months until there is evidence that they've got the products actually working.
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2023.04.01 21:31 chopchoppopadop 4 months post op: osseous sliding genioplasty 11mm

1 day pre-op
Early morning It is raining cats and dogs. I wake my husband up to take me to the airport. I arrive in Madrid and now I have a few hours to kill before I can check into my airbnb. I eat half a chicken pita and coffee before 13:00, since I need to fast for 6 hours before my consultation and tests.
Afternoon I check into the airbnb - it’s COLD. I message the host about the heating and apparently it comes on later.
Evening I am at the hospital and they send me from one place to the other and finally I get to the right place. Consultation, blood tests etc. A lot of waiting. I am STARVING.
Late Evening After everything I scuff down the apple and half pita that I had left in my handbag. Tired, I return to the airbnb and it’s freezing. Try to take a shower and the water is cold. Can’t recover from a surgery here.
Operation day
06:30 I wake up and can’t feel my feet. Too late for breakfast. I just eat an apple and gulp down copious amounts of water.
07:00 Fast starts. I get ready, book a hotel and call airbnb. The customer service is amazing and they give me a full refund.
11:00 Hotel let’s me check in early after I explain that I will not be able to check in after surgery. I buy some liquids and lay out towels, pajamas etc. The bed is really comfy and the room is nice (and warm).
13:00 I am at the hospital, someone misplaced me for an hour. We go through the final steps. It goes fast. At around 15:00 I am in the surgery room.
?? I remember waking up in the ICU/recovery room and later in the private room. The doctor and anesthesiologist sit with me in my room and slowly help me get dressed after she takes out the catheter. She combs my hair because there is a lot of blood in it. I get sick twice. It’s around 01:30 and I had no idea it was this late. I message a quick “am ok” to my husband and mom, eventhough I don’t feel okay at all. I feel in disbelief that I am being discharged now. My hip is THROBBING and it is impossible to put weight on my right leg. A taxi picks me up for the 600m to the hotel and he stops at the pharmacy to pick up medicine for me. I tip him well because he had to help me get out of the car and into the hotel room. He also stopped because I got sick again.
The rest of the night is not friendly to me. I needed to wee so I got up from the bed, but all I remember is when I woke up I was moaning on the floor, totally blacked out, meaning I had fell hard. I think I just napped on the floor after that and in some miraculous way got back to the bed eventually.
1 day post op
09:00 Next morning and I am doing a bit better, I hear my heartbeat in my ears the whole time. I am in and out of sleep and listening to my book. Getting out of bed is a massive struggle and pain due to the hip bone graft. I sip on protein shakes and juice. Eventually I ask the doctor about the noise in my ears. She comes by to the hotel and takes my vitals, she says everything is fine under the circumstances, my blood pressure will pick up again then I will feel better again, because I lost a lot of blood when they did the bone grafting.
Rest of the day is a blur. Called the airline to ask for assistance because I can’t even walk 10 feet without feeling like passing out. The lady was so patient because I can barely talk. I muster the energy to wash my hair over the tub, because I don’t think they let people fly that can’t walk, talk well and with blood in their hair. Pink water everywhere, I slump into the bed exhausted wet hair and all.
2 days post op
7:00 I get up and take 45 min to get ready and pack, I only came with a backpack. I almost didn’t need anything as I was just sleeping most of the time. I am glad I packed my own towel to sleep on because there was blood and the hotel linens are white. The trip back feels like a mountain in front of me.
I am astounded that the operation coordinator said I should be able to fly home today, because I feel like death warmed up. It was probably when she thought I was still coming with someone.
Once at the airport I take about 20 mins to find the assistance booth and almost cry from relief when I get there. From there on they make sure I get where I need to be. On the flight I get a few looks because I guess I don’t really look sick, especially with a mask on that covers most of the swelling and bruising. I puke twice into a barf bag. The flight was very empty. My head is ON FIRE.
I didn’t think there would be assistance at the arrival airport because I’m not even sure what I booked, but thank goodness as I’m limping out of the plane a wheelchair appears and the man behind it asks me “Ms X?”. I almost cry again which is weird because I haven’t been this emotional in a long time. Husband is waiting for me at arrivals.
Finally at home and I am relieved and very very exhausted. I just sleep from here on out. Some time during the night I wake up and take a shower. I sleep with a cold cloth on my forehead, because this headache is out of this world.
As a side note: My husband is freaked out. He says I look like another person. I know he isn’t trying to upset me but he looks horrified. I’m not sure how to deal with this so I try to let it go. I look like 100 bees stung my face. At least my phone recognizes me.
3 days post op
I wake up at 6 with master headache. Somewhere during the night I moved to the couch to sleep upright and to ice my head with icewater and cloths. Maxxed out on prescription meds. I don’t want to over medicate but I can’t deal with this so my husband takes me to the hospital. I ask them to please just get rid of the headache but they insist on a CT because I passed out on the floor 2 nights ago. They put me on a pain drip which doesn’t work, make me wait 1.5 hours for a CT in a very bright waiting room (could have been worse). Afterwards the doc says he doesn’t want to put me on another drip, he just gives me medication to drink. Not happy with this as the pain is at the same level as when I arrived, and at this stage even keeping liquids down is difficult. At least my brain is okay according to the CT. When we return home I continue to ice my head and I just try to sleep. I have the weirdest scariest dreams.
4 days post op
The headache continues throughout today, with ups and downs. It is more bearable than the previous day. We have the most uneventful Christmas and finally in the evening we watch a Christmas movie together. We eat a very soft spaghetti bolognaise. Chewing is a mission and I need to clean my mouth every hour, doctor’s orders. Yesterday was the first day I ate solid food and I think that helped a lot with the dizziness. (Different doctors have different guidelines, mine’s were soft foods like pasta, risotto, liquids, white fish, eggs etc.)
5 days post op
Horrible night and the headache is back with a vengeance at 06:00. I take more medicine and fall asleep again. When I wake up again at 10:30 I am desperate. I read up all the ways to get rid of headaches. I put on my warm robe and boots, and I put a cold, wet cloth around my neck and sit on the balcony. It’s -2c so the fresh air hits hard and keeps the cloth cold. I drink a cup of coffee with a straw and the maximum combined allowed dose of pain meds. 30 mins later and pure bliss as the headache has gone. Then all of a sudden I feel good. I am actually a little worried to be feeling this normal all of a sudden.
19:00 Note since this morning: everything is in check and haven’t had pain meds since this morning. I feel like a whole different person. My prayers have been answered. I was able to shower, wash my hair again, cook dinner (in slow motion), make the bed etc. But still very careful not to exert myself.
I mustered up the courage to take off the plaster from my hip. It is VERY bruised. The cut is long and thin, I think I will be able to make it disappear with some tlc once it is completely healed. I wasn’t expecting it to be this long.
Day 5 Notes:
Cleaning teeth is a mission and the first 3 days I was just rinsing my mouth with water every 3-4 hours, and always directly after eating. I have been flossing 2-3 times a day since day 2.
Still drinking with straws
I put on a lot of vaseline on my lips to prevent it from drying out, as I can’t close my mouth “relaxed” yet. I think it helped to an extent.
Huge mistake practically skipping breakfast the morning of the surgery, also because the night before I didn’t pay a lot of attention to dinner. I think if I had more fuel it would have been a little easier.
7 days post op
Pretty uneventful, the bruise on my hip is a little wild, the swelling on my face has gone down tremendously.
Walking is still a little difficult, but a lot better.
The doctor calls quite regularly to check up and I am very happy that I chose to go with him at the end. He and the anesthesiologist are amazing.
—————— For some reason I thought this was going to be a lot easier. Maybe it was because the surgery coordinator said I can go home 2 days post op which made me believe it would have been okay by then, or maybe it was because most posts I’ve seen about it seemed to have been somewhat easy. I think I definitely did not pay attention to how painful the bone graft was going to be. I would NOT recommend doing this alone. The doctor also told me once I was there he is surprised that I came alone after all. Before I went, I asked the operation coordinator if I must sleep in the hospital one night, because I am coming alone, and she told me I will be fine alone because I am very close to the hospital, and a lot of patients stay in that specific hotel to recover. In hindsight I wish I would have insisted on sleeping in the hospital that one night.
Biggest 3M: post-op concern is lip incompetence and some soft tissue asymmetry. Hopefully this clears up between months 3-6. Otherwise I will enquire about a revision or a mentalis resuspension.
Biggest 4M concern: still slightly worries about the lower lip, but it has improved drastically. This is the first month I am also not on the fence about having had this operation and starting to like the results
Tl;dr operation was harder than expected, mental rollercoaster until month 4, only liked results by month 4, still slightly worried about lip competence (it’s getting better), still drooling a lot at night
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2023.04.01 21:28 Veta24 [A3][Recruiting][OPTRE/Halo][Semi-Realism/Chillsim][US/NA/EST] 53rd Strike Company

[A3][Recruiting][OPTRE/Halo][Semi-Realism/Chillsim][US/NA/EST] 53rd Strike Company
The 53rd Strike Company is a semi/milsim “Chillsim” unit based on Halo and the Operation Trebuchet MOD. We are focused on a fun core experience with a well rounded selection of gameplay elements people enjoy.
Operation times
-Our main operation is held on Fridays at 9pm EST
-Squad trainings vary depending on squad
-Fun ops happen any time
-We are currently going through first contact, come help us fight the covies and keep them away from earth.
We are a Mechanized infantry platoon with an attached flight of Pilots.
We require no prior experience in ArmA. Our only requirements are that you speak the English language and have a working microphone.
For more information go to : our unit hub.
If you have any questions DM BodyBagFilla#8487 or Ithias#7332 on discord, or join the server.
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2023.04.01 21:26 Icy-Director-7369 W?

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2023.04.01 21:26 SururKalashnikova Neptune IC line I am destroyed

Neptune IC line I am destroyed
I was forced to move to the UK 10 years ago by family. I ended up making friends and meeting people but always poor. When I get a job I always get bullied by people costumers or staff. it is so weird it is like i am forced to be broke all the time. I have always known countries can be bad luck for someone. When I got deep into Astrology I learned everything. I am living in stupid Neptune IC I am always broke.
I do not have money to leave... I am phobic from airplanes
all my lines are messed up except for Jupiter IC in Berlin I do not speak or like German language
Roma / Napoli I do not speak or like Italian language

I have 1 Jupter DC line in Latin America that I consider to be my best
Venus DC in NY & Boston
I will attach some photos
If I can not move away from Neptune IC line can I work with Latinos or people from NY or something
What about people from Brazil?
I am learning Portuguese and Spanish
What is a good plan to leave this line when I am always broke and fear flights :( ... Shall I move to Portugal? It says it is a boring retirement line
I am so sad and confused. Thx
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2023.04.01 21:25 Tall_Citron_4535 Coming out advice... work specific

Gonna be a long one folks!
Some background: I'm a 31 y.o. transgender female, who is out "publicly" on fb which I never use, and some friends and my parents. I'm masculine presenting for safety and comfort reasons, but I hate it. I have long hair which I take good care of, and just started a skin care routine. I mention this because being part time out is killing me and I'm trying to do things to get myself ready to come out full time, full female presentation.
I have been with an amazing company for a little over a year now, and have become so much more comfortable and relaxed that the pain from the repression has been coming on stronger and stronger. I know I need to be true to myself, but I'm not sure how it will go over. I live in California, but I'm in Sacramento. To its credit there's the Lavender district, and I work with plenty of openly gay people. I believe, but am not sure, that one or two of my coworkers could possibly be trans, NB, or something along those lines. In orientation, and in a recent meeting on harassment, transgender identity and expression were both mentioned as protected statuses, and I know that I have legal protection out the wazoo, but it's about things happening behind closed doors that I'm afraid of.
For the first time in my life I feel like I have something to actually lose and risk, and I've found myself considering the possibility of losing it for the sake of being as close to happy as I can ever be. This company is HUGE and there are positions open to employees all over the place. Currently I'm taking my vacation to check out Oregon to see if I like it there, because my idea is to be introduced as my full self, rather than feel like everyone that already knows me has to transition with me. Not on HRT yet, and I don't even go out as myself anymore because doing it part time has really been tough emotionally.
I've decided that I would like to give 2 years at my current location as a way of showing gratitude for the amazing opportunities and training I've been given. In that time I want to start doing my "feminizing" routines again in terms of physical health, voice training, appearance, etc. After 2 years my idea is to call new locations for postings and when they ask "do you have any questions for us?" gently ask something to the effect of how trans friendly is this location, and would it be an issue to be full time out from the moment I start there, if offered the position.
I guess my question is am I overthinking this, because I pretty much have my mind made up, or am I right to he nervous? In discrimination cases, I assume, there needs to be direct evidence of discrimination and, again, I fear what people with power can do that isn't blatant and out in the open. Has anyone else had experience like this?
The Chloe Connection did a video on this and in her case it was mostly perfect. I guess I'd just like some feedback from the community.
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2023.04.01 21:23 tybarious Jet powered B-17

Jet powered B-17
In the spring of 1945, the new jet powered Me-262 was devastating the US bomber fleet. An officer proposed an idea to Air Command, why not add one of the allied developed jet engines under the nose of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. The idea was to use the jet to dash away from the German fighters for a short period. He was given permission to convert one B-17 for testing. The resulting aircraft was dubbed the "Jet Fortress" the crews. Its first flight was on April 1st, 1945. It quickly realized the jet engine, while it did provide a boost in speed, it was no where near the speed of the Me-262. The project, which was named "Operation Fool's April", was cancelled.
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2023.04.01 21:20 magnumcapital Force is same for all observers ?

Hi Everyone, I am watching some Flight Mechanics lecture and stumbled upon a series by METU. In the introductory videos where the Prof goes through "Reference Frames" he explains acceleration is different for different observers which I agree. Basically if a car is moving on a straight road, then an observer sitting inside will have zero acceleration with respect to himself. If observer is sitting outside on the ground he will see the car accelerating or decelerating. If the observer is in space he will see the car accelerating with a different quantity.
But then he asks if acceleration is different for different observers, is the force also different ? He then answers it by saying Force is same for ALL observers and F = ma is ONLY valid when then observer is the inertial frames ( for eg : stars ) i.e F = ma is only valid for observer in the inertial frame ( this statement I know it from my undergrad ).
My question is wont force be also different for different observers ? For eg : For an observer watching the car he sees someone pulling the car with 30 kN force ( imagine car being pulled by a 3 ton counterweight ), but for an observer in space he also observes that along with the counter weight there is some gravity from Sun, some atmospheric forces influencing the car ?
Link to the video : ( starts at the above question )
Am I complicating this too much ?
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2023.04.01 21:17 throwaway1337woman I know the more seasoned Delta folks know about the upgrade cost discrepancies, but as a newbie I was gobsmacked by the difference between upgrading from Comfort+ to First Class vs just changing the damn flight. $480 for 2 passengers vs $2016! Glad I looked at all options!

I know the more seasoned Delta folks know about the upgrade cost discrepancies, but as a newbie I was gobsmacked by the difference between upgrading from Comfort+ to First Class vs just changing the damn flight. $480 for 2 passengers vs $2016! Glad I looked at all options! submitted by throwaway1337woman to delta [link] [comments]