Ombre nude nails

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2023.06.05 14:39 barefootbunny080 Contribute before you approach 🦶🏽🫶🏼 😈

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Everyone looks good in blue. But what happens when a favorite color meets fashion? It turns milky this year. Yes, milky colors are in right now. The ideal trendy short gel nails milky blue nails for a spring manicure at home are now available.


The color blue is a representation of power, creativity, honesty, and serenity. It's playful yet also responsible. Plus, a lot of clothing look great with blue nails!


You may create a milky blue manicure in one of three methods.
One is to apply polish or dip powder in a milky blue hue.
The second option is to create your own color.
The third method is to apply a milky top coat.

Milky Top Coat LDS

Any shade is softened to a milky color with this gel top coat. Watch this video to see it in action.
It cures quickly under a manicure lamp, has no smell, and is simple to use for beginners.


There are several light blue simple nails art nail polish hues that are appropriate for spring. We'd like to share some of our favorites with you.

Bluebird Lavis Gel Polish 022

This lovely color makes us think of robin's eggs. It makes a beautiful milky blue base for a variety of spring-themed nail art creations. View this video to see an illustration.
Milky blue with a lavender undertone. You'll be staring at your nails all day long because of its impossible-to-avoid color
It's so milky that it's scarcely blue. If you've been looking for a blue that is virtually white, this is it.
It can be compared to OPI's gel and lacquer It's A Boy combo. You're in luck, because both sets are quite reasonably priced!


The simplest solution is to put the milky top coat on a favorite blue color if you want to make it milky.
But you may also mix blue and white nail polish to create your own special hue of milky blue.
One drop of blue is added after five drips of white have been placed on a palette. Using a toothpick or dotting pen, stir the polish. Add white if it's too dark. Or you may add blue for a deeper shade. Keep a record of the formula so you can use it again.
Use polish with the same finish (such as glossy or matte) from the same brand wherever possible. Additionally, it is simpler to blend bases of the same type, such as opaque or glitter, rather than glitter and opaque. Use a glitter top coat to achieve a glistening appearance.
Finally, you can add a few drops of clear top coat to make the milky hue sheerer.


What should you do with the delectable new milky blue that you have now? We have creative manicure suggestions.


Use eggshell polish with specks to be ready for Easter. Your fingernails will look like candy thanks to a gel that adds tiny black particles.
The quick and simple way to marble your nails is using MILKY MARBLE NAILS LDS Blossom Gel. A video instruction can be found that demonstrates how to use to create a milky blue polish that flows and appears to "bloom."



It's simple to paint little white flowers on a milky blue background if you enjoy nail painting. You still have other choices, such as nail decals and tiny.


Gradient nails are stunning and simple to create once you figure out the key.
When you give your manicure this milky twist, you won't need pinks and peaches. Another alternative is to use milky blue alone for the tips.


Use a cosmetic sponge to imprint the white polish for a misty cloud effect. Additionally, you may use dip powder or building gel to give it a 3D appearance.


Applying Aurora Chrome Powder is simple. It imparts beautiful nail designs 2022 a reflective gloss to the manicure that changes color according on the light's angle.


While we're talking about spring, we'd like to share a few ideas with you to make manicures even more enjoyable.
First things first, this is an excellent opportunity to clean and disinfect tools like clippers, files, drill bits, and so forth. Ensure they are clean by using a cleaning brush, soap, and water to remove any debris. then immerse them for ten minutes in alcohol. You may avoid getting nail fungus and other negative results by following these easy procedures.
Next, take a look at the location where you keep your manicure supplies and finishes. Does it also require cleaning? It is preferable to place your equipment in a drawer lined with a fresh towel as opposed to tightly wrapping them in plastic.
Check the polish bottles right now. Which ones have tightly sealed caps? To open them, try holding them under hot water. For improved traction, you might want to secure the lid with a rubber band. Use acetone to clean the necks after they have been unscrewed. The lid won't stick again if you rub some cuticle oil on the thread.
Roll the polishes between warm hands for a minute or two to mix the ingredients if they appear to have settled with the pigment and base separated.
Give old polish to someone who will utilize it if you won't be using it again. If not, you must treat nail polish as hazardous waste and dispose of it at the proper facility.
The good news is that you can utilize used nail polish for a variety of tasks, including crafts and repairing dings on cars and shoe scrapes.
Finally, make a list of the supplies you are running low on. More files and buffers are always needed. Additionally, examine if your preferred pretty nail art nail paint brands and shades are on sale. We regularly receive new merchandise and offer offers on practically everything. Even delivery is free for purchases over $100!
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2023.06.05 09:40 mapaholica I love telling people I do my own nails, and that they’re my real nail :) I call these strawberry jelly nails

I love telling people I do my own nails, and that they’re my real nail :) I call these strawberry jelly nails
GAOY Summer Jelly Gel Nail Polish Set of 6 Colors Including Red Pink Nude Gel Polish Kit UV LED Soak Off Nail Polish Home DIY Manicure Nail Salon Varnish
Color 1305, 2 layers
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2023.06.05 05:11 kennynailtech JELLY NAIL DESIGNS YOU MUST TRY RIGHT AWAY

For starters, Dua Lipa, Cardi B, Lil Nas X, Megan Fox, Lizzo, and Kylie Jenner have all rocked jelly nails. Or perhaps we should argue that because the jelly nails are translucent, we have "seen through" them.
Glossy, translucent, and vibrant they are. Jelly nail store supply near me nails can be decorated in a variety of ways, but they are transparent like lip gloss. Additionally, performing this kind of manicure at home is simple. Check out these jelly nail art patterns that you need to attempt right away.


Using jelly nude nail paint is the easiest technique to create jelly nails. It already has a smooth, glass-like texture and is translucent.
Look at this collection of trendy-colored gel polishes


These jelly nude gel hues are transparent but vibrant, and they last for up to 3 weeks. The polish is easy for beginners to apply and remove, and it has a lovely fragrance. To fix it, all you need is a nail lamp.
Another choice is to thin out your preferred nail paint by adding a clear top coat to make it translucent.
In essence, you'll require:
conventional manicure equipment, such as a nail lamp and a file, to prepare and shape the nails
Here is the nail lamp we like best. It is strong enough for a salon while still being ideal for beginners:


All varieties of gels can be cured in a matter of seconds with 96 watts of electricity. Set the timer, and when you need the light, the motion acrylic powder wholesale near me sensor will turn it on. The polish is evenly cured thanks to the interior's high degree of reflection.
Additionally, this lamp is simple to transport because of its long-lasting rechargeable battery.
Start with a transparent base layer when using jelly gel polish, and cure it under a nail lamp. After that, brush on two transparent gel layers, curing each one between coats. Add a high-gloss top coat to complete.
However, if you want a clear color, you can experiment with diluting gel polish. In order to get the correct level of translucence, add a few drops of top coat. Once you're content, the application procedure is the same. A base coat, two thin coats of jelly color, and a top coat should all be applied using a brush.


Add a little glitter to the varnish to give the jelly nails additional dimension. Use a toothpick or dotting tool to evenly disperse the sparkles before curing it.
A topcoat like the eggshell gel that specks the surface is another option.
Alternately, you might get ideas from the 3D jelly nail designs from Korea and Japan. Nail artists begin by applying many coats of translucent jelly polish. Then, they use hard gel or building gel to cut out shapes of clouds and rainfall.


It's time to use your imagination. As you peruse the jelly nail design ideas below, feel free to let your creativity run wild.


Beautiful jelly nails with watercolor designs. But how can you create the colorful whirlpool? We've discovered that blossoming gel polish is a miracle worker.


A translucent polish is called blossoming gel or blossom gel. Don't cure it; just apply it. Replace that with adding the colored gel and observing how the color spreads or blossoms.
However, a color cannot be sufficiently thinned out by blooming gel to become translucent. Use a pre-diluted or ready-made jelly hue for optimal results.
You can substitute jelly nude polish for blossom gel in the marble nail tutorial.


With confetti and jelly nude nail paint, have a party on your hands. When applied to a jelly French manicure with long tips, the look is even more striking.


Chrome jelly nails? Please, yes.
Make those jelly nail shine with chrome powder!



The color of the chameleon chrome powder varies based on the type of light, the color of the background, and the viewing angle. It works with acrylic nail art, builder gel, gel paint, dip powder manicures.


There are numerous methods for adding holographic depth to jelly nails. You may include confetti or holographic stickers, for instance.


The sparkling Aurora top polish gives jelly nails unique effects. It's not your typical glitter nail polish. Choosing which colour to use first is the most difficult aspect of using it.


We are now moving towards 3D nails. Before embossing the surface with hand-painted or stamped designs, apply the jelly nude gel and nail products suppliers near me allow it to set. Five distinct emboss gels in varying colors are included in the kit. Do you have an image in your mind of blue jelly nails with silver lightning flashes on them?


What's the trick to creating jelly nails with clouds, fruit, gummi bears, or jellyfish? Builder gel is the catalyst.


All 6 building gel colors are included in this collection. It has a glossy finish, a smooth texture, and is entirely real gel. Like any other gel, it can last for up to three weeks. Furthermore, an LED nail lamp cures it in 60 seconds.
You may make it into any shape you want to dress up your jelly nails.


Yes, nail lacquer rather than gel polish can be used to make jelly nail designs. The TikTok approach that's going around dilutes colorful polish with clear top coat to recreate.
We enjoy using the wonderful LDS nail nail technician supplies wholesale near me polishes since they resist chipping for up to 7 days. And they don't contain any harmful chemicals or 9-free.


Are you eager to create jelly nail art? One of the trendiest and simplest manicures to perform at home is this one. Take advantage of one of our sales to purchase what you need right away.
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2023.06.05 03:38 throwawayflapper1929 [SELL] ALL MUST GO: Chanel / Natasha Denona / Gucci / Ilia / Glossier / Charlotte Tilbury / Surratt / Westman Atelier / Diptyque / Rose Inc / Paulas Choice / Drunk Elephant / Hourglass / Lys / Dr Dennis Gross / Rare Beauty / Lawless / Kosas / Milk / Supergoop / Pat McGrath

Thanks for checking out my post! I am selling a good part of my collection and backup products. I am a reliable and trustedseller on reddit with lot of history. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE POOR FORMATTING - REDDIT IS BEING CHALLENGING
Some rules:

COMPLEXION PRODUCTS- Foundation/PowdeHighlightePrimer:


VARIOUS: Brushes / Hair / Body Care

ALPHA H Balancing Cleanser, NEW. $20 $10
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2023.06.04 15:00 PamelaOnBroadway Nude nails with a little flair

Nude nails with a little flair
I think this was a pretty successful attempt 😊
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2023.06.04 04:21 featherdance [Sell][US] Dior, Kaja, Fenty, Viseart, NARS, Hourglass, Becca, Rephr & more!

Payment: Paypal Goods & Services, I cover the fee.

Everything is from a clean, smoke-free home.
104 items sold in 32 separate successful transactions on Makeup Exchange so far!
Happy to answer any questions, thanks for browsing!
*BNIB means the item is brand new, never swatched, *and* the box is included. Other items may be brand new, never swatched, but no box so not marked BNIB.
*Never opened (ie., for liquid products) means the screw cap has never come off - which you can also visually verify because no product has touched the stoppers. Happy to take more detailed photos if proof is needed. :)

Individual Items (in album order):

>> Non-Makeup <<

>> Higher End <<

>> K-Beauty, Drugstore, etc. << (additional 20% off of purchase of 5+ items)

Freebies with any purchase:

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2023.06.04 04:13 throwaway4617264 My husband has just told me that he is gender fluid and I don't know how to deal with it

Last night my husband sat me down and told me that he is gender fluid. He grew up in a very small conservative town in Australia in the 90's and therefore repressed it for a very long time.
I was originally fine when the words left his mouth. But he then led on to say that he had bought a wig and had gone to Mecca, had a make up lesson and bought a whole lot of make up that he had been hiding for a few weeks.
There's been a few things leading up to this. When we first met 7 years ago, he used to shave his chest and arms claiming he didn't like how hairy he was. He got a bit lazy one month and let it grow out. It really wasn't anything more than the average guy and I told him that I actually preferred him with hair and he said he was fine to not shave anymore.
A few months ago he started going on about how much he hated his body hair again (which hadn't been mentioned for close to 7 years so it was news to me) and that he wanted to get laser hair removal on his chest, arms and legs. I thought whatever, if you hate it that much, you do you.
He is in the navy and has just posted off the ship he was on and had to bring all of his stuff from the ship home. I walked into his office the other day to find a woman's boot sitting next to one of his bags he hadn't unpacked yet. I asked who's it was and said he had randomly found it in one of his bags and he was trying to figure out who's it was to give it back to them. I didn't question this because there's been plenty of times that someone's else's stuff has been mixed in with his and he has to give it back to them However, during our conversation he confessed that the shoe was actually his.
On Friday he came home with nude nail polish on and said that some friends from work convinced him to get a mani pedi because it's relaxing. He said he didn't realise that he was getting nude polish and thought it would be clear. At the time he said the woman doing it couldn't speak English and he felt rude correcting her. Once again, during our conversation he said that it wasn't a mistake and he really did want that colour.
The problem I have is that this has changed my entire view of him. I am attracted to men. I am attracted to him as a masculine man. I am not attracted to women or men who dress like women.
I have told him that I don't want to see him dressed as a woman. I can't do it. It's too upsetting. He is very masculine presenting (think a typical looking military guy with a fade haircut) and the thought of him dressed as a woman with a wig and make up on is ridiculous to me. He wouldn't pass at all. I wouldn't be able to see him the same way ever again. I'm also disgusted with myself for not being able to support him to be his true self. I see myself as an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community and if this was a friend/family membemy own child I would be 100% accepting of them.
He has agreed that he won't do it at home or around me. He has assured me that's it not that often that he feels this way. He has talked me down so much and keeps telling me that he loves me. He wants me. He loves my body. He's not interested in being with anyone else. He wants to be my husband. He wants to be the father of my children and he still wants them to call him Dad. He's certain that he's not trans. He likes his penis. He doesn't want boobs.
We have only been married for a year and have just started trying for a baby.
I love this man so much. I love who I thought he was. I thought I knew everything about him. Now I just feel lost.
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2023.06.04 03:27 SpiritualGoose [SELL] [US] Find your new favorite! Lots of DS sized items and popular brands to choose from. Sunday Riley, ND, Glow Recipe, Nudestix, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Tarte, Mac, Nars, Elemis, FAB etc.

Welcome one and all!


Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
ABH Sultry Used $25 Verification
ABH Brow Wiz Used $8 Verification
ABH Clear Brow Gel New $8 Verification
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Ciate Fierce flicks eyeliner New $1 Verification
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Realher Metallic Bronze eyeliner BNIB $3 Verification
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touch in Sol Foiled Pigment in Sun Aurora BNIB $10 Verification
touch in Sol Foiled Pigment in Persian Rose BNIB $10 Verification
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Sephora Collection eye pencil New $1 DS Verification
Colourpop Shadow Lot : Play by Play, Paper Tiger, Soo Good, Backstage, Snake Eyes, Antimatter, Sideline, I owe you, Wishful Winking, Silver Lining all swatched or new $25 for all Verification
Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara $10 Verification
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Cover Fx Drops G50 Used $6 Verification
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Pat Mcgrath Bridgerton Blushing Delights BN but there is some damage to the packaging. $40 Verification
Pat Mcgrath Bridgerton Divine Blush + Glow Trio BN $40 Verification
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Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Dashing Diva Magic press used, there are 19 out of 30 nails left. If you want exact sizes lmk $3 Verification
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dr. brandt no more baggage eye de-puffing gel New $25 Verification


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Living Proof curl definer BN $6 DS Verification
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Item Name Condition Price Size Verification
Jo Malone in Nectarine Blossom & Honey New $20 9 ml Verification
Proenza Schouler's Arizona New $3 5 ml Verification
by Rosie Jane Rosie Perfume Oil New $25 Verification
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2023.06.03 10:01 ChaoticDaze PSA: it's ok to tell your tech you're unhappy with your nails

PSA: it's ok to tell your tech you're unhappy with your nails
I usually do my own nails but work has sent me interstate and I don't have access to my supplies at the moment. I went in for an SNS manicure, and picked a lovely pink-lilac shade from the swatches.
When my nails were done, the SNS was actually a sheer jelly consistency and I don't know if because of that, these white specks appeared throughout the manicure and my nails just looked grainy and awful. As the tech was finishing up my nails, he noted this to his coworker. I speak their language so knew exactly what he was talking about. It annoyed me that they knew about the defect and weren't going to say anything to me. I ended up speaking up and they offered a re-do or a glitter topper to hide the specks. I opted for the glitter and ended up really liking how it turned out. It looks almost like an ombre.
I knew that the specks would've bothered me to no end and I felt bad for speaking up. But please know that you are your best advocate, and that you're putting your hard earned money towards a service that you should be happy with!
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2023.06.03 03:13 SavingsSpare8104 For Every Skin Tone, the Ideal Nude

For Every Skin Tone, the Ideal Nude
The best nude to choose for your skin tone has been a topic of discussion for a while. While some believe it should be similar to your fingertips, others believe it should be a shade darker or lighter than your skin.
We don't think there should be any laws about how to wear color, but we do think you should be assisted in finding your own unique wholesale nails shade of nude. We put together a guide for you with light, medium, and darker complexion tones in mind so you can choose the perfect nude polish to flatter you all year long.
Knowing whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones will be necessary before you start.
You can check your veins to find out. Warm undertones, which frequently look best when accessorized with gold, are present if they are green to olive in color. If they lean toward blue-green, you are neutral, which goes nicely with rose gold, and if they lean toward blue-purple.

1. Light skin tones and bare nails

You should choose gentle pinks like Mod About You or Put it in Neutral if you have fair complexion with overtones of blue or purple. For blueish-green undertones, a peachy shade like Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. or a warmer pink shade like You've Got That Glas-glow will stand out. Wear these hues with rose gold accessories, since this metal is always appealing for this undertone. Warmer colors like Tiramisu for Two are appropriate for people with olive undertones.

2. For Light to Medium Skin Tone Nude Nail Colors

Silver jewelry and the shade Taupe-less Beach, a gentle gray with faint lavender undertones, look fantastic on skin that is medium in tone and has cool undertones. While colours like Coconuts Over OPI would appear faultless on olive-green undertones, blue-green undertones can go cold with Don't Bossa Nova Me Around or warm with Somewhere over the Rainbow Mountains.

nail primer

3. Medium Skin Toned Nude Nail Colors

Our favorites for tanned skin with cool undertones are Put it in Neutral and Passion—pinkish beige colors usually look good on you. Warm colors like Krona-logical Order and Somewhere over the Rainbow Mountains work well with blue-green undertones, while opaque creme polishes like Be There In A Prosecco wonderfully complement skin with warmer undertones; this colour also looks fantastic with gold accessories.

4. For Medium Deep Skin Tones, Naked Nail Colors

Colors of it's a girl!-style baby pink! or a soft wash of buff like Coconuts. Over With blue and purple undertones, OPI looks fantastic on medium-deep tones. Samoan Sand is an exquisite warm nude manicure color for complexion with olive-green undertones, while neutral undertones look lovely with a dove beige hue like Icelanded a Bottle of OPI and rose gold rings.

5. Deep skin tones for bare nails

Rich colors of rosy pink, like Tickle My Francey or Passion, are always flattering on deeper-toned skin with cool blue-purple overtones. Silver stacking bulk nail supplies rings or bracelets can finish the look. Tagus in that Selfie is a terrific choice if you have blue-green undertones; but, if you have olive undertones, rich chestnuts like My Italian is a Little Rusty are constantly in style.
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2023.06.02 21:06 Sola_Sista_94 Kokichi Time: Part Four (Fanfic)

"How much of that did you hear?" Kokichi growled, his cheeks turning red with anger and embarrassment. Kaede kept on giggling. "It's not funny!" Kokichi fumed.

"Hahahaha...I'm so sorry, Kokichi," Kaede laughed, holding her stomach. "I just...I thought it was kinda cute."

"There was nothing cute about it!" Kokichi huffed as he crossed his arms and turned his back to Kaede.

" miss Himiko," Kaede said with a sympathetic smile.

"Nuh-uh!" Kokichi lied. "I just...was practicing a song for theatre class!"

"Kokichi..." Kaede said softly. Kokichi turned to her. His eyes seemed less angry and more heartbroken. He slumped his shoulders.

"Could you...close the door, please?" he asked in a small voice. Kaede nodded and closed the door behind her. Kokichi sat on his bed and gestured to Kaede to sit next to him. Kaede sat down and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Is it true, Kokichi?" she asked. Kokichi hung his head and shut his eyes tight, trying not to tear up.

"Yeah..." he whispered. He looked up at Kaede. "I miss her so much. I didn't even realize how much I would miss her."

"Then, tell her, Kokichi," Kaede said.

"I want to, I really do," Kokichi said. "It's just that...I...I want her to be happy. And she's hanging out with Sonia because I basically told her to. So it's all my fault, anyways."

"What exactly happened?" Kaede asked.

"I mean...I was playing my game, and Himiko came in asking me if I wanted to go with her to DeepBlueSea World," Kokichi explained. "I told her that I needed some space...just for that day, so she ended up going with Sonia."

"It's not your fault, Kokichi," Kaede said. "You just wanted alone time. There's nothing wrong with that."

"But because of me, she'd rather hang out with Sonia more," Kokichi said.

" were honest about you needing your alone time," Kaede pointed out. "If you can be honest about that, there's no reason why you shouldn't be honest about how you feel about her hanging out with Sonia lately."

"I just...can't," Kokichi sighed.

"Why not?" Kaede asked.

"Hanging out with Sonia makes her happy," Kokichi repeated. "If I tell her how I feel, it's just going to make her feel guilty."

"Kokichi, you know that's not true," Kaede said. "Himiko loves you. I know she'd want you to be happy, too."

"Her happiness is more important than mine," Kokichi muttered. Kaede stared at him in shock. A wave of pity coursed through her body.

"Kokichi..." she whispered softly. "Promise me you'll tell her."

"Okay, okay...I'll tell her," Kokichi muttered.

"Because if you don't..." Kaede began.

"I don't wanna talk about it anymore," Kokichi interrupted with sadness and frustration.

"Okay..." Kaede murmured. She stood up and began to leave the room.

"Kaede?" Kokichi called out to her. Kaede turned to face him.


"Do you...wanna hang out with me?" Kokichi asked in a small voice. Though his voice seemed steady and calm, his eyes were pleading. Kaede smiled gently.

"Sure!" she replied cheerfully. Kokichi felt a bit of relief as Kaede sat back down next to him. He gave her a small, grateful smile. "What do you wanna do?" she asked him. A happy smile spread across Kokichi's face.

"Ever heard of 'Seven Nights At Frank-o's?'" he asked eagerly.


Later that evening, Himiko returned home with a whole new look. Her hair was now dyed black, and she wore makeup with earrings. Her clothes were more stylish, and her nails looked shiny and were painted red and black ombre.

"Himiko, you look amazing!" Tenko exclaimed as Himiko entered her and Tenko's room.

"Nyeh...thanks!" Himiko replied. "I feel amazing, that's for sure!"

"I wish I could have gone with you and Sonia to the mall," Tenko grumbled with disappointment.

"Hm...maybe you could go with us tomorrow," Himiko said.

"You're going to the mall again?!" Tenko asked, jumping off of her bed with excitement.

"Yup, that's right," Himiko replied. "Every Friday at the mall is called 'Free Fashion Friday,' where they pretty much give away clothes of the hottest trends."

"Whoa, seriously?! That's a thing?!" Tenko exclaimed, her eyes bugging out.

"Yeah...I thought it was weird, too," Himiko admitted. "But it's real. And we gotta get there early before the other customers take all the free stuff. Then, after that, Sonia and I were planning on going to a cute little café."

"Ooo! Sounds like fun!" Tenko squealed. "Now I really wanna go!"

"Okay, I'll text Sonia and let her know that you wanna come, too," Himiko said, taking out her phone.

"Himiko?" came a voice from their doorway. Himiko turned to see Kokichi, and immediately brightened.

"Nyeh...Kokichi!" she shouted happily, rushing over to hug him. "How do I look?" she asked, twirling around and showing herself off.

"Wow! You look really great, Monkey Buns!" Kokichi said.

"Eeeee, thank you!" Himiko squealed.

"Um, so, uh...did you have fun with Sonia at the mall?" Kokichi asked.

"Yes!" Himiko replied, and thrusted her hands out to show her nails. "Nyeh...¡mira! That's Spanish for, 'look!' Sonia taught me that, since one of the languages she speaks is Spanish!"

"I knew that," Kokichi said. Himiko looked at him in awe.

"Oh, that's right! You know Spanish, too!" she said.

"Mm-hmm," Kokichi said with a nod and a small smile. Himiko wrapped her arms around him.

"That's my Panta Bear!" she said proudly. Then she ruffled his hair adoringly. Kokichi smiled back at her, this time, a smile filled with hope.

"So, um...Himiko..." he began. He paused, remembering his conversation with Kaede earlier.

"Nyeh...what's the matter?" Himiko asked.

" know when I said I wanted to have...y'know...Kokichi Time?" Kokichi asked.

"Of course! What about it?" Himiko asked. Kokichi opened his mouth, but no sound came out. After a while, he sighed and forced a smile.

"I...think I need more Kokichi Time, for um...for tomorrow," he said.

"Oh, that's okay!" Himiko replied happily. "Sonia and I...and Tenko, now...had plans for tomorrow, anyways!"

"Cool," Kokichi said with a nod. "Um...I'll see you tomorrow, then?"

"You got it!" Himiko replied with finger guns. Kokichi chuckled softly as he turned to leave. "Nyeh...Kokichi?" Himiko said. Kokichi turned back to her.

"Yeah?" he asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

"Are you okay? You seem kinda quiet," Himiko replied.

"Oh, well...I'm just sleepy," Kokichi lied, waving his hand dismissively. "Besides...I got a long day of Kokichi Time ahead of me, so...I'd better get some shut-eye, y'know?" Himiko put a hand up to his forehead.

"Are you sure you're not feeling sick?" she asked with concern. Kokichi gave her a cheeky grin and placed his hands behind his head.

" Mother Kokichi, I don't get sick, sick gets me!" he joked in a Russian accent. Himiko smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Okay, okay," she said. "I get it. You're not sick."

"Well...I guess I'd better get going, then!" Kokichi said.

"Okay," Himiko said, giving Kokichi a kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight, Panta Bear!"

"Good night," Kokichi replied. Himiko closed the door to her and Tenko's bedroom so she could change. With a heavy heart, Kokichi sighed sadly as he shuffled in silence down the stairs to his room.
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2023.06.02 17:45 EnthusiasmTiny6362 Help!!

I asked for French tip acrylic and then he added the acrylic as white instead of clear, thought he may paint the nude color to make it so it wasn’t half my nail white and just the tip but not how it works I guess. I asked if he could make less white and he couldn’t and then put gel on top. I hate it so much idk what to do or ask for. Do I ask him to take the gel off and just do polish? I hate saying I don’t like shit but I have graduation next week and a wedding this weekend. Do I just go home and put polish over it? Any advice would be great
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2023.06.02 17:06 mazzameow Smith & Cult brand out of business???

Smith & Cult brand out of business???
I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE and I’m obviously doing it wrong / looking in the wrong places !:( did this brand close? Out of business? Discontinue? Merge? A month or two ago I was looking up on google “best base coats” (this is all for polish not gel 🥴) and their base coat kept popping up. I ended up getting Deborah Lippmann (the nude base coat that with multiple coats can be used as color) because the other ones i had to wait longer than I wanted. Plus the DL base coat was found on a great price! Lol But one day I went to the Houston Nordstrom the rack and saw smith and cult on sale in a small shelf on the way out in the maze register thing! All the names were covered by price tags, but super super low sale. I ended up getting a base coat, a top coat, and like 13 polishes by smith and cult (6 not pictured) and each was like 3.50/4.50? Idk (then this cute lil DL pack for 2.50 and the two brown polishes on bottom for 1.50 each ✨)
BUUUUUUUT I’ve been seeing the other smith and cult colors and was wanting to buy more- go to their socials+ site no posts in forever and the site is just white. Messaged them on Facebook, prob not gonna get one back.
WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!!! Lol, I have too much curiousity!
Oh and thank you to all of you. I’ve had just replaced all my nail art brushes and was looking things up for ideas, noticed almost everything is done with gel and thought “you know what, I wanna start getting into gel” And I kid you not, I have like 12 beetles sets (some just polish, some their whole set) and some other sets that are like “nail drill kits” saved in my “lists” and having read here, I’m trashing all them. I’m so nervous about anything going wrong. But now I feel like I have to buy like 2 gel polishes at a time, and I’m impatient. I have like 170 regular polishes and wanna have a good set of gels 😭🫠
Ok thank you all
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2023.06.02 15:48 SavingsSpare8104 Launched: brand-new Instant Acrylic Press-on Nail Designs!

Launched: brand-new Instant Acrylic Press-on Nail Designs!
There is something for everyone in our brand-new Instant Acrylic line. It offers a wide range of looks, including timeless classics as well as the more contemporary trends that you've probably seen your favorite influencers flaunt on social media. Whether you want a subtle, everyday look that goes with any outfit and keeps your nails looking great nails art beauty even on days when you're running errands, an attention-grabbing look that will draw compliments and attention wherever you go, or a truly extravagant look that you'll want to base an entire outfit around, you'll find a set perfect for you in this new line! See some of the highlights in the list below.

1. Vintage Sets

Blush Ombre: This set, which has a short almond shape and transitions from a rosy nude at the bottom to a glossy white at the top, is essential for everyone. It goes with any outfit. Women of all ages will look great with an almond shape, which is universally flattering. This set gives your nails a timeless, refined appearance that is suitable for work.
Acrylic ombre: Although these sheer nudes are a more modern take on the nude aesthetic, they are nonetheless a classic! The stiletto form provides a touch of drama without being overly flashy, and this set offers your fingers a chic and refined appearance.

trendy short gel nails

2. Modern Sets

Golden Edge: The design of this set is even more fashion-forward, and the coffin form is generally associated with fashionistas. With a shimmering, metallic gold striping at the cuticle for added visual impact, it has a warm, matte tone of peachy brown. Although the metallic gold accent is understated, it is nonetheless likely to draw attention.
Down to Earth: Designed for fans of earth tones, this set includes matte nail colors that create an ombre effect from the thumb to the pinkie by transitioning from a rich dark brown to a light tan. The set can give flair to any ensemble thanks to its neutral tones.
Wilderness: This unusual set will let you go wild with one of the fads of the last year, which is animal print nails! Every nail has a different print, including tiger, cow, jaguar, giraffe, and zebra, making each finger special. You should base your attire off of this set!
Grayson: This collection displays the subtle veining short gel nails natural that so many people adore in marble, one of the most beautiful materials in the world. To make these nails stand out from other sets utilizing the marble trend, we added metallic gold accents for an additional splash of color.
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2023.06.02 15:01 Lower_Organization28 nude nails

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2023.06.02 14:15 shugo112 I bought 50 Color Club $1 Mystery Polishes 😅😍

I bought 50 Color Club $1 Mystery Polishes 😅😍
Purchased May 21 -> Arrived to Canada June 1
It was a post from u/eyeshadowlover101 that convinced me to try my luck 🤞✨ and it was SO exciting to finally open these and I'm happy with the mix of colours/finishes!
Overall, I only got 2 dupes "Piece of Cake" (nude glitter) and "Blush Crush" (nude)
Please let me know if you want any of the nail polish names or more photos! Good luck to everyone ordering these mystery polishes 🥰
Cost: $100.50 CAD
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2023.06.02 12:21 BettyCora_Official You Could Wear These Classic Nails Styles Year-Round

You Could Wear These Classic Nails Styles Year-Round
These classic press-on nail designs can be easily customized to suit your personal style and the current season:
More Classic Style Press-on Nails
\French Tip\***:* A timeless classic, the French manicure features a natural pink or nude base with white tips. This style is perfect for any season and can be easily dressed up or down.
French Tip
\Nude Ombre\***:* A subtle gradient from a light nude at the cuticle to a darker nude at the tip. This design is elegant and versatile, making it suitable for any time of the year.
Nude Ombre
\Classic Red*:* A classic red manicure is always in style, no matter the season. Choose a glossy or matte finish to suit your personal taste.
Classic Red
\Marble Effect*:* The marble effect, with its organic and flowing patterns, is a versatile design that works well in any season. Choose from a variety of colors to create a unique and eye-catching look.
Marble Effect
\Floral Designs*:* Delicate floral designs can be adapted for any season by adjusting the colors and types of flowers used.
Floral Design
More Classic Style Press-on Nails
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2023.06.02 05:14 SavingsSpare8104 Holiday nail designs for all occasions

Holiday nail designs for all occasions
Holiday parties, dinners, and other get-togethers with family, friends, and coworkers present several occasions to dress up. Like us, I'm sure you've been looking forward to this time of year. The holidays also give us a perfect occasion to wear colorful and vibrant nail art that is appropriate for the season, in addition to celebrations, seasonal foods, and yes, gifts. After all, why not accessorize your nails if you're dressing up from head to toe in wholesale nail vendors a festive look? This is one of the many ways we can all show our festive spirit because we all celebrate the holidays in different ways.

1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Press-On Nail Set

We are aware that dark greens and deep reds, rather than pastel hues, are the colors most commonly associated with the holiday season. However, there is nothing wrong with experimenting, and we believe pastels are appropriate for use in winter as well. A surprising color scheme is created by the nude, pink, and purple pastels because of how effectively they contrast with one another. The little glittering stars that cover each manicure are what distinguish this collection as festive nails. The Star of Bethlehem, which is frequently connected with the Christmas season, glittering holiday lights, or even the actual stars we can see more clearly at night now that it becomes darker earlier—these are all possible representations of them.

nails supply wholesale

2. Red Press-On Nail Set in Rad

Since red is the color most closely associated with the holiday season, we had to include one of our favorite sets of festive red nails on this list. This eye-catching shade will add a spark to any ensemble, but that isn't the only way this set might make your nails stand out. A golden, glittering, and shimmering manicure is also included in this collection, which creates a stunning festive color combination and is guaranteed to draw admiring glances.

3. Press-on nail set in unicorn chrome

One of the things that makes the holiday season so magical is snow, and many people want for blankets of the white stuff to cover their cities and neighborhoods during this time of year — after all, "White Christmas" is a song about it. Even if you're not a huge fan of snow, you can't deny that this pair of holiday press on nails perfectly captures that glitter of a freshly fallen sheet of snow when the sun hits it at exactly the right angle. If you're attending a party with a white-out theme, this set is essential for adding a little sparkle to your holiday celebrations.

4. Press-on nail set with a flamingo curve

This set is a fantastic choice for the holiday season if you're searching for a basic aesthetic that isn't dull. The pink and white stripes prevent the nail from seeming too drab despite the neutral base's ability to give it a fairly subtle appearance. Our opinion is that they have a vague resemblance to the stripes on a candy cane or the flowing ribbons used to wrap presents. The pink color is also a distinctive departure from what would traditionally be a shade of red.

5. Press-on nail set, Coffin Solid

With this package, you have many nail design options for the current season. To give your nails a pop of color and match the outfits you have planned, choose from a number of additional colors in addition to traditional holiday hues like white, blood red, and burgundy. They're fantastic for when you just want a plain appearance and also work well as supplies for nail tech a base if you want to create your own unique holiday-themed nails with paint, gems, glitter, and other embellishments. They are still important to us throughout this Christmas season.
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2023.06.01 22:44 DisciplineFlat5543 [REVIEW] Enchanting Feet and Sensual Content: ChanLewds on OnlyFans
Let me introduce you to the captivating world of ChanLewds, a 19-year-old female content creator on OnlyFans whose specialty lies in mesmerizing foot content. From the moment I discovered her profile, I was enthralled by the authenticity and passion she brings to her work.
ChanLewds' feet are truly a sight to behold, with impeccable arches, beautifully painted nails, and a captivating softness that draws you in. Her attention to detail in each photo and video is commendable, creating a visually appealing experience that leaves a lasting impression.
What sets ChanLewds apart is her ability to explore various styles and themes, ensuring her content remains fresh and exciting. Whether she's embodying elegance and sensuality or embracing a playful and fun approach, she effortlessly caters to different preferences, providing a personalized experience for her fans.
In addition to her foot-focused content, ChanLewds also shares other forms of adult content, including seductive sextapes and tasteful nudes. She approaches these aspects with the same dedication and creativity, further enhancing the allure of her profile.
It's worth noting that ChanLewds fosters a respectful and safe community on OnlyFans. She actively engages with her subscribers, ensuring open dialogue and maintaining a positive environment. Her commitment to providing a personalized experience and promptly responding to messages adds an extra layer of connection and satisfaction for her fans.
In conclusion, ChanLewds is an extraordinary young talent on OnlyFans who excels in captivating foot content while also providing seductive sextapes and other alluring adult content. With her enchanting feet, creative approach, and dedication to building a respectful community, she stands out as a must-follow creator. Join ChanLewds' community on OnlyFans to indulge in her captivating content that will leave you craving for more.
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2023.06.01 17:25 OutsideVisit1308 nude nails

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2023.06.01 14:03 MinorButterfinger212 Nude-y polished nails 💅

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