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2013.03.20 18:59 dundeedan Helen

Helen Joyce Gabriel Flanagan (born 7 August 1990) is an English actress and model best known for playing the character of Rosie Webster in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

2011.04.09 17:27 One_Giant_Nostril Imaginary Landscapes: Scenery born from the minds of gifted artists

This reddit community is for submitting your favourite digital or natural media **pictorial** creations of landscapes or scenery. They must be original creations, not photographs of already-existing places. Overgrown jungles, barren planets, futuristic cityscapes, or interiors, are just some examples of what is expected. Yes, you can submit drawings of your own imaginary landscapes. Please accredit the artist by their real name.

2023.05.30 23:51 thisisharis Feeling all alone in this world, no one to turn to. Not technically depressed but super anxious most of the time, LONELY and most of all SUPER SAD! Any suggestions?! (backstory included)

Hi guys,
This is my first time writing about this or even speaking about this so here it goes:
Backstory: Male 30 Years Old, Pakistani, Born/Raised in Chicago, but spent a few years in Pakistan as well (around 5 years) so I'm pretty in tune with my culture and even religion (aka going to the mosque, dressing appropriately etc.). I ended up going to college at 18 in Michigan (fam ended up moving back to Pakistan around that time) so it was just me. I still visited almost every summer but only for a month or so.
In college, I was pretty popular (kinda) played div 1 soccer, amateur boxing, was in a fraternity, knew ALOT of people and it was an awesome experience overall. After grad I moved back to Chicago for work (work in finance) and life was also great at the time. I did start getting a bit anxious here and there, but it wasn't much since I was super busy normally with work, going to the office, friends, the city life overall. It usually crept up when I had too much caffeine haha but I NEVER felt how I feel now (will go into it below) and sometimes I even WELCOMED anxiety since it helped me put things in perspective, motivated me or whatever.
Anyways, fast forward to around 2020 and my parents decided to move back to the States... RIGHT before the pandemic started. They ended up moving to Michigan this time since they were kind of over the city life. When they moved in around Jan/Feb, I was still working in Chicago but I still saw them every other weekend (only a 4 hour drive). Come March/April and we were basically able to WFH indefinitely. So instead of paying 3/4K in rent per month, I thought of all the money I could save, and decided to move in with my parents instead (since I could WFH) and Airbnb my place out (which is what I did).
Now, after moving to Michigan. Of course I know some people in the State since I went to undergrad here, but due to COVID i wasn't really meeting up with people. Fast forward a few months, I started getting a bit more into Islam thankfully and the company I was keeping wasn't the 'best' per se. None of my friends were Muslim (or desi) for that matter, but also NONE of my friends ever forced me to drink, offered me drinks or anything of that sort either. They all knew I was Muslim and didn't do that stuff, but we just kicked it in general like normal people do (minus the drug/alc. for me). Anyways, a few years after graduation a lot of my friends just spread out (TX, NY, Canada etc.) and we started growing apart (kinda). Like they would hit me up, we would chop it up and all but it wasn't any 'deep' conversations or sharing feelings etc. During COVID we talked on and off but everyone kinda started drifting away (people getting married, moving away, etc.). Fast forward to today, I literally don't talk to anyone and feel like there is absolutely NO ONE I can share my feelings with, discuss things with, talk to about my day, life, future or ANYTHING at all. For SURE I can still call/text my friends, and sometimes they would hit me up too but it's all surface level convos and nothing deep. I just feel like I don't have any TRUE friends in that sense. Like I'm their friend, they know I'm there for them, and while they would be there for me too if something crazy happened (just as an example if I needed money or something) BUT the aspect of not being close enough or feeling close enough has left me super SUPER alone. I would meet up with one or two people on and off now that COVID is pretty much over, and WHILE I am with them everything is chill. I don't even feel sad, anxious or anything of that sort. Like those thoughts don't even come to mind. It's legit driving me insane!!
Secondly, when I moved to Michigan to be closer to family - the thing is I'm not super close with my parents. Like I know they love me, care for me and all that good stuff, but I just can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME talk to them about anything deep or share my feelings or emotions or ANYTHING of that sort. Like EVER. I have tried but nothing comes out, IDK I feel so stranger like around them. Maybe it's the pandemic talking, feeling alone, having no friends, social life piling up and then being at home with them almost 24/7 while I WFH etc. could be adding to it (I'm sure it is) but even still I just feel SUPER SAD because of it. Like I'd leave the house to get some work done from a coffee shop but will dread coming back home.
I feel SUPER SAD, like I have NO ONE to talk to on a deeper level, NO ONE I can share my feelings with, NO ONE I can turn to or anything of that sort. I have started praying and will start doing adhkar from the 1st of June, hoping to make this the most productive summer iA.
But wanted some advice, suggestions and help from people on here on what I can do, should do? This can be anything, where to go to make friends, meet people (and please don't say the mosque, because it's normally only older people where I am and it's creepy AF tbh to walk up to people my age and be like 'hey wanna be friends?'). I do go to the gym and stuff, but again I have 'acquaintances' but no FRIENDS.
Anyways, I feel super sad, feel like crying and feel SUPER alone. Any help would be appreciated!
PS: I tried therapy a few times, not for me. Don't like taking meds since some days are just fine but then others are super bad and plus it's not depression as per the doctor (appetite is there, still enjoy watching movies, working out, studying, doing really well at work etc.)... it's just that I AM SADDDDD, ALL ALONE and don't have anyone to talk to ))))))):::
PPS: I work in finance, make good money and am DEFINITELY exploring the option of shaadi now that I'm financiall secure mA. But that's not something that would happen right away, so apart from that anything else would also help in the mean time please.
PPPS: things might not flow but just put everything out there, so if you're confused or have any clarifying questions I'd be happy to answer.
JazakAllah! Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 23:51 phand8ballin How most people develop psychic ability in the western world

I have met multiple ACTUAL psychics person to person and they are different than the classic tarot card reader, astrology, intuitive reader types. One was a small business owner and the other was his son.
Psychic ability exists in the Western world and is very hidden and secret. Psychics are generally OCCULTISTS. Psychics generally are not born with psychic abilities but tend to get their psychic ability in one of two ways:
  1. Family lineage of psychics (Everyone in the family is psychic and part of Western occultism. This can go back many generations over hundreds of years. Every time a baby is born into the family they are psychically awakened as an infant within their first 2 years of life. This is done by a spiritual leader that the family is associated with and the process is simple. Hindus believe in 7 chakras but Western occultists only believe in one chakra and that is the third eye chakra in the center of the brain where the hypothalamus, pineal gland and pituitary glands are located. It is pretty much the brain not including the cerebral cortex or the cerebellum; the brain inside the corpus callosum. So the third eye is opened by the spiritual leader who has done this many times with others in the family and families associated with the same occult hierarchy and what it is is like a surge of energy and flipping an on switch. The child will see his vision expanded in immediate proximity and it is like going from 2d to 3d: you can now see and feel through the houses, trees, people and objects around you and you can see behind and over them as well as behind yourself. It is a fuller vision. Also, now the child can see between 3-10 places at once instead of one. It is not drifting vision like astral travel by the 3-10 places will be people like family members and their spiritual leader so they can see them all day. The child can also hear the dialogues simultaneously so a major skill of psychics is to be able to hear and see several things at the same time without being confused. The other major ability had right away is the ability to telepathically communicate with other psychics. These are the true abilities that psychics have right away. You can PM for other psychic abilities and the order that they come in!)
  2. Career success! (The most common ways to develop psychic abilities for someone with an intellectual bent is through INVESTMENT BANKING and POLITICS!!! The other most common ways are for entertainers because they exert a lot of influence on the public: this includes ATHLETES, MUSICIANS and ACTORS. These people are initiated through a friend or superior in the business who introduces them into the occult world. It is the same as for families of psychics. The person has had career success and has shown themselves to be gifted and responsible. Thus, a spiritual leader will open their third eye which will give them the ability to immediately see and hear up to 20 places at once since they are already an adult. Their mind is opened to the psychic realm with the awakening of their third eye and they can also pursue their career on a higher level. The places they see are friends, family members and superiors in their hierarchy or new spiritual family and it is not like astral traveling: they may be watching and hearing people around the world but they aren't just drifting around so when they wake up each day they are focused on the same places. They can also use telepathy with other psychics now).
Psychic families and psychics with career success tend to have more wealth than average and they are very secretive about their abilities!!! They do not go around doing psychic readings!

Spiritual masters in these heirarchies have other abilities including:
The ability to see and hear over 50 places at once!
The ability to see any person's past experiences (they can see what they desire of someone's past whether it be their family or sex life, health and fitness in the past, and any past experiences that they think are relevant; for example if a psychic master wants to see someone's academic success in the past they can quickly and easily see that person's academic results from grade school and college easily with little effort just by desiring it)!
There are other abilities but I won't get into them now!
If you enjoy this please PM me! I am currently not working and would love to chat about this and other subjects like astrology and politics.
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2023.05.30 23:50 hereforit02 [US] [CA] Does the county you file in matter?

Does the county you file in matter for child custody arrangements? Will I have more favor if I live in the county the proceedings take place in? I know the legal requirements for filing in a county. I mean whether it matters to a judge making a decision. Located in California.
My ex and I lived in County B for many years and both our children were born there. After we seperated 5+ years ago, I moved to County C. He filed for divorce in County B, but since 5 years have passed they could technically throw out the filing. This would allow me to file in County C. He still lives in County B and has the kids 1-2 nights per week. He wants them more and we are trying to finalize our divorce and custody arrangement. Am I more likely to get more time with my kids if I file in County B where I have lived with my kids for 5 years? I think the judges make decisions based on what they think is fair regardless of where each party lives. Do you think a judge in County B would side with my ex just because he lives there and I don't? Also: I was given permission by my ex to move, so that is a non-issue that happened 5 years ago. My kids are enrolled in school in County C and are happy here. Ex isn't trying to take them much more during the school year, but wants more time in summer. The kids like going there 1-2 nights, but want to stay with me the majority of the time. They are too young for thier opinion to be considered in court.
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2023.05.30 23:49 mirta000 Weekly Discussion #9: remembering the last time you have done a huge ritual or celebration!

Practising your faith can be a form of self-care and sometimes there's nothing better than going with a grandiose ritual, or a celebration for your spirits!
So what was the last time you had something special, something bigger planned in your practice and how did it go? Furthermore, if you're comfortable with sharing, what did you do? And if you haven't done anything special, or bigger in a while, but are planning to, what are you planning?
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2023.05.30 23:48 RedBeardSmooth 34 [M4F] Southern Iowa/Anywhere - apocalypse buddy, coffee dates, friends.

I’m a 34 year old guy from Iowa with a dad bod build if that matters. I can cook, fix your car and computer, presumably help you survive the apocalypse, and I’m just pretty handy!
For work, I’m a photographer, drone pilot, and I work in IT and video production. I really do just a bit of everything!
In my free time I enjoy board games and video games with friends, exploring new places, target shooting, camping, cooking, and trying new cocktails! I’m also a huge space/sci-fi nerd. And The walking dead nerd. Reading the comics now, and it’s so much better than the show. Loved the shows though! Oh, And I still like to do photography and fly drones in my free time as well! So I’ll definitely ask you to pose. I can’t draw you like a French girl, but I’ll snap your picture! And I’m always up for trying new things!
Talking to me could include/not limited to:
Dark humor and Sarcasm Flirting Video games if you’re down Photography (Be my muse?) Anything sci-fi/Marvel/Star Wars/Zombies And random Adventures! With you. Hopefully. Pictures of my adorable cat!
Hope to hear from you!
Here’s some of my favorite photography: https://imgur.com/a/aR9RSJt
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2023.05.30 23:48 AcatSkates How to celebrate one year sober

Hi, I hope you're having a good day.
I recently met someone who is coming up on one year sober. We met in a dating site and I'm really smitten.
But we talked a lot and I don't know if we're going to be a thing or not( which is fine either way) they are really trying to discover themselves as a sober person and with that I want to be there for them
Anyway I wrote all that to say, I want to do something for them to help celebrate. They are into experiences, and loves horror movies. Just got a new apartment and looking to feel comfortable in it. Graphic design and IT is what they work in and they love thrifting.
It can be big or small and the price kinda doesn't matter. I want them to be proud and show that I care too. Any suggestions? What have yall done to celebrate any progress?
Thanks in advance 🙂
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2023.05.30 23:47 Local_Fennel_7969 "Slipknot on the Korn" short biography of two American nu-metal bands by Joel Plue

Both Slipknot and Korn formed in the 1990’s as two American nu metal bands. Though arguably and according to some, slipknot has emerged into another genre. Both bands have been highly received with long-lasting popularity while achieving mainstream success and immense critical acclaim.
Slipknot formed in 1995 in Des Moines, Iowa, critical to their success was the multi-instrumentalist approach, featuring nine members that each contributed to the unique and intense sound that Slipknot has become known for. Korn formed a year later in Bakersfield, California, with their unique and distinguished sound largely thanks to unique combination of crunching riffs and the prominent bass sound.
Slipknot and Korn have both had highly successful and sustained careers, particularly as two of the pioneers and figureheads of the nu metal scene. Their careers have been marked by collaborative work together over a lengthy period. The bands toured together between 1999 and 2001 as part of the Summer Sanitarium Tour, during which Slipknots’ fanbase continued to grow and Korn’s albums Look What You’ve Done and Untouchables reaching unprecedented success, both historically and commercially. Further to this tour, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is a featured vocalist on Korn’s single Here to Stay and the autobiography of Korn guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer, ‘Got the Life’, includes an anecdote about a Slipknot side-project featuring Shaffer called The Snails, indicating the deep-rooted collaboration between the two bands.
Despite their shared genre and strong collaborating history, Slipknot and Korn have displayed various differences in their music. Slipknot are known for a more aggressive sound, featuring masks and industrial instrumentation, with a plethora of off-kilter subjects and lyrical themes within their albums. Korn meanwhile have displayed a far larger sonic depth across their albums, including experimental elements incorporating hip hop and trip hop elements, as well as a wider lyrical range, which often explores feelings of depression and isolation.
Though Slipknot and Korn are two bands that share a unique style of nu metal and have a strong collaborative history, there are many differences between them as well. Each have been critical in shaping the genre and have achieved immense success in doing so.
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2023.05.30 23:47 hesmistersun A more natural representation of church growth

A more natural representation of church growth
I saw a post on here about the church news article on church growth. I took a look at the article, and to the "untrained eye" (i.e., someone who is not versed in math), the membership growth looks amazing. But populations naturally grow exponentially, even if nothing changes. If you start with two rabbits, and then have 10 the next year, it would not be at all amazing to have 50 the year after. That's expected. As such, when dealing with population growth, it is more appropriate to plot the data using a logarithmic y axis. So I took the data points given in the church news article and made a semi-log plot, which is shown below. As you can clearly see, growth is not "skyrocketing."
LDS membership plotted with a logarithmic y axis
But wait, there's more! According to the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, the fertility rate in Utah in 2021 was 14.0 per 1000 Utahns. In other words, if we assume that this is a good representation of the fertility rate among Mormons, the church should grow by a 1.4 percent, or by a factor of 1.014, just due to babies being born. In the plot below I zoomed in on the years since 1980, and I included a line which shows what it would look like to have 1.4% growth. So, basically 2021 was the year when church growth just matches Utah's fertility rate, or when there was about one official resignation per convert baptism. If the growth rate continues to drop as it has been doing over the last few decades, next year, even if the church membership grows, the percent of the world which is Mormon will be declining.

The last four decades of church growth
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2023.05.30 23:47 Warm_Distribution_26 Regretting Tongue/Lip Tie Release

I’m posting more to vent I guess but will take advice and others experiences as well. I’ve read through the majority of the tongue tie posts on this sub and was originally encouraged that maybe my daughter had a chance to get back to breastfeeding. That hasn’t been the case so far (granted we’re still very new post op) and I’m getting rather discouraged.
A bit of our story: My daughter was born at 37 weeks and spent 3 days in the NICU due to respiratory issues. She was put on a glucose drip and given formula while I pumped colostrum and attempted to breastfeed her day 2 & 3. She never really fed well. She’d latch and get about less than 5 mins feed in and pass out. She also had a very shallow painful latch but I was determined to make it work since she is my second and last baby.
Anyway we were discharged and I followed up with lactation consultant at home. She said she had a “tight mouth” and a grade 2 tongue tie but that her sleepiness at the breast was due to her being early term and to let her get older and she’d wake up and feed better. A week passed and her breastfeeding got worse. I was topping her off with bottles because I didn’t want her to lose weight. Our pediatrician wasn’t concerned bc she was gaining but I was feeding her what felt like 24/7. Even with bottles she’d sputter, choke, constantly spit up, had lots of gas and took FOREVER to feed. We switched to natural response nipples which seemed to help.
We got into this cycle of breastfeeding less and less because she would refuse or pass out in 30 seconds even after constant stimulation, naked, all the things… and I just couldn’t do it anymore- especially overnight. So I started exclusively pumping. Mind you I have a three year old and was beginning to lose it over how much work EP really is.
So after our 4 week pediatrician visit, I told our doc everything and he recommended getting her tongue tie looked at. It took forever to get an appointment anywhere but at 6 weeks we went to a place that specializes in releases, has lactation/PT/OT all on staff. We were given exercises to do beforehand and post op plus her q4 hour stretches post op.
Cut to now- we are 5 days post op and I’m having major regrets. She HATES the stretches- like screams bloody murder and is hard to console. She seems overall much more unhappy and fussy. She would tolerate tummy time before but now hates it. I can only get her to latch with a nipple shield and it’s only been successful two times. I’ve tried to BF her when she’s hungry, half way through a feed, after a feed, in the middle of her wake window… nothing works. If anything it’s worse and she’s flat out refusing the breast.
I’m just very discouraged. We’ve been doing the stretches/exercises and seeing lactation and oral motor PT. I don’t know what else I can do. I’m at the point where I just want to give up on BF and EP bc I have 6 weeks left of my maternity leave and I work full time as a nurse, she will have to take bottles regardless. Between the sleep deprivation of having a normal newborn, exclusively pumping, trying to BF her, the stretches/exercises and taking care of my toddler- I may go insane. But I keep telling myself this too shall pass and it will get better ❤️‍🩹
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2023.05.30 23:47 BlindRevelator The Gardener, High Septon of the Faith

Discord Username: BlindRevelator
Character Name and House: The Gardener, formerly Baelon Greenhand
Appearance: Daddy
Gift: Champion
Skills: Swords (M), Courtly, Scholar
Talents: Speaking, Gardeningx2
Starting Titles: The Father of the Faithful, Shepherd of the Faith, His High Holiness. The High Septon of the Faith of the Seven
Starting Location: The Feast
Family Tree: I am the Last One!
Name: Septa Alysanne
Age: 25
Appearance: She’s a snack
Gift: Whisperer
Skills: Deciever, Espionage, Subtle
Starting Location: with the High Septon
Born in 152 inside of Oldtown the White Dragon’s youngest son would be Baelon. Baelon’s father was none other than Daemon Fisher, who was none other than one who came from Gaemon Palehair’s line. Aegon II as he was acknowledged the boy was his, and as he was a sweet lad did not fully legitimize him, nor kept in as low as a bastard born should be. Rather he allowed him his name, and declared the sweet boy’s offspring would be forever Great Bastards, but could take names which suited them of their region. Daemon was born in the Riverlands and took the long dead name Fisher.
Daemon had children, each in different areas of the Kingdom, earning him the moniker the Bastard Maker. A rough knight, who was only popular amongst the lists and women, Daemon was easily hated and thus none mourned when he died of suspect circumstances.
Baelon though, was made in the Reach along the banks of the Honeywine, the woman was either a Costayne or a Roxton, a Crane or any number of houses, but what is known the woman went to the Starry Sept, and had the babe before she passed. The church would raise him to a point before a sympathetic Septon to the Hightowers turned him over and there he was warded, his father coming to check every now and then until his death in the Dornish marches years before the Red War.
When House Tyrell heard a line of Gaemon Palehair’s was alive within the Reach, they asserted their dominance but once and had the young lad taken to high garden, where he would raised, squired and he would earn his spurs.
Taking on the name Greenhand, Baelon earned his love from his fellow knights and the ire of his rivals from his performances in the lists acquiring followers where he went. He spent his time all over the seven Kingdoms, coming into Dorne during the Red War, earning accolades and nervous glances from Kings Landing.
He would be approached one night at the end of the war, rather forcefully in the camps and taken in the dead of night to a secret meeting in which the Lord Hand laid out his path. Either he takes the black, joins the Faith and renounces any dragon blood in him, or he could take a knife to his throat.
Baelon, though famed a knight, also knew when to chose his battles. “Alas.” Baelon is said to have commented. “Now I shall never know the joy of fatherhood.” And took him the faith in which he was raised, returning to old town.
He laid down his sword on 189 and put aside his banners and emblems, instead kneeling before the high Septon after a week long vigil to take his oath as a Septon. And quietly was ensconced in the Faith. He would spend the next two years in ardent training before becoming a begging brother sworn to the smith, and donning the brown and grey robes of the creative aspect of the Seven’s love. He traveled through the Crownlands, reach and Riverlands preaching and begging, until installed at the Stony Sept in 194 and then in 196 he was recalled to Oldtown there working amongst the city and the Most Devout.
By 198 he was named a Most Devout, and began preaching exclusively from the Starry Sept when the High Septon, then known as the Firebrand was in Kings Landing. Many would come to hear the dragon in sheep’s clothing sermons or would write to consult on matters of faith
In 205 the Firebrand would die of the same disease which claimed the Queen. After a year of deliberation and voting he was chosen as the new high Septon in 206, taking on the moniker of the Gardener, given his passion for spending time outside rather than in, and working amongst plants.
Beloved by the people, he is different from the Firebrand, as love and healing is spoken of- and winds of change promised. Remformation looms, and the Gardener is the one to cultivate it.
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2023.05.30 23:47 RedBeardSmooth 34 [M4F] Southern Iowa/Anywhere - Apocalypse buddy, coffee date, friend

I’m a 34 year old guy from Iowa with a dad bod build if that matters. I can cook, fix your car and computer, presumably help you survive the apocalypse, and I’m just pretty handy!
For work, I’m a photographer, drone pilot, and I work in IT and video production. I really do just a bit of everything!
In my free time I enjoy board games and video games with friends, exploring new places, target shooting, camping, cooking, and trying new cocktails! I’m also a huge space/sci-fi nerd. And The walking dead nerd. Reading the comics now, and it’s so much better than the show. Loved the shows though! Oh, And I still like to do photography and fly drones in my free time as well! So I’ll definitely ask you to pose. I can’t draw you like a French girl, but I’ll snap your picture! And I’m always up for trying new things!
Talking to me could include/not limited to:
Dark humor and Sarcasm Flirting Video games if you’re down Photography (Be my muse?) Anything sci-fi/Marvel/Star Wars/Zombies And random Adventures! With you. Hopefully. Pictures of my adorable cat!
Hope to hear from you!
Here’s some of my favorite photography: https://imgur.com/a/aR9RSJt
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2023.05.30 23:46 name_umberto We should be thankful to be born in the best world region

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2023.05.30 23:45 Familiar_Rich2666 Best breakfast spot in the loop

Hello. My family and I are traveling to Chicago for a quick weekend trip in June. Staying in the central loop. Was wondering if you guys had any recommendation on best breakfast spots in central loop? I’ve heard Lou Mitchell.
Further, do you recommend Giordano or Lou Malnati for pizza?
We’re also looking for a nice/casual and good seafood restaurant for dinner to celebrate their marriage anniversary on Friday night before our boat skyline tour. Any suggestions for dinner would also be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.30 23:45 Classic_Individual50 Why does my narcissist do this?

Long story short I have an awful narcissist for a sister. She is by far the most difficult, tragic and dangerous person I have ever dealt with in my life. She isn't somebody I ever knew much as a child as she is over 20 years older then me (I was a mistake pregnancy, also was born with autism and a very high IQ fun fact). She is the classic narcissist with not a single trait that isn't narcissistic. Literally fits the DSMV and googles description to a tee.
She is horribly difficult to deal with. Are you a hospital who denied her drugs because she has a history of abusing them? Prepare for a year long Facebook smear campaign about you being evil and Christian operated. Are you her husband? Prepare for her to cheat on you, divorce you randomly and then tell everybody you're a pedophile. Are you a family member of hers who finally got a successful business? Prepare for her to literally try to sue you. Are you a friend of hers dating a muslim girl? You will have your life threatened. She will worm her way into your family and cause chaos any way humanly possible. For some reason my mom stayed in contact with her because she's elderly and desperate for contact and my sister takes advantage of that.
I managed to get away from my sister for a good 10 years but because I live with my mom she took advantage of this by causing chaos by alleging horrible things about various family members. I confronted her about this and she and her husband reacted psychotically. Stalking me for an entire YEAR. Making subreddits about me with hundreds of followers about how I was a pedophile (with no evidence, which makes the confidence there terrifying). Contacting the sheriffs office where I work and trying to get me fired. Because of her I'm now not able to see various family members because she manipulated them into her circle and convinced them I was evil. She is doing this to her ex husband too, who she filed a police report on and is trying to get arrested every day.
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2023.05.30 23:44 1DaughterOfDathomir Am I Overreacting for not wanting to tell JNMIL about my pregnancy?

Long time lurker, first time poster in this Sub. My Fiancé (27 M) and I (27 F) have been together 7.5 years (engaged for 6 months) and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first, a boy, due in November. From our “celebratory times” post engagement my family jokingly says.
I could write a novel on all the B.S we’ve gone through with JN but I’ll try* to keep this short for the sake of this post, but this is years of crap and abuse so I apologize in advance if this gets long and out of sorts. Maybe some day I can post specific examples/stories of all the shit she’s done.
She was wonderful for about the first year or so, then when she saw I was someone serious she changed her tune about me. She’s a typical Narc who see’s me as stealing her “perfect Angel boy”, whom she treated as her surrogate husband post divorce (divorced when Fiancé was 8 as a result of her cheating amongst other things). She’s a serial boundary stomper. I’m the one who is “behind” my fiancé manipulating every move he makes and every word he says, because she can’t fathom that her baby boy has a mind and will of his own to do what HE feels is right!
My fiancé is wonderful and has the shiniest spine, and has told her off many times and had even moved out of her house (immediately, I’m talking overnight here) and went NC for about 3 years when things reached an incredibly ugly point (around 2017/2018). Within the last few years he has tried going LC with her but it still results in issues and problems because she cannot control him, his life, relationship and is not the perpetual center of attention. However the last few months he felt she was changing, as she was reaching out to his sister (21 F who is also NC with her for a ton of despicable reasons on JNMIL part as well) which he felt was a positive sign. Mind you SIL has not felt comfortable with any of her “attempts” and does not want to have a relationship with her at this time for all the abuse she has put her through and rightly so! IMO most of her attempts were public grabs for attention, to be able to say “see I tried!” and not genuine acts from her heart. They’ve all been public displays like showing up to her college sports games uninvited, leaving oversized signs staked into her lawn, leaving gifts on her porch and notes on her car etc. None of her notes have held any sort of accountability/apology just the good ole “God doesn’t want us apart. Family is everything, Mommy loves you” VOMIT.
My fiancé does want to have a relationship with her but is still somewhat conflicted. He is trying to be the biggebetter person and give her a chance because he doesn’t want to live his life with regret towards this of any kind. Which I understand but I just can’t get past. I’m sure it’s easier for me to feel and hold onto as she’s not my mother, but the amount of abuse she has put my fiancé and SIL through and even myself I cannot forget.
Now onto to my question/concern. I personally do not want her to know anything about my pregnancy, maybe even a little after the baby is born. My fiancé says it doesn’t really affect me that much because I don’t have to see her and talk to her (which I don’t thank GOD). However I don’t want her to think this is opening up gates for her to do so. I know she would just treat me like an incubator and try to “butter me up” and act fake nice in order to try and worm her way close to my child. I’m afraid we’ll go the rest of my pregnancy with her attempts and hearing about how much she’s “changed” just to have big problems erupt when baby is born because she’s not going to be allowed in the hospital or to see him right away (which I’m not even sure if I want my own family there during or immediately after). We could try and set boundaries all we want to but I know for certain she doesn’t believe they apply to her and she’s entitled to do/say whatever she feels. She would always state that she’s the “queen” because she’s his (fiancé’s) mother and deserves special treatment and when I’ve asked about my own mom and the special treatment she deserves she tells me it’s not the same and she doesn’t matter… OKAY. This woman has stated to my fiancé and I quote “I’M top dog and she’ll get to be top dog when I’m DEAD” referring to how she’s the top person in Fiancé’s life and I can have that spot over her cold, dead body. Like what the actual F? So reasoning with her on boundaries is not exactly easy or in the question.
Personally I don’t want to let her in on my pregnancy or anytime close after. For my own peace of mind and sanity. Fiancé is afraid she will find out through mutuals that we’re expecting and doesn’t want her to blow up about it, or be mad because she didn’t get told sooner. I’m on the side of I DON’T CARE how she finds out, I want to have a stress free pregnancy and PP away from her. I’m afraid if he lets her in now she will gain all these delusional expectations about our relationship and her relationship to LO. So I’d rather deal with her finding out on her own or her finding out after and still being angry. Not having to jump hurdles of her crap while still pregnant.
I’d like to add that this isn’t something fiancé and I argue about just is something we discuss our concerns over. I know if I really put my foot down and said No he would respect me and my wishes and follow along. I guess I just feel maybe as thought I’m in the wrong or just being petty and unable to to let the past go. So AITA here?
(Sorry this rambled on for so long, thank you to anyone who stuck around to the end!)
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2023.05.30 23:43 Expensive-Access8026 College Football Simulation Game: Iowa Coaching Spot Open

Love college football? Ever wish you could step into your favorite team’s shoes?
Look no further than the NZCFL, an 120-team college football simulation league, where many teams, including Iowa, are open! Our league offers a unique combination of a realistic coaching and recruiting experience, with the flexibility that allows you to put in as much or as little time as you wish! Our recruiting system, designed to emulate the real-life football recruiting process and comprised of three sections, allows you to sign a program-changing class in just one cycle. If you’re looking for that more casual experience, it’s easy to get the process knocked out in one sitting, but you’ll still be able to go even farther if you’re able to put the time in. That’s what makes this league such a great experience - you’re in control. You have the ability to build a legacy and leave a lasting impact on these teams.
As someone who's been in the league for nearly two IRL years, it really is a great community. Everyone is willing to lend a hand to a newbie, the mods put a ton of time into running things smoothly, and there's plenty of casual activities and banter to keep things interesting.
Come join us by claiming a team in the Reddit reservation thread at NZCFL and joining the server![ https://discord.gg/vJnYPFd](https://discord.gg/vJnYPFd) If you have any questions, DM me, or join the server and ask in ⁠newcomers. We'll be happy to help.
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2023.05.30 23:43 rafaelwm1982 Action and Non-Action

Action that is flexible to both means and ends is wu-wei, literally non-action. It refers to a type of activity that engages in action without violating the nature of the object that is acted upon or the nature of the instrumental context in which the action takes place. An understanding of this insight can be gained by simply contemplating the distinct functions of a spoon, fork and knife. The knife is used for cutting, the fork and spoon are used for moving and raising solids and liquids. The spoon and fork can be used for cutting, but that is not their natural function. In this sense, wu-wei is concerned with the appropriate or inappropriate use of a tool. A tool that is appropriate arises in the world effortlessly and efficiently. Furthermore, beside the instrumental context, there is a larger human context in which the tool must fit. This fittingness is first and foremost an aesthetic matter that concerns sensibility. An insensibility to the larger context that includes aesthetic, epistemological, and religious values makes the introduction of the tool, intruding and unnatural. Technological devices born out of an exclusive focus on efficiency impose themselves on the world, while technologies that fit in the larger context of human existence grow out of it. Action that is technological in the sense of wu-wei, then, is natural and necessary.
The concept of Te in the Tao Te Ching has both moral and non-moral implications. It has been translated both as 'power' and as 'virtue'. A thing, such as a pencil, has its own Te, an intrinsic power to be what it is and to do what it does best. For example, there are surfaces which a pencil marks better than any other tool for writing, Everything, including artificial objects, have a Te. A spoon has its own natural way of being in the sense that it fits precisely the context in which it is used. (Fung Yu-lan, 101). The Te, therefore, is the power that allows for effective action. The Te of the spoon is not in the spoon apart from its user; it is not intrinsic to the spoon left unused on the table. It manifests itself only in the spoon while-in-use, and only if the spoon-in-use does not violate the integrity and simplicity of the single manifold.
[According to the theory of having-no-activity, a man should restrict his activities to what is necessary and what is natural. ‘Necessary’ means necessary to the achievement of a certain purpose, and never over-doing. ‘Natural’ means following one’s Te with no arbitrary effort. In doing this one should take simplicity as the guiding principle of life. (Fung Yu-lan, 101)]
If the spoon is too heavy, then it does not fit in the natural order established by the context of eating a meal. If the spoon is too ugly (or too beautiful), it imposes itself on the attention of its users. The principle of the mean is operative here. The spoon should neither be too long nor too short, neither too pointed nor too rounded, neither too cupped nor too flat. Here virtue, Te, is the mean between excess and defect. The considerations that determine what is appropriate are virtually endless and engage not only the sensibilities of the engineer, but also those of the artist and the metaphysician.
Te has moral implications. A world moved by wu-wei is not beyond good and evil, but it is beyond fixed characterizations of what good and evil are. There would be no need to distinguish between good action and evil action, between good and bad machines, because actions and devices would arise naturally and organically. This fitting-into the natural order means fitting-in the single manifold of the good, the true, the useful, and the holy that is humanity, since the proper sphere for technology is given by the relationship between the user and the tool. In this sense, some technologies would be naturally acceptable, while some would be rejected. Taoist ethics is to be found at the level of aesthetic sensibility, not of moral or political understanding. Sensibility is set in motion by the type of relationship established between the human and the machine and the larger context of instrumental relationships.
A good spoon, one that is virtuous, that has Te, is not too heavy and it is not too light; the metal is neither too thick nor thin. It is polished to the degree that food does not easily stick to it. It is balanced so that it can be held easily. All of these properties are part of efficiency. The spoon could be used as a weapon to injure someone, and we may judge that to be unethical, but that limitation does not need to be imposed on the spoon from the outside by ethical standards. The spoon does not make a very efficient weapon, particularly if your opponent has a sword. Its inefficiency limits it from being used unethically. The spoon is also part of an instrumental complex, that is, a system of instrumental relationships. So the shape of the spoon should conform to the shapes of the cups and bowls with which it is used. This fitting into to the instrumental complex is part of its efficiency. In all of these cases we are talking about what makes a “good” spoon. Good in the sense of efficiency flows into good in an ethical sense. Technologies that pollute the air and water that we and other living things breathe and drink are, in the context of a consideration of ends, inefficient and ineffective, but they are also morally wrong in a broader sense than the standards of a merely human ethic.
This virtue or power of Te results in an effortless form of action that does not require deliberation about means and ends. It is efficient action but action without instrumental thinking. Flowing water is used in the Taoist literature as an analogy for the path of the Tao informed by such non-instrumental thinking. Flowing water takes the shape of its container. It is without will or plan or any form of its own. It either flows around or over obstacles, or over time wears them away. Sometimes it rises up as a powerful force; at other times it is yielding and weak. The Tao Te Ching evokes the effortless effectiveness of water in these few lines: “There is nothing softer and weaker than water, and yet there is nothing better for attacking hard and strong things…. All the world knows that the weak overcomes the strong and the soft overcomes the hard, but none can practice it” (Chan, 174-175). The difficulty of putting effortless action into practice is the result of the tendency to yield to linear instrumental thinking that is not open to redefining means and ends and which encounters the world with opposition and resistance. Presumably this is what the gardener saw in the machine that he refused to use.
From: Technological Paradigm in Ancient Taoism by George Teschner
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2023.05.30 23:42 Raymond_Towers Firefly Plots And Villains

I recently added the Firefly series to my e-book Space Sci Fi Plots And Villains. The book is a resource for RPG players, writers and fans who'd like inspiration for their own sci fi projects, with random tables for character names and breakdowns for the plots and villains in each episode. The book is available at Pay What You Want on Drive Thru RPG. A sample entry is included below.
Wiki Episode Description, Episode 6: After completing a job for a small settlement, during the ensuing celebration, Mal learns that he inadvertently married a young woman called Saffron, part of the payment. Although Mal insists they are not married, Saffron is determined to fulfill a subservient wife's role. Saffron is not what she appears to be. She later knocks Mal out, locks the ship into a course for murderous ship scrappers, and flees in a shuttle. The crew barely escapes.
  1. S01E06: Our Mrs. Reynolds
Plot: The crew takes on the job of stopping bandits at an isolated location. Because the location is poor, part of the payment includes gifting the captain with a bride. The captain is too drunk to figure out a simple wedding ceremony is taking place, and when he wakes up the next morning he finds out he’s become a husband. Half of the crew is happy for him, while the other half is angry and resentful that he has taken advantage of a poor country girl. However, this poor country girl is not the person everyone thinks she is.
Villains: A small group of minor bandits, relatives of those bandits who might be looking for the crew, making the crew unable to return the new bride back home, and the bride herself, who is a master at manipulating and seduction, has good fighting skills, and whose bag of tricks includes sleeping potions, applied on the lips, that will put her victims fast asleep.
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2023.05.30 23:42 dontoverthinkit19 If Florida is so bad, why do so many old people move here?

I was born and raised in Florida and almost all of my family is still here. That being said, I want to move so bad to a state that has actual seasons, but I'm conflicted since my parents are getting older and I know how difficult it is to care for aging parents multiple states away. At the same time, we get new residents everyday. I can get not wanting to deal with snow and state taxes, but grass is always greener, so I'm worried I'd be making a mistake since I'm already so established in Florida, only to end up wanting to come back for retirement and I'm already in my mid 30s. I feel dumb for asking, so that's why I'm here.
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2023.05.30 23:42 flamesgamez Never DMed before, looking for feedback on the world I want to create!

Hi! I've been brainstorming an idea for a campaign, me and my group are fairly new to DND, most of us only playing 1 or 2 campaigns before. Our main campaign (we've done some one-shots with other members as DMs) is getting close to a stop and now I want to try and DM next.
My world right now is like a discovering the americas type deal. The party travels to the "new world" on a boat for various reasons. It'll have been roughly maybe 200~ years since the continent was discovered.
I want to have a bit of a low-magic vibe, people don't exactly use magic unless they were born lucky, or have just spent enough time around it that their bodies adapt and can use it too. Most people without a predisposition to magic can do little tricks with practice.
One theme I want to have is like the dominance of humans, humans dominate everywhere politically, and they are extremely prideful about it. The idea is that every race despite being "better" than humans - Orcs being stronger, Elves predisposed to magic, Goblins faster, - Humans ended up on top.
They believe that theres some inherent ambition or will in their psyche that makes them better than every other race -Humans learning how to make weapons first, Humans learning how to cast spells as well, Humans learning how to be more clever than a pack of goblins, etc - Most humans don't really care all that much, and the "lower" races coexist just fine. Most cities and countries have a healthy mix of races, but are usually ruled by humans, or "human passing" races.
I also want to make it so ressurection and most healing spells don't exist, just to raise the stakes. In-lore the "Prince of all Healing" (haven't decided on a name) stole healing magic from the gods in order to elevate himself and be like them. I have an idea for a cult that travelled to the new world in order to find the Prince, and maybe a homebrew paladin/warlock subclass if players want to serve the cult, or make a deal with the Prince. I'm thinking maybe if a PC is gravely damaged I could ask the player if as a last ditch effort they could sacrifice themselves to the Prince to be healed.
I don't have an actual story in mind, but I think I want it to be an open-world esque campaign, that revolves around the secret of the native civilization that used to live in the new world, before suddenly falling. The civilization would be much more advanced than anything on earth at the time, and what fragments are left are being studied by native and foreign scholars alike.
I've never DM'ed before, so I would definately appreciate any advice!
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2023.05.30 23:41 throwawayanonymou5 My dad blames me for my mom's death.

My mom died on the day of my 15th birthday party. It was going to be the first time I was thrown a birthday party. I was super excited, we planned it for weeks. The party had already started and I was freaking out because my mom's friend who was supposed to bring my cake with as she was the one baking it was running extremely late. It was custom made and I had excitedly told everyone about it.
My mom couldn't reach her on the phone and my dad said to just get on with it, no one would notice that the cake wasn't there yet. I wanted everything to be perfect so I was very upset about this. My mom asked me if it would make me feel better if she quickly drove to her place to see what the hold up was.
I eagerly agreed and she promised that she would be back in no time. She never made it back home. She was involved in an accident. She lost control of the car and crashed into a tree.We have never celebrated my birthday since then, it's like any other day.
I was okay with that because it brought back painful memories. My dad also changed a lot, it's like I never do anything right in his eyes anymore. Sometimes I just breathe too loud. I always try my best to be understanding of how difficult things have been for him so I don't complain.
Yesterday I turned 19 and for the first time ever, I really wanted to celebrate it. I baked a chocolate cake and cooked my favourite meal. I then waited for my dad to come home so we could enjoy together but when he saw the table set up, he got very upset. He said a lot of hurtful things to me.
I found out that he thinks it's my fault that my mom died and he doesn't think that he will ever be able to forgive me or at least not anytime soon. The cake ended up on the floor. My dad doesn't understand that I spend everyday wishing that I could change what happened. I miss my mom too and I feel like I'm not even allowed to.
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2023.05.30 23:40 Wayne_kur Can't fool me Blizzard.

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