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2023.06.07 20:50 barshat Update: Air conditioner fan not turning on

This is an update to an earlier post I made:
First of all, I want to thank everyone who chimed in to help me. Based on the general feedback these are the things I tried: 1. I replaced the capacitor, which didn’t fix the condenser fan 2. checked the inside breaker and outside one and this wasn’t the problem 3. Replaced the filter 4. Cleaned the contactor switch (it was not pulling in by itself, but I found this right before the tech came)
After exhausting all the things I could do with my limited knowledge, I had to call an HVAC technician. He identified problem with my control board. The fuse was blown and the board looked corroded. Replaced the fuse and that didn’t fix it. Upon checking the board he found in one corroded spot the capacitor had been unseated. Instead of replacing just the capacitor he suggested I replace the board which was already in a pretty bad shape.
After replacing the board we tried to turn on the AC using the thermostat and turns out the thermostat is broken. Replaced the thermostat and finally got the AC working. PSA to check your AC this summer and do the necessary maintenance work before the hot days come around.
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2023.06.07 20:48 irzarehan Everything you should you know before buying kitchen and gas appliances

Everything you should you know before buying kitchen and gas appliances
Many individuals feel overwhelmed and inclined to seek refuge when faced with the task of selecting kitchen and gas appliances. The abundance of choices available in today's market can be daunting, but it's actually a positive development. Thanks to technological advancements, modern appliances are not only efficient but also cutting-edge, offering extended durability and reduced operational costs.
Nasgas k hob
Given the vast array of options, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your requirements and budget. This knowledge will enable you to choose appliances that align perfectly with your lifestyle and complement your kitchen design. Remember, making the right decisions when selecting kitchen and gas appliances can greatly simplify our lives, so it's essential to approach this process thoughtfully.
To assist you in embarking on this endeavor without feeling overwhelmed, Lahore Centre have prepared a comprehensive guide to aid you in choosing and buy appliances on easy installment plan.
Factors to Take into Account when Selecting the Right Kitchen Appliances
Contemporary kitchens are incomplete without advanced appliances that serve as our indispensable companions in culinary endeavors. When choosing the perfect companions for your kitchen, consider the buy cheap model electronics deals and factors:
Determine your appliance's desired capabilities and performance level before selecting the most suitable model for your home. Assess how important performance is to you. If you seek a basic functionality without many frills, prioritize cost-effectiveness. Lahore Centre ever, if you desire an appliance that excels in performance, offers multi-functionality, or is easy to clean; it's worth investing more in a high-quality model that meets your expectations. Additionally, consider the size of the appliance and how it fits into your kitchen, as this may require exploring alternative options.
Saving energy costs and contributing to environmental preservation are common goals. Opting for energy-efficient appliances is always a wise decision. While refrigerators have traditionally been notorious for consuming energy, most modern appliances are now designed with energy efficiency in mind. Look for appliances bearing the Energy Star label, which indicates high-quality performance and cost savings.
By considering these factors, you can make informed choices that align with your needs, preferences, and aspirations in the kitchen.
Naturally, personal taste plays a significant role in selecting appliances based on their visual appeal. Choosing appliances that you find visually appealing is entirely up to you. Lahore Centre ever, kitchen designers excel at providing guidance on which appliances will harmonize with your existing kitchen design and atmosphere. It's important to avoid introducing an appliance that disrupts the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Therefore, consider the design, functionality, and efficiency in conjunction with your current kitchen setup before making a final decision.
Considerations for Each Kitchen Appliance:
Now that you are aware of the factors to consider when choosing the right kitchen and appliances, here are some additional recommendations specifically for each appliance type to aid you in your decision-making process.
When it comes to ovens, appearance often influences the purchasing decision. While this aspect is significant, it is equally important to consider other features. Reflect on your cooking style and expertise. Do you prefer gas or electric? Are you seeking an appliance that is easy to clean or one with self-cleaning capabilities? It is crucial to Lahore Centre has these factors alongside your budget before finalizing your choice of kitchen appliances.
Insider Advice:
· If you're passionate about cooking, enhance your control over the cooking process by opting for induction or gas ranges paired with convection ovens.
· If your primary concern is heating up food and convenience, an electric stove with consistent heating and a single oven below is a popular and cost-effective choice that saves space.
· Convection ovens offer superior heat distribution, resulting in more even cooking, although they may be slightly less energy-efficient than conventional ovens.
Lahore Centre: Best electronic store in Lahore
Lahore Centre is dedicated to assisting you in selecting kitchen appliances that harmonize with your kitchen design and preferences.
As a kitchen designer, I take pleasure in crafting visually stunning spaces that facilitate ease and create lasting memories. If your kitchen is in need of an upgrade, modernization, or a revitalizing touch, let's have a conversation and explore the potential of your space.
Lahore Centre offers an extensive range of premium appliances in-store, all available at highly competitive prices. Come visit Lahore Centre and experience firsthand the wide selection of options and it will guide you in making the optimal decision for both you and your kitchen.
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2023.06.07 20:48 hamfast42 Need help identifying vocal technique on a kid rock song

Back in college, I played a lot of acoustic guitar covers. I really like the song "Only God Knows Why" but kid rock. The majority of the song, I'm pretty sure he sings clean with little vocal distortion but heavy autotune. I never had a problem singing that Then at the outro (~3:40 in the clip), he switches to something else. And I don't know what it is.
I've had zero formal singing training. But it always hurt when I tried to sing it. I've watched a lot of vocal coaches talking about how to scream or do vocal fry in a safe way. I guess I'm just looking for the name of the technique he does there. Thanks so much!
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2023.06.07 20:47 Hotjoe91 Having a DUI before starting flight school. Worth taking this path?

I couldn't really find anything in the FAQ about my specific situation. Only posts about receiving a DUI while employed with an airline or mistakingly not disclosing a DUI conviction.
I have decided I want to become a pilot and eventually make my way up to fly for a Major. I received a DUI in 2015, but otherwise my record is clean. There was no resisting, I was well behaved during the arrest, and completed all of the court ordered stuff. It was a stupid mistake that I have vowed never to repeat. How badly will this damage my career prospects or difficulty in finding a job? I have found very mixed accounts when researching this online. It would be nice to get some real world pilots opinions on this.
I have read that airlines generally have relaxed their stance on prior DUI convictions over the last 5-10 years or so. I have also read that 0-5 years after a conviction there's no chance but 5+ years after and airlines will "look at the situation". Just mostly vague stuff that doesn't really help me make a decision that could cost me $100,000 only to struggle to get any sort of career off the ground (no pun intended).
Any other information or advice on this subject would be welcome. I just want to know if this will all be worth it before I pull the trigger.
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2023.06.07 20:46 CawzmikEyez Violent Background Friendly Apartments

Hello.. I know just how much of a long shot this is. I have been searching for years with no luck. I have a assault on a family member charge from 2018. A misdemeanor.. abusive relationship.
Anyways, does anyone know of anywhere in the entire Collin County area where I would have a chance at a 1/2 bedroom apartment? I have been clean for almost 4 years. I am in a recovery program, and have not been in trouble with the law for almost 5 years.
I just got custody back of my children and am desperately trying to provide for us. If anyone can offer any advice, any tips, any links or anyone they know of, I would greatly appreciate it.
I know posting all this information on a PLANO Reddit page is putting me up to be judged and criticized but I really really need help.
The Plano housing authority is still not taking applications, I have tried rental agents, I have tried calling over 100 apartment complexes.
I know the severity of the crime and why people would not want to rent to me. But I need to continue to exhaust all my efforts that way I know I’m doing my best.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.07 20:46 Dancing_Dorito Is having an outdoor masonry kitchen with tiled worktop like this a good idea? Could the mortar be a vector of contamination? And how bad would it be to keep it clean?

Is having an outdoor masonry kitchen with tiled worktop like this a good idea? Could the mortar be a vector of contamination? And how bad would it be to keep it clean?
Sorry for the bad angles of the pictures, I took them from another social media
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2023.06.07 20:46 Jhonjournalist TCS Will Invest in AI Technology, According to Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran

TCS Will Invest in AI Technology, According to Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran

In a letter to shareholders, N Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), stated that the business has prospered despite the recent global uncertainties that enveloped the IT sector. In a global environment with uncertainty, TCS performed well in the past year.
TCS produced growth of 17.6% in FY23 while maintaining an operating margin of 24.1%, which is the highest in the sector. With $34.1 billion in orders, we ended the year. This, together with the robust pipeline replenishment, gives us favorable medium-term visibility.

TCS in AI Technology

In the letter, Chandrasekaran discussed how TCS, a significant player in Indian technology, is putting money into AI to stay competitive. “The world is undergoing numerous significant changes that necessitate significant investments in innovation and technology and offer the IT sector a fantastic opportunity for growth. The transition to sustainable energy is accelerating globally.
Businesses are still implementing predictive AI and moving forward with data collection, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Utilizing generative AI would necessitate more technological advancements and funding. According to the letter, TCS is making major investments in constructing AI capabilities, including AI-powered platforms and solutions.
  • Tata Sons and TCS thrive despite global uncertainties.
  • TCS invests in AI for competitiveness amid global shifts and clean energy.
  • Businesses adopt predictive AI, IoT, and AI-powered platforms.
In the short to medium term, increasing attention and prospective investments are being made in technologies like 5G, IoT, generative AI, virtual reality/metaverse, digital twin, and more, according to Chandrasekaran.
Additionally, he thanked departing CEO Rajesh Gopinathan, who will continue to work for the organization through September 16th, for ensuring a smooth transition for K Krithivasan, who will take over the reins on June 1.
It is with great appreciation that I extend my best wishes to Rajesh Gopinathan for the work he has done throughout his time as CEO and MD. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish K Krithivasan all the best in his new position as TCS’s CEO and MD.
Learn More:
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2023.06.07 20:45 intraalpha Expiring This Week: Best Options Report for 6/7/2023

Expiring This Week: Best Options Report for 6/7/2023
Option Summary

Most Bearish

Most directionaly bearish. Long puts or short calls.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
AAP/67/65 -74.22 0.67 0.64 0.0 65.8
FL/25/25 -50.1 0.8 0.78 0.0 76.9
DG/160/150 -44.44 1.13 0.91 0.0 55.6
VXX/28/28 -37.65 0.98 0.96 0.0 92.4
SQQQ/21/21 -37.4 0.71 0.72 0.0 94.4
ULTA/425/415 -26.91 1.01 1.01 0.0 77.6
TZA/26/26 -26.63 1.09 1.33 0.0 80.3
ASO/49/49 -25.23 1.08 1.12 0.0 68.5
CPB/46/46 -21.4 1.98 2.02 0.0 73.4
TGT/133/131 -20.99 0.93 0.9 0.0 92.1

Most Bullish

Most directionaly bullish. Long calls or short puts.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
UPST/32/32 73.8 1.23 1.19 0.0 95.1
AI/39/39 72.4 1.22 1.18 0.0 91.4
MDB/395/380 57.31 0.66 0.7 0.0 82.5
GTLB/46/46 57.24 0.95 1.0 0.0 90.0
W/53/51 52.45 1.01 1.0 0.0 76.5
ZS/160/150 49.15 0.78 0.84 0.0 77.5
MRVL/63/61 48.94 0.82 0.85 0.0 89.3
SOXL/22/22 46.18 0.76 0.76 0.0 95.5
ANF/33/33 41.98 0.87 0.84 0.0 74.6
TSLA/230/225 40.12 0.87 0.93 41.0 96.9

Cheap Calls

These calls offer the lowest Call Premium (Call IV / HV). Buy calls, debit spreads, straddles or strangles.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
WAL/39/39 22.11 0.48 0.51 42.0 78.6
CMG/2100/2100 2.56 0.61 0.55 47.0 52.3
META/275/265 21.64 0.56 0.56 48.0 97.1
EXAS/90/85 24.66 0.62 0.56 0.0 72.1
MSFT/335/325 10.43 0.68 0.6 47.0 94.2
TROW/113/111 4.42 0.72 0.6 49.0 54.5
SPXL/82/80 13.45 0.71 0.61 0.0 81.6
IVV/433/425 5.14 0.72 0.62 0.0 56.5
ASML/720/705 12.78 0.59 0.62 0.0 76.4
TTWO/136/134 9.42 0.67 0.62 0.0 80.8

Cheap Puts

These puts offer the lowest Put Premium (Put IV / HV). Buy calls, debit spreads, straddles or strangles.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
WAL/39/39 22.11 0.48 0.51 42.0 78.6
META/275/265 21.64 0.56 0.56 48.0 97.1
ASML/720/705 12.78 0.59 0.62 0.0 76.4
CMG/2100/2100 2.56 0.61 0.55 47.0 52.3
EXAS/90/85 24.66 0.62 0.56 0.0 72.1
SE/62/60 -20.49 0.65 0.67 0.0 85.8
TBT/30/30 5.83 0.65 0.73 0.0 83.2
GOOG/129/127 18.99 0.66 0.66 47.0 95.8
MDB/395/380 57.31 0.66 0.7 0.0 82.5
TTWO/136/134 9.42 0.67 0.62 0.0 80.8

Expensive Puts

These are priced expecting the underlying to move down more than it has in the past. Sell puts, credit spreads, or cash secured puts.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
DOCU/60/58 21.46 3.02 3.06 0.5 94.3
SIG/69/67 -6.26 2.78 2.68 0.5 85.8
CPB/46/46 -21.4 1.98 2.02 0.0 73.4
CAH/85/83 2.59 1.95 1.91 0.0 69.5
KO/60/58 -12.27 1.75 1.1 47.0 58.8
CRSP/66/64 16.23 1.54 1.37 0.0 63.4
SVXY/79/77 16.61 1.41 1.0 0.0 65.7
MRK/110/108 -7.95 1.34 1.24 55.0 72.8
URA/21/21 8.82 1.29 0.93 0.0 56.3
OSTK/22/22 23.28 1.26 1.28 49.0 76.6

Expensive Calls

These are priced expecting the underlying to move up more than it has in the past. Sell calls, credit spreads, covered calls.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
DOCU/60/58 21.46 3.02 3.06 0.5 94.3
SIG/69/67 -6.26 2.78 2.68 0.5 85.8
CPB/46/46 -21.4 1.98 2.02 0.0 73.4
CAH/85/83 2.59 1.95 1.91 0.0 69.5
VZ/34/34 -7.77 1.23 1.45 48.0 91.0
CRSP/66/64 16.23 1.54 1.37 0.0 63.4
TZA/26/26 -26.63 1.09 1.33 0.0 80.3
KSS/22/22 9.65 1.25 1.28 0.0 86.7
OSTK/22/22 23.28 1.26 1.28 49.0 76.6
MO/44/44 -1.73 0.95 1.26 49.0 84.0

Highest Premium

These options offer the highest ratio of implied volatility (IV) relative to historical volatility (HV). Sell iron condors, straddles, or strangles.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
DOCU/60/58 21.46 3.02 3.06 0.5 94.3
SIG/69/67 -6.26 2.78 2.68 0.5 85.8
CPB/46/46 -21.4 1.98 2.02 0.0 73.4
CAH/85/83 2.59 1.95 1.91 0.0 69.5
CRSP/66/64 16.23 1.54 1.37 0.0 63.4
KO/60/58 -12.27 1.75 1.1 47.0 58.8
VZ/34/34 -7.77 1.23 1.45 48.0 91.0
MRK/110/108 -7.95 1.34 1.24 55.0 72.8
OSTK/22/22 23.28 1.26 1.28 49.0 76.6
KSS/22/22 9.65 1.25 1.28 0.0 86.7

Most Efficient

These underlyings have the best liquidity and offer the least slippage, tightest spreads and the cheapest cost of a round trip trade. Scalp or swing trade these directionally.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
AMD/125/123 33.92 0.85 0.92 54.0 98.4
NVDA/395/385 36.5 0.71 0.73 0.0 98.3
AMZN/128/126 21.36 0.72 0.77 49.0 98.2
META/275/265 21.64 0.56 0.56 48.0 97.1
TSLA/230/225 40.12 0.87 0.93 41.0 96.9
TQQQ/37/37 33.56 0.72 0.74 0.0 96.7
NFLX/415/400 26.44 0.91 0.95 40.0 96.6
PDD/73/71 14.4 0.77 0.83 0.0 96.5
IWM/188/184 10.24 1.07 1.11 0.0 96.2
DIS/93/91 -4.04 0.7 0.7 0.0 96.0

Upcoming Earnings

These are high risk high reward option plays where you can buy or sell the expected move.
Stock/C/P Direction Put Premium Call Premium E.R. Efficiency
DOCU/60/58 21.46 3.02 3.06 0.5 94.3
SIG/69/67 -6.26 2.78 2.68 0.5 85.8
ADBE/440/425 24.74 0.86 0.92 7.0 91.8
K45/45 -7.25 1.12 1.24 7.0 53.9
LEN/117/115 7.28 0.81 0.78 12.0 67.5
KMX/81/79 17.54 0.73 0.7 15.0 64.8
NKE/106/104 -17.68 0.75 0.72 19.0 91.9
MU/69/67 9.85 0.84 0.87 21.0 95.2
WBA/31/31 -5.16 0.95 0.98 21.0 79.9
DAL/37/37 13.57 0.96 0.94 34.0 84.7
  • Historical Move v Implied Move: We determine the historical volatility (log variance of daily gains) of the underlying asset (HV) and compare that to the current implied volatitlity (IV) of the option price. This is used to determine the Call or Put Premium.
  • Expiration: 2023-06-09.
  • Call/Put Pricing: How much extra you are paying for IV relative to HV. Low numbers mean "cheaper." High numbers mean "expensive." A 1 means "fairly" priced.
  • Efficiency: This the bid/ask spreads and the depth of the order book relative to the price and approximates the cost of a round trip trade. Lower numbers are less efficient than higher numbers.
  • E.R.: Days unitl the next Earnings Release.
  • Direction: This ranges from -100 (bearish) to +100 (bullish). It accounts for RSI, trend, moving averages and put/call skew over the past 4 weeks.
  • Why isn't my stock on this list? It doesn't have "weeklies", the underlying is "too cheap", or the options markets are too illiquid (open interest) to qualify for this strategy. 480 underlyings are used in this report and only the top results end up passing the criteria for each filter.
  • How should this be improved? Do you have any suggestions or notice any bugs with this report?
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2023.06.07 20:44 FattyMcFatFuck69 Grapeseed oil 5 coats - am I done yet?

Here is a picture of the whole process.
Received my pow wok from wok shop today! First image is after I cleaned and scrubbed it heavily. These skid marks appeared suddenly and nothing I did removed them… used salt, baking powder, oven cleaner, heat in the oven to burn it off, water boiling etc.
It turned bronze first and after that started getting darker. The final picture is just a different background because somehow my iPhone is not really grasping how dark the wok is.
Do you think I am done?
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2023.06.07 20:44 hxney333 used a family member’s sex toy

ugh so idk how to start this. i’m 17 and a few months ago i was looking through my aunt’s draws and found one of her vibrators whilst i was staying at her house. we r super close and she’s only 24. i went to the bathroom and tried it and cleaned it and put it back after like 20 seconds of using it.
i have ocd, so i’m really stressed abt it. i was staying at hers for a week and just got horny and stopped before i could even get anywhere near finishing. i didn’t feel ashamed until recently. i just feel super dirty now and like she’d disown me if she ever found out.
just wanted to confess. seen many posts similar to this on this and other subs about teenage girls using their mom’s toys etc. so ik it’s not “normal”, but idfk. just wanted to confess on here, should i tell my mom or someone?
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2023.06.07 20:44 unscrewed_bolts is my (m25) boyfriend throwing red flags at me (f21)

my boyfriend and I have been together for close to two years and last week I was sitting at work and a message popped up on my phone.
A girl who I had no idea of messaged me screenshots of him basically begging to fuck her. I wanted that to be the end and I have stupidly been trying to work w him bc we are leased in a house together and have dogs. it wouldn’t be an easy and clean break so I feel like trying to work w him because i love him and I feel guilty because about a year ago I was texting his friend nothing awful but flirting never anything past him calling me beautiful.
Since this happening last week this entire week he has been non stop talking about engagement rings and I honestly don’t even know how to feel about this at all. he has been acting like he didn’t do anything and I feel like that is the worst part. He keeps buying things for me, and he uses the excuse is because of my “love language”. I just don’t know if me feeling this weird void inside should be okay? or if i’m just overthinking everything? are these red flags? I feel like I can’t talk to anyone, because it just blows up in my face. all my friends don’t like him and i don’t think my family is too fond of him. We have always kind of had such a rocky relationship… if you knew the whole story you would probably tell me i’m stupid. Last time we had a big fight like this over him disrespecting me, I told him then he had one more chance and I don’t know if I should hold him accountable or just keep pretending nothing happened and go about my life?
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2023.06.07 20:43 cumbucketfullaworms cant function at home

hi everyone, i’ll cut right to the chase and say that i struggle the most when i’m home. i’m f18 and live with family, they often all comment on how bad my room is. i know that it’s bad and the cycle of being told how bad it is doesn’t help as many of you may relate to. i have a full sized bed but my mess has left me with about 1/4 of the bed to sleep. my bedside table is overflowing with drinks and miscellaneous crap. my floor is covered in clothes and more miscellaneous shit. my laundry basket is overflowing with dirty clothes. my hair is matted and i feel ugly. i feel stuck in a loop of this disaster that i created and i can’t clean it up on my own. my problem in that regard lies with the fact that im not comfortable with anyone coming into my mess besides someone who lives a minimum of 45 minutes away. i also work 4 days a week which isn’t a lot i suppose but that wears me out so i don’t clean before or after work. i’m just drained from even looking at my room’s mess. i have about 5 filled garbage bags to take out so i guess that’s something but it’s never enough. it’s like there’s no change at all.
thank you to anyone who even skims this, i really just need this off my chest and if you have any advice or anything, please share. thank you again <3
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2023.06.07 20:42 DryAttention4511 Bf of 3.5 years left me because "he sees himself with someone else."

(I just need help understanding why this ended the way it did....) Ex bf (M23) broke up with me (F21) about a week and a half ago because he "saw himself with someone else." To preface, this relationship has been rocky from the start, but it was our deep love for each other that kept the relationship (somewhat) together. The reason for the relationship being so rocky was due to the fact that he was in the military up until 2 months ago. His contract with the military was up 2 months ago, and we both had agreed for years that this would be the solution to our problems.
We dated on and off for about 3 years long distance, which created a lot of complications on top of him having tons of childhood trauma and me also having my own issues with anxiety and an anxious attachment style. He was very toxic during certain parts of our relationship and he hurt me many times. He would always come back though and profess his love for me after something happened.
Whenever he took a leave and was able to come home during his time in the military our relationship was absolutely perfect and all those issues we had in long distance were gone. Thats why when he finally got out of the service we both were so excited and thought that everything would be amazing. The thing is, it honestly was very amazing. 2 months in one day he just told me he started to see himself with someone else because we didn't share that many hobbies together. We knew that already though, and it wasn't a deal breaker before. I knew that I should have not gotten back together with him so many times and I should have saw the on and off ness as a sign that it was never going to workout, but he just knew all the right words to say every time he came back and he would come onto me so strongly (almost like love bombing). I genuinely tried so many times to get away from this guy but he was persistent in staying in my life. He gets out of the military and now he doesn't want me though???? What is that BS!!! None of it makes sense.He is the first guy I have ever dated seriously and loved so it was just so hard for me to leave because I was so attached. He had so many good qualities that I thought outweighed the bad, and I was just blinded by love.
I truly did think that our love was so deep and strong, but now that he left me for good after getting out of the military (which makes me think he used me just for company when he was in it) I just think that he never truly loved me the way I thought he did. The thing is though, he would make it seem so deep! It wasn't just me overlooking things all the time. This is what leads me to believe he's manipulative... but I just don't know. I question myself so much because this is my first relationship.It's been a week and half and although I have a long healing journey to go since it was such a long relationship, I am not crying all the time anymore and I am feeling better. The only thing I'm left with when I think about this relationship though is how does someone seem genuinely so in love with you for YEARS and the feeling leaves within 2 months? I just don't understand. Like practically, my brain doesn't get it. And it bothers me because it makes it hard to process the relationship properly because none of it makes sense. I know there's the saying of "you never get closure" but I feel like my situation is different because I genuinely have no answers.
I remember he used to tell me "if anything ever happened like a world apocalypse or something I would go straight to you." How does someone feel that way genuinely and then decide one day randomly that you just aren't the one for them??? It makes no sense. It makes me think he's just a dumb 23 year old guy who wants to throw away something good with someone for the freedom of dating around in his 20's. Well guess what, he could have realized that the countless times I tried to get away from him back during long distance, but no he realizes it now after he's wasted 3.5 years of my life.I just need answers as to how someone loves you so much for years but then changes their mind in such a short period of time. What does that mean? It just doesn't make any sense...
Also if anyone is worried I am still in contact with him I blocked him on all social media and his phone number. I have no interest in ever contacting him again because I want to move on from this whole mess but it's just so hard to process the break up when I have so many unanswered questions that he couldn't give me. All he could say was "I'm sorry." Also one more thing, all of my friends and family didn't really like him for all the stuff he put me through, so he also said he wanted a clean slate since he messed up so bad, although that excuse still doesn't make sense to me because he could have figured that one out ages ago too, lol. If anyone can help me process this or has any words of wisdom I would SO appreciate it. TL;DR
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2023.06.07 20:41 alkaiser702 My (34M) nephew (31M) is severely under-developed as a functional adult

TL:DR my 31M nephew has never needed to be an adult and wants help, but I don't know how to help him until he helps himself first.
I'll try to explain as much as I know since my nephew (We'll call him G) is related by marriage so I haven't known him for his entire life. Any questions that come up that I don't know, I'll inquire with my wife but responses may be a little slow. Please also forgive the scattered structure, there just seems to be a lot going on and it's really hard to keep all of the thoughts on G's situation organized.
G has had a challenging childhood. He and his sister were abandoned by their bio dad early on in life, only to have bio dad end up marrying a close family friend. From then on just G, his sister and his mother until his mother remarried a few years later. The step-father (T for short) had always been apprehensive, often clashing with others in the house, especially when he drank which was apparently often. At some point a few years ago he was given an ultimatum to leave or stop drinking and he chose the latter. T recently absconded with a new girlfriend while still married and soon after moved out and began drinking heavily again. Another father figure betrayal for G and G's mother took the whole situation terribly as you'd expect.
G also had a hard time in school. He's smart but is terrible at applying knowledge in practical ways so he decided to drop out of high school during Junior year. I'm not sure if he was held back at all before that point, but his mother went along with it and let him quit school. For the next decade and a half, G lived with his mother and grandmother with no job, never tried to get his GED and spent his time playing games online. Being supported by his family, G occasionally made a little money cleaning yards here and there or babysitting his niece but it was never much. He'd save up for a while then spend whatever he had on a new game or two, keeping him content for a while longer. Over the years his family has tried to push for G to get a job, but he'd try to apply to places within walking distance and never receive a call back, demotivating him so the efforts were quickly abandoned every time. His social aptitude leaves much to be desired so G can be tiring to be around for extended periods of time. He almost personifies the "well aktually" memes and corrects people out of what seems to be instinct on a constant basis then talks down about anything he doesn't enjoy personally, even if that opinion was formulated years ago.
Recently G pulled me aside to talk for a while and we spent an hour and a half unpacking all of the things he thinks are wrong and expressed a need to gain his independence, but this feeling started when he began thinking his family doesn't love him. To be fair, his family is terrible at expressing their feelings in productive ways so these feelings may or may not be based on truth. G claims he has asked for help from his family to get him closer to independence but his primary complaints to me were based around not knowing how to drive, how to do taxes, that kind of thing. I did my best to explain that while those are important, they're not necessary to learn right now. He needs to take the first steps toward getting a job first, then once he has some income we can work on the rest of his knowledge gaps as they become relevant. During the conversation I also noticed that he seems to see favors and support as a transactional items where debt and repayment of time and effort happen immediately after one another. He doesn't see the last 15ish years of support (feeding, housing, clothing, etc.) as something he's indebted to his family for because it isn't tied to a singular action. I had similar thoughts as a child/teenager but I think he just never had the opportunity to be an adult so this idealism was never shed like it would have for most people.
After talking with my wife, I found that G and his sister never really had a sibling relationship and G feels like his sister was always given more attention and support than he was, but he still would like to have that relationship. Interestingly, G's sister is jealous of her fiancée's friendship with his own sister and wishes for the same for G and herself.
I really want to help him but I'm concerned that 1. I may not be qualified to give him some of the support he needs (mental challenges) and 2. I have to leave a lot of the work in his hands but I don't see or talk to him often enough to keep consistent but supportive pressure to get him closer to his goal of independence.
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2023.06.07 20:41 Kengo5o I was hating my life until I drank coffee

I was never an everyday coffee girl, just once every now and then. I got pregnant a couple years ago and cut out all caffeine. Tried to drink coffee when I was breastfeeding and it made my lo projectile vomit so I've been pretty strict no caffeine for a while now. We just moved out of state and lo is going through a big growth spurt. Very clingy and needy. Husband is straight back to working and basically left me to take care of the baby and unpack by myself. We also downgraded so there's too much stuff for this smaller place.
The last week I have completely melted down. I can't keep up with the baby, making three meals a day for both of them (hubby works from home), basic house chores like laundry and dishes and cleaning all while unpacking. The house is a complete shit show. I was feeling completely defeated. I was begging my husband for a big mac but he wants to save 🙄. I nearly cried over that haha.
Anyway. I was on the verge of tears this morning while making my husband coffee. Hating the fact that he never wakes up before me and always asks me to make him coffee (it's a small thing, I know, just very overwhelmed). I ended up pouring myself some and drank a cup.
I'm in love with life again. What the fuck is up with coffee??? How did it just make me fall in love with everything that is wrong?
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2023.06.07 20:40 HealthorSkin How to Stop Receding Gums from getting worse?

Why Do Gums Recede?

First of all, you need to know why gum recession occurs normally your gums cover your inner roots and protect them from several damages.
But when they recede, the roots become visible. As a result, the roots of your tooth become weak and lose the protection that healthy gums provide you.
It can cause various oral health issues. So when the roots are exposed. They become more sensitive to tooth decay and increased the risk of tooth loss. Since this can cause problems with your teeth and make your smile look less attractive.
There are main two receding gums stages and further sub-stages:
Gum recession passes through many stages, each representing the degrees of tissue loss and severity.


Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that causes inflammation in your gums. It mostly occurs by the bacteria called plaque which sticks to your tooth and causes infection.
When this bacteria is not properly removed by brushing. It can irritate the gums which leads to the symptoms such as redness, and swelling, which may cause bleeding during the brushing.
There are also two sub-stages of gingivitis that most people pass through:
Gingivitis stages:
  1. Initial Gingivitis:
In this stage, your gums may appear slightly pink and reddish type and you also feel may be mild discomfort and tenderness and sometimes it may be bleeding while brushing your teeth.
  1. Stable Gingivitis:
When the gingivitis is in progress the gums become more inflamed and bleed more easily while eating or chewing. The redness and swelling become more visible and you continuously feel bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth


Periodontitis is another form of gum disease. It affects the gums tissues that support your teeth. It normally happens to the inflammation of gums or bacteria that build up slowly around your teeth. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.
Periodontitis treatment involves dental cleaning, brushing, flossing, and surgery in severe cases. The main cause of periodontitis is bad oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes, medications, and stress. Its symptoms include bad breathe, bleeding gums especially during brushing and receding gums etc.

Treatment Of Periodontitis

Let’s talk a little bit about the treatment of periodontal. It mostly happens by not taking care of your oral hygiene like not brushing or cleaning your teeth.
There are some things you do:

Symptoms Of Gum Recession

The most common sign of gum recession is visible tooth roots and here are the other major symptoms of gum recession:

Gums Receding Causes

The process of gums tissues wearing away or receding is caused by numerous factors. We need to understand that these causes should be prevented to maintain optimal oral health. Here are some main causes of gum recession:
It is important to note receding gums is a slow process that is gradually influenced by a combination of these factors, doing good oral hygiene visit the dentist regularly can help you to prevent gum recession.

Treatment And Pain Solutions

Can Gum Recession Reverse?
Sadly gum recession cannot be reverse on its own. Once the tissue of the gums is lost it does not grow back. However, there are some treatments available, that can help to restore your gum health and cover the roots of your teeth.

What Is Receding Gums On One Tooth?

Receding gums on one tooth is a situation in which the tissues around your gum start to wear away or pull back which exposes your tooth’s roots.
The main cause of receding gums on one tooth includes brushing too hard, Periodontitis diseases, bad oral hygiene, or trauma to the gum tissue.
If you not treated it properly it can cause further gum recession, increases sensitivity and tooth decay.

How To Fix Receding Gums?

The treatment of receding gums depends on what type of case you faced in gum recession if it is an initial stage then it can be improved by non-surgical treatments. Here we discussed four non-surgical treatments for gum recession:


I know the pain of receding gums is very uncomfortable and disturbing but don’t worry here are the 8 simple and easy steps you follow you may get relief from gum problems:
  1. Your Brushing Habits: First of all, change your brushing habits. Avoid it if you are brushing too hard or aggressively it can damage your tooth roots and supporting tissues which can irritate the gums and may cause them to recede.
  2. Warm Compression: By applying a warm compression of cotton cloth outside of your cheeks near the area which is affected. This can help you to reduce pain and inflammation in your gums.
  3. Using lukewarm Salt Water: Rinse your mouth with lukewarm salty water (adding a half teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water) helps you to relieve pain and discomfort in your gums.
  4. Apply Clove Oil: Clove oil is a natural painkiller. It has analgesic properties by applying a small amount of clove oil to a particular area is very helpful to reduce pain.
  5. Avoid Smoking: If you are a smoker then it is not good for your gum health. It can delay your gum healing and may worsen your gum.
  6. Desensitizing Toothpaste: Don’t use whitening or high-fluoride toothpaste. It can worsen your gum pain. We recommend using desensitizing toothpaste which is specifically for sensitive teeth and helps you to relieve pain.
  7. Using tea bags: Tea has tennis which contains anti- properties applying a warm tea bag to the affected helps to increase the blood flow and relieve pain
  8. Avoid Clenching or Grinding: Most people have habits to clench or grind their teeth, especially during sleeping which can affect your teeth and gums. Using a mouth guard can help you to protect your teeth and gums.
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2023.06.07 20:40 notacheesegrater Ex-fiancée (26F) still punking me (24M) out of sex even six months after our broken engagement

For context, we split up right after Christmas due to a fundamental incompatibility related to sex and communication issues that had festered for most of our 2 year relationship (see my last post). She wanted to wait until marriage for sex, but she gave in early on in our relationship when I tried to leave because of this mismatch. I never wanted to change that part of her because it felt selfish and manipulative, but she wanted to do it “for me”, so I stayed. The very tiny amount of sex we had (around once a month) was never great and she never initiated it. Eventually, the sex went away completely and communication broke down. A fight over porn and me accusing her of not liking sex at all broke the camels back, and we split the day after Christmas. I still mostly blame myself for everything, but I digress
First of all, I already know I’m an idiot for agreeing to meet up with her. She reached out to me a couple weeks ago after we had not spoken for over 4 months. She simply asked if I’d be open to getting drinks and just having a conversation. Against my better judgement, I said yes and met her at our favorite bar. We talked for several hours, and after a couple drinks, the conversation took a spicy turn. We discussed our sexual encounters since we split; I hooked up with a coworker, she hooked up with a guy on vacation. She kinda gloated about how much fun her hookup was and how she had learned a lot about what she liked in the bedroom. I (jokingly yet not really jokingly) suggested we should head to my place to “see what we had learned” while separated. She replied in a sultry voice that she liked that idea, so I paid our tab and we headed for the door. But right as we stepped outside, she stopped me. She told me she’s open to fooling around, but only after I get tested for an STI and prove I was clean. At that time, it was 11PM on a Saturday night, so I knew that wouldn’t be happening. I told her I’d get one that upcoming week, and we could meet up again next weekend. She agreed and we both went our separate ways. I should’ve heeded that red flag at the time, but I ignored it.
That week, I went and got tested and everything came back negative. Great. Now onto business. We met up again the following Saturday night at a nice restaurant to wine and dine for a bit. Around halfway through our meal and a couple glasses of wine in, we get back around to spicy topics. I show her my test results and hint to her about us fooling around after dinner. This time, though, she shuts the conversation down rather quickly and reiterates that she wants to wait until marriage for sex. I’m a bit confused and ask her about the guy she met on vacation since she didn’t wait for him. She said that he didn’t really count since she used him to find out what she likes and doesn’t in bed. So I ask “you’ll have sex with a random dude on a cruise but you won’t have sex with the man who was supposed to be your husband?”. Her response? “Yeah, because you’re special to me”. Now, I’m pissed, but I hold myself together until we left the restaurant. As we left, I told her that I didn’t want to go out with her again and to not speak to me for a while. She immediately teared up, but said okay. We went out and we haven’t spoke since. That was 2 weeks ago.
I can’t for the life of me understand why she is toying around with me like this. Even after everything we’ve been through, I’m still finding myself jumping through hoops to earn sex that isn’t going to happen. I’m jumping through hoops while a random dude she met on a cruise got to nail her with no problems or anything. Is she really this oblivious to her hypocrisy and flawed logic or is she manipulating me somehow?
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2023.06.07 20:39 darkclaw3919 What I’ve made so far for my servitor/body horror themed admech (feedback welcome on the lore and paint job)

What I’ve made so far for my servitobody horror themed admech (feedback welcome on the lore and paint job)
My lore for these guys is that the forge world they come from is so addicted to making servitors that they conspired to draw the ecclesiarchy into their system as an excuse to get citizens from a neighbouring hive world — constantly spreading rumours of non-compliance and heresy on and about said hive city to bait the ecclesiarchy to mass-arrest the cities population, which they would then receive in order to make penitence-servitors.
They also divert/hijack/kidnap newly formed tithes of imperial guard by the ship full — rerouting carriers to their forges with viruses to make kataphrons and other such creations.
I want to add a bit of chaos / heretical corruption to their lore, but in a way where the heretical priests were compassionate to the suffering, and the horrible stuff above was firmly placed at the feet of the loyal priests (maybe a Slaaneshi tinted sect leaning towards making sure the servitors felt comforted/enjoyment rather than suffering). I feel like a lot of imperial lore presents the imperium as good by showing everything around it as worse (even if the imperium is still shown as bad), thus glossing over the imperiums actions. Even when it’s blatantly shown as bad, it’s often shown as a different faction than the stories protagonist being bad — which paints the faction as bad not the imperium as a whole. Obviously the imperium is still shown as bad, but it’s not a spicy enough bad for me
In total I have 12 kataphrons, 20 rustalkers, and 8 castellan (4 normal, 4 mortifier) to paint up. I think I’m the only person who liked the elimination maniple box from last Christmas. I’ve got 20 skitari which I’m thinking about kitbashing to make look more servitor-y, but I don’t have any ideas on that currently
I’m going with purple and gold for the colour scheme, but very little of that can be seen now as I’m representing the ecclesiarchy as their own faction (at least in the paint scheme), and the castellans arent servitors so the tech-priests don’t really care about them that much (or rather, they give respect to the servitors by donning them in the opulent colours of the forge world, but don’t afford the castellans the same honour).
I’m using dirty down rust over leadbelcherfor the gold, then highlighting by removing the gold with a wet brush where it suits (the rust is water soluble so I can remove it even after it dries). The skin is contrast. though it seems to be applying unevenly in places and I’m not sure what I’m doing to cause that (removing pool still leaves lines where it’s dried). The cloak is just standard painting, and the castellan armour is contrast and another layer of rust, plus on the banana guy some gray dry brushing to see what I could do with the colour
I’m very happy with how the priest turned out, the flagellants could be cleaned up a bit (use green for the clothes from now on is the main thing), and I feel like the castellans could use an extra something to stop them feeling a bit 1 dimensional
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2023.06.07 20:39 bumskiier03 how often you shave your head

just curious to see how often people shave their head after going bald to keep it all clean
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2023.06.07 20:38 orangekingo Strand Hunter is S tier and people are massively underrating it.

Sorry for the wall of text- I'm just excited by this subclass.
I kind of cannot believe how few people I'm seeing on Strand hunter right now. This subclass is insanely good.
I cannot express how good Threaded Specter is. If you haven't tried this out yet, you have got to. This aspect does everything. It pings radar like a smoke bomb on a significantly shorter CD, it acts as a trap that does very respectable damage to anyone who gets close, it locks down parts of the map like a barricade, it even works as instant cover if you dodge directly backwards. The sheer amount of kills this thing contributes to a game is astounding.
What's more: threaded specter hard punishes shotgun apes (arc titans) by guaranteeing they're going to eat the clone explosion if they try to CQC you, forcing either an outright kill, or a trade you normally wouldn't have gotten. It pulls in aim assist from controller users too.
Pair this with any of the dodge based exotics and suddenly you are the most annoying player in the lobby. Wormhusk? Now you make a clone and heal yourself while escaping. Bombadiers? You will FULLY OUTRIGHT KILL anyone who gets hit by both explosions. 6th Coyote? Two clones. This thing has god tier synergy with like 70% of the Hunter's exotic toolkit while directly punishing people playing the meta.
Threaded spike got a substantial buff this season as well, and this thing will track pretty damn well now, even from far distances. It's an instant 80 damage and perfect for cleaning up handcannon 2 taps, especially from the air. It's amazing at catching players who are trying to disengage from a duel, and its an easy way to apply sever- a debuff that lasts surprisingly long and is surprisingly potent. Celestial fire is annoying to play against, but threaded spike does the same thing, but flies through the air at goddamn mach 10 and can chain to multiple players.
Strand isn't going to give you the frag potential that YAS tripmine hunter will- but what it lacks in pure lethality, it makes up for in how much it annoys the ever living goddamn SHIT out of your opponents. Don't build into being the guy getting all the kills in your lobby, build into being the guy acting as the world's most gigantic and annoying distraction that allows your teammates to get easy 1v1s and cleanups.
My fellow hunter mains- how are we feeling about strand right now? Would love to see what people are doing with it in 3v3 right now.
(Yeah, the super does suck though.)
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2023.06.07 20:38 Special-Pony-Rider-2 Should I add any products to my routine?

Currently, I don't really do much with my hair routine. I wash it around 1 - 2 times a week and I start off with Head & Shoulders as it cleans my scalp, rinse that out then use Shea Moisture's Jamaican Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo, which rehydrates my hair. I then rinse that out and use Tresemme's Conditioner, leave it in for 2 - 3 minutes and then rinse it out. My hair dries and looks pretty fluffly (my curls aren't that defined). How do I get defined curls without my scalp feeling really dirty? Furthermore, I have insanely thick, high porosity hair so curling creams I've used before (e.g. Shea Moisture) just make my hair greasy. Please feel free to drop some suggestions that will help with improving my wash routine and definition of curls.
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2023.06.07 20:38 JOHNNY6644 little yellow beast re-shelling

any thoughts an advice on new case an mods for my old build an layout as ill soon be transferring my previous LITTLE YELLOW BEAST
to my new case the nzxt h5 flow - paint job still in the works
the case needs two more even coats long with the
io & pci plates hard drive , bottom angled fan mount an rad mount brackets before gear would be transferred
still waiting on vertical mount to arrive so i can paint that to
all the previous setup's gear is to be moved aside from a ram upgrade im going from 32gb to 64gb
my current game plan for gear layout in the new case is to vertical mount gpu as before but with Coolermaster Universal Vertical GPU Holder Kit Ver.2 an to mount the aio in the front top fan position in the pull config
with both 120mm fans as front exhaust on the outer of the rad bracket mount also with the bottom angled fan as exhaust to an a 120mm Fan Size Cooler Exhaust Shroud
on the other side of the aio as a intake scoop aimed torwards the top front fan to be set as intake along with the other an rear also as intake
ther are two main reasons i down with some of my builds
1.positive pressure with some case an my room air flow an temps an gear just works better my home has a shitty stucco ceiling the just flaks fine paint dust that cake my filter on pc's an other gear a as the home is a rental i cant do a thing about it so
ease of cleaning is a must especially not having to open up the case every week to clean but rather just taking my shopvac over the outside to off an out the filters is better
an iv got some good filter mesh to put between the top an rear fans that iv used before the collects the paint fleck an does hinder air flow
so thats the jest your thought advice , or gentle criticism
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