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2023.06.07 13:53 12bluedragons I have saved ~10k on a placement year. What should I do with it?

I have been fortunate enough to live at home during my placement year, so that has allowed me to essentially save what I would’ve otherwise paid in rent. Any suggestions on what is the best thing for me to do with this money?
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2023.06.07 13:51 papabear513 The Experiments Beneath Green Haven Penitentiary

I stared up at the magazine cut out of a Maxim model that was crudely pasted on the underside of the top bunk. Her pert breast shimmied ever so slightly as Pete tossed and turned above.
She was platinum blonde with legs long enough to wrap around me twice. Or so the camera angle made it seem. I felt a stirring below, that yearning for a woman’s touch… which I hadn’t felt in six years, three months, and eleven days.
I rolled to my side, stifling it. It was the wrong time to seek out an orgasm, and I knew after the release I’d just spiral into self-loathing anyway. I focused on a crack in the cinder block until my eyelids became heavy.
Static pushed the thought of women from my mind as I slipped into sleep. The smell of cigars and oil flitted through my mind in a memory. My dad’s repair shop. The one I was meant to take over, before the arrest…
A cry echoing from somewhere deep within the prison startled me awake. My heart thundered in my chest like a rabbit thrashing against its cage.
I rolled over to see Pete crouching low, his face pressed against the bars.
“What’s going on?” I croaked.
“They’re taking Benny.” He whispered.
“Fuck, really?” I pulled myself to the top corner of my mattress, just enough to peer around the edge of the bars.
Two guards wrestled the young latino onto a gurney as a man in a lab coat watched from a distance. He fought against them but it was futile. Once the straps were locked in he screamed once more, pleading for help.
Dozens of eyes watched from dim lit cells, none of which stirring to offer assistance in the slightest. We knew there was no helping him. We knew what happened next…
His cries were muffled as the doctor jammed a syringe into the base of his neck. Benny’s muscles tensed and pulsed in the fit of a seizure, but then lay still. The cell block was silent once more as they wheeled him down the hall and into the catacombs.
I did a cross over myself but didn’t bother to pray. Once they took them, they never came back.
“A damn shame…” I muttered.
“Yeah, he was a good kid…” Pete stood and leapt back onto the top bunk.
A fire burned in my chest. I wanted to say something. To cry out about the injustice of what was happening to us. That committing a crime shouldn’t damn a man to whatever terrible fate they had instore for us below three feet of steel and a quarter mile of dirt.
But I didn’t… What good could it do? Other than drawing attention to me in a very negative way.
Once they took you to the lab, you were never seen again.
All you could do was hope that your number was never called, and that you got out of here before they visited your cell late into the night.
My chest was on fire as sweat dripped from the tip of my nose. I couldn’t go back to sleep last night. Kept thinking about Benny.
So began the push-ups. It was the only way to clear my head.
My therapy.
I rolled to my back, out of breath.
Three years, six months and change.
So much time left to go.
Benny had only been here for a little over a year. It made no sense…
None of us could figure out exactly why they took who they took. There seemed to be no method to the madness.
Just a couple weeks ago they took old man Tom Finch. He’d been here longer than any of us. A lifer on the account of premeditated murder back in the 70s. But they didn’t come for him until he’d served most of his adult life behind bars.
The red beacon suddenly swirled above. A buzzing sound hummed as the cell doors clicked and slid open.
I pulled my tray along the bar to be loaded with oats, powdered eggs and bread.
Meager rations.
I grabbed a small carton of milk and made my way over to sit with Pete. He was already nibbling on his toast while perusing a crossword puzzle.
We exchanged nods and I went to devouring the entirety of my plate.
Calories build muscle after all.
Which was something Pete had no interest in. He was a bookworm through and through. Rail thin too. When we’d met, I’d assumed it was from the drug problem he’d had on the outside, which ultimately landed him in incarceration. But come to find out it was just his metabolism and general lack of appetite.
“John…” He whispered.
I looked up from my feast.
He was looking to the corner of the cafeteria and I followed his gaze to see two men in lab coats surveying the crowd.
I grunted and squeezed the handle of my fork until my knuckles went white. The impulse of burying it into their throats was almost overwhelming.
“Their activity has been ramping up.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ve been seeing them much more frequently as of late. They must be close to a breakthrough.”
“Breakthrough of what?” I furrowed my brow.
“Who knows? Whatever it is they are doing down there. They’ve been taking us more often as well.”
Pete sighed at the twist of confusion on my face.
“Think about it… Benny last night, then Tom two weeks before that. Then Eric ten days before that, and Deonte maybe three weeks prior. It’s never been that close together. Until recently, they only came perhaps once every other month. Sometimes only once a season.”
Shit… he was right. I hadn’t realized it before.
“So what does that mean?” I asked, shoving another hunk of egg into my mouth.
“I have no idea. But I’d say our odds of survival have been reduced dramatically.”
Pete might as well have been an oracle, peering into our grim and desolate future.
Over the next several months we started seeing the lab coats weekly. Sometimes even more often than that.
The prison yard felt empty. Sure there were still plenty of us left, but our population had been noticeably trimmed. One gang in particular only had two members left, which didn’t bode well for them. The others slowly circled them like sharks. I had no affiliation with any of them and kept to myself. But still, I could see their fate a mile away.
Although, despite the business as usual dog eat dog atmosphere, there was an undercurrent of fear rippling through the general pop. You could smell it, like a scent of decay and desperation. Hard faces that had once promised violence, now almost flinched around every corner and jumped at each shadow.
The energy of a couple of hundred men that felt like an animal backed into a corner was palpable.
But what could we do?
I didn’t know but I sure wish someone would tell me… I threw myself into my workouts and Pete hardly ever looked up from a book. Escapism was our only reprieve.
I went to bed with a prayer on my lips, hoping I wouldn’t hear those iron bars moving in the late hours of the night.
A loud clanking followed by footsteps pulled me from sleep.
I squeezed my eyes tightly shut hoping it was the cell next to mine.
But it wasn’t…
Three guards hovered behind a fourth that was unlocking our cell. The bars clicked and began to slide open.
I jumped to my feet and backed up against the wall. I pulled my fists up into a boxing stance, I wasn’t going to go without a fight. My muscles tensed and flexed like coiled steel.
“In the corner inmate! We’re here for your cellmate.” A short and stocky corrections officer barked with his hand gripping the baton at his waist.
Pete squirmed into a ball at the corner of his mat and looked at me with wide, pleading eyes.
I put my face in the opposite corner as instructed. A mixture of fear and relief roiled in my gut, and I hated myself for it. It made me feel like a coward.
“No, no, no, no, no!” I heard Pete squeal from behind as guards flooded the cell.
I peaked over my shoulder and watched as they pried him from the top bunk. Pete tried to resist, but there was nothing to him. A bag of bones that they easily wrestled down.
That same fire ignited in my chest. Anger washed over me, cleansing away the cowardice. For God’s sake, he was my only friend.
All I could see was red.
I spun around bringing the back of my fist across a guard’s face, shattering the bridge of his nose. Blood spurted from it as he dropped Pete’s legs.
With a giant step forward I brought an uppercut into the portly officer’s abdomen, dropping him like a ton of bricks.
I shoved a third into the corner, pinning him there as I screamed for Pete to run. He scampered out the opening and the last thing I heard were his footfalls as a baton smashed across the back of my skull. Everything went black before I even hit the ground.
I spent a month in solitary.
The room was so small it should have been inhumane to house a human being inside of it.
Still… I made the best of it with dips, pushups and situps. Countless reps of them. It was all I could do.
Some mornings I’d wake up with horrible migraines. I assumed it was a slight concussion from the impact of the baton.
I only hoped Pete could have somehow made it out. But somewhere deep down I knew that would have been impossible. Hopefully he at least gave them some hell before they took him below.
I stopped praying before bed. It didn’t seem like it did any good.
If there was a God, he didn’t exist inside these walls.
We were abandoned.
The unheard.
When I finally got back to my cell it had been emptied of everything. Pete’s books, artwork from his niece and even my Maxim cutout.
Just like he’d never existed. My heart sunk at the sight.
Later that day I’d learned from others that he had been captured just moments after escaping the cell.
But our actions weren’t wasted in vain.
We were the first to fight back against the abduction and it sparked something in the others.
They started talks of an uprising a few weeks back. A prison riot.
They even had a guard on the inside. C.O. Matthews. He was a very religious man and was just as horrified by what was happening as we were and had been looking for a way to help.
“It’s going down tonight John, just before lights out. Be ready.” Jerry whispered at the picnic table.
I gave a nod that I understood and headed off for my daily jog around the courts.
It wasn’t about getting out. Getting free. That wasn’t going to happen. It was about sending a message.
I let my mind go blank, filling with static as I enjoyed what could be my last day outside.
The beacon swirled overhead in the common area.
“Inmates to their cells. Lights out.” The intercom buzzed.
There were over fifty men in cell block B, and not a single one of us moved.
The voice on the intercom repeated himself angrily as guards began to shuffle in closer. Nods passed like dominoes from one inmate to the next. We were ready.
“Get to your cell inmate.” a guard growled as he clamped his hands down on my shoulders.
I threw an elbow behind me into his groin, he howled in pain as he hit the floor. The other inmates sprung to their feet and flew off from their leaning places to join in the brawl.
Fists, feet and batons flew wildly across the cell block as we engaged in war with the uniformed officers.
I grappled with one until I was able to submit him in a choke until he went limp in my arms.
I stomped another in the face, spilling blood and brains on the concrete floor.
It had looked like we were winning until they sent the special response team in. We formed a line, many of us battered and bloody, in front of the row of riot shields.
We waited for their charge for what felt like an eternity.
But suddenly they backed out from where they’d come and slid the cell block doors closed.
What the hell…
The red beacon swirled once again overhead as a clicking sounded out behind us.
The rear entrance that the lab coats had always used swung open. I spun around to see…
“Mary, mother of God.” I gasped.
It was Pete…
But there was something horribly wrong with him.
His skin clung loosely to his body and had a terrible jaundice looking hue to it. His eyes almost seemed to glow and his hands… they were impossibly large like contorted branches.
I held my hand up to my mouth in disbelief.
A scientist stepped out from behind him.
“As you can see, we have a few kinks left to iron out, but we are making great progress. Would you all care to see what he can do?” He looked into each of our eyes inquisitively.
“If you don’t, head back to your cells now. You have ten seconds and then I shall release him.”
It was so silent you could hear a pin drop. But a violent and hungry energy filled the room, emanating from what used to be my friend.
Suddenly, over half the remaining inmates bolted for their cells out of fear. Not that I could blame them, my knees wobbled and threatened to buckle just at the sight of him.
But I stood my ground, as did a handful of others.
“Very well then. Specimen 3-1-0, engage.”
A growl reverberated through the cell block.
“Everyone rush him at once! It’s our only shot.” I hollered.
And we did, but it didn’t matter. It happened so fast. It was over before I could even comprehend it.
He moved like an animal, picking each of us apart almost in unison.
I lay on my back, unable to feel my legs as I watched Jerry be disemboweled. He was trying to shove his intestines back inside the tear in his abdomen before the creature came back to finish him off.
I did a cross over myself but didn’t bother to pray.
As Pete stood over me, with dead eyes, I knew there was no God.
He didn’t exist inside these walls.
We were abandoned.
The unheard.
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2023.06.07 13:51 Apprehensive_Hawk_43 Push time for mmtlp congress to meet FINRA FRIDAY

Ask then to reach out to their colleagues with the following: REQUEST johnbrda & TEAM to have an audience w/ FinancialCmte FSCDems GOPoversight OversightDems to brief them on #MMTLPFiasco
REQUEST FinancialCmte FSCDems GOPoversight OversightDems & Avi Perry DOJCrimDiv to "SUBPOENA the #ReleaseTheBlueSheets & Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) Report for $MMTLP & $MMAT."
REQUEST #Congress to ask FINRA the questions provided by johnbrda re #MMTLPFiasco.
Questions in the chat. REQUEST a FULL TRANSCRIPT of the House Financial Services Cmte's meeting with FINRA this week.
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2023.06.07 13:51 -Serenity28- dumbest things my ex got mad about.

First off al English is not my first language I'll try my best to write correctly.
So what I'm about to tell you happend years ago in 2011. I remember that because my uncle died the month prior due to a heart attack. Unfortunately heart attacks runs in the family. We knew 100% for sure as soon as my uncle died from it. He was one of to many. This detail will come back later. the ages called are the ages we were in 2011. Yea yea i know my ex was a bit older. But in my defense we grew up together from when i was 3. And he was 7. And due to my difficult youth because both of my parents were addicted and my dad died when i was six. I grew up really fast to say the least.
So my ex (male 21 ). Me (female 17) were on a night out. We both had something to drink (not to much) and later on went to my mother's house. Were i lived at the time. He basically lived there as well. For a late night snack we wanted to make grilled cheese sandwich. Each of us had 4 slices of bread to make 2 for each. The bag with bread layed on the counter next to him (litterly). He had one out of 4 slices that was half the size of the other 3. He asked me if he could have one of my slices to make it even. I said "no" with my eye falling on de bag with bread next to his arm. I figured; he didn't saw the bag at first and he'll look for it. I saw him looking at it and he went straight to me and asked again. I said: no, i saw you looking at the bag why don't just put the small one back and grab one that is the same size? He stood there for a bit, looked at his plate with the slices. Then looked at me and called me a whore. Back then he was my first and only of course. He went straight upstairs. Left everything. I was so hurt by that. My apatite went straight out of the window. I Cleaned everything up. Put everything back in to place. Ather that i also went up stairs. Layed my self to bed. While he was behind the computer i think starting up a game or something. So after a while of silence and my thoughts "we need to talk about this" I said: so we're not gonna tall about you calling me a whore". He kept quit for a bit. Until i said: you think it's normal to call me that over a slice of bread. He cut me in my sentence and yelled at me saying: i hope you'll die just like your uncle.
After that i cried myself to sleep. When i tried talking about it the next day. He told me, i shouldn't drag old mud out of the pond. (If i say that correct.) Don't talk about the past is what i mean. We had a little discussion about what i wanted to talk about isn't something of years back or something we cleared between us before. He always would end it by hitting me.
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2023.06.07 13:50 b4dpl4gue A movie about evil Barbie dolls

Hi everyone! Sorry for such a silly question, but it's really important for me to find a movie that I know from the humble description of my friend (I've never seen it myself, but now I'm obsessed with finding it).
Anyway, all my friend remembers is that the movie (not the cartoon) had evil Barbie dolls. Exactly Barbie dolls, not anything else. The action took place in a house somewhere, and there were two main characters, both female. A friend says that from his recollection, the movie might have come out sometime in the noughties, but he's not sure. He only remembered the scary Barbie dolls, everything else was a blur.
I'd appreciate it if someone could help me track down this strange piece of cinema! 😉
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2023.06.07 13:50 solhunter111 Maximizing Token Launch Success: Expert Advisory Services, Engaged Investors, and Rewarding Communities

Maximizing Token Launch Success: Expert Advisory Services, Engaged Investors, and Rewarding Communities
When launching a token, having expert in-house advisory services and go-to-market support covering various business aspects is crucial for success.
This expert support plays a vital role in attracting committed investors who prioritize long-term commitment over speculative trading. Rather than relying on lotteries and auctions, selecting engaged investors who have faith in the token's potential can lead to more favorable outcomes.
By building a carefully chosen investor community, project owners gain the flexibility to reward them in customized ways. In contrast to transient participants who solely seek immediate gains through AMA sessions and airdrops, an exclusive AdLunam community fosters a strong sense of loyalty and active engagement.
Offering incentives such as allocations, airdrops, cash prizes, special NFTs, and more deepens the connection with investors, capitalizing on their proven Attention Ranks.
Identifying ambassadors and influencers becomes effortless thanks to the utilization of Attention Ranks. Evaluating an individual's Attention Rank allows project owners to assess their suitability for effectively promoting the token and spreading awareness of its value.
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2023.06.07 13:50 LeeMakingStuff Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator - Freezer no longer freezing

Hey all,
We just returned from a small vacation of about 6 days during which I had shut off the water main at our home. We returned last night and I turned the water back on, but realized later that night before I was about to go to bed that the freezer was sitting at 33 degrees (F) instead of its usual 0 degrees. Doesn't seem like the freezer part is kicking on at all. Fridge seems fine, holding steady at 38 degrees. We're not 100% positive when it "went" but we're guessing it was later in the vaca since it was still barely above freezing as of last night. This morning it's high 30s in temp.
Would shutting off the water for the house but not specifically turning off the ice maker have done anything to it? Any easy fixes I can check before calling someone out?
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2023.06.07 13:50 CanidPsychopomp The Sopranos and my fucking life story

So anyway if you don't wanna listen, fuck you. I gotta coupla tree tings to say.
First of all I wanna make clear to alla youse that I bin in this thing FROM THE BEGINNING. First fucking episode, first fucking day alright? I recognised the potential from the start. So don't be giving me no attitude.
What it is, is that this fucking show, this fuck tv progrum has reflected and predicted some bits of my life, and maybe not just by chance but because of a couple dumb choices I made. Or maybe I'm the one who needs to get my head examined, I don't know. Paging Dr Melfi! Fuck that, I couldn't afford her pass me another Zoloft wouldya?
So anyway back where I'm from I got involved in a coupla things, nothing heavy, took a few risks. Never faced no consequences. Then I met this girl. Madone! From the first I was smitten. Thick curly black hair, dark eyes and an ass to die for. My thing was kinda windin down and I was ready for pastures new so we upped and moved back where she's from. Now this is Spain. These muthafuckas don't got things organised the way they do in Italy, but believe you me behind the scenes there's a lot going on. None of that interested me however, I was going straight and that was that. For the most part.
But the fucking family. Now my own family are a shitshow in their own right, but I walked right into a whole thing here.
Let me start with my jagoff brother-in-law. This stoogatz was a lazy fucking chifosa gavone, and a complete bullshit artist to boot. When I met him he seemed to make a living by doing some shit in nightclubs, who knows. He was always with the stories, how he was with a crew of mulignans in London, how he was tight with the Bulgarians that ran all the doors in the city, how he'd been a bodyguard when he was in the army. I didn't give a fuck. All bullshit as far as anyone could tell. So anyway, this is maybe 2002, 2002 and I start buying up the DVD boxsets when they come out. You remember them? You kids these days got know idea how it was back then. I was sick of listening to this motherfucker so I lend the cunt the season 1 box set. Mistake.
Thing is the stoonad really, and I mean really started to identify with it. First of all it was Livia. I mean the asshole was not wrong- his own mother, my mother-in-law, yeah, she was a Livia. God rest her soul she's gone now and there isn't a day I'm not thankful.
Then he watched the episode where Chris and Brendan jack the truck, and fuck me if he doesn't start telling me the very next week how him and his crew jacked a truckload of watches or some shit over the weekend. I just looked at him straight-faced while he tells me THE FUCKING EPISODE but with him as main character. He doesn't bat a fucking eylid, I think, this cunt is deranged, he's fucking loonytunes. I get the impression that while he's telling it, he's really believing it.
Anyway he goes from bad to worse but I'll get onto that.
But now my fucking fawtha-in-law. I mean this guy is a piece of work too. At times he's not around much in those days, as he can't spend all that much time around Livia before he fucks off to Florida, I mean Malaga, or the islands where he's got like two whole other families. This guy made a fuckton of money in the 80s and 90s somehow- I mean, he had legitimate businesses but there was some connected stuff going on too. They ran clubs and parties, and had close friends who did too, and there was even a couple of things about helping out some pretty high up people with looking after associates and stuff at critical moments. Colombians and Gallicians (they are up on the far north west coast and in those days they were bringing it all in that way). But by this time 2000 and whatever, he's past that for the most part, though he still was doing a bit of beach lookout stuff down south and hanging out with some questionable characters for a while. He's the type you know, he can be funny and charming and entertaining, but by and large he's just a fucking toxic narcissist. Used to be a tough guy, but to be honest in Spain they are more about talking about violence than actually doing it. Anyway, muthafucka pointed a gun at me twice, threatened to kill me one time. By this time my wife and I had built a house on the family compound, so after that he had to go away as far as I was concerned. Where I come from you make a threat you gotta be prepared to go through with or face the consequences as if you were gonna. Spanish people talk to much but I'm form where I'm from. So he was gone again, for a few years, till his goomars or whatever the fuck you wanna call them got sick of him and he put the feelers out to be able to come back. I gotta say, the family worked on me and I gave him a pass. We got drunk and high together a coupla tree times and worked it out, for a few years anyways.
So to the fucking brother-in-law. He gives me a ride one time in this car. Cracks open a hiddenc compartment he's got under the glove box, pulls out a pistol. Now this isn't the USA, where that shit is normal. Who knows, maybe it was fake. He's still living in some shithole apartment and from what I can tell conning women into paying for his lifestyle. Who the fuck knows it's all bullshit anyway, but things are obviously moving along for him. One time some friends visit for the weekend and he's around. They need to go to the airport in the morning and he says he going that way and can take them. I warn them they'll be better off taking the train but they go with him anyway. He shows up in full military uniform. Now this asshole did legitmiamtely spend a coulple of years in the military, but he shows up dressed as a major or some shit. In the car on the way my friends are terrified as he drives at about 120mph all the way, weaving in and out of traffic, and all the time he never shuts up. Guy speaks ok English. He tells them how he's in the special forces, and he's getting a helicopter to Afghanistan to do some top secret shit, then coming back the same day. Some fucking helicopter. Turns out he's actually running some con on some poor woman in airport security. Another my brother comes over, he's only like 18 or something. Felipe (my b-i-l) invites him out clubbing. He's clearly at least a little connected as they waltz into every club straight past the line and sit in the VIP area drinking rum and cokes and doing lines. Another time another brother of mine is over (there's a few of us, my dad was Irish and he put it about). Felipe shows up ready for a night out, dressed in back suit, black shirt and some fucking blood red shiny tie. Now me and my brother have had a drink or two, smoked a couple joints already (we went out a nearly got in a fight with some lesbians later that night) and anyway he's a bit of a roughneck fucker. Spent a couple years in the can too, later on. My brother-in-law is trying to be funny, I'm ignoring him, he makes some racist joke which my brother isn't into so he looks him in the eye and asks 'why the fuck you dressed like an extra from a gangster movie?' Fucking stoonad soon leaves. Another he's like come up to my apartment, and he pulls out a big bag of coke and offers it to me. We do a couple lines, it's junk, no good shit like it always is here and I'm about over that stuff by now anyway, but I spent a while in Colombia and I can hold my own. He tells me he has it because someone owed him money and they gave him it in lieu after having to threaten the guy, so I think huh ok you talk a good game motherfucker let's see what you do. I think my wife is away with the baby at her sister's at this point maybe, at least that's how I wanna remember it. Anyway this shit is cut to fuck and not that strong so I think I'm gonna make the biggest fucking lines and see if we can do all of it and see if he makes a fuss. He makes a noise a couple times but doesn't try and stop me.
At this point I pretty much think it's all just basically cosplay. But then shit gets real. We get a call that he's arrested, locked up. And it's not just some bullshit either. The guy played the lead role in a stick up, dressed as police. The story goes the person they were sticking up was also connected, but I don't know. Anyway he gets caught and the rest of the crew don't, and he spends like three years in jail. His girlfriend comes over night of, telling me al kinds of tall tales, asking me to go with her to his apartment to pick up some shit the next day cos she's afraid to go on her own. My wife's away at this point down at the house by the shore with the kids, and I think about trying something but think nah fuck it, it'll be more hassle than it's worth.
When he comes out, I think he knows he aint got the stones for the carcelary experience really. The one time I go to visit him he's got a black eye. Slipped in the shower, he says. I give him Goodfellas, Scarface and The French Connection to watch in there. When he comes out he sets up in the building trade, which is a pretty good way to rip people off if you know how. This goes on for years,he even manages to rip me off at one point but I stiff him on some of what he wants from me so I guess it works out even.
So it's years later. I'm just a working joe basically. We are still on the family compound. The father-in-law is there too, but in another building a little ways away, and my sister in law is also there. We've built a granny flat for Livia, but she doesn't get much time to enjoy it. We're away at the beach and we get the call that my other brother in law has found her floating in the pool. A stroke. Unsurprising really with the way she enjoyed a daily mix of uppers and downers.
Motherfucking Felipe tries to shake us down straightaway. The property was in Livia's sole name, for various legal reasons and her dying really made the shit hit the fan. We tell him fuck you. This is like 4 years ago now.
Since then motherfucker has snitched on the property for whatever the fuck- nothing here was ever exactly legit and up to code, but there's usually ways around stuff unless some motherfucker meddles. Has tried to, pretended to be going to run us down with his car. Has made sundry threats and calumnies to anyone willing to listen. So one night he show's up when we are celebrating something or other round a fire. He gets into an argument with my wife and says some things he shouldn't, so I get up in his face and tell him to watch his mouth. He pushes me, like a fucking playground fight, and bad luck I fall back over the picnic table we got set up there. I get up an my wife and fucking daughter, who's like 18 by now are up in his face and he start's pushing them so I punch him in the face. Not a good shot, I'd been drinking 18 year old scotch all night. Mayhem, other guys there separate all of us but he keeps on screaming and raging. One point I pick up an empty vodka bottle but don't do nothing with it. People manage to push him away, get him to his car but he keep screaming how he's gonna kill me, one time he'll find me on my own down the track (we've got more than a mile of rough country road to get to the compound). The highlightis I'm gonna get put in the trunk, he's had people in the trunk of his car for less. Oh and various slurs, anti-Northern European discrimination I call it.
This is all a couple years ago. Like I said I've got a few brothers. A couple of them we've always said anything heavy needs doing we'll be there for one another. Like I said, one of them did a couple years in the can, another was in the forces for a while, been under fire, shot a couple or tree bad guys in his time.
But I aint done shit, and he aint done shit neither. I sometime think if I'd a realised the true point of the show that I'd'a run a mile way back when. Or if at least I hadn't lend the motherfucker my box set, thing might coulda gone another way.
Fuck it, it's all a big nothing anyways.
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2023.06.07 13:49 OkRice1421 Property taxes

I really don't think there should be property tax on a domicile. If you live their, you shouldn't have to keep paying the government rent for your own fucking house. Property tax was originally just a way to keep certain people from owning land.
That being said, some people have quite a bit of property.
I move we develop a bracketing system for property tax. Domiciles and self sufficient farms, you should be able to just have that land. I'm unsure on acreage for something like that, but anything that's single family shouldn't be taxed. Once you start selling or operating a business, then taxes should kick in, and increase with the amount of land you're holding.
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2023.06.07 13:48 lunch22 Help with American South 7-10 Day Road Trip

Any suggestions for a 7-10 roadtrip through the American south?
Tentatively plan to fly to ATL and renting a car from there and return to there.
Interested in:
Can skip:
What am I missing? What can be added? How's this timeline?
Can extend to longer than 10 days if I can stay and work from one area for a few days. My job is 100% remote.
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2023.06.07 13:48 El_Boogalicious Strange paranormal encounter

This is not really a scary story but a rather odd occurrence that happened about 11-12 years ago. To paint a picture it was around 10pm and me and my brother were walking around outside our parents house conversing about random topics, a usual past time we used to do back then when we were bored of being indoors. As we walked outside I noticed a red laser like dot shine on my left leg, I did a double take out of curiosity but noticed it wasn’t there. I brushed that off not caring about it and continued the conversation with my brother since he mostly spoke and I was listening at the time. About 2 min later I noticed the red light again on my leg and did another double take. Since it did look like a laser I started looking around and thinking maybe someone had a laser pointer and was trying to mess with me. But of course didn’t see no one so brushed it off again. Then soon I noticed it but this time on my stomach and I looked down but it was gone and now I asked my brother “hey man is there someone pointing a laser or something because i see keep seeing this light” and he looked around and said no of course, but I still kept looking around because surely by now someone was messing with me. But I remember as I was looking around the perimeter of the yard I was starting to see the red light on the ground but every time I would directly look at it, it would disappear and would start taking a slightly different shape. now a 2in diameter circle with a halo surrounding it . So at that point I started looking for it on the ground while my brother was still trying to figure out what I was seeing. As I kept looking around I started seeing what I could only describe as a shiny metallic silver glittery stringed object on the ground but would disappear when I would completely focus on it. (Best way I can relate to what that anomaly looked like was those party decorations that have twists or curls that people like to hang from ceilings or whatever at birthdays and such) During all that the laser light came back and started shining on me again but this time on my leg,arm,stomach and chest so I told my brother “hey wtf it’s on me! wtf is going on” and he noticed how I was pissed off and basically tripping out and looking around he told me to calm down but after he said that we both turned to look at the ground behind us for whatever reason we both turned our bodies in sync we saw what I could only describe as an orb about an inch in diameter brass in color extremely bright but not reflecting any light or didn’t shine any light to any surrounding objects seemed as if it was alive or had life in it and the orb was about knee high and 2ft in front of us. And as we both saw it, it shot into the ground in a parabolic manner and disappeared. We looked at each other in awe but Me and my brother have always been rather religious so we took it as something with malice, and we went inside and prayed for protection of our home and well being to ward off any evil entities. The rest of the night we spent trying to figure out what it was but also tried not to speak of it much in case it was evil since again we were religious but not your typical church goer type. The next day for whatever reason I woke up with my left eye sore as it was hit by something but no marks or bruising was present. My only guess is that it had to do something with what happened the night before. Never saw anything like that again
If anyone took the time to read this I appreciate your time. This is my first Reddit post and ain’t really much of a proper story teller. If you have any similar experiences or have heard anything explaining in anyway what this could have been or close to please reach out, would love to hear it all thank you. Lastly no we were not on any drugs
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2023.06.07 13:48 30AG30MIL How to structure this deal

My aunt recently had told us that she's planning to sell her property in the next year so she can move to Maryland and be semi-retired. I've looked at her property and it seems like it could be a good rental deal bringing in 1% of rental income relative to its market value. I just need to know what's the best way to structure this deal if I would approach her of the possibilities.
She might need some money but not necessarily all of it. I believe she has about 80% equity of the value of the house now.
Should I ask her to owner finance?
Should I set up an LLC to purchase the house?
I just want to make sure that it's a win-win for both of us. I'm not looking to take advantage of her, otherwise we'll just sell to the highest person we can sell it to. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 13:48 cdnBacon I want to use my old surface book as a terminal for a more powerful desktop for unreal engine development. How delusional am I?

Cross posted in microsoft.
Just as the title says. My old surface book is showing signs of early Alzheimer's. I am getting out of database manipulation (my old job) and into Unreal Engine development (my retirement hobby). I don't want to spend $5k CAD on a Surface product to support this latest whim, and my surface book barely keeps up with fairly basic development work.
Also ... I split my time between two houses. It's complicated.
So: I want to buy a decent but comparatively cheaper desktop, leave it happily plunking along inside of a high speed internet environment, and using something like Remote Desktop run it from my aging surface book. For actual game play, I would probably just sit my ass in front of the desktop, but for development work using UE, I am hopeful that this will give me reasonable results.
Am I nuts? Is remote desktop the best option?
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.07 13:48 ArmaniGuccii Genuine question

I was told by a family member to set aside my mental illnesses (anxiety and clinical depression) and to help around the house and contribute. At that time, I was experiencing a mental breakdown and had isolated myself for months. He told me many things, including to stop going to therapy and taking meds, as they weren't working for me. His words kept repeating in my mind, and it's been months since they were first said. Do you think what he said is right?
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2023.06.07 13:47 Eclectic_Nymph Getting back into the rooms

Hi everyone!
My name is Alissa and I've been sober from cocaine and heroine for almost 10 years since attending treatment/sober living. The treatment center and sober house I attended were on the other side of the US and I really threw myself into the recovery community there. I was deeply involved in my home group. I took up every service opportunity I could. I can honestly say they were some of the best years of my life.
Well, fast forward 3 years and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I moved back home to be close to my family and honestly, I never got fully plugged in to the AA community after moving. I started out going to meetings but it felt so different. And then I just stopped going. You guys know the drill. It didn't take long, but this insidious disease convinced me I could drink and smoke weed and that as long as I "stay away from the hard stuff" I would be fine. The issue is, I see the symptoms of my addiction permeating into all areas of my life now. I'm having issues with my relationships with food. I'm a workaholic. I'm just overall not the happy, healthy person I used to be. I miss the commoradery I used to have in the rooms. I feel so isolated and alone. But I'm not sure how to take the first step and go back.
I'm married now and my husband seems to be in denial about my addiction. He didn't know me when I was at my worst and doesn't understand the dangers of how I'm living now. When I tell him I'm going to start going to AA again he gets very strange and begins questioning if I'm using heroin or coke behind his back. I know I need to just bite the bullet and get my ass into a meeting, I'm just having trouble taking the plunge.
TLDR - Relapsed on alcohol/weed after being clean for multiple years. Feeling like a fraud and having trouble getting back into the rooms.
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2023.06.07 13:47 catlovinmidwestbitch One of six seven-week-old kittens won’t use litter box

In March, I brought in a stray who would hang out around my house. I have two other inside adult cats so I wanted to get her tested for everything before we introduced them. We took her to the vet and her bill of health was clean: no worms, fleas or FIV. However, she was pregnant. We decided we still wanted to keep her and brought her in. She seemed to love it. Relaxed, immediately knew to use the litter box. On April 16, she gave birth. The first four weeks, she took care of them completely and is a really good mom. We kept them separate via a baby gate that mom could still climb over but the kittens couldn’t. About four weeks in, overnight, they seemed to all learn how to pee on their own. Literally everything was soaking wet with pee on the floor except their bedding. I brought in two big shallow pan litter boxes and put them in the place they had peed the most. There are also two adult litter boxes in this room for mom and our other cats. It’s really two big rooms attached to each other with no soft furniture - we just moved in in February. Everyone adapted quickly except one. He seemed to hold it until it was a very large amount of pee and then went under my desk where there was no pan. We assumed he may just like the privacy of down there and put a pan there too. Since this incident, he’s peed multiple times outside of the box. I notice a puddle of pee almost everyday. Normally it’s right next to the litter box on the floor under the desk and sometimes he’ll even pee in the litter scoop next to the big boxes. Like seriously, if he took one step back, he’d be in the box. There’s been times I catch him and put him in the box to associate that feeling with the box. He just stops peeing and returns to playing. Every time I clean it up and disinfect the area. Every other cat and kitten in the house uses the box and I’m sure he sees them do it. I’m confused why he still feels the need to go outside of the box? To clarify, this room is as clean as it can be for having as many litter boxes there are. Everyday I scoop all solids out and every other day I completely clean the shallow pans, sweep, mop the floor, and disinfect around the boxes. There’s an air purifier in there too. The kittens are free range to the entire house now and every other kitten can find the litter box just fine, some even using the litter robot in the basement without even being introduced to it. Yesterday was the first day we discovered a poop outside of the box, in the laundry room in the basement, not close to a litter box at all. Pretty good assumption it’s this kittens. Any advice? Part of me thinks it’s a feeling thing, like he doesn’t like how it feels. The other part of me says he’s lacking instincts and is kind of just dumb? He gets along great with the other kittens. Please help. I can’t have him pooping in my house. My parents planned on adopting him, but they won’t if he doesn’t use the litter box. I honestly don’t know what we’ll end up doing with him and I don’t want him to become a barn cat. I wanted all of the kittens to go to good homes of people I know personally. Other than that, he’s a really sweet boy. Playful, cuddly. They’re seven weeks old now. Please help.
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2023.06.07 13:47 Dslayer33 Lost my Scorpio goddess is there still hope?

I'm a Capricorn sun, Libra Moon and Virgo Rising, also Scorpio in venus as its relevant I think to this situation.
My girlfriend of 8 months was a Scorpio sun Capricorn Moon, Virgo Rising and Libra venus.
We met on tinder after I left an 8 year soul crushing toxic relationship with an Npd (narcissist) and me a Bpd (borderline).
I saw her on the app and immediately felt a warm fuzzy feeling.
It felt like I knew her immediately, as soon as we met I kissed her within 3 seconds, it just felt so right.
We talked in my truck for hours and all of a sudden her eyes changed like they were almost sparkling, and she looked at me like I've never been looked at before. She would just stare while I talked.
Eventually I started caressing her and things escalated from there. I had no plans on sleeping with her initially but I didn't feel in control I just went with the energy.
We later on we hooked up at my cousins place (not a great choice of location I admit) abd spent hours in bed befire we got kicked out and then we stayed the night together at a hotel and had breakfast the next day because we couldn't get enough of eachother. The chemistry was electric. I had never dated a Scorpio woman before and my God they are intoxicating.
In the beginning of the relationship I was a broken person and I relied heavily on her for compassion and support. We told each other everything about each other even if it wasn't pretty. We established a policy of complete honesty from the first night we talked.
We actually didn't have sex again for several weeks as I was so emotionally drained and going through a bout of severe depression. I also struggle with severe retroactive jealousy and her openess about previous relationships and sexual past was hard for me to swallow.
I was married and had only been in 2 long term relationships so my body count was many times lower than hers.
But we continued to go on dates and spend hours talking and cuddling. I had reoccurring episodes due to my untreated borderline personality disorder which I only recently realized I suffer from after being in denial I had a problem most of my life.
She forced me to confront my demons, and made it clear I needed to change. She tried to set firm boundaries and hated when we fought about her past. I would split on her when she left during the week and it became a predictable cycle.
I had become much too used to codependency in my previous relationship and I didn't know how to cope when my partner wasn't around.
She was still patient with me for several months of this.
I told her I'd change but I kept fucking up. I had victories someday but eventually I'd give in to an episode.
In April we had a huge fight where I drank way too much and took our my frustration on her calling her a slut and devaluing her. She stayed by my side but had her fanily come get her dog. She showed them a recording of my rant and it damaged their view of me.
I'm a different person when I'm in a borderline episode...I'm such a loving partner when I'm normal but if the split gets triggered it's catastrophic.
I should've realized she was getting closer to the end of her rope. She warned me, tried to set boundaries, I didn't listen. I thought if she loved me she'd stay no matter what, my previous partner would never follow through on her threats to leave and I was stupid enough to think she wouldn't either. So I delayed starting therapy, although I did start eventually it was too late.
The relationship continued to get more serious, we had a pregnancy scare where we almost hadba kid but unfortunatelythere was a miscarriage, and we also planned on moving in together this June.
We were planning our life together.
She said stuff like "I didn't want a family until I met you." Or, "I didn't care about my future until I met you."
My episodes continued. Until this last Sunday when I was upset she wouldn't tell me something about an ex because she didn't want to talk about it today. Like a fucking idiot I pushed her boundary yet again and demanded to know what she was hiding and why she wouldn't tell me.
I realize now she didn't want to talk about it because we had already discussed it and she was trying to avoid triggering me.
I told her to go back home I was so upset.
She even came back that night to resolve things but then we got into again and she decided to grab her stuff, I freaked out and tried to get her to stay blocking the door and begging her to stay.
She said she loved me but she had to be away from me and that she would talk to me again in a few days.
I didn't sleep the first night she was gone I called her and begged to speak to her I was having a panic attack.
It's very hard for borderline personalities to be separated from their fp (favorite person) especially under bad circumstances.
She said later that day we would talk in a day or two after she had therapy.
The day of her therapy I spent the day hiking to my favorite meditation spot and I had a deep realization about where my insecurities come from.
I never practiced self love, I always felt I had to be all the good things about someone's exes in one. I had to one up them or I wouldn't be worthy of love.
I told myself for the first time that it's ok to just be me and that I love myself despite everything I've been through.
I cried for a couple hours and went and talked to my parents.
I was so excited to tell her about my breakthrough. I wanted to show her I was changing.
This was also the day of her therapy.
She called me after dinner and told me she was breaking up with me and that she just couldn't do it anymore. It's an endless cycle and she can't put her mental health at risk for me.
I couldn't accept the outcome. I was in shock. I said I'd drive to her house and drop off what was left of her stuff but I wanted to talk to her in person.
She said she wouldn't speak to me face to face.
I think it's because she knew she'd give me another chance if she saw my face.
I even knocked on her door and spoke to her grandpa who was kind but explained that she was done and me trying to speak to her was making it worse. I accepted it and drove home.
I called her many times and left voice messages telling her I loved her and that I was so sorry and I took her for granted.
She texted me a long message telling me she loved me but we needed to be apart so I could change so we both could work on ourselves, because I wasn't changing while I was with her. She said she couldn't do it anymore.
After that she didn't say anything but I continued to text her because I couldn't accept the outcome.
I told her I'd be here for her no matter what and that I was open to fixing things, that I just wanted one more chance.
She didn't respond but she continued reading my messages?
She didn't block me on anything just unfriended me on Facebook.
I thought if Scorpios were truly done they erase you completely?
Is there anyway I can salvage this or win her back?
I'm desperate, I love her so much I don't want this to be the end, I'll never take her for granted again...
Please, I need help.
Thank you from a Scorpio obsessed Capricorn.
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2023.06.07 13:46 30AG30MIL Mom looking to sell a house that I own. What's the best strategy to avoid taxes?

So here's the story, about 4 years ago I had helped my mom get a home loan under my name. The reason was that at the time, she was just starting to establish her business and she couldn't get a good interest rate. Luckily, my work moved me in the area and we decided that we purchase the house under my name and we can all live together. After a year, I was asked again by my company to move back to Maryland so I did. I however, kept the house as my primary residence in Virginia beach still and sent most of my mails there. I rented a place for another 1.5 year before purchasing another house which now became my current primary residence. Recently, my mom had asked me that she plans to sell the property and buy a new one (this time she can buy under her own name since her business has been established). What's the best strategy for us so that we won't have to pay capital gains? I understand that for single filers it's $250k and married filing jointly it'll be $500k. Next year if she sells, I will be filing married jointly (granted my soon-to be wife is not in the deed, only me).
Here are the time frames:
8/23/2019 - bought the house virginia beach under my name(loan started)
12/01/2020 - I moved back to maryland due to work and rented however kept virginia beach house as primary residence
12/01/2021 - Bought a house in maryland with my soon to be wife and now claim that as primary residence
Will I be avoiding capital gains if we sell the house since technically it's my primary residence from 8/23/2019 to 12/01/2021? Please advise. Thanks.
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2023.06.07 13:46 penelopesworld1 Couple thoughts

  1. In the beginning, Sadie was complaining about possible rent that would be around $2k per month. The mortgage on this house will be at or ABOVE 2k a month plus any unexpected expenses that come along with owning a house (maintenance, utilities, property taxes) how will they pay that? They can’t expect Sadie’s parents to support them forever.
  2. What is Sadie’s long term goal for her channel? We know she has no ambition or work ethic but she’s been losing subscribers and her content is repetitive and boring. I hate watch this girl because her life is a pathetic mess but she’s not giving us anything in her vlogs and she’s posting once every two weeks at this point.
  3. What will Sadie do with her life outside of being a “mom” being a mom isn’t a career. One day she’s going to look back and have nothing to show for herself except a few attempts at starting a business which failed after a month. She’s going to be working at McDonald’s in 18 years when her kids are out of the house.
I LOLed when Sadie said she can’t wait to get rid of the recess lighting and add chandeliers. She needs a reality check, the house is fine & they shouldn’t waste what money they do have on irrelevant decor. She’s so trashy it’s hilarious. We’re in for a wild ride people!
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2023.06.07 13:46 thorshine Leaky basement

Hey all,
I bought a house back in August last year from a family friend and overall things are going great! As the projects continue my next one is to fix the leaks in the basement walls. After asking some knowledgeable friends and doing some research the two solutions I'm down to are injectables (epoxy, foam, etc.) and hydraulic cement. Both sound as if they'll get the job done equally well and relatively simply. Do you guys have any preference or suggestions for either?
Additional info: when it rains relatively heavily there are a couple spots water consistently is coming in, luckily nothing too much. A few weekends ago a strangely fast and hard rainstorm blew through and water was coming in from a couple new spots behind some wood paneling. The cracks I can see are smaller. Also, I live in the St Louis Missouri area, in a 40s or 50s era home with a poured concrete foundation. I consider myself fairly competent in DIY-ing.
Let me know if you have any other questions I can clarify.
Thank you all in advance for any suggestions and advice!
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2023.06.07 13:46 jdotis011 Sewer smell at base of toilet

Hey guys. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but for probably the past week we’ve had a sewer smell coming from the base of the toilet in the house we rent. The toilet has normal water level, no issues flushing, and there are no leaks. We have tried bleach in the tank. Is it time to have the wax ring replaced, or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 13:45 SlideSuccessful4222 Confused about my lesbian relationship #needadvice

So I started dating someone in the beginning of October (I'm 26 she's 29). I'd dated quite a few people before that but never felt this kind of intensity with anyone from day one, same for her. We instantly bonded and couldn't get enough of each other, I've never felt this excited about someone's personality not to mention she's gorgeous and our sex life is out of this world. Everything was going great until (like so many people) we hit the 3 month mark and started arguing constantly. It wasn't particularly vile but a very common occurance, we just struggled to see eye to eye on so many topics. Things got stressful and because she was going after a new job and moving house, she stopped being present and attentive, and we broke up in the beginning of April. During that time I went to therapy and realised how much I'd missed her but also that life was way less stressful without her. About a month and a half of no contact, she reached out wanting me back. We started hanging out and texting a lot and even though I wanted to take things slow we kinda fell back into the same feelings of love and intimacy. However, we now argue all the time, even more than we did before. We're trying so hard to hear each other and give each other support but it seems like there's something every day, and it's exhausting. I think she's brilliant and so smart and I love her very much but I'm just so stressed. It shouldn't be this hard, should it? I can't imagine wanting anyone but her and I know I'm choosing something hard and someone who keeps me on my toes. It's so passionate and when we spend quality time together I feel like I'm the happiest person on earth. I'm just really not used to these ups and downs. Any advice? Has this happened to anyone who could maybe give me some insight into a situation like this? Will this get better or does this mean we're not right for each other? I haven't had a long term relationship before so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. Thank you
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