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Motorcycles with professional custom paint jobs.

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For those obsessed with American Kustom Kulture -Kustom Rides (Classic Custom Autos, Motos, & Vans) -Kustom Art (Lowbrow Stuff, Pinstriping, Flake Paint Jobs) -Kustom Projects (Show us what you're building!) -NO FOR SALE ADS (No selling of anything at all) -BE NICE (Your shit posts will be deleted and IDGAF what you think about it)

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A subreddit for those in the DC/MD/VA area and visitors alike! Feel free to plug events, local news, politics, etc. Random traffic is POTUS-related 99% of the time. [The Official Visitors' Guide to DC](

2023.06.02 01:25 Metro_Anarchy SAVRP Blaine County Sheriff's Office IS NOW HIRING!! Looking for New and Experienced Deputies to Populate the Growing Department in a Serious RP Server! [ESX/QBCORE] [ACTIVE 24/7] [WHITELISTED]

SAVRP Blaine County Sheriff's Office IS NOW HIRING!! Looking for New and Experienced Deputies to Populate the Growing Department in a Serious RP Server! [ESX/QBCORE] [ACTIVE 24/7] [WHITELISTED]
Welcome to San Andreas Valley Roleplay, the ultimate serious RP server that offers endless opportunities for all players! Whether you're an experienced gamer or a newcomer to RP, we have something for everyone with over 20+ legal jobs, including car tuning options such as full engine swaps, our diverse community is constantly growing and evolving. We have a wide range of activities available for players, from participating in gangs and motorcycle clubs to driving over 2000+ unique vehicles and planning multi-stage heists.
If you're interested in law enforcement, we have some exciting opportunities for you as well. The Blaine County Sheriff's Office is currently hiring dedicated deputies to patrol and protect the greater Blaine County area. You'll have the chance to work in some of the most exciting areas of Blaine County, including Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, Paleto Bay, and beyond. Our department is expanding rapidly, with new subdivisions on the horizon such as the Criminal Investigations Unit, Gang & Narcotics Task Force, Special Response Team, Canine Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit Commercial Vehicle Unit, Parks and Wildlife, and Air Support Unit.
Join us now and start your journey in San Andreas Roleplay. Whether you're looking for a challenging career in law enforcement or simply seeking new adventures, our community is waiting for you. Come and discover the excitement and fun of our server today!
(For any questions you may have, feel free to dm me here, or on Discord @ !Metro Anarchy # 1776)
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2023.06.02 01:21 nICE-KING Some of you were commenting about my paint job, so here is a small example of how well it blends just in plain sight.

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2023.06.02 01:20 Lovely_Demon28 Average Labor Rate?

I'm in the process of starting my own drywall and paint business, but being new to owning my own business, there's things I still don't know. I have my first job lined up doing just a couple small patches. For those more experienced in the field professionaly, what do you think is an average labor rate for drywall work? Thanks!
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2023.06.02 01:18 Glaurung_Quena The anime miniseries "Uchu no senshi" vs Verhoeven's Starship Troopers vs the Heinlein's novel

There was an anime direct to home video miniseries in 1988 based on Heinlein's "Starship Troopers," called "Uchu no senshi" (Soldiers of the universe). The six episodes were released on laserdisk and tape in Japan, and AFAIK, have never been reissued since. I have seen it only because of rips of the laserdisk with fan-translated subs available from torrent sites.
The anime series is OK but not great. It avoids all the (endless, very grumpy) lectures about politics in the original novel and just sticks to the story of Juan Rico, his romance with Carmencita, and the war against the Bugs. It also only covers the first third to half of the novel (Johnny graduates from boot camp at the start of episode 4 of 6). Naturally, since it's anime, the powered armour of the original novel is featured front and centre.
On watching the series, I noticed some odd parallels between how the Anime departs from the novel and how the Verhoeven Starship Troopers movie departs from the novel. Does it make sense to think that the scriptwriter (Neumeier) consulted the anime series to fill in his very careless and sloppy reading of the actual novel? Verhoeven cut out the powered armour of the novel completely, allegedly for budgetary reasons. Other than that, though:
  1. Novel: Johnny Rico was active in track, swimming, and debate in high school. Anime: Juan Rico plays American football. Movie: Johnny Rico is a football player.
  2. Novel: Rico knows a girl named Carmen but their friendship occupies a couple sentences. She visits him for a date in officer training school, but they aren't in love. Anime: Rico is head over heels for Carmencita, and this is front and centre. Movie: Rico and Carmen's relationship is front and centre.
  3. Novel: Rico's family is rich, unlike his best friend, who is poor. Anime: everyone in his social circle is well to do. Movie: everyone owns all the toys and doesn't need to worry about money, in the usual Hollywood "everyone is upper middle class" way.
  4. Novel: Rico is a Filipino whose native language is Tagalong (revealed on the last page). Anime: Rico is blonde and blue-eyed. His classmates are likewise mostly very white looking. Movie: Despite supposedly being located in Buenos Aires, all these supposed Latino characters look very Anglo, like they came from an upper class LA high school.
In other areas, the movie takes something partially developed in the anime and runs with it to a new, often quite foolish place.
5: Novel: Rico lives somewhere in a former colony of Spain, but not in the Western Hemisphere (if you pay close attention to the subtle clues sprinkled sparsely through the opening chapters). Anime: Rico lives somewhere where American football is popular, there are lots of people with Hispanic names, all the signage is in English, and the sun rises over the ocean. (Florida?, Texas? California in a retrograde version of Earth? Japan but with everyone mysteriously having Spanish names?). Movie: Rico lives in an Americanized, Anglicized, whitewashed version of Buenos Aires, because Neumeier did not actually read the novel with much attention and failed to realize that Rico's mother was travelling away from home when she died in the Bug attack on that city.
  1. Novel: boot camp instructor Staff Sergeant Zim asks the new recruits if any of them can take him in a fight. When he then breaks the wrist of one of the recruits who fights him, he apologizes for it – “I’m sorry, you hurried me a little.” Anime: Zim hurts a recruit’s forearm, possibly on purpose, and says “go to the dispensary, it’s just a simple dislocation, you’ll be better in three hours.” Movie: Zim deliberately and with malice breaks of the arm of an already defeated man (movie Zim = sociopath).
  2. Novel: Zim trains the recruits in knife throwing. A recruit asks why they are doing something so primitive when the enemy has nuclear bombs. Zim replies with two short lectures, one on how there is no such thing as a dangerous weapon, only a dangerous man, and second on how the military’s job is not to obliterate the enemy but to exert as much or as little violence against the enemy as the government desires. Anime: there's a severely condensed version of the first lecture about dangerous men. Movie: Zim doesn’t answer the question at all, he just stabs the recruit in the hand because sociopath.
Finally, there are a few places where the movie follows neither the anime nor the book.
  1. Novel: Zim cares deeply for the welfare of his trainees, and this is explicitly conveyed through a lot of words. Anime: in the three episodes set in boot camp, Zim is harder and more cruel, but we are shown through his expressions that despite the mean exterior, he cares a great deal about the welfare of his trainees. Movie: Zim is a sociopath who goes out of his way to hurt his trainees.
  2. Novel: Zim's cheeks are "shaved blue," so he’s pale skinned. No other description of his appearance is given. Anime: Zim is of African descent, and just about the only character depicted with non pale skin. Movie: Zim is a blond, Aryan looking white guy. (considering Hollywood's racist approach to casting, this is not surprising)
Looking at all of that together, I start wondering: could the script for the movie have been borrowing from the anime? If you've seen the anime yourself, please let me know your thoughts. If you haven't: it's six short episodes, and worth your time if you are a Heinlein completist.
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2023.06.02 01:16 bleak-0utlook NOT getting fired

I recently just started a new job (I've been there a month or so). I really enjoy it as much as one can enjoy working, and there aren't any huge red flags, yet.
I've been late one day- I was pulled over because my registration is expired. (Haven't had money to re-do my insurance.) Anyways, other than that I haven't been late or missed any days. There was one day I felt badly and tried to have someone cover my shift, but nobody could so I came to work anyways.
Overall everyone likes to work with me. A couple of days ago I fell ill and I've missed several days of work. Because of this I've had so much anxiety and already stressing with panic attacks. Of course, missing work means my check is going to suffer, and I'm already not getting many hours. So needless to say at this point I was stressed about this job and situation I'm in. Before I got sick I asked the managers, rather pleaded with them, to schedule me more. Now here I am missing multiple days.
Come to find out, I'm going to miss more days as I'm not going to be able to return immediately. I had to notify work, and I was dreading that call. I was expecting a "yeah I'm sorry at this point we're gonna have to let you go"...
But instead everything will be fine. I might have gotten a point for not calling out soon enough/properly on one day (we do a point system like Walmart and other places) but they won't be penalizing me for the days I'm gonna be out. I'm so relieved. It's gonna be hard, may have days I can't eat because I'm gonna miss a week of work, but I've still got my job. Just thought I would share this small win here!
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2023.06.02 01:13 CappyCamel Hot Trend

(Trigger warnings! Graphic violence, gore, and politics)

When my eyes were made of the fog of youth and
Days and nights the same, sprinting pell mell down the
Growing months as my mother told me again‘
Ice and cold are best for preservation, so chill baby,
And watch out for the hot ones. They’re always crazy.’
Give her a bright tune and run off ignorant as before
To play another game of Fireworks or Gunfire in June.

She wore as paint the gore while
Her playmates became meat
Cooked rare American style, our popular treat.
Actions are pumping too much
And we can’t pretend to only say that
Our hearts are with them, though still blooded.

I feel like the first time I woke up it was a hot summer.
Maples whispered to me secrets from embers, telling me
That we’d rather combust before apologizing and
Also a tree can say goodbye for ten years but most of
Humanity dies thinking we’ll survive. They’ve been heated,
They’ve been steaming up for too long and our glaciers
Are gone - along with our restraint and at this rate the kids
Will dance from the staccato of ARs for Christmas.

Couldn’t believe the riots, we reenacted
1812 with bodies stacked together smoking,
Desperate to punish someone for all the burns
Blistered across our lives
Such blazing words are incendiary for a reason
Because our souls are all too flammable.

Candles gather across the nation. White to white
Other colors matter not, for banishing spells
Pure white is the best and most innocent. Render
All the children into wax so they may remain
Good until they die. But only our hands can light them
When they’ve been alive just long enough to understand pain.
Otherwise it is not a fitting sacrifice to our Most High Fear.

Ice come back and cool this chaos before,
Like the forest, we must regrow from ashes
Or, more likely, slag the ground too hard
For any kinder to turn into kindling.
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2023.06.02 01:08 RemarkableElection86 help non-ideal gpa indian junior for cs

Demographics: indian male, 200k+, no hooks
High school: very competitive public school
Intended major: cs, maybe business side major
GPA: 3.48 (UW) - 3.98 (W), max rigor possible
SAT: 1530 (800 math, 730 english)
- 13 ap's (finished 9, set to take 4 in senior year) (scores mixed between 4s and 5s)
self studied both AP CS's early on in 9th and 10th cuz I wanted to take AP Econ in 11th and got a 4 and 5 respectively, self studied BC cuz i was taking AB
senior courseload: ap stats, ap lit, ap physics c and ap french
- rest were honors or accel (but was the highest level possible)
Awards (just what i have rn, might not include)
- MUN individual national award
- Harvard CS50
- golden pvsa
- ACSL Finalist 3x (american computer science league)
-AP Scholar with Distinction
- USACO Silver
Extracurriculars (vague):
research with peers in a club in a team using ML (professors from local uni helping us), gonna be published by summertime
non profit chapter secretary (biggest chapter), we host a variety of drives, we've raised over 5+ items
nhs vp, chapter is gonna have 800+ members next year (which is crazy)
mun nat team member, ive won a decent amount of awards, one at a national, and the team has won best large (1st) at many nationals
member of the "computer" club at my school, i've learned app dev, ML, and compete in ACSL here (couldn't get board cuz advisor only wanted more underclassmen :( )
Lead SAT math tutor, i make plans for the other tutors as well as myself for tutoring kids in the math portion
got a job where I teach kids how to code and I work for 2-8 hours every week, and it might be even more during the summer
Im also attending a 6 week virtual summer program this summer for programming, supposed to teach college curriculum, pretty competitive to get into (hoping for an internship after cuz they got connections lmao)
Essays and LORs:
LORs: both the teachers I asked already accepted and I'm a really good student in both, so they should v good
Essays: junior year hasn't ended so I haven't started, but i think ill be able to write some very good esays
School List (i have no idea if I have a chance for these, just some I was looking at)
- Cornell (only putting cuz im thinking of EDing)
- Boston Uni
- Purdue
- UT Austin
- Uni of Florida
- Uni of Maryland (College Park)
- Uni of Massachusetts (Amherst)
- Uni of Michigan
- Uni of Wisconsin (Madison)
Do I have a chance at these schools? Also, any tips or advice on my app or what colleges to apply to would be appreciated!
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2023.06.02 01:02 DeepNote900 Painting my nails different flags every day for pride month Day 1: Pride Progress Flag!

Painting my nails different flags every day for pride month Day 1: Pride Progress Flag!
Please put any suggestions in the comments if you have any!
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2023.06.02 00:57 xxrosef My Ex and I started talking again and he asked me to be his girlfriend, but found out he was still texting other girls.

Hi, a little back story. My ex and I dated for 2.5 years before I ended things with him for so many reasons. It was the hardest breakup ever for me, but I had to go. After 2 years, he messaged me on Facebook and we began talking again. This was about 1.5 months ago.
He's asked me multiple times to be his girlfriend again which was shocking to me. I've always loved him but I can't get over the past and the hurtful things he did. I don't believe he's serious about being in a relationship with me too because I see so many red flags and if he truly wanted to be with me, he wouldn't be saying some things such as talking about his exes I never asked about, saying he had so many hot girls, etc and act like it. This is why I don't want to be his girlfriend again because if he's already making me feel insecure like this, why would I?
Regardless, I told him no and I explained all my reasons. He said that I did things too that he could forgive, but his were way worse. He created trust issues, insecurities, he was uncommunicative and would sweep all problems he created under the rug, started partying again and going out, etc. When we were together, I put a roof under his head, paid for everything because he didn't have a job, so all he did was game.
Back to the present when he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no. Later, he said he was thankful for everything and then I found out 12 hours later that he texted and called his ex and other girls. When I confronted him about this, he said he didn't (but he did, he lied to me). Later on he said, we're not together so it doesn't matter if he text/call other girls. I'm hurt because it's as if he wants to be with me, but also wants to keep living that single life. Having his cake and eating it too. I just see this as a big red flag and this is why I knew he wasn't serious. If he truly wanted to be with me and be his girlfriend, he wouldn't be texting or calling other girls and instilling trust for us.
I really love him and want to be optimistic that we can work it out, but I feel as if I cared/care way too much about our relationship and he doesn't. If we were to work things out, I'll have to bring up the topics of everything that hurted me and find ways to solve it to not have the same problems again, but I know him and I'm scared he's going to shutdown again and the same routines going to happen.
I see all the flags and I suppose my question is, what do you think of the previous things I mentioned and he even worth fighting for?
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2023.06.02 00:54 ChampionshipRight586 I was fired for being a a part of the lgbtq community. How can I find work asap? My circumstances is so difficult right now

Today on pride day I got fired for being a part of the LGBTQ community & Im so humiliated I don't know what or how to go about finding work.
Im a openly gay female. When I 1st applied to this job I only met staff workers as the owners wife hired me via text (1st red flag!) I also told her my mom has cancer and from time to time I would need to be off. Ive been there 3 months, no right ups, never late or called in. Here's the problem, I'm openly gay and staff let me know she dislikes lgbtq+. Well of course that had me worried but I live in a area without bus access so I walk a hour to work. Well after my day off for the holiday (Memorial Day) she didn't tell what time to work. As I said before, I hadn't been in trouble so I walked to work. I got there and I wasn't on the schedule, I text her & she said she didn't need me anymore. I'm literally in tears, this is the only job I could find near by. My mom is sick and on limited income. I need work as soon as possible to pay for her medications. I dont even have enough karma to use certain reddit groups. Can someone give me advice om what I can do next? Im beyond humiliated and Im a damn hard worker, all because Im gay I got fired. I have no car or bus access so that makes it worse. I just had a hysterectomy I so lifting heavy stuff hurts a little. I was so close to being able to get transportation now this bulls**** Can someone help me, please! I'm autistic so panicking is something I can't help right now. Please go easy you all, I'm trying.
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2023.06.02 00:49 No-Specialist-7006 I have a vague role with vague responsibilities, anyone else?

So the topic itself is vague-centric, hopefully I can keep the post itself on track. I'll try to keep it short but I am a known tangent enjoyer.
First 'proper(?)' job in IT, was working for a UK Telecoms company as Customer Service for many years before this role I took late last year.
The role is IT Service Delivery Administrator. In case that flags anything up for anyone, I know of ITIL, not studied it myself but my manager is going to put me up for it as our new HoIT is keen on adopting a structure pointed more to ITIL than it currently is.
So currently, some of my roles and responsibilities include (but not limited to):
Managing the provision and return of equipment to staff. It's more managing the tickets and just checking with the MSP like "hey, we all good for next week's starters?", I don't get involved with the set up of each device in the slightest, literally just to check that MSP have posted it, or I get in touch and say "hey, can XYZ pick it up from this office?", just passing a message on from my contact in recruitment. As for retrieval of equipment, just sending an email to the leaver with "hey, use this link to send it back via our courier, aight cheers".
Keeping relevant stock updated. Check in with MSP, see what they need, if they need anything, buy it, fill out the purchase order, job done.
Managing escalations. "Hey, this isn't done, can you get it done please? Aight thanks". Report to manager (IT Service Delivery Manager by the way) "It's now been done, here are the learnings, we should improve this, or you should talk to their SDM to say that agent did not do a good job etc etc.
Request approvals. Approve the easy ones, then we deliberate as a team "hmm, should we, shouldn't we?" for far too long for the out of the ordinary ones,, it gets escalated and then it's usually "oh ok we'll do it". There is usually one in the team who isn't happy about it as they think end users will ask for anything, though I'm quite sure people would normally just ask for things they need to do their job...
I sit in calls around many projects that I am not actually that involved in or needed. I'll pipe up occasionally with some insight and then someone's like, great idea! Something might come of it, might not. Life goes on.
There's more to it but I've waffled on enough as it is. I suppose this turned into a little rant of sorts...
Well, open page then if anyone has:
A. A better idea of what my role should be called/is already aligned with something ITIL related. B. If someone is in a similar position and also would like a rant if they're in a job where, we don't really know what we're doing, but the boss seems happy so we carry on 🤷
If you made it this far good god you must be more boring than I am 😅
Edit: in re-reading, it sounds like I just needed a rant and hoped for some like-minded people as I can't rant like this in work really.
Also dabbling in SAM and hopefully/eventually will be involved in setting up and maintaining the CMDB. Though I have no idea how we even start that.
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2023.06.02 00:44 2leet4u Pretty sure this makes it legal.

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2023.06.02 00:42 jaxsonW72 Should I start HRT if I dont think I need it neccessarily ?

Hii everyone. So I just need some helpp. Im very confused I guess. Ive understood my gender as nonbinary for a while now. And only recently since accepting it more and being openly more feminine I have experienced larger forms of dysphoria and realized Ive always felt symptoms of dysphoria I just did not have words for it.. Im still nonbinary not binary trans, but Im a little dysphoric to have a more feminine body and features🫠. (I relate with lots of you t girls here, Im transfemme for sure).
But Ive really been looking into HRT recently I think it would make me so happy. I just have a feeling that its right for me and every time I do some contemplation I come to that conclusion that Im for sure trans and that feminine features would make me happier.. Not that Im totally unhappy or depressed right now though. So I dont need hrt...
I brought all this up to my parents. The HRT consideration. Im 21, have my own job I didnt need to include them in my truth. But I love them and they love me, (they are accepting of me and never want to kick me out of the family for any of the lgbt things Ive been out as queer for years now and have a same sex partner.)
But they didnt like it. They said they love me no matter what but brought up every counterargument to me about starting hrt.
They also said to try more testosterone because I already know I have low T😭. They said to explore my feminity without medical care. They said to wait until my brain is fully developed. They are so scared of what it is going to do to my body. I told them I researched all the effects and I am ok woth them all. But they dont want to accept that I could be ok with it because they arent ok with it.
My mom is straight up kinda anti trans, we argue a lot about it. She believes the conservative american selling points. But she is empathetic and she listens to my points while I listen to her perspective too. My dad is a centrist and doesnt want to offend anybody and is upset that myself being trans forces him to take a side with the trans debate because he has lots of transphobic friends and coworkers. Plus they think its selfish and a damaging "ideology" because then if everyone was trans then we couldnt have babies. I told them that was a slippery slop fallacy and the same thing people said about homosexuals. But they said homosexuals dont mutilate themselves on purpose. Also my mom thinks its the social ideologies of my friends influencing me. But I only have like two trans aquaitances😭. Everyone else I know is cis and they dont get it fully but they support me.
Not that I am making this decision for my parents. Its just another consideration in the hrt pros and cons. But I just dont know what to say to them to help them be more ok with it. Plus I need assurance in my own decision.
I just feel like I would be so so much comfier in my body if I start hrt. Idk it just feels like it would be right. I also have a lot of dysphoria around my chest. But I also dont neeed hrt, Im not in a pit, its not going to save my life neccessarily, Im gnwrally ok. My dysphoria is managable. I can live my life as is without the medication. Its not a neccessity for me like it is for many others. But its a desire and something that I really want to try at the very least so I dont regret not trying it.
Idk. I want to do hrt. But I feel like I dont need to so why would I put myself through this medical practice if I dont absplutely need to. But I also believe in queer joy and the pursuit of happiness, so I also feel like I would love to pursue this and that it would make me so so happy. Plus I can always stop hrt !! So why is it scary? Idk I can imagine myself being happier than I ever was my whole life being a rule following actor starring in the role of man that the people around me wanted. Im already out of this ideology, Im happier than Ive ever been being openly nonbinary and being more myself then ever and I just see this as another step like a tattoo or wearing an amazing outfit. Idk I need help deciding I guess. I feel like an imposter and when my parents brought everything up it made me question. I just keep questioning if Im actually trans, then I always end up at the conclusion yes. But its hard to make the decision.
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2023.06.02 00:41 jsew5589 Family claims that me (32M) going on vacation causes them (78M, 69F) to have health problems. They are now threatening to remove me from their will and currently working with the attorney who drafted their will to change it.

I have recently begun travelling over the course of the past two years as my current job gives me 4-5 weeks of PTO, and things started opening up after the pandemic lockdowns. I have had some great trips, I've been in a few countries in Latin America, Canada, Spain and France. A number of cities in the USA. I live in a different state from my family and have my own home.
However, my family (primarily parents), have attempted to gaslight me to not go and travel anytime I was planning a vacation. I generally ignored them and went anyways as I'm an adult man. My parents have only been out of the country once in their lives: my dad in the Vietnam War, and my mother 1 year of graduate school in the UK in the 1970s. My mother hated being in the UK. They almost never travel anywhere as my mom hates travelling.
My family has become very aggressive in gaslighting about going on vacation, claiming that my travels DIRECTLY cause them health issues, particularly my mother. In their retirement they begun to obsessively consume sources that everyone is aware of (I want to keep the politics out of this post so I'm not going to go any further on that subject). Relevant to my problem from their media consumption, is that they begun to fervently believe such things as Chicago being an absolute warzone, that Americans if they go to Europe will be made "not alive" right when they step off of the plane. That people in foreign countries run around just waiting to kidnap Americans, even in first world countries such as Canada. They have gone to extreme lengths to try to convince me not to travel. For example, when I went to Colombia and Puerto Rico they called their local police station and bombarded me with calls, texts, and emails about how the police officer said that where I was going is too dangerous to travel to.
They have gotten so "afraid" and xenophobic that they won't even drive thru non-white neighborhoods to go to their local Trader Joes.
I am currently planning a trip to Chile and Argentina to see Patagonia and do some hiking and mountain climbing in the Andes. I went to see my family over the memorial day weekend and casually mentioned that I am excited to go in early December to Chile and Argentina. My family FREAKED OUT. My mother had a panic attack, screaming about how the drug lords control Chile and Argentina (they don't) and lots of yelling from family members. Total chaos.
I drove back to where I live on Tuesday. This morning I received a stern message from my parents that they will be excluding me from their will (two houses, and a couple million $ in inheritance money) if I move forward with my travel plans. They also stated that they have contacted their attorney and are prepared to change their will immediately if I don't cancel my flights.
Reddit: is there anyway I continue to enjoy traveling and not be cut out of their will? I've tried logically reasoning with them that the media over-exaggerates and pointing out to them that I have not gone to dangerous locations, rather to normal tourist destinations and that I practice reasonable safety practices in my travels. My arguments were completely useless.
TL;DR Parents threatening to cut me out of their will for going on vacations.
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2023.06.02 00:38 ChampionshipRight586 In celebration of pride month my supervisor fired me without warning for being a lesbian. What should I do now? My mom & I are already suffering from financial strain

Im a openly gay female. When I 1st applied to this job I only met staff workers as the owners wife hired me via text (1st red flag!) I also told her my mom has cancer and from time to time I would need to be off. Ive been there 3 months, no right ups, never late or called in. Here's the problem, I'm openly gay and staff let me know she dislikes lgbtq+. Well of course that had me worried but I live in a area without bus access so I walk a hour to work. Well after my day off for the holiday (Memorial Day) she didn't tell what time to work. As I said before, I hadn't been in trouble so I walked to work. I got there and I wasn't on the schedule, I text her & she said she didn't need me anymore. I'm literally in tears, this is the only job I could find near by. My mom is sick and on limited income. I need work as soon as possible to pay for her medications. I dont even have enough karma to use certain reddit groups. Can someone give me advice om what I can do next? Im beyond humiliated and Im a damn hard worker, all because Im gay I got fired. I have no car or bus access so that makes it worse. I was so close to being able to get transportation now this bulls****
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2023.06.02 00:37 Misuer_Febuloso Test scheme for my Ultramarines successors

Test scheme for my Ultramarines successors
Looking more for thoughts on color choices than the paint job. Wanted to lean into the UM roman/greek theme with the crimson + gold, with the sea green accents to hint at possible origins with the Alpha Legion. Green helm is for sergeants, other squad members' helmets will be red. Tips appreciated!
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2023.06.02 00:37 unibods Trump Thursday - Death penalty

From video:
"For three decades before my election, drug overdose deaths increased every single year. Under my leadership, we took the drug and fentanyl crisis head on, and we achieved the first reduction in overdose deaths in more than 30 years. I also proudly signed the Support Act, the largest investment ever in combating the opioid epidemic.
Sadly, under Joe Biden, our hard-won progress has been surrendered along with the surrender of our southern border. It's such a shame. Now fentanyl and other ultra-deadly poisons are pouring into our country unchecked, stealing more than 100,000 American lives every single year, and many people think that real number is 3 to 400,000. Joe Biden's record is one of death, destruction, and misery in communities all across our nation.
When I'm back in the White House, I will take action on day one to end this horrific plague and save American lives. Joe Biden will never solve the drug overdose crisis because he is actively destroying our border.
[The following paragraph starts out like that, goes nowhere. - unibods]
What he has done to our border, we had the safest border in the history of our country, and now we have the worst border, probably anywhere in the world, including third-world countries.
That's why I have previously announced I will impose a full naval embargo on the drug cartels and deploy military assets to inflict maximum damage on cartel operations. I will insist on the full cooperation of neighboring governments to dismantle the trafficking and smuggling networks in our region, and I will ask Congress to ensure that drug dealers, kingpins, and human traffickers receive the death penalty.
At the same time, I will direct federal law enforcement here in the United States to take down the gangs and organized street crime that distribute these deadly narcotics on a local level. They are killing our people. They are poisoning our beautiful children. I will permanently designate fentanyl as a federally controlled substance, and I will tell China that if they do not clamp down on the export of fentanyl's chemical precursors, they will pay a steep price.
I had a deal worked out with President Xi. They weren't going to be sending anymore, and they were going to impose the death penalty on those that made it in China. But with a rigged election, that ended. Attacking the supply of these deadly drugs will be just the beginning. We must also do more to end the scourge of addiction here at home. Among the most important steps we can take is to strengthen the pillars that give life, meaning, and hope for those struggling with addiction, particular work, faith, and family. We need work, faith, and family.
My administration will support measures to make it easier for those suffering from addiction to seek treatment without losing their jobs. We will forge new public-private partnerships for companies willing to provide job opportunities and skills training for former addicts. We will expand federal support for faith-based counseling, treatment, and recovery programs, recognizing that we are going to need God's help to steer our country out of this crisis.
Finally, we will ensure that if a parent-child spouse or other relative needs to take time to care for a loved one fighting to overcome addiction, they are more easily able to take advantage of the family leave program. So important. When I'm President, we will not rest until we have ended the drug addiction crisis in America, we will win. It will happen. We have to win, though, in 2024, because our country is going to hell. Thank you."
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2023.06.02 00:32 8QqzFEuKrY Top job spray painting the wheels!

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2023.06.02 00:29 Substantial_Engine As an American, how do I find work opportunities outside the U.S.? It feels like it’s getting scary here.

Hey all, young american here (21M) and I just graduated from college with a degree in General Management with a minor in Management Information Systems. I grew up in the midwest with American parents who have no out of country relatives, no connections. I’m wondering what would be the best places for me to find a job in other countries, since my girlfriend and I are getting pretty tired of American Politics ™️. To be able to live with my girlfriend away from the gun violence, and given more federal labor protections would be incredible. Thanks all.
Edit: I took 4 years of french in high school, but in terms of other languages, that’s all we have between the two of us.
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2023.06.02 00:28 queenofthebored Things to do this weekend 6/1-6/4

Thursday June 1, 2023
Board Game Night at Bookhouse Cinema
Craft + Canvas at Chaos Brewing Company
Joplin Outlaws vs Des Moines Opening Night at Joe Becker Stadium
Downtown After Dark: Wine Walk at Just a Taste (Webb City, MO)
Adult Skate Night at Roller City
Gravehuffer, The Coventry Sacrifice, Chimaeric, & Face The Wheel (all ages) at Blackthorn Pizza & Pub
Friday June 2, 2023
Fool's Paradise, Master Gardener at Bookhouse Cinema
Fast X, 65 at 66 Drive-in Theatre (Carthage, MO)
Randall Shreve at Blackthorn Pizza & Pub
Joplin Outlaws vs Des Moines (Fireworks Night) at Joe Becker Stadium
Downtown Joplin Alliance First Friday Wineshare at Mitzi Starkweather Photography
Vintage Swing Movement and Jomo Jazz First Friday at Just a Taste (Webb City, MO)
DJ Chuck G at Whiskey Dick's
Saturday June 3, 2023
Joplin Empire Market
Webb City Farmer's Market (Webb City, MO)
National Trails Day at George Washington Carver National Monument
Food Not Bombs Joplin Free Community Meal at Ewert Park
Master Gardener at Bookhouse Cinema
The Okee Dokee Brothers at the Cornell Complex
Fast X, 65 at 66 Drive-in Theatre (Carthage, MO)
Saturday Night Bingo at American Legion Post 322 (Webb City, MO)
Banned Camp Sumer Series Kickoff Party (featuring The Itch) at Bookhouse Cinema
Backyard Brews and Tunes with Randall Shreve at Flag City Brewing (Webb City, MO)
Joplin Outlaws vs Show-Me League (Bark in the Park) at Joe Becker Stadium
Cruisin' Main in Downtown Joplin
Open Mic Night at Fuzzy's Taco Shop
Trenton Tanner at Christine's Vineyard(Webb City, MO)
Leeper 'n' Simpson at Blackthorn Pizza & Pub
Pride on the Patio & Drag Show at Whiskey Dick's
Blues Doctors at Redings Mill Inn
Sunday June 4, 2023
Archaeological Investigations at George Washington Carver National Monument
Master Gardener, The Launch at Bookhouse Cinema
Fast X, 65 at 66 Drive-in Theatre (Carthage, MO)
Open Mic Comedy Night at Blackthorn Pizza & Pub
Looking for events during the week or things not listed here? Check out:
What's Happening in Joplin Facebook Group
Visit Joplin MO
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2023.06.02 00:26 bedpeace Does my employer owe me a per-diem for an out of province work trip?

Hi all, hoping this is the correct place for this question, and thanks in advance for any advice.
I work in marketing at a private company and was selected to head to a 6-day industry event this fall, along with a few engineers (they are American and we don't have much communication so I can't reach out and ask them for advice) and the VP of my company. My boss sees this as a reward for my hard work this year, but honestly it's a bit more of a burden than anything. I'm quite financially strained after being in 3 weddings this year (I know lol) and travelling to visit my sister abroad. I am wondering; does my boss/company owe me a per-diem rate for a work trip, or does this not apply to all situations/employees? I am salaried, and events are in my job description. Flights/hotel have been covered by my company. This is my first work trip, so I'm a little lost as to what the appropriate conduct is.
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2023.06.02 00:26 DarkSpeedTriple Moving Out of State for School?

Has anyone relocated for school? My only realistic option near me is charging $60k and I know that a community college is a lot cheaper. Unfortunately, the closest community college in my state is 4.5 hours away and it's in a rural area. I need to work full-time in school and the lack of job options there makes attending unrealistic. I spoke to a United employee hoping to get into their apprenticeship program, but that's apparently only being offered to United employees. He recommended I apply to work as a facilities utility specialist, which pays $20.18/ hr, to get my foot in the door. Is that worth pursuing? I've been rejected for all the apprenticeships I've applied to. I'm at the point where I'm considering relocating for school. I live in Colorado and it would be hard to leave because I love it here, but I need a career change. My passion for cars and motorcycles got me interested in becoming an aircraft mechanic, so if someone can recommend a trade I can get into without relocating that pays well, please let me know.
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