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2023.06.01 23:37 Dandr30lli what is that

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2023.06.01 23:37 shuki25 Crystal Oscillation Pin Assignment Mistake on STM32 Board

Crystal Oscillation Pin Assignment Mistake on STM32 Board
Hello fellow engineers,
I find myself in a rather embarrassing situation and could use some expert advice. In my latest design, I made a critical mistake by incorrectly assigning the crystal oscillation pins on my STM32 board. Specifically, I connected HSE_IN and HSE_OUT to the GND pin of the crystal. As a result, the clock initialization fails to start properly, causing a timeout during the external crystal initialization process.
I have successfully programmed the STM32 chip, but the clock initialization is where things go awry. The timeout occurs during the initialization of the external crystal, preventing the clock from stabilizing.
Crystal layout next to STM32F303CHT6.
Schematic of the Crystal. Keep this in mind that this was before I realized I connected the HSE pins to the ground pins.
Before seeking advice on potential solutions to rectify this error without having to go through the hassle of board re-manufacturing, I also have a question regarding my crystal load capacitance calculation. The internal capacitance of the crystal is 9pF, and based on my calculations, I arrived at 10pF using the formula 2 * (9pF - 4pF). Could someone kindly verify whether my calculation is correct or provide guidance on the appropriate approach?
Moving on to the main issue, here are a few thoughts I had regarding potential solutions:
  1. Desolder and Resolder: Is it feasible to desolder the crystal carefully from its current position and solder it onto the correct pins? I understand that this requires precision and proper soldering techniques to avoid damaging the crystal or nearby components.
  2. Wire Jumpers: Another option I considered is using wire jumpers to correct the connection. Would it be possible to solder short pieces of insulated wire between the incorrect ground pins of the crystal and the correct ground pins on the PCB? If so, any advice on best practices for insulation and securing the wires would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Adapter Board: Is designing and manufacturing a small adapter board a viable solution? This board could redirect the ground connections to the appropriate pins, effectively resolving the issue without modifying the existing board. However, I'm unsure about the additional steps involved and would appreciate insights on this approach.
Lastly, I'm curious whether rotating the chip by 90 degrees could potentially solve the problem, considering that the crystal may not need to be perfectly square to function properly.
I kindly request the expertise of the community to guide me through this predicament. Any advice, alternative solutions, considerations, and verification of my crystal load capacitance calculation would be immensely helpful. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
TL;DR: I mistakenly connected HSE_IN and HSE_OUT to the GND pin of the crystal on my STM32 board. Clock initialization fails, causing a timeout. Seeking advice on fixing the issue without board re-manufacturing. Options considered: desoldering/resoldering, wire jumpers, or using an adapter board. Also wondering if rotating the chip by 90 degrees would work. Appreciate your guidance!
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2023.06.01 23:37 krunchee Joyus wants my wife to wean off now?

My wife has been with joyus for about 6 months. She's currently taking 100mg daily for the last 2 months. Now they are telling her she needs to start weaning off it. She explained to them on the days that she forgets or can't take it her PTSD and anxiety comes roaring back. Their answer was she can't stay on it forever. Is this normal? She went with Joyus because it was daily, is there other providers that do it the same way? We're in California too.
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2023.06.01 23:37 tropicalasparagus Viator 20% Off Discount Code

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2023.06.01 23:37 Shinno_mew Yeast Infecfion

Hello, I (27F) recently got diagnosed with a sinus infection. The doctor gave me a script of Amoxicillin 875 bid for 10 days. I have taken 4 out of 20 tab so far and have unfortunately got a yeast infection from the antibiotics pretty quickly. And it’s just getting worse. I called the doctor and they gave me a script for Fluconazole which I have in my hands now.
The nurse who I talked to told me to not take the Fluconazole until after my antibiotics were through since the yeast infection will just keep returning (I have 3 more refills on my Fluconazole) but the pharmacist told me I can start taking the Fluconazole right now since I currently have the yeast infection.
I am conflicted on what I should do. Dealing with a yeast infection for 8 more days sounds like hell.
Note: I take a daily probiotic and just started eating more probiotic dense yogurt but this is just getting worse.
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2023.06.01 23:37 chookyMu Wife's CSP 2nd yr AF about to hit, should I cancel or downgrade?

I currently have CSR and OG Freedom but P2 only has CSP ( though she's an authorized user on my OG Freedom). Should I downgrade her CSP to another OG freedom so she can still have the SUB for CFU or CFF later? Or any better route? We use the CSR for almost everything travel related. But we also have a US Bank AR that we use for almost everything that accepts Apple pay which includes groceries and Costco/gas.
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2023.06.01 23:37 fredbob73 Do recruitment agencies have you sign am offer letter?

I applied for a job and it ended up being with a recruitment agency. I've never dealt with them before but decided to give it a go. Did an initial interview with them and then I did an interview with the company. After the second interview the recruitment place called me and said they liked me and wanted to offer me a job. It is C2H role. The person I talk with at the recruitment agency asked if I wanted to accept which I said yes. Then I asked him about PTO and everything and he gave me very vague answers. I asked him about an offer letter and he just sent me an email giving me the location of the place and the pay rate and the contact. I am skeptical because I never actually signed anything and am worried about quitting my current job or denying other jobs incase this turns out to be nothing. Is that normal?
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2023.06.01 23:36 Mysterious_Sherbet92 Scary symptoms, should I be worried? (Potential pancreatic issues)

Age: 23 Sex: Male Height: 5'7 Weight: 121lbs Race: White Duration of complaint: 4-6 months Location: Lower left back Any existing relevant medical issues: No Current medications: n/a Include a photo if relevant: N/A
Hello everyone, I've been unwell recently and have started to freak myself out while I wait for my abdominal ultrasound on Monday.
To start, I noticed intermittent lower back pain that was hot and stabbing 4-6 months ago. It would come on, last for a few seconds, then stop, then repeat that for 10-20 minutes. It happened 4-5 times and I didn't think too much of it.
Starting last week I have now had constant lower left back pain. In terms of how low, around or slightly higher than belly button. This has came with a fever of 101.8, nausea immediately after eating, and headaches.
This along with a couple severe bouts of hypoglycemia that occurred at the same time (I'm not diabetic) was enough to go to the Urgent care. Urgent care PA said nothing they can do. But took a urine dipstick test just in case. Came back clean. Trace protein, no blood.
This did not satisfy me so I took a CBC and CMP blood lab and scheduled an appointment with my primary care physician. The CBC came back elevated by 15-20% red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit. As well as 1.5mg/dL bilirubin. Everything else normal. My physician couldn't directly diagnose anything so he ordered an Iron test and thyroid test that'll be in tomorrow. He also scheduled an abdominal ultrasound for Monday.
I went to work (today) after the appointment and ate breakfast and noticed an hour after I was again very nauseous, with a gurgling stomach, burping a lot, and seemingly constipated. I'd go to the bathroom every hour just to release gas and let off a slim and smooth stool.
I started researching all the symptoms and am now incredibly worried. Unsure if I should go to the hospital or just wait it out.
I appreciate any help I may get.
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2023.06.01 23:36 EE-12345 I found out some things about my bf M/25 and I’m F/25

I met my bf (25M) in Dec 2019 I’m (25F) when we were both 21. We got into a relationship after one month, but I found out he had a long term, but long distance on and off relationship before we got in a relationship, but three weeks after we started talking when I was staying at his. I forgave him for not telling me as I thought we were made for each other. I made him call her and tell her and he decided he wanted to be with me. We were a long distance relationship from Jan 2020. I didn’t know until November 2020, but three weeks after we got in a relationship in January he went on a car journey with someone he had previously known and told her he would leave me for her, something which he told me was only so he could get driven to McDonald’s as he was working away in somewhere he used to live and had no car. He said he liked her before he moved away, but didn’t when he saw her again then. I talked to this girl and she said he never tried to kiss/get with her at all and nothing happened, they just talked. They had also never done anything together before we met. I also found out he saw a different ex and slept with her before we got in a relationship over Christmas, but when he was talking to me (I’d only met him once at this point, but he was love bombing me and arranging to see me still after Christmas- which would be the second time I met him). He stopped speaking to her to see me. But even worse, we’d moved in together in September 2020, been together for six months and found out in November too he’d arranged to meet a girl off a dating website and was saying sexual things to in august and it looked like they only didn’t meet because she stopped replying. He’d been asking her if she would still meet him, and when she didn’t reply until almost the time they were meant to meet, he left his house and came to see me. (Six hour drive). He said he was waiting at his that day to see if he was needed in work the next day, but I’m not sure if this was true. He did leave after someone came into his room (this could’ve been to tell him if he was needed or not in work). But he’d had another offer from another girl a week before but didn’t see her (not sure if this is because he simply didn’t have the time as he was going away the next day). He only ever messaged these girls on this site when he was away with work. He said the girls at the start was because he didn’t know if it would be serious with me, but also he was deciding about me and wanted to test the relationship. But the girls from the dating website was because he was insecure, and wanted validation from other girls because I could’ve just been staying with him because he was nice to me. I know he had self confidence issues because of the people in his job. He said he was never going to meet them, and messaged another one in September asking to see her, when he knew he was going to be moving in with me so I don’t think he actually had the time, and I think he knew that. It was planned I was coming to see him when he had finished working away, immediately after he got home. Since then, we’ve been living together and he’s not done anything wrong since I found out. He’s matured so much and now out of his toxic job. I know right now he wouldn’t cheat on me. Im not sure whether I know everything. He only told me when I said I could get all his old messages back and when I found an email to the dating website. I’m not sure I believe that was actually the reason he went on those sites. Im not sure if I believe he wouldn’t have actually met her. He never used tinder, only sites that didn’t use his name but had pictures of him on there. He said he wanted to make himself feel better and I would never find out, and he’d be content with how he felt with himself when he came home to me. But also, I keep thinking about it and we’re so perfect now but it’s made me develop relationship OCD and anxiety and depression. Im not sure how I can get over it as I’m thinking about it three years on. He says he will propose to me one day. I currently live with him and his family, after we moved out of our house to save money. What advice would you give? Thank you!!
TL; DR: My bf hasn’t been truthful and I’m not sure if I trust him three years on.
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2023.06.01 23:36 BigThiccCakeBoi Is in normal to not lose weight in a calorie deficit?

I am a 18 year old male who is currently 5'10" 207lbs at 15% body fat. I am week 4 into a cut and the first 2 weeks saw great progress, but the last 2 weeks saw no progress. I know that there are ups and down to losing weight, but my motivation went way down after seeing that. Is that normal for a cut, or is there something I'm doing wrong?
My diet right now is 2000 cals usually eating 180 to 200 grams of protein a day. I do work out a lot so I'm wondering if I need more rest days in a week.
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2023.06.01 23:36 tropicalasparagus Viator Online Shopping Coupon Code

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2023.06.01 23:36 Always_Prime Patch 4.2 complainers

I'm not here to tell you to be a meta slave, but I just don't understand the complaints, I'm 80 games so far in Emerald 1 currently with a 57.0% WR, I'm playing my usual mids (fizz and yasuo) and even picked up Katarina, I played about 35 games of top/jungle as well (pantheon and lee sin or kayle), I get the item changes are off but I find it astounding some people are blaming it for their win rate, saying it has gone from 50%+ to below 35% even as low as 20%, it's not as bad as people are saying and at the end of the day it's just a skill diff imo
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2023.06.01 23:36 makataktak Interval shoe

Just looking for an interval shoe recommendation. Can currently get a hold of any of the following for around the same price:
- Takumi Sen 8
- Streakfly
- Deviate Nitro Elite 1
Expect to be doing reps 200m - 2km & will use the shoe on the treadmill in the winter months. Just curious to hear some opinions, especially from folks who have used more than one of the above!
5k in 17.30, 10k in 36.30
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2023.06.01 23:36 tropicalasparagus Viator Online Shopping Promo Code

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2023.06.01 23:36 chton State of the goblin tools: iOS app, recent updates, upcoming plans

Hi folks,
Nice to see you all here!
It's been a while and much has happened, so i figured it's time for an update about
First and foremost, a much requested milestone:
The iOS app is now available.
It has been quite a torturous road to get it going, involving renting mac minis and going out and buying an iPhone, but we made it! It's not very fancy, it's basically the website again like the android app is, but every purchase goes first of all towards keeping the website up and absolutely free. And, down the line, more native integrations with things :)

So what have you been up to then?

Aside from the app, much has happened on the site and android app! The Todo has seen lots of updates and bugfixes, the formalizer has been given new modes (including a generalized 'more professional', for the workplace), and the Chef has proven very popular. And naturally, i've broken it more times than i can count :D

Where are we today?

The site has been doing great. As long as i don't break it, the servers have been rock solid. For those among you who like numbers: In May, it had 330k visitors. The Todo list is by far the most used, outperforming the formalizer by a factor of 3 and the rest of the tools by about 6.

What's next?

I've had so many feature requests! Not all of them easy, some physically impossible, but I consider every single one. Upcoming soonish:- more integrations with other apps, and export formats in general. It's not always easy, some thing like google keep just don't have any way to import todo entries, but i will try to find a way around those blockers.- better language support. This is one of those that should be easy, but has proven surprisingly tough to do. It's top of the priority list, though! I have had so many requests for it, and it's always been a goal to make the tools available in as many languages as is feasible. The initial way will probably keep the interface of the site in english, but the tools should respond in the correct language.- 'cloud sync'! Probably the most requested feature of all. it's also probably the riskiest and toughest one to get really right. I have a plan for how to do it with full client-side encryption, meaning your privacy will still be 100% secure, and i'm working it as we speak!- making the todo-list more powerful. Integrating the estimator, allowing you to snooze and repeat items on it, and automatically prioritising are the immediate plans, and then more to come after!- more tools, duh. As and when i come up with them :)

Frequently asked questions

I've had some questions many times, might as well give some more answers here :)
Where can i donate/what is your paypal? There is no donate button or place. At the moment i'm not taking donations. There are a few reasons for that. in large part, one of the reasons i can run the site without too much risk to myself and ensure a level of stability is that it's technically a product of my freelance consulting business. It means i operate as a company with as one of its products. This is great for me, and you! But Belgian law is a tough cookie, and taking donations for something as a business is complicated and messy. Likewise with letting other people code on it. App sales don't have that problem, they are easier to manage from an accounting standpoint. And the sales are doing well! They handily cover the cost of the hosting and APIs and such. So while i absolutely appreciate all the offers, they are not necessary and i would rather you pay them forward to a charity of your choosing!
I'm worried about my privacy Completely understandable! Privacy is a huge concern for me. I realise these are the kinds of sites people will just type deeply personal information into without thinking. For the site, i can say with certainty that i don't store any of your input anywhere. It doesn't go in any tracking, it is not logged anywhere, nada. I can not and will not see it, use it for training, or publish it anywhere. There are some analytics bits on the website (that also don't track you and can't be used for advertising or profiling), and even those are set up to exclude any text on the site.The tools in the backend use OpenAI's services. You know them from ChatGPT. What you use the tools' magic on does get sent to them in some way. Their privacy policy on anything sent through the APIs i use is that it not used for training or tuning. They store a copy of your data for a number of days only to have a log in case of abuse. This is their public policy and other companies depend on this being true, so i am inclined to believe them. Naturally you can disagree. The plan is still eventually to move to a self-hosted model, but at the current volume of the site, the quality of other models, and the compute costs of self-hosting, that is not going to be soon.
Can i share a link, use the goblin tools in lesson material, add it to resources on my site, or many other variations of this? Yes. Always. You don't even have to ask. My only requirements are that you don't try to profit off it, and that you don't give the impression that i or the tools endorse your site. You don't have to let me know if you do link it anywhere, but if it's somewhere unique or cool, i'd love to know! I like discovering new cool things :)
Can i use your API? Not at the moment. I'd love to publically open up the API eventually, but this is also somewhat complicated. Not on a technical level, but on a control, safety, usage, etc. level. Having something fully public gets messy very quickly :)Are you a company wanting to integrate features in your app or tools? Contact me! We can talk :)
I'm sure i'm forgetting a ton of frequently asked questions here, i will edit the post if any pressing ones come up.
Feel free to ask anything you want to know in the comments here, or you can find me here on reddit, on twitter as @chton, on mastodon as @[email protected], or on mail as [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.06.01 23:36 tropicalasparagus Viator Coupon Code Online

Look at for Viator Coupon Code Online. When you need the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the perfect spot to check. They also have current deals available.
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2023.06.01 23:36 I_Love_Cyndaquil2 I’m not dead!

Ah, so here we go.
In my post yesterday, I talked of how I would play one last game and die, well, I got halfway through the game, and fell asleep.
Then I woke up and was late so I didn’t post or die, and at school I was too busy to use my phone.
So I am alive, but I’m going insane, I did tell my mom how I was feeling since I did write notes today and was going to go through with the plan, but, instead of going through with it I got nervous reading how household bleach, doesn’t normally kill you, it just fucking hurts.
But I did pour some on myself to see how it would feel and didn’t wash it off until I told my mom, who was surprising calm (turns out she knew)
I don’t think I’m going to die since I currently have no ways to do it without causing pain (except for CO, but idk how to make it)
I’m not sure if I am getting a therapist, since we cannot actually afford one, I might get one at the school, but I’m not sure right now since my mom doesn’t like me telling ANYONE of how I’m feeling.
Also I learned that my only way to survive right now is self-gaslighting.
But I’ll die before I do that. I’m extremely passionate and have almost died a few times from sheer stubbornness.
Tomorrow I am going to ask my math teacher for help on my homework, and I am going to get started on late homework once I finish this post.
I’m not really sure where to go from here though, I’m still lost and confused, but I’m a little more confident now, still, I’m not very confident.
Also I managed to convince my mom not to kick me out if I fail classes, turns out she said it to try and scare me, she wasn’t serious.
I got my grade for wood shop back, and I have an 80, in history I have a 60.6, but now I need to focus on civics and math. One is easy, that’s civics, the other, math, is not so easy.
See ya, and thanks again for anyone who helped me get to this point.
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2023.06.01 23:36 SidereusEques 💰Get 15 GBP/EUR/USD from ADMIRAL MARKETS ››› Open an account with a stock broker and invest just 1 GBP/EUR/USD to get 15 GBP/EUR/USD as well as 15 GBP/EUR/USD bonus per person up to 50 people (WORLDWIDE)💰

Admiral Markets let you invest in global stock markets commission-free. They are licensed by the top regulators, in the UK, Estonia, Cyprus and Australia and hold an excellent reputation on Trustpilot website. You can invest in stocks with them from just 1 GBP/EUUSD.
Follow the steps below to complete this offer and cash out 15 GBP/EUUSD 💰
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  2. Do the basic KYC which requires uploading ID and a taking a selfie. (It took me 2 minutes and I was immediately verified.)
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  4. Make a deposit of at least 1 GBP/EUUSD. You can, if you wish to do so, invest more.
  5. Fund your account with debit or credit card. Choose VISA ecommpay option to top up free of charge.
  6. Again, click Invest. In the top, left corner you should see now the name of the account: Invest.MT5.
  7. Pick the company in the Invest.MT5 account and buy (fractional number of) shares.
  8. Maintain at least one open position in the account for 30 calendar days uninterrupted to qualify for the bonus. In other words, if you sell before 30 days passed, no bonus!
  9. After 30 days 15 GBP/EUUSD will be credited to your account (as well as mine). Withdraw or keep investing, should you choose to do so, on the Admiral Markets platform.

Alternatively, after doing steps 1 to 5 you can continue on your smartphone. Also, with the app you'll have a greater selection of companies to choose from.
  1. Download Admirals app: Learn, Invest, Trade from either Google Play or Apple Store.
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  3. Choose Investing, add PIN/biometrics, tap the Markets.
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  5. Maintain at least one open position in the account for 30 calendar days uninterrupted to qualify for the bonus. In other words, if you sell before 30 days passed, no bonus!
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You can also invite others to cash out even more money with 15 GBP/EUUSD bonus per invited person up to 50 people in total!
Referral link click HERE.
Currently supported countries for the referral program: WORLDWIDE.
Non-referral link click here.
You can see all of my current offers by clicking this link.
Any questions, DM me when you are ready to complete this offer and I'll get back to you soon.
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2023.06.01 23:36 Neither_Telephone_66 Does he like or is he just an ongoing person?

Hello I need help to know if he likes me or not. Taking into account that my experience is zero, this situation keeps bothering me.
Basically I haven't paid much attention to him until now, probably because of anxiety and depression. But this last month I've started to notice him and he does things that makes me think he likes me but I'm not entirely sure.
To contextualize we are in the same class but there are many people, also he's two years older than me. At the beginning of the course we never spoke, but when we walk acrossed each other he smiled at me showing his teeth. After Christmas he joined my group for a subject assignment. In February we had to go somewhere for this assigment and I got to know him a bit better. Two months passed by and it wasn't until the end of April that I got to know him better and began to ask myself if he liked me. These are the things that he does that make me ask my self if he likes me:
- He smiled at me when we passed each other.
- I have caught him several times looking at me
-His feet pointed towards me on different occasions
- one day he seriously asked me if I was okay and kept eye contact for more than a minute because he wanted to know how I felt
- The penultimate day of class he took and changed places in class and sat at my table but in the corner (the tables are four and rectangular so i he was in the 1st spot, 2nd and 3rd where empty and i was on the 4th place), this confused me a lot because it didn't make sense for him to change places because never before had, plus he sat at the other side of the class. Eveen the teacher asked him why he changed places.
- He also speaks to me sometimes with the deeper voice
-I also told him some gossip and he was very interested
- doing the task that I mentioned before, I went to lie down on the grass and he came and lay down with me and he began to take photos and I think I was on the background
- He told me about his insecurity (tell me what straight man tells that to someone) and we mutually told each other about some traumas
- physical contact: when I left a place I was with my cell phone and to prevent me from falling he grabbed my hip for a second. And then the day of the presentation of our work when we finished we sat together and from time to time our feet collided and stayed together for a few seconds.Also, his whole body pointed towards me.
-He also congratulate me when he finished presenting
-he asked me for request on instagram with both his main and secondary accounts and he also asked me for a request on BeReal
- I opened the best friends section on insta and he liked the story, he has already liked two more stories and the other day he responded to one with the word "HIT" because of the song I posted and we had a little conversation even though he is currently on a trip.
- He says things that make me laugh
- I have caught him several times looking at me
-I scolded him because he mispronounced my name and he began to pronounce it correctly and he began to call me by my nickname
- He asked me with his friend if my friend liked him and I told him no, and he told his friend "i've told you we're just friends"
But he does things that confuse me, like in general he is a very outgoing person and he makes me doubt if he is like this with everyone and it is simply all my imagination.
Onto things that made me dougth:
Then at the beginning of May when I wrote to him he would take hours / days to answer me and sometimes he didn't even answer me. He also told me about his ex.
To finish the next course I'm going to study abroad and I told him and there was indifference.
So my question is:
Does he like me or being an extroverted person is he like that with everyone? What I do? How can i know?
Classes had finished so I don't know when am I going to se him again.
Thank u for reading <3
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2023.06.01 23:36 SeaKing2001 The Channel Islands

Not going to dox myself but I have recently become interested in policing in the Channel Islands.
Has anyone on here transferred there? How was your experience? Positives? negatives?
Has anyone gone on a 6 month secondment? If so, how did you convince your force to let you go for 6 months?
From someone currently in a large metropolitan city force (not the MetTM), what are the major differences?
Thanks in advance,
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2023.06.01 23:36 Protector_iorek Financial recruiter scam?

So I’m currently job searching and I was contacted by a “financial recruiter” for “Integrity Marketing Group LLC.” Now, I immediately suspected it was a scam because anyone who contacts me with vague or no information about who the fuck they are or why they want to talk to me, I just automatically assume it’s a scam.
Im pretty sure this must be some sort of MLM thing? I spoke to this guy anyway just cuz I wanted to follow my spidey sense.. as I thought would happen: he invited me to a “seminar” or “workshop” lmao providing no real information about what it is. I asked what his firm does and he rambled some bullshit about “helping people get out of debt” and “accessing the business world” and “fulfilling people’s potential” - more vague bullshit.
I assume this “workshop” is just going to try to get me into some sort of door to door sales thing.
My question isn’t is it a scam cuz I’m sure it is? But more how? Is a “financial recruiter” an actual job? Does this “marketing company” just funnel people into MLM companies? I’m just wondering if anyone can shed insight into these fake recruiters so I’m more informed when I’m on LinkedIn and people ask to contact me.
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