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2023.04.01 22:52 ThrowawayOpAcc00618 The significance of Nami's moment in Onigashima

The significance of Nami's moment in Onigashima
I believe that the scene conveys more than a simple showcase of loyalty, of which Nami has displayed numerous times before. Her only two options were to say that Luffy won't become the pirate king or to die. Unlike Ussop in Alabasta, Nami couldn't have fought back against Ulti. It wasn't a case of a much needed boost of courage to get her to overcome her enemy, Nami's choices were very limited. And unlike Zoro's moment in Thriller Park, her devotion didn't benefit anyone; she was the one in need of protection and not her captain. The rational choice in that scenario (Without Tama's last minute save) was to listen to Ulti because:

  1. Fighting a losing battle is not worth it.
  2. Nami would have died in vain.

Both are very reminiscent of the event that most contributed to shaping Nami's life: Bellmere's death.

Bellmere was likewise presented with two options by Arlong and the villagers: denying her parenthood and saving herself and the girls (albeit living away from each others), or announcing the bond between her and the two girls and dying as a consequence (and getting separated from each others forever).

Don't Throw Your Life Away For Pride! Some Fights Are Hopeless!

A Foolish Woman Throwing Her Life Away In Vain

Ussop and the villagers play analogous roles, they present us with the voice of reason in the two paralleled scenes. So what's going on here?

Throughout the story, we have come to know Nami as a realist and as a pragmatic person in her beliefs as opposed to Luffy's more idealist values. When Luffy and Zoro refused to fight Bellamy back in Jaya and decided to tolerate the humiliation for the sake of their ideals, she didn't understand why they kept silent for no apparent reason. When Sanji was ready to throw his life away against Kalifa for his chivalry, she was baffled by his actions. And when she saw Dorry and Broggy fighting each others for many years because of their warrior code, she made fun of them and thought they were being dumb despite Ussop being moved by what he saw. Similar to Bellmere, we have seen these actions getting romanticized throughout the narrative, these actions are romantic.

Romantic (adjective)
imbued with or dominated by idealism, a desire for adventure, chivalry, etc.- DICTIONARY.COM

I think there's no greater display of romance in the series than the scene with the golden bell in Skypiea. The arc where the strawhats start a treasure hunt in the fantastical sky island in search of the legendary city of gold El Dorado addresses these romantic themes like no other, and it is that arc where Luffy and Nami's opposing mindsets are brought to light. Throughout the journey, Nami's main goal was obtaining the golden treasure, at least until their lives were seriously threatened.

The Gold Doesn't Matter Anymore! Saving Our Lives Comes First!

But the gold never mattered to Luffy in the first place, what he primarily sought was the thrill of adventure and confirming whether or not the legend exists. It is what makes it a great adventure as Mont Blanc Cricket would say (or in another translation: "that is what makes it romantic"), and that is what Luffy was ready to throw his life away for.

He's A Romantic. He Would Give Up His Chance To Escape Just For That. He's A Bit Crazy.

In an arc that is often considered the microcosm of the whole series, the central theme addressed is romance. That is what Luffy's journey is all about, it is about romance, it is about the romance dawn. And in front of that unyielding conviction and astounded by his display of courage, Nami finally agrees to help him reach Enel and the golden bell.

El Dorado Was In The Sky

The events of her childhood shaped Nami as we know her: money lover, realist, reasonable, and pragmatic. While Luffy represents the romantic ideal that the reader or someone like Ussop aspires to, Nami believed in the real. Bellmere's death was one of the most powerful displays of love in the entire series. It wasn't a sacrifice to protect someone, it was death for the sake of love, as Arlong called it 'foolish love'. Why is it that people like Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, the strawhats, the giants, or even the samurai continually throw their lives away for their ideals? Why is it that Bellmere had to die to Arlong? It is for the sake of the unreasonable, the idiotic, their ideals, convictions, and the things they love. Flash forward to the Wano arc and Nami is doing what her mother did once, she throws her life away for what she believes in. A display of belief and love worthy of praise by one of the four emperors of the seas who commended her unbreakable spirit.

The Onigashima moment wasn't just a display of courage and bravery, it was the moment when the voice of reason in series and Luffy's antithesis pursued and experienced romance.
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2023.04.01 22:52 greenbc98 The snapping was half baked

The Ruby and Jaune snapping was half baked at best. Something was rubbing me the wrong way and it took me a little to figure it out. How short it was. (Mostly Ruby’s)
First of all I like both characters and was looking forward to that sweet angst. But I don’t think it was good narratively to have them stealing each others thunder. It means neither blowing up gets to breathe properly. Should have given them both their separate moment.
It honestly didn’t feel completely real, like it was coming from a human person. We’ve all been there/seen someone have a blowing up moment. There can be a bit more letting loose depending on how much is bottled up (and there is plenty), full on rant/roast. When someone finally blows a gasket and wants to let it out usually that means letting it ALL out. Especially if you’ve had ample time to think up loads of stuff to say. What happened with Ruby you notice how quickly the entire thing moved from one point to another as soon as they were brought up. She barely got to actually dig in to any of it, none of it with real depth which she oh very much could and should. For example seeing how Yang was doubling down in every way including being protective of Blake instead of caring about her own sister should’ve been gasoline to a bonfire.
Granted this is in the aftermath of losing his paper friends so it makes sense for in that moment to be a little more directed at Ruby for Jaune’s rant, but he could also share a bone to pick at Yang and Blake. Both the fucked up priorities of getting with crush over getting out of ever after and the apocalypse in remnant, and Yang and Blake’s role in things going sideways in atlas what with backstabbing Ironwood.
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2023.04.01 22:52 CrownedSkull I’ve been treating another member of the system like shit and I feel awful for it.

We’ve just come back after yet another denial spiral that led to repression and basically set us back to square one with just forgetting and pretending like we didn’t exist, which was probably my fault in all honesty. We spoke about it to someone and about our alters and some issues we had while we were first questioning ages ago. After some discussion about different things we came to realise that one of the people in our system (the one that’s completely different from the rest of us) was probably given unfair treatment by the rest of us, and again i’m very much at fault, because of their I guess ‘volatile’ and ‘hostile’ nature/attitude.
It’s recently been brought to light that despite us not seeing eye to eye for most things, one of the main things being their explicit hatred and annoyance of our friends and loved ones. Things were spelt out for us in a different light when we were actually forced to focus on something that wasn’t a completely negative thing like we’d written it off to be. One of the alters in our system (Alex), who is fucking terrified of being like him (Jay), even ended up describing him as “an older brother who acts like they don’t want to play with the younger sibling but eventually does and pretends to hate it the entire time” once they’d processed how it was seen from an outside perspective and it just hit me.
This dude is a kid.
Maybe not in the literal sense of age (I think he’s in his early 20s?) but he’s a kid. I’ve been seeing him as some kind of problem, to put it bluntly, and just held him up away from the others because he’s different and I basically labelled him as some kind of evil persecutor (believe me I know how bad that sounds) that i needed to protect the kids from (again, age wise most of them aren’t but they’re my kids). I’m supposed to be the carer. I’m supposed to look after these people and keep them safe, i’m literally the dad of the system and i’ve just looked at this kid and labelled him a problem for essentially doing the same job as me, just in an external sense.
I only really outwardly protect when its a loved one in need of it most of the time, other than that, I have no real need to go outside because everyone’s internal. I can and do take physical pain and I do outwardly protect the rest of us when it’s a really threatening situation, but other than that I can chill out and be the fun-loving, chill dad.
But this kid is outwardly expressive, laughing as he faces verbal abuse or physical aggression or whatever it is and just finding it entertaining, staying at the front fully at the wheel just because he finds it entertaining. It genuinely feels like we’re manic when he’s out, it’s wild. He does the thing I can’t unless it’s a really intense, perceived life threatening situation, and here I am treating him like shit just because he treats it like a joke and responds with outward hostility in such a childish way with a complete lack of remorse. He self identifies as a psychopath, a complete lack of remorse or empathy and everything is “a fucking joke” or “boring as shit”.
Then I realised: He’s just like a fucking teenager acting out, protecting us, and here I am treating him like a criminal. It’s not like my skepticism and wariness is unjustified, believe me I had my reasons to be overly protective of the others. But after having it put into perspective that despite his hostility and dislike to pretty much everyone externally (no matter how much we love them) as well as other things that really rub me the wrong way, he cares about us in some way. The other alter, Alex, got it completely right when he said that Jay was just like an older sibling who did what his younger siblings want while pretending to hate it. Hell, when he got triggered out for a time that really made his existence apparent, the event that really put me on edge, he didn’t leave front fully for days after despite being so severely understimulated and bored. He took care of us, and I treated him like shit just because of the way he acts because I couldn’t see that he actually did care about someone: us, and that his hostility was actually justified (despite him going about it in ways I don’t agree). He could’ve easily done something extremely bad that we would never be able to come back from, because we’re (him and I) are extremely aware that he’s capable of it.
What kind of fucking protector does that make me? I was so hellbent on trying to protect the others that i’ve literally been persecuting and isolating him. He’s been doing the job I couldn’t and i’ve just been treating him like shit, just straight up repressing or ignoring him as a baseline. I’m the first one to jump to defend people and speak up about how a lot of the time hostile alters have their reasons for the way they act and usually there’s other factors, and yet here I am doing the very thing I stand against half the time for the people in my very own system. I’m mean to protect him and i’ve just treated him like shit, how can I call myself a dad- a caretaker, a gatekeeper, and a protector- if I cant even take a step back and get some fucking perspective and understand the people in my own fucking system.
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2023.04.01 22:52 Welarkrows Help me remember an old cartoon

My English isn't fluent. I'm sorry. I used the translator.
Once again, I came to this place for help! Last time you helped me a lot! But now the task is more difficult.
From what I remember exactly:
1.A cartoon with precise character proportions. No cartoon hypertrophied/unrealistic anatomy.
  1. This cartoon is from the 90's. I remember that it seems that at the very beginning of this cartoon through some desert area (I'm not sure exactly what desert area my memories are very vague), a car is driving at night. The car was driven by a man, but the main thing is different! The most distinctive feature that should help you tell me what kind of cartoon it was is that in the back seat of this car sat a trained dinosaur (something like a velociraptor). The passengers in this car seemed to be fighting someone off. The trained dinosaur seems to have been injured at some point.

What else do I remember but not sure if it was in this cartoon. Toward the end, the main character arrives in a starship on some planet where he meets his brother (or friend). And it seems that everything is fine there, but it's only an illusion. In fact, it's all a screen and all is not as good as it seemed.

I don't remember the protogonists. That's it at all.
I do not remember who made this cartoon. But certainly not the Russians. And it is unlikely the Japanese, because as an anime I do not remember this cartoon. Most likely American.
Generally do not remember the names.
I don't remember if it's a serial or a short film. It's more like a serial.

I do not remember anything else, unfortunately.
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2023.04.01 22:52 Far-Definition-7971 Awakening abilities? Lucid dreaming? Clairaudience? Hoping somebody knowledgeable can shed some light for me.

Hi! Before I sleep at night I actively try to clear my mind. I’ve began to see visions of places I have never been. My mind will be blank and my vision black and then suddenly I’ll be watching a first person view of an area. Usually it’s like I am floating over the scene looking down from the sky. As soon as my mind notices the image it begins to fade, I have to fight to keep my mind clear and just watch. It is absolutely happening whilst I am conscious, I am not dreaming as such. What is this? I’ve heard of people talk about ‘remote viewing’ ‘lucid dreaming’, would o name it either of these? I’ts not something I seem to have great control of, so I am confused on what it’s or how I can control it better. I also get a similar thing with voices. It’s only ever as I begin to try and sleep and it’s not anything scary or intrusive, it just like walking through a busy town and catching snippets of conversations between strangers. The things I hear aren’t particularly interesting or even make much sense.. but I do hear them very clearly. Can anyone guide me a little? Or give me some tips on where to start to find some good information? Thank you!
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2023.04.01 22:51 Stilmist_ 《 NASTY EU PC 》

..Are you ready for the next chapter of BDO...
What do we offer?
[ We offer pain and suffering to our enemies. We offer no mercy on the battlefield and make sure our name will be remembered. ]
What do we seek?
▪ Nasty is looking for active BDO players, 630+ GS requirement, Combat Trial required.
▪ We seek the most Badass Warriors, Magicians, and Divine Servants of the desert. (Zerks, Witchards, and Valks are priority)"
▪ Players that want to build up a Dynasty, a Legacy.
▪ We grind, practice, eat, and go to WAR Together. "Together we strike fear into the hearts of our enemies"
*Come on over and join our discord! (To join the discord you don't have to be a part of the guild…)
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2023.04.01 22:50 UpstairsHappy3035 Stand Concept 「Live Wire」

「Live Wire」 a human like stand that is made out of high grade HV cable's (similar to a fun time animatronic) this long plug like wires on the stands head resembling hair (similar to Feedback a ben 10 alien) and glasses that are shaped like lighting. 「Live Wire」 has the ability to control and absorb voltage types like AC or DC by absorbing it from a electrical source 「Live Wire」 dose not need a constant flow of Voltage to be used but with constant use of 「Live Wire's」 ability's without proper recharge 「Live Wire's」 ability's are limited severely. 「Live Wire」 can absorb only one type of voltage at a time so when it is use AC voltage it can not absorb DC voltage. 「Live Wire」 can not only use voltage in its attacks but it can also enhance the stand is different ways. When 「Live Wire 」 uses AC voltage it makes the stand faster, drain less power, and have more range but at the cost of less damage But when「 Live Wire 」uses DC voltage the stands power is enhanced has more ability's and can be as deadly as lighting but DC has less range then , drains power faster and it is slower then AC 「Live Wire」 has a limit to its voltage intake of 400Kv equal to 400,000 volts. if 「Live Wire」 goes over this limit 「Live Wire」 will be forced to release all of its power at ones uncontrollably until it is completely drained of power this can hurt the stand or the stand user.「 Live Wire 」can only go a solid 3 hours with AC voltage but with DC voltage「 Live Wire 」can only go 1 hour without charging but with constant use of its ability's the time can be shortened
Power: B ----DC Volt----A
Speed: A ----AC Volt----A+
Range: C----AC Volt-----B
Durability: B
Precision: D
Potential: B---DC Volt----B+
The stand is named after the AC DC song Live Wire the stand was originally was going to be called thunder struck another AC DC song but it was scraped in favor of Live Wire all that i can think of for now tell me what you think!
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2023.04.01 22:50 Intelligent-Hall1265 [REQUEST][CDKEYS] Subnautica

Before I get into anything, my Steam account won't let me sign in, so the one im asking on is an alt. My alt account is a level 0. This is why I'm using CDKeys instead of Steam. That being said, let's continue.

Hello everyone, I have been wanting Subnautica on my laptop ever since I tried--with no result--to get it on my Xbox when it was taken off gamepass. I want it on my laptop so that I can use mods. My friends have also been wanting me to get Subnautica on my laptop because of the multiplayer mod they discovered. I would buy it myself, except for the fact that, due to my age, I have no form of sustainable income. I've wanted it on my laptop in the past, but then I got Below Zero on my Xbox. That was fun and all, but since the newest update, the only real differences between the two games is story, enviroment, and creatures. All of which, I prefer the original Subnautica's version.

Why should you gift me the game?
Honestly, if you don't want to, don't. Sure, I would be very appreciative and all that. But seriously, if you don't want to gift me Subnautica, you don't have to. I would however, GREATLY appreciate it.

With all this being said, please take my request into consideration. Thank you for at least reading what I've typed out.

Even though it's not a high enough level, here's my Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199428718558/
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2023.04.01 22:50 Big-Bad-Bug Who can I contact about a professor not following the syllabus?

The specifics of my situation are as follows:
  1. Professor asks us to turn in assignments in two ways. Once as a pdf and once as a .rmd file (for coding in R). The syllabus says we must do both.
  2. In class the professor explains that this is so that we can still get partial credit for turning in the .rmd file since the pdf won't save unless 100% of the assignment works.
  3. I get about 90% of my assignments working 3/7 times, so I submit them as a .rmd file only.
  4. I receive email receipts that my .rmd file submissions went through.
  5. My homeworks do not show up in gradescope, but I'm told this is okay because the real course grades will be available at the end of the quarter (and I know from point 2 that the .rmd files will get graded).
  6. The quarter ends and my unofficial transcript shows a D. I email the professor about this and haven't gotten a reply in 3 days.
Does this count as the syllabus not being followed? It was said in class multiple times that you would still get points for turning in the .rmd file. However the syllabus itself only says this about turning in assignments: "You must submit both your compiled pdf file and .rmd file."
Regardless of whether it doesn't follow the syllabus, it contradicts what I was told in class more than once. I urgently need to know what I can do about this situation in order not have an unearned D in a course. I would appreciate any help that you can provide; thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 22:50 Secret__Sloth Question on abusive alters

Yeah so we have this alter named Aida who is like extremely abusive towards us. Like she hurts the body then makes us feel the pain. I don't get why she does it? Why do we have an alter that hurts us so badly we have to go to the hospital? Is there any thing to do to protect against it? Its taken a major hit on our mental health and we don't know what to do....
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2023.04.01 22:50 Honest-Order-4841 Ole mush mouth sitting over there trying to take someones freedom for them karma is real and u will reep what u sew better realize what u doing ole hag bag

Ole mush mouth sitting over there trying to take someones freedom for them karma is real and u will reep what u sew better realize what u doing ole hag bag submitted by Honest-Order-4841 to tiktoklesbiandrama [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 22:50 bebopsWife123 WWYD: Keep It or Ditch It? - 07' Toyota Highlander

Hello Mechanics of Reddit,
I am very grateful to have found this page as I am in need of some professional advice/advice from anyone who knows more about cars than me (which is almost anyone).
I'll just cut to the chase: In 2015 I purchased a 2007 Toyota Highlander from it's original owner. It has been a great car that I have loved. It has 124K miles currently. The vehicle has never been in an accident. I am a SAHM so the car gets used for daily errands and road trips when we take one.
Here is the timeline:
- No problems since 2015
- Dec 2021 battery kept dying- no on knew why...bought new one ($125)
- Jan 2022 engine light came on, maintenance light flashing....had to get towed...ended up needing 2 new ignition coil ($320)
- Apr 2022 needed new battery again...jumping was not working..... mechanic said we needed a new alternator so we replaced that + new timing belts + some other things he said would make the car not have as many issues that I can't remember the name of ($1100) - Next 6 months constantly needed more jumps and car just did not sound right
- Nov 2022 went on road trip to TN and car started smoking...had to get it towed...mechanic said the radiator cap blew and that we had leaky gaskets ($800)
- Jan 2023 went back to mechanic and they said my car has leaky gaskets & needs new cat convertor but we did not fix as we were unsure if we wanted to put any more money into the vehicle and mechanic told us the car would still work/run until we decided (we were quoted $1500 to fix above issues)
- TODAY: engine light on and maintenance light re-appeared....burning smell while driving....need to take to mechanic on Monday when they open...no idea what else is wrong
MAIN QUESTION (TL;DR): If this was YOUR car, would you continue to fix this car or ditch it for something else?
The main hesitation is that every time we see a mechanic they say things like "Oh, this is a pre 2010 Toyota...it'll last forever...just keep fixing it". Furthermore, the used car market is SO expensive right now. Additionally, my husband wants to keep fixing it an drive it until it wont turn on anymore, but it makes me really nervous since I drive around in it with our kids. We've gotten it towed 3 times now, one of which was when I was pregnant with out daughter. I respect my husband very much and do not want to argue or undermine his decision, but thought maybe I would inquire here about your thoughts and share some of the feedback with him and see what he thinks.
Thank you so, so much for taking the time to read this. I am just really stumped as to what to do next with this car and am trying to narrow down our options before we take it in on Monday.
\*Bonus points for answering this additional question: if we did get rid of this car what 3 row SUV that is not a million dollars would you recommend?***
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2023.04.01 22:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.04.01 22:49 wholesome_wallflower Shame around wanting to lose weight.

I got 9 healthy cycles back to back last year after a bad food poisoning that lasted me two months and now I’m late for the first time since getting my periods back.
I’m a virgin so no possibility of me being pregnant. I have a history of amenorrhea brought on by PCOS. I traveled for the first time back in late March and then immediately worked eleven days straight once I got back. I felt my body trying to have a period but it’s like it’s stuck and I’m not sure if I should bite the bullet, get seen by a doctor, some labs drawn and have provera prescribed to help my cycle come but then it wouldn’t feel like a real bleed.
It seems silly, but in the way most people who struggle with infertility and can be sometimes envious of other others who don’t have the same issue… that’s how I feel with anyone with a menstrual cycle. And it hurts to be around other women talking about their menstrual cycle.
I don’t know what I did to get them back. What I did for my body to struggle… But at least I’m still regular in the bathroom (something that didn’t occur until the food poisoning episode) and I want to lose excess fat but I often feel shameful about it or guilty because it’s like I’m saying who I am now and the body I am now isn’t good enough… it feels like I’m betraying a version of myself.
I do not expect medical advice but just other people I can relate to who can also relate to me.
tbh I have A LOT going on…. People from work are leaving, I have no idea what I want to do next, I feel so lost and alone in life in this way and I’m just angry. I try to keep positive vibes and been obsessive compulsive bur sometimes just gotta admit everything is not fine and this shizz sucks.
I have been maintaining the five pounds I gained in the last few months. I feel awful for wanting to lose weight and wondered if anyone feels shame around it especially as more of these conversations about fat phobia and all that comes up.
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2023.04.01 22:49 prilidiartss The Power of Manifestation: How to Transform Your Life through Positive Thinking

I truly believe in the power of manifestation. It's not just an abstract concept, it's a real power that can change lives. I've seen it first hand and it's really nice. When you put your heart and soul into something and really focus your energy, amazing things happen.
For a long time, I struggled with self-doubt and limited beliefs. However, through life experiences and study for spiritual evolution, I managed to overcome these obstacles and achieve what I thought was impossible. It was never easy and I wanted to give up. But by focusing on my goals and visualizing my successes, I was able to get through the tough times and come out the other side stronger and more resilient.
Manifesto is not only about material success and achieving goals, it is also about developing a positive mindset and attracting positivity and abundance into your life. By focusing on the good things in life and believing that even better things are on the way, you can change your life in ways you never thought possible. I know this because I have experienced it first hand. And I believe that with the right attitude and motivation, anyone can do it.
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2023.04.01 22:49 Propet40 Plague of Solo Teams

Plague of Solo Teams


Recently following the 1.12 update which introduced a variety of welcome changes, including major buffs to solo players, a whole new playstyle emerged, a word I use loosely. After having tried the solo play myself with the Necromancy ability and being able to self-revive I felt that it was well balanced after teams were able to rather easily nullify my ability with fire + concertina. But, while playing with my friends I witnessed a different issue from other players playing as solo.
After killing a duo that had arrived at our banishment site, following killing their own bounty we successfully killed the two of them and after checking around with dark-sight we saw no one else left and swiftly moved towards the extract. Just as we were nearing the exit of the compound I got knocked and a firefight ensued, soon realizing that the other player had revived as well. We assumed that a third player was involved, but one we couldn't see yet, that somehow evaded the Darksight and was fast enough to revive both his teammates. It was suspicious, but nothing we could do except fight. After a prolonged fight we unfortunately lost, after back and forth knocks. But, on the end game screen a revelation came. Those players were solo-queue's that had teamed together. I reported them, with my reasoning explained later.
We continued onto our next game, where a similar situation occurred. This time we took the bounty mid-banishment from a solo that killed it just as we arrived, we fortified our position as we saw the other bounty approaching our position. After killing the reptilian, I was in a firefight with the second one, Madeleine. Madeleine was chased inside the compound by a barbed wire armoured and as such I followed to kill her while she was preoccupied. But, immediately afterwards I was shot from the same spot that I had killed the reptilian from, I moved there and killed him again. Just then I realized those were solo's and I rushed back to Madeleine but was a second too late as she revived and we traded. This gunfight went back and forth as they revived themselves and traded with my teammates on few occasions using shotguns. Eventually we succeeded in the fight after killing a third solo, who wasn't successful in disrupting us as I had already trapped the bodies of the two others. We extracted but rather unsatisfied.


As you can deduce from the story, I was met multiple times with solo-queue's that teamed and formed a threat far more formidable than traditional teams ever could. Their ability to self-revive instantly without the need of a teammate was devastating, and the fact they would not appear in true-sight when knocked was extremely misleading. In the second story we frantically searched for lanterns as we didn't have any firebombs on us, I did trap them with concertina traps but those weren't enough if they had resilience.
My opinion in regards to the moral of teaming as solo's is that it was perfectly fine before, but with their ability to self-revive they form too strong of a combo to be easily defeated. There are certainly drawbacks to the playstyle that I could think of, the inability to easily communicate or see your teammate as examples; But, it still in my view goes against the idea of solo-queue. Solo-queue is stated as going against greater threats, higher risk higher reward; That's the supposed idea. Unfortunately, the entire idea of greater risk collapses the moment you have teamed with another solo that has the Necromancy trait.
Here is an image with the names blocked out of how my most-recent match looked (The second story) and what players were in it.
The teams that were in the match, my team was a three man. Two of these \"solo's\" were teaming, whilst a third one was on the outskirts, unsure if he was with them.


There are a variety of potential fixed to the problem, but I would opt for the ones that wouldn't remove the traits or too much of their functionality from the game. I do genuinely believe that these changes are great for solo players and have made my own solo adventures far more exciting, but the issue of teaming is the one that truly corrupts the essence of this update. I will categorize the potential solutions to this by how radical they are, from least to most; Afterwards I will give my opinion on which one is optimal.
  • Make solo Necromancy players show up in true-sight even when knocked.
  • Extend the window in which Necromancy players can revive, from 10 seconds to for example 30 seconds.
  • Make the Necromancy trait allow for only one revive.
  • Remove voice chat to prevent teaming.
Of course if you have any ideas of your own, please comment and if I believe them to be worthwhile to consider I will add them to this list.


From what I could see many issues would be resolved by just adding the first solution, that Necromancy solo's show up on true-sight. This could introduce body camping of course, but the teaming issue from my perspective is far more damaging; And, body camping would only occur against opponents with true sight. Fundamentally, the changes will have to include more that just one of these potential solutions.


To be clear, I'm very satisfied with this update, and the recent course of the game has been phenomenal in my opinion. The variety of guns introduced with the occasional events make the game truly enjoyable and I would say that this patch is the most fun I've had with the game in years, and this is especially true as a player who enjoys his solo-queue. But, unfortunately there are players that take advantage of this and go against the spirit of the solo-queue. I do understand the arguments about diplomacy and making deals, but that shouldn't be in the form of creating teams; I've explained before how that goes against the spirit of what the solo-queue is supposed to be. It's fine to make a deal to go your separate ways, but not to join hands.
It's certainly early in the update to see how it will all pan out, but I'm interested to hear what others have to say about this.
  • Do you agree that this is an issue?
  • Or do you believe it's fine the way it is?
  • Have you experienced playing against these solo-teams or did you perhaps team as a solo yourself?
I'm not here to berate anyone for their playstyle, merely expressing my opinion on what I believe could be improved, and it would be great if you could contribute to the conversation.
Thanks for taking the time to read.


Got killed by solo-queue teams with necromancy and have expressed multiple reasons for why it is an issue, what could be done to fix it and my opinion on the morality of it.
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2023.04.01 22:49 markui What is this? I can use account on other device, what does this mean? I didn't do anything!

What is this? I can use account on other device, what does this mean? I didn't do anything! submitted by markui to growtopia [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 22:49 TemporaryGospel 32 Draft Stories in 32 days -- Cincinnati Bengals

I've been digging in to the history of the draft for the last few weeks, for fun, and I've come across really really interesting draft picks over the years! If people still keep reading, I want to make one of these a day, each day, until the draft. This is day number 7, so it's time to mock the...
Cincinnati Bengals
Mike Ferrell called Andre Smith the best high school o-line prospect since Orlando Pace. Rivals.com had him at the top tackle. He was considered to be the very best run blocker of a generation. He was *cannot miss* talent. He went to Alabama and became the fourth ever true freshman to start on the Alabama line. One service named him an all-American. His sophomore year, when Saban showed up, he won the Jacobs Blocking Trophy and was named first team all-SEC, and was a Playboy All-American. His junior year, he won the Outland Trophy, was named a unanimous All-American, and only allowed 6 QB pressures on 334 passing plays, in a season where he was only penalized twice. He made John Parker Wilson look good. He caught a pass. He was mocked at #1 in the draft the entire year.. Other than a QB needy team grabbing Stafford, nothing is stopping him from going 1st overall, right?
But the 2009 NFL draft rolls around, the Bengals grab Andre Smith at #6, and the next day, all of Cincinnati media acts like he’s an existential threat. Every headline is about the crazy risk that the Bengals took, as everyone offers crazy guesses what will happen.
What happened? How did we get here?
First, Smith got suspended from his bowl game for his contact with an agent. Back in a time when playing bowl games seemed to matter. Uh oh! He did some damage control, made the now foregone conclusion to declare for the draft, and hoped that people didn’t remember that on draft night. After all, he’s supposed to be a generational tackle.
Then the combine happened. Dude came in at 332 pounds, admitted he was out of shape, ran a 5.32 40 (incidentally, I’m in shape and I run a 5.34 40, neither here nor there)… and decided to run it without a shirt for some reason. Kind of an all-timer. You can see it here. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1718615-andre-smiths-40-yard-dash-is-still-the-best-40-yard-dash. Why without a shirt? Why not? Despite his supposedly herculean strength, he kind of bombs the bench press (according to a lot of keyboard warriors who wouldn’t get close to his scores– and often lost in the noise is that having longer arms makes it harder to put up big bench press numbers– Smith was such a good college lineman in part because of his crazy long arms). He interviews poorly. He’s pretty obviously out of shape. So, he leaves.
And the responsible person he told that he was leaving… uh… well, he didn’t tell anyone he was leaving the combine early. The national story is “where’s Andre Smith? Did a UFO take him?” Far too late, he turns up later saying he left the combine early to prepare for his Pro Day. But he was a punchline and then he was missing, and that was the national narrative.
AL.com, which is obviously very pro-Bama, said that the question wasn’t if his draft stock fell, but by how much. BleacherReport had him now, not at 3, but at the third lineman in their final mock. The Guardian mocked him as the third lineman, and their writeup began “whoever takes Smith is taking a gamble.” Kiper put him at 13th, saying that he can’t manage his weight, which an LT needs to do. McShay mocked him to the Niners at 10th, saying that it would take a great coach like Mike Singletary to keep Andre motivated. (Can I please have McShay’s job?) Andre’s sure looking like he’s out of the top-10.
Then stories started coming out that he was pushing the scales to 370 between seasons. And then the long-awaited Pro Day happened, where he was going to shut everyone up. He didn’t– he didn’t leave half way through and he kept his shirt on for his 40. But he didn’t really do better beyond that.
Draft night happens and by then everyone knows Stafford is going to the Lions first. Then the Rams, who desperately need linemen help, are up. And they take Jason Smith, who’s never done a three point stance before, and he’s out of the league in four years. It was kind of unthinkable before the combine that Andre could fall even this far, but here we are. People are wondering about his character, his physical ability, how much he cares, his personality, everything.
But the Bengals snag the man at 6th! Despite everything that’s happened, they go “big man block good” and they decide to make it work. And are repaid in kind when Smith– well– holds out a month for more money and misses training camp. He failed to stay in game shape in the holdout, and broke his foot in a non-contact play before the season ever began.
He went on to have a meaningful career, he was the starter by his third year, went to a second contract with the Bengals, and started most of their games for five years in a row. Not the expectation at Bama, but better than the lineman taken above him. But the unbelievable saga of the combine, the jokes, the bad pro day, the slide, and the injury were an incredible spectacle and probably one of the most memorable Bengals picks in the last few decades.
Honorable mention: I think I’m going to bring up 1999 like four times this series– but the Bengals turned down 9 draft picks, including two firsts, in order to take the third QB off the board, Akili Smith. And while it was a reasonable pick at the time, the Bengals traded the farm to get Ki-Jana Carter, who suffered a career-altering injury just three plays into the first preseason game. Steve McNaire was one of the next picks.
Day 1 - The Cardinals make an unconventional pick at 8th
Day 2 - Falcons GM Norm van Brocklin likes movies
Day 3 - The Ravens select a QB off of some unique criteria
Day 4 - The Bills find that the three rules for a QB is that you don't get them wet, get them cold, or feed them after midnight
Day 5 - Jimmy Clausen
Day 6 - The Bears lose a Carla-Jean-Moss-amount in a coin-flip
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2023.04.01 22:49 Cidagosa 27 [M4F] North Jersey // NYC Lets cuddle and do some gaming!

Hello! My name is Aliou and live in North NJ (work in the city) and welcome to my ad! I spend a lot of my time playing PC games, working out, and volunteering at a animal shelter. Other random activities I enjoy include hiking, camping, photography, memes and other normal shit lol. I work in tech so if you have any computer issues lmk!
So as for what I am looking for it's a pretty wide range. I have very few female buddies (especially gaming) so I am always looking for new people! The ideal goal tho is a SO, but really no rush with that I would rather it happen naturally. Preferably around my age and in the north Jersey or nyc area, but shoot me a message if you are a bit farther! I would also like picture and call verify sooner rather later but don't let me rush you! Now I leave you with a shit pick up line. 🍴🍴🍴🍴 I've got all these forks and knives. All I need is a little spoon! https://imgur.com/a/ZQMze7vb
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2023.04.01 22:48 LazyAngryShark The greatest shonen villain

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Who is the objectively best shonen anime/manga villain of all time?” Probably not. Most people haven’t seen every single shonen, and even then it’s pretty hard to say who is the best because everyone has a different taste in villains.
Some like morally gray, some like pure evil, some like villains who curbstomp everyone with ease, some like villains who struggle for their objectives, some like charismatic villains, some like scary villains, whatever else
It sounds impossible to determine a single best shonen villain. Fortunately, it actually is possible. I did my research and stumbled across one particular shonen villain who was so great that they got me flabbergasted.
That villain was so amazing that every other villain looked trash in comparison.
So unique…
So mysterious…
So scary…
So based…
So well written…
I couldn't believe that that great villain was actually real when I first saw him. But he is, and that's why I made this post. To tell you about the greatest shonen villain of all time, the one and only
Heart Virus from Dragon Ball Z.
Now, of course you might be thinking: "What the fuck?! A Dragon Ball villain?! Nah, you're crazy bro, Dragon Ball Z can't be that well written, it doesn't hold up to today's standards!" But trust me when I say that Virusu-kun is truly a goated villain and no one but me understands how great they are. And will tell you why he is so great.
Other Dragon Ball villains waste time on taunting and making their opponent suffer, but Virusu-kun is different. Virusu-kun shows up out of nowhere and immediately tries to assassinate Goku, not explaining how they showed up and why they try to kill Goku. Virusu-kun is such a threat that Goku is helpless against them. They don't even have a character design, that's how spooky he is. After they killed Goku in the future, Virusu-kun didn't try to kill any of the other Z-Fighters, knowing that the world would be screwed without Goku anyway. That's so based.
The other Dragon Ball villains are warriors and evil overlords but Virusu-kun is an assassin. That's why they are one of the only Dragon Ball villains who succeeded, because Virusu-kun thinks smarter, not harder. They were so successful that Bulma had to invent time traveling to stop them.
They are so great that he wasn't put into the Tournament of Power because he would have cheesed too easily.
They are so great that they were never playable in any Dragon Ball game because he was too great to be ever playable.
Truly the best shonen villain of all time. We will never have a shonen villain as brilliant and creative as Virusu-kun.
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2023.04.01 22:48 Vek_ved TIFU by peeing in bed and flooding the apartment.

I was enjoying a lazy weekend today, woke up late, had some food and went back to bed again. This time when I slept I had a weird dream in which I was peeing but it turns out I was wetting the bed for real. As soon as I started peeing somehow I woke up with a horror to realize what I was doing and managed to hold the pee and ran to toilet to relieve myself. Immediately afterwards I removed the bed covers and put them for wash in the washing machine and turned it on.
This is where the major fuck up happened. The Washing machine is kept in my other bed room which I mostly use just as a store room. The waste water outlet from the washing machine is normally connected to drainage through a tube to the attached bathroom. But this washing machine I brought back yesterday after repairs and was kept in its normal place. I had connected it's inlet but the waste outlet was just lying on the bed room floor. So the stupid that I am put the dirty bed covers in this washing machine and started the wash cycle and went back to bed. After an hour I wake up to see the entire apartment flooded with water from the washing machine. There was water in all rooms and kitchen and I spent reminder of the day cleaning up the water everywhere.
TLDR: Peed in bed, put the dirty bed covers for wash without realizing the waste water outlet of washing machine was not connected to drainage. Caused the apartment to be flooded.
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2023.04.01 22:48 HSudev521 Redoing the DCEU (Again!) focusing on character growth and humanity with a sequel to my Flash pitch

Direct Sequel to The Flash
This is Movie #10 of my ongoing DCEU rewrite that takes inspiration from what we got but makes it more authentic to the ethos of the characters, at least according to me. Sorry it took so long to write this movie. In anticipation of the new DCU, I will be wrapping up my DCEU redone posts as soon as I am done with my Phase 1. We are nearing the end of Chapter 1 of my DCEU rewrite and things are starting to heat up. A direct sequel to my Flash pitch, also directed by Robert Zemeckis. So, without further ado, let's get into:

The Flash II

We start with an establishing action scene. In MONTREAL, metahuman ROSCOE DILLON aka the TOP leads a heist on a bank. As the robbery happens, Roscoe induces vertigo in the people causing them to fall to their knees. He asks the bank teller to get him cash from the vault, when the bank teller presses the silent alarm, Roscoe shoots him. The bullet is about to kill him when all of a sudden, red and yellow blur whizzes into the room. The Bank teller is moved out of the way and safe and the bullet lodges harmlessly in the wall. As the civilians look on, BARRY ALLEN aka the FLASH stands triumphant in a brand-new super-suit. The Flash and the Top engage in a trippy battle . We see Barry’s desire for heroism and his mentality of rushing head long into trouble. Since coming to his own and moving past his guilt in the last movie, he has now replaced it with an unending sense of responsibility. He wants to save everyone so that no kid has to go through the pain that he went through after his mom’s murder. Barry, in this movie, will have to learn that some things are beyond his control.
On Comms, CISCO RAMON, and CAITLIN FROST guide him through the fight. Barry handcuffs Dillon with a zip tie and leaves him for the law enforcement as Caitlin informs him about a train going off the rails in MONTEREY, MEXICO. Barry runs to Monterey and helps evacuate all the people in the train. As he is struggling to move all people, the train comes to a grinding halt as Superman pushes against the head of the train bringing it to a grinding halt. Barry evacuates the remaining people and shakes hands with Superman. Barry lets him know that he is a big fan. Superman asks him to keep up the good work. Barry nods and is about to ask something but blanks in his starstruck awe. Superman simply smiles and says, “Until next time, Mr. Flash” before doing a quick tongue-in-cheek salute gesture and he flies away. Barry looks up in awe at Superman as he flies away and murmurs, completely star-struck, “Cool..”
Through comms, Barry and Cisco geek out over the former meeting Superman! Caitlin rolls her eyes and Dr. Slate chuckles as Cisco complains that Barry did not get Superman to sign his suit. Suddenly, the Star City satellite picks up activity. Cisco lets Barry know that LEONARD SNART aka CAPTAIN COLD and his partner HEATWAVE aka MICK RORY are breaking into NATIONAL BANK in CENTRAL CITY. Barry runs in to stop them but Cold plays into his overzealousness and uses his own run-first-think-later mentality against him as a way to trap him and then escape. Leaving Barry in a block of supercooled solid, Barry struggles to escape it, cops surround the building. The CCPD Chief, DAVID SINGH asks ‘The Flash’ to step out and surrender even as JOE WEST tries to reason to Singh that the Flash is on their side. Singh says that ever since the speedster has arrived on the scene things have been more and more complicated. Barry tries to vibrate to generate enough electricity and heat to melt the ice. Finally, just before Singh is about to unmask Barry, he is able to generate the electricity and an electricity shock is sent into the block that melts the ice and frees Barry. Barry runs away, barely escaping law enforcement.
# The Flash: Into the SpeedForce
Barry arrives late at his job at Keystone PD as their new CSI. He holds 2 coffee cups. He spills some of it as he climbs up the stairs, hurriedly greeting everyone, He gets to the annex where his lab is. He is met by the other CSI working there, August Heart. Barry hands one of the coffees to August. Heart and Barry talk for a bit as they get called to a crime scene. They arrive at MERCURY LABS, a private research lab run by Stagg Industries. There, Barry meets Det. Patty Spivot, a young recruit who quickly rose through the ranks. Barry and Patty have instant chemistry. They laugh and joke while solving the case together. Barry asks Patty about what was stolen. Patty tells Barry that the object stolen was an circuit stabilizer made of a Lithium-Eternium alloy, the latter being an extremely rare Kandahqi metal. Barry says that he thought there was barely any Eternium left in the world. Patty says that that is probably why the board was stolen. Barry looks around but he deduces that the robbery does not appear to have been committed for financial gain. There were other Eternium based chips there that weren’t stolen. Patty theorizes that maybe the burglar panicked and escaped, but Barry doubts that. Barry looks at the CCTV footage and finds nothing. It was there one second. And then it was gone. He asks Patty to slow down the video. As she does, he barely catches a glimpse of a yellow blur and a weight sinks in the pit of his stomach. Patty asks if he is okay. But before he can respond, they get a call from August. August was sent to investigate another robbery on the other end of town in an illegal underground street racing outfit. Heart mentions that one of the people there were killed. This shocks Patty and Barry. They ask if there were any evidence. August shakes his head. Then looking kind of unsure, he adds that there was a witness, however, but they won’t be able to believe what that young man has to say, he is probably traumatized and so not making any sense.
Barry and Patty arrive at the scene as August is still clearing out the scene. Barry walks up to the young boy- a shock of red hair and freckles. A kind smile. But a completely abrasive attitude- Wallace. Barry asks the kid what he saw. He hesitates before saying that he thinks he saw something or someone like the Flash…“a speedster moving faster than sound…except-.” Before Wallace can complete, Barry finishes the sentence, “except he was yellow and red.” August and Patty look at Barry, eyebrows raised in intrigue. Barry asks what was stolen. Wallace says that the speedster stole a new mix of liquid kryptonite and nitromethane. Barry asks who produces that mix and Wallace retorts saying that he isn’t a snitch.
Cut to STAR Labs in Central City. Cisco, Caitlin, Iris, Mal and Joe discuss the situation with Barry when Dr. Slate arrives. Barry’s mental health is in ruin. He was clearly working on moving forward from his survivor’s guilt and leaving his mother’s death in the past. But with her killer back, Barry is living his nightmare. They discuss the Mercury Lab break in with Slate. Slate explains Mercury Labs in Keystone City and S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City were rivals until the particle accelerator accident crippled S.T.A.R. Labs. Since then, Mercury Labs has been working on a project involving tachyon particles that use Eternium-based Microboards and the team deduces this is the Man in the Yellow suit's target. They wonder what the man might be building. Cisco opines out loud that Eternium is a good conductor of kinetic energy and that this could be related to the speedforce since the man is a speedster. Mal asks if he is a speedster then why would he need a speed device.
Barry sits alone ruminating on all that is happening when Iris comes and sits next to him. Iris asks him what is bothering him. Barry says that he feels blindsided. Iris encourages him to do what he is best at. Barry thinks she is talking about his superpowers. But Iris corrects him and tells him to use his CSI skills.
Barry races to Keystone PD. He reassembles his old conspiracy board from his mother’s murder. He places new information and old and tries to piece together what the man in the yellow suit is building.
Meanwhile, Iris and Mal have dinner where they talk about what Barry is going through. Mal talks about the kinship he feels with Barry having grown up in an orphanage. He then mentions how he always wondered why Iris chose him over Barry given the long bond between them. Iris says that Barry was always so occupied with his past, he never even gave the future a chance. But that is not the case with Mal. He always thinks about the future.
Cut to KCPD. Barry is asleep on a pile of papers when Patty walks in. She asks Barry what is happening. He tells her part of the truth without giving away that he is the Flash. He talks about his mother’s murder and how he thought he was insane for years until the Flash showed up on the scene. Seeing the Flash Barry realized that speedsters like that are possible. He thinks the new mystery speedster is the same one who killed his mom. Barry and Patty talk and start piecing stuff together to try and make sense of the different “robberies” . They eventually figure out that all these parts are parts that were used by Samantha Scudder to build her experimental quantum device. Patty asks Barry about the device, since he was the CSI that handled the case. Barry says that he found nothing of interest, brushing aside the question. Patty can feel Barry hiding something which annoys her a little. Barry excuses himself and heads to the STAR Labs.
At STAR Labs, Barry discusses with Cisco, Caitlin and Slate. They realize that the man in yellow wants to combine a tachyon generator with Samantha Scudder’s quantum portal device. Slate says that together, hypothetically, it can help someone travel in time. They realize his plan. Cisco runs diagnostics and says that the only piece missing is a frequency stabilizer of which there exists only one. In the Central City Mercury labs. Barry races to Mercury Labs.
At Mercury Labs, a physicist is going about his daily systems checks when a speedster in yellow comes and kills several guards. Luckily the physicist locks himself with the tachyon device in a quantum flux chamber. The yellow speedster attempts to get inside the chamber but fails. Barry arrives just as the man in yellow sends a speedforce lightning at the glass. Barry tries to stop him, but Barry gets tossed aside. The liquids in the room start levitating and windows crack as the two speedsters duke it out. Barry lets loose and chases the other speedster who is faster than ever. Barry demands answers for his mother's murder but the man in the yellow suit taunts him, that he will have to catch him first and speeds off again. The two end up in a stadium and start fighting. Man in the Yellow Suit taunts Barry and says that he will wipe Barry out as well as everyone who knows his secret. He says Barry shouldn’t have told his secret to friends and that they will die because of him. Before leaving, he tells Barry it is his destiny to lose to him, just as it was also destiny for Barry's mother to die that night. He says that in two days’ time, all his plans will finally come to fruition and nothing Barry does can stop him. By the time Cisco, Caitlin and Mal (whom they called) arrive at the stadium, Barry is clutching his knee and crying.
Next day, Barry goes to visit his father and confesses that he finally found the man who murdered Nora, but he got away, twice. Distraught, he tells his father it is now his fault that he is stuck behind bars. Henry tells him not to blame himself; that the murder has dominated Barry's life for fourteen years and he hasn't been able to truly lead his own life. Henry has also worked out that Barry is in love with Iris but never told her. Barry tells him that it doesn’t matter because she is with Mal. And he is starting to like Patty. He says that he is afraid he might screw even that up. He tells his son not to let the killer take any more of his life from him.
Exhausted, Barry goes to a bar and tries to get drunk, but he cannot be due to his high metabolism. Patty, who was at the bar, sees Barry and approaches him. The two of them talk and Barry talks about how conflicted and confused he is. Without going into details about his situation, he explains his emotions to her. Patty empathizes and gives him some advice. Barry and Patty’s heart to heart leads to them sleeping together.
Barry wakes up in the morning to a sleeping Patty. He sees the Man in the Yellow Suit through the window. Barry is petrified but fights through it and launches into action. Barry runs through town looking for the man in yellow but comes up with nothing.
At the CCPN, Iris is assigned to a new senior reporter Arturo Rodriguez, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and mentor of Lois Lane, who wrote about the “No Man’s Land” crisis in Gotham over twenty years ago and first reported on the Batman. Rodriguez tells Iris about the new expose he is working on- a story on Dr. Harrison Slate. Rodriguez tells Iris about Harrison, saying that 15 years ago Slate lost his wife in a car accident following which Slate turned into a recluse. The only people he has met since then have all ended up dead or missing in a short time. All except two employees at STAR Labs-Cisco, Caitlin; Barry and Barry’s friends including Iris. Recently, Slate met with the former head of Mercury Labs, Dr. Simon Stagg, just months before Stagg’s personal top-secret research was robbed by someone who was evidently a metahuman (Rodriguez reveals that he has a source in the CCPD) and Stagg has been “missing” since. Dr. Christina McGee who took his place in the Lab launched a full-blown search for Stagg, but it was as if he had disappeared from the face of the Earth. Iris calls his theory outlandish, but Rodriguez asks her to just talk to Barry.
Barry makes his way to STAR Labs. He is a beaten man. Exhausted physically and emotionally- stretched to his limits. Slate says that they need to trap the man in yellow. Barry suggests they use the device from Mercury Labs that the villain was unable to procure to create a trap for him. Slate, Caitlin and Joe talk with the head scientist of Mercury Labs, Dr. Christina McGee at the police station, trying to obtain the tachyon experiment as bait. The scientist refuses; believing Slate is looking for an advantage in the market again especially because Mercury is in shambles right now after the last director, Dr. Simon Stagg disappeared a few months ago. But after Barry pleads, she relents and hands over the device.
At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin and Cisco work on the trap- an energy field containment device. Caitlin opens up to Cisco how insane her life has been since Ronnie was vaporized in the particle accelerator accident. He feels a weird deja vu working in the basement lab. She suggests that it might be because the last time either of them were down there when Ronnie was tinkering with building the cold fusion reactor. Cisco reminisces about how much of an inspiration Ronnie was to him. Barry enters and help them build the trap. The three of them talk and we further explore the deep rapport and dynamic between the three friends. Barry opens his heart and shares his thoughts and fears. Cisco and Caitlin support him.
Barry arrives at the KCPD forensic lab late to find Patty waiting for him, working on the robberies. Barry tells her that he figured it out. And he thanks her for her help. She explodes at him in anger. She tells him that he is too busy chasing whatever phantom he is chasing to live a life. He left her this morning without a word. He solved the mystery of the robberies and did not say a word. He apologizes and says that he got preoccupied. She says that he can talk to her when he is ready to be honest and all there. Barry sits there alone as Patty walks out.
At the West residence, Joe is asleep on the couch as Iris looks at all the evidence that Rodriguez gave her regarding Dr. Slate. Mal walks in to find her buried in newspaper clippings and pieces of information. She learns that Barry’s mother’s killer is back and taunting him in order to get some tachyon device. This suddenly clicks for Iris as Stagg was researching a tachyon flux converter when he disappeared. Iris immediately calls Barry, worried.
At Jitters, Iris tells Barry about Rodriguez’s theory. She tells him that ever since Dr. Slate arrived at Central City, everything changed. Barry needs to make sure Slate isn’t working for the enemy. Barry laughs it off and calls Slate his mentor and like a parent. He convinces Iris that Slate is a good man. Iris asks Barry if he is convinced that he wants to hunt down Man in the Yellow Suit. Barry says yes. Barry spills his heart to her. Tells her how the night his mom died; time stood still for him. He tells her that he has spent every day since then trying to move beyond his guilt and gain a semblance of power over himself. But now that he has that power, he feels emptier than ever before. He can run into a burning building and save thousands of people. But who will save the little boy who had to see his father get wrongly arrested for killing his mother the same night he saw something inexplicable rip her apart. He chased that lightning all his life. Now he has this lightning inside of him. But has no idea what to do with it. Iris touches Barry heart and tells, “But you do. You always have.”
Barry goes back to STAR Labs where the trap has been completed. Cisco tells Barry that Dr. Slate has gone to get amplifiers from the remains of the particle accelerator tube. Barry tells Cisco and Caitlin about what Iris told him regarding Slate. Barry says that Arturo must be mistaken because Slate is a good guy. Cisco talks about his strained relationship with his own family and how Slate and Ronnie were the closest things he had to a father and a brother.
At CCPN, Iris takes all of the research that Rodriguez gave her and goes to tell Rodriguez that his hunch is wrong. Iris finds his office empty. She checks with the desk who say that he never reported for duty. Iris is confused because Rodriguez never misses work. Iris gets worried. She hurries to him home where she finds the place ransacked. She finds a not on his desk with an address for a house in Keystone City.
Meanwhile Slate retrieves amplifiers and comes out of the elevator to find Joe waiting for him in the central atrium of the lab. Joe voices his concern that Barry should stay out of the next stage of the plan as he is too close to this foe, but before he can finish, Barry entering from the other room, dismisses their concerns. Joe says that Mal has recruited a taskforce of loyal SWAT officers to provide them with backup and they will be there any minute. He asks Barry if Cisco and Caitlin are ready, and Barry says that they are. Slate says that then it is time to get started.
The trap is activated, and the tachyon prototype is set in the heart of the trap. They wait for the Man in the Yellow suit. Cisco has been releasing pulses from the tachyon device to draw his attention. Suddenly, the speedster arrives, and Cisco activates the trap; encasing him in a force field. Barry, hiding behind some equipment is paralyzed over seeing his mother’s killer so up close. Slate, Mal, Joe and the task force inspect their captive while Caitlin and Cisco remain in the control room to keep the trap running. In the chamber Joe attempts to interrogate the villain over Nora Allen's murder. The villain ignores him, but speaks to Slate; acting pleased they can meet face to face. The two trade barbs over knowledge of the other. When Slate points out they created the trap based on the villain's similar nature to the Flash, the villain laughs; claiming he is quite the reverse of the hero.
Iris arrives in Keystone and knocks on the door. The door is opened by none other than Patty Spivot.
Back at STAR Labs, suddenly Cisco notes a fluctuation in the barrier and tries to warn Slate; just as the barrier drops for a second. The villain quickly grabs Slate, pulling him into the force field and proceeds to violently beat him. Joe has no option but to break the field generator to save Slate from the attack. The Man in the Yellow suit takes out the task force, flashes over to Mal and stares into his frightened eyes but strangely spares him. The villain then speeds over to Joe and chokes him. Seeing Joe getting choked, snaps Barry out of PTSD and he speeds in and takes The Man in the Yellow suit outside flying out of the building in a tornado of red and yellow electricity, Caitlin and Cisco run outside to watch the fight. The fight is not going well for Barry as the man in yellow continually beats on him. The man in yellow reveals that not only did he kill Barry’s mother but that he is the one known as Reverse, “after a man I once knew” and that he is the one who brought the Rogues together. Before he can kill Barry however, he is speed starts sputtering out. Barry is surprised as he sees a second of worry in Reverse Flash eyes. He tells Barry that "their race is not yet done" and that he will see him soon, he then speeds away with the tachyon device. Cisco and Caitlin run over to help Barry.
Patty and Iris talk, both having introduced themselves to each other. Patty immediately recognizes Iris as Barry’s bestfriend. Patty says that Barry has talked a lot about Iris to her. Iris unfortunately cannot reciprocate which makes Patty a bit crestfallen. Patty attempts to change the topic and Iris says that she was following a lead about her lead-reporter Arturo Rodriguez. The name causes Patty to sit up.
She says that a week ago, Barry came to her with some case files about a string of mysterious robberies in Keystone and Central City. She helped Barry put the evidence together and came to the breakthrough that everything stolen were parts that Samantha Scudder used in her mirror device. Even though Barry told her that he caught the culprit, when she called CCPD, they hadn’t. She did not know what Barry was doing, but she had to figure out answers for herself. So she contacted an old college friend Naomi Singh who helped her hack into ARGUS database. She read through the research of Sam Scudder. And realized that all of the original plans for the quantum mirror device was given to her by Dr. Harrison Slate. Not only that, a day after her death, Slate paid off cleaning crews cleaning up the fight scene between Sam and the Flash to get access to her tech. This caused Patty to look further into Slate and realized that Barry was working with Slate. Thinking that Barry was a dirty cop who Slate is controlling, and that’s why Barry lied to her about the arrests, she was making a case against Slate to free Barry. She says that now that Iris knows this what she needs to know is why Iris is working for Slate. Patty pulls a gun on Iris.
Continued in: PART II
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