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It's not their Los Angeles. It's rLos Angeles! The official subreddit of Los Angeles, international epicenter and home of the Dodgers, latinas, attractive homeless people, traffic, dog poop, Koreans not in Korea, high-speed police chases, transplants, helicopters, In-N-Outs near airports, Keyes on Van Nuys, and uninteresting streamers!

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News from in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2023.06.07 21:28 Automatic-Ad-9574 2 g Mushroom trip cured my derealization/depersonalization

I’d been struggling with derealization, depersonalization, and felt I was in a waking dream for months leading up to this. It was caused by a weed induced panic attack, and I had sort of tunnel vision where I couldn’t fully focus on anything, and was terrified I ruined my brain permanently. In addition to this I was already struggling with anxiety and depression which were both worsened by this. I tried to distract myself with physical activities and burnt out after months of just beating my body up with little to no rest.
Me and my homie used psychedelic mushrooms last night and had a bad trip, which i look back at as the most traumatizing experience of my life. Me and my homie purchased them last minute and ate them with some chicken nuggets we had, do not recommend.
It took roughly 30-40 minutes to kick in and It started out with slightly increased feelings of synesthesia, and more vibrant colors, and after about an hour or two of this, the hallucinations started. I was in my sisters room when the borders of pictures And paintings on the walls started to disappear and everything was sort of all the same thing.
I felt my derealization/depersonalization change. I had this sense of doom, something was missing, and while reality felt more real, the reality i was in scared me. I began to hear voices of myself, friends and other unknown voices force myself deeper into the trip. My subconscious bled into my consciousness, and all my thoughts began to scatter. My attachment to ideas, objects, and even myself began to dissolve. Imagine always believing certain things about your world/space you frequent, and all of a sudden all of it is a lie. I no longer knew who I was.
I was laying in my bed trying to get out of this headspace, or even just fall asleep and kept distracting myself as I’d been doing for months: I’d try to fold a blanket or rearrange something, but my brain felt like it was being overflowed with information and hallucinations that I could hardly describe. The trip peaked like this for 2 hours while I lost control of everything. I believed I went insane and lost my mind. I thought stepping into the shower would help wake me up and out of it, but this was a mistake. I forced myself to throw up in the shower, but I very well might’ve hallucinated this as later I did no see any evidence of throwing up. I kept turning off and on the light in the bathroom, but I kept seeing so much I felt like I wasn’t supposed to see. When I eventually got out everything looked dirty, and every design of the walls, and shower curtain turned into arrows telling me to go further into the trip. The water on the floor near the shower was swirling, splitting up, going back together all over the floor. I went up to my friend (who was on the couch)basically naked with just my old clothes to cover up and I said “something is just not right”, and walked back to my room. I laid down in my bed, feeling cold, and alone in my mind. The trip intensified when I laid back in bed. I saw my entire sense of self disintegrate into a canvas of gray nothing and I thought I was going to die. To an extent I felt I could escape the simulation if I just laid there to die. I laid and prayed for it be over, but it kept going. I accepted my fate, the destiny the universe chose for me. I surrendered to death itself and that’s when it freed me.
it started to wear off and I realized how real everything felt. I believe I had to feel all of the trauma and pain in order for it to leave me. I genuinely felty reality was crumbling before my eyes in those 2 hours.
(Not scary ending): In the morning after I did not have any of my derealization/depersonalization feelings and I felt changed. It is now almost 24 hours after I took them and I’m finally seeing the beauty in everything again. This no longer feels like a dream, and I want to make the most of my life with this profound experience. It’s giving me a chance to see clearly once again.
(Scary ending): this story happened months ago, but I still occasionally get flashbacks of literally feeling I’ve lost all grips on reality. I ended up doing them a second time at a much lower dose, and not completely by myself. While my friend was at my house, hé was living his own hell in the other room. Do research before you do anything like this. This experience will haunt me forever.
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2023.06.07 21:27 Warden_____ Resin bed (Resin holder)

Resin bed (Resin holder)
As I was changing the screen for the bed the elastic band used for sealing fell out, and I noticed that it was basically falling apart. Can anyone tell me where I can get a new one? (HALOT ONE)
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2023.06.07 21:27 contrary_resolution L post

I'm definitely never going to be with someone as physically attractive as him again. This is the shallowest possible thing I could think right now. I'm just sad because I will never gaze at him while we lie in bed together breathing softly again. I could launch into a long description of his appearance and everything I will miss about even just one aspect of him, but I'm not going to do that on Reddit for obvious reasons.
I miss his voice (tenor, ever so slightly nasal yet husky; he sounds so gentle when he is happy, and so exuberant when he is excited)
I miss his enthusiasm about movies and for stories in general. Weird thing to miss, but it's just kind of amazing how much he connects with other people over good storytelling.
I miss teasing each other and insulting each other playfully
I miss his encyclopedic knowledge about so many different topics, and discussions about his very well-thought-out political opinions
I miss talking to him about his future and all the projects he wants to do over dinner.
I miss 10,000 other things which I won't list.
And it's totally hopeless.
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2023.06.07 21:27 hawks27-2 Preview of who the Flyers could pick at 22nd Overall

With the Flyers adding a second pick in the 2023 draft I wanted to take a look at the players who could be available at 22nd Overall on draft night. When getting into this part of the first round it usually becomes harder to predict where guys will go, especially this year when people are even having a hard time handicapping picks outside the top 3. Predicting the Flyers selection is even tougher, given Briere and Jones don't have an established track record, the team likely didn't scout players in this range as intensely throughout the year, and the fact that (as of right now) the team wont pick again until 87th Overall means that there are a lot of unknowns in figuring out who the Flyers could pick. So I will cast a wide net to show a wide variety of players who could or should be available.
Have to Fall
I did a preview on who the Flyers could pick at 7th Overall last month. 8 of those 15 players (Cristall, Sale, Barlow, Reinbacher, Yager, Danielson, Perreault, and Wood) are all ranked 22nd or lower in at least one draft ranking, so there is always the chance that one of those players fall. While I wouldn't get your hopes up on any one specific player, and there is a good chance that all of them are off the board at 22nd, there is a chance that one of these guys slips through to the Flyers second pick. Outside of these guys there is only one player that I'll categorizes as "Have to Fall".
Riley Heidt - F, 5'11, Prince George Cougars - Heidt has some high end tools that could see him come off the board earlier than a lot of people expect, but some deficiencies that could keep him on the board until 22nd OA. He has great speed and can handle the puck at speed. Combined with the fact that he is an elite playmaker makes him one of the most dangerous set up men in the draft. His ability to change direction and create small openings to thread the needle lead him to the top of the WHL assist charts, tying Bedard for the league lead. One of the big drawbacks is that he is probably too much of a playmaker, he doesn't have a strong shot and does use his shot enough, with this draft being big on shooters we could see teams taking shoot first guys over someone like Heidt. He is also pretty slight and while being 5'11 which is not really undersized he does play a small player's game. I think he'll be off the board, but if he's available the Flyers could steal a super talented playmaker. He's played a lot of center but will likely be a winger in the NHL.
Mikhail Gulyayev - D, 5'10, Avangard Omsk Organization - Gulyayev had been considered the top defenseman in the draft for most of the year, on a pure talent level he likely still is with him falling behind guys like Reinbacher and Sandin Pellikka due to Russian circumstances. Gulyayev is an elite skater, not just fast but with excellent edgework that makes him able to maneuver at speed and breeze by players. He's got great hands and vision making him a dangerous passer in all three zones. These offensive attributes are combined with a great hockey sense that helps in positioning as well joining the rush and positioning. He does have a bit of an issue being overaggressive and sometimes leaving to early or over pursuing in the D zone, but those are fixable issues. He is small, only 5'10 which means he may take a little more time getting to the NHL. The bigger issue is as a Russian player it's unknown how much Flyers scouts have seen him and it's unclear how the geopolitical situation with Russian players will impact where he goes in the draft. If Russia didn't invade Ukraine Gulyayev could have been a top 10 pick, so if the Flyers like what they see he could be a steal.
Dmitri Simashev - D, 6'4, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Organization - The other big Russian D prospect, and I mean big in both prominence and statue. Simashev is a big defensive defenseman, but skates almost as well as his 5'10 countryman Gulyayev. He is great at all the major defensive skills, his positioning is great, stick checks are quick and accurate, and he can be physical but he's not an overly dominating physical presence. The biggest drawback is there is almost no offensive upside. Given how strong of a skater he is you would think there would be more offense, but he is a weak puck handler which not only limits his offense but can lead to problems getting zone exits if its not figured out. Like with Gulyayev, the limited scouting, lack of best on best comparisons, and geopolitical issues make it difficult to guess where Simashev will go, and he could even slide out of the first round.
Otto Stenberg - F, 5'11, Frolunda - Stenberg is another really interesting prospect in this range. He has tons of talent, with great speed, great hands, and a great shot. He also has great intangibles, he's a smart player, a hard worker, and a great leader. With that kind of skillset he should be projected to go closer to 7th than 22nd, but he is projected to go 22nd or later by a majority of rankings. The reason being that he failed to impress not only at the SHL level but at the Swedish junior level as well. Not being able to stand out in a pro league at 17 isn't that strange, but perhaps a bit underwhelming given Stenberg's skills, but not putting it together in the junior league is a bit bigger of an issue. While he has struggled for his club Stenberg has been legendary for his country. At the U18s he finished with 16 points, right behind the great American trio, and tied the Swedish record for most points at a U18 (tied with Willie Nylander). The next highest scoring player on Sweden had 11 points, that gap being the biggest between 1st and 2nd scorers in the tournament. It was similar at the pre-season Hlinka-Gretzky tournament where Stenberg had 9 points in five games, with a four point gap between the second highest scorer. And like at U18's Stenberg had the second most points ever at a Hlinka tournament by a Swede. When Stenberg is going he's a superstar, but even when he's not he's still a reliable depth player. He could be Mitch Marner, or he could be Scott Laughton. While that may be a wide gap, drafting a boom/bust type where the "bust" is still a great depth player should be something the Flyers (and a lot of other teams) consider.
Samuel Honzek - C, 6'4, Vancouver Giants - Honzek is another member of the Slovak prospect Renaissance, but unlike guys like Slafkovsky, Nemec, or this year's Dalibor Dvorsky, Honzek made the jump over to North America for his pre-draft year. He could be looked at like a Slafkovsky-lite, though Honzek is slightly bigger. He has good speed, good skill, good physicality, and a great quick and heavy shot. His ability to play in tight spaces and get off a quick accurate shot makes him an ideal power forward, drawing comparisons to a player like Alex Tuch. He has defense and consistency issues, but he's also a smart player so those issues could be worked out as he develops. With this year's draft being heavy on smaller forwards I wonder if a team earlier in the draft grabs Honzek, after Leo Carlsson there are only 2-3 forwards 6'2 or over projected to go in the top 20, but if he's on the board he will definitely be someone the Flyers give a close look to.
Calum Ritchie - C, 6'2, Oshawa Generals - Ritchie was oddly a player I was hoping the Flyers avoided most of the season, because I don't think he has 7th Overall talent. But he could be a very interesting option at 22nd, if he gets there. Ritchie is a big bodied but not overly physical two way center. That two-way center thing is what made me dread the Flyers reaching for him in the top 10, but the fact that Ritchie compliments his two way abilities with great playmaking, anchored by excellent vision and a good set of hands make him more than a one dimensional defense-first center. He is not a particularly fast player, while this draft class has a number of guys that aren't really plus skaters, most of the guys expected to go in the late teens-early 20s are pretty speed which would hurt Ritchie. He also does not have a great shot and often defers opportunities to shoot. It's an odd comparison, but think of him as a taller more defensive Morgan Frost. That could be just the type of player the Flyers are looking for long term.
Quentin Musty - LW, 6'2, Sudbury Wolves - Musty was the 1st Overall pick in the OHL draft and has the skills to show off why. He has a great shot, very good hands, and combines good speed and vision to be a great playmaker - all this leading to him having the highest ppg for a U18 in the OHL this season. All that in a 6'2 frame makes for quite the intriguing prospect. The problem with Musty is that he is not always engaged and can sometimes float around. He is not particularly good defensively and is not really physical. Right now he's a fairly one dimensional player, a boom/bust type where he could have a higher potential than someone like Stenberg or Honzek, but couldn't play the same depth role they could. But if the Flyers believe in that high end potential and that Torts and the Org could shake out any bad habits they could see taking him as less of a risk.
One interesting thing to consider is that there is a wide variety of skill sets, sizes, and potentials with these players listed so far. The players around 7th Overall are similar in that it's a very diverse group of players. Who the Flyers take at 7th Overall and 22nd Overall will give us a good idea of what attributes the new front office values most, if most of the players discussed are available.
I say "Reach" but at this point in the draft there is usually more differences in pre-draft rankings and what actually happens. Plus pretty much every player in this draft has a wide range of rankings, with some players that are in the "Wheelhouse" for 7th Overall being ranked lower than 22nd, and every player in this "Reach" section being ranked higher than 22nd Overall in at least one ranking. So when I say "Reach" I'm referring to players ranked 26th or lower in the Elite Prospects consolidated rankings.
Gavin Brindley - RW, 5'9, Michigan - Brindley carved out a place on an absolutely stacked Michigan team and earned a spot on the US World Junior team. Brindley has a ton of skill with great hands and some creative passing, and along with a high level of speed and acceleration, and paired with a high compete level and good defensive play. This combination of factors has lead some people, such as Corey Pronman at The Athletic, to rank him as high at 8th. His big problem? He's only 5'9. He's also not a remarkable shooter like other undersized recent forwards like Caufield and DeBrincat. Outside of games on TV I actually saw Brindley live this season and he can be an absolute force on the ice, he stood out Michigan almost as much as Fantilli and can overwhelm opponents with his speed and tenacity. Maybe Briere will see something of himself in Brindley and take a shot on the little guy.
Daniil But - LW, 6'5, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Organization - But is the biggest player listed here and if he goes in the first round he will very likely be the biggest guy taken. He is similar to Honzek in that he has great size, can win battles, and has a big shot that could make him an asset. But But is also Russian leading to a lot of complicating factors already mentioned, not to mention he has an acceleration issue even if his top speed and edgework is solid. The only way I see the Flyers going with But is if they have their heart set on Honzek and he gets taken at 21st overall.
Lukas Dragicevic - D, 6'2, Tri-City Americans - Dragicevic is a great skating offensive RHD who put up great numbers in the WHL this season with 75 points in 68 games. He's got good instincts when joining the rush and has the speed to make up for mistakes on the back check. But as you can guess seeing these insane offensive numbers on a guy projected to go late in the first round there are some defensive issues. He can be over active in the D zone pushing himself out of position, or he can lose focus and puck watch and fall behind, leading to potentially the worse combo for a defenseman. If the Flyers think they could work through those issues they may think they have a steal, but time will tell if Dragicevic turns into a Shea Theodore, Michael Del Zotto, or a David Rundblad.
Oliver Bonk - D, 6'1, London Knights - Bonk is a RHD who will likely be more of a defensive defenseman in the NHL. Projected more as a 2nd rounder Bonk could move up into the first given the lack of defenseman in the first round. But Bonk's high hockey IQ, positioning, and ability to create turnovers on defense make him an interesting pick. If the Flyers are dead set on a defenseman with this second pick, and don't want to risk taking a Russian, I could easily see them taking Bonk over Dragicevic.
Taking goalies can certainly be risky in the first round. Recently first round goalies have been fairly hit and miss with guys like Jake Oettinger and Spencer Knight looking like potential franchise goalies, Samsonov looking streaky or serviceable, and the jury still being out on Askarov, Cossa, and Wallstadt but they are each showing mixed results. Still, with the Flyers potentially moving Hart or at least thinking about it, now would be the time to look at drafting a goalie considering their longer timelines and the fact that there are some pretty talent guys available. The Flyers not having another pick until 87th could also affect this as the three top goalies listed should all be off the board by then. I'm going to look at three goalies who all have potential to be first rounders, though it's unlikely more than any one guy ends up in the first round.
Michael Hrabal is a 6'6 Czech playing in the USHL. He put up solid numbers for a pretty terrible Omaha Lancers team and very good numbers for an underwhelming Czech U18 team. He is very fluid in his motion for such a big guy and uses that size when battling to make saves. He will be playing at UMass next season who is noted for usually having a strong defense. That could allow him to develop without having to keep his team in games.
Carson Bjarnason is the archetypal goalie. 6'3, great at tracking pucks, and great moving around in his crease. Like Hrabal he played on a bad junior team with the Brandon Wheat Kings, and while his stats weren't impressive most places I've see say he has all the skills to build into the perfect pro goalie. He'll also likely backstop Canada's world junior team the next two seasons.
Trey Augustine - Speaking of starting for World Junior teams, Augustine has already won a Bronze medal at World Juniors for Team USA, along with winning Gold at the U18s. At 6'1 Augustine is a bit undersized, and with any undersized goalie that means his positioning, agility, and reactions need to great to compete at a high level. If Augustine was 6'3 I think he would be a shoe in for a top 16 pick as his athleticism and precision make him a great puck stopper. Augustine will be joining Michigan State this upcoming season, re-teaming with his former NTDP coach who has started drawing some of his old players back through the transfer portal. Augustine could turn Michigan State into a force to reckon with in a tough Big Ten.
Who Should/Will They Take
A couple of things I want to mention. One is I think there is a chance the Flyers move up or down, they have assets and depending how things shake out as it gets closer to their pick they could jump up or slide back. Also, I know a lot of people will believe that with two picks the Flyers should take a forward and a defenseman, but given the players available I don't know if the Flyers should go in with that logic. Reinbacher and Sandin Pellikka are both more middle first round pick type players than 7th Overall and I think it would be mistake to reach for them. Similarly, outside of the Russians, Dragicevic and Bonk are more late first/early second round players and the Flyers would have to reach past more talent and well rounded forwards to get them. And frankly I don't think the Flyers will take one of the Russians, based largely on the fact they probably haven't scouted them as thoroughly as they'd like.
Who I think they'll take and who I want them to take is actually the same person, Otto Stenberg. The Flyers usually have more eyes and put more emphasis on international tournaments where Stenberg has shined. If he's off the board the guy I'd be most interested in is Gulyayev or Brindley, but the guy I think they'd go with is Ritchie, but if Ritchie is also off the board I think they actually go with Bonk.
For the draft overall, I think the best value for selection would be if Michkov and Gulyayev fell, the Flyers would be getting a first overall talent (in most other years) and a top 10 talent at 7th and 22nd. But I think there is little chance the Flyers take any Russians and almost no chance they take two. My ideal situation would be to take Zach Benson at 7th OA and Otto Stenberg as 22nd OA, while I think Ryan Leonard at 7th OA and either Stenberg or Calum Ritchie at 22nd OA is who they will take. Actually, between this and my 7th Overall preview I've covered 29 players, so the Flyers will probably take one of the few guys I didn't cover like Nate Danielson or Ethan Gauthier haha.
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The ladies will soon be getting a premium iteration of the fan-favorite Nike Air Max 1. Arriving in Michigan colors, here is an official look at the Nike WMNS Air Max 1 CO.JP Michigan.
The Nike WMNS Air Max 1 PRM comes constructed out of a suppler leather base paired with nylon tongues. Design details include the embroidered mini Swooshes on the lateral forefoot, the snakeskin-textured Swooshes on the side panels, the croc-like mudguards and the leather lining. A Sail midsole and Yellow rubber outsole round out the main features of the sneaker.
The Nike Air Max 1 CO.JP Michigan has no release date, but current rumors have these dropping on April 14th for the retail price of $160. For a complete guide including official photos, release dates, pricing and where to buy, visit: Nike WMNS Air Max 1 CO.JP Michigan.
In Jordan Brand news, who’s excited for the upcoming Air Jordan 7 White Infrared?
ABOUT THE RELEASE: What is Nike’s CO.JP? Nike’s CO.JP (Concept Japan) program ran from the mid-’90s into the ’00s when Nike started to expand its global reach. Nike started releasing Japan-exclusive release that made the rest of the world envious. These releases were the type of sneakers that you had to know somebody that knows somebody in order for you to get your hands on a pair. Nike CO.JP eventually became its own Nike sub-label, which then spread beyond Japan and plant roots in New York, London, Paris and more.
UPDATE (6/7): It has been announced that the Nike WMNS Air Max 1 CO.JP Michigan will be releasing on June 21st via SNKRS for $160.
This is what Nike had to say about this release: “We saw how y’all voted in our “CO.JP Tournament” and decided to make an Air Max 1 that combines elements from the top 8 winning shoes. Sure it sounds messy, but we think the result is pretty pristine. You can probably tell where the Varsity Maize and Midnight Navy colorway came from. And we bet you can easily place the crocodile texture, as well as that snakeskin texture in the Swoosh. What about the other winners—can you tell how we worked them in?”
UPDATE (3/20): Here are official images of the Nike WMNS Air Max 1 CO.JP Michigan. Retail is set at $160. An official release date has yet to be announced but current rumors have these dropping on April 14th.
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2023.06.07 21:27 FormalSmoke Official Images: Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement

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Official Images: Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement
The Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Black Cement” is a forthcoming colorway that’s slated to drop this year.
Part of their Summer 2023 lineup, this special colorway of the Air Jordan 1 Low OG helps celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement. The Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement comes dressed in a Black, Muslin, Tech Grey, White, and Sail color scheme. This Air Jordan 1 Low starts off with a Black nubuck construction on the base of the upper which is then joined by grey elephant print overlays. Additional details include white leather Swooshes on the side panels, Sail Nike Air branding on the tongues, a Sail aged rubber midsoles, and grey rubber outsoles.
Retailing for $140, the Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement is set to release on June 23rd at select retailers and Nike SNKRS. For a complete guide including official photos, release dates, pricing and where to buy, visit: Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement.
In release news, will you be going after the Air Jordan 1 High OG Washed Black on June 10th?
UPDATE (6/7): Here are official images of the Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement. Look for these to release on June 23rd at select Jordan Brand retailers and Nike.com for the retail price of $140.
UPDATE (3/6): Here is an official look at the Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement. Part of their Summer 2023 lineup, this special colorway of the Air Jordan 1 Low OG helps celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement. Retailing for $140, look for these to release on June 23rd at select retailers and Nike.com.
UPDATE (2/1): A first look at the Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Black Cement”. The sneaker is highlighted by a black nubuck upper with grey elephant print on the overlays, white Swooshes on the side panels, and Sail Nike Air branding on the tongues.
UPDATE (12/22): Here is an update rendering of the forthcoming Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Elephant. New mockup by Sneaker Files / zsneakerheadz.
Images: Sole Retriever
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2023.06.07 21:27 FormalSmoke Official Images: Nike Air Force 1 Low Monarch

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Check out the Top Deals on Sneakers for Sale on Amazon!
Official Images: Nike Air Force 1 Low Monarch
Pumpkin fanatics, peep this colorway of the Nike Air Force 1 Low that’s set to drop early on in 2023.
Dubbed the Nike Air Force 1 Low Monarch, this brand new makeup of the model is highlighted by its Burnt Orange upper that comes constructed in a mix of nylon textile paired matching leather overlays. More of the same hue takes care of the mesh tongues and lining all while being contrasted by the Sail accents spotted on the branding and AF1 rubber sole.
Get a look at the Nike Air Force 1 Low Monarch below and look for them to get an official release date in the coming months. For a complete guide including official photos, release dates, pricing and where to buy, visit: Nike Air Force 1 Low Monarch.
In release news, will you be going after the Air Jordan 1 High OG Washed Black on June 10th?
UPDATE (6/7): Official images of the Nike Air Force 1 Low “Monarch” that is available now online and at select retailers.
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2023.06.07 21:27 MMark_2023 📢 Daily dose of #Crypto: Tokenomics and Security Classification

One of the primary concerns raised by regulatory bodies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), regarding cryptocurrencies is the evaluation of whether certain coins or tokens qualify as securities. Tokenomics, which refers to the underlying economic structure and design of a cryptocurrency, plays a crucial role in this determination. Let's explore how tokenomics can impact the classification of a coin or token as a security.
Tokenomics and Security Classification:
  1. Investment of Money: The SEC examines whether individuals are investing money with the expectation of generating profits solely from the efforts of others. If tokenomics incentivize individuals to invest in a project with the anticipation of future returns, it could align with the characteristics of a security.
  2. Common Enterprise: The concept of a common enterprise implies that investors pool their resources in a project with the expectation of earning profits collectively. Tokenomics that promote shared benefits or communal goals among token holders might be seen as indicative of a common enterprise.
  3. Expectation of Profits: If tokenomics includes mechanisms or promises that explicitly generate profits or provide income streams, it could increase the likelihood of being classified as a security. The manner in which profits are distributed or reinvested can also influence this determination.
  4. Efforts of Others: When investors rely significantly on the efforts of a centralized entity or team to generate profits from their investment, it could indicate the presence of a security. Tokenomics that heavily rely on the active management, development, or promotion of the project might raise concerns in terms of securities regulation.
Balancing Tokenomics and Compliance: To avoid classification as a security, cryptocurrency projects often strive to design their tokenomics in ways that emphasize utility and functionality rather than speculative investment. They focus on creating ecosystems where tokens are primarily used for accessing products, services, or decentralized networks, rather than solely relying on price appreciation.
It's crucial to note that the classification of a coin or token as a security is not solely based on tokenomics. The specific facts and circumstances surrounding the offering and sale of the cryptocurrency, as well as its overall structure and marketing, are also considered in the regulatory analysis.
Tokenomics plays a significant role in determining whether a cryptocurrency falls under securities regulations. To avoid being classified as a security, projects often aim to emphasize utility and functionality over speculative investment. Striking a balance between creating a vibrant ecosystem and complying with regulatory requirements is essential for cryptocurrency projects seeking to navigate the complex landscape of securities laws. It is advisable for projects to consult legal experts to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and to adapt their tokenomics accordingly.
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2023.06.07 21:26 KruSion Reebok Club C quality difference between sellers?

My last white pair of sneakers were Adidas Stan Smith. Their outer sole (top and bottom) got ruined very quickly and Adidas never accepted my warranty claim. After a year and a bit of wearing them my feet started hurting so I'm looking to explore a different pair of shoes this time.
I've been eyeing the reebok club c for a while now and they're currently on sale so I thought I'd go for it. I have questions though.
I found this listing on amazon for around $60 CAD which is a steal. However the same model (different colour) in reebok and footlocker is for $95 CAD.
Is this just down to supply and demand and a little bit of magic from amazon? Or do they have different grades of the shoes where amazon is selling a lower quality for cheaper? I heard that there are 3 different grades of the stan smith before but I've only seen one type in stores.
Also, I've used my stan smith in the rain a lot, even though it has these vent holes, it never lets in water. I noticed that the club C have similar vent holes (from pictures), do they also not let water in?
Does anyone have personal experience with these shoes? Do you recommend them or not?
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2023.06.07 21:26 LudwigKoopa1884737 The torn corpse: Jealousy and power work like the Devil and people

My name is Luigi Mario, yes the famous video game icon from the Super Mario Bros series. It's been a decade since Archie Sonic went haywire. 10 years ago my brother Mario died from overdose on mushrooms in which was okay to take but he kept using out of his work setting, me,Toad,Yoshi, and Princess Peach tried to get him some health and or use other power up's but Mario just wouldn't listen. We tried to give him Fire Flowers and Super leaves but he just didn't like it. 3 weeks later Bowser kidnapped the Princess again so this gave Mario a sad excuse to "Power up" on Mushrooms, I tried to fight him the second he pulled out the mushrooms but like the people say "He's a number 1" he instantly gulped the mushroom down and started crushing Goomba's and Koopa's. But after 5 more minutes he got slower then dropped dead. Even though Bowser is an enemy he really never wants Mario to die,it's just a rivalry, 2 weeks after we set up the funeral for Mario, almost every video game character was there for him. Knowing this struck me right in the heart knowing so many loved my brother. But after 3 years I recovered and held a video game con for people to come to meet there favorite heroes and villains. But someone showed up. To my surprise it was "Mario" but something was off and it wasn't just me who noticed,everyone at the con did not speak to this "Mario" but why? Well the reason why, was because it wasn't Mario it was sonic who wore Mario's body out of jealousy of Mario's success and love. Sonic laughed maniacally but as he did this Sonic started coughing up blood as Mario's corpse came to life as Sonic was in his body. All of Mario's wounds healed and his skin turned from pale to a tan-ish peach color,"Just like his original skin color" I thought as Mario was turning back to normal you could here Sonic's scream of pain. Mario looking fresh and brand new looked at me with a death stare saying "Itsa me a Mario." in a dark tone. Mario tried to sprint at me but Scorpion tied Mario down to the ground by chain as Mario screamed and cursed me in Italian while also coughing up blood, Bastion from Overwatch shot Mario dead. After 4 days I came to check the autopsy in which detective Pikachu told me they cut open Mario's corpse to find a dead Sonic with Mario's bones pierced through him, just the description was horrifying but the the room where the corpses were in exploded as I saw a dead Mario and Sonic conjoined body float toward me. The body kept getting faster and faster in which Detective Pikachu called Krato's to come save us. 7 years later we never heard from Kratos again after that every game character came together to fight the dark forces of Sorririo's dead game character army like a zombie apocalypse but with over powered being's.
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2023.06.07 21:26 No_Let6220 Breadth vs. Depth

Breadth vs. Depth
I wrote this post for my own piece of mind exactly two years ago to the day June 7 2021.
2012: The rallying cry used to be, “We are a company created by trainers that let’s trainers do what they are best at. Headquarters takes care of lead generation and customer service so you, the trainer, can focus on what you do best... actually training and delivering the best experience possible.”
“We are a company of the best at what we do.” It meant something to complete the internship and on board with a small elite team of trainers.
Marketing from headquarters worked at the time. Promotional campaigns brought ample numbers of people to try the program and an adequate number would convert from a promotional rate to a normal sustainable rate. Trainers were thriving. The experience on the field was by and large - astonishing.
Somewhere around 2017-2018 an insatiable hunger to grow from corporate led the company to lower the trainer recruiting bar. People with no experience were welcome to come on board with a team of experienced seasoned professionals. Go get a certification and you're good.
Lip service was given to trainers needing to pass the “eyeball test”, meaning they had to at least look like trainers, not be overweight / obese. However, that was quickly ignored when recruiting quotas were not being met. Hitting recruiting quotas soon became more important than the quality of the experience we deliver.
As the bar lowered, quality naturally lowered, and supply increased (number of trainers and locations). Demand decreased. Promotions stopped working. A “ho hum” experience delivered by rookie trainers replaced what had been astonishing by seasoned veterans. We get one chance to make an impression. If I blow it, or if my teammate blows it. We all get hurt. People talk about their experience and share negative experiences exponentially more than positive ones. Our reputation was sinking.
Lip service was being given to improving the quality of the experience on the field. Presentations were given. However, no means of enforcing this ever materialized.
In order to try to bring people out / bring them back, we would give our product away with what felt like endless one month free or 90% off offers. This created a community expectation of “eh, I’ll wait till it’s free”. Trainers busted their butts and people were not converting and staying.
Pressure for trainers to sell became the new focal point for headquarters. Trainers are to take up the slack where headquarters was failing. This was the message being pushed hard by the leadership. Mind you, we give headquarters 25-35% of our operating income to take care of marketing, promotions and customer service. We went from a company “of trainers for trainers” designed to take away the headaches of marketing, promotions and customer service so trainers could focus on what they did best... to a company that expects trainers to focus on “75% sales and 25% training”. No adjustment was proposed or made to the 25-35% the company took for marketing, promotions and customer service. There is now a culture of sales contests that drive the sales hype. It saddens me to have experienced this as it once was and watch it deteriorating from what I see as an unquenchable desire to grow the breath at an unhealthy rate vs. a desire to grow depth of quality and protect an astonishing experience.
Fast forward to today it has all only gotten worse. I saw this pic and it was the catalyst to inspire me to post today. "When you promote the wrong people, you begin to lose your best people." The CG model used to promote and reward astonishing trainers. When the leadership changed those who focused on sales and recruiting were the ones promoted... and of course the best trainers began to leave. That clearly continues
I have seen it over and over - focus on the breadth vs. the depth you die. That is what CG did. They stopped caring about the depth of the experience (of course they gave lip service to it) and focused on expanding the breadth (sales and revenue) at the expense of the depth (quality of experience). They would have grown slower. They would have grown on a stronger foundation. Now their enterprise built on a shallow foundation is falling.
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2023.06.07 21:26 IllAbbreviations4248 X-ray Shirt From UK Tour?

Is anyone selling or has seen the x-ray shirt from the UK/ Ireland tour for sale?! NA missed out :(
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2023.06.07 21:26 thatfatbastard001 My collection so far.

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2023.06.07 21:25 originalslicey Daily Deals at Dispensaries

Has anyone complied a list of daily deals / discounts at dispensaries?
I'm terrible about signing up for email and text lists and I've sometimes been surprised to go to a dispensary and find out the thing I'm buying is actually on sale because it's a Wednesday. I'd love to know if I'm in the market for edibles I should go to x dispensary on x day, but if I'm shopping for pre-rolls I should wait for y day to get a deal.
Has anyone seen a collection of deals like this? I don't have a favorite dispensary and with all else being equal, it'd be nice to know that if I drive a few extra minutes to a dispensary on the right day I'll save 30% on my keef purchase, for example.
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2023.06.07 21:25 Physical_Bedroom6438 A Pen From The WTC Marriot For Sale On eBay (listed for 800 Canadian Dollars)

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